History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Draft of letter from Ethel Johns to Blanche Pfefferkorn] Johns, Ethel 1949-11-29

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I had written to Mrs Brack asking for your Californis address when, to my great
pleasure, your heartening letter arrived* Mrs Brack and Mrs McVicar will have told you
how very  pleased I was to. hear that you had taken on"1908 and after*1 You will also
have heard that at thexldtotl meeting of the HistoryCommittee which took plave just before
I left Baltimore last March, I strongly recommended that a further effort be made to
find a graduate of your own School who would handle the later years* I had many reasons
v ■
for so doing, some of which will alteady have been made plain to you* But, above all,
that I had not the academic background nor was I
I did feel ttetxXxamxMd: sufficiently in sympathy with certain trends in m&&%n nursing
Education to be able to "interpret the present aims of the School with th^ neeeasary detachment* and complete lack of bias* %is, most emphatically, is where you come in*
H$pcOT«%h£8x£^ ou are admitted. t6-he an authority in this area
able    * complications
and, furthermore, you will be far better than I to avoid certainxjstfctoiix which
are likely to arise in the handling of the Lawler regime* In other words, dear BP,
I think we shall make a fairly good team/ At least I do qualifiy as a good mid^Victorian^
Mrs Brack asked me for msmmt  reactions regarding phases of the project and
it seems to me that these may be of interest to you* I shall be interested to hear how
they strike you:
I am plowi^agXEiKg^x along steadily^following the general* chronological order and
iragjmMtKjpsc marshalling my facts into a more or less sequential narrative* SaxKarxi
Tnere will be two major biographical studies — Hampton and N utting — te^^u neither
case will/these; be carried beyong the gsxtm  1907 period* I do not think that it will
too difficult to hitch the two parts of the book together especially if we can woark to-
gether on a connecting chapter* I should very much like to know ho?/ you feel about this
^o far, I have done no re-writingxrat the whole mss* is rough-cast and will probably
remain so until the whole outline is pretty well filled in* It was most reassuring to
to told that-you think that the preliminary examination and classification of-documents
 documents was thoroughly accomplished* It was a rather gri#ly and ve^y time-consuming
job and I still have an uneasy sense that axgx&x other valuable source material may yet b
be discovered in some neglected cupboard or bookcase^that ought to be available now*
However, 1 did my best to ferret out everything I could so my  conscience is clear no
matter what happens*
My  little house is ^s^xx&x^omrxixxxx is just a grey stucco bungalow, not very
convenient, and not very new* But, oh, ^lanche it is so unspeakably good to have a
roof of one's own, a weody patch of garde, a place to shake one's dust mop ** I have
been wandering over the earth and sea for too long* Vancouver is a good place to
phe^e as a haven* You must see it before you- go last again*
it' strikes you.
so &<
er 0
»r tfean two   :
1*    |ha ao&t c
rti&ing and promotion
•                                                                        >* * J»y   0
;   i          '   .   .       ».;?',r...  T, .
portion of ti":
t,   Xb
'                                   :
;. -.il; -.*
v*        JL    SliOUJLG    p*r\?* U*     bu    vlv?i- w*T    ^vlAU
oanusGriptg have heen co
avoiding errors and conflicting eta
/?         n*ii<a   vnlttp   nf*   this   isAfifiLl    nyoiP
paration of tho index, hiblljraphy*.
k ;                                                         -*.
 Organization Unit;
Nov*, 1949
The shaping of the policies #iich were to govwen thw uospital and its school of nurs
 "Author" -or "ffditor" :
. no r e*


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