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 1 '  1  ���('  5   ;.��'  I !iJ'S  ���S#V--:-  |rf-.M-i��."o.  n  . i\  r. ��� - ���'-���'      ��� ���  I     SITUATION IN THE TRANSVAAL  I ' "        '; Remains Unchanged.  I *��*~       London, October 4.���A meeting of  the  i Liberal  members  of  tlie house of  coin-  *; nions, including several former members  '���> of  tlie  Liberal  cabinets, was  held  this  ���i morning at tlie private residence  of tho  j! leader  of  the Liberal  opposition in the  !! house,  sir  Henry  Campbell-Bannerman.  II The subject under consideration  was the  li government's  Soutli African   policy, and  the meeting resolved to support the government on* the reassembling of parliament even at the expense of placing tlie  present official leaders of the Liberal  party in conflict with tlieir former colleagues, sir William Hareourt and Mr.  .John Morley.  Gavin  Brown     Clark,   Liberal    member    of    parliament   for   Caithncsshirc,  who telegraphed to Pretoria portions   of  the   speech   delivered last  Saturday   at  Manchester by the lord president  of the  council, the  duke  of Devonshire, which  Mr.   Clark   thought   an   opening   for a  peacific settlement, has   received the following reply from  Pretoria   under  date  of   October 3rd:    "The   government   of  the South African Republic arc gratified  to learn that powerful  influence's  are at  work-to   seen re  a   peaceful  settlement.  Considering,   however,   the   manner   in  wliich tlieir five-year franchise proposals  worn' rejected, after the government had  every reason to believe that these would  be accepted, considering also the abandonment of the joint commission proposed  by Great Britain, as well as the  declaration that the British government regarded   all   former   proposals   as   abandoned  and   are   formulating    fresh   proposals,,  tlie government of the South African Republic do not feel  at liberty  themselves  to reformulate the rejected proposals.    If  the desire for peace be earnest.aud sincere, an excellent opening is afforded by  the Transvaal's acceptance  of  the-joint  commission,   a    proposition    emanating  from the  British   government,  which   if  carried  out would undoubtedly bring  a  satisfactory- and  honorable settlement."  A special despatch from Johannesburg  says that the Boer officials tliere continue  to urge the British subjects  who  remain  to leave at once, and ib  is  believed  that  all who do not will be marched under escort along  the  railway  until  a train is  reached to carry them off.  Orders have been issued from Pretoria  closing all the saloons in the gold fields.  The Transvaal government has taken  over the Ferreira, five of the Eckstein  and other mines in the gold field a.  yyLate advices from Capetown this after--.  '/' Hjj$6h$"i^  fe^SiFl~$f'ib1$i^  ttttc  THURSDAY MORKING, OCTOBER 5,  1899.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  ���miilaled.  0^peS^ij6it^^."^^^uR  addressed an ultimatum to Great Britain  demanding tlie withdrawal of British  troops from the South African frontier  within I.S hours and that it will be  be delivered on Monday. This report,  however, lacks official confirmation. The  confidence of military authorities at the  Capo is shown in a message received  which stated that, at a conference held  to consider the situation, general White  expressed his opinion that tho British  would be able to put a force in the held  sufficient to repel any attack.  In  the Law Courts at Victoria.  Special lo the Tribune.  Victoria,  October   1.���Though  grand  juries from time  immemorial have  tendered  advice  on  public   matters  of  all  kinds, there   is  no  local   record  of the  slightest official attention being paid   to  their  presentiments.    Therefore  at the  assizes today, "when judge  Walkem  sug:  gested the   customary presentment and  instanced the Bings murder as a subject  for  comment, foreman   Tlirschcll  Goheii  replied that they had come  to the  conclusion that  to  prepare  a  presentment  ���would be simply wasting time and therefore  would  offer   none.      A   discussion  took place on the Nichol libel ease, which  the counsel for the defendant held should  not be called this assize as it was ordered  to   be   held    before,  the chief   justice,  while  Walkem  was  now presiding.    It  was decided,' however,  that a reference  to the chief justice was made  under the  impression that he would  take  the  present "assize  and  that  tho case may be  called if desired.    Chief  interest  centers  in the Trent River bridge- case, in which  the crown  proceeds  against the Union  Colliery Company, for alleged negligence  in causing the deaths of those  who  perished by a  train  crashing  through the  bridge.    In the preliminary  argument it  was brought out that as  the defendants  .are a corporation no punishment  other  than a fine can be 'awarded  if the  case  goes .against them.-..'���        v '"  GREAT STRIKE IN GOAL MINES  TRADE AND COMMERCE.  Duncan McArthur  returned  on  Tuesday evening  from   a   two   weeks'   trip  *���*,���:*'���  ���"���fs  . f *  w  |i"jl  I'-  h-  4  If  I- ..  ';;'.If i^^^i't|f.ai?' !he .��*?|i^y^^{y'-" J;.''"y'y-.-. ���'..  iy; ��j$"M jfeou/vl^t r i^i^ionfei ^j'illt ���'SMO'^psilJ^Oiiii-V  .���^iicUa-iarl'J^^-' "fllifs ^i^o'Hiiufe-^afc'? 3|>i|rb>:n��;  ���.y^a,Hrj.li.'Q.;"^Ko'^i^."-:!'!!--'^rocde:^:'-^ t?iib'!  ���- d'tr"3"'h' '&1iVi-ijie^  ^a^iiii&l^^^  >3.a*^*fl; jb^'^-^yp^il. f^= :fei>n -*'l*5iefe "ey;--j. feiSi;��en. -.':':-:" -\> y-!  : .'. ��� ''lMn<iy^  'iSSie^i. fifih; yA:f-^ Loudo/h,  informed) tlie AssuciateYf-press ffchis,-��af bei^  ���jt:^ i_=-$^^^ Qrange.  ��� ^e|^$tel^.idMd|^lJ. % 'fB.-\V days-��� i\g6rt&-  ������'pi!<2sej:it- a |oirit note, to Gi'eatl ..Britain: idje-  "i^lij^nig "tlicj "Vvltih'ilti'riiiviipl of liei* tr6.ops  |i^i*_i5i��e, f rontieiVbtitj he asserts-- tha^he' ���  .. *tdS?isac.. {"i'gsviii^C itspresentation and so:  far a;s he knows, the demand litis rie^er  readied the Bri tisli foreign: office.  A Loudon .news agency, publishes the  following dispatch from ���VblksruSt,. Trans-  ____B]_;'i____^cTjD^gbei'^i "An nneonfit'iijecl  report is iTTliirculatiou herCW^tljsrel'fect1  that the time allowed the British troops:  to withdraw from the Transvaal border  Avilt expire at 4 o'clock tomorrow, arid  that failure to comply with tlie demand  will be considered tantamount to a declaration of wan "The British foreign office atLoridori assured the Associated P^  tluit absolutely nothing was known there  of any Traiisvaal demand foi' the with-  (h'av^al Of the British troops from the  frontier;.  ��� The most important announcement  however, in connection with the Transvaal crisis to date is tliat the chancellor  of tile Oxcheqtiei. right honorable sir  Michael Micky-Beach, has already sanctioned' the provisional expenditure of  ��3,000,000 and tile governmeiit will  not exceed that amount without atithot-  ity ftom parliament which, will be asked  for a sum not exceeding ��8,000,000. A  jueeting of tlie war board today discussed  and made arrangements to insure the  safety of tho route from Durban to  Lairigs Neck so that large bodies^ of  troops may on disembarkation be rapidly  forwarded up country without confusion  or crowding at the base.  It is stated tonight that the war board  lias decided that the corps for service in  South Africa shall be mucli larger than  originally estimated and that it now consists of 40,000'men. Tlie preparations of  this force, including chartering of ocean  liners, is steadily aud satisfactorily proceeding.  The Press Association learns that the  despatch drawn up by tho cabinet on  Friday was still unseat this evening. Oh  the other hand it is reported from a well  informed source, that Dr. Leyds, the representative in Europe of the Soutli African Republic, has received confirmation  of the report that president Kruger has  adfiifjv|J  mt'<Ja:;ftyl.-^^ .- ^e-:"i}ejiwl  ^^i'l'iSi-S^  :.]^ii'qhS|in,^*'iritp "tlie:- ;Hoj��/  : j^'i&tfany ^ySi^yi'tuU^k^) 'l&H ��� ^eeii^ojd'.  :';a!i"]tfyi"*hi^^ ';^|tiL'..:bey ^som;e5 ltie.i^".  '^iliiiieii'fe-f^ju^^ ' ^;ytSe*  iSPt"t]e7uppIi>'''"*pVn.^   ti\)jk-|sojiitj"aiifeS;'; a^vibjd-;  y|^iit&iii^^aj^'b|iei^  ^r(1m#ild|ivet: -l/li^tlia ,cMi;ipaflyy-Q^i'iitfg'  ���filie-' iO-0";ir^iISjijfes -is; _^\r,^|it&ug,upffia:  bviii! lio'iise. . .Q,0x-iOO:;'f6et^'#i'e6';y^  higliv, -,Tliis;v, Will : be*.. feu*iqisiied��� . "VVith;  .sey^eli-tyiiiiViiJ' $mi ;i3e:dste.adsv ;^ii{l^|Mci;flp-  ���'\vi_iiiv'all'-"- -hiij&rn c^ny^i'i:euiJesi. ^^lie.  greafer |*iar:t' of the. ��ur'iji"sMu"gs f<$y:- the  .mining: .*6^u:janies; and liotels. "will: fee  Su,ppli(iti "by* D* McAi'fchitr & Co: of this  e'*ys , . ' '"';'" '.  The LaAvrence hardware Company  yesterday compleied a .cai'load sltip-tiieut;  of hai'dware to Bottridai'y poiritis. This  represented tlie result of a cahA'assirig  HriilnVhiehrWas^made-AvIieu^th  senger train was rtrii OVev the Eobson-  Peivtictou branch.  The Hudson's Bay Company received a  carload of Avhiskey yesterday over tlie  Cariadian Pacific.  A carload of matte from the Trail  smelter went out on the steamer Moyie  last eveniugi  Yesterday H. Byers & Co. sliipped "ten  tons of iron antl hardware to Sal-mo,  Kokaiiee Landing, Pborniau Sidings.  Knsivonook, Ymii*, Sitildou, Cody, West  liobson and Moyie.  Reports of increased prices for provisions are ���coming iu from Itosslaiid.  New Denver and other towns. Active  competition of wholesalers and retailers  should keep prices within reasoji.  Imperial Limited Will Be Discontinued.  Winnh'Isg, October 4.���-Manager Wliyte  of the C. P.. It. states that it has been  practically decided to take off the imperial limited on October iSth, Stops will  be made at all stations by the Pjteific  and Atlantic expresses, and some of the  local trains will be taken oft'. Mr. Whyte  said it had not been decided what locals  would be discontinued.  Over 3000 Idle Hands.  Fort Dopoe, Iowa,0 October 4.���The  most serious strike in the history of Webster county has begun at the coal mines.  Every mine in the district is closed down  with 400 workers idle. One serious result of the labor trouble is the coal  famine which it caused. Local schools  are closed, all the factories are running  sliort of fuel and many have suspended  operations.  Si'itiNGPiELD, Illinois, October 4.���The  strike, which will affect nearly 3000 coal  miners in the Northern Illinois coal fields  is caused by the drivers in the mines  in this part of the state '"making -a demand on the operators that they be  paid .$2 a day. The demand has been  submitted in writing and if the operators  refuse to comply a strike will be ordered  by the state mine officials and in the  neighborhood of 3000 men will'; go-out.  Niagara Silver Company Incorporated.  Albany, New York, October 4.���The  Niagara Silver Company of Niagara Falls,  formed for the purpose of manufacturing, purchasing and selling silverware,  silver plated ware, and goods and wares  of other metals, was incorporated hereto-  day with a capital of $000,000. The directors are James L. Morrison and Samuel J. Moore of Toronto, William A. .lame^  son of Niagare, It. Lenn and William Car-  lyle of Buffalo.  Dewey Hauls Down His Flag.  Washington; October 4.��� Secretary  Long has issued an orderto admiral Dewey  detaching him from the Olympia and directing him to haul down his flag. This  action was taken at the request of Dewey, who desired to be relieved of the responsibility af command. Secretary Long  ordered captain Lainbertou of the Olympia to take that, vessel to Boston,iWliere  she will be extensively repaired at the  navy yard. .   -��� *>  English Cricketers in the States.  New York,   October   4.���Prince Raii-  jitsinji's team of cricketers began a ganie^  :agaiu stesixteen s'Na^  aah*wcijtaqav..'4^  ABOUTYESTERDAY'S YACHT RACE  Comments and  Criticisms.  o  *aud^in*lits:!aDSenco,,^.f>��ijMa"GJ_a^  ^<S _'^*'';''"'.B_'*K''".-i*i_^  iftp^fera^    True  Prosperity Built on No Such Basis.  VaiiuoHver Province.  The Tribune is firmly opposed, to the  adoption of a "wide open" policy in Nelson, very, wisely remarking that "one  honest laboring man and his family are  worth more to a town than a dozen tinhorn gamblers and sure-thing fakirs." It  is surely a gross insult to the people of  any city or town to tell them that they  must allow gambling and other vices wide  license iu oi'der to attract population.  There can be no true prosperity built on  any such basis.  *^^E"^<3n'wy"^ICu6w?i" '^Hem^^a^aBi^.;  ''���'��� ''Ofleyliiyi'ilif^ ���*t_yy*I;jii��_i  ; j-irfts'K)^vy*bi:.iS.li'e"<ft  "Cut-:  .Ktivft-  New York, October 4.���Referring to  yesterday's yacht race the Tribune says  editorially : Sir Thomas Lipton has had  the pleasure of bringing over a yacht to  America that has done better in sailing a  light Aveather race against a cup defender  than any racer that ever A'isited our  shore. Columbia is practically the offspring of tlie former defender and the  latter boat has systematically beaten the  far-famed racing machine of.'ISOS.  Columbia is an exceedingly fast boat.  Yesterday the challenger sailed almost  a full thirty.mile course against Columbia and finished ahead. The mere fact  that Shamrock was able to hold Columbia  all day in the: defender's oavu Avind  should call forth the heartiest congratulations to the owner and designer ofthe  boat and to the Royal Ulster Yacht Club,  Avhose representative she is. Shamrock  is a Avon derf ul vessel. Too much stress  will not be placed on the fact that in the  alternation of .luck she happened to  finish first. Luck varied greatly yesterday.  The real cause of the congratulation  Avhich is here extended sir Thomas Lip-  ton is that he sailed all day On practicaliy  even terms ..against the yacht that Americans have been led to regard as almost  invincible in light airs. Yesterday's race  on a " Columbia " day. is sufficient proof,  therefore, that Shamrock has a brilliant--  future before her. She may not take the  cup but she Avill certainly come nearer to  capturing it than has any other challenger.  The Sun says : "As to Avhere AA'e are  on the sea knoAviug ones, must differ.  That Columbia held her oavu iu reaching  had been expected. On'.wind times and,  AA'e should say at times when the boats  appeared to be sailing under like conditions, Columbia distanced her rival, so  that for the greater part of the beat  home, Avhile tliere Avas any . wind .worth  speaking of, Columbia had the lead. On  the other hand, Shamrock now and again  movedup in  a  manner  to  perplex  the  THE FAMOUS BOSUN WILL AGAIN  Commence Shipping Ore.  New Denver, October 4.���The Bosun  mine resumes its shipments of ore this  Aveek. Twenty tons being the first instalment of ore to go out. Regular shipments will follOAA'.  ���"'-���p   -n    #-q&f!l        ~    K&K-"c>^i;,-i"?'v~8'a-'K���",<-y~-   "ndl.-.?- i^  lt.h,'m*1*;,Ol*,:-li' -n.^"*- .I^'^Vi'r?'!"'   "S~n,;n- -i;"."-*; /j*,  .Sttfdy4";aa'id--:.s.ttgg.e^  ���yelopinenwoivfu^^^  ���JWithMemier ballast aSifA-vfewi^tWiprfo^'1  ;a;g:i;eater**^|Kb&i]l^. ���ywritm-^jto^riaic^.a^  " s-oVall*^  .. ^lioiitei'/Jlia^. *^l|nii^  the fastest siugle-sticker afloat and that  in Avindward  or  any  other  AA'Oi'k she is  more  than  a  match for Shamrock.    Sir  Thomas  Lipton  says  he  wants  a good  breeze, howeArer,  so   that   the   relatiA'e  speed of tho defender and challenger can  be  thoroughly demonstrated.     He   had  just  returned  from  a visit to Shamrock  late this afternoon Avhen seen by the Associated     Press      representative.       Sir  Thomas spoke about his sail on the grand  old  schooner  yacht, America, "the boat  that caused  all  the  trouble,"  to  quote  him exactly.     He says he had a splendid  sail around the bay for about tAvo hours  and that from  the  speed  the  old  boat  made in  the  still' soutliAvesterly breeze,  he did not wonder that she had " lifted  the cup  on  the  other  side nearly  fifty  years ago.  Sir Thomas has received hundreds of  cablegrams today from all parts of the  Avorld congratulating him on the splendid  showing his boat made in the light air  against the defender. "Some of the  cables," he said, "are from people I do  not know personally, but that only goes  to shoAv Avhat great interest is being  taken.in these races. One of them read  thus: 'Tommy don't make room for  your uncle,' which you "will probably recognize on account of its similarity to  the old English song."  Speaking about the manner in wliich  the course aviis kept clear, sir Thomas  said : " I cannot get over tlie great organization that has been here to keep the  Avay clear. Yesterday's course AA'as the  clearest we ever hadVor I ever saw iii  England."  "I may as avcII say noAAr.that Shamrock  is the fastest boat eA'er built iu Britain  and the AA'orkmanship was the best that  money could buy. I cannot tell what her  cost Avas, but it is probably more than  you have any idea of. She cost as much  as six-Valkyries.- The estimates already  given are away aboA'e the mark.  "Among sir Thomas' guests touiorro\A'  Avill be rear admiral Philip, Mrs.���Thomas.  A. Edison, AV. Bourke Cochran, Richard  Crokeiy rear admi ral lord Charles Beres-  fpr'cl. and lady Beresford, sir 'Arnold Morley, sir Henry Burdette, lion.'.Charles Russell, and the lord chief baron of Ireland,  baroiiwPalles.-.';-. Rear����admiral  Busier Than Ever Before.  The contractors on the California mine,  in the Slocan, are purchasing their supplies in New DeiiA'er, the first installment  going up the hill yesterday. By the cud  of the week things will be in shape for  actiA'e mining on the property. The  opening of the California has greatly encouraged nearby claim holders, and several prospects are being developed 'with  greater vim and force.. Silver mountain  is busier than ever before.  m  ^^im^^^P^^^^^^^  ��� Tliei-a'b"oyei-i$of rpni  lE-Oiid^  jmist^viips^^  : asy'$0;,ti|ie;"n^  ."     'yS^qKaUfe*-^^ '8.    '���'���������  Over IOjOOD p}"*6|)le -ati^iitiM tbe; Ojien-:  "ing ^bf ^heffihdus&iatex^si^  The ivea-thei:; AvaSArie^-*^��1-Mii! exliibitiiqii  was on a miifiii lai^er ;seale Siaa ;iiere$o;**.  fbre.   .Street parades &rid iniisic: preceded-  tlie opening cereiuonyj Avliieh AVas per--  forined by a yduiig lady.  mom BITg )0t ^IiSOJ^ NEWS.  F. W. Peters', district ifreight agent for  : the; Cariadian Pacific, left foi? Winnipeg  last-evening.  The only Avhaiff on XCboteimy lake that  has-withstood'wind.,- wave, and high AV:ater  is the one at Nelson, wliieh AAras built in  1801.  The river is very hiueli higher uoav  than it Avas ab the corresponding time  last year; Local anglers should, make  tiie most of the few fine <lays left, as by  the eiitt of the lnoiith the fishing Avill be  over for this century.  The. city has secured a garbage groiind  fi'Oiij tlie Canadian Pacific railway situ*-  ated just beyond the westeril liniit of the  city. The city Avill be given the use of  the site for thirty days, and if tlie garb'  age ground is not too great a nuisance  the privilege will be extended. There  are no residents Ayithin a fj.uarter of a  mile f rohi the site.  The local telephone company will be  alla-tyed to have its Avay in the matter of  erecting telephone poles and stringing  wires on Baker street. A special committee of the city council Avas appointed  for the purpose of ascertaining Avhether  the company could not be induced to  string the Baker street Avires in the alley-  AArays, but the telephone company raised  all manner of objections, and as a result  the iietAvork of Avires will go up on Baker  street.  It is reported that the residents of the  Chinese quarter 'have.reciuested the Canadian Pacific raihA'ay authorities to provide them Avith a uoav location. Their  desire is to get away from the seAVage  Avhich is being distributed along the lake  front. For some time.past; the pipe Avhich  conveys the sewage into deep water lias  been stopped up, and the sewage is discharging from the manhole on the bank  beloAv the railway siding. It is a nuisance wliich should have been abated two  weeks ago.  ;':��ie;&vl)ast':'^^  '��� ii eMe$0Tie :jf^aiit& sl6<^ai?:'Hfe^eiv J*;^|iai,|;!;  :-:iiia|":"bSspguir|ys^  ;::iiiore; aftiJ^'iiiie; paf^teieil:: ::cJf^fo;&ty^b"p|^^':  ;&'-gi;eab:vsail_'/ari^ ."small, b^dy."  : The: oif i'aciliig da^  ���aJlyOu-.tiie3 tAVO:ctp^race!'!.," Mi;, feelin; ai_(l-.  sir)T|iOnlaS; Liptoii;: viMJwe*!er', employed;;  tflleir liSltrS. ixx ;dtlfe're*u.t' 'ways, Oji tlie.'  Cokimbia. a:S^iilt oX in- They  breeze AA*;a's: good froia the Southwest; too  good,,_ii's. Iseliu. .ririst have thought, toy  Avaste* for lie nia.de Sitii On his boat While .  it \ATas; at its beSi; arict went outside. There  lie tried a: new "topsail,, i)he fit of AVhfeli  seeiiied better than tlie one used on tile  day_:ol':_the__raci_,__ After setting taut on  the slicefc, and baekitig several times to  get tlie sail Avell stretelied, Ctilvuubia Avas  headed back for her luoot'ings at Sandy  Hook, AA-here slie arrived about 4 p. m.  The mainsail AA'as stoAvcd and all hands  sent to supper on board tlie S-t. Michaels.  Olivei: Xsoliu,, wlien seen by the Asso-  ciated Press rept'eseritativetliis afternoon,  had this to say about yestei'day's race:  ''I am satisfied Avith Colvinvbia's work  during, the race, but not, with tlie weather  colidltions. None of us could tell where  the AViiUl Ayas com lugfrom, not even the  sailing master; T(V all my yachting experience 1 do not remember when 1 have  seen a iluk-ier day than yesterday. With  alt that, however, we, had overhauled  Shamrock for the th-ii'd time Avhen the  race was ealled off. She could not have  Crossed out* bow if she had gone about  at that time, Our crew* worked well  from tlie start to finish."  Mr. Iselin remarked that Shamrock was  a fast yacht but he did not care to express an Opinion of tlie result of the  races. He Avas particularly pleased with  the way the excursion fleet behaved. The  yachts Avere not inconvenienced by other  crafts at any time during the race.  ''-���*. Sir fhos. Lipton is not Avorrying over  the race one bit. On the contrary, avIiciv  seen this e\'eniug he felt confident that*  his craft would: give a good account of  herself no matter Avhat kind of. a breeze  tliere is bloAving. Sir Thomas did not  care to make any statement about to-  morroAv's race except that .Shamrock  would carry exactly the same sails as she  did in yesterday's race and that her-crew  would do their best to cross the finish  line first. Tlie English challenger is in  the best of condition for the coining race.  Columbia's skipper, Charlie Barr, sticks  to his original assertion tliat Columbia is  ij^liqp^yiri  MiaMii|h^:^^  "^^"���i-S^i.::*:^^^  ���ift,ft!:fer.i^(^  ihyeiisSiTji' :"a;n cl^i^"^tK��ait]l^i B*S &y" ^ilu p^^i:*^^?1^! f".,  b^i}d;i*3hp; ^teyA^ehii<^ii ��� ;^uibet:. o#^tiie  erffiw^^l^.tiiffl^lM'f:f��apfaM |J|iodes. lias  "iib���b^&ffi;\w1|i^5uS^i3|;'l^  Av^is ^alpSgv-���-l^^ii^  iie^villf-f^nyelioi&idi^ ;  :' "' ?'<Bah^j-'s-#l .ei^oluji^ fef the-  #(fti;e;.y,elio^y^'Pt^lb-^- ..Wp^''!^' '?P*'  feridfr:to '"vii^oi^fi-::. We)is1 AVell fed,, sle^c  Ippkirig anxl ^refiiily. cared for by tile  s"fcewaw3- 'Tlse creAy to a main feel that  "Saridy" is iridisiiJeiisiible to tile success  of the Bristol boat.  =4Eo4nfsefe;Columbiai!s^masc^,^��Sa_^  the CPew of iSriii and Siiaiftrock also liave  a. good hick dog, a uitiall- terrier puppy.  He was laughiiigrly pointed orit to tlie reporter today by Cliarles Russell and Mr.  Barrie as a rival of the Americaii dog.  The puppy Sports an eno.unous gceen ribbon tied iu a bow,at the week. That he  is a universal favoriitse about tlie yaclit  Avas evinced by the lifcter of eake ami  other eatables on, tlie usually spotless  deck of that craft. .When asked about  the condition: of the designer, Fife,' sir  Thomas said :  " Dr. Reid MaclCay, my doctor, i-4 witli  him and lvunderstand he is ntn\f much,  better.'   T am very sorry for I  miss  him  very mlicli.    His  illness  at  tliis  time is  very unforfetniate,"  ���LON'pof*. October ..-rTI-ie following .'U-  blegrain has been reci vert from sir Thomas  Lipton' at his London office: "The Sham-  l'ock did splendidly, The course was kept  clear, arid: I fear that any obstructionist  Avould have had a rough time of it. The  arrangements are most complete and satisfactory. 1 have great hopes for tiie  next race, but it will be a tremendous  con test."        ' ^_.  Not a Wise Movement.  London Nows.  'Organized labor won't help its cause  permanently by organizing an independent labor party. The welding of any  one class into a political party usually  defeats its own object by causing the opposing class to combine also. Let labor  profit by the fate of tlie Patrons of Industry. Independent action is one tiling,  tlie formation of a -party is another. The  labor vote is big enough to get Avhat it  Avants from the politicians, but is not big  enough to form a successful political  party-  Men Who Mean Business.  Ex-senator Warner Miller of Ncav  York and party are in the Slocan.  Through Percy Dickinson of Slocan City,  Mr. Miller and hisjassociates have bonded,  among their properties in the same locality, the Mogul group of three claims  in the proximity of the Molly Gibson, on  .which is a fine showing of clean ore. The  bond is for .$30,000, with-' a* ten per cent  payment .down, the balance being spread  over one year. Work on this group, as  on the other properties ��� .-bonded by the  same firm, commences at buce and Avill be  continued through the Avinter. Mr. Miller's associated capital has upwards of  $100,000 ���"��� worth of investments in the  Kootenay district north .of Nelson, of  which'the Slocan has a fair share. The  eight-hour trouble has in no Avay scared  this enterprising American financier, avIio  believes thoroughly in the wisdom of his  investments.  Meeting of-Fern Director!?.  The directors of the Fern Gold Mining  Company held a meeting yesterday afternoon for the purpose of  considering  the  report of J. E. Hardman  upon  the  company's property and the plan of develop- *  ment.    Reference  aviis  made  to this report in Tuesday morning's  issue  of Ti'iB  Triijuni_, in Avhich it-was'stated that the  efforts of the /.-.management  to  find the  lead  after  encountering  the   fault had  failed. ���'Tho'work'referred, to aviis done  prior to May last, and consecpiently  the  present management  is  not  responsible  for it.    Mr.  Hardmau's  report, so far as   /  it applied to the efforts  of  the  present .  management  to   develop   the . property,   '  Avas  comniendatory.    Crosscuts arc.now......  being driven to find the lead on itheSop|f!:  -ifiBS-ywiw^i^  .W5res4*Qn.,,;the^ifil#ar:?vofe:.*iiafcrio:*fo  '^iitfis^i^SigSti^y^  "synn.jafeii.yft^y'foi^^yite.-i'e^  ;*|aiii^3:Vt'. ^jiupeMo^|::'^  ���people/Avho��,:;ii^.itlie/4'iMi^  :a:m i\bMrif;? ���jp|v:^}��ip;;op  S:itlaiTclftr4::rivJfe/;l^  for :notihin:g./. pit ^���*liat--f6i*feili--^afei.O;ir4-e9ix-fc'"-B.^  ,:��*;,; ;,*;..-':&%-XA.l\*u&\e''ziyS'ivymihw^?M^sm.m  fo  ^ijdes  lia"ve  an ��� ynno*.o:it i|.t^C.iyigl i%g  se n. timen:. i0;f^^^M"?f  :ts>  ���Vs,-  Britjuli'S .'db-iflt^sj^vi^-f^  ihit-y^isribstivnt"faf:'8::i^uiid^  eirforceriient., -'"'<3'Qiii';l^"tiil-^^t-lv^  liav�� fiecl beto:re::th<S iM^t!&\ii^]^\^^j^^^^}i  JafhieneeSy butiihey Would; '1io:fai'i��^i||q^fc  "ferljliaii, otiieT^lS^l"es^imfl^  were they able to fiiHt/ily eseap�� 'ti^e/in:;- yi)5srS:,  The W^a_ in tlie Philippines:.-' v.'SWi  M-ANi'iiiA,. -October 4. ��� Rear -i��:l|rii|^i|'!y|  Watson announces tlie recovery of*'''tjt^*vj  United States gunboat; U.i.da'riata aaIiI^Iv^  Avas cnjitured and beached hy"the 'fiis)t"K^*fgj^���;!  gents after a fierce figii't���ne{^tt, '��i.vn;tfv.:?S'fitf?  tlie Oraui river. The expedition was>"&$��  tirely successfnlj the Americans sriIfyruJgV  no casualities. ..Several 'hinj^i'iltly..'Ilii|.-,,..,:-.  surgkuts have- reocenpied Ji>0l'a"ev ivlilcjiry^  Avas eapt'iu��d' by general Ma.cAri.iuiv '-'p'iieft:^  Soptcmbef :25h*d' 'and eV!tcnato<I; by:th.(3/-S|:  Awerkans tlie fotloAA'ing dny�� The' tyw ttf  surge nt forces are also reported' riiQA,"in*|.y. :|  towards MirrcUso- southeast of Aiigeles,,;. . ..*  the object of the double riiovetrieni> bein;j| .:_;  apparently to get buliiud tlie Araei'ica:n ."/���  garrison on both sides of the Manila rail-   ' '"-=  W113'. ; ^^ j  A Canadian Boy's Testimony. J  JleHevillc IU;tdW_Ql*(.'Oi'. ;jt  Colonel Ponton is in receipt of a letter :S  from Angus G. Dickson, sou of the 'H:t  late George Dickson, Q. C, in whieli'.-,;-'?  he gives a graphic pen. picture of alTairs  iii tlie Transvaal. A few excerpts Will he  of interest: "Speaking of tlie loiig^sUf-  I'cring patience of tiie British race in  these parts, you little knoAv what extent  their patience has been taxed in this  country. What is going to be the out-.'  come of it is hard to say. Certain it is  tliat something definite must soon be  done, one way or the other. Another  mass meeting is to be held tonight in the  Good Hope hall, upholding sir Alfred  Milnei"." Mr. Dickson then goes on to  say that the exodus from ��� Johannesburg  to Capetown and Natal is very large, aud  i that the distress is somefehiu**. awful. THE TRTBUNE:  NELSON", B.C., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5,  1899.  fj?fe,^v3'-S3"r^':"��?-22.'*"^-^:^' ���23'2*>-_2  m  ^^.^^.^���������^���^'���^���^������^���&-cJ-l^-l^-'&-c=J ���  B. & B. Corsets  and $1.50 per pair.  $1.25, $1.50, $i-75��  Thompson's Glove  with well  at  50  cents,  D.  & D.  $2, and  75   cents, $1  Corsets at $1  up to $5 per pair.  m  m  $*���  M  $2.50,  Children's  Fitting*, always a favorite  dressed women at  $3, and .$3.50 per pair.  Waists from 35 cents to 75 cents  per pair. Special values in Hair  Roll  Bustles,  Blouse Extenders,  etc.  #  tfft  #  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  BANK  OF  B. C.  BUILDING.  NELSON.  , ��=7.e?.C^.^.(��"'.��='p<='.��*='p|C.!=='.,g>./_?.��='.g>.  TDSJ-R'IVIIS   C-A.S-EC  w  i&^^^<^  '.&&&^:^:  Overalls and Smocks  We keep on hand the "Levi Strauss," "Boss of the Road,"  and other well made garments at reasonable prices.  lyiEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign of ihe RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. P. WEIR  Wholesale  Houses  DERATED AND  MINERAL WATERS.  THOKlMC & CO.. LIMITED���Corner Vernon find Cmlar  .streets. Nelson, manufactiircis of and wholesale  dealers in aerated waters and fruit syrups. Soleagenls  for Halcyon .Springs mineral water.  ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES.  W.  F.  TEKTZJSL &  CO.���Corner  Hakor and  Jose-  j)liino streets, Xelson,  wholesale   dealers in assayers' supplies.   Agents for Denver Fire Clay Co. of  Denver, Colorado.  CIGARS.*  KOOTENAY CIGAK MANUFACTUJtING CO.���Corner Haker and Hall streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of "Royal Heal" and "Kootonay Hello" brands of cigars.  *- =      "    COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS & CO.���Baker street, Xelson, wholesale  ���dealers in liquors; cigars, cement, Jlro brick and  fire clay, water pipe  mi.ssion mcrclianls.  and slooi rails, and general com-  FLOUR" AND FEED.  .  BItACKMA.V & KKtt MILLING COMPANY LTD.  Front street, Ncison, wholesale dealers iii,JJour, oal-  ine.'i"  tori.  Gordon. No new facts have since been  (liscoArercd, notwithstanding all reports  to the contrary. Mr. Cotton has been in  public life in this province Tor nine years  past, and liis greatest fault is that lie has  more ability than all of the-opposition  crowd, of AA'hich the Colonist is the  mouthpiece.  Daviii Marks Carley, politician and  journalist, will have as inucli difficulty in  convincing the people of Nelson that a  variety theatre can be made a respectable music hall as he had in endeavoring  to make them belieAre that he, aud not  W. A. Macdonald, AA'as the real leader of  the Conservative party in Nelson.- "  cai, etc, .and hay and grain,  ria, and NcivH oslminster.  Mills at Edmorklon, Vic-  , GROCERIES.     *  MACDONALD & CO.-Corncr Vernon and Josephine streets, wholesale grocers and jobbers _n,  blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers, mackinaws and  minors'Bundiics. r        -         COMPANY,    LIMJTKD-  wholesalo grocers. _  j3l.  KOOTENAY   SUPPLY  Vernon street, Nelson,  JOHN   CJIOLDlTCII  "    wholesale grocers.  &  CO.���Fiont street', Nclsoi.i  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  PIVURXS &  CO.���Baker, street, Nelson, wholesale  ���   dealers in fresh and cured meats.   Cold .stoiage.  ^ HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H MYERS & CO, ���Corner Haker and Josophino streets,  ���   Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware .and mining  fiiipplius.   Agents for Giant Powder Co.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY���Baker St.,  Nelson, wholesale deaIoi�� in hardware and mining  supplies, and water and plumbers' supplies.   ,  TTANCOUVER JfARDWARIC COMPANY, LIMITED  ���    --Haker street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hard  ware nnd niining supplies, plumbers  plies.  mid tinsmiths'sup-  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rpUK.VEIt, UKKTON & CO.-Corner Vernon and Jose-  J- pliiito streets'. Nelson, wholesale dealers in litfuors,  c'g.u-saud dry goods. Agent* for I'ahsl Jtrowing Co. of  Milwaukee and Calgary J {rowing Co. <j( Calgary.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  ���ETAMILTON POU'DKI! COMPANY���Bakor slrool,  ���*--*- Nelson, mantifnelurors of dynamilo, sporting,  slumping aud black blasting powders, wholesale dealers  in (Mips-and 1 use, and electno blasting nppaiaLus.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  PARSONS PIIODUCK CO.UI MNY-Vonion street:  ���*��� Nelson, uholusalc cl(;,ilui.s in |ini\ i.sion.s. produce,  und fruit*.   Agents for Swift te Co, bacon and hams.  T   Y. GI'Il-VIN p.^ CO.- Corner Vernon aud Josephine  *J ���   hliuclri,   Nelson,   whole-ale dealers  in   provisions,  .cured moats, hullcruud eggs.  It. .STEAVAJtT & CO.-Waruliouses on C. P. It.  track, fool, of .Sl.-iuJuy slreel, Nelson, whole-tali:  dealers in provisions, produce and fruits. Cold storage.  Agents Armour & Co.'s bacon, h.mis, iui'd and other pro-  duels.  F.  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS, LIMITED-  Corner Front, and Hall -slreel-., NuKon, manul'ai:-  lurers of Jind wholesale dealers in uisli and doors; all  kinds of factory work madu lo 01 dm-.  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA  WINK  COMI'A.VV.  LIMITED-  nor Front and II.ill si roots. Nelson, wholesaled  in  wines (case and  hulk) and domestic and  ('orders  impol led  Patt.t Edition JTikst Ykak, No. 231  WKtKr.T Edition ..Sevkotji Ykak, No. 37  The Victoria Colonist devotes ..two  columns on its editorial page to v��gne  charges against financial minister Cotton.  It seems that when he lived in Colorado,  Mr. Cotton made speculations that did  nob turn out well. All the facts' wore"  published live years ago, when Mr. Cotton  Wiis in trouble with a  man named  J. * '  _   A" Manly Utterance.  On behalf of the French-Canadians La  Presse, the most influential French  journal of .Quebec, has made a spirited'  but moderate and manly, reply to such  Ontario journals as tlio Toronto News  and the Hamilton Spectator, which accuse  the French-Canadians of disloyalty to  Britain and of cherishing hopes of a  French- republic on -the St. Lawrence.  We iind in the Stratford Beacon the following translation of some of La Pressc's  remarks, which Ave should like to see reprinted in every ncAvspaper in Ontario :  "Our allegiance to the English cioavii  is as natural as the air aa'o breathe, because avo are borne in it. Wc see nothing in this respect Avhich distinguishes us  from our English fellow-citizens. Naturally Ave do not deny that our ancestry is  of French origin. For there is nothing  to be ashamed of in it, and if we a. ere  ashamed the true Englishman Avould  despise us. AVe strive to make our  French-Canadian nationality more manly  in its spirit and its method of work. Is  _thero_anything_evii-in-that?���It-is- tJm.s-  that avo bring to Canada nn clement of  lively originality which does not-  hinder its progressive march, Avhich  does not harm any one, but Avliieh works  without prejudice and Avithout fee for  the common good. We usurp no position,  not even tliat of first minister, for we  haA'e not given -sir Wilfrid that position.  There arc other people that have given it  to him of their own free Avill. Certainly,  avc love France deeply, our ancient mother  hind, but avo have no longer any friends  there, avo have no relations there, and of  all the glorious principles and ideas of  Franco we adopt but few. None of these  things hinder us from giving Avithout  (jue.stion, our loyalty to England."  Cigar Makers Want More Protection.  To it onto, October <l.���An increase in  the duty on imported cigars of fyi.ZO per  pound JiaN been asked for by the cigar  manufacturers at their meeting in the  council chain) er of the board of trade,  ft was the third annual convention of the  Dominion Cigar Manufacturers association, tlie members of which, it is said,  control quite SO per cent of the entire  cigar production of the Dominion.  A Passenger's Story of the Wreck,  William Gray of Gait, Ontario, Avas on  the Avreeked steamship Scotsman, fie  saved nothing from the Avreck except a  field glass, an overcoat,-and the clothes ou  his back. He states that the first intimation he had of danger Avas a series of  great bumps, accompanied by a sound as  of Avater gurgling and rushing into the  vessel. The alarm spread Avith great rapidity, and- soon all hands -were up and  on deck. Tlie night was as dark as Erebus, and the air wna bitterly cold.    As \  soon as possible the officers began to lower  tlie boat sand transfer the Avomon to them.  Many had life preservers on, but some  were clad simply iu nightshirts. When  tlie boat Avhicli SAvanipcd aa'iis lowered  it filled at once, and the people in it  floated off like corks. Some of them  were paralyzed Avith fear and died  Avithout a struggle. Some Avere Jiauled  back by the head, and others Avere more  or less damaged by the necessarily rough  treatment in hauling them in again. Mr.  Gray says that the stokers and greasers  acted like fiends. Almost immediately  after the accident, and when the passengers Avere all in a state of groat  excitement, the stokers began to pillage  the state rooms. They to.ik possession  of everything, and their language and  conduct towards the ladies were simply  i ideseribable. Many of them haA'e gone  back to England, but instructions Avill be  cabled to have everyone of them searched  on tlieir arrival at Liverpool. Mr. Gray  Avas in the first party Avhich AAralked oArer  from the wreck to the lighthouse, a  distance of seven miles or so. The  journey Avas over the roughest sort of  country, rocky at places and at others  soft and marshy, tlie travellers sinking  to their knees in soft moss and native  heather. One night Avas spent at the  lighthouse, and next day the party returned to the ship. On the third day another visit AA-as made to the lighthouse,  and shortly afterwards tlie Montfort Avas  ..sighted. The captain of this steamer, on  the Aroyago up the Gulf in the dense fog,  acted Avitli extreme caution, stopping the  boat at frequent 'intervals to take soundings. Fuel at the scene of the Avreck Avas  entirely absent. cThcre was hot as much  as a sliver of Avood, but after a Avhile  some coal AA'as obtained from the bunkers  and it was used for the making of tea and  coffee Mr. Gray Avas among those robbed  by tlie stokers.  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Ihence ea-s| forly chains, Iheiu'c south  ten chains. Ihence east, ninety chains, ihence iinrlli ten  chains; Iheneo cast foi'ly-lhc chain-, thence snulh lltly  chains, Ihence west tlvcchpiins: I hence soul li ten chains;  Iheucc \\est. seventeen chains ; thenee south ten chains ;  Ihence west eighteen chains, ihence north ten chuiiisj  Ihence ucs'l joily chains, thencosniilh tun chains', Ihence  west forly chains j Ihence soulh ten chains; Ihence u-rsl  forly-llve cliains, thence north eiRhly chains lo place of  romlueiu'Ciuunl. UKO. CKA.Y.  Nolson. H, C, .Se|il(!ml)cr22n.I, lSItt  NOTICE.  N'otlce Is hereby ffiven that, in llilrly dnyn, I Inlond to  apply (ii lho ehiel oomuiissiouor of lands und works, for  (icniiission lo cut and c.irry away timber oil* the below  described lands:  Commencing at a post about- twoanda haif miles up  Lafrauce creek, on I lie south arm of ICoolouaylake. coiii-  meiifilnK al. the norlbwesl. corner; thence east, tlvo chains;  thencii norlh forly ehains; (hence e.isi Iwenly chains;  Ihence north len chains; Ihence east nine chains; thence  north I en chains; thence oast live chains; thence north  tendinitis; thence easl len chains; thence noilh leu  chains; thenco east ten chains; thence north (en  ehains; thenco easl twelve ehains: liienco norlh live  chains; thence east, thirty-oisjlit ehains; .thenee north  ���twenty.chains; thenco cast fourteen chains; thenee  south twenty chains; thenco west eighteen chains;  thenco south six ehains; thence west twenty oliaimi;  thence south twenty-live chains; thenee west ten chains;  thence south twenty chains; thence west.twenty chains;  thence south fifteen chains; thenco west ten chains;  thenco south twcitty-tlve cliains; thenco west eight  chains; thenco south twenty live chains; thenco west.  seventeen ehains; thence south e'even chains: thenco  west twenty chains; thenco north thirty-two elinins to  the place of commencement. II. I). McDJiUtMID.  Nelson, 11. C, August gflUi, IS!)!). ���  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that in thirty days I intend to  apply to the chief commissioner of lands and works for  permission to cut and carry away timber oil' (ho below  described lands:  Commencing tit a post, ten chainssonth of IT. Houston's  northeast corner post, on Gray creek,'runninginto Crawford Bay,, on JCooteniiy lake, and thence oust forty cluuns;  Ihence south eighty chains; thenco west,ten chains;  thenco south eighty chains; thence east ten cJ.niins;  thenco south forty chains; Ihonee west forty chains;  thenco north Jiff.y chains; thence west ten chains; thence  north ono hundred chains: thenee cast ten chains;  thence north Jiffy cliains to tho place of cominencenient.  THOMAS SPKOAT.  Nelson, 13. ft, September fllh.  NOTICE.  Notice is benihy given (hat in thirty days, I intend to  apply lo Ihe chim commissioner ol lands and works,  lor permission to cut and i-arryiittily (iiuberoirilio below  described lands:  Commencing at a post about Jive miles tip Vuill creek  on Ihe ttfi-l arm of Koolpjiiay lake; them-e norlh eighty  Chains; Ihence west, Ion chains; (hence norlh sixty  chains; thence west tun chains; tlienco north forty  chains: Ihence ��cst ten chains; Ihence norlh forty  chains; llicuce woi tun chains: (hence north forly  chains; tlienco west ten chains; tlience norlh forly  chains; Ihence west len chains; thenco north twcnlv  chains: thence v>rs[. forty chains: llmnee soulh iwenty  oh,tins; Ihence en.sl Jen chains.; Ihence south foily  v mills; thence east (en chains; Ihence south forly  chains; thenco enst len chains; (hence Miulli forty  chain.s; Iheilcc jc-isl, len chains; Ihence south forly  chains; thence cast, len chains; tlienco .south sixiy  clmins; Ihence cast, len ehiiiiirt; tlicncu south eighty  chains; Iheneo cast, forly chains |<> the (ilaco of cum-  meiicement. ClIAltljliS HlUA'lin.  Nelson, JI. C, Augxst lSlh, ISIK).  ��� NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that in thirty days-, T intend to  apply lo the chief connnis.sioncrof lands and woiksfor  permission to cut and carry away timber oil' (ho below  dcoribud laml.s:  Commencing al. a post, about twoanda half miles up  from the mouth of a creclc running inlo Crav.ford U.iy,  on Ivootenay lake, and known as (Jray cicok, marked  northwesl corner: (hence east forty chains; thonoo north  ten chains; Iheneo east twenty chains; tlielico north- .  ton chains: thence east, tfiirty-l.vc chnitw; thenco south  two chains; thencoeast seven! i en ohaiiis; thence south  sixty chains; thoncfi west fifteen ehains; thenco north  ton oliiUns; thence west twonly-llvo ehriins; thenco  son Hi ten chains; thenee west sixteen chains; tlience  south ten chains; thence west sixteen chains; thence  north ton Chains; Ihence west forty chains; thenco north ������  forty-two chains to tho place of eoiunieilceinonfc.  HAUUY HOUSTON.  Nelson, Bi C, September GLh, I8!)��.  '    " * ���  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  Tho undersigned has a Jaixo Quantity, of flr, cedar, and  taniarac slabs, in 18-inch and 4-foot lengths, suitable for  stove wood, which will be sold for $1 a load at tlio mill  yard.  NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS. Limitod.  Nelson. August lflth. JSfffl.  MINERS WANTED.  The Tanglor Mine, Limited, Albert Cftnyon, on the  main lino of tho C. P. Ji., 2*2miles east of RevelslokQ, ro-  auiroi als good miners.   Wages *3^0 per day.  ' 1 THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5,  1899.  Capital,  Rest,.  all paid  up,     -  0N1EAL  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRAT1ICONA AND   MT   HOYAL, President  Hon. GEO. A. DRUMMOND Vice-President  K   S. CLOUSTON General Manager  _sr*E!x.so*isr s'R^-isro'Hc  N. W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON       nUANCIIKS IN       LONDON  (BnKlanrt).   NEW YORK,  CHICAGO  and in tho principal citios iu Canada.  Buy and soil Stprllng Exchange and Cablo Transfers  GKANT COMMKKOIAL ANI1 TKAVKI.I.EKS' 0RKDIT8,  available in any part of tho world.  DItAKTS I8SUKD    COT.IJKCTION8 MADE; ETO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CUKHKNT RATE OFJNTKRKST PAID-  A   GOOD   DEWEY   STORY.  It wtis at 'Manila, a day or two before  tho famous ��� .colloquy between- admiral  S'ou Diediichs and the British captain  of tlie cruiser Iniinortalite, in which the  former asked what attitude the latter  would assume in case trouble arose  between the Germans and the Americans,  Chichester replying that information on  that point could best be obtained from  Dewey. On this occasion Dewey was  dining with Chichester, and over the nuts  and wine they got swapping stories. The  host expressed his admiration of the confidence of victory exhibited by the Yankee sailors, and his guest replied that  there might be too much confidence in  one's ability to win a .fight. The Englishmen did not see how that could be,  and Dowcy proceeded to illustrate his  remark with a little antidote. Said he :  "An old friend of my grandfather's up  in Vermont lent some help to his country's cause in the war of 1S12 by fitting  out a fine privateer. He took command  of her himself, having had- some experience iu sailoring and'called her the New  Jerusalem. She was a smart little barken Line and mounted six twelve-pounders  and a sixteen-pound ph-ot gun forward.  In the course of the first voyage she took  two or three prizes of no great value,  and two months or so elapsed before she  got a whack-at. something really worth  capturing.- ���       *-  "ft was on-a foggy morning, in-the re-  * gion of tho tropics,,olie wind having died"  " down to ti mere catspaw, that she sighted  tlieroyals and gallant stuns'Is of a huge  1 merchantman  carrying  the British flag.  It was a spectacle to make any piratical  person's mouth water.    Tho privateer, being to windward,  crept up to the prey,  herself unobserved in tho mist, and presently hove to within half a cable's leiigth  of her.  " 'Heave to, or I'll sink you,' yelled my  grandfather's friend, thinking gloatingly  of the silks and laces, with who knows  what other spoil, he was going to take  back to Vermont.  " There wtis no reply, and just then a  puff of wind blew away some of the fog,  revealing  instead  of a  merchantman, a  That room of yours needs  "freshening up" for the winter months. '  You  can give us the size (length,  -breadthyand-height-ofceilingj  of the room, or rooms,  ' Is now prepared to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlin;, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on, District.  full-Hedged line-of-battlc ship, with rows  of frowning ports.  "' I was about to say,' shouted the  commander of the privateer, ' that, while  inviting you to surrender, in case you  don't want to do so, I will.'  "And ho did," said Dewey. "Which  will serve to illustrate my meaning when  I say that too much confidence in warfare i-s not always a good thing. Your  very good health, Chichester."  o    Australia's Great Eleven.  The tenth Australian eleven brought  its tour to a close by defeating a south of  England team which was almost representative of all England in its strength'.������For  about' four months the antipodeans have  been measuring.. their strength' against  various teams in England, and after  thirty-five engagements they can show a  record of 1(3 wins, 10 draws and 3 defeats. From these figures it will be  readily understood that the colonial band  of 1899 was a terribly hard side to beat.  This was the . keynote of the tour, and,  as was only fitting, they gave in the last  engagement a splendid exhibition of those  qualities which they possessed in a higher  degree than any previous team from  Australia.  Teams including far more remarkable  batsmen and more distinctively greater  bowlers have left Australia, but no band  of players who were really so difficult to  evercome as this eleven of 1899; They can  claim the great distinction of having lost  fewer matches than any previous band of  cricketers from the colonies, and to them  also belongs the questionable distinction  ���of having left more games unfinished���-  since the tours Avere restricted to eleven  a side matches���than any team except  that unsatisfactory set of men led by  H. J. H. Scott in 1SSG. These records  show the greatness and tho shortcomings  of the men. No matter how hopeless the  game appeared they were never beaten  until the winuing hit had been made and  the last wicket had gone down. In the  last game of the tour against the South  of England, and in the return encounter  against Marylebone, this eleven demonstrated the qualities of pluck and determination most successfully, for after having much the worst of the opening stages  of the contest they pulled out of the  game aud in each case finished with a  handsome victory.  Brilliant as these achievements were,  they will probably be forgotten before  the performances which saved the Australians from defeat in three out of the  five test matches. At Leeds, after being  nine runs behind, with five wickets down  in their second inning, they set England  177 runs to win. At Manchester, following on with 175 in arrears, they closed  their inning when 170 ahead, witli three  FULL LINE OF  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTY  30 by  120, Baker street, between Josophino  and  Ward streets .$8000  50 by 120, Bakor stroet, between Josophino and Hall  ���s'trools, corner..'.' -....'..'.<..'..-. ....'.   25 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  stroot '.  15000  50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon   -  street  6000  2J lols with cottage rented at 315 per month, Victoria   '  street  3500  2 lots with cottage rented at ��20 por month, Stanloy  street   3000  G lots in block 1W, all cleared and fenced in  2500  AOENTS FOR  ' ���  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  pyi  l'L4  do ths rest.   In price,  beauty of design, and quality  "W"-A-ZR:iD IBZROiS-  Real Kstato and General Agonts, Baker St., Nolson  Tlie Nelson Electo Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  Large number of choice' building lots adjacent lo the  lino of their tramway. Kor price and f orinspf wile apply  ty tho olllco of I ho company, Macdonald block, corner of  Josephine und Vernon sIrools'  T. C, DUNCAN, Secretary.  Charles  D.  J. Christie  GENERAL,  BROKER.  Front Boors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  "Windows  Inside Finish  ���       local .'and coast.  .Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want Is not in stock we -will make it for you  ip    '     "    CALL. AND GET PRICES.  Avickets still in hand,  while at the Oval,  where they  again   followed   on 221 rims  behind, they left off "40 runs to the good,  with   five   wickets  to  fall.    These  Avere  some of the  great triumphs of the Australian team of 189!).    Their great object  was, of course, to  win  the rubber with  England, and  iuasmnch as  they gained  a great triumph  iu  the one test match  which  AA*as  brought   to a  definite  conclusion    they   are     entitled     to    claim  superiority.    Beyond  all  question, they  demstrated clearly that it Avas impossible  to  beat  them  in  three days on a really  good   Avickot.      The    greatness   of   the  colonial side Avas  proved  not only in its  practical immunity from defeat, but also,  and perhaps iii a  more striking manner,  by the splendid Avay in Avhich  it  played  up Avhen most was demanded of it in tho  last games.    Even Avhen they fared, badly  for  a time  they  always retrieved their  ground, Avhilo some of their predecessors,  most  brilliant if less determined, failed  at  times  upon  the  most important occasions.     Not a   single member  of  the  team has been a  failure, and  in   beating  All England decisively on a hard Avicket,  as  they did  at Leeds, the colonial team  accomplished  a feat  which  no pi-evioris  band  of cricketers from Australia could  claim.  General Mercier's Misdeeds.  Paris, October 4. ��� The Petit Re-  'publiquo says that reports which have  been received at the war of/ice regarding  the expenditures for the Madagascar expedition reveal grave irregularities on  the part of general Mereier.  Death of Dreyfus Witness.  Paris, October 4.���M. Charvary, one of  the hand Avriting experts Avhogave testimony in favor of Dreyfus at the Rennes  court martial, is dead. -.'  ���&.&.&.C=>.C=>.lS>.��  &&&&&&&&&&  Appreciation  The Trembiit Hotel  W1AL0JJE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters fop Miners and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  Gontpaetors and Builders  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  Liquors and Cigars  ALAVAYS ON HAND*  One of the bpst and most pop-.  ~" ular "hotels in "Nelson.    *,  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  nsrs*o**B.J^"isrc'H3  K_!A_i ESTATE AND LOANS.  FOR SALE  5-Room House  81300 150-Foot Conior,...  ���1-Room Homo SIM)  -.300  Ki  l'\  bargains will surprise, you,  Canada Irni and Book Go,,  flnrnor of Bnkhr Anrl StAiiluy StroflfcH. Nolson  HAIB mm AP Iill MAMEJffi  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W. EEARNKYhaa opened a Ladies Hair Drcss-  ii)K Pirlor in room 1, Victoria block, Nelson, *wd is prepared to fuiiish everything in the way Of hair goods  and hair toiiiea;   Treatment of tlio srialp a specialty.  ARCHITECTS.  EWART & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 aud 8 Ab  ' erdeen block. Baker stroot. Nelson.          LODGE   MEETINGS.  TrNIGHTS Ob" PYTHIAS-Nelson Lodge, No, 25,  J-*- Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. F. Hall, corner  Baker, and Kootenay streets, ovory Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock;1 Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. L1LLIE. 0. O. R. G. JOY, K. of R. & S.  NELSON LODOE, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each mouth. Sojourning  brethren invited.  NELSON L. O. L., No. lfifls. moots in I..O. O. F. Hall,  corner Baker and Kootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting bretliorn cordially invited.  JOHN TOYE, AV. M.      F. J. BRADLEY, Roc. Sec.  Fraternal Order of  Wednesday in  brethren wol-  ���VTELSON JEKIK, Number 22, Fratcrna  �����-' Eagle-*, meets every second and fourth Wi  each month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting br  ea  come.  .1. IRVING. President  J. R. WRAY. Secretary.  NELSON MINERS' UNION  NO.  (Hi. W.  I . of M.-  Mcets in Ii. P. rooms, Fraternity Hall, the Jtrst and  third  Saturday evenings in  eaoh month at 8,o'clock.  ��� --��� ���    -n welcome.  CIIAS. A. McKAY, Pres.  Visiting inemlicrs welcome.  JAMES WILKS, Scc'y.  Wes-A.-Watepniarr &-Go.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  A UOTl Q#EERS  SEAL ESTATE and GENEBAL AMTS  Baker Street Nelson  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B. 0. ff*gr|J>iKQ.  Note lo Investors mi Bflillte  Wo give the very Bks'I' Tku.Ms to those  wishing to'borrow Money on, improved real  estate.  The only company in tlieprovince that gives  you: the privilege o�� paying off your Avhole  .Loan AT AnyTimb without a Bonus on giving U GO day notice of your intention was so.  OAMBLE ��&O'REiflULvY'.. Agis  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company;  Globe Savings & Loan Co., Toronto.  Lots for Sale  $550 will purchase a choice residence corner, 100 by 120  feet.  $2100 will-purchase a central lot and residenco.  $100 will purchase  two nice lots and shanty, Robson  street. Ilumo addition.  .3000 will purchase four nice lots and residenco.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont 4 cents.  Blackcock (Ymir) shares 20 cents.  5000 .Utiea at 1_ cents.  ALEX STEWART I  Turuor & Boeokh block. Nelson, B. C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land -within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson. Fur farther  particulars apply to  FRED  J.  SQUIRE,   Nelson,  B.  C.  A largo stock of flrst-class dry matcrlfil on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, tamed work, etc.  FACTORY WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:  Foot of Houdryx; streot, Nolson  Telephone, pi   John Rae, Agent  ���  GREAT REDUCTION  I?S*I^X*V'IE33^3EI"D  Special rales for citvload lols for outside poinls.  TELKPHONJ*!  33  (X W. West & Co.  Oraw's {test Pass Goal!  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with C. W, West  & Co., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent.  Ofllco on Baker streot. two doors from Bank of 11. C.  150 men'; axemen, tie makers, right-  of-way men, etc., for contract work  near Duncan City.  FRANK PREVOST.  RAILROAD WORK.  One hundred men wanted on Xorlli Star Branch of  Crow's Nest I tail way. at Criinbrook, Ihritish Columbia;  good wages. Three miles of sUilion work to list for.next.  thirty davs. Transportation nilos one cent, per'mile.".  TrailsporUIion can bo obtained from'Canadian Paetllu  railway a_en t at Nelson or at any (:. I'. It. slat ion.  **    ��    : .     IJItKCKlNUHJCH &  MIND  Cranbrook, Ocl.bcr.2nd. 1SW. Contractors. .  Largo comfortable  bedrooms and   iirsfc-class  dining  room.   Samplo rooms for commercial mon.  *a^k.T*E3S   ffl2   ���"PE*"***'!  JD^SST  Mrs.  E.  C.   CLARKE,  Prop,  Late of the P.oyal Hotel, Calgary,  The finest hotel iii, the interior.  Largo Sample1 rooms., ,Stcatn heat 'and pleetfic! light.  CORNER OF WARD AND VKUMON ST_., tfELSOtt  UAKKft ANI) WARD STRB*KT$, JJiiCLSON  The only hotel In SelsOrt that hafl romiiltied uiidor ono  management since.;18!XS.  The bcd-roohis aro Woll furnished and lighted by  electricity.  The dining-room is not Second to any In Kootenay.  Tho bar Is always stocked by the b> '   '���'"'  imported liquors- and cigars.  Tho bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  ". cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN". Proprietor.  HOTEL  YMIR,   B-   O.  J. W. SMITH,  Proprietor.  EVERYTHING FJHST-CLASS  Large aiid well lighted ... Heated by hot ai  Reasonable rates Samplo rooms  Electric bells and light In every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PEKKS, Proprietor  Kreo bus meets all trains Rov/flk+nLfi   BL fi  Hourly stroet car to station nevei!>XUR��j U* U.  Night Grill Room in connection, for tlio convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  NOTICE.  On and after (he 1st of October 18!K). tlie Grand Central  Hotel will be run strictly on the K'uriiponii plan.  We have fitted up a now dining room with a seating  eapacitv for one hundred people which will be inn in  connection' with the hotel. All meal* twenty-five ocitN.  payable in the dining room. Will be pleased to'furnish,  meal tickets on applkial inn.  ...-Rooms by the day, week or month.  'Thanking yon for your generous patronage in the past,.,  nnd trusting to be favored witli a emitinusiiice of siiiihj in  the future. I remain, rospeotfally vonrs.  -���-.- .    -' .!���'. SIMPSON*.  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  %  m  m  id  W)  D. McArthur & Go.  mmm0  -#:������������  *<fc  -��y  MA  THE 1ELS0N SAW & PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by;  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors;  newels, turned verandah posts.   Glass ofis^isizeii  o    Jp.    .y        ^*   V   ^    '     *8A;.��*4K.  Factory work of all kinds done to ordep|i*g  mFi  yyy  THE MM SAW 1 MEM  OFFICE AND MILLS COENER HALL AND FEONT STS,, NElIcKi  P. Burns & CM  *'��e:��;.J  '!: .3?^l'''i  ���$:^%--:y  ."js'^s^  fe.T:  UKAI)   OfKICK  AT  NRL.SON, H. C.  Wholesale and R0aMfi  .   .   Dealers ZiHliiSi  Wholesale Markets at tHelson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Retsiil JMiirkets nt Nelson, Ktuslo, Humlon, SilveHon, Now Dom*nr, Ymir,  C;iHC.*ido, (Jrucnwxiod, Alulwiiy, unci Sirdar.  Twill's Utfitod EarJ^y  Mali Orders Promptly Porwmded.  Ahlj KINJ>3 OF  FRESH AND SAL.TED MEATS  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEAS-DN  ���������yi'S'^i  flreet  .a    *?���     h JSBirs w*_W|  GKDRRS DY M:Alh ItEGKtVK CAHKFUIj AND' J^ItdJWP* ATl'ENTXON.  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuser-Busch Lager Beer!  sale" by the trade in Nelson.  IT  A. B  Highest class Lager produced.     -Oh  ASK FOR  v '       R. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, Baker pSt., Nelsojj, Noxt -Oddfellows- Building;.  Ik Boyal faflioiises  <:.  Corner of Ward nnd Hoover .Struots.  K. Omy/AKUjK, K.R.TI.S., PltOt'MG'l'Oll  BULBS! BULBS! BULBS!  5(I,(KX) of llu: clioicesl, vnriuliu.s foi full nliuilinK lo arrivo  .In ii fuw diiys direct from the growers iii Holland, con-  sisliiiK of llyacinllis, Tnlilis, Dall'odils, Narcissus,Hcillus,  I.il.vof the Valley, (.'roeus, .lonrjviils, Snow Drovis, Ano-  moiitis, I'UiiInnutiliiM, Iris (;liiiiod(��xii, etc. Orders to tHd  value of two dollars and upwards sunt, by mail or ux-  l'ress free, and at less than ea-itcrn prices.  H. D. Asfaeroft  BLAGKSMlTHiNG  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon repairing promptly attended to "by a first-class  wheelwright.  Special attention given to all. kinds ot repairing and  custom work from outside points.  S^op:   Hall Street, between Baker and Vernon, Neleon THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY OCTOBER 5, 1899.  o  DON'T  WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there arc no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Legrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those  of the Crown Perfumery Company of  London. These orders may be purchased  either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment  of French Toilet  Soaps.  .-F.--TEETZEL.-ft CO.  New  Arrivals  BARBERS' REGULATION COATS *  Very Nobby  BARTENDERS' REGULATION- VESTS  WAITERS' COATS IN SEVERAL STYLES  COOKS' CAPS, APRONS, Etc.  J. A.  Oilker  The   Leading   Furnisher  of Beaety  Is a. My to Roth Giver.and Receiver  Newest Styles  Standard Quality  Best Finish  THEY WILL ALWAYS SELL WHEN ANYTHING WILL  AND COST NO MORE  THAN THOSE OF DOUBTFUL REPUTATION  Just Received  A large consignment of Sterling Novelties comprising Manicure Sets with and without Amethyst settings. They are beauties. Cut Glass  in a variety of patterns mounted with Sterling  Brushes  Combs  Whisks  Soap Boxes  Puff Boxes  Shoe Horns  Mucilage Bottles  Salts Bottles  Powder Bottles  Chatelains  Scissors  Button Hooks  Bib Holders  Shaving Sets  Toilet Sets  Baby Sets  Embroidery Sets  Desk Sets  Crochet Sets  Pumice  Fine watch repairing a specialty.    All work guaranteed.  Jacob Dover. Jeweler  Bj^KTEJ-R   STREET,   -NELSON  eo SVSadson  For Winter Outfitting  uawfnv>n Fop Miners and  .'U'Ctl. lt*/l O WnfVIno-iTienc: f.  Working mens1 Clothing  m___joj_i Baker Street  til.  Underclothing, Maokinaws,  Gloves and Mitts.  W. P. "DICKSON  E. H. H. APPLBWHAITB  J. McPHEB  ootenay Electric Supply and .Mrnetion Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete Electric Equipments for. EUeGtrlo Power Transmission and Lighting* for Mines, Towns  Electric "Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones. Annunciators, Etc,  P. O. Box 868. ....... Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  A Supposed Burglar Arrested.  F. "YV. Peters had an amusing experience Tuesday night in escorting a man  somewhat under tlie influence of liquor  to the city lockup. The man was prowling around Mr. Peters'* residence about  eleven o'clock, and Mr. Peters was telephoned for. Relieving his family and  household gods to be in danger, he hurriedly ran three blocks, reaching hi.shonie  pretty badly winded for an all-round  .athlete. Tho supposed burglar was collared instantor, but had he offered the  slightest resistance, he would have had  tin easy escape. The man was marched  down towards the city buildings without  protest, and at the lire hall was turned  over toa li reman.  Rev. A. AV. Hayer, who ministered to  the spiritual needs of Ymir, and played  first-class lacrosse for Nelson during the  past summer, spent yesterday in town on  liis way to Toronto to complete liis theological studies.  Mr. Young, the, Presbyterian missionary who has been assigned to the Ainswortli district, in the place of F. J. A.  Bennett, who died from the result of a  recent shooting accident, passed through  Nelson yesterday on his way to the pioneer mining camp.  .John B. Noxon and Miss Mary McDonald were married yesterday morning  in the Catholic church by Rev. Father  Ferland. They left for Spokane, where  they will spend their honeymoon.  The dramatic company that is now  playing at tho opera house will peform  "Damon and Pytliias" on Friday .night.  The peformance will be under the auspices of the Knights of Pythias of Nelson.  Unless something unforseen happens,  the adjustment of the local fire insurance  rates will be made at once. Failing to  secure the desired readjustment  through the general agents, who were in  the city- recently, the executive of the  Mainland board of underwriters have instructed Dixweil Davenport of San Francisco, surveyor for tho Pacific Coast  board of underwritei'S, to attend to tlie  readjustment. Mr. Davenport arrihed iu  Nelson last evening. He is accompanied  by A. AV. Ross, inspector for the Mainland board of underwriters.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Boy Wanted���Good, smart boy.   Apply  .if oiu o.    Vi od Ii \ me & Co., VuKon.  Wanted. ��� Dining - room    gill     aud  cJi.lDilicriiMiil .il Qilucn's Hotel, \oKon.  Owing  to  difficulty in   securing boy,  Will) Will llbll\Cl '["ill Titllll M*. lfKllI'1'b l�� MlllKilllK.1 ���>.  lilt! ( 1|\   (ll( 111 lllftll Of   1*111.  Tltllll  M, VP)ll 111.' -pppW If)   .1 10-  ���p|iiuiMblu pel son oii .i .��)! i.ish IhisiN Applj pit ullicu yn  Vuinoii '-litut.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  h. jr. Jameson, Ctnioj Jilock, linker slice I wosl.    '  Owing to a death in tho family  of the  ownoi, flic followitipri>ioi>cil,\ Is o/ldCtl for llllIIK<Ii.Uo  snlc, ii.imeh, Ihe Jloinc 1uii]H',iii<e JIolcl, logollKi  villi nil (he furlnlino Tlio k*u'ii'<1 *s ���"*" '�� ''-<> feel, al  the iioilhe.isl tfiiiior of Vuinoii and JJ.ill sheets. -Ai>i'l}  on Ihe jiiciiiises.  Offices  to   rent���Single    or   iu   suite.  lie.vlv foi oidipaiK) Xoicrnboi lsl. Apply to .John  Houston. Tiibuno Office.  Since  tho  first  day  of April  last, all  new .uheitisonienls ,i]i]1c.iiImk in Tin Tumi m li.i\e  Ixoii i li.nnod Ioi .il liiu i,itc of ���>! .Hi 111U1 pu iiijinfli.  ���\11 .iil\i'ilis(iii(ii|. .tie liisciled in both the dailj .mil  wceklj uhlions.  Wa!trcss wanted at once,    Wages  ff25  i inoiilb     K'.ps'o ITold. JCislo  AVanted, a  good  steady, middle  aged  iii.iii lo jul iis iiij.'hl puller and \,ird ma i al Jlodl  I'h.ui.  Miss MoDkumottt  Mi&=i Tamiji.yk*  The "Wonder"  MILLINERY  "ffM'S-'S'l'o'dJt NEW AND tJP-TO-DA-l'Ji;.  FANCY GOOm.  Lessons In ciiibroidory nnd face work. Stumping done:  Orders taken for cushions, Iflriiip- sinulopi, etc.  Two doors Vforfts Miutiil O'Koilley &. Cb's,  IfoveMies in Millinery  J 'iiiu -In r��c(ji|)tftf ilio Ititesi, in iHillitKit'.v tilii'l iiiillU  HUjr.v iHivultics* I'lfrcel. froiij 8bw York;  ClUI nnd jliwpt!3l-.   .MRS., M. MciUA.U'C3;friUlN  Josepliiilo Sl.i*eel��� iionr iluker.  t&  Wtt iiavi: si:ocr��Ei> tj in so uv. aok.vcV mm.  "MjCm WATER"  IMITATIONS CAN N'OT NOW HI'* I'UT ON  THJO MAJUCKT.  Vkhnox Stkkbt  N'liUSON, JJ. C.  THORPE & CO., Ltd.  k  Tenders for the erection of the London  & British Columbia Goldfields offices are  required to be in the architect's ollice by  0 o'clock this evening.  George B. Gibson who created a disr  turban eo on Baker street, was fined $10  and costs by mayor Neelands yesterday  upon a charge ot* assault, and tji 10 and  costs upon a charge of malicious damage  to property. The fines and costs, together  with the assessment for damages, amounted all told to $:il.  The city clerk is collecting all the  arrears owing to the corporation which  can be recovered under any known process. The arreas under the head of water  rates is considerable, some consumers being in arrears for the entire year. The  clerk now proposes to give notice to all  in arrears for more than six months that if  the said arrears are not paid on or before  a given date that the amount of the arrears will bo recovered by distress without any legal preliminaries.  An English gentleman who, being a.  large landed proprietor in the old country and somewhat of an amateur architect, was passing through Nelson yesterday was much struck with the manner in wliich sonic of the residences here  are built. Noting in particular the  Roman Catholic church, he asked if the  columns in the interior and western portico were made in the States or Eastern  Canada, "lie was, surprised to learn that  they were of local manufacture.  The Independent Order of Foresters  yesterday paid this.widow of AVilliam  Hodson $1000, being the .amount the deceased had insured his life for in that  society.  A lady in Fire Valley wrote toa Nelson  merchant as follows: "1 read your advertisement in Thi*i AVi-'Uki.v Thihunk.  Will you please mail me a price list of  your dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes,  and groceries. Also give, the price of  children's express wagons,  list was mailed.  tankiiist Stoel  Has been a great success and has certainly  exceeded our expectations, which goes to  prove that the people  of Nelson know when  they a^e getting genuine bargains. We still  have a large stock to  choose from and will  continue to sell until  The  price  all is sold.  SOME MORE  SAMPLE   PRICES  AJ,Tp WOOL SUll.TS  AND DKAWIUtS  CAKPKVJKIl  AI*KOpVS .    .  IHKNS' lMMK  Slt-IIG B SUITS  JIi-AVy JJLAOK  SATIN  AU'l?  TttHsiaNy   50cts.  25cts.  . $4.00  .$1.00 yd  All new goods in our reg  stock are  being rnarked  down at prices that It  '" no longer pay  to  send   east  for goods.  EfJ,I0f JJL0CK, BAKKtt STitKltJt, NE1"pS0N.  Bakor street, between Josophino and  Hull streots, Nolson.  MKALS Al' AtL HOURS, DAY OR NIGHT  RAXEKY IN CONNECTION*  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPKOIAJjTY  ONLY WHITE HKLP KMPLOYKO  3B-     *E3:*tJ*B**R'5r.,     PBOiPSiBTOS  'arsons  nnpany  WHOLESALE  . Butter,  ��� Eggs,  . Cheese,  . Green  . Fruits,  . Cured  . Meats,  . Vegetables  To Packers and Freighters  POE   S-A-^m.  21 Pack Mules.  6 Work Mules.  2 Saddle Horses.  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF BACON  Full stocks carried at Nelson  and  A U; Aa of illiiiik tolw, Willi cvore kiml of sdmW nilini; and urinlcd heading, mmmfaclmwl right hero in     1-. ,     *",       ..   -, . .-   ..     .  <**���   Nclsou, by well-paid wurkinvn, who hik-iiiI LhoircuriiinKX in NcIkoii.   Tribune Association, LiiniUid, vornou St. J KOSSiand.     JVIail  OrdOTS SOlJClteu  I  liiggiiiB and harness may bo arrangod for.   Apply  lo  T. Git AII AM, Albert Canyon, B, C.  Special Mice totk People of lootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler J  artr  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you with Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters' Tools  A   FULL  LINE  SHELF HARDWARE  THE BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BURNING UP MONEY  Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be  Regulated to Save Fuel ?  IT WILL PAY YOU  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The living in fiiol effected will sooii equal  the cost of the range. Jt can be so <|iiickl>r  aiid easily regulated that there need be no  >v.M.sfco of heat or fuel. New patented improvements olTei* you more eon ven ienee and  com fort than you'll find in any other range.  TWO  CAR-LOADS-TO  SELECT  FROM  LAWRENCE HARDWARE GO.  map eo sooa  Lang's Oelelrated Cream Flake  Sodas, 3-lb Cartons   Kirkoatrick & WHsoiti  GET JT FROM  esBrisay  OR NOT AT ALL  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C,  Get the Best Jams  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND  PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO  BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Streot West, Nolson   John A. Irving & Co,  Strachan   Bros.  FL-cri^aaB-BS, B-rc,  OPEEA   "HCOXJJ3-E3   BI.OCK:


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