History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel 1966-09-01

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 4519 West fifteenth Ave.*
fancouver* 8 B*C*
lovember 9, 1968
r. Leouaa #
First of all* just a word about the question you raise regarding
the insertion of a paragraph dealing with the arguments "pro and con for marriage,"
Tee, perhaps it would round out the discussion and urlng it into sharper focus if
ore done*
itbout the proof reading. I am now going over the IMS  a second time* Sometimes
the translation of a Latin phrase lias heen  Suggested and occasionally the omission
of English words the meaning of which would probably elude the general  reader,
Ehe red dot  teoiinique lias been followed to indie    aages* spell.    0«
I will try i        . s on its way in a day, or two.
How X am really gwing to stick my neck out mm at your 0091 kind invitation* I beg
to observe| In my humble opinion, one brief yet major addition to the present text
wonJ    atly enlxanoe'the value of the book as a whole, Shis iflatorial comes
the    uig "Cure of Melancholy *** against Sorrow for the Death of Friends or*
otherwise* vain Feat** I found this in my  own little copy of the Anaton^ (page 176)
which I am sending to you along with this letter, fhle passage moved me very deeply
but quite apart from any emotional response* 1 felt that it shed a new light on
Burton the man* as distinct from Democritus rearing his £&Sk, his calm acceptance
of the noble and austeroGreek point -of view seemed to be almost complete and* apart
from a plena plirape or two* he made no mention of "the sure and certain hope" that is
at the core of the Christian faith, wf course* tuis dichotomy is more or less manifest throughout the entire work but here it finds expression with more polgaanoy and
less detachment than elsewhere* And yet in I we find what the feench
call "the cry from theji heart*"   y not let Bemocritus drop his mask for once?
 Tour own approach to the Anc    is evidently m  different from the clumsy handling
inflicted on it hy  other commentators     1 am &ure you share my oxm  convictions
"Camerado, this is no book* who touches this* torches a man,"
Well* there it is* Tor -.hat it ma;    tirtfcj Except that I should like to tell
you what a consolation it lias heen to iiave bo  congenial a task to turn to during this
continuing period of anxiety.


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