History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Annabelle G. Brack] Johns, Ethel 1950-01-23

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 4519 Fifteenth Ave. West
faneouter* Canada
Jan. 23* I960 '
Dear Mrs Brack :
Shis letter will acknowledge and thank you for yoursf dated January 10. I
wag genuinely pleased to learn that Miss Wolf is preparing a biographical sketch of
Hiss Pfefferkora for the April issue of the Alumnae laga^iae* this will not only
be interesting in Itself but will also serve to stimulate interest in the project
as a whole. I must ask. however, that aiay reference to my own professional career
should be brief and should be. incorporated in the text- of your report. A few "highlights" are enciosed in the hope that they may be helpful to you.     . „
I am firmly convinced that if an extended biographical sketch of SJ were to appear in this particular issue and at this particular juncture that it might jeopardise the excellent relationship which now exists between the .co-authors. I wish I
could give the reasons for this belief but I am quite sure that you will understand
that it would not be wise to set them dowa In writing and that you will grant ©y re~
guest* as a personal favour.
Hies Pfefferkora and I have exchanged letters and have got off to a good start in
double harness. I sent her a copy of the general principles which I submitted to
you in my letter of lovember 1SX 28 and have recently received the following responses"! wag much ..interested in your reply (to Mrs Brack) and am  in substantial
agreement with all of it".  So that promises well for the future. doesnft it?
As you may have seen in your nefispspers. the Pacific Coast is having a terrible
winter. At the moment it is snowing so hard that I cannot see across the street*
Ho trains or planes out of Vancouver today so I donft know just when this letter will
reach you* In the meantime* I am toiling at the oar*
 Biographical Notes concerning lithel Johnsi
Born and educated in England
Professional preparations
Graduate; School of Stars lag. Winnipeg General fioa,.italf Winnipeg. Manitoba. Canada
One year postgraduate study in the Department of Nursing Education. Teachers College.
Columbia University
Major positions held;
Director of Mureing* Vancouver General Hospital, and concurrently Assistant Professor
of gar g lag. Department of luraing and HealtluJIaj^rsity of British Columbia.
Field director; attached to the Paris Office of the Rockefeller Foundation, -^uring
this period, assisted in the development of nursing services in Hungary and Boumania.
Also made a study for the Foundation 0$  the statue of negro women in nursing in the
United States.
Director of ^tudies for the J>€mmittee\>n Hursing~Organination of the Mew York Hospital.
Haree. Associates Committed on the Gjatiing of Schools of Nursing in the United State
Editor and Business Manage?. The Canadian Nurse, official organ of the Canadian
%rsee Associ4tion from 1923 to 1945.
January 23. 1950


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