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The Ymir Herald 1905-03-11

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 i itlVt
1,1 Al
11- 190:*
■ 'if 9 ?> Wf^V-W ' " "*"**■-
Vol, I -Xo 4-i*
YMIR, I?- C. .SATIMUIAY, MA .{CM i|, I90n,
Piiiue Five Cents*
.',,.iii.,ir.a,    !  Alaskans   Want   to   fee  "'*••••••" I Ymir jliye pf IWacpabees*.
LOCAL ITEMS j Canadian*. ;riININaNEW£
V   -••*...   I   »*.,;■■   ■■   ■    * (-•♦,<
Cheques cashed free ut  CupipbrU'.
; i
,   ll.'lUiiml      l-'ui-Witnlcl      |n        rfjsexpec
'I'a .-uiinv,   \Vasli,,   .Mmuli   n.—The
; citizens uf A In*, u.i nre ahluge with in-
Try it luiieli al llie Yinir Rukery.
1'roul fishing   I'Qtfiiiipnoes   .it.   ll
Hii t.t' March,
Purest-bread and   largest   luuf   in j (l'8"ation beeau.se   the bill   allowing
A Clos,j Call,
,       ....    v   •   >.-       ,-   ,,      I,-        ,•     Victoria, ll  C, 6th March 1903:
\ \\i\- \ pur |iivq .it   llu-    Ladies   nt
  I,,    mii i A sensation developed-in   tin-   Hotin
,   . iii ■,, tho Maccabees    .as imw   lit-cu   |t?gu- : '
It is expected that tho new null  at mm       m- »•,   this afternoon   hv   which—at   thei
.    ,,.., -       -,,   i i     .-     lai'ly organized by .Mi-.   .Minnie   11.t i
the Wi'cox mine will   be   ready   for       * • own hands—an emphatic and  painfi-!
. ,. ,      .       , clue Of   ,1-Imi...    no tin* the   member- I ' '
operation within ft couplp nt wonHq exhibition was made of the   ivcuktip
ship numbers -I,   hut   several   more
The Hitntfr V. is work.na  a   very |urjie**i huyp signi|ipd   their   intention of tl,e I'ibe|'"1 l1a'1*"'
limited crew at present, pending   cpr-1 «< ...:»:.... I     Upon t|io ppitiplctiop of   thp   ordi,
town til Yinif Ritj;erv.
Hot cakes  und   I|i»l
puon, nt Yipir Bakery.
I n delegate ill Congress foi* Alaska wns  ".""
-,-,.,, ... tion.
I killed l.nit week m   the   senate   coin
lum apraiinpnien
ts now under negacia
nt joipipg,
Thp regi)lai" meetings of t|ip order
will Ui' D|i the evening? of the second
and foUfih Tijesdii.ys j.i   purh    iii'inth.
mittea       -V   innss-ine."tii."   held   ui i     Thp next  returns from   the   Ymir, _m___    .        ,     *.,
7Z,,;!.,;:;; i:^ i ju J ■..■. ^ ■« ««*« ™™-h^ **** »«*«» m-	
Fresh Holland   Herring   in    |fll   following    telegram     to     President ment.    For sumo  time   past   thirty- >*• n»t * ,
'Roosevelt,     "On   behalf   of  00,000 Ave stamps havo   b.    running   by       LhnMla^j   < V"    m
.     ,    v   .lAipcripan citizen, in Alaska, reUer power, thus saving   thu heavy elected   *r -the   ,.e*i    Hues    But
Arthur GUtre, foreman in thpYmir l^ ^ repi.e8etltatiun in , expenup of wood.
btunip null, ban rented John   .Mclm-I        ., ' ,  . . . , ., ,      , ,    ,
'   . any form, we demand, in  tunas-meet-      Joe Sturgeon of'Nelson hus had   a
nuodulus house . ,   ,      , j ,,   ,
1 ' nig assembled, that   Alaska   bo   an-; fproe of men, working nn lhe uliplin«
I'-irlo    |!iiu
,-r     Co
exed   to. Canada."     All   Abwkan | *j80n wild Horse, creek for   B|mut  ft|
BaW   lilt!;   W'.H     Stlll't      Oil       (Ml       MullliaV     ,.,,,,,,,,„,,;,;,,,.   I,,,,-,,   I,,.,,,,   „.,,,,.I,!,,,.       ,i„, I ., .      ia    2       . , .   .- 1    ■
'-, .   communities nave neon Hatching   tne hnonth.    A (0-foofc contract for dnvs
next, all being well, i De|r*gftiu |!i|| moroclosely   than   any  inR in the tunnel has been completed.
Dougald Cameron is now in Ottawa other legislative matter,   hoping   t|ie   ft is calculated that the face   of   the
mid is .-vpectod to leiuai.i   thoro   for   bill would pass,    When it was   killed   tunnel is still about-JO foot from   ll.e
about two months jimp;- gave way   in   indignation,   and 0*,.e shoot.
c  ii   u •     n:        w  ,-i-.   i mass-meetings are being held through*-      ...      —       , ,
s. il  .***i*aney ib Belling   "ll   nshing . Tom Plynn has tneured a  lease on
,   ,,    , , , '   •       , I nut Alaska to protest against what  ml,    „    ,'      . ... ,
tackle al a great bargain, in ordei    to | ,  ,        ' , f   , , | the Dundee mine.    It is not proposes
moving to Nelson.    Now i<   tin
termed the   neglect   of   the   general
to pump out the   deep   workings   at
time t i *.!-jck up,
well us two   passenger   trains,   have I gutes M.e allowed from Hawaii,   Porti
the-    new i 11it-u,   nnd   other   territories,    while
Government for the vvellfaro of one of, ,     . _*•___,
.     . , . ,,    present, but in lhe  surface   workings
its richest territories      It   especially   ,       . .      ..,    ,        ,
' there 1=. a ipi-intitv ol Iniili grade  ore
Daily freight trains both ways,   -w|ga||» Alu-kane to   know   that   dele-i   ,.,,-, 	
(        which should pay well,    llie  propos
Mrs. (-fpeelapTl, V. L, 0,
M|-s. Clea/cr, L.  ('.
Mrs. violin iUcLpud, Mcut '
Mi j. Buckwortb, ll. Iv.
Mrs Crowe, F. U.
Miss P. Carson, Sergeant
Miss I-i. McJ-Cr-J, M. at. A.
.Mrs. (lille, Sent.
Mrs, K. Mt-Lisid, Picket,
Miss M. MeLeod, C. of ti.
MissT. MeLeod,  I'ianivt.
ed plan of deeper development is pnst- i
The New Railway Podcy.
Casli Subsidy In C. P. K.
Alaska, having special needs   by  pen :'.
poned for a while, hot  the   company
hce.n   our   portion,   since
bdiedule came in,
Travellers down the line can throw Uon of its vust   siip   and   vuried   re Ltiojls on a ial,g-, g0ale.     Tlm   syhdi
their rubbers out of the   window   as sources, is compelled to continue   uu-  uate |1Baf*Bfj hy m*.. ,.\    |-;.   it.,,,,!   of
is getting into shape, to resume oper-      A special   from   Victoria   to   the
Tribune states ihat at   the   Governs
i-.it   caucus   lust    night   the
nary routine bushiest when tl.e Hulls
nu". this uftUWloqp, thp il.'liali: nu   ll ,
Schiinl apt w,,s f, -inn,-ii   l.y    Mr.     il
Hall (Victoria).    liL   r-'.-tini-ks   wer-
practically a repetition of   the   -in.-
Opposition stft|i[ling   pn   tLis   bill-
namely, borrow the money   mid,   jit
pn-tt nio|*c ttuiio—and   prpsppted   in
feature of_ any n.,v-'l,y utitil the  lion
ourable gentleman wound up by ;m>
ing that the School Act bo given   tl -
; six inuuilib hoist.
The Quvernment promptly movwl
■ in amendment the adjournment •-'
i tlie debate.
At tbo lime the division bell t.ut.;
for the vote no loss than fojir of lh
Government supporters ft-ere abse
from the building, M-cOownn (Vancouver) having missed last night .
bout and Qifford (New Westmiusli 11
and two other members being absent
throtiyb siuliness. Tho Opposition
saw their opportunity und strove .-i
seize it. Nm.-, ii i-ii't. was theii
chance to show how easily they cou .!
defeat that Government whoso »«'ul
I      ! ne-s they have been   shouting   a
bn it
,v'    *"*"-'* i                     i      ',,     • i             ,,            , e.-ue ntiuneii nv .ur. -v     r.-    uuuu    utin.ui.v   .........    ... •     —	
boon as il.oy pass Erie, us there is no represented.      rresident     lvoosevell *,-.-,...,                ,,   -,           •    t    -t          i-            , -.   i for the uast twelve months.      h,vorv«
- '               New Westminster   has   met   all   its promised railway policy was hud   be-1 >
snow further south                              recommended a delegate for   Alaska. .,               ,        .. , » ,,          i  '    .,     .-       ,t   ,   • thing was iu their   favour   and   fout
.                     , •,             . paynieuts   on   the   property,   which fore the monitors attending;   that is, "'"«
i.- ,t      ii.i   ii    -ni    •    \-   •          and tlie Alaskans believe thai in   lum .',,,,,,.,,       •, ■• ,                   i,                  .         *i sunnorters of the Government were ah
l-.-itlt.-r Altholt »-il! be ... inur   onl,      ,                         c t     , will shortly be fully paid for. the first installment of   the   railway ""FH011*-'"   '              un.ui
.,     , , .„   __ ,      .,, ithey have   one    powerful    friend    ill
Monday uud luosduy next,  ami  will '
iii'-     •    ,   ',s .i  i-     i     i ' " aslnngton.
hold services in th ■  Cathoho   chinch , 	
ut II a. ui, and \ p. ... on Tuesday, William   lteith   of   Waneta,   has
J. St. Clair,   passenger   conductor, purchased a can   load   uf   cattle,   al
i- back "ii his old run between  Spok- Garfield, Washington, and arrived   at
line and N'elsun, and is Blinking hands Waneta with them this week.
with a lot of old friends up nnd down      ,. _,    MoRonsie,   wh w   bee,
'""'• suffering of lute, from-a severe  attack
Mrs. <"i-   Matthews,   formerly   n of rheumatism, has gone to the Halc-
resitleiil here, ui-d  now   Lady   Com- i v n Hm Springs for treatemeut,
sent. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
But something Jwcnt   wrong   v.ith
the works.    The   division   bell   w -
il Midway to Spence's   Bridgo-in   all ,Kll> '""- """I i""   'lill-v   asknl
11 about 450 miles of road-and  all   t..;'11"1   tl,° G"venmionfs    aniendmem
\ cross marked   in   this|!he huiii by the c. l*. ::., und to b«
ycill*.      The    sllbsillv , "^||aTaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaa»»aaaaa«aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
space illdicateH   tlmtf U to bo da.000 cu-h   for   each   ,ni|e excited that he forgot to hold  up Is
,      .... I built, to bo  paid  on   con tion of lmnd'   Th, ...o,v r--i.lt there!',,,." ..t
your Sllbsci'iptlOlUH 111   111'-XLen m-|e g(iC M    -,-,,„,,,,,,.   tfJ   be clever-s "hat too   cl,,,-,-.   if   ,
rear and WO would bn jrladt no tax exemptions, othor   than   lhat the details were put .lown   here-.,
%   the road is t„ be assessed   at   f?3,000 ! "'"'I'1 "" lli" pwt ol   the   I Ippos.ti
inauder of the Nelson   H1ve  of   the      Now that the snow, has   disappear- |  "      JI the rond is to be assessed   at   83,000
Lulies of tho Maccabees,   is   in town ^ a tl.llVenel. on ti,0   paHing   trains, ♦ to Ileal'   fl'Oll)   v.in    if   you! I a mile for tho first   five   years,   an.
this   week,   in connection  with  the Ll,.,,ot,.fllj| to bo struck with the dii- I '       ', \ after that at * 10,000.    The   pi iei
hiiiugurniiiinof a local Hive of   Mac- , ly „-,-„,„...„„.  ,,f   Fj,.8t   Avenue   in J wjsl) to llllVC it   continued,   j M promised the the caucus to lay anoth
Vmir    The debris from the tir.-,   old I
policy. It provides for the building of
Kootenay Central, and the ex* en tion
of the   Columbia  .1-   Western   from
i carried by a voto of th to 1H, for  I
built within five yeans.   The subsidy |mover °nl •Rinnl ,,w"on  ww   "
William   (.'ulli-y,   V.nir's    popular logs and drawn stumps, ure scattere,
tonsurial artist, has   beet,   indisposed about promiscuously, and detract con»j
for some ii past, und bus .unv gone  sidorubly from the appearance of
tu Halcyon Hot Springs for   a   much | town.
to   catch   tho   Government  nappinj
was in show the wholo country   tin i
nn the first   public   division   ...  the
stahnen't "before,   il   on   Monday 1808sion' t1"' I'ibB,'ttl OPPO*'"0"   ''""
It is bolievcd tha second   lii'-Hy »l,ow 8ixtwn vu,"s '" ,L """;"  '
r .forty-two members.    It   i-   a   bin.-.-
night  ^^^^^^^^^^^
stalmoul wilt include a Intul grant
nil--' -liiiilirii.   ..in   ii..-in,..- ,.  .....-«  ^.....v     ... ,
tlio      Chnrlos Cameron, who is   working   not less than 1S-OOO acres a   mile   to P'11 for t,,e Oppositiou to swallow*.and
on the tunnel mi the Yankee Girl, re-   the Grand Trunk Pacific, and that   it ]""' 'l""'' is """" "'" 8WBOtei' l'"r boin«
needed re-st and change,     During   his i     r,.,      |-'uirl.i..ks   Ci      renresentiiiL'   l"",s *'"*' "(,w '"' ''••'* """'   sonic   line ! will be carried llirui.nl. the House by |
" I' ' '' ■'     '- .    .. ..    , |,„       ,      . ,       ,   .,     ., __    .,.. | selves
self-administered, in that they   tlu-.it-
i.b-i-iiee It, llcntist  Will   tii'.i- charge 1.1.0      MliH-C'ialmera.Bulli -k      C      galena ore in the face,     110 uasnear*. t jjioerat voios,    uu.   oom   uu*   uihot necipitato       ic        in
of lhe barbei shop. ! ...:..:....'   „l.u„„„. "..;.„.„^„„.1.„„r |ly a carload of or&vfrom   tho   tunnel |and the Colonist enory day are letters BtiBiigtli which has resulted is so   hi
i/alena me in the fac
machinery     uinnufacturers,
George Mai-rnon js now  half own-  have opened   a   bra.
ii in the Pahperston saloon, in Sp'ok-: which will bo the
ftiie.    Ii'-nd'oin-i tho Spokane Theatre,. for British Columbia of all   the
lim princij a) theater in the town, and I duels of the big firm, As this company
'1-1- ;'.iinpei1 \t it!, u theatre hell, by manufactures all kind of machinery
means of which thirsty   theatregoers,
I Ic has near- | Liberal votes,     Ul   both    the   Times
nel   and the Colonist avory day are letters,      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
v",   ' ';,l,,wn, but thchrcuk .ip.if   ihe   raw- advocating   tho   giving   aid   to   the!" f.bl« exposure of their own weak,
men    in     JNolson, I n o h        «■
1; , -i ,,,.,,,  ,   • ,   hide tipiii, prevented the full  cm>loit(] lOmhtl Trunk Pacific   in   opdei-   tlmt i M1"*s'
,'::"r.iH   u.in»m*>-. iw,„ki „i,„,i„.,i ,.t tin v^\,\ T,,,-.i,":'',,,,tl:r .cn:"L,:'1.;' r,lt
const end at unco.    These letters   ure I
-inncil   by   Liberal   politicians   und
__\ Hotel Arrivals
used in saw mills and   mining   opera- ■ '	
tin.is, the n| citing nf 11   local   branch      McL'feoD Hotft5i.i—
sl.nuhr hu of great benefit to local, in-   W, 11   Huvson, Toronto;
dustrieH, W, 11. Spenser nnd wife, N<-l-,u.
D. I. MoOTIIivray, New York
cun slip bul bi". ween nets for  a    little
refreshment,   and   receive     Warning
it her. the '-iiii.in is ubout to raise
The political editor ot the Nelson
hnitv New-is u morit solf-contradio*
lory scribe.    A little   v.'.iilt-   ago   we
lead in the paper everyday about  the tliu eveninj.    %\\e new buffet   cur   i-
servile attitude of the   McDrido   gov- not being Well patronised so   fur    as flianey, . po.      ,
einiii.'Mt towards tho   Socialists;   that! lhe    passenger    truffle    is    I. whut   "'        ' 8'    P
.iii .,   ('. L. White, Spokane:
I he   management '
l„  li. I'. St,-in, (Itielph.
W ll.liiil.l' HoTKLi —
sensation here- -the more so as sever.
ul details liaii" leaked uut    i. nu*.'
limi with it, which for the > .!>•' •-!
the credit nf Liberal political methods
may, in a spirit, nf kindly charity,    Is
The break tip of slcighinc this year I        ,   , ..        ,, . ,       u  ,,.
1 B      r '       luniitied fun., tin-I'.-cril       Nullicu   it
uis occured earlier than any previous
Tl -In-dull" lime I'm- the (mills  In
irrive at Yiuir since   the    change   i-
10:.'I5 in the morning,   und   5:12   in
II. VV. Windje, Vienna,
.). N. Mariin, Nelson;
li. J, McNally, Nelson;
11 .-t-.i 11 toi niliwiiito wus the real  prem-   light just   non
let inul thut McBride was   hi-   slave, expect however, a lat'ge   Increase   in
Yesterday the same puper   stated   iu traffic Inter on,     The complete  new
b,ig headlines that the Socialists   "ure schedule is published, in   the   Great   Adolph .1  (l,,ld, Nol'thporlj
•• -ni - I.. McBride." | Northern   Ity,     advej'dsemeitt     on |.L W, Trigg, Salmo,
Israel Parrish, who died   of   pneu
another page of ibis issue
t. niu nl Salmo last week, was buried | L. VV. VViddowSon moves tu Nelson
in Trail, where some relatives of his abnul tl.e 15th inst, and calculates to
resided, on Monday lust     Mr. Clark, < have his assay otlico there   ready   t',u-
VV. .1. Cuwicv, SaUnoj
ll. Ilalbrick, Nelson;
I-'.   VV, Swaultcll.   Nelsnlt;
VV, ll. Crosby, Northportj
I'CSIIUHI, oil .11 uiiuuv inni        ... i .  -_-,.*. n, :,,..--..., •• ,  ..... -    .......,,     .— .
... ,       , ,    • ,  It     ■ t     .i     nn.t ii ii    t     -I. -Iiuiltston, Spokane;
tin- You;'undertaker,    bail    lo   wui-k ■ business by the 20th,       lie    will    be '
to say ihat the Qovernuient's position
has been greatly strengthened, und
the Opposition havo received   a bio**!
frum which they ure not likely in   .-
cover this session,
day nnd Iligllt   between   the   lime   uf
death nnd the burial in order to   pro«
pare a suitable casket for tlio deems-1
t"i iiliu mis six ft'et st.-ic.    inches    ill
height   and   broad   in     proportion
It. II.I—, Nelson
ti lint, Nelson,
located on linker St. in the foi met
fiice of **'hu.-p & Inine, nearly op.
osite the Tribune olfice,     Mr   Wid
Inwson suvs he *iis misrepre.eiiled by   \|    |). Thiiiiiicriift, Nl'lsoil)
the Daily News, w| ho w.w   niiule|j0|in Cosgr'ove, Nelson;
1 posite the Tiibuiie i.ilice.     Mr   Wid i    CoImoi'omtaH Ho'rki,:
In say thut there wus  nu  building    in   ,
I'. P.,well, Nelson;
.,, , ,   ,    i...   :      , ,i   Yniir tune enough   to   accoinmouate .. ,
Im re ni.i im caskets    kept    in   stuck i  ■.'"'  '    "• , -. lind  llewur   Nesofl!
; his n.(reusing I,,.-.I.ess.      lie    meielv   ll"" "l,,llli ".
larger tluvn to receive   n   person   six Laid that he iidedoil a lorgel-  fuiliaeo  Krnnk James, Calgary]
■fept ,i ,,,,. | capacity. i C. Johlwon, Notthpoi-t.
recorded year. In the towu lho biiow
hus    aluiost    eiitii'i>l\i    disappeared
while there is lllllull lc-s of it ill the
hills, I hull at the same time lust year.
The Ciii'-Cummissinii Co., uf   Minneapolis,   tlio   biggest    bucket-shop
concern uf the west, has failed.    This
Company recently opened a branch in
Nelson, which was conducted by
Sharp an il Irvine, and Nelson spectl-
' tutors have been able to do a little
business on the stuck exchange.
Messrs Sharp it Irvine announce
however that they had transferred the
business to Downing Hopkins it Co., • reeling it up after use
before the smash und ure not  cllected
thereby. On the wholo, we aie in
dined to congratulate Nelson, on the
fact ihat this branch bucket simp
will f,o out of business as experience
tenches that such institutions are
..ever a boom to a small io*n.
Fire Brigade Signals.
Klro chief Coffey has prepared the
following signals for handling lho lire
alarm; Steady ringing means fire
One stroke (pause) two strokes (pans i
three strokes, means u call for help '
Inn..lie the   l.u-e   when   drying  an.
l'lH-'SIIYTKItlAN    Cllt'li. II--S 11  II tl it  l
School and    Bible   Class,    ;',   p.    ii
Evening service, 7.•".(!.       Vn.iii.'    1'e
pies' Society meet- on Friday evening
nt H o'clock. All are wclcomo, llel,
ll. Young, M, A., Pastor GENTS FURNISHINGS.
We haye n briuti] \\e\\ lijio and cup lit y.iti o\\\
from hi'iiil I;, fopf, with ;. giui<l f'mniiliitint! nl' i!i ■
liest -ilitic-: qbtfijniibji', Mij.l tiiii-liii!^ tjfj \v||li hiki
(if tun' tp'v,' mill -I vli.-.h hats.
Wi" (IpiiT liccil hi la-op 'in ifllitiL: v.-ii ur:iii'
lii'i'r, ittn! in (In' < iini'iTv l,n-iiii'**s, liL't'iuisu i| i-
wcll |iii(.uii l|ia! l!ii" lu-t -in ii Is and lit" lie-!
Iiiicc-s an' p.]\vavK In !'.' y(i| it| til*-*
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
Wilson & Harsh-aw
f)raymen and
Y.Mii;.   u.   r.
i    ll'iuilling heavy fi'tfijjlil a
('.ii'n,si)..ii.l(".ii"i" promptly
a!li'ii',li"l In
At Lowest   Prices.
i read by l-'i-.iuk W. Oi-ilfin, M. 'K .
eforc lho recent   iinnuul   convention
*-'■-.- i|ie huiiibome pictures i|i s. II* j
,,   . .   lx      ,   . ,,, , 1,111  ' Kennev's u-iinlnw     ' i, "'ilu.-,.   will Vnii'll like the tr.sto, You'll like the price,
Gold  PredgiPg, tho rivers, but on   the   bench   lands  n*""\) *** luuno"..    uu. ol inesi    win
                               contiguous thereto,    fu most cases,   a   he given a-vuy with every cash ptireh- .,.    ,                      ,       ,,.                      ...    •    ,,..„,,,-, ,, n, ,i ,.
, „     . . i I odav wo are underselling oui ( ipetitTrs in e\or*, tiling in iue gi ,',
no following o.\traots from a   pa-   pit is dqa inland nnd the hull of    lhe „sc of ten dollars i- i      «    1 .li, ■ . it. ..ml	
, .  .....'                                                                "'      • '■ ."ni"'.-. .lino, and wo are utakiiig liioney every da}, hecause we Uelitivo in -ma..   .---,
'. ' ""'     •^*a~*m~^*-~**a*B——-aaaaa-saaaaaoaaai    (il-s a I!. I (|lli-.k  retUI'118.
u.-iti-;- being   retp.ired   to   lloat    the   CJ—,-!, r->  TT'    11        JP
of the California Miners'   Associalion jVlro-J-o and operate it, as   the    w-uer. OP0!<aH8   I EllS    OS STATIONERY     \Nl)   DRUG   DEPARTHENT,
give a very pi-aetio.d   and   clear   de-  which is pumped for washing purposea !      Noi'tll-Pri!  RiV
•" tration of the importance of   the Lomes back-to tl.o pit.     Tho  amount "' ~     Y ' Wo a|-o not a trust or cotiibino ii. this , bitt wo aro prepared   tu    .-.
g.,1,1   dredging   feature   of   milling. L, wlUw. u dotel.inilied hy set.p.l;,e llI1(1  '^hc only    ull   r-,,1   route   between   ; ,,„.,„:.,... l!|ilt « m ,,,-.,,,* ilu- , bines to deal:
\l„  (',■;. r>>,   in runt    mivs .ii .-  i ii '      in,mt» east, \ve-l and soul li to Koss- ' •       ' ,,     .
M,.(,i I,,, in,,.., . -.ii , ,..,„„, f the gravel dug      .        ,J,. N,|s,,,,,   ,;,,,,,,   ,,,ks  ;,,,,|   lie. Wo curry a largo assortmenl    of    Patcnl    Medicines   a.    M« "■-".-
" ' '''""--""-' lma' "■ ,;,rl' ,e,lUlMOold (Ircdui's are   operating   success    pub|it,    |,uffo, ,.,,, ,.„„  __twem s,,,,  . ,„:„k,„| ,„,,,. ,,„d ean show you a saving of -Iii per cent, in this line ulu.i .
dignity ut un industry     High I
igo, drudging fur gold   in   thi
fully    iu    Oregon,    Malm,   Montana,   kane and Northport
Stationery and Magazines, wc carry everything that tl.e trade den.
,-    iT    ,,„,'„ ,,-n    Colorado and New Mexico,      fn Cali I   H»ffet Curs   run between   Spokane   I and strictly un-lo.dulB.iii fancy Puperties, Calling Cards i-c. ifcc.
nullity   wiw   practically    unknown. . ,   , •    ' '
r.i-.lnv ilinnsniulM of nei-eu of clro'l'dn"  fornia gold dredging has been   curried! '"     ■S,'IM'"-
I u,"   ' •!■   ,,i,i   i,,°,       ,    v, „    I EiTcctivo March. i90o, BOYS , YOUTHS' AND C.ENTS' FURNISHINGS,
md havo been   provBd   and   mil ions   to Us highest dcvelnrni. nt.    At  (Iro-   - i..n,. Daily Train Arrive
II ''"''"'' >■'"' ' g°M tearing Kmvcl   villo there are *0 dredges   in   opera     0.80 e.m Spokane 0.20 p.m tn this M u0 a large stock.-   H hat we   havo   to   nfl'er,   the,
ne In r dun* each   month.       Dunns I .. ,,    ,,      . ■ 10 fio u. in llosslanil 4. ."■-""» n.m ' .   , , ,.  ,    , ,        , ...
Hon.    Un the American   river   near  ,,,*■,-,.,„, y,,,!,. A ig {*,..-.  uso your own judgment, dun't think they are cheap because the price i-
l-olsom, u good field of 5,000 t,, (1,000 i   '■'■-" a ni Kelson li 80 p-ni j
acres has been   p.-bvr-d.      Two   largo  'J'flO a.m.     ^Pli™?^       V^'.m. !     Johnson'*   ClothillJK and   Bell's    5llQ*?5    are    Ollf
dredges are   now   ncaring completion]
this short time, the (lBvolopmenl of
tlm gold dredge bus reached a state
of perfection that lms lifted dredging
fur gold from an   experimental   basis
H un a, m Republic 8 30 |>.iu '
"    "'"'''"'"'■-'.A.XjI.i    TIE-HUE     TIJVCE
HV   l SIN.:
to ii plane uf sound   business,     The for lho l-ulsom field und a third i- un
underlying reason for this lays in   tl.e  derwav,   tnakiii"     sevt
fact that, by tho use of sound   expeit    ,        .     ,      ...       ,      ,    .. ,
1      : plants in that district,   (in the Yubu
■ i Igmenl,   ilu, value of the   property j I
, .... ,-    , Hoar and Calaveras plants   havo   re-   |7*I?P7ST
.-.ni In- .i-cerUi.ten to u pr-ieti' ul    cci- ' VjiKPa I
tainiy, before any   inoney   is   spent,  coitly instullerl, nntl in  Siskiyou  and NORTHERN
nther than that for prospecting.      T. I'lrinity counties   dredges   ure   being
begin with, tho deposit   must   bo  ll.e | successfully      worked. Ceniiully 	
result of a great How of hetny gravel,  Kpeilk|nK) , ,,„,,,. lypM  „,-  llrP(1(,eJ T< )
will work to a depth of  00  feel    andj Seattle,      Tacoma
ii hcic tho   drainage   area   Im-   been
large and  tho   "feeders''   g I,      The
; enl creeks or streams   which  cut j,mn(1,e 7r,,000 cu>.ic yn-id-s poi- month,
inruugh a gravel deposit do nol    i- re.|uiring 230-horscpowei",   il '•'•j PACIFIC    COAST      POINTS
I's-urily   bear   nnv   relation   to   the |,,-r v.n-d being about five cents,    ,    ,1
original deposit.    The   ground   must k ^ |llis t|lis imlufllI.y dovelopefl' St.   Paul,    ChlCHgO,    New
be practically Hat-lying, and the vil-  wi,hitl tlm past two yo;i|w> *i(    -„   ilul York,   and
ucx must bo disseminated over a s-ide ... ,.      ',        ,      „ ...       haixttci       nicm
v , ,. ,    , possible tn predict   whal   tho   future       \J.      PU JN   S      K.\N
men,      Nanow,   torrential   streams ' -s-1-1--*" '     «"•>••■     ■» ■'        ,4*"  ■
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vinir,     B,     C,
where large boulders abound, aro   not |'""   in   sl"lv   ''"'    -"M     'll"(l-i,l;
•s*T"-,,*.>.T.-'i«*3>«V->   ■
suited to drodgn   mining,   and   where   Ground is being handled to-day   lh.it
the bedrock is hard   and   the   values  lwo years ago was Considered impossi
iue on bed rock, lho gold recovery   of ■**■, practical, nnd lhe   field, exilic drcilgo is materially reduced, , . ,  ,     , .,   , ...     *   ',   ,
lends 'ruin Alaska t", .\l"\„-,,, inclu.1.
Ureal euro must bo Liken iu prospect    ,
,    .     , ,    .     i.-    i   ,   ing Central America and    Africa,    in
ing, nut unly ... tlio «,,. It   it -e.t,   imi '
idsu in placing tho  holes  for  drilling ,l" of wl,icl' successful dredging operand in drawing conclusions from   the atiotis are being carried forward." Ik'St    Meals    Oil    Wheels.
result - obtained.    L'rospeul    work   i-'
iloni; with a drilling machine,    which    "'"""
Kil,k8' Iu8ix inol,e"  '" ''' '■  YMIR  WATER   WORKS
l.ll!i;.\i;V   CARS,    MODERN
DINING   i'A lis,
MKAI.S A    I.l    i  UtTE.
;.    \M
1 A 't-M      _  A" kii"1-
■. .       -;    ),-0ia£j&&-'- smiihing
Sholf  and   Huildefs     I [ardw in •
Paints .in.l   Oils,   Stoves,    dial
Stoel, Gowdor,   Ku--   an I   C.i|
I -i-ii.il'1    uu I    Till lure.     S.-e a
of   Plumbing,   Tit
md   General    ll.'i
. Q    FAST   TRAINS     Q
and i- fully .i- accurate as the lest  by
-lid'i, so I'm ,t- values obtained is con*|
i, i in-1,    .    ,    .    one   hold   on    Ion
iiei'vs being considered close pros| t-
il.g,     Neiei I hele—, if    t.-.i    holes    ht*|
| Special    Excursion   Hates Till.   Mlltllill   Life   1 HSU I'll IICC  C< Ull | >.'l IIV  Of N . \
To World's Fair, St. Louis Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
Your Choice of Route. ,-\ |„,li,\  in il i- I In1 .-nl't'.-l  illVCHtlllOllI IciKlWI) Id  in;.n.
11 k ...1 ,1 100-iicro trad and the   i.,-   U A ' ''l!   '""' ^ff'^^    1'*°'      |l" !    Kur rsli -. fohlurs nml full lufnrniiilloii       ( '.i -li ill vest 0(1 in  Lifu IllHlll'lllH'C i- cnsll illVCStod llml    wi I
ilvulueuf nm holm   he divided j MIXI'IC    AND     EIRE  '^^ '^'.'^f s". '\777^'l" :'"   |vl UHl coilipouili] ini t'I't'Kt,
S. T  llu.-.-, Sccrclarv
mm*.w »:«n»--w*-.^^*-.«J
^;fft| Sterling
by ten, and this resull   is   taken   fori ITUPOSES    l'NI.I',1!   II. A. JACKSON,       11. IllUXDI', All KUiTL'ssful liii.sinCH.s moll   uil'l'y   large   llllintllitH   nl'   i
tint true averago value uf tho   proper -til'vi,>      IMIKS ''   ! \t ''■ A        ' . I". .v I • A    in-11 f. 111 < i •.     It provides for till! family, Jil'dtcclH n umil ill   i   -
ty, it will probably bu misleading, as, ''"'   (> '" ''    '    '' "'       ' old age, ami pI'oU't'tH llis otlior invostniCllts.     Kdl'    I'ati'H
from ii  grout   number   of   cases   In I Nl'IlE , -,~.»--.~-+ ■.■^.^■■^-v-^.u*^-^.*. ^^ I'orui of lift'illsill'tlllLT1 (IJ)ply to:
. cl "i il pt tu lice, the dredge   will   pro
tlucc but from 'i'i to Tn pet   t out,   of
Ihu values shown by drill prospecting,
im In- basis,    This Is nol   tukon   tu
l.e.iu   lluil   llie    llleil"!"    .- ill     not.    -Ull   	
more than 70 per cent-, bul   it   does  m;i,-on ,v i- r. sifBPAltll UV CO
1 " ,l"" 1|"' rtverage vuluo obtained!    kroMOUNTAIN llill.W.W CO
,;'m" luting prus| ting results us|      VVA8HINOl'ON « C, N.  Ill'
iiboi • -,-t forth Is erroneous by  ahoul
B per eeiit.      If n pt'iipt-i 11 shulis   un!	
uverngo value at 20 cunts   p.r   cubic """I Qifal Northern, Northorn  Pacific
,  ,,   , I . -,-      i und ii. It. il: N. ('".,   for |»,mt-  oast,
\uid, limn a dredgim.' I'l'iil'ii-iluui  hus , ' ,,
n '    ' west   und   south ; connocts  ut   Itoi -
1 proved, if lho drilling has   been |tt„d und Nelson  with  tho  C.inadiaii
i it fully   doni'i   proper    allowances  pacific llnilway,
.„:.• uu.l the  location   i-   uccesslblel    c ts at Nelson ivith tho   I', II.
V.  V. ,v K   KY. & N   'n.
iSi N. Co, for  Kaslo and   K, und S,
hik  nowor clionp.     I in*   two   tuetu.si     , ,
' ptii.it-.
uf     nsportalion and power must nol      Cdnneots at Curlew with  stage foi
ho      rlookod, as whoio theso   ,—en- (jreeuw land Midway, U. C,
ti..      u high, tlio averago   valuo  of      Uuffol   uftrs riln on trains iietweon
llu      perty musi bo proportionately Spokane and  Itepublio
. , ll A. -1A< Ksti.N
L'M .      .      ,      Alllln-I   wit hunt     ex- ,.        .   i ti. ,    .
(ii-lielul I'tHIUIlgUf Ael.
ue|       i, dl'Cdgillg is eu. lied oil, Hot ill' Hjiuli nu-, W.t.-lt .
Prnttt a cctTei*
ai-"x>u to a thousand dollar prr-
icntatioo -1
Unity lliika •'.
Bntts" faeiltltfla
forniaklng solid
lilvmvnre nit-
poaaeHfed t,y rm
oltiai cotttci n it,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^        Cnitii'la.
CLaar.Tjua. Arllatlcrt-rslirn-
era, modern tnn"-liliirry. att.1 akllled linli't-
workera, nil under tlie direct lupervlaloti i^l
pra ii, it niembera nl lh- fittn, make an mt-
equalled eombloalloa lur turning uut Ana
Writ*- fn llttiatrntrn rnlalofitie.
fercy J. Gleazer. Local Agent
A--I am closing oui inv business in  Vmir,
mid removing io Nelson, I Inive
The Following Stove Fixtures:
ocr.r..mi-it. ■
Sterling SlWtr,
Silver Plate,
Wattrtei. etc.
Henry Kirks K Sons
Jrwr 1.-1. I„ Hi. 1 .  r.lcacy
lli» lail.f Ml',10
Soda Fountain, Coffee Mill,   Acetylene   (i?»s   Ma
chine, Large Queen Stove, 3 Show Cases,
Light   Truck,    Counter    Balance
Scales, Paper Cutters, etc.
At Tiik Cash Ghoceuy, "
THE YMIR HERALD ''"""' '"' i'"" '"'
' tl  it had lu-t vent-,    liutlt the   Ni*
I'lllllll-I,....   rlt-rv   Sallir-J .;. tt tl < I In ...   I
l.lr>—. ,-r i. liver- -1 1.1 .-iirri'-r u, '- -■> ti
Siili-i-ri| i    -i- C<iUli.»r  »i lei,,,. |.u.\iilil
Ailvi-rll-u.a i.,i-. Il.f-d
: mi   ItlliiAi, in   Iji-  h ,       nun   nil
IjlUvs.ll-lll -1- III 111 •  n-l: i-'   III     till,   .»'    '.-■'., II.
Iirn I tl   111 Illu dIHim
i ointii.-rciitl   iiri.itiuu   -■'   --v-rv    d, -,-,Ii.tI.
it i ll,- i,i-,.i,n-- ;.i «ihii luril i.r	
r, t.t i-in.ii in .."i
lll.l: 11,11   l'l I1I.ISIIIN •   UOSil'AN '.
coin branches in ido good use of   their
, rguui/.ntiuns,    lltt'ir    i llui t-     lim inn
lollll   In ill Ilstniclil.il '.1'     llie     tele-
|.In,in- line l,ei not n Spence's Dridge
1 inni Pt-nticton, through Nicolu nml
the iSiuiilkiinieen, now ahoul eoniplel-
i-tl, Pupliir Creek In-- none much
wuil; towards making clear wherein
.iiiii-n,hneiii- I,, tho uiiiiin_' nets are
1...,-e--.il y. Victoria continue* to ',,-
well organized uu.) ready al all times
,i, ,1", it*, share in pioinoling tin- objects nt' the Association Other
hi'iini'hes have shown their in'.cnlioii
SATURDAY.  MAlt,   11, 1-JU3.      t„ continue tu sunnorl    lie*    A-
ti,,n  while there   tire   i '•>',   or   three
place* in iiidi'ly   separated   pun*,   of
the Proi iuee ihat    \ int!   in   i he
direction of nrgiui ing brunches.
|, i- i.*■_;i <• ir.-,111.- that Ymir, w Inch
ii iue-nf ilu* must import.n.I milling
i .in;]-- in ile   Proi in-e,    should    have
ii.  '(Barns,  m iNAOKli,
Provincial  Mining   Asso
Estate of Earnest Belan=
TAK I-i Notion lluil by an order of
His Honour Judge Forin, dated tin
l:ltlt day ',t' February 1905, the undersigned was appointed udmii.i-.i.i-
tor nt tho estate of lhe above named
Kine-i Melangcr, deceased,
All persons having claims against
ilu- -niil deceased oi his estate tire re-
,|iiiieil to tile iIn- -nun- with nn-. duly
verified by ullidai ii or declaration,
within oue in,mill from the date of
this notice, after which time tlio estate « il! be di ■! ributed li ithout re-
Ig.utl to unv claims of which    I    shall
Dealers in Staple ami Fancy Groceries,   Miner's  Suinli'i."-'
Blankets, Socks, M lis. Gloves,   liubbers,   Umlor-
wear,    Overalls,     Patent      Nfeilieinos,
NELSON B. e. - B0X 1095.
Ai lhe recent  annual   meet nig   'ii
the  Provincial    Mining   Assoi-iiitinii,
the report of tl sccutivo coinuiittee
showed that the ussociutiui. hud   been
sons iudi lt,il to said deceus. tl or   his j
estute are heieby    rcijuired   to   make ,   _,,
paymei.t to mo forthwith. 'Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Snares
Dated tl.,- 13th day uf Feb    lUOu
S. P. Tuck,
Official Administrator.
Nol ice.
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.
iustruniciit.il in bringing before bulb
lhe 11",inini,,n and Proi inci.d I lou-os
of I'm limn, ni,   sever il   projects    i- i
 v legislation   connected   «ith   t he
mining industry, tending   lo   groiilh
fiicilitatu   il periitiun   uf  existing
mining laws, and to impiove the con-
umirtcd I., interest itself in t lie   wurk    .
nt' iiii- Association, which i- wielding
-'. import mil nn "intluenco   upon    the'   I
I'tiiiditioiis of   the   mining   industry
. liber camps, smaller and uf  less   in.
inine   thuii   Vmir,   have   f,
itions under which tin induslry nuw
i *!-.    In act lance with it-    repre-
brunches, mid, us in th
cteek, have been su
t f    LV
ssful iii   ob-
Ai!!., 11.
i-nt.ttions, -nine pn
appears   t.
Iiiimng m im-: 1.1 ii !•■ n t - t",    iiiiliing   ml-,
thich have special bearing   upon   Iu
havo been in,uie in   the   direct ion    "i
obtaining the creation of   a   separate
lii-piii tin, i,i of Mines bv ihu   I • in-
itui . lovei iiiiieni. and il i- hoped    lhe
The Dominion of Canada   and   tin
,f    llritish    Colunibia,
li.ith in the   thrues   uf   u   leifis! itivt
-1 cent ly  ropm ted   sett ing   .usidu     of
--.'it.,„",, i- ilu-   prelude,   in   the   up    buttle on scl I questions.    The   ,1
,,..,, .  , ,     ,   I yop i  portion of expenditure, together!   /•>»
point iiicnt ul u    Minuter   of    Mines,  Unto ut Ottawn is howevei   intuit   lhe,    . ... .    , . .        "»•"
with all costs of advertising,   your   in      /{-^
iho should be n inember   from    this,    re far-reacl.iug, and    lhe    Auton- j iorCHt in said cluii
Ihe greatest milling province   uf   the  ()|m, ,*.,,* uj|h -*_,    ,        ,     ,
Iu,mil,inn. A ful ward tiioveinenl has
•,!■■'. Iit-i-ii innuguratcd foi th" estab-
lisluiicul uf ii national mint, u contract I'M- lhe building I.ni ing   nlreodi
I TO DELINQUENT C0-OWNEHS. Cimailiaii ('.'isiilat-v--Boiler [nsurancc Co.
s 0 TJ. W. Keith, tr nnv other per , , ,   ,..       . , ,
, ;      , Lon. on Mutual  hi'o Insurance Company.
son t" whom  In-  iu iy    havo trans-1
forrod his interest in   the St,  Thomas (.)tt4l\Vll   Vive Insurance Company.
:i!i.| Telegraph inincral claims situated i
in ilu-     Nelson       Mining       Divi- """" ----.-—
siun of West   Kootenny   Distriel, und t ,,. l¥ .,,,    , i ■,--,* ,-i-
I   I *   .1      n        I,.'      ,r       ,'      F1USJ    AN  I'.M   I'-
I. -rurileil in the   Recut'Oi'l" s   olliee   tor
the  Nelson Mining Division. _     . , , , -
Vou and   each   of you nre   hereby I
notified Ihat]   have   expended    one      Jft^l).)^^.^^^.^^^^
hundred mid two  dollars    and   fifty |    Jm
cents  §102.50) in In'
llieilts upon   t he ubol
iu order to hold same under provisions I 4&
of the Mineral   Act,   und    if   within ./k»9»9»»»».-»&9^
ninety days from  tho date of this no- j/K
ticeyou fail or    refuse to   contribute
ve'^eralchiims     k        JOB PR IN    S   1
clauses actually threulened In wreck
the l.ntiiier administration. Nova
s.u.iu mul   -l.e   whole   of   Western
been let by   lhe    Dominion   Govern-  Cuiudu lime c.
ndenini'd ilu-    pri
merit.    Tin- Association i- now, more-  ed separate schools nnd ii wasevideni
over, in possession of a number of   re   t|,„t if the bill is to pass,    lho   school
putts of   the   (ieologicul    Survey    of
t 'anad.1, ami is taking steps to have n
Useful -iiuiiiiiii v   uf   t he irculated
mining prospectors in Puiiisli   Oolutii-
I ia. '-'"
clauses have i" bo omitted oi   amended out of all recognition.    And so tho
delegnlion from the wast    have   been
n   to  understood  authuritutively
h, addition to these duliniie results  l-lml tlielr views will ho met, und   llu
uf it- represenlalion (•, lhe  Dominion  ihrenloncd rupture i- postponed,
ivcrument,  the   Association    is   in
The elmilgU ill    till"    ll-| eel    oi    th
holies that il will secure thu   upiiniiit-    i .,    ,,, *   ,,       , v
1 l.iberld party, in Ciiliadn, sinceNoveni ,
in    will     lie,-,une   the j ,/j^
properly of the subscriber, under see i fjj\
nm I uf un mt     entitled "An   Ael to j/l\
Amend   the   Mineral    Act,    1900 „| h\
A.R.PBTELIS.    I */J\
Dated at   ''mil. li. ('.   thi.    I Ilh ! jf<{\
day of Nov   1904.                               j /|\
———— h\
Notice. jlk
,»-,< i James 11 nil.am or nnv other per-! *"
• to wluiin In- may have  transferred *"
his interests in the Yankee Girl,   Cn- ■V
nm linn (iii! and Yule fraction miner ; ''-'
al claims, situato.I on .lunilei'   i.inun- i
lain, .thiriit two miles from   "*i'111ii-,   in
lhe Nelson Mining Division of   Wc-t
Kootenny District,   und   lecorded   hi
j tin- II rder's otlico for  the   Nelson
Mining I hi ision,
bd-, is curious.   Ai   thai   ti    they      1'ou and each of  you   nre  heieby
Wel-e triiimphttnt all   alung   lho   line,  notified that wo have expended   tlneo
ui ,,f it specialist .-i muku a
: luiroiigh examination into tliu sine
,i .ourct's of lllis   Proi im --    and   the
'   "I  thuds   for   their   luvolopment   '   | .,,„|   Improvements  upon   the   ubovi
und utilittiitiuiii and   na   tu   available | t-Jiitibfc has been relit in   twain,   and   mineral claims in order to hold   sumo
i kuts for -in, product its Liberal premier driven lo lhe wall;] ll1"1'1' ,l:l' pi'ovisions nf   the   Mineral
Siiti-i- lh.-n ,i slt'tiug   government   in
hmiiliiil dollars   (§300.00)    in    It-hor
s.     ~-
/;   O   -■
7  5'      W
-   -        W
-t    \\i
lievi'ral ri'p.cseiiti.tloii'   as    i"   n
r~ | in (>■ 11.-ni.i, un   outraged   public   ha*
i, i table nun iidtnents io I hu pie-ent
luiiiing laws, have been sue esufull)
-, do to i ie- ; roi illcial p u linincnt,
mul ihe Associul  ir-  tu '    -| eciully
■*.ti pt the Lil end govei inni nl oui    oi
.iiii'-,-. in iIttuwii   th ■   siroiigest   n,l-
inini-li.it i-ni -iiu-e |8"S i- ju-l    i-iiii', ■
1 Act, and if within ninety   days  fron
I . he .lute nf I Ids llOtil e Mil.  full 01"    IB" '.
fuse to cuiitribute youi portion of ex-
pendilut'o, togothei' with all costs of
nilvoi t i-iiii",   yuui'   interest   in   said i
claims will beeoinn   .he   property   of     \U
,.,.,      ;l. ,,„.   ■   ,,,   t|10B(,; ging from a crisis   whiul.   I hre.iteur 1, t|K. subscribers, under section -Iof nn I   W
ed ions, which itideflnilel-,   limit   lho  to disrupt itj   and   lastly,   the   "lirst
pective righls of  lisle   and   placer Omiservalivo     governinonl      llritish
in nets. Culumbiii ever had" has -un ived   '.ho
Tl,"l"l '  '    n' Lurtain  it'feal prop led (ur  it,  and
• While ihei'it w.i" iml much net i-i-1
i i- -till e.,iim slrong.
li displayed by tho   branches  of  the
\   .   i iii.,.i ii- i. whuli'i - nil show.   "
J (lint ihell' interest Was being   well
Inuii'tiiiiicd.    Atlin luui   l"'''l   several i |
,   ei ings nt iutei vuls null its   otlicet - -
!iai,- shown much seal in I ho woi'-.   ,■!
lhe      Association,        Tile     Caribou
BO   YEARS* I    aS
exPEniE,-*-.E      {♦♦HH»m+-m*m»*H+*-H4»    ^
i ♦
mi entitled "An A. i to  Amend  the
M .'ml Act,   ittOO."
, l>. K. Ol'obo,
11  MeLeod,
Iu. A. Novell,
Dated al Yinir 11. C, this   10th,
day of .1 iLiKi.it v I HU."i,
•—7 *-»   w
r3   *5
>. ;:  5
&. ?- 5
-— taatj*,,     a  ,
I Hotel Ymir If
II | m
          .»         I I'lio l'..'.-i Menta        * <!)»
,ii, he-   -P. i' -in-, -ville.    Sl'int'V    iiiul         ^■aaaawTI   a«'-   Trade ManKS      . ♦ .      ,    .                      .     .              ♦ /IV
1|"'"         '•                                 ^mNm&F       des.gns        4 An'l Ai'fMiiiiiiM.litii.i.i     ♦ '.v
' Hullinli—lliivtl alsll ShOWtl   lliil     thoil                  r~~~       Copvr.oi.ts4i-..       t i     Triu-n                         t /ft
•   '       '                                                                        aiivm.i,-..-ii.tlMt u„ii,-i-', nt,ilil,'".-rii,ii„i, innv      T ' '■   '""'I-                        * J?
,.,,   i        -          i   i      nttioklf tifcorinli. nitr li|i..ll-in frio wltotlior nn    ;T
! in- siiiiiuil I  uu.v-'.l.ll    Ul'   • l'-i .i-ni li-t I      I'nvnntli.n Hrrnbnlilv iia.iiritiitilo,  (urii.tiiui.i-a-    it
ii,i,i«,iiiiri|yi',iii>i'ii"i,t.i,l. !l.i>.....""..knit I'm. tils    ! 4
I as
.m-i-iu :,,.s in,,.,.- „-,-,  -ie.nl    gffi'gJgSgg it  A lu'ii'-udiTlitiiit.l'Wimr, Z    ^«««*«^««^*M«*«**«*«*«*M«««««««M
.(•lings lo deal with mailers of vital ]      C-MeVHtttfit*   IltMAMaAltM X Liflimi'M 1111(1 CitflVl'M 4\   «
Nolstih has laltely  livid
ni, i-e-rt   tu   the    iiiiliing     industry !
v., ,itier i-   making  it  determined I   •-".'_
,|1 ,|-| ;,, -.-.-in•• the -ti|,|",,rt ,-i u iiiui ..        -,„,.
Scientific Hmcrkati.   :
A tiiin.l-M-i'-lv l.limir.-ili-S n-i-.'Uli-.    l.nn/09. i-lr*       t
ilntl.,,1 ul mir ■ti-lnitiuo li.urnnl,   'I i i-n--'. I ] it
  : «
irmritba $1   .-i-l.|i,y„llii.'.v:.ii.-,.l,"'.j.      t   ,|     \\r    M .\STK1|S( )N,        1-1-rjri    t1     AN
I   V  Pa ii: in.n-,,1 ....    Un,if Vnil/ '        * \*i?
i       Ymir, B. C,
N & Co.:ie,3'oad-av New      It..
imOffle*.atl si. WMhiBiien, UO.       *♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦•>♦*♦*♦•■
♦ tt <•♦*>»*-»•-*.¥
If =3 +——■
i «
American an£ B.  Q.  Hydraulic j\W  Hi siness GUipE
Placer Company Ltd.
;■:. VV. Widdoiysoti.
IIHOKEJtAUIS   AM,   IN-1,it',', I..
I'l-lfl   ,J. tilen/i-r.
I '
'    John I'liilbert.
. nil,     UPOptl    A N11    pKNT-i   I, KM-III*.
Capital $50,0110 in 500,000 Shares of ten pent* each    n. ca-iipbei...
Iie.-lii isny -Jobbing Co
!■THJil'I'L-ll.'..    I,I;A •.Ill:
The Company js now* [ircpiiring   1,.   uoij;   tl.e  (Jnl|l        William Clark.
Uredyo, Black JSuiul an-jl Xnggcl placer leases at   [-fall        ,, ,,     . ,*.
(Siding* ii.itl in it.'ili'i' in purchase t||e net (issarv  lnacliiti3        ht'sUii-iiiy ju(*bipgOo
pry, the promoters have sel aside a   limited number id'
shares Im- immediate .-ale
M. TAIT. ■■■   lil'DI'V
Wo    i.urv    the    leading    hi'ands     iin|iatTe.t(      Lifjuni',-;
.•md  Cigars,  Stout,   Al.'.    Brandy   ami   Wine
The -luu'cs ;irt- fiillv uaidauil iimii assessable.
Si   11. Si'KllI )*.
■n.-l i.l.-.
{\i,-u,op,ilit.-iii—Join, Bl'utlll.
MrLeoil Ili.u.-e— I-'ijiluv .Mej.e.i,!.
Miller (-louse—-S Tiiiili*;-.
.... , , 1 .,, ,   . I'llll'.le- |:;il   .,;   RUl'llll".
I lie ( iniipauv .-. grotinil averages t>0 cents   per   cubin        Yuncoi'ver—Owlii (inyiir.
\aiil on (he suriitee, oyer 240 tteres. ' Waldo.f-qeorgeColumn,
Vmir—4. \V. .Mu-ii-i-.-nu.
I'nlil bcil rock is reach, il jlit'.-i'   filiares   can    l.e   ob-        i-uns   t|iM.p»p   -m*   hhmmii
tained'at a bargain,
Vlcaiiw'ltile the treasury   -i.uk   c:'(;(i,|:|i<i   sii-nr-i   i
left intact,
• a r-*
VMIR, I , C,
Ccmcarative Cost of Ed*
* 1
Lands and   Works,
I'll-  < ',-jit Per (', ill        J
burn by 1 lov'l.  l.i.,n by people
Ontario -f.S-'l l'l.IT ,, ,,   ,- ,,   ,,
( ipeel ation o    Keserve,
1,'l.el  ll.S.'l St.. i, _
N'-Hcoli.i        'J-*-.*',! 7l.pl ivtQNICP is lioreby given   that   tho
N. I'., iiii-m i, I; ;;u ,"t|i GO.-11 ie-ei-t,iii 'stablislied   in   pur-
!'. K   Island    74.37 '.'*",.i',-'i |suanc««,f tlio provisions of ll Col-
Manitoba 12.70 S/.US umbia and Western Railway Hubsidy
I). Columbia    7>.|n 2L(iO l^'1- Is'-"'-    notices   ,,!'   ivhich    weie
Kraut these ligures it will bu seen, published in the llritish Columbia
hut while in nil other provinces of |Qiizettt' and rluted 7th May, IM',;,
lie- Dominion tho average   proportion
.■)' . I.
nl' education ho.'no hv   ti,
hereby cancelled,
Crown   lands  situated   within   the
.Mi.-. .Jolin MeLeod
SliM.NS   i,-i-;r(,|iii,;i;
l-riet   J.   (ill-il/.er.
|'lt IN'I'l **,-('.
Ih-mlil publishing Co.
ci 11loxKity.
I). runipbell.
S.  II.  Seillley .
Harclinw it Wilson.
Jackson & {.e.iliy.
AJex. (liliiie.
William Clark.
II Aiaiw.Mii:
I'  S. 'I'. Koss,
'J'OUApi ,U-T
Milt s Mplnnls
MRS.   J.   McLE0D
I'tist   Office   Stt.i'c        V.mii,'.
-—-— s
3      lIKAjiiil'AltTKIl-S   JQ\\    .\|IN|NI-i    AllIN A'".'p    TH!-       S
•                          'j'RAY-EWNfj PUBI40. J
:                     s
Xe.v-v ..ir;iished throughout.    Bapiplp rpopis ip ppppcotini
•     Rates §1.50 tu $3.50 per day.
I'IX LAV    Ale I. KOI),  Proprietor v
************************** *.****4**4***4*44*-**,*40
r<  ♦
* pipjisp forwaril Tiik Yum; Hkh.u.ii ft;;' .     ..... month   *
*  tn
lid aplui')Wled,gp reX'ejpt gf .-iiehisod 1?.
<> Tnp IIkiiai.u is published  cyp'-y SutH|'d"*y nipr.iing aiid   *.
4  i-o!itni;,s  ull   the   news  of lhe. camp, 41
X K !T|.s--l'i-;u Y)-;aii, §2; Half Ykaii, «(, %
pt'ople indirect lasution, is 7'J.I-l pei
• ni   In llritish Columbia   il   h  unlv   won oinbract'd hv .he   said    reserva- , ,  ,.
" 11 iniiM.uni  1.   1-       \                          . |,|-tiim T MANACKI; WANTED
21 (iO per cent,    In view of this   fact  -*1"11 w"> l,e open to  sale,   settlement,
-I must bo readily recognised thai the ll',iw ■*•■■■ "diet disposition, under ihe Porniaiiciil position; rapid advunce-
II C. Uovernment i- only following j provisions uf tho "bind Act," three inent; salary and expenses; full initio example of the other province!*, | nionlhs after lhe dale of the lirst pub. structiolis freo of charge; clean ,1,-
ivhen it seeks   to   make   thi   people  'imtion uf this notice in   .In-   lliiu'sh 'j-j^ijio busiiuws.
in directly intetested nnd  lesounsi   Columbia (hisDlte; provided, however,   ,,..     ,,...,,,,      ,  .,   „,
i, , 1 Iu- -I. I.. .Ni.i,,,N Co.,   I.t -I    11,11,111.1
blc for the upkeep of tl.e schools. ,!'i:" ". all cases wheri lands   nn-   -,,
_^       _                   -u',1. 11, -, mpted, It-uMil or   otherivisc (Mention this paper.)
The verdict of the North set  ,-     ^i""""'" bv the Covernnient and -...-	
mission translates as follows,    "\V|,ilehubs '"tly found, upon the   survey TXXS   Q,UEElSr
i,„ to.pedo boats   were   present,   t|l0 "f'''e Columbia and   Western   1,'a,I OIC3-A.K,   STOEE.
court feels   thut    llojestvcmsky   H.,.s «»y "-'"'"pauy's blocks, then the   per-
only doing his duty   in   shooting   at  Hctpiirinfl such   lands   shall   ,-„■ ClffflM
•I'lue their   till,-   thereto   from   the
lluiltvny Cunipany who  hue  ngrced I M I'd IITKI1    inii    I >< > M KsTIC
.    , . , ,       ,   .        .!'" 'leal  "ith   such   purchasers    nie-
A tltit'c-sisii-i'iiili- null    1 limn    of ■
, . , emptors, lessees, etc,   0,1   the   same    -i*   1 >-      *;      - •
five pounds average  weight  per  foot , ,. . I OD&CCOS, Confe ClIontTV
, ' terms und conditions us th.-   Goyeru-
1- uuninnteoil  to   I• ■ • ■• 1    i'.h   pound-.,
.   ,    , , nieni uiuild under the   provisions   uf
nud sunn- ot t In- lu-t Ier unities    un   1 ,     ,,
.,,.',     , Hu- "l.u.i.l Act,   except in respect    1,,
'.'nn pound-.     A  -inch i-htiii    thut 1   .   .        . ' '
.        . ,.       Uiniiei"   lands   un     the    (' panys       \t 11 t-'-,  \t   1 v v t<     1.
Mfighs tiuitu ten 1 el-I,,   th,-   foot  , 1    ,       ,., ' All WW) MclNKI.S,    P
.,, ,    , ' 1 block",  ul,till -hull he sill,,,-,- 10
nill hold-.'-1,000 pounds, and 1.   chain .,. ,  — —,
,,„,,,, 1 rcgulat.ui.s issued   l.v    the   Complin*,
Mill. Iml:-  ot niie   mid   tlirce-iituiili-rs,     ,.,, , , " , \*        •       , .•■ •
.,,.,,, 1    ' relative to lho c ng ol    limber   on ) 111 I '  <   I   IZt'llS
llicl.es will weigh II   puuiul-    In    tlio  ,,    ,, ,     . . .   ...    , ,,  .,
,     ,,, , I Uu" l iiluinh.a nnd   \\ e-ti-i 11    Hmlil'iiy
llioso lluil were nol there.'
and Fruits,
FlMll  Ulltl « ill support  the ".lent    -tlliil
,-t 71,fl00 pnunds,    The   (lnesl   griule
made of litis   luttoi    «ize.|   ,-l, du   1
.und (llinii.
W  .- (,'(ilt|-:
guaranteed to hold 00,000 pound.. ''.'|,"1''    ',' !'"M ''   "'     UwU   UMTTIIL'JiKllAV IX KACII .MuNTll.
1 ill  \\ork«     Lands   .md   Wi.i-ks   |J.
M p.II Inielll,
The term "luniiel" 1- used in   nun j '    \i,.,,„l,1| ,. ,•   _,:l|,|i {:rUx  ,,„,,*,
ilrj ill ipiili' .1 dill'e.ei.l  -e.i-e   lo     lh.it	
used by the   railway   engineer,      111
1 nl.. ,iv engineering .1 1 unncl i- a hot
izunlul opening ihrough rock  01    inn*
let ini in place, both ends of « hiuh are
open to daylight.    An adit in mining . ' •' "..'r''."  i"
j- 11 t,-iin thai should he coniincd to 11
IMeelH  [ruin every  inoriiini
I'lM M   Ml l.i;.,,,.  I'i,-,d. nl.
IlKV. II   Yui m., Secretary,
A   II. Pi iiiu,,111 ii, Tn 11-.
GRAND CENTRA!. HOTELlCIark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Couithouse  nnd   new   Post Undertaker   und   J-'ui-uitu .-     Denim
olliee,   Best 25i meal   in   town.-     Muil orders prouiptiy attended to
Kur.ii.eun and American plan. I ri,...,, -i,,.„,.,.., ,.
' ■ 1 ■ "'. •■' • !I't-l-li 1 -in
Only   white    labor    employed.
First ,-lnss bur
w—wwiwi ■ ii 1 ■— 11 .1*. 1 im i aaawaaaaai
Hotel . . .   ,
(Under entirely new manageniimt,)
Dining  Lioom   anil   Bn
supplied   wi'li    the   l.e-;!
in ihe market,
l'l |'S|    .'111.iH   Jlillillo'   ll.UIll
Hest   Inn in Is   of \\'i
Uqu»l'ti and C'igars.
OWl-;S'   IIOVI'K,  pi-op.
liighl   opposite  depot,   Vntir
JOHN   Plil-.AI',   Prop.
;Scci)lli| .\\c
Tni;. in si' mt wi, op uomkk'I'ic
The  Kootenpy   Standard
and  Juaniia.
11 l\,  I'M Tl   lllll,   .11
"/.   C.   Thelin & Co.  "_
Nelson. II. ('.
di lit or letei mi 11   vein   H hi'-h   -1.111
exeepl Siuiduy, liir  froiglil SAM Mil.l.i-ii;, Prop,
and pn.sHenjjers   I'or   Vmir ' ♦ ♦♦♦4.++4.4+4+*444-j+.+>4f+>t
null,   ny special ordei'H on  Meitthptartei's for Mining Men  j •
ni sin I'uee und follows il   lo ie.       This
j. noi really 11 mining tunnel, although
commonly so called,    A mining .tun-j
nel, of course, i- usually only open   to
ilayllght al one end,   but   it   diUers
from an adit by tho  fuel   that   it   i-
di Iven through country ruuk and   nol
on the void.      " "'   have   seun   some,
triticisnis nn the u-e of tho term "tun
hoi" iu   ..lining   operations,   but   ivo
think it i- u perfectly 1 toper term   if
nppliod only to drifts "tartod   al day-1
li^h.   und   tlriien   through   country
l-oi-l,, either for  tho    purpose   of   ex   j
plol-ation or   I',..-  tlrniniigfl   purposes. ,
,.,,,      Sundays, < lr lor Vmir inine.
ALEX. ODDIE    Proi-
liar supplied   with  best brands of  4
wines, liijuors nnd cigars,
X   MILL WOOD.   ;:
I'.isT A\ KM If,
Ymih, Ii.   C
111   lhe i-iilli-e o|'    the    nevl     I'etl
weeks, I intend transfering my
Assay Olliee lo Nelson   H,   C.
Wishing tile A I.L business
accounts before leaving Ymir,
I sliuuld he obliged, it' every
.uu- whoso naiiio i- 011 my • ooks
in,uld  cull  and   settle   theirs,
I Iclivered any
place in inwii.
Headquarter"; for ninlng
and Commercial Men
Musi 1 olnfortablo hotel jn the  d -
ti iet.    Everything first-class.
YMIR, B, (',
l-'IM-'.sii   VXD SAJ.TKD MB \ l>
Wholosaleond llutail
Mail orders receive protupi   utteiiti
JOHN  i.'lll.l'.KI.'T,  Prop.
ve LenRths      |
Ymir Transfer Co.
JACKSON .v* l.KAiiy, p.,,,,.
Kootenay Coffee Co.it gw
.                it il
J Per Cart Load.     V        Teaming and
Wholesale and roln.il dealer-          I i'             .-
in i.'„-i ted            I X         Express ....
High  .Grade .ColTeesIt ?      All   orders   promptly  attended <„
1X Lumber ( o. Ltd.   i ,„,i,i     , ,         , ,
j i-ni.     t anu the greatest care exercised in thi
NI-.I.son. ii.c.              1 I■■H>+*frf+.H*T'+*H»*HtHlMIt 111'andling ot gootli


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