History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel [1960-12-13]

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 Autobiography . February 13, 1961
Sorting out some family letters, 1 oaiae across one addree*ed to my mother in beautiful-
ly clear Victorian handwriting* It was from an old txtmmgamkmmmsk who* when I was a
little girl* Btamttxm came to stay with us and sometimes let me accompany her when she
drove about the pleasant Welsh countryside in an ancient vehicle, then called a governess
cart, drawn by a fat and Imzy Welsh pony*  "I forgot to mention", she said in a postscript* that when we mat that gypBy  caravan down hy  the Clwyd* I |#1 one of the women
tell the ehi!d*s fortune* ifere it iei'She will travel far la distant lands* She will
eat the broad of strangers* She will sit in council with dark people* She will talk with
a King** What an odd prophecy! A lot of nonsense th.-t can never  come true*"
wildly improbable
MSI JSy mother's friend was mistaken* fhe prophecy i true even though atxStoxx
t±mm^&IMW-:m,mx  there was every reason to believe that my  life would follow the sajise
conventional pattern as that of other girls who* like tqyself* were brought up in the
Yet*     out of a clear sky* soon
IiMfrl     -nvironmeat   of a country vicarage*   lists wm&mmm$m$xlmmmm$ circiu.suvncec arose
that zm^bT ^^
3!&te& brought about an unexpected    change*    ^ mother told me auaut it as gently as she
out to Canada
cou Id*    * s going with my I ImxMnmA* and I was to stay behind for awhile and
go to bearding school*    the Ution th&t swept over me could only iiave been experienced
a child* ot com asured that the pain of 'parting will
soon be over.    *o  lliem$ it s--*ms that it will never end*       After a few miserable weeks*;
went to
father an        I ..or wife on their way to Canada and I warns* sohool* A& least
$11 n and gee
lMmxm&%MM the landscape was familiar*    Over the garden wall* i could lnntoara±xn^»
th'   Tale of 81wyd *ta the blue hills, covered with heather, srawsoc which the lagy pony had
bo unwillingly olimbad*
On the evenifcg of my arrival, 1 was assigned to a narrow b@d in a long dormitory and
WMMWKlW&X9xtmm Bhmn a little chest of drawers in which my few possessions were to be
grey and
tly arranged*    the oullrilng was cold a>m$%mm&m$.m     but there was about it an air of
ErtOTimi kindliness that sotoned its austerity *


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