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 THE SiTUATIONJN^SOUTH AFRICA  Wired from Londoii This Morning.  London, November  2;"5.���5 p. m.���Thus  far the special dispatches  describing the  battle   of   Belmont bear   a   stereotyped  character, proAring that  the hand of  the  censor has been at work on them.     They  are too incoherent to  enable the  reader  to form an accurate idea of the event, or  to place a proper estimate  on the  value  of the  victory.    All  the accounts agree  respecting the splendid fighting qualities  displayed on both sides.     Nothing could  have  exceeded  the  steady courage and  pluck of the British infantry in the  face  of  terrible   fire; while   the   Boer   guns  were   splendidly    served,   the    gunners  standing to them with dogged determination,     exposing   themselves    until   the  very last moment,  aud  only   becoming  wild   in   the ,aecuraoy    of    their    aim  during     the     charge   of    the     British  infantry.     *   All admit,  however,    that  the   victory    could    not    be    properly  followed up  and  utilized  owing  to  the  want of sufficient cavalry.    The  pursuit  of   the   defeated   enemy   by the   Fifth  Lancers was evidently not very effective,  and curiously enough, while all  the  correspondents  report  the  capture  of  the  Boer guns, geueral Methuen's own report  omits any mention of such an achievement.    On the whole it seems safe to assume that the Boer guns were  not  captured.  The striking proof offered of the excellent material general Methuen has in  his brigade has, however, been a matter  of great satisfaction iu London.  There is an unconfirmed* rumor that  the correspondence seized in the Boer  camp contains evidence of treasonable  communication between the Boers and  the Dutch colonists.  The corrrspondent of the Times at Belmont says: " After the struggle the  laager was'burned and the ammunition  destroyed. The cavalry and mouuted  infantry on both of the flanks pursued,  but were unable to overtake the fleeing  Boers, who got away with their transport. The Boer rout was complete aud  their losses arc believed to equal ours.  They used some dumdum bullets. Everything wat> iu their favor. Jt is rumored  that there have been some threats to  assassinate the burghers who are tired of  war and are deserting."  General White's dispatch of Wednesday effectually disposes of all the rumors  of another sortie from tadysmith and of  the defeat of the Boers. The situation  iu Natal remains unchanged, the sortie  from Estcourt to Willow Grange having  effected little. 'The position of Mafeking  is beginning to be~regarded with anxiety,'  in view of the" impossibility of general  Metheun being able to reach the town for  some time to come.  Throngs of people -wore waiting at the  war office last evening until a lat6 hour  for the list of the killed, wounded or  missing in the battle of Belmont, but  nothing was published in addition to general Metheun's first dispatch.  General Buller's destination is kept a  strict secret at Cape Town. Some reports say that he has gone north, and  others that he litis gone to Durban, as  already cabled.  , A dispatch to the Times from Mooi  river gives tho British casualties in the  Willow Grange affair as three killed and  forty-four wounded. This is the lirst  news of such a,heavy loss, and if correct  suggests a repetition of general While's  action of October" 30th.  The Pie.terinaritzbuig correspondent of  the Daily Mail, describing the same, says  the British s>urprised the Boers, carried  their position, captured all th_ir_e��lu ip_-  ment^ find returned, to Estcourt iu  safety. Geueral Hildyard was well satisfied with their work.  The Daily Mail's correspondent at  Naaupoort says: "An open, unsigned  letter, smuggled through fromColesburg,  says commandant Grobbler "has arrested  two prominent Englishmen, and threatens  to shoot them if any harm ib done to Van  Ranzenburg, ringleader of tlie Golesburg  rebels, who was captured by the British  and it> to be tried for troahon."  nne  SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 25,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY-MAIL) $6 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  mander can have no fear of the result.  There is a sad .side to all this; indeed}  you and I are thinking as much of those  who have died for the honor of their  country and of those who are suffering as  we are thinking of our victory."  BOERS TREATED THEM KINDLY  Michael Davitt Injured.  Dmii.il*., November 21.���Michael Davitt was thrown from his carriage in a  street accident in Dublin today aud rendered unconscious by the fall. He revived soon after he had beeu taken to  the residence of John Dillon. Although  he complains of injuries to the back and  head, his physicians do not consider his  condition such as to. cause alarm.  Will Escape by Balloon.  London, November 25.���Nothing is  known at Cape Town concerning the reports that United States consul Macrum  has been refused permission to leave the  Transvaal territory. It is said that Cecil  Rhodes keeps a big balloon ready at  Kimberley to escape if driven to that extremity. - -  All Well at Ladysmith.  Duriian, November 24.���Au official  message from general White at Ladysmith, dated November 22nd, says : "Situation unchanged. Troops well and  cheerful."  The Battle of Belmont,  London, November 25.���The Daily Mail  publishes the following dispatch from  Belmont describing the battle: "Tlie  Boers held a position which British troops  would hold against almost any force. The  Boers were routed completely, and many  estimates of their loss is 50 killed and  150 wounded. ,Mr. Knight, correspondent of the London Morning Tost, was  wounded. The Boer prisoners are ignorant, dirty and Wretched. They say that  half their commando are tired of war and  will refuse further service. The force of  the fearful fight 'was borne by the infantry, who were obliged to climb 500 feet  straight into a terrific stream of missel?.  The Ninth Lancers pursued the enemy  with great vigor, but the Boers, well  mounted and familiar with the hills,  melted before them. Possibly, however,  the victory would have been more decisive had we possessed more cavalry."  After the battle of Belmont general  Metheun, addressing his troops, said:  " Comrades, I congratutate you on tiie  complete success achieved by you this  morning. The ground over 'which we  had to fight presents exceptional difficulties, tind we had as an enemy one Avho is  ar master in tho tactics of mountain fighting!    With troops, such as you,  a com-  Kussian Troops Moving East.  Odessa, November 24.���It is reported  that 10,000 troops will soon leave to reinforce Russian garrisons in the far east.  THE SARDINIAN SHOULD ARRIVE  At Cape Town Today.  '- The steamship Sardinian with the Canadian contingent aboard will arrive at  Cape Town today if as good time is made  between the Cape Verde Islands and Cape  Town as was made between Quebec and  the Islands. The distance from Quebec  to Cape Town is approximately 7015  miles, 3447 miles of which were covered  in thirteen days from the day of sailing  from Quebec. This was a daily speed of  265 miles, or 1,3 knots an hour. As the  Sardinian was tit St. Vincent ou the 12thj  she should complete the trip by the 25th  (today). Prom Cape Verde, the men were  reported' all well and in good 'spiHts.  There had been a good deal of sea sickness  tit first, but it was soon over., There  were only two days of rough weather,  on the first Wednesday and Thursday  after sailing.  The British Navy League.  London, November 24.���Rudyard Kipling, addressing a branch of the JNfavy  League this evening at Ilottendean,  Brighton, said the object of the league  was to create a certain public opinion,  which should auuounce its willingness to  pay taxes in order that the British navy  might be efficient and strong, and might  not fail the British people In the hour of  need. "We did not realize what our  navy meant," said the speaker, "until we  saw it taking away a small police detachment of (50,000 men, with mules, horses,  and hundreds of tons of stores, to get  at some people who have interfered  with our idea of right and wrong  at a distance of 6000 miles."  United States Becomes Insistent.  Washington, November 24.���Mr. Macrum, the United States consul at Pretoria, has beeu instructed by cable to impress upon president Kruger that, in the  view of this government, the usages of  all civilized nations sanction the ministration of a neutral representative in the  interest of tho citizens and captives of  oue.of the parties to a war, and he must  further insist upon performing the sacred  duties imposed by all considerations of  humanity. This is practically au announcement of the insistence of the  United States government upon the execution of the trust it has assumed in the  interests of Britain in the South African  .Republic.   Captured Counterfeit Canadian Money.  Boston, Mass., November 2*4.���[Mangled  in transmission].���Davis says he has a  wife and two children in Halifax, Nova  Scotia, and that a woman who was witli  Williams iu Guthrie, when he was  arrested, was Annie Uobert of East Boston. The police went to Miss Ilobert's  house today and found plates for $1, $2  and $5 Canadian bills, $4800 in finished  money and $4800 unfinished. One lot  was drawn on the Bank of British North  America and tho other lots were on other  Canadian banks.  On the Trail of Aguinaldo.  Manila, November 21.���Senor Buen-  camiuo, a former member of the so-called  cabinet of Aguinaldo, has been brought  to general Otis a prisoner ou board the  transport Brutus. He had sought refuge  in a village .near San Fabian with Aguiti-  aldo's mother and son. The natives disclosed his identity to major Cronin, who  captured him. ��� ..General Young is still in  the mountains on the trail of Aguinaldo.  Winston Churchill Interviewed.  Pretoria, November 24.���Through the  courtesy of the Transvall authorities, the  correspondent of   the Associated  Press  here, in the company of  Mr. Goebler, under secretary for foreign affairs, and Mr.  Desouse,  secretary  of the  war department, was enabled to visit Churchill today at the Model school, which serves as  a prison and where he  is with  the  captured officers.    Beyond a slight bullet  wound iu the right hand, he seemed well  and  looked hearty,  although  naturally  chafing, under enforced idleness.     Iu the  coiirse of the  interview he said :    ''The  Boers have treated us  with much  kindness.    This was the case  from  the first.  Tliey       praised        our       defence      of  the     train    .and     expressed      surprise  that     the     locomotive       was      saved  from becoming a hopeless wreck, as they  expected under their artillery fire.     We  were marched through a pouring rain to  Coienso, proceeding the next morning to  the Boer camp near Ladysmith, and then  going  by  rail  to  Modderspruit,  finally  arriving here on November 18th.    On the  journey    great    numbers    of   burghers  crowded to see  us,  but  there  was only  one   who made  insulting   remarks,  the  others offering us cigarettes or showing  such marks of attention.     Mr.   Churchill  said    the    confinement   in   the   Model  school    was    close     and    severe,    but  under       all       the       conditions,   ,   he  had   no   grounds   to  complain.     When  asked regarding his  general  impression,  he said  he had  had  many   discussions:  with  the  Boers  as to the, rights of the  war, and  had  been  much impressed by  the   number who  could  speak  English.  He  had found  that most  of   them  regretted the conflict, asserting that it had  arisen as the result of misrepresentations.  So far as  he  could learn, however, the  spirit of the burghers iu the field, despite  the  privations, was that  of determination, and there was no chance of an early  peace.    "I fear," said Mr. Churchill, "that  the   struggle   will  be  bloody  and   protracted."    Explanation and Declaration.'  Paris, November 24.���In the chamber  of deputies today ,during the diseussion  of the foreign estimates, couut Montagu,  Conservative, asked for explanations as  to the incident of the British cruiser  stopping and boarding a French steamer,  the Cordoba, in Delagoa Bay. M. Del-  casse, the minister of foreign affairs, replied it was not an isolated case. Belligerents during a war, he explained, had  tlie right to ascertain the nationality of  any vessel, and, he added, if the Brit'ish  cruisers only did this, they had acted  within their rights. Referring to the  Transvaal, the foreign minister said he  favored mediation and arbitration, but  he did not deem it opportune to take the  initative, as the powers had not yet signed The Hague protocol. Touching upon  the lingering newspaper strictures as to  the Fashoda settlement, the minister  remarked : " Some papers make it a business of dwelling upon national humiliation. The government took a decision  which it was quite justified in doing,  and a subsequent treaty gave France  vast territory and consolidated our African empire."  THE FOOLS ARE NOT ALL DEAD  Tire Destroys Dry Goods Houses.  Detroit, November 24.���Fire which  started iu the top floor of Krolick <fc Co's  six-story dry goods store, 1(50 Jefferson  avenue, has burned from end to end in  the two upper floors and i.s still, at 11:80  p.m., spreading. Their stock is worth  about ,$400,000 and is insured for $250,-  000. At present tho roof of .Strong, Lee  Ac Co.'s dry goods store adjoining is also  on fire, and the store is in danger of being gutted. The hitter's stock is valued  at between $300,000 and $400,000, and is  fully insured^   The Result of a Stormy Interview.  Detroit. November 21.���George Brooks,  this afternoon, shot his divorced wife  three times at her home, 221 Sherman  street, lie then rushed on, the Grand  Trunk railway tracks adjacent and shot  himself dead. The woman will recover,  although wounded in the neck, shoulder  and body. The shooting was done after  a sho'rt, stormy interview between the  couple.    , Fire iu Montreal.  Montreal, November 24.���Fire tonight  did $."50,000 damage in a building ou .St.  .James street occupied by Wm. Agnew &  Co., p*silk and dress goods importers, tho  branch of the Sanford Manufacttuing  Company of Hamilton, Ontario, and a  number of manufacturers' agents. The  loss is well covered by insurance.  Given Severe Sentences.  Halifax,November 24.���-Edward West,  charged with stealing from mail bags at  the railway station here, has been.sentenced to twelve years :in the Dor1  Chester penitentiary;. James Pender, a  young lad, au accomplice, was sent to St.  Patrick's Home for two years.  A Swindling Concern Broke up.  New York, November 24.���William F.  Miller, head of  the Franklin  Syndicate,  which has accepted deposits  from  thousands   of    persons   in   Brooklyn  under  in'omise bf paying  dividends  of 10  per  cent a week, or 520 per cent per annum,  and Cecil Leslie, his secretaiy,  were   indicted by the King's county  grand jui y  ���this afternoon.     Warrants  were  issued  for the arrest of these men, but up to a  late hour tonight neither had been found,  the police .saying they disappeared in the  afternoon.      Tonight  the   police   under  captain Reynolds, chief of detectives in  Brooklyn,  and inspector   Brannau   and  police captain Lee,  raided  the  premises  .occupied by the  Franklin  Syndicate  on  Floyd street.    There was a  great crowd  of   people  around  the  building as  the  police surrounded it.   inspector Branuan  arrested Louis Miller,  the  head of the  syndicate aud proprietor of the concern.  There were forty employees engaged  at  work in the offices and they were allowed  to go.    It was stated by Louis  Miller  to  the police that the offices  were  then  in  the hands of ex-sheriff Daly of Richmond,  ;to   whom,    he    said,   the   concern   had  assigned.  ���j Miller had been engaged for the past  two years or -so in offering his glittering  'inducements to the people to deposit  their money with him to make use of,  .but'"it has been only .within the last  .month that, by extensive advertising in  one way or another, he has managed to  attract to ,his offices hundreds of people  daily, * who gathered in a long line or  fought with each other for the opportunity to hand over their savings. Miller  began the Franklin Syndicate in a very  small way, locating his office amongst the  poorer classes iu the borough of Brooklyn, and milking one feature of  his business the acceptance of  very small sums of money and  the alleged investment of them for the  poor people. He claimed that by inside  tips on the stock market he was able to  reap large profits for his ��� clients. Seemingly he paid the interest on the principal each week and his business increased.  It is claimed that MHler was simply the  representative of a syndicate of men who  liad been engaged in conducting blind  pools for years. No syndicate has  ever attempted to pay .any such  wonderful' rates of interest as the  Franklin Syndicate. The very fact  that the newspapers and financial  circles began to make investigations  aroused public interest to such an extent,  and at the same time public cupidity,  that it is said that within the last week  Miller has received deposits aggregating  from $30,000 to $40,000.  One of Miller's trusted employees is responsible for the statement that the  Franklin Syndicate man had taken in  over $40,000,000, and it is known that  when the banks shut down on him  yesterday and refused to accept his  deposits any longer that he withdrew  $150,000 from the Wells Kargo Bank. It  is asserted tonight that Miller deposited  $100,000 witli the German consul.  allowed to increase the capital to  $5,000,000. The executive is composed of  the prominent men in Canada. Among  them are lord Strathcona, sir William  Van Home, C. M. Hays, C. It. Hosmer, AV.  W. Ogilvie, E. S. Clouston, T. G. Shaughnessy, R. B. Angus, senator Drummond,  James Ross, and others.  Ontario Crops up to the Average.  Toronto, November 2J.���The Ontario  fall crop report, issued by the government, on the whole is of the most encouraging nature. Aveiage yields about  the same as announced in the August report, with the exception of the potato  crop, which is above August figures.  May Last Six Months.  Toronto, November 24.���-General G. E.  Sanford. who has been in the British Indian service many years, is visiting here.  He is not inclined to minimise the seriousness of the war in South Aft ica, and  is of the opinion that it Avill last at least  another six mouths.  The Father Has the Right.  Niow York, November 24.���The suit of  Rosa Calm for $-3*5,000 damages, alleged  t~6~havb UeeTTdone her by her millioliaitu'  father, Isaac Calm, has been decided by  a jury in the supreme court in favor of  the defendant. Thus ends a remarkable  ease, which was the first in the history of  jurisprudence iu which a child had sued  ti father, asking damages for assault.  Counsel for defendant made a strong  plea iu his argument, contending th.it  from the time of the Romans no one had  questioned the right of ji father to chas-  tiso liis children.  Hangings in Two Southern States.  Dahlinoton, South Carolina, November 21.--Ed Lucky and Tom Mitchell  were hanged here today for ns.suult on  .Josephine LaiTerty,a young white woman.  This was the first instance of legal execution in this state for criminal assault.  Atr&riN, Texas, November 24.���.James  Davidson was hanged today for the murder of George W. Engbnrg, a merchant,  and his wife at Manor, Texas, last June.  Davidson confessed on the scaffold.  Willing to Postpone the Fight.  New York, November 21.���Peter  Maher and "Kid" McCoy may fight after  all. The statement was made today that  Maher agrees to a postponement of three  weeks ou account of McCoy's illness, and  will not claim the forfeit if the bout  takes place then. This would make tlie  date of the bout the first week in January.    A Big Trust Company Formed.  Montrkal, November 21.���A big trust  company has been, formed here, to be  known as tlie Royal Trust Company of  Montreal, with capital subscribed . of  $500,000,. lialf of which has been paid.  Authority will be asked of the Quebec  legislature, at   the  next session,  to  bt>  Reappointed to an Honorary Position.  Toronto, November 24.���Hon. David  Mills, minister of justice, has been leap-  pointed professor of constitutional law  at Trinity university.  Nova Scotia Hotelman Suicides.  Truro, Nova  Scotia,  November 24.���  J. AV. Walsh, pioprietor of the Dominion  house, shot himself dead yesterday afternoon.  WAS GIVEN A LICHT SENTENCE  For Passing Worthless Checks.  The ease against captain Wainewright,  charged with obtaining money from Lillie  Brothers by fiilse pretenses with intent  to defraud, was tried summarily by police  magistrate Crease yesterday morning.  The prosecution was conducted by chief  Jtirvis. The evidence of Thomas Lillie  was taken to the effect that the defendant, Wainewright, came .into Lillie  Brothers' store and paid an amount  which he owed with a check for five dollars. He also cashed a -eeoud check, for  five dollar*?. The checks were presented  atp tho Tir.**.k of Montreal and were-dishon^  ored, theie being no funds in the bank to  the credit of Wainewiight. J. A. Macrae,  ledger keeper at the Bank of Montreal,  testified that Wainewiight never had an  account at the bank, but that several  checks were issued and presented at the  bank for payment, the checks given to  Lillie Brothers being among the others.  W. A. Galliher, who appeared for the  prisoner, took on objection that the case  was uot properly before the magistrate,  in that the question of jurisdiction was  not shown.   The  witness, Thomas Lillie,  had stated that he resided in Nelson, but  it had not been shown that ���* the offence  recited was committed either in Nelson  or the county of Kootenay. The store of  Lillie Brothers was not shown to be in  Nelson. It might be in Greenwood or  any other place, and the court could uot  take judicial notice of the fact that it  was in Nelson.  Police magistrate Ci ease .said that he  had noticed the weak points in the evi-  _dencp_ referred to _by_the defendant's,  counsel. The witness Lillie had stated  however that he resided in Nelson and  was engaged in tlio boot aud shoe business, and fiom the general tenot of the  evidence there was not the slightest  doubt but that tho offence recited  took place in Nelson. Upon the evidence  given he would find the defendant guilty.  Mr. Galliher then asked to be allowed  to say something in mitigation of the  offence. Prior to the issuing of the  checks the prisoner had cabled to England for money and on tiie 20th of October such a cable had been -cut and au  answer which appeared favorable had  been received. He also understood that  institution had been made and would be  made in all caws, iriespcctive of the result of the present trial. He asked that  the piisoner be allowed to go upon mis-  pettded sentence.  The magistrate in reply ^aid that while  it might be traveling outside, the limits  of tho case, it had been shown that theie  wore a number of checks issued by the  defendant for which he had no funds in  the bank to meet. The fact wtis also  apparent that the merchants of  Nelson seemed to be regaided as  prey for such schemes and he  could not be swayed by sentimental  leasons. It was sworn that a crime had  been committed and there only remained  a duty for him to perforin. The full  limit for the offence committed was six  months' Imprisonment, but as restitution had been made he would commit the  defendant to three months imprisonment  at haul labor.  It is not unlikely that certiorari ptocoed-  ings will be taken by the prisoner's  counsel to ha.e the con. iction quashed '  upon the ground that the place where  the offence was committed was not  proven.  THE REVENUE FROM THE MINES  Not as Much as it Should Be.  John Keen, asses��or and  collector for  the Slocan  division,  returned  to Kaslo  yesterday.    He says that the revenue of  the government under the one per  cent  tax  upon  the output of the mines will  not exceed $14,000 this year as compared  with $30,000 last year. The depreciation iu  the revenue is due entirely to the actiou of  the mine owners in refusing to accept the  changed conditions brought about by the  enforcement of the eight-hour  law.    On  the other  hand, a  considerable  increase  will be made iu the revenue of the  government upon account of  the  payment  into the  provincial  treasury  of assessments in lieu of the performance of work  upon prospects.    This year the receipts  of the government from the  Slocan  riding under this head will be  fully $7000,  which is an amount  in   excess   of the '  amount received  from  the  entire province in former years.  It is said upon good authority that the  government is considering the  advisability of readjusting the method  of taxing  mining companies.     Under the  present  arrangement even  when the mines  are  working  to  their   fullest capacity,  the  revenue  of the government from them  does   not   equal the   expenditure   upon  roads, trails  and bridges.    In short, the  mining industry, instead of being a source  of revenue to the piovince, is a drain upon the provincial exchequer.   The change  proposed is said to be the  application of  the income tax to the profits of the mining  companies.    It  will probably be  so  arranged that the assessor will be  given  power  to inspect the  stock registers  of  the mining companies   operating in  the  province.and have power to assess and collect from thecompaniesthtoughtheiroiiiee  in this province, a tax equal to the iu- .  come   tax   upon  the earnings  of   their  shares.    It has been estimated that when  the mines  of the  Slocan  district are in -  operation the aggregate dividends of the  year equal at least $3,000,000, upon which  no  tax  is  paid, the  money in most instances being taken  out of the country  altogether.    If  this   earning   was  made  liable  to  the  income  tax and provision  made for its collection, the provincial exchequer would be eniiched to the extent  of $1.*5,000 per annum, and the tax would  fall  upon   only   such   as  are  wrell able  to pay.  Five Thousand British Reconnoitre.  Durran, November 21.���The Natal  Advertiser confirms the report of fight- '  ing near Willow Grange. It says : "Five  thousand British left Estcourt on Wednesday afternoon for a reconuaisance.  "They Siu-p-ia&l the Boon, at '. o'clock  Thursday morning and occupied their,  position, bayoneting sixty of the enemy.  At daybreak the Boers opened with quick  firers. The British artillery was unable"  to i each the Boers, and the captured  position therefore became untenable and  was evacuated. Subsequently the artil-  leiy was brought into action, and the  Boers fpll back. Their object having  been attained, the British returned to  T.stcourt." ->   The Mayor is Right.  Mayor Neelands was interviewed yesterday upon the subject of improvements  to the city wharf. As the result of the  inteiviewit was gathered that the mayor  will not favor any action by the present  council, lie is of the opinion tliat the  wharf is. no more dangerous now than it  has been for several months past, and  that there is no reason why the next  council should not be allowed to deal  with the matter. In this the mayor is  undoubtedly right*r~as���the-succeeding  council Will hava money available foe the  work before it could be "-.edited bydeben-  tuies.    The Opinion of a. Practical Miner.  A practical miner, who for the last four  months has been working an eight-hour  shift in a mine not a hundicd miles from  Nelson, was asked yesterday his opinion  as to the amount of work that he did in  eight hours as compared with what he  did when working ten hours. He replied:  "A good miner will average as much work  in eight hours as in ten. When 1 say  good miner, I mean a miner tliat knows  hib business.." Asked what proportion of  miners lie considered good, hi^ replied:  "Well, three out of five can be depended  on to do ti good day's work."  The Announcement was Premature.  Aldei man Moore of Kaslo is legistered  at the Hume. He hits just come from  Sandon, and says that while the announcement of the settlement of the  tiouble between thr* mine owners and  minei.**- is premature, the prospect for an  early adjustment of the difficulty is good.  In any e\out, he says, the geneial opinion is that the Payne mine w ill resume  woik at once. A supply of beef has been  taken up to the mine, and it is reported  that tho company luis placed a large order for general supplies with H.Giegericb.  of Sandon.  One of the Leaks.  An inspection of the stoics on Baker  streets between Stanley and Josephine  streets, la-t evening disclosed that 75  lamps of 10-catulle power were being  used for- which no rate was being charged.  This serves to illustrate ono of the leaks  which makes tlie city's electric light service unsatisfactory. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C. .SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25 1899.  ,-_--. ���     ���_*.*.____r_-_.._,^.-^|ir-Trfci-<_|  I  can satisfy everybody, from the  old bachelor to the baby.  I Buy Direct from the Factories and Sell at Wholesale Prices  �����___��_______B__i-_________________________________________________MO^^  r.  '  Jaeob Dover, The Jeweler  BAKEE   STEEET,  .TSTELSOISr  Buy now for your Xmas so you can have your purchase engraved free of charge and avoid the rush  We are already working* overtime.  Match Safes, Flasks,  Cigarette, and Cigar  Cases, Pocket Books  and Purses, both in  Leather and   Silver.  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A OAi.EFur, inspection of tiie city  wharf yesterday afternoon did not disclose any holes or any planks worn to  the thinness of veneer. On the other  hand, the wharf would be in very good  condition were the inxid washed off it,  which could be done any night in a few  hours with a fiire hose attached, to the  hydrant at the corner of Front and HaJI  , Ring up Telephone No. 13  (f you want  BASS' Pale Aie  GUINNESS' Foreign Stout  DREARY'S Golden /\rqber AJe  SCHLITZ'S Milwaukee Beer  DOMINION BREWERY Porter  DOMINION BREWEHY India Pale Ale  All the above goods in PINTS or  QUARTS. Sold by the BOTTLE,  DOZEN, GASE or BARREL.  in it. * All interests, except the city,'are to  be benefited. Anyway, what right has  city to spend money on a park outside the  city limits? . ,  Tnio people of a town cannot, be .blamed  ���for demanding what they are fairly entitled to. The people of Nelson are 'entitled to as good mail facilities as are  given neighboring towns. 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All persons  having claims against the said Harry Howard Dunbar  are requested to forward particulars of tise smne, duly  verifled, and stating what security, if any, is held foi tlie  same, lo tho said William Simpson on or before the l_th  day of December, 189!), after which date tho said William  Simpson will proceed lodistributo thoa. sets of tho estate  amongst those entitled thereto, having regard only to tho  .claims of which ho shall then have had notice. All persons indebted to the said Harry Howard Dunbar are required to pay such indebtedness forthwith to the said  William Simpson,  A. meeting of; the creditors of the said Harry Howard  Duabai. will beheldattho offices of AlcAnn & M&ckay,  barristers, Front streot, Kaslo, B.C, on Wednesday the  _2ndday of November, 18S%,at 3 o'clock p.m.  WILLIAM SIMPSON, Trustecw  McANN & MACKAY. Solicitors for the UYustee.  Dated the (ill: day cf November, 1899.  w.  s^'i'.-j.'&'SiSpS^^ THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1899.  3  fc  ,1  ATCH-MAKER'S CAMPAIGN.  |at Could Not Win   an American  Heiress.  i d the end of last  May my  wife  ore about to rise from table���my  in-law  dines  only  once  a  week  -when a letter bearing an Ameri-  'tmark was put into my hands,.  news  from  Georges!"  said  my  pening the envelope with a hairpin.  i'H is my mother-in-law's nephew;  iirs ago he married a Philadelphia  *,vho made him   promi.se never to  inerica.    We consider him  a van-  -..ctifieed   being;    yet,   when we  .   his  opulence  with our modest  , we feel a certain admiration for  lieh   Mine,  de Chauneville  never  underline, holding him  up to me  ���del of cleverness.    I  read the let-  d while my wife served the coffee.  onic style, that showed the iuflu-  _   his   new   country,  lier   cousin  I sails on the next steamer for  h.    She wants to stop a inonth in  Will  you  meet  her  at  the  St.  station and take  her  to a.  hotel  /ou will liave already engaged a  r her?    After that she will be off  uds; she is used to taking care of  and besides has hundreds of  on the other side. Hold a Nrnv  erald in your hand at the station  Enid can recognize you. Kind  &. yourself and to my aunt, as  to Jerome.    Affectionately yours,  (.KOROIW."  was nothing diilicult in the  ; with plenty of good hotels in  nd four or five louis a day to  n one'*, living, it would be a simple  to install Enid Walton. We  om George's rare letters that his  -law is twenty-five, not pretty  arming, adoring gayety, balls,  ns, and pleasure parties���every-  n fact, that belongs to her calling  merican girl.  lother-in-law had not breathed a  tiring the reading of the letter,  ette aud I discussed hotels that  ���Suit Enid���and oursslves into the  i. The " Washington," on Boule-  itussmann, patronized by wealthy  _ouutrymeu of hers, suggested  The only objection, it Avas really  r our own appartement.  lext day at lunch Mine, de Chaune-  ���appeared���a breach of our modus  i. 1 thought a.t first we wore go-  nave a scene���alas, it was some-  it r worse i  d not close my eyes   last   niglit!"  laiined, droppiug on a chair.    She  e points in health   to' a  Tyrolese  *incer.      Surprised, I  expressed a  uterest in her symptoms.      " I am  she  exclaimed.      " You  d > not  .   realize  that concern  for other  \s happiness can keep   oue   awake.  vst night I have thought  of  noth-  Jorome and Miss Walton.'*  ne de Ohauueville is quoted by his  on all occasion-,  as  a  model  son  del artillery lieutenaut.     lie hub  enfcurod to rebel against maternal  ty.    At all stages of his career he  *n a paragon���at the Polytechnic,  fc-Cyr ;  he will be a paragon of a  d   when the competent authority  ���*e found him a wife.    Left to hiiu-  wonld   preserve  the   bloom   of  rhood   indefinitely.     He   neither  nor drinks coffee or wine.    lie is  t polished, exquisite, refined pro-  his grneratiou.  gather  that you wish Miss Wal-  her millions to enter the artill-  inquired.  *  not?"  said  my  mother-in-law,  _off_her_ glove. ,_the_ signal _for__a  igagement.    "Would you be jeal-  rome's good luck?"  capable of baser sentiments, as  w, bellemere.     It is a little early  en Ions.      .lust   now   I   am only  recalling the disgust that  filled  .eorges's marriage.   What didn't  then  about America   and  the  11"  l&es  sold    himself,    lie   deserted  ] friends, and  country to gb and  luis wife in Philadelphia.    Do yon  fiat is what I dream of for Jerome?"  Indeed !" I replied.    "1 know that,  [contrary, it will be Miss Walton  ll beg  and pray to be allowed to  [the garrison at Bourges.   To tell  Jth, I am convinced that she is  for Km nee with this alone in view."  jiother-in-law's eyes rolled furious-  wife murmured : "What a horrid  [>u are 1"  [vishing to  drive matters  to the  apoplexy, I was prudent enough  belle maman :   "Don't imagine I  |event Miss Walton from marrying  if she shows   the faintest   iu-  |.n."  ��. requested to engage the suite at  Washington."    The  next day  my  jid her mother, escorted by marquis  Serade, inspected my choice,  fine here say parenthetically that  Id  de la Parade is my bete noire;  les not prevent him, however, from  Iconstantl^at our home.    He is a  [or who claims thirty-five years but  ideserve   many   more.     My   dead  -in-law's boon companion, pretext-  liat he niiued   himself for M.  de  levjlle, .white he merely ruined him-  "'itli   him, Fernand has won belle  |n's confidence;  he  is  her   oracle.  jsdffje who have lent him five.louis  lit be reckoned tip; but he never.dels debts ; his honor, officially consid-  lias remained untainted.    If he lias  given up tho way to his clubs, it comes of  not paying his dues. Two things about  him excite my admiration, not my sympathy : he is the best-dressed and the  wittiest man in Paris. I insist that in  his situation he ought to flaunt fewer  new coats and bons-mots.  He declares that he will die single���  and no one doubts it. Hence he never  compromises any one. He can be seen  for twenty days with the same woman  without calling forth comments. People  chaff him on the subject, and he joins in  the laugh. "II codnait Dieu et le Diable."  liy good luck he has preserved his slim  figure, and is younger than the youngest  when he rides, skates, plays tennis, leads  the cotillion, recites monologues, organizes charity bazaars, drawing-room comediettas, and country-house parties. His  wit has the reputation of "making a dead  man laugh."  When the express pulled into St. La-  s_are station, my wife and 1 were on hand  flourishing New York Heralds as if Ave  had them on sale. A tall girl, admirably  made and graceful, stepped unhesitatingly tOAA'ard us, held out her hand, and in  the purest of French asked us hoAA' Ave  Avere. We might have parted only the  day before. She announced that she Avas  ready to accompany us, expecting her  maid to grapple Avith the customs officers.  But the soubrette did not understand the  language of Racine any better than Racine himself would if he came back to the  world today.  "You stupid thing ! Hoav provoking !"  exclaimed Miss Walton, stamping her  slim foot.  morning on her radient face, when we  went to lunch at her hotel. She had invited the marquis, of course. Fernand  pronounced a single English sentence, and  Enid at once expressed the Avisji of meeting my mother-in-law. I inferred that  La Perade had put the idea into her head.  What au invaluable friend !  The ill-effects of our proximity to the  "Washington" Avere soon evident. Enid  and my Avife became inseparable. I must  admit my personal duties Avere light. La  Perade Avas their usual escort. I don't  know how the man always manages to  have his pockets stuffed Avith tickets for  theatres, private viewn���all sorts of interesting places.  The American girl AA'as continually  lunching and dining Avith us. My Avife  insisted that it Avas out of the question  to set our potau feu before tin heiress accustomed to the luxuries of the country  of dollars, especially when the aim Avas to  bring this heiress into our family. To  judge from the cook's bills, it AA'as an inheritance, not an heiress, that had dropped on us from America. But, after all,  a rich brother-in-law is not a bad thing  to have. And shall I add : the prospect  of seeing my mother-in-law tackling an  American girl dyed-iu-the-AVool would  have reconciled me to greater sacrifices.  The introduction took place. Jerome  dropped in on lis accidentally one evening  at dinner, in full uniform. The uniform  AA'as ray mother-in-laAv's idea ; she considered Jerome particularly fetching in his  Avar-paint A complete failure! Miss  Walton, avIio sometimes indulged in the  frankness of an enfant terrible, explained  amused me, an amusement largely due to  my mother-in-laAv's convulsed, indignant  face. Miss Walton had procured nie  other satisfactions of the _>,une nature,  and I am not a man to forget a turn done  nie.  It Avas one evening���at my house, of  course���as Ave were leaA-ing the table.  Jerome, my mother-iu-laAv, and the marquis were our guests. At some trifling  jest of Enid, La Perade and Jerome  placed their pocket-books in her keeping.  Ou Jerome's Avas simply inscribed the initials "J. C," his family being of old and  excellent blood, but Avithout a title. On  the marquis's portfolio, on the contrary,  aviis stamped a coronet that might have  served for a napkin-ring.  Enid expressed great admiration for  the heraldic attribute and its charming  effect on one's lingerie, for La Perade, intoxicated by his success, had displayed  his pocket-handkerchief. He Avent  farther than that, luckily, in articles of  clothing ; but we AA'ere successively treated to a vieAV of his porto-monnaie, his  Avatch, his hat-band, his cuff-buttons, and  the knob of his cane. At each fresh coronet, Miss Walton broke into cries of admiration, while Mme. de Chauneville'.s  broAvs drew closer together.  Enid, seeing the old lady's marble face,  inferred that she Avas condemning this  enthusiasm as plebeian. "You must excuse me," she said, sweetly. "I am not  used to marquises' coronets."  "Neither are the La Perades, mademoiselle," replied Mme de Chauneville, disdainfully. "That is Avhy they make an  abuse of the ornament."  bitterness: "Perhaps you had better  arrange something���a hop, for instance,  to amuse the girl. She has told you Iioav  she adores dancing, and you knoAV Avhat  a valseur Jerome is. This is AVhat any  truly affectionate  brother-in-liiAv Avould  do.    But "  A sigh, an upAvard toss of the head  finished the sentence. I retorted in a  smothered rage:  "Very AA'ell, madame! You shall have  your dance. OtherAvise, till the end of  time you will declare I was the oue Avho  prevented your --on from marrying his  Americaine, if by chance she should not  be touched by his true sentiment!"  For a feAv days the house enjoyed a  treacherous, halcyon calm. We saAV less  of Euid than usual: Jerome Avas fearfully  cut up about it, of course. If he complained to her���alas! in too discreet terms  ���that she Avas invisible for days together,  "I liA'e at Worth's," she would reply;  "the horrid man is late AA'ith my frocks.  Aud I am leaving soon!" "Alas!" sighed  the artilleryman, Avith a sigh that blew  aAvay Enid like a rose-petal in a breeze.  I said oue day to my brother-iu-laAv:  "Why don't you accompany Enid to  Worth's?"  "Oh!" protested my mother-in-laAv, with  an outraged blush.  "Cher ami, you must rea.lly come to the  front more. Before the soiree you must  dine with us, au champagne; I forbid you  a drop of Avater. This time you must not  miss the opportunity. I expect you to  conduct yourself like .a hussar of the old  school, do you hear?"  The morning of the great day the house  ft 4 MAN, fry rtfon-l  I    /mfiu/se f's /c acT ffits  DR. JEKYLL"  ���MR.  HYDE"  All at once a providential*. personage  dropped as from the cloud**.. It took La  Perade tAvo minutes to shake hands with  me���pretending he had run across us by  chance���get an introduction to Enid, and  conclude: "1 Avas waitiug for a friend  who must have missed the train. I trust  Miss Walton Avill allow me to come to the  maid's assistance" (he knew English, the  plotter!) "while she goes to her hotel to  rest.    By the Avay, Avhere are you  stop  ping  -to Enid.  As the ladies turned to go, the clever  dog Avhispered to me: "Mme. de Chauneville sent me to reeonnoiter. Mazette! I  can assure her she is going to have a  charming daughter-in-l&AV."  It had been decided that Miss Walton  should dine Avith us en trio that evening.  But she proA'ed so desirous of showing  her gratitude to La Perade for his kind  offices that he had to be Avired to make  up the quartet. I must admit that,  thanks to him, the new arrival passed the  evening in a gale of laughter. The parasite shoAved himself a clever diplomat,  too. He managed to praise my mother-  in-law most naturally. He told touching  anecdotes of Jerome's childhood and  youth. A French boarding-school girl  would have dreamed all night of the fascinating officer.  But Enid AA'as neither French nor  boarding-school girl. Not a sign of insomnia could   be.   discovered   the   next i  to us that the military career���at least in  the lower grades���is looked cIoavii upon in  her country. The conversation came to  a standstill, and for a whole quarter of  an hour���the first���I did not hear Enid  laugh. I saAV her eyes turned with  amazement upon Jerome's glass of Avater.  Latterly Ave had drunk nothing but  champagne from one end of the meal to  the other, folloAving the American fashion.  The campaign against Enid's heart had  begun feebly. The artillery, if not routed, had, at least, caused no ravages. We  joyfully noted that Jerome Avas luckier  at the next meeting, ou the following  Sunday. He had not been able to resist  a lively admiration for the young American girl. Enid, AA'ith charming grace,  gave the first signal for a flirtation, but  Jerome, a Frenchman to the marrow, had  not the ftwntest conception of this New  World art. He heaved sighs, accompanied by long, tender glances, instead of going to laugh and chaff Avith Miss Walton  in a certain cozy corner that the experienced marquis had prepared purposely  by means of a screen aud a palm, lie  himself made use of it more than once  Avhile Chauneville Avas kept in his garri-  sou at Bourges.  The young foreigner's naivete infallibly caused one to pardon cetain defects  of education or taste. I recall an instance  that others perhaps Avill condemn more  harshly than  I   did.    I * admit   that   it.  The original La Perade received his  title--and his name too, for the matter of  that���in 1820, in the person of Fernand \s  grandfather, a fact voluntarily forgotten by the ex-young man. Our marquis  said nothing, having nothing to say; but  the expression of his eyes suggested that  he Avould not soon forget the scratch to  his armour proprc. The evening ended  coldly. From that time on Ave saw far  less of the man Avith the crest, though  there Avas no absolute breach. Miss Walton began to know Paris like a book, and  no longer troubled my Avife to accompany her���nothing strange so far as an  American girl is concerned.  It Avas June; Jerome had a fortnight's  leave, and Avas making the most of it to  accomplish Enid's conquest. Mine, de  Chauneville Avas sanguine.  "Jerome is getting on," she repeated.  "It is iioav only the question of tho occasion for his declaration. With American girls everything depends ou the occasion.    Jerome had uo opportunities."  "Not my opinion at all," I replied.  "What more does he need ? Not later  than yesterday 1 sent the tAvo of them  off to the Eiffel ToAVer! Must I arrange  a boating-party, so that Miss, Walton can  be rescued from a watery-grave by your  son's strong arms?"  Belle-mere   detested   my   irony,   -.and  usually retreated at  the  first'. dose,   but,  this time..she merely returned with quiet.  AVas given over to pillage. The carpets  Avcro remoA'ed, the floors waxed, chairs,  music-racks, and platform were? brought.  While two' major-domos turned my dining-room into a banqueting-hall, sconces  filled with innumerable candles appeared  on the Avails, and potted plants fell into  groups as if at the touch bf a magician's  Avand. 1 was giving neither a sauterie  nor a soiree dansante, but a great ball.  I Avent for my Avife, Avho, at tlie first  Avords, dissolved into a flood of tears.  But my bad humor AA'as to no purpose.  All I could do AA'as to clap on my cap and  rush to luncheon at the club. I spent  the day out of the house and dined with  a friend. But as after all I had to receive  my Avife's guests, about half-past nine I  Avent home to dress. A letter delivered a  feAv hour-, earlier avus aAvaiting me. 1  read it. and immediately my room echoed  Avith cries of savage, infernal joy. Then  1 got into my clothes as eagerly as a  IoAer going to a rende/.vous. By ten 1  avus pacing up and down the ante-chamber, not with the resignation of a host  aAvaiting his guests, but Avith the feline  pad of a tiger Ava telling the spring Avhere  the gazelle will coine to drink. The  gazelle was my mother-in-law.  At last she appealed, _seo. ted by irresistible Jerome. With a smile she hardly  seemed prepared for, I offered her my  arm. The three of us en tercel, tho dazzling drawing room.    My wife was there  before us, looking extremely Avell in a  fresh toilet.    Standing before the hearth  Avith my eyes planted on  my mother-in-  law's face, Avhere I  still  read  defiance, I  improvised the following  speech: " Madame, do yon knoAV Avhy my life has been  distraught for the last six Aveeks?   Why  my  table  has  become that of a Rothschild ?   Why I l.-ivish gold in fashionable  restaurants?     Do  you  know  aboA-e all  Avhy I am giving this hop  that  will cost  me tAvo hundred louis?    It is  to prevent  Miss Walton and her millions from going  back   to  Avhere  they came from.    Very  AA'ell madame. congratulate yourself; the  thing is done; avc havo  succeeded.    The  charming American   girl   is about to become   an   adorable   FrencliAvoman.    We  can soon Avish her joy.    Listen  to  what  she has just Avritten me:  " 'Cher Monsieur, you haA'calvA'.iys been  so kind to me, you and yours, that I Avish  you to be the first to learn of my engagement Avith marquis de la Perade. Be  good enough to announce it to your  family. But my fiance aud I AA'ould prefer the engagement not to be knoAvn for  a little, so that aa'o can be present at your  ball, a pleasure to Avhich Ave have long  looked forward.    Sincerely yours,  " 'En-id Walton.' "  Poor Jerome had turned so pale that I  could not but pity him from the bottom  of my heart. As to my mother-in-laAv, I  beheld her checkmated for the first time.  But I soon caught the AA'arlike flame beginning to glow in her eyes. Her lips  moved; she aviis about to speak. God  knows the sweet things I avus going to  hear! Fate aajis against her. Taa'ohands  encased in Avhite cotton gloves opened  the draAA'ing-room door, and the stentorian A-oice of the aunounceur cried:  "Miss AValton! M. le Marquis de la  Perade!"          INDIVIDUALITIES.  If err A'on Volhnar, the leader of the  Bavarian Socialists, is the son of one of  the oldest families of the Bavarian aristocracy. He entered the army at the age  of fifteen and served through the Austrian  Avar of 18f5G, and afterward as a A-olunteer  in the army of the pope. When the Avar  Avith France aviis declared he reentered  the Bavarian army, and at the age of  tA.-enty-one receiA'cd a AA-ound so seA'ere  that he Avas left a cripple for life. Then  he determined to study for the church,  but suddenly, in the midst of his studies,  announced hiscouA'ersion to the doctrines  of socialism. Since then, for more than  tAventy years, he lias devoted his time to  the spread of soclulisin among the Democrats of BaA-aria,  tc\  President Steyn, avIio occupies the high- ;  est position in the Orange Free .State, has  risen through his oavii determination of character and his* "untaint-  able honesty from the lowest to the highest position in the state. For six years  he studied law in England and Holland,  and returned to his native country in  1882, AAdien-he aviis twenty-fiVe years of  age. From that point he never looked  back. Young Steyn Avas raised to a  judgeship Avlion he was only thirby-two  years of age, and a year before that he  had been appointed attorney-genera], and  a year before that he had declined the  mayoralty of Bloemfontciu. He had a  brilliant career nn the bench, and Avhen  the piesident, Mr. Reitz, uoav the chief  adviser of president Kruger, resigned, Mr.  .Steyn aviis elected by a largo majority.  Next to queen Victoria, the prince of  Wales has cost England more money  than any other member of the royal family. pSince IKOIJ. the year in Avhich he at-  -tiiincd-his majority .-he-has drawn- from���  the country nearly $1.1,000,000. When  he became twenty-one lie came into accumulated revenues of the duchy of Corn-  ���*.. all amounting to $J_)008,*>05. Since  then, the average yearly payment to tho  prince of Wales from the duchy loyenues  has been $*_0<','G0. In addition to this,  the nation pays him the animal sum of  $S1,0S0 as compensation for tho abolition  of certain ancient duo.-) on tin coinage.  Altogether the rents and royalties of the  duchy land exceed $110,000 a year.  In IS.")., Marlborough House was settled  upon the prince by parliament, the public  expenditure on wliich amount*-, to *. 1.8,000  a year. Hi- toyal highness's military appointments-arc. of courj-e, numerous*, tho  majority of them bringing hint iu a respectable inc<..iHv. Then he draAvs an annual income of $50,000 from his private  landed property. On his marriage iii  J SO'., .$117,27*** AA-as grunted, to pay expenses. Avhile tho princess, a\ ho brought  no doAvry, Avas granted a life annuity of  $50,000 a year from the Consolidated  Fund, and should she survive her hus-  bann, this grant A\ill be increased to  $150,000 per annum.  Remanded for Stealing Rings.  Toito.vio, November 2.'..���William E.  Dunn, clerk in. the audit department at  the parliament buildings, this morning  pleaded guilty to stealing two diamond  rings, valued, respeetiA-ely, at $.'.75 and  $75, from Mrs. Nolan, a clerk in <he department of neglected children. He was  lemandcd for sentence.  Funeral Was Strictly Private.  Month kai'. November 23.���The funeral  of the late Hugh McLennan, president of  the Montreal Transportation Company,  avIio died suddenly oh* Tuesday night,  took place this afternoon. OAving to the  expressed wish of the deceased, the funeral was of a strictly private character.  _   i THE TRIBUNE."KEL'SOK KC, BATtjRDA:Y, NOVEMBER 2* 18��9.  V * **-%^'fZ.*'SL^-Sji__L'i5��'*��^-'^^'^__-'^^^-:S^^n^-mf_! iSri*-^'liS_*'!-->*'*i5_''_i_.;*^ *._____' f___ ���{JST'^'lS!j^'^' **��*    ���*��'v*^' ^'-S' b. 'iS'-Sr' I-'m1'S' iT' S1'^'Sf.' l__^*S'^^l^^���^^^^^*^^^^^^-^'-^^,^'^'^'-nir. * S       "  far&i:: ^"^ *���*���-��.'S.��� **��������.���*t^.���:*���*-��*.������***��.��� "**���-��.������**������*.��� '���"���"������-v���****_ ���������*-*k������****_.��� >���_.'"���*__.��� *-*..���*-��.���"'"^������^^���^������^-^���^������^������^������^.���'^^^^^���^������'r'   "?**^-^*5^��� /0K*-*����� 0*?^��� 0*'-^-^'^-?*��� 0*>"-0*?J&��� /_*'��� !2&-^-^-^'^��� ^-^��� /-^-^SS���^S5.*"^.'^',3_5��� ^*^li{k'"]  36  Baker  Street  Ladies' Sailor and and Walking Felt  Ladies' and Children's  \l>  ��</  t*/  v*/  \ii  -***'-  ti.  \*/  it/  vi/  it/  d/  ti/  ti/  ti/  it/  it/  it/  it/  it/  it/  it/  it/  it/      it/  it.   36 Baker Street  l--^�����  ~P^00 ���00<0*-00>0*'00-0*,--0*>0*'f0'0*>00-00>0*>0*f-00 ���/���** V^ >*Ai         %  it/  it/  it/  it/  it/  it/  it/  it/  it/  Baker  Street  and all Trimmed Millinery at Half Price  , Jackets and Costumes* at Less Than Cost  FOR ONE   WEEK   WE   WI_4  CONTINUE   OUR  Of Dry Goods, Millinery, Men's Furnishings, Carpets, Ete.  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The print obtained by this process resembles in clearness a copper-plate or litho-engraA'iug,  .ind is obtained in a more simple manner  than by letter-press printing. The ordinary printers' type blocks, forms,  stereotypes or electrotype*;, constitute in  themselves a suitable printing surface,  and may be used in a similar Avay, merely  coming in contact Avith the damped  paper to form the print.  The chemical  additions to  the  paper  which make it .susceptible to  the electric  .���urrent are to be added to the pulp, and  are  said   to  be .so cheap as to cause no  appreciable increase iu cost.    The paper  docs not depreciate by keeping in stock,  and can bo supplied to the printer in the  usual form of flat reams.and in reels.    It  '  is the intention of the patentees to grant  licenses on moderate term-,  to  paperma-  kers, so that there Avill   be no necessity  for changing the usual source of supply.  The saving to those AArho adopt electrical  printing -will be primarily in the  cost of  the ink and in time and labor.  It is claimed that all printing presses  iioav in use can be adapted, at a small  cost, for electrical inkless printing. Tho  only changes will be to leave off the  rollers and all raoA'able parts of the inking arrangement, lit a thin sheet of fine  rolled zinc around the cylinder as a conductor, connect the negative and positive  poles from the electrical supply of the  press, and it is ready to print. The same  electric motor that drives the printing  press %vijl also supply the current for  printing.           A Story-of Kruger.  President Kruger is minus tlie thumb  of his left hand. In his youth it wits  badly wounded.-and rather than nurse  the troublesome member he cut it off.  Some time ago, in discussing  the present  .situation, and wishing to illustrate Iioav  he Avould do with sir Alfred Milner, as he  had with his predecessor.**, he began with  the little finger of hiS'left hand : "1 was  too much for sir George Gray." Then, annotating AA'ith his third finger: "I avhs  too much for. i-ir Howard Berkeley."  Passing to the middle finger: "I Avas  too much for sir Bartle Frere." Next  Avith the index finger: " 1 was too much  for sir Hercules Robinson, and 1 shall be  too much for sir���alle maagte !" he exclaimed, for he harl come to the place of  the missing thumb.. The incident is said  to haA'e depressed him not a little, as he  is very superstitious.  EUINBD BY SOLITAIEE.  A FEW OF OUR PRICES  ^'0*.00.0*.*** .__��>'.___*._���- ,^ .^ . 0& .  _ ���<-^S__r*Sr-Sir*^__r^ __�����-* ^^__--<_���_���- ^__r-^^    4__��--  ig~*< ���*��*. * "-"St ������������_:��� ,*��_. --ST- *5__>��r- ���**������* -5T- ���***�����. ���  *   *^_P^  Mr  <��_. ��� -^ ��� -55^ **��������-. --S^ >��-. ���������5_r*; ���**__"������*��������������������  Hull'iilo ]_\pi _*-.,  Patrolman Parr's beat took in the rail-  *way tracks and the strip of beach near  the foot of Georgia street, so, yesterday  morning about % o'clock lie, walked down  in that region to hear the wavos wash-up  on the sand aud see that such freight  cars as stood about A\Tere not being looted.  All was AA'ell. But to leassure himself he  Avalked betAveen tAvo strings of car.**-. As  he drew alongside one he a. aa surprised  to see a faint light shining through the  door, which avus partly open, lie tiptoed  to the door and peered in.  .Sitting on the floor near one end of the  car, his legs crossed, was a bearded man.  On the floor two feet iu front of him Avas  a talloAV candle, shedding the best light it  could. Directly in front of him Avere  three roAVS of cards, and in his hands  Avere several more cards. His hair 'was  long and it dangled doAvn to his eyebrows. His beard Avas red, sprinkled  Avith gray. He seemed Avrapped in the  profoundent thought,  did noD disturb him.  slowly antl deliberately  solitaire.  Patrolman Carr A\ratched in silence several moments. At length he pushed the  door Avide open and craAVled into the car.  The stranger looked up for an instant,  but went on with his play.  "What's the trouble here'/"  "Just AA-ait a feAv minutes, Avou't you?"  returned the elderly man, keeping his  gaze on the cards.  Carr paused to smile at the man's presumption.  " 1 knoAV what you are," the stranger  said: "you're a policeman and���jack.  that's it, iioav a queen, alia!���I say you're  a policeman and you're after me au���  ���seven, eight, good!���I say after nie and  I'll go ="���  "How long have you been crazy'/" interjected Carr.  "Xotatai!,  sir,  but  you see this .soli  Hi  Hi  Hi  Exterior noises  He played on,  He A\'as playing  Hi  Hi  4K  Dress Goods in navy and  black, ail wool Storm  Serges, sale price, 35c per  yard.  Fancy Novelties in Dress  Pattern Lin ting's Costumes,  at half price.  Ladies' Jackets and Mantles  at less than cost.  White    Saxony   Flannel    at  20c per yard.  White Canton Flannel at 5c  ,    per yard up.  Eider Flannels, in all colors,  ��� 40C-per���yard. b���  Children's Cashmere Hose  from  15c a pair up.  Ladies' Cashmere Hose 25c.  Ladies' French Kid Gloves,  every pair guaranteed;  worth $[.50, for $1  a pair.  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JVoav, please  don't disturb me. 11 looks a*- though it's  coming out this time ���iioav a king, ha-a:a  ���you knoAV a man can play this years  and���but Avait a minute now aud I'll be  right through.''  Carr .stood idly by. The stranger  slowly deposited several cards on several  small heaps ; at length paused, seoAvled,  gathered up all the cards in Sight and'  arose.  "All ready," he said, stepping beside  the officer, "I'm at youl* pleasure. The  thing fooled me.    How long  -.vill 1 get?"  "Perhaps' five days, and perhaps fiAye  months."  "Well, either'll do."  At the station house the prisoner said  he Avas William Piuwley, once of Baltimore, but more recentlyof the world at  large. He admitted he a\ .is a tramp and  said he owed his downfall to the game of  solitaire.    He-had played* it _.o much that  he had failed in business and ,lost a job.  Finally, he took to the road and. uoav he  has all the time he wants to j.Iay the  game. He AA'as sent to the v penitentiary  yesterday for fi ve days on a charge of  being a tramp.   A Boer That,Has Earned Ill-fama.  Pieter Arnoldus Crouje, commandant  of the   Boers   besieging   Ma_ekili3j��_vhas  earned considerable ill-fame.    He was notorious first of all  for his action in connection Avith the sale of Bezuidenhout's  effects at Potchefstrooiu, Avhen ho rushed  up to the sheriff, pulled him off a1 wagon  and kicked him, saying, "Away with you,  you  government  officials,  Ave  don't ac-  knoAvledgeyou." It AA'as his men who fired  the  first shot   at  Pdtehefstroom   which  brought on the last Avar.   He is notorious'  for his treachery. Despite the fact that he  kneAv of the armistice and that supplies  had been sent for the beleaguered garrison  at Potcbefstroom, he neither gave the  garrison notice thereof nor did lie admit  the supplies.   Tlie operations during tins  siege Avere conducted with* unusual' brutality, and the blame rested upon him.,  Moreover, it AVas to him that Jameson  surrendered at Doorukop, and his ill-faith  in the matter has been clearly demonstrated. Neither flag of truce nor armistice nor the usages of civilized Avarfare  are respected by him. He is A'cry popular among the more violent of the Boers  because of his rabid anti-British sentiments.  COME   WEST,   GEORGE   DEWEY.  !*i|iokmn. t_iroiii<-!i.'.  Come Avest, (George DeAvey. Come to  Spokane Avhere folks knoAV Iioav to appreciate a man of brains and nerve.  ���Shake off that gang of parasites at  Washington, D. C.���tell them to take  their old house and make a bonfire of it  ��� come Avest, George ; come Avest.  - -Come Avest, whoro-the people are- too  busy to chase every bit of lying gossip;  come "west; AAiiere women, be they brides  or AAridoAVS, are honored, not defamed ;  c'ouie west, ivei-0 1he people are too generous to think the present of a tAVo-bit  shack gives them strings on a man for  life; come -west, where young felloAVS are  expectetl to hustle for themselves instead  of dreaming about the red-hot Avill contests they ican fiave Avhen daddy dies.  The east is too sIoav for you, (ieorge:  iL's too stingy; it's too fond of tattle;  it's too envious of any man avIio makes a  lucky stroke of fortune; it is too narrow  in its horizon; too badly cramped in its  opportunities /or men to make heathA'ay ;  too desperately afraid that if it spends a  dollar that it will never get another���  that's the reason, -George, Avhy it can't  invest 15 cents in glory and patriotism  and sentiment without demanding its  money back.  ��� It's different out here, admiral. There  are chances all arouud us for men to Avin  fortunes instead of -clerkships ; there are  stories all around us of discovery and adventure and Avondertful progress, that aro  far more thrilling than the boarding-  house scandals of tho capital; there are  men all around ns-, George, avIio have  Avon success by coolness, brains and daring, just as truly as you Avon it at Manila  bay���and Ave Avould SAA'ap them for all  the cheap politicians you could crowd  into the District of Columbia on inauguration day.  Come Avest, George, and brings Mrs.  DeAvey���come to Spokane ant buy a  house of your own on Cannon hill or  Summit boulevard or UroAvne's addition ;  and so long as you mind your oavii business we guarantee the folks will; .treat  yon Avhite.   '  y'"'���  ASOlHTilOTS.  THWAKT & CAKRIK- ArchlleptB.  Eopms 1 and 8 Ab  1 erdoen block. Bsl-or ptroot. Nelson.  Kootenay  Cigar  IVianufacturing  Company  MANUFACTURERS  OF  UNION  MADE  CIGARS  ~~DEAR~STRSi Assome'Ec  em made Royal Seal cig\  ���MM9M___-��**��_N��~MI_____Mf__MtM__ B  are being sold in our city  reports are being circuit  thpbt thzy come from my  tory, I have for the protect^  of yourselves and myself  cured the Pacific Coast Unj  Label in addition to the  tematicnal Union Label,  in future all cigars sent  from this factory will,, b\  both labels.  This is only a fair prot\  tion to our home indust\  and I trust with your cqnti  ued patronage I shall, be a\  to keep a staff of twenty p  employed during ,tfye wlntl  Hoping you will in futi  see that the two labels, are.  all boxes you buy, I remai  Yours truly,  Kooteoay Gipp  THOMAS U SIMS, Manager THE TRn.tT.NE: KELSON B.C., SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2,> 1809.
aU paid
up,    -
Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President
K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager
_N*___3ijSO"isr *B*_.__.isro_3:
N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
—    BRANCHES IN    	
(England).  NEW TOBK,   OHIOAGO
' In tho principal cities in Canada.
Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers
available in any part of the world.
Two Minds Changed.
A young couple in a Lancashire Arillage
had been com ting for several years. The
young man one day said to  the  Avonian :
"Sail, 1 canna marry thee.''
"JToav's that?" asked she.
"I've changed my mind," said he.
"Well, I'll tell you Avhat we'll do," said
she. "If folk know that 't's thee as has
giA'en me up, I shanna be able to get another chap, but if they think that I've
given you up then I can get another
chap. So we'll have banns published,
and Avhen the Avedding day comes the
paison will say to thee: 'Wilt thou haA'e
this woimin to be thy AAedded Avife?' and
tha must say'I will.' And Avhen he s,iys
to me: 'Wilt thou lnwe this man to be
thy wedded husband?' 1 shall say 'I
Aviima.' "
The day came, and when the minister
said: "Wilt thou have this woman to be
thy Avedded wife?' the man ansAAered :
"I will."
Then the parson said to the AA-oman :
"Wilt  thou  have  this man   to be thy
Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit on Skaguay, U. S., Atlin., B. C, and
Dawson City, Yu^oq District.
Avedded husband ?"    And she said :
"I will."
"Why," said the young man furiously,
you said you Avould say 4I Avinna.'"
"I knoAV that," said the young \A'oman,
"but I've changed my mind since."
Queer, if True.
The toAvn of Pel/.er,  South Caroliua, is
perhaps   the   queerest    municipality  in
America.     Accouling  to major  Charles
Smith, the author, avIio AA'ent to Pelzeron
a lectin ing tour, the town is one of  7000
inhabitants,  and  every  foot of land is
owned and controlled by a southern  cotton-mill corporation.    With  all its large
population the toAvn  has  no  policeman.
There is no mayor, no city council or al-
dermanic boaid, aud no organized government of any sort.    Lawyers are  uot permitted to live  Avithin  the tov* n's limits.
There is uot a colored person in the toAvn
though some feAv icside on the  outskirts.
Captain Smythe is the  moving  spirit of
the enterprise.    He  is  the head  of the
mill corporation, and his word   is laAV in
the town.    lie is  knoAvn   personally by
the 7000 inhabitants, and they  loA'e  him
as if he Avere tlieir father.     Theie are no
saloons, blind tigers or cigarettes, only a
few doctous and oue photographer.
currency thereof, and it shall be expressed in said Deben-
tuiCi and coupons to be so pa*, able.
5. ltshnll be lawful for the Major of haid C'orpoiatlon
to negotiate and sell the said Debuitmes or anj of them
foi lebh than p<ir, but in no case shall tho stiul 1. ebentur. b
or anj of them bo negotiated or sold foi lc-s than ninet.
fl. e per centum of their f.iee ^ alue. including the cost of
negotiating and s<ile, bio_cr,ige and all incidental expenses.
6 There whall be iaised and levied in each jear during
tlie ( nrrcncj of mid Debentures the sum of thiee bundled and sixtj dollars ($ 1_0 00) for the pawnent of lntei
estnnil the sum of one hunched and foit.-Lwodollarsiuul
si\tj-live cents for the pawucnt ofthe debt due under
the said Debentures l»j n rate sufficient therefor on all
the lateable land in the Mid Municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for tho s.u<l Municipal Council to
ic pui dulse .ui) of the _aid Debcntuic**. upon such terms
.is urn. be agreed upon with tho leg.il holdei m holdeis
thei cof. or an} part thereof, either .it the time of sale or
an} subsequent tunc 01 times, and .ill Debentine*> ho repurchased shall forthwith be c.uicolle.l and dostio\ecl,
and noie-issuc of Debentures so lepuichascd shall be
made in consciiucncc of such re puichii'-c
8 This l.j law shall take ctlect on the scMiith d.i. of
l)eci>inbui A.I). 18'lil.    	
Take noLue thut Hip .ibo\e is a true coin of the pio
posed J)\ law upon which the Mite of the Klcdois of the
Mumcipuht\ will be taken, foi the Kast Waid at the
"hire Hall on Josephine hticet, for the West Ward at tlie
otllce of the ]_\che<|Uoi Gold Mining Couipiiii) on the
north side of Il.iker stieet, between btiuiluA and Kootc-
na\ hticets, in the Cit} of Xelson, on 'lucsdaj, the llft.li
da\ of Decembei ne\t, between tho boms of 8ocloik
.i m. and 4 o < lock p. m
J. K. STRACHAN. Cit*. Cleik.
Xelson, 11, C , Xo.cmbei 2_nd, 18'K)
The Tremont Hotel
Headquarters for Miners and Prospectors
Liquors and Cigars
_B-_T-I____-W   *ISrO-   57
Front Doors
Inside Doors
Screen Doors
Inside Finish
,   local and coast.
local and coast.
Newel Posts
Stair Eail
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
of ill kinds,
what yon want is not in stock wo will make it for you
J. A. Sayward
Contractors and Builders
A 1*1} l.iw fo stopping up and closing certain Streets and
Allojs in ihe (Jit} of Nelson and oiupowoiitig the Council to come} such fat i cets and Alio.-, so stopped up and
closed to the Canadian Pacific Ii.nlway Company, and
also Ioi exempting said It<ulua> C'ompan. fiom
AVheieas. it has been agiecd between the Corpoi.ition
ofthe fit} of Nelson and the Canidiim PaciHe liailw.iy
C/Oiupaii} that Ihe said Conii.ui} will establish the Cit}
of Nelson us .i diMsional point on then line of iailwa\',
and will consti net iound houses .md othei buildings in
cideutul lo said du ision.il point
And, whoieus, it is doomed ad\is,ible fo close up cci-
Uiin jioitions of i-ticcls and allcvs heiein<iftci described
within the limits of the Citv of Nelson, and toconiey the
same lo the Canadian l'acillc Kaihwi} Coinpnii}.
A nil, w hei ens, it is f nt thei deemed ndi is.ihle to exempt
all tho leal and p_i.son.il pinpeil} of the said Company
of which tho\ now .ucoi mm heieaflei become owners
oi lessees, which now is oi nuiv heioaftei be used, occupied, lequned oi inci entnl to the opeiation of their*-}8
lemofiailwa. within the t'it\ of Nelson from inuniciptil
UiMili'in fbr tlie penod ol Ion ju.THfioin the Html pass
age of this 1}} luw.
And, uheicis, in the opinion ofthe Council such portions, of btieets and Allojs me not icquued foi cji |> Jiato
pin poses v
Thei of ore. the Municipal Council of the Coipointfon of
Ihe <. ity of .Nelson in Council itss.mblod enacts! an follows:
1 Th.it the following portions of thcStieets and Alleys
within the limits of 'he Oil. ot Xelson, namelj : Vernon
Stieot, fioina Unodiawn fiom Ihe norfheast cornel of
bio k iW, di!lgoti,ill\ .icioss A'oinon fatieot c.istcilv tothe
southwest coinei of Ihe Columbia and Kooteim} light
ol wax of then tine of i.iilw»i\ to the tenmiius of Vernon .licet at tho wtstcilyeiM ot block !Hi in wud Cit} ;
Hpikei Siicel, fiom its westcil} inlet seel ion with It il*
win S'leet to ils inleisoclioii with Arernon Stioet ; Vic
toiulbtleel, fiom it. westcil} in tei section with IUuIwaj
Siicet to its inieiM'clion with ATei'non feticet: SIocmii
Stiret, fiom its scnHlieil} mleiscclion with Victoua
Stieet lo its noit'ieih inlet section with ATeinon Stioot;
.uul aPo the lane oisilh,. cnUiuIuv. fiom H.ulwaj Street
th*iough Blocks'. I and 8!> to A'onicm Stieet; all being ac-
coidiiigtothem.ip or plan of sub division of lot 'ij. group
one, Kootenav distuct be and the same aie lieicby dc
cliiled stopped up and closed
_. That the said Citv of Nelson be and they .ire heieby
empoweied toseil lo theCpiiipidiau Pacillc Ituilwaj Coni-
panj the i-.iid ]iot tions of sheets and alios in tho next
pre< filing paiiigiaph desenbed. and the Mayor and Citj
Cleik aie lioieb. anllioii/ul lo sign .md s_.il a proper
CQiivcjunoo of ftinto to the sa d C.in.idi.in Pacific Hail-
wai Conijiaii}, mid the s.ml Council miiy accept in paj-
menttlietefoi either cash or re.il piopcity.
.( Itisfuithei en.icted th it all the real and personal
pioperti now or beie.iftei owned or leased by the
Canadian 1'iioillc lUilw.i.} Comp,inj, and which is now
or'ii.iv be heieaflei used .uid occupnd, requiied or incidental tothe opotudon of then l.tilvvuy 8,._toin within
the limit*, of tho Cit} of Xelson, sh.ill be exempt fiom
Municipal taxation for <i jenodof ten ve.irs ftom the
tlnal nassjiife of this Uj-law.
4 Ihifc 11}-law shall take eltect on the tlfteenlli dm
Decern bci A 1) , ISM.
A large stock of first-class dry material on hand, also
a full line of Bash, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.
Yard:  Foot of Hendryz street, Nelson
Telephone, n        Johll    Ra6,  AgBllt
9 ©
Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.
Nolson, Brltifch Columbia.
AA'e are sole agent in Nelbon for Ganong Bros, celebrated
Chocolates and Cieams    Call and see these goods
as they are the finest in Kootenaj and
cur stock is complete
\j. Fancy Cakes and Pastry, PltimSi Peaches, Graces,
ftltuianas, Capo Cod Cranberries, Pears and all Fruit in
neason. . __ ,
Corner Ward and Baker Sts.
MM* &, holl'ti old stand.
Take notice that the above is a trui* com of Ihe pro
posed 11}-law upon ivhiuh the loteof Hie Klectois of the
Mumcipalih-will he taken; foi tlie-1'..ist—AVaul ut-the
Kite If_i.ll on .losephmc stieet; foi the West V\ aid at the
olhceof the Kxchcquor Cold Blining Company on the
noilh side of Haker Htioct.notwecu htunley and Koote
mi} *.li cots, in tho Cit} ot NoImoii, oii Tuesday, the Uftlr
da. of Decembei next, between tho hour*, of 8 o'clock
u. in. and 4 o dock p. m.
,1. IC. STRACHApV, Cit} Clerk.
Nelson. II ('., NoauiiiI)ui'22iii1, IKK).
_3-_r-i_ -VaV "i^OL   58
A H}-lavv to inibc cglit thoiisiuid dollius ($8000.001 to ex-
lOtnl tho Willi iwoikn Svstcm.
U'heieas a petition has bei n piesonted lo (he Muniei
pal Council of the Corpoi.Uioii of the Cit} of .VcIhoii.
signed b} the ovvneis of al least one 'enlh or the value or
tlteie.il projicityof thesafd Cit}, as shown bv tlio last
ipvued AssC's-pmonl floll, iei|uesling the said Council lo
intioiiiue all}-l.iw toiaise the sum of eight tlioiisand
doll'iis (?S000 no), forthe purpotto of extending the U'ater-
w oi ks .S} stem of tho wild Cit}.
And, wheieas, it is deemed necessary and expedient to
extend the AVntei woiks 8}stem of the Cif* of iN'elbon for
the < mil enicnce of tliccili/ensimd foi the pi election.
And, wheieas, ii is expedient toboiiovv tho said sum
of eight thuiisand doJlais (SaoOo.dOl foi tho purpose.
ufoi esaul
And, wheieas, <ho whole amount of the lalcable land
of the oiud C;t v. .iccoiding lo Ihe last lev iscd A'wessment
lioll is one million one bundled .md lift.v sit thousand
and twent} 'ivcdoll.iis<81,U.<ir*001.
And. w hi reus, it will be necessiu} to r.nse annuallj by
rate the sum of the h.tndied and two dollai-and sixt}-
llve cents (_S0J (*.*>) foi*p.i}ing the said debt anil inteicst.
_sow, theiefoie, the Mutiicip>il Counci' of the Corpor.\-
tion of the Cit} of Nelson enacts as follows;
1 Jl shall and maj be lawful foi the Majoi of tho Corporation Of the Cit} or Nelson to bonow. upon the ciedit
of the svud Coiporation, t>.v w,i\ of the Debeiituses hoie
m.if tor mentioned, fiom an} pel son or poisons, bod} or
bodies loipor.ile, who m,i\ be Willing to advance tlie
same asa loan, a sum of mono} not exceeding in tho
whole the sum of eight thousand doll im 4.8000 00), aud (o
c.iuseall such sum p So raised oi received to be paid into
the hands of the Tieasuier of the Kpiid Corporation for
the puiposes .md with the objects hcicinbefore recited,
ii It shall oe lawful foi the Ma>oi of the s,nd Corpora
lion lo cause ait} number of Debentures to be made, cxe
ciited .md issued for such sum or sums as mav bo rp
qutrodfoi the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceed
mg, howevei. the sum of ci^ht thousand dollars(§8000 00),
each of the said l»cben tines being of the denomination of
one thousand doll.us (SIfiOO.00), and all such DebentuieH
shall be se.iled with Use ie.il of the Coiporation and
signed bv the Jla}or thei cof
i Thcbpiid Debentuies sh.ill beai date the 20th day of
.I.miiai}, A.D l'KK), and shall be made pa}able in thirty
>cais fi"bin the said dale, in lawful moncj of Canada, at
thcoflhe ofthelJ.ink oi Montieal in S'elson aforcs,nd,
winch said place of payment shall be designut'dby the
s,iid Debentuies, and sh.ill ha\e attached lo them
coupons for the pav ment ofinteiest and the signatures
to the inteicst coupons inn} becithei written, stamped,
printed or lithographed.
i. The said Debenture, shall bear interest at the rate of
_J per centum per aunuhi froin the.date thereof, which
Interest shall be payable semi-annually at said office of
tha Hank of Montreal in Nelson- aforesaid, in lawful
money of Canada, on the 20th. day of January and the
3Mli day of July nw|>cctively. !n each yeai dnringr the
-3**_r-__i-___.*W   XTO-   513
A H}-lavv to iiusc seven thousand dollais ($7000 00) to extend and liupiove the l_lcctuc Light S.vstem.
A\"herens. a petition h.is been piesentcd to the Municipal Council of the Corpoialion of the Citv of Nelson,
signed b} the ow ners of at least one-tenth of the v alue of
thoie.il pioperty in tlie said Cit}, as shown bv the last
lev ised Assessment Roll, requesting the said Council to
mtiodiice .il_}-law to raise the sum ofsevon tlioiisand
doll.us (.700000) for the puipose of extending and im
pioving the Klectnc Light Woiks b}stem and Plant m
Ihe Citv of Nelson.
And,   vvhoiea*', it is deemed expedient to bonow the
said sum of seven thousand dollai s (.7000 00) foi the pui
poses afoicspiid.
And. wheie.is, the whole amount of the lateablo land of
the said Cit}, according to the last icvised Ass ssment
Roll, is one million one huudicdnnd fiftv six thous.md
and twoiily-fi\e dollais ($1,1 Vi,0J> no)
And, wheieas, it will be nceesspii} to raise annuall} bv
rate the sum of foui bundled and thiiti-mno dollais and
cightv two cents (.13.82) foi paving the said debt and
Now, thorofme. the Municipal Council of the Cot position of the City ot Nelson enai ts as f dlovvs .
1. It shall and ma} be law ful foi the Mav or ot the Coi
porn!ion of tho Cilv of Nelson to bonow, upon the ciedit
of the said Coipoi.ition, b} wa> ofthe Debentuies hcie
ninftei moiiti'ined, fiom any person oi  persons, bodv or
bodies eoipoiate, who niiv  be  willing to advance the
same as a loan, a sum of inonc} not exceeding, in the
whole, the sum of seven thousand dollais ($701)0 00), and
lo cause nil such sums so iaised oi icccived to be paid in
to the hands of tho Trcasiuer of the said Coiporation, for
the purpose and with the object hcicinbefore recited
2 It shall he lawful foi the Mav or of the said Coi poi a
tion to cause an) number of Debentuies to be made, cxe
cult (Kind issued foi such sum or sums ,is mav be rcquii
cd foi the purpose nnd object afoiesaid, not exceeding
howevei', the sum of seven tlioiisand dollais (5700000),
each of the said Debentuies being of the denomination of
one thousand doll.us ($1000.00). and all such Debentuies
shall bo sealed with the seal of the Corpor.ition and
signed b) the Mayoi theieof.
t. Tlictaid Debentuies shall bear date the 20th dav of
J.inuiU}, A 1). 1000. and shall be made pivable in that}
}cais fiom the said dale, in lawful monev of Canada, at
the ollice of the Dank of Monti cai m Nelson, afoicsa'd,
xvInch said place of pigment shall be designated bv the
said Debentuies, and shall have attached to them'eon
pons foi the pav ment of interest, and the signatuies to
the inteicst coupons mav be either wntten, stamped,
punted oi lithogiaphed.
1. 'the said debentures shall beni inteicst.it the rale ot
41 iiei centum pei annum fi om the date thei cof, which
inteicst shall be payable scmi-annuallv at said olllco of
the Dank of Montical in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful
monev of Canada, on the 20th dpi} of Januarv .ind the
20th dav of Julv lospeotiveh, m each }ear (luring the
iiiucncv thei cof t and shall be expiosscd in said debentuies and coupon' to be so parable.
fl It sh.ill be lawful for tho Ma} or of sild Coi poi anon
to negotiate und sell the said Debentures or anv of them
foi less than par; but in no ease shall the smd Debentures
oi an} of them be negotiated or sold foi less than nini'l).
live pci ionium of their faeo value, including the cost of
negotiating and s<ile, biokenige and other iiiculenl.il
expenses. 1
(i There blmll hci.i'sed and levied in e.ich }e<u dining
thecuueiicy of said Debentuies the sum of Thtcu hulij
dre'd mid fifteen dollais ($JI">(H)) for thepajnientof m'ct
est and the sum of One bundled and tweut}-foui*dollms
and ugatVp.wo.enls ($)2I 82) forthe pav men cof the debt
due ii'idei the sud Debentuies bj a late Hiillicient thcie-
foi on all the lateable 'and in (lie said Munn pality.
7. It shajl be l.iw ful forthe s.iul Municipal Council to
ic pin chase .in.v of the sud Debentuies upon siuh terms
as ma} be .igieed upon with the legal holder oi holdeis
theu'of. or nil} ipJirt theieof, eithci at the time of snip or
anv subsequent time or tinlcs, and all Debentures so le
pui chased shall foithvvith be camelled and de-timed,
and no ic issue of Debentuies «» rcpuichasi d shall be
made in consequence of such lepuichasc
8 This Hvlaw shall take ofrei'ton tlicithduv of December, A. 11. IS'.)	
Take notiee that the above is .. .   ...     ,
posed 11}-law upon which the vote of (he.
of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.
im*ft?Tm. i_     i _,.  i I i  m"***. .•yrg ! tm,tff—  '-■—,___.*^ii_ .-|_T   *   .~*"' *"~^_Tfc     .        ■■        _..__> — -j  *■ ~ —- —•  -.-   __       -   ..*--,  --^ ^- f
1 SLEPT ON THE   m    I
Hi   =    m ^
I      0STERM00R ELASTIC     f
1      rtLi  lYiAMrttssts     |
# ._    :_     ^
Heated with Hot Air and
Lighted by Electricity
Large comfortable bedrooms and   first-class dining
room.   Sample rooms for commercial men.
_a_A.T_EI3S   S3   FEJ-R   DAS5T
o. McArthur. & co.
Mrs. E. G.   CLARKE, Prop.
Late of tho Royal Hotel. Calgary,
H. 0. HUME, Manager.
The finest hotel in the interior.
Large sample rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.
Madden House
The only hotel in Nelson, that has remained under one
management since 1890.
The bod-rooms  are -well furnished  and   lighted bf
The dining-room is not second to any in Kootenay.
The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and
imported liquors and cigars.
^  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.
Laigo and \v ell lighted Heated by hot an
Reasonable i al es Sam plo i ooms
"Electric bells and light 1J1 cv ery room
Renovated and icfurniihcd thioughont
J  V. 1..1.KS, Piopuetor
Fice bus meet.*" all tiiiiiis Raualcfnka   R  fi
Honilyslicetc.trto .Uition lWJf«i»lUiyBf D. U.
Night Gull Room ul connection, for the donvemelice of
guest's arriving and departing by night trams.
.1 tine coin of I hi pin
pohod Hj'l.ivv upon which the vote of the Klectois ot the
Aliin'cipahU will bo taken: for the Kast Waid at the
Tne Hall on .lohophme Mi cot, for the West Waul at the
otllce ot the K\cho<niei* Gold Mining ( oinp.uiv on the
north side of Jiikoi hticet, between Slnnlev .md Koolciuv
stieet*. in thefit.v of Nelhon, on TucmIiiv, the Iift.li da.v of
Dcccntbci ne\t, between the lioun. of 8 o'< Im k ft in. and
4 o'clock p in. .T   K. S'iRACHAV. f!tv Cleik
Xelson, 11 I'., Nov ember 2*2nd, 18<"9.
_B-_r-x_A-w 3_fo. so.
A Hjlavv togiant to Thomas Madden pel imsmon to u.e a
_ eeuaiii po.Uonof tlicj9idevuilk_pn_\yanl sheet  foi_the
pui nohoof enti'j to the ba-tcment of his Uloik eiettid
on IM, 1, Block r>, cornei  W.ud and Hakei  fatucts,
Nelhon, 11, C
Wheieius nn a])|ilication Iiiim been mado bj Thoniiis
Madden foi poi mission to use a certain poi lion of the
hidevvalk on Waiil Stieet forthe* i>m pose of enliv to lhc
basement of bwHlock elected on I.ol 1, Hloek ,i, corner
of VVaid.md HvkerStioutr. inllio Clt\ of Nelson,, iccoid-
iiifrtuaplan Hied with tho C'iIj Council
And, wheie is. it is deemed advisable to giant siirh
poimiNHion to ll u siu! Thoinas Maildon tipoi, niseoniplv-
Ingwllh the piov f-nmsol this It}law hcxlnafti'i set nut.
1 hero, iiu, the Mnmuiiial Council of thr-Cotpoiation o
the Cit) of Nelson in Council iiwiemblecl enacts a
follow h
1. It Hhiil! and may be lawful lor the sud Thomas
Madden, his hen sand assigns, to use and "njoj foi Iiih
and thou use und iienelll n))ortionof the sidewalk of ihe
Citv of pVelson oil Wind Stiecl m s,ijd (Mj, as shown on
a plan iniuked "A and filed wilhlheCttv Count il, being
a space thiiteen feet lonj. and fmti feel with', on lhc-
inner sitfu of said <<ide>wilk. with the iicccsiiuj giouncl
Hiiaec below to he used as an aiea. and to whit listeria
hliall lent! up constituting a means of ingi'c-p. and egicss
to and fiom I he basement of the lilock elected bj> the said
'I hoinns Matldc n on Lot 1, Block*.., on thceornerof Wind
and Halo Sticcts, in the wild till of Nclwn, iinon his
coinpl) mg vv lth the tei iiih ant! conditions in tbefoliovv mg
ppiiagiaplissct out.
2 The h ml aiea antl I hi steps leading thereto shall be
t ofislrucUtl b\ the said Thomas Mi'lnen .il his own expense and untlcr the supervision of the Cit> Engineer,
and as dne.tcd bv saitl Kiigmeer and to bi*i satisfaction,
and the -.iilovvalk where such aiea is cut out shall be
hunlj andslionjfh pioppud pind biacecl l)> -.md at the
etpense of tho said Tnoiuns Madden pind to the sntisfiie
tion of Ihe City HiiHineer.
3 The said Thoinas Madden shall eicttantl maintain
athiHovvn expenst. a substantial it on i.iihngaioiiiid said
ai ca on t be poi th end and vv est side thereof as .oon as such
in cm is cut out of Spiitl sidewalk, and shall before poi mi-p
sion {asishercimiftci provided) isgi.mtcd, entei into .m
agreement with the *-.ud City to indeninif} and Hiivt
h.innlt ss the s.nd Citv fiom al! claims or demands, action
or iictions, suit or suits, eithei at law or in ctjuitv, whit h
muS" be brought against sji>.d Citv by ieasc>n of said per
mi*__ion being granted, oi bv ie.ison of thekce|».ng or
maintaining of such arc.i as afoie.aid oi of pinj accident
oi accidentsansing tnereout
1 LTpon the Uy law leceiviiiglhepes-pCtit o! the people
and being liii.illj p issed, and upon the said Thomas
Madden compljuig with the conditions hen inbcfiuc* set
out, the slid Ihom.is Madden, his heirs and assigns, shall
be entitled to the afoiementioncd lights and privileges,
piovided, howevei*, that in case the Mid Madden, his
liensor assigns, fail to cinv out anj of the prov isions of
this 11} law, oi of tho agrci'inent mentioned m p.uagi.ipb
3 lieieof, it shall and mav hi law ful foi the said Couneil,
in addition to anj othei lemetlies thev mav hpive, to close
up said aie.» and annul the pm ilegc bereb} grantetl
I. This Uv law shall take-ctlect on the se\cnth duv of
Ilccemb"!   A  1> IS'19. ^
Take notice that the above is a tine cop> of tho pio
posed Bv law upon which the -vote of tho felciloisof the
Municipality will be tnken, for the Kas{ V»,ud at the
Kne Hall on J•) ephinc Htleet, for the West Ward at the
ofllco of the Exchequer Gold Mining Company on the
north side of Hi .korstrecf;, between Stanley and kootenay
streets, in the city of Nelson, on Tuesday, the .fifth day of
I.ecember next, between the hours of 8 o'clock a. in. and
4 o'clocik p. m. J. "K. OTRACHAN. City Clerk.
NcInoii. ».('.. Novcmlior 23nd, 18!«. *.-    ■
B-   O.
.    MOTEL
First class in cvoiy resppct Choicest wines, liquors
and cigais. Every comfort for tranSpWit and it'sident
JOSEPH   CAMPBELL,   Proprietor.
C. W. West & Co.
Full stocks carried at Nelson  and
Rossland.    Mail orders solicited.
OK PYTHIAS—Nelson   Lodge,
.. O.K. Ho   .
........ .every Tuesday evening; al
8 o'clock.   Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend
T, MLLXK. C. C. -          *"
■*•***  Knights of Pythias, moots in I.
Baker and Kootenay streets, i
No,  25,
all, cornor
3. JC
B. G. JOY, K. of It. & _.
NELSON* LODGE, NO. 23, A. *f. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday In each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
NELSON L O. L., No. lira, meets in I. 0. O.
cornc* Hakor and Kootenay streets, lt.t
Friday of each month.   Vihitlng brethern
JOHN TOYE, W. M.      F. J. BRADLEY, Reo Sec.
F. Hull.
and 3rd
cordially iu-
NKLSON    _T_RIE,   Number  22,   Fraternal  Order  of
Eaglet, mcett. every necond and fourth Wednesday in
each month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren welcome.
J. IRVING, President.        J. It. WRAY, SceroUry.
ELSON MINERS* UNION  NO.  !», W. 1^. of if.-
Moets in K. P. rooms. Fraternity Hall, tho'flrHt and
third  Saturday oveningn in  each month at 8 o'clock.
Visiting-members welcome,
p JAMES WILKS. Sec'y.      CHAS. A. McKA Y, Prus.
We have a stock of one and a half million
feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut
all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points
on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by
rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson
and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and
dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,
newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.
Factory work of all kinds done to order.
P. Burns <*_■ Co.
IIkad Ok* ice at
Wholesale and Retail   .
.   .    Dealers in Meats
Miukets n-fc Nelson, Possl.ind, Tr.nl, K.islo, Ymir, S.indon, .Silverton, New Denver, l.e.ei-
btoku, Ferguson, Gr_iid Forks, Gteenwood, C.isc.ide City, Midway, mid Vancouver.
Mali~Orders~Promptiy Forwarded.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Baker Street, Nelson   E. C. TRAVES, Manager
B. H. H. APP_.EWH_.IT_1
3. McPBHEl
kootenay Eleetri
Complete Elleotrlo Hqalpments for Blectrlo Power Transmission and Lighting for Mineu, Towns
Bleotrlo Fixtares, Lampn, Bella, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.
P. O. Box 608_ Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O.
erchant Tailor
Order of the Day
Awl 1 want to bo In It. I ha. o Just received
Kull wimples of Suitings and 0\er
coulliiKH ruprcHenUng a $30,000 *toc k to
choono from made lo >our order at p icon
never before heard of in Nelson All Ihe Intent
fradH In ."anoy VeitniKs for Fall and winter.
] julics't-ailoi in_r in all iN l.ninclics a .penult).
Lo went prices.   Ruomx 1 und 11, lliflyor block.
NKLSON, 11. C.
Coffee ro.ister-c and dealers m Too and Coffee.
Offer fresh roasted ootToo of bent quality as follows:
Java and Araln.in Miclm. per pound
Java aud Mocha Blond, 3 pounds.
Fino Santos 4 pounds
Santo*) itlond, . pounda ,  .
Our Spcjcuil Blend, 6 poumlh . ..
Our Rio Roaht, 8* pounda,.......... .
A trial order BOllolted.
Salesrooms 2 Ooorj. fast of
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
Odd.el.ow  3'o.K, Wat* THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1899.  The only house in Kootenay carrying full lines of  SCALES  FURNACES  BRUNTONS  TRANSITS  SCORIFIERS  CRUCIBLES  MUFFLES  FLUXES  OF  ALL KINDS  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  SEE GILKER FOR UNDERWEAR  HE HAS SEVERAL LINES THAT ARE  WORLD BEATERS  J. A  THE OLD P. O. STORE  For all kinds of Rubber Goods  and Winter Clothing   ....  fHEO MADSON  Eialter Street.  .One Price to all  COAL     COAL     COAL  Who Wants Goal?  Best Roslyt] Goal $9.50 per Ton  Leave Orders With Cash,       Gamble   &   O'Reilly,   Ag'eiltS  Horses for Sale  The Rossland'Warehouse and Transfer Company have just received  a carload of young", well-matched teams, weighing from twenty-five  to thirty-two hundred pounds, * They can be seen at their stable on  Second Avenue and St.  Paul Street, Rossland.     They have also    * *  Studebaker Wagons and Sensible Sleds For Sale  WARD  REAL ESTATE  AND  GENERAL  INSURANCE  AGENTS  On application we will quote you  rates on Fire, Life, Accident and Plate  Glass Insurance.  Agents for J. and J. Taylor Safes.  FOR SALE���Business and Residential Property.  a.7 bv 120  with improvement*), south side Vornon  f-trect * .....SSfKiO  ,.fU>y 1*2. isomer of linker and Hall .-,l.eel*>.   I'mU-  euliirs ��tveu ou ���iippl.pi.Uoi.i. ...  21 lots, witli cottttgc,  i-etited. at 315 per month, "its*  "tririii street.;���.���..;.-.,.., $35011  2 lots with -SotlugC, rented'nt .20per inonth. .*. .aiiloy  .street. , .....,..,. 'xrSP  4. lots, inolutlini* corner, 1*00 . oot rronUtge  ��1200  For Residential Property you could  not do better than invest in Fairview.  commonly known as Bogustown, especially now that the tramway is  nearly completed,  For particulars apply to above firm,  West Baker Street, Nelson,  ���Wanted���A situation  by a hardware  eltirk in iinnlwaru xU>ru_ nix yearH' uxuu.tancu. Itofer-  *��!>������. Adiiross, wlnUnt. f-uliiry. J. W. ���<.,*. (lillesniu,*��nre'  W. _-. Cou!s��l��iU& Co;; UntHtJord, Ontivriop-; ~'���'.<���.���'-���-. -.  Xmas   Fruit   Cake  .VOW KV SHOW W1NDOAV AT  VUCN'.VA IlAlvl-.ltY  l.euve your orders early and we will uunnintcc  to  Mipply you with the best urliele to he had in the city.  ���R.     *_3*"CT"R*RTr,     *_3**R03?"EtI'E!_?0_B  46  ??  !-'iii* trimmings just, opened. Grebe skins, hiiblc tails  and bend., fer millinery purpose.*-.. Lovely linen jiirit arrived. Ten cloths and tray oloths with drawn work and  ntampiriR work on. Photo frames and mount... Serving  cauls and little thimbles for children. Lessons in cm-  broidery and lace work 50 ccntu.  NOTICE.  'fire llr.iltub ColutnMii Soiitlierji Itailwjvy Company  will appfr to the. parliaiuent of Canada at. it. neSl .session  for.'in aOt ���uiHu.Hzint,' tlie company lo complete sit tiny  timo before the end ofthe year 1WH, Ms SvwtttMi section  as described in the act of tiie said parliament (lifl-fll Vie*  toria, cliaptoi'HOj and a branch linefioln a point on its  main line at. or near tlie forks of Michel efeek, thenee by  way of .Michel creek to Morton creek and. for other pUr-  .pos'es.  liv oi*<Ier of the board.  J I, OAMFBELt, OHWALD. Secretary. .  ���Montreal, 17th >.<>venilii_r, 1.91).  Wanted���Six   boys   to .strip tobacco.  8 cents a ponnd.   Apply Kootcimy Cigar .Factory.   -  To Let��� Cicely furnished rooms; electric  light; fnrtiiico heat; bath.   Apply northeast,cor-nci- Lake  and Cellar streets.   :   ���  -  .���; Office boyywanfced whoTcah *.-type-Write..  . Ali_>l_.tb:itoM'eH & Wrajjge;*.Jge&aon*~yy���_.     --^~;"��.":----y^"_.-:.,::  THE   CITY   WHARF.  C. W. West is not content with the  action of the city conncil in sidetracking  the matter of repairing the city wharf,  lie is now circulating a petition among  the merchants of the city urging the  conncil to make repairs at once, and if  necessary, to raise money for such purpose by the issue of debentures. The  petition is .being freely signed, us petitions usually are, the signature of thirty-  four merchants who use the wharf being  appended to ib. As it is now too late for  the present council to take any action, it  i.s not likely that the present petition  will serve any purpose save to keep the  issue before the people.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  Offices to Let���Two  offices in  Turner-  Hoeckh blork.   Kn.piire room 7 in building.  Lost���On Tuesday, on Baker or Stanley  streets, a purse conlaining nineteen odd dollars, hinder  will be rewarded by returning saiuoto the Tribune ollice.  For Rent���A store on Vernon street,  opposite The Tribune ollico. $10 a month. Apply to K.  ivilby.  The  Ladies' Aid  of  the  Presbyterian  church will hold their annual salo the iilth and :10th of  November in the store recently occupied by "Martin  O'Keilly & Co., Haker street. High tea will be served on  Wednesday the'2'Jtli, from 5.II0 to pS.  Prepare, for..the winter by building up  the system with Joy's Honic-_iIade Bread.  For Sale���On  easy  terms  the  Royal  Hotel, Stanloy street. Kor particulars apply It. S. Me-  Leod, 1\ O. box 190.  The latest thing out. Patent luminous gold glass signs, name plates and street numbers.  Keadable darkest nights. Unexcelled for beauty; nevpr  tarnish ; last a life-time; price within reach. For sale  by H. H. Avery, Carbonate stroet, Nelson.  Furnished* rooms to let. Apply to Mrs.  L. M. Jameson, Carney Block, Baker street west.  Patenaude  Bros.  ARTISTIC JEWELRY  CHASTE AND BEAUTIFUL  NOTHING  BUT THE BEST  PATENAUDE   BROS.  BAKER STREET, NELSON  Wholesale  Houses  NELSON  B.C.  GROCERIES.  MACDONALD & CO.���C'orn.cr Vernon and Josephine streets, wholesale grocers and jobbers in  blankets, gloves, milts, boots, rubbers, maekinaws and  miners'sundrios,*    A.  KOOTENAY    SUPPLY  Vernon street, kelson, whulcaalc grocers, ^_  TOHN*   CHOI/DITCH  &  CO.���Front street,  Xelson,  ",  wholesale groccrS.   FJSESH AND SALT MEATS.  P   BURNS &  CO.-rBakcr street,  Nelson, wholesale  ���   dealers in fresh and cured meats.   Cold .storage.  At thk Hu.air.���E. Mansfield, Tread-  well mine; R. McGuire and H. P. Sullivan,  Molly Gibson mine; D. W. Moore, Trail;  J. Frank Collow, Wellesley, Mass; J. D.  Moore, Kaslo; John D. Purdoin, Hamilton; 11. D. Turner, Montreal; W. W.  Moyss, Toronto; Angus Allan, Calgary;  F. M. O'Brien, Yellowstone mine; A. McKillop, St. Hycanthe; George Strachan,  Toronto.  At Tin. Phaiii.���Mrs.Robinson and Mrs.  McCann, Spokane; W. S. Crone, Montreal; A. Macdonald, AVinnipeg; J. B.  Ferguson, Vancouver.  At Tin*. Maddux.���W. W. Browner,  Ymir; \V. .J. Tcneri, Greenwood.  At tiiij Tit...mont.���M. George and R.  A. Peterson, Greenwood.  At thk Queen'.*-..���A. S. Smith, Robson;  Mrs. J. R. Unimex, Erie; James Jones,  Vancouver.  , At the Grand Centrai..���W. N. Bray-  ton, Kaslo; L. E. Collin Bronson and C.  F. Smith, Galesburg, Illinois; P. E. Simpson, Slocan City;. E. S. IIolliuger, Kokanee  creek; Thoinas Egan and .John Stuart,  Molly Gibson mine; R. C. Fisher and wife,  Fernie; E. Preston, London, England;  Clara Chester, Duluth: A. P. Robinson,  Indian Head.  Carpenters Organize.  A meeting of the carpenters of the  city was held last evening for the purpose of perfecting their organization.  There were upwards of forty present, and  they elected the following officers: R.  -Robinson,-president; G. J. Thorpe, vice-  president; J. Colling, recording secretary;  .J. Martin, financial secretary; W. Cal-  beek, treasurer, and J. M; Lindgren, marshal. After considerable discussion of  the scale of wages, it was decided to notify the contractors in the city that on  and after December 1st the scale for carpenters would be fixed at $3.50 per day  of nine hours. Another meeting will be  held in Mr. Fox's carpenter shop on Silica  street, opposite the Club hotel, on Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock, at which* all  the carpenters in the city are requested  to attend.  The C. P. E. is Becoming Liberal.  ' Assistant City.engineer Dill has looked  over the Columbia & Kootenay reserve  with a view to selecting a 40-acre tract  for theccorporation in lieu of the present  recreation grounds. It is said that he  favors a location about a mile and a  quarter from the center of the city,'which'  will include McLeod's ranch and some  Chinese gardens. The Canadian Pacific  Railway Company has agreed to.give the  local tramway company a half interest in  the remainder of the grant' upon condition of the tramway company extending its line to the property and maintaining a,service.  From and after today  The   Tribune  will be delivered by carrier to any part of Nelson, the  lliiinc addition, and Buglisluwii.    Hates: Sl per month;  COMPANY,    LIMITED���    $_.,}<. for throe months;  .*.. f-r six months; ��10 for one  I year.   One-half tlie above rates if delivered at the post-  office.   Payable in advance.  HARDWARE-AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS & CO.���Corner Baker and .Josephine streets,  ���   Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining-  supplies.   Agents for Giant Powder Co.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY���Baker St.,  Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining,  supplies, and water and nlsnnbcrs' supplies.  ancouver Hardware company, limited  ���Baker street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and mining supplies, plumbers and tinsmiths' supplies. ,   DERATED AND  MINERAL WATERS.  qiHOHPJS & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vernon und Cedar  j-**   streets,   Nelson, manufacture!8 of and  dealeis in rem. eel waters and fruit sirups,  for Halcyon Sprin.-*. mineral water.  wholesale  Sole agents  ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETZEL & CO.���Corner Baker and Jo**C-  ��� phine streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in as-  "aaveMTSHPplios,���Agents-fur-Denver Fire- Clay-Co.���of  Denver, Colorado.        *  '"       '- CIGARS. "  KOOTENAY CIGAR MANUFACTURING CO.-Corner Baker and Hall streets, Nelson, inaiiufnetuiers'  of "Royal Seal" and "Kootenay Belle" brands of cigars.  . COAL. "  CROW'S   NEST   I'ASS  COAL  CO*\! PANY.-,-. Wholesale dealers in coal and coke.   Charles i-H.  Uarbo,  Agent. Maker Htreet, Nelson! .  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.-Hi.ker street. Nelson, wholesale  ��� dealers in liquor., cigars, cement,.!!.u brick and  lire clay, wuler pipe and sleel rails, ami general com-  n.in.iiun merchants. ^^^^  *.   FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMA.V& KKR MILLING COMPANY ._TJ.:-  Front street, Nelson,.wholesale dealers in Hour, oat-  lucfil, etc., and hay aud grain. Mills at Edmonton, Vielorin, and New Westminster. ,   " LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  T'     URNER, BEETON & CO.-Corner Vernon and Jose  ..__._.__   o. t*c-_n. _.     \*__1__--_��.     ���__'_ _#_!___.._!_-_  #11 _t_ __���__��_���    1 _ _    -_.��__..._.__  WE ARE SCORING  ANOTHER GREAT SUCCESS  in fhe sale of the 'stock of goods  which we purchased from the  stores of Messrs. Foley Brothers  & Larsen at their construclion  camp at Creston. The reductions  which we advertise are genuine.  We can afford to make them because we purchased the greater  part of the stock at  TWENTY-FIVE CENTS  ON THE DOLLAR  W  PAINTS   AND   OILS.  'ELSON HARDWARE COMPANY-Bakcr Street-  .Vholosilo.dcalors in points, oils, and brushes of all  kinds.   Largest stock in Kootenay. -  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Bakcr street,  Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite, sporting,  stumping and black blasting, powders, wholesale dealers  in caps and fuse, and electric blasting apparatus.   PROVLSIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS   PRODUCE   COMPANY-Vernon   street,  Neluon, wholesale dealers in   provisions, produce,  and fruits.   Agents for Swift & Co. bacon and hams.  . T Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vernon and Josephine  ���**��� ci streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in provisions,  cured, meats, butter and eggs-  'Tji' ��� It. STEWART & CO.-Wai?ehouscson C. P.R.track,  *- ��� foot of Stanley street. Nelson, wholesale dealers in  provisions, produce and fruit., Cold .storage. AgontB  Armour & Co 's bttcQii. hams, lard and, other products.  TWJ-ANITOBA PRODUCE AND COMMISSION CO.,  ���"* Ltd.��� Nelson branch, Hall street. Wholesale'  dealers in butter, eggs and cheq-e.  __^���_________.._.___.^  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS, LIMITED--  Corner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, nmuufac-.  Hirers of and wholesale dealers in sash and doors; all  kinds of factory work made to order.        .   *      -  WINES "AND CIGARS.    ".-������  CALIFORNIA WINE * COMPANY. LIMITED-Cor-  ... ner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers  :iu'tt*ind_(ca8eandbulk|a��ddomestic and/imjibrted bigara.  1 The same -is true in a measure  with the bankrupt stock* of Crawford &. McMillan," which we have  been working off for some time.  This   week   we   will   add   a   new  -feature, offering  SPECIAL BARGAINS  IN BOY'S SUITS  , These values cannot-be touched by  any  clothing  house  in   Kootenay.  We have cut the price fairly in two  ,   -and   are   offering   boy's   suits  at  . $2,50, which were invoiced at *$5.  MEN'S HEAVY WEAR  we have still good bargains to offer.  We have a few more pairs of men's  heavy shoes at $1.50, regular price  $3; Silver State overalls at 50  cents, regular price $1 ; men's  tweed suits at $7, regular price  $12.50; men's heavy all-wool tweed  pants at $2, regular price $3.50.  In order to clear out our store of  LADIES'AND CHILDREN'S  CAPES AND JACKETS  we have marked these goods down  to cost. We have capes and jackets from $3.50 up to $10.  A,*^efl-Md&^  ;'y:;_^ti0T''Blfoc_.:;^  ���<i���ymryr  ���S!S^^2S5C_  g^_KA-P��n_��Xlili*^**!  *^*��>fl^_m. p-*_p?pm��,��9'. **.  \^mr\T~'-'u" *"*  WE HAVE THE FINEST LINE OF     ~"  Coal Heaters  EVER DISPLAYED IN KOOTENAY DISTRICT  SOLE AGENTS FOR THE FAMOUS  Cole's Hot Blast Heater  Our claims for this heater is that it is adapted  to any kind of coal, CROW'S NEST, LETH-  BRIDGE, or ANTHRACITE, burning all kinds equally well. Not requiring the  attention of an ordinary coal heater. Economical, durable and simple in construction.   See our Steel Ranges for hard and soft coal or wood.  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel ?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The saving in fuel effected will soon equal  the cost of the niuge. It eaii.be so quickly  and easily regulated that there need be no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements offer you more convenience and  comfort than you'll find iii any other range.  TWO  CAR  LOADS TO  SELECT  FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO,  Christmas is Coming  Have you your Supplies?  We have in and opei] all your Xnjas wants?  What we ask is for you and your friends lo come in and see us  first.* An oversight, in this matter means simply your losing* many  dollars. , '   .  Headquarters for the famous Rosemary Mincemeat in 25 pound  pails and  1  pound packages. ;  Fresh nuts, raisins, currants, candid peel, figs, fruit, and all the  best that can be procured at rock bottom prices.  The leading house in Groceries,  Crockery,  and Glassware.  Kirkpatrick & Wilson  V. O. BOX K. & W.  liAlCElt STftKKT.  -TELEPHONE. 10.  Lraidie-S  all  T^alk ��� ���-���;  About .Dominion  J-taking Powder.    It is doing  wonderful'work  for  them; - We liave had it thoroughly tested and we are now in a position  -   to guarantee it to be equally as good as any high-priced ,'powder or  money back.    Put up In 1-2, 1, and 5 pound thus.  New Raising, Currants, Peels, Figs, Nuts, and C. & C. for your Christmas  cake will be here in a few days.    Wait for them.  Balcer Street,  Nelson.  An Appetizing* Breakfast  FITS A MAN FOR WORK.  Try our Govern merit Gre.a-m.ery Butter, ��J. Y. Griffin & Go's  Hams and Bacon, Brackman &. Rer's Roiled Oats and Corn-  meal, Almonte Milling: Go's Seif Raising Buckwheat Flour/  Baker Sttcet West, Nelson  John A. Irving # Co.  S��ra.chaii  :ip^*ttS4;"B*E3_ii3, .*__*i*o_  o*E,*H!*3a_ft_ __coxr��_i3 blooe:


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