History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel 1955-02-01

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 4519 West Fifteenth Ave.,
Vancouver, 8   B.C.
February 1, 1955
Dear ECF :
How am I ever to keep up with all your good deeds? "Lord M." was devoured as the
French say "d'un seul trait" and now Ionia is being savoured with the deliberation it deserves. My  special thanks for the review — quite a sensitive bit of writing by someone
who knows something of the tensions that seem to be developing in that part of the world*
It is interesting to note this new attitude and approach on the part of FS herself. It is
in marked contrast to her other books and yet in harmony with them* You are a noble benefactor but 0 far too generous a giver. Nevertheless, bless you.
Things pursue the even tenor of their way. Nothing more exciting than going to listen
to W. H . Auden read some of his own unpublished poems. He reads rather badly but managed
to hold the attention of the young barbarians at the University for a full hour*  One of
the poems he read -SXXEKX^IX (Sorry, the typewriter has the hiccups) was called "Plains"
and has since appeared in the Atlantic. T&ke a lock at it sometime. It explains rather
vividly why people go mad out on the prairie*
H-ow does the international situation strike you? Vancouver is quite a vantage point
from which to watch the emergence of Asia* We are not so far from China (or the United
States) as the crow flies — or the bomber* There must be some weird conversations going
on these days behind the closed doors of Chinatown* feiere are also some stormy debates
in the multi-racial student body out at the UBC* Incidentally, the dramatics group out there
recently put on quite a remarkable performance of Jean Cocteau's "The Infernal Machine" —
^sx&K strong meat for babes but they pulled it off*  The stage settings and lighting were
Today we have had six continuous hours of sunshine and my crocuses are coming up* During
the past year we also had about a six-foot rainfall and don't let the Junior Chamber of Commerce
tell you anything different.


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