History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to O.T. Leeman] Johns, Ethel 1962-11-09

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 4519 West fifteenth Ave.*
Vancouver* 8 B*C*
lovember 9, 1968
r* Leouaa #
First of all* just a word about the question you,raise regarding
the insertion of a paragraph dealing with the arguments "pro and eon for marriage*"
Tee, perhaps it would round out the discussion and bring it into sharper focus if
■jr&  done*
itbout the proof readings I am now going over the IMS  a second time* Sometimes
the translation of a Latin phrase lias been Suggested and occasionally the omission
of English words the meaning of which would probably elude the general reader*
Eh* red dot  technique lias been followed to indie    aages* spell.    S«
I will try i        . s on its way in a day, or two*
How X am really gwing to stick my neck out mm at your owa kind Invitation* I beg
to observoI In my humble opinion, one brief yet major addition to the present text
wonJ    atly onliaaoo' the value of the book as a whole* Shis material comes
the    uig "Cure of Melancholy *** against Sorrow for the Death of Friends or*
otherwise* vain FtBf** 1 found this in my  own little copy of the Anatoi^r (page 176)
which I am sending to you along with this letter* fhli passage moved me very deeply
but quite apart from any emotional response* 1 felt that it shed a new light on
Burton the man* as distinct from Democritus rearing his ..ask* his calm acceptance
of the noble and austeroffireok point -of view seemed to be almost complete and* apart
from a pious plirape or two* he made no mention of "the sure and certain hope* that is
at the core of the Christian faith* wf course* tuis dichotomy is more or less manifest throughout the entire work but here it finds expression with more polgaancy and
less detachment than elsewhere* And yet in I we find wiiat the Fvench
call "the cry from tkoit heart*"   y not let Bemocritus drop his mask for once?
 Tour own approach to the Anz It evidently so different from the clumsy handling
inflicted on it hy  other commentator &     1 am sure you share my oxm  convictions
"Camerado, this is no book, who touches this* teaches a man*"
Well* there it is* Tor -.hat it ma;    tirtfcj Except that I should like to tell
you what a consolation it lias heen to iiave so congenial a task to turn to during this
continuing period of anxiety*


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