History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel [1955?]

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 September 3rd
Dear ECF j
I am distressed to hear about the latest trouble that has come to Norena* It came as
a surprize to hear about it since not long ago I had had a letter from her written while she
was enjoying a holiday in the Maritizaes* I am sending her a word in your care for I suppose
that under the present "ambulatory" system (pretty brutal at times) she has been discharged
and is expected to get along as best she can* However, I'm sure that you and other loyal
friends will rally round*  It would be a relief to hear that the scission disclosed nothing
to be alarmed about*
No, I have not read the Gertrude La?/rence and should very much like to do so* I shall
always remember seeing her And Beatrice Li Hie And Jack Buchanan, all at one and the same
time, in Chariot's Bevue* What a castlj  I didn't much like the treatment Noel Coward
gave GL in his Present Indicative although his affection for her shone through all the
Interesting to hear about the developments at Edinborough University. That would have been
about the last place that I should have predicted might blossom out in such a manner* But it
may flourish better in a Scottish environment than in England* Here's hoping, anyway.
1'he Christmas party sounds as though it might be pretty lively and very good fun*
We have had five weeks of lovely summer weather without any rain to speak of* My  goodness,
how we needed a touch of sun,  I look like a speckled toad and find it hard work to get any
solid work done on the WGH job. Oh well, it won't last much longer, alas J


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