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i ./
The plan for thc Chimes of Normandy
this evening opens at McDonald's fruit
store  at  11  o'clock  this  morning.
Nell Gething of Slocan arrived in--N«lson
yesterday. Rumor has it lhat he has another deal on for some Slocan property in
which   he  is  interested.
T. A. Traves and Miss Maud M. Brooks
of Victoria were married on Thursday
evening* by Rev. J. H. White. The ceremony took place at tho residence of E. J.
WASHINGTON,  December 13.—Mr.  Hep-
. burn said after the meeting* that he would
push  the bill  in  the  houso as one of  the
; first  measures   to  be  taken  up' after  the
. holidays. The unanimity of tho committee
,   today was gratifying to the friends of the
'canal measure. Mr. Adamson, a Democrat
from Georgia, moved to report the bill and
the entire Democratic membership of  the
committee voted for the bill. Mr. Adamson
Is coroperatliig  with  Mr.  Hepburn on  the
floor of the house with a view to securing
'united'action when the measure comes up.
The iroiiburn  bill  as  Anally  agreed   upon
, and reported today is as follows:
-  Section 1.   That    the    president .of    the
United States be and is hereby authorized
,,to acquire from  the states of Costa Rica
a'nd -Nicaragua   as   much   territory   for   a
right-of-way as may bu desirable and necessary,  on which  to excavate,  construct,
and" protect   a   canal   of   such   depth   and
capacity as will be sufficient for the movement of ships of-the greatest tonnage and
draught   now   iu   use,   from   a  point   near
Greytown, on the Carrineah sea, via Lake
Nicaragua,   to   Brito," on   the ' Pacific,   and
> such sum as may be "necessary to secure
such control is hereby appropriated.
Section 2. 'That when  thc president has
secured' full  control  over  the  territory  In
section  1  referred  to,   he  shall  direct  the
secretary of war to excavate and construct
a canal and waterway from a point on the
Carribean sea,  near Greytown, by way of
Lake Nicaragua, to a point near Brito, on
the'Pacific ocean.  Such canal  shall be of
sufficient capacity and depth as that it may
be used by vessels of the largest tonnage
and greatest draught now in use, and shall
be-supplied  with  all  necessary locks  and
other appliances to meet the necessities of
vessels  passing  from greytown   to  Brito,.
and  the  secretary  of. war  shall construct
'    such safe and commodious harbors at the
!  "terminals  of  said  canal  an^'-such  provis-
'    ions for defense as'may be*?>ecessary for.
■    the safety "and pro tectlon^of'said canal and^
harbors. -   '   ^..nf£f,^>.    -"
'.   -gfefcdon B."- That, the-president, shall cause
'.    such surveys as may be necessary for said
' canal and ,harbors, and in construction of
same may employ such persons ns he may
deem necessary.      -' *
Section   4.   That- In   the   excavation   and
. .construction   of   the   said   canal,   the   San
Juan  river and-Lake.. Nicaragua,  or such
'   parts of 'each  as may: be made available,
.   shall'-be used..
Section 5. That in any negotiations with
the 'statosof. Costa-Rica or Nicaragua the
president may have, the president is authorized to guarantee to such states the
use.of said canal and harbors upon such
terms as may be agreed upon for all vessels owned by said states or citizens thereof.
Section 0. That the sum of, $10,000,000 is
hereby appropriated out of the money of
the treasury not otherwise appropriated
toward1, the project herein contemplated,
and tho socretary of war is further hereby authorized to enter into a contract or
bo deomed necessary for the proper excavation, construction, defense, and completion or said canal, harbors and defenses,
to be paid for as appropriations may from
time to time be hereafter drawn on warrants signed by the president, not to exceed in the aggregate ;iSO,000,000.
- Copper Companies at Out?,
LONDON, December 1.1.—The directors of
the Rio Tlnto company have been meeting
here daily,". though quite informally, since
the copper crisis became acute. A reporter
of the Associated Press was officially informed after today's meeting thnt whatever agreement that may be arrived nt
now lies entirely with the Amalgamated
Copper Company of New York. The Rio
Tinto Company hns made All the propositions which it Intends to make, but so
far. has received no Indication of the action the . Amalga.rnp.ted, Copper Company
proposes to ,'take. A feeung prevails that
the  conditions' will  not  ne  altered  In  the
- immediate present. The Pall Mall Gazette
says   that   if   Mr.   Rockefeller   has   really
.thrown down the gauntlet to the Rothschilds, which the paper thinks improbable,
'there can be little doubt.of the Rothschild's
victory. The Pall Mall," Gazette adds: "The
Rio Tinto company is in a position to re-
; gard  with   equanimity  a. further  drop   of
■'■ twenty shillings per ton,1 but not so the
Standard Oil Company,- who have to consider a-;, general smash df the American
market." Rio Tintos fell three-eighths at
the opening today, but subsequently regained this and slightly improved on last
night's price.
Daly s Weirs Win a Theater.     _
LONDON, December 13.—The house of
lords today unanimously decided the case
for the possession of Daly's theater here
.'in favor of the Daly estate. Newton Crane,,
who Is cqunsel for the Daly estate, said
today that the decision hot only gives the
Daly heirs, possession of the theater, but
awards ' them 'about $20,000 accumulated in
Court as their share of the takings of the
"San Toy" play. *
,     ,; Rumored Copper Reduction
NE»W YORK, December 13.—It is reported
in Wall street today that the so-called
copper combination had reduced the price
of copper from 17 cents to 15 1-2 cents.
Official confirmation of the reduction was •
Unobtainable, . ._! .j .._'i
.Tames Hogan was arrested by the police
yesterday upon a charge of non-support,
which was preferred against him by his
wife. The case will come up in the police
court this morning.
There was but one document recorded at
the Nelson record oflice yesterday. It was
a certificate of work which was issued to
Edward Peters in respect to the Comstock
mineral   claim.
John Kirkup, assessor and collector for
the Rossland riding, waa in Nelson yesterday for the purpose of consulting the land
records in connection with the completion
of his assessment roll.   .
"Chronic Objections to Socialism" will
be the subject for discussion at the regular
Sunday afternoon meeting of the Nelson
Socialistic League." The »uDject will be introduced by Miss B. E. Merrill. The "meeting will beheld -in the Miners' Union hall,
commencing at 3 o'clock.
Rev. William Munroe will preach in the
Congregational church on Sunday. Tho
morning sermon will be on the subject.
"The Conversion of Soui." In,the evening
the subject will be "Weighed in the Balance and Found Wanting."
The members of the Nelson Queen Lodge
No 211, Sons of England Benefit Society,
will elect officers on Wednesday of next
week. It is-expected that all members of
the lodge will be present and on time, as
thc meeting'' begins at S  o'clock sharp.
Alfred Parr, secretary of the Ymir Miners' Union." is at the Madden. He says thero
are more men employed at the mines in
what is ""known as" the Ymir district than
ever before in its history; and, more, that
there is not a single case of trouble or
friction between the mino managers" and
the mine workers.
Alex 'Dodds, who for ' something more
than a year"has been in charge of work at
the'Red Fox mine in the, Slocan,| passed
through Nelson.on his way to'his old. home
In Brondville, 'Ontario, where he will spend
the winter. He says the, Red Fox is in good
shape and can - maintain shipments at the
rate of a car of ore per month.
The, relatives of the late Mrs. P. F. Emerson are expected' to arrive this evening
from Salem, Oregon, the former home of
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson, >n which case tho
funeral "will probably take placo tomorrow
afternoon, 'fhe condition of Mr. Emerson
was reported to be very low last evening
and his death was said to be but a matter
of a few hours.
George McFarland, who has had charge
of tho construction work at the Ymir cyaniding plant, has returned to Nelson. Tho
carpenter work Is now completed, and
when the work upon the tanks is finished
the plant will be r_adyL for operation. It
is estimated that the plant will effect a
saving of $200 per day on tho operations
of   the   Ymir   company.
The new fire boll which was ordered a
short time ago for the fire hall cracked
yesterday while it was being sounded at
noon, and is now useless for fire alarm purposes. It is said the bell was bought und_r
a guarantee and if this proves to be the
case the city will not suffer beyond the
inconvenience of waiting until another
bell can be secured ln its place.
A letter was received in Nelson yesterday from Jack Stewart, who is serving in
thc South African Constabulary. It was
dated on November 7th and referred to an
engagement which the Ninth troop of
tho force had had with the Boers on the
day previous at Krugersdorp. Particulars
bf the engagement were not given beyond
the fact that the troop was rather badly
cut up.
The mill at the Second Relief mine, fourteen miles from Erie, is now in operation.
It was started on the first of the month
and has been running smoothly since.There
is a considerable tonnage of ore In sight
In the'property and big shipments of concentrates, may. be looked for during the
.coming year. The Relief mill is a-comblna-
tidn of "amalgamation and concentration,
ibut 25 per cent of the ore values being
saved in the milling and the rest in the
The third performance of the Chimes of
Normandy, by the members of the Nelson
Operatic Society, last evening, was greeted
bv another full house and the charming
opera was rendered without a hitch of
any kind. So popular has, the performance
of the local artists been that the management has decided to repeat the opera this
evening. For this evening popular prices
will prevail, reserved seats being placed at
50 cents with a general admission of 25
cents. The financial results of the three
performances has been fully up to the expectations of tho management, and with
the receipts .of the box office this evening
It is expected that a balance will be struck
between the receipts and expenditures.
Alex Smith, who made the sensational
find last summer, on one of the fractions
in the vicinity of the Surprise, from which
he took out several cars of high grade ore
from the surface, Is ln luck again. 'Ho
is  now  credited with having run^ into a
bunch of high grade ore on the Surprise
proper, which will have a very appreciable
affect on the shipments from the property
this season.
H. J. Evans writes a friend In Nelson thnt
Mrs. Evans has arrived at Vancouver from
London, England, and that they are comfortably Installed in their new home in
Attention Is called to the new advertisements of Fred Irvine & Co., Jacob Dover,
J. G.' Bunyan &■ Co., and Brown Brothers.
All four firms carry the best of everything
in  their special  linos.
There are about thirty-eight case." on
the list for the. county court .which opens
in this city beforo judge Fprln on Monday
next. It is not likely that many of .them
will go to trial, as there will doubtless be
a "considerable number of them settled before the court opens, while several of them
will -not be ready to go to trial.
Municipal politics ,aw» getting rather
warm in Slocan City. It is generally understood that mayor York will make another
race for the'office of chief magistrate and
although there is every indication that
his run will be stubbornly contested those
ln f opposition have not announced their
candidate, although the opinion is gaining
ground that Charles E. Smitheringale will
be the man. Smitheringale is the_ editor
of the local paper and his friends say he
would make a good run.
There are five applications in for naturalization at the next session of the county
court. The^ applicants include William Mclntyre of Peterboro, in East Kootenay, a
miner and'citizen of ■ me United States;
Thomas Capparell, a laborer of Slocan
.City and a native of Italy; Michele Damico,
a miner of Slocan City and also a native
of Italy; Peter Madson Shonberg of Slocan City and also a native of the United
States; and Henry Steffens of Nelson 'a
miner and a citizen of the United States.
The full list of officers of Nelson lodge
No 23, A. F. & A M., for the ensuing year
is as follow?: E. A. Crease, W. M.;.Fred
Irvine. I. P. M.: C. H Crandon, "S -W-; R.
W. Day, J. W.; J A Kirkpatrick, S D.; J.
A. Dewar, J. D.; Harry, .Wright, S. S.;_A.
R. Sherwood, J. S"; George Johnstone, secretary; J A. Turner, treasurer; Fr.ank McFarland, I. G.; ..-Charles Maltby," tyler;-S.
P. .Shaw, "director'Of ceremonies;' R. A.
Weir, organist; and ,J. Hamilton and G. L.
Lennox,   auditors."   -        ■ '   '-
A  prominent  mining  man'- in  discussing
yesterday   the   concession- expected .from1
the smelters upon the op.ening of |.the ne'w^
year said that J. M. Harris-of Sandon had;
'stated   the"  lead   producers'    expectations^
correctly.   Not only do'! they  expect a-re-*'
duqtlon- of $2''per ;ton in '.the-treatment-rate
upon leadJores, but they "have virtually-deceived assurances from^the smelting-interests that.this reduction will be made from'
the  present prevailing rates  upon  all ore
carrying more than 15 per cent lead. A public  announcement of  the  reduction  is expected   to   be   made   shortly.   -
Captain Gifford of the Silver King mine,
was in the city yesterday. He says things
are going along at the mine,as well as
could be expected, and that the men are
making the best of the temporary quarters
provided. Following out the .usual custom
Mrs. Gifford will have the annual Christmas .tree at the mine this year and the
captain has been commissioned to arrange
for the visit of th'e children's patron saint.
This year thc work of providing - for the
Christmas tree will be no light "matter as
the colony of youngsters at the mine has
grown from less than ten for the former
year  to  something more  than  forty.
WASHINGTON, December 13.—The most
prolonged, interesting, and important naval
tribunal ever held ln thl's country came to
a close today, haying 'ofr) open and secret
session lasting three nalunths, short of one
week, when secretary.'Long was handed
the findings of the,cour^'of inquiry which
inquired into the coriducjt of: rear admiral
Schley durlng'the Santiago campaign.,. The
result was a complete surprise. Instead of
one report there we're ,1 two. Beth were
signed by George Dewrey, -- president, and
Sam C. Lemly, as judge-advocate. This'
is a form said to be recognized in all^ courts
of inquiry, the signatures of other Members not being necessnry: but tt js ' ex-'
plained that admiral foewey signed, the.
second report, ^a 'minority'.'' report," .to express his qualification-of or dissent from
the views expressed oj* the court, comprising, besides himself',' admiral* Bghham' and
admiral Ramsey, in the'first report. It is
said at the navy, department that there will
be no further proceedfngsjin'thls celebrated
case on the department's initiative.-'
A meeting of the finance commltte of tho
city council was held last evening when
the request of the city auditor for an increase in his salary was considered. K. B.
McDermid was present and explained to
the members of the committee the work
he had been doing. His request was for' a
salary of $75 per month, but after considerable discussion a compromise was arrived at and it is understood the committee
on Monday 'evening will report In favor of
making the salary $50 instead of $20 permonth. This will make thc remuneration
of the city auditor for the present year
about the same as that voted last year.
The committtee also went over the current accounts.
Santo Pascuzzo of Sirdar Is traveling in
hard luck. On Thursday he was charged by
John Chambrone, also of Sirdar, with using
abusive language. The case was tried at
Creston by Ed Mallandaine, J. P., who imposed a fine of $1 and costs and bound tho
accused over to keep the peace. At the
trial Puscuzzo was accompanied; by his
wife. All the parties took the train back
from Creston, but when thoy reached their
home It is alleged that Chambrone refused
to allow the wife of Pascuzzo to get off
the train. The two .men had a fight, in
which Pascuzzo got considerably the worst
of tt. Chambrone and Mrs. Pascuzzo then
came on together to Nelson, with one of
the Pascuzzo children, leaving a little girl
at the Pascuzzo home in charge of the
father. It looked very much like an elopement, but with that the authorities did
not concern themselves, and the party
would probably have been left to themselves but for the fact that when Pascuzzo
came to his senses he turned the tables on
Chambrone by laying a charge of assault
against him. Upon this charge constable
Wilson of Creston is now on the lookout
for Chambrone, and if he gets him he
will be taken back to Creston to stand hi;,
Vancouver Afraid of Smallpox.
VANCOUVER, December 13.—[Special to
The Tribune.]—The local health authorities-are taking extraordinary precautions
against the possibility of smallpox coming here. There are a large number of
cases of the disease In Seattle, and steamers and trains are being carefully inspected. , -
WASHINGTON, December -13:—The report, of the Schley court of-inquiry was
promulgated by secretary Long "tonight.
There"are two reports. .Admirals iBenham
and 'Ramsey concur;in the first, 'which" is
-signed-by admiral Dewey-also as a matter
of form.* Admiral Dewey makes.'a separate
report," although' he> agt ees' to the findings
of facts' subscribed'to by. the" others."' The
majority report condemns'admiraV Schley
on 13 -points, 'while^admiral- Dewey sustains" him in most particulars. -The 'majority opinion finds in" brief:"''    - .'u     • .'
1. That, admiral'Schle'y should'have proceeded with the" utmost' dispatch'to Cienfuegos arid.maintained a close blockade. ,
2. That he should have endeavored to
Have obtained information about the Span-,
ish squadron there." "i  ,        ".     *■-'••
,, 8. That he should'have proceeded to Santiago with dispatch*. - *7.*\".'.. -' ,    "
4. That he.shouldlnot have made the ret-
"rogradejnovement.lv,  - \jjzi_,    f, '    _.•.'"
5. That, he should have' obeyed 'the' department's orders. " '    . -
6. That he should have endeavored to capture  the  Spanish vessels  in  Santiago.   ,
- 7. That he did not do his utmost to destroy the Colon. . ■
8. That  he' caused  the  squadron to lose
distance in the loop of-the Brooklyn.       .  •
.   9. That he  thereby caused  the Texas  to
10. That he did injustice to Hodgson.
11. That his conduct in.the campaign was
characterized by vacilliation, dilatorlness,
and lack of enterprise.
32. That-his official reports on the coal
supply were misleading and inaccurate.
13. That his conduct during the battle
was self-possessed and that he encouraged
in his own person his subordinates.
Admiral Dewey in his report says that
the passage to Cienfuegos was made with
all dispatch; that in view of his coal sup-
_ply,_the bIockade_of__Cienfuegos_was_effec:i_
tive; that- he allowed the Adula to enter
Cienfuegos to get information; that his
passage to Santiago was with as much dispatch as possible, keeping the squadron together; that the blockade off Santiago was
effective; and, finally, that he was the
senior officer off Santiago, in absolute command, and entitled to the credit due for
tho glorious victory, which resulted in the
total  destruction  of  the  Spanish  ships.
The report of the court of inquiry opens
with the statement that the court having
concluded the Investigation, reports Its
proceedings and the testimony taken, with
a full and detailed statement of all facts,
together with its opinion and recommendation in the premises.
The first facts recited are in regard to
the flying squadron under -command of
commodore Schley from Key West on May
19th, 1S.R, under orders to.proceed with utmost dispatch : to Cienfuegos to capture
the enemy off that'-coast, if possible, or to
blockade him and maintain the blockade
as close as possible. The arrival of the
squadron off Cienfuegos on May 22nd Is
cited and the "findings of this point are as
follows: "Commodore Schley-did not proceed with, utmost dispatch oft Cienfuegos
and blockade that port as close as possible." Then thc report relates the incidents which happened during the Cienfuegos blockade, Including the arrival there
of the Dupont with a dispatch from the
commander - in - chief, which stated that
the Spanish squadron was probably at Santiago, and ordered commodore Schley, if
he was satisfied that the Spanish squadron
was not at Cienfuegos, • to "proceed with
all dispatch, but cautiously, to Santiago
do Cuba, and if the enemy is there blockade him in that port." On May 2fith the
squadron stopped about 22 miles to the
southward of tho port of Santiago and
was joined by thc scouts Minneapolis, Yale
and St. Paul. The engines' of the collier
Merrimac were temporarily disabled.
Regarding admiral Schley's reply to the
later and more Imperative order to ascertain if the Spanish squadron was In
Santiago, as all the department's information indicated, in which the admiral said:
"Tt is to be regretted that thc department's
orders cannot be obeyed, earnestly as we
have all striven to that end. I* am forced
to return to Key West via Yucatan Passage for coal. I can ascertain nothing certain concerning the enemy. Was obliged to
send F.agle to Port Antonio, Jamlca, yes
terday as she had only 27 tons of coal on
board. Will leave St. Paul here. Will require'9500 tons of coal at Key West." The
court declares: "That at that date the flying squadron was accompanied by the collier Merrimac, containing 4350 tons of coal.
The amount of coal to completely fill the
coal bunkers of all the vessels of the flying-'
squadron,on the'samo' date was 2760 ton.^
The conditions of the wind, sea and weather from noon on May 2Cth to June 1st were'
favorable for taking coal from a collier at
sea off Santiago de Cuoa."
-The    court     then    finds:    "Commodore
Schley made' no effort to escertain whether
thc ' Spanish  squadron  was  in  the - harbor
of "Santiago. He  loft  said  harbor entirely
unguarded from 6 p.m. of May 26th tb 5 p.
m of May 27th, and guarded' only by "the
scout St. Paul from 5 p. m. of May 27th
until about 6 a. m. of May 28th. The flying
squadron  arrived  off  the  harbor  of  Santiago de Cuba, seven miles south of Moroo
at 6 p. m. of May 28th and.established a
blockade.  Commodore Schley did not proceed with dispatch from Cienfuegos to Santiago de Cuba "
Earlv on May 29th the Cristobal Colon
and other vessels of the Spanish squadron
were discovered at anchor In the harbor
of Santiago about 1200 yards from the entrance. No attempt' was made by commodore Sc hei y on May 29th or 30th to capture
or destroy these Spanish vessels. The court
'then-'goes Into the incident of the firing on
Mav 30th betwtn thc Massachusetts, Iowa,
nnd New Orleans on the' one side, and the
Colon and shore batteries on the other,
and declares "that the ships passed thc
harbor entrance, about 7000 yards distant
from the Morro, firing at the Colon and "the
shore batteries-with, ranges varying from
7000 yards to 8200 yard's and that all'projectiles fell short. Continuing it says. "When
the .hip. had passed to the eastward' of
.the entrance the flagship turned,off shore,
followed in succession by the other ships.
, repassed the -entrance and fired as before,
but with ranges varying from 9000 to-ll.OOO
yards Some of these projectiles fell near
the Colon. The blockade was maintained at
an average distance of about six to, seven
miles-from the harbor entrance during the
day and probably somewhat nearer during
the night." '      _,' v
Coming to the battle' of July 3rd, tho
court finds in part as follows: "The Brooklyn stood toward the Spanish vessels with
'varying helm and fired one shot from her
forward turret at 3500 yards range, which
proved short" and then engaged'with her
port battery. When about 1400 yards distant
•from the leading Spanish ship, the Teresa,
the Brooklyii turned to starboard with her
hard aport,; and continued to so . turn
until she lieaded"to the eastward, parallel
to the course of thc Spanish shlps.The commanding officer" of the" Brooklyn put tha
helm hard aport and almost at the same
instant commodore' Schley gave the ordjr
hard aport.Thc turn^of the Brooklyn was toward the Texas and the Texas stopped and
'backed 'her engines. About the time the
-Brooklyn-began'ih'er turn''to'starboard 'a
conversation'' regarding the proximity of
.the Texas took place between commodore
'.Schley and lieutenant Hodgson. Admiral
Schley caused to be published - in a daily
'newspaper,- a letter addressed to him by
licutneant-c-ommander Hodgson, in which
the latter said: -"The colloquy published
in the New York Sun and alleged to have
taken place between you and mc on the
day of the battle of Santiago on July 3rd,
1898, never' occurred. Admiral Schley did
not have published the other letters of lieutenant-commander Hodgson in regard to
this matter,"
This closes the statement of facts and
the court gives. the following opinion:
"Commodore Schley, in command of the
flying squadron, should have proceeded
with utmost dispatch off Cienfuegos and
should have maintained a close blockade
of that port. Ho should have endeavored
matlon regarding the Spanish squadron by
communicating with the insurgents. Ho
should have proceeded from Cienfuegos to
Santiago with all dispatch, and should
have disposed his vessels with a view of intercepting the enemy in any attempt to
pass the flying squadron."
6000 persons remained in Madison Square
Garden all night.   King tried to steal a lap
at 4:30 o'clock, but the bunch Immediately
took up tho trail and the effort failed.   He
renewed the effort later and after a mile
chase the tired and   weary   Lawson   was
lapped and half an hour later Kln$ tried'
to repeat   the   performance,   but   Lawson
hung on.   The latter was then relieved by
Julius at 6:20 o'clock, Jaak surprised the
crowd with a sprint and Julius lost a lap.
At 4 o'clock, after riding, for one hundred
hours,  the  men  were 79 1-2  miles behind
the record.   Two hours later this loss was
increased to 28 miles and 9 laps. The "score
at 8 o'clock was as follows:    McEachern
and Walthour,' Butler and McLean", Newkirk  and  Munro, 'Mayo  and  Wilson,  and
Babcock. and Turville, , 1928 miles   2   laps;
King and Samuelson, 1928 miles; Hall and
McLaren, 1927 miles 6 laps; Fredericks and
Jaak,   1927   miles    3    laps;    Lawson    and
Julius, lfi27 miles 1 lap.
At 2 o'clock the'score was as follows:
McEachern and Walthour, Butler and McLean, Newkirk and Munro, Maya and Wilson, and Babcock "and Turville, 2025 miles
8 laps; King and Samuelson, 2025 miles 6
laps; Hall and McLaren, 2025 miles 2 laps;
Fredericks and Jaaks, 2025 miles 2 laps; and
Lawson and Julius, 2024 miles 5 laps.
eyeb in TMfii
UNHAPPY      -■!' %'&t
■ f>"
-    -   ,  r-'W
Blizzard Raging in Wyoming.
CHEYENNE, Wyoming, December .13.-
The blizzard raging throughout southern
Wyoming is terrific. All trains are delayed from three to five hours and a blockade
Is imminent. Great distress Is reported by
the sheep men of. the Red desert and the
southern portion of Uintah county. On the
desert the losses will be large unless a
break occurs. At Frewn, Sweetwater
county, a passenger train ploughed through
a biinch of sheep huddled In a cut to keep
from the wind and about 500 of the anl-
ma-ls were reported to have boon killed.
They were hurled in every direction nnd
burled out of sight In the drifts.
Congress Adjourns for a Few Days.
WASHINGTON, December 13.—The house
after less than an hour's session adjourned
until Tuesday. The bill to provide revenue
temporarily for the Philippine Islands was
reported by Mr. Payne, and by unanimous
consent an order for the consideration of
this bill on Tuesday and Wednesday next
was adopted, general debate to close at 4
o'clock on Wednesday, when the bill will
be placed upon its passage. The official announcement of the death of the late representative Broasius of Pennsylvania, which
.occurred last summer, was made by Mr.
Cassell, his successor.
The International Bikers.
NEW YORK, December 13.—The fifth day
of the six day bicycle race opened with
the American teams fighting for first place.
Tfiey are jaded and stiff from their trying
experiences of yesterday, however, and apparently laoked advantage over their foreign rivals. The latter held on with grim
determination, and hour after hour the
tired men in the leading division went peddling around the great ring closely
bunched. Every man ln the race was in
bad shape physically, and It was admitted
that it would be necessary to administer
drugs to many of them to carry thjm
through   to   the  end   of   the  race,    Fully
GRIMSBY, Quebec, December 13. —
George Clark, 54 years old, took a dose of
laudnaum yesterday with fatal effect. He
leaves a wife and grown up family.
MONTREAL, December 13.—H. M. Whitney today emphatically denied that he is
selling out his interests In either the Dominion Coal or Dominion Steel companies.
WHITBY, Ontario, December 13.—Isaae
Edwards, employed at King Brothers' tannery, was missed this morning. He was
found after a search in boiling' water in
the upper story,> far from the place he
worked in.
QUEBEC, December 13.—The special on
the -Intercolonial with the Ontario and
Montreal "men on board reached Levis at 3
p. m. this afternoon Fourteen Quebec men
joined the train, which left a few minutes
later for Halifax. r
MONTREAL, December^lS.—T. B. Brown,
"a well-known business man of this city,
has decided to accept the pastorate of the
Baptist church at Sherbrooke, Quebec. He
• will give up business and enter the" ministry.' Ordination will take place In Jan-,
uary. ,
TORONTO, -December 13.—Torontonians
will enjoy cheaper gas on and after January 1st, 1902, an agreement having been
made with the Consumers Gas Company
by the city council to reduce Its price for
both illuminating and stove gas from 90
to ,80 cents per thousand foot. >
MONTREAL, December 13—All Ontario
and Montreal troopers for the Second Contingent of Canadian mounted rifles left
here this morning for Halifax. The Ontario,
men were' met at the station by 'mayor
Prefontalne, and-along with the Montreal
men wore bid a parting Godspeed by his
worship as the ^traln pulled out for the
MONTREAL, December 13—Joseph La-
plaine was lunged at 8 o'clock this morning
at Montreal jail for the murder of Mrs.
Louis Lefebvre, with whom he boarded on.
May IGth last. The murder was the result
of jealousy Unsuccessful efforts were
made to have the sentence commuted to
life imprisonment on the grounds that La-
plaine was Insane, but the government refused to intervene.
HALIFAX, December 13.—Governors of
Kings college, together with representatives of every leading college in the maritime provinces, held a meeting behind
closed doors yesterday to discuss the advis-
.al.illty of amalgamating=their_-_interest .-
and forming a maritime province college
which would compare with McGill university, Montreal. A committee was appointed to look into the matter.
MONTREAL, December 13.—The harbor
commissioners this morning decided to refund W. J. Conners, the Buffalo elevator
promoter, $-17,000 of the $50,000 which he deposited as evidence of good faith when a site
was granted him on lhe harbor front for
a million-bushel elevator, but which he
subsequently-failed to build after having
broken ground, owing to the failure of his
syndicate to obtain the necessary money
to carry out the project.
Still Fighting in Colombia.   »
NEW YORK, December 13.-Gcneral Carlos Alban has received a cablegram from
Buena Ventura giving an account of a big
f.ght at Rio San Juan, near Buena Ventura, on Monday, says uie Colon corres^
pondc-nt of the Herald. The revolutionists
sent an expedition of 1500 men overland
from Tumacos. This expedition was surprised at the river by the government
troops. Many casualties are reported by
both sides.
Will Report Favorably.
WASHINGTON. December 13.—The houso
committee on Interstate and foreign commerce at Its first meeting today voted to
favorably report the Hepburn bill providing for the construction of the Nicaragua
canal. Before the vote was taken several
amendments was proposed. One by Mr.
Adamson of Georgia was agreed to. providing that thc expenditure of $10,000,000 as
provided by the bill shall be made on warrants signed by the president of the United
Slates. °
Mrs. Bonine Not Guilty.
WASHINGTON.- Dece.ui.er 13.—The jury
In the trial of Mrs. Ida Bonine, accused
of the murder of James Seymour Ayres,
Jr., the young census ofllce clerk, tonight
returned a verdict of "not guilty" after
being out about four hours.
An Earthquake Shake in Oregon.
SALEM. Oregon.December 13.—At 12:50
this morning a distinct earthquake shock
was felt In this city. The shock lasted
three seconds and the vibrations were
north to south. Windows and doors rattled,
but no damage is reported.
'AMSTKKUAM,' December, 13. —Hollah^if
has been greatly stirred by vtKe. deatjfiot&tts
major Von Tets, who died-at Utrecht?r4-|$|p
cently of peritonitis.' Death resulted4not%**|
from a wound received in a duel .-withvthe^S
prince consort," but from a- kick"del!yer£&_s|||
on his stomach by prince Henry (luringfa.'^^^
heated quarrel following major vVonfTet'sS
remonstrance against the prince's -liriital^^
ity to his queen. Queen Wilhelmina,Surst^ff
into tears when Informed of the^death^of^ip
her gallant, but ill-used defender."'' •'J~ssJ%V
There is persistent talk of divorce.^It*fs|l
not believed in diplomatic circles,1- hdw'e^verv
that the all-powerful monarchs of /whom"
queen Wilhelmina must take. notice^Twill
consent to this extreme measure.--- Sometfjftj
other arrangement will "be,made^between^T-*!*!
the queen and her brutal consortrThe^lat-^'^
ter has been ostentatiously attentive .tS£the*@j|l
queen during the past^few days.-'.He*{h'as^^
walked, ridden, dined,- and talked wUli'herij^
and when they have appeared,In^-public'^Ss
every effort has. been made, to'give', th'enf^^
the appearance of being on loviiigcCterms$g3£
But the pale face of trie queen-and^hec'-^Sfe
tired, tear-stained eye,, tell a /differenttf1
story. The events of the last month_.have^
brought about a marked "change-* lri^,herj*s
condition, and instead of the>lively, g_rlfsh«ll
face, there is now a-worn and weary .qiieon.Jrfc''
nursing a grief that is no secret and^subSgL
mitting-doubly "to her^ fate - because'TShS^
wears a crown., The- trouble between^the'f
queen and her consort is not.the^ growth^ott,
a week or a mo'nth. Their dl__eVeiiceg"fbei||
gan almost with their- hpneymoonr^Tlie^-
were married February 7th lastA^'montli!_s
had gone bv when rumors began-to-oIrc^?S;
late in court circles about the relations^pf^"
the queen and hor prince-consort. EyeLwIt-i
nesses told of his debauchery; hli^mannSrJ,
toward the queen became indiffofent^an^^^l
frequentlv was very rude. Soon rthefmatinerf1***1^
of the young queen changed.;;^She«\ap-|^||
peared preoccupied, and at time's "a"jtrcrnb-!;"^
ling lip and eyes that showed' unnilstak-^Mte
able traces of secret'weeping gave'ja^cre-^S
dence to the rumors. "— ,--\"''r.^^i/jAi
As   time   passed,   however,   and'">it'was>*^fe
whispered that there would sbbn^be.an^n-jspS*!
terestlng' event  in *-the_ i oyal --famllx. -thev"*^
(prince mado no change In his habits,] an'd^^
the queen daily showed signs' of great^un^**?
happiness, the resentment against thg^for^
olgner   increased    An   outburst- was^'nar-l&,
rowlv averted when the queen's chlldj^a-sjyrsS
born   prematurelv   Prince  Henry's brutal-*j|§|
ity was assigned as the cause  As if.to tryiSjf
the  temper of the easy-going HollandersP*T&
prlnee Henry's insolence to the queen'^Tn-Jilp
creased   He no longer made any seereb'ot^^
it, nor confined it to their privacy it''the|s*
roval apartments   At the dinner table arid^J^ jfl
In   the   drawing   room   ho   was,^ insofentf=-^.?-
rebuking   the   queen   openly   and ^Gfidlng'=^
fault; and frequently appearing before bler^ijji
In a grossly Intoxicatert condition.     .,'*■- ' "-■'•£
The breaking point was reached recently^"*^
at a dinner at Het Loo castle. Tho qucen^l?;
was   at   dinner,    surrounded   bv   her   life  yi
guards,  the ten  voung noblemen who had --^
attended   her   since   hor   marriage,   nvheniyl
lilince Henry entered   He had been drink-{AjK
irg   He  staggered  over  to  the  table  and>C.
talking in a loud voice,  complained about'-^
thc queon'.s appearance and generally ac-^-J;]
ted like a boor, ending bv dihing Wil!
mini from the apjrtment in tears Immedi-'ti^j
ately after the door closed on her majesty'*!-1*''
major Von Tets sprang forward   It is not
known  what words passed between  them..£?i,
.  It Is known, however,  that he taxed the^t?;
prince with brutality toward the queen ami J*^
hot   words   were   exchanged    Tho   prinrVv'V
staggered  to his feet and called Von Tetsj'*
a  \ lie   name.   The  latter  started   to  draw-^wj
his sword, whon tho prince staggered forward  and   kicked   tho  young  nobleman  In""'
the stomach. It speaks well for Von Tots'
companions  that  the  prince  was   not  run "
through  then and  there.  Instead thoy left*1,
him  In  contempt,  taking the Injured  man i
with them. Peritonitis Hut In the next day,
and on Thursday of last week the young
man gave up his life for his queen.
. Since   that  event  the  difficulties  of   the
.situation have Increased. Tho voung queen
shuts  herself up  for hours  in  her apartments,   refusing  to  see anyone,  and  It  is
believed she spends the time weeping over
her misfortunes. Publicly she carries herself bravely;  her pride  Is  «,tlll  unshaken.    <^  \}
But in court circles it Is believed that tho
sham can not be much longer endured.
Dowie Charged With Fraud.
CHICAGO,   December   13—There   was   a
crowd In judge Tuley's court room and the  ]
adjoining halls today cuiious  to hear the   '
disclosures, against John Alexander Dowio
In tho suit for the appointment of a receiv- Z,
er for his Zlon Lace Industry   Samuel Ste- ^
venson was on the stand most of the morn-   *
ing, and continued his testimony charging X
Dowie  with  defrauding  him   out  of  largo
sums of money. Letters from  the general,
overseer to Stevenson were read and created a buzz of comment. The plaintiff's testimony  tended   to  show  that  Dowie   used
honied words and a show of considerable
feeling to induce  Stevenson  to  part with
his money, but that later when Stevenson
learned  that Dowie claimed entire owner-   jI
ship in  the lace Industries,  Dowie's attitude changed to one of abuse
Heavy Fog Delays Traffic.
NEW YORK, December 13 —A heavy fog
that descended on tho citv in the early
morning caused a delay of trafiic all over
New York. Ferries, elevated trains and
surface cars were impeded.
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In no  olher. district arc sales made more readily,  and nowhere else do sales benefit a greater number of people. Besides the benefit  derived from the sales of prospects, hundreds of men at work on the developed  mines arc receiving good wages. Money  may not bo as plentiful as in the boom  days following the discovery-of the Payne  by Eli Carpenter and "Jack" Seaton, but  there is sufficient money in sight to keep  all the people comfortably housed and  clo.thed���and none of them aro going either  hungry or dry.  It   has   been' contended  that  the  wages  paid   mine   workers   at   Rossland   are. the  highest      paid     anywhere     in     America.  No   one   coversant   with   the   facts   would  make  any  such  statement,   because  there  are many mining camps scattered throughout the Rockies and Sierras where wage3  are higher than they are at Rossland.   At  Telluride,    Colorado,    underground   miners  work eight hours a day, the men going to  and  from  work- on  their  own  time.    Machine men are paid $_ a day and trammers  and shovelers $3.    Others are paid from $3  to $1 according to the labor at which they  are employed.   These rates are paid under  the terms of an agreement signed by the  Telluride Mining Association, an organization made up of mine owners, and the Telluride Miners' Union, and is for a term of  three years.    This shows  that mine owners in Colorado not only pay higher wages  than is paid in .British Columbia, but they  Enterprise Mine and Elmore Cil Plant.  NELSON, December 13.���To thc -Editor  of The Tribune: Jn reading my copy of The  Tribune this morning I observed two items  of news relating to the Enterprise mine,  one, appearing under the heading of "Slocan Mining Matters" and the other "City  and District." Your correspondent has  apparently badly mixed up two plants,  namely, the concentrator wliich we recently erected at the Enterprise mine (and  which only started to run on the lSth November, since which tnere 'has been no  time to ascertain its "actual working results, although we have no reason to bo.  In any way dissatisfied with the mill practice, so far as-it is known,) with the Elmore oil plant.  Since the 18th November a slight accident occurred to the Blake crusher, which  has .unfortunately thrown the mill out of  operation for the past ten days, but replacements have already been forwarded  to the mine, a crusher jaw having been  made at the Honeyman foundry at Nolson,  and doubtless ere this the .mill is again  in running" order.    ,  With regard to the Elmore concentration  process,-the London & B. C. Goldfields,  Limited, ordered an experimental plant at  an even earlier date than the machinery  was ordered for thc Enterprise concentrator.���This���plant���was���novcr-in tended-for"  use at the Enterprise mine, and from the  known characteristics of the mine it is  extremely doubtful whether such process  would be adaptable thereto. ' Doubtless  when erected we will use same for testing  ores -, of -various properties offered us for  purchase, that being the primary reason  why the plant was secured. Tf timo and  opportunity permits-It Is possible wo may  put through this plant some of the ores  from the properties under the management  of this offlco, but it is improbable th.it Enterprise ore will be so .tested for many,  months to come,' as from tho character of  the ore, which Is well known to the company's engineer, it appears extremely unlikely that It wil.I be of any assistance In  treating Enterprise ore.  T shall be much obliged by your kindly  making this correction In your, columns. T  may say that It Is not our Intention to use  this experimental plant for ores outside of  which our companies may be directly Interested, and it is not Intended in any way  to compete with the assaying profession.  Yours truly, ,  J.   RODERICK  ROBERTSON.  trust that the same will meet your hearty  approval.  It is a matter of pleasure to note that  after having served two years and fifteen  days in the state penlxeutlary at Boise,  Idaho, in punishment of a crime of which  he never was guilty, brother Paul Corcoran is once more a free man and restored to the bosom of his lamily, his release  having been effected through the  state board of pardons on August  15th of this year. Those who worked so  faithfully and zealously to secure the liberty of brother Corcoran are entitled to  the hearty thanks and appreciation of all  our unions throughout the judtsdlction of  t.he federation.  We are pleased to report that the strike  at Telluride, which was in progress during  the last convention, has been brought to  a termination fully satisfactory to the  members of Sixteen to One Union and the  members of this board. The victory  achieved in this fight hns been an important event in the history of the federation.  It has been the means of Inducing .our  members to take a keener,interest in the  affairs of our organization and creating a  stimulus In work of organisation throughout the entire western country.  AVe beg to draw your attention to the  Ro .sland-Northpoi-t strike, which at. the  present moment is the only trouble the federation has on 'its hands. The causes and  conditions of this contest arc doubtless  more or less familiar to you. Suffice to  say, our brothers in that district have been  engaged In a bitter struggle for the past  *=ix months and have made a most magnificent fight for their rights and principles. Your executive board is determined  to win this struggle and has made every  effort to conduct this strike to a successful termination withouv levying any assessment, if possible. But in the event of  suoh an assessment becoming necessary,  we are confident that all members of the  federation will heartily respond with that  degree of promptness which has always  characterized the Western Federation of  Miners.  .The proceeds of the July .assessment  authorized by the last convention has  placed our organization in a much better  and stronger "position, . financially and  otherwise, than lt previously occupied. Not  only has it enabled us to liquidate our indebtedness of $10,000 to Butte union, -but  also to prosecute a vigorous policy of organization, the good fruits and results of  which are already producing a pleasing  :ind beneficial effect upon our organization.  Since the last convention your executive board has had three organizers ln the  field undor the direction of our president.  The result of their efforts has very largely,  If not completely, verified the predictions  cf those who strongly, advocated at the  last convention the adoption of a more  vigorous policy of organization. Thirty  unions have been organized during the past  half year, adding several, thousand members to our ranks and creating a corresponding increase in tho revenues of affiliated unions So encouraged has, your executive board become as the result of the  efforts of your three organizers during the  recent past, that arrangements have been'  made to keep them constantly In the, field  until the assembling of the' next convention.  Your executive board believes that the  federation nt Inrga- has much cause for  congratulation ln the measure of progress  and success attained during the past six'  months, and once the troubles which the  federation has on-hand at tho present time  arc satisfactorily adjusted, we feel that a  grand opportunity will present itself .that  must be embraced by united efforts In  order to augment tho Influence and membership of our organization .ind raise it to  a higher condition of efficiency than il has  hitherto occupied. Respectfully submitted,  JAMES  WTLKS,   '   ������-  Vice-nresident.  J.  C. WTLLTAMS,  JOHN KET-LEY.  PHTT/IP  BOWDEN,  T.  J. RULLTVAN.  OT-TA RLES ,TT. MOYER,  JAMES A. BAKER.  Executive board.  r&r0-  m*  to  to  to  to  to  to  '00' 00 ' 00' 00 ' 00' 00 '00' 00 ' 00  to  0W0 . 000 .00 ��� &*    0SS0 . &0 .  ^3&r ���SK__��"_S5>' <5330"iSg0r' ��B*r  ^k, ���,<s��v ��>��sv ���>a��. 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EWART.���ARCHITECT, ROOM S,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  DRAYAGE.  - Western Federation of Miners.  DENVER, Colorado, November 20.���Tothe Local Unions of the: Western Federation of Miners: We, your executive board,  beg leave to submit for your consideration  the following report:  In response to a call issued by your president and secretary-treasurer, the board  convened and went into executive session  at headquarters on November Gth, at 9 a.  m., and held daily sessions until the evening of November 20th, upon which date it  adjourned.  After a careful and exhaustive examination of the bonks and accounts of the federation we are pleased to report the same  kept ln a buslnoss-liko manner and correct  in every detail, and we beg to express our  appreciation of the prompt and eflicient  manner in which the secretary-treasurer  has discharged his duties.  In compliance with Instructions contained  in the resolutions adopted by the last convention, your executive board has made a  careful revision of the preamble, constitution and by-laws. Many changes havo  been made, which wo think will, if adopted,  conduce to the good government and general welfare of our organization. However, our labors In tins connection will  shortly be sumltted to you and we sincerely  Storm Unequaled Since 1881.'  ���UONDONrDecem6eF13^Tho storm which"  has been prevailing since yesterday has  caused a telegraphic break down through  the-United Kingdom unequalled since 1S81.  Even this morning the north is practically  cut off from the south, and many of the  provincial towns are' so snowbound that the  courts . there have, closed owing to the  litigants residing In the country being- unable, to reach them, The gales in'  the channel are abating. A large Austrian-  steamer which had Just left the docks of  her builders at Londonderry :has been'  driven  on  the  rocks  off Warren-Point.?;  FURNITURE, PIANOS, SAFES, ETC.,  moved carefully at reasonable rates. Apply J. T. Wilson, Phone 270, Pressor's second Hand store, Ward street.  ._'-..    '-_   '  FURNITURE.   V. J. ROBERTSON & CO.. FURNITURE  dealers, undertakers and embalmers. Day  'phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Next  new postofflce building, Vernon street.  Nelson.  WHOLESALE DIRECTORY,  ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES.  W. F. TEETZEL. & CO.-CORNER OF  Baker and Josephine streets. Nelson,  wholesale dealers in assayer's supplies.  Agents for Denver Flre Clay Company,  Denver, Colorado.   ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. *  KOOTENAY    ELECTRIC   SUPPLY     &  Construction   Company���Wholesale  dealers  . In telephones, .annunciators,    bells, batteries, - electric fixtures and appliances.. Hous-  ton Block, Nelson. .   _J_J[IUDSH^ND^  P. 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Robbery was the. motive, a .box containing  $7.50 having been taken from the place.  There is no clue to the assassins.  CLASSIFIED ADS.  ARTICLES FOR SALE.  ~s3-w1ng~maHiw*^^  for sale.or re <t at the Old Curiosity Shop.  ~~' FOR SALE. ;      ~  FOR   SALE   OR   TO    RENT ���A   PIANO;  nearly new.   Apply It. VV. Day, Madden block.  FOR SALIC-BLACKSMITHS' TOOLS.   AP-  l>I.v lo Benjamin F. N'esbitt, Eric, B.C.  __.TURN"ER,-_BEETON_&_CO.__CORNEK.  Vernon and' Josephine streets, Nelson,  wholesale dealers ln liquors, cigars and dry  gooas. Agents for Pabst Brewing Company  of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Com-  pany-bf Calgary.   TOflOES OF MEETINGS.  u-u__J_5��?^  KOoa-ENlA^rTii^^  Regular meetings first and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  are cordially Invited to attend. Dr. W.  Ro��e, R. K.; A W. Purdy, Com.; G. A.  Brown; P. C.  -NELSON LODGE, NO. 23., A. F. &  A. M. meets second Wednesday In  each   month.   Sojourning   brethren  l._ Invited.  NELSON AERIE, NO. 22 F. 0~E.-  . Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of  each month at Fraternity Hall. George  Bartlett. president; J. V. Morrison, secretary. .  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER NO.  123, G. It; C���Meots third Wednesday. Sojourning companions invited. Chas. G. Mills, Z;  Thos. J. Sims. S. E.   '-^       - _ _i  -  ��� -        ���_��� ���   - ~ ��� ^^^  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  ~5____\Ettft>"UNIUXSi, NtX 96,~\V. F. of AL.���  Meets in Miners' .Union Hail, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting  members welcome. M. R. Mowat, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale  'of wages for Nelson district per shift: Ma-  *. Une men $3.60. hammersmen J3.25, muck-  JT8, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers 13.  BARBERS* UNION, NO. 196, OF THB  international Journeymen Barbers' Union  , of America, meets flrst and third Mondays  of^each month In Miners' Union HaU at  8:30.-sharp.. Visiting members invited. R.  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WANTKD-LADYCOMPANIONOItBOARD-  cr, for winter months; comfortable home. Address Box 7!), Nelson.  SITUATIONS WANTED.  "wANTMOT^HlTlI^^  rooms.   Will uo out to do housework by tlie  hour or dny.   Orders loft at The Tribuno office,  addressed  to   Mrs.  Curry,  will havo   prompt  attention.  BUSINESS DIRECTORY.  CHOP HOUSE.  PIONEER CHOP HOUSE. JOHN  Spear, proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,  Baker street, Nelson. Open day and night.  Lunches a specialty. Picnic and traveling  pt lies supplied on shortest notice.  ^LAUNDRY WORKERS* UNION.-  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday ln every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A. W. McPee, secretary.    .  CARPENTERS' UNJONT MEKTS WKDNES-  day oveninff of each week lit 7 o'clook, in Miners  Union Hall. John Burns, sr, president; William  Kaynard. secretary.  PAINTERS* UNION MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays In each month at Miners' Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R.  Kee. president: Henry Bennett, secretary.  COOKS AND WAITERS UNION NO. Ml,  W. L. U., meetsat. Mirers' Union Hall on spc-  ond and last Tuesdays in every month a). 8:30  p.m. sharp. A. B. Sloan, president: .1. !'. For-  rostoll, socretary H. M. Fortier, fl_.i__.cirl seoretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday evening In tbe Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William  Vice. aecreUrjr. P.,��. Box in.      fYzTZZZ.  The B.efit $1 per Day House In Nelson.  None but white help"employed.''The bar the  best.  '   G. W. BARTLETT, Proprietor  slocan joienejs hotel  J. H. McMANUS, Manager.  When you want the Best, ask for  IMPERIAL BEER.'  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBKWICKS AND 80TTMCB8 0��  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  J. A. Sayward  *  tii  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  \  HATX AND UKK BTRKKTt. WBUOir  4<k **********************  OF    COURSE   YOV   WANT   THE    BK8T>  THEN  GO TO  ARTHUR    GEE  in Tremont Block.  Ho will buit tou/  Largo stock of imported season's goods.  Bar stocked -with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Large  comfortable rooms. First cl&a* tabl�� bonrd.  Telephone 1J5  ORDER YOUR  Tklemionk So  ���FROM  NELSON FREIGHTING AKD TRANSFER GO.  ANTHRACITE /\ND ROSLYN  ALWAYS ON HAND  Olllco: Uaker Street,      r'....:z,....  Prompt and regular delivery to the trade.  BREWHRT   AT   NELSON  OYSTER COCKTAILS ,'���  OYSTER COCKT-ArLS **.-������  AT   THE   MANHATTAN.  OYSTER COCKTAILS -'''  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT   THE   MANHATTAN.  *���*_�� **���* ******************?  WEST TRANSFER CO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Uanacor.   ."  All Kinds- of Teaming and TwutUt  Work.  Agents for Hard and -Soft Coal. Imperial OU  Company. Washington Brick, Lime *'Mana!  facturing Company. - General commercial agentf  and brokers.  AllcocJ and wood strictly cash OQdellTerr  tkubphontc u��.   Office 184 B*l(er"St.  pnmmmmmnitiiimii.iini.nrnpCT.^T^  The   Manhattan  JOSEPHINE STREET  ALL THE BEST BRANDS  LIQUOR^   AND   CIGARS.  "HOTEL   ROSSLAND. ~  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar a day  house In town. House and furniture new  and- first class in every respect. Lighted  by gas. Room and board ?5 to ?6 per  week. No Chinese employed.here.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN, Proprietor.  THEO MADSON  MANUFACTURER of  TENTS AND AWNINGS  N-_I_SON, B.O.  P. O. Box 76  lllll lllilllllillllBimlllllliil tm^mumi  NEWLING & m.  AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, ETC.  Koolonay Street, next door to Oddfellows' Hall  P.O. Box 633 NKLSON. BJOT^  /'-'Si  /*  M  K  '11  .'I  M  ^ I'M  THE  NELSON TRIBUNE,  SATURDAY  MORNING,  DECEMBER  14 1901  H  H  I   )  M  i  }   '  ...�� "*  BMK OF MONTREAL  OAHTAZi. all paid np-.tU.000.000.00  ����iT,rTrT!.....Trrr......._. 7,000.000.00  mroiviDao profits    Jgf.iso^o  >;;Iiord Sfcratheotn. and Mount Royal ...President  ,Hon. O*om A. Drummond Vioa-President  -:l. 8. Clovftoa...... ..Qeneral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  ���   *  Oomc Baker and SmAobmt Streeta.  A. H. BUCHANAN. MuM��er.  * Branehee la London (England) N_nr Tom.  Omaiso, and all the prinoipal eitlealn Canada.  ��� Bar and tell Sterling Sxohange and Cable  ��� Vraaafen.  * Qrant Commtrelal and Trarelsre' Crtdlte,  arallable la any part of the world.  Dtatte breed, CoUeottona Made. Xta.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IB AMALGAMATED  THE BANE  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  B8.000.000  12,000,000  AGGREGATE RESOURCES OVER $66,000,000;  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,  * President.  8. E. Walker,  Qeneral Manager  "V ���  Savings Baiik Branch  CDNBKMT HATK OT -MTKHMT PAID.  FABLE OF PHONY HE FLIRT  By George Ade.  ', A drove of Mavericks were herded' every  Night in a sad European -Hotel. One of  them was a Lady-Killer, who didn't deny  It. He had left a Trail of Broken Hearts  from -Penobscot, Maine, to the Puget  Sound.   He had a Style of Beauty made fa-  - miliar by the Wood-Cuts In the Weekly  Story Paper. He was the Police Gazette's  Idea of a Gent.. Also he was an identical  ' Ringer for the polished Vllllan of the Ten-  Twent-andThlrt- Repertoire Troupe. He had  a long, silky Gambler's Mustache and he  wore embroidered Suspenders. He was  Elegant ln every Detail. Trust him for  that.  His name should have been Chilton  Travers-or Lionel Lyndhurst, but his Parents could not foretell that-he would grow  up to be manicured once a Week, so they  called Mm Bill.  He wore Satin Fronts and Velvet Collars  and put Brilliantlne on the Mustache. BUI  had massive Jewels on each hand and a  Watch-Charm the-size of a Padlock. When  he had combed his Hair so that it stood  - up tn 'front, a la Polite Brakeman, and  whitened' himself with Talcum Powder and  splashed hlmsef with Musk and eaten a  few Cachous to perfume the Breath, he  was more than .Satisfied with himself. He  "wore sharp-toed "Patent Leathers with the  Green Tops at all Hours of the Day and  '..ight.   ,BIU  read  the  "Smart  Set"  every  - Month and told how; much his Clothes  cost and before he had 'conversed with  a  ! Stranger very long he would bring up the"  . Subject of Silk   Underwear.   One   of   the  .yearnlng'ambltlons of his Life was to own  a" Seal-Skin Overcoat.  .When  Bill 'was on  the  road  there  was  -, never a. Waitress with a waspy ,Walst and  high-heeled  Shoes  that   did   not   tremble  violently when she handed him' his 'Tender-  - loin of Beef Larded with Mushrooms. It,  Is not often' a poor. Working Girl gets a  Chance to - see - the real Zafoozalum, although she often 'reads about him ln The  Duchess.  |__t the. Hotel -.which he. Illuminated; with  - his plre'i^ncS, ^6111 was wont to gather" a few  'Friends'about him and tell of the Happy  Homes he had wrecked. He let lt be understood that when he held up his linger and  whistled, they came running from all Directions.  His Stock Narrative always began with  a Scene in a Parlor Car. According to his  Tell 'it was practically Impossible for him  to ride any distance ln_a Pullman without  having some Society Girl of ravishing  Beauty fix a hungry Gaze, on him and begin to wig-wag for a'Better Acquaintance.  She -was usually the daughter of a Cincinnati Millionaire- with a Swell Place on  ' Walnut Hill, or mayhap he learned afterward that,she belonged to a Prominent  Family living' In Euclid Avenue, Cleveland.  - If he �� cared " to '* mention Names he could  tell of a certain'Party that moved ln the  very -highest Push of Fifth Avenue, who  wanted to'break off an-Engagement with  a Guy from Boston, and' all on   his   Ac-  _count._He_wa_a.Ta_deyillamong_the_W_<>_nen,_  and he admitted lt.    As soon as a Lady  had counted up his Rings and Lockets and  got a good whiff of the Musk, she Capitulated and fell ln a swoon.  Sometimes, when the 'Pipe was drawing  very freely, he would tell all about being  Invited out to spend the Evening with a  certain Queen whose Father owned one of  the. principal Banks in Omaha. To prove  that all he said was True, he would show  a Pink Envelope with Sealing Wax on the  back of lt.  Those who had obtained a Flash of these  Missives noticed that they were addressed  in 'Blue Ink, with a Curly Tall to each Capital Letter, thus proving that they must  have been written by Heiresses.  One Peculiar Fact in connection with the  .Killings made   by.- 'this   Commercial   Don  . Juan-was that-all the-Victims of his Fatal  Beauty lived at least 200 miles away.   Here  ���'In'the town which 'was'Hendquarters for  him'he seemed comparatively Harmless.  He, .could put on his Fawn-Colored Prince  Albert with a Red Carnation and Jaundlce-  - colored "Cravat," and carry his Gold-headed  Cane:all up and down the main Thoroughfares and then come back to the European  .Hotel without having any of the. Elite tag-"  'gink 'after, him and.trying to Date him iip!  In fact, If he hadn't Confessed ,so. often no  ;o(ie--would-have   Buspected: that   Rainbow  Bill, the human Mardi Gras,' had ever cut  any Melons   outside   of   the   Switchmen's.  Ball. :  At t.hls. same Hotel there lived two or  three' Toting I'Fellows who did not i use  Brilliantlne or Scented Soap ahd not" one of  them had ever made Cruel Sport of; the  trusting Affections of a Railway Presl^  dent's only Child. ��� They thought theystood  good and lucky if they could sally-put after  Nightfall and while away a careless'Hour  with a few nice Stenographers and Music-  Teachers. .All they, expected was a.little���  Coon Stuff on the Piano and then some  Dutch Lunch.  It happened .that they told the Girls  about.Rainbow Bill who. lived down at the  jfoteland was receiving come-back-to-me  Letters every- ��� Minute or two from the  Leaders of Kansas City's 400 and the Prize  Beauties of Lexington, Kentucky, to say  nothing of the Hot Looker whose Old Man  had just built a $250,000 Hut outside of  T hlladelphla. The girls said they would  like to meet one who had got In right, with  so manr of the First Families, but they  ���were, afraid that he wouldn't pause to  .dally with them, seeing that they were on  Salary. Perhaps one accustomed to show  ott in spaeloua Drawing Room would And  London Office, 60 Lombard Street, H. O.  New York  Office, 16   Exchange   Place.  and 68 Branches in Canada-and the  United States.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rate  three per cent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch..  his Style more or less cramped when  thrown Into the 6x9 Parlor of a $22 Flat.  However, the Boys said they would try  to Inveigle Rainbow Bill. Only, they gave  Fair Warning that he claimed to be a  Sorcerer and that after he looked a Sou-  brette in-the Eye and made a couple of  ! Passes, she was his Willing Slave and  Took Orders from no one else. The Girls  said they were ready to take a Chance.  Besides they had been Vaccinated.  The Boy with the Wardrobe of many  Colors did not show any. Eagerness when  told that he was wanted up 'at the Flat.  He began to back Water and fake up Excuses. They had to tell him that the Girls  had seen him on the Street and wore dying  for an Introduction. At last he fixed himself up until he smelled like the front part  of a Drug Store and they took him in Tow.  Ho began to lose out from the Minute  that he came up .he front Steps. His reputation had preceded him and it was the  .kind that'would sink a Ship. The nifty  Tailor-made Damsel of 1901 doesn't ask  any better Sport than to walk up and down  on the Tonsorial Wretch who fancies that  he Is Irreslstable. As soon as a Man hills  himself as a Girl-tamer, me .whole Sorority wants to get out and stab him to death  with Hat-pins. For some Reason, the  latest variety of New Woman resents-the  Suggestion that She Is a Soft Mark for the  curb-stone Masher who uiTctnds ln front of  Cigar Stores ahd does the Ogle.  . It may have been True that Rainbow Bill  cut a wide Swath in Kansas City and visited.all the warm Tamales ln'St. Paul, but  .up In the dinky Flat he was one cold Portion of a'Lobster a la Newburg. The Girls  fparred him back into a corner and kidded him to a Frazzle. They passed the  Sarcastic Shots at the rate of ono per Second with no return, although frequently  lie had told that he was a great Hand for  Repartee. They hurled the Javelins into  him until he curled ..like a Rubber Band.  The fascinating Wiles that had played such  Havoc among the Society Belles at other  Points somehow refused to come to the  Surface. All he could do was shift his legs  the..Evening he found his Voice 8 times,  but" he' didnU. say anything that would  have Induced a Girl to leave her comfortable.Home. After the first- half hour they  wouldn't have known that he was there  at all. If he hadn't got in the Way occasionally.  ', MORAL:    Copper all  Confessions.  .     BITS ABOUT THE BOXERS.  Torry McGovern argues that he had the  best of the fight up to the time that he  got licked. And that's like the small boy  who thought the second horse should have  won the race because lt led most of the  way. , ,  Canadians will take more Interest in thc  conquerer of Terry McGovern" when they  learn that His father, John H. Rothwell,  was born ln Llstowed, Ontario, about 45  years ago. .His grandfather emigrated from  England to Canada about 1S00. John H.  Rothwell's wife, the mother of Young Corbett, was also named Rothwell. She was a  remote cousin of her husband.   The pugll-  .lst's_father_was_a_traliier_and_drlver of  trotting horses ln his youth, as his father  was before him. As a youngster he was  fond of sports but never boxed. He Is a  small, wiry man of no great muscular  ability, but with a strong, healthy constitution:    .    ���  Lou Houseman of the Chicago Record,  states that on the train from Hartford  back to New York he sat with manager  Harris and the McGovern foi lowers from  the big city. From their talk, lt seems that  it was agreed before the light that McGovern was to let Corbett stay five rounds,  afterwards of course winning. This the  Denver sports agreed to, but when the  men got Into the ring, Corbett got Instructions to put McGovern out as soon as he  could, In other words, to give McGovern  the double-cross. McGovern was not ln  the best of shape, and the fast pace tired  him. He left himself open, so the story  goes, and Corbett put him down In the.second round. The thing came as such a surprise to McGovern, thinking everything  had already been fixed, that he lost his  head, and was. eventually put down and  out "as has already-been described.  It Is not likely that Frank Erne, the  lightweight champion of the world, will  ever fight again. He Is now In England  and, from present indications, will not  come back to America for two years. Erne,  according to Jimmy Michael, has fallen into  a "soft thing" in London, having been engaged as boxing Instructor of Oxford university. -.When the champion flrst landed  on-the other side he wa�� introduced to' the  best people there, and one afternoon at a  set of physical exercises of the university,  to which he was invited, he was asked to  give- ah* exhibition with a local boy. Erne  did as ho was requested and so. impressed  the committee on athletics of the institution-that a meeting was held at which he  was appointed to teach boxing. Erne accepted the-offer, which was said to bo flattering, and signed a contract for two years.  McGovern, like many of his predecessors  who have followed the well-trodden path  that leads from victory to defeat, will  probably attempt to climb back again. It is  notorious that the footing Is very poor under such circumstances. If he regains the  pinnacle he will have accomplished that  which has never before been done. McGovern is young, only 21, and there seems  no legitimate reason why he should abandon the game merely because of one defeat.   He may develop better than ever be-  IMPERIAL BANK  OF    Q-A._EsT A TD.A.  Capital (paid up)  Rest       -  $2,600,000  $1,850,000  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO, ONTARIO.  Branches in Northwest Territories, Provinces of  British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  H. S. HOWLAND *.'. ....President.  D. R. WILKIE Oeneral Manager.  E. HAY Inspeotor..  .NELSON   BRANCH,  BURNS BLOCK.  A general banking business transacted.  Savings Department,���Deposits rocoived and  Interest allowed.  Drafts eold, available in all pi>rt of Canada,  United States and Europe.  Special attention givon to collec one.  ^���fc �� >^ �� ****^' * **<���*��   ��*<lfc . ***%.*^. ****Bfc'.'**��*��.'<***��,�� *��av . >Bfc, . '''**���***��. '���'^ ."*****__.. >^. . fb_,'SSl/0.^0. 000.030 . 0K0 . *T0 _*M0 . 010 . _-* .  ____0~   0__0 .   ____0     ^      ���0      _^     .^     ^~ .   ..  r'5.*g^^^4B^,i*ii, ������������������������B*^,��-g.<_S,-_B_^>qS>��_B<_tg^'f.ddl'g^'g^*^^  ^fp*00. 0*000-00>00-00*00'00'00'00*00*00*00*00*00-000$^^^^*^*^.^*^*^.^.^.^.^:^.Q.^.^.^^0  is  :.* ���%*_  to  to  to  to  J. M. LAY, Manager.  fore. Terry's manager should be more superstitious, and in the future, If his charge  ever mounts the pedestal as chief gladiator in any pugilistic class, he should not  start him out on the "Road to Ruin." It, is  an ominous title.  Tim Hegarty, the Australian champion  lightweight, thinks he has a cinch on the  American boxers of his class. In a letter  to the Sidney Referee, Hegarty harps at  length on the manner in which he has  been treated by the fight promoters who  brought him over here and then launches  off with his opinion ot the fighters here.  In speaking of the Callahan-Bernsteiri  fight, Hegarty said he nearly cried when  he saw the two together, and that It would  have been no trick at all for him to put  the two out in one ring at the same time.  "I can assure you," says Hegarty ln his  letter, "Ned Cullen could have stopped the  pair Inside of ten rounds. Picture for yourself how I felt, and I was sorely In want  of the money, too!" Speaking of his treatment, Hegarty had this to say: "The people here are very good to me. The Australians recently here made a very bad  name for our country by the way in which  they conducted themselves. T can assure  you that a man don't want to be seen  drinking here or his name is 'mud' in a  very short time. For a long time after I  landed the newspapers kept harping on my  bout with Tweedie. 'Why didn't you beat  him?' they said. I had to explain that it  was merely an exhibition of boxing for  Tweedie's benefit." Hegarty will be given  a chance to show what he can do December 12th, when he meets Kid Lavinge before the new Acme Club in Oakland.  FAR FROM A BACK NUMBER  John Bull Still Strong and Lusty.  Some superficial observers are proclaiming aloud that John Bun is henceforth to  be. regarded as a back- number in the  world's story. He has played his part, we  are told; a grand enough part in its time,  but henceforth he is- to be reckoned as a  decaying and declining force. : "    i  If this were true, it would be a bad  thing, not only for John Bull himself, but  for all who have dealings with him, America, in particular, would regret it. for  England Is now America's best customer  for exported goods, and the 'stronger and  better and richer England is, the more will  lt be able to buy. From a purely selfish  point of view America should desire nothing more than that British prosperity  should go on by leaps and bounds.  Nations are slow to learn what individuals have long since seen���that the well  being of one helps all.  'But is John Bull played out? Has he  started out on that down slide along which  the great empires of the'past have run?  There is something to justify the fear  at first. The story of Smith Africa, dinned  through the world for two long years, has  revealed many unsuspected weaknesses.  British political institutions, the model of  representative government' in many lands,  _are_today on__thelr_trlal._.Representative.  government in England has become almost  a farce, there is a total lack of great  statesmen, and the house of commons, long  the glory - of the nation, has become the  mock and jibe of the mob. * .  _/  English manufacturers have been asleep.  English trade sunions have been foolish.  There has been too much resting on past  tradition. The freshest and most original  of English life has gone abroad, to the colonies or to America, and there has more  than maintained the traditions of Its race.  But John Bull Is waking up. He Is not  a born fool,: and those who reckon too confidently on his folly may find that they  have made a grave mistake. He is learning from the American and the Gorman,  but ln a few years he will do again what  he has often done ln tlie past. He will  suck some of those Invading strangers ln,  and make them part of himself.  Nearly all the great British mercantile  families of the past have been strangers  who came to England to exploit her, and,  soon found themselves the stoutest Englishmen. Thus the Barings were sons of  a Dutch pastor. Now one of them rules  Egypt for England, several members of the  family, such as the Ashburtons, the Rev-  elstokes and the Northbrooks, sit among  England's lords.     '*-'���.'  Lord Milner came almost direct from  Germany, yet surely In South Africa he has  proved himself pro-Briton enough to please  any ono. The Rothchllds came* from  Frankfurt, now they are the British overlords of the most of a county. And one  might go on indefinitely.  The same thing continues today. American Importers send in their surplus stock.  Soon they find it more convenient to build  a factory in England. Then one member  of the family settles ln England and usually becomes more English than the Englishman.   Both nations profit.  John Bull is not yet played out, because  he Is willing to learn (in business, If not in  politics) from his own namesakes. He is  waking up In earnest. During this past  summer every big American factory has  been visited by many Englishmen seeking  to know what America has to teach, them.  They have gone home to adopt American  methods, greatly to the benefit of both nations.  Decadent nations will never really admit  that there can be anything the matter with  them. Insinuate to the Spaniard that his  Is not the mightiest and greatest people  on earth and there will be trouble. Gently  suggest to John Bull that there Is something wrong In his, affairs, and he may look  to  Hurry  Up  for  Christmas  ENGRAVING   FREE   OF   CHARGE  Gifts  For engraving, flrst come, first served.  Don't delay. Our goods are here from the  manufacturers and you shall have our prompt  attention. 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There is another thing, which those who  look forward into the world's future must  not ignore. In the past, the government of  the British empire has b'ee'n left in the  hands of the small ruling-'class in England.  The strong and enterprising^ men of "the  colonies, while ruling themselves as they  would within certain limits, have "not been  allowed to take their share in imperial administration.     ' ���       '       '  The colonies are not much longer going  to allow blunderers to spoil the affairs of  their empire. They will make an end of  the amateur politicians, who find their  real joy in life in golf or literature, or  (lower gardens, while the affairs of state  under them are allowed . to be wrecked.  Once younger England steps to the front,  there will be little more talk of decadence.  John Bull is going to have trouble, and  great trouble. It needs no prophet to foretell that. But, with all his shortcomings,  ho retains such solid virtues as will make  him anything but a spent force in future  struggles for supremacy. And it is well for  his friendly rivals that this is so.���San  Francisco Examiner.   =���The-New-Star-in-Perseus.   The astronomical staff at Greenwich Is  much interested in the latest developments  in the new star discovered February last  in the constellation Perseus. One of the  mathematical experts, lu*speaking of it recently, said:  "New stars are not looked upon now  with the same feelings of .wonderment as  formerly, and they are catalogued and  placed on the star maps'"In.the same routine way as thair less spectacular brethren;  but the Perseus star has,apparently shown  such marked peculiarities that, admitting  thoir truth, li Is the most wonderful object  In the heaveis. The main cause it gives  for astonishment is this: Two photographs taken six weeks apart show that it  has moved over an interval of celestial  space which Is defined as one minute of  arc.  "To the non-mathematical mind there Is  nothing especially remarkable in this  statement, but a cleaier understanding  makes plain the reasons why astronomers  are now according this .new star the principal place In their speculations.  "An observer on thc earth is, in round  numbers. 90,000,000 miles from the sun.  Should he note the position of the solar  body at any hour of the day and then at  the same hour the day following he would  see the sun had moved over the space of  one celestial degree; strictly speaking, it  is not the sun which has moved, but the  earth, and the distance it has traversed in  its orbit ln tha twenty-four hours���1,500,000  miles���is what causes the change of one  degree in the sun's position. In passing  over one inin'ite of arc the earth takes  about twenty minutes and travels 25,000  miles.  "But the new star is* so much farther  away from the earth than the sun that tho  figures applicable to them are hardly dignified enough to be called yard sticks,  when the tremendous speed of one minute  of arc in six weeks for a. similar angular  displacement Is considered at the distance  of the nearest fixed star.  "Slrlus. which is the nearest first magnetic star. Is one million times thc sun's  distance from us, and its change in position from one year's end to another is nol  quite one-third of a minute of arc; this  means a speed of thirty miles per second  of its mass through space. But the stars  in the constellation Perseus are at even a  rpmoter distance than Sirlus, and the new  star, until Its parallax Is determined, Is,  , t presumed to be one of them.   . ...  c oiivc-Fj^isrir  0FFICE:��BAKER STREET WEST, NELSOJJ, B. C.  TELEPHONE J.O. 213,   P. 0. BOX 688.  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Townsend, acting as agent for Edward Baillie, free miner scor-  tilTcato No. noGlGo, intend, sixty days from tho  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for  a Coi-tificate of Improvements, for the purposo  of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho abovo claim.  And further tako notice that action, under seo-  tiou 37, must bo commenced beforo the issuanoe  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20lh day of August, A.D. 1901.  N. V. TOWNSEND.  -V1 Iff  i   *>-  -; "--is  'I -��?!  OEETIFIOATE  OF   IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICK.���Vermont mineral claim, situato ln  thc Nelson Mining Division of Wost Kootonay  District. * ���: :  Where located: On tho west fork of Rover  Creek, three and one-half miles south of Kooto  nay Hiver.  TAKK NOTICK that I, N. F. Townsend, acting as agent for Albert L. Vollor, ��5578!>; Herman  Ij. Keller, ii5J788; nnd Frederick S. Algiers, Hl'2tt57,  intend, sixty days from tho date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Cortiflcutc of Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the abovo claim.  And further tako notice that action, under section :_7, must bo commenced beforo the issuance  of such Ccrlillcato of Improvements.  Dated this 13lh day of October, A.D. 1901.    N. F. TOWNSEND.  NOTIOE TO DELINQUENT 00-OWNEE.  To John J.  McAndrews or to any peraon  or persons to whom be may have transferred his Interest in the Black Diamond  mineral claim, situate on the north aid*  of  Bear  creek,   about  three  miles  from  the town of Ymir, lying Bouth of and adjoining the Bvennlg Star mineral claim.  Nelson mining division of West Kootenay  district,   and  recorded  in  the  recorder's  office for the Nelson mining division.  You and each of you are hereby notified  that   I   have  expended   two  hundred   and  twelve     dollnrs    and     twenty-flve     cent*  ($212.25)   ln  labor  and  improvements  upoa  the above mentioned mineral claim in order  to hold said mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within  ninety days from  the dato of this notice  ymi tail or refuse to contribute your portion of all such expenditures together wltb  all costs  of advertising,  your interests In  the said claims will become the property  of the subscriber under section 4 of an ac*  entitled,   "An  Act  to  Amend  the  Mineral  Act, 1900.' JOHN DEAN.  Dated at Nelson this Uth day of September. 1901.         ���    NOTIOE.  In tho mnH*r of an application for a duplicate  of a Certificate of Title to an undivided half of  Lot 12. Blook 11 in tho Town of Nelson.  Notice i- hereby given that it is my intention  to issue nt, the expiration of ono month from the  first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Titlo to llio abovo mentioned undivided  half of Lot 12. Block 11 in tho Town of Nelson ln  tho n_rao of Joseph Hothorington Bowes, which  Certificate is dated the 8th day of November,  1897, and numbered 1C4K.  H. F. 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It is  not alone on population that the redistribution should be made, but also the geographical position and industrial interests  oi.' communities should be taken into consideration in a scheme for redistribution.  Take for instance the country through  which the Kettle river and Us tributaries  flbw, although from boui a geographical  and an industrial point of view the interests of the whole district are the same, yet  it is divided and tacked on to other districts. Thc Boundary is a part of the  -Rossland���riding,���although^goographlcaily-  JJie two districts have about the samo interests in common as the cities of Vancouver and Victoria. The West, Fork, a  purely mining district, is tacked on to an  agricultural district one hundred miles distant. The whole Kettle River country  should be an independent electoral district  as thc industrial interests of the 'people  are practically the 'same throughout the  whole territory,' and geographically one  part of the district is easy of access from  lhe ether. The people of the Boundary  could hardly expect the attention to their  wants that would be "given by a member  residing in the district could be given by  a member residing outside the district. Besides the member for Rossland does not  appear to have any regular place of residence, but appears to spend his time  roaming' round the country discovering  passes for Jim Hill, telling the people  what the Hon. Smith is doing for them,  and fusing himself with every faction born,  in Vancouver, the home of political freaks.  Thc member for East Yale resides about,  one, hundred miles froni the .mines of .the  West Fork. He is a rancher, elected by a  ranching community, and his sympathies  naturally run towards turnips, alfalfa, and  other products of the soil from the cultivation of which he makes his living. It is  not probable he could tell whether the ore  bodies of the AVest Fork occur in a liquid  or solid form, or whether they are annuals  or not. So, apart from the inequalities in  population to be remedied in the^electornl  districts of the provinco, there are also  the equally important questions of geographical position and industrial interests  to be considered in a redistribution of  seats.���West Fork News.  Boundary District Local News.  GREENWOOD, Decemoer 13.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���More than one hundred of  the men employed at tne B. C. Copper  Company's Mother Lode mine contributed  a dollar each to provide a Christmas tree  and presents for the children living at the  mine. Mrs. Ilutciiins, wife of the mine superintendent, and five other matrons were  down here yesterday selecting gifts for  the juveniles.  S. C. Clark, lately at the Rossland  branch, has arrived here to fill a position  at the Greenwood branch of the Bank of  British North America vacated by R. J.  Coulter, who left for Nelson early in the  week to join the contingent for South  Africa.  Chief license.' inspector' Dirismore returned to Grand Forks today after Inspecting the hotels at Midway and other western points in the Boundary license district  to report to the meeting of the license  commissioners, which will be held-at Eholt  on Monday afternoon.  The Russell-Law-Caulfield Company have  commenced the removal of tlieir large  stock of general merchandise into their fine  new premises.  M. T. Griffin of Nelson was among today's arrivals.  A. W. Mackenzie, member of the Strathcona Horse,-who-returned from the-West  Fork of Kettle river when he heard a contingent was being raised for South Africa,  left immediately for Ottawa direct in the  hope that his services would again be accepted.  Big Contracts Made for Iron Ore.  CLEVELAND, December 13.-~Tho Plain-  dealer says:' ".The independent iron "ond  steel companies havo contracted for upwards of 20,000,000 tons of raw material  under contracts running for several years.  Millions of dollars; are involved in tbe  deal. Since the organization of the United  States Steel 'Corporation there has been  considerable talk about that organization  buying the property of the outside mines,  accordingly, the independent furnacemen  have taken .thefaction noted above. In  some cases the prices have been fixed and  the Mesaba or.es . will Do based on this  year's figures. The prices for the long  contracts .will- not have much bearing on  pricos .for 1902. All sales of Mesaba ores  are being made at an advance of 25 cents  a ton over the.prices that ruled this year.  .Vice-president Cayley of the United States  Steel Corporation'-'suggested the abovo advance, and the" independent mine owners,  as a'rule,1" agreed with him, and the  greater part of the deals that have been  closed for 1902 were made on that basis!  Costa Rica in a Bad Way.'  SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, December 13.���  The rejmblic of Costa Rica has for a few-  years past been sinking into poverty and  today misery stares the citizens in the  face. Business of all sorts is practically  stopped and many pending failures are  being discussed in business circles. The  government is.without funds to meet the  most pressing needs and hundreds of  workmen are idle in the streets. To make  things worse, the approach of the presidential election is causing nervousness. The  bitter feeling between the government and  the republican and national parties grows  more intense every day and several leaders predict bloodshed will be the outcome.  Policy Gambling Doomed.  NEW   YORK,   December  13.���The   representatives of the P_arkhurst Society and .of  the anti-policy league who yesterday made  one of the most sensational raids In the  history of this city, declared .today that  evidence of a startling character had been  obtained and-that a death blow had been  struck at policy gambling.  NOTICE  To the Public and Union Men:--  Thc Trades and Labor Council of the City of  Nelson have declared all Hotels, Restaurants  and Saloons employing Chinese iii or around tlio  promises unfair to organized labor.  * Tho following do not employ Chinese in such  capacity:  VICTORIA HOTEL  CLARKE HOTEL  TKEMONT HOTEL  ���   :     ���     .    MADDEN HOTEL  SHKRJ3ROOKR HOTEL  O It A v D CENTRAL HOTEL  LAKE VIKW HOTKL  KC)SSLAN*> HOTEL  GRAND HOTEL  KLONDYKE HOTEL  JOHN SPEAR  .���'���..*    '     DKLMONICO RESTAURANT,    i ;  .'    MANHATTAN SALOON :  BODEGA SALOON ..-���.*!  GLUE POT SALOON  CLUB HOTEL .-.';���  WAVERLEY HOTEL  1J0TI0E; OF'MEETING.  There will be a general meeting of the  Independent Labor Party in Miners'- Union:  Hall on Monday, December 16th, which all.  members are requested to. attend.  NOTICE  BYERS & GO.  ESTABLISHED 1892  .'^���^���^���-^���-a',^,a-^',^'a-,^*>^;_a''a,^.'a*-a-'a',-^,-!&,-a,'^'^''-a  #  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  &.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  .-fe  Portland Cement  Fire Brick  Fire Clay-  Sheet Iron  T Rails  Ore Cars  Blowers  Exhausters  Pumps  Graniteware  Tinware  to   *  HARDWARE AND IRON MERCHANTS   jj|  to  HEATING STOVES  COOKING STOVES  AND  RANGES  "* NELSON, B. C.  STORES AT  KASLO, B.C.  SANDON, B. C.  ��_fe*^^'4-^4'to? ^^0^Ll_^^^_^_t____r0^^^_____^.____r^^.^n0^____.^__t^^___w^____r^___^^b^S^0^^r^^r  i&-i!��.'��'i��'ig'ig'iA'ig''��'<��'��-i��'&'ig'^'ig-i3'-ig''Z-'~-'~ ��0.i*'iB'i0.te ar  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ���&���  We have purchased the Madson Stock at a low rate on the dollar. . It consists of  clothing; cents furnishings, boots, shoes, hat, gaps,  RUBBERS   AND   BLANKETS-  ALL THESE  GOODS TOGETHER WITH THE  BALANCE OF OUR  DRY GOODS  W.'LL BE SOLD,AT  OR     UNDER    THE  WHOLESALE COST  This is a rare opportunity ait the right time  of lhe  year  to get  FALL  AND  WINTER  GOODS, at prices never before heard of in Nelson.   We have  a  specially heavy and choice    ,|  stock of Men's Suits, Boots;and Shoes and  Underwear.-  Our! prices  will  talk... Come, and ".  see.for yourselves.. '.  A. FERLAND & CO.  _ **-��� 0 t^-i^ '��"'&"'&''��-g���**����������'.  fgfimi ���8T>'C"S!.^.'*-<s."��:''<*''^'��r''��  w  "Julia Mari^f  |ace Bool  tWWv:  '���^���^e^.1*--*: ***���?>���:  Julia Marlowe Shoes  * *���  We have been appointed exclusive agents for these justly "celebrated shoes for ladies. An ordinary shoe is rigid at" the instep  and has no give to it, being either tight or loose and,necessarily  has to be broken in so tbat it may fit comfortably. Every ."Julia  Marlowe" has the elastic instep which causes them to -fit perfect  over high or low instep and the outline of the shoe is not altered.  They retain their graceful symmetry until worn out. -Our "stock of  Rubber Goods complete. . .','._     .       -      .������''-'-"���'.'--  <?  ROYAL SHOE STORE  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to_  to  to  to  to  ^���S ���l��_s'S*!"-a ����������'***����� __-^'****��-^���**��9��';  ���S, m^i^0> i^^-^^TS*-^ v��v  LA. GODBOLT, Prop. THOS. LILLE, Manager.. ^J  \'00*9''&-00*f0*Tb'0''''&'T%'00 S'S*-S;?,(*'5-5*:5-?-3!'S*iS'S.'*-'9   ':  BTJSINESS MENTION, r  ���Whon at Erie, B. C, stop at the Mersey  Hotel. Mrs. M. Collins, proprietress.  The Fomlo labor unions, by resolution,  recommend all their members to patronize  the Kootenay Steam Ijaundry at Nelson.  The laundry has an agency ln Fernie, and  clothes are foi warded to and from Nelson  by exprcs��.  The Similkameen Valley Coal Company,  Limited, has notified R. J. Steel, their official broker, to advance the price on shares  ori the Ifith instant to 50 cents, and that  there will be a further advance on .the 1st  of January, 1902,  to one dollar.  "GOOD CHEER" STOVES ANBMNGES  The undersigned has resumed proprietorship of the blacKsmith business  formerly carried on by me and lately  carried pn by R. B. Reiley, in the preni-.  ises on Hall street near corner of Baker  street. All accounts due R. B. Reiley  are payable to me.  , H. D. ASHCROFT. [ '  Nelson. B. C, October 15th, 190L  M  "Let sleeping; dogs ik..*'  Beware of the ''bargain "shoe!  Why is ft sold at a  "reduced price" if it is  worth fall price ?  Leave lottery shoes  carefully alone, and look  for the Makers' price,  stamped on the sole of  the sure value shoe���  "The Slater Shoe"  "foody-jar Welted"  >.  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 265.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office:  Two Doors West C. P. B. Office  We are iri the market again this season with this line of  Stoves. After handling them for a number of years we are  convincEd that they are the only Stoves that give  ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION.  Call and see our large and complete line.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  Importers and Dealers In Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  P.  Head Office' at  NELSON, B. O.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealer^ ih Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, Nev  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade Ciby, Mid  way, arid Vancouver,       '      ,  - ...  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. W. 0 BLOCK  WARD STREET  E. C. TRAVES; Manager  i  a  ~*j.  >S; ���*::  ���������.�� .-'V?w .^swrairf.**


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