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The Nelson Tribune 1901-10-15

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 ESTABLISHED. 1892  TUESDAY  MORNING,   OCTOBER' 15,. 190L  v>  Bp THE?MEN.FROM,MIS-  ?': SSijwOBI ?feEMAIfc:S  THE EXCHEQUER; 01*. THEyDOMIl.--:  yZylON 'IS -BMHEB.; ^:^fFISW^7$,  ;3??RpSSLAND,?:bcfcber"*14.^  ���.JTft.yTrltiun'e^  \;i.'������ not;render-his?judgeiiient in;' thbyGeisei*'  ������**vapp'6alSj.tli.is.'-^'om^  at/2': 30/ this 7: afterhbpri/ the'??objectipns  I -'.Raised Zp y* Ayf H^MfiqNei 11 yforytiie t esp 6 ri?-/  j��ydent^^;yL?)M^  ?; at|]_-^i^hv??Af t^v:T.?'kl yPa;y?Kat-;y?.eerf  II? heard ;-^ory?Geisei*i;:ythe?;C-)u  i^ybo.li* appeals .witircosts???Th:s; ciidsytbe1:  i^'matter..:; ?Tbe?$550 ;;flnes;?they;m_ri_y?f<_r;;  |B^yhicb?:_s,::fl^psited;'^  U'Z ���$%���*[,ivst Jristaiic e. to .:t_.^ecbiydrrge'_ieraif  t'V'at'-'jJttaS^  J^tb-thb^i-nv^  Ihriiatter;-_has eostythe'; Geiser ��� ojitfit^abouf?  ;.\5-1?-PP- y^'G-eifJer ,has:��dcRarted:?i'fOT??^&.l^  j/anrtdpubilesbthb-irim^  |J:*b'i:bu^  ���*���*. -'tlir. yA It A*n_-:-T._ 1*>._r..*._ ... ^/.i%a_+7.A'_>y^:iV^-i_",.'_*;  _.....,....        .. ittihgs.,   l'i*clpsed;*'therebeins^p:furthe.*ybuSirie.s??4r  I .'...WTh_'.-.RoB_lan_ ._'rifi_y.i*"nrtm..nri^?V!ViVl . . :;  pas^ri:. ?has?bceh^er^  I^ng;itp|say?vf��i]��iep^  _.''-,< I-��� __ 1 _rf^'��* '-'"-_  ��-4��*-_ -n<ri 11 '-. *!*'_*-'-  J____.-':' J_L-.-_:*_P'1J-"_L> _V_ - ^ -.'.  - ."-,->'-  !ytiiiu.^tb/am:-^  flmbrrowl^lis^  from Europe. Before judge Lafoivtaine  tins morning tho prisoner pleaded guilty  and was remanded for. sentence till, Wednesday.;/? -. >������_.-yy:   ZZZZxxxx.7-. A���:?.���..-.-/  -A. Nationalist _Joufihly .Handled/' i?  ': '��� LONDON, - p(.tober,:?-?l.--John;?0?"bon-.  nell (Nationalist)f.attoinpted ) tbi address:.  .his;) constituents/'today-^  county of :Mayd, th-'se^c^jt "trie recent'  - eyict.iohs.y ..*' /He; / was;; ? dragged _-r off ?:_tl_e>  platform, seybral ?Ctimes/-b^?tbtevpbiice-'  .'and:--filially;/.after a/fierce struggle,-.was,  ^akon;:;*toy*;ihe.:?bar^  yahd/ftft^-pplice^wbre^  ;nio^i%?y',The;cr6.vd?h..rle?_Jstcmes^  ?seybral/Vpef spris' yywere' ))ii_ju_-_d.? /John:  'p'Dpnnellvib a ^-nig?tenant-:fari_ie2;^andi  a/'protege/pf/Wiiliairi/O'BHehi'/M*^  'Ho. is.'- secretary'Z of/the). .United"..Irish?  '. League/ and y was; :-fi rst'.-y'r etiiirie d;?t6' tlie !���  ^hbuse/bf? Commons'for'..Mayo -iri:Fei.ni.  ary,;1900, succeeding; Michael : Davitt. yy  yy 77a tterZitiezZfiteti: S ciiiper gy zMy  ;?/WA8HlNG^  ;;Represe__tatI ve /Sherman? arinounce'd��hI_.*  ''iriteniipri.^^  ;ticl0t;scalpiii^;a.id/_^^  ?latiqh^at the'CornihgVse&si ori .'oif congress?  ,* He)\yill. .he?says?iutrbdiice'imv.&surcs.b'_-.  ?-these*-/subjeets;?.s,.i^  ywithslthpse yhe ?irit-oduced?rin_'the'?last?  '^cpn.tress;.*;/ft^^^  :;?:?y^??*MS^^'isM*he?Hi* _ fc zbegreij #  |||&p|:ON??OMb? jde t b beiflii^The [im Z  SmaLch-tfgeycS  ;was?/toda^|^ated''? agaiiis'tf; Mrs?*;-Beile?  _W. .war/suspec^.^^  i death s/pf 7 her* *fbu.v%iisbahds_?ahd^?he:_;.  yp.yh?chiidr^n/1l^fpbisonihg.:;*tt  jivitiwasy sw;brh. 'to ?by. chief _bff dotecti ves?  fFrankvT��MeBride'J'and?is?b  ]cumstantial**7;^ei^^^  ychemist:s.!repbrt^  ffiiSfiiiiiiiiiil  oja^S^.iu,aa^_hi��.K��.-^;l��;f3's^.'fipt.^  ,   w]iqi-:;th.e5plant;?vvni.b^pnt?ir^  -. *-?l^ed.-Nati^  \_ tiiG;;ne^Gol%ii��GTOW-!? 'iM*.in'-is^'i.i_a'it'.d;*i  ���c.aSeViiiip'-f'itetia}^  t��e?mifl--?tbmPrrp.v/iii/cbnhectio^  ar " ..-..-���  V  Acliurch;'.one-pf������hisva9sist'antsf-'ara';look;;:  ingyover* Green;voody'ap.l?the?a:djpinihgv  to.yn''of,A;hacpihda,.'y.ith-;xi?yie,.v^ol. 'seeing:<  tlie?-fcst?;!rpute^j^va  the .tb-wus.;/?:4??;?y?vy?i.^  '���"May orylii * nib er gei*? a ndyyb a r ristev? Kerr?  ���ofiPb&nixiWCTefhi^eito^^  -they Green.yopd.;'iity?;bouncilSrela^  thp/iatter;���reHnciui_iliing?;:a?'p^i^^  right /*fe?*l-ai.-l-alK^  Phbeiiix/wa^s*yto^tal.e?its?..^-_r;?sup-r/  p!y? .The?,;lbcalHcpuncil? offered toy reli u-  *liilsii. tlie). ri&ht/u_ cm; pay_rieht?bf?$100(-?  .The Phoenix.council is?.villing to accept  ^:li''e'^'eVm6^->ii.b3e"ctfTt(^  Jay;/?P. yGrayes ?andV as^ciates iiiyythO:  '���? .wateryiyorks'schepieybejn  their interests are .1fnlly*,'*protectedV'*''*:';\*;:���-'-.���''  ?-W. F? Teetzel,_E./Wi-jMattlie\ys, C. E.'  :Miller? and /W.-R? Ssatle; albof Nelson.;  (drove over''toyMidwfiy-yesterday;for a*;  : 'day's;.shoo'ting.-*>The ��� biri_��. ^vere .scarce?.  the partyj only s'-evii*ing-fifteen 'grouse  /all told?*-."/'-/-y���??'.?;.*ZZr -7-:..r;;:*."??'���?/''"  ^.WilliamV Downie, /R. ^Helrhej ��� arid  T?  G;yGray?of;Nelsbn? WZhZ prde.bfRb-i.-^  land.C./Taylor of ,-Ainsworth,- and;-Mrs.  ���;NT---C?',"McKlns"try?;:ofy':Kihil.erle^  '��� ambiip; tlie' arrivals^ at: tlie Greenwobd;  during the last; few clayis.  y  pGhai'iiB^PiS'^r^-jgar^  |secrbtar|?f&|t^^ieri5^|^  j;prgn^|Si^^najg|ay|^^  Ipayt^?cf|^__ic_mie_hf.??|M^^_;|^^  ���fbfjMis^lSt^^pi^^iii^  ;;'*rut.H*is]&t%'l^^  tain tho status quo. Venezuela v.want3  peace but on terms that would conserve  to dignity and honor, v ?/'.  Zy yx YenJict��� cf'.Cproiier's Jury. '������,.  7 VICTORIA; pctPber"i4.���The corner's;  ; iury^ this? evening;7lJrought vih ?a;yerdict  of .'willfuTfmtu'der.. in; the; case of sapper?  Hiir qf��th_^R-^iS7E_^n-!ers';-wh^  arid' instantly' killed gunner? Clirinick of  i the. Royal -.ArtiJle-T^r'Aty the* inquest; it1^  ycame/butthat' t_i-i"shbt;-\vaSiintended?'fory  -gunner. Mahoney.^hb.was'sittihg'oppp-^  ;Site?Clihnick*at-*^e/card.J:able;;i  y-an��een;y^he--p:_^hb?;;>hbbti_.g:;pc  i.G.ll bbrrbwed^a''c?ii:bihe?ffoin?bne,oitho?  ���;m en?lhy:the? bari-acks ?Md/went?tb/thei  ? canteen Ubyshobt*Ma_ibtiey;jbiit;fori what)  reason j;npbbcl^y_^pws.y Mahbney'hiinself:  ; saying thatrheican-cbheeive,pi hb reason  vfo^it/:?*^!1.^^  ..;;?;?y??_Anot he^i^najping'yC^e?/?))?)??.  ���r^PJJPQNyiOfa ahnbliriced;  ���if?vbm?Bucharest;f says? a3disp&eh?tbytiid;  ?:_-a.ty-Mai^r(^*^i  ;enthal;?the/rei_resehtati'.e' o).-a::;Geriiiah  *;firm'.--::*;]i'as;>b'_e_ivl:idn^  ;ybi-igancls-"at/Silistria.^'The :Rournaniah';  .gp-vpramer_:J;ha_i'^iit|a?ipi^teistitb^  "au^vthe?;Bu^rian;*gbverhme  fd^i^d.trobps-;t(p^reu&ihe?bng^  ;; is; rumored/.th^^  Smitteeihaisidecidbflvitb_ captiii^yevery for-*  i eighet ;y_ithiri3rea^.h|m? drdw-tby attract?  y Bu i-opbah.attention^ tp?t_ie* l_a_3._ta-_3'*"6ii  ���puWic;*sScurity|ih1Mac<.dbhia/?y/y//;^  ILEGIM  CIO-^-iGOUN^ILylMREST^  -yu  vya-^VITH.fTHE??SUBJECT;il?  yy^^:yfJX^y���l^-y.���r^yx:Xi���yl..,ix:���. .���r.r;7^i.:-yxy^,  'rz$;^m^M^^:iiB^;$��M.  ���::xyxy:yrZy:PAYER37Z7r7xyxr^ri  rr-zmm.-  yzr$P$m  '��� '^ ?. ��� '������ ��� i\ ���;,- s.v-, ^-r.t5<.  *���'-.'_...-  .,-_..-��.-y. _������_���_.:  ciCpIumbia'-'-^lacrpssje'-i-ieam.*?ar^'. speiidih?_  itheir?;time"?3ig_itsSeihg?^**The^%ro  v/ceipts; oi?Satyrday * s/^ampiwbre? $2300?fc;  ^iST^MARYS...-pntari6-liGctb-)er;?i4_|-;  ? Mrs;; .Richard/ Garihph?'.va_3/striicl_?by?a.:  |!Grand"Tr^k*^rain^d^  "?the;ir^k-a?inile>frbmShfer^^  yj&K-NGOTON^/'Pntari  f^rinciijal/Gmnt'^  i*?:;;;;Th-|;'vine^bers';^p  '���'���sZBgnig&Zco^  v,in?3is^ssing*th^?seyeral/pr^  'suB_nitted|itp^i|i:e^  R!$rc^ iigiitiiia'-.  nT7'riin_!P'a'_l.'.r:::*fk_,'y'-\-7;_��_.'-'T.-.'Afrtrirt'C.'���������bi._i.*.-.*?:'.  /6^;ltp?su^i(^|prtth0^prby^  ;?*^S^reby||h(B^o^Je^  ?shialiSbfe/fur3iisl__(i?;l.fe- t_6?.nwi-_wim-.  that the city had not been able to secure  ..W- information from, the"��� governmont  or- the member foi*"the district witli' re-���  Jppct tb Hhe city's application-* for; this)  ;site._/He- added that/the/premlbr/and'  /every/member of ���the/geyermne-it^had;  . beenj^yritteu; to;'but?thai. nbthing?had?  ' tie en ::accbmplish ed;/<H e /b elieved;' ��� liow-/  ?��^/.;that ultimately* the?city*^bui^  /Q��ir6t;this site; sbtit.^uppcsihg'vthe.?city?  ;-.pwneci the site;it would; nbtsbe in a; nbsi-  ^tibn-tbiput i -liiPa^plant'-.tl_at**--6 uldvcbct.  '$j^W��&i^^  &i^^rffi_ri'-;.';;Hamft-^^^  i^igreementi^rith Z the? latter, ipartt(bfSthis?  ?ob_^i^a^ibri?��� He? said* tfiCT^w-^ya <> S u. eA  ?;ftSJ^^?ii'-Pntt_i-g^ih^  ithe^pi���e^lt^ti_ri-V-as_tl_ere4-vbu_^  '��^^cie*_.t;;busines_^^  ?e_tt;?and?siriki_.^funar:.itibi-/_^  "r_neht?_*^'//V/;!/"',V;*Mf;'/_^fS'/��k  'Ifr^ldaip^^^^  ?n?a-yoiV^wlieh ? lie.?'expec te d^'the^s ec biid-fi  _hand^3:iiamoy!;back)/'frbm.''i__:^  vantageous.to the city. .'-This-was1 car-;  ...'_ed\_.y.*-.they.8amGi'dlv]si6^  \:Tlio/thirdv resol utibnlywas^sec biidoci  ;;shall|.be|iuniishedp.b.^       poweiv^cbril^  -. n n ril rr -���' o'+ r. Tl r\ n -n -i .n Vj^/vri' _':Tjlollrt'1-_��'-��'_i+V����?!��f-i��__.:  ?%V--Spyerh;_nentsat^asKi_igtbnihaS.��bt^  Tffiod.flea?tfijs^imaa.ti>;ei)m^fj#tei^  'id-3Jit*.Rbpsev-_ltr:;'tli'at^  :Jthihg;;J;py;,bey;dp_ie;;;^_d;?that/is?iby_a_sei  ftiiex suniri-d emaiid ed f f oKftier^rajisG'-tiwaSt  ���'|quicld.y.:':as:-ppE_iijie.-;^  yhas^h'QadySbeen.^s.ibsciutied^'Sfa^  1 ar ger ;.par t ;;pi ;-it��f rpmiBpstbh .and *-iii the':  generals hosp  _?/TORpN*rp;'/X.%pi^_-;:'^  ;yfr<mi^Nashyi]le;;s^s.-a-_?tlie-'_^  /__atiir-la^?_iisht?g-ire_-R  fG_;bwe/<��?Murraj?;*bteTp^^  yWorld's|recbrdSfpi^fiigh/jum^  iinE7jfee.t'^;inches?;^,he1*p_evioiis  ;iWasy7/fe^t'"3f��2.i^^  >;bpry';;y^nc;dr.b^Gebr^;.PeOT  vi;oMtpS-i.iit:7v_-#-!^fe^  i|MQN��i^|^tp^i-t^^  ; ytew-l^to/briiti*_i_r?dbwn_ al 1) y-ifa^'em-'  y^y.ns/ihpvyterm��/bfy^isfepprce__t^  ^ch-me, and:thafctlie^  ;,ta thQ;ratepaj^rs5at?the?-jarlic^  lZZiP<it orejitliis^ywas.'put?. tb/:a��y ote?pie;  ?^ayoriSuggestea?;th^ti/th^aitefn^^  ; schem^ b fcbuyirigipbwei-^fM^  '-ffi1*.^.. .but^hi-^w^'^bPfay^  ?tliS ^sylppnipariyi respeSOntetheiM'lEmsi!  .'tfor.��;supjeyio_:Xth(_.^  ���i_iWs-*;;Sli''_a'.^?X0^^  /?o^ahyThadpr_^itteri.st_i.in^;that5ihey;;  /wpultt^u^estSlsblt^tlung;^  . Jery-wasvhbt/prbd.ice^t_t_id*tl_%^.^p2^  ?panjr's :'flp_fe_v^vliate ver|_itllmi|.lit|liave?  ?Sben^asXdrbpped4Th&ithird|^  'r\P\lni.1 ^w__��.*-.-_._"T_f:*Ii;-:'-_iii^'-.��i...-1-*.__.*>*^.*,'..- ---.���_;.*^  Ipfficeyfcr. her/delivOTa_i;ce/>bi.-^)it;*i_i/n^  ;sufflcient;r;;Fifty*tliousand-;dbllan./^  :��irb; '���;.:'. fluired^iWo^Spp eai.-'nbw-itpttt&o'siV  .-:'.amc|ng--ius;;,'.*w_:p.,-;l)yHh'c?il-l  ;yhaye.;la_ger;hha_ticiaXyalnnty,?tb  yinpnfcith^cbritributibhs/bfJ'ihei  :jbors)y;that.;theV;hecesi.ary/su^^  i;e_ched;-'iA.ii answer, is' -inxibusly'awaitecl1  '. at; the; bfflc e; of ythe: Aniericair boa. ���??io 5 ^  .East .Twenty-secbnllXstreet^^ew/Yprk?  ywherey;subsc"iptibnsfto the/undersigned'  will-be*; receiyed.,//Dr;*Creegah-;saidV-:.l.e;  board.'.had received assuranc^yfroih^tlie  piiited/States ygovorhirien t;*:- in' ?the: - past;  fe-^. days^hatthpibnly: 'thj^that/cguld?  b-hdbnBiwas-irtb^��S'___Tt-ae^  4A_:tS:./;��a��ulty^r_ituds_iVs^;_yCT  ^fi*a^M��Sfe^'cfi'.--^r'o^  '?dealy.;piii;ii:het"sa'_ne_^  l'*-*witli'S t'h.bSintim'atipn;-ithat-;a?;;fec--i;-:-mcey  .'^.^hp'.jibbnduct^iie^  ^in] a^m^tli^ara'seyaib^p  'i��'$,ORONW?Mo'cffi  ning /Telbgrairi's ylibiidbh ueable/says:Slt?  is-Ah^":.ppinipn~*^  steain?hipi*manag6r^:hefe?^ii;.t?te  ^ ir_0>h r\rl' Xt^n n nVlinn   ', "-P-n n4- '"l-tviUi; '���ti-rl Tt'i'; .)i_ii'i_.^J.''i"."__. ���  _-  ,^..-S��being;repaired. there-  ... !ri^."vm^^:��--W��-iXprXWi.*S*-Si'?--i?  ���-'���������' ���������..-��� ������* v,".V:A"-ra'  :.;-\youldssullfbbfthe>*sam'ejdiffl-!ulty;;a^  ���;;m;ac^iinieB|:;;iia-i|tlie^^^^  ;r^^?alI);p}*brjpMed.an^sp^^  ^c^them^offla|h^e'?^  ^^addu^-^itb?t_b^l;_iere|^  ^p^^irti-a.ibnsJi_-|ipi-|aMiiicna  ii.(:f^!^^^itierefpr.e|^  ��c'puu&i'j��t'6^  Ishbiild^cbntliuie^  J;lighted*i;b_is;wl_btlipi^^  ;!Sh3uid��liegasi;i^ea^  fcK^}pt?.nas^_jpTOiE|.^  ^thegsuiipl ying|pf|]^(^!:gie "addedftthai/  /tKgbpjincil^fhab^-'ceiyed/t.vQ?^  ^ion^.j^_^st|pffiei^r��  Ibfysc^im^  /Spr.*_-nytHjng{ijn^e-fi^  Xrats^off^iedj^^  ai^e|pp^eivtfpi^any4quan  _liof.ffr_i__*'_'3AA2* _ _'..-.;y'cnrt'/.:-'y..'.rt_ .;��A;^-.����*.*'<. .itr >.  |inMt^Ztl^?i*emar^;^feche��'pt_-er^^  ^^d^fiis^say^He^^^^^^  |ita��e_^rses?^  l^^th^instaliatibiv-p^Cp^eK  Ith esByei*;? thel sSprid>_^tting|____|iuxii;|  |_ari^x_.w|.eiyrafc#K^^^  ���IthSjithird^the pufeliase;ibf,"siirplus|^we_'J  |frjSm^Bpjhni'*Qgtb'_i,.���M  'pe^c&t-tge/l-asis.:-^  heyiheldy tb at,*^he??fi)'_ t Icbuid-jiibt^bsli-ai*-!  -^o\ratfrb_.��fii*^^^.g^^?*_^^^-?_S_.  ^nkegpyei|^g^ii^^|gi^V5  ?ni t-^f ri.,1!"__1 iB ^J__ii.-&__*.S_-_*-*A.     C  g^cessSSbf fftliplcbs f/y y yyi_i<��_percei. tage-  ;|!_asis'^^liey^fojfi^^  -..'.O _Tfc M >V%1/* _^"*.-^.T.T_,-' r-i!  ��_��*^a ... _1   J.'i.lt nl -'.��J.J J.1_"i'J.t_*_   .   __.-_!_._._ -.''"I:-  y-yancouver?Tiocal Neway?    - ;.  i-iyANGOUVBR;.- 'October- i-ll���[Specifil-  I'-to'-The  Tribune.]���The steamer Yosemite   went   aground  yesterday ?in- tJic  Frahef,, river.'/ Slie'was ���.'in/mid-cli'annel.  ?l)iit there was not water/enough to float  'hor even th ere?, She ''sattained no dam-,  ���iige'* and "floated "off at; high, tide,' three  |lioiirs:afterwards.y:;/?;?. .;..;.:������"? '..';?-  TJie, stageyii'bm ;Caribb'p capsized; on  ! Saturday /evening' j.1 ihiles f rem, Ash-  j'cr'6��L':;R.?L?:'Reicl'.bf-iNe.y?West_hl'nst.er',!  Jav1\o;.was..returning;: with .other, lawyers  [if--.-om/fie.'iissiz'e/cpurt:a.*Clinton, was,  S-.ei _busl_ bbrt..'Iib..was-.ljroug'ht *tp New?  INWestmineter. this* afternoon; The pthers  I'i'rijured??'iv.ere' .Stewart  'Potts, /George  Ijl'-ki wiSj --o-ncV-yA?- D./ Mclntyre./' y ,-���'  li. . Tbov-Chin'ese ���':'charged',with: murder at  i Asli'croft v. ei*e: acquitted, an; alibi throw-  tinn- 'discredit- /upon, the  entire, Chinese'.  [fevidorice fb_ 'the ;pr'b���e6utibh.;' '-;;''  Michael    Costello, ; ex-aldermari   and '  fc'oTwn'sr pf in'. Commorcial and Glasgow  Jjhotels,..died at' riooii todayyfrom -heart  ifai'lure." ,/ '.';-/,r  A  daring- :;daylight robbery occurred  [kt Huntingdon, hear the boundary line.  sai-y for'the payment of-' the ransom.'-?'  '.;*',C0NSTAN.T1N0FI.E ��� October 7u~it  transpires: that the; Turkish/commandt'-r  had cbnipleted: plans to: surround Miss  Stono's captors at boon : last-Saturday.  Spencer Eddy,, secretary; pf thb United1  States legation, received additionai?ad-���  vice that further activity: -would/result ibytho death: of'Miss Stoiie,.and,, at  3 o'clccl';/Saturday; morniiTg/hb Vprb-  ccedod to, tlie rei_ideiice:of the minister  of foreign, aftairs,. Tewfik, Pasha/ and  demanded the immediate retirement of  the Turkish troops;* Mr/Eddy's* action  has the approval:of.thei members ofthe;  diplomatic cerps; who "are convinced  that efforts to liberate Miss Stone will  infallibly, result in ber murder.  :;' Pleaded'Guilty bf For*t**'ry? '  ' MONTREAL, October 14:���;Oh. the arrival of the steamer Lake Ontario here  IVesterday, Joseph S: Girraux, a former  l.ashier in the Canadian Pacific Railway  Icroight, offices; at ' J-Joch.elaga, Stock  [iVards station, was arroste.d by the spec-  Kial .servifte.departmeut of the Canadian  fe?aciflc Ra.lv.ay. ori a warrant charging  fcliim, with ihe. larceny, of yab&at -?��00-jSn  [���{August last. Girraux absconded, dtytho  itlnie of the defalcation^ but his,where-'  Ihbputs was traced and the arrest made  is above on his return-fp this/country  -.:-.���-'.* An'������'Ur.satJs.fictdry Answer .  LAGUAYRA,   Venezuela, -October 14.  ���General' Gipriano Castro', president; of  Venezuela, made a Ejtatement today regarding vtho Venezuelan-Colombian: situation to a representatiye of the Associr  ated Press-in which he says:   The inva-  aion of Tachira-was the first openly ag-  ressive act in tli Is trouble.   It was the'  ���act   of  .Colombia   and   therefore' she  should today'fbllcw iip-our initiative toward *. a peaceful 'settlement. y'-'No;; I "dp  , not.: consider ? Colbrhbia's . ;ac'csptance: of  the offer of the; United)States to: extend,  their] good biflces and meditate between  the two: cpuntries, , wliich''; has been reported in the press here, as ;a concilia-;  tory answei'.'to - oiir'. diplpihatic!' requests  throu'gh":pr./Rieo?/ If 'Colombia- would  officially; notify Venezuela that she had  ���accepted the United?States as a mediator Venezuela, could and would ;gladly  cpasider th'e_ advisability'/pt'addressing  the United States,-.as'"the'.-representative'  of. Colombia with [the-idea; of reaching  a peaceable settlement?  As for the present: incipient revolution in Venezuela. I,  shall crush it so severely that there will-  never be another in this country,   Every  spasmodic uprising has i-hus far :been  rapidly &;nci. effectively suppressed.  Already I have imprjspned.many nationalists and'shall continu-. toimprispnthem.  Within    two    months    thb   rao.vement  against me will be'crushed." ' * *  - On the best authority the Associated  Press correspondent, is enabled to reit-.  erate the statement'that the government-  of-Venezuela is ..still opposed to an attack upon Colombia, preferring to remain-upon the def eiisivo/and to main-  ri^vthey summer; it;?f^Id?bhly3^(.uib3b_  ?_sy^/pa^sbiigers;::; and ? in -winter/praptic-/  ;;all^hbne/y;A?'.wehty-khbt?s  ^sayjyis libtpbnsidered?nece-^ary-.��b::carrjrt  :-i_:'p*a./or;e,-toy'.t-i^  ?;^?Eai^pa4?Men;'Keet?in?SpfcyI^  ;??^^A__^:|Neb.. October)l4:0pi-esidenf  ;B urkey?;general ^manager ?Stubl^;bnd;;ai_j  the^department; heads:'*.'bf':the:*Un_bii; Pa*.  cificyhavegonetb Salt'_^ke,)where;;!they?  yin;t.__orrbw/meet;*M_\?^arriman^  ^he7yheaasT0f7the7SpTith'er-_^M?i&  .imifetingis corfsideredan importaiit'one?  Jandjywill; include a. discussion 'bftraflic.  ?bperatihg and. he\v lines. The 'rhatterybf  a^ hew.-Jtrah'sco'iitihentar limited 'which*  will;'reduce rthe. running "time/between?  -Chicago and San Franciscoiiearlj?a day?  will,also ;come up and probably be acted  uponv*.*: ��� -/'.���'?-; .* ;* "���>/./?'".'//:/  //:Adyance in Wireless Telegraphy.?-/?;  y, LONDON. October 14.���A new advahce*  in*wireless telegraphy ?��s recorded:here:,  this-morning?-   The   Daily -Telegraph*  says; that' Marboni - ha3   succeeded) in.  transmitting'messages.. through tho? air  foi-   nearly   350 .miles,\ which    is   far-  greater   than   the   maximum,. disLance  hitherto reached. .:/���' ':-//.-:  :. ���';..-: *.'-. 'Ross Is Wot Interesbod. '/ite/r?  ;?NEW YORK, October 14��� James '.Robs);  a wealthy Canadian, who was're'pprt'ad'in .  a Halifax; dispatch to be?at..the head*bf'  > a yachting - sj'ndicate to challense for  the: America's cup through the Cape"  ' Breton- Yapht - Club of' Nova 'Sco'tia? iri" a ���  .telegram to the Journal and Adyertiser/  .personally .denies' that therbjs ah-y-truth''  ' in the. story, so f^r as: he is- coiiccrried:-'  :;;/���: yy Z:-^Z^^'pi'^^^^syZzZx^xy7  : ;^W:YpRK;v6ctober;H.���A dispatch;'  ���from Simla tpthb London Times?traiil.^  ;niittedytp;1the?Nevr York Times, states  that    the    aiinbuiicement    that-  today  (Monday) .will be a day of __ourniiig'*  for; Aiiie.r   Abdur Rahman:.throughout?  India will be generally; approved,: as * th e  death of an ally of; the British goV'Jr'n'-i  ment; demands recognition. ��� /*/'?;/���  Long Balloon Voyage ??'J /  PARIS, October 14.���The, balloon of  C.omte De La .Valux, whichleft Les Sab-  lettes, near Toulon, Saturday night on?  a vpyage across fhe Mediterranean/was"  reported yesterday near tiie Ba]ea.ip islands with all on board well,.  Johann Most'Gets'a Year.'���'?  NEW YORK, pctol. or 14.���.Toiianri,  Most? the anarchist, was sentenced 7to-  ope year in the penitentiarr; today;in'  the court of. special sessions, ��� for' pub- ���'���  lishing in his paper, ��� the- Freiheit, an ,  alleged seditious article, on the day) following the shooting bf the; late pVesir  dent.  rxZyZZZy^H'  3basis;;:ithe;Jpb^  jalibli^CTiiandyreeeiV^?^  ?per^cehty-fJt_ie;:%-pFS"f^eipts?  |lighting?tthb;y_-ates^tJbui;,lb^  ? tile. bf c;cliargesA$eing/th  :;at-:p_e-*ientychargedj;byl_.l]e/ctt^  ;//The'/maybr':?thbn!.]ii-o^bded;?tb  ^that-a-v/prese!tit|the?.^  )pb^er?tl>?supp;i'y;inprbiffiffi  |pf:;ttie|*light-require^  ?all. the. power?that)wa^^^lableyinythe/  Kcreekc^'as>being/btiTized??In^  ���: it)\.as) simply ya?questibn?b .oinakiiig: ah:  iarrangement^for/the'!*'supplying) biyali;;  jjtheypebple/with)iightV^hp^  ;-wa'b;.bot?in_any* ;sen_ _ ./^  ?bf a/franch iseybr /anythingblse. :HbUhbn/  yprcceeded)tb?make::itl^pear/that^  ?^as/hp: mpuey)in'',the?city'_i?iight)^lant.;  )He st_ted)tliat)f^;the"ye;ar|l9b0. the cityy  :''had"receivodan:casih;$i9;20^and;had-,exr  "pended ?upon; constructibn??and?main-;  yteriance: .during" 'thV. same/iperiod* ���$_!.,-)  *863t29f-showing4=a*4deflcit|of-$600^  edition;tb this;there;was>?the:bonded ih-  =?debtedness*:;bf??70,o6oyagainst;the Electric >light plant,.the:provision"of ihter-  yest and ���."sinking' iund .fpryAybich wfbiild  ?require $6300.   Fj-bm :-these*ffigures)he  "made outthatithad cost; the '���city?:-^6900  ���last .year for the privilege''bf operating  its electric light plant. "7; *)/^.''?... j:| */'  The mayor's treatment pf the figures  did not .strike alderman^Seibus asat all  ?fair_p)the -plant.:.lie intimated to?the  ?niayor that he'should'nbt put charges,  ��� of construction ��� iri againsit .maintenance,  ; but the m ayor got a roi i nd th is -witli; the  remark that he contended.that the electric light plant��� had never paid a* ;cent  except out of increased .'capital.     -.'���'-.-  v. Alderman Hamilton ventured the remark that during the present year! the  * electric light plant had/to stand upon  fits'own bottom, and- to-this' the mayor  retprted that -.ihe)'; elect'rib ligh "plant  -.woulil.npt pay a' cent this year. The' ex-  ?'p1ariatipn wl* ieli. lie b;--x*cd for this 'was  /that the machines were'not, any ::gbod,  at least the only one /which was $'any  ;,gppd jvas,v.the. secpnd-hand.> one which  'Vas bought" w lii'ie'he wasin*. the coun-  -'c.il'two years ago and Avhich is.nbw in-.  the;hospital having its-yital parts re-  ;stored. ,The  other  mach'ines;'HJie  said,  Vere obsolete, -He th'en:pibceecled to ve-  Mew/the "electricy. lights figures for the  ; present year. He' said,the. rbce.ip ts up to  -; August),:-;w ere?? ?15i-iCiQ;)? against?? wh fca  ��� therb :��we-re; expenditures bf ?^7567?; be^  sides' -interest 'and 'sinking fund' provision upon? the > indebtedness, of;-,570,000,  and th'e rebates -.which would "have to'  ,be allowed7would bring the city out ih  the ,hole.-./>.:,.'y.'v/; '/,-:/?- '/-<:/.? ���  ? Alderman Madden.said hothought the  'electric'light plant was the best paying  service the city had.      //."'?  Alderman Hamilton repHed that the  waterworks was the best "paying ser-  ivice, and the* mayor: adcjpd1 that the  yyvaterworks was tho only ser.vice: that  was .paying. I-Ic then went on to say.  that the continued construction of the  electric light _ystf-m was?running'the  capital account' up into 'big - figures.  There had not been a year/In view of  these expenditures that the plant: had  paid a cent. ������������'" :'   '  .'..-Aldern-an Patnr.on r.sked the mayor  whether the ratification of the agreement with the West Kootenay Power &  Light Company would not prejudice  the city ii. its effort.'to secure a power  site on th_ Kootenay river.; ,)  'Mayor Fletcher said in answer to'this  ��^BA^)pctbbeK.i4r^Supe  :itJJf'W''<.'i-r��W?!^  .���^_^jb^^-)Cpllins;^ill.^na^��e^^  S^'6Mc.Si_rA..rpao..'M..S..^^  ^ightingSv^ld?li^^.27i060^  ;^rati(m|��p||Vth(^5;j^  |^he��jip^i*;cc)m p' any Mwpiil d^receiyeSfpr?  ;; supplyiiig|lthp��5 p bw er^ioiv/. this Sseryi'ce-''  ;^ioefpMlJB%*6.'*.ilitpt||^  .-^iPSOi^liiphSSitliea^-^ha  : **Pi*i?tI .b. service,: of Ktlie/bhe. rhafcrebuirecl.  J fbra; maitft ���maMbS,bj--*/th__.bitjpiinderlihe;  ^*^Sai!vai^ement.^puld��le^  ;;$13]5502:bpit^^are?bf.thb)rec-^pti^  O00;ibu.t?il:fthe;:)cbni|.drisoh.^w^  the,basis'ipij$25;atfp)l^e,;_^  of;:;tIip'jpe^ebt^e?va--_anigem^  ,'.bp'.:Qye_i;;'-_nbreifavbral-  .:/:-Aldermanr*G^  "psnty^chargedSb^ithbspb.ver/cbmpa^  was; oi i. on; tli e^gr cssf Business ;of *tli e;;cityJ  .bi-yupbhyyth^bbllectib-isy/and .tb)this;b!-.)  derman:-:S^bus?rbplied;*cha^  stoodythb.';_nattert-it/was'{tb).be)upon?the'  ; -. cpllectibns?:;**?^^,?!*;;^:;:;/-;/ /.;-ii>/;;y:;i/;y/:'e:/.  /Al derinan?|lad denis .v-gested that )paft;  of;the;ypi-pseni?^difficultyKwas that?per.-  sons werp'.;using; iightg;- for)wliicli?they)  ���,were hbt/payihg?'-and -?in-rrepiy tb:-this'  the maybr...said 'tliat .'owing -to the inefl.-  -Qient^ei^^ali^i^lightsWere^nder^  rated/ He 'sai'di tliis)was .general, and ap?'  plied 'froir; Athe^ditbr; of?The: Tribune  down. He'saidtiiat this, v/asso much tho  case : that?/thp*'*pres-^nt); council? Had  doubled';th(.?'rates?over those imposed:  by the former cbuacil.-' *'���  )  ;   -//; -Z-)  : AldermahiSelbus said that in this con-  nectioh he:ljad/no: doubt but that wilh  an   efncieiit:.service  the  people  would  get oh; with)fewer lights' arid-; that:their,  bills, for, lighting would be-lower than  at pre.-���nt,/and:,to this,; not, however,)  as a deduction,: lie added that after paying-the power company itsv45 per cent;  the -city  would  twelve   months   hence  be receiving: more for lighting than at  present.    :.*������*.;.������'-���'..��� .  James McPhee,' superintendent ofthe  city light plaiit',.was then requisitioned.  Ho'was put through a cross examination by theymayor for the information  of the city council. In answer to the  first, questicnyrie said the present plant  was not Capable of supplying light to all  ���who.*'*'wanted--.* it and: also lighting the  streets.: In/answer to ancthei-.question���  he stated? tbat: at (he lowest stage of  water the're-was-oiily power for 3000 efficient   lights.;/:;. ������-,?'..���.,.;     ". '   :    .:*' '''  .'���-?  Mayor-FJetcher then reviewed his .-ob-  seryaticri3.?toiichrrig;they necessity pf  makingsb-rydealy with the Bonnington  Falls -company,' and alderman Madden  followed with the announcement that  he. was opposed ..'tb making any, arrangement other than oiIn u'om month la.  month /with the' power company . and  only for the surplus power-required by  the city? ;-//':���-     ,:)'-  Alderman/'Selous said lip could sep  no difference behyeen, a month to month  arrangonient'and the one 'which he proposed., which, was for twelve months,  terminable upon six months notice. He  added that, he had a series of resolutions to move that' would bring matters to a head. The first he offered was  seconded by alderman Gillett and rend  as follows: "That iri tlie opinion of the  council it is an expedient'and necessary  action to improve the eiectric light service." This was supported by the mover  and seconder/alderman Paterson and  alderman-Hamilton, and alderman Madden had his name recorded as opposing.  The. second resolution was socond-.d  by alderman Pateron and read as follows: "That after a full discussion of  tlie various schemes suggested, that the  council is of opinion that the percentage tch em e ofthe West Kootenay Pow-  er & Light Company is the one most ad-  :|ii^?Ths?i^^  ^-tnessesf^clKt^  )T._cJd^^lib?t-ib^i-_iess'es)will)b^  ;stat^''at|tl^statb:d(^art-uerit  )t;^yf.that/siat__nientb)fb?  Czolgosz *is )fn?a;?cbriti ii iious;^ taieipf vcpli^  ;laps3eVand|?t_.at?;he^  ,weeps;:p^ry-/-ti__e?)ari3^hirigSis.'said^  yhim;cpncernirig.th9;electrbcmibri?is:faisb|  ;SuperintendeiftjGbllinbyhad_;a?t_li_^ith^  ytib" condemri^;*mari:.sbEi ^ays^agovarid?  ���^^:ffiat:5tlmc;vife)s^  ;:had;*;toydie;_nHe:'expresseb;:__byfear:��  the^lectib^itibnHbuSHid.that;fie:'wbu^^^   ._... /thousand/letters/ihave  bMn;rec8iyed^r*/him.vat.tl_b?pi-isbri;Jas;  w?My as?a;la^geyriuiril.er;of-express ?packi)  : ages //contairii rig ?;/fibwers//ai_d''n/fr uit?  yNeither?the:Jl!^erb::nbrv.the?::flow^  ^b,;iniit; havei'cvei. ;Hreaclie(l/)the ) con-)  ^emned#man^T4ie;*nbwersTarid_Lfruit^t7  ������. ?) 1sar_ied,Vhaye)beeri?serit/by.Christiarir  societies;:,:; as/haye ^/number of ^letters;  . consoling:;,yhimy/in-fthis������ lasty-mbirierits?  ,pther.;letters have 'come  from 'cranks'  ;:whp,,ha.ye/jwritteni;yabout   the;) torture  theyywould:putyhim tb:if theyhad-ithe  ^execution of justice iri his case? ��� ft is  stated,;hbwever.'that it would be a matter of surprise-if the; names oi the'sen  j'foKdisbrfe  y ..ng;;:bnj:theysidewali^)brie:.fbr/carryiri  .boncea.led^weapbris/aridvfcmr^br;; beirigSife^^  ?drunK.;^e;three^fes.;ed'__r/bisbrderly|^  ;cphduct.are:;Frariki Snyder? Qira- ForsythWTr^mM  and/Arthur^:G:;-:-^aylbr^/They_had  on, '"' ���  .;boxing gloves;arid. were/bbxirigiori How-  ard;,street;in:frbrit?pf.the)Albion/block .  :aty3:20.:yQuite;:a;brow(i hridygathefed ta  ^atGh_,the___-Kheri*=bfiicer$Shariiicn=hap-  ���*dera of fruit;and flowers were madbpub-  :1.P-/ Tllg; state prison department', has-:'  pursued a uniform': policy in/regard to  Czoigosz., ..An effort has been j made to-  preyenttho.;murderer from gaining any  notoriety;*while)awaiting death and to  surround him by a3 perfect an isolation  from the Avorld as.possible.  ','; Zy   The 'Cuban Election Law.  .HAVANta,    October   14. ���Tomprrow  gbvernal-geiicral Wood will promulgate  the electibri law.r Several changes haye'  beeri made iri tlie draft which, was adopt-:  ed by" the,constitutional convvention. Tlie  prbyisipn'making ��� it  necessary for aii  uninscribe'd Spaniard to secure from the  secretary of. state'a; document showing  himself eligible'tb.'vote has been stricken'  out, as if .yas .considered in conflict with  article. 9 of the treaty ,of Paris, as well  as- with"discrimination; against Spaniards desiring to become citizens.   Now  such'Spariiards will register-just as native born Cubans;    Instead bf the constitutional, convention taking charge of  the election a central board of scrutiny  will'receive and transmit to the'governor-general fiilly reports as to all matters  pertaining to the elections.    Upon receipt of the 'complete returns, February  24th,   the" governor-general   will    announce the date for the assembling of  the Cubari congress, the proclamation of  the president and vice-president and the  formal transfer of the government ofthe  island to the government, to be estab-  lished.The date of the elections has been  changed from  December   31st,   1901, to  February 24th, 1902.  pened*,. along.*.'.���;arid7.put?an -'erid-to) the  amusement,:by. arresting'the/principals.  A few: minutes later he)arrested Criarles  Hanson ?,and 'William  Arthur, on' the  charge of,yvioiating; the: city -ordinance  against.spitting/on the*:sidewalk'/aiul  in public places.? They both are young  men, 20 and-21yyears of age respectively,  and claimed to-5be:ignorant of the'-brdi-  nance. /They, put up a $7 bond each to  appear inypolice' court? for���-/trial/at  1  o'clock .this,^afternoon.     It"' has ' been'  mphths;-since : ari. arrest ;> hasyybeen  , made .on? this -. charge - before.:   But  an  hour **; later /ofllcer   Shannon   arrested  'Thomas.:-Noliiri   on   the   same   charge.  Nolan had; a gun concealed- ori his.per-'  son,  so  that an  additional   charge  ot  carrying concealed weapons was placed  opposite his name.   Ofllcer Shannon;put  .'inyHlio'.- next'  hour    catching "plain  drunks," and at 4:45 had Succeeded in  booking.. Charles   Miller,- Charles /"Bel-  ton, '���-'������Hank".. Wallace and',*.'-'James Mai- ���  loy. They;all had on old fashioned; Sunday "jags,'/and will explain it'iji'ahe  'police.court this morning.;For the riexc  25 minutes officer Shannon  enjoyed a  well/deserved rest, but irom 5:10 until  7:50 hQ was kept busy,and finished up  his day's��� work by arresting Frank Mc-  Caffery and Edward Fish, who had been  drinking; more than was good fbr'th'cni.  and Paul Young*.. Charles Alexander;and  John Burke,: who   were ; booked -as [vagrants���making, a; record?bf/i6? arrests  during,the afternoon? .���/,,;??/-..-.-  ';%-  i ity.  1',������.. A  .    i    __*_  ��� "-_*S  > ___.i  .i_. ���  "-.ft.  :\  KinR Leopold to Visit New York.  ANTWERP, October 14.���King Leopold has decided to visit New York.  Ho announced this in an interview  granted the burgomaster Saturday. His  majesty expects among other advantages to, get in the United States many  suggestions from the shipping "arrarigc-  ihents which may prove beneficial to  the ports bf Belgium.  Position Is ?Too Expensive- ?  .*���'.''.' LONDON, October? 14?��� The /Daily  Chronicle publishes.,today.an interyiew  with baron De Blaquire," whose name has  been mentioned in connection witli tho  post of governor-generalyof.Canada,) he  says he has not been and, does riot, expect to be approached officially on tho  subject, declaring that among othcr  reasons why' he.could hardly accept the  position even: if offered is the fact that  his fortune is not large enough.  Dyin? From Bright's Disease.  MINNEAPOLIS, October 14.���Practf-  'cally all hope has been given up for tho  recovery of Ex-Governor S. Pillsburjv  He is suffering with Bright's disease and"-  during the past week he was unconscious during a portion of tho time. Mr.  Pillsbury is 73 years.of age and has not  the vitality,necessary to fight the disease.  ��**'! THE NELSON TRIBUNE,  TUESDAY MORNING.,  OCTOBER 15, 1901  _______ _2a__S_____K _______  ���r-r  z&  t)-*-1  H '  Vi'  5&  u. _.J, *���  j  .-t-'^TJl'-. *  ;.*w  fl.  tt  to  to  to  to  to  tt  (tt  tt  (tt  m-.-_. &* \ti *^ee*s-��e-��������-s&:  IXCOK 'OKA 1 Ml  I(570  ooi&F^jsrsr  DRY GOODS-  7"he best that art can produce and money can  purchase, is now ready for your inspection.  NOVELTIES OF ALL KINDS-  Stylish Goods Jn every shade and make for evening wear. Sequin Robes. Dreams in Embroideries. Facts in good values. From the cradle to  the grave, we have everthing you can require.  PRICES   RIGHT  TB HUDSON'S BAY COIPM  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. 0.  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  WALL  PAPER  Tlila is malty th. dul) ,  season for Wall Paper.  But to keep it moving  .vo have made up bundle_  of nil lots that have run down in quantity.  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EVANS & CO.-BAKER STREET/  p-%.?"5&-> 'Nolson,    wholesale    dealers     In    liquors,  ftSW "* i' f cigars,   cement,  fire  brick and  flre  clay,  j'-.fl"-1 ���. y- -water   pipe  and   steel   rails,' and  general  commission merchants.  5_FJ  , PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday evening in tlie Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box lbl.  CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in,, Miners' Union" Hall. C. J. Clayton,  presidont; Alex. B. Murray, seoretary.  * PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays In each month at Miners' Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R.  Kee, president; Henry Bennett," seoretary.  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES.  **_. ���  &'-&%" I' KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY 4.  S&iffi'i^"Construction Company���Wholesale dealeis  fit. ,V-**"in telephones, annunciators, bells,. Datter-  VSAur"1 lies, electric fixtures and appliances..Hous-  ffSS'  .ton Block, Nelson.  FRESH AND SALT ME&TS.  -.>]y_ -^.  P^f,-(   |l$3��k -P- BURNS & CO.-BA_CER\ STREET,  &���> -"-"-i^yNelson, wholesale dealers in fresli ami  -J_��5,$> i' cured meats. Cold storage. >-  mn-4��'t  ���  mf^zz:^���������  m$?W?i ''ICOOTENA  GROCERIES?  '"Wl ''KOOTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY, L1M-  Ji/i'Aited.���Vernon    street,    Nelson,    wholesale  ���,Wi&/JOHN.  CHOLDITCH    & ' CO.-FRONT1  ^M<[^'Z'y^fitreet,.Nelson, wholesale grocers.      , <"  t$B$fe>Y0jAT MACDONALD  & CO.���OOhNER. "OF,  AS$?,Yi. Front and.Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale  SmS-T^'erocers  and (jobbers  in  blankets,   gloves,  0l$_p )"i rnitts, boots, rubbers, macklnaws and mln-.  iK^s-V*1,.' era'."-sundries. - ���  mj ���   LAUNDRY WORKERS' ' UNION.���  Meets at Miners' .Union Hall on fourth  Monday in every month at 7:80 o'clock p.,  in. B. Pape, president; A. W. McFee, secretary. , "       *        ,      ���  CLASSIFIED ADS.  __t      Ll   "������f^       ft    "���-    ,  \~LIQUORS AND DRYGOODS.  , yvl,7  'rHJRNEir^EET05T^~CO^CO^N__R  I. OT' , V* Vernon   and   Josephine    street?, .Nelson,  "j _/ _ X      -wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars and dry  5\-'S;'.'V/-' goods.'Agents for Pabst Brewing Company  . *.*�����  w.  of. Milwaukee and ,Calgar^ Brewing Com-  rpanyi,of Calgary.  m-\: business dieeotory.  .-I*-., i . --. ���  ii-A. - -..  ARCHITECTS.  '���  A. C. EWART.���ARCHITECT, ROOM 3,  Aberdeen -Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  CHOP .HOUSE.  v i  . -PIONEER CHOP HOUSE, * JOHN  "������Spear, proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,  Baker street, Nelson. Open day and night.  Lunches' a* specialty. Picnic and traveling  * parties supplied on shortest notice.  i ���..- �����__ __���������_.  :    "   ,,' DRAYAGE.  ' FURNITURE,   PIANOS,   SAFES,   ETC.,  moved'carefully at reasonable rates.  Ap-  ' ply J. T.  Wilson, Phone 270, Prosser's sec-  _ ond Hand store, Ward street.   FURNITURE.  ^S  D. J. ROBERTSON Ac CO., FURNITURE  dealers, undertakers and embalmers. Day  'phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Next  new postofHce building, Vernon street.  Nelson.  WANTED���MINING PROPERTIES.  "FREE M_L___N*G GOI-Er^ROrERTrES.  We are anxious to secure a few free milling gold properties at once. The Prospoc-  tora' Exchange, Nelson, B. C, Room 4,  K. W. C. Block.  '    GOLD,     COPPER,     SILVER,     LEAD  mines and prospects wanted. Send report  and samples to tho Prospectors' Exchange,  , Nelson, B. C, Room 4, K. W. C. Block.  NOTICES OF MEETINGS.  ARTICLES FOR SALE.  SEWING MACHINES OF ALL KINDS  , for sale or rent at'the Old Curiosity Shop.  ? FOR 'BENT/-; ',   SIX  ROOM> COTTAGEvAT ..BALFOUR  to let by the month or. for the season. Immediate   possession.-'Good')fishing.   Apply  , C,. W. 'Busk,  Kokanee creek.-Phone 66a.*-  Or to R. H. Williams, Baker street, Nelson.  .  FOR REMT-^PALACl. .SALOON, SANDONT.  Forparticularn apply Mrs. A. __agan,_jandon, B.C.  r; TO LET ��� THREE" KOOM3 ON - CEDAR  st-.ot;]aige living room, bedroom and klichen  .with fcink-; also use of bath. Apply to J.'Coxhead, Cedar streot.      -\ u     .'   ,  ,Jj?^J__JFOB5S^^  ,- FOR lMMKlDIATK 8ALW-GROCERY BUd-  'ine.s; good location; low rent; owner going out  of business.  For full.partioulars'address O. K.,  .Gra^d Forks, B.C.  ' *'. *���  .TJ-   Zy        .^LP WANTED.        -    j -  WANTED���WOMAN.. COOK. WAITRESS,  laundress, railroad men for Lardo, girls for  housework. Nelson Employment Agency. Phono  /218X      .       ,    ^ .  '    -  WANTED���THREE RELIABLE BOYS TO'  pell The Daily Tribune on"- the streets. Wages  '$1 50 a week.     '��� - ;  ~~~~J~~~~rLJ!����^^  LOST ���WHITE BULL TERRIER DOG.  anhworing to name of ' Fit_." Any person h.vi-  borii)gvor detaining samo after this notice will  '*be proaecuted.   1). Mackay." _. -,  LOST-O.. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2nd,  a bunch of key., ono of winch iH stamped A. IC.  207 Finder please leave at C. P. E. 'lelegi-apli  Office.  EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES.  ' HELP FURNISHED���WRITE, TELE-  phone, telegraph or inquire Western Canadian Employment Ofllce, Nelson. Phone  270. Storage���I havo a large -warehouse for  storing household or other goods. H. A.  Prosser.  ���WANTED���HELP^OF-rALITTKINDS-^"  Orders for help receive prompt and careful attention. R. ��� 'Purdy, Employment  Agent, Stanley street, Nelson. Telephone  Al. P. O. Box 582.  Beath, railway contractor. These three  men wear Avooleni socks- summer and  winter, and know what it is to work  for a hving^The first three tried their  best to disfranchise 400 odd woikingme.-  dunng the last provincial campaign/  and would, if "they had their way,,disfranchise every man in Nelson who  does not sip liquid inspiration at "The  Club."^hey are mere "tools" for tiie  politicians of the Coast, doing their  bidding as if they were their slaved  The leaders of the other faction do not  know anyone at the Coast, and do not  -want to know anyone there. They believe that the men of the interior are  fully as capable of managing the party  as are the men at the Coast? With them  .it is home talent against-the imported  articha When the locali fight takes  place, which it surely will, the "silk  stockings" will be as badly, routed as  they were in the fall of, 1900] when all  "their leader had left to^ show for his  three years of leadership - was a telegraph oj der for three rooms in a Revelstoke hotel. '  . Smith Curtis, M. P. P.,'of QRossland,  was in Nelson yesterday.'. When asked  what he thought of the political situation at the coast, he said" the governments moribund, and .that it'is not only  the most incompetent,'but the' most corrupt government the province has had.  /These are strong words, but" Mr. Curtis  is lusty in his strength, ^having^ done  much to bring .about the^defeat? of J.  C. Brown at New" Westminster. Whether  or riot'the government is.at the point  of death cannot be determined until the  ** > _       >  legislature meets. _ Ifr premier'jDunsmuir  on a, test vote/shows .that'hei has the  majority of the housed lie,'will disprove  'the'contention* that hist government is  moribund;'but no possible vote can "be  taken that wilf disprove the charge that'  his government   is   incompetent.    The  .r .    , y. . I        ^ '  assertion that the .government is corrupt will not stand." Individual members  'of the government may be 'corrupt; but  the people will" not believe that Jame3>  Dunsmuir is corrupt. Had Mr. Duns-,  muir 'selected capable and progressive  men as advisors, he would today be a��  the. head of a government in which the  "people would have confidence. But, instead,, he selected playedout politicians  and men without either ability or tho  progressive spirit which is sometimes  better than ability. The playedout politicians could not get out of the rut in  which they had been running for years,  and the others had not the ability to  show that they were progressive; they  were mere dough-heads, and made of  sour "dougrat_tliat7^      ^ ^~  'f^Y*^0*000'00'^'^'00'00'00-00'00'00'00*00'00'00'00 *f" ��J^>_*-���-j^****,..8?!,^:^5r:���SET*.S5"-^'^-SoSP^^ -gp^v*^  * NEW AUTUMN  GO  .1.  ...  ...  9-  m  -i.  LADIES' JACKETS, *  COSTUMES,  FUES AND UNDERWEAR  AT ESPECIALLY  LOW PRICES  MENS' LAMBS' WOOL  SHIRTS   AND  DRAWERS,  FLEECE LINED UNDERWEAR, WOOL AND CASHMERE SOCKS, FLANNELETTE NIGHT   SHIRTS  AND PAJAMAS AT  VERY LOW   PRICES  BARGAINS IN  GREY AND WHITE  BLANKETS,   WOOL   COMFORTERS AND EIDERDOWN QUILTS.  .f.  -I*  VINE   &  36 Baker Street, Nelson.  T^^____f*��? "  ____!_ * _____? ��� <_____? *&? * fi? m0* ��� 0^ m^f ���0** *^^ * 0** *^* ��� 0& ��00t ��� 0& ���       V __l*_r     *5?^ *-____&>*^^^*-2____i#-^^ * *"^* ^^* ^1^* ^j^*^J_^�� ^^ ��� ^*^  9 ���-_-_.*��r 4_to^ ^^&*4kWw ^K&*^^0? ^&*0^^^0 ^9^*4flba^ 4____*r*'-B^^ ^_^^4____^ ^_____^^-^.-^ 4'^E__^      _\\_W__\    ^^BB^ ^^^^^^S^ *^tB)*^W_\\* ^^^^^k\\P *"^B^*^^S^ ^&&**G& 0^*f__t_>  ^^*.^____. ��� ^-fc* ��� ^____ * ^^ *^^. ��� ^^k *^^ * ^-k *^____ * ^_^. *^____ ��� ^______ a^___. ��� ^______ *^l_____ ��� ^___ ���       mV_r     ��� _____^ * ___o__^* __^__^ * ___e__^�� _______^ ��� _______^* _______^ * _______^# ___���_# * ______#* _______^ * __i____^  ^^    ������ ^^^      " ^ ^^^ * ^^^ * ^^^ - "-m--��� ^ -���--^-- -^^^ <-^__k        --^^^ ^-*-"*        ^^^�� ^-----^^ ^w^ 0_W^^ ^^^        ^_W^ ^^^        f^_Wr ^^^       ^_W\^r ^___-^        0g^r- ^^s^-        ^^^r ^^__^  GO  ���  /f\  /fi  (fi  ���-___*��� 'JIR ���>=.-i*  ' 010' 000*00  l\  EBB  >r ..--.-sr��K-;-��ws>!w*tB_r.'M'���*-  THE SOLE OF COMFORT  ���J*.  ;      l i-  YOUR foot sole is curved 'and soft.  Your'shoe sole is flat1 and hard.  ��to ^xxbxmz  SUB3CRIPTION   RATES.  Daily by mall, one month %  BU  1 25  _60  5 00  SU  1 OO  2 00  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.  ~^KLSoif^hODGE^~^.'^ZA^r&  A. M. meets second Wednesday ln  each mouth. Sojourning: brethren  Invited.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER  No. 1__, G. R. C���Meets third Wednesday.  Sojourning companions Invited. George  Johnstone.  Z.;  E.   W.  Matthews. S.  B.  NELSON AERIE, NO. 22 F. O. E.���  Meets second and fourth Wednesdays o_  each month at - Fraxemlty Hall. George  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.���  Regular meetings flrst and third Thursdays or eacn month. Visiting Sir Knights  are cordially, invited to attend. Dr. W.  Rose, R. K.;;A. W. Purdy, Coin.; G. A.  Brown, P. C. yy ,    TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS. ,  i\iJ_N*EK_5 :Ul-<lOU: NO. Mx\vZl?Zl>il��7Z  Meets in ��� Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner of Baker, and Stanley-streets, every  Saturday, evening at 8. "o clock. Visiting  inerabers welcome. M. R. Mowat; president; James Wil-cs, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per Shift: Machine men $3.50, hammersmen $3.25, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers $3.  BARBERS' UNION, N O. 196, OF THE  International Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets lirst and third Mondays  /Of each month ln Miners' Union Hall at  8:30 sharp. Visiting members Invited. R.  "McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardner, recording  secretary..  COOKS AND WAITERS' UNION NO. Ml!  W. L. V., mcetsat Miners' Union HaU on:sec  ond and ia-ifc lucsdajs in everj, moiiMi ut 8:.'_.  V ni  bluiri*.   A. 11. Sfo.in,  rebtcll, secietary  fetary.  JL M. J*orticr, lLuuncirl scc-  Dally by mall, three months.  Daily by mail, six months   Daily by mail, one year   Semi-weekly by mall,  three months  Semi-weokly by mail, six months...  Semi-weekly by mall,  one year   Postage to Great Britain-added.  ADVERTISING   RATES.  Display Advertisements run regularly  per inch per month $4 00  If run less'than a month,,per Inch por  insertion        25  Classined Adi and Legal Notices, per  word for ilrst insertion       1  For   each    additional    insertion,    per  word           1-2  Wholesale and Business Directory Ads  (classified), per line per month     60  Notices of meetings of Fraternal So-        j  cletles and Trades Unions,  per line      .  per month   '. *     25  Address all letters���  THE   TRIBUNE   ASSOCIATION,   Ltd.  John Houston, Manager. Nelson, B. C.  *  *  *  *  *  ���J-  +  *  *******  ***.H-********  *  *  *  *  *  NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS  BY   CARRIER.  On Saturday noxt, subscribers  whose Tribunes are delivered by  carrier will be expected to pay  the carrier TWENTY CENTS, the  subscription price for the current  week.  Tho Conservative party in Nelson is  not a unit by any means. It is divided  into two factions that are irreconcilable.  One faction has threo men with bees in  their bonnets. These three men are John  Elliot, lawyer, W. Z\. Macdonald, lawyer, and Frank Fletcher, provincial  land surveyor. These men are of the  "silk stocking" class, and have no use  for labor unions or -workingmen. The  other faction is led by David Mark  Carley, journalist, Fred Starkey, wholesale  produce  dealer,  and  David  Mc-  ��� .T i " "  The fight that the West Kootenay  Power & Light Compary of Rossland"is  making to gam an entrance into Nelson  commenced in 1S98. Then tho company  wanted 75 per cent of the gross revenue  received from incandescent lighting  based on a minimum rate of 75 cents' for  each 16 c. p. lamp installed. The next  offer was 65 per cent on a 75-cent-a-light  basis. The. proposition now before the  council is 45q)er cent, the city not to  lower its present electric light rates.  Former city council's had sufficient  backbone to stand tho company off, and  by doing so have saved the city not less  than $80,000. But the present council  ca mot see anything except the immedi -  ate requirements of a dozen or so of their  particular friends. The future interests  of the city are lost sight of entirely.  The ratepayers of Nelson are up  against it. They must now decide  whether or not they will enter into, partnership with the West Kootenay Power  & Light Company of Rossland. They are  forced to declare themselves by the action of mayor Fletcher and aldermen  Selous, Hamilton, Gillett, and Paterson. Thomas Madden was the only alderman present who stood out against  the deal, alderman Irving being absent in the cast. Probably, .it is just  as well that the ratepayers should have  a chance to tell these aldermanic weaklings what they think of them.  i  Does the Municipal Clauses Act give  the city council power to submit a bylaw for the purpose of taking the West  Kootenay Power &* Light Company of  Rossland into partnership to car.ry on  the business of municipal electric lighting? That is a question the courts will  be called on to decide before any by-law  will be submitted, and if necessary the  opinion of the Privy Council will be  had.   By the time that opinion is had  J  \  Walking with,such a'fcot sole on such a shoe sole, is like'  sleeping on a plank, instead of on a mattress? -  Cut open an', old shoe at its most comfortable stage, and you  "' will fijid'its insole shaped by wear/to bail and heel,'great toe, and  outer e<��ge.     ;   -.    -' , *"  '���'  /.   Yoti .will also find it burnt up and eaten, ,throu =;h accumulated '  l ' r ____________���# i _^__���_________ * *-'  "' sweat,'which must have gnawed the foo., when it so ate the leather.  The Rcsilia Sole, is placed between insole and outsole, instead  of the usual scrap leather filling*  It is an elastic spring centresolc, which collapses and shapes up  round foot-curves like an old shoe, the first moment it is borne upon.  -  The foot sinking into the sole, at the -very this the ball of the  foot spreads, makes the shoe a she larger inside, wheal the foot  needs most room. - ,  The foot lifting,' permits the insole and outsole to expand apart, and  in so doing they pump 'in fresh atr  -���through a hidden valve in the heel.  This fresh air circulating  through insole perforations,  around tlie stocking, keeps  the foot dry, clean, hardy  and healthy.  The Resilia Ventilating .ffi  Sole can be had only M '  in the $5.50  grade of that  Goodyear  Welted  leader.  KOOM WARED  On tha construction of the Arrowhead &  Kootenay railway In the Lardo district..  HIGHEST WAGES PAID  In  order  to  secure  men  wltliout  delay*  ordinary, labor "will be paid' |2.25 per day  and axemen J2.50 per-day.  '  GOOD STATION WORK ,*'  CAN BE SECURED.'   v ( 'jj  "The Slater Shoe  .-W-jyL-*_--_H-_ywia____-i____-  For   furtHer   particulars   apply   to   the  Nelson Employment Agencies 'or to  CARLSON & PORTER  ..     .      ., OONTRACTORS?,  WANTED.  Day and Station, Men  months' work.  All rock.  Wages $2.25 per day.  '^&!��'_H' _^#"    .���"'  &**- - %^S^^  _H2#���*  ���y<��'r-&fi\i  ~W^Wif'!!'  i?,V_     "  J. G. McLEAN,    Elko,  B.C.  TRANSFER CO.  MACLEOD, Manager.  of Teaming and Transfer  Work. ,  Agonts for Hard and SofD Coal. Imperial Oil  Coni7>any. Washing-Oii Brick, Lime & Alanu-  faclui-ing Company. General commerojal iiKonta  __d brokers.  All ooatr and wood Rtrictly cash on dollvory.  (ffilce 184 BaRer St.  TT-T/FiPHON*-. 147.  R. B. REILEY  aijCijESSOB TO H. D. ASHCROFT.  ROYAL SHOE STORE  Aberdeen Block, Nelson, B. C.  L. GOBBO-LT  (Successor to Lillie Brothers.)  BLACKSMITH AKD WOOD W0RKEP,  EXPERT HORSESHOEINC.  Special attention given to all kinds of  repairing- and custom work from outside  points. Heavy bolts made to order on  short notice.  W?P. TIERNEY  Telephone 265.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Mayor Fletcher and alderman SeloiiSj  and Hamilton and Gillett and Paterson  will bo once more private citizens.  Doctor Sinclair of Rossland seems to  be more powerful -with the Liberal administration at Ottawa-than W. A. Galliher, M.P., of Nelson. Is this because  tho doctor repiesents the Crow's Nest  Coal Company, while the local member  represents only the people who have,  votes. Money, and not votes, is all-  powerful at Ottawa. ?  Mayor Fletcher states that the electric lighting business of Nelson is not  a paying one. It is strange that the  mayor was not aware of that fact when  he was elected mayor.  HOM TEA  J. A. ISYM 4 CO.  The best in the market, In 1-2  pound and 1 pound packages.  Telephone 1C1.  50c a Pound  GROCERS AND PROVISION DEALERS, Houston Block, Baker S. reet.  ROSSI-rAJND   EINQirSEERIINQ   WORKS  - OUNLIFFB & McMillan  Founders,  Boilermakers  and Machinists.  ORB OARS, skips, cages, ore bin doors, chutes and general -wrougrht iron work. Our oro cars are  tbe best on the market   Write us for references and full particulars.      .    ,...__,'    . _.���_',,..  SECOND HAND MACHINERY FOR SALK.-One Moot Pelton waterwheel, width600feet, "8 tolfi*  spinal riveted pipe. One 10x5x13 outside packed plunger sinking pump. Rock drills, stoping  bars. Sco.. -tec _  AGENTS NORTHS!Y PUMPS. STOCK CARRIED.  P. O. BOX 19a    . THIRD AVENUE.  ROSS-LAND.  Office:   Two Doors West C. P. R. 0f_.ee  HEM'S I. UBSEBIES  APIARY /\ND GREENHOUSES  Greenhouse and Bedding out Planta.  Lowest   Prices.  BBH SUPPLIES. SHEDS, FERTILIZERS  Agricultural implements, fruit baskets  and crates, fruit i and ornamental trees,  bulbs for fall planting.  Catalogues Free.  8008 Westminster JKoad.  Vancouver  OLD PAPERS  Puitable for wap--  ping, 2_ cei-1. a hundred.   Apply at  TRIBUNE BINDERY DEPARTMENT  f,*>*r ���*��1"'-'T * 7 ���  T'ni"Jt;7r*yi::",m-in-  T| -H-f^"    iuj����*��i  -fv-     |IWi<1- *>#  -T1  THE  NELSON TRIBUNE,  TUESDAY  MORNING.,   OCTOBER  15, 1901  I  BAM OF HDKTHSAI  OAPITAL, aU paid up-..$12,000,000.00  Rjaga**  7iOoo.ooo.oo  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       42*7,180.80  >  Lord Strathcona aud Mount Rojal ...Pro_!donli  Don. George A. Drummond ...,..Vico-PrCbido_it  E. S. Clou a ton Genoral Managor  NELSON BRANCH     .  Corner Bakor and __oo_anay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Me.ao.ffor.  THE CANADIAN  BASK OF COMMERCE  Bi-anohuH in London (England) New York,  Chicago, aud all the prinoipal citietj ln Canada.  Buy and sell Storlinj.  Exchange and Cable  Transfers-  Grant  Commercial  and  Travelers'   Credits,  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issuod, Collections Mode, Eto.  Saving's Bank Branch  C-T-IRKNT RATH OB1 INTKRKST PAID.  BOTHA MAY BE CAPTURED  xtfn.ni wihch ia amalgamated  BANK  OP .BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD om ___:���- TORONTO.  -      ���      $8 000,000  -      ���      -   $2,000,000  ACCIUCATE RESOURCES OVER $66,000,000.  THE  Paid-up Capital,  Rotervo Fund,  ERIAL BA  0_EP    0_-^:__T____JD_A.  tt'^'^'^'^r^aS^ig&MsS  ff0'000*000**0'000'000*000*00  00'*&  Capital (paid up)  Rest  $2,600,000  $1,850,000  Hon.  Geo. A. Cox,  President.  B. E. Walker,  General Manager  London Office, 60 Lombard Street, ��1. O.  New Vork   0__o_, 18   Exchange   Place.  and 6_ Blanches in Canaua and the   .,  United States.  Boer General in a Tight Place.  NEW YORK, Octol-t-r 14���In explanation  of  statements  ot  some  of  the  , j London daily morning papers concerning the war in South Africa, the  London correspondent of the Tribune  cables as follows: "The Standard thinks  the Sriit&h troops have a good chance  of capturing general Botha. Veiy little  is known here regarding the movements  of the Boer commandant general since  the 1 ailure of his attempt on the Natal  liontier. His wagons, with an escoit  under Giobelaar,. have   been   detached  i and sent eastward Botha and, his main  body marched in the same direction for  t      Some time, only to find his retreat was  1 being cut oif by one ot the British columns, which was apparently, moving  parallel   with   him.   He   then  marched  :' clue north within a lew mile, ot Piet  Keliei', where he is believed to have  halted in a difficult and perilous position. He cannot break back to Zululand  or the Natal'irontior without throwing  'himself light into tho arms of his pur-  sueis. If he -.ocs north he will touch  Swansiland and will get into trouble  with tho warlike natives. He may possibly drift away towards tho west and  li.id a temporal y refuge in the passes  of rElandsbeig" On the whole, the  Standard considers the Transvaal army  is in a-tight corner. The Daily News, on  tno"other nana, takes' the" view tnat  ccneral Botha has got clear away.  \ 'LONDON, Octobei 14���A special dispatch from Capo Town says that owing  i    to the lcstrictions oi martial law the  *  pio-Boer South African News has been  obliged to suspend publication.  NEW YORK, October 14���Heavy  rains have temporarily interlcred with  communication between sthe columns  ln the field, s<*ys a Dundee, Natal, dis-  uatch to the Times. As was feared the  Boor foice in trying to make good ns  / ej.capo 'has melted into small groups.  Commandant generalv Botha and the  main . l.odv of burghers, accompanied l.y  ;..> thice'zcommandant'--, have reached Pon-  ���v*-*. solo'forest near .Lunenburg,* Tiansvaal  ' __      r  Another Card Up Bis Sleeve.  NEW YORK, October 14���Business  associates of Cecil Rhodes make no secret of their belief that the correspondence with Mr. Schnadhurst m regard  to the famous check for ��5000 forms by  no means the best card which the Gape  ex-premier has to play against his Lib-  cial opponents, says the Tiibune's London con espondent. They assert that  this sensation is nothing compared with  what will follow if Mr. Rhodes is fenced  to leply to the charges which are bsing  made against him. It is hinted that he  is in'a position to disclose the financial  relations between ceitain officials ot L_b-  e> al oi gamzations and Mr. Kruger. The  I-ibeials for Iheu* part believe Mr.  Rhodes endeavored to bribe Mi. Schnadhurst hy offenug bin: a present of a  ���"'number- of��� shares���of��� tho-Charterod-  <Con_pany of South Africa.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rate  three per cent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,   '  Manager Nelson Branch.  provincial jail, charged with the murder  of gunner Clmnick of the Royal Ai til-  lery Gill, who is about 20 years old, borrowed a rifle on some pretense and.going  to the canteen fired a shot which struck  Clinmck under the chin, killing him instantly. Gill said he intended the shot  for another man in the canteen.  HKAD  OFFICIO, TORONTO, ONTARIO.  Branches in Norths est Tcnltorlc.. Provinces of  Dntish Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  H. S. HOWLAND President.  D. R. WILKIE General Manager.  IS. HAY.. ...Inspector.  NELSON   BRANCH,  BUKNS BLOCK.  A goneral banking buolnoss transarted.  Savings Department,���Deposits received and  interest alio _ud.  Drafts sold, available in all parts of Canada,  United States and Kuropt;.  Special attention givon to collections.  J. M. LAY, Manager.'  The Question of Divorce.  SAN FRANCISCO, October 14���The  voto on the Huntingdon amendment to  section 4, canon 80, which excepts the  innocent party to divorce from remarriage, was defeated m the committee of  the whole of the Episcopal church convention by a vote of 155 ayes against  173 noes. The original section was then  adopted as it came from the house of  bishops, which had already passed it by  a voto of 182 ayes and 178 noes. The  question may now be referred by the  committee of the whole to the house of  deputies for final action.  A Four-Pound Nugget.  NEW YORK, October 14.���A solid gold  nugget, which weighs four pounds, was  brought over on the steamer Labretange,  which has just arrived here. It is m  charge ot P. A. Oscar,'who will represent  the Society of Mines at the Victoria  mineral exposition. It is called "Jumbo"  and was tound at Boulder Creek, British Columbia, near Chve lake.  are engaged in an unlawful business, as  they are now voluntanly deporting the  Chinese coolies transported across the  Pacific ocean who have been turned  back on the border. Tliis jnay have the  elfect of discouraging the traffic on the  western end of the northern boundary.  Whenever a corresponding impression  is mado on the Pacific Mail and other  transpacific steamship companies entering this port and carrying coolies in  transit to Mexican and Central American ports we may look-for a decrease in  the smuggling of Chinese across the  southern border. Our safety against the  cunning and persistent efforts of the  Asiatics to evade our laws depends solely  upon'the excercise of tho strictest official  vigilance. Nothing else will succeed.���  San Francisco Chroncle.  nnd   thence   to   the  Ho was overy wheu  Notes from the Orient  "NEW YORK, October 14.���The Shanghai conesrondent ot tho Tunes say_i  major Perira, an officer of brigadier gen-  ���eral A. G. Creagh's <"*tah. has completed  an interesting journey from Tai Yuen  Foo to Sian   Foo,  Yange  Tbe ri.ei.  well received.  Despite the teinb'e effects of the fan.-  ' ine'-' in the province of Shen Si and the  floods in the.Yang T.o legion, tho Cln-  ncso court appears detei mined to make  the journey to Kai Fong Soo as a splendid imperial progress, involving heavy  expenditure.    According to the opinion.  '   of native officials the court will winter  nt Kai Fong Foo and proceed to Pekin  in the early spring.        ���  The Schley Investigation  WASHINGTON, (.eve-rer 14���At 2:30  o'clock  the  government rested  In the'  .Schley court of inquiry and Nunez, the  Cuban pilot, was the first witness called'  hy counsel for admiral Schley. An inter-*  prcler was introduced with Nunes who  ��� cannot    speak   English.    The   witness  .said that on July 2(ith he advised ad-  jviral  Schley  that  he  did  not  believe  the fleet was in Santiago. He had se-  icurcd   positive   information   that; they*  wero on the fly from the Cuban, insurgents, with whom he had "communicatad  at admiral   Schlcy'fs instance.  At.. S; 50:  the court adjourned imtil tomorrow.,  y  An Obliging Detective. ?, . ?  T.ONDON, October 14.���Mr? Marl-ham,  M. P.. who has come into such prominence of late, in a recent speech at Kimberley made many statements of general interest, according to the London  correspondent of the Tribune. He said  that general Buller's international detective had paid him a visit-ami offered  "to give him valuable information about  the Transvaal secret service. The cie-  tectjve added that if Mr. Markham  'wanted any information.ho could manufacture it as .well as. anybody, but thh  offer was rejected.  ,       Shot the Wrong Man.  VICTORIA; October 14.���Harry Gill of  Jthe Boyal Engineers is a prlspner ia the  A .Reassuring Device.  v    li-S-NDON, October 14���Tho Pal] Mall-  Gazette   this   afternoon   says:    Orji.rs  have beeu received at Aldesshot to hold'  revery available man in rcassness to proceed   on   active  service    The   gainson  totals 29,000 men. .The above is mtei-  preted to mean that the government is  desirous  ��f  leassuring the  public  aud  not as foreshadowing a. demand for the  services of tho First A. my corps.  , A Toronto Man Abroad.  '  I ...was in-1 an   Intercolonial. Railway  Company's smok'er and a party of commercial travelers weie' spinning yarns.1  Tho-'talk drifted to horseflesh, as it is*  apt to do with men, and each fellow  told of some wonderful pieces of roadmg  that he had figured m.   Each one had  made a quicker   wagon   trip   than   his  neighbor, and finally one of the party  told how he had driven a horse from'  Moncton to Shediac, seventeen miles, m  torty-five minutes.   The paity was about  to subside, with the silence of admiration, when a well-known Toronto lawyer, who had been sitting a few seats  ahead? rose and came back to where the  eommeicial men were Seated.    *'I have  been listening to your truthful tales of  fast hoises, trotting anu roadmg," said  the man of the courts, "and it leminded  me of a trip some legal friends of mine  made many years ago.    It was before  tho railroad was constructed, and they  had to drive from Moncton to Dorchester on urgent business.   There were four  m the party, and they could only get a  single_ horse,    They left Moncton at 2  ���p7~mr=bn-a_Monday~afternoonrand~three'  hours later were at ttye court house in  Dorchester."   Evei ybody gasped and the  lawyer went quietly back to his seat.  One of-the commercial travelers absent-  mindedly looked at the lailway time table and noticed the distance from Moncton to Dorchester by rail was "seventy  miles.   Just as the tram was pulling into  Moncton, the lawyci o.ime back to them  again and said*    "Did 1 say that diive  from Moncton to Doi Chester took three  hours?"   "Yes," chorouscd. the indignant  traveling men.   "Well, _ intended to say  three days," and without a smile he resumed his seat.   And the party felt that  by making a similar allowance for each  man's horse stories the truth could be  arrived at.���St John (N. B.) Telegraph.  ?   Orientals Are Slipping In.  The activity of,the immigration bureau of the treasury department continues  to bring light upon devices employed by  Chinese coolies to evade the exclusion  law anj. slip into the country to enter its  industries in competition with free white  labor. -They are having some remarkable examples of Oriental cunning in  this respect in the east at present, where  a party of excluded Chinese is preparing  to make an attempt to cross the Canadian border garbed and mado up generally-to represent'Montreal monks.- On  the western* end of. the northern boundary a favorite plan" is to attempt to  smuggle across the boundary line disguised as Indians. The value of a successful evasion of the oxcluslon law is  shown by the willingness of tho Chinese  to spend from $10'0 to ?500 in the attempt  to. spend from $100 to. ?500 in the-attempt. They expect to get every cent  of it back, of course, and a handsome  profit besides, after entering the United  States.- Every one who succeeds in crossing the border afterwards recoups himself at the expense of white labor, whose  legitimate, field of occupation ho invades.  These bonuses: for unlawful entry nnd  passage money across the Pacific ocean  may be charged in every ease as a tax  which the sidled white workers of the  country miist bear in those industries  in which the Asiatics are.ootiipetitively  employed.  It is some satisfaction to learn that  the steamship companies whose home  porta-sire in Canada have at, last been  forced by the vigilance of the immigration authorities to recognize that they  - Chauncey Depew's Fiancee.  Evidently senator Depew is enjoying  being engaged, and his genial face was  wreathed in smiles as he answered the  soft impeachment.     ,  "Yes," "he said, "n's really true this  time. I am going to be married. Miss  Mav rainier is the lady who has done  me the'honor ,to promise to become my  wife, and really there isn't much more  to tell yet than just the bare announcement of the engagement. I have known  and admired Miss Palmer, for ,a long  time. I first met her, nine oi ten years  ago when she was staying at Vevay, in  Switzerland, with my cousin, the countess De Ser. You | know intimacies and  friendships"quickly ripen at such places,  where you aro riding or boating or  making excursions . all day long, and  vou get to know a person better in a  few weeks than in years of casual meeting about society. Since then I have seen  her every summer when I ,went to Paris"  to visit my cousin. Shetand the countess  are very warm friends ahd are very  much together, and," ad'ded the senator  with a laugh,"when I was over there I  --wasn't very far. off, either. In my opinion, of course, Miss 'Palmer is all that's  charming.-*' She has spent almost' her entire life ,abroad antj.has all-the adyau-  ,taies that a European __ training could  srfve hei*.-" She ' is very cultivated.-' Miss-  Palmer inherits her beauty, for her  (niother_was one of-the three Hermann  'sisters -of' New Orleans, .who were re-*  nowned for their loveliness. .Of the'  three Hermann sisters, one was married  to a Mr. Peyton of Virginia, one( is the  mother of Miss Palmer and the third  one became the wife.of Hall McAllistor,  a n.ted California lawyer and a bi other  of Ward McAllister.'Mrs. McAllister'is  the mother of the wife of representative Newlands of Nevada, renowned in  Washington society for her beauty and  accomplishments." ,  A Card Shuffling Machine.  A card shuffling machine has been invented by R. F. Bellows of Cleveland.  It should make business poor for crooked card-players.    The device is compli-  :A-COMP-LET-E-LINE-OF-  Front Doorrs  Ids.da Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  larui ani_ onwt;  Flooring  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds* ���  ir WB-T TOU WANT IS NOT IK STOCK  WE WILI. MAKE IT FOB TOU  CAI__ AND GET PRICSS,  ^S *-��__��� ^ ;*-__��-��_ iiS^-SiSl: _2________ ____._��__ ^_ ______:_��____. __^_^_K_____������_^ **������**'������*���*���*-���':  -^w. ���"������������� -^-B.-^^ay--��-_�����^*^-*^Ti^<K__. ��___-'-<-_������> -____���- _-__���-���___-  .__���_. ��____^__i_w ____-____. a��w_ _-__.____._____ ____.___��  ���^���,__-*.__*.^V,^.4_-/^j^*?S^.^.S^  w  m  (.v  Established in Kelson 1890  We Sell Wholesale and Retail,  Hurry Up and Ask for Prices  Our Christmas goods are arriving daily, and you have a  good opportunity to select from the latest up-to-date goods,  and you will find prices reasonable.      , rY _  We want your trade���send us your orders and we will do  the rest. " y  All watch and jewelry repairing guaranteed.       "   -  ' Mail.orders receive our prompt and careful attention. -  ''    ."  DOVER, "The Jeweler"  C. P. R.; Wateh Inspector,   ,        NfeLSON, B. c��  ft\p>>4  "���^���^  ���t:���s ��-��-Jzifftpi%&  _��___ *__!___ __________ <����__'_&.'42ZZ__'00,'0��i0'0 . v ������o..*^ _____ __as>'___. -____ v___-. -____> ��� ___���> ��� ���_.��^_*.��___����*W. -W. ���������-__. ���-.__ .w ____��___*.:  -___*������  -E__b"��3_B��'<9__��' <S^-��-SBi-* <8to----5_J__-?�����������-_��_�������� SB*- -^ -___-__- <��*__> --^B_. . 'BU- 0B> ^M�� -B__��>/0-> >���-���_> _^_B_a_B_ _a__S ___��.  _J_*�� ���___- ^^0m _  cated, yet simple in .its action.   "Card-  players who want   a fair   and   honest  game are enthusiastic in their praise of  my machine," says Mr. Bellows.   "They  say it shuffles cards more thoroughly  than, can-be done by-Tnind, and that it'  is impossible, for the "dealer to put -up  ,a hand, to suit himself.   I have exhibited the machine to a number of professional gambler's.    Some of the keepers  of gambling rooms told me they would  do all they could to prevent the machine  from being put in use, because it takes  away all the advantage which the dealer's vskill in shuffling cards gives to the  house.-, But when the ___ciune gets into  rooms where square games are played  'the fair .players will go there, and the  crooked rooms will.then be compelled  to adopt its use also."    The1 shuffling  machine is a metal  box  about  twelve  inches from back to front All the mechanism is inside.   The cards are dropped  in at the top and rest on a tiny shelf.  Below, this th^ere-are five small fingers,  one on each of five, thin steel blades extending across the full width of the ma-  'chine., When a shutter on the front "is  dropped the shelf falls and the cards  drop upon the blades and are separated  into' five little irregular bunches by the  fingers.   The blades separate and one by  one, the cards drop' from   the. various  bunches into a receptacle at the bottom,  the drop being regulated by. a clockwork  ���mechanism.   There is no way of telling  where any particular card will be found-  in the pack after they are shuffled.   The  same card, placed on the top of the pack,  will rarely bo found twice m the same  place after (the shuffle.   The machine is  intended not only for gambling rooms,  but? will also be useful at card parties,  where many ladies jare poor, dealers and  co^ip^isr^r  , OFFICE: BAKER STREET WEST^NELSOft B.C.  i *- 'j  i     o I  TELEPHONE flO, 219CP. 0. BOX 688.  shufflers.  1  BAKER STBEET, NELSON.  Lighted by Elect) .city and Heat-  ?<.  ed with Hot Air  Laige comfortable /bedrooms and flrst-  olass dining room. Sample roomt, for commercial  men.  tfATLS S2 PER DAY  rs.' ��. C. CiarKo, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary  H|add@n IfG^se  Baker and Ward  Streets,  Nelson.  J. L Sayward  fTAT.1. AND IikKK BTREETS. ITRtPOlf  BRANDY  DE LAAGE FILS & CO., XXX  COGNAC, possesses a delicious bouquet.  DE LAAGE FILS & CO. X X X X  COGNAC is mellowed by its great  age, and is recommended to con-  noiseurs, and for medicinal , purposes. - - ���'. ?���'-.- '.   .  SCOTCH  WHISKIES  THE   DISTILLERS'   COMPANY,   Ltd.,  Edinburg, the] largest holders in the  '"world of Scotch Whiskies. u  THE CALEDONIAN LIQUEUR SCOTCH  ��� Whisky is one of the leaders���try it  Agency for full stock at Victoria for  R. P. RITHET & CO., LTD.  Victoria.   E|.   C.  A.  B   GRAY,  Kootenay Representative  P. 0.3-Ox 521," Nelson-  The only hotel lu Nelson that has remained under one management since IS.u  The-bed-i oorni". '���V^well "furnlshed-and"  lighted by electricity.  The' bar is always stuc-B.. a  oy the best  domestic and lin polled liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  HOTEL   ROSSLATO.  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar a day  house iu town. House and furniture new  and first class in every respect. Lighted  by gas. Room and board $5 to ?G per  week. No Chinese employed here.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN. Proprietor.  SLOGAN JUNCT.0JJ HOTEL  ��� :        J. H? McMANUS, Maoagerl  GARBLE, BUILDING STONE, ??  BRICK AKD LliVjE ......  The   Mansfield   Manufacturing! Company  . have the above mentioned building ^materials -  s for sale at reasonable, prices.    Special'quota-;  ��� tions, to \buildef s [and ..contractors -for -large'  ��� orders.     \\   ,; J .^'   \-   _    : '���    ' \ y*r *���  l>  BERS BY MAIL ATTENDED TO PROMPTLY  ci Q*____P A TsT-V  OFFICE: < BAITER STREET WEST, JfE-SOJf, B. C.  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  :liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Large  comfortable rooms. First class ta.bl* board.  A. R. BARROWi A. M. I. C. E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner of Victoria and" Kootenay Streets  P.   O.--na-K 559. TELEPHONE, NO.' 95.  lOTHE SHABKHOLDERSOFTHK  IVJoIly Gibson  Mining Company, Limited.  NON-PERSONAL LIABILITY.  NOTICE IS HEREBY-GIVEN.lint an "Rx-xa-  ordinary General Meeting o�� the Shar. holders  of th's Company hns been called by the dircoMon  of lhe Directors 'o hb held at Hotel  Phair. In Nolson. T3T-iti<=h:. Columhia, on tho  23rd da-v of October. 1" 01. at the hour of  11 o'clock, a.m., to like Into consideration a  resolution authonziog tln�� Directors of thi. Company tn n>i_o the sum cf S^O.C'O .pon tho oredit  of the Company, and for the tinrpose of socurii'K  such loan and inf-er-"_t thereon, to chsrero tho  whole of tho ass. ts of (lie-Company, eilher by  way of Morto-nge or Trust Dncds and to issuo  Dobentures lob" ���ecu*ori by paid Mort#af.n or  Tru. t Deed . and antlu>n'siinif i.he Directors to  secii'-e suoh loan upon Mich terms and on such  rate of interest and re-payable at such time as  thev mar rlcfim advisabln.  AND FURTflKR TAK1. NOTICE, that another Extraordinary Goneral Mooting hns bncii  oalled to to held on the Oth dayof Novomh_r, 1S-.I,  at the same time nun* pliico nforesaid. for tho purpose of oonflrrninff tlie said foro-ni. ntionod ro*3'  olution, if samo should bo passod at tlie first  in_etiitK.  Dated at Port Arthur, Ontario, this Oth day of  October, A.D. iflOl  .Signed)  _  W. RAV. Preildcnt.  (Signod) H. A. McKIBBIN. Seoretary.  821 TO _3l'BA__ERST_U___r, NEI.S0N      '  MEALS 25 CENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy Steam 25 Cents to $1  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  '*������     J . PLANS  Go.  Head Ofpiok at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Markets at   Nelson,   Rosaland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silvortoi., Nev  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson  G^and Forks, Green-wood, Cascade Oiby, Mid  ���way,  and Vancouver.  Mall Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WnO___3..._E AND KKTAII.  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K, W. 0 BLOOK  WARD STREET  ORDERS BY MAU. RECEIVE PROMPT ATrENTION.  E. C. TRAVES, ManageF  to the^orenpon, at .the places aiid 'on'thP 'i '($&  AaA^_3 C?.1?w,,n'?' namely:.i   ...  -,,-':.-:*<-,��  lanTdO^niinOif���_t.0ldlen' ,8tfc.-<?ct*er. Ufivci^^  r-_.i.yor,?if ���Ya?c0. ver' '8th'-October, jimyZ.Z^k  Civil and criminal.   ,, , ���_- . .-,   ,.    <���_..   >-, '  ,- -,��S  City of Rossland, 8th> October^ 1901. .CivJi*A^  ��x. __ -. ��_-." *....--. x ���>.- - '- z^r.fz  nly.-  .   City   of  Revelstoke,  Civil and criminal. -  12th' October,sl&l&Cr'?$  a^d^rlminaf.'^"* ''15^h Prober,Zmrcty^^  L��.V^?'rnon- 17th Oct0ber;}l96l.^CivI.  -   -. ,'VT  ��-:  City   of  Civil and    1  By command  ISTOTIOE TO DELINQITElfT 00r0WNEE.^:H#  To. John J.  McAodrew'sror,'to any-vpolson',-*i'-"''4ill  or,persons to whom'he may hdve -ti-ana-v >.&*.,'  ferred.his interest In the Black^Diiimondi" >?��.;  mineial claim,'situate ��n the1 north t..dei     ��%��  pf-Bear.',creek,-about" three tmiles  from^--^ 'S-  the town of Ymir, lying soutli.of and ad-f"   f"  loinins the Evennig- Star^mineral clalro.!-^^  Nelson mining: division of West Kootenay,   ��� '*" '  district,   and   recorded  In   the  recoidor's'.  olllce for the Nelson mining*.divl.ion  ��.';'����- .,*V  You and each of;you are hereby, notifled r ';?.  Uidt   I   have   expended   two, hundred   andL,, i-  -J.?jT,?v   ,dol]aFs    anrt"   twenty-llvg ., cents ^S __ft*  (.212 _5)>in   labor  and  improvements  upon      -* 4  , the above mentioned mineral claim in oider,    .<��fti  to hold said mineral claim under the pro-'.', >N  v slons of the Mineral "Act. and If within  -   -^  ninety days from  the date of this notice   - -/3  you lctil or refuse to contribute your por- _..'_**  tion of all such expenditures together -with\ ���>'^"ft  ��"  costs of. advertising, your .interests in* J~  v,.*��  aH  the said claims will  become the property  of the subscriber under section 4 of an act  entitled,   "An Actl to  Amend  the  Mineral  Act, 1900 JOHN DEAN. ���  ^-Da.?_, at Nelson this llth day of Septem-    .. ,>.   ; i    -. -..�����  OEETIFIOATE   OP  IMPEOYEMESTS'^^IV  NOTICE-CITS*       MINERAL,       CLAIM.   '���', V_?Jf  Situate  in  the  Nelson Mining Division of. ��. ^  West Kootenay  District.  ���Where located: About one mile south ot  Nelson.  Take notice that I, Wiliam John Goepel,  Free Miner's Certificate No. 60 GyO, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply'  to the Mining Recorder for a Certilicate of  Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under section 37, mubt be commenced before  a-        f i ���J~ H  V_.1**?h|  'I'-'^i I  '    '  *__*���  ' 'fM\  *���-II  the   Issuance   of_  piovoments  Dated   this  16th  1901  such __C. rtlUcate_  day  Of  .Ill|.-.!-a&  of  August,   A.   D.  AV.   J.   GOEI'JEL.  OEETIPIOATE   OF  IMPEOVEMENTS:  jN(J11^i_���Nl.l.bU.N    .Ml.si!. UAL    S.I.A1M,  iituate  in   the Nelson  Mining Division  or *  We_.t   Kootenny   Dlstilct  H'heie located: About one mile south of  '.  Nelson.  Tdke notice that I, John Paterson, '  Jm-h _.iii-.i . Oi'ii'.inik Jsi> _i7.'i. Iiii^ml,  sixty days fiom the d ito hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certillcate  of Improvements, lor the purpose of ob-  taliimK il ( hum   i'i,rf,.t  of tti.  .-,1,-ni' el ilm.  And fui ther WJci*otIce tliat action, under Bcction 'XI, t?ru*\ t>�� roinmcnced before  '  the   Issuance   or   such   CertltlcatP   of   im- *��� '  provoments.  Dated   this   ICth   duv   of  August   A.   D.  1901. JOHN   rATi_RSON. ,  OEETIFIOATE   OF IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE. ��� MONUMENT MINEIum.  claim, situate In the Nelson Mining dm*  Ion of Wect Kootenay district. Where located: At tho head of Grohman creek on  Grohrnan mountain, Take notice that X.  J. M. McGregor, a4teig asaguni for titevo  Hawkins, fri>e mmer's ccrtttUsate No.  b50,-I35, and Louis Strnnd, free miner's certificate No. b.'VOML Intend sixty days- -rFom  the date here____B| apply to the mining recorder for a. awaWlcate of improvements,  for the purpose or obtaining a crown grant  that action unjer section 37, must be corn-  that action, Wled section 37, mi>.t be commenced befSM. the issuance of such certificate of HWC-ovements.  J.  M.  McGREOOR.  Dated this Ijttfe My of Augru.t.  mot.  r 'i,,}  . i*  . /?  r-'IP.  . *���_ I  - Ml  IrrioE.  ���vVebeKfo notify the merchants and bueines  men of Nolson thnt we have P-irch.sed tho hnpi  n>:s.. and good wi'.l of the Pacific Tranpfer Company, which it is.our Intention of incorporating  with the business of tho Nelson Freighting &  Transfor Company, we remain yours  R. H. -WILLI A MS.  Manager Nolson F. & T. Co  NOTIOE.  NOTIOF. is hereby given thnt I intend to imply  at tho noxt pitting of the Board of Lie. ��co Commissioners for tno City of Nelson.' to bo held  after the expiration of thirty days from the dato  hereof, fo' a.transfer of the ictuil I'qunr licence  now held bv me for the premises'bIciihio on lob  1, block 12. Bakor streot, Nelson; and known as  the "Athabasca" saloon, to Norman 'P. Mnclcod,  of Nelson. P. J. RUSSELL.  Witno.8: J_s. O'Shea.  ruted t��-ls 27'h day ot September, 1901.  NOTIOE.  NOTICE i. horoby given that I intend to ��pply  at tho next sitting of tho Board of Llcenso Com-  iniwjIonorR for tho City of Nelpon to bo he'd at  1 ha expiration of t hirty days from the dato hereof,  for a transfer of tho Retail Liquor Licenco now  hold by me for;tho preruisFOS known n�� tho  llodeca Saloon, situate on tho cost half nf lob  nine (!*). in block one (1). in the paid City of Nelson, to William Waltusloy and Ed wind C. Dav  id. on, both of tho said City of Nolfon.  Dated thi3 Uth day of September. 1901.  W. G. ROBINSON-  Witnkss: E. C; Davidson Kr). *W-tfi J_ *��J��_   -HW* k4*o.A .mm. -c  THE NELSON TRIBUNE,  TUESDAY MOKNING,  OCTOBEK  16, 1901  _?  ��*>  l_(  _<  .</  ��5<  Ml  Ml  til  iii  Ml  \b  \u  Mi  Ml  Mi  tli  w  Mi  . ui  Mi  \ii  fit  Mi  Mi  vi  ��.  ii.  DAMP WET WEATHER SOUSES SOLOS  l�� * C-S- * * * ** * *** j-5- ** * * *Z-$ *******************************$���  -P--  ft  1>  if.  ft  T<  ��.  m  ����*��  '***  i>  ft  -.  **���  .*���  t**-  <��������  *.  TEETZEL'S SYRUP OF WILD SHESfJY,  8PBUGE AND TAFJ CURES THEM    "  OHLY TWESTY-HYE GE/.TS PER BOTTLE  ���    -       -���   ������-          ���  ���  ������  ���-       ������ ���-���   ������-���----���-���������������������   ���                  ���    . ������    ���.��� ������,  S W. F. TEETZEL & CO.       NELSON, B.C.  -^iS-5���_!-_* -33-3 -i-3-3 -2 ->���  53-53-25353-s*-_-_*-_(-93-9-933949-334 -33-9 -3-3S-3.3-3 ******  ft  ft  t>  *.  lit  ft  ft  fl*.  m  .��  *.  4"  CITY AND DISTRICT.  The withdrawal  oE William  Cannon  Irom   th"   partnership   of   the   Nelson-,  irom    in"   pa-ind-snip    o_   mo    i.eison-y  suooiing. i ana my neignoors on eiU-Oi-  Bnok Mamuactunng Company has boon  Spide, McGuire and Gray, do not allow's.  legistcred.  A. l-'erlantJ will continue his clearance  sale until the end of the present month.  Uo says ho is getting iid ot stock fast  and should have it all cleared out oy  the end of the present.month.  1  Having added to my stock a large  .range of Youth's, Boy's and Children's  clothing,  I am now prepared to offer  to the public the best variety of these  'goods ever shown in���Nelson.  Everything is hew and up-to-date  and are soiling at the very lowest prices.  Intending purchasers will do well to  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher. r .  :&'  ���*----  217 and 219  ���. * ' ''Baker Street  Cs  V ...    iJ-~..0��_&.e".��''<'**''0'l'!''i*''.0*'.i*'>i.*.0>r.4*' fi*,0.0.f*>.?*.tf . 0__\l_WW_.tS!.  *�����*% _.   _. w  &'&M  t&'i-vm  ew.-'.*1!''  fizMtoi  WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING IN  to  to  fte*  -v-A^'l-,     <  *-*��__--.���*"' -  trZrtj$fZ��'  Georgo Stanloy Kellaway has left for  Winnipeg on a purchasing trip for the  Hudson's Bay grocery department. Mr.  Kollaway was accompanied by Mrs. Kellaway and family who will remain east  for the winter.  Finch & Campbell, the mining mon  who lost close upon ?900 by the defalcation of William J. Magnier, received  $725.05 back from the registrar of the  court yesterday. The uilferencc represents the amount that Magnier got  away with before he was arrested in  Vancouver.  The body of the late Harold J.  Strachan will arrive on this evening's  train from Spokane. It will be conveyed  to the residence of his parents*- on Robson street. The funeral service will be  hold m the Baptist church tomorrow  afternoon at 2 o'clock, from which the  body will be taken to the city cemetery  for interment.  which was not then within ten days of  being ripe, by seme parties unknown,  but suspected. They were camped not  very far off. But the worst, evil is the  hooting. I and my neighbors on either  shooting on our properties, as the priv  ilege   has   hitherto, been   so   greatly  abused;    but a   new   evil   has   arisen,'  namely, tho shooting from boats toward  tho shore at ducks or marks. There has  been a good deal of this quite lately  with rifles, the result of which within  the last week has been the death of.  three horses, including; a fine sixteen-;  months-old colt; whoso dead bodies add  immensely "to the enjoyment   of   those'  whose business or pleasure may take  them to the meadow or its neighborhood.  Do you not think that the ever-shortening hours of labor demanded by the  legion of the unions is to a great extent  to blame for a largeN portion of the annoyance that all of us who are residents in the country districts have to i  suffer from  our fellow  "white men?"  "Satan  finds  some evil  work for idle  hands to do;" so I was taught as a boy.  Chinamen    and   Indians   give   us   no  trouble,   they   know   how   to   behave.  Some day instead of a horse being shot  it will be a man. Yours truly,  CHARLES W. BUSK.  NELSON. B.C.  KASLO, B.C.  ESTABLISHED T892  SANDON, B.C.  HIGH ORE m GOON GREEK  . WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE STOCK OF c- . '  PICTURE ?AND-RObM-���M6'ULDIN"GS 'AND ARE NOW;READY TO  '  /   r RECEIVE'ORDERS^FOR PICTURE FRAMING.    - -  1  to  .to  m  if*.  Applications for registration as provincial voters aie now.coming into tlie  oflico of the collector of .votes for the  Nelson riding at a lively rate, an even  fifty applications being received yesterday. Those who desire to have then-  names on in time for the next court ot  revision must have their applications  in by Saturday next.  J. H. Matheson returned on Saturday  from a trip east He saw the yacht race  from the deck of an excursion steamer.  He did not, however, get close enough  to either Columbia or Shamrock to see  the fine work that their crews did. When  on the trip Mr. Matheson attended the  annual meeting of the Journeymen Barbers of America. He says that an at-  tempt-will be made to secure legislation  in this province requiring barbers to  pass an- examination -for competency.  Such a law is m force in several of the  states, and it is claimed it has resulted  in good.to both the working barbers  and the men that they work on.  ^b-.j-X    '^&.^.*^.^.--m,'*^.*^.-*^.^.*!>..'^.-^.'^.'^.'*^.*^.^.^.'^*'^.^-'**.>*%.*m\.-^��'^,^.'*j0 -  &>*���"      \.-��.   fiS .^'0. *J. **���**��� 0'0'0.,20'iir-'00'0'in) '*>'.jM-*d- **'rBI'MS>'00,00  Zix r.  "600D.CHEI  IS AID KA2ft.ES  Michael Smith, the man arrested at  West Robson by provincial constable  Forrester, was set at liberty by judge  Form-- yesterday.. Wlien Smith wai  brought before his honor;' W. A. Galli-  her. announced that, he had communicated with the attorney-general of the  state of Washington and,had received a  reply to the effect that it was not the  intention of the state * to , institute extradition proceedings. _ Smith was  charged with the theft'" of something  like $800 fiom Frank O'Brien, a rancher  residing two miles from the Republic  mming camp. ;A considerable sum of  money-.\as found on Smith/at the time  of his-arrest, jwhich, it is .understood,  will find its way back to the Washing-'  ton state authorities.  We are��� in the market .again this season'^with this line of  Stoves.' After handling them for a number of years we are  convincEd ithat they are 'the only? Stoves that -give  'ABSOLUTE- SATISFACTION.  ��� . _ 1���  i  'Call and see our large and complete,line.  LAWRENCE. <;HARD.mA_RE   CO.  i   ', "importers and Dealers In Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  WHOLESALE LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  A COMPLETE Llj.E OF C/\NADI/\_ /\ND IMPORTED LIQUORS.  Eainer Ssattlo) Beer in pints aad quarts.    Dogs I_ea��� Ale and Stout in  pints and quarts.   Kola "Wine, the best Temperanoe drink.  Our Special Canadian Kye in 5s and 6s.  Dawson's Perfection Scotcli Whiskey,       Granada puro Havana Oigars.  ...���(I Cf tu, c ..*]] ;* i f( j jncts.Oards and Pokor Chips,  Agents  Brunswick-Baike Gollender Billiard  Tables and Supplies.  ^Mu_rj_vfl��*v��*��i^y-|uy-W.M_-^^  /  T  Work on .the Beati ice mine in the  Lardeau, the two-third, interest, in  which was bonded. recently from the  Boucher, Brothers f is now well under?  way. 0. J. Boucher of tbis city has received word that, superintendent .McNeill,' who has charge of the work, has  now a force of ten men at work drivj  ing a 500 foot tunnel which is calcu**-  lated to\tap tKo ledse'at that depth.  The.lessees of the property expect*to  ship'500 tons.of ore this winter. This  ore will be shipped in tho name of the  bank, as under the terms of the bond-  the proceeds from all shipments over  the co. t of mining, freight and treatment are to be aprlied upon the purchase price of $50,ono for the Boucher  interest. The. first ..payment on this  amounted to ?1600.  TELEPHONE 39.  P. O. BOX 527.  X-X-vriT-  CHARLES HILLYER, President.  HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  Nelson Assize Court.  The-Nelson assize court will open_ln_  the court house this, morning at 11  o'clock Mr. Justice Irving presiding.  T'hcre is a very light criminal list, so  that it" will'not'be long before the civil  cases are proceeded with. The criminal  cases consist of Rex vs. Rowlan and  Bloomfield, the two Nelson men charged  with tho robbery of a Swede a few.  months ago on Hall street, in which the  Swede was relieved of a few dollars in  silver; Rex vs. Forbes tho Slocan assault case; and Rex vs. Barrett, The  Howser case in which the prisoner-Js  charged with forgim. a time check of  Carlson & Porter, the contractors in  charge of the construction of tho Lardeau branch. Deputy-attorney Maclean  will conduct the prosecutions. The  grand jury will bo composed of the following: G. O. Buchanan, Kaslo; Hugh  R. Cameron, Ilonry B. Croasdaile, Richard W. Bay, Henry J Evans Arthur  Ferland, Arthur G. Gamble, Robert R.  Hedley Charles Hillyer, William Irvino.  James M. Lay, and Thomas AT. Ward,  of this rity, and George W. Richard**���  of Rossand;   Nelson  Mining Division Record;?.  Certificates of work wore issued yesterday to Robert G. MeLeod, on the  Monarch, Copper King and Shandon  Bells; John Morgan on the Black Bear,  O. A. Lovell on the Little Nell, and to  Philip White on the Warwick.  The new location.-; recorded were: Mil-  rose, on the east side of the north fork  of Salmon, by Alexander Coutts and J.  Moiribcn; Edwaid So\cnth Fractional,  north of Wild Horse creek three miles  from Ymir, by John Dean; Texas girl,  on Bear Gulch, two and one-half miles  cast of Ymir, by Archie Giliillan; Ilh-  noy, at the head of Coon creek, about  four miles south of Yellowstone mine,  by John Waldbeser.  In Vicinity of the Yellowstone.  Nelson men who have returned from  a prospecting- trip over that section of  country lying between Lost and Sheep  creeks say it would be hard to exaggerate the importance of the recent gold discovery made at the head of Coon creek  last week by Godfrey Birtsch. .The Ore  Hill, the name of the first location made  by Birtsch, is near the summit of Coon  creek and about a mile from the Yellowstone mine. ^On this claim "the ledge  crops out strong, ��� showing a width of  close upon eight feet and it has been  traced in a superficial way through the  Queen group,��_the Yellowstone and the  Yosemite. This portion of the lead was  pretty well covered by prior locations,  but from the Ore Hill, 'right over the  summit' and clear to Lost creek, the  ground'has been staked. Adjoining the  Ore Hill is the Sunshine, located in the  name of George McFarland, and overlapping the summit'is the Devlin group of  two claims, bwffed by 'James AlcDonald,,.  DuncanvMcArthur',and J. G. Devlin.  ���The news* of the find has been very  gratifying to a number of Nelson meu  who are interested in the propeities in  the same ' neighborhood; The Queen  group will--probably be benefitted the  most by the-discovery, as the'Birtsch  discovery is said to ue' easily traced  through the-four-claims in the group/  This is owned by John A. Turner and.  William Waldie. ' The Yosemite group,  thrpugh which'.tl.e_Birtsch ledge is also,  said to-run, ,is owned by Thomas Ben-*  nett and- E. T. H.> Simpkins.  Little if any-work has been done upon  the Oro Hill as yet.��- The earth has been  stripped off the ledge, which shows up  to~a uniform width of eight feet. The  ledge is entirely filled with quartz and  as there .is considerable gold showing  m the quartz it would be possible to get  almost any assay desired. .The rock is  free milling,'so that the find promises  to. give-its discoverer, a good return. Its  chief importance is in the attention  which it will secure to a great* many  other claims in the same neighborhood.  There are scores of these that have good  showings, but so far their' owners have'  failed in their elforts to enlist the capital necessary . for their 'development.  Men who are familiar with the section  pf, country lying between the Sduth Fork  and-Salmo, and from the Salmon to the  summit, all agree that there" are finer  showings within its boundaries than can  be presented in the Lardeau or any other  known portion of the province. ��� This  covers a section 10 by 15 miles and is  reached easiest from Salmo. The Yel-  lowstono is the only producing property  in this area, but as tne Yellowstone is  a very, close. corporatioi__it_is.uiot-^ok  TO SPC.RTSMEN.    , Z-.x: r'-Z.-    .. -,;..; ? >..  We have the finest assortment, of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition ever received  n Kootenay.  Mauser, Winchester, Martin, Savage, and Stevens Rifles.   Winchester Smokeless and  Savage Carbines.   Ask to see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequaled  for simplicity, accuracy and effect.  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  Blowers,   Exhausters, ^Hand   Shaft  Pumps,  Pipe and  Fittings Steam   Packing, "Leather and  Rubber Belting, Hose, Etc.   Agents for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton Steel.  seen of the royal party was for a couple of hours at Hamilton, whicli thoy  were compelled to leave before the  close,of the ceremonies. After leaving  Hamilton the train on which they were  on came through direct to Toronto and  loft for the east ten minutes later. The  royal party paid visits to Brantford and  Woodstock after( leaving Hamilton, arriving, here at 7:30 and leaving at 7:50  for Belleville, dinner being served while  the train was here. Press men talk of  a protest to the governor-general.  Imperial  (Formorly known as tlio Silver King)  This hotol, in tho central part of the city, has  been entirely renovated and improved.  The commodious bar is supplied with all the  best brands of liquors, w ines and cigars and is  under tho personal management of Mr. J. O.  Naisnrith. - ,  The dining room and restaurant are conducted  on tlio European plan, and those and tlio hotel  accommodation aie under the jn.inaffcm.nl o��  Mrs. Gorman, whoso'largc experience is a giuu-  antcc of tho comforts of the hotel.  All.who are interested in the welfare  ot the Independent Labor Party are invited to attend tho Annual Meeting at  the Miners' Union Hall on .Tuesday evening, October _5th, at 8 o'clock sharp,  for the election of officers and the trans-  faction of other business.  t WALTER R. KEE, Secretary.  BULBS  FOR  FALL~ PLANTING  '      W.NTER^  of JMels'oh'  Havo just j eccived 3,000,000 feet of Ior-- from Idaho, and we ai o p'cpir. d to cut fhe !nrge_fc bill  of tlmboi' of nny (I_t>c.j<>- -im or lengths. Kslhuatea given at, any tuue. Tho Uigcft, htock oi s_. h,  dooi., and znouldinga iu Kcotci. ty.  -COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND  OF_nCJE AND YARDS: COBNEE HALL AJMD FBONT ST___.1_T&  Trespassing-  KOKANEE CREEK RANCH, October  14.���To the Editor of The Tribune: By  way ol sequel to my letter of a few  weeks a.o with regard to trespassing  on tnls anu n-iJoining properties, will  you allow me to acid a few more lines.  On the last public holiday, "Labor Day,''  some half dozen of my plum trees were  entirelj   stripped   of  aU   tlieir   fruit.  much use to the section for advertising  purposes. Its mill is going steadily, but  practically nothing leaks out as to the  returns received from the milling. Report has it that the gold brick representing the last month's run was twice the  size of that of the previous month, but  further than this nothing is known. A  'recent strike was made on the Yellowstone, however, in the shape of a new  ledge of galena. This cropped out on  the surface and a little work performed  upon the showing demonstrated that the  new find had a width of three feet. As  all the galena in this district carries  gold the discovery is regarded as important.  Among the other claims in this sec-  lion that are likely to come to the front  aro the Gold Queen and Gold Reef. These  claims cross Sheep creek about a mile  north of the Yosemite. They have a  good strong lead from which sample assays taken across the entire width gave  a return of ?C in gold without a shot  being put in. The Prince and King Edward are the names of two other claims  on the same creek that offer good inducements for fuither work. They are  owned by W. Hippei-son, T. -P. Mclntyre,  and J. G. Devlin and are near the old,  Jacksonville townsite. They have a very  wide ledge, from which an assay of $3  in gold was secured, but along the foot  wall- there is'a streak of ore which has  given assays of 6G ounces silver, and 5.3'  per cent copper, or ?45 in all. This property-is, being prospected by means of a  tunnel, wliich is now in 60'feet and 25  feet more to go to strike the ledge.  The Headland, group, owned by the  Bennett Brothers, and the Nevada group,  owned." by Robert Reeves and Fred  Adie?have also good showings, but sufficient work has not been done upon  them to determine their worth other  -than as showy prospects. On the former,  there are two four foot ledges, one carrying bromide of silver which assays  $40, and the second galena assaying $38  in all values, while on the Nevada'the  owners have a six foot ledge which is  said toy average $14 in gold.  Press Correspondents Indignant.  TORONTO, October 14.���Press correspondents who are accompanying tne  royal party are in a most Indignant  frame of mind. They left Niagara this  morning ^nd since then all ,tiey  had  We'have-a variety; of very'  , "pretty*" patterns, in sterling  silver-souvenirs in the foi-/  lowing  "'   useful. . -articles���"  Berry Spoons, Tea'Spoons,  Coffee '   Spoons,      Paper"  Knives, Book Marks, Desk  ||  Blotters,     Pomade'    Jars,  Pocket-   .Knives,;,    Cream  Ladles, Sugar Sifters, and  a number of other articles.  BROWN'BROS  Opticians and Jewelers.,    \  BAKER STREET NELSON '  SPRI-VG  FLOWERiiMG.-  . if?******************.**.*2^  IH. H. PLAYFORD & SO.  MADDEN   BLOCK  NELSON.  -._  v.  f��  9  9  f��  lit  ft  '1**  .<  9  Mi  Mt  Mi  CIGAR-?"  tb  CANADA DHUC JS.BOOK GO,  ,Kr-W_-C. Rluck.x    , CiorrmrWard and Bailor Kt_  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES * i     -^  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES    . r-  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  ���  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES ] , '     '  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  ' '  GANONG'S FANCY CANUTES  - GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  * THEY ARE THE,BEST  . - i  - .  You can get theiia at*  mm OUT OF BUSINESS  AUCTION SALS  OF  DRY GOODS     GE/.TS' FURNISHINGS  BOOTS & SHOES   HATS SOAPS  Our next auctlon'sale will be held at 8 o'clock on  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1Sth.  Balcer strp��--.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT' THE   MANHATTAN.  AT   THE   MANHATTAN.  AT   THE   MANHATTAN.  "s  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT   THE  AT -THE  As I intend closing my business here  the end of this month all goods will he  sold at private sale regardless of co..t.  Black all-wool cashmere, regular  price 73 cents, now 45 conts.  Black all-wool cashmere, regular  price 50 cents, now 30 cents.  Velveteens, regular price 75 cents,  now 40 cents. *���   -  Ladies' linen oollars, ��� regular price  20 cents, now 12y2 cents.  Ladies' cloth jackets, rogular prico  $15.00. now $10.00.  Ladies' cloth jackets^ regular prico  ?7.50. now ?4.50. -  All colors Cortecolli " crochet'' silk  spools at'20 cents. - ,    .  Come and get "bargains before it is  too lato. -  -.A".-FERLAND'  NELSON OPERA HOUSE  THURSD'AY, OCTOBER" 17;,1901  (Under (ho ans-ico - of tho   Nolson  ; Operatic Society.)  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  !AT THE MANHATTAN.  ^TOBACCO���AND  U. MERCHANTS. $  <n 9  ft   f\  9   9  9 9  $ P. O. Box 637. Telephone* 117. J  %. -   ' " $  f**********************^  Porto Slice. Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  CO l-NKR Ol.  HENDRYX AND V_.KK.OSr BTK._i.T_.  )\xgn an  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  ���uldirigs  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  Stock,.  We' carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order -work will receive  prompt attentiosi.  The   Manhattan  JOSEPHINE STK1.KT  -ALL-TI. E-B_.*ST_ BRA. 1 CS���  LIQUORS7 AND   CICARS.  -a. 9***** $*-3*-5*************i  Porto Rico Lumber GcLtd.  TREASURY STOCK FOR SALE  .20,000, shares ROYSTON GOLD MINES,  Ltd. This is a good time to buy, as these  shares will advance in the near future.  20,000 shares of IMPERIAL MINES,  Limited, at 5 cents. For a fe*w days only.  10,000 shares LADREAU VALLEY  MINES, Ltd., at 15 cents. These shares  advance 5 cents'on the 1st of October.  FOR STYLE,  FINISH AND  PRICES IN  MILLINERY,  ETC., CALL  ON   MRS.  E.  Mclaughlin, west  BLOCK, BAKER   ST.  iH^*****.***.***"***.********&  ������_.  Mi  Ml  W  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  \ti  Mi  Mi  Ml  ti  th  \'i  t'n  (ti  Ml  Ml  tli  til  Mi  tii  (4.  \0  l-  11/  ._  \>J  Mi  Mi  tb  til  Mi  w  Ml  'il  til  t\i  til  _<  Mi  Mi  U.  (��i  Si/  SPECIAL SC>N��$n. AND G0ST_i\.B  Reserved   Seats 75c and  $1.00  Admission 50 cents.  Plan open today j_Io__ny) n.1,11 a.m. afc McUon-  ald's fruil. s.oi-o, Uakdi- streo.   .  ft  KOOTENAY  -     COFFEE CO.  *S*****************.*****.  Coffee ..pasters  Deaiurs In y8a an[j QGffe0  ** ���*_���_*. 9****S************** _  "Wo aro o.N. rinf. at 1 o\.c��t prJoon tho hesfc  gr.vdod o (Joylou, Iruliu, China* and Juana  Toae.  Our Bpr. , "aicchn anil J,\vn Coffeo, per  pound $.40  Mocha and Java .Oi-inl, 8 pounds    ] ou  Cholcu JJlOJul Cofi-O, l .lOUHtlB     1 IXI  Special .".nd CoitVc, �� pounds    J Wl  liio ..lend Coll'io, 0 po-niila    1 0_  Special Blond Coylon 'i ua, per pouud     SO  A TRIAL 0I.Di-H SOLICITED,  Por particulars of above apply to  REGINALD J. STEEL I  fc-r-rS-S- **** ** *** **���* ****** *?��  I ARTHUR    GEE ;];  * ftlERCHAKT TAILOR /.  tii 9  U�� LADIK^'fTAILOR     .        BAKKR ft  Mi MADE SUIT-S.        STIUSEf J.AST.- 'J1  *Si******** *************$*  _r__-_S___ffl-R ;& ���0.  BUM "WEBS AND BOTTLBBa 0*  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  KOOTENAY GOFFEE 00.  Tsle phono 177.  P, 0. Box 182.   .  WEST BAKES STREET, NELSON.  JWAJ.  ii _s  IS  B  1MB  Agents for Trout Lake Addition.  (Bogustown)  Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the park,  And J. & J. Taylor sates.  These safes can be bought from us on  two year's time without interest.  f0.fi     I _  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.  Official Broker. Nelson,  Prompt and regular delivery to the trade.  'j BREWERS.   AT __B��jSO_.  NOTICE  On and after this date, positively no*  Lethbridge Gait Coal will bo delivered-  except when paid for in advance.  W. P. TIEBNEZ?  Nelson, pctober 8tht IS01. j


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