History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel 1952-07-21

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 4519 ||st Fifteenth Ave,,
Vane ouver, 8   B♦C•
July El, 1952
Bear EOF :.
I admit that this is no time to be answering a
communication dated April 7 but at least I have an excuse*
It took me some time to get hold of a copy of the report
itself and by the time I did so a minor crisis had arisen
in my domestic environment which meant that I was given
over t-o hammering, banging, plastering and other plagues
that made any attempt at critical analysis of a document
quite impossible. When I did get roimd to reading it
carefully I had an urge to pack up and go to Quebec ready
for the fray, -^nd then it struck me that Quebec WGuld manag^
quite nicely without any of the ancients — and, as I have
heard just recently, that is what Quebec did. A more ghast
ly waste of money it would be difficult to imagine but
quite literally that is down the drain now*
A few evenings ago I was invited to a very nice dinner
given by the Provincial Assn. Executive in honour of a
visiting fireman who was conducting an institute at the
School of ^ursing at the UBC and there had a chance of
 talking to Miss Paulson and some of the others who had
been at the meeting* They all s'eembd to feel that you
had rna.de an outstanding contribution to the discussion
although one or two seemed to feel that a special meeting
in 1953 would have been advisable* Personally I don't think [
it would have been justified and a two-year cooling off
won't do anybody any harm.
fhere is just a possibility that I may visit some of
my  old stamping grounds of happy memory some time this
autumn.  I am going to Johns Hopkins early in October if all
goes well in order to pat a few finishing touches on my
HSS before the publishers get their claws on it and plan to
come home via Montreal, ^o prepare for a meeting of the
Creative Minority.
In the meantime, affectionate regards
?. Tj£_
Had a very cheerful message over the telephone from
Marion Lindeburgh when she passed through Vancouver recently
although I didn't see her.  I hear that the nurses in Victoria have found a nice little apartment for her so that
she can be independent and yet have a watchful eye kept over
her by her sister.


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