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Tlie Property is Said to be a Valuable
Ono and Only Needs to be Worked
With   Modern   Machinery.
11 is rumored that a deal is about
to be closed between an English
company and tho Venus Gold Mining Company for tlie sale of the
Venus property on Morning mountain. When the ball-roller mill at
the property was found to be a
failure List fall, the directors of the
corapauy held a meeting at Toronto,
and it was decided rather than to
go to the expense of
another mill, that
should be sold if a
be found. Tho property was a
once placed on the market in a
quiet way, and now ifc is said that
the deal is about to be closed.
Looking forward to the salo, the
present company has not continued
the development overly fast. When
the mill was shut down the force
that ,was at work was reduced to
ten men. Since then a further
reduction has been made, and now
only four men are at work. The
engineer representing the new company, and who is ?to report on the
property, is expected" to arrive in
Nelson tomorrow or next day. He
will visit the property and make
his report immediately.
The deal will be a good-sized oiie,
and it is said that, the new company Js   backed, np'  by'a   large
',' amount of capital aud when once
tiie property is ^turned over its
development will be carried on with
. great activitjr. The only requirements to'make the properfcy^among
the best producers' of -this district
is a modern stamp mill. The other'
.facilities _-are^ already, installed in.
connection-* Wlth-the' milKthat- wftsr
~ "erected'at the property Jast year.
The history of the property is an
interesting one. It was staked
several" -years ago by, Robert
■Reddle who', after,a short time, did
ihis assessment work in the form of
• open'cuts on the surface." Alone
'.time-he. was   unable   to   pay his
• assessment dues and in order to
raise the money offered. a quarter
.interest 'for sale. The property
ithen.was thought ,to be of little
■value and he could not, get $5 for
"the quarter interest. The original
•owners were Frank Fletcher, Robert
Heddle and and John Philips.
About two years "ago the  property was bonded   by the  Venus
'Gold Mining Company, whieh since
Yithat time   did extensive develop-
vment woik.   When  the   property
went   under   the   control   of   this
.'   company only surface   work   had
been      done.    At      the     present
time   over   2000   feet   of tunneling,   shafting   and   drifting    has
been   completed _ The    workings,
are now in about 700 feet.   Four
tunnels with ore in' all have been
run to a considerable depth.   The
-present  work   is   being   expended
mpon the. running of a fifth tunnel
tto tap tho vein _bo,ut the 400-foot
•level.  -Tt is expected $W& the lead
■will be encountered shortly;,   jit is
'estimated that about 16,000 *fc.ops of
'ore are already blocked .©v**..   Although the value of the surface ore
* was not high, the assays from samples of ore taken from a greater
• depth gave high returns, some ex-
■ ceeding $40. • The mill returns, although much of the precious metal
•was lost, were on an average about
! $15. Ifc is thought that with the
_ working of a stamp mill much bet-
'ter returns would be obtained. The
-property""- is valued at about
The resuming of work on the
••property by a strong company
would be of great benefit to Nelson.
Work to be Resumed.
Afc a meeting of the shareholders
of   the company   that- owns the
,_. Albion mine, - near Ainsworth, ifc
was voted to resume, work and a
voluntary assessment was levied on
the stock. Work has been suspended'
on the Albion for two years. It is
situated near the Highlander, as its
ore is of the same character. About;
■.',$80,0.66, have been expended on the
property, and every thing at the
mine is in excellent shape for the
resumption of work.   The directors
- elected at the meeting are:   W. A.
Aldriph, president;   G.  W. Roche,
, -rice president j    Mrs.   M.    Logan, •
secretary and* treasurer ; AV. S. Mc-
Crae, W. G. Merry weather, Sig
llanauer and G. A. Benson, all of
Roads Getting iu Bad Shape.
The warm weather' of tho last
three days is knocking the bottom
out of the roads. The shipments
from the Molly Gibson mine havo
been suspended, as the road has become unfit for traffic. The Silver
Hill road up Crawford - creek is also
in bad shape, two of the bridges
having been knocked out by slides.
The company has about 96 tons at
the landing, and this is all that can
be shipped to the smelter until
colder weather prevails. The company expected to_ ship about 50
tons per day. The Molly Gibson
was shipping about a car a day.
Apparatus Did Not' Work Well.
For some days past dodgers, ex-
circulated, announced a
*/a<»*,"'ivw-:ij_'s* °^ a cei'tain compound
^^^^^"'Swisher, which was de-
sciYtfiitf/as "undoubtedly the most
valuable invention of the day."
The public were cordially invited to'
witness the wonders of the extinguisher, but the mayor, alder-
meu. merchants, mill managers and
fire underwriters were specially invited. ' At the "appointed hour
yesterday afternoon upwards of
one hundred persons had assembled
at the foot of Stanley street, where
all preparations had .been" made to
demonstrate that the modern fire
brigade is no longer a necessity if
.only a few tubes of. compound extinguisher be on hand. The crowd
was discussing the probability' of
seeing'the whole fire fighting apparatus, including the chief and his
staff, - dispensed with, and an .express wagon with a sack or two Yof
patent fire extinguisher and a a few
shovels 'substituted, therefor, when
the gentlemah'who was.to give the
test stepped forward^with a" ready-
ladies-and-gentlenien _ 'expression,*
^atid/y.appliedT jt^ match*"---toY tlie'"
oil-saturated- 'material, on" a.
couple -of empty c boxes. Up'
shot the flames, and down came the
compound fire extinguisher through
a tube. Before there was time to
doubt the efficiency of the firsjfc application another tube of the stuff
was applied, but without the desired effect, and the volume of flame'
was evidently gaining.. Then came
the-third and last tube, but still no
perceptible .diminution in flame.
The derisive laughter of those present pronounced the public test a
failure, aud the disappointed manipulator of -'the most valuable invention of-the day" declared that if
he only had enough of the comoound
he could put out* the fire. A few
boys, in the crowd suggested "Try a
snow-ball?' The suggestion was
adopted, and amid a shower of such
missies, the fire was extinguished.
The public test of tho dry compound fire extinguisher cannot be
pronounced a success, and is not,
likely to interfere with the council
carrying out the contemplated improvements in the fire department.
The Venezuela Trouble.
Washington, January 17.—The
only advice over night from Venezuela was a' short message from Mr.
Loomis, indicating that the revolt;1
which harl broken out in the barracks at Caracas had been suppressed last Monday. The navy
department was unable to forward
its instructions to commanders last
evening, but the message went out
early this morning," and by this
time the Scorpion probably is starting from La Guaya for Guanaco.
Guanaco lies about 75 miles up the
San Juan river, in northern Venezuela, and is the point of shipment
for the asphalt of the Bermuda
company, which is brought by the
Guanaco railway from the big lake.
Federal Elections in Australia.
, Stdnet, New South Wales,
January 17. — Edward Barton,
premier of the Australian commonwealth, began the campaign at
Maitland this evening with a large
public meeting, at which several of
the ministers wore present. His
speech disclosed the policy of the
federal ministry. He said the
federal elections would be held at
the earliest possible date. In his
opinion parliament could not be
successfully carried on . either at'
Melbourne or Sydney, as its deliberations ought to be removed
from surrounding provincial \x\-
Successful Working of a Tram-
way Erected by a Nelaon
Manufacturer.  -
James   W.   MeLeod, who   is en-
gagecl in operating   the tramway
at the Ymir mine, was in the city
yesterday.     He reports   that   the
property is showing up well and a
large amount of ore'is being taken
out.   About 100 men are engaged
at the property, which is a comparatively small force for the amount* of
ore that is being handled.    The ore
removed from the workings averages from 200 to 250 tons_v per day.
The work   done   is   principally in'
Nos. 1, 2 aud 3 levels.   The vein on
which stoping is being, done runs
from 20 to 50 feet in width.    The
ore is low-grade, a fair percentage
of the values b'eing saved on the
plates, the   remainder -"in the concentrates.    The ore. taken from the
lowest level, about 600 feet, gives a
larger amount'of concentrates than
that taken from the higher levels.
*   At   present a   "shaft   is ' being
sunk from No. 3 level to intersect
,the'tunhel'that is being driven-to
tap'the t bin at No. 10 level.    *It is
down about 300 feet, and between
_ 400 and 500 feet remains to be done.
The work"on'the tunnel, which is
being run from the level of the mill
■to strike the vein at No.. 10 level, is
to be pushed rapidly by. contract.
•The tunnel has been advanced about
700 feet;"" but the distance "from the
opening to the vein is somewhat
over 2000 feet.   It is expected that
-the work will be completed during
the latter part Of next fall.        *»" '" •
-' The tramway, which was 'com--
pleted last June by Arthur Painteiv
~b_> *_^_l_cfit*,-5isy-^viugytHe5;l3eat' of
' satisfaction.    It'is  being  operated
one shift; and during the ten hours
that it works it carries to the mill
from 200 to 240 tons. The 80-stamp
mill is running day and night.   A
large cyanide   plant, is being installed and will be completed at an
early date in the spring.     This. is
for  the   purpose   of   treating 'the
tailings.    j.	
learned from reliable sources that
it is J. Archibald of New York,
vice-president of the Standard Oil
Ottawa.—The form of application to be filled in by Canadians desirous of joining the South African
constabulary is being printed, and
will be ready to distribute tomorrow. Ifc can be secured from officers
commanding military districts, N.
W. M.' P. and from officers commanding regiments and independent companies in British Columbia.
No Very Great Surprises, as the Men
Elected Were Generally Conceded to Be Winners.
TTTrti.TiinTiTTnTTyiTifif ****** *TTXXS£_TT_,--T!.T.'TTT1
Victoria, January 17.—The
provincial legislature has been
summoned to meet on February
1st for the despatch of business.
New York.—Cornelius L. Al-
vord, jr., the defaulting teller of
the First National Bank, was today
sentenced to 13 years' imprisonment. The amount of his defalcation was $690,600.
MontufjaTj. — Alfred Vanderbilt
_an d_his_wi fe _arri ved _i n_Montreal
via the Delaware & Hudson from
Albany this evening. They registered at the Windsor. Mr. and
Mrs.. Vanderbilt are en route to
Quebec, and will probably leave
here tomorrow.
Montreal.—1_. A. William?,
mechanical, superintendent of the
Soo line at Minneapolis, has been
appointed superintendent of rolling
stock of the Canadian Pacific railway, replacing R. Atkinson, resigned. It is* understood that
Atkinson goes to the Intercolonial
. Ottawa.—Militia general orders,
issued today, sanction the localization of ,No. 9 bearer company at
Victoria. A regulation has also
been promulgated which forbids
subscriptions' for testimonials
among militia, the publication of
laudatory orders, Y "and officers are
further forbidden-to forward testimonials to headquarters. This is
due to events arising from returning
soldiers from South Africa.
Toronto.—The Standard; Manufacturing Company; manufacturers
of tin cans, assigned today.'
St. John; . New "Brunswick.—The
Norwegian steamer,Peter,; JiBbson is
landing "5000 tons of American coal
here for-the^ Intercolonial; railway.
This is the first American*soft coal
ever landed here. It' was bought because of the recentcdarmihers'.strike
in Cape Breton.
ToRONTo.-^Senator Frank Smith
died today at* noon. He had been
ill for a year.   .
.Syracuse. — An announcement
was made tonight that a friend had
given $--66,666 to the - endowment
fund of Syracuse university, conditional upon a like amount being
raised among other.friends of the
institution. The giftismade anonymously, and chancellor Day refuses to divulge his name/ bat it is
.ABOUT" $30,000.   -
The Town Was Saved   Through the
Liberal Use of Giant Powder
as-Water-Was Scarce.
Phoenix, January
to The Tribune.]—A
after 8 o'clock this eyening ' a" fire
broke out in.a.large dry goods store
on Dominion avenue, which threatened the whole Jojver end" of the
town-for an hour, -'but was finally
stopped after "doing damage to the
extent of nearly- .$.30,000. The first
general iutimatioii of a bad fire was
when three long whistles, from the"
compressor at .the' Brooklyn mine
iwere.heard all over' town. The fire
had burst put o"f. the second -story
of JM.^cBean .«S^Co/^,dry. 'goods,,
store.' ."it^quicKly ""spreatl' to 'tiie
Imperial hotel building, adjoining
on the north- side of Dominion
avenue, and thence.-to,the building
of the Phoenix News Company,
all being two story -structures.
The fire burned very fiercely,
and threatened a long row of two
and three .story buildings on,the
opposite side of the avenue. Giant
powder was used -three or four
times with good effect. -*; There was
a scarcity of water, but several fire
engines could hardly have' stopped
the flames.
■ Mayor Rumberger and chief-of
police McMillan, assisted- by a large
number of citizens, did yeoman
service iu saving goods and tearing
down structures to stop the spread
of the flames. Much damage was
done through broken glass all over
the city. An incomplete list of the
losses is .as follows: M. McBean &
Co., stock, $12,006; William Hunter
Company, McBean building, $3,000;
W. J. Henderson, Imperial hotel,
$10,660; Phoenix -News.. Company,
building and stock, $2,066; T. A.
Hicks, dry goods, $1,866. There
was a partial insurance on some of
the structures and stocks, probably
less than half of the total loss.
Getting Ready to Ship.
B. C. Riblet, who has the contract
for the construction of the tramway
at the Tamarac mine, situated hear
Ymir, returned to Nelson yesterday
afcer making a trip of inspection to
the property. In speaking of the
•tramway last eveningYMr;"Riblet
said that the work, from the very,
start, had progressed?, rapidly and
such good advancement had been
made that he expected to have it in
operation by January 25th.'■■ The
totvers are completed and the force
of men are now working' on the
lower terminus. -Outside of this
a few minor matters remain to be
done and all will ;be completed a
week from today. A spur--line is
being put in from the main line
of the Spokane FaUsY and - Northern to the end of the; tramway.
This work will be finished/in a few
days. The ore bins at the working are rapidly being put into shape.
The development of the.property is
progressing steadily, and there is a
large quantity of ore ready for:
shipment. When the tramway, is
in operation regular shipments to
the Northport, smelter will be made.
At the expiration of a week the
Tamarac mine, which ha? made
rapid strides to the front during
the past few months, will be added
to the list of shippers of that district, j
- The result of the elections iu the
cities throughout the province will
be generally satisfactory, for, on
-the -whole," the men jihqsen for
mayors and * aldermen are men of
good reputation.
Lalonde' Mayor of Rossland.
Rossland, January 17.—[Special
to The"". Tribune].—The city elections today, resulted in-the return
of C. O. Lalonde, for mayor, who
defeated-Harry Daniel by a majority ~ of 29. The' total vote for
Lalonde was 4421 ,In the First
ward C.'*R.' Hamilton - and Thomas
H. Armstrong defeated John Dean;
in the Second ward F. W. Rolt and
A. A. "Mackenzie defeated- «T. H.
Robinson and ,J.- J. MeKimion; in
the Third*ward John.S. Clute and
A." S; Macdonell defeated* Samuel
Forteath/Milb'Munro and Thomas
Eihbleton. It is generally conceded
that the new city, -government is a
strong one. Mr. Lalonde has been
a city councilman, school trustee,
is chairman of the school of mines
and'president of the board of trade.-
Messrs. - Hamilton, McKenzie and&
Chite were re-elected." The election
passed off quietly,/bnt <was- stubr
bornly contested hy the candidates
for the mayoralty.     .     *
_ Carlson * Elected. Mayor.
KASTadyJanuary"l7:^[SpeciaL to
The^ Tribunejy Ther^-.Green- men
knocked: their opponents."-sl_y-hig_t
today in the^'city electionrand^put'
big Gus Carlson Yin mayor_by aY'ma?
jority of 36;over JGeorge 'Tf-Kan'eV
"Buclianan^oard^f^aSe , element)?
The vote (218). polled  wasrlarge,
being'bufc 32 less than waff.polled at.
the provincial   election- last - June.
The following were elected   aldermen: Archer, Jardine, Hodder, Har-
tiri,.Papwortb, and Kennedy. ^
Ross Defeated'iu Greenwood. :
Greenwood, January 17.—[Special to The Tribune.]—The civic
elections passed off quietly today.
Dr. R. W. Jakes defeated Duncan
Ross for mayor. For aldermen, J.
J. Caulfield, chairman of the Ross
committee, headed the poll in tlie
north ward, the other two successful candidates being D. J. Sullivan
and James Sutherland. In the
south ward Thomas Miller, W. J.
_Kirkw_ood andJ3eorge_R.JVadeu,_alI_
Ross supporters, were victorious.
Tom Kilpatrick Is Mayor.
REVBiaSTOKE, January . 17.—The
election j here resulted in making
Tom Kilpatrick, one of the most
popular employees of the C. P. R.,
mayor for 1961. His majority was
91. The aldermen are: First ward,
W. S. Newman and F. McCarty, by
acclamation; Second ward, T. E. L.
Taylor and H. .T. Bourne; Third
ward, William Nettle and John
Abrahamson, by acclamation.
council of Kamloops for the ensuring year: M. P. Gordon, mayor; J.
R. Michel and William Brown, aldermen for' the First ward; James
GUI and David C. McLaren for the
Second ward, and James L.- Brown
and William H. Evans for the Third
ward. *    *" ' '**•*_
Victoria Returns the Old Hands,
Victoria, January 17.—Mayor
Hay ward and all the old "aldermen
were re-elected today.
Joseph Martin in the Hospital at Van-
"   couver;Where He .will Remain-
for Several Weeks.      - ~„\
William Stein  a Peace Emissary,
Made a Prisoner and Charged
With High Treason.
Manley Defeated in Grand Forks.
Grand Forks, January 17.—Two
hundred and forty-nine ballots were
counted for mayor, with the following result: White 159, Manley 96.
The aldermen elected in Ward 1
are: W. J. Morrison, J. Temple,
and H. A; Henderson; in Ward 2:
John Donaldson, R. Harvey, and
W.H. Fisher.
Were All Re-elected at Phoenix.
Phoenix, January 17.—[Special
to The Tribune.]---The municipal
election resulted in putting in the
old mayor and council. They are
mayor Rumberger,; and councillors
Dougall Mclnnes, Michael "McBean,
James Punch, James Marshall, James
A. Clark, and .Tames. A. Morrin.-
Sandon's New City Council.
Sandon, January 17.—H. H. Pitts
was re-elected mayor today. C.-D-
Hunter, E. R. Atherton and Robert
McDonald were also re-elected aldermen. The new alderraenare T.
B. Folliett, Ti. A. Cameron, and Dr.
Gordon Mayor of Kamloops.
Kamloops, January 17.—The municipal elections took place here today and were keenly contested.
The following will compose tlie city
London, January 17.—The, "stop-
the-war" committee today passed
the following resolutions: "Orders
which a British, officer reports" he
personally, -, received, • reveal r. the
adoption by lord Roberts and lord
Kitchener of a policy having for it-
aim the extermination of a heroic
nationality, by starving its women'
and children, and the /deliberate
massacre of unarmed prisoners."
The latter clause alludes to general
Kitchener's alleged orders to gen:
eral Dewet's pursuers to take no
prisoners. - Copies ^of letters from
an unnamedrBritish officer, containing, these,and other charges, will be'
sent to. lord Salisbury, lord Roberts
and others; _ -/ -      ,,'     .<.'-"  y _\*
Reliable-authorities state, however,; that Boer families and their
Stock, .are being1:,,systematically-
brought "into^'convenient* centers
from" alL over . the - country.' They-
are', kept -in -camps and-.fed .with
.those who surrendered. -All are
•supplied' * with"'- rationsyand---those
i*wt^_-hu9ba_ds-arev9_ilWii-th_- field-
'are provided for on a reduced scale,
which is raised when the husbands
surrender to a full allowance. Every
opportunity is offered to the refugees to'work for pay and special
privileges.' Prominent burghers
who have surrendered are allowed
to visit the camps in order to ascertain the-facts as to the treatment.
Standerton! .Tanuary 17.—Boer
women brought in by tho military
report that William Sfcein.who was
appointed a delegate of the Boers
hero to ask the fighting Boers to
surrender, 'under lord Kitchener's
proclamation, was made a prisoner
and sent to Pietrif, accused of high
treason. The Boers are still active
around Standerton.
Cape Town, January 17.—Mar-
in every part of Cape Colony, except the districts of Cape Town,
SimonstoMru, Port Elizabeth and
East London. It has also been proclaimed in Tombuland, Griqualand
East and in East and West Pondo-
land. It has been proclaimed unlawful for any person in the Cape
peninsula, except officials and regular and irregular troops, to possess
arms and ammunition, or either.
Brisbane, January 17.—Robert
Philip, premier and treasurer of
Queensland, asserted today that
that colony was prepared to con'/
tribute its proportion of ten thousand additional troops for South
Africa.     ■ .   ' ■   "    "
Mandate Issued Yesterday.
Washington, January- 17.—The
mandate  of   the   United    States
supreme court in the case of Neely,
who will be handed over tq_.the
Cuban authorities in connection
with the postal frauds, was issued
today and turned over to the attorney-general. It will be forwarded to the district attorney for
the southern district of New York.
No intimation has been received
here as to-whether any further
steps will be taken in Neely's behalf before the writ is presented to
the New York court. If not he will
be sent to Cuba in compliance with
the court's decision.
--   'are■
Vancouver, January 17.—[Speci -
ial to Tlie Tribune^—The deal of/-
the Canadian Pacific railway- witli
the C. P. *N. company for -the pur:
chase of -the "fleeVof tlie latter,**; has
been succeeded in public interest byf
the announcement of" the immediate "building of a railway line to
Chilliwack.* Active'work has been'
begun in the construction of a line^
from Abbottsford. _ For two ^weeka
Ya staff of, surveyors underv J.' W.   '--
^SToung, C.E.r; has been at,work* sur-"
"•veying and locating the line as "far-
"east as Chilliwack, and now' they'-
are at work .right through the Hope*- .
mountains' to connect -witli'' the C.Yr"'
P.'-R:--at Midway.'"The-route .^of" ;
the'present line/ to reach ,thejfarm-.V '
ing,   district 'in , Chilliwack, ' is/  ■;
about 36 miles around! Sumas lake/. -
It" is stated, on the" authority-ofV;
local , .railway        officials    'that'?
the /.building   of "the   line   rigHtr- ;
"through  to" Midway   to   connect- [
wjth the -Kootenay is immediately \"
contemplated 'by  the Ysamescom-i
pony.     In , the' "meantime, „D. D.*Y
Mann is coming to'Vancouver fron-rV
Ottawa" with the avowed: intention^ _
of at 'once'-starting-, work J>n%fth'e■'$■
Vancouver ^Victoria.^Eastefnfrail^
way andLrnshing-it^-'to^TOmpletipnJiY
. Ex-premier;Joseph. Martin, ia* stillVy y
lying ill'at St." Paul's" hoepital^and*^-'-^^
it V doubtful, :wtietlie_i%r^r_e^:-?^'i
able.to undj^tekeJhL*^
duties" when ttiie session^fittherBraC^.- '•£ .
yincial house -opensr-1 He:as.,suffeft/:-;-V"**r:. ~p.
.-ft- I
J     ■'aWS*!
'      "ft I
r   ,» -yti
■V*" "^^K I
_-_•  i- -i _..% _.■_:_:___'_• ..* -_.__   _    .i-. r?ft-4??
which ,.h***gJ^hey^<Mm,'vfo8;-a good
many years, agrif"Dr., IJnderhill/'his
medical.attendant, is now-trying7faf
build 'himntip for/anoperation. He
has befeii iu>. the-hospital for four
weeks, and under the most favorable circumstances cannot help
staying there another five-or six:
weeks longer. ' ' ,
a     .	
A Railway Wanted.
Vancouver, January 17.—[Special to The Tribuno].-2.Papers will
be signed at noon tomorrow for the
sale of the Britannia mine at Howe
sound to senator W. A. Clark of
Montana" for $i;i06,000—$166,666
l^lITthlTbalairce-!!! a year. Den-
nis Murphy, M. P. P., judge Cornwall, Dr. Reynolds and other members of the Ashcroft Board of
Trade passed through to Victoria
today to press for government aid
for the construction of a railway
from Ashcroft to Northern Cariboo.
Inspector Burns today took charge
of the provincial Normal School
here, vice inspector- Wilson, who
has gone on a six-months' holiday.
Want Increased Lumber Duties.
Ottawa, January 17.—Premier
Dunsmuir, accompanied by several
Ottawa gentlemen, and C. M.
Beecher of Vancouver, waited on
ministers Fielding and Sifton today
and asked that the duty on American lumber coming into Canada be
made the same as that which Canadian lumber has to pay* on entering
the United States.
Should be a Fast Game.
The Sandon hockey team will arrive in Nelson at 2:46 o'clock this
afternoon, and at 8:36 this evening
at the rink the boys will play; the
Nelson team. This is the first big
match of the season and without
doubt the game will be a fast one,
as both teams have had considerable practice. Notwithstanding
the word that was received on
Wednesday night, the secretary of
the Nelson club received a wire
from the Sandon team at noon yesterday stating that they would be
here today. /The Nelson team has
been /selected as follows: Goal,
S. Neelands; point, C.Y Archibald;
cover point, C. Jeffs; forwards O.
Nase, J. Wetmore, A. Perrier, and
Joe Thompson.
Jiidee Dugas Wants Damages.
Victoria January 17.—;At the instance of judge -Dugas of--Dawson,
Messrs. Davis, Marshall' & MaeNeill
of Vancouver today served a writ
on the Victoria Colonist for $16,666
damages for libel, because of certain comments in that paper on the
conduct of the judge in the Yukon.
It is understood that a proposition
was offered to the Colonist of paying one thousand . dollars to. some
Victoria charity and apologizing.
This offer was refused and an
action was entered.
EH 2  THE TRIBUTE:  NEL'SON 13. C FRIDAY. JAlSftTAftY IS 1901.  I*.  M  il  il  I*  I  IK  "'���__-���_____���___       s->->^,^-_-,-ft,StJ8.'��S,��-'''**��-,fe '  HAVE YOU HAD ON THE SIDEWALK H*  DURING THE PAST FEW DAYS? $  ���*****���********���*���*���*���**.***���**���*���  Hi  to  IF YOU HAD WORN A PAIR OF OUR-^  ������  ������ to  Hi  YOU WOULD HA VE.BEEN PERFECTLY Hi  SAFE.    CONSIDER THESE PRICES:  Men's   Rubber  Soled   Boots   in   Block   and Tan:. Regular  price $6.00, Snap at $4.50.  to  Hi  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Hi  Hi T  H( Men's   Rubber Soled   Boots   in   Black  and Tan: Regular W  Hi p'ricc.$5.50, Snap at $4.15. .\f  to  ��� ~   , to.  Hi Ladles' Rubber Soled  Shoes:   Regular  price $5.50,  now to  to $4.15.  ' .�� )$(  to to  to Same   reductions   in  all   our  stock of Dry  Goods, Men's to  ifji Furnishings, Boots and Shoes. - to  to to  iii ************************* m  to Twenty Four Silk Skirts ��  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to'  to  Here is something for lhe Ladies.  o  Regular price $ 6.00 Bargain at $ 4.50  Regular price $10.00. '.. ��� ��� Bargain at $ 7.50  Regular price $12.00 .> Bargain at $ 9.00  Regular price $14.00..*.       Bargain at $10.50  Regular 'price $16100  Bargain at $12.00  .     *   ,   -       ALL   SHADES.  ************************  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  The Nelson*Board^of Trade is not  anything if dt ,is'*not; a political 'organization. - Its usefulness has been  killed because of its constant meddling with questionsjthat are political. At its last meeting a resolution  was passed that in no way concerns  the   business * interests of Nelson,  aud it was-passed at the suggestion  of men who want to score a point  in  politics:   In every province in  the Dominion, the supreme court  has oneiplaceat whicli' its sessions  are held.. In the province of Ontario,  where.there^is surely as much I1L1-  gation as ther8.is.in British Columbia, the supreme court sits at To-  ^ronto.^-Bufc^in-BritishTeolumbiaraT  sitting   is   held, at   Victoria    one  month and at Vancouver the next  month, yet these two places are not  more than eighty miles apart.    If  this'is-a statement of fact, in what  way are litigants saved expense because of the supreme court being  required to be constantly on the  move between Victoria' and Vancouver.   There might be reason in  such an argument, were.the sittings  of the supreme court held at 'Nelson and Vancouver, two places 406  miles apart.'   Then litigants would  possibly   save   something   in   the  way   of     traveling    expenses   of  their lawyers.   The judges of the  supreme   court;   are   unanimously  against being- required   to sit   at  two places;   they claim that it is  not in tlie public interest to be required  to do so;   but, then,Ywhat  Hignifies the opinions of such men:  as chief justice McColl and Mr.-jiis-  fice   Walkem    and     Mi\ ;jiistice  Drake .and Mr. justice. Try ing ai'id  Mr. justice Martin.when they conflict   with   the   opinions --of   the  learned;gentlemen who manipulate  political questions at meetings oi-  the Nelson Board of Trade.  that'eity, but the undertaking was  a fciilure. It" ,is now reported that  a .company has been organized in  New"york,-and thai} a smelter to  treat zinc ores-will-be erected near  Helena* Montana. The plant" will  be the practical realization of the  purpose to which many experiments,  costing large"sums of money, have  been aimed, and will give value to  millions of tons of ores carrying  zinc associated with gold and silver.  which have been developed in tlie.  mines of the'Northwest or lie on  the dumps', but have been -condemned as worthless.  Much Of the pre, especially the  silver-lead, ore, of this country  carries zinc in such a percentage as  to cause considerable loss in the  way of high .treatment charges;  Some time ago a company was'-  organized inManchester, England,  to handle zinc ore at works near  The slump in the Whittaker  Wright companies shares amounted  to over $36,660,606, yet not a man  lias been laid off at a mine in British Columbia in consequence of tiie  slump. This goes to show that the  mines in this province owned by  the Whittaker Wright companies  are being worked on their merits as  mines and not as stock-jobbing  ventures.   It was hoped that the board of  trade would get out of the rut that  it has got into.; but ifc is a hopeless  ease now. The Nelson Evening  Miner has commenced praising the  organization, and that settle^it.   ...  If the news-that, comes ��� from-������St.'  Paul is true, the Canadian Pacific is'  lip against a combination that will  make president Shaughuessy show  his mettle. He has the reputation  of being a shrewd manipulator, but  ho has theI filirewdest men in'America against him'. It seems to be the  .Canadian/Pacific against.the world,  or at least all that part of the  world north of the Northern  "Pacific. ; / ���    '  The Public Gambling Evil.  Spokesman-Review.  There aro.-worse phases of the  gambling ovil than the open resorts  on Howard street. Publicity strips  these places of much that is demoralizing. If your boy or your em-  jiloyee frequents the open resorts,  the knowledge will come to you,  and you can take steps, to correct  him.' Not so with the private club  and tlie hidden games. He may  gamble there and conceal the truth.  Before you know it, the pernicious  passion may have seized liis being.  Vice that is flagrant, open and repulsive is "less- dangerous than vice  tliat is gilded and half-way repecta-  ble.. To him who reads aright, the  public gambling Hall' presents an  open warning. Ifc flaunts no false  colors. It offers-no��� pretense to respectability. Players go there without solicitation, for the code of the  "square" gambler will not allow him  to invite men to play afr.his games.  Ask him his own opinion of gambling and he will confess that it  a had thing, will lament the  circumstances "which threw him into the business, and will advise you  to abstain. If in a confidential  mood, he will point to tlie human  wrecks around him, and cite them  as examples of what the gambling  habifc will do to society's weaklings.  In nine case out of ton men do not  start at the public gambling halls.  The habit is contracted under more  respectable environment���in private clubs, at social gatherings, in  the back rooms of certain cigar  stores, or in tlio card rooms ot  hotels. Under such surroundings  it is far more insidious than when  ifc stalks into the open. These  statements are not advanced in a  fault finding spirit. The purpose is  analytical, or even if reform is to  be effective, it must start with  comprehension of the facts. Ifc will  serve no beneficial purpose for vice  that is garbed in fine clothes to rail  out'against its brother in rags of  fustian. True" reform, must come  with a moral awakening all along  the lino. Ifc miiht begin "'with the  upper strata and work downward.  Arrayed Against the Canadian Paicific.  A dispatch dated at Sfc. Paul on  the _flth gives out rather startling  information. Ifc is iu effect, that  "Jim" Hill of the Great Northern  has entered a combine to clown the  Canadian Pacific. The dispatch  reads: "Today J. J. Hill came into  possession-of one-third of the capital.stock of the Crow's Nest (British  Columbia) coal mines, amounting to  $2,500,066. He also entered into an  agreement .with other railroad com-  panieswho have built and1 are to  build' to parallel the Canadian  Pacific. , Hill also agrees to build .a  spur line from the Great Northern  to the Crow's Nest coal- mines and  guarantees to purchase G600 tons of  coal ijer ctay. The whole scheme  contemplates a gigantic struggle  with .the Canadian Pacific, for  which J. J. Hill receives valuable  government concessions."  Machine Drill that is a Wonder.  An", inventive genius at. Colfax,  Washington, has- invented, a machine drill that is said to do as  much: work as eight men. The machine-is operated by one man, who  simply turns a crank." which revolves-a wheel to whicli is attached  four 4-pound^liairimers, which strike  the drill with terrific force, each  blow being harder than that struck  by a/man. - By'turning the crank  at armoderate, 210 blows are struck  by the hammers- in one minute.  This is-said to be the work of eight  able'bddied -men. A number of  mining men who have seen the machine work say it will revolutionize  mining and greatly, .lessen the present cost of drilling",-and will make  mauy-lo.w^grade-properties-profit--  able-mines. 'The machine is made  entirely of iron .and weighs but 125  pounds., . ,  CROW & MORRIS  Baker Street, Nelson.  WHOLESALE AND  RETATL ....  TOBACCONISTS  Sole Agents for  TADDY'S TOBACCOS  Branches al FJossland and Creenwood,  ;.&***i_**>z*t      '  See our special assortment of Cigars  and Pipes.  ��� Cigar and  Cigarette:.Holders���'-������  and Cases.  .    Tobacco Pouches of all kinds,  and Smokers Requisites.  All thebest brand3ot Imported  and Domestic Cigars.  ,    B.BB and Loewe Pipes.  ���/"./    ���j'ii^jee'ei-e**.'-  GOME yAND  SEE  THEM  wis CAN SUIT YOU  ALL PRICES HW0*-'  LethbridgB Gait Goal  Tho boat) value for the" money In the'market  for all purposes.  terms cash     W. P. T__rnbt, General Agent  Telephone 147.    Office with C. D. J. ChrlsMa.  MUSIC.  Mra. D. B.'Murray, graduate ln vocal and Instrumental nutsio. in now prepared to receive  pupils for" Instruction in voice culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ.  For torms und further, particulars apply room  5, A. Macdonald 1milclinjj. ��ornor Joaepuino and  -Vernon street).  .^SS -^ ^_k___*'LS'r'  ���*^5_>��s^%g -Mg'^*f ���gp- <gr -rig -iii- -r_r ���nr ^tinr "ffr ~tF -^w_*-~k.'~''^S_'- ~_^*^_w:  **^Hi0'00,? 00^00f*'00?~00'00' 00' 0*' 00' 0&' 0&' fi-*' 0&.' 00% 00''-0J*? -^a.*^*  ���*******************.*.*.*:*.*.***.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.**.  PRE PAR A T OBY TO STOCK-TAKING  COMMENCING  December 31st  to  to  HOSIERY, DRESS GOODS, SILKS,   TABLE LINENS,   TOWELS,  MILLINERY, MANTLES, FURS  CARPETS, CURTAINS, REMNANTS FROM ALL DEPARTMENTS AT BARGAIN PRICES.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  MANTLES���Ladies Jackets,- Coats and  Golf Capes at less than cost.  FURS���Balance   of our   Fur stock at  .25% Discount.  DRESS GOODS & SILKS���We. offer  our stock of DressvGoods and  Dress Silks at 20% Discount.  Silks for Evening Wear, a large  stock offered-at 20^ Discount.  SKIRTS���Ladies Ready-Made from $2-  upwards.  BLOUSE WAISTS���Our full stock of  ���    ���   " Ladies Waists- at half price.  MILLINERY���All our Ladies Trimmed  Hats to clear at Half price.  LADIES COSTUMES-Ladies Tailor-  Made Suits,, we will sell the  balance at Bargain Prices.  CARPETS & FLOOR OILCLOTHS���  20% Discount during the sale.  WINDOW SHADES���At greatly reduced prices. Bargains in odd  pairs of Lace Curtains.  MENS WEAR���Mens Fleece-Lined  Underwear from 60c'each, up.  Bargains in Mens Ties, etc.  Remnants of Silks, Dress Goods, Prints, Flannels, Table Linens, Carpels, etc.,, at less than Half Price.  ************************  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  M  VL-'0*. 00 - 00 *00.00 *00 > l__* *t__t * ____'*-?' <_''���_'��� __* '^ ��� 0j_* ���__* ��� 00 ��� *"_**. _S_Z_ ______ ______ _______ ________ >___-___ V��2____: >��_�� -_w/?l  ' ^��������T* ^ ���>���< ��� >���-. "^ ��� ^^^ ���*���>. ��� *^ '^StV "^i: ���'^k' ^ '"ST* ~*��K' ���^K**'>-K ��� ��� 00fl' 00' 00.'00*00~* 0_0* ^ ��� __*"*��� 00 ' 0*' 00> ' 0*' 00>^ ' '0*' 00* ' 0*'}0*  ... 321 to 331 Baker Street,- Nelson*;  American an,d*European Plans..  MEALS  CENTS  BOOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HEATED-BY STEAM  25 CENTS TO 81  OMEN'S HOTEL  *        BAKER STREET. NELSON,  Lighted by Electricity and Heat-  .     ed with Hot Air.  Lance comfortable bedrooms and flrab-olftM  dining-room. Sample rooms for oommerolal men.  RATES $2 PER DAY   .  Wfrs. L G. Clarke, Prop.  '*__E_Oy_THB;BOT_l_HOTI���,_0AIflABY_  lyjadden House 3aS����fN25_l  The only hotel in Nolson that haa remained  under one,management since 1880.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and llghtoa  by electricity. ._.__._.__ - -  The bar. In always stocted by thebeat dom.B-  tdo and Imported liquors and olgars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. McMANUS,'Manager  Bar stocked with boat brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars.' Beer on draught. Large oomfort-  able rooms.   FIrsb-olnRp table boa _.  P; Burns &, C&  Wholesale andrRetail  ^nSS'S'b. c.   .' Dealers ih';M��tata  Markets'at-Nelson,   Roasland;   TraU,  Kaslo, Yinir,  Sandon,   Silverton,'-jNew  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson-Grand" Porks, Green-wood, Cascade City,.'Mid  ���way,- and 'Vancouver.       '       ���  Mail Orders,Promptly Forwarded   I *" ���������     ������"���    ���  ������������ II _l_m.-\,- ���     i    _���������������     -i ._���������!��� ������ , ���   ���      ���������    >.���-���   U       *-�����  West Epotenay Biiteher Go*.  ���-J1--..      ,'   .' *ALLK_NJDSO*P - . --- -' '-.V--  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALBAND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street,.Nelson  nmroBii nv mail rwchuviii oARMir'ni, A��m pwwnpr *��rniT >mnN  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ROSSLrAIND   EirvailN^BRIING  WORKS  CUNLIFFE  Sc  MeMILLAN  Founders.and Machinists, Specialty, of Ore-Cars, Ore-Bin Doors and Coneral Mining Maohinery.  List of second-hand machinery on hand, which has been thoroughly overhiuled and is as good  as new:  1 2'-H.-P. Locomotive-type boiler, with enjrine attached an^a all fittings, ready to turn on steam.  1 bj"x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-IIpist, built by Tflg0rsou Q0m  1 Sinking Pump, No.-5 Cameron. New York. .   ,  1 Sinking.Pump, 10"x5"xI3", outside packed plunger -pattern.  Watch this advertisement for further lists, or write us before "you buy for complete list.   We  may have just what you want.  . Agents for Northey Pumps.   Stock carried.  P.  O. Box 198.  THIRD AVENUE,  ROSSI-AWTD.  WHOLESALE TRADE  .ERATED AND MINERAL waters'. -/ '  rpHORPR & CO., LIMlTSa-Corncr Vornon "  >. ���*���*��� and,. Cedar Hlreelu, Nolson, manufacturers  of and wholesalo dealers in ceralcd watord and  fruit syrups.   Sole ugunls for Halcyon 'SprliiKS  minoral 'water.  Telephone GO.  _ ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF..TEKTZKL & CO.���Corner Baker and  ���   Josephine streets, Nelsou, .wholesalo deal .  ers In   assayers  supplies.   Agents for Donvo ' '  Fire Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.   -     ��       ft,  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.    '  HJ. EVANS $ CO.���Bakor street, -Nelson  ��� wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars  coment, firo brick and'fire clay, wator pipotaud  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  Kc  _W J2M ITjOjOSJS^BXXT-iON-E-OBNTI^^-^xgEls  To drop us a poet card that we may call and give estimates.  It saves many dollars.  Never   have any plumbing'done until you-have soon our goods and our prices.  OPPOSITH  p-w��3,r>*D'ii,��i-'w.  STRACHAN BROTHERS- Plumbers.  Aak* Your Grocer.  .���-.. for-New  isweet; CIDER  for Mince Fles.-  CIDER VINEGAR  THORPE & CO,, Ltd.  _____  mm  R. RIISTEREJR & CO.  DIUCWKIt- -N�� nOTTI���HB 0*#  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  ^^r^X1^.     Brewery at Nelson  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner VIolorta and Kootejmy Stroeta.  P, O. Box m. XMLIfiPHON- NO, Oft  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  ************************  Coffee Roasters  Deaiers in Tea and Coffee  ************************  Wo are offering n1 loweil, prices Ihe best  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas.  Our Bos', Mocha and Java Coffee, per  pound $ 10  Mocha and Java Blend,.'" pounds  1 (10  Choice Blend Coffee, I pounds  1 00  Special Blend Coffee, 0 pounds  I Oft  llio Blond Coll'ee, C pounds  1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound 30  REI1EV & BENOY  STJCCKSSORS TO H. B. ABHOROI'T)  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOff   WGRKCf.*  EXPERT HORSESHOEINC.  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.    .  P.O. Box-182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  J  Special attention Kivcn to jll kind iof repairing  and custom work from c. :~lde points. Heavy  lioUs made to order ou .shin' notice  Surpassing1  Display in  Fall Suitings-  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES,,  TOOTBNAY.KLEbTIUC 'SUPPLY'& CON-  ��  S1KUCTION COMPANY���Wholcsaledeal-  ers in telephones, annunciators, bells, batteriea,  fixtures, etc.;'Houston hlook. Nelson.  y.PL0UB-AND FEED.  BRACKMAN-KKR MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain,-Hay. Straight or  mixed cars shipped to all -Kootenay-Points.,  drain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-  Edmonton R. K. Mills at Victoria, New West-  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta. ..  *~.      FRESH AND SALT HEATS. '  P    BURNS ^&z_ CO.���Baker  street,   Nelson.-  ���   wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage.   . GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD &' CO.-Corner Front and  ��� Hall -... streets, wholesale grocers and  'obbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  macklnawa and miners' sundries.  OOTKNAY SUPPLY  COMPANY,  LIMI-  TED���Vernon   street, Nelson,   wholesale  grooers. ���_-������';'..  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front street, Nel- -  son, wholesale grocers. _L  P. J. RUSSELL  Bnyor and Exporter of  RAW   FURS  Highest Prices  Prompt Returns  Fair Assortment  Sh  ip by Express.   NELSON, B. G.  ENGINEERS.  /���OTtABT.-RM PARTtER���Mlnlnpand rallUngen-  \J gtne-sr,- a-Tjnier-IJoaokhUJook, Baic_r_ta*el>,  tiiiaoa, .  All the fashionable -creations  in Fall and Winter wear are  Included in my lasf consignment of Scotch nnd Irish  Serges, Tweeds %vid Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.  FRKD J. SQUIRE, Mam igor.  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTKL  -BLOCI**.  Largo stock of high-class iciported goods. ������  speoiaU-y of the square eh pulrter���tne latent!  hwUlO-lnooata,  J- Y. GRIFFIN & CO.���Front street, Nelson.  ���   wholesalo   dealers   ln   provisions,   oured  meats, butter and eggs.  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine  ��� streets, Nelson, wholesale doalers In hardware and-mining supplies. Agents for Giant  Powder Co.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE    COMPANY  Baker St., Nolson,  wholosale   dealers ln  hardware and mining supplios, and water and  plumbers' supplies,  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  mURNKR, BKETON & CO.���Corner Vornon  ���*��� and Josephine streets. Nelson, wholesale  dealers in liquors, olgars and dry goods. Agents;  for Pabat Browing Co. of Milwaukee and C'al  gary Browing Co. of Calgary.   POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  afreet, Nelson, manufacturers of dynalnite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers In eaps and fuse, and oleotrlo  blasting apparatus.  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS.  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesalo dealora  In sash and doors; all kinds of factory work made  to order.   WINES AND CIGARS.  /1ALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  _'\ TED���Corner Front aud HaU streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers In wines (ease and bulk,  unit Aome^tlo and imoorlnd olsrars.  AN .TI-CHINESE RESOLUTION.  Piirsiinn!.loi'C80Iuiioni ndopled at a regular  ���aeeting held on Saturday.evening,. Docninher  *-J2'id 1000. iillraeiribers'of l\eltlbn Mineiw Union <  Na flfJ. W. F. M.j ���arcyroqnestcd.'to use-evei-y  legiiinulfl mean's ������'���     '-':     .���'.     '���    ���'.���-���������"���-'���_  ���To Discourage the Employment; or  Patronizing of Chinese    .      t  (lireclly oc indirectly.'  All union men and others  who believe in unking this a white man's "couii-  try, are renucsteji.toooiOporate'in.-Riviiiigofl'ect lo  tho nforcoaid resolntion.   By order,. ^ .._������  ��� NBLSOV "MINERS'  UNION.  ������Nelson, December 22nd.  '.    -The above resolution has been endorsed b�� tho  ��� ij��'ii_des aiid Labor Council of  Nolson. and  nil  I usionanen,"and others in sympathy with it, are  il requested  lo govern  themselves   a-oordlngly.  " I3y order.  ���DUADES & LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON  ��� Nelson, December 22nd.    ' AECHITECTS.  ���Ci WART * CARRIE���ArehitectB.   Rooms  <**& _nd 8 AlttN-deflii block, Baker Hlreet, Nt^ien. THE TRIBUNE: .NELSON' B. C  FRtbAY JANUARY 18 1901  ___;  -.. .   . - 111'  BANK OF MOMEAJj  OAPITAIi. all paid up....$12,000,000.00  RBST    7,000.000.00  UNDIVIDED PROMTS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. Ocorge A. Drumniond Vice-President  M. S. Clquhton Qonorol Managor  ���     NELSON BRANCH  Cornor Baker and Kootonay Streeta.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches In London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all the principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exohange and Cablo  Tl"_IlRf_!_*H "*  Grant  Commercial  and  Travelors'   Credits,  available ln any part of tho world.  Drafts Issuod, Collections Mado, Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT BATE OV INTEREST PAID.  TOO MANY MININC DIVIDENDS  Disbursed Abroad.  Ono of the tilings to be regretted  is that so little oC tho profits of the  yield of our mines is reinvested or  spent in any way iu the country in  which the mines' are situate. Of  the millions that have been paid in  dividends from ore mined in  Kootenay, it is safe to say that less  than a quarter of a million has been  spent in any of the towns of  Kootenay in tho way of investments, lint ono mino owner who  has drawn dividends, as far as oan  be' learned by Titr Tribunr, has  ever invested a dollar of his income  in upbuilding tho town at whieh  his monoy Avas made. That one  man is .Tohu M. Harris of the Reco  mine at Sandon. . Tf there are any  others, Tjir Tribune will bo only  too pleased to print their names in  capital letters. Hut, it appears,  that this is just what happens in  ' other mining districts; as the following clipped from tho 35T.esto.1,11  Mining .World of>Rntte, Montana,  goes to show :  "What woeful lack of'.judgment  and foresight nearly every old time  eiti/.en.of Butte, used in early days  gone by, in -regard to purchasing,  stook in the liutte copper companies when they first offered. As a  consequence,"outside - of the' Clark;  and Heinze. properties, - there is  hardly a single dollar com ing v to  Butte as dividends from'tlie Butte  copper mines to the original holders  of shares. It is appaling when one  stops to consider-the question  seri-  'ously. No less than $100,000,000  have been paid in dividends -by  these Butte mines during the ,past  ten or fifteetryearK, attd"f-1mrdl J"** a  dollar*of it came to Butte. When  we say, "hardly a dollar of it ,came  to Butte," we put it mild, for, if we  are not misinformed, there is not a  single owner of any of these" stocks  in Butte'today that purchased them  when first offered on the market. "  "Conditions existing here today,  in Butte are not much changed. No  matter how meritorious a proposition may be, it does not receive the  warm support and assistance _ it  naturally deserves from those who  are in a position financially to help  it out and put it on o paying basis.  There is an exception to this, however. If the scheme sought to be  floated comes' from an outside  source, away in some distant field,  THE CAMIAf  BANK OF COMMERCE  THE  WITH WHTCII IS AMALGAMATED  BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  $2#0G.000  $2,458-603  $1,700,000  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  $8 000.000  $2,000,000  ACGRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  the chances .are that a few will  "loosen up" to a certain extent.  But a local one, never.  "As a consequence look at the  despicable contlition of tho local  mining.-stock market! There .are"  but two or three stock brokers in  Butte, where, as .a matter of fact,  there ought to bo a hundred. There  is not sufficient interest taken in  Butte among those able to carry  out such a project, to organize a  mining stock exchange. This is not  only the condition of affairs today,  but never in the history of Butte  have they been .different'. What a  woeful condition of affairs in the  greatest mining camp on earth,  where the payroll amountsto. fully  $20,000,000 a..year, and its, mines  earn annually many times, that  amount. On the .other hand, observe what is fast building-up a,  rival to Butte. In Cripple.' Creek,  over ninety cents of every dollar,  produced during last year from its  mines belong to the people of the  immediate vicinity. The lethargy  existing in Butte among its moneyed  inen and influential citizens-is ap-,  palling in this regard." ,Y  A Rich Girl Married. ..  Nfiw York, January 17.-*rrMiss A.  Bockefellelv daughter of Mr. and  Mra- aT. D.Rockefeller, was married  this afternoon at the, residence of  her'parents in this city to R Parme-  lee Prentice, a young lawyer of  Chicago. The wedding was very  quiet. Tho large ceremony originally planned had to be given up  owing to the recent death of the  little nephew of the bride. After  the ceremony there was a reception which was attended only by  relatives, several .school friends of  tha bride, a few of the members of  the musical club, managed largely  py MissYE#>cJfe��eJJer and ftfiss Kath-  DIRECTORS:  Cox, Robt  Kilgour,  Vice-President,  AY  Hon. Geo, A.  President.  .11. Hamilton'   M. Li���oat   Jas. Chatiikhn  John Hoskix, Q.C., LL.D.  W. Fi.avi:m i: W. K. H. Massi-.v A. Kingman  B. E. Walker, J. H. Plummer,  General Manager.        .   Asst. Gen. Manager.  A. II. Irrland,  Chief Inspector and Superintendent of Branclict.  London Office, 00 Lombard Street. K.C.  S. Camkro.v Au^xandch, Manager.  New York Office, "0 Exchange Placo.  Arr.x. Laird and Wai. Gray, Agents.  BRANCHES OP THB BANK IN CANADA  Ontario.  Ayr.  Ottawa  Bvrrii:  J'A Rid  Uni.l.KMI.I.K  l'ARKIIII.r.  Bkri.in  Pj:i-i:kiioko  Blkviikim  Pour Pkrry  llitAS"i'h'oun  St. Catharivhs  CVYUfi V  .Sarnia  CHATHAM  ���qaui.t Srn. M-iRin  C'oi.i.iNcnvooD  Hi: worth  BRRSIIRN'  Bl.MCOK  DUNOAS  Htratkord  IIUN'NVIM.r.  Sl'RATIIROY  l"'OKT Fha.vcic*  Touo.m ro (8 offices)  G.U.T  Toronto Junction  (jODRRTCII  Walkkhton  Gl/KLI'H  Walkruvim.k  Hamilton  Watkrloo  London  Wixusor  OiUNor.vn.i.n  WOODdTOL'K  Quebec: Manitoba:  AlON'I'KRVr, WlNNIPFO  Yukon District:     ���*-  llVWSON WlUTR ITORSK  Bi'lUnli Oolumbi-a:  Atli.v      " Nhi-son"  CltAN'ltROOlC NEW *S\*nsT.MI*NSTPR  Fkrnii: Rossland ���*������:  GKKKNWOOn N\N'1H)V  IC \MI.OOI'ri VaM-'OU \T.lt  X \NAIMO VlCl'OHIA  IN THE UNITED-STATES:  Nl"W VftRK, N. Vf Rl'VTI'1.10, AVaiii.  Han I'l! vnl'isco. Cal.     Poitri.t.vii.'ORK.  BKAfiWAY, ALVSIf V.  Rankers in London���Tlio Bank.of Scotland;  Me��.->i">. Smith, P.iyno & .Smiths.  Bankers- in New York���Tho American Evcliango  National H.ink.  Agent:, in Chicago���The Northern Tiust Company.  Agents, in Vow Orleans���The Commercial Natl luniilllank.       -      ; "*���  '*"  SAVINGS' BANK - DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits. Present r.ito  flhreo percent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  erine Clark, .and some of the persons  who formerly belonged to the de  Coverley dances of which Miss Rockefeller was, a jjroininent" member,  'about a hundreel persons all told.*  His Distinguishing Characteristics.  Chicago Chronicle.  The commentators upon the life  of Philip D. Armour have generally  failed to discern what was really  the distinguishing characteristic  of the man. They have devoted  themselves largely to discussion of  his purely business successes and to  admiration of the manner in which  he overcame early obstacles and  accumulated a large fortune. The  truth is, of course, that ninety-nine  in a hundred of the great fortunes  of the country have been built up  by men who overcame "similar���or  .greater ^difficulties. Tliereyjwas  nothing unique in Mr. Armour's  success. The qualities which enable men to acquire great wealth  are common to all millionaires. We  have to 'look beyond the mere  money-making faculty���or instinct  ���in order to, come at the man himself.- Each man has some one. tendency or characteristic more fully  developed than the majority of his  fellows.      ���������'.'  No man who worked faithfully  for him failed to secure his recognition���recognition not only material, but of that more valuable kind  ���the word of praise, sometimes  publicly, sometimes privately! bestowed. It was thisvfact which  made situations with' the Armour  house cherished by those who held  theni.and coveted by' those who  aspired'to' them. The man who  worked .for- PhilipAivraoiu'. knew  that he was accounted something  ���.more than a mere cog in a vast  machine. YYtleknew^hat the eye of  the general was upon'hiiii'j and that  faithful service would be recognized  in general orders, i JIhdt was why  Philip Armour was. so well served.  And in that lies/.idsclaim: to distinction above his fellows. He was  not merely a great money-inaker,  buthe was-a captain and/leader of  meu because of Yhis consideration  for their pride, their ambition and  their self-respect.   .    .  Jnthe case of Mr. Aviuour it -may'  fairly be. said that he was distinguished from the majority of the  multi-millionaire in his attitude toward the men whom he employed.  Hewas actively and personally interested in the men who worked for  hire*. It was not alone that he paid  living wages���most men: do that���  but he continually testified his sense  of obligation to his employees. He  recognized what some employers do  nofc^r-that while the employer hen-  D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.  E. Hay, Inspector.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Bakor Street)  J. M. LAY. Manama...  efits   the   employee, the employee  likewise benefits the employer.  "A man may be the besti general  in the world," he is quoted- as saying, "but he will fare badly without  able lieutenants, and he will fail altogether unless he has the loyalty  of the privates in the ranks." This  is putting the case exactly. Mr.  Armour exemplified his theory by-  the consideration which he extend  ed to the lieutenants and privates  in the grand army of his employees,  He-^Was Startled.  They are telling'a- good story in  Edinburgh just now atv the expense  of a certain Yeomanry officer, an  immensely popular man, whose one  weakness is his belief that the making of a" great general was lost-when  he went into the business of- keeping a shop, says a London newspaper. The militia regiment garrisoning Edinburgh castle, in the  absence of the Gordon Highlanders,  contains some choice spirits,- and  the other day, after, .a laying together of heads among the officers,  a stripling rushed into the establishment of tho officer in question.  "Oh, colonel ," he called,  "have you - heard the news ? You  are ordered _,off for active service1  immediately!"  The colonel started to his feet.  "Good heavens I" he ,cried; "has  Kitchenei been killed already?"  TORONTO   STOCK   EXCHANGE.  <*���  THUItSDAV'S  QUOTATION'S. ���  stock.                                     Asked.  Bid,  B. C. Gold Fields S       85  5    _k  Black Tail         V>>,  Brandon & Golden Crown ��        7  Canadian Coldflelds Syndicate...          7]  Cariboo (MoKlnney)          .Ti  a  7}  .15  Cariboo Hydraulic      1 (IS  1 od  Cen Ire Star  : :...."   1 X>  ���.  Crow's Nest Paf.g Coal    GS ()')  5."> 00  California           .">  a--  Beer  Tiail Consolidated   ...          23  o5  Evening Star -        7+  .OV  Fairview ComoraUon           .'(} ���  *     :*l  GoldenStar-           2J-~  ii  Giant            .">  4*  Granby Smeller           ...:         :'')  Iron Mask          US  31  :_  Jim Blaine           8  i  Knob Hill          52  35  Montreal & London         ' (!  i  Morning Glory           1)  (il  5-  Mountain Lion         .10  30  2  North Star         SO <  -8T>  Olive .'           9  8  Payne:.-....." '. '.....        to  .���vs  Rambler-Cariboo Conuolidated...         '��_  27?  Kopubllc '          51  no  Slocan Soveroign '.           !)  0}  Vananda .'           21  9  Virtue : ,         2c,  21  '23  White Bear          5*  5  Winnipeg..-           1  .     3J  12  SALES.  4000 B. C. Goldfields   i     3i  600 Giant   n  500 Canadian Goldtlclds      1000 Canadian Goldfields   7���'  500 Hamblev-Coriboo   28  flS  1100 Fairview   3*  BUSINESS  MENTION.  Cellar to Rent���Apply The Royal  Bank of Canada. .    -  To let���Furnished rooms . in barney block.  Reasonable rates.  , Cash paid for scrap iron, brass  and copper.   Nelson Iron Works.  Wanted���A   10-room   .furnished  houser~Apply at room Jri-T-W-C block.  If you want to buy or sell any  thing go to (he "Old Curioiity Shop."  Hack   calls left at   the  Transfer  barn on Vornon street.  caU35.  Por Rent.-���Two fine offices  Pacific  Telephone  cenr  trally located. Apply to A. II. Buchanan, Bank  of Montreal.;  ��� \ Two large,'-well-furnished rooms  to let. 1 and fl Macdonald block, corner.Tose-'  pliine and Vernon.  Wanted���Board, and lodging?in  prlvnto family for hoy nltunding. sohool. State  terms to Fred Adie, Waneta,'B.C.  Wanted���A good strong girl, 13  toll years old. Apply to Mrs. Rowley, r cornor  Josephine and Observatory streets.  For    Sale    Cheap���New    cabin  handy to smelter. Apply to Ooorgo V. Motion,  at Nelson Wino'Company's store. * * ���'���  "New  lot  ;jnst. in."���For  fresh  candies, fruits, nuts, etc., call at the Bon Ton  Confectionery,. Baker, street, MIbh A. L. Kllnk-  WltK." _;/ ' ,  Wanted.���Free milling gold properties In British Columbia. Andrew F. Rosou-  bergei', Nelson, B. C. Phone No. 101, .K.-W.-C.  block.* i V ,'*  Eight-roomed house, partly * fur:  nished. to rent in the Hume Addition, either.to.  one or/\yo families.* Apply Mrs. Hartwig.Huine  'Addition; ��� ���  Wanted���Man and; wife want position as cook and helper, in mino or .small board-  ing house.- No incumbrances. Addross' Cook,  Tribune ofllce, Nelson.    Y ���  Prospectors    having.,   promising  mineral claims are requested to callat ThePros-  pector'a Exchange, Nelson, B.; C., room No. i,  K.-W.-C.blook.T-'honeNo.lO^������'-' *  ��� For SaloyProfitable   hotel bnsi-  . ness and real estate, known, as -tho IRoyaUiotel,  ���corncr-of Sta'nley and Silica'HCreet. ��� Apply to  Johns & MeLeod, Royal hotel, Nelson,':   ..  Jnvestorsyrhe: Hpuston block, at  the corner of Bakoi- and Josophlno streets, can  bo purchased ot a'price that, will hot 12 per cent  porannunir Apply'to John Houston, Tribune  olllco. - ���      -  For... sale���Lot 10,block 17, .^0 foot  frontage: on'. Victoria .strool., two houses on  property. Price .'��� $2800; terms- easy. -.-. Addi'Cfw  Frank G. Graham, care of Alatheson & Graham's  barbershop. ,  Miss: Von Der.:Wei*th���Clairvoyant; palmist and oaWl roadlng. Qivea advico  on commercial biislnc8srand mining} reunites  unhappy lover* and broken-up families. Room  1, over Thomson Stationery Company.  For Sale���120 acres of first-class  agricultural and garden land, 12 miles from Nelson on Kootenay lake. Will oell in 10. 20 or -iO  acre tracts. Pi'ioqand tenfls reasonable. Apply  or address A. F. Rosenberger, room ���-,��� K-W-C  Rlopli, NelBOiv,  ..^""S -^^ i^i^ *S^^ ^Si^ iS  ��&&&��&  ^T.^5^; ^���^i ^  8  **���  of the Holiday Trade has cleared  away it is -well to come back to the  every day business of the year as  quickly as possible.  **************************  WE HA VE THE BEST MADE PIANOS IN CANADA.  THEY HAVE STOOD THE TEST IN KOOTENAY FOR THIRTEEN YEARS  CALL AND INSPECT THEM.  **************************  JACOB DOVER, The  Jeweler;  Oup Jewelry and Watch-Department is in full swing-. Mail Orders receive our-Prompt Attention.  ��-"-?.CZJ.��=}.CZ3 .(Z2 .C_3  <C5�� ��t_v ��� t_v ��^_^ ��^S> ���^_l  -��,=��,=S'<:^*> <I^<3 *<Z>*  .  >  r      -  ____%  _H__rr ,->  XXXXXXXXXt^  ___H_r/.r^  1 .  "_d_H  \___\_______r  '_m  WSrSm  ~_W~_%��Et  c  <3  iFI  ��^Ww'  -ss  .j  i*-^  1/ 'Vi/aSf  P>____P''i*  B  \  ) -  m************di:i  The census of Canada will be- taken in April, and the population of the several incorporated cities will be known^a short  time afterwards. 'Thr Tribune publishes-Daily, and Weekly  editions at the following rates of subscription by mail': Weekly,  one year $2; Daily, six months, $2.50; one year, $a. The-Daily-  is delivered in'Nelson by carrier at tlie following grates: Three  months, $2.50; six months, $5; ono year, $10.: A large number  of subscribers are in arrears, and a large - number of subscriptions  are about to expire, besides a. Large number of .people in Kootenay  and Yale'arc .about*to renew subscriptions for newspapers for the  year. Iu order.to^nake it an;object for all these people to patronize The'Tribune,-the following' sums arc-offered as prizes, on -  the following conditions:  Canada ....... .**<-*. $100-  British Columbia;!    25  Northwest Territories ..    25  Manitoba    25  Ontario,:..;.....     25,  Quebec......    25-  New Brunswick     25  Nova Scotia,.....-.     25  The subscriber remitting  Nelson  $50  Rossland     25  Kaslo     25  Sandon    -.    25  Revelstoke     25 ,  ,Grand Forks     25.'  /Phoenix     25"  Greenwood         25  $2 in payment of either arrears  or advance subscriptioiis-toTiiB Triihjnjs will-be entitled--to-give ���  an estimate on the population of any two places in the list named ,  above ; $2.50, to three estimates; $5.00, to five estimates ; $10, to  ten estimates.   Fill out blank below, in accordance with above  terms, and remit amount of subscription to  The Tribune Association, Limited,   .  * NELSON, B.C.  Name  Post.Office   Province *-.    Amount enclosed $   Subscription to Edition of The Tribune  Estimate as to population of  Canada      British Columbia. _ ,   _North=West Territories -  ........... .-  Manitoba   Ontario      Quebec   New ..-Brunswick:.-.'.';.        Nova   Soctia.. ?.."........'.      ........... ���.  City of Nelson........ ��� ........   City of Rossland:...................... ���  City   of  Kaslo...     .................  City of Sandon.      ���  ....... ���  City of Revelstoke.:....,    ���  ��� ��� ���  City of Grand Forks..     City  of Phoenix.    City/:of Greenwood..,.....'.       ��� ���  This offer Holds good until the tst of.April, 1901.  inxuxuxxxniEiinixxxiixzixxOTxxixx  GAS FIXTURES  We have just received-a  large  shipment of ;  Gas FixturesYFinishedsint .  Oxidizedr Copper an^Brass  Which we shall dispose of at  cost, also Billings ���" Nbn-MantliB"  Gas ��� Burners'.".  KOOTENAfELECTRIC  SUPPLY& CONSTRUCTION CO.  Nelson, B- C.  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL/'   "POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN . GOLD0'  SmoUlufr and Plpaa.  Hbuie Grrown  Fi-iiHi''nncl Orimtuontal Trees, RosoB.'Sliniba  Vine?, Uulbs, Hetig'C'.Plants and SoedH.  Kxtiu charto stock of Poach, Apricot, Plniii,  <'heny and*i Prune:Trees. New Importation of  ���nrs^clas9 Rbododendrons, Hosea, ClimatUB, Bay  Trces.Holliea, etc.  80,1*00 to ch'cose from. . Ko agents or commission to pay .--No fumigation oriuapectaon charges.  Oreenhousa'platits, agriciiltiivol fmplements,*ier-  lilizerB, beo ��uppliea, etc,: jTaHreeal. and most  complete stock in the pi-vin-Cf. Send for-cat-  aloBiie liefore placing; y.our.drdera.' Address - ��  WJi Ji; IfENRY^ Vancouver, B. C.  White Iaabov Only.  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Streot.  PAINTERS  Decorators and  Paper Hangers.  TENDEBS WANTED.  Tenders will bo received until Friday, tlio 1SI.1i  instant, for lfttliing, mid plafltor'ng !��0 .yaiiw:  whito linish aud furnish material. Address P.  O, Box071. Nelson,  Province of British  Kootonay, lo wit:  SHERIFFS SALE..   ,  Columbia,   Nelson, \Vest  By* virtue of a warrant of execution issued' out  Liu  son, at the suit of Robert Ileddle, pi  to mc directed against the -goods and- chatties of  of the county court of Kootenay, holden at Nel-   - ~ *    '  _ Idle,  plaintiff, and  'James Lrouard Stamford, defendant. I have  seized and taken In execution all the right, title  and Interest of the said. James��� Leonard Stamford in-about fourteen-thousand two hundred  and fifty (14,250) sharep, more or less, of tho stock'  of,the Venus Gold Mining Company, Limited,  non-personal liability; to recover tho - sum of  three hundred and sixty-four dollars and twenty  cents ($301.20'. amount of said execution, besides  sheriff spoundagoi'oflicors' fees and all other legal*,  incidental oxpenses; all of which 'I shall exposo  for sale, or sufficient thereof to satisfy said judgement debt and costs, at my ofllce. next to tho  court house In the city of-Nelson, B*. C, on Monday, the 2lat day of January, A. D. 1901, at. the  hour of il o'clock in tho forenoon.  Note.���Intending purchasers will satisfy them-i  selves as to interest nnd titlo of 'the said defendant*  Dated at Nelson, B, C, llth day of, January,.  MOI,  S. P. TUCK. Shcrlfr of South Kootenfty.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT C0-OWNERS*  To   GlCO.   IT.   TjatMMKKSJ-J. rt/CKANSONT,'"or. to,  >      any person or-persons lo wh'om ho may.havo  transferred his interest-in the Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning ���Iountain,-Nelsou  Mining Division. >  Yon are hereby notified that' I"havo expended  One Hundred Dollars in labor and improvements  upon the abovo mentioned   mineral claim, in  order to hold said'mineral claim ��� under the  provisions of the Mineral Act, and- ifr within --  ninety days from the date of this notice you tailor refuse to~ contribute your proportion of such-  expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your intorest in said' claim will becomo tho  ^property of the subscriber, under scotion-four of,  ��� an. Act entitled "An Act to Amend the Mineral  Act. 1900." SILAS H."CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of December, 1900.'  NOTICE.  Rossland, B, C, November 9th; 1000.  To F. B. Salisbury :  - Notice is herebygi ven that I, William Grifflths,"--  lntend to claim the interests in tho following  named minoral claims formerly held by V. B.  Salisbury, on whioh bo has neglected to pay his  share of the expenses of the' annual assessment  .work.���To wit:  A one-half (J) interest in. the "Bunker Hill"  mineral claim.  A one half (J) interestin the "Sullivan"mlneral~  claim.  A one half (}) interestin the "Fidelity" minoral  claim.  All the adjoining claims, - ituated on the west  fork of the north fork of Salmon river, in tho  Nelson Mining Division?  This action is taken under Section 11 of Chaptered, of the statutes of 181)9 and amendments of  1900. WILLTAMB. TOWNSKND,  Agent for William Griffiths.  LAND   NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given, that thirty days after^  date 1 intend to apply to the~chicf "coinmissionor/-  of lands and works for permission to purchase  the following described lands about two miles  west of the City of Nelson:   Commencing at a  post marked W. J. Boaven's S. K. Corner Post  planted at S. W. corner post-of H. Solons'- purchased Lot WW, Group l,ou the high water line,  on the west bank of Kootenay river, thence north  20 chains, thenco west 20 chains, thonccsouth 20  chains, more or less to tho. high.water-line' on  north bank of Kootonay river;- thence following;  the meandering of tho aforesaid river in an easterly direction 20 chains more or less to point of  commencement.   Containing:- X2 acres more or',  less. W. J. BEAA--KN.  Dated at Nolson this 21th day of Decembor, 1900.  LAND^NOTICE.  Notice is horeby given'that thirty days after  dato wo, The Corporation of tho City oCaN'olsoii,  Intend lo apply to tho Chief-Commissioner of  Lands and Works for permission to rmrchaso  for tlio purposes of tho Corporation, tho following  dosorlhod land In tho District of West'lCootonay,  situate on tho south bank ot' KoOteiiay river,*  about ton miles bolow Nolson : Commencing at a  post marked "The City bf Nelson's S: .V. corner."  thenco. oast .10 ' chains;- thenco 'north'-1.1 chains'  lo tho Kootenay river, thenco westerly along tho  Kootenay river .10 chains, thence south 15 chains  Ic the placo of beginning.  THK  COHPORATION OF Tn 1*1-CITY OF  NKLSON, Uv John Houston', Mayor.  December 12th, 1900.  Notice of  Application - to  License.  -T-anftfori a  Notice is hereby given'that I Intend to apply  at the next sitting of the Board' of-'License Commissioners of the City of Nelson for permission- to  transfer mv retail liquor license, for tho premises  situate on Iho east) half of Lot I,'Block*2, in the  City of Nelson, and known as the Qrand'Hotcl,  lo Uustavus Nolson. JOHN BLOMBERG.  .Dated at Nelsou, B. C��� this 3rd day of January, -  1901.  . Witness: Thomas Symes.  Notice of  Application-  License.  to Transfer^ a  Notice is hereby givcn-that-L intend to apply nt  the .next Hilling of the. Board of ...License Commissioners of the City of-Nelson; for permission  to transfer-niy-rctalMinuor license-for the premises situnto on the west half of Lot I, Block 2, in  the City of Nelson, and knowivnsh thoiGlue Pot,  saloon, to Thomas Sproatt.      GUS. NELSON.  Dated at Nelson,-B.C., this 3rd day.of January,  1901.  Witness: John-BI.OMBKBO.*- >-���������  OW. West & Go.  COAJA      WOOD!  S6.15  Hard Coal  Anthracite  $10.75|8STVNM��  P'ffiI-I'V--!-R.-3--3  AGENTS IMPKRIAL.OIL,COMPANY. Ltd.  . No order can be accepted unless'accompanied-  by cash.  .___  Office:   Oorner of Hall  and Baker Streets.  SHEEIPFS SALE.- _       -  Province of British1 Columbia, Nelson, We9t ,  Kootenay, to wit: i.  -   By virtuo of a writ of Fieri Facias -issued^out- *  of the Supreme Court of British Columbia at the  suit of Bank of Montreal, plaintiffs, and to mc    ���  directed against"tUe* goods and-chattels of the  Fisher "Maiden Consolidated Mining and Smelt-   -  ing Company, defendants,   I have seized, and  taken in execution all the right, title and inter-  , eats of the-:said' defendants,..the Fisher .Maiden--'-?  Consolidated-Mining'and Smelting Company,..ln  '  the mineral claimknown-as'and; called ������."Troy" '  and in the mineral claim known as and called  < "St. Helena," situated on Four-Mile Creek; about  seven milo3 from its mouth, being re-locations of  the mineral claims, "Fisher Maiden" and"Silrer-  ..ton" respectively.'botb. recorded in '-the ofllce -of .',  ".the Mining Recorder for the Slocan MlningvDlvis- *"  Ion of the West Kootenay District, on th'e leth'&ay   ��  of July, A. D , 1*900, to recover the sum of Fifteen.',  Thousand   Six   Hundred . and'   One'  Dollars.  (815,001.00) and also interest on Fifteen Thousand ..  -Five-Hundred and-. Ninety- Seven Dollas and > -;  Fifty Cont*s*($l5,597r50) at six per ccntiimv-p_r -'an-- -  num from the 4th day of January. 1901. until payment ; besides Sheriff's nnnminmi _mi<_.'* r_._ '  and air other 'legal- incid  ' " -1 L  - " -.\  j  - ' \.\  *-r -. y^ f  ->   rz', _  - 'Wl  T- -^  - yi  " 4\  . ��� *^:.il  Sheriff's poundage  ��� Jdental exm  which I shall expose for fcalo orsumcient thsroof  officer's fees.'  ental exiiensos : all of  City.of.Nelson, B, C. on Thursday; thc^-^tli ---  ��� of January, 1901, atthe hour of eleven o'clook.- ,*";  to satisfy said-judgment, debt and'-costs _at' the  front of mv ofllce, next to'the Court House., in  the City   -���" " ���       -       ������     "  duyoCJ  in iho forenoon.- ,        ._ _.^  ..  Note.���Intending purchasers will satisfy,tliem-.-i *?*������'  selves as to interest and title of the-said. defend--' *"_'  ants. ,   - - 'f       !  Dated at New-Denver tho 12th day of January,  1901. .      . .       ,",....,.  S. P.-TUCK;        ' "  ,   . - ��� Sheriff of South' Kootenay, Jr.  CORPORATION OFTHE CITY OFMELSON   .  APPLICATIONS WANTED.  The lui'dersigncd has' been authorized by  resolution of -tho city council to ask for appllca->  tions for the position of chief of the Firo Department of the City-of Nelson. Applicants will .  state age, nativity, "experience <rand whore,  whether married or single, and tgivo recommendations from chief -of department where  now employed and from underwriters. Mark  applications: "Application for Chief of Firo Department." and address -  J. K. STRACHAN. City Clerk, Nelson. B. C.  Dated January 2nd, 1901.  LAND LEASE NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given, tliat within sixty days  after the date of. this notice, I intend to apply to  the assistant commissioner of lands and workB.  at Nelson, for a lease of the following described  land, for the purpose of opening up and working  stone quarries, situate-about two miles in an  easterly direction from the City of Kaslo, West  Kootenay District:  Commencing at a post planted on the lake shore  marked ���' J. A. KnaufsN.- W.' corner." running  thence east twenty chains; thence south twenty  chains; thenco west'twenty chains,-more-or less  to the lake shore; thence north along the lake shore  to the point of commencement: and containing  forty acres more or less. J. A. KNAUF.  Dated December 19th, 1900.  .- -"-"ft..  f.'  v'      --^1  y-��i  L1  TBADES; UNIONS.  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 96, W.  M.���Meets in miners' union-rooms,- north-  F. cf  _._.  rooms,-1  east corner "VIctoria"and T-ootenaystreetsr every  Saturday-evening at 8 o'clook. visiting mem  bers weloome. Mi R.'M6watt, Presidcnb." Jamo-  Wilkes, Secretary. Union Scale ok WAOKa*-  foii Nkijjon District���Por- shift, machine  men, $3.50: hammersmen miners. $3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovolcrs and other underground laborers;* $3.00.    ;;      ���-.���.���*. .      ���      ������.'������      .   RADE8 AND LABOR COUNCIL.-The regu-  ' lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and'Labor  Conncil will beheld in ttie^miners'.union hall,  oorner of Victoria and Kootonay streets, on the  first and third Thursday of each -month, at  7.30 p.m. G. J. Thorpe, President J. H. Matheson, Socrotary,  THB regular meetings of tho Carpenters' Union  - are held on Wednesday ovoning. of oach  week, ab 7 o'clock. In the Mlnors'.Unlon hall corner victoria and Kootenay streets. Charles  Clayton,. Prosident.   John MoLcod, Secretary.'  BARBERS' UNION.-NelBon Union, No. l!rt. of  ' tho International Journeymen Barber b Un-  Ion of America, meets overy flrst and third Monday of each month In Miner's Union Hall.'cornor  of Victoria and Kootenay. street*, at 8:30 p.m.  sharp. Visiting brothers cordially Invited to  attend. It. McMahon, president: J. H. Matheson; secretary-treasurer; J. O.Gardner;recording  secretary.  ABORER8' UNION.-Nelson Laborers'- Pro  ��� teotlvo Union, No. 8121, A. F. of L., meets lu-  FraternltyBall, Oddfellow's blocks corner-of Ba-  Bfo ' *  sharp. Vlsltlngmi        .      can'   D'eaeratlon _cordially'- invitedj to attend  ker and Kootenay streets, every Monday-eveulug  at7:30p.m. sharp. Visiting members of the Ameri-  Federatlon   cordially  James. Mathew, Proaidout..  cording secretary.  John. Roberts, ro  NEra80N PAINTERS' UNION-The regular  meeting of' the  Painters'  Union Is lielA-  thojli'st and [third-Fridays In eaoh-month'at'Mm-  ers': Union hall aW:30 sharp.- J. H; Mill ward,'  President; Will J. Hatoh; Seorotary. '  OOKS' AND WAITERS' "UNION.���Regular  ; meetings on the second and fourth Tnure-  daya of -eacb month, at S o'clock in Miners' Union  hall.   Ylstlng brothern cordially invUed.    C. F.  Bell,   president;    J.   P.   Fore-toll,   secretary  treiisuror.  ���pLASTEREliS'  UNION���The O. P. I. A. No.  J^   172. meets^^every Monday;evening. In th��-  Klllot block, corner Baker and Stanley streeta, at  8 o'clock.'   J.   D.. Mover,, -resident: William  Vice, secretary. P.'O. Box 016.  "FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES;  NELSON LODGE. NO. 28, A. K. *fc A. M  Meets second Wednesday lu eaoh mouth.  Sojourning brethren Invited. -  NIGHTS OF PYTHIAS��� Nelaon Lodge. No  &  K!  25. Knights l   Hall, corner Baker aud Kootenay streets, every  -   * ��� ���   ���-'-���-���-���--���-   visiting Knlghte  25. Knights of Pythias, meets ln I. O. O. K.  "- - - ���   ��� -    -'    eve  iy evonlng at 8 o'oiooK.   visiting i-nlghu  cordially Invltedto attend.^ F. J. Bradley, C. C;  Tuesday evonlng at 8 o'clook.  J. A. Pdtiuette, K/of OB. & S.  TELEPHONE 33.  NELSON L. O. *U,No.'1699f'meet8lnIO. O. F.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay street*.  1st and ard Friday ofz oacfcinonth. VlsiUug  brethem cordially Invited. W. W. Bradley, W.  M, A, Mlnty. Rocordlng���Seo^otarJ,. ib !_*4ito_r___Wraa4Ai*:  THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. Q;, FRIDAY JANTJARY 18 1901  I  IK  I .���*  *t  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and  our  prices  are   reasonable.:=;~���--^  ~Te are British Columbia Agents for ..*.  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH 6c SON'S BALANCES  SMITH 6c THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  ~ & CO.  NELSON,   B. C.  MUCK SAVED ON THE PLATES  W. F. TEETZEL  VICTORIA   BLOCK  .. 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Tt stated that the  receipts ^during the year were  $3842.54, -and the disbursements  amounted to $3501.89,' leaving a  balance on hand of $280.05. It also  stated that the church was free of  debt-, which Avas received with  pleasure by those present. The receipts for the past year were $900  more than-for 1899.'  Mrs. P. Lamont read the report  of the Ladies' Aid. ln it was  stated that the society had raised  $241.45' and had cash ��� on hand to  the amount of $94.90.  Mrs. J. Roderick Robertson read  the report'of the Ladies' Missionary  Society- which' showed receipts, to  the amount of $110.45, with a balance ou hand of $44.45.  R M. Ctiadburn, superintendent  of the Sunday school, read- tlie  annual .report of'his department.  The report stated that the average  attendance throughout 'the year  was 132. The receipts for the year  were. $353:30, with a balance on  hand of $84.30., It also t9ld of tho  proficient work done by the  teachers and pupils.  Mr. Martin'gave a report of the  work done by'the Young People's  Society in which, he drew attention  to the provincial convention of the  young people's societies which,is to  beFbeld in Nelson during the coming  spring. /  Captain. McMbrris,' .Tames Lawrence, and A. L. -McCulloeh were  appointed managers * to succeed  themselves for the next three years.-  Four additional elders were-elect-  ed as follows: Judge Forin, F. J.  Laing, F. M. Chadburn arid James  Johnstone.  - The question of buildiug-a church  came before,the meeting aud it was  discussed to.a considerable length.  The managers wore appointed as a  committee to look into the matter  and report at a subsequent meeting  of the congregation.  AVofce of thanks was tendered  to Mr. Kydd as leader, and to the*  membeia of the choir for their services during the year, a/ter which  refreshments were served by tlie  ladies,        ��� ���"���        -  ~���fllT-OCAlTNEWSf~  yesterday, but as their work is yet  incomplete, they adjourned to meet  at the same place at 11 o'clock on  Monday next. All ladies connected  with the society are requested to  be present.  John McLatchie and his assistants  returned-yesterday from making a  survey of the land at the upper  falls on Kootenay river that the  city has applied to purchase.  Those who.attended the K. of P.  ball claim it was the best ever given  in Nelson.  The local police force were given  considerable trouble by drunks last  night. Five arrests were made before 10 o'clock. ��� One drunk caused  a disturbance at the Salvation Army  barracks, and a number of other  rows occurred in "'several other  places throughout the city. They  will all come before . magistrate  Crease this morning to receive their  usual fines.  -The passenger traiu from Robson, due here at 10:10 last evening,  was over an ' hour late. It is said  that a large land slide occurred ou  the main line east of Revelstoke,  and the boats on Arrow lake were  delayed in making connections with  the train at Iiobson.  TV. H." Bullock-Webster, of the  provincial police department, and  constable Wilson of Creston, who  went to New York to bring Fred  Yuengling back to this province,  are expected to'return on Monday.  It is probable that Yuengling will  be taken to Rossland to be given a  preliminary hearing.        .   .  The members of the Congregational church are arranging to hold  a Scotch entertainment next  Thanksgiving evening in honor of  the anniversary of Bobbie* Burns.  A good program lias been arranged  and an interesting time is expected.  Each selection reudered will be  taken from the works of a Scotch  author.        Archie" Has .Been Converted.  Archie . Johnson,    lawyer    and  political economist, is back from a  .trip ,to  Victoria, which heYmakes  annually in.order to keep in touch-  with the great   questions of   the  day.. Archie ha's".come to the con-,  elusion thatnotowtf 'oV'rio'district  in   British'*Cohirabia   will'   ever  amouut'to anything if Chinese and  -Japanese are allowed to get a foothold therein.-.��� He cites Victoria as  an   example.- ��� ��� - 'In 7th-at' city. the  Chinese   have-"practically  .driven'  white- men* ont of - many of the  skilled trades all because the well-  to-do   classes - prefer . patronizing  Chinese -to "white'* people:*',', Archie  believes-that the*"'only   way   this  evil can  be cured "is by organization,' and- he  states unreservedly  that he will," from this on, be an  advocate and upholder of all trades  union organi7.ation"s.  ~LW  hi. zb"x~:e]_r,s &g  _sj-_2XaSOisr  KASLO  s^isrrDoisr  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE 27 Storo, Corner Raker and Josephine Sti eel.  MESSENGER SERVICE BYLAW  WAS' CARRIED   BY   AN  AL.MOST  UNANIMOUS  VOTE.  The System Must be Satisfactory to  the Council and be in Operation  Within Six Months.  Kast ward .  West ward  AT 7 PER CENT  ON BUSINESS PROPERTY  Aoplr O. U IaBNNOX. Sollrftor. V��lmn B.  O  CHINA HALL  We carry  line of  a complete  Removal Sale  We are removing to our new  premises, but can fill all orders  entrusted to us during the next  t - -  ten days.  CHINA, CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  BAR FIXTURES  COOKING UTENSILS  Canada drug &BookCoa  JUmited.  McFarland & Broekman  First Door West of C. P. \\. Offices  BAKER STREET.  LADIES' TRIRrlMED HATS  Endless Variety  And Prices to Suit.  Mrs. e. Mclaughlin,  JOSEPHINE STREET.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  .175 Hiiro Street, Vancouver.  .. Boarding and Day School for Girln. Will reopen January 15th. Terms moderate. For term i  and prospectus apply to  MADAMOISEiYLE KEilN, Principal,  The committee on arrangements  for the Operatic Society ball, to bo  held in the .opera house next Friday  evening, has the affair well in hand,  and that the affair will be a great  success iu every way is assured. No  invitations, are .being issued,.and  Ihpse who have not already been  approached and who desire- to  secure tickets may do so by applying to any member of the committee.       ' ....  Two large compound Baldwin  engines to bo used, ion. the lines in  the Boundary country arrived in  the city yesterday' from Winnipeg.  Each weighs about one hundred  tons. -The" small engines in use  there will be brought to Nelson.  Alexander Lockhead has purchased the seven-roomed house on  Mines road, opposite Dr. LaBau's  residence from J. E, Ann^ble for  the sum of $1650/*    " ; Y?  The ladies' committee of the Nelson Operatic Society held a meet-  in g at the residence ������' of Mrs. Goepel  Not' a Recruiting*  The editor-of this patriotic newspaper is not a recruiting officer fpr  Raden-PowellV 'obris'tabulary force  in Sputh Africa, -As :many of the  boys over in the Boundary couutry  ftre-under the belief that" he is, this  statement is made with authority.  Investigation Opens." Today.  ViOTO^iaN,.- January 17, ��� Pi\  Clark, superintendent of the *Jlock-  wood-asyluin-at-Kingstoii;���will-to--  morrow commence enquiries into  the alleged irregularities at New  Westminster.  PERSONAL.  F. P..Gutelius, local resident en-  Sineor of the C. P. It., who has been in Butte,  loutaca, on private business for the past week,  is expected to return home tomorrow.  Captain Troup," who has been on  a tour of inspection tlirouff*! tho Boundary country in company with J.'K. Hobbs' of ftcvnlstokc,  muster mcchnnic of the (J. P. R., returned to tho  city last evening.  W; A. Harvey of Sandon and E.  A. Smith of Vancouver are registered at the  Plmir. ... ...,,..;-...;,- '  M, S. Logan of Rossland, who is  largely.interested in the juno property on Morning mountain, oame to Nejpon last ovoning.  W. II. Oiin' of Spokane, general  traroling passenger agent of tho Northwestern  lino, was in the city yesterday. H*> is registered  at the Hume.  A. Short of Goat Creek Landing,  who is connected with the German Mining &  Milling Company, is at tho Tremont.  R. W. Kelman bf Cascade and G.  Miller of Slocan are at tho Queen's.  M. McClosky of Republic, Washington, arrived in Nelson last evening and is  register-"! at tho Madden House!'  J. K. Clark, a mining man of New  Denver, who has been to Spokane on a business  trip, arrived in NelBon last evening. He leaves  for homo this morning. ���:���-'���  The bylaw to grant a franchise  to the Electric Dispatch Messenger  Company to operate in-Nelson, and  which was presented to the ratepayers yesterday for their approval, carried by a majority of 59  votes. In the voting very little  interest was taken, and'there was  an apparent drag all dixy. The  total vote was 73. The' result of  the vote polled was as follows:  ' For    Against   *    3f> Ii        ���>. 4  Total      (��i 7  All assessed owners'were entitled  to vote, there being on the list 750,-  and not one-tenth' of.! this .number  put'in an*appearance at.the polls to  express their opinion. None of the  ratepayers .put themselves out iu  the least to vote, but if- they happened to pass by the booth they  stepped in. and marked- their' ballots. . There were no spoiled or rejected ballots, No women voted,  although there were" a number of  ladies' names on the list.  Although this is an incorporated  company, the principal promoters  of the enterprise are, .Thomas Sargent and .Tames T. Bramwell of  Vancouver. ^TheyYare both practical men -and .good, electricians.  They have' conducted " a -messenger service in ^Vancouver" for  years..and have, had good experience in undertakings of the kind.  -Insulated iron wire will be'used for  the lines, and it has been, ordered  from the Canadian General Electric  Company of Toronto. -The boxes  will probably come from Baltimore,  Maryland, and-100. will be used to  start with. Work upon installing  the plant should be startedv in  about a month, and in'three months  the system should be in working  order. The boxes will be placed in  buildings free of charge.  The system includes a messenger,  hack, ex'pvasa," doctor, and public  calls.  The promoters' have canvassed a  "part of-theT'blisiness portion for"  patronage and have meet with good  success. Tlie business "bids fair to  open up with most favorable  prospects. The company intends  to make the service a popular one  and inexpensive. They feel confident that Nolson will in a short  time realise that the accommodation that they, will give cannot be  dispensed with. The office will be  on Baker street, three doors east of  Josephine. Mr. Sargent, the manager, is in Nelson.  It Counts in Results  \*vmh..Pm  "(___&& 1  The particular housewife wants  the best materials for her cooking:  Mice Sweet Butter  Good Fresh Eggs  are our specialties. They ensure a delightful freshness in  all you cook, and attractive  . daintiness when it is served  on your table.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone lb  K-W-C  Bakep Street  FORCED TO SELL IT  One of the Best-Located and Best-Rented*  Business Blocks in Nelson.  Archie Gc>t Left Again.  I^aslo, January 17.���[By leased  wire to The Tribune.]���"I got left."  (Signed) Archie FraKTcHER,  Can be purchased at a price that will net 12  per cent on the investment.  The building is 50x70 feet, two stories and  basement, built of brick and Kootenay marble,  on a 50x120 foot lot, at northeast corner;1 of  Baker and Josephine streets.  For further particulars apply to  JOHN  Nelson, January 11th,  HOUSTON,  Tribune Office.  1901.  SAW &  NELSON  PLANING  MILLS  Limited.  SAVE YOUR  SIGHT  WHILE  THERE  IS TIME  *&%.____&  SAVE YOUR  SIGHT  WHILE  THERE  IS TIME '  W. J. HARVEY, F. <XM. C. I.,  The Nineteenth  Century   ..   ..  is now a thing of the past.  It* was remarkable for its I  great inventions and the  progress   made in every  branch ot thought and of |  commerce. The twentieth  century is to be noted for j  the building up of a great]  and reliable jewelry business in Nelson, B. C, by j  T. H. Brown.  We are prepared to Furnish  by Rail; Barge or Teams   '  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL and COAST FLOORING  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING  PINE and CEDAR. CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW STILES  ���   TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS, NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STOREFRONTS  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS..  Get Our Prices before  purchasing; elsewhere.  If Brown said so, It's'right.  BROWN  OFFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING.   MILLS :  HALL STREET WHARF  .JEWELER.  may I  Indistiuul Vision, Loss of Muscular Power, or the Fitting' of Spectacles that ara Absolutely     ��� |  Coirect. at H. F.McLean's dru�� store, until^atufday January 2fith. Hours: 10 toISAhd _ to 5.       1  o,  Donble-or I I  Baker Street,:  NELSON  WINTER CLOTHING ...  ^^^ Discount Prices    tt__mKmamm_ts__mmmimmmm_tmmt~wmaaam  OVERCOATS offered at from 10 to 25% Discotint.  NOBBY WINTER SUITS, AII-Wool and Serges, at  from 10 to 25% Discount.      '  Always willing to show Goods.  No trouble.   Every Garment Guaranteed.  THEO.  MADSON,  Baker Street.


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