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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Jessie B. McVicar] Johns, Ethel 1948-07-22

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 QtQ Wm Canadian mmmm Association
1411 Crescent St.* Montreal* Canada
July 22* 1948
m®3? Mfs lioTiear*
I aa m mrry that there line been an unavoidable deiny in aneiferit3$ yeur
kind letter* At the Canadian Hursae Association convention in Sew Brunswick* it mm decided
-,t an imediat© approach to our Federal Government wuld be necessary in connection nith
the new health pregrame i Moh is soon to he initiated on a nationwide eeale* 1 mis askod
to prepare the necessary brief end9 aa this had te he dona at tbp-s$ee§# I have hardly had
a laoment to devote te personal af aire* Iootvot* m mm mil received by the Minister
of Health yesterday and tope that all t&ll new go well ee far as miming is
I mat Mew hasten to thank yen for sanding me the very encouraging vote of confide
tthioh ms passed at the recant seating of the History Ceoulttae* It touched zae veiy deep-*
ly and I am seat eratoful* I still feel* however* that fee ipestiea ef the editorship
noods further consider tion on the part of all concerned and especially hy the editorial
committee* m®8L& it bo satisfactory to you and to Hiss -„olf if 1 %i©re to roturat early in
Sopteraber and tl      trltJi t    onisatlea of the source material ttet I have aired?
&&m and classified? It wonld thoe ho possible for the Besfe to e® on ^ile yen are
arranging for such conferences as you ©sy think desirable* I an quite trilling te vdthdxa*
■f resignation until the entire project can be r©iimeld^red ia the light Aid* I am
those conferwmm ulll shed oa It*
Please do not evon think of reserving an apartment for ne# I lite ^r oeiafertable high-
ceilinged room in the imin Hone and should be lonely and miserable anytiiare alee* If I
should not bo in the ray I should greatly prefer to continue to %mrk in the Historical
Library Mi I q; ite realise that there say be reasons shy this arrangement aight net be
convaadfflit and if ee# I can easily fit in soa©#iero else*
I should b© very MMh obliged if yeu could let m lH| at your oiliest convenience '
whether^ all these srimngeiiaiits would be    table to yon and to Hiss v&lf+ I have
asfeed %y the Canadian S&rses Association to take en certain responsibilities and tap
%®mm xmnld be affected by itiatever decision yen and Mas %lf may me fit to untile*
Cordially yours
1  Ethel Johns


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