History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Correspondence and Postcards 1949-1955: her WHO years] Creelman, Lyle, 1908-2007 1954

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2 May 1950
Dear Margeret,
1 have just received your letter of S? April, so now I really have $ro
to answer. ;
first of aU, it was very niee of you to persomXl&e the caption for
the news Items* I am not so sure that people will be any more interested
in reading them, but at any rate, Jf shall try to do my beat to hold
.their .attention* *gg&
With regard to pictures, as you know, all of mine are in Kodaehromo.
I do hare acme very nice ones that I think would add %uite a bit. It
la really quite easy to make a black and white from a Xodachrom© but
1 do not know about the easpense involvel||: At any rate, I might enclose
a couple with my next and you could enquire regarding the possibiities.-
t% would be very nice of you to send a cosaplimentary copy of the Journal
to m$r mother, I am sure she would appreciate it* ||||
I have asked our. librarian to order you. aa accumulated index* If she .
has not already done so, would you please send me another form, I suppose
I really should haw* one of %w ownf
How, with regard to; your remarks on the report of the Expert Committee
on Horsing, as you probably realize, the thinking of the coaaaittee was
directed chiefly to the needs in the undeveloped countries of the world.
It is indeed very difficult to- prepare a report j of .this nature having
in mind the global problems when nursing as a profession is in such
widely different stages of developmental^':
1, ; As to the inclusion of ILO In the investigation of working hours,
salaries etc., when we were discussing these items before the meeting,
I raised that very point and said that I felt that some associations would
think that labour was being brought into the picture unnecessarily,
even though the 110 is not a labour organisation in the ordinary sense
of the word, X think, however, the committee were wise in their
recommendation, since we do know that ILO was planning to make this
investigation anyway and it is probably better that it be a joint under*
takingt^As a matter of fact, we have very good relationships with their
organisation and I really believe that whatever is done, will be in the
best interests of the profession. At the sans time, I personally wish
nursing organisations would be more active in respect to their interest
in. the. personnel policies of their members.
Miss Margaret 1. Kerr
Editor-and Business Manager
Canadian lurse
Suite 522
1558 Sherbrooke St. W.
- 2 -
2 May 1950.
2.  The question of midwifery and nursing was a very contentious one
at the committee. We realized that there was a bit of hack-tracking,
but had this been pointed, probably any mention of midwives having basic
nursing education would have been omitted. We must face up to the
fact that in the countries of the world which have the greatest proportion
of the total world population, midwifery is recognized as a more desirable
profession than nursing. For that reason, I do not think we would ever
have midwives classified as auxiliary nursing personnel - or at least, not
for a long time to come.    |||||
I can see some evidences of a trend in some of the undeveloped countries
to develop public health nursing so that the public health nursej (who
will also have midwifery training) would be recognized as the person
to supervise all other community nursing personnel which would include
midwives. ' ^§|
3*  It is a little difficult to know whether or not we were wrong in
leaving out licensure of nursing personnel. I believe that some of
the members suggested that it be included.- However, as I said before,
in so many countries nurses are not even licenced or registered. It was
the feeling of some of the members that perhaps it is a little too soon
to mention the desirability of licensure of auxiliary nursing personnel.
I think perhaps it will come at a later time.
It is not so much the lack of teeth to grip with, to give adequate supervision, as the lack of any qualified nursing personnel whatever in so p|
many of the countries.
Apropos of this, under separate cover I have sent you a copy of Dr, Taylor*s
and my report of our survey in Egypt. This report contains only a summary
of the nursing aspect but very soon I hope to have my nursing report
mimeographed, then I will send you one. Egypt is not by any means the most
undeveloped of the countries in respect to nursing.
k.      It was certainly intended that the midwife included on the expert
committee of Maternal and Child Health, should also be a fully qualified
nurse but even in that respect seme of the members would have been quite
happy to have had a nurse and a midwife (non-nurse) as members of the
5.  I believe there is something in the report about financial aid for
girls wwishing to go into nursing. This again is an area where there is
such a great difference in the many countries. I so many places it is
the girls who never go to high school or even finish elementary school
who enter nursing. There is really not any financial difficulty. The real
difficulty is in trying to get girls who go on to high school and even
universities to become interested in nursing as a profession and not think
that teaching, social work, law and medicine are much to be preferred.
- 3 -
2 May 195°
6.  You may be interested to know that we are starting off on a
"seminarn  this summer. We hope to have one for public health nurses
for some of the European countries and it is proposed that it be held
in Holland, pyou would be very interested in the discussion that go on
held in Holland. Tou would be very interested in the discussions that go
on here at Headquarters. Some of us wanted to introduce the workshop
into the title. That was not acceptable so we compromised for a while
with § seminar-workshop % but that is now eliminated and it is a "working
conference"I    It is a slow, upfi^11 progress but we will arrive some day.
I was so glad to hear that Marian Linden-Birch and Laura Holland are
to have honarary degrees of the U33C Convocation. They both are very
deserving. I do hope that Lindy is equal to the strain of the trip.
What marvellous vitality she has.
I must close this long ramble now^f I hope very soon to have another
item off to you.  B |||x
Kind regards, |j|
Sincerely, pl|
Lyle Creelnan
Nursing Consultant.
19 muur %m
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London. S*V*. 1*
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