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[Letters, Ethel Johns to Philip Carrington, February 1948] Johns, Ethel [1948-02]

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^aforaatloa seat at BJ»s request, by pellla Soifela Adoook. (Hrs fi* B* Adoook) en
yebruary 4. .1948      (Literal transcription)
Beaaet George, Joh^s s
Born s August 20* 18E0    At Plymptoa* Bevta
Ordained priest, Dublin University, (M*A*)
Master at Helstoa
Headmasters Dulwieh Grammar School (EJ notes latter date not riiyht? )
Chaplain* secretary and treasurer! School for the BLl&Af 1861 to 189?
St George's Circus* Seuthwark* London* 3*1*
and Wandsworth Junior School
Also; lectufti^iifprth London School for Girls* in aoglish Composition and Literature*
Aslos at Begird College, Londca*
Beviewer of. bftoksi for Morning Post for forty years*
Pensioned by authorities of School for the Blind. One thousand pounds invested for him
"With grateful acknowledgment and appreciation**1
yioaff i ¥foodmaao0te and Popha®, Micheldever, Hants* 188? to 1393
Rectori All Cannings* Devises* Wilts* 1895 to 1900*
Diodi at All Cannings* July 12, 1900    Aged SO
Aftthopt Frequently contributed articles to Edinburgh Sevlew, Fortnightly, Sunday !Jaga~
sine* Good fords* Chambers1 Journal, Caasellf0 I&gasiat*
.BJfg notei  How here is what Belli* has to say about ^Heary Inoledoa Johns1* and the
Yislt to "Bke  Li sard i
My father* B* G* Johnr* was the author of the fislt to the Lisard.* Corawall* ws do
not know ?diy he sometimes used Henry Incledon Johas*  tttere was ao H* I* Johns, except
his eldest soa (EJ notes py father) who did not write* flhe illustrations were done by
his youngest sister* Ann Johns* He published a book on butterflies*  He had many
friends ia London , belonging to the Savage Club and Authors Club* He was on the Boyal
Commission for the Blind, ?;as invited to civic dinners given by various Companies of
those days* $M Bishop and Canons of St faulfs * and the Beaa* all old friends* He
was a fine preacher m&  church worker and this came first in his life*
Is was very like Lord fenayson* Mistaken for him on two occasions in his big wide-awake hat in winter and a broad Scotch plaid wrap over his coat* A distinctive
figure ia the crowd* A very handsome man* blue-eyed* black hair* later even at 80
only streaked with silver.
He was very dear to us* I used to escape from our governess when lessons were over
and sit on a little tin bo3t in his study and often he would forget that I was there*
Friends dropped ia. Various authors and Hr*fc*te*x artists, Charles Sickens among them*
Heading aloud every evening ml lonsle quartettes* He had a lovely tenor voice*
He met my ©other at the flora Banco in Eelstoa* It is noted even in these days as
an old custom* 23iey used to dance through the houses* He was left a widower at my
birth in 18?0* Second imrriago In 1872* not very hapiy* (lote by U | my father
would not have agreed with this* He always said that the step-mother did her best
with the turbulent family*) The  thre* boys, as customary in those days* had every
advantage and consideration* ffiiey all brought great sorrow on njr father* All three
were very wild and went their way* We three girls were very dear to him* He was quiet
and absent-minded and yet a great worker* too* Book always in hand akiag notes for reviews
and artcles* Bat these were side issues of a very buey clerical life*
Charles Johns* fatherfs brother* was Charles Kingsley*s tutor* Wy sister (mxy Vbv~
ley) was a friend of Boss Kiageley*s and often stayed there* Charles was also M Holy
Orders and an anther* He ma head master at Wiatoa House (preparatory school ml for
Winchester College)* Author of Flowers of the Field, British nrds and their Haunts,
Forest -Brees* St*«
End o^ peilie»s ilemorimdTO        ,     ,  ,, ,    	
Bear Cousin Philip*
Bellie*e note about the possible identity of Bennet George Johns and Henry xuole-
doa Johns az&zcz me* £#111**s reference to the illustrations as having been done by *the
youngest sister, Ann Johns,• might give a clue* From the «fe»&     t  Belli**a letter* it
is  clear that she is convinced that Beaast di.fi Wit* She Visit to the Lizard* She seems to hi
he meilTi of the existence of the Henry lacledoa who, according to your information, mm
her grandfather* I think that her memory met be at fault here and that Bonnet &§C*jjt
write the Lizard book* Bat what about the Ann wh®  did the illustrations! It is all rather baffling* I am sending you my extra copy of Bcijhiaa Hepburn who dancod into Boa-
net H  life at Helston* Dellie told me  that there was a "Bothwell* curse on all the sea of
the Hepbura line* Shey all *weat wild*** It is strange that this has certainly been true
ia both the generations of which 1 have known anything* Fortunately* there is a nobis
collection of old roalds to uphold faaeily prestige but m  shall disappear within a year or
two or maybe three* Kp men, curiously enough, left no progeny* in the male line* except
my brother Alex* who is now 59 and not likely to have a family*
I hope that all thl* haveriA^ m y be of ihterest to you and that you tmy  yet bo a*l©
to find out whether it was w grandfather or my great-gr -ndfather who climbed the Limrd
eliffs wearing a top hat aad pantaloons with straps over the instep* 1 am proud of him*
whoever lie was and I hope that 1 inheritied a little of his audacity* I know I got a good
share of his love of wild flowers and birds and all free things on this green earth* Henry Incledon Johns married Maria Boon 1803
1809. Sophia who died 1319.
1811. Charles Alexander.
1319. Bennett George the elder who died the same year.
BENNETT GEORGE JOHNS was born 1320 or later, which agrees with the
impression of E.J. that he was well on in the seventies when
he died in 1396 (almost certainly)
Before 1352: B.G.J, met Delphinea Sophia Hepburn in the course
of the Floral Dance at Helston, and married her; she was descended
from Lord Balmerino of the Bothwell clan who was executed on Tower
Note. Charles was Headmaster of the School at Helston from
June 1344 to December 1347. Was it during this period that
the Floral Dance episode occurred ?
In 134$ Charles moved to London and lived in Walpole St.,
Chelsea. Coleridge and Kingsley had preceded him.
The children of Bennett and Delphinea were, according to Vi&let
Henry Incledon jr: father of Ethel, Alexander, and Owen.
Cecil Edmund' ?
William Edger   (married: no children)
Mary Morley: mother of Mary R., and Violet.
Dellie S.
Henry I_ncledon junior was born about 1353
Attended Trinity College Dublin, like C.A.: connection here with
f Alexander Johns of Carrickfergus
Bennett moved in literary eir&les and contributed to reviews. He
reviewed novels (Rhoda Broughton)
He was Head of the School for the Blind, Southwark: E.J. feels
sure he was head of this institution in 1877(1373?) the year of the
marriage of her father, Henry Incledon junior with Amy Robinson
at Denbigh.
Bennett was presented to the living of Woodmancott, and subsequently to All Saints, All Cannings, near Devises, by the patron
Lord Ashburton.
Henry Incledon jr became a missionary to the Indians in Canada
where he died in 1395 aged 42.
Bennett outlived him by about a year. Bennett was a fine-looking
man who cultivated a Tennysonian appearance.


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