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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel 1956-02-03

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  4519 West Fifteenth Ave.,
Vancouver, 8 B.C.
February 3rd., 1956
Dear ECF ;
This letter will acknowledge the arrival of "Mrs A."
The timing could not have ueen better. Yours truly is just
emerging from a sharp attack of influenza which left the
usual aftermath of weakness and depression and Mrs A was
just the sort of tonic needed in the circumstances.  I went
through the book rapidly first — carried away by the impact
of the woman herself -- out am now reading it a second time
with even greater enjoyment. What really did Mr A make of it
all? Is there an inner meaning in the title "Gertrude Lawrenc
as Mrs A.?" Was the character no more t an the greatest of
her roles?  By the way, did you happen to read Noel Coward's
"Present Indicative?" It gives a very different slant on CL.
Macleans has just come in with the article on Penfield, O.M,
It gives some good picture shots bot of him and various parts
of the MNI. Among others, that of the gallery with the mural
as a background, xhere the nurses are the dominant factors.
fhe men more or less shadowy. The article catches one aspect
of WP which always appealed to me greatly — his concern with
"the ultimate riddle: what is hsktsA    the bridge between
nerve impulse and thought? And what about a man's soul."
 Perhaps the expected conversation between him and Hippocrates
may tell us something but somehow I would like it in essay
rather than novel form.
The article in the CN is outstanding and I hope you will soon
expand this and other unique material into a formal textbook.
So far, no one seems to have got as far as you have. Of course
it is difficult to pin down anything in a field that is extendij
ing its borders so fast as yours. But ... well, think about i1
I had the surprize of my  life the other day when I heard of
the appointment of Anna Wolf's successor at Hopkins* As you
probably saw, she is JHH, and was the head of their Unit in
the South Pacific. Shere she married the Chplaia — and now
she and the reverend gentleman are both at JHHt - he in the
capacity of "co-ordinator of clerical services." Shades of
Adelaide Nutting! I had taken for granted that Virginia
Betzold would succeed A?/, But perhaps she may have been too
academic for the Trustees. Also, she is an ardent B*C.
Well, dear ECF, thank yon very much for the latest benefit.
The book will be duly returned and meantime is both a solace
and a stimulus.
 ' * • yy  ^Uj^^	


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