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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Caroline V. Barrett] Johns, Ethel 1966-08-31

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 Photocopy of letter to Kiss   O.V.   Barrett
4519 V/est 15th* Ave*
Vancouver Zone 8
August 31st*,  1966
Dear CVB  j
It was reassuring to hear that Suzanne
had duly conveyed my apologies and that you have forgiven me for not writing sooner* Then, for good measure, along came the Blackwood with its nostalgic story
about the unforgettable Islands of Paris — especially
my beloved lie St.-Louis* with its marvellous view of
the flying buttresses of Notre-Dame de Paris* One of
the consolations of my old age is to recall the many
beautiful landscapes I managed to get a good look at
while on my European tour of duty*  Ten countries in
allj Thank you so much, my dear, for sending me this
I think I told you that early last winter I had rather
a bad fall and managed to sprain both ankles. For a
 while it did seem as though there was no recourse except a nursing home but with the help of a daily
worker I managed to totter along and now am carrying
on my sketchy household duties without difficulty*
Of course my  doctor mutters about x£)y  stubborn resistance,and friends gloomily remind me that "at your age
you should not be living alone*" A calculated risk it
may be, but I am going to hang on to my  little home
as long as ever I can*
This summer brought a rather interesting experience e For nearly 60 year?* I have had a close friendship with the Stewart family* Isabel Stewart was my
classmate at the Winnipeg General; her sister, Helen,
was a quite famous librarian and is one of my  oldest
friends and other members of the Clan treat me as a
sort of honorary member of it* Well, this summer they
had a family reunion in Vancouver and there was a round I
 of festivities which left the old girl a bit nibbled
round the edges but which she wouldn't have missed for
anything* Some of the younger members of the Clan
live in Vancouver and have been my  mainstay during
emergencies* I don't know what I should have done
v/ithout them for I am the last leaf on the tree so far
as my own family is concerned'*
Needless to say, I was greatly interested in (and
pleased with) "In Caps and Gowns*11 It was an excelled
piece of work and is of value not only to the Mo Gill
School but to Canadian nursing history in ^general*
The thumbnail sketches were fascinating and I should
have liked to see them extended* What a gallant
group you were* I doubt whether there is any other
example of a School being carried on by members of
the nursing profession without any financial help
 during the formative years*
Canada seems to be passing through a rather heartbreaking crisis in more ways than one* This dreadful labour unrest has spread all over the country and
there seems to be so little leadership in Ottawa or
indeed anywhere else. l$y  sympathies are with the NDP
as a rule but even they seem to be playing politics*
However, I want this to be a cheerful as well as a
grateful letter. So no more growling.
<Si~£L    -


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