History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Caroline V. Barrett] Johns, Ethel 1957-10-16

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 Photocopy of letter to Miss C.V.   Barrett
October 16,  1957
Dear C. V. B*   •
Under separate cover, as they say in
legal circles, I am sending you a copy of my WGH
history in the hope that it may amuse you to read of
the wild and rosiiy woolly days on the Eed River*
It was a labour of love on my part ( just as your histoi
was on yours) but I got a lot of fun out of it — especially the writing of the earlier chapters* There
v/ere some headaches over the later ones* It is no
picnic to wrestle with contemporary history* Liiich
easier when all the characters are dead and decently
Did you go to Ottawa for any of the regal doings?
 So far as we can judge from the CBC and the newspapers
a gcod time was had by all* That poor soul, Elizabeth,
she must be at the point of exhaustion* She certainly
pit up a good show in spite of the Altrinchams and
Mnggeridges* Didn't you think her French was quite
good? What a relief it will be to hear that she has
escaped from the grisly clutdh of the photographers and
is safely on hor way home again*
There were some Montreal nurses among the ones who
attended the meeting of the Canadian Tuberculosis Assn*
and we had a nice talk the afternoon I orated for them*
In reply to my  enquiries, I was told that CVB is doing a
grand job — a fact that didn't surprize me a bit* *
Apart from this affair, the summer was devoted to writing
this and that and dashing out into the bagk garden when-
 ever it stopped raining which wasn't very often* However, the flowers did well and I've got a good crop of
eryeanthemums coing along if only the frost doesn't
get them.   £^-— H3t*' ^ fait    #^X /
Gertrude Hall was in to&n duting the summer and spent
an afternoon with me* Great things are going on at the
Calgary General and she seems well &^nappy although, as
usual, working far too hard* She seems to have gathered a good staff around her and they make a fine team*
One of them accompanied her — such a fine young woman*
Well, my dear, drop me a line these days and tell me
what you are doing and thinking*


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