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The Ymir Herald 1905-05-13

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 /', i'L ""•''^^.,
"-•■ is meg
Of?iA, B*°J
Vol, 1— Nq 51
Y-MIK* H, C, SATtf-U-PAY- MAY  i:J, 1905
'i-ht: I- iv,. I 'r.s i -.
%"    '"      '-   • ...  -.:    WitJclowson-aTippina:.
LOCAL ITEMS-    ,  „..;,    -    HI NING NEWS
. .-. I > -,   *. v .
I-i. \V,  \Vi,|il..-.i-o;i, „f Nelson (hue
I of Yniir) and Miss lluih   Tipping  of
Cheques cnshed fici-nt  Caniphpll's L.,   i      .   i*    i     , •  ,   •
1 ' ; Mod-port, r.ng ami, were married    in
British   Co-i.nnf-.ia   Fi**   The Mining   Industry <>i
nances. The Province.
Montreal   Gnzntii
The    budget
'I'he Broken Hoi Co, has now thrci
,                                       . speech of Mr. 11. G. Luliow   ihe mm i ae*ty ;-,- .\liui-,,-i■ ,,t Mines, ■., .|   |,M
■F. Philipps has now a lengthy lease St. .Saviour'** church   bv   the   rectm".  cnrlo.wls of   concentrates   ready    m,    '                       „  ,, ... ,    .,,     ,. ,'    „..,, ,..
" in  'j "J , ist.-i-of .(iiiiliee ot   llritish   Columbia,   week:       11 ditiQtis ol itiinuig   u,
on ilu1 Kev.--ti.ine mine nt Krie,               Llov. F. II  Griham, Tuesday at ,i   o   slupuieiit.                                                             .              .                    .        I .    _ ,
■                                              .....     i'".i"'i          ii. ,n       |. dehvpied in the legislature on   March the Provinco to-day have ije.vei    neeu
A. K French in now   running   tliel'".    The u*'iue u"-s attended by   Mis,      ti„.   Arling    mine   is   duo   to 28, is particuhirly interesting to those  more prosperous or on a bettc   l,;,-i-
foilk delivery business ip town..            | Kluve.no apd given away by    Di,   -I.   start hauling ore this week, the   mad | w||0 .,,.,. ,.,m,.,,nii".,| ;„ .|u.   welfare   of In fuel, \    may   nay   that,   although
■Tho local saw mill is  now  running
jlVt i lime to keep up vyil'i   its    orders.
I!. Alkinsop.    !•'. I'.. Hawthorne sup-   heing now in good -iliafe nguir.
tlie cQiust province.     firitisl*   Cpluui-
ported the g        The   bride   has      T|(6 CllImdillI1 Kiltg ,   B,   |**,.ieI biu bud for   several  years  ..  curious  position ou the   ll -   of   llu,   II,„.,,.
many demands were
r b,  lhe Op
arrive,, li,,,,, England,    She  was .        ^  (   p   mlls-|(.,.;ll ,,,.', i,,,| reci,nl.    A number qf   weak   that the two ppr cent, tn-j  should    l„
!:*V>,r' WjJ?°*"°n*11 ^.""t,',"l-V (scale ill tl.e course of.I ,,.«• vtceks        j governmi-nis followed  ,-.„h    Qther    in   repealed, 1    Qqc|    that    no    u   -.,,.,!,.
rapid succession.      |2ac|i   uppeilt's   to substitute has been   offered   for   ibis.
ir   plant    has
I just arrived from England,    She  wa
'.   li,   l-'.i'fi'.u, lieinl of the Provincial I met I
jleal,Ii department,  U   a   wit.ipss   on   Landing   on   Tuesday       All,-,    the
Jo Atkinson case | ceremony the wedding party sat down |     A live drill conipress,    ..... i,„,.. |„,| ,...,„...   j.'.-i    ...   ;..,„,.,, ,,x. ,-i,!,, hi : |,- I',.,..- .       \i..,
,1,     been ordered for the Wilcox mine   by ..    , ,. .    • ,
,,.., ,,.  . ,    .,     ;   itself in power, that ut freely spending  Association or by the mining   opera
•ken H|U. Mining and   Devcl- ; -.   ' " "  ,   ,    ,
| all the ipniiey r could   get ns   h.inifs   tors themselves,     lu Ice.:, a-   regards
p, on Friday lust .ui<e up men- ,-csutence   on    victoria   "i  <'"■ on, apd promising tu every   organiza-  the latter gentlemen, they seem tu be
iMcLachlati   Bros    hardware   raer- "treet l»etwee,» St*nlpy *nd   Kooten,]     Rd. Peters   reports   (hat   ii  large  tion subsidy hunt all that jt demands hy no means of one mind   tliomsiJViii
I  M. Ct-iint had o|ie of his feet   pin   t0 ,v weddinjf supper at   the   Strati
4it! ,|".| at tho Ymii- (lei'teiiil  H-Osuit-   oonl*i    Ml', apd Mrs. Widdowson will   U'o Urokeil
J lake up their residence   on    Victoria   opment Co.
jliaiiis of Nelson,   Imvu sold   out    tu
Hie Ashdown f-furdware Co.
C A   Brown who   went   o.e.;
body of high grade ore has been   un   ,.,*,    'p|,e   ,*Psn|t   Hlls   t|,ut   jn   five in rcgii(.-d to the mutter—-so ippos-
•overed mi tlie    New   York   Central |yi*«i-i up   to    100:1   tin*   expenditure  ing any change whatever in   ll x*.
rose fi'oni S'j,'_'•"> I. ;'l.i   lo   Ho,.-i.'io, lo,I. ' .sting laws, and other.,   advocating   u
roup,   which   has   not   been   made
s *-. Ilayward, wini has   been   three . onhii,.   h,.i-,,i,,t'oie   -nn!   s.-nnnles   if
'        ' months ago,   re,urn,si   to   town   on puouc   neietotoie,    a«q   sanip.es   qi
«>...- Miiyoi of Victoria, is ill Nelson    .^^ ' ,,    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ „,,-,.,, „,.„ „„vv displaye(J j,, ,.,,,.,    .,.
|r the purpose of giving evidence   •"   ,„, Ci,'. wi,„n. ,,„ wi„ probtth,Y   tllke Cleaner's olliee.    Additional   supplies
the Atuinson cane. | a position in the mill ut   il,e   Ni.-kel have been packed in       Drifting  will I The situation clifTui-erl   from   previous
|  Local pugilists will be glad to hear | Plate niipe, be continued  on   the   Mother   Lodp years   only   us   to the exlent of   the
Ul I,!,:.1!.    The optlay   exceeded   tin
income by no less   than   81,510,828
Shut .lames J. .lelYries in retiring from
Bie ring, and that there is   therefore
Hii ne room ut the top.
M. I,. I Irimmelt, uf lhe Qra nil
bodge A. !■'. and A. M. of lliiii-li
Columbia, and district deputy 'j.    M.
■ .|<ilm G, llewar is a delegate   from for this district, paid an official   visit
■Jtinir bodge No. 32 of   the   Knights , to Ymir Udge No. Ill A l"\ und   A I '"" '
t-|f Pythias, to the   flrand   bodge    of  M. on Tuesday last,    After the lodge
W 'It-i- in lliis   Province,   now   in   meeting, the   members   and   visitors ***444**4****4***4**4*****_
^■.iivenlion ul New AYestiuinster, sat down to ;i supper, at which a   long   % NOTICF
H  Ke th Mc|>eoiI was hurt in   ihn M'st of toasts woro dujy   responded   tu  %
%,:„ Kicosiiw mill on Friday  in ,rn j A- v- French, of   the  Vtuir   Bakery,  Z       ^ ^^ |)mi'k(3
S,g.     tt is his duly to   roll   the   logs ; -vas caterer for ihe supper and put up
whieh is twenty   feet  between  walls | defiuit.    In twelve years  the   expen-
aiid is aci-ouipanied    by   a   porphyry
dyke more of less oXjdjsod and carry
ing considerable gold, silver, leinl  and
tl     111     tills
llie carriage, and in   doing   bo, ; '* lilsl *-'liL*s table-
.. indicates tlmi
[Ih yotof''Ster' ^^ '"I TheMemb!r [°r Ymir> |yi,i,'s..l,s,'i'i,,ti,.i,is„1   flI* i
Hurry Wright M. L,   A,   for   tins ♦ i , ,  i i    i"
•'      » * real1 mul wc woulil bc glad"
district I,us been energetic in  his   of- J ]|
forts to bring about home Settlement T to heal'   fl'Qlll   Vnii    if   ymi!!
Klruebiil ill tbeeiise, the   olilv    nit. ! of the .lupauese   ipn-tion    at    Kahno. ♦           	
fcsses examined by  this   jury" being h1'1*0 introduction of  these  mongolian f^VlsJl to luiVC II   COUl lliiicd.   jj  M,..'pllt|QW-ja^t with, were Uie  rec
ilessrs. Newitt und Keaney. " | labourers, into   the   utaple   industries    imtmm+mm******** Q''tl of "" etfort to bring about a   bet        >U l'1'""  ""'":l':  "
f ibis district, in a blow lo the   pios- | tor state of   Hairs.    They ere croditu   A. C. Stuart, Vancouver;
J   i'he Atkiiisnii arson trial will   pro-
ifculilv not comini-nce   before   Monday
-. "Viexl.    'Fhe (Ii'iiiul jury has    returned
diture luui exceeded the   revenue    by
$9,013,560.    The noy to make  up
the differences wm borrowed, The
debt of tlie province at the end of the
fiscal year, 11)01, -* as §11,382,f86,
and involved   an   annual   charge   of
I'he revenue in I'*"1-'  was   only   >;•_',-; variety of   substitutes,   with   neithei
coherence or practicability to    re	
mend them.    I have, therefore,   con
sideied that it will be better,   ill    till
interest-of the mining    industry.    In
leave the Mineral Act alone.    In doing this 1 may i.uv that ! am    in    accord with the v lews "!'   pril' licidli
majority of the. most p'-oinijunui   u in-
ing men in tho Province, y Im incline,
as I do, to the iipini'in thai the in iu--
Iry will be best served by   perm tting
the laws as they stand   today    ' -    n-
tivcr $G0O,0O0.    The population   was
' ijonly 078,707 in  1901,  and  probably I niuiu    untouchpd,    until    conditions
•' now is imi greatly over 200,000.    At demand ihat some revision should   bu
the same rale per head Quebec's   net
debt would be about fifty millions in-
lUttlle,     .Moii-over, this ad ion u i 1    be
calculated to   I'icuurage the intending
stead of about   twenty four   millions. | investor, on whom con tint   tinkering
Nothing else needs to I,.- said to show i with and changing of the   law     gov
whal lliiiisli Columbia's   adipinistra- erning  any  industry   in   which   Im
tion must have been.    The wonder  is invests his money, hue nlwiiysn most
that the   provincial   treasurers  were deterrent effect."
able to boi rou tlie n oney they got.
The figure.-. „f the year 1904, which ,' Hotel AlTlVfll.-.
Harry Wright. M. I, A. nnd   Hob*,      .       .   ,       . .      ,
- . pertly nl the white   men   who   nave
>rt llenvvick, (.'old Coliuilissioner    fur
thi1 Nelson Mining Division, were   in
ble io ihe   government   whose   work  Ci ^- Brown, Vancouver;
" j made the country what   it   is,   have'     Probably low, even oft yhe   mining | t|,oy ,.epi*esfcitt, atid whicli   to   socure | Wm (losnell, Nelson
town vesterdav looking into    thn    re ... . , ,, .   , , -
,• ,     ,.    .    .     , I rv's welfare, and a voice ill the man-   the excellence of the present showing \{,, «„„.*.„-. i,mnv considered   to   ho  M. Q. Or niniott, Sandon;
7*uireii)e:ils of the district in the mat ,   .        ,,. . i.ouow wnin u any   i.niii.-,    .
t. ' , iigeinniil ol   lis    iiH.il!'-
ler of roads and    trails. A   special
trip wus made   to   thu Yankee   <!ir
;» Mis,   Wm.   Wilson, formerly   ot
|an independent interest in the   coun>  men iu the immediate vicinity, realize L|)(J r(MU|w jt jj,j ||llf|   ,,,   afjopt   mul  ('**Y Drown, Kelson
;   follow
These   nrolon the Yankee Girl.    All   who   have Ln unpop„,al. cour8U,    As is melition-1 A-E Jllogg, Toronto;
il ie,, who should be   protected   so visited the property lately havo   -Jcen  e(j ttbove, llie reveiiuo in    1903   was U*1 MoArth'ur, Nelson;
fur as possible, by the representatives |greatly   impressed   with   the    I"''"-- J ..niy .401,11 i.to, while  the  expcndi   T. P. O'Connell, Spokane;
if lhe people, and    Mr.    W.ight    has : pects before this property   and    eonli
lone his duly in   tliis   respect        lie  di'nJy maintain that   it   will    prove
(.Vmir, lit,, returned to   Nelson    from   has interviewed ull   the   members   of ofle of tha richest mines in   tho   dis
Diiiuii", to give evidence in the    At- ' the government, whom ho   could   get tfiet.    The tunnel is ull in   oro,    and
ltiii-011 case.    .Mrs. Wilson   s.-tys   she Ut, mul   impressed   upon   lliein   tho straight shipping oro at that.    There
U glad to be   back   among   her   old   necessity of exercising some  restrain! is 11 large quantity already taken   out
, un- wasSi I, -')-)."), I-Mi,   and   tho deficit I R* W. Clark, Montreal;
$1,1510,820,      lo   190*1   the  revenue c,laS|- M. .Inine*. Vancouvei
was-brought up   to $2,G3S,2-30,   and  0-Hull, HosslaiirJ
the expenditure cut down to 83,030,-
Mill,in Grant; llossland;
Harry Wright, Nelson;
Hubert llenwick, Nelson
' friend-, iiiid only feels at home   When   upon tliG'Kooton&y Shingla Co,      He ami being sacked for shipment, nil  of revenue was redu I from (#1,510,820
she -ce-i'the roeky ninuniaii.s of I'.. C.  has   moreover   interviewed    Mossrs,  which has been removed \n tho course   to $391,977.    Mr.  Tatiuw explained j
Bound her. Suyward   and   linker   the   principal of development only.    Until cornice-
1 llishop D.inteiiwill of ile.   I'liiholie owners in tho shingle   compiny,   and | tion is made between 11,     tliaft   and
eliiiicli iu this i'liiviiiiii was iu    town
this week, in    eonipiiuy   with   Father
.1       ,1       . .- r. 1    1   , I Inns -lueobseii, N"irth|."ii I;
ihat tlie ileitis ol expenditure includ-
, .       . ,        , ,. P. K. Illukie, Rrie;
ed * 1.0,1 13 to complete the rraser
argued and remonstrated  with   them ihetiinnel. it is  n,     isible 1    <* ,k ,
lr , . . . , ,     , .    I river lu-'ilge, iiinl which   tin-     goiern-
1 p Io llie    present    moment    neither many men, ill 1 tili-cipience ot liad ir, I
k XlthotV.   The llishop visited   nearly   his efforts wilh   the   Oovornmont 0r but an soon as this is done,     Mc rs,
all  ilu-   adherents   of   the   Catholic   *'•*•■ ''"' •'ooipuiiy, have hud any   of Doyle intend hugely   Increasing he
•Church 111 town, und linden   trip   up :'"cl, as ll ipany   is   undoubtedly force,    hi the meanwhile tl •' "-
to ilu Ymir mine,   in   -pile   ,,f   the 'within its legal rights,   and   lias   in- oumuliitod 011 the dump Is being ship. 11,0 *,e,.viees of the provii    to   Imi
•»..., 1'. .1 il, . ,1 ... „.„     ......    .,f     Innnu.   fringed no law wlieleby it would   roll pcd. I, ,   •      , , ,    ■■■ 1
l»ci I,mt the <i.-i> vi-ns one   ot    inces-        « 1 been maintained, and a su in of   <#.il
uu'iit was authorized, to meet out of a
special hum     That item  eliminated
the record of tin, vcur shows the  pub
Ier itself liable to Government iutei
venlion.     Mr. Wright is still   hopeful ' S|l]  w
Con. Wollle, Sfoki :
A. An-Ier  Noiilipon.
Ed, Ryan, Beaver;
II   Kull-iion, Nelson;
.1. Lindblade, N'elson.
Adam Hall, M.iiv-vill.-.
Thi. vein oil lhe Kooli-n.iy It.-lle   at ;,,; ,, pftjj ,,„ ,„,,.,„,„[ ,,f Ptt[|Wfty   olln,..   J. Sliepperd, Mo
Mill ruin.
' We are in receipt „f Iter   tom 1™™'    "'' !' T V'l'   7T|M »"**««*>"*«•*«.  '""'    «-|.,„, llldft balance of $27,700  left
the niannge t of the Spokano   ... !  °;e7 ,ht* '^    ""'   ^^'   '"' «« report, are to the effect tha.   at
7. ' I taken to arrange tho mattei
terslnle I''uir, staling tliul-  11   diploma       „„    ,     , ,      ■     ,
', I lie local 1111 mil,',' ,s also  aelive    III
depth tin-on- iii the rein is   precisely
for the Ymir mineral exhibit   shown;         ,        , similar m appearanoe to Hint   n>
.   . ! regard to   the   proper   apportionment    1   i'i f i.„   ....f.. ..      'I
Ut tl.e Kair lust full, is   still    in   their!    "      r.             '     '         ".             , sluitl fiom lhe surface.     I Ins    is
I...1    ...*    :.. I-    ,„ of theaoveriiinent appropriation   for orDMr*.v  .,ili(.i,   1,   ,„„i. .   i„,„.
As th,- fraser river bridge   will    nol
hongby, Toliipn- Valley;
1'. Chamberlain, Montred;
-I. Althoff,  Nelson
t)|1.   be 11 further    heavy    ullUI'gO    on    the    RIsllop Dontenwill
i The iimouiit allotted to the district  Is I
showing obtained iu  the   i-n, -eui    is
hands,, vviinoi.t   instructions   as   toi".   ',.,.'"," .-.-■■--■      -property which   is   under   Iwnd   t
w it should be delivered.    In de- ]!£_____*_ !°[. .7.^ ,.?L77^\'.. | Patrick Clark of Spokane,   ,d«s .1
fan 11 of unv other   iuleresled    person
tiiking the matter up, we have    writ-
*'*tyir il  ourselves
NVm, liirkpatriek iiiid Alex   Mr win
,*IO,ri(jl) which with one exception   is   **u,|y   „p   t((   w|„lt   WU|   „m.i„ip,ll(„|
the largest su,,. allowed to   any   dis- *..,„,.., ig every reason io believe the
trlct in the province.    It  wus  only
by presistent effort that Mr.    Wright
Niitve   eonsoliditted    their     respective  secured this amount.     Tile   first   ul-
■usinesses Into one concern.   The old lotmotit   was   18,000    which     Mr
B.'stablished livery bminess   conducted | Wright stoutly  iiniiniained   wus   in
by the   funnier,   and   the freighting
;liiisint!W. recyntly taken over   by    the
Blatter from   Win.    Wilson   Co.,    will
||ie ' treiisiiry, and will he a source of    rev
riiiii', ii   seems   reasonable   lo   hope
that ill the early future the pi'OvitlCoV
financial position will be a satUfao
toi-y one. I'or what hus been done to
secure such an end tin, Mclinde government deserves credit,   und   should
bond will be taken up,    Further,   although iiie opiion held by On k ovei
the adjoining QueOII    mine    has    (..\-   receive it, especially froin the   conser
pireil, it is   understood   ill 111    if   the | vative business element  of   ihn   pro-
suflicient, and'which he    was   filially I K.H.I.-n.iy Belle is taken up,   m-goeia- j vinee, which, above all, should uppre-
able to  get   increased   to  the  first Uons for the Queen will be ro-opened elate the fact that neither their   own
named sum,   since his   return   Mr. probibly at all incl'casen figure,    Wo Icredit nol'the wulfure of the province
Low bo run as one enterprise.    Kirk* I Wright is looking into the   rouds  of are fhrnrmccl tlmt Clark's rfpiiMBnta*. could be advanced any   further   foi
bat rick 8 barn is to   he   enlarged   to the district, and   iu   cortipany    with    . ,   ,.     . ,*    !,    . t-,    ,   ,   ,       ,   I alarhn   Steady  ringing   means   lin
itecouiiiioiliite the two outlits, ami (he | (j„|,| C,;,„inissi,.ner Henwlek "is   i-ow."4"" mo already llguring on inachin-  lowing a,ours., which   hud   b,'ouB1,Horio stroke (pause) two stroke* (pans,
K. Scott, Vancouvei;
Cluis Turner, Korthpori;
ciintcii NOTICK
I'iiii.siivti'.iii.vn t'liim 11 - S n 11 .! .1 y
School and Bible Class, 10 u, ....
Kveniiig service, 7:30. I'ouuii I'en
[ties'Society meets on Friday evening
ut H o'clock. All aro welcome, llev,
If. Young, M, A„ Pastor
Pire Brigade Slnii'il*-*.
Kin* chief Coffey has  prepared
following signals for handling the
alterations   aro to   bo  started   this engaged in visitlnflthe different parts lory lor  tho   Belle,   which  Indicate"
week.   It Is intended to largely   im- of the riding, W ascertain   tho  best L,^ l|o„  „„  ft„ mtnMw
lirectmils in   iilueli    In   expend   lhe
smile is assured,
ipiove the   present   stock   of   saddle
Mini si's.
the treasury perilously close to a position where it would lie uinil le to
lliilft its obligate lis.
three strokes, means ,1 call foi l„ ip ,•<
handle ihu hose when drying nul
rei-liiig it Up after Use.
HI American and B.  C.  Hydraulic |YMIR   jy^RSS GLIDE
Placer  Company Ltd.
,1 -HA* IN,  .
j ■  ,v< ,i'. Widilovvsoii.
yitOKKItAGK   AMi    IN-I ll.lM I..
I'ci.-i ,1. (jlctt/.er,
■11 Ti III it.
   I .iiiini ri.iiii.-ii.
r*       ..    i  a. . ,, |li|<     noups   ami   i.i-.vi-  iii.o-iiiM
Capital $so,ooo 111500,000 Share's ol ten cents each |   n. (;„„,,,i„-i".
I.'lic ('(,*n|i.'iir, i< iiu'.v |)i'i'pnrii|o lo \v',,i!< llie (lulil
1111 • ■• I -j i ■. I'.lin'k Sand tlliil Xu^nl |iliifi*r Ii-akps nl Hull
Soili'o. anil in order to mm, lin.-r tin1 ih*<-i*.--:.iii\ iiiarliin»
pi7y, tin. lironuitci's liuvo kl'I nsiilc ti limited niiiiilii'i' of
shares tor immediate sale.
Tlie shares an- fully |i;iitl nn I noil nsSi's*- ihk',
Tho Company's oiotind sivi'in^i's ."iO ci'iits [ier cubic
yard on llie  surface, over 2-tO acres,
Until bed roel< i> feaclicd these shares can lie obtained al a bargain.
Meanwhile the treasury si oik (2(10.(1(10 Shares) is
left intact,
YMIR, 15. C.
1       1        ■      ■    I' 1  ■       1    n , 11 «■   r 1 ■    .       1
DcsBi'isny Jobbing Co,
1     Iii" 1  um In iiiu,' nn I II ■ iii (Jo.
' .IIM'll'l.l.    01 ,VI.I.II.
William Clink.
U, Ciimpiu'll.
D.sliiisiiv .Jobbing Co.
S    II.   Scllllt v.
iiu'i 1.1.-
(i'nsn,o|), litnii—J0I111 llri'iiu.
Mil., cl Hi use -Finlay Mel.eo-1,
Miller lion-—s  Miller.
I'ultice—'I nil Je llicl.lv.
Vuiicouv i-i    I liven Buyer.
Wiililiuf— (iforfjte I'oliictii.
Vmir—,). \V.   .Ma-lci-oii.
II vlilivv.vin:
I . *-. T. !io-s.
1  Ull -      I l'l Ml Ills'-     AM'     Ull.I IM.II
MI'S. Ji Im McI.coiI
MIMNli    UK, or,'I.!,'
l'crrl  .1.   Clin/., r
l-IIINTISlI,    •
ilcmlil Publishing •'"*
II. I'aiii|,!.i-ll.
S. II. s'liiiii-v .
(J,   Hl/Ul-V
ymii., b. '(■'.
We    carry    the   leading   brands     imported      Liquor*
and  Ciytirs,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine,
•      lll-'.AIioCAIiTWiS    Fu|{    MINIMI    MKN    \\\\)   THE      ',
Newly furnished iliiotiolio.it.     Sitni],lc looms ill eulilieotion.
Unit-- i?1.00 to §2.50 per iliiy.
FINLAY   MoLEOD, Proprietor
Navies of  The  World,     j    Tho elu.nor of the oppos
11iuti  I'.ii'iy
I l-l.V Vis I l-.ll-
^_____________________ .   .     Iliirnluiiv & Wilson.
■ Mini  111'- I'llc clllli l-llis otllic     ..pposl ,|:icl,-i.|i  ,-,-  I.i-lllii .
Hritisll illld   l''oreipi   Kleels   i timi pres.« in regard to   the   '-uiipro  j    Alex. O.liliu.
frimiiiiii.nl ductile session" iue answered   bv    'lie!      ,. ..   ,    '."'''' ' "'"
' OH'] tlieil. Miles  .Mi-linn-
  lllllli ll,|i-,-|ll,'!ll,      Wllicll 1111*1111*1        ill!'] I  Mil.lll ll.l.U
A I'iiiliuiiu'iitiiiy rd urn   lms   I-eon  speedy conslrttetion of  n   i-iiilvvnv    nf     iyillinni 01 nrk.
issiiecl showing  tlio   Heels   ..!'   Gi-uufc mucli iu iniiiieilinto importance   tu
llriiiiiu,    France,    Itussiu,   Uurninny,   llritish   Columbia    lliuu   ilu-    intieh
Italy, llie United States of   America, I steil Gr-md   Trunk    Pacific,   nml
ur I Japan, distinguishing bultlesliips, ; which will be uehio vi il   vvithoul    lite
I mi 11 .-nul building; ci risers, built   mul  giving unity of lhe lauds   nml    it y
building; coast defence  vessels,    built   whieh Mr. J. A. Mel ilil   nud   In-'
and building, torpedo vessels, torpedo |ftilluwers werii so   anxious   i.,   hand I
I THE   YMIR   HertSLD |
I'lisi-"   I'oi i.vnril Tin: Yviiu Kkii.uii fm-  iit..;itli    4
X inni in-!,lowledge receipt of enclosed 9  *>
* Tiik Iiiiii vi.11 is published   every Saturday inor,,iiiji_Hiid    •
4   contains   nil    till'   IICVIS   of   till'  Cltlllp.
I! iii>- i'ku Ykah, i?2j Half Yeah,' •-''.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ and
lion,  destroyers, torpedo   boats,    and  nver to lhe rnilivn}1 promoters Staple
submarines, built .-nul building. The altitude of the prnvn rial   gov -' Goods
Of battleships, Great Tuition has erinnoiil last session towards the deli!) built nnd 9 I.nil.lim.'- France DO mauds of promoters is lull} justified,
and li respectively j Knssin, 10 tint]   S;  |t luus savrd the piiivinue   land   nml   Host    Olliee    Store V.MIII,
(In. many,'J'.'.111,1 .*-.. I inly, l'i nml    Ij! money, anil it, litis nol   really  delayed
the United States, IM   nml    1:l    and  actual construction  work,
Jiip.111. 0 and 1      <»!'   coast    defence]     Km-ihis result, 1 sidorabln   credit|
MRS,   J.   McLEOD
j (iHAND CENTRAL  HOTEL Clark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Cointlwuse mul   liew   Py-t Undertaker   nnd   Furniture     Ileal,-!
oil'ni.,    l!,-i. :-'."i* mi-ill   in   town. Mail orders promptly attended to
I'luropenii nn.I American plan. Bineii Btrhbt,         -                   Vvin
Only    vvhiti!     labor    "-iiiplov'-il. 1 ....
First class li.n-
a»—*—u"- jwrm'mti **■
vessels, Great llrituin has   I.    I''rauci'i must also be given to Mi    Mi'Jovvan,
13,   !!ii--i:i    1:1,    Oerniany    II.    'in'   uf Vancouver! Mr. .Shntfoid, uf  Oka* I
United Stales 11, mul Japan   I. I iiugun, and tu Mr. Wrighl, of   Ymii
Of cruisers, Croat Hrituiu has    ill      The real terminus   of   the   Coasi
and 20 building; I'Yunce,  "i7    .nul   ■**;  K„oteniiy road probably will be   sin,
Itussin, ll'aii'l-  .iciiiiiii.v. '-".'nn-!-.ai,,1 „, s,,u   Wustmilister,
Italy, -"i.-inil I: 'In'    t'niicl   States, m
IID ami '.,; ami Japan,   ■'! I.
In ilu" torpedo class the most  iiotu
Vmir I'ili/ur.s
IiAsT '1 11 l IIKD \\ l\ I \, II MONTH,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'.M.t       fl   I.'"■'■.    I'll-nlclll.
— - lll.l.   II.   "l'oi mi. Si-i-it-laiv.
Another Disaster at Seat| A "• Hi'.'kwobtii, Th-is.
Till I.MAS ,v  KltlCKSON,
ble distinction is that   (Irent   llrituin
has   fewer  torpedo   buuls   (01 !   llulli;
destroyers (12s),   and lluil    in   other
I In-  ,'liiliivn    novelist,    vi 110   -., lei-.
the  annexed   story,   says   lhe   tragic |
  IH is founded on fact, and occured I M | LlER   HO 1  EL
"»unlrl«  lho   position   I wl,  0|l ,|,u coast of Kent; bu eports!'" "~
|.>„iico having only 111 dustn.yers audi  *. t,|(, |W(.hM    M<   Kt,n>,)m|.|.,   |,„,„
'.'.-IS torpedo  boa'.-:    U.issi.1,     lo    ,l..d U  (,iv„t| ,-,,„„,,,,,  ,„.,,,;.,
1(12  [.c-liicli ;    ll.-iiiianv.     -'-7    nml Clllipler   I
Mi ft»'y. I"   ,""1    '-S;   ll1"   ''"'"•".     I I. ll...idl..i on the buncll,
Klutes, 'jo and   ;'.l     and   Jilpiili,    '-'I |
Hotel    ,    .     a       .
| Hotel
lui'st-clfiss  ilillill.L;  liOlllll
"it'st      Mloll'l.-    1,1'    Wilir-
l.ii|iini-s nml (ligurs.
Ch.ipier u'.
Cuirifd I'm beyotul her CDiich.
Cliopter •"..
Sh ii 1-   "iiiu,.-i.i! b\ ilu- sound,
s.\M   Ml I.i.i'.!.. Prop.
(lead.innt-ti'i's i',i' Minlliy Mi-'ii
'I'li'li-I  cnlilcll   nciv   IllUtlllgcllll'Ill,)
lliiiine   l'i miii   mi'l    liiii'1 OWEN  BOYISH, Prop
Kiipplieil   wi'li   Hi''   l„-i .
in th,1 iiitirlvot.
Higlil   ojiiiosite  'lc|!',!,   Vmir
JOHN   I'.IIKAI',  Prop,
SocomiI Avi
Ilm1   itipplied   vi iih   lic-i  branlls '.. I
M hies, liijuoi - and cigars, ;
i If mihinaritiosi Oieal   Bl-ltnlli   hn.i
I 7   mill '-'.'I liiiililiiiL': l''i-a'ii.-,    *'I7    anil
■l_' ri'Hj lively; llu-sin,   1,1   and    II. ,,
' ;*i ni.uiv, I and I, ten being interned! j    rlnves I'.o illnid from being ii-owned. |
in-! ilu-   United    Slates,    -'    mid    I.
ret urn i"i   Japan   ilndui
i    i   A11 **!
Viiin. I'..   I'
III.    Ill  -I     III! WU HI'   IniVH.'sTI1
Headquarters for rilnin;
and Commercial Men
In-   -llllllllll il,'" ll,-inlilnt
The eonrt-Ko»tenay   Ry.
Wrtiflit, .il'Viiiii', (li'ls Civilil
. lold,  Silver, or   IxmuI '-1 UO
Copper,     - i? i .nu
Cii.i'I Silvi'i-i    •    • -'l ■"."
I ", ,, :>•-. I i Ic i iiiiiln'li on up
Kootenay  Coffee Co.!!h(. Kootenpy  Standard!   ,
l'l-., ill. ini   A--IIVC!-
Nelson, li. C.
ktO  _*?.'-iJbLF:^B°*-
i l'i nn I In- Vaiicoiivei    -A'eel.   -
iliiiiiea -I. I lill; or ihe Ureal N.n ill.
: i n Itiiilwity I 'oiii| any, w ill    build   ■•
1 much lino through ilia  **liinilkaineen
'    .   uiiiuier, nnd litis i-   il"1   licin ■
 i ii..- lony desired    < Ion it-Kool-
■•ii ii railroad,
11,,- ileulinalion l.y lie pf-ov in iul
_■..». i in,a nl •,!' '. In" | 1'.". o nl- of i he
I iiti.tdiiill I' i.-ilic    lluilv?  \'   i' p nn
!..,     l||.     .  .I|
- ni,,'. um.
lhe In ,i -cssi ui of llie Legislature- -      **-.*ji'l
.-. Iijeli «n    predicted   and   aiinoun   sl
In ■ hi I'olunins ot' 'lhe  Wi  !.,   several
I,        j    ,-.,.     il,,,    (•       I'      I"       hlbbv'istS           »''"'illl*.."li'lliil( in! (•O-lllillilil'-i-r,,.,,..,, nm?
11    I '    ""I    ' ■■-     ' •    • ■    "■        " ■   ' '   ■      v ,   , .-  it fm   trill Itmr nn
, I . ,■        . ,1, ,  , c.ll   ■ . |'l..l. I'I'    I   -I.l.I..I.I...     I ■  M.llllltil, ;|.
. l.-i'culne inviil'ii nl   lilt   I"-'!     i ,.,.,v,...,i i.nu. iiiii„ii..,.,k..ii i"iii..ii,«
"■Ml I  lllllt**-1  lllllitll i  ,..i *.   null.- ,ll,IOIIIa,
ful ,) vv       hV tlii'    alluvi-    an-.     .I'ui ' ,'i» rmiuh M„,ni * tu. noolfi
•;., .ii i|..,i... w,,li,mt f!-".*iM, ,n n, -
1 ' ';•" ;""•;, ""l"";"",  j  Scientific flittericaii.
-"''" '"  H"'   ini'lcluilits   und     Uml„, ,,,„„.,,.,„„„,„,,„,   ,.., ,,.„.
■ ,, , ,    o     .,       ,1,,'    .iiliiii..ii iif nny m-luiitllln Jniiriuil,   Tirina, Mo
o I l-IIIIS o|   Ull-  COIlsl,   US    1M-II -      Hi" ,„:ir, |..iir III..II1IH   ji    ,-.,l,| l.y tall ln'iivll-iili-lM.
r "■ ("' ,.-. i">: r .*.,, v/Miiit'iii.-., ii'
and   .luanita.
WAS I  I  nil lli'li   IO
Mo'-t i-oml'ol-l'ilii:-  h'.ti-l ill   lilt'
Iverytliing l'u-i -'-!i' --.
VMlll,  is. C
M'wmmmtM I ■ i'.'i.— — -.—.■■*... -
J,   C,   Thetln & Co,_ ti*±xx%,
Nel-sbn, II. C: M KAT     MAHK.K'I
1 "■""l ,ii,Mri'v ' |,,n'   -tSJ B,ao5BiBijr^
""'"";;"';"' l-"i"-,l-*'- f^5 ~J \14ibs>i
-cssi 'the i.egisiui  ■   25s  M'!^<-'^---ii7 V" ijor*^.
'C-'teSii-'-"-"'..■.«-■.   T-S/-0.- ■V'-ri-.a
'Wtikt'tyr'' Or.-.G.-.-.-.
rr7V^|Sl,      Co.-'vn.'.-.iiTS &u.
-iVholeHull! and retail .I'al.' ■
in l-'rc-h llonsl.'l
Hiijh * Grade <• -Soffecs
s,1LsUN,lu' i*m*-m**m**H*m*m||   ,.|JK,n tx|, .A|.,.KI, x||;u.
        I    M\LL WOOD.   V Wll"!""' I1!"""1
.'I The Canada Drug and   I   |; Mmi. i:., .,.,-,.-. r,.,,!,-, ,-... ;
■I        Rnnk   Co.   Vmir. + hflivel'eil um *
| DOOK     U<-.,        HI* i * ,{„,,.,   iimij;,.,.';-    |J,,p|,
4 |ilitei' in Inwn, j i
Our   1 liit-aaj   lilli-ul'j   lurs   n   large,
ireulatioli, and   readers   «ill   eiiju
looking tinou*<h it.    After   tlio   drill| _   _, ...
%     Per Vavi Load.     J
honk I,a ■ been lei i!   ortly   costs yoi
n.'i eenl ■ fm any   '• ink,   oui   nf i wl
l"""1'"'1 ,"!"i' from j +       Mow U tl,o time to put iu
I,,.(t- '• yotll   ill ||.i   .1 Itll  I'-    fill nil'.      ♦ - ,, i,| ittpplv
book vou in iv   ivuiit,   and   '••" " |:l   *
pi pih ,,.-.-     ■ I . you
|    Stove Length    | Ymir Trailer Co
t    !,: -.-   - !   U.i I!.,...,   -sl  i,ii     4 ■
111      I'.I'"'"i - ii iieu hot '
i'ki  ■.    -.lni.i.
.JACKSON iv l-KAllf   I'rops.
Teamiitg -^nt*
Cxpress ....
X   ) iiiniii'i Co, Ltd,   I
.   I |he Himilko it.
Porto  Kic.O    I	
f       .'-11   ','.|"i-i   i>ioiii|ii|i.    iitieiiili-il '
4   nil-1 till! j*l'ClllCsl Hire - vei clsi   I   ill   ll
*./.> >, -.^4*14*1 11 handling Uf --.i''<i" We have just got in a
new line of
\v Inch are hard tu beat for price and durability.    Also  a   linn of  the celebrated Ames Hold n shoes,
our     NEW HATS
Which huve just arrived, oiler u large variuty of strictly up-to-dato  styles,
-Meets train every morning
except Sunday, I'm' freight
.'in,I passengers I'm- Ymir
mill. By special orders on
Sundays. (lr for Ymir mine.
See our line of Stetsons.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Americans Secure   Rail-
Road   Lauds   Around
Ymir District.
Kxtensive     (-olonization
fltttbly. I bit vve !, live decided noiv
to place settlers on it. We have illicitly made uiTiiiijjeinonts for that,
t'hey will come chiefly from Minnesota and   low.i.      They   are   fanners |
ALEX. ODDIE    Prof.
"     -
'.i."i POUNDS I'lll-'.s
U. S. T. Koss, Secretary
Carries The Stock,
And Leads in Price and Quality.
BOOTS,  slItiKS AMI (l.tinilM;  111.'!'.-.!; 1 MRS I'l—YVi • !i i .-   ii,
spring goods in and chum-fully invili, llie pul,lie. to inspect our stock,   linn
 hniy .salisty llieni in ipialiiv anil price
| who have been successful   there   and j StJOkfiLll ft  Ffll]*-**-!    fo (lull's shoes, ivu carry nu   ininionse  stock,   tliey   speak   for   u  in--
to siieiy iiie conditions iu th,
boring districts
e   spent a
I'lm Daily News ot Sunday lust con
I ■  inni iniporl mt news fur   tliis   see-
I '   Ul.      It says:
"The laud grant of the   Nelson   A-
• Iii Shcppard Itailvvay  Couipanv   i-
_'. ■ l.e colonized.     A   beginning   will
I  nb'ibly bo made this summer.     Tlie
II ml lms heen acquired from the
ItiU'iii Northern railway company by
»-,-. .Miiinenpulis syndienle. It has
i I • • n lii-id for speculation for nearly
In yenr, but a-, lhe prospect of profitu
■I.* tlisposing of it eu bloc has not in)
■ novi-d, the owners huve decided to
iL • iu tor colonization and settlement
li. a largo scuk'i
The   laud    Iirartt    comprises    about i .  ,, ,,      aaaataaaaaaaai
1 Jinnies, not financially.     But   vihen    I
■Mi iii.iii.ii.i acies. lying mi both sitles   ot '
'■»H«> iniiii'iiy line from Waneta to Nel-
Tliis line is eonlineil to us, ami uu one i lso can procure lliuiu in u.!- t-iw i.
Wo ids i luivn tin- uxclnslvo riglil of llie fnnious Weston SI fjai- ' ••■*
mt lo make any definite ni-rangcinents Im ,        ,        ,,      -, 11"',i' n* *-"""' liml 0',twi'a''lvv" I"*"' uf •'">' otha* »r'1"1"-1 n,l,K'''
„,,   ;  .    ,"  , i,,        .11'" '*-'    ""   l'1"1   '""*''   between Sprin1/ Suits for men am! buys are also in, nntl uiarkctl down to tVil*
lutsunply to look over the laud  una   *- points east, west and south to Ross-       .-,.,,.,      ,
ne certain to do well here.
"The purpose of my present vi-ii is
Northern Ry.
week „,. it now,    I think there i- l!,,
, . , ;   Ilufi'ei i.'uis   iiiu between
making ot u great   country   here,   r.
,    ,.,,,. , .     , nnd Nelson,
won,lertullv rich    country,        I    lime ... .,   .
Effective Ap.-il. lOOo,
been struck with the ex tent nnd  var- , ,, .,   ,„
j  .oave Daily 1 ram
iety of the resources,    It is, or should    ,..*••.,„, Spokune
lie, a very rich mining   country,       lllll 05 a. in Hosslniul
has abundance   ,,t'   splendid   timber,
ind the   valley    land    is    \rvy    rich.
Willi sullicient population    l llie
illld develop it, this should be a    very
prosperous district.
"No, I am not   interested    in   any
p,.,.,.-. -..-,, -,,-s, ■„„, M,,,,,,,o ,„,ss- .,,,,^1,;,. ,„,,,.,,.    [.-oi1 nniiliiess  an. 1  iliirtibility,   onu  glance  will eon
land, Nel-ion,   Grand   Forks  nml  He-1 , , ,,   . ., , .,       ,     ,,.,t
i ,.       ,,   ' , ■ most .kronen] ilnii ive carry tin- real thum (or west urn int.!.-.
pul,I,,-.    Uutfutears run between Spo ,
liiine nml Northport „ ,^
(irocen  Department
il.ao p.n;
4,55 p.ni !
Nei'ls no couini.'in. ivu liave go! lliuslock ami .-nu shvi  vou in nn'
Stationery and Driiir Department.
li-- n. It is known to be tieh in tim-
■ „ i- lind minerals, A gi-eat part uf it,
lti-1 what proportion is not definitely
■iiiiiwn, is also well adapted   in  fruit
take un interest in any district I want
11.10 a in Nelson li :).', p.ni I        Wu nri! gelling llie business ivhyP    liucausti il -i paekagH i- marl
lliilOam     Grand Forks      8.60 p.m I tliu milker, Hull is nil you are re,|inred to pay for ll   hero.     Wu ilu  i
 h's ',' 7,ll'.77 I any fancy -lin- -in.- prices on tlio 10,000 articles we earn in ilns   •!. p..in:
10.00 ii.ni.
7.00 ;i. in
(1.80 p.m !
tu see   every   department   'if   it   go
ahead,     Huccess ill   any    one    hi'uncll
makes it easier and    stuer    in    every
I olhcr.
-aaaaaaaaaaaaaa^aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa^aaaaaafaaaaa "I ,1111 going hack M ilinl'ilpoli
■innine., stock   raising   and   general , ,        .,, , ,     ,
now, and our plans will be  eomplcled
pri'tii soon.   They are   nol   definite
iii.-iic.'ements have   already   ueen|
biade for bringing a lurge number   of
Kilmers from Minnesota,    lowu,   and
liciijil-oi inif states.    They are of   the
•iii-iie .-!,,sn a.-, ihose who ale   now    go*
| yet, so I can nol tell vou  very   much.
I I don't kiioit « hether an olliee ol'  the
^VXjIj     THE     TliMIIB
Seattle,    Tacoma
ami eon-ci|',i"illv wc have lhe guod will atnl patl'ollllgt! ol lie-   colli nil
land company will bo   established   in I St.   Paul,    Ch'tagO,    New
Nelson or nol.    Ji is not  at   all   ini-1 York     'Hid
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant.     Ymir,     li.     C
" \
_______        .-    , ...   i probable    Our holdings are all in the
li.. iniu iiie Ninth west territories in   ,  	
, , ,„, , .    ".Iislric! vv-liicli i-ciiiiuneiclallv    tribii-
ifi.i.-,- numbers,    the inducement   ot- „ ,   ,
-*4 till1}' In Nelson.     Ilns p l,,,un,| lo   l.e
■iieil is the saiuei land as   fertile   as
■ ll.-ir ovm, at it low price and on easy
. Luis.
I'..-;,",i-l tlie 'leUTtiiiiuilioh to culoli-
(»■ ill,- land they have  acquired,    the
lim nr- l,,-, * of lhe syndicate   have   not
in en -  any   definite,   detailed   plans
I'ln- number of awes lo bc allotted to
Bch settler Is   not   yet   determined,
lie! i- iIn- price   per   acre,    nol     tlie;
Hrui! of payment.    But there   ii   n"
tlo.ot limi a lii-einiiing will lie nuidr
*ln   spring, am! ihe first of   tlie   new
■tilers ..ill arrive this summer
W. s   liuilicn'oiil,   of   Princuton,
Al- .il.es-,I,i, ptesideiil of lhe Until."I*
find l.,ind (.'.•uipniiy, of Minneapolis,
|,n- -pi ii a week iu '.he district, lie
Ilns visited Mantlon and Slogan-] Iie-
ki.i. * traveling cp and down the   lino
JU' I In- MpokallU Falls A >'li|ll-e|ll
hill ' iv In a cniiii-i-iil imi vv ilh ii
rep i lei of Tli'.' I'u'ly >'i v. - 1.1st   elf-
H|||e    I,,.    ,„j,|    •
" I l.e plireluiM! nl' Mi,, latel «ni
briii li.-allv coinpleleil neioly il your
||g, We have a.-,pin,..! all lie, |,m'|
ill In i; i -li I 'ol'imliin, oi in litis purl
llf il at leii-l, fill'llil-rlv mi tied bV the
(Ji-'-i, Nulllii'in H.iilwiiy ('iiiiipiiny.
:ill .-s'entls from tl,,- boundary lino  to
OBi * ni on lull li '.iiie, of llu- Nelson A
Weil Sliniiplll'd railway. The iifcii is
HI.   -100,000  litre:-.
I "'I he land is all held lu my name")
Hit there nl'utitliel1 parties with me
■> ilm company lho Lldthoi-fuhJ
a.ml C'ulnpany. li- hcadntMl-teiB
■tl. ill ,Miniieilp',lis, nud Ulost ol' lin-
Mieiniici-- an' Minnesota me,,. I um
9)in i est ed iii otliet' land syndicates,
li>.l in lumbal' I'liiiipaiiii's Nil, not. .
ft   iioiics, so far,
I "Wo bullglll lllll Inlld HI   a   -.|il'cill:i- | .
Il Old   ■ i.iilli 1 huve  disposed    of    illil     \V.    MAS'I'MIISIIN	
It. bloc if vie l-tuild have done so pro-   444*4**44*44************** '
PALACE   AND   Tol'lilsT
iiiNi.Ni; CARS,
M1..VI.S   V    I.A    CAIITK.
2     FAST    IRAINS      Q
Shell .ii"l_ liioMi-is    Ilm.i.. in
Paints and  Oils,   Stoves,   Coal
Steel, Pun,ier, Fuse   and   Oi| ',
Gfiyiite   and   Tinware,    Stem,'
Pittin .-.
All kinds ..I Plumbing, Tim
suiitliing and General llepuii
the distributing point,
"No, wt- haveii'l decided how many
settlors we shall introduce.   Thai v.iii     -LIBRARY   ''-M:s.     MODERN
depend to a large extent on lho   pro*
portion nf ihe land that proves to   he
•uiiiubie   for   agriculture.      I    don t
know how the land will be siib-divid-  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ed.   That again will depend   on   ii-!liest   Meals   on    Wheels.
nature.    Some of i!   is   suitable for
slock griming, some for general funning and   .soiiie   especially   for   fruit
groti ing
'•llui of llie main fact there is no
doubt ni nil Wc have control of lho
hind,  ulltl    in-   are   going   to   settle
fuinii'is tin It,   Sumo will come   this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
)'ear," I    j.',,,-rales, iolilers ami lull iiilnrniHlion J       \ t)t)\\_\  ||| j|  |h tlif Hllfewl  illVbHtlHUIll  III!,mil l'i  llltlll,
Mr, llullioi'fol'd leaves tin'tin!  Clint I regiiiillug irips, oull nn or in'dress un ' .   . ...
lllis morning by way of Spokane        litguiil ol ihu H. f. i-i N. Ilallivoy or ('nsli in vol,1,1 in Life IllHllI'llliee IH eiwll 111 Vented tlliil    m il1
II. A  JACKSON,       II. liitAMH',        irliiiii i'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiI iiiti'ivsl.
0. I-   .* P1 A. li,  P. & V A. . ' , .,   ...
now.          siokunu.          All KiiceeHHfiil biiHincBH men enrry lurge niliotnilH "I lilt1
_________________________________ iiiHiii'iuieo,    It iirovideH Tor tlie liuiilly, pniteetH ii limn iu Iii-'
———~—~—m—'                    old ago, mul iii'oteetH his other iiivectinentrt    Vov   niton mi
inn form of life Iiihuiiuicu n.|iply to:
Special    lv\t:iir-ion    Hales , H	
To World's Fair, st. Louis The Mutual Life .nsui'iiii--1 Company <>l N. V.
Has Assets Exceeding $-100,000,000.
>'nlll- l 'll'liee  of   l.ollli
Tlie l.iicl.i  liii,v Mining mul
DevclopuiGiil < 'ui.   Ltd,
The regular annual meeting of   the
stockholders of tho above named com*
puny, will lin held at  the   Company's
lllco, at  l-'.'ic I!     C,    on    the    -"-'mil
duv of May  I '.„,.",, at tllO   llOUl'    "f    7 ,
p   in.
H. I, Myers, PiUSiclent,
Hotel Ymir!
Tlm HohI iVieillrt
.Sml Aeetlnililodatimi
In Town
A lliii1 .-si'lci'liini tif Wlilt'fl)
Liiiiiul'H and (-l^nl'di
' ■ il
r— ..——._--^.-. _
Prrthi ■ ceffee
• I»M)U t»* ft ttiouft-
Iml dollar pre-
IbDUUoii itt.
Hcnrjr Dlrki &
flotti' fuclllllpti
hjr making solit]
«llv-*rwiire ire
JMUCH-l-d by nn
nthfi concern In
^^^^^^^^^ Artlatlc deaiKD-
era, nunlerti marliliifi-^, itttd akillr-l linnd-
vrorkcrSi ill under th* direct lupervUlon of
prtctlcal niemberl of tlie flnti, make an un-
tq n a I led tbmUlaitloa fur tuintng out fine
\Vi iif for Liusii-ii'tl cNMloKue,
CLMitr i\}%,
Sterling Silver,
Silver Pllte,
Watihci, etc.
lleilry Birks& Sons
j.«. i.i.t,, llu Kacallasqr
llie Kail uf Mln.«.
Pvrcy J. Gleazer, Local Aqeni
|H|.;p,||    \sli   h si,||;|l   \l I; I f
Wlioliaolo ttnd lluiall
Mu'l nl'd'-r*, iccciv- pi-oiitpi  "tictilt'iti
.lolln I'Hil.lii-.liT,  Prop.
..  ...      .,:     \v.\"iiiMir.i>. ,v .. n. KY
M KA I     MA LiKh I I     v v & ,, ,,v „ N ,,,
anil 'inni Nm-iIh-ii', Nortliurn I'.n i
und IL II, ,*' N, ('",,   I'.'!   poinl •   i' i i
H-esi   and  'twill i coiii|iiis al   Un
litiitl and Vcl-'",,  »ith  llui  i'.,, •
I'm lllo H-nlt-.ii-.
Connwl ■ ni N'-l-"'!' ii "I, tli l'i;
.v N IV fur iv-tslo and K. uu I H
Con mi1 t*i ul i'"' I1-', - i'i. i , i ,
iliecniiooil and Miilvinv, li <'
UtllTuI   ' III - inn nu  liiiin- 'I. ' ... .'
Bpukano nud   ll,•public
(,' HI 111  I':,--. no li    \   '
.-| '' , ■ ,   .  '.I  ,-'| I
THE YMIR HERALD;vi!; <ew tr*ins ^"^ f'"'
_——-_____-  : which «... ni.- duiy  giuti-tyl    ,-;.,;d    so-
I'ubllMii'd i-ynrv si: "i-l.iy 1 l.,,il!,J  • ,, ! li,!it n L'OPtillUailCQ Hie-retrf
i Mr..--. or .1,1 ;-,...-.■; io .-...r-:,.-- .;i ,',,.-. n,         . 2 LV" —s
- .'■".■rii.-i.-r,. •;..,.-, |.i ii.;..,,,;. ,, .,..!.■. ,.,,,, ;     On the subject of   supporting   the
",ce- I local paper the Denve/-   Mining    Be-
.-. l.-.-rii-i.,- r.,i.-. ji :,,) : ,- .,.-:. ,,.- i,i„„n,    pnrtei-has the following to say:    ."On
!'"'-   ■" "fl-V '••"'  Im ImJ   fr.ii.iii   »H   1 iia j the ijuestion of publicity il   (flight     U
noil to i uini oui that tl;,c most   practical plan fni sTjii-uiiin" iihniil   knovvl  I     ". i-lenmed
ry      r   ■ ■:;; I i.i. i ' '     *
1 edge of ';,.- ini'i'-.-iil ■',• .Ith o,'   mining
■■■■-.I- ;.l-r- in il,-- i)j  -,.■,.i-    -. n   ',.■    ,l,- ,
- ■■' from i! Hi.-.-.
yyi/i; lodge No. :i) A. V. & A
■ :";:;;,;;::,„:;;;:::; :;„:;:: iiue Kind vou wouw Like
Jons M.i Vi':a!I, W. M.
I'll" v •). (ii.i.'.y.i.H. Secretin y
v.\i/i; lodge No. .".-'  K. of  P
M-eets first and   flni'd   Monday   ii
each    mouth.      Visiting    brothel*
i-.uiiiii.-r.-i.il   |.:i-.::i,_-   . '
| ilu- ,-u 111*- ei-.-i.,i-.-- ni bl'llt'lur.
lllUi.il.!>    |"  IILISIJIMi    L'OMJ' '. N'i
('.'i ,'ii,ps Aii. nifi.u..". I'. ''
,l"ii-  G  L'Kll III, li.  11- -v !
II.   UK *.!!*>,   V! iv.-..-..!:.
hlippoi I l.-|,. ,--.     i,i,-,-u     li.i-'.l-j iij.i-j-     (Iocs
nol -imply in-.nn paying   a   subs£)-ip-
- —   lion, but also by gii-ing i;   ihn   in-.-...
SATURPAy.  WAY, |3,   IjlO-l       In lens than   a   mo)-f|j   i:.,,..,   vvliich
originally i-n,.ui,,.i cij   from   .In*   local
Olir   Anniversary. I paper »ill have, appeare// in scores   uf
With li,is issue the Ymii.     HUHALU   oll,K1'P"-*"'*'   ■•«*■*-•■•"«    U'*-    V™    "r
pniipletcslhc first year   of    its    exis-] "m"-V -■"■U-Wiul* «-* '-lil"'- el'inwhere,
-".,--li iiifo;-i,j,-iti.oii I,,, reliable,  and
md   vtyll   edited   h...-.■!    ,„.«..p„p,.|-, p'MUl   llii'i;  I.Al'il'N "!-'   THE
MACCAUEES.        Meets    second
good ,;i'i-i ^eventually In*   derived    by
the locality   to    wjficli   reference   i-
Irrigation Projects,
tt nee. We have slriirn duiipg ihat
period to faithfully record the hi. ion j
of the Imi n. inni I;, nHvei ti-.-. the I'iell I
mineral resources of l|)ccutnp 1 - "ide j
ly as possible At ill.- same time
vie InivV- li :nl lo );i; p i nr -)n el I
clear of personalities, and    ivlicn   ivo       Mon lima is coming in   for   n   big
havo though! it ogr duty in the  pub- H"1 f tlie «onenl1 l""-!!'"'''*V "'   l!"'
,.   . ,, . country, and i! will   only   be   u   few
lie interest, tu call attention   in   con
uliort years vvhen -lu- vvnl rank   v. i»!i
,lil ions which vvn lime believed to    be       ,     ,-  ,|       s*   ,,*,„. ,, ,   ,
any nf  tlie    >ni l|,we-lern    states   i:i
susceptiblo of improvement, or to pub | agricultural gneatness.     The   lee.uil
act of tin- tntsi im- Ilcpiii linen! of the
United States in setting aside .*;'],-
000,000 towards reclaiming three m
four hundred thousand acres i!j. the
Mill; i-ivcr valley is but ,-t beginning
of a much vaster development nf this
seel ion as the needs grow apace. AN
ready tho agricultural ninth of this
to be famous valley has been adequately-demonstrated iu the results
which have followed the irrigation
works al road y established, li ha-
been successfully provon that all
kinds of agricultural products grow
in great uhundanca   wherever  irrign-
014 Settlors m^pie   Syrup*
l'i,,,- in '-I. I-;' mid i gallon '('ui--
3o|d by
.ii,/ fourth Tni-'lnv in eacji month, j
,S. i.:ik.;/i;i:, I.  U, j
J„ 111-,' 'Kll oi:'; II,   I!   |y. i
.    D. CAMPBELL,   *   -    YMIR-
Lands ami   Works.       liiillillg Agent
( '|i|iri'll;|t i.'.'il   id
NOTICE i- hereliy given
reservation r-.-iibli.-lic
Stocks and Shares
~   -AllfiNT    FOP *
MiiHiiil Lifo liiMii'.'tii,',1 Cojnptwj' of New York
L'tuituliiiji Casuliity™]h>i\ev [iisnmncc Co.
Loudon Mutiuil Fire LiBunuice Company,
I ittiivv.ii Fire liisiiriiiici' Compnny,
|ic inisstatcinonts of matter of fads,
in- have tried to do so in a temperate manner, without wantonly g"in...'
nul. of our way to give ofl'ence,
This policy vv,- propose in continue
inn! however diilerotit viovvs sume of
our friends may hold on certain
poinis, they can rest asspred that ii
i-. our intention to extend equal courtesy to them, ii- to those that nee  eye
to eve v, illi ns.
Wc havo t" thank our patrons   for
ippoi i which Im- lie. n
•is during lhe past your. Willi one
or two exceptions, vie number every
business in,ui in tho town among our
advertisers.    And ii   should   be   re
im m'.i.'ii il by our iuIvl'i ii-ii.. ilm,
lh, ir *-p.ici- in our papei helps ill    I wo
iion i- li-i-il      Tli.'   -"i!   is   natiii'iillv
rich and needs only moisture tu make
ii   y.i-ld   prulifioully.      Tha     Ureal
Northern llnilway furnishes adeuu'ito
triin-p.'! lii'ioii fauilities, ils main   line
practically cutting tlio valley in   I wo,
Tin- imi ilm! the Government has du
ways.    Pirst, it advertises their spec-1 eiiled to  begin  immediate  operations
. ,        , oi ' ", ill pi ii.i- n great    incentive   lo   ilu-
iul goods, and secondly ami more  nn- j        '
.        i pi ople of thiti section who   havo   al>
l>iii inm, ii supports the paper which is ,   ,",.      , -     , ,   •
1 " '   ' ready believed in the future ol    their
lho Kretttcst advertisenienl  tho  town, .„.',, v ,.,„| will ..pen to settlement n
vast area of ricii land to   lite   homo
seeker nnd investor.
'MIR, B. <
ns ii mining cenl re, could have, The
Ymih IIhii vi ii may licit number its
circulation among tho thousands,   bul
it iiiiinii^i-.s to spread itself over llu-
u-iirld protty well, an 1 pal licul urly, il
»i.is iii places where the m-y which
 , i'l'ii Charlei G. Simp- or nnv  other
makes the mining industry, originates ' ■
person io iilioiu In- nun-  have   Irani
from,    li goes io   i it ioiis   places   in
l-'.l.uliiinl, tllO   l-.t-lel ll    nml    southei n
states, Piisiirn Canada,   nnd   in   nil
TO  I'KI.IM'I I'.NT en mVMill-*
fcri il his intoreats in the "May    lllos-
sum"   mineral   clnini,    silualed    on
ItroMii   iiioiiiiiniii    (no   nml     i    hull'
QTICE k liereliy given   that  tl e|
in   [.ii -
su'iuce tif llie provision) uf the "Columbia ll"d Western llnilway Subsidy
Act, J.-*!";." notices of which v.t-ie
published  in   lhe   British   Columbia
Ciizi-iie I dated   7th   May,    1890,
ami "nl, June, 1890, respectively, aro
hereby cancelled.
Crown   lands  situated   iWthin  tl.e
area unbraced by ih„   said   reserva-'
tion will bo open to  sale,   settlement, •««.■>.■ «>»-"^.■**■».■*»*>-*8».*•»«■ .-aa.••»■ ■•»>.**».■*«».-^^-a.■>.*>.-^.-^-g- Jfc- J» ■ v .
1 ^V9^^9!99999999999999999^k
lease ^!id other disposition, under the    /tJ ■
provisions of the "I-antl   Act,"   three (f|^
 nil;: after the date of tho first pub- -W
liciitii.--! of this notice in   the   British '"
Columbia Gazette; provided, however, ,.<
thai in nil cases « iei"3 lands   are   bo ii-L
so.d. pre-empted, leased or   otherwise /|\
alienated by the Government and ire lf(t
subsequently found, upon the   survey 'I*
of the Columbia nnd   Western   Hail- '$
i-av Conipmiy'" blocks, ihen the    per-      >|v
ions acijiiiriiig such   Inn,Is   shall   ac- /ji
i u i i-i - their   liile   theretu   from   tho /A
Railway Company  who  huve  agreed f\\
 ui would undor lho   provisions ul     /|\
the "Uaiul Act," except iii respect to »,\
linibor land1- on the Company's
blocks, whieh shall be subject to tho
regulations issued by the Company
n lalive to the cutting of tinibul1 on
the Columbia and Western llnilway
l.nnd Grunt.
W .*-. GORE,
Hepuiy   Cominissioiifir   of    Lands
&   Work-,     l.iiinls    ami    Worts    Do
pari un-ii',
Violoi-i, .  I', (',, 'J.',,,!,   I'eli.,    I'.UI.V
o ileal  miii   such   purcliascrs,    ]ne-
unptors, le—ecs,  ele      on    the    -.line
~ su
'!$ .--' SU
33 SU
■ -     sU
• s-   su
z     su
3  SU
i.       SU
-■ sU
h      su
r    SU
/.  -;
Ihese ' eiitie, ,, bring* I" ""' alien
limi ni iiiiuing eupituliHl - and proino
1.1-, il iio| - ii.nice and pnssibilitie
oI lho Vmii camp, We have in uur p"-
ession, letters froin these centre
. hii h prui.- ill ii il.e I li mil! ha*
i, en iii -i i umenliil   iu   In ingiiig   tin
I .Ulltl    to    tllO    III lell! Ion    of    iiiiuing
li -ii.
It is only by   ecu I ing n    largo   ini-
v- rtising palronugi  ihal vie can   cun-
i   iin  io do this,     l-'.ieiy  reliniii  in
i   in his a direct inteie*i in  iho   on
II .-ini.-ni of the mining itidustrj
v. Inch is the mainstay of i ho pl ice,
mul accordingly every mt ichanl
should help out the chief nioiini whoro
by the i-esi tines of lho camp lire
brought io the notice ot bityers,
'I lioso thai 'I" nm me leii ing other
I, ii pm i of their burden, and leap
lug nn advantage vhich ul In i- liuvt
paid for, A , ■ .- have sai.l however,
in- have prnctieiilly nothing I"   rmn
I lain nf, and   have   ie. eiveil   liberal
mii.i.oi!  from  lill   llie    I'li-im-si    men,
miles hoil'.hwi sl from Vmir, in the
N,l-..i, Mining Uiv-Uiun of Wesl
Kniil ii'iv llisli iii. and recorded in
ihe lleeoiders olliee n.i- ihe Kelson
\| iuing I 'n i don,
Y"ll   lllld   C.-e-ll   llf    J otl      lite      he! ei'l
iiotitled, thill I hue   ,..|i inded Th	
hundred -i'.r\ suven dollars and fifty 11
i.-"_''i"..Mii in labour and impriivemei.ls
li] on ile above mini nil claim iu order In
hold i he muiiu under i he proi isions of
tho Mineral Act, and if wiihin ninety
days I'rniii lhe dale of ihis iintieo you
t'uil ur refuse io contribute ymir pur
linn of expenditure (which i- mm hun
-11 .-.I iin.l lifi v threo dollars niid^so vein
iv fi vo cents i ir lho three year, em line
■ May !90») tngether with all costs of
ud vim Using, t our iniorosi in lh 0 -*i i> t
claim will lieeoine lho properly of the
ilibseriher, under seetioli I of an   Ani
 lied   "An   Ael   to   A nd   the
Muelal An,   1900,"
John I, llviiiii'ii i.i;
llul d nl ', mir, I-'I'll,   May   1905,
....   . aaaaaaaaaaawaMaajMaaaaaa aal p.-».n
DI* I'ltlCT MANAGEH WAN l'l'.l>
uu .-ni position; rapid advniieo-
. dm v ami   expelisesj    full    inni, iim s !','■'• "f   charge;   clean   du*
■ 11 nllll!  I'll- iin-.-
The .1.1, Nn Iml- Cu, l.i .1. Toronto,
iMention this paper.)
/■   —-
While the plainest ol I
nil lings, they arc the
iniist   important   nnd
ihe   most   constantly
ll.-,,,-.- llio ili-airnln'lil) i f
lu : il  mil  1  ■
li ll. I ,1    |.r..l-..|li.-ti,-,l.     All
'■ I... in- ' rinjia  .  .-.    Soul
lei mnil-ol.lri ,.,i..l..||...-.
Olir v.eliding rings are
n| solid I8I<, lo'hl mul
rnng;c  front $4.00 to
ij, I J.nti.
BYR1E iilsiOS.
i /is
I        Ymir, B. C.      {
0 American and B.  C.  Hydraulic
Placer Company Ltd.
Capital $30,000 in 500,000 Shares of \.n cents each
Tin- ('iiin|),-i|iy is now preparing'   1,,   yvoi-Jc   'li,1  (lnl{j
pl'C'llgl',   I'll.'irk SiUtll illllil   \l|oor!    plflCpr    li','1,-,',-   ill     lllll!
Siding, .'iml in 1,11 It T iii j hi 1111,-1 s 1 ■ ilu. ne, I- smi iv jiiiicliin-
i-i'v, tlie prniiiiii;1!'.-, have st l nsijlp ,-i lijnitcil nmnI>cr (if
.-liiiii's Idp iinnipiliiiit" sit!i",
'I'ln* -limes iiie ful|y paidaii(l Him ussessabli'
Tin1 ('ninpjiin 's ground ayernge.s fiO cents   ijcj*   r|iiiii-
nml un the  (siij-jkee, over 240 iicj'es.
I ntil lied roek is reached t|ie,sp   slippr-,   nm   |jp   u|>-
1,'liliril ill n Ij'll'gilill
Mciinwliilc llir tn nsiiiv   -iiuk    c_'(l(l.(i(:(l    Sliniv-i   j,
hd't intact,
YMIR, \i. C.
Ye-lll.   li! SIM-SS
.I-.- AVIV;
K. \V . Vi ii!'!ovv.-on.
jllll'KI  eAllj-.   .VNO    IN. j  |.'.VN| !'.
Pcici -). iili-n;'..-r.
it; nm |t.
.I.li.1 I'liilbeit.
I'll,     liOIJUS    ANll    .11 M-   1 I l(Xljll|S(l>
|1. Oiuupbpll.
pesBi ii.nl Jobbing , o.
T|i,i 0 ni 1 la Prii'j nnd II in:; 1',.
;; 1 -,::: , ;    i.k.v!."-.;;
William I'l.-uk.
:. 1.;■' i.i.lis.
It. Caniphell.
ii. .I'.ii.. ,y Jnlibiilg ''"-
)i il. SeRney.
illli'KI ..
(I'psiiiopt.liliiii—Jolin Hii-ii;i.
.Mi |,toil Uni-e-l-'inlav .Mc'l.c.,,1.
.Miller Jlon.ie—S   filler.
I'l.laec- I nil A liu.lilv.
Vancouver—•(liven BnyBI",
\\ -thiol I' —t jciifoe Colnian
Viiiir-,1. \V. ftlasleisoii,
!'. S. T. Koss.
I v| II- s    1 I 1 M: 111) 0     VNp    iin.;.;*>Ki:
Mi.--..J..Iiii Mel. I
U|N!N|1    !!|.. .il.lU-.l:
Percy .1. (llen/'-r.
■Herald Publlsliiiig Co.
B'fA'l II'M 11', .
li. Campbell.
S. II.  Si iiiii-y .
Ti-iAU-i 1-;!:;
lliirehaw ,t Wilson.
Jackson ,v. l.ciiliy.
Alex. H'l'lie
Tui'-.Vt TOI-
William ''I ark.
11   TAIT. .'-   I'PPI'V
YMII,', P. C,
Wi-    ciiTv    tin'    leading   l'l.n'ids     iinpi.'iird      L-ii'uoi*-
•ind  Cigars.  .Stout,   Ale.    1 *:i<*»n<I\-   and   Wiije,
• •••t»ti»*>»»«*>ti»i>o»o -»o««»«e-»99!»*»'»*»*»*»*»o-??*»*-,-,»»l»»*'*»   s
■*> __ s
•*    i'i--.\pi.ir.\!:'i lilts   run   mining  mEM   ANP   -I'M-*    ;
1 Tii.wi'i.i.iNi; l'l'iii.ic. ;
2 —  :
• «
■» .9
J Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection,      j
4      K.-ij.'s Sl.pQ to .*-'2..",iJ per day.
FINLAY   Mel,KOI), Proprietor
MRS.   J,  McLE-00
The     Premier    OH    The   I House, lho Opposition press npd sup-
School Ac|. I l"".u',s |l,M no opportunity of creati,,.
1 strife ant!   misunderstandings'   as   ti
The IiViviit   Session   l^evjew   |t,u! l"m" uh** necessity of this   legisln: 'I'1
, jtiqil     Their eli„,!,,    h.nveie,,   failed       'M':"   Al''1""
' to client, as the [inline and    scope    of
The Hon, Uichard McBride, K. 0, ""' -1'11 oocame more clearly cumpre-
Promierof llritish Columbia, was in liended by the people. I have taken
Vancouver last week, and during hi- "Peoial pains to enquiro lliioiighoiil
i i-i, a representative of lho "News the country in ihe rural district* as tu
Ail-, rtisi-i" iiiii-i-i-ii-vi,-,l him regard* ■■"' eundition of popular sontinienl
in..' the work of tlie post session, As ' towards tlie passiign of the Hill, and,
is well known, the Opposition preis on all sides, Iflnd t|iat, whilo adtli»
and somo members on the lift  of  the  twin**! taxation is never welcome,   the
Speaker Imvu endeavored lo uiak t  I"'"!'1'' Ill'° taking a seusibl ••   view    uf
,Imi the work of the legislature, dm-   ll"' nituatiun and aro perfectly willing
ing the past session was of an   iiwig-  lo H've the assistance required by  the
itilicaiit and trivial character  and   of <,i0W I"-**'    ■*•">,   moreover,   n   great IPosf    Olliee   Slur,"     -     Villi:.
im particular benefit lo the   Province I mMi' re«itlerit>* in  the   country   dis-!
u*. u wholo tricts advise mo that the eflecl uf  the  —
In answer In a query regard ini1 the ' ll;l1 "i!1 *-c '" make the   | pie   take j
Opposition arguments lluil llie session  ' 'ointeiesl in i-cliool   ulliiirs.       In-!
hud been a bin ren one,   the   Premier Istcn-* of meetings  scantily   niieiided,
oiid thai wus a iiiatter nu which   tlif-   buildiiiKs neglected, an.I little inleresl !
fi lent views might be held,    "In  my  taken generally in  educational   mai-i
opinion."-aid the Premier, "and I am   lers, iimiw ordi>i of things will io  LAST III! lt,SI).\*i I*. BACH MONTH
willing and able to prove   my   asser-   about, intelligent attentiun    will   be      I'ini.av Mellon, President,
linns, tlie bunit.ess Iriinsncteil by   the siu'ii to this importaul   subject,   and Rkv. H. Yotisn, Secretary.
l.i.gislutui-0 during  the   past   session  education will henefit throughout   the A   H, HuriiwoitTIl, Tieus.
hus by far and aivav inure   iinportunl   ' roiincn,
ilniii is onliiinrily iiie ea-e.    I,,   fact,      I'.veii members of   ile  Opposition
I think this  iiiiR.in   many   respects, *-'''» forced I li lo that Mr,   l-'ul-
lliemosi important session of the ton's handliiifl nf the -itl.ji-.-i was
l.t-gisliitur that has been Veil in iv. niasterly und lhut our preset)I Minis.
e.ni years. tor of Kduoation has it inosl  complete ,<.\\|   \| | |.|.i:|;,  pmp.
The   -I I act, which was amended  gnwp of tho difficult subject. I	
■ iiie lust session of the   Legislature,       In eonelu«i  tlio   Premier   stnted Hi"lldi|lllU'tei'S for j\Iillill<*- ]\le|l
, ,   tiieiitioii.il. and   in   reply   lu   n  that hi thought he had given a  sulli   , '	
estiuii in   io   ile-   i-hiinges   inude, eiently   full    rovien   of   the   work       ''"ll'  »"l'plied   viith   best  brands of
linn, Mr. Mcllrido said that, .w slut, of   the   pusi   session   to   completely wines, liquors and cigars.
:. i refute the unwarranted nml very  dis '
Vin ir < "ili/ciis
. . , -oliinu,- of   lllis   paper,   ii ' "'T'   '"' ■"'"arranieil and very  tin
, iii-, t       creilitiililo   sliileiii.-nis    which     hill
 'ii ncu.'uivi L'lluct  for u   nuinlier  , ,      , . ,
licell    iline'l  ill  I'll ill III 11. .li,   lo   (lie     e
I   I ■  I    .'. V I **. I   I
y ui ii, ii, i
ul  i. ii    pu .1     lluil     sooner    or    later
ii 11 hiug inn-i  bu   done   tu   relieve
■   .  11eineii'.oiis   und   ever increasing
i i.... iliai    ■   I., ing  Inn in-   in   lin*
placed iu circulation, to the   of j
'ed   Ilia!   lis  work   III-  I Illllllti   alcl I —-~     i aa
"I I" i "i i.in. e     "1 wish ihnsl   oin>   ■/        . n    er r<
piuiiicaiij fo,,., ,'saidAir.Meuridu Kootenay -voiiee Co.
"and I think I have »aid   enough   lo'
pl-DVI! it, ill >t   I     11 ■•_■ 11.1    ib
,,     i, .   i , l'i""' ,'. inn   I    leynrn    ilu-    	
iilii-i-IIHll  In   I lie  ll"'. Un 111! lieu-Ill V.    ,,,   ,     |
|„-l   i I..-oil  as  belli;* one n|     the     nio-
"The esiiibliMlime i   new   »el  iinportani to the interest of this   Pro
tricts fi'niii yeai lo year,   the   oust  vineo lluit has taken place   iu   iiiaiiv
nt new building inni iniiiiiioniince, as years,    li may suit   thu  pan   of tie-
.. tea, hoi irii
,    |,nvu   |„., „ i fmi,■ ,n politican io caul diHcredil up I
.  uu himself, as in ll a. upon others, by !
Whole-ale and retail dealer,
in fresh lloilsll .1
mieuvorii.g to belittle ti i   f i High ■ Grade * Coffees
ile Legislature to which   ho   belongs,'
Mv cn|ii,iiguos anil   I    can,    hiiwevei
ml. « ith cuiifldi'in i- to the | pie for
a lory 'nib teiii verdict, having  kepi
Ihu »'.i i f   ilu-   public   ami   lhe
inn H i  of ihe Province carefully   tu
lhe  I   le. '
in hiug i i ■ i -. large  prnpoi i inn   uf
i ie i ei.-nue of i he i uu nt i v, and, wore
■ -■ | resell I rate of  incre isu   lo   cm-
■ : un. 111 ii  11 rv   .||..||  tt bile   ii    would
... fur beyond  the   capacity   of   the
l'l III ll.'i- til sll-lllll,       HII ilj      lb."      |'|.
'•It is well   knoviii   thai,   for
year* past, |-.-..| le In ing   in    in
i"|   iitted cil i, ■   have   h nl    lo   .sub
..- i.-i , !u -.-lv Inwards iiie main*
ten, e of llioii sch ioIh; and,   in   tlie
■ ■ i legi.* I it ion   dealing   « il b   i he
li un i. lhe Govei iiiii'iii    ha      limj '.
■ . | thi | . |ii- lil lllg 01 I lilll I ii-
i.e. in In ai : lien fail -bare of t llf
liieri ii-ed burden in theii nv udislri i-
In ihe   -.ii,.-   degree   a*,   theil    ciiv
l.cilllilior , do in lie o *.
A- regards the Oppn llioii *   *lale j     ^7;,t777iE^7r^;;7^y:,''"[:"{"
 .ofcompl. , and dis, toi.l ml      $CtCtltifiC  JIltlCMCiltl.
,   e rural   'lisniei*,     continueil    Mt.]     A hstidiomtl** llloitnitad »-,...iiiT.  jyirsMtoli*
,   ., rnlull.'ll >.f .my Hrlanltllr Jenriiiil.    'li-llli.. ft II
\lcllride, "il is iiu" ibii,   while   the     WVJ'aJffl'il"!!!    *' *"  i)*i»llriowiflMior|, I
i,,, .in,ii im. being discussed   in  the
I THE   YMIfc   HERaiuD
please forivurd Tin-: Yuiu Hku.u.i) for
ni, 11. ih
und aekiioivlpdge receipt of epclospd ■*	
Tlip  11 i-;n il.!i is published   every Sulurdiiy inoriiin;; j|nd    .
contains nil the news of llie camp. *•*
f |1 t'i'|>--i'l-:n V|-:aii, i.-'; 11 vi.k Y'SAH, >1. |
Clark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Com'.house  and   new   Post Undertaker   and    Furniture     Deal,
olliee,   l',c.-t ;:*"i-meal   iii   town.     M»il orders promptly attended to
liuropean und American plan.
(inly   white    labor    employed.
First class bar
THOMAS -I  Kltll'KsoX,
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaia|aaaaaaaaaaaaaaai     aaaaaaaaaaaaaj
Hotel ....
Iiiu' ti.Sri!Ki:'i',
(Ulliler eiilirclv new iiiiiiiiigenieiii. j
Dining liiumi ,in,| lim
supplied wi'li tlio liest
in the inarliot, |iSo(Jom, Xu
Kiglil  opposite depot,  Viiiir
JOHN DttBAU, Prop,
|,-i!-si-i-l.i--i Diniiig 1,'iiiiin.
Ilr.-I     liltliids   nl'   Willi's
|.ii|iiiii's anil Oiynrs,
'I'm; in:,sT mt wii m- domkstic
The Kootcnjiy  Standard
and  Juanlta.
VI IM P.M Tl llllli  in
ZL_C   Thelin & Co.   '
Ni'Imiii,   |i.  ( ',
Headquarters for HI ning
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in the .h--
tricl.    Everything Hmt-clusa,
VMIII,   li. (',
MILSON, If i'.
X **************** ********
Traoc Manns
CopymoH i -i *.«.
^  roao -...in,nm t, .ii.it. li nml doaoiinllon nm
l.i!-tilv ii ii-.i'i our i,pin...ii In-i-«!.. Out ,n
illlflll la l-l'liftlity ,i.|ti'tiliil.|i..    I .....
I.A DlllS
W ill   enjoy   lo ill hi "j   through   our   X
Well a-.olleil li ,| I'm-,,..,     'Inlli.lum '  Z
llugn,   Miii- ns,   Victor   lb n-'ic,    ami |  t
I'oiiiIi-.    I', ilu nn s,       foil I      \\ alei.-.
I"M'I S mpH, anil Tollel I'., villi-.
Will iiieI Sinn ing   I'lii-iic-,   Slropn
,"*'oii|is. I.i.linns mi,I    Itie/uia   l!,e   lim -I
llii'i  cllll  bill ,  a!   111,.
I lelivered nm
lilaet1 in inw n.
Ymir Transfer Co
JACKSON ,v U-UHV, Prop*,
Teaming and
Express ....
• iii   oiiieis   promptly   attended •■
aid the ei'i'iite-l  eaie exerci-.-i   in   llu
' llttlldliliu of IfOOlla
t ir-
J Stove Lengths I I
X ■''>' '•':"':;i-            Uiwn --I nu. \\
1 Per Cart Load.     {
♦ N"W i- Ibi. ii,,,,. |,, |,„|  ,„ %
i   '.,- ,, ■,   • ,i ,,         ■  ■-,,-. i                                                                                              i   I ■-." "I sii|i[i| v, 4
 ••  ifiii", "Mil I'-itilnl, lliuiill"  iiti>t< rm.'i.i*. I  lie    _   -ui'iil'i     hi-iin       'it-i/1     !   + ♦
uniit fr.'ii. Amp-ii npmipy for ioc?uhit»(imloiili,           ■ »1L   WiilliUia    l^llll^     clful        T      . ^
I',iiii.I I   <  ik. ii    M.i.n.-li    Mil'.i   A   I    .    i.-i-.-li.-i __ I ,- _, . |     T 1
Hook   Co.,   Ymir.          ? ,,()I.j()   R. |
* "      ' ' i ' ' II l     III-    . ' ■   i i -"     %  r ,       -I   I    I ' )   tl I |     I n    i-   .-■ , '   ll ,-   ■    -.
MUNN & Co^vBro',"%" New York
l'i.    I'lllioll*. olliee hoiii-   al   lh.
DRlh,    '.loRF
Ml h
*   liiiinlicr ('<». |,t,|.    |'
i n u. in. und i (,, Si.'io p iii. ' .J-mm+m+ftm-H-fm-f I
d'old,  Silver, or   Lead .-I im
l'o|,|,er,      _     . ,,| ;,,.
Hold Silver.      •     . .          ,-| :,i,
thill ■"'•- loi' oi Imi- I,  ituh, on ini
li.  W.   WIDD0WS0N
Pro! incial .Waver
Nelson, B, C.


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