History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letters, Ethel Johns to Jesse B. MacVicar, 1947 - 1952] Johns, Ethel 1952

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 ;, J _L '0 ■ O. ■
'::,X &y OX  iOXO.ciX U JL    i
I preparation of
• whether any nurse who is not herself a       of
e a task. The recording of facts would be rela**
,...0X1 OX                                   . -£*.  iivwP*
. 0
a* eoneul         Janadian Hurses
«snn  hnw                   ot
; ®
L	 Becemlrer
Dmm£b®t £0, 1947
;.r A;r* ^icficar,
I at 00 e;lad to hear through Ers Brack, that you MUM recovered fron yen*
ontilinos* tad are about to take a holiday* Unfortunately, it would be quite tapess-
ible for me to c me to Baltimore before you leave ior Florida,and I am wondering what
your reactions would he to the following alternative arrangement** either of which
would be satisfactory to me*
li  I were to plan to arrive on January 15* would you be willing to leave the precious source material in safe custody where 1 could have access to it and examine it at
lay leisure during your relatively short ab**nee? fflhi* browsing process wo Id afford
bae-c&Tound which I really nm& before I can confer 11/lii  the Coredttee regarding the
conditions under which it might be desirable for m®  to participate in the project* I
quite realise, however* that this approach might not be acceptable and do not wish to
urge it too strongly.
titimmMm jjl
Wy arrival night be deferred until after your return which I understand will ho early in Wehm^^y*    We could then go into the situation together froia the outset* 2fei*
plan vould involve a further but not serious delay in getting under way*
I am sori^r that all these unavoidable complications have arisen but I am sure that w*
shall get them ironed out eventually. I shall eagerly await word from you as to your
reaction to theso alternatives or possibly others which have not occurred to me*
With all good wishes for Christmas*
yours mry  sincerely
Ethel Johns mm 29* it47
Bear MM lie Vicar*
Stank you f^ry such for ,-our ico,:^$  ro;.ly# X gfttft a0rce that it say be hatter for mo 1    ,pone i%- irrtfldi la Saltinore until you return fron riorida* I a®
therefore wri      tm  Iblf to ask her nixether it will 1» convenient for tm  to com
to     spital as    aeet on or about F^hrm^y let*  It will i* MWWtmXW for te
fix a date nhen I approach the C&nndian immigration author!tie**
Hahing you a r l^oliday* £7, 1948
Lars *D';:c:ir.
I aa wgr terry to hate delayed »o loagr ia tending ,/on definite word Mi
to the date of or arrival ia 3*1 tin**** 9m» preheat sponsored tjy *he Canadian
*ex*«8 association «dth vhiah I hare been associated has been passing threngii «
rather acute «tea®# *3s4ay» however, H*af|s to ^ relief , the situation ©larified
Itself aad id thin the next few slays I Hop. te be free fro® any responsibility in
that sonaeetien for sow© tise te eoa.*
1 a© now i&an.da*: *® arrive in BKltiaev* ready fer work by Meaa*y# febrnary 16*
ant! *b*ii do ** test te sake np fer all these exasperating delays, 1 was very glad
te get yew letter fresi sea Selena end te hear that yen are nejeyinf yen* holiday*
getsially yours
Sthel John* 0
,i. yw*2»
l!a? 7, 1943
i* Ycr<£ juot now* » 1
& be guite willing to help io\ -.:\t  I
& T JpW\l8* 1948 ;
Received from Ethel Johns key  and detached lock of steel filing cabinets in Historical
Library, ^iiese are the property of the Alumnae Association
signed i&m\. &•. M^^M. May, 10, 1948
Heceived refund in full of the sum of twenty dollars advanced "by me to Ethel Johns
for purposes of travel to New York and return to Baltimore.
Signed:  ...W.& J£.&S*< ;2vL:i Ifurbos /.o.oe,
Johns Hojfeins Hospital
June 18 f 1948
Bear Wee Mofioar*
You have asked me to estimate the amount of time I have spent on material
not directly related to the history of the School of SftTSing*  it li difficult to do m
e$ !     be*l# because, at the outsat, the MN&~relevftVt materiel wag found to bo con*-
pletely mixed up with the relevant and the first task-was to separate th«* !Eiia pro**
eese naturally involved handling "both type* sirmltaneously*  Another complication is that
the early American material which evidently really belongs to the lotting historical
collection misy* be regarded aa valuable background for the *THB history even though it
it li not directljr related to it*
Ehere are, however, tie groupings v/ituin the Butting collection which have no bearing {or wery  little} upon the Schooli (a) a large m of materiel S leg
in eouatrieis otkei         ,ited States| (b) imterial a       the activities of a
Committee to Secure by Act of Congress the Saployment of Graduate Wbmen lurses in tiie
United Si**es Arsqr*  Both t3, i historical value
it was  both difficult en! titte*eeatl&g leg to olaeaify ffofK* ifie tii'ac respired ox nijht
be roughly estimated at about one month*
Yours very sincerely
Ithel Johns lain fames Home
Johns Sopfcine Hospital
Baltimore, M.
Juno 19* 1348
Bear lire lie Vicar*
I understand that a meeting of the History of the School of Stereing Committee
is shortly to take place* As you are aware, there are personal reasons which make it
necessary for me  to return to Canada shortly before tap USA permit expires and 1 therefor*
am not in a position to ask for the privilege of conferring with the Committee* In my
report to the Editorial Committee I have givon a full aeoeunt of the ?/ork accomplished to
date and although this did not take the form that had been anticipated 1 hope that the
Aluanae Association will feel that a basis has been established for the history of their
em School and a contribution has been made to the hi0tory of nursing in the United
States and abroad*
It may facilitate the work of your committee if I make my owft position clear at this
point* You will recall that in preliminary correspondence I expressed some doubt as to
whether anyone vix® wee not a graduate of your &m School ought to attempt to interpret
its spirit and aims*  I m now convinced that this doubt was justified 00 far as I afe
concerned and must ask to be allowed to withdraw as editor* I do, hoover*, feel a distinct responsibility regarding the exploration and organisation of material related to
the earlier years of the Sohool «~- that is to say* from 186? to 1907. If your Committee
wishes tm to complete the task ?Mah I undertook in this area I shall be glad to do so
subject lo the prevailing financial arrangement*   1 quite realise that you may prefer
t -
Wm incoming editor to take over the project as a liioie and in tftat event I shall bo qui'
in accord.
I shall always look baok with pleasure with the unique privilege which ,1 have enjoye
in being permitted to mmim source material which few gohools are so forttnate as to -2-
possess*  I am most grateful to your Committee and to the Sohool of Horsing for af*
fording me  ao happy and stimulating an experience*
Cordially yours
Sthol Johns B aiti&ore* itt§
June 19* 1948
Dear lira JIofioart
1 m enclosing two sets of lists the first of which deals with the tttterlel
placed in the green bookcase after 1240. You will remember perhaps that I had not got
this typed when you were here today* fhi second set consists of duplicates of the
markers pit on the various basket© •  As soon as ever 1 can manage it* I will send you
ail revised lists for final reference* I have just taken a farewell look at the cupboard
and it really does look ship-shape*
It was a tough job but I em sure that we can both be proiid of it*
erdi&lly yours
Ethel Johns QtQ Wm Canadian mmmm Aeseeiation
1411 Cmmmt  St.* Montreal* Canada
July 22* 1948
m®3? Mfs lioViear*
I aa m sorry that there has hoen an unavoidable delay in anewerit3$ yetir
kind letter* At the Canadian Hursae Association convention in Sew Brunswick* it me decided
,t an imediat© ap^rea^h te our Federal Government would be necessary in connection with
the new health pregrasnne \ hich is soon te ho initiated on a nationwide eeale* i mis askod
to prepare the neoesesry brief end9 aa thie had te be dona at tbp-epee§# I have hardly had
a laoment to devote te personal af aire* However* we mm well received hy the Minister
ef Health yesterday m& tope that all will new go well ee far as nursing is
I mat mm hasten te thank you for sanding me the very encouraging vote ef confide
which was passed at the recant seating ef the History Cooulttee* It touched zae veiy deep*
ly and I am seat emtoful* I still feel* however, that fee ipeetiea ef the editorship
jaoods further consider tioa on the part of all concerned and eepeeiaUy ty the editorial
eoamittae* m®8L& it bo satisfactory te you and te Hiss -„olf if 1 were to roturat early in
Soptoraber and tl      with t    oniaatloa ef the source material t&at I have alreg?
&&m and classified? It would thus bo possible for the werfe te ge on #*ile yen are
arranging for such conferences ae you taay think desirahle* I aa gaite trilling te withdraw
■f resignation until the entire project eaa le reconsidered ia the light Aieh I am
those eonferwmm will shed en it*
fleaae do not even think ef reserving an aparteont for mm*   I lite i^y oeiafertable hl#*~
aeilinged room in the imin Hone and should he lonely and mlserahle anywhere else* If I
should not ho in the ray I should greatly prefer te continue te woxfc in the Historical
iihrazy Mi I q; ite realise that there say he reasons shy this arraagenoat aight net be
convenient and if ee, I can easily fit in soae#iere else*
I should he vesy such obliged if yeu could let m know at your oiliest convenience '
whether- all these »range@ants would he    table te yen and te Hies Vj»lf*> I have
asfeed hy the Canadian S&rses Association te take en certain responsibilities and tap
%®mm would he affected hy whatever decision yen and Mas %lf may se<? fit te nialse*
Cordially yours
1  Ethel Jehus C/0 'Canadian lursos Association
1411 Crescent St** Montreal
August 9f 1948
pear Mrs Bo Vicar,
tt»ls letter will duly acknowledge and thank you for yours* dated August 4th*
I am ,;lad to hoar that you think it will he in order for me to return to Baltiiaore tmmri.
the end of September and to proceed with the organisation of the material that we have
already assembled* I shall* of course* await further ward from you regarding the formal
confirmation of this plan by the President of the Ataraae Association when she returns from
her vacation*
I was great!/ interested to learn of the appointment of Br Brenk as President of the
Johns Hopkins University. He certainly soems to be a nost outstanding scientist and edu«*
cater and we toast tope that as a physician and a human!tarlan he will .also fester the
healing arts **** including nursing*
With many thanks for your kindness and courtesy*
yours very sincerely
Ethel Johns H?)
..August 9* .1948
vwtmk Wftft ■ffon&foqtfrft.
Bear Mrs MoVlcar*, ".■
Siaak you for sending m© the various enclosures all of i&ich were read with
keen Interest* 2feey are all being returned herewith*
I cjnite agree with you^that confirmation of our projected plan for my return should be
obtained by you from the President of the Alumnae Association before I make any definite
arrangements to leave Montreal* It would facilitate matters if this confirmation could b©
made available as soon as possible*  In the meantime* however* there seems to be no harm
in patting forward the following suggestions for your considerations
te £Mmmp^amft,mmw,.mate* a^ww^i.
You will remember that J have bean asale&s to have a conference with Miss Stewart over
since ws came across all the Sutting biographical material* Ben*t you think it would be
a good idea if I were to stay off in law York on my wsy to Baltimore a^d to have a good
talk with herf If this wore done* we should have some definite information as to her at-*
titude to lay before the Editorial Comnittef before 1 i»ake a beginning at all* 1 oould
also see whether there is anythimg at Bellevue #iieh sheds any further light on the Hemp*
to era* Shis also ought to be reported to the Editorial Comcilttee*  If wo oould got a
gtem light in both* 1 believe w© might get off te a better start*
- , .^ifflr^t^on m^ritUpl
1 will go to the immigration authorities this week and find out where I stand with respect
te re**ontry* 1 am afraid* hiwever*. that the regulations are just as strict as over and that
I ©ay have to go through all the red tape ever again* I will see whether all this fuss is
inevitable and will let you know* Please donft send me any invitation until you hear
further from me* 1 know that wo shall have to be mry careful about dates and the e^aet
wording and it may therefore be bettor for me to send you a draft of the letter which will
turn the trick*
I am enjoying my stay in Montreal and* after all the wining and dining*, am beginning te
gat fat and lasy* It is time I buckled down to work again*  %a&k yon for reserving my
old room* !ere*s toping I get it*
aratefully yours
Xthel Johns m
Bea? lira
..... ^        - a.^iu        «~» '>-'   U   i
of the Alumnae Association
;,us for*
the Isabel Hampton
will bo co-0.
I had hopofi
Lu * Wm 9
Jtewarv Jlk over tee whole
ave soiae rjaterial riilch boars en the early Canadian
idous help for* so far, t: oroatlot*. la prettgr BWiagrs*
dlene Olandt to find ou1 aa give me a hand i
m mss eSaWv uu ■ o a ea* oare.v^.jjt'jjf  Baere iwi &  v±iiiiis qbme*
iw^r Belleroe this time* 1 think |e had bettor coo Hll
y later cm in the autumn* Sis ia quite adamant about
hor ri^ad a
pic gases symbol
maps* later en*
.mall hey collector <
light appeal te him*
3ellevne* I moanJ*
1g*> If t?e oanft
imy be
jay hook on Miss Butting
nld bo persuaded
il differently*
the Giyxa**
es Uphaia
T0 working out*    it sag
wsgr althfe^gb I hope it sasy d
essary fw y®^ to ■" J£B£2aJLP ®*^ W :4pru 4* 1949
*W***U Um m Treves %Lqmk medt te mm *wea* se^ is
lew erf f»%te ot betees&m has aoitae^evnoe ai # tired* •**«>. <**r * *t
Dear lira IloYioar* f
immjmil i-a *0i   ....   : --   Taen ..      <--.;; . [     ,arl, r-;> s^J d#iw ilaf s trad L'  .^n; *ol hi
I yon had had such a ale* spring heljMiqr *a* that llr
I&fioar had got 00 much good dtit of it* ■ % now* you will havlS&aCa^tt&lk with Mrs
have heard that all the archiv#s*^fles7x.te«
re laftVln good order*
'dentists Chair*
hold out loii.
"Brack i
1 do a able to hang o^-J^ the fundus b^ll cupboard although some-*
thing seems to tell me that our little friend\in the libajiry .    .-r aye on it* I sei
more than ever convinced that* ItiCexsy  eveilt*> thVhi^r^rieal material it contains ought
to I od from a n.tion4l and international joint of view* If all olse fails* a
good la    /iUifc would storel most of it*
pant o^st of 'iay ti. m  reclia ng  gracefully in a
t lenxd yelps at intervals. However* I am glad I>was able-to
et'tjaek to ay 5wh man in whom 1 have great faith though lie
eooids me uirs^rcifully* M^        : in the little apartment* too. lfm 00 glad I
was extravagant iafTSpt it 011 vAiile 1 ms ai^sy. If all gem well, I am plana tag te
ctay in IJont eal until about Ifey 1& and then to sake qysay way out to r&ncouver in easy
stages* 1 heps to spend S&eter with ngr cousins "in cpebee* He haa gnst got' bank from
a stay of some months in England where ho attended the l*ambeth Conference and 1 aa
looking forward to hearing tthat thflf think of the state ofm$£tm& affairs in general.
His wife was the leader of a delegation of Church wo*    0 made a tour of certain
parts of Germany*
lira rsrack will probal    *e told you that i ms invited to have luncheon with Br and Mrs Cullan Just before 1 left Hopkins* Both of then (;-,*$ particularly t-Irs
Culion) reiterated their conviction that the ti. •■  . not ripe to publish the his**
tory of ^the middle period1* and that if this were done# it might create a most safer**
tunate situation bet\    .e School of Hurting and the Board of trustees*' A history
cannot be ?/ritten,unless reference is made to the original documents and* m$$W8%xx&
as you knew* some of these imply severe criticism of parsons still living* I told
Mrs Brack about this conversation and suggested to her tiiat.it might be well for her
and for you to have a talk with HH Cullen* I have a great respect ''for her judgment
and*       i is quite fearless*    loos not want 4a the Ataanae Assoicatlon to do
aathir-      .igrit* at this critical juncture in tho affairs of the School* lead to.
,. any cleavage with the J^ard of trustees* Sheyo is enou r .. . knout adding
any further aoiMtss-of irritation* On •    .;er haad* :*  ... .uid most of .the other mem*»
fche lUsttfllLfe-gefffiiittee a. pear to-think %mM  the Ltoiy of the nheroic ago11 could
do no harm and Bight m . :.a  good* ; *m*e  bsaaiv^a «**a nmttt
As you will see by the enc letter from ABW* T    tot see -her before
to think ' #se« L
leaving* 1 Mi inclined that now that 1 am out of t"    * it saay 1    ;:iDle to enlist
her support ef %e point      adopts^ by ars Cullen. At any rate* after a cooling «•
off period* he may  be willing to,#ivc it n*  Eerofs homing;>anyway*
II all go s as well mu I  hope with the las? - ISO? matfasuiipt, you on    Jr&ck.may be
able to win her over* I m$  of course*    $ xar gra-t^d that this manuscript will
-.tain a section on tL<e er^anintion, and early astivitios of the. Alutnae Asseiatlon and
shall 1 ok forward to hearing how,you are. getting along with /our subject material Aft
the little trunk* • S&^r* ip &®m grand ste£f there*
-*■   '•'--   ;-'   :"-i.  :  - .."' Ji.  £
a alMM ' ffleafle use this, .address until farther notice.
0/C Miss J* f* areig
3677 West Twelfth Ave*
British Columbia
July 6* 1949
Dear Mrs !Jc¥ioart
It must seem like old times to be reading a ,taemorandamn prepared by •&? but
I thought it right be helpful to both lire Brack end yourself and might clarify the situ*
ation with regard to the contribution to b© made by Mr Glenn* I know that ho is much
respected by the Association and that it might therefore be well for a direct approach
xa to b© niade "to him ia whatever way you and Mrs Brack my think best*
Bo not be too surprised if
weeks in looking up dates* epe:
far fcwsy from the original sourcei
I find that w ardaotis labours in
seive some  wild appeals for hel.- du#in       ing
>f names* etc* It is rather difficult to terk so
it so far (though I am koe.      ingers crossed)
; all those excerpts are ,    :,ig good dividends*
I do hope t. -eats stocr    r long journey
ftgg their visit with you* I  can well understand your anxiety
are difficult dsys for elderly people* especially in Britain*
tostfert to them to have w   nearby*
.71joying them* ThQBO
mat be a tremendc
The  address      ore will 3
hope to have one of my very own*
,Usi. I RP
With all good wishes!
yours ves
Ethel. Johns . :
Johns 4519 l/litcouth Ave* West
Vancouver* British Columbia
November 9* 1949
Dear Urn McVicar t
I was so pleased to receive your extremely interesting letter and to learn that
a continuing your labours ae associate editor* teat I made a firm
Btand : ..arch and insisted that one of your own diet
• over 1&0 **19Q8 and all that***  Blanche is the rig
will of her own and her standing in the field of nnrsin
rryone* I have been mean      ite te her bat I -
has    mu a m        re*
cs be Induced to
\  choice. %e has a mind -:
nation is acknowledged by
>een so ho: .ure
cess is far       iota*
dovsi to a regular schedule an& s*n plr    pteadily along tho line indicated ir.
topical o are tou^i t^oi^e ing thoro\i£?aly* A %r&~*
mendous amount of     nation ifl necessary if they are not to outweigh later ^ovelop*
•ants and that means writing and rfwrltlag* Progress should b© acre rapid once I got
the Sahool opened!  Bit it was those early dayr> f&leh really set the pattern and I find
the association of President Oilman with the Hospital and School most significant*
, I bm  trying to keep out of nursing affiars but still get tan^lod up in more a^oGclw
making than I really want to do* I .have Joined the "University.Womenfs Ctob and US on*
ing it very mwh$"also the Alliance francs!SO so as to hold on to my French* 1 miss
ay quebec fr? *
I will let ym
time to tn
days I
es I
ion  both.
from 4519 Fifteenth Ave. lest
Vancouver* B.C.* Canada
May 16* 1950
Dear 1B& McVicar $
I have just returned from a visit to the pes toff ice where I placed my manuscript in the mail. If all goes veil* it ?rtll arrive in plenty of time for ^evaluation*
corrections and criticisms^ to be promptly made. I hope that on the whole you »y
approve of it. 1 have certainly done the best I could*
fhe April issue of the Alumnae ilagasine has just reached me and I read Miss Wolf's
articl on Use pfefferkora with groat interest and approval* It is good te know that
the support of the head of the School of Wxrsing will be given generously to Mss
Pfefferkora —"this should go far to assure the success of the whole project*
I am affepAd it sight lead to misunderstanding if I imm  to try to give you any in*
formation about uy own work. . Would it not be better to be guided by the outcome of
the forthcoming meeting? Within a few days* you will have seen the manuscript yourself and I em  quite content to lot that speak for me#
i:y' f,aviary,f does not oomjiM with yours but then I cannot afford such lavish hospitality! levertheless, 1 aa having a lot of fun with ay weedy little garden and
eheriih every little green shoot in it — including the dandelions*
With best wishes to you both#
gratefully yours
Ethel Joje&e  ** Canada
a m
I &M-.W4.  ft£ *
that the
% a closer
dor i 01
.ght to
s grey
312.0 in
»** T4-
.    X
..lana- Copies sent to;    Brack and Pfefferkora in same mail
ajpril 7. issi
jjca* a*© whomt *
©f t
28 and
of the
teriaA 8©rv@& as
in my draft
tli© polata rai©©a coon te re^pir© elartfloatteii aaa the f©li©^»#
q©a©©|te of wy*igfl>elAily>
r©f ©rono© will bo
8* coatritetion tc
la the a* jot rasrittea cooclxi&lng
will *© ®a«© la th© e lug
will bo
te this topi© la
to th© coatritetloo md© %
teatte in a i
to : IkaalUfc xstveing as distinct
of tin
appesfriatelgf h© looted©© in
th© first jart of te© 8i«te*y,
prior te 1907.
not diMotty
aateglsal i»ij
■ I if aay# of
to  ,ad a <p©tetlo» free tele article will be f onus ©a $***» 47 aad 48 of ay
att^teo© o/ IT i^^lio, tfta„TE
Is <JB0te©
©a ja^e 41 ©f my ©raft •ay ;&»
IB aado on
*#■ *---^# ****♦>
•f vtftfsa «% la*tiaft Dar
tto oaralaiff aeifiee
filtlfigg to
atna ef lbs £M ^m mmmA
HI at* slSft^l asgr
Ms* aa* iae*fl .......art* bob© of telafc
I was tiaaol© te fin* a** ©te©*
teat MmMrmfflm&jmu
©tea* ©ateil©© l*i\ .m i*©r© sivosu   4 fortes*
US** ..*§?•© r©jp©rte aaft xm
of wf tUm win a© naa* te this
sol** te*
uBa&tubxB ©f tee terisr c 5 ©ateaate
te th© tost ©f
nl^t» te great
WmfflBpZmZth-* •*■
4 ©ootiott
te te© ©@«obr
WaMm ja .MmsmMs*       wag aw *frtta*«f -: -fin,
te this flonote* topi* te* ate@a% tern aaa* tat 1 ehoal© a© gratetel
for on* ajgitte**! ©am*© Daterte* teat «4»M te us©* te «■*.!& It mil teste**©
tela teste ..■■«.©** te fc 'id© tar tews ©f
©f ©©©*©© Eatefte: ws®ls te a ao©t ©spas©!?© ©ad
ask teat te^r a* £$©©©« te
©r flpsUfl©*: te £oal site ti*©©© toroater isoo** ©»fi Bear Mbb Pfefferkera i
Hfsank yon very mel* for the referenoea you were kind aaoo^Ix to saad me*
©lis oopy of my letter to the eiminaaa of tttt Editorial Committee ti ^^E MM to ym
for purposes of infoxraatian*
Yomrs very aimerely
(Etbal Jotoa)    fioar $
4519 West Fifteenth Are*
fane ouver * 8  Canac
it '
fc pleasure
iff of the
fl   „'.,..'•     ....   M
.    uox^ are
»3 }>ac.r li
rery helpful te oo and. X now
©p a reaaonalbly well li ted wh<
»t§ and distinct*    |Mi
jponeibility o&n l>e pi ..iere H
I to the History
r the tm part© of
the authorship
■j in justice
1   S£
aool r
:.ll asd
iJL li
it of
>d "Star liill,ft
lly is
il if ,
-fit! "ir


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