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[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel 1955-03-07

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 4519 West Fifteenth Sve.,
Vancouver,  8   B*C*
larch 7, 1955
My dear ECF :
I am sorry to have delayed so long in answering
your letter — a friend of mine has been going through a
pretty severe domestic crisis and needed a friendly shoulder to weep on* Indeed, don't we all?  To ,say that I was
shocked to hear of the affair at the MGH is to put it
mildly*  I heartily agree with you that there was no need
o'f such harshness and that a dignified arrangement could
have been made that wotild have spared Norena this quite
uamerited and savage humiliation. What a blessing it is
that you and Bae Chittick are there for her to turn to in
this crisis.
I am sure that you are right in tirging her to finish up
the work for her dejgree and if this can be arranged at
lie Gill so much the better. Do you think, however, that
if she could get away from Montreal for awhile she might
get over the shock more rapidly? I am venturing to throw
out a hint to that effect in the accompanying letter to
her.  xhe idea I have in mind may not appeal to her at all
 and if it doesn't I shan't mind a bit if she just ignores
it. At least it would have one advantage — she would be
kept busy in a reasonably congenial environment and need
not break any ties with ""ontreal and her friends there.
Furthermore, she would not be too far away to be in touch
with her doctor.  Please give her the letter with my love
and I hope she will want to talk it over with you but if
she would rather not do so we shall both understand and
sympathize.    My own instinct in a somewhat similar
situation was to go off by myself and fight it out alone
and perhaps that may be best for her, too*
Freya Stark and I are pursuing our Q^iest in Ionia,
tiianks to your good offices^and now you offer me "Seven
Years in Tibet." «ould I like it — of course I would, you
generous soul but don't you think it ought to be on a
"lease - lend" basis? Except EMrd M", with whom  I am
hopelessly infatuated.
Apropos of Feya and the terrain she covers in her quest
-~ this is the Bawrence of Arabia country — in his
twenties you will remember that he worked on the excavations at Carchemish and visited the various Crusaders'
castles. The Aldington attack on him is a pretty grisly
business and I was glad to see that in a recent Third
Programme BBC broadcast, ^ir Bonald Storrs took Richard to
the cleaners. It was a subtle and scarifying job and even
Aldington's thick hide must have been removedtin spots at
least. Sir ?/inston also had a word or two to say. "The
Listener" carried Storrs verbatim and you have probably seen
the text.  I'm wondering whether the publication of Lawrence
"The Mint" may have had something'to do with the timing of
Aldington's vicious attack. There must be some red faces in
the EAF upper echelons these dgcges judging from the excerpts
that I have happened to see.
Well, I must stop havering and write to N*  ^ot an easy
thing to do.
Sincerely and gratefully,


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