History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel 1956-09-01

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 September 1st*, 1956
Dear E*C*F* :
You elusive creature! At last I can put my finger
on you for a moment at least* For the past months, all I
Jaave heard was that you were, as usual, on the wing*
All summer long, I have been toiling at the oar (tapping
the typewriter) and at least had the satisfaction of earning
enough to pay for the gardener once every two ?/eeks* ^he
garden has heen my  pride and joy all summer long and during
July and August I had at least one meal outside where I
could see the birds playing around in the bird bath — my
latest extravagince* After a grisly June, we have had a
glorious two months* Never have I seen such a summer. Had
a brief holiday over on Vancouver Island as the guest of
Isabel Stewart's sister.  *ou ought to see her place —
a herbaceous border like those you see in England and" a
stand of Douglas firs. She bought the property when it
was acreage, years ago, and now it is building vlv  a bit too
fast to please her*
1'he Winnipeg General job is not far from completion
 so far as the manuscript is concerned but there is still the
problem of getting it through the press. However, it has
been a labour of love and, since 1 am not being paid anything, I have a much freer hand than with the Hopkins job*
If all goes well, it ought to come in handy later on as an
authentic story of the beginning of professional nursing in
the Canadian West*
Last week, I had the pleasure of having Margariet Street
drop in for a cup of tea. She is a fine woman and is a
great comfort to Gertrude Hall*  Some of the University
people here have seen the Calgary School and think well of
Isn't this Egyptian - Cprus crisis a grisly business?
An English Labour Party member of Parliament —ICrossman —
has been making some good sensible speeches out here in
Vancouver — he also spoke at the Couchiching conference
and you may have heard him — somehow I should feel better
if Gaitskell were in Eden's place just now. fhere seems to
have been an awful lot of bungling and now this sabre-
To come down to more mundane affadrs* Trenna Hunter is
now installed in office and is determined to do a good job*
She is not a very strong person but she is sincere and
has the interests of the Assod&ation at heart*  I never
did like the idea of the Ottawa move and I never shall*
However, the CNA did stay long enough in Montreal to
improve French-English relations enormously and in that
respect you, dear ECF, played a part of which you have
every reason to be proud., ^ot everyone was close enough
to the situation to know how valuable your contribution
really was but as time goes on, it will become more and more
Interested to hear of Norena's new appointment and wish
her every success*
Books — yes,of course, but only those which you have
already read and enjoyed yourself. Apropos — did you read
the "Nun and the Dramatist" correspondence in the last two
Atlantics? Wonderful « GBS with an antagonist worthy of
his steel* How I wish the Creative Minority could meet
and discuss them*
As ever,


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