History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Annabelle G. Brack] Johns, Ethel 1949-04-04

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 April 4t 1949
Dear Mrs Smok*
I am ashamed of iry long delay in writing to thank you for
¥##11 and for that lyaderfal steak# % friends give an appreciative
hj in an aura of "Zilwliao"* All Joking apart* those U
whiskers*  As *©oa at I got home 1 fetti to bagln^fcjQrthor gMsly
treatments and the end is not yet*  ilMMp^lt 1§ a eo^fort to be ia% ew little
apartaent ?#her@ I eaa cook mp soft littls*\msm to aootjoo My aehing jaws* It hat
been good to tea old friends $m$^t~^^ with kindness* Went to the
Ballot Miese <:c fioat* Carle/the other ai^^aadNreae?#ed w yotvtti like the eagles* If
all g0#f Hill {dentist permitting) I hope ti spen^ laster with ay eonsina in (£•£#•«
lifcjpt•"!<•> frwB England where h4 attended the Lambeth Conference so there
ought to ^I0o» good talk ofe^aoa and affudrs* I hoi* Winston Churehill made a good
impressien on Ida American friends♦ He did try to exereis# Mi restraint and in aone
raapecta \this particular syeeeh seemed to me to have certain overtones whioh had a deep
spiritual ^gaifieanae*
1 have not even looked at the J1IH material sinee I cane home but I have explored on©
or two possible avenues at iie&ili University ivhleh may yield some new light* for your
private information I an eaolosiag a letter which I received after ay return from ADW»
The wording Is somewhat ::rjptie but 1  hope that she may yet "be persuaded that it will
be beat to confine the presoat project to the 1867 ** 1907 period* Bie time lias not yet
eome for the reft* I have a feeling that she will listen to yea if you oaa get her te
talk the situation over with you# 1 ma  sending a copy of her letter to Urs Licfioar by
this mail and hope that there will be no  erossed wires* 1 expect to he in Montreal
until the mii  le of lay and shall look forward to hearing from you*


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