History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letters from Ethel Johns to Gertrude M. Hall] Johns, Ethel 1950-09-08

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 4519 Fifteenth Ave* West
Vancouver* B*ft*
Sept* 8* 1950
Dear Miss Ball %
While I should like to continue to be a member of the Exchange of Nurses*
Committee*, it does seem essential that all its members Should be within "talking11
distance of national Office* So I oust ask to be excused* l atill believe in the
international principle in miming affairs and am quite  sure that is spite of the
frustrations of the early years* the Committee will eventually prove its value*
Wishing it all success*
yours very  sincerely
Ethel Johns g ti 4519 Fifteenth Ave* lest
Vancouver* 3*8*
Sept. 8* 1950
Dear €£31 i
I have had you in mind*; believe it or not* ever since 1 got your hurried note with
news of the latest (I hope) anxiety in Winnipeg* A friend once said to me %ni think you
have too much family*** and I was forced to agree* the same could be said to you and
no one could have risen to the situation more magnificently* On the whole* 1 think
it is a less lonely and thankless business for you than it was for me for 1 often thini:
of the quiet  heroism of your brother* Stsat oust be tremendously heartening although it
eases ttly a little* However*. I know you will keep your tail up* A homely
simile If      expressive*
fhis has been a halcyon summer* 1 have never  seen the like anywhere* She quality of
the light* • specially in the early morning and late evening has been a new visual experience* The niher afternoon 1 rose from a three-hour stint at the typewriter too wagpy
for words and after ittpp«# took the bus out to the loofc**ont at the University *m just
near the faeulty Club — remember? I went and sat on the Italian atone bench in the rose
garden and watched a sunset that vaas indescribably lovely* Hose flush on the snow field
low Sound* and at the end (to guote St John in Patmos) "last* an amethyst*"
I aa still wrestling with the spirit of Adelaide Hutting* 'like Jacbb with his Angel*
Occasionally* I pin her to the ground but more often she sends me flying* Exasperating
and elusive eraftto&s* If only she had left a few personal vestiges behind.* But no*
Her fictorian reticence led her to burn and to destroy all that £he could*    first half
of my HSS is now going the rounds of the "eavmittee on appraisal11 (God bless -    1) and
so far nothing very terrible has happened to it* If all goes well# 1 hope to finish up
my stint sometime in October and after that Blanche P* and 1 will have to establish some sort of liaison between the two halves*  i expect that a lot of tedious footnoting
will also have to be done in order to appease the critics who want chapter and verse
for every  statement. Well* well* too much talk about EJ and her haverings*
It will be interesting to ?mtch the current of events in the 01A 6\ the next hi**
ennium* There was a time when 1 would have done a spot of viewing with alarm* But not
now* I think you will hold the wheel firmly even in Ut&ttsp  seas* 1 have an.
faith#in - t^JtoftP^^tibe thakea^eveii ;
though a rat as ..to-be..in -power at the aa»ent# t.4
wat   9 th<
nioe ;:O0pdcia:
a c
srnoon* C
ards the sere and ye]
3ii* Cri     iadioli
,ir little taj
Ion of: floreaoe S*
will' twtftP
to all the friends* in


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