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The Ymir Herald 1905-09-30

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Vol. 4—No. 20.
Y.MIR, 15. ('.. SATURDAY, sl'.IT.. UO, 1905.
I'liK'i-: Im*, i: ( 'exts,
•   lAAl        TCMC Ymir lire Brigade.       J"*****" "  ■•-;         Hunter   V.  Mine.
'.'.,, -.,., ,.,,„..„„,.,,._: 0"  Ll.m-.sday mghl   Ins,   „   ,,,,1,,,, ,i H^IHIU   1 *. C W __.   j            ,,m,(;()M   showing.
,.,   ,      ,      ,. meeting was called  by   the   Citizen's                               "   '•    '•                             	
Oliver N elhored, a director ot    tin- .        •  ..                    . ,'      , M,.<^,      I   ,„ .   until      it. ,,               .
,   ,   .       , Association to consider the re-organi- --lessis, i.owe, .iJaitiand aud   Law- Encouraging  reports   continue   to                    .
i m.r Gold Mines Ltd , » on Ins   «-.vy }!Ution of |t VoIuntoer n,.a b,.iafl(J(s ar:,, runco are wo,kl,.« o„ a   lease   oft from tl.e Hunter V.   mine   nnd   P0.^ °» tl,w lew>*
« i,I,'inn. out slightly     I n '*■' .  7 "i-i
.is indicated by Air, Hand's -,-,,.   ,,,..
siderahlo improvemeul ha- sitiee
iii.-i mil l'i I'"..I nf ■- i 2 ... ■  is now   -
i.i visit the Vinir
Joe Leahy is sporting a crutch William Coffey who hus l.-f. Ymir,
these days. Ho twisted his knee iu I Theie was a fair attendance of pro-
jumping ofl n sidewalk. perty owners and Miles Mcjnnis   was
Win, Coffev is '.gain handling tho etected '" ,"!' M cl'iaf' wi'h 'To1'"
razor and brush, and is located in the '>llilbm •'"", Charles Archibald as
rising tonn of Edmonton. [assistant cheif.    A resolution wns al-
so passed lo the effect that    the    new
the election of a new chief ip plat f| Cliff claim near   llie   Second   Relief there is but little doubs ih it the Hall
mine.   They have two   feci   of   ore Mines Smelting Co., is nuking   large
averaging $'20 ~nnd   have   made   ar profits on its lease   of   the   property.
rangemetits   wjth   Mr.     Ilarnhardt, Th e body now shows  better   del!
manager of the Second    Relief   inine, r.ition, and tho high.'.- gr.i 1 • uf ore   is
to havo the oro milled al  the   Second being mined anil shipped at the   rate
Relief mill. of 1000 tons pot-nnnth.     It   is    re-
Tho Rev,   W. O.   Koss   wrii
i ies of ore were only a*, iii ib      -tin •
ilu- first of the   present    in in   i   a-i i
consequently tho August rati
abuut the same as during tho previous
months of tho present   yoat,   running
al out 3.9000 in ail.
The Wilcox mine started  up last P°rted.tl,at *°" f the ore now   be Wedding   Bells;
1    chief should go uruuud the town   and   Monday under Stephen tlywator,   !!,,, ing shipped shows  free   gold,   whilst
will be here to commence   his  duties , i.   ,*, .,i„
. ask suitable men to sign an agreemen,
ut. the Presbytonan cburcli next Sun-   ,  .,   „„ , ,        ..",,*,
■> i to act as members of tbo brigade, the
quidntorof   tho   Bfoken   Hill   Co. (lu,lnt'*■■■■» _oi   it   containing galena,
b'rascr   Nickcruian.
'he null i- now running on ore   ship- «~V -l'l'"'' ''»"' ™Jy   «>_,    cat,    be , ^ ^ P| ^^ (, ^
j agreement to read as  follows:     "We ped to it by tl.e lessees of the Arizona socn ln ' !a,%    "'''   c'1"'   s,"PPei1 Luble of Ymir, was miirriml to   Mill A. MeLeod  accompanied by the  the undersigned hereby agree   to   be   mine nnd f-oin the appearance of   t|le this week aro   probably   the   richest              V-ker'ai 1    dt*'
Misses MeLeod is oil   on   a   trip   to  come members of tho Ymir Volunteer plates already, a big clean up may  be evei' "'',lt ""' fl'"m ''"' '"'"'''    L)u,il's (leorm Col nan of the W Id   f H tel
Portland and the   New   Westminster   Fire Brigrade, and in   that capacity,  expected.    After the ii. -i   parcel   of fia pcevious weeks   tin   returns   n,-e k'niir on Monday afternoon last  Tl-
fairs.                                                        io attend practices whenever'possible,'j Arizona   oro   has    been   milled,   the stti(l t0 ,mve   !,l,own   :l"   ;IV|'''^"'   of   mnn-iage hok place at   the  i*e*inW
A new trail is   to   be   built   ove.   tQ ob^' tlle ol',Je-,"! of tl,e «■•■** '0I'   of lessees of the    Pilot   intend   sending t,,!rt3' ou,,um (,£ si|v'e'' aml *° ln «old' L t|1B ]|av  Mr Ferguson the minis-
Jubilee Mountain   and   will connect his "*■•<■'"■'*■ md   ">   wort   during down about 100 tons, by which   time but t; re ll'"" "'"IV '' ll ''"   b*>'    ""„,,„'   t|ie   Presbyterian' church    -
tho Central   Star   and   New   York  fire ondw tl,eir 0,'del'1-> to lh» '•*••   of it is expected that a goodly supply of means so no1 W'-'""   <■■   tlut   Nel30„ ftnd t|10 |)appy   ,.„,,,.,,.   ,, ..
Central grou„s with, he town. <■".-• ability." ore from the Wilcox it,elf  w.ll   have shipped during the present week tho t|.aill to Robson on rouUi   to   tl
The Rev H. Young formerly Pres
bvterian minister in   Yniir,   has   n.c
been de
Wood is now   h.'iu
it   for   tl
Miti'hell Tait, the local inspector of
Ige: ♦
ItlS   _ I    .
,   . .,,,,, , completed his present job at Salmo.
I,-ire tn tliank all    tlioso   who   eon- I
Lributed to the programme,  provided      The beautiful (in   small quantities IX sPacc indicates,   that J '1 more undergroun
Mowers and decorations,   or   In   any m,13') -,"'*)w "*afie its  first  appearance  tyoill'subscription 18 in    111'-*' °*)ei'ation3 wi" '"
wav assisted  in   making   the   enter- ! "I tl"' -v,'i'1- *"*   tl10   mountain   tops,   X * ',',. 	
winter, nn indication thai    an   oflfort
Now   Wiistminsteu   Pair   the   i uie
1 oveiiing,
"■pied a cull to a church at Glasgow, I,oads and h'»ils. I'*w instructions from   +•+*+*+****************** *   Us(. winte|. *.■,'„ ''."',,' ,,    .,|Mj_ion 'jf I    Tlui U[-h *••"■•''•"-''•'■*. l'"";"'-   "I'
ibout-30 miles   from    bis   ho, lf/Gold .Commissioner Renwick to   pro-| NOTICE. J the property rendered   il   somewhat r™ "" S8t the ",ost popular y°llM;
lllakenay, Out, l'''(''' '''i1'1 tll(- rebuilding of the bridge  _ 	
-i-i    iv      . ,,    „    , on Second Avenue, as soon as he   has  _       i    , i     t    -
I he ladies of ihe Presbyterian  Aid | , ,.: ..,..,, 4     A C'l'O.SS llKll'ketl    in    tlii.-
x the property rendered   u   somewhal ,   .
,,,.,., .    ,,       ,       , iieunle iu tlm luwn, suniiig   rutin i    tl
,    diihcult to operate  economically,   but1 . ,   .   .      ,
...       , .     • surprise upon their trioiuls in    Ymii
■ J   il- III - oiiari y svstetn I-    b-ing    alian-       , ,
J,!,      iii' , , nim  anticipated the event, and   been
tiiiumeut last Monday a success
Hying to gei ihe exact dale, in   ur h i
j that, a proper send-off might be 'gi •
ih,'in.    Sjus wore nol « intiug tu
,.,.,       ,,..,, -» , « i few of tho initiated, but the   sviSniug
last l humility.      A   slight      unv   ot  * rear ,-uii    wa wmilil   lu>  o-liirl ...   ,,.   „  P,...| ..
.. 8.    ,   •       ?'*-'»"•«" «( wouiu ui  giaii      Anolher Strike   on the   uf tho departure w_« not- i..,.i..■■'
.,   , , isnow generally accompanies the euu-  » ,
lr.   Mecklenburg, eye>spec:nlist, .,   .    , , , .      ,     \*,..i.   ..    ,■ -,- ., Vmii-
, ....    . .,,   ,        '    ,     , nox iu Soptcmber,  althougn  October XtO Ileal'   Inun   VOU    it    VOU Ymir.
t Winnipeg, wilt   be at   the  Drug   • ,,      ,. , ♦ * <
_.   ,     ,,     , °   is generally a fine month. T *
Sinre, Ymir,  Monday and   luesday
October 2nd and   3rd,   and   at   the      Your eyas thoroughly examined by
Hume Hotel, .Nelson, October   4-S,| Dl'* -Mecklenburg, the celebrated  audi ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.
1905.    Ryes  examined   and    tested  si,cf*-on year-experienced eye*speclalist 	
and fitted with glasses.    Squint, cross   Adder of four Diplomas   from   Char-1      Provincial     Finances.      I record the discovery of line new shoots conducl .„ Ids olffce to say tin t  iri-
eyes, short sight, fur sight,   irregular   tered Institutions, wlio guarantees  to        ,   of ore in the 000 and 700 foot   le/els 'IM aoen ltiM lowdism and fewer   p.is
sight, etc., scientifically tested,     No fit -ou w|th p„iper „\Mse_   ,*-,„.   ,„      '.'he one thing which   the   present   m t|,e Ymir mine, discoveries   which lice curt ca-ses during his term hen
,,,,.,.,,,, ,       .     Pn»v"-«»l administration was pledged   in themselves go far towards   putting th,vn ove1, bl,f '      Misi   ^i-eruuxu
 """""'     '"'"""""f f| , and to which it made «p its  mind,  t,l(. Yl„, ,,„„„   ;„„,;       forJ has I „ in Vmir for       las,   f	
1 iiied, and the   i\ irk    i-   done  now i
I, il   i-    hoped    that { [
(■'ill tilllli.'ls.
Constable l-'raser has'lifeii Btfttirai
;'wish to have it continued. I Now Vein Discovered on the erl in Ymir about  eigh n months,
','.■ ,. and during that period   b..s   fulfilled
* Mll-fil,1,'. , •    t .- i   -   t,
in-uiih,•-. witli    Timirahlt!   juilginelil
A couple of week, ago we   had   to  nnd discretion,    ft'is a tribute to the
record the discoverv of line new shoots
c'„'ss work, no dangerous mul costly
ii iswkes. Safe, reliable, and satjsfac-
;• * guaiaiitied. Hearing appliances
nnd artificial eyes fitted.
Ymir has been suffering lately from
ihe over affection of certain  members
yourself.    At the Drug Store,   Ymir,   wag to place llie finances of the  i„    -,        •      ,       , , ■,,,■• ,,..i     „,   ,,..„,,  ,   ,
i » «*■ »■■•:   I-        prominent position among tin-   mines  >*a,s anu is uitnout ipiestiou 11"     i
Mniidnv and  Tuesday   October    2nd   Ince upon a sound basis.    To do   this : ()f ,||(, pl.oV1-llce,    -|-|lis „lV|( a •?„,.,],,.,. | the mo«l popular yot n ' radies of   the
, and 3rd,     At the llimie Hotel,     Ne]
... October 4—8, 1908.
It was necessary to resort to  unpopu- discovery  h.is been made which   utill town,    Her   meriy   disposition   and
lar measures, which involved the   in-  ,,„„,, enchttncM ,|„, valuo of the mine,   « ' '",l"1' have iniule all the towns.
..;,,.         .,                         croaso of taxation, tho cutting   down Lnc| pmmimi ib _, muoh   i,,,,,,,.   |ifu. people her friends and   (liere   i-   um
of the skunk family who   have   been      bpeclal days  have   bee,, arranged   of appropriation., the exercise of var- : r,|(. ',.in  lheexistence of which   has   one who wi train from wi,hi..g th*>
uonstant   visitors,   and   have   made   by Manager Hobt.   It.   Cosgrove   of iocs economies and   tl.e   creation of been indicatefJ ,,, „,,. ,,,.,, floa| (mni}  young, le nve.y Joy and happi	
ihe.rpresei.ee forcibly  and   odcnfei-  tlie Spokane Intenfete f,,,',-  f0r   each  new sources of revenue.   The,',- have  llbovB ll|e nmin vrfn „,„,   w||ich   ,lils in their new con.li'i.m  of  life.     IT.c
i.uslv present.    One BtiomptKI to en* I  f t|)(, wna d          MonJ      ()(.||i|)ei   been two fiscal yearn  for   which   the \         , s„ ,.|,MW, „,„', ,„,,.,.,.„,. „,   ,,„. Herald Joins in the glad acclaim   and
ter the editors back kitchen the other I        mmCinh (ky      m   ^ present Minister of Finance is respon , ,„,,,,, I|IIS al   ,,,„„,   ,„„„,   ,„„   lr, wishes them long life and   prosperity
day, and although Its   entrance   was
■-.-,■   I will ami..™ for a i   ■,-,-   ,    i„    -,     i"",''''   '''"' '""''' '","UVI"' " "'"""   8U''-I earth, and last week was filially   uiw I conpleil with continued happine-
'—"'• " "a-no, interfered with   „., ar.ange fo, a b.g para-lo in   cos- 1,^    .,* ., „„„, W,)I|(|   ,1,,,,,. :,.„,„,.,„,„„ „ ,,„,.      n_\.m7     It Is ex, ted that tl.e   bride   and
the   leas,   and   departed   peaceably!   tun,  the grounds!,, the evening.   U, yoal. ,„, July Is, last, was expect- L fu„   _htmt t,„t ,lml M      h   n_Lr  will return from their   I,	
'"l,ot",""1':.'"1 '  W""M   ' '   '"'I    Txwlny, October    U0,   h   ll. it ish ed also to reveal as surplus,   but Ltul.n8 „ t0 Vft,ue   M._   ,tl   ,„.,.„,„„„.„, i„ al,.,,,. , ,.,-k-,    m   ilm
 Vln1 "'     ur     "ve      lmve Columbia day.    A big excursion with   until the accounts  for   the   year   in j ,tvin.iJifcb!_),   from   all   appearances   it errors of omission on the part of their
'been killed'right in town,   but    have!     ... ,.,.._,,, ,. .       ,       question were closed it  Was   impossi*     ,     ,, ,    .„. .-,.: l ,,i,; i, .,,,,.„,i,„i   ,i,.i,   ,>,„,,,.
■ i should prove a good mil ing ore. ni,i,'i- «ni. n artenueu   tnon   uepar*
ble to 8uo bow tbe account stood.        I ...       ,   .
Attheprese.il   time,  although   all       The discovery was made by miners M-ure. will "-urely UO properly  ii*utilie.l
the expenditures have nol been   fully   who  have   been   prospeoting   foi  it Tlioy intend taking ip their residence,
in their dying moments  mannged   to
ii leak a full and  complete   vengcuue
a hlligh* fare for the roun,I trip collies
frum the north (he niglt before.
upon iheir slayers
A very successful concert ami
Bn"   accounted for, so an lu give all   exact   for some time, and is near   lho  Ifttlo j 'n t,';,'fl clwellin(t formerly occupied   by
i-i Si'i'iliiv, the   eighth aiinivel'-1 tortultiment wa« given by tho Piesl.y-.j statement, it is highly satisfactory to c,-eck wlilch runs down to the board-l'*-' " Atkinson.
Hotel Arn wil
ing house.    Nel- Nattstead who   has
been working   the   New   York   and '
-'.v      the   I'le-hy, h„,,'„    ,„i(e,.iil,,...,i,iesA,d,as,   ,, lay.       I-   |K^^^
Ymir, wajrcblebrntc1 and   the   Rev. "P"6 "'tllB wet -Veathoi thero was  a  ceeded tl ntinut.es by a considerable
considerable attendance nnd  a   *>*ery I nrtiutit.l, tlue tu the inri'Stu-orj  revenue I Huffalo c'ninis on the   other   tide of
„     , .   from land and timber    The estimates thi i creek, claims that it is the   samel    WauIioiu II-,ii;.
:;;j"';"" ^ 7- ^;d]on ««*_._.b,_.■,. ..i,,..,.. ofveinwllic ,,,,,,,,!„,„„, K.w.„. i,»,.	
i-Iiiipi.Ii      I, ,i„s ,. , , 1.1 i.l,,. i    ,,,    |snr    I be Mts-.es I .irnsv, l.lnrk    ami    Vera   I'lUlince   bale   tiloii-,1 let y   accurate,     ,  ■ 11 ,
•nun 11,     It uns f,i,ti.i|isii.  1    111    i^ji 1 ■• ....        .1 eliiuii", wneie    he    has    ...leiiu-red    a        ,,   , ,,
1 .. ,     1     , , -, „,  1       1 „ 1 ; 1   the receipts from tins source amount ■ M> l.t«>i, 11•>■ i.i..
when iervlcus wero Hrst held iu a log  M<-J„oti   tontrioutea    iuio»,     lVhl_ '  ing to CtWO.000,   while  tlie estimate  *vidtl' "f   twenty-two   feet assaying k, Wj-neux   Ne|„0|1
"ihin near the Windsor hotol,   whioh i 'Vl'"' *'''''.v """'''   '"ri"'.*i-iiLr..*'l,    while \wa_ DHJ5O-000* about $7'per ton.   The existence  of   •■. ti ?,,.
Mr, MoColl   .i.*.'  -.„.„•   interesting
|,iiiiieiihi.s ,,f the eni lv history uf the
i it' i     -i-i      <•   ,i.' i i the \ i,-ies . u  en   i in       \   ss   .Ies-e       Allhn.igh there will be a   fur   (Ur-
has s ico  Iisaipearnd,      he   fa t ful  "" -wisses .i.im..   aim    -«nss   .h.su ,
11 iii ,f pills tais year, an stateo,  it  ihUst  be
afterwards.assembled on Sundays   iu  Mclxwl  were  responsible   for   Rome ,.emembel.d that tl.e OhlneSe per cap-
i|„- dinlna room of o. t  the   hotels l pleasant     Instrumental      interludes. I in. tax, #llicli produced over *_50,000
1'  II   llernev:
this vein above tin*   present   worked   ,, ,, ,, ,,     ,     ,
, ' | II. (,, drove,  I! ,-iiun I:
vein of tho  i inn- iiiine has bent    sits, i,,    ,    ,, ,.
i C A. (.arniiii.   i alieuuiei
pi'ctcd for  many   vent's,   nnd   efforts I
will now disappear, a.:.! the new  As-   lmvo l"''h mftdo l" 1"CnUl il u>' &<»»' I    CobmoPolitax lb,u.i.
t     *ill    prubtlblv    ledtlee
•iii- from the upper levels   and  more , Ralph Hilliguss, Rosslandi
recently by a r-uw tunnel  above   tho | J. Popini Cranbrookj
,. ,,,    .   | ,•,,.* .1* i W  II   Ill'll'  UlBll
.md siibs-qnenily iu  Mr    lincohiud's\^*»- ™™°  contributed   a   reading   psM1|1.nl A(
^i,,l(.      '|'|1(.   pretciit   church     was\trom tl.e immoi'tal  "Mrs.    Wiggs   of  .axatimrby considerableamounti The
,   .   . , , ,     ,i,„ i',i,i,,,„, it,i,-i,'' i il,,. it,.-,- Mr   revenue last fiscal vent' was close upon ,,i,i ,.,„•„ ,,*   .   ,, ,,
built in im and is free   from   debt,  the Cabbage Patch   and th.  in .. Hi.       ,l0(MJIJ„< lj|„ H|-|t.MS Ul„,0 is Ull'.x. j"1'1j; »■ ff      Ilili,,..-, .\l„„,e„,,„l,-,
The first parson was Mr,   Coburn,   » MdCill tlia.le a  shofl   spedcll.      1 l»o  ceptiD,ia| wave of prosperity the gov-      ",{l *'' "* "'"' now ■■"•■•»■■'•"■<- ; •"■ MoB__n, Selson
I last item on the program was tlle /lis-  ernmHit cannot hope to maintain  n in the low.-.   ■ "Is.    Manager    Hand  Chas Billings, NVthporii
I that levelj but rvt-n  if it   wale pos- some v cabled   the   London   P. McDonald, Northport!
sible, and while it itlay nut materially ollie.' a   foil. "bevel No, 9 (west) j                 	
diminish, there ..re large responsil.ili".:,,,  ,,          ,, f vein five feet,   value       ...      „~        .      T
ties in the way of public works of ono I I'ltiS lifiz&Uii Si_nal*i
kind and another, oepfl.lally  in   thej' ' ,,,! ' " '■'"  '" ' ''
s'.udent stationed at Salmo,   n   plant
■'•I.-.' limn Ymir, but in   1807   quite lubltlon of r.fr_iliinniu.
eclipsed by the Ymir boom     ile wus. "*'   " ~
-ineedcd bv.Mr. Shcp|.a.'.l    who   in CIlt'lK'lt   S'OTlC'l*:.
iiiiii wiiH-follevietl by Mr. "are.   Toe   PnrtsllVrliltlAN   1'iirll'III—S U n il ,i v   ncMel' milling districts, whiell   eatnioti
,,     ,,   .  .,,    ,,, ,,,   .   „,   be evaded.    It is   satisfactory)   how.|
Unv, Mr. Youiig 81, A. was ll.e  nexl   School nnd    Ihb.-'   (.h,,s,    Ml   _, m   ^^ t0 kl)ow t|,at  the   leeeipts   are
tiiinlster nnd held tho pilsition for six  _i-t'nlii*J service, 7 :ftO.     i'olHi.Peo-  being well kept up so far)   and   th.
..I          •                       .  ■   ;   ,   -_   . , ,   ,i. hi.iil.iv ,-ii..ii.... even with decreased soUretis of   re'
• •■.us which constitutes   a  record In pies Society i tsoMIH'J-0  'v"""" | mi(. „„,„, h „„,,,„.,„„,. „r   ,„,,,,...
'he I'lmlvytety for the eastcin   pull  at 8 o'dldcR-.    -Ml ai'd weloomu.    llevIn({din to the e.-a of defifits --Viclo   .
uf -I'ltlsh-Columbia. i W   <•■ H"*1 V-»*°» ICoiotii.t.
■sposed for 80 feel
i pay   streak   elghl VDro chief Coffey has prepared   tin
■ ussier   showing ul,D*vinK **iB"ids for handling the lii.'
improvement.' 'll'"""   s"""'■'  ''"";"u   """U|J   ""
-  uas   ,,,nlini.ed
One st..,!;." (pause) two strokes (pausi |
three strokes, means a call for help i.
nilinlaihingiU  handle tho   huso   when   drying   nml
•'    wesl    and    reeling it up after use
i M—BMW—■
THI: YMIR HERALDj""wpp,,«sl^w,"',e u" "!l""'jYJJII!   BUSINESS  G0IDE
_________________________   more rejcont di-covnics will upiloubt- j 	
.l,od iv.,,  satu.       jiiil mailed  loan     '"ll>'-"'« '»' J**»H   from The    Ar   '
lington miii,. has re-jnves nf oro frun
-i hich ii: jiini.-r    -!ii|'in.'iiis   -.\ ill   ;,
. Illre... 01 lo] ..-i- 1 i.\ ...;ri lur in toil n
-ii!...*r.[ l-   ;,-   -.' .i | ■ r   :.:.;. mi.   pajal-l.-it.
A.-.- MIX,...
V.  W . Wi.l.lniVM.n.
Ill , '*.,!  I.'.l/.l.    AX,'.     IS,-   II l.S.   ■.
The Kind You Would Like
i.atle, far i ; it-he.    11.an    ni.v    -!
' ... rii-lni! mi.... ll .Vi I, r uiuli  |.*r in. ml,  '
1'Jll.   Ill i:a: i,   -..I.   In    :,.. i    I; .;:.    hi]
r. ii i,: ■
hither;.., mid will  •■ml-.- ,•:   , i.l    t'..- ;     •'' '"i i'l'ilbi-rt.
itself,     It h is already cotnineneed   it.*
nil)    i-   ax;.   .,jxi.   ., i,m,ii;x.v ,
- .. . -.-* In tin   .   ■.. ■•    r   lull ol  ..I.- I'   ' lllll i    I-1 .
..   .     .,,.. I.li.lel.ij- air,'   ttiil  ill   llii     )',•■ ':,',. ," ! ll -i'.i   -.. \   ,!, ,i ri ,i n_- I  ,,.
. . -,-■ ..   • i.i.-ii..*     '   • i-r.     J  .iyl| - . i  . ***''*T t'icul up,
i, thi [.-■ ml ■■ - ai -in, im.. i..-i ■•■
These are imli 'iitiun.s of   i.i ,
l-l !.. l*„l.l<  Ill   : ....
In. Cum I . Dm.' mi I  I; . .',
. i i.niit'i.i:   iikai . i:
ivhich Ciiiiuol h.' ,,vi.iluoked, iii.il   on,'     William Clark.
. loe* not need to lie an optimist t. ■   L '.-i-"i i.iiii-
ii i I1   ' aniphell
able to prophecy a    s**W   "iiiter   f.i**      Ui*sliii*..j Jobbing (
, the Yinir camp.
Old Settlers Maple  Syrup.
Pure in I-I, !-:' and j .allnii Tin
SATURDAY, SJ?PT, -I I, 1905.
To ■ ,, est i iyo or tin',. •   iv • iks   h i.■■•
|na le a   wonderful   difference   in   llie
piining outlook of tliis camp     A com-
... i  , Cancellation   of   Reserve,
l.inaiioti ot n.istui ti.-ni". nii'i   previous- r ,x '
ly brouglit about a   -:iiii"«h.it   dismal
prospect for the   winter,   l.ut   in   the
; mt discoveries    and   event'    l.a\e
wbollv   ohanged  mnlters.
Coasl District,
(i'<i«>;,op>.liti.u—John U.vnii.
McJ.eod Hon*—J-'iiiri-.v MeLeod.
Miller liuiise—S   Miller.
Jrii..-: -.-- I ait Jc  l-Jll-Jilj .
I'm .-, in er—Owen !!. ; er.
\\ ahI-ni- i; *c Colntiiii,
Vmir—J. \\ .  .Ma-h'.'-'iii.
II .u;ii'.v.\i,K
I'. S. T. Koss.
1  - I Ms-     II i.MMIIX,.      IM)     Mill.,., Hi
Mrs. John MeLeod
I 'I.MS.;   ii;., ,'.i.i,i.i:
.*. lie  is hi-fi-by  ,:..i, -v.- ii„   r.-i.-.i, ■„ |     Perci -J.  Glcay.er.
i,i --• of a few   davn,   certain   impor-   .   ■ ...      ....,., ,*. i-ui,,,..,..! ,„  n... i,   ,-
'.."''     IU. I [full ll Bill  A 'ij'.-'. 11*11.   .*.. rillU    ..
mil   ...-ii.iin.'   I,.,.'k ., di-iiui i *..,•
nil,    - ■ i . iii-h .iiiu ■    thn sl;.-. i, . I;,,,.*  l„.n,,...|,
1.   -.. -    sui nd llu,.-; ■■ ii, i*   :al .-  ..   .
■Most important of nil is th   chaoge     ■*•  "■■ i->»i«i nin-n Umi Umi iionii.n ,i
. •■■ '.'• ll'itl "  nl    I lii ill    l] i-   pullll-ll   .1    i.l
uf conditions at the i mir mine.    Ibis h.   u. i.-. i ■,,■■-,:.■ nml iintui si.ii .'■■ .
,      ■       ,, I*'.'.1   " in-rlnii ii :.. ll nl  i| I'Mi-tiilli _•   .,.-... ii
i, an important event not only for the   „,„ ,,, ,, Ki|;„fll K|,,.. „,„, ,•„.,.,.,, „
town of Ymir, but also for the   whole   ' ■  ■'■"■•-  ■■•■ •- ■■■ -■■-.■.-.: I lym* i,.-.
iivi-i*ii .li .■ Kiuiin. l'iuij'.jii mill n  |i .im  in  t|„,
province of   British Columbia.      Die i< u ■■ '   . . armm n-u miii-s in n  not -tit ■ :..,
. illni'lli ii fl .. . ihn inuir.h .i I,.-iii.ii   llu. r.   uiul
gronp of companies to which the i mir   - ,,- . -. ,:. i„n,i. .i,.r...ii n-ui „  i„ .;1;...
,.,,..*        i . i   -    i      .    ;    ii ,    I      ,, |iri"i'ii.|.tlin. n.il   other  i|ls|iosilii,ii  um).-r  Un-
Gold .Mines Ltd. belongs, is listed   on ,„„.,„•■„.„   , , ,,.,. . „   „__,'_ ...,.
the London Stock Exchange, and has  ■-''■-"■ i-ny »i i*«ii r ..-u: i*rovid.-.i
il ,- ll)i' r.ahi ■■■. ivai - ■   liny  rnilniij   .hull  nm
been a sort of baroni iter of the esti in- '•■ incimM lu any himls -...,...
, ■ w.s.oori:.
ation in   which    British   Columbian u ;..:..   .,,;.,i.. . ,,,.r,,. i.:,,,,|. ,u„i worKs.
.        ,          ,            I.. Lund*, nml Wi rl - Hi imruili : '
mining enterprises have been  held on vi«i..,ia. ii.u.hm a...     mn
iii-  London   market.     Ymii   shares
which at one tiui" commanded a j.i i.-,-
of over £.'5 per 1J1 share,   have   lately
been down as low as ono shilling  per
CltlXI i->...
Herald Publishing Co.
H. Campbell.
Harshaw .v Wilson.
Jackson „ Leahy.
Al. \. Oddie,
Miles  Mcl.i.iis.
i xnKirr.uiK!:.
William Clark,
An  Alias For $1.0(1
him- now been diseovorrd,   and   their
■ihare, equivalent to five cents on   tho       The Great Northern   Railway   has
, , ,i   .   ,i issued an Atlas of 5(1 pages   contaiii-
dollar.     ft was knoun   ihn'*   the   ore      . '.   , ..,'.
ing up-to-date maps   ol   Iowa,    \\ i -.-
reserves wero about played   out,   and  cousin, Minnesota, North  and   South
.1 nly hope for the   property   as   a   ^01',, Montana, Idaho, Waahingtunl
11      J .   llritish   Columbia,    Oregon,    Kansas,!
,i in. in. i ni in ne, was the discovery of   M...,,luji Nebraska,   Wyoming,   Col-
new   ore   botlies.      Theso  ore-bodies   orndo,      Ahuskn,      Hawaii,     Japan,
Philip] inn Islands, . Iliiua, lhe I !|iited
Stales and of the Wurld,
Inagniludn is such thai the life of   lhe       In addition to this, ll.e Atlas   con
mine is assured    for   many   vears   to   t'""-', valuable statistical   information
relative tu the states mimed above,   i-
come, and there   is  everv  reason   lo printed on the very   best   quality  of
believe that  it.   will   go  back   to   its   paper, shows the lines of   the   Ureal
,. .,     ,        .     , um-i     Nurlhern llailivay, and   is   in   every
former dividend-paying basis.    W bile   wiv |( ,im,,.1(,M,i.lilll. u„ll;
tbe result will be immediately felt   in      'Ihi-Atlas will  be   distributed   nt
the Ymir camp, it will havo  a   much   ll'« "ctual cost of production and  will
ii ul to any address   upon    rcceips
wider importance,   and   will  cause  a uf $1.00.    Address, !•'.   |     \Vhitnov
better appreciation  of  the  mines  of   I'nssouger   1'raHie   Manager,     Groat
, N, rib in Railway, St   l*,u.!, Minn,
the l'ruwucc in  tne   mining   market*
of the world, _
The   tluntei    V.  mine   commonly
spoken of as a low grade property, de
pendent for ii-   successful!  operation
ti|iun tlie ih-1111111,1 for its lime (lux   a-
mong the local smelters, will nuw   iu--
quire a  new    ropututiou      Tbe   oro Notice.
now being shipped is   by   no   means       |(||||    (Jnjil,    |{o|..    N| u.    yn)k
low luui,'.    An inspection of the cars    lentrnl,   Mineral   Kono   and   CnnibM
, Km.tinnil Mineral Ulaiins siluatnd   in
iu they go tinough   reveals   consider-   lhl. x.lsou Mining   Dl.Ia
YMIR LODGE No.31 A. !'. a A.
M Meets first Friday in cacli
i     month, Visiting brothers welcomed.
Jons Mi Vn M.. W. M.
Pbbi v •!. Glkaxkr, Seoretary.
i'MIR LODGE No. 3*2 K. ni P. .J.
Meets first and third Monday in!/j.
each   month,      Visiting    brotheis 'fl
5oitl l^y
f). CAMPBEIX,    -
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Share*
. AGENT    I'dll—.—
Mu iia) Life Insurance Company of New York,
Canadian Casulaty—Boiler [nsnrance Co.
London .Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa I'iji' Insurance Company.
S_l2l_*_-''at_|i>_l&2£££&£>£>____'\  »
m sv
ilv _ . * *. ? $-J 5i5. . Si. . Si. 9-?* SiSS3i$5-$*$:*.3i53
MACCABEES,       Meets    sec 1
..n! fourth Tuesday in each month.
I. M. l.i-:,,.., !.. C
!.. UvcKivoirrii, I!   I-i.
(Konsi !•',)
i Vrlilii ale  .t IniproveraenU
ivelco I. i (|V
i 'u un us Am iniiALii, ''.('.   I '.iS
Joim (,' I iem \k, K. II. k s.  ; /.N
 ___. __m_  j   A
I.[.,]. in nml see our   spleiidid   as-
sortmoni of reading matter.
Try our book oxch uigo,
s ivi- doctor bill, i.y letting us  pre-
snih" for your uolds,
A full line nl' drugs and  staliunery
always in -t.i iii
~  y.   -T
y    "^   _?
J:   o
z:  sv
• -   \b
ilon   ,,(   W.si
iiilcna,  "mv cooper,   native   and   Kuoiimn* lilsirmi
"        ' "    >     " vvl"'"' locttdi- im .!iii,-l-"   Munn
. ul.v ailvor, while it is further report-   tain aboui two milrs frum i'mir, »lVt.
i ".     .         iii      i  ,,,   ,i,,,.,-i        I'AKK   NOI'ICK   'iii   I,   l-ri    c.i J. C  ELLIOTT,   Prop     !/*v
n   till   freo gulij lias   bi'i'ii    iib.-i-i M-il.                                              ,.,,,,, '        **!??
'                                           dn-i'ti, anting ns agcut lor A    K    l'i*!- >lc
(Iiiid in   limo   is   somewhal   unusual   its l-'reu Miiu-t's   tJi-rlilh-iitB   No    11  ! _______	
.              81,Dill, Uiul   I     1!     II.    Bum,i    li,,. m
!"t "■''    '■"'    I'*W"1|J    8h,PPe(1    """-   Mi,,.,'- iv, i ,,:-„, ■ N„   ||   M ..,'.,-.    |q /ji
nbutit i^O tn tl.o tun, ill   gold,    whilst j teml. ►Ir.'y .lays from the ilat..   In i. .,1.' Cl?U'k S    I lllll it lilt'    Store  f,?
:i|i|il\ lo tin1 Mining Iticnril. r-for a '»■
> iCt -3
Kpii-imens showing visible gold   would (jDi'liili'iitit ul IniprovuTiiBiits,    (or   Ihol
uf.nurse run   much   higher.      U    is  l';"l" '" • > • l ' ■  :l  r-'^>  «-	
ol Um nliovn .'ii.in-. :l iitlt'itakcr   in.,I    I'tirniturc     Dealer   /'_i
nn ri-l,i.'il iiinl there is a largo quail-      And (nnhi'r take Ico lluil    action,       *,; ,i] or,\w_ ,„■ .,_]_. nttended to        _}
•.,.,., i;i..    uuilcr fciicli ', inusl he   coiiimuiicinl ' ' /j\
,,l-V"f  ,,lJ"" ^,:"1" ."'"'    "Ml      »?rlU'! "'r""'- '^""••l^'.nSTin:,,', < Y.,,,,^
li,,   i iai-lii i::lv   ini-xhi.ii--.ibl,1    loserve ,,* I...|,.-.,m ..,, r,1 -
, . , Dm fill iiii- iwimly-cluhl day ol  .lull
nf ihe low grade stuff, ami it may   be       ■,   !■,,,,
sal      a-- tnni-.l, that a- soon a-   ade-    V,
aaii.it.-  iii inii.i ini'iii-   for   continuous
« i i working have bci u made,   the
Hunter V. will lesunie its funnel
posii ion as the heaviest producor of
the camp
GEO,  CROWE,  Proprietor.
Do rn in1...' Siilni'., th- freo  milling   Cofno in and sco iin* bargains in  con-
,, i,    j     ;,,,,  fecjLionen foi lho nc*   few days,     A
I i-li i ii   Sheep   creek,   is   attracting
HOTEL...      /i(\
Headquarters for nining /j\
antl Commercial Men     '■*}
/  x
line going at ulniosi cost, All   fane*,
wide spread attention by th iliness, •
1                                       '      '                            h.'.Vrs sl, i.t iv    .-1     t'OSt, I lies.'     .11,' ,
of the ores found.    The   (, en   n«'lC.^i, bargains so be suifl and   bring' t,'icl"    Evetything first-class,
Kootenay Belle are already doveloped ' your fockot book, i                  VMIH,  11, C,
M,,st comfortable hotel in the  diss f\
Ymir, B. C,
«# ■ r ~i _ ■ t i ■ mu .ui_i*_'-
>«mni —m
Closing  out  our   Clothing and ymir stage
Gent's Furnishings Department
||.its, |l„„ts and Mmes, lllaiikotii, Oruckei-y, otc. otc.      E*cnytl|i,|g    ■■„,.   „,
practiciilly wholesale prices.    Cuiiiu i*qi_k hufora -i/ * g..| hi-i.|*-_|i.
It will pay you to  Jay  jn i\
*ito.K for the next two year.
-    iio goods .old on credit Ok-copl   by   upuuinl   arraiigeinunt,—
All .'uci.imi,, due must he pair) or closurl hv note beforo |st y0pt.   1905.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
New  Railways   111   TUning   hrnnoh from its mala line   al   S| ie'i
llrulge to Nicola, iu   ivhich   extpnslvi
Hall way oonslructin.i   *-vliioli   whon
completed, will beni'lil several mining
ilivi-nnm in '.be province, is in progress, in N. I*, k • .'i-uav grailing
!,a- been commencd ,in a li.i;.' known
a- lii.- Kootenay Central, and ivhioli i-
nittlnrstoc.il I-, l.e ait enterpris i uiul ir
llie control nt l!i" Canadian Pncitlii
Huilway Co. hetiveun ivhi •'. company's
main 'in;-, at . i ililu.i, an I it- Crow's
SePt lim- at - .niii of !■'..-! Steele it i
Intended in '_'.\;' 'lii'" ■' "-I inaction, fol-
i ,wiog tin' valleys nf the   upper   Col
li istrlot arc coal measures  and    occui
renocs of copper ami other   metallifcr
on- minerals, in aililiilon   lo   a   com
piirativuly large area   -if  ngriou'tural I
anil pastoral laivls.   An   extension   .-I j
i iliis branch   southwards   to  Princeton
ami   Medley,   and,   later,   conuectiuii
, with iii.- uumpnny's Columbia Si West
,-in system in Hi" Boundiiry, ni" nu
derslnoil lo lie Inohuled In its plans fur
seeming Its share nf llie hig trallle ii is
Mfotn   ti'ai]) every  inornjuo*!
except Sunday, fop freiy.it
ant|  |i:i.*1.-;.iii_'iii'.s   I'm'   Vmii1
null,    l.j special i.r.l.ts  ..ti
Sundays, Of for Vjvnr mine,
A I. E>'. ODDIE    Prop
YiHIR water works
WATER si'ITUl-M. Km; DO-
MllSTTC ANI> FlllliJ
!,", I'dl'MlS PRES-.
I'   s. T. Iloss, Secretary
The Cold
land, X,.l-,,n,   Grand   Forks  and   Ile
,  , public.    !'. ili',.1 nil's run between Si
believed wil develop m  thu   S m  ka-      , „      i ••    ,, !
- ■ Kane iiinl Northp ■! i
imi1 n us traiisportalioii facilities   shall
! be provided,
Still another mining s-cclion in whicl
iiiibia and upper Ivooten-ty   rivers   en ,
,   . a liij_un.it.ir  has  I."in   made  toivards
mile.    In   lin'  maintains   oorilering .,        ,   ., ,.
,,-.., railway buildm,', is tluit   unit   ,.t   u„.
Ituse valleys are mineral deposits  tint ,,       ,         .    .
.,    .      '    ..       ,    .   ,,' Houiidarv district  lliroueli   whioh   the
witli llie provision of suitable transpor- .   ,
1 ... .                             .. V, west fork of Keltic river   Hows.     The
liitiou   facilities,    ean   bu     prolitably
liiri, i.e.* of tjansporlatlon—of  nven   a
,     , , ,      .,        ,      ,  ' inin i.e.- ui unit.- iiii'iitiiuii—ei   i,.,'ii    a
worked     nol.ibh    Several   silver.lea.I i
....   ,  I gun I wagon fond    unijl   lecelitly-   Ins
iniiies in the Winilerni   - mining ibvi    i f.......      .
prevented in Hus luualiti   development
slut; Lluil have .bn in: re lout years
shipped ■ ICoclei iy sm'Iters sort'd
ore iu ijunntil i*.
Ill South-will lv ,il"in., a lim- is be-
lug built between tin I' ilia iiun Paoilic
Hallways Go's Crow's Nest road, u1
Vakh. und Spokane, Washington. This
brunch will be in competition with the
(ireat Northern llnilway Go's line   ba-
iideqiiulc lu den sli-aiu   ou   u   I
large scale the produotiun uspabiliiies
„l ih,* west lurk mining camps; lu
1901 uu" inni", llie Ciirmi, uliipped
88a tuns of silier gold ore, IniII tin
the distance over a biiow road, 50
nnlis in Midway, ultrncc ll waslakin
by rail lo the British Columbia Cuppei
r.i's sun I.in' hi (ireenWuoil.      Iteturtis
1       II   .1    ,-l|ll    111    |       lit      !  I  I   1   1    | I   I ->   I 11 I    I . |1 I    I
i ui in Spul.iii!" an-:   the  coal  Holds ol  ,        ,   •
1 from lms ui,- l'iii,' an nvcr-ige value , l
il e Crow's Ni si Puss ,   , . , ,      , ..-, ,   .     ,
between ?40 and *?-i0 per ton,   bill    the
A commencement bus been made on
a -uiul! s.'ii1". i.i   gi.. I"   :i  line   from
cost of I tllllii is In III" I'ail'.vav   was   s.
high I hal ilu- mine   was   closed   do« u
i iin-I Forks. Iliiunilrti-y tlistriot, where       .., ... ,,
until 11;tii-|M,riii1 mn coiliiillutis   gltoultl
is sitiiato.l the (Ji-iiiiby Go's   big   stu-l-   ,    , , , .
° I..- less unfa vol able.   Last vear a until!
ier, northwi i '-, up the notlli   fork   of .,,      , ,  . ,
1 slump n.ni and   i   eoiiceniiuluig   till  ■
K'.'tilo river     I'bia w.irk,   lb n._!.,   is . .
| were pul    in   an.I  experiineiital   wi.rk
understood   ' •   bc  i nl    preliminary, ,       , ,
' •      was dune fm   g...dunce   lis   lu  bunt.
pemlhi * mi i.pi ii '.ui'ii in ih-  provm- ' ,. .
1 i-        ' ' i iiperniions.    Oilier prupertu -   i      tins
cial IcpisI iiiii"    'i' -i -'i .sidy,    I'he line , , . ,   .
iu.gl.b_ihood tlmt have .l>.| I m.ii..i    LimiARY    CAlt.S,     MODERN
"ighg.ade ure aie the S..:li     Kill. •   i| DAY COACHES,
and |!uii'!>i r l.oj.    Pros p ciin ;    «
Humps on our back,     I >ut   our   feet   aud
hands are sure to be warm because  we  carry
Spokane Falls &|t,k* most up to date Shoes,   Rubbers, Geraun
Northern Ey.     Socks, Mitts anil Gloves ever offered in Vmir.
T1' .'":]y,;'" 'f \ ' '"'V;""" Willi eadi oi the above articles we give a nosi«
poiilts east., west anrl snuth to Ross-
tive guarantee to give satisfaction or monev
refunded, hi addition we curry ;i full and
complete line of Suits, Overcoats, Raincoats,
Underclothes, Umbrellas, Sweaters, Cardigan
Jackets, anything and everything yon require
to face tbe cold and dreary winter. Men.
Boys nnd Youths will find our price quality
ami lil right, always right.
.-'•> p.m
i.li p.m
' cave l)«i|y Train
'■'. !•", ;. in Spokane
11 03 a. in KomIiiiiiI
7.20 a.iu Nelson
• I :30 a tn Grand Porks        I 2a p.m
1" 00 ii.ni. P i\ i; 00p.m.
(.00 n.ni llepublic          0.30 p. in
ALL     THE     Tiny_E
l:V   L'SING
Seattle,    Tacoma
St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
MEALS A   i.l   i a in K.
i- designed tu  eventually   provide  an
nutlet tor tbe ores ,,t   L-'ranklin   cam,),
in  ivhieli   oe, nr,   nu    the   MclCinluy,
(llnuster.   and   otlier   propertias     iim I bus Indie..ted lhe ocinirreiu1     '   -■ •   -
builies  known lo   be  of   eoris.ld_ra.lu   „• t)1.a ,)f payable grille on oilier   miu
R^*' nud value. jen.l cli.iim in this distrlel. «hi. li       *  ' ftcst     Meals    Ol.     Wheels
XI ous-.r "''ii m nt V.i ■ r.i.t I known !
ha the V. V..   K   .Victoria,   Vnocotiv- W*ohMi  »' ■  ^""l   «'"»■■«    ''""H 	
I when menus lur .-hipping. f.      FAST     TRAINS       f
i t  A
Eastnn.), lh •  uli irter uf   w lie i
Iiiu ij •. ii ncipii  Ml by 1'ie Ureal   N u'tl
ei n I! lilivnj Cu . ii at  la-i b -i...    pi.,
i-.-i ded with ii    r. iic-il,  Tui.- is a-i   "\
ti .,-;,,ii , I   Hi"   Ureal    N irlhern   Uu'.*,
. : inch line Ir un Marcm,   Wii-tliin ;lon
i ii Hint   .■ 'iii.i r.. 's   Spokane   Kalis St
\ iithei n i :;In :.    ( b ■! iveeii   Sp'ikane
nnd tliu British  Uuluinbinn   towns   ,,f
Ni '.-.ii   and   Uo-slaud,    refpeclively),
■■   Ki | ulilli .   V.'a-bii._i. .;.   via  Griiiid
|-'ui us   li <      ilriiiliiig  i.■■• ii Curlew,
Wri. ..ii.,..;i,.„  ■ . Midii iy, II    .' .   w,n
i niliplelcil   ■ llie    '.in-"   H|i".    "Ud    "'"
i ,, ■ ;u • b, rii.:   I lid    ...i    i ' -   seelion
' nitri   is lim. 'ii   l";   i .r  gradlnji
in, i roek-woik bel iv, cu   M >lw iy   an I
I Irovllle, Wnslil .glon    an I  ll    lo
K. reini ■ li i . Kiigini • r« are mak-
::,.' i'l il lo it! lii ,'i ii" routo from
li. I'i'ii,, ns up the Simllkain i in river to
II. i lii y, uli": tbe Daly Kediietlon Cn's1
I" slump mil, i- r.-ilii dug gold nfe
I,., ii Uie Ni 'iiel Plate m . ■ on tw-i.i
: I'-mllu "i'<". ills' own el bj 'I." M ..'•
eu, Daly cstalo, The Ureal Northern Ji
< !u .- imuoiliiced plans Inelu I" thu con
tiiitiaUon ol thi." railroad tip tho Siinll-
Itaintcu river to Princelon, In llie
iieiglihurhoo 1 ■! which lown ar" so iin<
' ; coal ol c nii'.i irclal \ -i'i -. :1 "'• ";l
i i..i|,"i- mountain, bornltu an I uil.".1
"i'i", ir ores of much promise ,l111'
_i• -ii 1» nt mini al claims on ibi- mountain i- under bond to ib- llilllsh ('.,!
iini'ilu (..ppi'i Go. nl New V irk, whieh
after! living established a prolltabl cop
per milling and -n.,.|tiii_ oulerprls. al
Greenwood,  iH seeking lo cxleml  Its
operations to lhe Slmilkameun ntry
l'i.ii.t iin- iiiii'ilnvnr.!   Um   Canadian
L'u.ill.   llailtvi.y   Go.   i.i   building   a
:.." c-isl -bill 11iivii '.". ii pruvidctl        li i
i- stated lirii ib" btiiikitiij :-: u. • i Kiihn '
Loeb i& Co., "I New i'ork   are arraug
in_ lo linn in1" Ibi- iiii.li'.'l ikii._'.    ivlilul
Is known ns the Midway Vernon   tin
wny project,    Mining !l  mi
Q     FAST   TRAINS      fi
S|    i.il   I'.m-iii -i,.ii   Hates
Lewis & Clark Fair.
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,     B.     C,
ur.Ai.Ki: in
Shi'lt'  an !   I'.'iilih is    II irilwnri
Paints an I   Oils,   Sl .,•■-,   C-i.il
Steel, Powder,  Fuse   ami   Ca|
Granito   an 1   Tinware,     '■'■    i
All kinds ,.i Plumh ng, Tin-
smithiii. an.I General li.'pni
Now is thn ii'u" fn.  I!■ .'ing 'i'u.*
icwcl " Ryrie"
s fuljj/ guar-
good enough
'   for .a solid gold covering.
But wo have widened Its
bpporliinltics for " -"'V-
i...; mankind" byoffering
it for just $i 5-00 in -i -'.S-
venr (.old filled case -
ri l.i.li.*' or men's si'-o.
~' ^
i      rali -  i.. 1 • I > ■ t - - mul full iufurnititii u
I'egiiiding iiips, "i.il on or ai'druss an
...     o( llie b, lri AN. I in: in ai   i'lil.  i   .IAI K-n.\. '' M,  M VKONKV
li.  K   ,V I1   A. '..  I'. ...   I    A
Tin' Mutual Life [usuraiico ( '<hii]>;iii\ ol'X. ^'.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
|i(ilic\ in il i-1 lie-.ili'.-i in\ ,■-! in.-nt known In mini.
(',i-li in\ "-ii <l in I .il'i- [nsiii'iiiK't* is cash iiiveslfil tlml    mi'II
^"'"'"     7|U w- "'JJJJ;^'  n-tiini t'oi.iiM.nii.l intoi'ost.
I     All -•ib-.'c--!iil lui-inr--nun  curry   lar^o  aim 111 nth   nl' life
.  .... _ ...*..—_-.,.....—  insurance,    ll |iroviile.s for tlio I'ainily, protects 11 inni) in his
lold iijji1, nml nrotccts his other iiivcstint'iits,    Vov   rate** .1:1
unv lorin of life insurance npplj 10:
Prrm a eeffce
a;. 10a 1.1 a t'.iuus
and dulliu pit-
a.titiitiuii let
Henry liltlia fc
Bulla1 fsdllllei
f.,r maliiiiK a..li'I
lilvprware an
poawaa.d t,y no
filhrr concetti In
chut ju«. ArtlstledtMfB.
era, modern nsehliiere, and skilled lmml.
„,,:.. , .-, :i under tlie .lltc.t lupefvUloii el
pisclical tnemberi "f tlie firm, mnWe nn unequalled coniblostlon lur turning out fine
v.   ik.
W'lite lor lllUltrllld enlalostie.
oie.t.- mivt» ■
lev. dry,
Sltrlln*) SllVcr,
I Silver I late,
I     Watcttei, etc.
Hcury Birks&Sons
■IRKS* builDinq
J.... ll   .I1I1.I «.r.l.M«
tl.e Hail tl Mil, c.
Percy J. Gleazer. Local Agent.
~Z '1>/L X ~L
Ni.!.-(i\ Si I I'. SHKl'AKU IIY    en
WASIIINlil'ON St ('.  N.  IIV
AIM AT    MARKET    w^Sl'['],7 ' : ,:v
\    V. A   K   li.. .  ,*.- N   CU
I lll-MI    IM.  s M.i'i.li MKATH
Wholesalo and llutail
Mail onlors recidvu | ninij i  atlontioii
JOHN   rilll.r.KUT,   Prop,
| uiul Groat North, rn, N'l-rihorn  I',   ifi.
ii. • I '). I!. _ \. I',,..   for  p. ii nl     ... i,
i"-i    nn,I   south ; ".niii"". -   ul    I(,,,..
in.! nn.I Nelson  with   tho   i Inn uli ui
I'.-ti-ilii: llnilway.
i' I-, iii NoUon with .ri    r  It,
li N.  Co,   for   Kiisl.,  .-ui!   i.    ...  | s
1 '.,nii",N ni 1 lurloii   « il I.    1 i_'- ful1
Irotmwoo'l nu,I Midwny, H C,
HiiITi'l   > ars run ,,u train- in I n
-),.,knni* nml   l.'.|,ubl,,'
(i.-lu*l':ll  l':t--,-li_'i-|- \_:
S|.i.i.illl", U'.-Ht
I ——•
■'   I I
When in  Nelson
Call al Patenaml.•',*,    You will limi  «m>'.tly
HAM     Mlll.VI!     1',,.,, • 4- '   »*' ■—*_-_. ->-*• •*»-
SAM   MlU.KIi,  Prop,
llniililiiaiters for Mining .Men
i. (luct'd prices in  Wntclics, Jewelry,  Silver-
/ i      j    j-  i I IV* ' ''iU     sll|i|,|il',|     nitll    Ill's!   brands ill'
Will'e,  -1 .111 (illlSS. ;il|(| Aovellies.       Villi    ('.'111     :i|-   wines, liquors and cigars,
wavs lind something in his slock suitable for a fust av«suk. y..ih, b., o
gift, and his goods are always most reliable.     ,
J. O.   Patenaude,
Ur:AlM.l'Al.TI'.l!S    FOB    MINING   M1?N    AND    TIIK
Newly furnished throughout.    Han.pie rooms in connection.
Hates $1.50 to *?2.o0 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
Manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician. .    ,     ,
Opposite Courthouse  am
PHONE 293.     NELSON- B C*
1   new   Post  A Real Fair Tin's Year
ulli.-i1,    Best i'i ■■ in.'i.l   in   town.
Iviiiupi'iin anil American plan.
The Forests of British
A Perfect Lady.
suit against a woman for not paving
the legal fare, and bis constant remark throughout wns ".She ain't a
huh, -In- ain't."
''Do you know n   lady    when   you
.1. A.   E1UCKSON,
Only    wliitn    labor    employed
. - , First class bar
A  l.i,n.luu   cabman   had   brought
The acreage of the lending timber
i-iiiintrii-.s uf the world is estimated, iu
round numbers, aa   follows i—•
Canada 1,057,000,000
llritish Columbia
Murnpeiin Russia -.-|7,000,000 |_"*vo •»-• <* ■s011''1' instead of a shilling,        COFFEE   ROASTERS
Ni... ■>• .in-i S.,v len      5*4,000,030   ""'J ' called:   'Beg   pordoii,   iiiadain,
L'nitcd .States +50,000.000 l've a>"t a sovr'n instead of a  sliillin','
India IHJ,00U,UUU j-1"1 sl.iiuis   back!      'Well,   old   f.,,,1. Wholesale and retail dealers
Australia Si  N. Xealiiml    -10,000,000 j keep ^w change mid got drunk   with
J..pun 3_,OQ/D,000 !■*-•'   Thut'- wot I call a lady!"
Better Than Ever Ilefnr.'
The Twelfth Annual
October 9 to   15, 1905.
Wonderful Displays of Pain's Famous Pyrotechnics, "The Fall of
Next to her great I ii'ti-ui y of miii- I ' it-Uita
i-i'iils, the must readiIv available, if lint
18-2,750,000 see one?" asked tlie judge. KOOtenay    Coffee   CO. :     -.^ A|.t|)m,, .„ ,,- ,*,., ,.* .wo,.u      ,„,.„,. Gx,libit, in Every
7 "'■ -       "' ,l"' >'el' l""""' Ust *cok " ,:"''v Department of tl.e Fair.    Men's Relay Bace during  tin-   Whole
Week, eight entries     Tl.e Finest Show of Live Stock ever   held
in Washington.    Up-To-Date Vaudeville Program Ev. ry After-
iiiion antl Evening.    Benutiful   l''iuit   Display's   for   Big   Ou-li
|."."."',""<V'"" .-   I-.--I.      'Well,   „i,|   .'....I. \Vh..i,-..l-a..,l.,-!..,i .|.-.,l.'i-        | p,.-^,    Five or more EXciting Races Daily.     Spokano Kon nel
Club's Big Annual Dug show.    Indian Village nnd Indian Race,
and Dances.
in Fresh Boasted
il.e must important, of llritish Colum
bin's natural resources is her immense   4 iiij><,iiii-,ii-,|i||4|iH+
High <Grade » Coffees!    Reduced Rates ;and  Special Excursion* on all
may now be said to possess the great- li      M\LL   \A/OOD       X
t*st compact urea of merchantable tint- j 1   X
■ Concessions for su!'1
Write for Premium List
'. and Knee Progratn.
Unwell W. Feel, T'lesldeni
Jtobt. 11. Cosgrove, Sec, and M;
Porto  Rico       *♦*
portion of tlie choice   timber   nnd- 4 X
it iibii'lt i-.   most   accessablc,   the   +     | ,|111111('|' ('ll,   Llli.     X
ln-r on the North American continent l
mid it it Im.I nut been fur the gre.it
forest Ores that have rn_i'd in the in
Ierior, iu years none by, during which
11 very large portion of the .surface bus
been denuded of its forest, the available supply would have been much
greater than it is, This was no exigency whieh,in the unsettled state of
ibe country, could budly have been
provided I'galnst, if at nil.    However,! *
-is ihe const districts possess the him j -   f
.  . I ▼
lavages of lire have uot bud. by   rea-    +
-,,.. ,,!' the .len-.1 growth and tho   humidity of tlle .■liiii.ii.',  nnv   appreciii"
1 lo effect ,111 that source of supply,
Shipments of luinbct Fi um nearby
points are given in a pamphlet jus!
Issued by the Ptovincinl Uoverntnent
•is undei;
t 'ranbrook . Il?,8ii! tuna
Marysville l,77'.i
Moyio «,108
SVIson P.'-On
Castlegil' 1,8-lM
tii-and Forks Ou'lll
llossland I, ISO
N'.il<us|' I,9"i0
Di'livciril any
Iillice in town.
Ymir Transfer Co.;
Stove Lengths     }
io. I
1.11-1-11 f i.t
Teaming and
I     Per Cart Load.     | Express . ...
Now Is the time to put iu       ♦ —-—
.1 Kutid supply, ♦       All   ol'dei'S   promptly   attended toi     "
4 and the greatest care exercised in tlio      "~
X handling of goods
I     •*
Pletwo'forward The Ymih Hkhai.i, for
. . tnontli
•  lu
and acknowledge receipt of enclosed .*?.,....
Tun HbraI.Ii is published   every Saturday morning and
* I
\**4******************** X
Trade Marks
Copyright* 4c.
A.tvi.iin .en.linn n pkati-h ilttil ui'fcni-tn-tlnii may     '
ui.-uly iun-arliiiii ."ir i,|.,|.ii.li free wliether an     !
4' contains nil tlie news of the ciiinp. *
IIitks--Pun Alt, $_•  llu.r    Ykah,   .1. J
Dominion   Exhibition.
I-ii-.l-i-l-w.  I lii.it.ii-  I.',,,,111       li.vo.iil..h [• prnbnhlrtBaiatllubla. Cmniiuiiriii
I   11 Isl-Llllrih  J IIIIIIIJ_   lllllllll.       ii„„i.«trlcll*>i..„,llil(.iitliilTlaliilliiioli„iil'iit
Hl'S! llt'llls     ll    Willi'
l.ii(in.ri mill 1 'i^.ti's.
1905      September   27   to   October   7      I005.
rinl.,r tho auspiccr! ot' the Royal   Ag.i_ultu.al
A Divided Family
A Nationalist M. I-*. tells a good
viniy. Online occasion, when en-
!,ngcd in caliviuising, he visited a
ivurkingltiali's house, in the principal
room uf which a pictorial representation of tlm Pope faced ut. illustration
■>f King William, of pious und Itmnor*
...I niiiniuiv- In lho act of crossing tho
The worthy man stared in nmu£e»
llioilt and seeing his surprise tin* vol.
l>r's wife enplaned'
"Shun1, my husband'", an Orange
in,,11 and I'm a Cutllolii. '
•'I low do you •_.■! tui to.ether''
isl'i-d ilm astonished politician
Scctiiiil Ave
A han-rtinmoly tllnnirrvfrd -ft.Mtlv.   LnfDeil we.
fiiliiii.ni nf imy Hi'luiiUC* Ji.nri.iil.    'I'itiiin, ti a
v-Mir: four niontbl 9)-   l-tjlU 1/ynH in-i-.r<iictil_)r^.
MUNN &Co.3*5""«'^».... .
Ulai.'l, olHea. fit I ft. VYa.lnnai,..,. 1„
_    11   |]    (    \i'ii   I   I
Assocint ion.
 mki'iT***. ...
LAST I'lil IIMliAV IN i:\' ll MiiNTIl.
I-'im.av M.'I,.;oo, President.
I'liln v IIlIvakI'II, Seeretnry.
A  II. 1'i'i'i.uoliTil, Tieas,
.-•'nl freo. i n«ii'»t iiL'-'ii.-y for Kf!<*iiriii|_ imtfni*..
l':ih*llt« tuki;i| ,.Ii|miii'Ii   Mnun   it CO. r'*i'i*Ivi
. atrial not in-, wii.l.J'J. .'Uflfjrc. hi tho
Scientific Hmericaii.         lmhMM s»clut*'-  •  •   ■
Stupendous nud comprehensive iirj'av   of   K\-
liiliits representing the resources of all Caiituln.
$100.00000   In   Prizes   and    Attraction
Kiilar;_,cil grounds, new, handsome itud spacious
ClIMMlHT    AXli    .\sS.\\*Hl(.
' I .i'c HwVei Nfl*."n Sinel«f r ■
• lold, Bllveri rn-  fiend    -   #1.00
t'oppei',     -   -   .    .    _    (1,00
Hold Silver,      ....    jl./iO
Charges for oihbt inetnld on application,
Maker St., Nelson.
V () Drawer 11 us.   Phone Ad*.
CHAMPIONSHIP   EVENTS   in   Aot|_atl_n   and     Ucross.,      II,.,-.
Uitciiig, Broncho "Bii-tliig," Military Pal'ailoi and Exet'clficn
KOYAL llllsll GUARDS and other Fumou. Hands.
ORAND WATER CARNlV At—Parade 'ot  iVnser   rlvoi'   fl.lilng   tl...
patrol bunts, II. M. walsliipH) Indian wal1 .ahoei, et..-.
Indian HportHi
I        K.r.ill iiiforiiiiiti.nl write W. ll.  KKAIiY,   Seoi'otil'y  nnd   Managm,
| New WeatminBt-r, U.C,
♦ ♦♦-.♦•♦-♦•♦•♦•♦-♦♦44-»-»-.-f44-4*»*4-.
'isk.-.l tin* astoni.sbeil piiiiticinn lA/TCI/IV \V' IbHU «l   I     I ll
-Very well    i.ld.ide,   ba.-.*itl«  the   VVtfclvLY        .,! I'^Sfc"   \   Hotd     YlTI 1T JI Till-:  IIKs
|*.th of Jnly, when ....yhnslmnd goes  MnwTprA,  ^,^'tZo^  l      1VMkV" X\
mt with tin- Orange prucBsaliiil   and |
comes l.i.me drunk.'
'•What tlienl'1
"Weill lit) always tilliBH  tlie 1'upe
down and jumps on him   and   then
i,'.,es sliiiiKlit Iii '"ed. TllO liefit inn. n-
,,,,, | ..nt Uu early. beftll'O In* ia awake, I r.TiV""7_n»pic"i
-      ■*        ' •  ,, . - km    J.iu
ami take dowli   King   VVIIIIrtlll   and  am..out ibrii
linwii him and buy a in w   Ptlpe  With
ihe money.    Then I givo the old man
tho ticket to net Kiiif) William out,',
' ii um.     ti    .ni) <   m .nf
th*   N,wi r>|   lh.   \\     '■■
•lin.ltmt i/ftl tor In    'i,    <
Ide   I nr turt   miii
Hoit-H wile   M'li'l*.*
■■■ i i ii.li-     Miulil     I *   -
li ul  lhe  prut- of ohe.
ii»   Montreal   Herald
• "he   LTrni niagailttt*
. . v.4\n ]>, r—full   to  lhe
i m.   in \y.   tIir   (-est   ol
l-'or Six rionths,
Tin* ll.'si Moiil*.
Anil Aijcotiiiiiodfttlon
lu Towni
A lliir si'lccl inn uf Wines,
Litjuol's uiul ('ixni-.i.
X -I   Wi  MASTKIiSON,  . l'l-up. I
sT   IIIIANIi nl'  lu.\|(;S'|-|r
Th.  kootenoy  Standard
and   liuallitfl,
M \X*j;_,rt(.Tt,ltHD i»Y
~]7 C.   Thtlin g Co,   "~
Ni'lismii li, (',
Hotel   .   a   .     .
(t'mler eoi ih'iy now lnanngd_«iii.)
billing Hoom  iubi   li.-ii
suppllml vl'li   ih.* i.-.-si
in the liiitrket,
'{'kIi!  'i|iiitiniit* t|(.|inr,  Ymir
|loHN IIIIIh.M',  p»op.


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