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 11.-  M7l������kstx  V^be Westerfl Cal|  >#  ;������^" ������;  Published in the Interests of Greater Vancouver and the Western People  VOLUME VI.  VANCOUVER, British Columbia, MAY 29, 1914  5 Cents. Per Copy'  No. 3  Awful Disaster to Empress of Ireland this Morning  algary is O&Mad���������Eighty-Nine Corporations Formed in One Week with a Capitalization of $ISOjm,N0  he Seco^t Narrows Bridge Contract Must Be Kept at Home  SOOTH VANCOUVER  THE NEW ADMINISTRATION  Barely two weeks since election and already  lere is a difference throughout the municipality.  Additional men at work on Main street.- Pro-  Ected paving of Victoria road from the Kings-  fay to Wilson, the B. C. E. R. R. having proposed  put down double tracks on that distance this  sar. Also the pavinijg of Bodwell road from  tain to Fraser.;  Now; comes the  announcement from H. H-  Sevens, M. P., of the government grant of $10,-  )0 for wharves on North Arm, an echo of Reeve  ^err's labours in last year's council.  Just where and how this money will be spent  not yet definite, but the idea is abroad to make  many landing stages at street ends as possible.  Ierr street has already an embryo wharf, and a  iali expenditure would make it quite service-  Ible.   Kerr street fishing station has long been a  lort of call and was at one time the only avenue  |f entry to South Vancouver from the river.   Vic.  jria drive   presents   another good location for  fharf, and a landing there will be much ap-'  Ireciated.   Fraser avenue has already the bunker  rharf, but Bridge streetVshould be opened and a  fharf placed there.   Main street Is opened only  the B;C.E. RR. tracks, and here is an excel-  pnt opportunity for civic enterprise.    A river  *rk, boat house and bath house would greatly  id to the charm of residence in the South west-  ha part of ihe municipality.   Indeed the Western  ]all hopes soonV, to; see the day when Burnaby,  auth Vancouver, Point Grey and Richmond will  J.ch have their rpwi^Ve|^D an(^ vje jn friendly  fvalry with the sculls.    The Fraser- river be-  i^een Kerr and Boundary presents the finest  Ule stretch in the world, and should send forth a  ujampion ere long to uphold our fair name in the  jwipg contests of the world.  A better feeling pervades the municipality,  lid it is everywhere evident that the bitter dis-  pnsions of the last 12 months are dying down.  The Western Call has fought hard with this  id in view. It faced an unscrupulous political  pemy, and beat him at his own game. We did  it expect to get_ off without some knocks, and  wish to say emphatically that we count it an  inor to be abused by Mr. Gold or any of his  rmpathisers.     ;\  As regards the allegations of the Chinook, we  iye-Reeve Kerr's own assurance of their falsity  regards himself-   And that is enough.   If any  |ie else is4ryijag4o-kindle a fire in-the rear we  resent our compliments and bid them go to it.  ���������  As for the Greater Vancouver Pothook, its  liews of men and,measures, change with such  laleidoscopic rapidity that we can hardly keep  |P with this chaser after the Pork barrel.   Both  set in the public trough and snout up to the eyes  municipal patronage it is hard to see straight.  FIRST FREIGHT THROUGH CANAL  New York, May 27.���������The steamer Colon which  forived today from Cristobal, brought the first  height that came through the Panama canal. The  \rgo consisted of 21,000 sacks of sugar, and was  [wed through the canal on barges. It is the first  Irgo to pay through freight.  [ONEV BEING INVESTED  BY MILLIONS NOW  Calgary, May 27.���������The last sign of the finane-  stringency seems to have disappeared from  lgary.  The first day of the' strike money came in  .usands, then in ten of thousands, later in  Lndreds of thousands, and now they say in mil-  _ns,  Anyhow, this is definite from 3 p. m. to 11  m., the Herron interests took in $240,000 ih  [td cash.  The question    asked    on    every   hand    is:  ^here is all the money coming from?"  An answer to the question in a large degree  [n be found at the Canaidan Pacific telegraph of-  le, where hundreds of telegraphed money or-  krs are being received and sent to the local  .okers.    The Calgary citizens have been "dig-  up" nobly, but the outside money that is  fining in is beginning   to stack; up _ in equal  lount to the local money-   Capitalists--from Ed-  jnton, Medicine Hat, Redclif^^ogmK', VjMoose  !tw, Vancouver, Spokane, Seattle^jWimi^wg, and  lerican and Canadian capitalirt������" ������l*om iali seems are arriving each day. :|^v-V;-^>  NOTICE  Our issue of next week wHlspresent  splendid picture of Vancouver's sky-  Ine and harbour. '���������.   iMMlM-  A FEW OF VANCOUVER'S SKY-SCRAPERS COMPLETEP IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS  X. World Building, 2.' Dominion Building, 3, Vancouver Club, 4. Dominion Trust,  6. Vancouver Block. 6. 'Metropolitan Building. 7. Winch Building and Post Office,  8. Pacific Building, 9. Bank of Ottawa, 1.6. North West Trust, it Lee Building,  12. Rogers Building, 13; Yorkshire Buiiding, 14. Standard Bank, 15. London  Building,   16. Birks Building. '���������\.--:  Special Telegram from Ottawa  Ottawa, Way 29  The Western Call, Vancouver:  Pugsley suddenly returned to Ottawa, and immediately assumed leadership of the opposition in the C. N. R. debate in spite of the presence of Sir Wilfrid and of his declaration that he  agreed with the principle of the Government's proposals but only differed with the details. Pugsley, however, moved an amendment which would.throw the railway into liquidation and destroy  all the safeguards which the Government has provided. He proposes to take only ten millions of  dollars' worth of stock and put it in escrow with an option to the government to purchase the  same at par. The government proposals take forty millions of dollars' worth of stock outright  now. Frank Oliver claims that the B- 0. section should not have been built and proposes an  amendment that the freight rates west of theGreat Lakes shall be fixed according to cost of  operation evidently intending to penalize the Mountain section in favor of the Prairie. The Liberals are badly divided and the government resolutions have passed through a most bitter cross  fire of criticism successfully under the sole direction of that brilliant young statesman Hon. Arthur  Meighaq. Pugsley was utterly routed in his attacks on the Solicitor General and Meighan comes  out of the ordeal with colors flying and the most popular man of the hour.  H. H. STEVENS.  Awful Disaster on St. Lawrence River  Quebec, May 29.���������A report received early this  morning states that the Canadian Pacific Steamship Empress of Ireland and the German steamship Storstad collided off Father Point at about  2:30, and both steamers immediately sank, carrying almost all their passengers to a watery grave-  The Empress of Ireland had a passenger list of  1,500, almost all of whom were lost.  The, latest reports give the total, loss at 1,008.  Among the pasesngers on the Empress of Ireland were the following from British Columbia:  Mr. J. R. Abercrombie, Vancouver; Miss C. A.  Cay, Golden; Mr. C. B. Lyon, Vancouver; Mr. C.  Malloch, Larde; Mrs. D. T- Haiety, Vancouver.  Staff Captain White, of the Salvation Army,  Vancouver, stated early this morning that he had  booked through the passages for local Army Officers en route to the Congress at London, and that  as far as he could recollect the Vancouver people  on board the Empress were: Major Nettie Sim-  coe, Mrs. George Cook, Sergt.-Major of No. 1,  Mr. Thomas Clark, Mrs. Clark, his mother, Miss  Violet Vier, Eburne; Mrs. Graton, Pine or Bruce  street; Mrs. Warne, Burnaby; Mrs. Davis, Nineteenth avenue east; Mrs. Eva Duffy, Richards  street; Ensign Oliver Mardell, Mrs. Harry Ax-  ton, Deputy Bandmaster Wakefield-  A later dispatch states that the total number of  missing is 954.  THE BRIDGE CONTRACT  MADF   IN V-:  B.CB  Considerable interest has been aroused lately  in regard to the letting of the contract for the  bridge over the Second narrows, and statements  made to the effect that no local firms were able  to do this work and vice versa, and it seems an  opportune time to let our readers *know the position of matters-  In the first place, the Burrard Inlet Bridge  and Tunnel Company called for tenders for this  bridge, and have received tenders from the Canadian Bridge Company, the   Dominion   Bridge.  Company and C. A. P. Turner.   The bridge consists of sub-structure and super-structure, and all  three tenders have been given for the superstructure, subject to certain firms getting the  work of the sub-structure.. The contract for substructure is not a particularly vital one, as this  work, no matter who gets it, must be done in  British Columbia, but the question of super-structure is very important.    The Canadian Bridge  Company and the Dominion Bridge Company have  their works in the far East, where the fabrication  of the steel for this bridge would be done, but C.  A. P. Turner has tendered, with two Vancouver  shops to do the fabrication here.    The Manufacturers' Association, the Board of Trade and  other associations desirous of seeing that  the  work be  done locally, if possible, investigated  the claims of the local firms as to their ability to  fabricate this steel, and have thoroughly satisfied themselves that either of the two local firms  could do the work, and that when conjoined, there  is absolutely no question of their ability.   In fact,  one of the local shops has turned out during the  year just past, a considderably larger tonnage  than that involved in the Second narrows bridge,  and the greater part of it was bridge work of a  character just as difficult of fabrication, and in  the local shops at present there are in course of  construction girders longer and heavier than any  individual members in this bridge.  Another point to look at is the fact that the  money for the construction of this bridge is given  by the people of British Columbia, and if at all  (Continued on Paflt 4)  AWEIITJIJIII^PIISITWII  At the present time it is interesting to revert  back to the article published in our issue of 20th  March, entitled "Latest News from Alberta Oil  Fields," and to observe how the prognostications  made therein have been realised. At the present  time it may be helpful to the readers of the Western Call who are inclined to interest themselves  in the development of what is undoubtedly a situation pregnant with tremendous possibilities to  endeavor to review in a conservative manner the  present position form tlie standpoint of one who  has studied the matter for years. In the first  place in view of the "blatant" advertising which ,  js going on, with the evidences on every hand of  over capitalization; with the '' wild-catter " abroad  with "shrieks and yells;" with the evidences^of  promoters unloading their promotion stock without any regard to the interests they are supposed  to represent, and as far as the innocent public are  concerned with reprehensible results for the future, it behooves all thinking men to consider  the situation with the greatest care, and to treat  the situation as it is at the moment with the greatest conservatism. As Mr. Cunningham Craig indicated in his speech to the Royal Colonial Institute if only as much as 1 per cent- of the land  taken upon prospecting licenses proves to be profitably productive (which yet remains to be  proven) Canada will own one of the world's  greatest oil fields, an asset to the Dominion and  the Empire of enormous value. Another factor  which should not ���������be overlooked at the present  time is that oil drilling is an exceedingly slow and  protracted business, taking years, as in the case  of the Dingman well to bring to a successful issue, and for this reason the present "spate" of  issues being brought out with such feverish haste  can only cause the future to be rgarded with the  greatest misgiving when the.present craze like ail  other crazes have come to their inevitable end.  Undoubtedly favourable  as the situation  is  at Calgary at the present time, it must not be for-  (Contlnued on pag* *4)  _\  ���������-$Sri.: THE WESTERN  CALL  <y -Vy<" ;,;���������:.' <;������������������.-,   ���������-,v> ;;VV  Friday May 29, 1914  '������$��������� 4$^^MS^4^^^^^*^4*^^4^M$^^^I-^^^^^*^'a ���������S*4S**^*^*^*S*~*S**^'^*^*^^^*4$**S**$**S^*^^**$#*^*S#^$* *$^*$**S*^* *$* *^*$**S* *S**$**S* ���������������$������������^*������$������������$������*$������������{*^������'*������*������^*������$*������$<* *^������������^������s*������>2������^<>������^������������$*������^* *\  Mragpf glimpses of Vancouver  ��������� iv    ������������������: _        _        a        '��������� mi T    '   . V.V   ������������������  Wants to See You  |������.}M$������$M$>.$44344$44$a^t^|*������M������N$M$M{M{M$MgM^.������44{M$M3M{4^^4^  The Reason Why  It is better for you to use  our preparations.  First and foremost, we  know what each preparation  contains. 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UmImMi f it'll T -r f t 1H 1H ttfU-Ht l-H ��������������� ���������V-H-l-'M-l-M-l-t-i ���������'������������������ri- H'r.n'r T f  PRELIMINARY REPORT  Ottawa, May 19.���������The Census and  Statistics Office in a bulletin issued  today states that (according to returns fronv its crop correspondents,,  made on May 6, about 19 per cent, of  the area sown to fail wheat in Ontario has been winter killed, this percentage representing a reduction of  132,000 acres, i. e., from 690,000 acres,  the area sown,1 to 562,000 acres, the  area expected to be harvested: In  Alberta, the other large fall wheat  province, fall wheat has been killed  to the extent of 15 per cent., representing 36,000 acres, which will make  the area to be harvested 193,000 acres  instead of 229,000' acres, the area  sown last fall.  At the corresponding date last year  the- percentages reported of fall  wheat killed during the winter of  1912-13 were for Ontario 18 per cent,  and for Alberta 43 per cent, so that  whilst the winter killing of wheat in  Ontario, is this year slightly more  than it was last year in Alberta it is  very considerably, less, 'this favourable result being attributable to the  mild winter in the West. The total  area estimated to be sown. to fall  wheat, including besides Ontario and  Alberta, 3,000 acres in Manitoba, 78,-  000 acres in Saskatchewan and 2,700  acres in British Columbia, was 1,-  006,706, now reduced by winter killing  in Ontario and Alberta to 838,700  acres.  The condition of fall wheat on May  6 was in Ontario returned as 81.3  per'cent., and in Alberta as 8/.3 per  cent, of a standard representing the  promise' of a full crop, the percentages on April 30, 1913, being 83.4 per  cent, in Ontario, and 76 per cent, in  Alberta. 1'or all Canada, the condition of fall wheat on May 6 this year  was 83 per cent, of the standard, or  103 per cent, of the average condition of the past five years represented by 100. on April 30, 1913, the  corresponding. ligures'of condition of  fall wneat for all' Canada were" 82 per  cent, of a stainda'rd or 101 per cent, of  the average condition of tlie previous  four years: The condition of the  fall yvheat crop, this year is, in fact,  superior to tnat of any year since  19i0, when the record wias over 89  per cent, of the standard.    >,'  Upon the whole, spring seeding was  well advanced except in the Maritime  provinces, where the spring this year  is reported as abnormally late, and in  yuebec; where not more than from  3 to 5: per cent, of spring seeding was  reported to have been done by May  6. In Ontario at this date about 24  per cent, of wheat, 43 per cent, of  oats and 41 per cent, of barley had  been got in, and 40 per. cent, of the  total seeding was reported ��������� as completed oh May 6 as against the same  proportion last year on April 30. In  Manitoba 57, in Saskatchewan 79,  and in; Alberta 88 per cent, of the  spring wheat ,crop was reported as"  seeded by May 6, these proportions  comparing favourably wih the progress reported last year on April 30.  For the five provinces Of Quebec,  Ontario/ Manitoba, Saskatchewan and  Alberta, the proportion of seeding reported as effected on May 6 was  about 48 per cent^for wheat,, ,23^per  cent, for oats, 16 per cent, for barley  and 37 per cent, for all crops.  About 14 per cent, of the area in hay  and" clover meadows is reported as  winter killed as compared with ,22 per  cent, last year. The average condition of these crops on May 6 was 86.7  per cent, as compared with 89.6 per  cent, last year and 74.6 in 1912.  The condition of the live stock remains generally satisfactory, being reported for all Canada as over 90 per  cent, of a standard, representing a  healthy, and thrifty state.  A. t. U&S & CO.  *.������������������.��������������������������� ���������;''���������"���������-'  f  ������������������'."���������   .���������:+'���������':.' '.'..���������'������������������  EXCHANGE  OR CASH  I  have four lots at White  Rock, B. C.    What have you ?  APPLY TO OWNER, WESTERN CALL  *���������?;  f-  .H������HH^*^H*^~H������H^~J������H������^M������'W-^������ ^-I"i"l"l-^4-t"I.:"t"l- ���������S-I-l- 't-1- t-t- !��������� ���������!��������� l"l-> l'4������  OT  'Navigable Waters Protection Act"  Chapter 115, B. ���������. O., 1MM.  I  For Rent and Sale Cards 10c ea.  Come to the Western Call Office  vWHYDOYOUFEEL  TAKE NOTICE that Peter 6. Drost.  of the City of Vancouver, Province of  British Columbia, has deposited in the  Land Registry Office at the City of  Vancouver, in the Province of British"  Columbia, and in the Office of the Minister of Public Works at Ottawa, a description of the site and plans of a proposed bulk-head and filling to be constructed upon the. foreshore and in tha  bed of Burrard Inlet, Vancouver Harbour, in front of liOts 3. 4, 6, 6, 7. 8, 9,  10, and 11, Block 175, District Lot 274.  City of North Vancouver, Province of  British .Columbia.  AND TAKE  NOTICE  that after tha  ! expiration of one month from the date  I of the first publication of this Notice,  jthe eaid Peter G. Drost will, under Section 7 of the said Act, apply to the Minister of Public Works, at his office In  Ithe City  of Ottawa for permission  to  [ erect  the  said  bulk  head  and   filling:..  (The description by metes and bounds la  as   follows.     ALL    AND    SINGULAR  that  certain  parcel  of  land  situate  in  the City of North Vancouver. Province  of British Columbia, and being- part of  the foreshore and bed of Burrard Inlet,  adjacent   to   the   above   described   Iota,  and which parcel  may be/ mora particularly, described as follows:  Commencing at the point of intersection of the western boundary of tho  said Lot 3, with the original high water  mark of Burrard Inlet, thenca in an  easterly direction following: the said  original high 'water mark a distance of  450 feet to the point of intersection of  the easterly boundary of the said Lot  11, with the original high water mark;  thence 'south a distance of 175 feet;  thence west a distance of 450 feet;  thence north a distance of 175 feet to  the point of commencement.  Dated at Vancouver, B. C��������� this 21st  day of April, 1914.  MAITLAND.   HUNTER   &   MAITLAND  Solicitors for the Applicant.  voaxx nuun  Oft BOAftB  Tenders for-Borlagfl.  SEALED TENDERS will be received  by the undersigned at the Harbor Commissioners' Office. Eburne Station. B.  C, up to noon on May 8. for sinking  test holes in the' North Arm of the  Fraser River between the commencement of the estuary at Point Grey and  the westerly boundary of South Vancouver.      :   .  Specifications can be seen and full  particulars obtained on application to  Messrs. Davis & Leslie, Harbdr Engineers, 502-503 Duncan Building, Vancouver, after April 16.  The Harbor Commisioners do not bind  themselves to accept the lowest Or any  tender.  H. B. A. VOGEL,  1-12-26 Secretary.  CEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. O. Madill. Pastor.  Sabbath School and Bible Classes  at 2.30 p.m.  Prayer meeting at 8 p.m. on Wednesday.  Young People's meeting at 8 p.m. on  Monday night.  Sontb Vancouver Uiderttkers  Hamilton  Bros.  We are foremost in outline for  Moderate Priced Fvnekaui  6271 f ritir itrtft PMm frwtr W  . .|. .j. .|. ^ .g. ������i������ <|..;. ������|. .i..;..;..}..;. .y. ^..;. 4. ���������;. 4..{. .f ������t������ 't1 ���������!* 'I1 't' *!��������� ��������������������������� ���������!��������� '1' 't"!' ���������!��������� 't"!' ���������{��������� ^ .}������������������$��������� if������������������$������������������!��������� ������t. ���������}��������� ���������!��������� >t������ ������1. ���������!��������� 't"t������ ^������ ^< '|"|"|' ������!��������� 'f' 't"I' '|"t"t"������r"f"l"l"t "t"!* 'I' 't1 't"|' ���������!��������� 'f1 't' ���������*> < ���������  v  Six Pays a Week in  ���������������!��������� ,|i... ...1.... ���������fr.M-fr'fr^MH^^^'^**'*** ***********************-i������������-  ARE YOU INTERESTED IN B.G.METHODISM?  THEN THE  Western Methodist Recorder  (Published Monthly)  Is almo&t indespensible to you.  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Read the Daily Moving Picture Story  in the Chicago Tribune  Read "The Adventures of Kathlyn" in The Chicago Sunday Tribune  *.:~:-^~:~x-*.k^ .\  THE WESTERN CALL  Friday, May 29, 1914  THE WESTERN CALL  PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY    V  :    BY THE?      '  TERMINAL CITY PRESS, LTD  HEAD OFFICE:  203 Kingsway, Vancouver  Telephone Fairmont 1140  Subscription:  One Collar a Year In Advance  $1.BO Outside Canada  If you do not get "CALL" regularly  it is probably because your subscription  is long overdue/ Renew at once* If paid  up, phone or write complaint today.  CALGARY Oil MAD  Calgary, May 26.���������Last week was perhaps the  busiest six days that the deputy provincial secretary's offices; have ever experienced. Applica-'  tions for incorporation flooded the place and the  clerks were kept on the jump. Eighty-nine companies, totalling capitalization of possibly one  hundred and fifty million dollars, sent in papers.  Despite the fact that yesterday was a holiday,  there was little or no abatement in the oil stock  business. Large numbers of shares were bought  and sold and prices for stock of the leading companies well maintained. There are fifty-seven  companies operating in this city controlling an aggregate of 378,394 acres. Their capitalization is  $46,386,000, and the shares number 62,022,750.  The par value of the shares of forty-three of the  companies is $1; of six others $10, and of one,  $1,000. The latter company has issued only 250  shares.  Dr. T. O- Bosworth, the well known British  geologist, visited the Dingman well and expressed  himself delighted with what he he Had seen.  Among other things, the geologist said:  "None can now doubt that we are justified in  hoping that oil in paying quantities can be' found  in Western Canada.  "It seems as though the predictions of even the ,  most optimistic may be realized, in which case it  must be agreed by all, both oil men and the general public* that-.-great, credit \������ dne to the judgment of Cunningham Craig, who took' the risk  of publicly stating that he believed there was almost a possibility'of striking oil in the Calgary  field, and whose utterance did much to encourage  the enterprising men who have risked money in  the test. ; -   .     i _ j " -'  '  "Remarkable wjjjs thev perspicacity of Mr.  Dingman and those associated with him who  drilled the first well, and who have carried out  what they had set about so effectively and with  such encouraging re_ults���������it is not often that  those who undertake the first well in a new district either drill so successfully or find the right  place. ��������� ���������:'���������]' ���������:"���������       V  "The oil is certainly the most remarkable that  has been found, and it is of such a rare quality  that when it was first encountered last fall, oil  men_would:ihakd^yrdare^r���������pril iJLas_anything but���������  a filtrate from some heavier body. The amount  that has been now obtained must make us prepared for the possibility of something new."  ATM* BUSWBSS SUCTION PE8TOOYJ5D  Atlin, May 26.-���������The business section of the  town is a mass of ruins. At ah early hour Sunday morning fire broke out in the Kershaw hotel  and spread with alarming rapidity, so quickly indeed that there was little or no time for the proprietor or any of the guests to save any of their  belongings- Every effort was made to get the  outbreak under control, but without avail, and a  high wind soon fanned the flames to adjacent  buildings.   THE BRIDGE CONTRACT  (Continued from Page  1) '���������  possible, same should be spent in British Columbia, and allow the people to have the benefit of  their own money. '-r  Owing to the slump in building operations, the  two steel construction plants already mentioned,  instead of employing two to three hundred men,  are working with twenty to thirty men on ea;h  pay roll, and have practically no work in sight;  whereas, if the local tender is accepted, there will  be work for 400 men from fifteen to eighteen  months, and the pay roll of those men will be spent  in Vancouver-  In addition to the fabrication there is a large  amount of castings, electrical and mechanical  equipment, etc., which,will be furnished by local  companies, and which will mean a general impetus to the metal work business in this city. If,  the contract is awarded to an Eastern firm, then  the fabrication of this steel, castings, etc., will be  made in the East, and British Columbia will get  no benefit. The claim is also made by local concerns that their tender is considerably less than  any of the eastern tenderers, and if the Bridge  and Tunnel Company have satisfied themselves  that the claims of the local men, as to ability and  financial standing, are well founded, it would  seemingly have no other alternative than to accept the local tender.  The Burrard Inlet Bridge and Tunnel Company having the disbursement of local money  should make every effort to have this work done  locally, and if there are any obstacles, assist the  local men in clearing same, as the mere fact of  this bridge being constructed and built in .British Columbia means a great deal to the industry of  the Province. There will be many bridges in future required in this Province, and there., is no  reason why any of them should be fabricated outside.  Some few years ago the citizens of Seattle were  -faced with a situation where the local tender for  the construction of the U. S. battleship Nebraska  was $140,000 higher than the cost in Eastern  navy yards, and a fund was opened, and within  a few days the difference in cost was subscribed  by citizens in order to keep the work locally.  Everything being so favorable, it is certain  the Bridge Comapny will patronize home industries, and we feel certain we will be able to publish shortly that the local tenderers have been  successful in obtaining this contract.  LOCAL STEEL CONCERN  GETS B. O. E. R. BRIDGE  In keeping with its well known policy of supporting British Columbia institutions, the B. C.  Electric Railway Company yesterday awarded  a contract for the construction of a steel bridge  aeross False Creek at Kitsilano to John Coijgh-  lan & Sons- "Work is to be commenced at, ofjjce,  and pressed to a speedy completion. The-structure will replace tbe , present timber , railroad  bridge extending from the Eburne station to..the  Indian reserve. .>       *   '  SJG RENTAL PAID-  Calgary, May 27.���������Enormous ' rentals have  been paid for space by.tjhe oil brokers in Calgary, but the record has been reached by the Red-  cliff brokers, who have secured the site just back  of the Alberta hotel. A.small brick and tile edi-'  fiee has been reared in a few hours, and even before the walls were completed, the brokers were  at work in the place. They are paying a rental of  $40 a day, which, when carried out to a yearly  income, means $14,600. *.,  TO ALLOW BEAR BUNTING  Order-in-GouuciJ Now Being Prtpawd to Open  Season on April X.  Since the passage of the new Game Act, which  brings all furbearing animals under the protection of the law except when open seasons are proclaimed, many residents of the province have  written in wanting to know how this will affect  the usual spring hunting for bear. The chief  game warden has authorized the press to  state that while the killing of bear for sport is  prohibited by the act, that an order-in-council  will be made in time to allow of bear hunting  each spring. The season will probably be opened  each year on April 1. An order-in-council is now  in preparation and an announcement of its pas-  sage will soon be made.   ALBERTA OIL POSITION  (Continued from page 1)  gotten that in the opinion of those competent-to  judge the "Key" of that whole situation lies up  at the outcropping of the formation in the vi- ;  cinity of Fort McKay, where undoubtedly a big oil  field has been proven up, and where the Kootenay  formation which is the most ideal formation.for  oil found anywhere comes to the surface, and in  the following of that formation back the formation which undoubtedly underlies that whole  country this discovery is of tremendous economic .  value. For anyone who is desirous of interesting  themselves in the present situation and to benefit from what is coming no mistake can be made  in investigating the position as it is up there.  Then it does not take much of a prophet to make  the statement that undoubtedly Edmonton will  soon become the centre of a very marked develops  mentj based on the fact that the actual showings  as revealed in the American-Canadian well Which  has reached a depth of 3,350 feet has shown much  more favorable indications than was found at Calgary before the real and serious development took  place there, with such satisfactory results. It is  the opinion of those in a position to know that if  the casing in this well were pulled the hole would  be full of oil. A new well is being sunk 200 fetf,  distant from No. 1, and it is understood it is now  down to a depth of 600 feet. The following information was cabled by Hon. W. J. Roche. M. P.,  Minister of the Interior, at Ottawa, to the secretary of the Canadian office in London:  "German capitalists have subscribed $100,000  to sink an oil well 5000 feet deep near Morinville,  Alberta."  This money undoubtedly would never have,  been subscribed unless the investigation of the  1 situation had been made showed these capitalists  that the expendtture of this money were justified.  A GENEROUS OFFER TO HELP  UNEMPLOYED OF VANCOUVER  Warning! Important!  RABIES  This disease has made its appearance amongst  the dogs of the Cowichan District. Two suspicious'cases also occurred some months ago at Mission. The disease has appeared in Oregon, and  possibly in the State bf Washington as well.  As the period of incubation of Rabies is prolonged, the extent of the infection is not yet aP\  parent, so it is incumbent upon all to be on the  look out for further outbreaks-  The Dominion Veterinary Department is  handling'this so far as animals are concerned, but  I wish to be informed as to any suspicious cases  which may appear.  This Department is prepared at any time to'  forward   complete   treatment for  hydrophobia,  which, as you know, must be administered to the  person as soon as possible after being bitten,  which is some weeks before symptoms develop.  This treatment can be administered- by the  local practitioner.  WALTER BAPTY, M.D.,  Provincial Boatd- of Health  Victoria, April 23.        -f  Acting Secretary,  Editor Western Call:��������� V  In the early spring Ltook the liberty of addressing you pleading for work Vfor the unemployed.  Will your readers listen once more, seeing that the  season is open, and offers every inducement for  beautifying the gardens.   V v  Many kind hearted people did 'phone the Salvation Army (Seymour 259), and men were sent  to thei rhouses to put their garden in order, for a  small sum Of money, and all those who asked for  flower seeds were supplied free. ;;V V V  Now, why not ring up Seymour 259, and they  will send you a man to trim your lawns> weed your  gardens, and clear up the basement,_ or do any odd  work you may wish done. Pay twenty-five cents  per hour, or get it done for so much-  Now, for my part, I will send free to every  person who gives three full days employment to  the men supplied by the Army a crate of fresh  fruit from our ranch at Yale.. The cherries make  your mouth water. Captl W. Kerr, the captain in  charge of the Salvation Army Employment Bureau, will give you a note, certifying the fact that  you have given the employment. Send this to me.  I am not doing this pour passer le temps, and,  therefore, must ask you to send me very plainly  your exact and full address; write the number  both in figures and words. Ring up the express  company,,and ask them the charges.for bringing(  the fruit from Yale. Two crates travel at less rate  than one, therefore get others to join you.  We, are planting potatoes today. It may be  late to do this in Vancouver, but in any case it I  will not be necessary to do as the man in the dry]  belt is said to have done, Viz.: Planted onions  between the rows, so that the eyes of the potatoes]  should be made to water, and thus save irrigating.!  Yours truly,  FRANK RICHARDS  Yale, B. C, May 25th, 1914.  DEATH OF INVENTOR OF  INCANDESCENT LAMP  London, .May 27.���������Sir John Wilson Swan, inventor of the first incandescent electric lamp,  died here today. He was 86 years old, and was  born in Sunderland, England.  Sir John was also well known for his photographic appliances. He perfected the carbon process and the dry plate which revolutionized photography.  ROYAL EDWARD IN ���������  CONTACT WITH ICEBERG!  Montreal, May 26.���������Another Titanic disaster^!  was narrowly averted when the C. N. S.S. Royalf  Edward encountered an, immense 'iceberg off j  Cape Race. ��������� ,f  The liner was steaming; slowly in a dense fog,|  with little more than steering way on, and sheered ]  off without any damage to her plates.  Largest Girder made on Pacific Coast.    10 feet deep, 80 feet long.  Made for C...P. R. by Canadian N. VV. Steel Co,  Weigr.t, 60 tons.  PAVING JpiWT  The quesion &f letting the Bodwell  road pavement will be settled on  Monday. Before he council arrive at  a decision we would urge upon them  the necessity of carefully considering  the merits of the- various pavements  tendered for and at .the same time to  safeguard the interests of the working men of South Vancouver in letting these contracts. We have had  some experinece already: _ of pavement laying in > Sbuh Vancouver,  namely that stretch. along, the Kings-  way. We think' by "the Bethulithic  people. This'is a piece of workmanship which is a credit to our municipality. One of the most delightful  drives' we have ever had has been  over this stretch of roadway. We  hope the council will,give these people a show again. Whilst we all  would desire to see a local industry  get the order yet, undoubtedly the interests of the taxpayer must always  be the first consideration, and that  only can be done by having the best  road laid.  The Dominion Greosbting Company certainly ought to- be encouraged, but we cannot and will not  urge upon the council to give them  a preference. Bithulithic has given  satisfaction in Point Grey, Burnaby  an dthe city. It has stood the test  of years. As for Granitoid, after the  late experience South Vancouver people will hardly look with favor on  any proposition put up at present by  this company.  There Is another 'pavement, made  by a South Vancouver firm, but it is  urged against it that it has not had  the test put to it that the other pavements have. Donald. Burgess is the  head of the concern, and he is very  optimistic as to the merits of the  pavement, laid down by his company.  We do not want to pass an opinion as"  to the merits o.f. any individual concern, but would again urge the council to.be guided by the past records  of the endurance of the different  pavements tendered for. If Bithulithic pavement has given the satisfaction that it "is'said-in .Point Grey  and-Burnaby then give it. a further  trial in South Vancouver if the price  is right. .-    -..'.".  The experience pf the letting of  the last paving contract will make  the present council act warily in  coming to a decision..  We have7 always on hand a large selection of STAPLE, '  ���������  and FANCY FOOP������ for POULTRY.  Diamond Chick Pood, $4.00 per 100 lbs.  Powrex        "        ������������������    $2.50 per 100 lbs.  DAILY DELIVERIES TO SOUTH VANCOUVER  f.T. VtRHQH  ���������   Pltit?llr*f������ttiK> Hay, Grain and Fbbp  159 IrvHdWIJ tut  "������������������������'���������'���������������������������'���������'���������'������'������'���������'���������'���������' .������.���������������������.���������.���������.���������.���������.���������.������.������..���������������������II  <   "t"t"|"|^^'I''|"f''t''V'^'t''I''t*'1' 't''f''t'*t''t''I*'t''t'*!*'I*     ^"|"t"|'^"t"|"t"|"|"|"|"("|"I"t"|"t"l'4('lt'l|4l{4l|l4(44|>  FRANK INNIf WiJl H *  1 Real Estate and Insurance Brokers ������  CONVEYANCING  RENTS COLLECTED  LOANS NEGOTIATED  4.  ?  PHONE Pair. 183 2503 Westminster Rd.  Vancouver, B. C.  4 ii|ii|"|i'i''i''i''t"r|t"t'|i"i'|i"t' i"i |t"i"i"t"i*"i"'i**i"i*i"i"t"i*"t"i"t"V'i'i'.'i"i"i"t"t"i"i"t"i'.'i"t"i"i"t"t"t"  |������4fr.fc.$44|4.|.������|������lfr.ftlfrl{.lft>|llfr4fc.}������4|l|^.4|.������$..$4.}..fr4*^^  AP!  50x100, corner 29th Ave. and  St. Catharines Street, modern  7-room house. ^  YOUR  OWN  PRICC FOR  CASH  \PPLY WESTERN CALL  *���������  ��������� I  .^^^^i^**********A^****i*********^ ���������i!SA .,  Friday,  May 29, 1914  THE WESTERN CALl*  Wall Paper  f   KZ" '  ^"J  ^       **  ^6-Ss  Wi  j^^������_^<__^  ���������Mas  HM  'fTiiiirr'-"-!'--  at  Stanley's  Watch Our Windows  for Bargains  Open Saturday Evenings  STANLEY & CO.  2317 Main Street  Phone Fair. 998  FOR SALE CARDS HERE  SEALED TENDERS addressed to tlye  undersigried, and endorsed "Tender.for  Drill Hall, Vancouver, B. C," will be received at this office until .4.00 P.M., on  Monday, June 29, 1914, for the construction of tlie aforesaid building.  Flans, specification -jid form of contract can be seen and' forms of -tender  obtained at the offices of Messrs.' Perry  and Fowler, Architects, Vancouver, B.C.,  at the office of Mr. Wm. Henderson,: Resident Architect, Victoria, B;r. C, and at  this Department: ���������  Persons tendering1 are notified s t'h'at  tenders will not. be considered unless  made on the printed forms supplied, and  signed with their actual signatures,  stating : their occupations, and places of  residence. In the case of firms, the  actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of residence of each  member of the Arm must' be given.  Each tender must oe accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,  payable to the order of the Honourable,  the Minister of Public Works, equal to  ten per, cent. (10 p.e.) of the amount of  the tender, which- will be forfeited if  the person tendering decline to enter  into a contract when .called upon to do  so, or fall to complete the work.contracted for.. If the tender be not accepted the. cheque will be returned.  The Department does not bind Itself  to accept the lowest or any tender.  By order,  R. C.  DESROCHERS,  ^Secretary.  Department of Public Works;.  Ottawa, May 23, 1914.  Newspapers will hot be paid for this  advertisement if they insert it without  authority from the Department.���������60551.  I Inverter's Bulletin  ^ x _ _| A hand-book for lucces  ^tOCkS inv^r.M.nd.^_to?.!  A hand-book for successful  , free  on request     Write for your  ���������o������*.vMtae������ *PP*tod������r.  CottM DONALD M. MacGKCOR  Grain Local     Mbr- Vancouver and .Seattle  Stock Exchanges.  WlKh B������������4Iafl       Mmmm Sev������Mr 8461  L  ������������������i''ti'i't'������i't'i't-i'i"i'i'M"i"!"t''it"W">"i''i' ,���������^���������l^������������������^���������.I.���������^���������^.���������t'���������t���������^^^t^���������t^'t^^t'*^^'������^'^^������^^'^���������'^''t''t^'l^^^^  I  T. S. Baxter  ������ ������  ������ ������  Peter Wbight j  FURNITURE  Complete House    $  Furnishers  Z  Agents for Ostermoor and  ������}���������  Restmore rtattrcMet  Davenport Bed ���������  Have yon tried onr Easy Payint? Come ta ud talk It ever with us. {  I  BAXTER & WRIQHT  ^  (Successors to Hutcbings Furniture Co.)  I Phone Seymour 771 4W NUta Street J  4^41|. 4|41^1 >|..}������l}4 4|l >|������ 1^1 ������|������ l|n^4 .|. 4^. l|. I^������ 44^4 4^������ ^l������|l 4^1 l|l ||l 1^1 ������^> .^. ������|l 41^ .|. ������|������ 4|..{. lj. 4|. 4^1 .|l <t������ >}. .|l 4iJ. l}l l|l 1^1 ^< l|l >{l ������|������������jl ���������{' l|l 4^1  Athabasca Petroleum Co., Ltd.  Public Notice is hereby given that the company or its workmen and ser  under the First Part of chapter 79 of vants;   (f)    To   build,  acquire,   own,  t   I IHHHa    2f-WKI"f������wty Pdosf FfirnoatllTf  ramwiiwio p.'A. UPE & CO. immount,i.  Wo Iwg to call your attention to the  5Q* Reduction Sale of Wallpapers  Paints, Mlfomine, ftrwfctf, Room flonWai, Pltinre Frawiof etc.  Our stock of Wallpaper comprises 27,000 rolls of tbe most up-to-date  "* "   ~ er roll.   Included in oar stock are Oatmeals,  any |8|ends? 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Todrick'^ and Charles Leonard Fillmore,, barristers-at-lavr, Henry James  Bethell, notary public, and Walter  Francis Chaffey, student-at-Jaw, all of  the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia, for the following purposes, viz:���������(a) To ac-,  quire, manage, develop, work and sell  mines, including coal 'mines, coal  lands, oil lands, natural gas lands,  mineral claims and mining properties  and petroleum claims, and to win,  get, treat, refine and market minerals,  coal or oil therefrom; to carry on the  business of a mining, smelting, milling 'and refining company in all or  any of its branches and to carry on  the business of producers, refiners,  storers, suppliers arid distributors of  petroleum and petroleum products in  all its .branches; (b) To obtain by  purchase, lease, hire,: discovery* location or otherwise,-arid hold mines,  mineral claims, mineral leases, coal  lands, oil lands, natural gas lands,  prospects, mining lands, petroleum  claims and mining and petroleum  rights of every description and to  work, develop, operate and turn the  same to account, and to sell or otherwise dispose of the same or any of  them, or any interest therein; (c)  To dig for, raise, crush, wash, smelt,  assay, analyze, reduce, amalgamate  arid otherwise treat gold, silver, coal,  copper, lead ores or deposits, oil,  petroleum and other minerals and  metallic substances and, compounds of  all kinds, whether belonging to the  company or not, and to render the  same merchantable, and to buy, sell  and deal in the same or any of them;  (d) To acquire by purchase, lease,  hire, exchange or otherwise! such real  and personal property of all kinds,  timber lands or leases, timber claims,  licenses to cut timber, surface rights  and rights of way, water rights and  privileges, mills,! factories,, oil refin-  eries,. oil and -petroleum wells, furnaces for smelting and treating ores  , and refining metals; V buildings, ma-  | chinery, plant,^patents, licenses, con-  | cessions- or ; other real or personal  ���������property as may be necessary for or  I conducive to .th^ proper carrying but  of any of the objects of the company,  arid manage, develop,' sell, exchange,  lease or otherwise deal; -with J the  whole or any part therof; V(e);To  construct, maintain, alter, make, work,  and operate on the property of the  company,' or^ oii'^prbperty;'controlled  by the companyii any canals, trails,  roads, ways, .tramways, bridges and  i;eservoirs, dams, flumes, pipe lines,  Storage ���������.., -j&hjks,; V.q|l. "Vtariks,; race ;and  other, ways;; .v/aier;; cburses;. acque-  ducts, Wells, wharves', piers, furnaces,  saw-mills, crushing works, smelting  works, concentrating works,'hydraulic  worksr coke ovens, electrical works,  and appliances, warehouses, buildings,  machinery, plant, stores and other  works and conveniences which; may  seem conducive' to any ''of the objects  of the company; and, with the consent of the shirehoWera iri general  meeting, to contribute to,r subsidize  or otherwise aid or take part in any  such operation, though constructed  and maintained by any' other company or persons outside of the property of the company, and to boy. sell,  manufacture arid deal in all kinds of  goods, stores, implements, provisions, chattels arid effects required by  charter, navigate and use steam and  other vessels for the purposes, of the  company; (g) To take, acquire and  hold as the consideration for ores,  metals or minerals sold: or otherwise  disposed of, or for goods supplied or  for work done by contract or [Otherwise, - shares, debentures, bonds or  other securities of or in any other  company the objects of which are  similar to those of this.company, and  to sell or otherwise dispose of the  same; (h) To enter into any arrangement for sharing profits, union  of interest or co-operation with any  Other person or company carrying on  or about to carry on any business or  transaction which this company is  authorized to carry on, and to take or  otherwise-acquire and hold/shares  in or amalgamate with any other  Company having object altogether or  in part similar to those of this company; (i) To purchase or otherwise  acquire and undertake all or any of  the assets, business, property, privileges, contracts, "'rights,' obligations  anil liabilities of any person or company, carrying on. any part of the  business which this company is authorized to carry on, or possessed of  property suitable for the purposes  thereof; (j) To distribute any of the  property of the company among the  members in specie; (k) To sell, improve,- manage, develop, V exchange,  lease, dispose of, turn to account or  otherwise deal with the undertaking  or the whole or any part of the property and rights of the company, with  power "to accept as the consideration  any'shares, stocks or obligations of  any company; provided, however, that  incase of a sale for shares in a company other than a non-personal liability company such shares shall be  fully paid iip; (I) .V; ToJeriter"lnto"xbn-  tracjts for the allotment of shares of  the company as the whole or part of  the purchase price of any property,  real/ or personal, goods or chattels  purchased by the company or for any  valuable consideration, including services rendered to the company, as the  company may from time to time determine; (m) To pay a commission  upon shares offered to the public for  subscription either in cash or shares  to any person or corporation in consideration of his or its subscribing or  agreeing to subscribe, whether absolutely or conditionally; for any shares  in the company or procuring or  agreeing to procure subscriptions,  whether absolute or conditional, for  any shares/ in the company, provided  such payment is authorized by a resolution of the company in general  meeting and .does /not .exceed the  amount so authorized; (n) To cause  this company to be registered or licensed to do business and to carry out  its' objects in any country or place;  :(p) r. To do all the above things and  suoi other things as are incidental or  conducive to the attainment of the  fbtegbirig objects. The operations  bCo^thef company to be 'caried , on  throughout' the Dominion of - Canada  and elsewhere by the name of  "Athabasca Petroleum Company,  Limited," with a capital stock bfcfive  hundred thousand dollars, divided  into 500,000 shares of one dollar each,  and r the chief place of; business of  the said company to bea^tlie;City of  Vancouver, iri the Province: of British Columbia. '"   .���������"'/' ,v!;'" ��������� -":-  ,I.ated at the office! of/the Secretary of State of Canada, this 21st day  of March, ������������������'191.4.- -  ^^������W^������������������������^:���������������^���������^������^������������������'..^.^.^.>������.w..^y.:..;��������� 4..t..3..i..I..a..>.f..s..,,.y.,f,,, ,,���������{,^M|.4_^iM<.fi_<^>  j Mount Pleasant Lively j  TRANSFER  Furniture and Piano Moving  Baggage, Express and Dray.   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By Felix  Penne j    We   have   been   rolling  up   history  Vancouver, the Wonder of Nat.ons,   \^  rapidly      *    virgin    forest,   a  ~,     ..        .   , ,    _ _, .      ihuntcis   paradise, a small settlement  The lions keep guard at thy gate;  \   ,  ..       *     _,    _' -,  t>  _���������   i -t. i     ?      _      -l ���������     ! of fire swept  streets,  a  Phoenix ris-  Behind thee a land rich with promise , . , . i    _  ing from its ashes, a busy,  opulent  For the hands of thy sons lies in.  wait   ;  Take hold of thy duty with fervor,  Achieve thy great aims with a zest;  Vancouver,  the  Gateway of  Empire!  Vancouver, the Queen of the West!  THE PAGEANT IDEA.  This, the first "Pageant of Vancouver," will be, naturally in parts,  somewhat crude as first attempts  usually are. In years to come "The  Pageant Idea" will be better carried  out.  ..- The "Pageant of Vancouver,"  evolved from a "Masque," which inaugurated a campaign against the  unloveliness of modern city life, a  campaign still going on and in which  "The City Beautiful Association,"  "The Civic Centre," "The B. C. Society of Art," and the Vancouver  Horticultural Association and other  organizations are doing splendid service. This Pageant will be more than  a spectacle���������it will be a prophecy.  - The time will come for Vancouver  when folk songs of our forefathers  shall ring out blithely on the spring  air. The twinkling feet of dancers on  the grass shall catch something of the  rhythm of Shakespeare's verse and  the music of the spheres. "The Man  With the Hoe" will do his task, the  daring builder of towering skyscraper will toirat the risk of life, the  writer will bend over his desk, the  clerk serve in the store, but they will  not work without joy, without hope.  The discipline of the teuton, the  primitive vigor of the Slave, the' enterprise of the Scandinavian, the mystic reverence of the Oriental will color  the gray steady work-a-day life of  the Briton. (What about the Celt?)  ���������Ed.  Above all the variant notes of this  Cosmopolitan city will be heard one  song calling- for a higher humanity,  for joy of life, for an expression of  that nature which makes the whole  world kin.  This co-operation for romance,  color, music, joy of life, is the idea  behind the Pageant. There shall be  romance, color, joy and hope in this  gray work-a-day world "If it be not  now, yet it will come," the workers  around the temple can wait.  The committee who have taken the  humor to have a "Grand Pageant of  Vancouver"  in  this    city    may    be  . trusted  to  emulate' the  learned old  Elizabethan   bricklayer  in   his   thoroughness.    It may be  said���������without  offense���������of the majority of the "Add  Men" that, like witty Ben, they have  "but  little   Latin   and   less   Greek,"  but  they  have  a  vocabulary  which  even the author of "Every Man in His  Humor" would have envied, and as to  .persistence���������well there is not a business man in the city who will not testify that they "possess that.  Pageant of^Vancouver.  The subject would inspire a body  of men far less imaginative than those  who have taken the subject in hand.  .Think of it���������as a picture. See the  splendid picturesque'ness of the figures in the composition, the wealth  of color in the costumes and the  glorious trees and snow capped  mountains as a background.  The pageant maker will be true to  historical data; he will, to use a theatrical term, preserve the unities, but  he will, without anachronism, see  that the stately figures and beautiful  costumes of the days of Charles II.,  the wonderful dresses of the early  Indians, the wealth of color introduced by the Orientals, the "garb of  old Gaul," worn by the Highlanders,  the costumes and banners of England,  Ireland and Wales���������nay, of peoples  and provinces of all nations���������represented in this wonderful cosmopolitan city, shall "come into the picture.",  All this is arranged, and the parade on June 12th will be a perfect kaleidoscope of form and color.  "The Pageant 'of"Vancouver"-.will.  , deal with the past, the present and the  future.' It will be HISTORICALLY  RETROSPECTIVE, PICTORI-  ALLY DESCRIPTIVE AND HIS-  TORICALY PROPHETIC.  "Caps," if you please, Mr. Printer,  the mind will be impressed through  the. eye���������that is the effect of a pageant.  We.have the history to draw upon.  Although it has been but a small  span of time since the handy sailors  who found themselves on our coast  could cay:  city, where the hum of voices and of  wheels, the rhythm of hammers building towering sky-scrapers is increasing. A grca seaport whose leviathan  argosies from all corners of the world  scramble for dock room. Oh! yes!  we have history, and all made in  about a quarter of a century! So  much for the past, and what of the  present? To the observing eye the  streets of Vancouver are A PAGEANT DAILY.  "Come the four corners of the  world," we cry���������and so all nationalities are represented in our thorough-  lares, every foot of which is an ever-  changing kaleidoscope. "I love to  sit in a crowded street and see the  folk go by." sang a poet who grasped  the fact that moving humanity is.a  panorama full of pathos,( humor, color  and interest "Every day Vancouver",  willbe worth "featuring" in a pageant, for the.-''strangers within our  gates. And the future���������what of  that? There the pageant master  must humbly learn a lesson from such  visionaries as William Blake, whose  poetic eye, in a "fine frenzy rolling,"  saw, a hundred years ago; something  of the ^ destiny of this great continent. William-Morris, too1, can give  us a': Hint is to how, in a pageant, the  athletic forms of our young men, the  buoyant grace of our women, the incomparable beauty of Vancouver  children, can be utilized to typify a  time when busy industries shall give  healthy employment and comfort to  our population; when our environments shall appeal to a sense of  taste, and ��������� physical perfection and  beauty Shall not be the exception but  the rule.  ; "The Pageant of Vancouver" is  being carried out in a way that will  make it a history���������a picture, a poem,  a sermon, an inspiration. It will  make not- only, our patriotic citizens  but our visitors think of Vancouver,  as Byron though't of Athens when he  wrote  Who that beheld that Sun upon thee  set,  Fair Athens  can  thine  evening face  forget?  Not he whose  chart,  nor time,  nor  distance frees,  Spell-bound    within    the    clustering  cyclades"  THE IMPORTANCE OF THE REMOVAL OF WAl<E WRPS AFTER THE BREEDING SEASON  "We are the first���������  Who   ever   burst   into  seas."  these     silent  Eggs which have been fertilized  constitute the greatest proportion of  the inferior stock which, when examined, proves unfit for food It is  not necessary that these shall have remained for a time under a broody  hen, a temperatuere of seventy deg  being, in itself, sufficient to cause the  germ to commence to grow.    If the  h___������,Jsjcwsta__Ljfe^ ������f  the chick will continue, but if it ceases  or is intrmittent, V putrjf ication at  once sets in and the egg becomes bad.  On the Ipther hand infertile eggs  which are free from the active germ  cell, do not, .under ordinary conditions, deteriorate seriously.  Few farmers seem to realize, these  facts, and consequently very few make  any effort to insure infertility. The  impression prevails among many that  the presence of the male bird in the  flock is essential to the production  of a maxibum number of eggs. This  assumption has been proven, time  and time again, to be absolutely without foundation.  Farmers and others selling eggs for  market are recommended to kill off  or dispose of the male birds after the  breeding season. As a result of their  remaining with the flock after June  1st, Canadian farmers lose each year  at least a million dollars, through the  presence of partially incubated eggs  in the produce which is marketed.  The fact that the best trade in many  cities in Canada now offers he premium of from one to five cents per  dozen, for non-fertilized eggs, suggests an additional financial consideration which but few can. afford to  overlook.  ST. SAVIOUR'S CHURCH.  (Anglican.)  Corner of First Avenue  East and  Semlin Drive, Grandview.  Rev.   Harold   St.    George   Buttrum,  B. A. B.'D., Rector.  Residence, the Rectory, 2023 First  Avenue East.  SUNDAY SERVICES ���������Morning  prayer and Holy Communion the first  and third Sundays of the month at 11  a. m.; morning prayer every Sunday  at 11 a. m.; Holy Communion 2nd and  prayer every Sunday at 7:30 p. m.  All heartily welcome.  A Summer's Day at Erp i h Eay Bathirg Beach  Cturtc.y Etird of Trade  Scenes on the Beach at Kitsilano  Cuurte.y Park Commissioners  A Driveway in Stanley Park  Courtesy Park Commissioner* '������������������������������������ ���������������������������-���������������������������- '������������������-���������������������������-������������������''������������������������������������''��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������^���������>vr^.^:>^?i,^pfe������^  uSSgsialf1  ; FridayiMay 29, 1914  THE WESTERN CALL  ���������_____���������_____ *"' ' -H  ���������$4^K~1^~K^  ::  ::  ::  ���������������  Granville Street Looking South from C. P. R. Depot  This cut shows the the Post Office and some of the large buildings that help  to make this a great business centre.  ******%  ������������������':���������:��������� On Saturdaytickets will be oh saleV.for the  great entertainment at the Horseshow Building  on the evening of June ilth in connection with  the "Pageant of Vancouver."  .These tickets will be on sale at the music store  of Messrs. Mason & Reisch. Seats can also be re-  seijved at thei ������Pageant office, cdrher of Pender  apdVQambie Streets,- over Edgett's old store; Re-  sensations can also be made at the Pageant office  on Hastings street and at the Linguistic press on  Richard street. A large demand for tickets is  anticipated so applications should be made at  pnce. '?:���������������������������"'V;V-;-VV,'.     V'-;    ���������;-.���������;.  . The entertainment will include singing by the  Western Triple Choir under Mr. George Taggart.  This choir will be augmented by the Collingwood  Choral Society and other societies. There will be  altogether one hundred voices:  The ode "Floreat Vancouver," an original  composition, words by Felix Penne, music by Dr.  Crowther, will be. produced for the first time.  This promises to be quite a musical event in Vancouver.' ��������� v ..  The choir will also sing the "Storm," "Mac-  ���������:-jfre^oir;:'s,Gfttherih'g,7 aQd other pieces- These will  be very picturesque from a musical standpoint:  >V';V-���������. The SeiaforihV Highlanders band will appear  and play  a fine selection of music,  including  "Remihiscence8 of All Nations," as arranged by/  Godfrey.  The Pipers' band will give selections of Scotch  bagpipe musiq, and there will ibe sword dances,  Scotch reels and other national dance3. i.  :/ The Indian band will appear, and there will  be Indian dances and games, for which prizes will  be Offered. tV''  Miss Susanne Sicklemore, a pupil of Pavlowa,  who has just come from England, will give some .  solo dances of a most interesting character.  A troupe of Spanish dancers will appear in  Spanish costumes.  Mr. Charles Thomson, the Shakespearian actor, dressed in complete armour, will give a scene  "Before Agincourt," supported by a body of  troopers, and an athletic scene will be given under  the direction of Mr. Barney Gobs, who will arrange a fine wrestling match. A grand tableau  will be arranged under the direction of Mr. Harold Nelson. This will show "The Queen of the  Pageant," supported by a number of symbolical  and allegorical figures, and this promises to be a  scene of great beauty.  ���������   The back tiers of the platform will be filled by  school children all carrying flowers.  / / /  11 l2 1  inaMit_  ���������  ASTERS  RADIANT  is IfiBir Latest Prodociion  A new Watch by ��������� firm established 45 years. Master* Radiant watch it an ordinary watch  with the hands and figures enamelled with radium which makes  them luminpps.andthevshow the  time clearly in the dark. It is a  day and NIGHT watch, in fact  the darker the night the brighter  the hands and figures. With this  watch hung up in your bedroom  yon can sea the time any part of  the night. It U a speciality for  those who prefer a watch differ- -  ���������tit to any other. Masters' Ra  diant watch is a genuine Hmtv.  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Miters, ltd., |J������, England  MASTERS'  LTD,  ILLUSTRATED  CATALOGUE  may be .seen at  203    KINGSWAY  any day  between 8 a.m.  ������ and 5 p.m.  Saturday till 12  noon.  Orders left with  , V. Odium  4n|w|i.|..|.i|ii|ii|������|ii|.i|n|������|������|M|.������l|ii|iiinii������itl'i������i������'t'< ffftiHiiHi'M"H<<"E^  r..;..;. ���������!. >i. .r ^. ,|. ^ .|. ,^������ .|. ,j.,;, ,|. ,|, ^. ,|. 4, ,|. ,|, ,|, ������|i .1. .|. ���������!��������� .^ i|. .|i .|i ifi ^ <. ,i, ,|..;. ���������!. .;��������� ,|. ,|. .!��������� .!��������� .|. ���������!. .|.... .|. <ii .|. .|. 4. .|i i|.������.|, ^ ^> ���������  _   *  M  %  %  " 1  %  X  %  t  .*  ���������>  13500  Horse  Power  Turbine  13500  Horse  Power  Turbine  X  %  Ihe spirit of the  lime Demands  Rfil iABtE,   SAFE,   ECONOMTOAL   K)WER  Stave Lake Powtr is   Dependable and  Economical  By ha%essirig the Great Stave River we have made it possible to generate 100,000 horse power of electrical energy at our Stave Falls Plant,  the Biggest1 Electrical Feat in Western Canada.  VlRif' 100,000 HORSE POWER   .  Or hgilfj^pj������-fi again as the combined connected load in steam and electricity in Vancouver today, a fact of great significance to local industries  fe;I^S^r=Cot,on Bldg'       WESTERN CANADA POWER CO., Ltd. povTZ������,Vl  '^f&i&tfW^ K- F- HAYWARD, General iMai^er  JOHN    MONTGOMERY, ('..riimcr Aircnr  ^.h-V.*?*-.'**."..  ammhmmmmns^^  '-"^V'j^^^-J.rVv.;;  *-**<������������*  ��������� - ��������� 1-1���������������.-���������������������������; ���������^-������--.*-,-'fTT^ta^>|y< T  VV -  /  THE WESTERN  CALL.  Friday, May 29, 1914  i ****^f*^***********************^  FOR SALE���������SACRIFICE  Double corner, good revenue, 3 blocks  from new Government Dock  $12,500  Good terms.  EDWARD CLOUGH  Phone Seymour 2332 441 Homer Street  ^4^>4{4^M^*44Jm{^hJm{m{u{u{m{44{m{h{4������{4^4^h|4^mJh2.  ���������j- "SAFETY FIRST" |  ���������j* Has been the watchword of The ������  31 Mutual from the day it was or- %  ������. ganized in 1869 up to the present *  J time. %  %     Only those forms of investment '(,  .:��������� consistent with the absolute b& -|-  Y curity of policyholders have been '������  X adopted. X  ���������j.     The result is an institution that y  y is among the most stable in the ������  * Canadian Financial World. A  ������ Business in force over $87,000,000 X  & Assets over.. V 22,000,000 f  ������ Surplus over...    3,800,000 *  j The Mutual Life oi Canada  '.',     It would be a business mistake  ��������� ��������� for YOU to place your application  * with any company without consulting our Agents and familiarizing yourself with the model  policies issued by  CANADA'S ONLY MUTUAL  Investigation costs nothing- and Bares  regrets  X Write, phone or call for rates, etc.  !!      WM. J. Twiss, District Mgr.  4 ������  317-319 Rtgers Bldg.. Vascoofir. 9. C.  S. Mary the Virgin, South Hill.  (Cor. Prince Albert St. and 52nd Ave.)  8:00 a.m.���������Holy Eucharist.  11:00 a.m.���������Matins and sermon.  (Late celebration on 1st and 3rd  Sundays).  3:00 p.m.���������Children's Service (Third  Sunday).  4:00   p.m..   Holy   Baptism   (except ������  Third Sunday).  ���������  ���������������  7:30 p.m.���������Evensong.and Sermon.  v^MJ^MM4MiMjMJ~i~|-fr.4~������~*.*<~f-J-  Q. W. CARRUTHERS  The Broadway Tailor  232 Broadway, East, Mount Pleasant  Suits $35.00 always on hand  A full line of  Scotch Tweeds & Worsteds  Blues and Blacks.  The vtater-MobUe  The   first   3-passenger   WATER'  )]81LE is rapidly neanng completion  If you want to get in on this wonderful  MOBILE is rapidly neanng completion  nt to get in on this  invention at the present price of 25  Herbaceous  Plants  . for Spring Planting  ALSO  GLADIOLUS  All in first class condition.  Prices moderate.  Heeler's Nursery  Corner 15th & Main St. ������  PHONE FAIBHONT 817  cents per share, you must act quickly  as only a few shares are to be had  before the advance.  TUP WATJER-WOBJUS  UN PPR WRITERS  ������03   Carter-Cotton  PulMing  Vancouver, 3ritishCoIumbia  WARNINGS TO GIRLS  * FOREWARNED IS FORE ARMED "  *  Pease Pacific Foundry ^Limited  HEATING AND VENTILATING ENGINEERS  4.  . '���������  MANUFACTURERS  , }��������� Steam Heaters and Ventilators for Public Buildings  ""���������" " 'nation Furn  . Registers  it |~*    - ^ 99 Steam Heaters and Ventilators for Public Bui!  CCOflOm V       Warm Air Furnaces ��������� Combination Furnaces  . *^���������vr*MV*"J-   :  Steam and Hot Water Boilers. Registei-  "Ideal"  1136 Homer St.     Vancouver, b. c.     Tel. Sey; 3230 $  .    -��������� "���������':"���������' .   >-;  r'-V"VV:;V... ,.'-;:.: V^"   V*  I vii''t''M'^'4''M''t''!''I''S''l''I'*frfr'������^*������>*{*^^ *  Steam and Hot Water Boilers -  Radiators, Pipe and Fitting, '  :;  1. Girls should never speak to strangers,  either men or women, in the street, in shops, in  stations, in trains, in lonely country roads, or in  places of amusement.;  2. Girls should never ask the way of any but.  officials on duty, such as policemen, railway officials, or postmen.     .  3. Girls should never loiter or stand about  alone in the street; and if accosted by a stranger,  whether man or woman, should walk as quickly  as.possible to the nearest policeman.  / '-.-���������'��������� v    ���������  4. Girls should never accept a "lift" offered  by a stranger in a motor, taxicab, or vehicle of  any description.  5. Girls should never go to an address given  them by a stranger, or enter any house, restaurant, or place of amusement- on the invitation of a  stranger.  6- Girls should never go with a stranger, even  if dressed as a hospital nurse, or believe stories  of their relations having suffered from an accident or being suddenly taken ill, as this is a com- .  mon device to kidtiap girls.  7. Girls should never accept sweets, food, a  glass of water or smell flowers offered them by a  stranger, neither should they buy scents or other  articles at their door, as so many things may contain drugs.  8. Girls should never take a situation, through  an advertising or a strange registry office without first making inquiries from the National  Vigilance Association, "W. C. T. U. or Y. M. C. A.  9. Girls should never*go to any large town for  even one night without knowing of some safe  lodging.  ������ 14&<$M{M<V$'*<V4'4M4V������SM$'4nSM4V'$M$'4'4������$������^ /1  if JOS. H. BOWMAN1  ARCHITECT  | 910-11 Yorkshire Building  Seymour Street Vancouver, B; C. $  . ��������� " . \ ^ ��������� j: / ������ *  fr������S"fr^^������fr.fr������i"tV4fe4?8'������iw4V������',4V4������4V^ ���������  ::  Kantloona- Vancouver Meet Co., Ltd.  Oo+. Main and Powoll Stm. IS49 Main Streot  Phone Seymour 6561 ���������;':.'��������� Phone Pair. 1814  For Choice: Meats  of large variety and reasonable prices, this house  cannot be excelled.   It stands to the very front.  .JmJmJwJ^^mJ^^^mJ^^J^mJmJ^^mJ^JmJ^j^j^j^j^j, ^^w^,,������j,.|,,^,,^,,t^,,.,,4j,,.,,|,,j,,|,,������t<4^t^^M������^w4^tJ,  Co.  LIMITED  * .'<  Lumber Manufacturers  1  i  ^*>S',l,,W'4',l''I',?''t''I''i''t'lt''I''l''4W,,l''I''i''?',S''?''I*<iW?' 4JH$^^^HJw}..^4.{.������i..^MJt4t'ltll|l4(ll{^MJ^4l}.4|l4|l4J4.{4lj>  Book Social        : Moonlight Cruise  |       1 Front St i Foot of Ontario St  ������  PHONE Fairmont 154      VANCOUVER, &. C.  A Book Social will be given in the  Grandview Baptist Church on Monday,  June 1st, at 7:30 p. m , by the Sunday  School, under the supervision of Messrs.  Mark C. Gilbert and Clark Cox, for the  purpose of securing additional books for  the library: An interesting program  has been arranged. Admission, a book  either old or new, or collection for pro-  curlngsame.      ^  In my advertisement of Sunday I stated that "VANCOUVER RESPONDS TO THE OIL  EXCITEMENT." My comment appears to be extremely mild as the hundreds of inquiries  prove. I am now convinced that the people of VANCOUVER appreciate a GENUINE OIL  PROPOSITION. I  TODAY I will receive deposits for stock of '  Tlie National Oil & flas Company  At the tow Price of 25 Cents Each, par value One Dollar  Only a small block of stock at this price. I  The officers and directors of THE NATIONAL OIL & GAS COMPANY are:  President���������A. F. Calhoun, Rogers Building, Vancouver.  1st Vice-President���������J. W. Prank, Los Angeles, Calif. ���������  2nd Vice-President���������D. MacLurg, Dominion Building, Vancouver.  Treasurer���������L. L. Mills, Empress Hotel, Vancouver.  Secretary���������J.  A.  Folle,  Ferndale, Washington.  ^ Investigate their standing and then, if you have faith in OIL, call and see me before the  present price is advanced or the stock entirely withdrawn from the market.  10,000 shares are offered at this price.   First come first served.  REMEMBER that the well is now down 1742 feet.  REMEMBER that the well is within 50 miles of VANCOUVER and only 300 yards froni  the railroad station. ; t  REMEMBER that this is the first public offering bf stock in this Company in Vancouver.  REMEMBER that the man who located this well has never made a mistake: He says we  will find the oil, and the strata we are going through is proving him'right.  REMEMBER that I am under contract to withdraw the stock of the Company from the  market entirely the very moment^OIL is STRUCK.  REMEMBER that the Company has engaged as driller Mr. G. S. Mendenhall, who is  recognized as one of the best expert drillers that ever operated in the great California oil  fields.  Out-of-town clients are requested to make reservations by wire and to make remittances  by Postoffice Order, Express Order or Bank Draft. Register all letters when sending currency.  Address all letters of inquiry and make all remittances payable to the order of  JEREMIAH H. KUGLER  Carter-Cotton Building, Vancouver, B. C.  A Moonlight Cruise will be held under  the auspices of the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Christian Endeavor Society,  Friday, June 12 (Pageant Pay) on the  '' Princess Patricia. "An orchestra  will render a splendid musical program  and those attending are.-assured of a  pleasant evening.  Instead of tho u������ual Strawberry Festival, the Mt Pleasant Presbyterian  Church Woman's Guild are making a  new departure this year, and elaborate arrangements are now being made  for a Church Fair and Flower Show,  to be held on the Church Grounds, una  in the schoolroom, on Thursday and  Friday, June 25th and 26th. ,:':v  *t"t"l'4"l"l"l"t"l"^'l"l"l"l"t"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"I' ���������X4^X"^X-,������HMH,<HW^<,fr������H"H������^������'MHl������  t  ������|"t"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"t"l"l"l"t"l"l"l"l'4"l"l"l"l"l''l',l' ,i,,^w?"M"I"l"?"!"?"l"l"I"t"l"l"������"Ii<t"l"Ii^"l1^.^'  DOMINION VVOOP YARD CO.  J Coiv Front and Ontario Sts*     Phone Fairmont 1554 $  All Kinds of Mill Wood  StorecJ Untjei' Cover  ������tM{>4{.>{..}..{..t'.{.������t"l������'|"I"t"I"}������{"^4J4MJ^4i.l{.4{.ltM{M|4     4JM}HS,������4^<fr,i,*i'^H{"?"l"t"l"|"4V<|"l"I"l"t"l"|l '1"}'.^  ������������}..^..{i������|.������|i.t..ji������|..|..;������.t������������|.4{i������|.i^..;M{..{.ip������x..t"li.t������4������4������rl>*8,^^S''t'������I''I;,?''t"  t  4  A  t of Briflsti Columbia Land Sale  There will be offered at public auction in the city . of  Prince George, British Columbia, the Government Holdings  in the townsites of Prince George, Fort George and South Fort George,  comprising in all 2,350 lots.  Date of sale���������  June 9, .10 and 11, Prince George  For full particulars, descriptive literature and maps, apply���������  Armstrong & Ellis  Selling Agents for Government of British Columbia  Head Office: 804=5 Birks Bldg.; Vancouver, B.C.  ������J������ 1%>+fr4%H%Hfy*i^%>*fc$t*%h^^  i^������.H..X..I..I..I..|..t..I..I.4..I..H"|"|'4l">.l-'|i.|'.l4-|"|4.|-������-I'<"K������H-|-^  With the object of placing before the world at large the splendid advantages which Vancouver  offers- as a manufacturing and general business centre, and also as the Pacific Coast Port of the  Dominion, the Call has just issued a Special Number bringing to the notice of the outside public all  ������ these points. No pains have been spared in producing an issue which will be a credit to Vancouver  % and the numerous friends who have been kind enough to assist us in the work. Specially prepared  t articles on the various subjects are a feature of the number and the illustrations distributed  ������ through the edition go far to show that Vancouver is today forging ahead faster than any other  I city in Canada. The edition is being delivered to the subscribers as fast as they can be taken from  | the presses, but owing to the large number which have been ordered we ask the indulgence of our  f friends for a few days. .  ������������.t..H..H..H..M"M"M-.M"H-.H^^ )


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