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Cross-Examination on Affidavit of Stanley Morris British Columbia. Supreme Court Mar 17, 1989

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 <3fn tfie ^uprtmt Court of jSriiisI] Columbia  (BEFORE THE HONOURABLE THE CHIEF JUSTICE)  No 0843  Smithers Registry  Smithers, B.C.  March 17. 1989  BETWEEN:  DELGAMUUKW, also known as KEN MULDOE,  suing on his own behalf and on behalf  of all other members of the HOUSE OF  DELGAMUUKW, and others,  Plaintiffs;  AND:  HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF THE  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA and  THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL FOR CANADA,  Defendants,  CROSS-EXAMINATION ON AFFIDAVIT OF STANLEY MORRIS  HJ  S. RUSH, Esq;  D.M. MACKENZIE, Esq;  D.A. MACAULAY, Q.C.  Appearing for the Plaintiffs  Appearing for HMQ of the  Province of British Columbia  Appearing for the Attorney-  General of Canada INDEX  WITNESSES FOR THE PLAINTIFFS  MORRIS, STANLEY (Plaintiff)  Cross-examination by Mr. Macaulay  Re-examination by Mr. Rush  PAGE  1  10 INDEX TO EXHIBITS  Number Description Page Number  669-1 Affidavit of Stanley Morris dated March 16, 1989   1  669-2 Affidavit of George Holland sworn March 16, 1989   1  11 1  S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Cross-exam by  Mr.   Macaulay  1 March 17,   1989  2 SMITHERS,    B.C.  3  4 (INTERPRETER:     George   Holland)  5  6 STANLEY MORRIS,    one   of   the   Plaintiffs  7 herein,   having been  duly   sworn,  8 testified as  follows:  9  10 MR.   RUSH:     Now,   just  before we  get  underway,   apparently   there  11 was  a misnumbering  in  the  affidavit   that was   signed on  12 March   the  12th,   and Mr.   Grant  has  resworn  the  13 affidavit  and   I  have  a  corrected copy.      I  don't  know  14 if   you  have   these   copies  or  not.     Anyway,    I understand  15 we  didn't  get   the  corrected ones here.     This   is  a  16 second  one,   or   the   original,   if  you want   to  have   it  17 marked.  18 MR.   MACAULAY:      Yes.  19 MR.   RUSH:     And   I  also  have   translator  affidavits.     We  did have  20 one  of   these  prepared.      I'd like   to have   this marked.  21 MR.   MACAULAY:     Yes.     This  affidavit  hasn't been marked yet  as  an  22 exhibit?  23 MR.   RUSH:      No.  24 MR.   MACAULAY:     What's   the   next   exhibit  number   in  the   sequence   of  25 the   trial?  26 MR.   WOLF:   Nine   something.  27 MR.   RUSH:     Did you want   to  do   this   in the   sequence   that we  28 started  this morning  in marking  it  in  the —   as  a  2 9 component  of   the Jimmy  Morris  affidavit?  3 0 MR.   MACAULAY:      Yes.  31 MR. RUSH:  All right.  So, the Morris — Jimmy Morris affidavit  32 is marked as Exhibit 669.  33 MR. MACAULAY:  Fine.  3 4 MR.   RUSH:     Shall  we  do   that,   make   the affidavit  of   Stanley  35 Morris  March 16th,   1989   as  Exhibit  669-1?  36 MR.   MACAULAY:      One.  37  3 8 (EXHIBIT 669-1:   Affidavit  of   Stanley Morris  dated  39 March 16,   1989)  40  41 MR.   RUSH:     I would like   the  affidavit of   the   translator  Mr.  42 George  Holland  sworn  the  16th of  March  '89   to be  43 Exhibit  669-2.  44  45 (EXHIBIT 669-2 :   Affidavit  of  George Holland  sworn  46 March 16,   19 89)  47 2  S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Cross-exam by  Mr.   Macaulay  1 MR.   RUSH:     And Mr.   Morris will   require  translation.     Mr.   Holland  2 is  here   to  translate  on  his  behalf.  3  4 CROSS-EXAMINATION  BY  MR.   MACAULAY:  5 Q Your   name  is   Stanley  Morris?  6 A Yes.  7 Q And your  chief's  name  is   Caspit?  8 A • Yes.  9 Q And your house is the house of Goohlaht?  10 A Yes.  11 Q And your clan is Gilseyhu?  12 A Yes.  13 Q You  swore  an  affidavit  on  the  16th  of   March  of   1989   in  14 connection with  one  of  your  house's   territories?  15 A Yes.  16 Q And before you swore this affidavit did you review a  17 draft of it with either Marvin George or someone else  18 on behalf of the Tribal Council?  19 A I went through it myself and then after with the  20 translator and with Peter.  21 Q And you read the affidavit of Jimmy Morris, a chief in  22 the house of Madeek?  23 A Yes.  24 Q Is Jimmy Morris your father?  25 A Yes.  26 Q And he's in the Gitdumden clan?  27 A Yes.  28 Q He   is   still   alive?  29 A Yes.  3 0 Q How old is your father?  31 A He' s 7 5 now.  32 Q And how old are you?  33 A Forty-five.  3 4 Q How many years of school did you take?  3 5 A I quit early because during the hard times my mom  36 went —passed away, so I had to get out to work  37 early.  3 8 Q Well, how many grades of school did you complete?  3 9 A Grade five I quit.  40 Q And where do you live?  41 A Moricetown.  42 Q And what is your occupation?  43 A Logging.  I'm a logger.  44 Q What company or partnership or firm do you work with  45 or for?  46 A Kya Wiget  has  their  own  sawmill   and  that's who   I've  47 been working for  for   the last four years. 3  S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Cross-exam by  Mr.   Macaulay  1 Q       That's   the   sawmill   owned by   the  band council?  2 A       Ye s.  3 Q       And before you worked  for   that   sawmill,   what was your  4 employment?  5 .   A   I was a skidder operator for Fink's Sawmill.  6 Q   Is that a sawmill near Moricetown or near —  7 A  Was near.  8 MR.   RUSH:     I   think you  should answer  in Wet'suwet'en or  English,  9 whatever you  feel   comfortable  in,   but   I  think   if  you  10 go   in Wet'suwet'en you  should continue   in  11 Wet'suwet'en,   okay?  12 THE WITNESS:     Like   in company   names,   the  company  names   I  can't  13 translate  into  English —   I mean,   Wet'suwet'en.  14 MR.   MACAULAY:     Well,   Mr.   Morris  knows   the  English company   names  15 and obviously  he's  going  to have   to  use   them and   then  16 you just   repeat   them.     That's  all.  17 MR.   RUSH:     Yes.  18 MR.   MACAULAY:  19 Q       Because   there   is- no Wet'suwet'en company  name,   but  20 that  happens.     Often  numerals,   for  instance,   dates,  21 witnesses  always  use  dates   in English.  22 A       I was  just   translating what  he   said.  23 Q       Yes.  24 A       Okay.  25 Q   So shall we go on, and if you'll ask the question  26 again, what the names of the companies are or sawmills  27 that he worked for before he worked for the Moricetown  2 8 Sawmill?  29 A  I worked for Fink's Sawmill for about 16 years.  3 0 Q  And before that what was your employment?  31 A  I worked for Harry Hagman1s Sawmill in Houston for  32 four years.  When they sold out I went to Houston  33 Forest Products.  3 4 Q       Did you  ever work or  live  outside   the Wet'suwet'en  35 lands?  36 A  Quite a few times we work up — during breakup we go  37 work up in the Nass camp for about two months.  3 8 Q   Is the Nass camp a lumber or logging operation?  39 A  Logging.  40 Q  Did you ever do any commercial fishing?  41 A  No.  42 Q  Does your house have a fishing site at Moricetown?  43 A  They have a smokehouse down there.  That's where —  44 the place where they fish.  I don't know anything  45 about it.  46 Q  Have you ever fished using a gaff at Moricetown?  47 A  No. 4  S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Cross-exam by  Mr.   Macaulay  1 Q Have you  ever  fished at  Hagwilget?  2 A No.  3 Q Did your house have a long house at Hagwilget at one  4 time?  5 A There might have been.  I was too young myself.  6 Q Was Jimmy Thomas Caspit at one time?  7 A Yes.  8 Q And do you know when he died?  9 A 19 83.  10 Q And did you take the name Caspit when he died?  11 A I — I received that name before.  12 Q Did Jimmy Thomas give up the name Caspit?  13 A He was getting pretty old and he was unable to attend  14 a feast.  That was one of the reasons why.  15 Q So the answer is yes, he did give up the name before  16 he died?  17 A Yes.  18 Q And what year did he give up the name and you — what  19 year did you take the name at a feast?  20 A '77 is when it was discussed amongst the chiefs and  21 then in '78, fall, I took the name.  22 Q Was it the chiefs of your house or all the chiefs of  23 your clan who discussed this matter?  24 A Sylvester and Samooh.  25 MR. RUSH: S-a-m-o-o-h.  26 THE WITNESS:  And translator's father, and two chiefs from —  27 that sit across from the — who were Gitdumden.  They  2 8 were the ones that talked about it.  2 9    MR. MACAULAY:  3 0 Q What house did Sylvester belong to?  31 A Laksamshu I think.  I might be wrong.  3 2 Q Laksamshu?  33 A Laksamshu.  I might be wrong.  3 4 Q So he may be of a different clan than you are?  3 5 A Sylvester was like a son to the former Caspit and that  36 is why he was speaking for this transaction.  37 Q And Samooh, was he in the Birch Bark House?  38 A Yes.  3 9 Q And Mr. Holland, what house was he in?  40 A I believe he was from the Tsayu clan and they sit  41 towards the middle along with Dan.  42 Q And then you say there were two Gitdumden chiefs.  Do  43 you know why that particular group was chosen to  44 discuss'the matter, the matter of Caspit giving his  45 name up and someone else succeeding to it?  46 A That is traditional way in the feast when there's  47 ' going to be a name taken.  Sometimes it takes up to 5  S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Cross-exam by  Mr.   Macaulay  1 six months  to a year,   and  they   talk about   it before  2 the  name  is   taken.  3 Q       And when  the  decision was made   to  approve   the  proposal  4 that   Caspit  give  up  his  name  and  that  a  new  Caspit  be  5 named,   who made   the  decision;  what  chief   or  chiefs?  6 A       There was Goohlaht  and Big and myself.     We   got  ready  7 for   it  and  the   time was   set  and  that's when   I   took  the  8 name.  9 Q       What was your  name before you  took  the  name  Caspit?  10 A       I   sat  in front where   some  of   the people   that  didn't  11 have  names   sat,   and  that's where   I was   seated and  I  12 helped out whenever   I was  needed.  13 Q       Then you  didn't  have a  chief's  name before you  took  14 Caspit?  15 A  No.  16 Q  What are the, apart from the Goohlaht and your name  17 Caspit, what are the other chief's names in the Thin  18 House?  19 A  I just know some of the ones would be names like  20 Knedebeas, Noostel, and Lucy, who's Goohlaht.  21 Q  But Knedebeas is not a name in the Thin House, is it?  22 A  No.  We are all sitting together within the clan.  23 MR. MACAULAY:   Are you the second chief in the Thin House?  24 MR. RUSH:  Do you mean second behind somebody else, like in  2 5 order of rank?  26 MR. MACAULAY:  27 Q   In order of rank behind Goohlaht, who I understand is  2 8 the head chief.  29 A  It's Knedebeas and then myself and Samooh.  3 0 Q  But Knedebeas is not a member of the Thin House at  31 all?  32 A      What —   I  understand what you're   saying  is when you're  33 in your   territory,   but  in  the feast  hall  you  all   sit  3 4 together.  3 5 Q       Is  Knedebeas  a member  of   the Gilseyhu  clan?  36 A  Yes.  37 Q  Who's the head chief of the Dark House?  3 8 A  It was probably Noostel and Knedebeas.  39 Q  And who's the head chief of the Birch Bark House?  40 A   Samooh.  41 Q  Was Jimmy Thomas, the former Caspit, a trapper?  42 A  Yes.  43 Q       Are you  a   trapper?  44 A       I've   trapped  some,   but  not  on my  own.  45 Q       Have you  ever   spent  a winter   trapping?  46 A       Yes,   I  did up  in  Telkwa  as  Nege'deldes.  47 Q       Was   that when you were very young? S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Cross-exam by  Mr.   Macaulay  1  A  2  Q  3  A  4  Q  5  6  A  7  8  Q  9  A  10  Q  11  A  12  Q  13  14  A  15  Q  16  17  18  A  19  20  Q  21  A  22  23  Q  24  A  25  Q  26  A  27  Q  28  29  A  30  Q  31  A  32  Q  33  A  34  Q  35  A  36  Q  37  38  A  39  Q  40  A  41  Q  42  A  43  Q  44  A  45  Q  46  47  A  Yes.  How old were you when you were trapping up on Telkwa?  I was about 24.  Was that before you started your career in logging in  the lumber, industry?  Yes, it was about the time when the bigger companies  were starting to come in.  That trapline was in your father's territory, was it?  No.  The Telkwa I'm talking about.  It was my mother-in-law.  Did you ever trap in the Nanika Lake or Nanika River  area?  No.  Do you know whether or not Jimmy Thomas had a  registered trapline there, Nanika Lake and the Nanika  River area?  Yeah,   he —   he  held a   trapline   in a white  man's way  out   there.  You mean by   that  he  had a  registered  trapline?  After   the   Second World War   they made  everybody  accept  things  like   that   in  the white man's way.  Did Jimmy  Thomas  become  enfranchised?  Yes.  And did he then sell his trapline?  No.  Did you — did you or did you not hear that he sold a  trapline to a Mr. John Wall?  No, I never heard him talk about it.  Do you know Mrs. Jack Joseph?  Yes.  Is she a member of your house?  Yes.  Is she a daughter of Chief Jimmy Thomas?  Sister.  Sister.  And Estelle Michell, the wife of Bazil  Michell, do you know her?  Yes.  Is she a member of your house?  Yes.  And what relationship was she to Chief Jimmy Thomas?  I don't know.  Do you know Harvey Scott?  No.  Do you know who was the present registered owner of  the trapline in the Nanika Lake, Nanika River area?  No. 7  S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Cross-exam by  Mr.   Macaulay  1  Q  2  A  3  Q  4  5  A  6  Q  7  8  A  9  Q  10  11  A  12  Q  13  A  14  15  16  17  Q  18  19  A  20  Q  21  A  22  Q  23  A  24  Q  25  A  26  Q  27  A  28  Q  29  A  30  Q  31  A  32  Q  33  34  A  35  Q  36  A  37  38  Q  39  40  A  41  42  Q  43  44  A  45  46  Q  47  The  answer   is  no?  Yes.  Does — now, Nanika Lake is in the territory described  in Jimmy Morris', your father's, affidavit?  What was that again?  Well, Nanika Lake is in the Goohlaht territory  described in Jimmy Morris' affidavit?  Yes.  And does any member of your house trap there now  around Nanika Lake?  No.  And why is that?  I don1t know why they didn1t go out there anymore, but  during the 1950's my father and them all — they all  didn't go out anymore because the price of fur was low  at the time.  Now, another part of the Goohlaht territory described  in Jimmy Morris' affidavit includes Atna Lake?  Yes.  Did you know Arthur and Joseph Seymour?  Yes.  And  did you  know what  clan  they belonged  to?  No.  Were   they   sons  of  Big  Seymour?  Yes.  And they were brothers, Arthur and Joseph?  Yes.  Do you know Frank Jimmy?  Yes.  And what clan does he belong to?  Gitdumden.  And do you know what house in Gitdumden clan he  belonged to, Frank Jimmy?  No, I don't know.  Was his father Antoine Jimmy?  I didn't hear anything about him because he passed on  before my time.  Did you know if Antoine Jimmy was trapping in the Atna  Lake area?  I heard of him going out with somebody out there, but  I didn't know about them trapping out there.  Did Frank Jimmy trap in that area or the Atna Lake  area?  All I know is that he went out there with my dad and  J immy Thoma s.  Do you know if Frank Jimmy was registered on a  trapline in the Atna Lake area? S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Cross-exam by  Mr.   Macaulay  1 A  No.  2 Q   Did you know if Arthur Seymour was registered on the  3 same trapline on the Atna Lake area after Frank Jimmy?  4 A  These people were out in that area while — and they  5 passed on while we were only little children, so I  6 don't know what they had been doing out there.  7 Q  Lucy Namox is the head chief of your house?  8 A  Yes.  9 Q  And she discusses with you important matters, matters  10 that are important to the house?  11 A  Yes.  12 Q   Did you know — did she tell you that she became the  13 registered holder of the Atna Lake trapline?  14 A   No.  15 Q   Have you ever been to the — in the Atna Lake area or  16 in the trapping area around Atna Lake?  17 A   No.  18 Q       In your  house  did Caspit  have  his  own,   traditionally  19 in the  old days,   have  his  own  separate hunting  20 grounds,   trapping  grounds?  21 A       There's quite  a  few  places  and  I wouldn't  know  22 exactly.  23 Q  Well, you know where Ootsa Lake is?  24 A  Yes.  2 5 Q   Is there — was there a Caspit territory at the west  26 end of Ootsa Lake?  27 A   I heard Samooh talking about that area when he was  28 talking about it when he died and I don't know exactly  2 9 where it would be.  30 Q  Did Caspit traditionally have some hunting grounds  31 around Francois Lake?  32 A  No, I don't know about that.  33 MR. MACAULAY:   Is Francois Lake — no, is there an area near  34 Francois Lake known in Wet'suwet'en as Tse Kona Kaz or  3 5 One-Eyed Woman?  36 MR.   RUSH:      I  think  that   if   there's   trouble with   the  37 pronunciation,   maybe you  could just   show   it —  3 8          MR.   MACAULAY:     Well,   One-Eyed Woman?  39 MR.   RUSH:     Okay.     Maybe  do   the   spelling  if  you  need  it.  40 MR.   MACAULAY:     It's  T-s-e,   and  then another word,   K-o-n-a,  41 K-a-z.     Now,   that's   the Jenness version.  42 MR.   RUSH:      Yes.  43 MR.   MACAULAY:  44 Q   It translates as One-Eyed Woman apparently.  45 A  They didn't call it that when I heard about it.  It  46 was called Tel_gheez, and we walked from Smithers to go  47 there.  That was — that was their own territory. S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Cross-exam by  Mr.   Macaulay  1 Q What   territory?  2 A Their  own   territory.  3 Q Are you  saying  that was  Caspit's  own  territory?  4 A I  forget  the —   Selina's mother's.  5 Q Am  I  ready   for  another question  or —  who was  Selina?  6 A That was my   grandmother.  7 Q Now,   the   territory   that's  described  in your  father's  8 affidavit  is  in  two parts?  9 A It's  just  one  area,   and  I  heard my  dad  talk about   it.  10 Q But   there  are   two  separate  parts   that  aren't  joined  11 together by  anything;   is   that  right?  12 A Would you be   talking about   the lake?  13 Q No,   not  just   the  lake,   but  land?  14 A It's  —   I  think  it's  all   one  place.      It's  not  joined  15 together.  16 Q Your  understanding  is   that   this   territory   is  all   one  17 piece,   all   connected  together?  18 A They're  all   side  by  side.  19 Q Okay.     And who do you  rely  on for your  information  20 about   that   territory?  21 A My  dad  and  Emma.  22 Q What's  Emma's  last   name?  23 A Emma  Michell.      She  also  has a  name   I  forget.  24 Q And  that   territory   is   in  the  general   area  of   Morice  25 Lake?  26 A Yes.  27 Q Do you know Seymour Morris?  28 A Yes.  2 9 Q And was he a member of your house?  30 A I was a little confused about that myself.  He was  31 also Caspit too and he was my grandfather.  32 Q And was he also the church chief at Moricetown?  33 A I heard my father told me he was church chief in  34 Hagwilget.  3 5 Q Hagwilget.     Do you  know when he  died?  36 A Sometime  in  the mid-20's.      I don't  know exactly.  37 MR.   MACAULAY:        Can we   take  five?     And  I  don't  have much more.  3 8          MR.   RUSH: Sure.  39  40 (BRIEF RECESS TAKEN)  41  42 MR. MACAULAY:  43 Q Is any member of your house trapping now in the Atna  44 Lake area?  45 A Noostel   goes  out   there   trapping  in  that area.  46 Q What's  his  first  name?  47 A Warner. 10  S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Cross-exam by  Mr.   Macaulay  1 Q Is   it Warner Noostel   or  does  he  have  another   name?  2 A William.  3 Q Warner William.  Did he go last winter?  4 A He went out there last winter.  5 Q And how many years has he been going out there?  6 A He travelled out there with his father when they look  7 after the territory out there and trap on Knedebeas'  8 territory.  9 Q Well, doesn't he trap at Gosnell Creek?  10 A Sylvester and them, they trapped in five different  11 areas out there.  He was trapping out there as  12 Nege'deldes.  13 Q Is he a member of your house?  14 A No.  15 Q Is  he  a member  of  Knedebeas'   house?  16 A No.  17 Q Is he a member of your clan?  18 A No.  19 Q Is there a chief named Goohlaht in Babine country?  20 A No, I've never heard of it.  Sometimes two different  21 people hold the names, but this one I don't know.  22 Q Is there a Caspit in Goohlaht — is there a Caspit in  23 Babine country?  24 A No.  25 Q Is there a Samooh in Babine country?  26 A No.  27 Q Are   there  any  members  of  your  clan who  live  in Babine  28 country?  29 A There is Gilseyhu out there also.  30 Q Do they attend and help your house when you put on a  31 feast?  32 A They help us out all the time.  33 Q Do they speak the.same language?  34 A Yes.  3 5 Q You know about the Cheslatta Indians?  36 A Yes.  37 Q Do they speak a different language?  3 8 A Yes.  3 9 Q Can you understand the Cheslatta language?  40 A No.  41 MR. MACAULAY:   Those are all our questions.  Thank you.  42 MR. MACKENZIE: No questions.  43  44 RE-EXAMINATION BY MR. RUSH:  45 Q I have some questions on re-direct.  46 Mr. Morris, you said that Seymour Morris held the  47 name of Caspit; is that right? 11  S. MORRIS (Plaintiff)  Re-exam by Mr. Rush  Yes.  And after Seymour Morris was it Jimmy Thomas who held  Caspit?  William Caspit held that name after Seymour Morris and  then Jimmy Thomas.  Okay.  So it went from Caspit — the name went from  Seymour Morris to William Caspit to Jimmy Thomas?  Yes.  Okay.  Now, Seymour Morris and William Caspit, did  they pass on before you were born?  Yes.  Okay.  And Jimmy Thomas you knew during your lifetime?  Yes.  And you said that Jimmy passed on in 1983?  Yes.  Okay.  Now, your — you referred to your grandmother I  think.  What was your grandmother's name?  Elizabeth.  And how   long did Elizabeth  live during your  lifetime?     I  can  put   it  a  little more  --  MR.   MACAULAY:      I   don't   take   any   issue when   she  died.  Elizabeth  is  passed on  I   take   it?  Yes.  And how  old was   she  or  how  old were you when  she  passed on do you  remember?  Thirty-eight.  And  so  had Elizabeth —   had Elizabeth,   to your  knowledge  —  did  she  live  at  Moricetown?  Yes.  Now, ycu talked about Selina. Is she your grandmother  too?  Yes.  And she's passed on, has she?  Yes.  Okay.  And how old was she when — excuse me, how old  were you when she passed on?  Probably 25, 26.  So you knew her fairly well, did you?  Yes.  Okay.  And you were asked if Jimmy Thomas was a  trapper.  Did Jimmy Thomas trap at Nanika Lake?  Yes, he trapped in there.  And what about your grandmother Elizabeth?  She would get her son John to go trapping out there  for her.  Okay.  Those are all my questions.  1  A  2  Q  3  4  A  5  6  Q  7  8  A  9  Q  10  11  A  12  Q  13  A  14  Q  15  A  16  Q  17  18  A  19  MR.    RUSH  20  21  MR.   MACA'  22  MR.   RUSH  23  Q  24  A  25  Q  26  27  A  28  Q  29  30  A  31  Q  32  33  A  34  Q  35  A  36  Q  37  38  A  39  Q  40  A  41  Q  42  43  A  44  Q  45  A  46  47  MR.    RUSH 12  S.   MORRIS   (Plaintiff)  Re-exam by  Mr.   Rush  1  2  3  4 (PROCEEDINGS  ADJOURNED)  5  6 I hereby certify the foregoing to  7 be a true and accurate transcript  8 of the proceedings herein to the  9 best/of my skill and ability.  {yamtec   &uh  Tanita  S.   French/  12 Tanita  S.   French/  13 Official Reported  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  33  34  35  36  37  38  39  40  41  42  43  44  45  46  47  L.  r


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