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Sportsman's map of Canada Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1908

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Q. M. BOSWORTH, 4th Vice-President, Montreal.
Robert Kerr Passenger Traffic Manager Montreal.
W. R. MacInnes .... Freight Traffic Manager	
C. E. E. Ussher Asst. Passr. Traffic Manager, Western Lines Winnipeg.
William Stitt General Passenger Agent, Eastern Lines   Montreal.
C. E. McPherson. ... General Passenger Agent, Western Lines Winnipeg.
W, G. Annable General Passenger Agent, Atlantic Service Montreal.
W. B. Bulling Asst. Freight Traffic Manager, Eastern Lines     Montreal.
W. B. Lanigan Asst. Freight Traffic Manager, Western Lines Winnipeg.
Allan Cameron General Traffic Agent New York.
Geo. McL. Brown .. General Traffic Agent London, Eng.
H. S   Carmichael  .. General Passenger Agent Liverpool, Eng
Geo. C. Wells   Asst. General Passenger Agent, Eastern Lines   Montreal.
C. B. Foster Assistant General Passenger Agent       Vancouver.
H. W. Brome  " " "■ "  Winnipeg.
John Corbett General Foreign Freight Agent   Montreal.
W. M. Kirkpatrick . General Freight Agent   (Through Traffic) Toronto,
S. P. Howard                " " "  Montreal.
M. H. Brown         " " "        (Local Traffic) Toronto.
H. E. Macdonell ...        " " "    St.John.N.B.
W. R. Haldane  ' " "  Vancouver.
W. C. Bowles         " " "    Winnipeg.
J. Halstead         " " "         Calgary.
R. E. Larmour         " " " Nelson, B.C.
H. D. Annable         " " "         London, Eng.
G. H. Smith Assistant General Freight Agent Winnipeg.
W. H. Robertson ... " " "  Vancouver.
J. O. Apps General Baggage Agent Montreal,
W,. T. Robson.     Advertising Agent	
L, O. Armstrong .... Colonization and Tourist Agent         "
Australasian United S. Nav. Co. (Ltd.)    	
Jardine, Matheson & Co	
Sidney Edward Cruse, Agent    33 Quai Jordaens.
Union S.S. Co. of New Zealand (Ltd.)   	
Arthur W.Robson, Passenger and Ticket Agent,   .... 127 E. Baltimore St,
E. C. Oviatt, Travelling Passenger Agent 363 Lake Ave.
Wm. McCalla, Agent   41 Victoria St.
W. H. Gordon, Passenger Agent 1233 Elk Street
Ewart, Latham & Co., Trios. Cook & Son 13 Esplanade Road
F. R. Perry, D.P.A.; G. A. Titcomb, C.P.A 362 Washington St.
George A. Walton, District Passenger Agent ...
The British India and Queensland Agency Co. (Ltd.)
F. W. Forster, Agent 18 St. Augustine's Parade
Geo. E. McGlade, City Ticket Agt Cor King St. & Court House Ave.
G. H. Griffin, C.P.A.; G. C. Wilson, City Freight Agent 233 Main St.
Thos. Cook & Son, 9 Old Court House St. Gillanders, Arbuthnot & Co.
J. E. Proctor, District Passenger Agent	
Jardine, Matheson & Co	
A. C. Shaw, Gen. Agt., Pass. Dept.; C. L. Williams, C.P. A.,232 So. Clark St,
A. J. Blaisdell, Gen. Agt., Passr. Dept., Sinton Hotel Block, 15 E. 4th St.
Geo. A. Clifford, City Pass. Agent Cor. Superior & West 3rd St.
A. E. Edmonds, D.PA.; E.O son, D.F.A    7 Fort St. W
M. Adson General Passenger Agent, D.S.S.& A. Ry. . . . Manhattan Bldg.
R. L. Picket!, City Ticket Agent     145 Jasper Ave.
A. B. Winter, Ticket Agent    1515 Hewitt Ave.
Thos. Russell, Agent     67 St. Vincent St.
J. D. Chipman, City Passenger & Freight Agent. 37 George St.
Thos. Cook & Son, Tourist Agents 39 Alsterdamm
W. J. Grant, Commercial Agent Cor. King & James sts.
D. W. Craddock, General Traffic Agent, China, etc.
Theo. H. Davies & Co    	
Edward Merchant, T.P.A.; L. C   Jack, Freight Agent.. 442 Sheidley Bldg.
George & Brandy      	
J. Rankin, Agent     14 AMaye-machi
H. S. Carmichael, General Passenger Agent 24 James st.
G. McL. Brown.   Gen. Traffic Agent.   62-65   Charing   Cross.   S.W  and
H. D. Annable, Gen. Freight Agt., 67-68 King William St., E.C.
W. Fulton, Ci y Passenger Agent   161 Dundas St.
W. B. Bamford. District Freight Agent ... .Cor. Dundas & Richmond Sts.
A. A. Polhamus, Travelling  Passenger Agent 609 South Spring St.
E. J. Armstrong, Agent 92 Cross St.
. . .Aus.
Antwerp.  .Belgium.
.. .N.Z.
Baltimore.. .
 Md .
Battle Creek.
. .Mich.
Belfast. .    .Ireland.
Wash .
.. Mass .
. . Man .
Bristol.     . . .
Brockville.   .
. .. Ont .
..N.Y .
. India .
.. Alta .
Cincinnati.   .
. .Ohio.
. . Mtch .
Du uth.
.. Minn
Edmonton *
.Alta .
. Wash
Glasgow    Scotland . .
Halifax       N.S...
Hamburg Germany . .
Hamilton Ont. .
Hong Kong    	
Honolulu    H.T. .
Kansas City ..Mo..
Kingston Jamaica..
Kobe  Japan ,
. Eng .
Los Angeles  .   .Cal
Manchester.      .Eng.
Melbourne..    .  .Aus
Milwaukee Wis.
Minneapolis    . AAtnn .
Montreal Qu   .
Nagasaki        . Japan .
Nelson B.C.
New York N.Y.
Niagara Falls... .N.Y.
Ottawa Ont .
Paris France.
Philadelphia    ...Pa.
Pittsburg         PA.
Portland       Me .
Portland Ore.
-Quebec Que.
SaultSte.Marie. Mich .
St. John. ...N.B.
St. Louis Mo.
St. Paul. . . .Minn.
San Francisco. .Cal.
Seattle Wash .
Shanghai .China.
Sherbrooke. ... Que .
Spokane ..Wash..
Sydney Aus
Vancouver    ....B.C.
Victoria B.C.
Washington    . .D.C.
Winnipeg Man.
Yokohama... Japan. .
Union S.S. Co. of New Zealand (Ltd.) Thos. Cook & Son.
A. G. G. Lauder, Freight Agent Railway Exchange Bldg.
W. B. Chandler, Agent Soo Line 119  South  Third St.
A.  E.  Lalande,  City Passenger Agent  129 St. James St.
Holme, Ringer & Co	
W. H. Deacon, C.P.A	
F. W. Dudley, Eastern Passenger Agent 458   Broadway
International Sleeping Car Co 281 Fifth Avenue
D. Isaacs, City Passenger Agent Prospect House
George Duncan, City Passenger Agent 42 Sparks St.
International Sleeping Car Co 3 Boulevard des Capucines
Hernu, Peron & Co. (Ltd.), Ticket Agents 61 Boulevard Haussman
F. W. Huntington, Gen. Agent, Pass. Dept 629-631 Chestnut St.
T. G. Orr, T. P. A 317 Fifth Ave,
R. D. Jones, Ticket Agent, Maine Central Rd Union Depot
F. R. Johnson, General Agent, Passenger Dept 142 Third St.
Jules Hone City Pass. Agt 30 St. John St., cor. Palace Hil[
W. J. Atchison, C.P.A 224 Ashmun St.; W.C. Sutherland, Depot T.A.
W. B. Howard, District Passenger Agent.. 8 King St,
T. J. Barnes, C.P.A.; T. J.Wall, T.P.A 725 Olive St..
L. M. Harmsen, City Ticket Agent, Soo Line 379 Robert St.
E. E. Penn. G.A.P.D.;   Fred L.  Nason,  C.T.A ; J. H. Griffin, D.F.A.,
James Flood Bldg. 77 Ellis St.
A.B.Calder.G.A.P.D.,Mutual Life Bldg., 609 1st Av.,J.W. Draper.G.A.F.D.
A. R. Owen, Agent	
E. H. Sewell, City Passenger Agent 6 Strathcona Sq.
J. S. Carter, Gen. Agent, Pass. Dept Cor. Stevens St. & Riverside A.
Union S.S. Co. of New Zealand (Ltd.)	
C H. Reade, C.P.A.; O.H. Becker, Frt. Agt. 1113 Pacific Av., Arcade Bldg.
R. L. Thompson, District Passenger Agent '.67 Yonge St.
W. Maughan, City Ticket Agent 1 King St. East, cor. Yonge
J. Moe, C,T.A.. 428 Hastings St Chas   Millard,  Depot T.A.
L. D. Chetham, City Passenger Agent 1102 Government St.
E. P. Allen, City Pass. & Fgt. Agt Bond Bldg., 14th St. & N.Y.A.
A. C. Smith, City Ticket Agent Cor. Main St. & Portage Ave.
W. T. Payne, Manager Trans-Pacific Line 14 Bund  Canadian Pacific Railway Company's Publications
Anglers or hunters should obtain copies
of " Fishing and Shooting" and " Open
Where to spend your vacation, see copies
of "Summer Tours," "St. Andrews-by-the-
Sea," and " Muskoka."
For the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
at Seattle, see special foldQrs on '' Alaska-
Yukon-Pacific Exposition" and "B.C. Coast
Service Folder."
Those visiting the Orient should obtain
copies of " Westward to the Far East," " Handbook and Time Table," "Around the World "
folder,  and   " Highway to   the Orient."
For information about the Switzerland of
Canada write for copy of "Challenge of the
Regarding the historical and commercial
centres of Canada see booklets on " Quebec " or
" Montreal."
Reliable information on Western Canada's
resources is contained in "Western Canada,"
" British Columbia" and " Resources and
For above Booklets and information as to rates,
etc., etc., apply to any Canadian Pacific Railway Agent,
or to
Passenger Traffic Manager,


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