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The Ymir Herald 1904-11-19

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 %$&&$   $
[■•£- .-PS'^a S
I   I iln
*?« rff-t^-S?
c-j r-.H     m
cif Us
*;   V   j.*. .— :-.-■ m
NOV 22 1904
'Vor.A,*?   '
Voi. I
.Ml   Z i .
VAlllJ, 11. C..SATUKIUY   n<a-k.\ii;I'.i; 19, I'JO-I
|'i;K K Km-: < 'EN !-
»■* < * Dfeputy    Returning   Qffi- fLECTQRS   Of   KOQT- A nixed Meeting.       h;^Cj,h^ J" ^
Tlie follow!*! ; a'.e   llie    dl pllly     |c
\iu yon Mil tsfii'd  u ii ii   iiiu
.Mrs. _H Mathe.vs, of N--lsun   w .,.    _^^^_________________
... ,, . , turning o'lieei s    a,,- oinled     ! ,1     I
a Msilor lo 1 „|,r on rnd.iv last.
plllhng -.ia'.ioiis:— ______________________________
D. Campbell bas'puc if) a   complete   \'m\r, K..W   Widilouson, j nit'lll  Oil till. IbllowillU lliat'tfl'.-
Si n'i;i li:-! . ( 'tin'sri'Viltivi'  lllld     hud done for them   during   the    past
l.ili'i.ll 'Speak.-le I four years, ii|stangci„g the lend houii-
___^___^_________________________________________^_ j'.>'' p.p.lie buildings, roads II.
sttllld ol I 111!    i -mirier   "OVl'lil-      On I '■•   ■  •    .ening lasi    Vmirite**.    aid he had been inslrunienlal in guiu
. an .*i•;■■ .      ity nl bstenii    I     nil   ing tor the people of linoleum- an ex-
ides of politics.    The    ,-..:;•   -.-.,.   penditUre uf six million dollars (Hen
line of 'lutein, medicines   und    school y-njv mill ilohji McYicar,
supplies.    S.-e his a-lvt. for list Wilcox mine Walt.  Hughes,
Hunter V. shares are again   up    U' S''1"'' •iohnl',   Jiell, ^^^^^^^
their par value of   §1.00   per  share, Qneen mirip C|iris \Villis,            Cplllllllii t                                        ,          .         ,           , .,     ,,  ... ,        ,   ,,. .    .,-,         -              ,,,      	
'                                '   ' l* • ,, '    •                                             present iiu-.uber, ami Mr. MclNicl, re-   plv.)     I [io main argument in the rei.t
and ivdl probably so,,-still high,,-. .'->'■■' Ueo   Me (ean, .,    j ),„ y ,,„  |,ll,|l,ff   iln|u,l'l ;.,,,„„,„,„.,   ..didale  Maekinio. i;.    in, uHiis i.ppeid. yna based yn    the    fact
,.       ,    , , ,     ,.   ,, .          .,,    , Arhngtpn untie     A. I! Sloan. ' '             '     ' .                          ,'          :  ,         .',
1'ficndsof Joli.i |". loupe   will    be      xi',,? 1M1|*i||fi |„,,.,   ,-,„.   t!„.    y,,,;,. I Cti fl'Otll tllC UllltCll StlltCS, l0W«i     Mr. l^ing-sley courteously gave | that   the    l,,uru-r   government    was
Wllk'll ('H'out  c.lc'.i o  yon?    origipully urrnnged for Mr   Kinsley,
1.   licttt'r tonus for  British .i.--Social;..   -.- :,,-  fur ,-, date
, linker, but liuding Mr. (inllihcr,    ihe
i he boll gentleman paused Iron,it icul
Iy for a burst of applause, which Ibj
looters unfortunately omitted to -'i■ ■ -
iidere.lcd to kppw    that,    he    is    ihe
proud   possessoi'   pf   appthet'    pliyc
I I 	
town will i.e  it*   Mr    W'iihKi-,.so,, s     ■;   Alien jaboji legislation
assay olliee.
Brok- n Hill Co.
a|l opportunity I.. both of th'-e >|,ea|<-j-afel.l  in   power    tor    the    next     li   ■
 pr. toiiddi-ess his meeting years, and idiot it was    manifestly    i,t
I.   I'l'l'tllUllOtll        |d'i.ti'Clioll      The chair was  (al.,.n   l,v   \V.     I),   the interest qf the penplp to vole   lo
Col'lead industries. Mcjiuac   tvhq   lirst   introduced    Mr.   the  top   dig,   (presumably   ire'espec
Kii.e-l'-v. to speak in favor of   James | tivo ttf their convictions, and  ,.:.   ,1.
K.ii are nol sal isiicd use
Tho showing in t|ip   (.foghorn   cpti;
tinue.s   to   improve,   mid   Sir.  Con,'	
Wollle, the spperitilendei.t, if   conli-, '     V"' j      " *"" "     A. Baker,  the   Socialists   candidate. I principal pf gelling a ciuW pro quo fo
dent of the future of the property. The llrpkep Hill Co ||„s purchased \)'°^V -'"v    "" il"s   '"   !;l'"U'sl'   Mr   Ivingsley gave an  eloquent   des-  their votes).    He said that oll.ei  poi-
| the stamp mill formerly owned by the | by it YOte Qll_2lHl    N'oveillbei' ''riplion of the |ofiy „bus of socialism   (au.s of   the    Dominion,    where   th,
[Ip showed how all    the   "wealth   on   voters wero as intelligent as iu Knot
Bmn*_____i■__________■_■—I I ... ;,t______________________________|l>i' ll'l' ' .' orodiiced    ,    I had returned 1 he Liberal   p.."
lilieev   le ■,.,. -,,„-,.,.,I   1 „-        I 1 .„         I.* . 11 .     WI'l'K S  ill   'llDUOlle       \V CflgC   I    I  ,C      III ,. . ., ., , , ' ' * '
ptaeei leases owned l»)    Dewar,   Falls  |     Qhfl^.    H.   Hack ntOsil.      „f ihe bide I carei.M'of t||0   work,   to power, and Kootenay should then
in:; mnn."    |le disc.ibed all   govern-  fore fqlloiy along nnd   do    the   \ .ne
mt-lits that ||iive c\py exjstcd "on   the | ft was a business proposition, for   lb-
Mr   I-i. follows, of  Portland,   Ore, _____________________■
i,,   u    ,   i ,-    .    , .     ,i    ! tiro Hold Cp, und operated fur a   few    ',,.■
pus lloated a syndicate to openile   tlie ,      ...
.. i m  i     i       ,i    u  n        i     u ,    i Six Mile creek     Tbo mill is   in   lii-t
and iMcLcuu on the llall creek    Mats. ; ^^^^^^^^^^
class condition and   consist*   of   ten .,.""' " ', -     ,
Vote I'or Mackitiii.sli    be- v i I Ht;    fuiners     i.iulorsc
.....   mi    i-iiii. i-.ii,i..-mi.    mi     nuiups, two erne var.ners, hum a l„,ge|    *
ClUlse lie Slailds for protection I Blake crusher, with nil the other   up-
for Canadian industries, plinnces necessary fur ccuumical ireai
' merit of ore.    Mr. Tuttlo Ihe  iinuu,
^ Word has been received, in a letter
lo 15,  \V.   WiddoWsOtl, of    the   death
uf Allan Archer, formerly ussitypr   to
HaCkiritQ^h. top of the earth" ,.,iek pockets holiU 11 rs to   re,,,,-,,   a   candidate   w
ing londed guns with finger on   inger  would bp a meiplier   uj    th-   gqiein
Tjio following letter has been   sent   at the brpast  of   the   Wof-ting   mnn. | ment, rather that in   tho   uppositio.
or of thp Droketi Hill Co  bus now   a -'"" ''*■' ""'   li'wland   Miner's   Cniop   His address w,    li*,leneil tu   carefully I     Mr. Kingsley then took    the   plai
gang of men at work pulling the wn   | to all seeiet.u'ies ofltl.o   local    lodges,   but till not s„   ,. Mil t» ilia  nfdience | fornwigaiinind succeeded iq   eaptui
aid is nu enplpilic indication   of   thp as did bis hit t, ; on,nil.
. ,ng lho audience, with   a    witty   bi
tho Yniir mine.    Death was   due   to]!' . " I position   in   which  organized   labour      Mr   McNiel followed in support    of I virulent al lack; on   ibings   in   gencn
an operation for appendicitis.
,     ,  ,  ,' ,    ' I regards Mr,    M.ickintosh'H   Candida- , C. II   Mackintosh,   the   Conservative land more especially on tho two   oth
I be haul' ,1 down      scon lie-    -now,     ->      __■____■
t i    it     . i-    ■ ci   • i  I ,   ,      ,    -       >,   i      -i   I ture I candidate.    Tho speaker   brieliy   .
John Houston, referring to  pocnl. fulls.    I. will ihen bo nistnl led   with-      ' ,.,,,,-
-,,--,, ..,.'.■ , ...... .>      i,„ ]",,,!   \',,v,.,,,l„,,- I'iiiI     .-oiitile,   the   lustoiv")   Mr.    illncKin
isl   hingsley's   n ulc   about   being „ut delay at the Wilcox mine. rruosla.ul ^iid, INPi ier t,»u|.
i-i.   .. i   . , .i- ,..,      " ,     v       *. ' ii ■■,, •*.;,• „,„l   I',,, tush i.i    the  east   and   in    Vuotenay,
like the man   bntween   twq   thieves,.    The new tramway from the Nu,   3   1*" • " ,"''1  I'1 "•
wonders   whether    i,    was   lia r  tunnel tu the mill  at the Wilcox, has On account of certain   influence* N ing the cousistant support he l.tu
„r McNeil which   was   the   penitent „mv been completed, and    when   Uie being at work trying'to work   qp   a extended throughout   Ins   career,   to
additional mill is installed    the   com.  feeling sgainst Up Conservative   can   thocauscof   .,,-,:„„z,d   labor.       Ic
D„„v will be in a position   to   I Iln didate for  ibis   riding.   Mr.   C.   H. produced ... evidence, a circular letter  more good  ha. bain, , u oxer     aigu
Mr, E. Anderson, ihe   superiinen- ' *}»■"■" ""'  """   '".''"'""s.,    .,.„,,    .       ,     i,,-,,,,   ..ou from the llossland Miner's Union   to   lit they had produced bad boon   in
-*. Ni   Ihi-i/p nut till* (•     viict ( »-.tii      tin-     .Uncl-ill'llii-h,   U i'  li(',_;     lo     11. It il ill      >oii
licit of the .s.-cond   Belief   mine   at --' ""''    '    "'       ''     '       ' , ,     nllivUll the local Unions   recouniing   Mr. favor of the socialistic theory,      ">-
v- .  ...... .„;.,.„i „;,i i.,.,.,  ;.i I eratidn of the present small mill    has | that Mr Mackintosh   was   tin    oni) w^m
puakcrs,    Ho said ho had discovered
he had l;een silling between two la« -
vers, and was reminded of tho good
man who was crucified between lini
thieves. I le had however disco-, ere I
that hi- l wo M ietlds    had    done    Inc.
Erie, was seized With a sudden illness Icl' •'    ."""'  "'  '""'    "''' I ,*,'".,, ,,„,,,,,, ,,„, ,.„,   Rt|.jk'   Mackintosh's groat assistance  al    tho I represci I a gang   of   thiovps   wh.
last Tu.'sd.-.y.      Ur.  lloherty who   wn-;l,l'*'Vt''i '"'-v""(l ,ls!""l",v "fl1 ,l ,l"' I A ' '     ^   ^■••••■■■■****************HB '      '
immediately sent for, pronounced the «rt"'' I^Plit-s dfrivuble fr.nl, the treat-
illness  due   U,   ,'ic,,ni.,..   poisoning,  '"e"t of t|,o Wilcox ore, but   hitherto
here and that he used   his   inllUence tin f the great Husslaud strike, and j « -da duty on   lumber    and   th.
 ur behalf, not once hut    a   do»n  calling all the  L'nions    ...   assist  his | other was I ,1 sell  nuse  Im
MM      • ■       '    H,he small .-.i.-.citvef the   plan,    has I times, and father old ,|o   ca-1 candidature ( Hist page),    This ho I had got a bounty on  I for  ...u.tl.r.
irobnbly fr ating canned   .,|unw 11">--"nail tapituty ar tin    plant   ,i     gang of thtevos.    How many   ol   llu
only nllnv .»'    sullicie routs    lolreer as a public man proves     hat    be   claimed    was          ,. I,, *    ^ ^    ^    ^    ^
Mrs, Davis, who is   better  known  pUsh .d.ci.l thp de.volopnienl   of   the »t "ny and all times has stood up  for  working mon should support Ins  can- Hu had seen UrilUh subiucts
to Ymiritcs as Mi's, Collins,   is   back L-0pertv.    Prof. Arthur Lakes in  Ids the rights of organi/.ed labour, and.on  didatnre.     On  I her   hand   he '   "'       ' „',,*, 0H,
nt Erie, and is gohig into   the   I !   , „, ^ innti f   the property,  th.t acconn.   .he   members   "J   the clai It  the   Liberal  ,,- liation   aong ^ ^ ^   ^
buMnessiig     Si ,d her husband  m(l,iu a report of such a  nature,   and  Rossland Miner's Union   are  ahno.l  refused I ake an appeal    and        , ^ ^ |W  ,
will run ihe  Mersey   hotel,   f ieily L.x] sed such confidence in   lho   fu. unanimous iu supporting him fo|* Par. Galliher piado no appeal, to tlio   oo-  ^ r      ^^^.^     |lefo|.ri|)g „,
run by her   daughter and sun-in-law, | tHlc 0f the inhie,  thai   tho directors | liament and wo appeal to you   to   do | minion government for   the   enforce-1   •> '•
Mr, and Mr-. McHca.i,
It is reported thai tho full eighty
stamps of the Ymir mill will shortly
I o put in operation, The Wilcox is
adding a ten stamp mill mid the
Hunter V. has doubled its rato of
output.    With   these  additions   the —
toiuiage   produced   from   tl,"   Ymii ,     Walhohv IIoti-i.      C,    Knllerton
__■„.:-,: j_______ ll
Mr  M'-N.-il, referenco to   niiigisi.-i.t.
lodo so by the Ito-shind I'liiom   The    l;""hl  ''.'   ii.slanced   judge    llusse
speakeu tiiou referred to lho action of  of Vanoouver, who, ho said,   he   sni
Camp ii iii increase rapidly.
Mr.   Cornelius   Shields,    who    is
considered themselves justified in   in • j the samo men, of the Allen Law,   when   linked | al1"*
curring the expense of   ibis  addition      Please read   this   lettnl'   to   your  ti
to the plant. ] I'nioii.     __________________________________________________^	
Frai   Yours magistrate John-lJoulttrco in senteuc-1 had been guilty   of   greater   infnini
.1. C. Scott, l-'in, .■.-.-.   38,  ing tu (i to two nib- hard   la-  Hi" friends bad spoken   ns   if   then
C. ll  Hake,  President.      bor, for picketing at the samo   strike,   we,'° but two candidates in the   field,
— C7~M: and snid that Mr,   OaHilier   had   ru. and that pprhaps   in   lho   millenium
Hunter  V.   Mine. warded tho same John    Uuullbco   by Socialisi ight prevail, but ho wain
N'el-on, li. Rarkcr, Toronto,   S, llossj giving him tho most iucratiVe job   jn |ed them to undersUmd thai   socialism
Sul ,   A. French   S.d.n.o,  (J. Nunn, I    1'he rate of production al tlio Hud- | |,iH.p(>wc,. (t|mt uf returning   ollicer). |»ow was making itself felt as a   poli
Ncl-on:   .)     I
Motel Arrivals.
..I'd-elv,     II.    All||„,riVi |ler V. uiilie e,,es on sieadily    iiuieas*    | •,. ,|,(i|, ,,,,„.)„ ,| „, ,,,, , |„. ,„., ,| ,-,„.   .,    I i,-al power   in   many    countries,    ...
known locally as vice IVesidcnt of the! J(||in pH|j Sij  Ci'Yo.lng,   Kelsorij'"-?     8>»c-o last   week   „    has   ,-i-en  ,p„v „, Iw, which had been peti    moreover that   lho  presenl   audi..,
j, llroken Hill Mining Co., died ai    hi-  ,. Wnl||(.   S|J1>L„,,..   ,,    c'u|.|   ,    /   freln 100 to 200 lohs per day thoad.  tioncd for by all shades of ll. C.   p„li   were not going to vote for   either
lit   St.     Ml
jditioiull output goes to the Trail sinol« | ticiiiiw, but   to   which   lho  Laurier | ''""e representiilives n     to nipt
tl. too weeks nan       Mr.   Shields   was      Z"'"'   ,,   Vv*n    , -j i       I tel', so that the Ore is   now   going  to   .*,,. rrntnrnt hud   steadfastly   retalnal tlc i'*l,HH«   ""''"' ' '    '   ';' '"
,l,o nging direct,,.'of ,    '', 1    w n")     v Nut' lhe   ' "'"'*   '"   0tu**     N"U""'  » deaf ettr'   T lUMtion  f'"'   better ««I-llitlc c_n,li.Ule.    Mr.  KhikhI.-j
I .   I,en el i,   \1 .  I, "\,,,     ,\.     .'I.     ..ill I - 1,11» ,   reiu-ir (- cold ull, d   l    ral'U    "-'
iron and    1 works al Hial point, an    ,    ,   ,-        ,-    ,,,,     .. i ,,   ...... I Northport and Trail.    I he .....put  ot   whnB f0|. UKtlnh Columbia was   nl-o ''"'
' '-lead,  l-.rie;   (,.     Halls,    w luloi, alei , " ,,,-.,. ,,f humor   all,   will beautiful   111,1  irt,
,.|,|,,| ne v.idch lai.lis    , ie-1     Ihe   w    ^   ('..Hii,,.,.   ,S, .|„„, • M,.   ,„„| .\||s. :-U0 '""s 'v J""1 "'""" "" l,l«' "'"'""'"y I discussed, Ihe speaker    .lam. in g   thai '■ ^^B
, .    ' in ('a um In.
...     ,,    ,   ...     , 1 eari handle in two shifts   al   present, I,w the working man in 1), C.   could  ality I iide.mncd both ef tl
11 III.   I.i-lt It,   \l alietll ,,i
bin il bus been built wilh  a  view    to   lll)t w,,ik for waaes which uoiild    lie   parties and  llu-u    cxpuneli
|,      ■_■       _____-___■-     ,,...         _----■ _--"i
'I'he Mheml eorrcspondenl   of   th larger tonnage arid >n   handle    100 ,lM1|,l,. in tl astern provinces, so the I n.w.\m |,jN »■ ,|, being greatly
Liberal iJaily news has sen I in an ae«| \\. Mc lavish, Mrs, 0 Crosley, A. S. |,      ....     ......     i...   ..    I - ■■*■■■■       ■■—■■ ■■■■
inni of ii,,• join, meeting held   here   Ix'iiuic, A. W   frnspr,   I!'
V    I'erne,,
tuns in the twenty four I '« by   the | y( c. Government could nut   conduct
addition of more   buckets.
lasi Tnesduy, which bus   culled  forth  Alex Tho...,.-. I.. Mc Innis,   Nelson;
tl,,- headline "Oitlliliei il.v- the   Con    I.  I;   VundcBogart,   Oreeiiwood:   ^'-^^^^^^^4^^4^44444^4444444
Rervntives,'     If llig   Dill  cannot   do  I,    Mrl'u.bind.   Vancouver;   l\.   1
my belter.Haying   than   he   did   on   Wollaslon, Vietorin; l*i   \V,  ferguson, ]
To Our Subscribers.
^___________^_________ ■ jiived bv all pi.'-' al'l    M.'.'
its lui-i,iess us   cheaply   as   did   the
- 1  . , with lenunteil Inn si   of appl ui.e.
eastern provincial governments, ' ''
Mr Ualliher, the   present    uicmbci	
for ihe    riding   followed,    and    dealt
brieliy with   lho  arguments brought |
l-'ue chief ( lufl'ey III •   1 i'| . ; i   !
'"' iui-.-nous   \'■, j,,-.    \ ci -  )   "i'ouii"   Sabno-     I      I''    T      __■_______________________________________________________________■
lu.theM.ialleslbugthatever   walkedL *. ,*'      ,."",'      '».'"!   |    With this   issue   tint   IIi.iiaku! | forward by Mr. McNeil,    Ho   staled   following signals fur handling ll
ltd   ,,,,,1,     I'h e bout should certain.'' '^       '    "'"■' '':   "     "    luwol'> IJstarts on the sdcund   half-ycar   of ] | that he had urged tho enforut nt of I alarm:    Steady  ringing   mean     lb
N'oribport; A. H. McNeil,   Kosshmd; | ♦ its existaiioe.    Wo   have  received J | the A)icn Ad   llt   t|„,  time   „,■   ,j,e '' ,,,„. s,,,,k„ -,,',,,.„, ,,4 ,.-,,,.,
Iy   be 01,  lin- other lee.
Messrs. T, II. Newitt and S. II
he.tnoy, who are llie principal sullen rs
from the rccetil lire, have not Icsl any
nine ■■'- uir) time iu start ing up again
i'V,    V
K.   <:
(many Haltering'comments   on   the
^^_^^^^^m^^^_^^^^^_^^^_^^_      ' iiiipi'OM'iiii-ut in Ihe    tone    of    the
l-nirgiie, Spdkane;   (!    A    Mclutyre, It paper, and believe that out'  efforts
liossh.nd sliike. und was in  favor   of |
three st.-oke.. mean** a call for In  -
Vain uuver
itoml** >'     lllfai1 '""'l i"L''11 handle    tbo  hose  when drying   ..."
)t tawu I
hue met with the appi ecjatiun   of I to accompany 11 delegation to  (
at least the innjbrlty of our follow." ] \n |i,*c bbr (if bo were elected   lire-    ling it up aftei in,
iti/.eu-,     We    are    eonii'iiinhil iii" 11 11   ,. .,
,       ,    , '■*"., .(lui.itiiy) to 1111.'.'   tbo   iiuposiiioii   ot 	
iiii.Iiv    tu.lher    iiiip.o,em.nils   in,, , ,, ,    ,       ,
' such .1 duly,    II.- admitted   the   1
Tl"'^    bnvii   boll,   opened   up    i,e«      j|p|,n   M.^-j,.,,.   |ln,   j^sighwl   111" I XVho ViearVuVnra    ""' ' .'" X J sUi-h ft dlltj'     Ho admitted   the   re- C'Hl'llCII   SuTlCK,
1 111 tho Mii*.ti>(    biiildiug   ,„, ,..,.,,;,,.,.,,..,...:,.,,.. Mi the V, iiie I    thoso. friends who subscribed nt«  "ponslbility of John   lldullboo's   ap    ,,|;| „|iV| ,.,.us.  ,•„,,,;,     ';,.,     .,
hr street, uud although 111 both cases ^   |l!u,.(, i„.ih,_ ,,,!,,,„ i,v m,.   1i,,|„.,.|V  tour start, for tho half-year rinly, lbi  [.ointment, but vouchsafed no   reason   Sl,,.vices   | [ „  ,„   Suuduy ..b
'''■■    '"l; '";•"■ V't   ineumplel.*,   H."v „,„, li:„ jl]M |,,-, ,|„. .,,.,„,„,-u,„.   -J.see .- we would   wear,   am   11
iu,   Willi doine business.    'I In.    11 mi- ,,    , ,
" Die I nl east.
11.11 joins many other sympaihixers i.
A:In; hope thul their  disastrous   lossoq
luui  bo quickly nmdu Up to them. Minei'8 Irii'tnl
the near fill um   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
s who subscribed at ♦
lie half year only, lb X
...... . T for il     He then went iiito n  detailed   Evening service, "aid      V nnj    I
uiiiided   Unit   tbeir    sitoscriptions ♦
have expired, and a deposit of   col-1 description showing lho   ncccsily   of  pies'Society meet  hid
Vote.   I'( if   .Mn.'kiiilnsli.   tlie _latnr.il would bo aecepliible, J  ,1,,.   nans mental   line,   11   thing | at l** u'cluck.    All uro welc      ;.  -.
wliich Is admitted   by   bull.   pmties.JH   Voung, M. A., l"astol', THE YMIR HERAL'J
!■ .i,|ii.|,...( i-yi-ri  :.,,; i,:-l:,j-ioi-I ,i,iiil,"i lo nnj
• .' ■- ,01 I,-., ' .ii i io currier In low n.
er, which affect lliein liipalli
■Sane of th" questions   whieh    each I
voter iu Ymir should   cun^idoi
Companies Act, 1897.
Netic is hereby givpp ihat Sayan-
,,.,.'", nah   Johnson   Speak,   resident   Min.
joi.sly are tin- fo'lowing     I ho lumber
.-■, -,*r,|.u..ii*. >:■-.•(.:.•, -. ;,„,!„,„. |,|.i„i,:, j., .,,1., industry need.-,  the   ppolQclion    of   a
. ... i-i-o,-.- run    ri.i.j j"-i 1 ii01. per iiii'iul,
in,   in.1:11.,, ,-.,-i I-- laid   from  ull li-i.ilii.it
.-....■,,,■:-. in ,1,.. lis,,-i.-i. 1,:   col   l„-   r,t,Ian, ,i
::;■., t.ora till'ollltx-.
1  .-,, i r.-cil   printout  o.   oyury    ,l'-*i:ri|,li,»ii
iunii ,..i, tin nri'ini-ie" ai -i-,,,il:o-.l priucs,
l'l IU.I-1IK1, liv TI.B
IIKIIAI.U    l'l KI.'sll.N.I    l.-OMI'AN-;
II.   Klillt.**,'.-.,   .1| IV.IijKIt,
SATURDAY,  NOV.,  |9, 190-j
! Mnnnger of the Copipapy at Yniir, It
(.'., has been-tib.-tituteil the All ,ri
llslolus duty similar to the protection
overiimen',    to
their   lumberman,      Lumbermen  01
both siijt's of politics uilnii*. the usees-
sity for   such    protection    and   hav
time nijd again petitioned the  l.aun',
government to place a duty on I'    !■-, 1 ,     , .    .
[legist,'a, ot Joint Sfock Cornp/itnes
liunber which cqmos into  competition  !_  |
with them.    Nothing ha.-;  been   done I Nptice,
of   '-riu; Ymir (i ihl  Mines, Limited,   I
ivn by the U,   S     government,   to
und that   tho  fiirmor  siibjititution   pf
i Kichard Mead   Atwater and  George
■ ! '
] II. tjaruhart has been rei'pked,
fated October ;!,".'Ji, 190*1.
"S, V. Wootton."
(.ow-jird-; granting this   ipasopable   re- j
Liberal - Conservative Candi:
dates for Partiarrtent,
For Ivioleiiiiy District.
Of  llossland.
For   Yuje-C'iiribuo   District,
Of  Grand   Forks,
iipu-Mt Should thi' voter;, in [foot,
cnay elect M r. Galliher on   the   22nd
'inst, the qnly copstractipn t|ip I.aurier goveri]ini.'i|t can aw| will pl/ic.. on
such condtjet is t|iat   the.   lupibpi'inun
Tins is tho time of the year lo gd yoi|r pick of tlio many soloul pieci l   •(
Furniture.    Iron ljcls. Id,minims. Hugs, Carpels and Hammock-.
sol,!'.    AGENTS    FOR   THE,    -MAS! i.N'-IMSCJI    PIANO,
purnjture I)ealgrs 3,1C* F*-Jn<r*ra! Directors
[ N'.Ii.—Wc aresole agents for the Marshall Sanitary  Mattrps? an.|  the Ul-die
§ccljonnl l'ook C:;.se tj.li(J Filey,
'T'O W,M.'r|.n .1.    HpfUiEs,   or   any
•  other per-ioii to whom he may have!
transferped hi*s ilitpfe-jf, if) the }leado\vj
Lark   mineral   claiip,    situated     on I
■ Wild I|.,|se cjeuk about seven    miles.
of iy.o'.|*n iy 0.1'e either to.,   weak    in j ,*,,„„ ()l(. ,„„.„ ,,f ymir,( j,, ,,„, N,.|,(,n I
Nc.'.t Tuesday thu electors of this
liding will |iayp their qpportunity to
demonstrate whether they up. hide-
pendant. vofe|.", voting   apcordipg   to
(heir convictions, or whether they ar;1
week -kneed udherepts of the party in
power whatever it may be. JJy this
we do not ipean that there uie no
ju.iiist Liberals iu the constituency.
There are many und we would they
were less. Hut we know tl|at according to the calculations of tbe
Liberal party, a.id presumably of the
present member for tins ruling, it is
expected that a largo number of individuals will not allow their convictions to embarrass tllOll) ut all, in
their haste to vole for the party,
which it is now known, bus u huge
majority. This we say, is the expectation of the Libera] wire pullers, and
uli.ee Mr. Gallihor was the prime
inover in getting the date of the loud election delayed, wo must also
Bay, of Mr, Galliher, There was no
I'Oason in the world why the election
could not have been held here on the
."..-.I inst,, seeing that n months notice
was given, Yet it was delayed to
to the 22nd, in order th.it Mr. GallL
her might have the opportunity to
buy "my party  is   in,   whoever   you
lole for it is   I.    (Inlliher,    who    will
have the patronage of the district.
And what me you going lo do about
It  '    ■
It is plain to sen what     Ml',    Calli-
her expects tin' independent (!) voter
to do about it Hut is .Mr, (lallihnr's
estimate uf tho general run of character iu iln- Knot.-nay riding   correct?
Ale the people   of     Keolenay     riding
going to do ns he expects them to do,
and to sink their personal convictions,
in order to be on the , iejd side of
the parly in power? th are they go»
lug to banish all such considerations
from their minds and cast their ballots according to their party convictions, or according to their estimate
uf w hich of lho candidates is the
worthiest to  represent   them.      We
believe llu   hitler, and ll, it   Mr.    Olll-
liher's attempt to impress the hide*
pendent voter, liy shaking    the reins
of power nt them, will bu found entirely I'milc
nun.bers to ||aye any weight on election, 0|, that they (|;i pop lyanf pro.
teciiijti for tli-sij- industry. Tlie only
method by which the !ipi|be|'mup, can
protest against the upjust Ipentineiil
to w|,ich theif are subject is by voting
for Mr. Muckjutu-h.
The next questipp pf importance   is
that affecting   the   terms   of   [Jnion
Mining Division pf \Vest Kootemn
District, and recorded in the Record.
er's o'jice for the Nelson   Milling    P' ;
Y'ou und eaph of yop   arts   here
notified that T have expended spy
six   ripllai's   apd   eightyt.sevpn   cents
(•?Tli.S7) in laho|'    and   i,).p|'..vei||e,,t-,
upon the above mineral claim iu order
to hoi.) sanio undi-r the provisions   pf
:::;:; HERA LP    OFF ICE
A-1 work entrusted to us i,s neatly anf]
promptly   executed.
. ,    ,   _H^B^^B  _H__R_i tlm Mineral Act, ..
wilh Ihe   Dominion.       |t     pas    been ; , . ,      . .     , .
I ty days troin the date   pf   tpis   iiutice
found by bitter experience   il,;,t   the| y(jn f(li, p|. rfi[ufip ,p pont|.ibllto   _V1JU1.
bargiiin pnlpred into by |3|-itisll    Co
uiiibiii in the iiialU'r of t|ip distribution  of i he  |-['vcniii*s derived   from
llritish   Columbia wus n|i  unfair    one
for .British Col, industr-iea und the
conditio., of affairs which iu patent, to
everyone has been pointed out to the
I.aurier government. Nothing bus
been dope ll)    liunedy    tin. greiviniee
What Dritisli Columbia is entitled   to
is a larger proportionate sluiie  of  the;
portion of expenditure, together with
all costs ot' advertising, your interest
it: said claim will become the properly of th,, subscriber, under .section
■1 of ap   uut   entitled    '-'An    Act   t„   ——
Amend the Mineral Act, \900."
Mitchell tait       Dealers ir* Staple and Fancy Groceries,  Miner's Suiulii.*
Dated at Vmir, J!. C, this :'!!   day . ,     , ,       .r-.        ..i i>   i i it    l   .
of October 1904, Hlnnkets, Hocks, Mitts, Gloves,   Rubbers,   Under
wear,    Overalls,    hitiMil     Mcilicincs,
•I   ■■»
rnvenuos derivod   from   tlm   customs
,       .   ., ,      .      .       11-—.0  L\ W.  Keech, or any other per
and to similar revenues than is   given ,  I ,        , ,
j  1 son to whom  he   in iy     have trans.-
toother provinces.     For   this   plain fomjd |)is jnte|,CTt in  t|„.St. Tl, is
reason (hat it costs ami   will   always ! „,l(| Teleguipl, mineral claims situated j
cost more to administer the idfairs    of ! in the      Nelson Mining        Dili**
the local government than it costs   j„  sion of West Kootenay District, and   |Vllfiiflg AgCIlt
„   a,,       ,1 u7i      recorded in the Recorder's office f..|-
any of the   oilier   provinces,      \\ by ' _■__
BOX 1095.
Stocks and Shares
er    proline.. , -...,,
,,,,,,. , : the Nelson Mining Division,
then should this Province derive   r
revenue from the   Dominion    at   the
You und   eneb   of you are   hereby
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ notified that I   half   expended     one
same low rale per head as   llie    other I hundred and two   dollars    and    fifty
provinces receive. cents (.*?IU'J.*ri0) in labor and improve- ,
The only way tho voters of   Knot-   men ts upon the above mineral claims
enay can show i„ the world that they Iin "nl'T l" l'""1 8lim0 ,""1"1' l"'"visi""s
, . , , .     !.it' the Mineral   Act,    and    if   within I
have a gt'oivanoo is   by   voting   lor     , ,       . ,       „ ,,
I ninety days from tlie date of this no«
Mackintosh, and in   that   way   only ticoyou fajl w   ,,.hlM.Ul  Contril-ute
will the greivanco be finally adjusted,    your'portion of expenditure, Itogether
■■■""■' ■■'■■ » ■■   with all cosUof advertising, your   in ' •' ■ '■■"■'I   AVEMJJ!
Clark's   Furniture   Store: terest in s„i,i claim will  become the
property of the subscriber,  under    sec ■
 ion I of nn net,     entitled   "An    Actio;
Undertaker   and    l-'urniture    Dealer  Amend   the  Mineral     A<-i,    1900,,
Mad orders promptly attended to A.R.PETERS,
., ^ ,, Dated nt Vmir, II. ('.  this   I III '
-__ ACIEN'1*   FOR-—»
Mutual Life Insurance Company of Now York,
Canadian Caaulaty-—Boil(H' Iniwranco I'd.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
V.Mlb', B. <
W 11,1.1AM  CLAKK
day of \.,v   |90|,
(i.ving    lo    the     fact    thai       Ml
(■allihci-   postponed , ll loi i um   ii
this riding until after tl,.- federal is
•■in-- ii*dr*o decided bv others, the vo
icis who have thus been sidetracked,
sin,-ud direct their attelitioii  to   mat*
Our ratine in ebony
toilet articles is lare;c
and varied.
A favorits Ift< in liAntl.i.iiie
CAM, ll No, I480T, it co„-
lAllU lwiir-bru.il, mirror and
fivf 1,titer rioCHury plccei,
ll.OUn.ed ..'ill, .lcrli„K silver
hllil'IllS, $.5,00.
Our catalogue will
prove of value when
next you are thinking
about fjlft-mnkirig,
Send for it to-day.
"DIAMOND M.\l 1 "
Ymir Transfer Co.
JACKSON it LEAHY, I'l'opi.
Teaming and
Express ....
Ail    orders    promptly   attended  to
and the greatest care exercised in the
hnndliiifi uf eiiod.s
Newly furnished throughout.   Sample rooms in connection,
llutes .-i'i..".(J to IJ2.50 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
Cold, Silver, or   Lead 81,00
Copper,     - ...     iJLoO
Cold Silver.       ... -?| ."ill
Cliai j[es fur othl 1 Inotuls on up
1.1 i<-n. 1.111.
I'loi ilieinl Assiiyer
P.O. Drawer AI L'l,   V.lJIll, ll.C
,i -5 •»•»*■>-»■»■»-»-»•*•>*»-»«*-» *»-»•»■»•****»•»»->•»•»*»•*-»**»*M*»*»*M-2:>s
!       UNION MADE I
Shirts and Overalls **
 ARE  %
When tlicy   coiik* from %
Factory at Victoria. flj
I', (i. l!o\ •",,',,     -     Nelson, II. 0.
Union   Label   on   every  Garment.
Ctt*r.4*r$iikZ4$i:t±4'ri4*rt1rV$<ttf'.t.t.44t44ZL(-ii:i-t*i-;<,!>)* V
Air. Borden On  His   De*
' I'be ('oi, i i vatives ot' this proviu, e
l.hoUXh del'eated   an*    not   dismayed.
I >y do i,ot pr. poso to givo   up   the
light.    A great sailor, when his mast-
.  el been   shot    a.vav    and    had'    hi*
• row were .lead or dying,    wus   sum-
i luned   to   surrender        Uis  aii.*»wi r |
wus, 'the fight has  only   just  begun'.'
i 'ur friends throughout the  proi ince
will bo animated by the  same   spirit,
und they will begin now the work   i t
pie|Miiiiioii   for   ilie   next    contest, !
I 'I me thank   once   more,   ul;   the
Conservative workers in the city   and
province, aod let me say llmt   1   appreciate their efforts us   much   us   if
we hud    won  und   not   lost   in   the
present contest."
A Ymir Sportsman!
Wc cul the following from the
Vancouver World ,,f Nov. 11, We
havo nol heard of any shipments of
elk-tusks in car-luad lots or otherwise
from \ mir, and are of opinion that
the Yniir sportsman, referred to, if he
exists anywhere but in the imaginn
i ion of the "World ' reporter, is only u
sportsman so far that ho is sporting
with tho truth.
"A Ymir sport small suggests that
the sale of elk tnsts be prohibited
Tl.cv  niii-t    have    elephants    in    the
Wilds of Ymir. Tf tbo sale of elk
tusks is forbidden the prohibition
should be extended to the wings of
tbe mountain sheep,, the horns of the
black bear and tlie butts of the wild
goat The Ymir man must moan
elk teeth. Ymir may be. an exception, but in other places the elk has
In. teeth that could reasonably- be
vailed lilsks.
"However, the Yinir man Im*. the
right idea when he urges stricter pro*,
teetion for tho oik. He points out
'.hat if a hunter con.e*. into tho pro.
cilice to kill elk and runs acrosi a
.' 1 band, he can kill two for himself, two for each of Ills guides and
two for the camp oook,     if ho   takes
.lie along.    That    would    leave   very
little of the good band Tho Ymir
hum also wants each foreigner who
iolues here to kill elk to he required
iu pay 8I00 a head {or them instead
i f iJuO, It might be raised eicn
higher with advage."
A Boomerang.
Mr. Oallihet's action in debility
Ihe local election until three week*.
I tier the general election, is very  lia
i le after all to act as a boomerang.
Th.) liberal party bus been relumed
lo power with a verv lirgt' majority.
Kit Wilfrid Laurier has himself ad
milted the danger of huge niaj... ilies,
mid   prefer*   a    strong    opposition,
«hid. will keep  the    goyeitline.it   Up
I., the mark In matters uf public   i,.-
I' lest. Will, a vei y large and sale
majority, a unletiil.ui.t, 111,en it is si.
u-innl in its power, thai one or two
''. t'eetioits .I., not materially affect  it,
i- liable lo lit'coin*' OOtl'Upt. TIlO opportunities fot gigatitili grafting are
I", apparent, and Unless tl..' pur-
t. is unusually piirB, tilts Inn.'ltablo
. nl is rank corrUptlnlli And Is the
Liberul party iintisti.illy p.he' Its
I'soril on the ellnll-al-y Is nnUMially
black. Election frauds of all kinds
I ive been brought tu In,lif". The
ilncksoil and I'Millnler casefl, the fault
Kl, Mario election, mul  many   other
lu-ti n t's are frttsli in t!t bids of Ihi'
public, and ihe greatest champion of
11.•■ liberal pint Vl-iililiot loiiie out ou
11" public platform, and talk of p'lilV
pinky, The lleM foltr Vents-, which
Will wittic-ls at) era >if rnllloa.l    bllil.l*
I nu, will give ii'uny nn ..pp.ii-titniiv
1'". -overnmeut griifritlg. A strong
, i; ositidn is the onIv tliltlu tliu cm.
$10,000 Worth
of Goods
Must be Sold regardless of Cost.
The lire sale is now on. Do not overlook the fact that onh doll.mi
has the purchasing power of two in ordinary course of business.
More we start with men's Clothes, Shoes and Furnishings. Suits nobby
and up-to-date, formerly twenty dollars, now-$12.50. A swell and nobby
line thai readily sold atseventeen and a hall'dollars, now $1.0.00. Canadian
Tweeds thai were considered ;i bargain al lifteen and a half dollars, now $9.50.
tn shoes we carry the famous Bell Shoes at greatly reduced prices,
while they last. We also carry a large assortment of other brands whieh
we cannot enumerate, at prices that will cans-you no hesitation to stock ii|>
for the winter.
Underclothes, lice is where we appeal to you lor quality and bargains,
We carry the following famous brands: Woolsey, Britannia, Iron Duke,
IVnnman in the line lines, the latter is a live dollar line, wehavecnt to $3.50.
The most complete slock in Ymir. We are throwing it out ai
your own price. Writing pads formerly a 50c line, now at genuine fife sale
juice 20c each.
Our large and well assorted library, 3000 books nsiial retail prices L\*>c Iu
75c, take them away twenty books for $1.00.
Remember this is a rare opportunity to outfit al Pni'se Pleasing Prices,
first come first served. Our entire stock will lie cleared out regardless of
price, to make room I'or a new stock now in transit.
Kii'Ht-olllHH Dining Uooln.
\\v\ liitiinls ul' Wine**,
l,ii|tii>l\-; mill ('igiu'fl,
owl-:N I'.ttVl-'n, I'M'
si'ihinl Avi-. VMllI
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
VMIR,   ll.   C.
lliinlliii- lii'iiVv (Vtsiglll ;t
Spi-ciiill y.
rjorrcBpoiHlitnun promptly
;|i trli'lcl In
NKI.sDN .V- I'I'. SIIICI'I'Al'.H UV. CO  ]
Mi'cls train eveh   morning    b_dhuUntaI-RAU-Wa¥co
I'kccpi Sitinltiy/t'i.t' freight     wAsniNiiidN a u, n. hy
,'in'l |iii>sci!^cr**   for   i'mir       v v. ,v i: iiv, .*.- x en.
luill.    |',y spci'lill onlfl'B   Oil   ,„, ,,,,„, x.,,,|,..,,,, Kol'tlicrii Pnt.iltc
Sini-liiys-, Dr flit'' Ylnir initi"'. ,,,„| o. h. ,.* n. c, . for point* east,I
west  mill  utiiitli ■ ctiiiiil'cu nt   It..-".
At.E>. CD&IE    1~/WP lall'd-rjlld Nolsull   .villi   Um   Cillllliliilll
. 1'ui'ilic lluiU.i.v.
i     Cun it* ii!  Nelson with the   P, IV,
, ,   ilil.-i'lili I' ilAlAtikll waSH'.D ,v N. Co. for  Kaslo itlitl   K-  is
• i di.. Rovernulont down   lo   tlio nuliits
., bianco bf purity.   Therefore II in      PcHhanclit pofiltionj rnplll ntlvahce* '   (•,„„,,, r. „* Ch-ii-a with  ktitgofnt*
tip to tliu I'lHMiirn ti! KoUtenay to w>B mntit) m\\A\y itild  e*tpMlsei<j   full, in- (Jllmiiw land Midway, J). C,
tn ,i, tint il..' already   iiti'ai*   IH'cral ,iiit,-il,.n. ti.-.- >,l'  '.-linlyc.   eltoih   do*I    I'-'Kl'i   l-m-h Will on tridnn betwuei
Car of Aslicroft l'otiitoon.   Do not full to gol   your  **wh
Kni'   Wtntci'i
. - Dm-  Stock   ii  Complete,   Prepare  fur   Winter —
Uut <;i(i('clv Sliick   is    l-'l'enli*    Cleali   ftiul   Pp-to-ilntc
BttE Is FOIt IU'sinkss
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦■» !>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦
,-m*." ftiHvartl Tin: YJIilt llt.itni. foi'
mul ii''l(ii-i\'.l'-'l'.;'.' rccolpl --f
I,  ..il
iiiii,i,.iit;   l-t   mil   Mii.iiKtli.'ncil,   but
Unit the opposition ranltd at'e   h.-cn-
•1 ,i  i-.l   l,v   an   ttblfl   mul   ,-\|,i'ii,-ii.-.',l
-.iiii, likr Hun. (.'. II. Mackintosh,
. . | Niinkani! mi'l  llppublle
"'t"hlVl"'s!",'V"       .       , , !   '     ||   A. JACKS.IN
Tin- .1. I.. DMuliolk i .i. I.i .1.  I.ii'diilii. | ii.'ii.'i-.ii PiiHVligcr.Agl.
(iMchtlbii this pltpel'.) | KiH'ion,*., iviisti.
v Tiik IIbiiai.iiIs pulillsliwl   i*j rtaiunhty iiwi tin I
i ,.|,iiii,iii-.  nil the Hewn nf llrti unilip,
J I! Ml.-*     l'l.li   VlMli,   s-J.   II Ml'   Vi...:,   -I {
f ♦
• «■»•«**««»»»■»«♦•♦■>♦-»•»«>♦•♦*» ♦♦♦♦•»*♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦*•>♦*•»•»♦•»* WATCH    SALE.
Wesnv selling watches that will prove t<> be 0. li.  in every
respect.    A good ftlgiu Wateh.
Jewels   in   Nickul    Cam
' I'.'.OO
10 00
I -1 00
'J'l.is i-i :v special Bale and you .should take advantage of it  now.      Will  send
wntuli for examination, and if not satisfied it can   In;   returned
irt our expense,
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians.
North    l-'otk   of
Kl'i'dprick   S.
Old Novelties.
A large nvmber of our most Roasted now inventions have lately been
proved to be mere re-discoveries. The
heliograph, for instance In modern
times this instrument lias been first
pul to practical use in the recent
campaign in South Africa. It is,
however, at least eleven centuries old.
11 was employed by the tribes of
North Africa for Hashing signals in
the ninth century of our era.
Kven more ancient is tlio practice
"f homoeopathy which has but, lately
become h-fce-oognised brutiah of medicine. There was "healing by-nimilar-
itv" nearly two thousand years ago,
inni curing by initiate doses of poison.
These, and other practices, died out
for something over seventeen ecu-
tin ies, only to be revived in our own
day as a  nineteenth   century    inven
If you go  to   an   exhibition,   you   KOOtCHay    Coff-Be    CO.
pass through a self**registeriiig   turn
stile, which automatically records the,     COFFEE   ROASTERS
number of persons who enter,     Yet r_J_	
this very same device was used eighteen centuries ago, to find out how
nun,v people attended the big eXhi-
bilious "iveti   nt   the   circus.     The!*.,    ,        „       « _   „»
Same people at the same   date   were Htflh  -Grade • Coffee*
using condensers aboard their trireme ■ 	
\        MINERAL ACT.
Bityounn, Oxford, Maryland, poluivare
Coin|nl.us Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey, Virginia and Illinois Mineral
claims shunted in Ihe (ioiil (liver
Mining Division  of    West   Ki.ol.nnv
i 111st 1 let.
Where loeale.l:    On
i .Sun,mil creek.
TA KR NIlTll'K ll.ai   I
. CI.■infills acting as agent for ['milk C.
I Million   Free   Miners   iiertlli. ulli   No.
1 H.   hi,6118     mul    George     Harrison
I'ne Miner's ()ertil|cate No ». ol.270|
inl.i.il. sixty days from the dale hui'cof,
to apply   to  the  Mining  Kceor.ler for
ceil.Hemes   of   improvenients, for the
I piirp.ist' of oltiiining Crown grants of
! tlie ..hove claims.
And further  lake notice Unit net ion
under section 87, must he commenced
I before the issuance of  such certificates
' ol Improvement.
baled this fitli day   of  August,   11104
1        V. S.CLEMKNl'S, Nelson, B.C.
Wholesale anil retail dealers
In Fresh lloaste.l
war vessels, made exactly like those
Which a modern steamship curries
Raised type for the blind is usually
I siked upon as n comparatively re
c mt discovery. So it is in this
country. In Paris, however, such
type has been in use front time immemorial,
The Chinese Minister at Wjisldng**
Ion, Wu-tillgfatlg, was recently itilr.
Yiiiir Citiflena
I.As'i'   ITr.SllAY IN  KAI'll  MoftTlli
iluced to the gii.ne of pingpniig.    But I    ''  w* !!,",s. President,
he failed to show that interest    which
Ins hosts had hoped and expected.  He,
merely remarked, with  a   bored   air,   *
I) Cami'uki.I., Secitl.iry.
Kini.aY McLkoIi, Tit'asurei
,„,,,-Ml,,,U»l',„,l|,l,',,ll,ll.    lt',,,,lt'.H'h ',„   C'lt ,'„.*.
*.,.,,, i,,-,.. oi.i.'.t tiitriur forinetirtilksulbiiu.
I'i,,,.,,.. Itlkt-ll  ll,r.,.,„.,   Mlll.ll ft Iu. ."'■'■I'..
tfitCUU r.-.ri.r, wllh'iut cl>„n*,«. ill ll.ll
Scientific Hmerican.
A hmdiomatr IIMMt*ilfd wi*«IiIt.   Ijirttrt oil*.
mini, I ,i„t ■i-i.'i.liti.' I'iicniiI.   Tortile, I-I •
rnttr: |,,ur imtiith* li   lols liyiill pflffidMlMi
MUNN&Co.^'3'— New York
Brticl. Offlra. mi. I' w. Winii.iim.ii. l»i;.
thai ho was well acpliiinte.l wilh   llu
giiiiie.    It had bded plajed,  hi!   said,
in China for a good many generations,
I,living been invented l.y   a   Chinese
priest    just    U00    jeill'S    l.td'ole     the
I'liiisliiill era. *1                 PT Tmot Mimi
,    , . ^m     _^^   .     Designs
Motor oars aro by no Iticahs sb   re* 'PFf1*i^     CopYMidhTS— a
.  •   *,              ..-..-.      :. AririMaaendlfHl• stcMtihanddiwcMiitlnnm«J!
'.-cut in origin ,  as most ..I us imagine, |   n«\mt r,„„i i„,r ,.|.„m"„ n,-,-«.  „.
Ilivolllllin ,-. liri'linlily I,,,,,-,,,n,.l".   Cxtmtlim,-,,
l-'.very.me, Of collrse, knows tin''
Mcain conches tt'tlta put upon tin
loads ill Kilgland early iu llie reign
i.l' Quean Victoria, ami that they
Worked excellently, only falling be
la use of repressive legislation llul
I he self-propcMl'd vehlt'le is far more
(Iiiu seventy years old
We have a trustworthy I'ocbTH that
l''iither Vellll't'st, a Jewish missionary
lo China in lilt* year 15(10, invented
nnd built n sleuth dliveli t-l-lllcli. for
load use diiiilig Ills Sta)' III Hit* Far
ICist. It was. Indeed, constructed,
liecoriling tit (Vliat (If clillsilh't- !l very
hovel stvle—that of tilt) steam tur*.
bine     A i-t of siciiiii  Uiis  Ihiule to
het   dhectly   upon   a    Viiiit-ll    whee'i
S'hich w,n nillxi'.l t.i a vdrtidal shaft*'J
gearing attached to olle nf the axles.
About Ihe *iiiille dale a ffilroinbiirg I
Ini... named -lohaiin ll.itislneh mull- l
ilfiiotnrcd what III' descrlhctl lis ''al
bluiriot going by Jpl'ipgi tihd liiakllig!
I wo ilioiis.in.l puces nil  I i."    The
liiotii e-powel' was, in i.ill.  that,   of   ii .
Inoderit American cluck—A big coiled
Bpt'illR, I
ASS.ll IN.,.
E. W. Wlddowsou.
Mrs. drone.
IIIIOKKItAUK   AM.    IN.-I  l.-AN,  K.
Percy •'■ (ileazcr.
m T.-iiKi:.
-John l'hill.ei'i..
unv  noons  anh  hunts i-riiNisitiNiis
D. GanipUull,
D.-sHiisiiy Jobbing Co.
NY wil l .x- Co.
William Clark.
I>. Campbell.
llcsHiisny Jobbing Co.
S   11. -Seaney.
(iosiiiopolitiiu—John Breau,
MeLeod Hntise—Finlay Mel.eod.
Miller House—S   Miller.
Ptilaec—Tait & Ruddy,
Vancouver—()wen Boyer.
Waldorf—(icorge Coliuilil.
Vmir—J. VV. Masterson.
.......IKS    1 t IIMSlllNli    AM>     Mlt.l.lNKKV
Mrs. John MeLeod.
MINIM!    ItKC'Pllllf.ll
Percy J. (ileaner.
Herald Publishing Co.
ST A I I..M.I1V.
I). Ciimplii'll.
S. II. Seaney.
llarshiiw ifc Wilson.
Jackson .V Leahy,
Alex. Odilie.
William Chirk.
Post   OIIut   Stoic,
Headquarters for flining
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in  the  diss
trict.    Everything first-class.
YMIH,  1). C,
■  *>l ■       U      ll       t    «^_^«——___
I'lll'.SIl   ANIi  NAh'l'KU MK.VI'S
Wholesale ami lleiail
Mail orders recelvi*, ptotnpt attention
JOHN I'lllldll-'.IIT, Prop.
Ymir is Safe.
We Have Medicines For All Ills Of The Mind and
A ('(inii'letr lino of patent medicines of which the following
a it ti lew: Gastoria, Bool Iron and wine, Lung Balsam,
I'ioi'ir's Favorite Prescription, Yellow Oil, I'aines Celery
Compound. Hood's and Avers Sai'saparilla, Painkiller,.Syruji
Kigs, Pink Pills, Carter's, Chase's and Dodd's Pills. Nestle's
Milk Food, Mecca Ointment. :l II Liniment. Florida Water.
Castor Oil, Epsom -Salts, Sulphur, Glycerine, Vasiline,
Linseed, Tooth Powdei's. . . . We have also put in a complete line of school supplies.
YM UL li. C.
We    parry    thp    leading    brands     imported      Lit'iuu-
and  Cigar**!, Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   an I   Wine.
The Mutual Life Insurance Company of X. Y.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in it js the safest investment known to man.
Cash invested in Life Insurance is cash invested that   will
return compound interest.
All successful business men carry large amounts of life
insurance.    It provides for the family, protects a man in his
old age, and protects his other investments.   For  rates 0:1
any form of life insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
Hotel ....
(Umli'r tiiitlr.'ly imw iniintigi'niimt.)
Dihilig lloottl   and   Bar
supplied  wMi   the   Lest
in the market.
Uight  Opposite  depot,   Ymir
John imiui;, trap.
YMIH LODGE, No. 32,   K.   P.
Meet* lirst   nml   third   Mote
uys of month.
Visiting  brothers   welcoinei
Wm. Cofi-'BV, C. C.
Oiiki.hu* WoonsiiiK, K. H, S.    rp Ke only    all   rail   route   bet.vi ,-n
points east, West anil sntlth to Ross*
land. Nelson, Grand forks and lit"
public llutfutciirs run between Hp.-
k.iiHi und Northport.
Etfeotivo Juun Htl:. 1008,
Leave DallyjTraln Arrive
S.45 n.m Spokane 8.IS pm
ll) in a.in        K08-.I1111.I 4.36 p.m
9.:t211 ni irmlr :, ;l.". p ,..
7,20 11.ni Nelson 7.20 p*in
thilj ii 111     (Irtiml I'^orks      4 un p.m
H.'iOa.m Ri-mililic. (i.I.i p.m
A.XjIj    TUB    TIME!
Seattle,    Tatioma
AM) Aid.
frolli 11 H-ITrr
B*VM)1I tod ttluu*.-
11,11 ll.lllll-  l„f
.r,,li,,i,,„ irl.
Itcnry i.i.ki ,**
d«ii-i' (rtt-lllllr*.
fui titnklt.K w.li.l
111vetWn fk n -,
i,o-..rH*.r,l I.V H"
filltrr cOUCtfli lit
8l-H.it jo*. Artlitledtilkil-
en, tii...lrr 11 nif.c-l.ilirly, -lilrl  llllllcil  llOIIlt
wotktrl, *ll lllld. (It,'** direct mipervliitou ct
|,-„,-.lcnl tneHlilft-i ot llie fin.i. tnnlif all mi
c.|,imIIru cbinblu'illo.t lui turill..| ...it One
Wiitt* fdl Illustrated tdliltogilk,
at...  '■■- „.. :
I-fv, elry,
Sterling Sllv'cr.
Silver Piste,
Wilchei, etc.
a ■     am
Henry Kirks &• Sons
• 1,,.,
the I
• I.l M,„-o
rj,-.-,-. ■ BrtU
SAM   Ml l,l,i:il,  Prop,
llcnililiiiiiti'i's for Minillg Men
lint- supplii'il  with best bl'andu of
tlincs; |ll|U0l'H lllld Ulg.lH
hnsl Avi-'.m i'i
V-1111, II. G
Hotel Ymir
•  tin' lirst \tdltlH
Ami Accliinnloilfitiilti
ill Town 1
A Ijiil'si-i.'clid!..ifWillcs,
i.lijlllil^ tltlti ( 'i^lll'S:
rill'.   Ill'.s'l'  illtANli III'1  hoMKSTII
The kootehfcy  Standard
\i wi'k.m'imkn nv
"/.' C.   Iheiin 0 Co. "~
Si'lstm, It. C!
,1   \V.  MASTKIISON,      j
.♦4-1 ♦•»t*44i»-»** + ** ♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦
44444.+U4******»'4'f 4444 ***i
\   M\LL WOOD.
Dulivol'eil an\
)ilncc In town.
♦      fetove LengtHs
t $100
I     t>er Cart Load.
I        i*oi*l <■   Rico
L <
t   Liiiiiix-i- ('<». Ltd.  ]
; 4"+***"f«,'**ft**»-4*»"ft4-ffi>i
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
A!,ii   POINTS    BASf
MINI Nd'OA list;
tlKAK.8 A   l.A   CAIITR.
Best   Meals  on   Wheel**.
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
Spi-.-lal    Ivvi'insion    Hull's
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Yoilt- Ullolce of llo.ltc.
l-'or rate*, folders und full IIHornmiioil
'Pgrtl'tting (rip-*., oilll  (in or ili'.lr.'-l- ml
igont ..f ill.' s. r. ,•*■ n, HiiiUviij- or
I. A  •lAI'llSO'l.        ll. liltANDI'.
li. V. A !'■ A.      (i, p. ,-;• 1 ■ ,\
710 NV. Illvorglllo Avii S|iol.,iiii-
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