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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Blanche Pfefferkorn] Johns, Ethel 1952-06-17

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 4519 West fifteenth Ave**
fancouver* 8
British Columbia* Canada
June 1?* 1352
Dear Miss Pfefferkorn :
It was vory kind of you to send xm  a cojy of your report to the Committee on the
Histiry of the School of lurking* It has boon read With koen interest and I should like
to make the following comments concerning it*
11 Some of our Graduates -—..their Contribution to. Margin*?*
I am entirely in accord with the views which you express on pages 5 and 4 of your report and especially with your statement teat "this ?olunie la a history and not a book of
biographical studies** I realise# however* that the solution ©f this thorny problem will
not be easy to find*
l£MLJHak§^^fJ&^a i
In my  judgnent* the total length of the history should not yce$a& £50 pages of print--.
matter* including appendices and index* Die com^ete^^i^uiarSot be more mmToISy^
than the ^he&my history but a careful selection of format and typography might iaake it
possible to Include more subject matter within this limitation* Jhe advice of any reL
ble-jmbliaher would be helpful and should be sought at an early date*
I hearily agree that a comprehensive index is both necessary and desirable*
Overall ffitle %
tte suggested title does not seam to me to be at all suitable and I am definitely op-
ad to its use* I should like more time to reflect before f    feing alternatives*
Introduction and ■£.o:^:c-::i-/-d|^onts t
I doubt whether any joint statement could be prepared which world be equally satisfactory
to both authors and therefor-      s that each of ub  should, write her cm* However* a
brief preface* indicating the basis of their collaboration* should be prepared jointly
and signed by both authors*
Ifog.Stble. visit to Bait Lores
I shall probabl.    a the vicinity of Baltimore early in October and shall take this
opportunity of i      Bay roanueeript with certain original sources* Would it be possible
for us to confer at t^is time on several important points* particularly the management of
footnotes and the preparation of thelxi&dex?  An early reply would be appreciated*
Copies of this letter are being sent to the chairmen of the History Cotmlttee and the
Editorial Coittnittec #
With hind regards*
yours sincerely
 June 17* 1952 ' Po teripts
Your letter of June 13 and the accompanying manuscript have juat been received* The
MSS will be read and returned in the course of a few days*
E* Johns


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