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Correspondence of Annie Lawrence Lawrence, Annie 1986

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 Box 80S
Irma, Alta.
T03 2H0
June 7, 1986
Peer Mary and Anne:
First of all, I must explain who I am.  My Mother, Annie
MacDonald, was born in Knockaline, N. Uist, and my father
was Ewen MacLellan.  I was born in Trumisgarry, _T. Uist.
1 have been a missionary to W7 Africa and a pastor in
Canada for many years.  My wife comes from Saskatoon.  I
retired from the ministry in 1977.  I have a daughter,
married to a pastor in Calif, and my son, Jim, was in the
Army for 11 years, and now lives 4{  ,mil_.s from us.
Actually, we retired in Ontario, but came out he rdp. early
2 years ago, to be near our son.
I do not have a charge now, but do quite a bit of preaching when other pastors are on holiday or off due to illness.
My brother Calum, in Glasgow, sent me your addresses.
I understand that Clan Donald is not too fnr  from us.  We
live in a little village, Irma, 20 miles west of Wainwright.
My mother was an aunt of Chrissie MacMillans.  Calum keeps
in touch with her.  I believe you were visiting in UK in 1985.
We would like very much to meet with you.  If you come in
the vicinity of Wainwright, we would be happy to have you call
on us.  Our phone number is 403-754-8923.
We trust you are both keeping well, and hope to meet you soon.
God bless you richly.
Very sincerely,
A A* - -   ^ &\*A>tsi*- TEACHER
To the many outsiders whov
have shown concern and interest, the following will explain
why the parents and ratepayers
have been up in arms here for
the  past two months.
The notice1 of termination of
the contract ot Mr. H. S. Hib-
bert (Clandonald school teacher)
was recently rescinded by the
County   School  Committee.
Mr. Hibberts' contract had previously been terminated, with
termination to take effect on
February  6,  1974.
The recommendation for termination of Mr. Hibberts' contract was made by Mr. A. Cleveland. .Superintendent of senools,
for the following reasons,
t. Failure to maintain satisfactory standards of pupil discipline.
2. failure to provide for Health
Education and Social Studies
Failure to implement the suggestions regarding the planning
of learning activities given by
the Superintendent of Schools,
as outlined in his letter dated
October 23,  1973,
Mr. Uihb.rt is a native of
Jamaica in the West Indies, and.
has taught at Clandonald for
Over three' years, fie lias B.A.
and M.A. Education degrees
from the University of Puerto
Rico, and is doing graduate
work at the University of Saskatchewan.
As a condition, for remaining
(in the staff of the Cla.ndon.Hld
School for the remainder of the
school year, Mr. Hihtoert has
tendered his resignation effective
as of June 30, 1974. REV _ MRS A MACLELLAN
BOX 306
Clan Donald,  Alberta
0X0 /£\7>ut ijv
/QJ'1030AM <£\
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Vv;   1958    e?/
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jy   ,M^o.   cur^tf   A/JL   &r\U/   rz&u^Afa    u&u     CAct^y /_-__?     60     frJL      t?tJtd&     rstr^tonA. Or\      ik    6 4*r\<uJ/ q^
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OM.    rp/(^rs/AicI.
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S7^o    Cou<r^hj    A&I<J    Q    /r\7y?r\<yHADA     C£A-e/r\Or\y    *r\
ut£L$A    /Ift.   fluJe^yUJzA}    A34AZ   ^4-^   [qa^ ue^S.
jzjjoyj   Ar-,    Qrr^    ctls    trud'. AAcdo    £c*j>   c    ftAf"
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du^l^uLfl   Ajdio.
°i I  (f^^     *****    V+o7S(e£>    pwU4, J^iJ     <AC*sr\     ryZH
fi*>   excuse. Jlyy*.   ^   o    LthL^   /K   ft"9^ <d
As.    QhzA+ey^    /-K   toAccA    QAe   jjo*<jhol    &*_e   ^^y(co
CaAt^J    Ate*Ak*J.
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ojt^r,   iUu    cue.    Y^c4uMuJ,    a^J   <J   ite    a^A^
cuocu^. JA<L      /?/A~/$     A^JU/OT^tr^     G44.     Oo
we   y^A°JJ   tie    o otWyjQ    om aAr\   ^    ^^9 ^ WiXAJe.. u     *^><Jf    cdfoo   foLksL    c    j>Uui*AJi    oJ
/Asl    rp>otAT    <n   AAjl    ai*T\d~<L%    toA6-^    Ocsxx^
fcx>i/\(l$    V=>,      oo      t4zod       (J&O      CACtsr\     otfl.      (T    Jc^


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