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The Western Call 1914-07-17

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 arf ������������������^__________________________________________(. -------41 ���������_______���������____,''**��������� *��������� ��������� ���������-'���������'��������� ���������������������������������������������'������������������/-.'--   ������������������ . ���������   .. ������������������  igf^Biffl^^  Certain powerful but entirely selfish  [interests have beenvery busy of late do-  ihg their utmost to discourage any developments in Vancouver Harbor. Unf or-  inately they are "using*' to accomplish  [their purposes some highly respectable  id well meaning business men.   Those  rho are instigating the movement, how-  lever, are the very saime parties who last  [year secretly petitioned Premier Borden  md his Government hot to dp any harbor  [development in Vancouver, the same who  [also condemned the construction of a pub-  flic dock. They characterized it as "squandering public funds," and now again they  Jsaythat "tlie improvements which the  [Harbor Commissioners regard as benefits  |,are likely to turn out a gross waste of  ioney." In other words they are opposed  to all developments of our harbor because  lit will come into competition with them  land lower the cost to the importers and  [Merchants.v   ' " - ���������. f} >"-  In order to divWt, public attention,  from the exorhttinn eh$rfes now beto?  hn*d* hy the private dock owners, viz;, 50c  Iper ton warfage, plus 25c per ton band-*  Ring cbarge, they are making entirely er-  froneus statments regarding the new tar-  \% of harbor dues issued by the If arbor  'ommission.  It wig not work. False statements will  [sooner or later fail of their own falsity.  |Tb������*y may, in fact are, alarming tbe peo*  [pie; somewhat for tbe moment, but tbe  )uWic will soon discover wbo are responsible for misleading them and give to them  tbe contempt so well merited        For the benefit of those who bave an  [open mind we purpose giving some correct idea of what is proposed by the Com-  ��������� missioners. First w^will reply to. some  of the false statements.circulated. They,  say "this port is singled out far worse  treatment than any other port in Canada" That is a political lie, made for  \ party political purposes. The Government has spent large sums throughout  [Canada & improving its ports. Not one  [cent was ever spent in Vancouver until  rb and a half years ago, and after the  [present Government came into office, and  Inow $6,000,000 worth of harbor improvements are under way and about half fin-  [ished, and ffiejport of Vancouver will not  [be called upon to pay one cent of interest  for principal ip connection therewith.  Mention has been made of Montreal  land Quebec, and the extensive works  [which have been done there. It is true  [but it is being done out of monies bor-  >wed by the Harbor Commissioners and^  (upon which they pay current rates of in-  Iterest It is claimed by these enemies of  (Vancouver; these "knockers," that no  jdues are paid at these ports. This is also  [false���������absolutely false.  Asahvthey quote the customs collections of Vancouver, and say: "We get  nothing in rejturn." We have received  millions in harbor works, while in Montreal the board develops the harbor out of  borrowed money, while customs collections are five times greater there than  Late Despatches  Ottawa. July |5.���������The trutft dee4 Molding for tbe guarantee ^of  bonds of tbe Canadian Northern Jtailway Company to tbe extentof;  was ratified by tbe cabinet tbis evening and signed by the,Government $Jil  National Trust Company of Toronto and tbe British Empire Trust Company of  London, England, were appointed trustee Jn addition, th* agreements between  tbe Canadian Nortbern Hallway Company and tbe subsidiary companies witb tbl  Government were signed, and forty million dollars of tbe stock, which comprises  two-fifths of tbe capitalization under tbe new agreement, was awigued tbe Gov-  ��������� ernment and tonight rests in tbe treasury of tbe Dominion of Canada.  Mexico City, July 15.���������Gen. Victoriano Huerta resigned from tbe provisional presidency of tbe Mexican republic tbis evening and bis resignation was accepted by tbe senate and Cbamber of Deputies by a vote of J21 to 17.  Francisco Carbajal was then appointed president and took tbe oath of office at tbe joint session of tbe Deputies and Senators.  in Vancouver; This is a sample of tbe  "red herring",drawn,across the trail to  deceive the public.  . Capt. Nicholson, an employee of the  Grand Trunk Pacific, took occasion to  cast slurs upon the Harbor Board, claiming they did not know the needs of the  harbor. Before coming to Vancouver,  Capt. (?) Nicholson was a dentist, or was  studying to become one, which of course  makes him specially well qualified to  speak on harbor matters. To illustrate  the soundness of his grounds of complaint  we will give the exact figures which the  G. T. P. will have to pay. They have six  boats which will pay the following  charges for a full year.  . Prince George, $243.75; Prince Rupert, $243.9; Prince Albert, $88.05; Prince  John, $81.00; Henrietta, $77.70; Escort,  No. 2, $19.65, or a total for the whole year  for six vessels, most of which enter our  harbor once or twice every week, of  $754.05.  The Canadian Pacific Railway pay  over $900.00 per year for the Charlotte  to enter Seattle harbor, while in Vancouver they will only be called upon to  pay about $300.00.  The Empress of Britain pays annually  over $3,300.00 to enter Quebec, which is  a special cut rate, while the^Empress. of  Asia or Russia, which are larger vessels,  will only pay $1,318.00 per year into Vancouver.  The statement has been made tbat tbe  Saxonia, wbicb transhipped some freight  - at Victoria for Vancouver* did so because  of the harbor dues. This is not true. She  only bad 100 tons for Vancouver, and  would not have come in under any circumstances, dues or no dues, and those  who are circulating this yarn know it full  well. ? "  Efforts are being made to show that  the coasting trade will suffer because of  their numerous entries into our harbor.  The "knoekersV fail to inform the public  that no vessel may be charged more than  five times in one year, so that a vessel  making daily trips into the harbor pays  for five days and goes free for three hundred and sixty days, or for the balance of  the year. "'''���������. v.ip���������."-.���������*.  ������������������"���������  The tonnage tax, charged against the  net registered tonnage of vessels entering the ports of the Pacific for a vessel  of net registered tonnage of 3,000 tons  and 22 feet draft (and this means a vessel of about the size of the Empress of  India) would be as follows:  Los Angeles, 6c per"'.ton ......... .$188.00  San Francisco, 6c per ton, etc ... .$188.00  Portland, 6c per ton, etc. ....... .$188.00  Seattle, 6c per ton, etc. .'/... .$188.00  Quebec, 5c per ton, etc. $150.00  Montreal Harbor and Port Warden  dues ......................$210.00  Vancouver, 3c per ton ............$90.00  5R?  consideration^'[0^1/0^. # ^tWr^  '���������'oi^^m^^sM^i^^ii ^V^^:t^������S^^S^J^^i_^__^i^i_^i  '���������.f.^t.-.g.-'fi'&i?.... .  j;r.--TM'*-^'_'^-'-ll  ..v-v*^*.*^;;"?.. j.-I  mm  V?_fSWi'j'  iVVfpV  jjpts|n#ii^^  ;^i$S&s;!p^  per cent.; Seattle, 162 percent.; Quebec,  ^e^tooclj^^ $owe^������i|^J^r;  this partially by aWngto^  wbarfage, wbicb is entirely under prlvlte  control, and wbicb is exbomtant; It co^  s<^tu<������s a real burden agaiitet Jbe s$pp������xl  tbe" mercbanl ^  charged against every ton of freight and  :.i)fro^$out  nage tax; of tbe Harbor Board onlyWf%  plies five times in any^^ne ^ari^ e^j  vessel. In addition Ito^v tbe-v-excessiveo^iiSiill  wbarf age charge of 75^oW^.pj^^M^  there is heavy demurrage charges. Then  a profit is made of from WQ to 30Q f|r;  cent, on all city water supplied over these  private wharf s. What tne Harbor ^oard  nope to accomplish is to lower the cost to  shipping over all public docks, to supply  water at cost, to install rapid handling facilities, thus cutting down time for discharging cargoes and saving a ship thousands of dollars; to supply coaling bunkers and oil stations and make this a real  up-to-date port.   V  If a ship is enabled to discharge and  take on its cargo in half the time it now  takes, thus saving two or three days'  time at from $500.00 to $800.00 per day  cost, it will not object to pay $90.00 harbor dues.  It is a genuine fear that the board  will succeed in its progressive policy and  interfere with the Eldorado of the private  wharfs, which is so alarming these parties  and working them into, such a frenzy of  opposition. We regret, however, ��������� to  note that many otherwise reasonable  gentlemen have allowed themselves to be  used as pawns by these self-interested  concerns.  As regards the tax on booms of logs,  we will not pass an opinion until after  the lumber men have met the Board and  discussed the matter more fully. It may  be that reasonable complaint exists in  this respect, and if so, the Board will, no  doubt, cheerfully meet the lumber men  half way.  f Continued on Pacte ������> ^���������^������������������z-'.tr ���������jvv.t.  2  THT. WE8TBRN GALL.  GREAT  SALE  9/4 Sheeting,-reg. 40c 25c  25c. Curtain Muslins 15c  Sized Burlap, reg. 35e 18c  15c Ginghams 7Jc  Ladies' Hose, 25c and 35c 15c  40c and 50c Lisle Hose, coloured  -Sale price, pair 25c  50c Silk Lisle Hose, 3 pairs $1.00  Bargains in Smallwares,  Notions, Kitchen Utensils  stationery & fancy Goods  ���������V       100 Waists, now 35c  450 Silk Waists, now $2.00  ", ., Ufcto $4.50 Corsets, now... 2.00  .   ' , Ladies' Suits & Coats, now 7.50  _ Friday, July 17,1914    -',  .-t.  4 off Blankets & Comforters  _ f.    -/  . Dolls, Games, Toys Half-price  Kiddies' Wash Dresses, now 25c  Men's Balbriggan Underwear  reg. $1.00, Suit now 65c.  Odd lines and Sizes in Boysl and  Girls' Boots and Shoes, now 50c  Ladies' Pumps and.Oxfords  to $4.00, pair now $2.25  Ladies' White Pumps & Oxfords  reg. $2.50 now  ....'....$1.65  ��������� White Canvas Boots,  reg. $3.50, now I...: $2.35  *, '  ������:   Sale on Now  PHONE: PAIRHONT ������06  frit.Mill. AYE.  Phone Fairmont 1852  FIRST SUBSCRIPTION  Paterson's Alberta Oil Wells Limited  A Local Company Operating in Alberta  OWNERS OF 3,000 ACRES OF CHOICE OIL LANDS IN THE CALOABY, ALBERTA OIL FIELDS  SELLING AGENTS:  Pacific Alberta Exchange 50 Hastings St E.  Praivk R. Adams, 614 Hastings St E.  W.' H. Benoit 4 Metropolitan .Bldg.  Stanley J. Wilson, 701 Dominion Bldg.  Central Oil Exchange, 129 Hastings St. E.  North West Properties, 102 Hastings St E.  Leitqh & Taylor, 552 Hastings St. E.  Opportunity Investment  Co.,  62  Hastings  ' Street East  Briggs Canadian Finance Co. Ltd., 44 Hastings StreeetEast  Railway Townsite Co., 47 Hastings St E.  E. W. Hachmuth & Co., 657 Granville St.  King & Co., 447 Pender Street West  Calgary Oil Properties Exchange, 449 Pender; Street West  Sharpies & Sharpies, 416 Seymour St.  Harry Betz, 39 Hastings St. East.  This Company's holdings cover the entire ifield like  a blanket. Commencing at or near the Monarch and  extending past the Dingman and into the Southern  field. All of the lands of the Paterson's Alberta Oil  Wells, Ltd., have been reported upon and are considered to be all choice locations situated upon the oil bearing anticline.  There is little chance to speculate on this Company's  stock. No one doubts the existence of oil in the Calgary field,.and this being true, PATERSON'S ALBERTA OIL WELLS LTD. must of necessity become  valuable.  Capital $600,000 Shares-Par $1.00  Board of Directors:  Dr. R. B. Boucher, Physician and Surgeon, W. Innes Paterson Paterson Lumber Co.,  Vancouver, B.C. Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.  His Honor Judge Grant, Judge of Vancou- -   -  ver County Court Vancouver, B.C. Dp* Q*0' Telford, D.D.S., Vancouver, B.C.  Kenneth J. Morrison,   President  Morrison F- L- Leighton, Manager Vancouver Engin-  Steel and Wire Works, Vancouver, B. C. eering Works, Vancouver, B. C.  Dr. Robert Telford, Medical Director Bur  rard Sanatorium, Vancouver, B.C.  SOLICITORS  S. N. Jarrett, City Building Inspector, Van- Taylor, Harvey Grant, Stockton & Smith,  couver, B.C. Vancouver, B. C.  J. A. Harvey, K.C., Taylor, Harvey Grant ATTr.TTr.ua  Stockton &  Smith, Barristers, Vancou- auduoks  ver, B. C. Crehan & Martin, Vancouver, B. C.  First Sntocrlptlon offer now ppen at the Selling Agents at 50c per Store,  Dominion Slock & Bond Corporation  Winch Building  LIMITED  Vancouver* Canada  Dominion Building  Thrift and  Providence  are primary qualities necessary to all  who are to make the  most out of life and  its opportunities.  -Mayor Baker,  of Cleveland  Open 9 Savings  Account with Us  iRECMENIS  4n|ii|ii|ii|ii|itfii|H|iijii|i.|ii|ii|ii|ii|ii|i ifi.ini44i4.il ���������!��������� ������|������ ���������!������ ������I������ ���������!������ ������I������ ���������!������ ������t������ ������t* ��������� ���������>* 'lf <' ������t������ ���������?��������� *l' "!��������� '8' ������I������ ���������!' ���������!* ������|������ ������t' ������I* 'I' ���������<* "I" 'I* ������>' 'I* 'I* 't* 'I* 't' 't* ���������!' 't* 'I' 't' 4' *!' ������t' ���������!��������� *t' *t* "1������ 't"!*"!���������������{������ ���������!��������� ������f' ������I������ *t' ������|������ ������!��������� *f������ ������|������  Three Essentials for  Oil  Proved locations!  Ample Punds!  Honest and Experienced Management!  ���������   And these are the outstanding features of the  ca. P.  (Calgary Alberta Petroleum Co., Ltd.,)  Non-Personal Liability.  JHT*"������,  COLLECTED  Short  Loam  O-    VV L/tr-u    , f .  *\#  CRt'..    k 0  MON\ H'f  ���������317- .''.J! Ca^Ih<  FCTV  VJMEPOSIT  Closed at 1:00 O'clock on Saturdays  Specially insured against burglary  and hold-upa.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Dow, Fraser Trust Co.  317-321 Cambie Street  2313 Main Street  Between 7th and 8th Aves.  McKay Station, Burnaby  THE PROPERTIES were chosen (and all subsequent purchases will be  passed upon) by W. S. Herron, the discoverer of the Alberta oil fields���������  the man who prospected and mapped the whole field before others knew  of it. . . ".';������������������''.-���������  i    THE CAPIT.AL is sufficient to drill wells, build refineries, power plants, pipe  | lines, and to market the product.  It is in REFINING AND MARKETING  that the big money is made in the oil business. ���������":.!.'>���������������������������'���������  THE MANAGEMENT on the financial side, includes men distinguished in the  commercial history of Alberta. On the technical side, the names of W. S.  Herron, the locator of the famous Dingman well, and Wm. Elder, the  man who planned and drilled the Dingman well, heed no recommendation! v.^:- -v.;. .r:-';."r:- v., vv.;;  ��������� >  *  Z  +  *  *  *  z  Why hesitate?  4   ���������  4   >  POWER CITIES INVESTMENTS, LTD:  Royal Bank Chambers (Dept. M. O.) Calgary, Alta.  Please allot me.............. >"... fully paid up and  non-assessable shares, par value $1.00 each, in the capital of the Calgary Alberta Petroleum Company, Ltd.���������  non-personal liability���������held by you, and I herewith remit.. ............:...... in full payment of said shares.  A��������� ������LiU.<C       ���������  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  ��������� ���������  ���������  ���������  ������������������  ���������  ������������������  ���������  ��������� *  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������������������������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������������������������������������������������  ���������  a  ��������� ������ ���������  ���������  -A-A-VLvLL v3������J .      ������   ������������������   k   ���������������������������   ���������   t>   ������   ���������   ���������>   ���������   ���������   *   ���������   ���������   ���������*���������   ������������������   ���������������������������'*������������������������   ���������   v   ���������   ���������   a   ���������   ������   ���������������������������   ���������   ������   ������-  Vy^OIJLUcL vlvU     ��������� ������������������������������������*������������������_.��������������������������� ������. ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� i * ��������� ��������� * ��������������������������������������������������������������� ��������� ������ s-������  "Write plainly in pencU.  IT IS NOW ONLY  ONE  DOLLAR  PER SHARE  $1  POWER CITIES  INVESTMENTS  LIMITED  CALGARY    ALBERTA  ._._,....frii.4.,|i |.if i i���������ii i\ i*******<i i**<i*>**.i<-*-i**frv*.n******^^^  Phone Seymour 943  Davies & Sanders  General Contractors  55-66 DAVIS CHAMBERS  615 HASTINGS ST. W.  B. C. EQUIPMENT CO.  MACHINERY  DEALERS  CONCRETE  MIXERS, STEEL CARS, ROCK CRUSHERS, ELECTRIC,  STEAM AMD GASOLINE HOISTS.      WHEELBARROWS, TRANSMISSION MACHINERY,  GASOLINE  ENGINES, PUMPS        ,,.  AND ROAD MACHINERY.  Offices: 609-613 Bank of Ottawa Bldg.  Phone Seymour 9040 (Exchange,to all Departments)  SEALED  SECURITY  is essential to safe investment  f^        Our Debentures guarantee a  *+        a return of h%���������are negotiable  DEBENTURES   -are secured by $7,480,339  .Assets.  4% on Savings Deposits. Subject to cheque  withdrawal. Interest compounded quarter-  yearly.  The Great West Permanent Loan Company  Vancouver Branch: Rogers Bldg., Ground Floor  R. J. POTTS, Manager.  BUITALQ GROCERY  Commercial Prive amJMth Avenue  ������T1* Home of quality"  s."  Pest Quality,'  Groceries  4. P. SiWcl.Mr, Prop.   Pl)0H8 falriUQPt 1093  ���������SB  CUT FREIGHT RATES  bAVt   _i    .S*   _������tlll������PllUi  YtlllK .Ki.ibkliCll J   ..OOUh  fcAST<JR l OU;������l  lh (Hl\i <ONhlNA'l!ON ( A 1.1.    GIVt  Ub   \OUit  l������A(MiN(.  hOVINtL SlOHMifc \HU 'b.ilPPINC  WL   i\N(������W   now  (AMPbtu   SiOKAiiE Company  '&rr rnv -������������������ear-bcattv st  PMONB   SEYMOUR 7^60.  ::  A HOME INSTITUTION  being the only Canadian Chartered Bank with Head  Office in British Columbia.  SAVINGS DEPARTMENT  at all Branches.   Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and upwards, on which interest  at the highest current rate is paid or credited half:  yearly,   -..v.  A General Banking Business Transacted.  CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager. 1    <  g^-icU-y, July 17 1914  THE WB8TSRN CALL  For Sale arid  For Rent  Cards  10c each 3 for 25c  WESTERN CALL OFFICE, 203 Klngswiy  A DETECTIVE'S ADVICE  Before employing a Private Detective, if yon don't  know your man, aak yonr  lesal adviser. '  JOHNSTON, the Secret  Service Intelligence Bureau, Suite 103-4  319 Header St., W.  Vancouver. B. C.  Try Our Printing  Quality Second  to None  |* ���������M"H'*������'H"frM"M"Hl������������M"H^^  ������������  *������  .,   A. E. Habron \  J. A. Harron  G. M. Williamson  '.'.  HARRON BROS.  FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS  VANCOUVER, NORTH VANCOUVER  Office A Ohapel���������1084 Granville St.      Office & Chapel���������122 Sixth St. W.   %  Phone Seymour 8486 Phone 184  ���������M..MlMiM'iM'.M'*������W^  ;| Trader's Trust Company, Ltd. ||  ;;  328-333 Rogers Bldg.  Vancouver. B. C. :  GENERAL AGENTS .'  Pacific States Fire Insurance Company  Franklin Fire Insurance Company  A GENERAL TRUST BUSINESS TRANSACTED  ���������I- 't1* ���������!��������� ���������!' -t' ���������!' ���������!��������� ���������!��������� <��������� ���������!' ���������!' ���������!��������� -t ���������!��������� ���������!' ���������t"l' ���������!��������� -H- ���������!��������� ���������!��������� 't������ ������S^' ������������������������ ���������!��������� -t- <��������� -t- -t' ���������;��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� -t- ���������!��������� ���������!��������� <������������������ !��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� <��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� <��������� ���������!���������  Pacific Coast Theological Conference  .I, ,t it i !��������� * .|. Mi t< 1M >t >X> <X> >V 'V ������>l t i'*********^******* !��������� >l * >l V * <V <l< * 1 ���������!��������� <X< X< *  International ��������� Interdenominational     The membership fee for the con-  July 28th to 31st, Inclusive  The Fourth Annual Pacific Coast  Theological Conference will be held  at Bellingham, Washington, on the  Chautauqua grounds on July 28th to  31_t, 1914.  Special rates are being arranged on  all the railways, and good hotel or  camp accommodation can be secured  at reasonable rates on the grounds.  An attractive programme has been  arranged, and the speakers will include:  Bishop R. J. Cooke, Portland, Ore.,  Methodist Episcopal church.  Prof. W. R. Wicher, San Anselmo,  Cal.   (  Dr. Matthews, Mr. W. D. Lane, Attorney, and Dr. A. W. Leonard, Seattle, Wash.  Principals Mackey and Vance, Dr.  Sipprell, Prof. Taylor and A. P. Proctor, M. D., Vancouver, B. C .  $1.00 fee includes admission to  Chautaqua.  ference is $1.00, and on receipt of that  amount by the secretary, a ticket will  be mailed to each member which will  give free admission to the sessions of  the conference and also to all the  items of the* Bellingham Bay Chautauqua programme  The different communions are making active efforts to secure a good attendance, and this promises to be the  most interesting and helpful conference held.  Detailed programmes will be mailed later, but members may be enrolled from the time of receipt of this  announcement.  Executive Committeee/ 1914  President���������Rev. A. W. Leonard, D.  D., Seattle; Principal Mackay and  Principal Vance, Vancouver; Rev.  Herman A. Carson, Victoria, B. C.  Secretary���������Mr. D. A. Chalmers, 1600  Barclay street, Vancouver.  I frl 11-1V MnB"l"M"M"l 'X ��������� It! i IX M* IH 1 < 11111 M <MI I1)111 ] If  ������ . ������<*>., r , .       "������" i '       -, ���������������    '   >*4  $"  y\?  r Q,  SNAP TOR ���������ASH  Oft ON TERMS  * _  "   j- \  ���������*> ivl i  <        "    f  r "J- I  -'    *.  <    ,������������  Four Good Lots at  White Rock, B. C;,  APPLY TO OWNER, WESTERN CALL  ^KINGSWAY  ,  1  .,'.  H'W'WI I'������1,H IH���������������������������������!������������������!��������� I X-1 M ������M������fMH< M11H < 11!���������#<������������������������  ** y rl  t- * 'ft      *       K  1  f     ������   ' K   C it  ""j V '    A f   "4^    .  _     *, J-       JJ  ���������5 . .-'.    ^ '.'  NOXIOUS WEEDS  ���������l..H"M"frM'������4"frM"M'*'M������^  *  If  ��������� ���������  ��������� ���������  ARE YOU INTERESTED IN B.C.METHODISM?  THEN THE  Western Methodist Recorder  <>  , (Published Monthly)  Is almofct indeapensible to you.  No other medium will give you such general and  such satisfactory information about Methodist  activity in this great growing province. Whether  a Methodist or not you are interested in Methodist  movement   Send your subscription to  $ f 4M ���������  Qoe Year  MflMMKIMlH^MWHMQHM^MH l������l(Mlf)IMM������*  ^���������������-t"!1 ���������!��������� 'I"l-���������?��������� ������t-'I'���������������������^'������������������������������������|���������������!���������������������������Hh^1''f"|*���������������������������������'I'  4������l������'H"l"M"l"l"K"l"l"l"l"l"|"l"l"l"t"l"l"l"l,f  The Housewife's Summer Slogan  "Cook With Q*&n  No huabind who carea for the comfort of hit wife and no bouoewife ; |  ;;   who would properly aafeyuan) her health duriiyr the iwmroer should ;;  if   neglect to consider the advantages of cooking with gw during the ������  coming heated term.  The Cost l������ Smiill-The Returns lire Urge    |  At (he prttfflt. iwt we ir������ sMe tt flvt prompt lervice Is tlie wiWif |  ;  of c������ssectlon wilb eor ���������������!������������������, htace we *4vUe yon tt ������������t prompUy.���������  ;;        A phone call on New Business Department, Seymour 6000, will place ������  ;;   at your disposal full particulars concerning connection with our mains.     ;;  A visit to osr tilesrooms will esaWe yon to see a full lite of guar* |  X   teteed Qst Appllttcts, stite4 to every purse or particular demaad.  VANCOUVIBR OAS CO.  M38 OranvJlle St.  ;;  Near Davie St.      *  Department of Agriculture,  Victoria, B. C, 6th July, 1914.  To Editor V/estern Call:���������  Sir,���������  I would be obliged if you would  kindly afford me space through the  medium of your paper to call attention of farmers and land owners  generally in your district to the necessity for waging a vigorous campaign against noxious weeds, which  are becoming so prevalent in many  of our best farming districts throughout the Province.  All Provincial Constables and Forest Guards have been again appointed as agents for this Department  towards the enforcement of the provisions of the Noxious Weeds Act.  In addition, Noxious Weed Inspectors have been appointed indifferent  districts, of the Province, whose-duties will be to carefully go over their  districts, see that farmers and land  owners  are  taking    the    necessary  steps to destroy the weeds growing  on their lands, and in the event of  non-compliance with notices served  on them to institute proceedings  against them.  The Department is determined to  use every legitimate effort to have  the provisions of the act strictly enforced, and we look for the whole  hearted co-operation of the farmers  themselves in this most important  matter.  I would also draw your attention  to the attached statement, which has  been drawn up in the Department with  regard to the Noxious Weeds, which  are listed in the Act. Methods of  destruction are outlined, and I think  that the publication of same would be  of material benefit to the , agriculturists of the'Province.  I have the honor to be, Sir,  Your obedient servant,  Wm. E. Scott,.  Deputy Minister  HOW CAN YOU  IFE SO EASILY?  ' ^v \   .    f.  aaaM' ?*;**>  '    '    ; .Vs :-|  M>?&^_  Instructions re Destroying Noxious Weeds  The following table shows that weeds may be divided   into   three  classes.   Annuals, bi-ennials.and perennials'.  (1) Annuals complete their growth in a year. The prevention of the  formation of seed for one year, followed by careful cultivation to kill  all young plants, will soon eradicate Annuals. In addition to this, all  seed in soil should be encouraged to germinate in order to complete control, i  (2) Bi-ennials require two seasons to complete tbeir growth,- the  flowers and seeds being produced during the second year. Due notice  should be taken of this fact when fighting weeds oftbls class.  (3) Perrennial8 are plants wbich continue to grow for many years,  being propagated by underground root-stalks, stems, etc., as well as by  seeds. The aim in fighting per-ennials should be to prevent any growth  from being made, hence starve the root systems.  There is no known weed which cannot be eradicated if proper measures are taken. Never allow seeds to ripen, and if they do, encourage  them to grow so the plants may be killed by cultivation.  5^  f     Carrall and Phono  ..    Hastings Sts. Seymour gooo .....���������..._ ������,���������      ������  T't^H"M"M"H"H"H"M"H"M"������"H"M' ������������H"I"1-M"t"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"t"l"t������������  We deliver and bang  all Shades complete in place  Telephone Sey. 843  F. W. BOWES &Co.  MANUFACTURERS   OP  Window Shades, Brass Curtain Hods and Fittings  Measurements taken and  ; Estimates given.  All Colors and Sizes made  to Order  fn  1257 Granville St.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  .H ... . H H t X Ml 11 1M tl IM41I Ml 111 t U Ml 11111II1 til t'1'1  ������������������ *,  NATIONAL CULTURE AND REFINEMENT  dan we measure the value of example In bettering the social, moral  and mental condition of home, civic or national life?  ' A living example is a powerful factor in leading up to culture and  refinement as a national asset. What more 10 than that of an artistically .made home nestling among beautiful flowering plants; rosso,  flowering and evergreen shrubbery; shade trees, all encompassed with  hedges of holly, laurel or privet.  Cultivate a habit to spend your time to make such a home, and,  visit our Greenhouses and Nurseries; see our stock, and get expert advice from our capable and courteous employees, which will .greatly aid  'you in your effort. .Our stock was never better, larger or of greater  variety. In our stock o" over $100,000 we have everything that culture  and refinement demands to make a home a credit to the owners and  pleasing and interesting to the community.  Catalogues mailed free on application.. '  Royal Nurseries, Limited  Office���������710 DomlaioB Bldg., 807 Hastings St. W.  ��������� Phone Seymour 5856.  STO-UB���������-3410 Ora&Tllls Bt.    none Sayvlew 1S28. __  Greenhouses  and  Nurseries  at  Royal  on  B.  C.  Electric Railway,    *  ;.    Eburne Line, about two miles south of the City limits. *  j������                                                    yhome���������Hburae 43. %  W*4������X******IM****************^  Name Time of  flowering.  ANNUAL  ThUleT y~ July-Sept.  Wild Mus- '  tard or  Charlock     June-Sept.  Tumbling  Mustard     June-Aug.  Ball  Mustard      June-Aug).  Stink        May until  Weed    frost comes  Ragweed     July-Sept.  Blue Bur or  Stick Seed June-Aug.  Dodder        June-July  Wild Oats   June-July  Time of  seeding.  "Aug.-Nov Harrow grain crops as late as possible;    hand-pull weeds   from   waste  "places.   Prevent any seed from ripening.  Aug.-Sept. Plant clean seed; rotate crops; induce dormant seeds in soil to germinate by giving good cultivation.  Hand-pull.  July-Sept. Same treatment as for Wild Mustard.  July-Sept. Same treatment as for Wild Mustard.  July until Destroy  plantsv before   seeds  ripen,  frost comes Encourage seed in soil to germinate,  and then kill young plants with ha*  row. ,������������������', ���������    ���������'.  Aug.-Nov. Hand pull from grain fields, and mow  from road sides before seed ripens.  July-Oct. Sow clean seed; hand-pull from waste  place and mow young plants to  prevent formation of seed.  Aug.-Sept. Sow clean seed; hand-pull when it  appears; if in small patches cover  with straw and burn.  July-Aug. Rotation of crops with clean cultivation of hoed crop. Induce seed to  germinate   in   spring,   and   then   kill  V>i,'< i  ,'i''t-  : .v  phone: Fairmont 761  '>,*  Up-to-Pnte Orbeers  657151 Ave. &vl  VANCOUVER, &. C.  Telephone Orders Solicited  L  J  BI-ENNIAL  Bull  Thistle        June-Aug.       July-Sept.  PER-ENNIAL  Canada  Thistle June-Aug.       July-Sept.  Per-enial  Sow Thistle June-Aug.        July-Sept.  Couch or  Quack Grass     June July-Aug.  young plants.  Plough or cut down before flowers  open. In pastures cut below crown  of plant. Prevent foramtion o fany  seed for two years.  Plough ^deeply just as flowers open,  or mow then and plough as soon as  new growth appears. Use short crop  rotations.  Prevent leaf growth by ploughing  field frequently or by digging plants.  Use cultivated crops.  Plough shallow in June, remove root-  stalks.   Use cultivated crops.  Ill MM 111M 11111 '������������������<i������W������*Wll>H������*������y������'l.>������4,������it'l.l''l.������������������������������*������t  IT WILL PAY  I?  To get our Priees  THIS   WEEK ON i  MeCALLUM & SONS, limited }  "THE HARDWARE MEN" . J  I  2415 MAIN STREF.T PHONE fairmont 215 !  WI1I1U Ml IX X1 l"lt"!14 lltlt 'S-H-W'M 11 1M 11-1 til M'MH������������,|. - V'^i  %  THR  WRSTERN  TALL  Friday, July il, 1914    ^ 1  THE WESTERN CALL  PUBLISHED i)VERYi:FRIDAY  'i   '       in the '-  TERMINAL CITY PRESS..LTD.  HEAD OFFICE:  203 Kingsway, Vancouver  Telephone Fairmont 1140  ^^m^^mmmmmmm.^Amwm^m^Ammwm^mm^m.^^mmmm^mmmmmm^m^m^m^mmm^^^^m^^m^mmJ  1 J        ,   ���������T-  Suboorlptlont  One Dollar a Year In Mdvenee  $t,BO Outelde Canade  If you do not.get "CALL" regularly  it is probably because your subscription  is long overdue. Renew at once. If paid  up, phone or write complaint today..  /i     -V  ��������� 1 v'      ���������>  J".  '     *  ���������V,^    '    -  THE BRIDGE CONTRACT  The strugle over the letting of the bridge contract has retched an interesting point. All parties have at' last come to ah agreement,, namely,  to submit the plans for bridgeN to an eminent  engineer for his approval or' otherwise. The man  selected is eminently fitted for his work, and  seems to have the confidence of all concerned.  Modjeski will give a judgment without bias  and one on which Greater Vancouver may rely.  It is now up to Mr. Turner and the local manufacturers te make >good. The Wesef-n Call has  fought strenuously for local interests in this case,  as it does in every instance, and awaits the verdict with confidence. Should Mr. Modjeski decide  in favor of the. Turner, plans���������this will undoubtedly end the fight,, for public opinion will be thoroughly aroused against any further attempt to  place the work in the East.  In, like manner, if Mr. Modjeski decide, as  Messre. Cleveland/;* Cameron have already done  in most forceful terms, against the Turner-plans,  this also must e$d the fight, so that in any case  the end is near. Th% public will brook no further  delays. ,   ,    -f  Editor Western CaU:;��������� * .  'I have seen? your correspondent's, report of \  the bridge meetiug4n North Vancouver.  I am not  .   surprised that he thinks the North Shore direotors  are influenced" by prejudice, because he himself  cannot give^an ifoprejudiced account of what ac- ,  tually. took" place, o '   v  'i I used to thi^k, m my innocency, that the re-  > porter'a duty wipa to report the actual proceed-i  iings and allow the public to judge for themselves. \  puj such is not your correspondent's way.  Eav-  ������ng been the secSnder-pf the resolution put to  the meeting, and'pitesecf, f can say that no other  '���������* motion appeared t<_^me necessary in the circumstances. ���������: Jt Vfts/nota representative meeting of.  the North Shore" or any other Interest.' A crowd  of rooters ha^Ppme over from Vancouver with  Mr. Cope and hia imends, and these remained to  the end. Mfln;p;Ndrth'Vancouver men left after  they hearcl the* facts of the case. J3ven extreme  antagqnlia.herffof'the present council have expressed ratisfaction, with the attitude of our re-  presentatives>onLthe board.   Surely no good pur-  ���������posei-je^-'be-se#e;4-b5jJ-assisting4uterested -parties-  to cause,< a' dtyjsjoa-. of sentiment between the  North Shore and tfte.South. After all, we of the  North Shore ace by faj the-tnost dependent on the  success of this bridge.. It is a matter of vital interest for us, hence stability and durability are,  and must be,. our first requisites, and all else  absolutely a secondary consideration. . We .ask  that there be an- end of this campaign of suspicion  as to trie motives of our directors, and,that they  be treated as men who are face to face with a very  heavy responsibility. They realise this responsibility themselves, and have determined to be  swayed by no faction or prejudice.  "^    Lam, Sir,.  Alex. Philip.  North Vancouver, llth July, 1914.  VANCOUVER HARBOUR DUES  (Continued from page 1)  The following figures, represent the actual  amount which will be paid by the companies  named under the new regulations. The C. P. R.  will pay for 21 vessels (the Empresses of Asia,  Russia, Japan, China, the Monteagle, the Princesses Charlotte, .Victoria. Mary, Patricia, Adelaide, Alice, Sophia, May, Maquinna, Ena> Beatrice,  Royal, the Tee, the Mitinat, the Nanoose, the  Qualicum). For these they pay for a full year  $6,303.90. It should be borne in mind that many  of these vessels use our port daily.  \The Grand Trunk Pacific (the main "kicker")  will pay for six vessels. Princes George, Rupert,  Albert, John, the Henrietta and Escort No. 2, the  huge sum of $753.75 for the whole year.  The Union S.S. Company have ten vessels  running to this port several times per week. The  Camosun, Cheakamus, Chelohsin, Comox, Cow-  ichan, Cassiar, Coquitlam, Venture, Melmore, Capilano, for'which they will pay $571.50 per annum.  The Canadian-Australian line for, the Makura,  Niagara and Marama, will pay $1,974.36. The  Holt line have seven vessels, the Cyclops, Talthy-  bius, Antilochus, Bellerophon, Teucer,, Ixion,  Protesilaus, for which they will pay $2,174.90 for  year. The Harrison Line have four, the Crown of  Toledo, Engineer, Crown of Galicia, Architect,  for'which they will pay $1,262.59.  Royal* Mail S.S. Line have five, Monmonth-  shire, Radnoshire, Cardingshire, Den of Ruth-  ven and the Arlie, and will pay $1,356.84 for a  year.-  The Hamburg-Amerika have three, the Bel-  gravia, Sudmark, Sithonia, and will pay $866.66  for a full year.  The figures are based upon actual trips of,  1913, and of course may vary a little in 1914, but  are actual cost.  TEE PORT OF VANCOUVER���������BEST  AND CHEAPEST ON THE PACIFIC COAST  A quiet but determined fight is being made  against the new port' charges now being put in  force by the Vancouver Harbor Commissioners.  It is, of course," quite natural that those who  have long enjoyed the privileges of a practically  free port should feel aggrieved when, on account taf advance in developments of our great  city, and harbor, the time has come when it is  necessary and right that a revenue should be  created for harbor purposes.  A concise statement of facts may be helpful.  , The. shipping using the port of Vancouver  . amounts to 11,000,000 tons annually, probably  the largest tonnage of any port' in Canada. >  The entire revenue last year was $900.   Up to  this point Vancouver has been practically a'' free"-  port;   For instance, the ^"Princess Victoria" has  paid $500 a year dues in Vancouver.   In Seattle  she has paid $900'a year.  The Federal Government is now spending  , $6,000,000 on harbor improvements in Vancouver... and very much heavier expenditures '<������ce  contemplated. An efficient Board of Commis  .doners haa been appointed whb has Vancouver's -  best interests at heart. Under these circumstance^ a revenue becomes a logical sequence, and  those-who must provide it are naturally, as every-  wbfre-throughout the world, the vessels using the,  -vtiFty8 commissioners in formulating the tariff  o������������n4rges for the port have been guided by tbe  rates'charged elsewhere, and have taken good  care to make Vancouver^ charges the lowest on  the coast a sthe following* figures'will show:  Jjos Angeles is 54.9 per cent, dearer than Vancouver.; ���������, - .      ; v. ,  San Francisco is 151.1 per cent., dearer than  Vancouver.  Portland is 75 per cent, dearer than Vancouver.  ', "  Seattle (private wharves) 62.74 per cent,  dearer than Vancouver.   Seattle, (commercial wharves) _92.1_.per cent._  dearer than Vancouver. T  Quebec is 48.5 per cent, dearer than Vancouver.  Montreal is 10.8 per cent, dearer than Vancouver.  TJP TO PATE HEALTH TALKS-  BREATWNG CONTJNUEP  St. Paul, July 8.���������The teaching of sex hygiene  will never be delegated, to the American teachers  if it can be prevented by the National Education  Association. This'was evidenced at today's session, when speaker after speaker denounced such  a course, and found themselves greeted with'ringing applause. "We should have nothing but the  strongest condemnation for the wealthy, club-  going women who .has not time to teach her children the fundamental truths of life, and would  throw the responsibility upon a teacher or a football coach," said Dr. Charles H. Keene, of Minneapolis, supervisor of hygiene and physical trainr  ing.   "Such shiftlessness is outrageous:"  When the tumulteous cheering subsided he  went on: -r  .  "Sex instruction placed on the same plane with'  spelling and arithmetic will -rob it of all sacred-  ness.      v  "We talk about; the inability of the poor  mothers to teaeh their children-'personal hygiene,  but it is not for these children that we need to  have all the fear."  "Knowledge never will compel purity. Sex  instruction in schools will���������'but tend to lower the  standard of morality.  "If we take up sex hygiene in our schools the  homes of Ameriea will continue to lose ground,  and -will give lip the few privileges they now  have to train the children.  The action of the diaphragm and oxygen supply spoken of last week is of the first importance  in all curative and body building work. The  diaphragm should be capable of making a movement of several inches downward at each and  every breath to churn and massage the lower organs and intestines. This is absolutely necessary  if lasting benefits are to result.  The most important purifier of ,the blood is  the oxygen which we breathe, and the lungs act  as a scavanger system to remove the dead and  worn out cells of the body. The poison thrown  out in the expired air of a single human being,  would kill scores daily. Therefore, purify your  blood by nature's greatest blessing���������AIR.  Over 400,000 persons die in the United States  each year from lung disease, and the great curses  of the race. Pneumonia arid Consumption, could  be practically eliminated in a few years if fresh  air was insisted on and every one could be induced to use their lungs as nature intended.  One out of every three personsvdies of easily  prevented lung trouble. The majority of people  breathe only enough to exist, and the least exertion causes them to puff and blow. This simply  invites disease. '    '  As stated before, any attempt to develop the  outer muscular system in advance of, and without proportionate internal development is folly,  and it would be well to remember that such wonders as Peter Jackson, Dempsey, Joe Gahs, Prof.  Dowd and Prof. Winship, the noted Physical Cul-,  turists, and Hanlon, the great oarsman, all died  of consumption or pneumonia. There are hundreds of instances like these.  H. A. PETERS,  Stanley Court.  In Armenia there is a copper mine that has  been working continuously since prehistoric  times.  THE BARAMBA MINING CO.  Montreal, Que., July 10, 1914.  Editor Western Call,  Vancouver, B. C:���������  Dear Sir,<���������  Seeing your full page add of the Baramba  Mining Co., Ltd., in your issue of July 3rd, will  you tell me of the men at the head of the company. Also what do you think of it. Is it an investment that I can recommend/ to my friends?  Will you answer in your next issue, next week?  Yours truly,  -W. C. B.  We would say in reply to above enquiry that  the men at the head of above company are beyond reproach, and have put their own money  into the proposition to open it up.  Without pretending to be mining experts, we  ���������believe that Baramba Mining Company has a great  future before it.���������Ed.  Regina.���������The Coste-McAuley Company has  filed on about 80,000 acres of oil and gas lands  northwest of Swift Current. This Company will  bore for gas without delay, and as soon as they  locate a gas flow will lay pipe lines from these  fields to Regina in order to fulfil their contract  with the city.  CURE FOR PYORRHEA  Philadelphia, ��������� The germ which causes  pyorrhea and a cure for the' disease has been, discovered by Dr. Michael F. Barrett of this city,  according to an announcement made here today  at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania State  Dental Society.  THE WALDENSIAN CHURCH  The Protestant church of Italy, the old Wal-  densian church, is triumphing in the Eternal city  and everywhere throughout the peninsula. She  was able to dedicate in Rome, a few months ago,  a second church, which can accommodate 1,200,  and whiph has many rooms especially equipped  for evangelization among soldiers, 'filled every  night.  "While gold may work out, copper propositions are good for centuries, and it is the copper,  mines that Vancouver should look to for permanent support as a mining center."  SOUTH VANCOUVER  The hum of activity along Main street gives  the municipality in that quarter a ..look of prosperity that it has not known for some months.  Soon will be added to the work already under'  way, the commencement of the Bodwell road contract. What this means to labor and to the business men of South Vancouver,, only they themselves understand*.  There will, in all probability, he a slight delay  in signing up the Victoria road contract. It appears that although the municipal bonds were 1  sold, the indebtedness of the municipality was not, >  reduced to the Bank of Commerce, as the bank  'of Montreal hold the scrip as collarteral security,  on an overdraft they had given the municipality  when the South Vancouver council did their business through this bank.  However, the manager for the Bank of Commerce says he sees no reason why the loan for  the improvements should not be given and has ,  written to the head office to this effect. That ���������  the improvement and paving of Victoria road is  urgent is recognized by all, and it seems almost  criminal to allow the good weather to pass away  without the work being rushed before the bad  weather sets in.  It is gratifying to note that the Bithulithic  Company has tendered for this work. The satis-:  factory manner in which they have carried out'  their previous contracts should be a guarantee  that the care and workmanship shown in the past  contracts -will also be exercised in the paving of  Victoria road if given to the Columbia Bithulithic  Company.  The Peters' system-of Lung and Physical Culture (continued with Food Science where needed)  has been taught for 19 years in Canada. (No  other system has a record of more than 5 or 6  years) and is unequalled for results on the continent.  Results certain and immediate in all cases of  my testimonials.  A free consultation will enlighten you and  show you what can be done. Send or call for my  free booklet, (12th year of publication.) It,is  the only one in Canada which deals with the  lung culture, deep breathing and food science  as well as physical culture. H. A. Peters, R.S.,  Physical Culture, Lung Development and- Food  (diet) Scientist. Suite 17, 920 Bidwell St.  Phone Seymour 809. , ' .  The best system by mail, and pupils can secure  perfect results on account of the original method  I make use of. -  " The Mark of Semi-ready Quality  j*  ALL tjhis week we will offer  500 "Semi-ready Lonely"  Suits at substantial price reductions  from the label sewn in the pocket  Suits at $12.00  Suits at $13.50  Suits at $16.50  Worth Up  to $25.00  THEN we are showing new and original models by the  Chief Designer���������rare and expensive English Worsted  Suitings at $25, $30, $35 and $40���������with a $5_ gold piece  ���������a gold medal of honor with each suit.  THOMAS & McBAIN  t  The Semi-ready Store        655 Granville St. f-���������  1?;Sr./  err >jm.  ���������  Friday, July 17,1914  THE WESTERN CALL.  __________________________________-_-_-_-_-____.' . -���������.-     ,   -"- -.M-v������"   V  ORIGINAL MODELS  ,  OF CHIEF DESIGNER  Clothes Tailored to Measure Shown  1    in Original Models���������Highest Class  Garments Ever Shown in Vancouver���������Each Suit Worthy of a Gold  Medal  "The Chief Designer of Semi-Ready  i Tailoring is "admittedly the most finished artist on the continent of Am-  i erica; his models are looked forward  [to by the creators of fashion in\ all  hparts of the world, chiefly for the  Lquiet distinction and harmony of outline which only the true artist can  [conceive," said George McBain, of  (Thomas & McBain, who sells Semi-  jReady clothes in Vancouver. '  "We have just been favored with-.a  [visit from the Vice-President of the  ISemi-Ready Company," he continued,  ["and this gentleman brought with him  some thirty original models tailored  Iwith the finest precision from the best  Imported English cloths���������rare and expensive weaves such as are shown in  but half a dozen of the most exclusive tailor shops in Canada and in  England.  "Naturally these are high-priced  irments," continued Mr. McBain  kfor in London the Bond street tailors  parge ' ten to twelve guineas for a  lit made from them, while the high-  briced retail tailors here wgtuld require to get at least $75 for some of  |he suits. __v  "But ,the  Semi-Ready price-in-the-  fcocket allows us to sell these suits  >r $30, $35 and $40.   We will not  |nly sell these suits at this price, but  ������r the week of our 'Lonely Sale,' it  our intention to give with each designer's model a gold medal of honor  the shape of- a newly-minted Canadian x$5 gold'piece.   These are new  |pins direct from the royal mint at  )ttawa. > I  "We  want  these   original   models  |������ut with our customers, for they are  lie best possible advertising we can  . ohceive  of," " concluded    Mr.   Mc-  Jain.  The  Semi-Ready Store  is far re-  toved from the loud-noised  selling  ?f cheap suits, but once a year they  ponduct a "Lonely Sale," when all the  broken lines are disposed 'of at less  _nan  cos.t    Good  suits,  tailored  by  Semi-Ready tailors are announced to  fe sold at $12.00 to $16.00, worth up  $25.  "When we use the word 'worth,"'  [aid Mr. Thomas, "we mean the ac-  tal label price in the pocket, and  te makers of Semi-Ready tailoring  re the only people who have the  >urage and confidence to guarantee  that worth by putting thex price in the j    NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  pocket and  selling at "that price in  every city in Canada���������thesame price  west and east. Even the cheap tailors  who throw suits together like the  ready-made shops, demand $3.50  more in the West than they get for  the so-called English and Scotch  woollens of purely domestic origin."  The "Lonely Sale," coupled with  the exhibit of the Chief Designer's  models, starts at ,8 o'clock on Friday  morning.  SUCCESFUL    DENTAL  DATES  CANDI-  Having passed the final dental examinations prepared by the Royal  College of Dental Surgeons of B. C,  four candidates may now begin active practice. Dr. H. T. Minogue,  registrar of the college, yesterday announced the result of the June examinations. Messrs. Ray S. Goodwin, Vancouver; L. L. Hartman, Victoria; F. G. Keene, Bellingham, and  A. McCarter, of Merritt, B. G, are  given a full pass, while partial passes  are awarded Messrs. A. E. Clarke, H.  C. Gill, J. L. Mathews, C. J. McCul-  lough, A. S. Oliver, T. H. Taylor and  V. D. Wescott  Tenders are invited by the undersigned for the construction of a wharf  at Patricia Bay (formerly known as  Union Bay) on the east coast of Vancouver Island, a distance of approximately 18 miles from the City of Victoria.  Plans, specifications and forms of  contract may be seen, and forms of  tender obtained at the offices of the  Company, No. 719 Metropolitan  Building, Vancouver, B: C, and also  at their offices in the Pemberton  Block, Victoria.  The work to bex completed within  70 days from date of signing of the  contract.  Tenders to be received at the offices of the Company, No. 713 Metropolitan Building, Vancouver, not  later than the morning of Monday,  the 20th July, 1914, and to be enclosed irt sealed envelopes marked  "Tenders for Construction." >  The lowest or any tender not  necessarily accepted.  Mackenzie-Mann & Co., Ltd.  GOVERNMENT  ENCOURAGEMENT OF  FISHING INDUSTRY  Y. M. C. A. CAMP  The camp is now nearing the close  of its second week. There are over  sixty boys now in camp with a few  more to come for the final week. The  weather has been ideal, with but one  wet day to cool things off a little.  A schedule of games, viz., baseball,  volley ball and tennis, js now in full  swing, which keeps the camp very  busy in the morning and evening, the  afternoons being left free. A couple  of overnight trips in the war canoes  ���������re being planned���������^one to Keats Island and the other to Bowen IslandJ  Last Sunday we had Rev. Hark-  ness, of Grandview Baptist church,  with us. In the morning he spoke to  the camp only. In the evening we  had one of our famous camp fire services, to which we invited all campers  and residents 'in the neighborhood.  Mr. Harkness conducting the service.  These camp fire services are very  popular, and are always' well attended.  Tuesday, July 21, will be parents'  and visitors' day, whep all interested  in the Welfare of the camp are made  heartily welcome. A programme of,  sports, both land and aquatic is being  arranged, the camp championship going to the boys scoring the most  points in their respective divisions,  junior.intermediate. and senior.  BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB  "���������- Vs  . - ������ V' '���������  il-  ;  Remarkable   Price  Reductions  "Fashion Craft  19  i V. ���������'" ���������} Jr f  'J,,  <     *   > ! -  1 ^-n! WV*  4 Jlv.lJ    .  V  (*  ALSO 200  U i>  '- ef 1     f  k  3r  Improved Methods of Curing, Packing and Shipping Would Greatly  Increase Returns.  "The fishing industry in the Maritime Provinces could be very considerably developed and    be    made to  yield  larger  .returns    if.  improved  methods of curing, packing and shipping were  employed  under  proper  government inspection,  in this way  improving the quality of the salt fish  sent to market.   The Dominion Government has recently made an appropriation of $10,000 for the establishment of a Fisheries Intelligence Bureau with the object of bringing before the fishermen in some concrete  way  information   with   reference   to  the best methods of curing and packing their fish.   The Government has  also made provision for the encouragement of the trade in fresh fish be- j  tween the Atlantic and Pacific seaboards and the interior parts of the  Dominion by paying a portion of the  regular express charges on all shipments of fresh fish from the Atlantic  coast to all" points  in  Ontario< and  Quebec and from the Pacific coast to  all points as far east as Manitoba.  While, owing to certain local causes,  certain kinds of fish, such as shad,  are less abundant than formerly, there  seems to be no indication of depletion  of our Atlantic fisheries as a whole.  The fact that the catch has not increased more rapidly in recent years  is owing largely to a restricted mar  ket."���������Dr. F. D. Adams, before the  Royal Society of Canada.  for  $12.00  Any Suit  up to and       j|v^  Including $30.00  for  $18.00  each  -    .    ��������� /  This Sale has only one purpose the closing-  out of all this Season's Stock to place our  house in order for Fall & Winter Wearables  Thos. Poster & Co.lM  V ~ ' " x      * ' ' ' ' v "  514 Gfanville Street       , >;  ���������* r-'  - \  ( t>  ������*v;  each  u  ��������� *\'.  ���������y!.  * u  .'       -       *       J4  i   >*\'  ������-  ' J>, h' '  ������-. /VU^'  ���������-,,_���������*''  ;v  :?* *  aaaWnaaaamnmnammam  V  TWE UONG^ONG W^KLY P^SS in its issue of June 6tb  states tbat during tlie previous week there were 89 deaths from plague  in Hongkong. Since the beginning of the year there have been one  thousand seven hundred and eighty-four cases: namely, seven Euro  peans, one thousand seven hundred and twenty-six Chinese, and fifty-  one Asiatics. Since the 1st of January last, there have- been one  thousand six hundred and seven deaths in the colony.  ���������Hum vet the use of Hongkong Coolie Refined Sugar  is encouraged * soV dealers *  If all the arguments of patriotism���������"Support to kbcal Industries and White tabor"���������-were swept aside, there would still remain the one vital  reason why you should use BBITJSE GOwUBlA BEFINEP SUGAB in preference to the Hongkong Coolie Rennet variety, viz.: SAFETY  and HEAIiTH; an,d from the foregoing news item which appeared in the publication mentioned that reason is sounded in no uncertain tones.    (  While we "in Vancouver, in enjoyment of conditions so far different to those which prevail in the crowded, plague-ridden centres of the  Orient, cannot but commiserate with tbe unfortunate beings herded together in their native quarters, indifferent to the simplest rules of health  and hygiene, it is nevertheless the duty of everyone to protect themselves in every known manner against the introduction of the deadly plague spectre  which, despite the untiring efforts of the medical officers of the Colony, stalks at will through tbe foetid warrens of native Hongkong. The (unfortunate beings who live there are known as the "Coolie Class," and it is from this class that most of the labor employed in Hongkong is  drawn. " /  ;,     Think, therefore, and carefully: Is the sugar you are now using that which is refined in Hongkong by Coolie labor or is it refined in British  Columbia by clean white workmen, who live a sanitary, healthy life in clean and proper surroundings?  Safeguard yourself and family against possible  contamination by insisting always on  Britis(v Cblumbia Refined Sugar  ���������you cannot mistake it���������it is put up in dirt-excluding packets of 5 lbs. each, and in white, clean sacks of  18 and 20 lbs. The^fuU name of the makers���������BRITISH COLUMBIA SUGAR REFINING COMPANY  LIMITED���������is displayed on each packet and sack.. v  VANCOUVER  BRITISH COLUMBIA  lillllfe -M   ������"   '  THB WESTERN CALL.  Friday. July 17,1914  ,|m|m{mH"M"M">H"^4^M"M^'M^*������M'v ������.|4M"l"l"l'I"l"t"l"l"t"'llt"������',l|J'lll','I"l'.������������������������"���������>*  * ���������  ���������.  Mount Pleasant Livery  TRANSFER  Furniture and Piano Moving  a"  Baggage, Express and Dray.   Hacks and Carriages  at all hours. '..,���������';        *  Phono Fairmont OStwyMv  Jorner Broadway and Main A. F. McTavteh* Prop.  ::  ��������� ��������� .   ..��������� -." '���������"    ������������������������������������������������������. ���������   "''��������� V       :W -���������V'^'   ���������     ���������'  ��������� 11 M������ I M 1 ��������� 1II .������ M 111111 ��������������� 11-H II1 H 11 * I . .��������� I"0ft I ******  "%--/M'-  H"l"l"M"l"l"t' t 'V'l'V'V V*II<M M"X"X������X'* 4"M"M"M"H 1It M< M''l"t''H''H"M"l"������  Baxter & Wright  COMPLETE HOUSE 'FURNISHERS  $40,000   ::  ii  Cash or  Easy  !: Payments  stock to ;:  Choose    I  From  ���������:        Gome in and talk it over when looking for furniture.  BAXTER & WRIGHT  ;;  Phone Seymour 771 416 Main Street j;  ���������O"   '-.  I   ' fA\,  Commercial Priming at "Western Call" Office  v     ���������.  FLY TIME  is tow    Screen poors  AND WD HAVE   0 _���������.    ,  a       Screen Wmqows  J<AUGE STOCK    TTr.       0       ��������� ,i  of       Wire Screens  At prices that will interest you.  fe carry 8 complete stocH of J������H*ji all Hni  : *        JUST PHONE USYOUA ORPBS^  ;���������; We deliver promptly to any part of the City  | and Swrouncling Pistricts  |WR Owen J Morrison  The Mt Pleasant Hardware    ,  Phone Fair- 447 2337 Main Street  LAND NOTICES  TAKE NOTICE that I, W. Innes Pat-  erson, of Vancouver, B. C, Lumberman,  intend to make application for a license  to prospect for coal, petroleum and natural gas on the following; described  land:���������  Commencing at a post marked W. I. P.,  N.W. corner at the south shore of Pitt  Lake on the West Bank of the Lake at  the outlet of Pitt River, thence South to  high water mark on Pitt Lake, thence  Bast following the high water mark 80  chains, thence North 80 chains, thence  West 80 chains to point of commencement.  W. INNES PATERSON,  Locator.  Dated June 6th, 1914.  sjurs zroTxcx  TAKE NOTICE that I, W. Innes Paterson, of Vancouver, B. C, Lumberman.  Intend to make application for a license  to prospect for coal, petroleum and natural gas on the following described  land:���������  Commencing at a post marked W.I.P.,  S.W. corner planted at the South shore  of Pitt Lake on the West Bank of the  Lake at the outlet to Pitt River,-thence  along the Shore North 80 chains, thence  East 80 chains, thence South 80 chains,  thence West 80 chaina to point of commencement  W. INNES PATERSON,  Locator  Dated June 6th. 1914.  VOTXOB.  VAKCOVTBB KA-TS 3M8TBIOS  Take notice that, thirty days after  date, I, Gilbert W. Hall, of Collingwood  East, B. C, broker, intend to apply to  the Hon. The Minister of Lands for a  license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted at the  south-west corner of .Lot 1116, District  of West Vancouver, and marked "G. W.  H.'s S.W. Cor."; thence north 80 chains;  thence east 80 chains; thenee south 80  chains; thence west 80 chains to place  of commencement; containing 640 acres,  more or less.  Located this 28th day of May, 1914.  GILBERT W. HALL, Locator.  H. S. Orrell, Agent  XiAJTB HOnOl  TAKE NOTICE that I, W. Innes Paterson, of Vancouver, B. C, Lumberman,  intend to make application for a license  to prospect for coal, petroleum and natural gas on the following1 described  land:���������  Commencing at a post marked W.I.P.,  S.W. corner planted at the West Bank  of Pitt Lake about 11-2 miles from the  South end of the Lake, thence North 80  chains, thence East 80 chains, thence  South 80 chains, thence West 80 chains  to point of commencement.  W. INNES PATERSON/  -��������� Locator  Dated June 6th, 1914. *  &A������X> VOTXOB  TAKE NOTICE that I, W. Innes Paterson; of Vancouver, B. C, Lumberman,  intend to make application for a license  to prospect for coal, petroleum and natural gas on the following described  land:��������� " '  Commencing at a post marked W.I.P.,  Southwest corner planted about 2 1-2  miles from the South end of Pitt Lake,  thence North 80 chainB along the high  water mark, thence East 80 chains.  South 80 chains, thence West 80 chains  to point of commencement.  W. INNES PATERSON,  Locator  .ted June 6th, 1914.   7   HOTXOX.  Yjjroopvam _-Aan> dxotxxct  Take notice that, thirty days after  date, I, Harry S. Orrell. of Collingwood  East B. C, broker, intend to apply to  the Hon. The Minister of Lands for a  license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described lands;  Commencing at a post planted at the  north-west corner of Lot 1094, District  of West Vancouver, and marked "H. S.  O.'s N.W. Cor."; thence east 80 chains;  thence south 80 chains; thence vtest 80  chains: thence north 89 chains to place  of commencement; containing 640 acres,  more or less.  Located this 28th day of May, 1914.  HARRY S. ORRELL, Locator-  3VOCTCB.     .  VAWWUTB* IA3TJ> sunuoT'  Take notice, that, thirty days after  date, I, Harry S. Orrell, of, Collingwood  East, B. C, broker,' intend to apply to  the Hon. The Minister of Lands for a  license to prospect for Coal and Petroleum over the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted at the  south-west corner of Lot 1101, District  of West Vancouver, and marked "H. S.  O.'s S.W. Cor."; thence north 80 chains;  thence east 80 chains: thence south 80  chains; thence west 80 chains to'pplace  of commencement; containing 640 acre.,  more or less.'  Located this 28th day of May, 1914.  HARRY S. ORRELL, Locator.  uom aovtom  TAKE NOTICE that I. W. Innes Paterson. of Vancouver, B. C, Lumberman,  intend to make application for a license  to prospect for coal, petroleum and natural gas on the following described  land:���������  Commencing at a post marked W.I.P.,  S.W. corner, planted about 4 1-2 miles  from the South end of Pitt Lake on the  West Bank, thence following the high  water mark North 80 chains, thence  East 80 chains, thence South 80 chains,  thence West 80 chains to point of commencement. '  W. INNES PATERSON,  Locator  Dated June 6th, 1914.  Dat  &-_*-> ironc-B  TAKE NOTICE that I, W. Innes Paterson, of Vancouver, B. C, Lumberman,  intend to make application for a license  to prospect for coal, petroleum and natural gas on the following described  land:���������  Commencing at a post marked W.I.P..  S.W. corner planted on the West Bank  of< Pitt Lake about 3 1-2 miles from the  South end, thence,following the high  water mark 80 -chains North, thence  East 80 chains, thence South 80 chains,  thence West 80 chains to point of com  tnencement  W. INNE8 PATERSON,  ��������� locator  Dated June 6th, 1914.  _"M"M"H"H"M"M"I"H"I"M"H"H"H"1'  6BIP WD PAS8W0BP V  For Fresh and Cured Meats    ������  go to this Old Reliable Market  It Is not excelled for Quality or Prices in Vancouver  This is the Oldest Established  Market in Vancouver, an example  of "The Survival of the Fittest"  Place: Corner Broadway and Kingsway  s FRANK TRIMBLE  Phone: Fairmont  ^4ijii|n|n|ii|ii|ii|ii{n|������^ii|ii|ii|ii|ii|iitii|������^i^ii|ii|ii|ii|ii|ii  "Two important events in Masonic  circles have been recorded in the  Province this week, which I think  it may be well to emphasize," writes  a South Vancouver' correspondent.  "South Vancouver has now, (or the  first time, two regularly constituted  Masonic lodges, duly authorized* by  the Grand Lodge of British Columbia, which is the only Masonic authority in B. C. The Maple Leaf  Lodge,~No. 74, has~its-regular meetings at the Oddfellows' Hall, corner  of 31st Avenue and Main street, and  on Monday last the ceremony of constitution was performed by the Most  Worshipful Grand Master of British  Columbia, M- W. Bro. James Stark,  assisted by other Grand Lodge officials. The officers of the Maple  Leaf Lodge are:   W. M., W. Bro. R.  C. Hodgson; S. W., Bro. O. S. Mc-  Morran; Jr. W., Bro. Dr. W. W.  Bride; treasurer, Bro. F. W. Bastedo;  secretary, Bro. Kenneth Lamond;  chaplain, Bro. John Third; D. of C,  Bro. Robert Richardson; organist,  Bro. Robert Thompson; Sr. D., Bro.  D. H. Currie; Jr. D., Bro. R. Armstrong; Sr. S., Bro. W., T. Shirley;  Jr. S., Bro. James Shirley; I. G��������� Bro.  J. W. Cornett; tyler, Bro. A. Burgess. ...  Composite Lodge, No. 76, meets at  the Masonic Hall, corner of 42nd  avenue and Victoria drive, and is the  second of the two lodgesi dulyauthorized by the Grand Lodge of British Columbia in- South Vancouver.  The ceremony of constitution and installation of officers was performed  by the Grand Master on Tuesday  evening., V V_;;v:;:  "These two lodges, the Maple Leaf  and the Composite are the only Free-  Masons lodges recognized in South  Vancouver^ by the legal authorities in  British Columbia."      -  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND  DISTRICT  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN  that I, Daniel Haney, of Port Haney,  B. C, Merchant, intend to apply to  the Deputy Commissioner of Lands  for a license to prospect for coal and  {tetroleum on the following described  ands:  Commencing at a post planted on  the east side of the Upper Pitt.river  near its outlet into Pitt lake, New  Westminster district, and marked  "Daniel Haney, SE. Cor.," thence  north 80 chains, thence west 80  chains, thence south 80 chains, thence  east 80 chains to point of commencement.  DANIEL HANEY.  Dated June 4th, 4914.  St* (Ii Vtttcwvtr IMertifctri  Hamilton  Pros.  We are foremost in our line for  MODBBATB PWCBD ������im**AfcS  St7ifrwrltrtff        - nut rmtr ft  i I  The Water-Mobile  The first 3-passenger WATER-  MOBILE ia rapidly nearing completion.  If yeu want to get in on this wonderful  invention at the present price of 50  cents per share, you must act quickly  as only a few shares are to oe had  before the advance.  THE WATER-MOBILE  UNDERWRITERS  ioj   Carter-Cotton   Buildiag  Vancouver, British Columbia  M V PAI>  qoh'tiwthJt hy  ���������nd leave tbe dfeeate germ* to be  scattered through yonr home.  USE WlUfflrt Fit WW  sad kill both tbe fliestndgenM.  .Sold by ell DrufflstesiMl Groom  all over Canada.  ������.. *.*.������.������,.������.,������.������,.#���������������������������������������������������*. -���������������������������..������..���������������������..#..���������������������.������.���������������������.������������������  t ' , l    A  i  \ We have always on hand a large selection of STAPLE" . k  t   and FANCY FOODS for POULTRY. .    '  Diamond Chick Food, $4.00 per 100 lbs.  Fourex " "     $2.50 per 100 lbs.  DAILY  DELIVERIES  TO  SOUTH  VANCOUVER  F. T. VERNON  Phtit Ialnbat 186 Hay, Grain and' Feed  255 Brertway E������st '  H'1"M'M|*'M'T'M'M'<"I''M|<,M  FRANK TRIMBLE REALTY CO.;  I Real Estate and Insurance Brokers 1  ::  f  CONVEYANCING  RENTS COLLECTED  LOANS NEGOTIATED  PHONE Fair. 183 260 Kingsway  Vancouver, B. C.  $1"t"K"l"l"t"t"t"l"t"t"t"H"l"l"t"H"t"l'������4Ht. .t- ���������!��������� ���������> ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ������������������������ ���������!��������� ������������������������ ���������!��������� ���������!��������� <��������� ���������!��������� ���������> ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������;��������� ���������!������������������!��������� 'tn|- ���������!��������� r ���������! ���������!��������� |1  The Lee Mason Co., Ltd.  MIDSUMMER   CLEARANCE   SALE  Wallpapers, Paint, Varnish, Oils,  Brushes, &C..-A11 Greatly Reduced  Best quality Paint, $3.00 for $2.50 Gallon  Furniture Varnish, 2.25 ���������    1.65     ���������  r   Rooms Papered  from $4.00 up.  561 BROADWAY WEST     Phone Fairmont 1520  Pl*1 fltitier Terminal City Press, Ltd  *    I ill I'l**������^    2tJ- #7 Klugiway Pboae Pair������Mt 114  II4IJ  l^���������l^ll^l|^M^llt,l|���������^M^ll^,lt.l^l���������^t''I'^t^l^���������il^'^^1'^^"^'r''t'i'^^^^"t^^'i^'t<'14^'i<'������<'������^l'^^���������t������������������l^|^''l^������������������������|  SNAP!  50xJOO, corner 29th Ave* ancj  - St Catharmee Street, modern  7-room house.  YOUR OWN PRICE fOR CASH  ���������4PM-Y WESTERN CMl  4 . ^1 .|. ^41^. >|������ t|������ if. ������|. 4|������4^������ ������{. l{4 ������f������ 4|l ������^������������j. .^4 ������^l 4^. .^������������}> l|������ ������^������ >|> .f. >j> ^4.{. .|. .}. l|������ ^������ ������}������;}4 <|4 ������|. .|. ������|������ .^ .j. >|������ .^. .{. ,|. ,|. ������|.������f> >|.������}. ������|������ ������|>  *  mmammmmmmmmmammaaammmmmaam  ���������!"1-'1-.H-I"1-<"1"I"M 11 l-lMg-t'-l'<������������������!���������������'t'Jj"t"������  Has been the watchword ef Tbe f  Mutual from the day it was or- ',.  ganized in 1869 up to the present -_ >  time.-���������������������������"-������������������"���������.-.!.'-���������-. '���������"���������������������������- .Vh;     -.'-.���������.���������������������������;  Only those forms of investment j������  consistent with the absolute security of policyholders have been  ��������� adopted.':": ���������    ���������:.'���������������������������- '-'���������:.."  The result is an institution that  is among the most stable in the  Canadian Financial World.  Business in force over 187,000,006,  Assets over.V. .. .V 22,000,000  Surplus over.. 1     ...   3,800,000  The Mutual Life if Canada  It would be a business mistake  for YOU to place your application  with any company -without con-  sultihg our Agents and familiarizing yourself with the model  policies issued by  CANADA'S SNLY MUTUAL  ..Investigation coeta nothing and aires  .   V '   ,    ratreta .---  Write, phone or call for rates, etc.  ..  I      Wm. J. TW18S, District Mgr.  : 317-319 iHirs Nil.   IMcram. I. C.  '��������� M''I ���������I'M-l ���������*���������'!���������'M"l ������."I"M"1 < ���������! 'I **4  TRY AN AD IN THE WESTERN CALL '->..  ��������� '  Friday. July 17, 1914  TEOWKKTSN CAM*  ������;/  i*f  e\  [.Watch Our Windows  for Bargains  >pen Saturday Evenings  ;tanley & co.  117 Male Street Phoae Pair, ft*  SASKATCHEWAN  VANCOUVER POULTRY AND  PET STOCK ASSOCIATION  .eeler's Nursery  Corner 15th & Main St.  Carries a full stock of  bwers  t  Potted and Cut  designs  FOR  Funerals  Weddings  Social Functions  AND  Public Events  Phone Fairmont 8t7  CHARLES KEELER  Valuable statistics showing the remarkable growth of the Province of  Saskatchewan during the past ten  years have' been compiled by the government. The population has increased from 140,500 to 675,000. The  railway mileage has been increased  from 1,053 miles to 5.356 miles. Cities  now number 7, whereas in 1903* there  were but 2. Towns have increased  from 11 to 71, villages from 5 to 281,  and rural municipalities from 2 to  295. Post offices have increased from  143 to 1,485. In 1903 there were 606  schools, whereas in 1913 there were  3,226. There has also been added  17 high schools and the University of  Saskatchewan. During the 10 years'  period, the mileage of telephone lines  has increased from 1,509 to 16,585.  The growing importance of the Province of Saskatchewan/ as a centre of  grain production is ably illustrated by  the fact that the area under cultivation has increased from 1,117,000 to  9,692,500 acres, while the crop has increased from 25,250,000 to 243,500,000  bushels. These facts go to show the  extent of the wonderful development  that has taken place in the Province  of Saskatchewan during the past 10  years.-  At least 50,000 sheep will be imported into Saskatchewan this season  by W. T. Smith, of Prussia, according  to information received in Regina.  Mr. Smith already has 15,000 sheep  on his 35,000-acre ranch, and with the  additional 50,000 he will import from  Montana, it will make the largest flbck  in Saskatchewan.  More than 50,000 pounds of wool,  worth approximately $9,000, will be  shipped by the Co-operative Organization Branch of the Saskatchewan  Department of Agriculture during the  coming week. This wool has been  purchased by Eisemann Bros., of  Boston, Mass., at the price of 17 3-4  cents per pound. The producers will  receive from 16 1-4 to 17 cents a  pound, which is the full purchase  price less the bare cost of marketing.  Advertise in "Call"  The regular��������� monthly meeting of  the Poultry and Pet 'Stock Association was held in Lee's hall on July  2nd. In the absence of President Wilson the chair was taken by Vice-President Plumpton  There was a good turn out of  members and also several, new faces.  New members were enrolled during  the evening.. '  There were no accounts to deal  with, -and communications were laid  over until next meeting.  Mr. Plumpton gave Mr. Wilson's  report in connection with the coming  exhiibtion, in which he stated that  the birds would not have to be in the  show until Moriday, 10 a. m., September 7th, instead of Friday, September 4th, as specified in the catalogues. This change, he said, was  brought about on account of the  dates clashing with those of North  Vancouver show.  Mr. Upton, Provincial Poultry Inspector, was called upon to- speak.  Mr. Upton toched upon the most  vital points in poultry raising, and  urged co-operation for' best results,  and if everybody takes his advice on  all points there will certainly be a different brand of poultry in the Province by next season, and the city will  be illuminated with bon-fires burning  up ,all the roupy birds* and other  culls. Mr. Upton at the conclusion  of his lecture offered his services to  the meeting, and agreed to answer any  questions that the audience wished to  ask, and a* goodly number availed  themselves of the opportunity to  glean such pointers as would make  them better fitted to meet any emergencies that will arise from time to  time round a poultry yard. A hearty  vote of thanks was tendered the lecturer for his valuable services, and he  was invited to come oftener and stay  longer.  All poultry fanciers, whether members or not, are requested to attend  the meetings of, this association,  which are held on the first Thursday  in each month in' Lee's hall, Main  street, between Eighth avenue and  Broadway. >  Anyone' wishing information re the  association should - address the secretary. Box 441 or Phone Press correspondent Towler.    Fair. 1369L.  ST. SAVIOUR'S CHURCH.  (Anglican.)  Corner of First Avenue East and  Semlin Drive, Grandview-  Rev.   Harold   St.   G������crge   Buttrum,  B. A. B. D, Rector.  ' Residence, the Rectory, 2023 First  Avenue East  SUNDAY SERVICES���������Morning  prayer and Holy Communion the first  and third Sundays of the month at "11  a. m.; morning prayer every Sunday  at 11 a. m.; Holy Communion 2nd and  prayer every Sunday at 7:30 p. m.  All heartily welcome.  8. Mary the Vlrfln. 8euth Hill.  (Cor. Prince Albert St and 62nd Ave.)  8:00 a.m.~-Holy Eucharist  11:00 a.m.���������If atlas and sennon.  (Late celebration on lit and Srd  3:00 p.m.���������Children's 8err.ee (Third  Sundays).  Sunday).  4:00   p.m.,  Holy  Baptiam, (except  7:80 p.m.���������Evensong and Sennon.  Third Sunday).   /  1111 t<������U 111 l;l 111������1������������������������>������������HI M4 111 III 11 Hi tltH 1 i 1 M  ii Pease Pacific Foundry Limited  HEAT1NQ AMD VENTILA'nNQ EHQ1NEERS * '  mSawumamm^r  "Economy  ������������������ 8M_aH������fttenandV������BtiktaBifarPiildfeBan__oai  Warn Air Pnraoeao���������fkmbbMkm Puniaaoi'  Staaaa and Hot Wator Bote*. IWgfetan  *' I/foal " StaomandHat W^Boflero  lUCal      Itadiatara, Pipe and Vtttiiica    _  |   1116 Homer St.     vucearer, t.c,    Tel. Sey. 3230 ;  t< 111 < 11 < m nit i in mil i < 1111111 < 111111 in mum i.  . _-.     _ > ':  ���������i -n- ,\ if,  t| IH1 i I, H i < It 1 IH������111 Mf������ 111 Ull 1*1 ill *.��������������������� ��������������� H 11. . ������  JOS. H. BOWMAN!  ARCHITECT  910-11 Yorkshire Building  | Seymour Street Vaacouver, B. C. j  *. 11111. it 111 ii 11 hi i-1 it i inn ii in n 11 x i h 1111 n * i������<������  <"V-V  -? ,<���������  Jf    "_  ���������/I  <��������� 4  OT. MICHA-CL'B CHURCH  Cor.  Broadway an* Prlnco K4ward at  Servlcea���������Morning Prayer at 11 a.m.  Sunday School and Biblo cUum at S:l������  *.m.  Holy Communion evory Sunday at t a.m  Evealnc Prmyor at 7:M p.m.  and fat and Srd Sundays at 11 a.m  Rov. O. H. Wilson, Rootor  OEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. O. Madill. Pastor.  Sabbath School and Bible Classes  at 2.30 p.m.  Prayer meeting. at 8 p.m. on Wed-  neriay.  Young People's meeting at 8 p.m. on  Monday night.  Rod and Gun  Kamloono-Vaaeouvor H/teet Oe.9 Ltd,  Oor. Maim am* PtwwaO Sta. 1849 Malm Of mat  Phone Seymour 6661 Phone Fair. 1814  For Choice Meats  of large variety and reasonable prices, this house  cannot be excelled.   It stands to the very front  ���������>h  ' _  I'.*    .  }<>%  t,4-l\X  *<X"l I'M ��������������������������� M >ll 11 <t> VM"t"X"V4"H������V ii'M til I MM IH 11 t! 11111 ������t  rl* ��������� ���������!��������� 'I* ������l"l' *l"l' 'I' ���������!' ���������!' ���������!' '!��������� ���������!' ���������!' ���������!' '1"I' 'l"I"I"I' 'I* ���������I*^?"^ <wt' '1'4' 'I' 'I' '!��������� ;l' 'I' 'I' 'l"l' 'I' '1' 'I' 'I' ��������� '1' 't' 'I1 '1' 'I1 'l"t' 'I1 'V '1' 't' '1' 'I' 'I' '1' 't' ^ 'I' '1* '^ ���������!' ^' ���������!' 'I' ���������!��������� 't''?' 'I' 't' '1' '1' 'I' ������������������WW*  Six Days a Week in  t  z  z  -*��������� Every morning during tbe week Tlie  Chicago Daily Tribune prints a complete Moving. Picture Story basecj on  one of the Moving Picture Plays being  shown in Chicago and in the cities, towns and villages .  in the vast territory surrounding Chicago.  The Play selected for each morning's story is the one .  which The Tribune's Moving Picture Editor has selected t  as the best of all those being shown that day. You can  read the Moving Picture Stories every morning and then  as these fascinating plays are exhibited in your locality  your enjoyment of them will be doubled and trebled  BECAUSE YOU HAVE READ THE STORY,  THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE  not only gives you a compete Moving Picture Story  EVERY DAY during the week, but it also gives you  j on Sunday, in serial form; the greatest Moving Picture  Story ever writi;en,^TteAd^  Harold MacGrath, the thrilling romance from which has  been produced the famous "KATHLYN" Moving Pictures which all Chicago is standing in line to see.  Read the D.aily Moving Picture Story  in the Chicago Tribune  / .���������--.������������������,���������������������������-      . ���������. ���������  .   - .      ���������  .  Read "The Adventures of Kathlyn" in The Chicago Sunday Tribune  ::  Rod and Gun for July, published  by W. J. Taylor, Limited, Woodstock,  Ont., is out with a very striking cover  design, an Indian shooter in full regalia, to the ordinary reader suggestive of a vanished race, to the trap-  shooter a reminder of the annual  "Canadian Indians' Tournament" at  Niagara-on-the-Lake. Within the  magazine is contained an account of  the recent Grand International Tournament at St. Thomas, Ont. For the  sportsman, tourist and lover of the  out-of-doors, there is an, interesting  bill of fare which includes: -A Canoe  Trip from Lake Temiscatning to Lake  Abitibi, an article on Newfoundland,  the sportsman's paradise; the story  of "An Off Week" on the outskirts of  Jaspar Park, Alta.; Reminiscences of  Fishing in Rideau Lakes; two good  stories, Canadian Camp Life and  Cupid Alias Uncle Zeb White; Goin'  Fishin*; The Value of the Birds, a  plea for an international treaty of  protection; Skunks and how to take  them; and a host of other material of  the kind that readers of out-of-door'  literature enjoy. ���������  South Shore Lumber Co.  ::  LIMITED  Lumber  Investor's Bulletin  4* hand-book far aoeoaaifal  ���������culstoni, < rw  rita for your  Stocks sh^'^s*****  Pot*. Mlsos ������P?. *__f_i  MNA10 M. MecCfttCt*  Ifbr. Vancouver snd Seattle  Stock Jfochongoi.  WlM* lotltflftf       flmit Soywtar S46!  Cotton  .&������!��������� Ucel  1 Front St, Foot of Ontario St.  ]'��������� PHONE Fairmont 184      VANCOUVER, B. C. V:  ���������<''    1    A        f ^  - y4r;  4..|llti|liM"|"l"|"l"<'<"li<'<"M"ii4"l"l'll"<if'l"t' ^^^������������������l''H"l'i|'<������'l'1"l''������'tL'li.'ti'l'ili'li'l'������t!'l''t'>1  O  ii  a  1 ���������!��������� ���������������<��������� <��������� 'I'������������������������������!��������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������!��������� ���������!��������� 4'-f������������������������������������!��������� '���������������!��������� ���������!��������� -t-������ ���������M'M'W'W'H'H't'l'W'fW'W't't''  DOMINION W00P YARP CO.  Cor. Front and Ontario Sts.     Phono Fairmont \5&4 \'  AUICmdsof Mill Wood  Stor^ Under Cover  4<t"i"i"?"i"t"i"."i"i"i"?"t"i"t''t"?"t"r"i"i"i"t"i"i' ���������t"t"i"t"i"t"i"i"i"i"t"i"t"i"i"i"i"i"i"i"i"i"i"i'>i'if  it  m %\\i cakos mi  i  :>  I  Double corner, good revenue, 3 bloclcs  from new Govemment..pock  919,*QQ  Good terms.   EPWARP aoUGH  Phone Seymour 2M2 44! Homer Street  a  ^2������:  \%\w&t**+M���������t*.i,+.\.f..i<.i.,w  ***********  ,-'w\\  COLD  I  RADIANT  WAtCM  Ti llieirLitwi ProdoctioQ  A now Watch by ��������� fi"n ettab-  liabed 45 year*. Mattera Radiant watch is an ordinary watch  with tho hand* and Genre* enamelled with radium which makes  them lominoas.andtheyshow tha  time clearly in tha dark. It is a  day and NIGHT watch, In fact  the darker tha night the brighter  the hand* and fifiire*. With this  ���������watch bans np in yoor bedroom  yoa can toe the time any part of  tbe nl������ht. It Is m speciality for  those who prefer a watch diSer-  ant to any other. Masters' Ra  disnt watch ia afennine timekeeper, folly warranted, and fit-  tad with their famons Veracity  lover movement and Solid Silver  Cases, price M/-(ta dollars),free  to any part of the world, or on  oar speeUl foteicn terms, half-  eaah, *���������/- withorderand 2B/-od  delivery. Order one of thesewon-  derfnlaO/-R������dUnt Watches now.  Solid 6flM Duni-Jiaiiing Maicli.  Another barf tin is Masters Solid Gold  Dami-Hontias Watch, a splendid pro-  dnetlan, price only 90f-, or ��������������� - with  order, and 4*/ on delivery.    Special  attantieo is given to foreifn orders. ^  WtmHlj WaUhm, Mngl, Jrutlltry, Cut-  It-*, tun*. Oramtfhmt, M-tt, ClttMng,  er/   CATALOGOt will *4 ftnt frit mnd  AMtfUttitnytfArmlntSiwrld.  ��������� G*tA KUitnt fTttkm. dr I���������, tt ������19 iu  MASTERS, Ltd., RYE, Eog.  MASTERS'  LTD.  ILLUSTRATED  CATALOOUE  may be seen at  203    KINGSWAY  any day  between 8 a.m.  and 5 p.m.  Saturday till 12  noon.  C.O.D.  If the Oash-on-Delivery System is in use in your country, then  you need only send 10\ for either watch you select and pay  balance when you receive the Watcb.   latin*. IW-, Ijt, El|laK  Orders left with  V. Odium THE WESTERN GALL.  Friday. July 17; i$14  THE BARAMBA MINING  7  HAS  CAPITAL, $500,000 (NON-PERSONAL LIABILITY)  CLAIMS ON HOTHAM SOUND  SEVENTY-FIVE MILES NORTHWEST OF VANCOUVER.  :^r  '      4.',  The Open Cut Shewing Ledge       I 200 Foot, Level, showing Tunnel that cross-cuts Ledge *    -   ��������� '  The character of ore is magnetite and copper pyrites, affording a splendid flux and insuring minimum smelter charge.  The confidence of Vendors is proven by their willingness to accept payment for property out of shares and returns from mine.   Not  one cent of cash.   There is no Promotion Stock.  The present issue of Stock is 25,000 Shares at $1.00 per Share. After this issue there will remain in Treasury six-sevenths of Share  Capital; . .  Directors will withdraw Stock from Market when present Issue is subscribed.  A Clpaner or More Assured fining Proposition has never been submitted to the Public.      .  The Results of Five Average Samples taken from the Open Cut give the following:  Assays of Ore from woperty of  1  Baramba Minina  Co-i  W  No.  Gold  '  Silver  *  Coppur  ������  Total Value  Oz.  per ton  Vajue  Oz.  per ton  Value  %  Value  Per Ton  $ .    _  1  0.Q2  .40  5.0  2.95  IS  542'  .     8.47  2  0.22  4.40  7.6  4.48  2.0  6.40  15.28  3  0.04  .80  3.6  242  6.5  20.80  23.70  4  0.02  .40  4.2  2.47  1.0  3.20  6.07  5  0.20  4.00  &8  2,44  3f84  10.00  III  Average of Five Samples taken  OMmAaaa\wAaawaaaaamaamaaaaaa������%\aaW  from Britannia Mine at same  ������������������iVBj_MM������aMaa_aaMaaBHBMaMaBa������_a_BinBaMaa_B_a_^_a-M_Ha-BaaMaBB_aoM4aMO-HBB������a_o-_aai  stage of development gave $9.95  Assay of Hiflft Cirncle Ore taken Prom f'TMra! Clwmce" Claim  Gold, Oz. per ton        Valne Silver, Ox. per ton        Veloe Copper % 'Value .,      Total per ton  640       1*22.00 M ������������������*������������������������       W.75       I440Q     WW  - - - -   - ^e ^vt jg-g-pjeij^ Buropi������ and in nowejr figures in profit calculations but goea tcrshowwbat values in goldreilvar  an0 copper are to he met with in the ore body.   Assay made by J. O'Sullivan., F-C.S.  Tha Profits awuradt for tha small amount of capital requiredi ���������aam fabujouf, hut tha enormous amount of ore easily obtainable, tha ^  desirable nature of tha ora, tha easy accost to mine and tha favor able shipping facilities mojea this proposition as certain at anything  human avar can bo- flPPMCATtON  TOR  SHARES  Baramlia Mining Company, limited  (Non-Personal Liability)  AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, 1500,000  PRESIDENT:  JOSIAH MATCOCK  Capitalist, Lynn Valley, B. C.  VICE-PRESIDENT  FRANK UNDERWOOD  Merchant, North Vancouver, B. C.  MANAGING DIRECTOR  JOHN CARMICHAEL  Mining Expert, Lynn Valley, B. C.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS  EDWARD MATCOCK  .   Capitalist, Vancouver, B. C.  FRANK UNDERWOOD  Merchant, North Vancouver, B. C.  JOSIAH MATCOCK  Capitalist, Lynn Valley, B.C: V  v JAMES PEARSON  Agent, Lynn Valley, S*.C.  JOHN CARMICHAEL  SECRETARY-TREASURER  EDWARD MATCOCK  SOLICITORS ^  MESSRS. BOWSER, REID ft WALLBRIDGE       ]  Canada Life Building, Vancouver  AUDITOR8  BUTTAR & CHIENE  Chartered Accountants, Vancouver, B. C.  BANKERS  BANK OF BRITISH NORTH AMERICA  BoramN Mining Company, Limited  NONPER80NAL LIABILITY  HEAD OFFICE, LYNN VALLEY, B. C.  Authorised Capital, 1600,000, divided into 500,000 shares of One Dollar Each,  t   offer of 25,000 shares of the Capital Stock.  x  form of Application  TO THE DIRECTORS OF THE BARAMBA MINING COMPANY. LIMITED:  ���������    I enclose herewith > ��������������� ������������������������'������    being payment In f^ll for.      fully paid up and non assessable shares of One Dollar each of the capital stock of the above  Company, and I hereby request you to allot me tbat number of shares, and I agree to accept such shares, or any less number that may  be allotted to me, and I authorize you to place my' name upon the register of members in respect to the shares so allotted to me.  ESS)  Dated...  191���������������  Signature ..  .Address ......  Occupation  Cut'this out, fill ln and send today to Fiscal Agent, with Cheque.  SELLING AGENTS TO WHOM APPLICATION SHOULD BE SENT  Thos^Duke   .^.,;.,r/-i.;.;!;;.'..;;..^::..:::..,.r:v;i;:; .......:.......,   ...v ......  .329 Gore Avenue, Vancouver  Macrteth & Brown ^......   ................~........^ Richard St-reet, Vancouver  The New Investment Co..    ... .....................336 Pender St. West, Vancouver  Pound & Third ^..v^^^���������.^.���������^.^..^^^^^^.^���������^^^^^^.^^^,:.^^.^^ :^  Frank Underwood  ..........:_.....    ���������.^���������..;^:.::.^^  VV. C. Breedlove   "   ^.1���������.���������^^���������^^^^.....::   ^^ ...  .. ^ Quebec  T. Timson...... ...;.'.������. ............................ ::.>.^^.\.:;^J.;.:������..M...v.;.,������.-.������"3- rtuseum Square, Leicester, England  Ail Payments to be Made by Cheque in favor of the Baramba Mining Company, Limited  &  DO   NOT  NEGLECT THIS


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