History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letters, Ethel Johns to Annabelle G. Brack, September 19 1950 - September 2 1952] Johns, Ethel 1952

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 .-•ear iji-s ::-„.•...
1,    Can
tall be abl
ia oad of u.
11*  if all
.t elus*»
olt i*?ith in c
os Pfferkora
It also I
mm   ah t
as possible as I a© naturally aaxj
il to her to have my manuscript at
for reference*
to it.
11 of
m *
ouddiag Broadway
sh Columbia is to besto?; I    rary degree next week oa
:o doa my  scarlet and black robes and to
on. Shanft do it* I look and feel like ^tb Astor's plush 4519 Fifteenth Ave. lest
fane ouver * Canada
""' ., October 16* 1950
Dear lira Brack s
First of all* 1 should like to tell you bm ssmk ,,;onr letter of October
9 helped and' encouraged oe. Ton have the happy faculty of being able (ia your miadfs eye)
to see the history aq a whole and therefore to realise the necessity of naintaining a
balance hetween its mrloms parts* Six  sections of the Matting MSS are now ia the typistfs
hands and I aa striving to complete the regaining two or three as rapidly as possible*
fhese are difficult since it is necessary to gather up the threads and to weave them
together i%aeat little finale* I am beginning to see that there will he some material
that ^belongs1* to Use Pfefferkora as well as to me and that olgfet ha 'hotter handled
If INI were to work on it together. I have even gone bo  far as to sn^jest to her that she
Si..c id r.tura eastward via Vancouver * AS yet* she ha* made no reply and may possibly be
reserving her decision until she has Seoa tho Hampton 1SS*  Iliere need be no delay la
sending the Hutting 1SS oa to you .0 aeon as over I have finished it*
It my clari.% my preseo    Itioa if 1 define my general approach to the points
tioned ia your letter —* so here goes t
1* Pros the outset*-- my prhmry objective has been and remains |a)to aesenible* classify,
and carefully to e»nine the chaotic mass of source material th t must mde available to l
at Johns Hopkins f (1*) to weave this Material into a well documented* coherent $m& rmB**
ona'bly complete account of the ori-ji .-, development and progress of the School during the
period 1867 ~- 190?* I understand from Miss Pfefferkora {aa etaineatly competent judge)
that the fir;        oa objective has already been satisfactorily completed by ©e*
Ihe Hampton arid       anuceripts together constitute tho second part of the ohjectiva
and will both be available      long for the consideration of the Committee# la this
connection* I oi2;e that those isaauscripts are only draft*, and to he thoroughly revised* It will not be possible, at this stage, to indicate titles*
topical headings*, footnotes, etc* skis ...rocess mat be &®i®vm& until the umanar ia
which these are to be handled has been agreed upon by the author* so that the sane methods
nay be used throughout the entire volume*
2* Ton apeak of the desirability of "addition 1 sidelights oa Isabel Iltaptea** Sar 3m&
finance over the devolopnont of the School did not tm& with her marriage and you will
find many references to it in the Hatting !S8* Ivory scrap of biographical data related
to her personal life hefoye .her mar lage has been uaod but* as you are doubtless amre* her
sons are still living* and it would hardly he wise (or in good taste) to mt^w to her
married life*  She did not die until 1910 and it seems likely that Mas ffefferkora will
wish to lake 00110 al.ueioa to it.
3. In a letter addressed to Mrs Ucficar* Miss Buabar made this statements mt assume that
the book will include b*       Information oa the contemporary picture ia the education
of woman and related medical and social service developments .** I gather that this quBB^
tion has already been jointly discusaod hy Miss Baabar* Mas fay lor and Miss Maes and
will ho fur .her explored at a forthcoming raeetiag of the History Committee. I should
therefore prefer to reserve comment until after specific recommendations have been made
and I have had an opportunity of discussing these with ttiea Pfefferkora*
4* I should* as you suggest,, like to write finis at the earliest possible date so far aa
my  direct eoatribution to the history is eonce.ned but please toller* that I want to do
all 1 can to help at any stage until the presses start to roll and we all have to take
50 off the hook*
mples arc Hasting against a dark    round of Douglas firs and with a glimp&e of
sea betw-ea jaa...e you glad you live ia British Col    1 rink \ ashing oaehiaas* iadoed*
well* i&ell*,     fh&ik you for everything.* Beai
4519 Fi h Ave.
Vancouver,    Canada
..-     Ad
ale with
hool was
and. 1<
*  ...« #      '
r, B.C** Canada
«?*   XvOU
J)0:                                     i
i w
icript had tamed up ia:
,     *                   &                                  '       --
itration rod tape.    It Irk
vfcurc   |                 . you will
j, ',*   w „'. .'...0/'
*eta &*xon   on               •
..- paiat her cue*
"   *  -      '                            -    -               '-                                   -                   "    ■'
i ■
ted if she had
...   '           ,t           ....   J-
disposal for
a vary r           oaft of
with it*    (There ha."
/£?    &££&{£.   «*vv\?j3*3    wv    «L t;
and more           -t~
ive*    She understands
0   SuXX
9 . R |   i
order for you I
.'lit©o and. youo        .
..ora at all*    I should
;rally prefer tii&t  )G   TO
to overcoioo
to discuss them with
editorial  .
12 and 13
- - - - - r '   " t*
it you have a copy of
ittee.    If the ors of
oumscripts they will
content*    Ehey will note*
r aaauscript t/hioh ha* not
*r this reason* I am anxious
irticuiar section to tl
3a exhume
eyes* I
s t."
pful it
3 earliest .Alii
hi -*
'.;..'''"       oo I   r.
our mrital lot.    As a natter of feet* 1
ift thi ; rcallv do — ~ too proud, of \-ploits and w otldn't
iear, o a line.    I do so
*tn tation." .tiiaent*    *****  this rash statement, perlmps 1
hotter subside*    Note    h    ; :AL AHP CQgFIEi^glAft. to r,    1* C.*    Canada
Bear ;.irs Brack  |
Blessings on yon for eluding ti       1 and
on what appears to have been an uninhibited and salutary d.
call Liy  "nebulous and uio      aeert&l
that I can talk things over with Hiss Pfefferkora t
otion will be observed and t
rce of any opinion* that have unofficially reachc.
lion*     Sow that what you
iced that f
ire his
ooo?v gttjj
T   f
lo feel
;oee with-
\ raised
A than
xL point of
from no
1 book
>, I a© still
1 01.:
shout exti
ire intar--
th 11
)Oro oa
of gu
•Te ~~
fo my horror* an air mail cos
.nsobility    is to pre-
■zry stofjf
rical accuracy or get-
now booroe
ually from Hiss Baylor
as pos:>ible#    But
;t reached me telling mo that some sketch
op*    The femo. hid
\a,t  she has got iato touch xiixh  the Johns
so believe that I have a<     to do
ifiiXki i luicuioufi)    do  ixi8Sw anct am goxng iny ogsu t>o neaa
mi Association a
sr *ffleer*?   I shall, ei     it r*e* see to it that if the
Ion will                                       ^      a raassuro                      id b
it oxx•   axi soy i           zQB
iaaation to the
broadcast has to proceed* no
e appreciated*    Bnvolopo 6u—
_»t want  fe* add to                    / load at a time when
oaak you for understanding I          f im
rt and head and haad* must be
o wishes*        .'atefally your*
\ 4519 fifteenth Ave* lest
Vancouver* Canada
March 19* 1951
Pear lire ioaek
I am m*r| grateful to you for sending me two copies of the summary of the discussion which took place at a mooting of th© History Committee oa Hovembar 28# 1950* rJMs
extremely useful material reached me juot in time for use during the confereaces held betweaa
Hiss Pfefferkora and iisyself from liarch IS to 17 inclusive*
la going over By draft manuscripts with Miss Pfefferkora, a number of errors were detected
I can he rectified without delay and it was also possible to plan for *om* re«*arx*aagameat of
subject statter that will eventually maJca for "better eo-ordia&tiea between the two imia parts
of the history*
A few days ago* 1 received a letter from the chairman of the editorial oouodttee in which
sho told me that she expects to return to Baltimore about April 1 and iy  that time I will
send her seme comments related to the &vmm>ry mentioned above trfaich I hep* will shed some
light on most of the points at issue* A copy of these consents will be forwarded to you in
your capacity as the chairman of the History Cooiaittee*
Your generous  gift ia gratefully acknowledged even thangb circumstances prevented it from
being put to the festive us© for which you ao kindly intended it* Our Vancouver weather ma
most unkind — two feat of wet snow and a biting noth wind — and oven if British Columbia
had lived up to its proud boast of heing "ganad*** Evergreen Playground" I doubt whether
IHss Pfefferkora or I would have had time to do more than look out of the window* A imss of
intricate detail had to be gone over aa thoroughly as time permitted and this proved to be
a tedious and timo-conm;uoiag process, nevertheless* I am convinced that aa a result of this
ordeal, the revision of my manuscripts can aow go forward more rapidly and that xay deadline
at the Bn&  of September may yet be attained with a quarter of aa inch to spare*
with all good wishes for laster*
yours mvy  sincerely
(Ithel Johns)
f.« S* I forgot to thank you for the clippings. I ?as grieved to hoar of Br Culleafa illaoss*
Both he and lira Cullea were kindness itself to oa* 4519 Fifteenth Ave. West
Vancouver*    Canada
iiay 4, 1951
Bear lira Brack %
Please may I acknowledge and thank you for your letter dated April 2? and for the
draft manuscript* which arrived safely and in good order* ft was good of you to return
them so promptly and they will be useful ia the process of revision*
It.wa* encouraging to hear that the recent meeting of the Iditoriai Goomitte* want off
so well and that my progress report apparently shed light on a few points concerning which
thero had 'evidently heen soma misunderstanding* It must have "been helpful to confer personally with Hiss Pfefferkora and thus to obtain an idea of what the total content of the history i© likely to ha.
So many changes haw*     place slM    early conferences with Br* iicfiaar that I hesitate to express any opinion concerning the suggestions pat forward at that time* All thooo
were purely tentative and were Intended only as a basis of discussion. Don't you think it
might be better bo disregard than eatirely and to sake a fresh start by defining the areas
of responsibility in the light   ..  .resent situation?
While I should be very grateful for any uei^  sea*** material that the Editorial Committee
o, I do not think that I shall he doing any mar* "interviewing11. OSiat
ok was practically completed before I left Baltimore and in this connection urs olcficar
,oot valuable assistaaoe.
It rould be gait* in ordor for the Editorial Co-xaittee to sake recommendations r*g*rding
illustrations, formt, publishers, etc., but eiuce the question of cost ia involved the
ultimate decisions would,, in my  judgement, rent oath the History Coiooittee ft* a whole*
too have had horrid late frosts that lifted the tulips out of t:.    mi but they
are blooming in spite of all although a bit short in the stems*
Good luck to you and your ******
Sincerely yours
(Ethel Johns) p
a a distinct rol
not a 4519 fifteenth A*** Vfost
faneouver*   Panada
Oetoaber 17. 1951
Doar Kr* Brack s
a for your letter of September £3 ia which you deal with various aspects of
the t^ork of the History Committee* In response to your r&quBBt  that my mmmfltlyt be
I* available as soon as possible* 1 m now forwarding it to you under serrate cover*
|he attached Progress Beport (in duplicate) indicate* t m  conditions under which from my
point of vi«r it night* if accepted by the Coocdttee. form a part of the History as a
whole* Suggestion* are also put forward as to ho?^ it mlgfrt some WM ilWii In the
it if rejection* I should be most graceful if individual copies of the Progress
..ooo tv.oo.ld be sent to all members of the Eistpry Committee for their information if It
io in : oo.
Word of the safe arrival of ipt would b© g*M&ly amorce latcd* Bulky
eensaonleatien* imiil to get  - I ri  up with red  tape at the inter adary and
''■■'■'      ■   ■ ■- •- o  - ■ -•.
:oig you ^or your unfailing pati:    ad ccurtesy,
Ithel Johns A bound aojsr *f e typed mannseript dealing with the foundation* organisation m£
develepient of til* John* i i   Eo*plt*l imi ol for uring the period
7 Sj   a? * ovtad narewitti for the eonaiiemfien of the Hetoigr Cc
®dle oecrtaot a. ' .00 arc? **ii»*rtauri£ftlty the mm a* in the HMgi draft* provtaufty
enhmitted to the fl—litfe* the** drafts have heen revised* amplified and M wlttwi
;3ut*   to so- doing* eriiioiaiie and mggeetlene made %• the Ctaa&fctee tew* nerved a*
uide and have h^a Bftjgfttoi with Tlionever poaaibie*   A Hat of iNifereiieee* a Mhliegreph.
in preparation m®A till h© fermrdeA In dm
It M*f holp Hm uosroittee te arrive at a deelateft with re*p*et to this i^macrlpt if I
bm ay em po*ltlaa reading it :
1*    In It:    ..    ...at form* it ropr***afe* the test work of whiek 1 am capable and* therefore*
I cannot iiMerteke aur further extensive revision or aooll float ion*   I am perfectly willing
however* to eorooot may *anror* or to mke aa^r miner alteration* wbfcofo the (toraaittee mg
deem noc#©awy*    I regret that 1 eeald net permit tfefl imnuaerlf* to he edited* or altera!
ft* by anyone other than
11   Subject to Wm i alcove* I reepeetfnily aak the it: uau.lttee el
to aeeept er reject toe stansserlpt a* it now utaiide* m the event ftet it ia not c
00 _, ei •: ile&tien* 11 h " an ia In . •* toad* 00 to** C* .x ..< f&r wm a* * re*
ease* pwriieA that it i* understood that to jar* of the tea* aetawOiy writ*** %y m m
%# qpetod ; -.jn in print*
4**t the deei^loa of the   li*toiy 1 too eqr fee# I aheitld like to thanfe
* ****&&*& and Nftftera Tor the privily* of ieSng aliened to ii^tti aaA e3yaeal%
lei of suefe wniqpe internet to the mireing pretention at lm?ge#
^•os^ctfv,lir;/ sub^dttod,
1?* itm   n& ovor
... .< Jflt   Fiftt
Jb «A>X & v L $    X    t.
5t  of f
10 Association for
Ion in conaectio
it possible.
ie* incidental to .on of the mana-
is to Bay  $684#?7 *m s yon  I    t* addition-
ia finally r or publication* She sum
of it.
A *w*
Of O
four yellow crocuses
_ ypr lysjjxlp, inclusion ix
>f the H
It was a real pleasure, an
eally correct as y;o11 as reasonal
Considerable work o
t of critic ir,
ittoe I an now     d in fua
It will perhaps be n    rod
oiber of the School could aces
which from ISO? until the pr-
that ono so eminently well c
te and difjo
and totally unreconstructed i
mm  a ^reat relief, to oico
pt in its oorl-
factory ir of its presentation*
done before it is ready for final submissioz
tions recent!     ivod from to    orial
ision oi    'oin parts of      ;*u*
d that no one but
e events and the policies
s&t and it is most fortu*
boon willing to
licult taak* Foa    t  I can only say that* a* a wilful
•Tiotorlan* it has been a Sti    nd profoundly moving
experience to t ace t,    tory o;.
faithfully aa I could f wi
.dad its destinies*
'.. - -
Inheritance of two of the principal pro
rightly required of the historian my not always ;
I can . i oksmax shorn,
lived and worked, for I have dr-own heavily u^on t.
■lier yoar* and to reflect as
ont on in the hearts and minds of       -ad
li I did toy best to be sternly objective* it
..birth I te Share the spiritual and national
•: ,   t her Of O! - ITIOO U IGllt
been etrietly preserved. At 1
and women* in their habit, as. they
©cords which they themselves set
lists a
n    •«•» they nol
;ory, t.
wrote it* 4519 West Fifteenth Ave*
fanoouver,    8
British (Columbia* Canada
June 17, 1952
Dear lira Brack %
k  somewhat unexpected development in the personal and private life of S* Johns
will probably mean that she will be in the vicinity of Baltimore *ometlme early in
October. I have    far* taoen the liberty of supposing that it will be in order for
mo to do a little checking of li/ manuscript with the aid of some original sources which
ar not available to me elsewhere. I have also suggested to iiiss Pfefferkora that it
raight be wise for us to have an informal conference with respect to several matters
which aay affect the history as a whol** I hope that this threatened descent will not
be unduly disturbing and needless to Bay, I look forward eagerly to having a talk with
you about the project in    al* As you will note in my  letter to Miss Pfefferkora,
a copy'of this is also being lent to the chairman of the Editorial Committee*
By now I expect (/ou are reposing peacefully on some sylvan shore or climbing some
blue femntain and I hate to break in on your well earned root. Bat if you do have a
moment to Spar* it would help me to make my  personal ;;lans if you would let me know
.ther the K   /ted October date would be convenient for you.
With all good wishes to you and the Clan*
very sincerely yours
lei Johns r 7* 1
In Cana


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