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Canada by Canadian Pacific Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1955

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Array ■MM
'The Canadian" near Mount Eisenhower CANADIAN    PACIFIC
Canada's Only "Domes"
Diesel Streamliners
All the Way
East and West
The Scenic Route
Ottawa Valley
Old Huronia
The North Shore
Lake of the Woods
The Prairies
Banff and Lake Louise
in the
Canadian Rockies
The Fraser Canyon
The Pacific Coast
You'll travel in comfort
—faster than ever—
aboard Canadian Pacific's new
all-stainless-steel streamlined train
on the world's longest "dome" ride
Montreal and Vancouver — Toronto and Vancouver
in less than three days!
All-Stainless-Steel Scenic Dome Observation Lounge Cars . . .
Deluxe Sleeping Cars, Dining Room Cars ...
Scenic Dome Coffee Shop Coaches . . .
Ultra Modern Coaches, Tourist Sleeping Cars . ..
For leisured luxury Canadian Pacific also offers "The Dominion" equally
equipped to serve the same scenic "Banff-Lake Louise Route" between
Toronto-Vancouver and Montreal-Vancouver.
Two great trains daily each way between Vancouver and Toronto
. . . Vancouver and Montreal
The Only Dome Trains in Canada!
f     IN     1
5552 ~r» visible
,. ns at Ottawa are v
..     ^nt Bu dings ai ,       n$
■—~~~^        and Federal P"1""^ £ tronscont.nentol
from the s«nie °
Picturesque Quebec City is dominc
Pacifies year-round hotel, The Chateau Frontenac
The Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
and Newfoundland present a variety of holiday attractions hard to equal anywhere
in the world!
Metropolitan Toronto, lake port and government centre, noted for its waterfront,
parks and residences, is the traffic hub for the holiday lands of Niagara,
Muskoka, Lake Simcoe, Georgian Bay, the Kawartha Lakes and many Lake Ontario
summer resorts . . . Ottawa, seat of Canada's government, historic and beautifully
planned, is the gateway to the Gatineau Valley — famed in winter and summer...
Montreal, cosmopolitan seaport — "the Paris of North America" — welcomes visitors
in two languages, preserves the French culture of La Province de Quebec, offers
the Laurentian Mountains in the beauty of four seasons . . . Quebec, only walled city
in the New World, intrigues the traveller with the historic atmosphere of Old France.
Eastward by Canadian Pacific, St. Andrews by-the-Sea is New Brunswick's
outstanding summer resort; Saint John, a year-round seaport and centre
of hunting and fishing country . . . Linked with Saint John by fast, turbine-driven
"Princess Helene", Digby, Nova Scotia, with Yarmouth — tuna fishing
and holiday spot — and Halifax are served by The Dominion Atlantic Railway.
For Fun — golf, swimming,- boating, hiking, riding, fishing, scenery.
For Comfort — Canadian Pacific hotels — The Royal York, Toronto . . .
Chateau Frontenac, Quebec . . . The Algonquin, St. Andrews by-the-Sea . . .
The Digby Pines, Digby . . . Lakeside Inn, Yarmouth . . . Cornwallis Inn, Kentville, N.S.
Bilingual Montreal
claims English and
French cultures, and
ancient and modern
in its architecture,
its population
exceeds 1,400,000
Toronto, capital of
the Province of
Ontario, is a city
of more than
Lakeside Inn, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, a Canadian Pacific summer resort
for relaxation or tuna fishing from nearby Wedgeport
Katy's   Cove,   private   beach   of   The   Algonquin,
Canadian   Pacific   summer   resort   at   St. Andrews
by-the-Sea,   New Brunswick Snowy
Alaskan gl°«er
Active Pass — a picturesque sight on the short "Princess"
voyage between  Vancouver and Victoria,  British Columbia
3,000-VejUqAtM-?%teHdlct- TKtft*
B^^^TTaesf dome
W^^^ Cental l^&     j !u! Southern
■i^^^Tthe Canadian ra 0rsent, tne
■*P    r  rai| terminus of the serying
Vancouver, ran      _ j$ Q busy P
ride in the world
Between the St. Lawrence estuary and the Atlantic and the sheltered waters of the British Columbia coast,
linked by Canadian Pacific's shining stainless steel streamliner, "The Canadian", and
"The Dominion', there is a variety unexcelled in the temperate zone. Great cities, forests, rivers, prairies,
mining country, the Great Lakes, mountains — the polish of the 20th Century . . .
the romance of an historic past!
Holiday country includes the North Shore of Lake Superior, the Lake of the Woods in Ontario . . . lakes,
rivers — fish and game areas in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta . . .
the magnificent playground of the Canadian Rockies — Banff, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake,
Columbia Icefield, Revelstoke . . . The Columbia, Thompson and Fraser Valleys!
British Columbia, tempered by Pacific breezes, is a sportsman's paradise, forested, game-filled,
with a seabound coast fringed with islands, laced with fjords. Vancouver — end of steel — and
Victoria, the island capital, served by Canadian Pacific "Princess" liners, are picturesque,
modern and hospitable! Princess liners cruise to Alaska.
Canada even offers two nights aboard ship in the heart of a continent. Canadian
Pacific Great Lake liners steam twice-weekly through Lake Huron, the Sault Ste. Marie
canal and Lake Superior as an alternate "inland sea" route for part of this marvellous
transcontinental journey.
Northern Ontario beauties include many fast-flowing streams
like the Aguasabon
R°y°l Car—-9
TS Of ffu
Not so strange when you know the Prairies better — Manitoba
has many lovely lakes!
— *>« ond £* »•* offer 'an $£+«Sa+T*
tc*«* interlude h
The Canadian Rockies, famous as one of the world's most spectacular playgrounds, is an
all-embracing term including the Rocky Mountains, the Selkirks and the Coastal Range of
British Columbia, served by a network of Canadian Pacific services linking the transcontinental
main line — the Banff-Lake Louise route — to the equally scenic, southern, Coquihalla Canyon-
Crow's Nest Pass route — both diesel-operated! Train and bus services open the heart of the
Canadian Rockies through the Okanagan Valley, the Columbia River-Arrow Lakes district
and the picturesque Lake Windermere country. Transcontinental train schedules provide direct
connections for the Southern Canadian Rockies route going or returning so that a complete
mountain holiday can be planned from start to finish before you leave home.
A Canadian Rockies trip by Canadian Pacific is about the most flexible type of holiday you
can plan. You may see the Rockies en route to a seaside holiday divided between Vancouver,
Victoria, Nanaimo and the sheltered waters of British Columbia. You can plan to enjoy the
beauty of the mountains from the luxury of Banff Springs Hotel or Chateau Lake Louise. You
can "rough it in comfort" at Emerald Lake Chalet or Moraine Lake Lodge. You can have a
water holiday on the Arrow Lakes or bask on the beaches of Okanagan Lake. You can make
a round trip of the Canadian Rockies by alternate routes in as little as four days or as long as
you like.
There is good accommodation throughout the Canadian Rockies area and hotels, lodges,
guest houses are available at rates to fit varying budgets.
h'9hway f°try, abo"t the r«     ,
*0rde"» Pres.   '     .."""tain w;,.7?'d '<*e,       *° '.5n°»y Peal,' ** w*°t an o„° SPec'a«- fc
°r others t0 e,na'r'
° en/oy.
4C VSH^X^hnP j&PHRf5*™1^ h„racteri*e
f yjSV2P» n" iflSBW ■** H„ Waters char
ti^^M^MffSK^^^^ ■   beauty reflected in the
^^^^   fluffy white clouds and "J^Jise
scenery m the <-
Battlemented like a medieval castle, rugged Mount Eisenhower, north of the Canadian Pacific transcontinental main line
between Banff and Lake Louise, was named as a tribute to the wartime service of President Eisenhower
0m *• train
neor Lake I
0("s°, the y(
°n *oc*/e
^    vnivcouvefc
pPPPP      ' i\ Qfid its
^^■^ipi^^,^^Ho,el tri9M '
WK^^^^MZ^ W0S Se'eC,ed °S ^ * 3 000 m«es o< seen*
3^       -^stfSj&sssk
See Canada by
Scenic Dome cars on the Canadian Pacific's Banff-Lake Louise route, offer new scenic thrills to travellers in Canada
Really See Canada by Canadian Pacific Scenic Dome
Scenic Dome Lounge Sleepers and Scenic Dome Coaches are standard equipment on "The Canadian" and
"The Dominion" between Toronto-Vancouver and Montreal-Vancouver daily by the Banff-Lake Louise Route through
the Canadian Rockies.
These high-level, all-around-vision, air-conditioned, glare-proofed vantage points, the only "Dome" cars in Canada,
show you Canada as never before!
The latest in sleeping car comfort; reserved adjustable seats, with full length leg rests, in streamlined coaches;
deluxe dining room cars; table service at modest prices in Skyline Coffee Shops and smooth, sleek diesel operation
all the way between Toronto-Vancouver and Montreal-Vancouver assure you a really memorable trip.
Scenic gem of Canadian Pacific's southern route through the Rockies — spectacular
Coquihalla Canyon-Crow's Nest Pass line — Okanagan Lake is reputed to house a sea
monster, "Opopogo"
Chiefs of the Stoney Indians — seen during the "Indian Days" festival, and the
sparkling Bow Falls are two of the many attractions at Banff in the Canadian
Rockies "The Dominion" — North Shore of lake Superior


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