History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Annabelle G. Brack and progress report on Johns' manuscript] Johns, Ethel 1951-10-17

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 4519 fifteenth Ave* Vfoet
?anc ouver . Canada.
Oetoaber 17* 1951
Doar Krg Brack s
a for your letter of September £3 ia which you deal with various aspects of
the t^ork of the History Corauittee* In regponge to your r&quBBt  that my manuscript be
Hi available as soon as possible, 1 em now forwarding it to you under serrate cover.
|he attached Progress Beport (in duplicate) indicates t m  conditions under which from my
point of flew it night* if accepted by the Coijcdttee. form a part of the Higtoxy as a
whole* Suggestions are also put forward as to ho?^ it mlgfrt sor*e vvc  gfwa fee the
it if reject ion. I should be most graceful if individual copies of the Progress
MTt aoald be sent to all members of the fiistpzy Committee for their information if It
is in > so.
Word of the safe arrival of ipt would b© gMNrtly a^roelatcd. Bulky
CCMgtinnloaticng Piwmi to get   - I ri  up with red  tape at the inter adary and
''■■'■'      ■   ■ ■- •- ;-'  - ■ - •
tag Jou ^or yee» unfailing petii    ad ccurtesy.
Ithel Johns
 A bound coir cf a typed manuscript dealing wltli the foundation* organisation m£
develajmeat of the Johns i i   Eeepltal frai o§ for urtqg the period
7 Sj   » e :v5ed narewitti for the eongiiemflen of the Hetoigr Cc
®dle content a. ' .30 arc? fmbetguatiiJUy the emus se in the roo^i drafts provtauly
submitted te the Ceamtttee* these dmfte have tec* revised* amplified and re-wit tea
m&m   to so- doingt critIoi«^g and eaggestlene made by the Ctaea&fctee hate parted ae
aide and have te^sa eiijllei with vfeemevc? pogglbie*   A list of references* a Mbliegraph.
in preparation «nd till b© fermrdad la dm
It nay kolp Wm uonnittee tc arrive at a deelatea with repeat to this maascript if I
&e sqr em petition reading it :
1*    In it;    ..    ...at form* it represents the test work of whiek 1 am capable raid. therefore*
I oatmet iiMcsrteke any further extensive revision or ampli float lea*   I am perfectly willing
horoirer* to MHNMi m^ eanrere or to make aay minor alterations which the Ccomlttee my
deem noc^sawy*   I regret that 1 eoold net penal t the imnugerlpt to be edited* or altera!
e* by anyone ether than
I *   Subject to the i above* I respectfully a»k the n; 8sm»lttes ei
to accept or reject toe raas^rlpt m it now stands* m the event that it Is not c
ed rt& ei a ilcatisa* It h f an ia in . * beads o; t, ,■ Ce . x N for we as e pei
ease* freriiei that it is mnderstood that to part of the teat actually written by ae m
be qpeted ; 4s in print*
*at the decision of the   lietosy 1 too «sy le* I slimtld like to thanfe
a ehalntta and I'XMnbers for the privilege ef being aliened to assemble aad elaaetUp
lal of wwOk uEiqpie interest tc the nursing profession at large*
astysstteU* nub^d ttod.
1?* ism


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