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 NO RACE FOR THE "AMERICA" CUP  Yachts Becalmed Again.  Nrav York, October 5.���Again today  the sea refused Shamrock and Columbia  a field of conflict; again today the multitude, which went out to sea to watch the  contestants for tlie international yachting championship of tho world, returned  disappointed and not a little disgusted.  The question of supremacy of the two  great yachts is still as inucli an open  question as before they first met as the  contest today was in some respects more  of a fluke than that of Tuesday.  It w.ms a drifting match almost from  start to finish. Crossing the line with a  biee/.e of five knots an hour, it never  blew more than six, most of the time less  than three,' and part of the time not a  breath of air was stirring. After sailing  '1 hours anil 1*3 minutes, the yachts having  covered only twelve miles of the course  to the outer mark, the regatta committee  declared the race off, as it was manifestly  impossible, with the bree/.e then blowing,  for the licet racers to round tho stake  boat before the time limit expired, much  less to get back home again.  During the time in which the yachts  were at it, the wind which carried them  dead before it over tlie line hail hauled  around, until, at the finish, they were  beating into its teeth. While the wind  held astern Columbia steadily outfooted  .her rival until she was fully half a mile  ahead, but in the shifting bafiliiig winds,  t'nit followed during the last three hours,  with the great single stickers tacking  and beating and jibbing to catch every  stroke, of the wind, with fortune helping  one about as much as the other, .Shamrock gradually worked her way up until,  when the race was declared oil', the two  boats were about on even terms, Shamrock perhaps half a length ahead, but so  close was Columbia that captain Barr  could have thrown a biscuit to the foreigner from over the sea.  The only lesson learned by the nautical  sharps from today's trial of the abilities  of the two boats is that in light weather  conditions Columbia is the superior in  running and tacking and Shamrock better  in beating. There has yet been no indication of'what either boat can do in a  piping wholesale breeze. So gentle were  the crestless pulsating seas that any sort  of harbor or river craft could venture  out with impunity, and a vast colony of  boats, ocean going steamers, yachts, tugs,  sidewheelers and sailing vessels gathered  around the red hulk of the Sandv  Hook  nn  FKTDAY MORNING, OCTOBER G,  185)9.  PUBLISHED AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  last in order to beat the head ofthe yacht  up. Only two men were busy easing  sheets and tightening halyards when the  wind began to die and the great baloons  of canvass forward collapsed like meal-  sacks. At the same time the wind canted a. little and Columbia concluded to  change her tactics, took in her spinnaker  and tried reaching, leaving the baloon  .jib set.- It was a challenger to Shamrock  on her best point of sailing and captain  Hogarth eagerly accepted the gauntlet.  Then they went heeling over toward  the Long Island shot and Columbia continued to increase her lead. Shamrock  attempted to crowd on a little more  canvas by setting her stay sail, but it  only kept the wind from her balloon and  the sail hung from the stay as light and  lifeless as n wet rag. In a few* minutes  she took it down. As tliey approached  the Long Island shore, the bree/.u lifted a  moment, then closed down again, and the  yachts continued to drift.  The great ocean liner Auguste Victoria  of the Hamburg-American line, outward  bound to Southampton, broke through  the misty circle where the yachts were  battling for supremacy and slowed down  for a. moment to let the passengers who  lined the rail catch a glimpse of the contest, then she clipped her flag and steamed  on. A few minutes later the Ciinard liner  Servia, -with the Union Jack at half rail,  appeared as if. by magic through the outer  ledge of the curtain and came following  into port. In vain the patrol boats whistled tlieir warning, but she swung slightly outward as she came on straight  through the course, dipped her flag as she  got abeam of the racers, and disappeared,  like, a strike 'three-quarters of a mile to  leeward. Columbia got most of the wash  from the big trans-Atlantic liner, bobbing on the huge swell as it went under  her and spilling much wind out of her  sails. ..  Meantime the excursion fleet was pushing toward the limit mark. When they  got there they waited for au hour, but  the champions did hot come.;.. Through  the mist they could just-be made out  looking like high-peaked circus' tents.  ���.'|'hen,n when the wind  hauled  around  to  If"'  I: .  '���^.*$}Kij*c*0'-^  _\ ^l:i;d-ito^i)e��>' ";b<M**ts -goaitdlMg **h���. ;;gt��i;i?��(j  ���'������:-fU.dtd!^  . :-$K^ 4;dif%4f: :bffliVfe:'ii;kejhpQdl;pj.' tJtiriiiTvg  '��� tlio^eSodrsiO!. ^ ^Rut vi'il.tjl.0"  '.". !ii;i"!jct*i;^^va$ fep;ei|i^ii;gedi!todaf- .'a*? 'c*a$*--  '.: ''.liaih^lSvaivfr'" nnttee,"*,. tly'.'atenillg (fee^eOn-'  /:"i3^i4iiiSsii;��*is*i*...t'QJ"<*.lt-urH"i'ii*��'''3"r.: h"(#'a' ' wholesome,  ;MJ1iea>: '* Aii^ivily   ^he' eiiOw'tl'   Si, .is, . c'li>  ���'��� Si-fpf-^livtcil.. "l��.��J"in o|.e hady-oonia. downy  y'rp'"ayW%' for a 3'$$'.byre^a-mtu: .hi*3'''^WW'ift  'ijvs/tearf  'that:  there-  was  n.apl'Ify ' wind  eh jugh to keep the .lftfs, %tte;ri:��g.  Outside of the ruck Of steamers, the  ,*ddKnVf .lider Yigilkfit Ihacfe- a be*lu.tiful;  picture leading the way through the  lihlstj tiiid the old .cho%er Ainei*ica,  .wivfijsh nad brought the: bine ribbon  ��� across the Sell lift." years ago, attracted  universal attention as, she sailed about  lose�� bo,w her latest champion would 'de*  fehd it.  The preparations were made aboard:  both yachts foi- the lightest airs bel'ove  =the-.4tal*t.^G0iumb:iii:discai-ded yher [teavy  Steel topSfVil yard for ii lighter and longer  pine ono, and the Irish bout sent aloft the  largest club topsail ever seen on her..  As soon as the committee boat had  hoisted the signal letters "D������ L," making  the course fifteen miles, southeast by  south, dead before the wind and return,  a pulling tug steamed straight out to sea  to plant tlie outer mark, which neither  racers were destined to round today.  .There.was some pretty man��uvcrs bo-  hind the lino before the start. But got  across in the smoke of tho last gun, the  white boanty a length ahead and in tlie  windward berth. The wind Was blowing  hardly five knots. Ab she crossed, the  green boat broke out her spinnaker,  which was in steps. It was an English  fashion to hoist this sail from the boom,  and Shamrock, iti her trials, clung to the  way beyond the seas, but since her arrival  she had learned many Yankee tricks, and  breaking out the spinnaker is one of  them,  Tiie cupdefender was a little slow in  getting her big bellying sail out and this  somewhat dampened the ardor of tlie  patriotic throng of Americans, wlio love  nothing so much as forehandedness and  Snap; but sixty seconds later both were  ou even terms fleeing before the wind,  wing and wing, spinnaker balancing  mainsail and bulging jib drawn forward.  The laxy bree/.e carried the big yachts  down the wind at a snail's pace. For almost an hour tlie spectators on the excursion .boats watched them drift.  The only cheering feature of the situation for the majority of onlookers was  that Columbia steadily gained ground,  inch by inch as'she crept along. .At the  end of fifteenniinutes several lengths of  ���clear water showed between her and her  great rival. '. On and on she moved until  she was 100 yards ahead. The whole  crew of each yacht .was afc to act as. bal-  l%f*^  .takei.^^^  llfoj**';*!^^  .hall .tiijc;'. tbi'icyyfn.'-d^^ 'theii^  ��� si^ij >s jf lt3> (3 _> i i "i^itiaMp fe^^ j^e^ t^0^pkrstlHs'  .wits-.kept :ni)-.:;<Siirjn^ ;  '������"to*:fe;6 at*^ to-ti^  diyew vj;p\-:oii',-')i��'^ Ratiie. vtliajn  ���proloni; -I.'xe agony'ai^H^WS|*'*h,s6.' at s$l$&  w'ltau B Was' k^piiyt'en'ty that tho-yaelttS'  could hot Snake tile-outer inajijk, higi**! jyless  the ftnl, Ji^iintl Miycsn bjsthy were oii vOv^yt  tefinS, the ?C0)ifh3ittM deefdgdyKi cilll the  tface off.. 'Uucfei* the r'uies: tody's race  will no .sailed o^er oh ���Sathftdji'y..  The ijiost dramatic picture and inte'r'f  esting incident Of th�� day Qceiua-ed jnst  at the finisli and it repaid the thousands  of -jiglltseoiys. Cor tlie disappointment they  Avere experiencing. Just as; $h&- regatta,  coiumittOe boat Swung out the balloon  triatic, stay, whieh declared the me. off,  the spectators, all -of whomApere in doubt  its to which boKit was ahead, \vej:e 'VfatcU.-  ing tlie yaclits with inteiise interest.  Tliey had split tacks and now Coluihbia  was sailing towarcl the Irish boat on port  tack witji^lhe evillWt^nWjT'BiWiT^fin^s"^  ing licr baw. The Water between thein  grew iiaiTOWei' and narrower until she  was close enough to pass a linei aboard���  Everybody aboard the excursion fleet expected her to cross Shamrock's bow, but  captain Baw found it too lisky, and as  tlie Ainerieali champion rose in a qneeiily  way on a. heavy swell, he put his helm  down and caine over on the starboard  tauk under Shamrock's fee. It wtos a dis.-*  appointingyiuovo for the patriots. Although Cohiinbiji had her nose in front,  the challenger hipped her arid held, her  weather gauge, .lust at this instant the  signal went up declaring the race off,and  before the astonished spectators realized  what had .happened thoy saw both  yachts, whose skipper had evidently been  waiting for the signal, turn about, and  head for hoilie.  The sea was a picture. A full rigged  ship, with all her royals set, was sailing  proudly out to sea, while out to the westward, in the direct track of the excursion  fleet as the vessels headed straight for  home, the North Atlantic squadron, bound  for Hampton Roads, was majestically  bearing down. The big men-of-war svei-e  moving in squared formation ahead, their  white sides glistening, their yellow  superstructures and smoke belching  stacks gilded into gold by the  slanting     rays     of     the     sun. As  tlie excursion fleet moved toward  them, a string of signal flags ��� fluttered  from the flagship, the armored cruiser  New York, and the squadron chauged  formation, line abreast, and came on as  if to annihilate the fleet. But none of  the vessels were frightened. They went  by with their whistles shrieking delight,  and the band:* playing patriotic airs..  One of the police patrol.boats paused to  push-its nose under the towering steel  sides of the New .York aud bark out a  salute of thirteen guns to rear admiral  Sampson. The admiral roared out his  response gun for gun. Then the fleet,  which liad slowed up to Avitness the spectacle, hove to.  Commodore George S. Scott of the Quebec Yacht Club, who heads a party f.iom  Quebec to see the yacht races, does not  think that an opportunity was afforded  by the race on Tuesday to determine  which is the better boat. "What we  need," said the commodore, "is an eight-  een-knot breeze. The race over the lirst  half yesterday was fairly exciting, but  after the wind died out there Avas no AAray  to toll Avhich yacht was the better.  Shamrock had rather the better handling, but at the same time she had better  luck in catching the fluffy Avinds. I look  to see close matches right through. I  don't belie\'e three races will settle it; it  will' probably take the five."  FERGUSON IS A MINING CENTRE  Around Which are Promising Properties.  Ferguson, October 2.���An important  deal was put through last Aveek by which  Frank Appicost disposed of his half interest iu the Triune, the consideration  being $5000 cash. The Triune is situated  above the Free Coinage, being on the  same lead as the Silver Cup, Sunshine,  Towser, and other Avell-known locations.  This makes the second deal Avhich has  been put through for property on that  lead with in* two weeks, the Towser having  been sold to Chicago parties for .$4.0,000  only a short time since. Tliere has been  a good strike on the Sih'er Cup.- Tlie  company has been running a long crosscut tunnel to tap the lead at a good  depth. They tapped the lead a few days  ago and struck eighteen inches of high  grade shipping ore. Charles Copp and  Frank Yaletti brought in samples from  an important discovery made by them on  the head of Haskins creek. They report  from four to live feet of solid galena.  oA-er the  province  being  present.    Hon.  Mr. Fisher Avent down to Victoria today.  A Mining Man Wlio Means Business.  Rene Landi of London,  has  bonded  a  group of claims situated at the'head- of  ���Atl^-tou'tyv^  '^IfI|Fwi*MS^  Man Sandbagged to Death in Victoria.  ViCToiiiA, October 5.���Mike Powers,  avIio Avas sandbagged at his own gate on  Fort street last Sunday morning, died  this afternoon at '3 o'clock in the .Jubilee  hospital, Avhence he had been removed  this morning Avhen his injuries seemed  more serious than at lirst supposed. He  did not anticipate death and an attempt  today on the part of the police to secure  an anti-morteni statement failed on that  account. Poavcis' tAvo assailants fled at  the appearance of a cabman; they had  inflicted severe kicks on his side Avluch  Avere supposed to be the cause of his  death. Powers Avas for many years proprietor of tho Brown Jug saloon here,  but latterly he has had the GaiTiek's  Head.  ROSSLAND'S   FIREMEN   SWEEP  The Board at New Westminster.  Special to the Tribune.  Ni:av WESTiAHXpSTUn, October "**.���The  fireman's tournament, for liberal iirix.es,  aviis the chief event of the provincial exhibition games this morning. The teams  competing were from Rossland,Kamloops,  Wellington, Nanaimo, Watcom and Port  Townseud. The races Avere pulled off on  Columbia aAreuue and Avere Avitnessed by  several thousand people fiom both sides  of the international boundary line. The  results Avere as follows:  Dry  test���Rossland,  first;    time   31$-.  seconds.    Nanaimo, second ;   time  35 1-5  seconds.    Kamloops, third ; time 38  seconds.  llub-and-hub   race;���Rossland,    first;  time 23 seconds.  Kaijiloops, second ; time  25 2-5  seconds.    Nanaimo,   third;   time |  ���25i seconds.  Wet test���Watcom, first; time 39 seconds. "Nanaimo, second; time 30 2-5  seconds. Port Townseud, third ; time 40  seconds. Rossland started Avell in the  latter eA'enc"., but Avas fouled in the start.  The protest A\*as not sustained by the  judges.  75th Field Batteries, from England, due  about October 15th; 21st, 42nd and 53rd  Field Batteries, from India; 1st Devonshire (11th); 1st Gloucestershire (2Sth);  2nd King's Royal Rifles (00th); 2nd Gordon Highlanders (02nd); 1st Northumberland Fusiliers (5th), for Natal from England, due October 12th ; 1st Border Regiment (3 lth(, for Capo Town from Malta,  due October 23rd ; 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers (87th), for Natal from Egypt, due  October 10th; 2nd Rifle Brigade, for  Cape Town from Crete, due October 29th ;  three companies Army .Service Corps,  due October 12th ; one company Army  Ordnance Corps, due October 12th.  ��*GVjG w ^"ii**:'*^i-Jit iii  uunlHnm  H   -"      . *  -_���*/] 1   P    ."���"-''"���ah-.t"."-^     '  ���fin'e^'fiioK^  *to%-'_)aid|#^  ; j.as'4>a'ld .^estetftTt-^j^  ���11;io!eiof.' -^^nyS^C It%/tiic"ijtle,htiJoM  of''"tii^ ^iu^ha:s^r;'to'develop;::they:'Fi'py-'  .erties" bji a:l.a*,:ge;SGafe'{grthsvitK '^neslj'  $a;n sfieidi: svhoy r"6p^^  leaves today f# Sioeaii: 'Gitsj"iy witerts he  will engage a |orc!e; of twelve nienaiid  proc^d totl. iMMh/^ for tlie  :cofti.ug'y>vin^  ''���\%#fcjJig. on .ijliei ���properties' steadily; si"iE*.e  last, Aiigust, _fr. liahsllelfl says that  ythoreyis a good deaf' of -work: being clone  on other properties in. the sanie locality.  Bo Avisheslttobo. known that he pays  his iii en tlie regidation scido of Avages.',  namely, $B.50lor oight-hour sldfts.  Development Work to "be' Oommettced.  Extensive developuient wotfk is to be  eouihienced at once on tlie Treadwell and,  John A, claims, wliich adjoin the .Joker  mine, Dear the head of the south fork of  Kaslo creek. A fine body of ore is now  showings iip^oii=the=_Jioker, jii^thejifMgL  said claims liave the same lead. These  properties were recently under bond to  Jules Flontot, the managing director of  tlie Excelsior Gold Mines, Limited, but the  bond Avas allowed to lapse, and another  outfit lias taken over the property.  RAILWAY   AND   STEAMBQAfr NOTES.  More local outgoing freight left the  Canadian Pacific freight sheds yesterday  than during any previous .day in the  history of Nelson. From early Wcklhes-  day uiorning till 10 o'clock in the evening,  the truckers were kept busy loading the  the cars. All told, the merchandise shipments totalled some 53 tons. It was sent  to Rossland and Trail, and points in  Boundary, Slocan, and along the Crow's  Nest Pass road.  The Hall Mines smelter yesterday  shipped two cars of copper matte over  tlie Crow's Nest branch to New York.  Tlie shipment Avas valued at something  aver $11,000.  During the week ending September  30th the Canadian Pacific rati way carried  1030 tons of freight out of Nelson. This  AAras made up of lime rock, matte, lumber  and merchandise.  SHORT BITS OF NELSON NEWS.  Born in Nelson yesterday, to the Avife  of Thomas Powell, a daughter.  Judge Forin sat hi chambers yesterday  and left in the afternoon for Rossland.  He Avill hold sittings of the county court  at Fort Steele ou the 10th instant and  return to Nelson in time for the next  sittings of the county court on the 10th  instant. ���.      .,..-' .  Political Meeting in Victoria.  VioToiuA,.  October   5.���The    Liberal-  Conservative. Association is in session in  New   Westminster,   delegates/from all  lt^r5salBed:<fe  ."  ":^tti:tij*^ :',:.:".y:���'���.'''  :The' literos^:uiai%ii.betA#4?- $te.���West-  nnnsterf and^Tcsi-ontOS :fbr tlie cham pibnr  ' sliipof Canada at ^i*Geh;sPasrl< .his,ajter-  noon>the ,��e^Qnd.gaMey.of tho  :sujted in favor of tlie British  ichainpions by a score oi 7 to 3.  series, re-  Coluhibift  J. 'Wretched. Mall Service, i;  fivhe people of Ferguson,in Laydean -"dLsf*  tiluit, are not without a jvist grixj-s-anc^;  , a|iainst tihe post office depit.rfcmontv ^heji;'������  imwi service Is reported as simply wretell-.  ed. 'Tliere must be something Tadicallyp  AvA'b'ng wlien a plate as impoitant as Fei'-:  ;gnsbii is #?.iiy:-i\ilic*'W"tsd one mail a AM'eek,  NnniliSr of Bi;iiisn Soldiers in South Africa:  Aiitliohgli mucli is heard of tlie imiJol't-  aiice to liritaiu of suilieient delay to render possible the strengthening of the  forces at the Cape it, should not be forgotten that Bi-itain already has ciuifib a  :���foi-mid_dyojw*myj:Wi^^  ill the Transvaai. The forces"Ht tlnr  several camps in Natal already total  some 10,000 men, at least 8000 of wlioui  are regulars. While at the Cape, if tiie  mounted rifles and volunteers are in eluded:, there are another 10,000 men. At the  Dundee Gamp there afe 2400 men with,  10 guns composed of the following : I Stli  Hussars,; moiijited infantry (200 strong);  two batteries of field ai'tillery; one battery of -mountain' artillery; detachment  of engineers:; 1st Leicestershire Regiment  (17th); 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers  (103rd).  At Ladysmith and other Natal; points  tliere are some 8200 men,, of whom all  save between 1500 and 2000 Natal police  and volunteers, are regulars. This force  is composed of : 5th Lancers ; 1st King's  Royal Rifle Corps (00th); One battery  of field artillery; 1st Manchester Regiment (03rd); 1st King's Liverpool Regiment (8th); Detachment Royal Engineers,  Army Service Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps, and Natal police and volunteers.  The troops at the Cape comprise : 1st  Loyal North Lancashiro (47th), at De  Aar ; 2nd Berkshire (00th), at King William's Town ; 1st Royal Minister Fusiliers  (101st); detachments of Royal Engineers,  companies of the Royal Garrison Artillery, Army Service Corps; local forces  such as those of colonel Powell and major  Vyvyau, in Bechuanaland, and tho military forces of the Cape, and 1000 mounted  rifles and 7000 volunteers.  The troops now on the ocean destined  for the Transvaal comprise three cavalry  - regiments of from .1500.to 1800 men, six  batteries and nine battalions Avith 8000  men, or close upon 10,000 all told. This  force is made .up of :��� 5th Dragoon Guards,  from India; 9th I mincers, from-, India ;  IS)th .Hussars,."from  India';   18th, ��� (J2ud,  Provincial Gazette for the Week.  The Provincial Gazette today contains  notice of   the folloAviug provincial   appointments :���Jas. D. Gordon of Tobacco  Plains, East Kootenay, to be  coroner  of  the province ; AVm. Dodd of Yale,  to  be  mining recorder and a collector of revenue  tax for the Yale mining division  and a  provincial  police  constable;    Alexander  Lochore of Foster's Bar, to- be a  license  commissioner   for  the   Ashcroft   license  district,  vice   F.  W.   Foster,   resigned ;  Herbert Ridley ToAvnsend of Rossland, to  be a registrar under the marriage act and  a deputy of the registrar of the Rossland  registery of the  supreme  court;    John  Boultbee, of the city of Rossland, P.M., to  hold small debts courts for the said  city  and      Avithin      a      radius      10     miles  therefrom, vice John  Kirkup.    William  P.  Marchant   of   the   city   of   Victoria  to be a clerk in the office of the registrar  of the supreme  court, Victoria, vice D.  McBrady, resigned.  To be justices of the peace for tlie  counties of Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver,  Westminster, Yale, Cariboo and Kootenay respectively : Frank Compron Sew-  ell of pSaudon; James B. Leighton of  Clinton; EdAvard Hunt of Stevestone;  John C. Drewry ot Moyie; Robert E.  Kittson of Tadnor; Neil McLeod Curraii  of Kimberley, Ec'ist Kootenay; Janies  Lockie BroAvn of Surrey; Rasmus Hanson  of Cape Scott, VancoiiA'er Island, and  Daniel Bowen Stevens and Louis J. Berg  Of Trail. -; -:  ^mWlftf-W^es^^  Slnd^^ie-l^dh'^  ��� tifti!i6d,r;:'iffiita��r^50lS^  'SOi^OiO-vOi'dinacy ;sh;aj;ej����� ;^i: ,^cli,,^ahdi;:5p;  ttefepredvsljares: #^|';.'eaeE- y,Tiie;'j|eadf'  Qnarteiis atSS-' ���slfcrnftodf 'iii.. jBfelV Holfid^,;-'  (idit&ty of feondohv Eiigla'iid.   Tlie 'CobteS  dldv Di'edge���-. So. 1 OohiXiany,,.: Linifte'd,."-,  capital MO.OOO', li^idcpMiittiisiu piiglahdy  filie^hterjlrise^^ .Mhie-p  liUmv^,- eai^  J:5;(^^'s1iareS .'Sfl^l*- ���qacl'ij/liead^lijitftej^^  at -London, Bhghind\ '$llefoilbivln:i_ye0nj-  paijies liave beeli 'iiigOiipohttedt.P^^boi^O;  ^owhsite Site Coiniiaiiy, Liinltedj-. ccipititl  $50;,C100? lic*ado,,ua4tei^ at liossland. . /EM  IgxpanslOn (loid Mnuhg Coni|janly, Lli'n-  ited, capita;! $1,000,000,, 'heiidxinte'terS at  Sydney, B,^ ��� .  ���  .Notice is given that Roy Claife, mining  engincei* of iiossland, has been appointed  the attorney for the Pacific BnlliOu  Mining Company- in place of Fred: R.  Oliver of Rosslandp  Notice is given that tlie Pticific Coast  Power__���_>.,. ijimited, a specially jncor-  poi*ated com pan y, reg istered^Selfteniber  18th, ISOO, has submitted its undertaking to the lieiiteuantrgovcrnor in . substance as follows : " to construct a dam  across Powell riA'er in Ncav Westminster  district at a suitable point above the  falls and to convoy the watei: thenee to  some place on the spa coast, to be used  for the -development of poWes;, Tlie  capital of tlie company is $50,000."  Twelve Gents a Week and Ratipris.  Can it be possible tliat some of the local  mints managers, who are so eager to reduce the present scale of Avages, hail  from Diiugantion, Ireland ? The London  Truth states that one Cosgrove was recently appointed attendant in the male  Aviii'd of Dungannon Union Infirmary at  the princely salary of sixpence a week  anil his rations. It may not seem strange  to Nelson readers that Cosgrove " struck"  for higher wages and threatened to resign unless he aviis paid at the rate of sixpence a day. The guardians of the union  Avere taken aback at liis audacity and attributed it to the pernicious influence of  newspapers and talked sadly about having to increase the rates. As nobody  else could be found to take over the  lucrative job, tlie guardians nominated  a deputation to confer with Cosgrove and  endeavor ro persuade hint to reduce his  exorbitant demand.  CMps of the Same Block.  A son and daughter of Clive Philipps-  Wolley havo been successful iu passing  examinations in the old country. The  son was.amongst the successful competitors at the . last examination for the  i.iyal navy,*and the daughter Avas successful in passing the senior Oxford examination. .-;.,.  NOTHING NEW FROM THE CAPE  Matters Still in Suspense.  London, October 5th.���A special from  Newcastle,   Natal,   says:���"The    Boers  have left the Laager at Volsrust and  are  moving toAvards the frontier.    Tho situation  is  most   critical.   Tho magistrates  and municipal officers have assembled in  tho town hall to concert measures for the  defence of the town against an unexpected attack.    All  the Avomen and children  have  been ordered to leave for the  interior of Natal. However, a later despatch  from   NeAvcastle   states  that a message  has been received there from the goArern-  ment stating that there is, no  immediate  cause for alarm.    Tliis has   the  effect  of  arresting the panic.  London, October 5.���It is reported that  another Rand shipment of bullion, valued  at one million sterling, is in dfinger of  confiscation by the Transvaal authorities.  Durijan, Natal, October 5.���The British cruiser Philadelphia has arrived in  harbor.  Ladysmith, Natal, October 5.���The  Fifth Lancers and a naval brigade from  Durban have arrived here and are encamped near the railway. :'' '..-.���  London, October, 5.���General sir Red-  ver Buller arrived at Balmoral Castle tonight as the guest of queen Victoria to  bid her majesty farewell on his departure  for Soutli Africa.  Right honorable sir George Otto Trc-  velyn, speaking at Halifax, Yorkshire, y  said that Mr. Chamberlain had made a  terrible mistake in rejecting president  Kruger's offer of live years' franchise,  but Avar might yet be averted if a mediator Avas sent to the Cape  Advices from Capetown received last  night assert that both J. H. Hoffmeyer,  the Afrikander leader in Cape Colony,  and ex-chief justice Kot/.e have expressed  their opinion that the imperial government acted in the interest of peaceyin  demanding the suppression of the Transvaal agency in Brussels and the recall of  Dr. Leyds, the Transvaal European representative. Sir Alfred Milner, British  high commissioner in South Africa, has  already reported in this sense to Mr. V  Chamberlain.  Makefing, October 5.���It is asserted  here on reliable authority that the Boers  have been strictly enjoined not to cross  the Avestcrn frontier.  Two Skilled Miners Killed at Moyie.  MoYiia, October 5.���Two miners. James  Mills and Charles Crainc, Avere instantly  "il^u^s- fea?;Y'jftk^-ffi^ ��� -���*& Si^iL^te ^��iv^'A,Pa��S3''s*i I  w-ex#: ������aMeSfi;^  '  early settlei'S I^the'.'sant^  .lute- 'AjfOrked-atthe/ SCife j&ijg^jm^^  leaves two. .brothe.rs;t.*iu|ka^  country,.   His'" fgiu^fns^  tlie 'cemetery at CtM^^M^^^j^-^^^^  ���draji-ijs had .fe'osV;');^  time,, and bad 'Only ^oykeifc^Je^^  Avhen he was. kilted. .������fl&ija*sj*i'w1f<^  in Michigam but up .$ox'yte^  her. whereabout .bag-not feeen lowttediy';.*|��?  ���:��#���"���.���;���.:  The (jbveriio:** (Jenejal in ^jfeA^ ferfc,-;' .-.''  Nw YoKK, QetobeV' &^-1!\\& :eiitt-^ti  ~M intorfSvWiior^gen eraI=of=Cahada|f:and=:  lady Minto, Avlro iiaTe been tiie guests of-  lord Bryec at, liis homo |i? Wasliingtou  sipiare,  left there   yestor'day .aftet'nooh  and went   to   tlie   home   of sir Rode;i>  ick Oa.inei*on at Grussifnere, Staten Island.  Lord and lady Minto will be sirj^odei^ick'is  guests until: Saturday   wheji   lady ^tjjitOy  will sail for Ifiiigland and the ea'rl WilL  i>et.iiru to Canada and resume his oflieia!  duties.    .Sir Rode-t'iC-k eneertaiUed ii-pa_ty  at dinner last i|tght iii lipno*. of lordand  lady Minto.   There Ava�� a receptixin fol-  loAvingdinner. Among those present were;  Foxhail   lveene,  iXdlniout TifTai.iy,   jVll'*?.  Leddeuberg, Stephen Olden, CiVptain La  Salle-*, Captain Guy and Miss  Obra  Randolph.   Those named, together with the  Misses Caniei'Oli, Avere today the guests of  .!. Pier pout Morgan on his yacht Corsair,  to Avitness the yacht race.  The Extradition of Charles Hinckley.  Rossi.ANI), October 5,���Judge Forin of  Nelson arrived here at 7.40 this evening  to hear au application for the extradition  of Charles II. Hinckley alias Charles A.  Morris, charged Avith stealing $97,000 in  cash from the West Side Batik, in NeAV  York City, in May, LSO'L The judge  opened court at 8 o'clock, and counsel for  the prisoner asked for his immediate discharge, as he had been illegally arrested  and could, not be held. The laAvyer for  tlie United States authorities and for the  bank officials asked and obtained an adjournment until 10 o'clock tomorrow  morning. The lawyer for the accused  stated tliat at the time of the alleged offense the present extradition treaty Avas  not in force and Avas not retroactive, and  that the treaty in force at the time of the  alleged offense did not cover tlie criiue  charged. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON", B.C., FRIDAY, OCTOBER fi,  1899.  ��  *��"**:=  :^^S*^i  .     mi  als!  t$  B. &   B.  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Agents for I-*.i1j^1, iirowing Cd, of  Milwaukee and Ciliary Urev/inK Co, of Cal.e/iiry.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  XT A **.' I l/J'rt.\ I 'OH* IJ Kit (*OM I 'A X V - linker si rout.  -LJ- Xelson. Mjiiiiiifiiuluruw of dyjiandlo, NporLinjf,  H.iimjiiiiK p'inil black hlasiiia? powders, wliolesiile dealers  in i-aps-nnd fii'e, and I'li-Blri'1 hhisliiiff iippiirnlus.  PROVISIONS, PRODUCE AND FRUITS.  pAlt.SOXS l��I_ JDUCI-: CDMI .\.VY-Vernon slreul.  J- .WImiii, wlioli'siile dciilci-p. in priivislnn . produci',  and  frnil*.   Au'cnK rur Swill & Co. bacon and bains.  17"  cured me.ils.  \.<iKII'M\  it CO.   Cni'jrcr Vernon and .loscphine  hliecN,   Xulsiiii,   uIiiiJcniIu drnlcm  in   provisions,  liiilli.-ritiiil cw-  P.  II. .STKW'.M.'T & CO. Wari'borHes on C. P. |{.  irncl;, fool ol" .Sjunley slr./ii, X'eNon, wliolcsiile  dealers iu proi-iviniis^nidiiceatid lrui|s. Cold sloniK'-'.  .�����({i'ii"-s- Armour ii. Co.'n bacon, iiiinii, bird and other produces  SASH AND DOORS.  ���M*'Krj.ON .SAWAXIt I>I;AX,1X(;  x'    COi-iier 'From*, and flail streo  MILLS, T,J;Mi:T!f*;j*���  .reels, Xelson, maniifuc-  MTObsn. ttiUI wholesale disulers in sash find' doors; all  Kinds of Taclory work iiiade lo order.  WINES AND CIGARS.  rjAIilFOf'dVIA W'lXK COMI'AXV, JpIiMITUD-Cor-  ^-t nor I'Vonl, and JIall slj-eeW. Xelson. wholesale dealers  in wiiioK (ease and bulk) and domcHtiu and iinjioried  p'teni's  .  te f&vibnnB*  Daily edition...-.,  Wmkkmt UntTioN.  :.'. First Ykah, No. 235  ..: Seventh yeai. No> ���I'i  Thk Coast papers are publishing all  ���soi'fca of rubbisli regarding: the dift'orences  existing in the Slocan between mine  managers and mine workers. The only  diJTerenee that exists is one.of fifty cents  a day for skilled 'miners. Tho mine malingers, who, by tho way, iii .several in-  stiiuees are acting contrary Ui the'wishes  of  shareholders in  the  companies  they  are managing, oifer skilled miners  $3 Toy  the eight-hour  day  underground, which  the miners  refuse.      The  minors  want  $3.50 a day.    Before tlie shutdown ofthe  mines,  in  June  last,  the   Slocan  niines  were shipping  between  3000   and  4000  tons of ore a mon tli, and not 2000  tons a  day,  as  the  Coast  papers make it.    At  the time  of the shutdown, there avc re  probably 1500 men employed  iu  all  the  Slocan mines: now there aie not lo exceed  500 employed, but they are  getting the  same wages as they "were  paid  prior  to  the shutdown, th.at  is  $8.50 a day for  initiers and"$''J a day for muckers.    There  have not been unv disturbances, although  one uiviiwm uj, one mine, (une jWnty jluiLh  at'Silverton) endeavored to make it "appear thattheir property and the persons  of their employees were in danger. The  effort did not succeed, as the provincial  authorities were satisfied that the local  constables could maintain .order and  protect property without tlio assistance  of "specials," armed and paid by private  individuals. The mine managers have  endeavored to secure men in Eastern  Canada and in Great Britain, but all  their efforts have proved abortive, and  they now threaten to suspend work for-  the winter.  Latislv the Canadian Pacific raihvay  has had trouble with its employees over  the question of wages, and  now has a  strike on its  hands.    The  machine-shop  mon on the line between Winnipeg and  Vancouver are said to boon strike. Were  the management of that company to do  .as-the-managcrs-oi-some-of-the"mines"irr  Kootenay are doing, the operation of the  road   would  be  suspended   indefinitely.  But the managers of the Canadian Pacific  Avill confer Avitli  the men  under them,  and  adjust  the  differences;   always, of  course, getting tho best terms tliey  can  for the  company.    But the  mine managers who threaten to suspend all  work  on the mines in their charge if they cannot get their own Avay are not business  men, as a rule, avIio Avere successful in tlie  pursuits they followed   before   tliey became mine managers.    How many members of either the .Slocan Silver-Lund Mines  Association or tho .Nelson District Mine  Owners' Association, wurc successful business .men before they bceatne mine managers* fipud how  many of them   can  be  elitssed   as   successful   mine   managers  today? __^   NoTAViTiJS'i'ANWJXa   the contradictions  of the regularly subsidized  organ ofthe  Kelson District   Mine  Owners'   Association,  it is well knOAVn   that prominent  members of tho association  have stated  that tlie one object of the association. is  to break up the miners' unions and drive  the union men  out of the country.   A  Aveakness of the members of the association is'that  they are addicted  to  telling  untruths.    They  make  statements that  do not appear avoII Avhen  printed, and  hasten  to contradict them.    Wei e they  straightforward,   they   would   at   least  have the i e..pcct of those avJjo differ with'  them ; but they are not truthful, and  they therefore appear contemptible to  men who are in a position to be independent.  Till'"* Nelson Miner says that-day by  day the industrial situation in Kootenay  groAvs Avor.se. It says that Avhile mining  lias not been Avholly suspended, it is  steadily growing le.^s, and tho Victoria,  Colonist prefers to believe such rot as  against the self-evident fact that there is  more actual mining���both developing  and producing���in East and West Kootenay today than at this time last year.  Th-jre is no sign of a sus* e.sion of niining around liossland, Nelson, Ainswortli,  New Denver, Slocan City, Moyie,.Ferguson, Kort Steele, Windermere, or in any  of the camps in North and East Kootenay. More Avork is being done around  S union, SiI\'orton, and Kaslo than at any  time during tlie last three months.  Til*!* mine managers Avho haA'e been  successful in their undertakings, here and  elsewhere, are working, the properties  Avhich they control, believing that this is  not an opportune time to enter into a  conflict Avith their men over the Avage  question. They Iciioav that miners are in  demand ; that there is a scarcity of laborers; and that the men are only taking  advantage of their opportunity. Nothing succeeds like success.  Tub Triuuxe has asserted that the  athletic young men of Nelson and Boss-  land excelled in all outdoor sports ; that  they could hold their own against the  athletic young men of all the Coast cities  combined. AVe beg the privilege of  amending that assertion. The athletic  yonng.me'n of British Cohunbia can hold  their own in all outdoor sports against  the athletic young men of all. Canada.  When" the Turner croAvd Avere in  poAver, the Vancouver World'rabidly, opposed cA-cry attempt to run provincial  politics on party lines. Now that the  Turner crowd are in opposition, the  Woi Id is labidly in  faA*or of that idea.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  ���4  INCORPORATED 1S70.  We Sell  A Novel Invention  For Collar��, Cuffs,  Shift Bosom  (J./K-'cs-''"-^-.'-^  tfrf  w  w  W)  <sr- *s". <s^ fe? *s? "sr- <sr. ��s: ��"*5*. fer: "e? ��� "as".��?��  w  Fop something* that will please you see what we are  showing" in men's white shirts our line at  $1 each cannot be surpassed.  m  m  WRAP  IVjade of good washing Flannelettes  nicely finished and good styles.  ii&  m  Ladies' and Children's, Ladies' Capes and  Furs are being opened daily.  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J); Mi'Deiv  ndd'stirnbe^clniui, on Lufi'lUni. ertF��k/o��i soutli linn of  JCnolciliiy* LakiJ, Ihence east forly .chains, theilfie Saudi,  ten uliti.iiiSj Ihence east niiiBliJ* efoitiiis, ihence norlh ten  chains; tlience on. f: foijtylivo elinins, thoncC .-odlh 'fifty  diaiiKs, (,.l)il!in;e. west.Ilv.d chains; (lioiiccsolilh HtMcliniiis-:'  ���tli'eiicv W<?st .sw.ent.uen clmins; .Uiulico sortUi ten (fhit'insr  tlmlico west CfiitliiCcji cliuins., Ilioiwi' no. th ten, elitdiis;  thenee. West fui fy cliniiiK, thence south (oil elinins, plie'fico  "W<)st forty cliiirifisi'llicnfee south tunclilliilS; i hence west  fftrly-HVotfliniffs, llnjne;o'north oitJlii.vahaiMN to iilacc of  conmieiieeniont. UlOO, GUAV.  Nelseii, Ji, U., SejitouiUorafiiil, ISS'lfl.  NOTICE.  . Notice is hcrelO'Kiven tluit in Iliili}" days, I intend lo.  apply lo the chief coiliiiiissioiior of lands inid .woi-ks, for  poruiissioit to out and eaiTj'nwiy tiniber oil' tho below  described lands;  Coiliinenciiiwitt a post about two mid u lliilf miles up  Lafraneu creek, on the south tad of .Kootenayhike, corn-  inlinciiifj nt, tlio, northwustcorner;t.liortcccast IIvcchulus.;  (hence north forty chitin.s; tlience east twenty oliiiins;  thoneo Morth ton (.���liains: llieiiee cast nine chains; tlienco  north te'n chains; thence east live chains; tlience noi'tli  ten chains; thence cast ten chains; thenee ihu th ten  chftius; thenco east ten chains; tlience north ten  chains; tlience east twelve cliains; thenee north IIvq  cliains; thence east thirty-ei^ht, chains; thenco north  twenty ehains; thence oast'fourteen chains; tlienco  south twenty chains; thence, west eighteen cliains;  (.hence south six chains,: thence west twenty chains;  tlience south twenty-five cliains; thenee west ten cliains;  thence south twenty chains; thenee west twenty chains;  thenco south fifteen chains; thence west ten chains;  tlience south twenty-live cliains; Iheneo west eiffht  chains; tlienco soutli twenty live chains; Ihonee west  seventeen chains; thence soutli eleven chains; thenee  west twenty cliains; thenco north thirty-two ch.-pins to  the place of commencement. II. I), Mol'JKIUVlID.  Nelson, B. O., August 2ilth, ISIS.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that in thirty days I intend (0  apply lo the chief commissioner of lands and works for  permission to cut and earry away timber oil* the below  described lands:  (Ximmoueintr at a post Ion cliains south of II. Houston's  nortliciist corner post, on Gray creek, running into Crawford Hay, on Kootenuy lake, inul thence Cast forty chains;  thence south eighty cliains; thence west ten chains;  thenee souili eighty chains: tlienco cast len chains;  thenee south forty chains; Ihence west* forty chains;  thence norlh 'fifty chains; fheiiccwcst ton chains; thenee  iiurt.li.. one hundred chains; tlience 'cstst fen chains;  thence north Jiffy chains to Uio place of conimciicomeul��  VltOMAKRIiimAT.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that in thirty days, T Intend: to  ���:ilU"l>* t'"��, the ehief fonmu'ssiaiier or lamlw ami works,  for 1.1 ci'in.issKin iQciitiiiidcarryav^'aytliiiberoirtlielleiow  described, l.ivnds;  C'oilinietielng ;it a post: about tiro rtsilOs up Yui'1.1 erooli,  on the West;arm of Ivoolcnay lake; Ihoncft north, eighty  elinins,; ticilec w?cSt. ten elinins; tJiCnce liortii sixty  fcbnins; llixiitcc West leu eJiilins; Djietiec iiortll forty  clliiwis; I hence- west ten cHfiins; thenco Smrth forty  Wifti.s; I icuce, West, ten etui, its; tlience ivo'rl'li j'orfy  chitins: (iieiTCC wtsst fen <jjlai)is{ llienue ilorih forlv  f. lains; tiJicnee, west I mi-Chains; thence (Vow,, tweiil'v  c Miips:: IJjciice wiwi. ffirty ehfiiiis: tl.iUnce Sjoiith ll��'ciifi*  (jiuim*; IlKjiice cast ion islraius; I'lnjiicO soutli forlv  chains; t)i(;.n(!o oust tell' (iliuiris; tlience Souili forty  ciHfns.; tliOmjc cast led chains: theliCe sonffi fori',*  chains; (hence ,ens|: len chaius: thenco soiilli forty  eluiiits; (.heneo east ten chains; thenee south siSfy  trhaihs; thenee oast ten .c .aitis; thence soiith eighty  clmiiis,; (heneo cust forty chains Io tlie lil.-tee of eom-  niejiccniciil,. OlIARLieS BJIJA'KK.  xNelson, 11. 0., A.ugxsf 18l.Ii, lSllll.  NcIuoji, B. C��� ScptcjiibcrflUi.  THOMAS SI'IiOAT.  i  NOTICE.  Notice is liereby given thai in thirty days, I intend to  apply to thcehifsfconimissioner of lii'mls and works for  pofniission to cufaiid carry away tiniber oft' the below  described lands:  Conimencingnta post.about two and a half miles up  from the moiil.li of K creelc running into Crawfortl Haj\  on ICootenay lake, and known as Gray creek, marked  .north west .corner; fheiicoeast forty chains; thence north  ten chains; thence east twenty chains; theiiee ilortli  len chains; thenee cist thirty-live chains; thence south  two chains; tJieiicU east sevonliin chains; tlience south  sixty chains; tlience west, fift.eeii chains,; thence north  (en chains; thence West twonfy-livo chains; thence  son 111 fen ehains; (homo west sixteen chains; (hence  south ton chains;; IIioiho west .sixteen chains; fhoncc  north len chains: thence west, forty chains; tlienconOrtli  forty-two chains to tho place of eoniiiioncomont.  HARRY HOUSTON.  Nelson, J!. C, September (ith, ISIW.  ONE DOLLAR A LOAJdT  Tlio riiidoi-sigiicd has a large quantity of fir, cedar, and  tamarao slabs, m 16-inch and Moot lengths, KiiitnbJo for  stovowood, which will bo sold for .1 a load at the mill  yard.  NKLSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Limited.  Nelson, August llllh, JS99.  MINERSJVANTED.  Tho Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on the*  aiaui Hue of the O. P. R., Z2nn'IcH oast of Revelstoke h>-  Quiro.; Bix good laixicra,  Wages $3.60 por daj.  i  jr!***,. *s^na>&zn-.iXVG��!ax.'rs:  rji*JZ&Si?��1*S=.-*:  B  ���THE  TRIBUTE:  ^ELS-ON", B. C, FBTDAY, OCTOBER. G, 1899.  *:**>;   -  Si*; 5 ft  J'.;Bpj5.-��.-.����>f  li&r-y^t  l:iS-i.->-n*%ID ���>������  l*^tf-*,Vl*_5^-  #^  10  ��� ��� no. ���  AM OF  Capital,  Rest,  all paid  up,  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STItATIICONA AND   MT   ROYAl'j, I'rosidcnt  Hon. OJCO. A. DRUMMOND Vico-I^-csidont  K   S. CJjOUSTON Gonoral Manager  3Sr*E3LSO*ISr   *B*R-A-*ISrO*E3:  N.W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.      niiANOiiKs'riv      LONDON  (HnKland).   NIUW YORK.   CHICAGO  and In the principal cities iu Canada.  Buy and sell Storllng Exchange and Cablo Tranflfcrs  OKANT COMMKHCIAT, ANI) THAVKr.r.KUR* CRUDITB,  availublo in any part of tho world.  DRAFTS ISSUKD    COLLECTIONS MADK; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRKNT RATE OF INTKUKST PAID  AE S   NOT   MERE   MONEY-GRUBBERS.  .San Francisco Argonaut.  We.are usually charged Avith being a  nation of shopkeepers and money-grubbers. Tlie'iiulictmmit is, perhaps, lai-gely  true. Btit clearly Ave are something besides���a great many things besides. No  people may be rightly -judged by a single  characteristic, however dominant that  ��� may seem, if it be true that wealthy  Americans are conspicuously and exceptionally'public spirited, Ave find a .sufficient offset to their shopkeeping and  money-grubbing propensities; and if this  "public spirit be found to exist, that, and  not the shopkeeping and money-grubbing  habit, should be rigidly regarded as tho  signilicant characteristic.  The Rev. Dr. Hantington, in an address  before  college  students  last year, said:  "Probably nowhere in the world is wealth  more Avidely used  for  the public Avelfare  than, in  the  United States.    Tliis holds  true not only in respect of gifts and benefactions, but of  all   well-considered bona  lide  investments."    Frederick   Harrison,  ia    the   Contemporary    Review,    says :  "Au example of. public spirit is far more  common in the, United States than in I_u-  ' rope."    In England the wealthy occasionally let the public view their galleries and  their racehorses.    Jn America tliey give  generously     to    univei'fities,     libraries,  and   museums.     Leslie's   Weekly   gives  j  the     total    - endowments     iu     a     list  f of   * twenty    pAmerican      colleges     as  %  thirty-live*  millions    of    dollars.     This  j statement can bo hardly taken as 'coin-*  "���;,  prehensive.    jMls. Stanford's endowment  ':  of   the  Stanford   University  Ls. not far  ;   from thirty million.-,   of dollar-?,  and   although the full amount of Mrs. Jlearst's  contemplated gift to  tlie   University of  C.ilifoinia has not been announced, aud  perhaps h> not known definitely  even  to  .   her.icif, it probably will not be far .from  that "figure.    In addition to these, so far  ..  as California alone is concerned, there^are  - numerous  other   splendid   public   benefactions, including those of Lick,  Cogs-  Avell, iYlis-; Flood and Wilincrding.  All of these benefactions aro for  educational purposes. Their aim is to lit  men and women for citizenship of tho  highest 'order, and the ultimate effect will  That room of yours needs  "freshening up" for the winter months.  ft can givey^^M^M^ (length,  3. brGamfb, and heigM of ceiling)  |        of the room* or rooms*  <wiB do the re,s& . In price,  beauty of design and quality  bargains  surprise you.  Canada Drug and Book Co,  Li3*vII'DP_3*D  Corner of linker and Stanley Streets, Nolson  El GOODS AID HJLIB M-AMTS  Switches from $2 up.  MRS. J. W.ICEARNEYlvns oponcda Ladies Hair Dressing Parlor ill room 1, Victoria bloek, Nelson, and is prc-  iinrcd to fu-nish everything in the Way Of hair goods  and hair tonics.   Treatment of the scalp a specialty.  ARCHITECTS.  EWART St CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  . ordeen block, Bakor street, Nelson.   LODGE MEETINGS.  T_- NIGHTS OV I'"yTHIAS- Nelson "Lodge, No, 25,  ���*"��- Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. "B*. Hall, corner  Balccr and I��ootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'clock. Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.  T. LILLIK. C. cf R. G.JOY, K. of R.&S.  NKLSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. & A. M. Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren invited.  ^^  rjSLSOtf L. O. L., No. 1G92, moots in I. O. O. F. Hall.  '    corner Baker and Kootenay streets, 1st and 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting brethern cordially ni-  ViJOHN TOYE, W. M.      F. J. BRADLEY. Rec. Sec.  NELSON   VftlUJO,   Number   22,   Fraternal  Order  of  Eagles, meets evory second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hall.   Visiting brethren wol-  C��.'.. ��IRVINO, President.        J. R. WRAY, Secretary.  w  N*  ���KLSON Ml.VIMS'UNION'   NO.  IK!,  W*.  F.  of M.-  - :    Moots in Iv. I*, rooms. Fraternity Hall, the ilrsl and  ihird  Siiturday evenintts in each month al. 8 oclook.  Visilint:iip'"mliorK.welcome.  J AAIWS WILKS. Set-'y.   . CIIAS. A. McKAY. Piea.  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  Is now prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atlin,, B. C, and  Dawson City, YuKor** District.  be to solve intelligently and fairly all the  problems���social, political and economic  ���that   now   disturb   the   nation   in   its  present crude, undeveloped, and unsettled,  condition.     The   benei'netions  are  made  deliberately, wisely, and conscientiously  for that purpose.    The spirit behind them  is exactly opposite to that which prevails  among   the; wealthy  peoplo  of Europe^  Tliere   tho  Kvhole, social'. and  economic:  policy, 'established and sanctioned-by* thfe  precedent of 'many generations-is to keep;  class lines sharply drawn aiid to maintain  them with yielding rigidity.*  There the  rich must be kept rich, the poor must be  kept poor. There the rich may receive the  highest  education,   the   poor   must  not  be     too    [much     enlightened.       There  mental     accomplishments      and      high  achievements are not passports to  social  recognition ; here, on a larger scale, they  are.     There  ���-wealth invariably   marries  Avealth ���marriages,, are   "arranged";  here,  tp   a  greater   extent,   matrimony  proceeds  on    wholesoiner,   purer,   more  natural lines.  Iu America, let there be a call for  money for any worthy purpose���particularly if it be to relieve the distress of  the poor and the afflicted���and it conies  forth in a stream that often has to be  checked in its prodigal abundance. It is  America that sends ships laden with food  and clothing to the distress of Ireland, of  Armenia, of Cuba und of every other  country in the Avorld that sends  forth   a  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PROPERTY  30 by  120, Baker street, between  Josephine and  Ward streets $8000  50 by 120, Baker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, corner   25 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street  5000  50 by 120 with improvements, south sido of Vernon  street  6000  2Vlots withcotlagorented at SJIopcr month, Victoria  street... **.  3500  2 lots with cottage rented at ?20 por month, Stanloy  streot   3000  li lots in block 41D, all cleared and fenced in  2500  ' - .   AGENTS FOR  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  -w~_a_:r:d beos.  Real EsJato and General Agents, Baker St., Nolson  The Nelson.Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  .    ON EASY TERMS  Largo number of choice building lots adjacent to the  line of I heir I r.im way. For price and torurs of sale apply  to 1 lie ollice of Uio company, JMacdoniild bloek, corner of  Jo-!0|)liine and Vernon streets.  T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary.  Charles  D.  J. Christie  GENERAL  BROKER.  I*ISrS*tT*R^.*Ii*T OS  REAL ESTATE AND JLOANS.  FOR SALE  5-Room Rouse  $1300 I 50-Foot Corner $300  J-lloom Bouse !J!)00  ries it -Waterman-* Cor  GUSTOSViS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  EEiL mm m& WEBAL Afilffi  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK B, 0, BUILDING;  Notice io Investors ^Hd Builders  tVe give- the very .Bks*C Tkrms' to those  ���wishing to borrow money on improved rettl  (���state.  The Only company in the province that gives  you the privilege of pitying off your whole  Loan at Any TiiMK without a Bonus on giving a 60 day notice of your intention was so.  O AMBUS ��& O'RBIL^Y, Agts  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loan Co., Toronto,  Lots  ��550 will purchase a choice residenco corner, 100 by 120  $2100 will purchase a central lot and residenco.  $100 will  purchase  two nice lots and shanty, Robson  streot. Hume addition.  ��3000 will purchase four nice lota and residenco.  10,000 Pooled Kairmont 1 cents.  Blackcock (Yirtir) shares 20 cents.  5000 Utica at li cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Bobckh bloek, Nelson, B. C  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOB   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.  For farther  particulars apply to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,   Nelson,   B.   C.  cry for help. This same spirit operates  in uncounted ways at home, and takes  forms of infinite variety. It is a great  overshadowing spirit of simple human  .fellowship and kindness. It is born of  the democracy and prosperity of tlie  people, and it exhibits its force largely in  proportion to the extent of their means  in money.  One of these-forms is that which shows  in benefactions for the education aud uplifting of the masses. In the .absence of  such a spirit the wealthy would argue,  as thoy do in Europe: "If we educate  .and eleA-ate tho poor, they will become,  in time, so intelligent, so powerful  through cooperation in society, business,  economics, and politics, that our own  poAver, held through wealth, will be  overthrown, our money-earning facilities  curtailed, our possessions themselves, imperiled, and ourselves treated to the guillotine as were the aristocrats of France."  But they are wiser and broader than  that. By their benefactions to educate  the masses they say: "If Ave educate  and elevate the poor, they Avill come intelligently to a solution of the problems  that are iioav menacing Avealth, society,  and even the government itself. Out of  this education,:this elevation, Avill cornea  strong, sound people, respecting the  rights of all, dispensing "justice  Avith  an  FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles ,  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of ill kinds.  Tf what you want is not in stock we will mako it for you  CAJ,Ii AND GfiT PRICES. ,  J. A. Say ward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  Contractors and Builders  AVILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A !<irgo stock of first-class drsr material on hand, also  a full lino of sash, doors, mouldings, turiiod work, etc.  FACT0R1T WORK A SPECIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hondryx streot, Nolson  Telephone. 91        JollI!    R%&,  Ageilt  ���  GREAT REDUCTION  111 per  33 *B Xi��*V*3!-RiE33D  $I?ccii*il flitcs for tiartoad lots foi-.oht*.id<3 points.......  �����*K. e. W. West &Ca.  f& Neat Pass  DELIVERED  Orders may be left with G. W, West  & Co., or with.  CHARLES St. BARBE, Agent.  Offlcc on Haker street, two doors froni IJank of 0. C,  150 men paxemen, tie makers, right-  of-way men, etc., for contract work  near Duncan City.  FRANK PREVOST.  RAILROAD WORK.  One hundred Men wanted .on North Star Jlranch of  Crow's NohI. lliiilway, nt (.Yanhi-ook, British ( tilnnilna;  Kood waives.   Three miles of stal ion work to let fur next  L'OOII  W!l(,'(! ~ -���������  , ..  I'hirtv diivs." Transjiorti.tion  rales one  cent  per mi e.  Tran'spoi-talion can lie obuinod  from C.-iimdmn  l'acillc  VI  railway aiieiit at. XcIwhi or at. any (;. f. I-.,.  ��  h iiiti. !i_iXKn>(jJ<: & m;m>  ("ranliroolt. October "iml. 1KH.  (!.-l��. II. slalion.-  &  IX'Xl  Con traders.  even hand, and working to establish this  nation on an unassailable foundation of  iTuth and justice, the basis of all enduring strength." That is the fundamental  difference between tlie rich of Europe  and the rich of America.  With such a spirit as tliis, manifesting  itself so wisely and abundantly, and producing results so tangible and beneficial,  no threat to the stability of American institutions can amount to a peril. The  rich, in large numbers, are deliberately  placing the power of othe nation in the  hands of the poor. That is public spirit  of the truest order, and that is tlie salient  characteristics of the dominant American  spirit. "  A Flourishing Mining Town.  F. .T. Smyth, editor of the Moyie Leader,  was in Nelson yesterday. Speaking of  Moyie, he said tliat the town was nourishing ; thafcthere were over 150 men employed in tlie Lake .Shore and St. Eugene  mines .alone, all of whom were getting  the Kootenay standard wage���$'3.50 for  miners and .$3 for muckers���for the  eight-hour day. Real estate was advancing in price, lots in the main street  selling as high as $700 each. This statement by Mr. Smyth is not in accord with  the dismal howl raised by the Nelson  Miner and believed by the Victoria Colonist, but it is a statement of fact, nevertheless.  W  [YjALOfJE & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  (:\  Headquarters for liners and Prospectors  THK BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS OX HANDI  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  Largo= comfortable bedrooms and   llrat-class  dinh^  room.   Sample.rooniB (or commercial men.  BATES'^a   *E>*B*R   ID^SST  Mrs.  E. C.   CLARKE,  Prop.  Late of the Roj-al Hotel, ,Calgtuy,  H- D. HUME, Manager.  The fliiOKt hotol in tho interior,  Lsirgo samplo rooms.   Steam heat and electric light.  CORNER OF WARD AND VERNON STS., NKLSON  Madden House   BAICEU_AND_WARD_STREETS,_NELSON   The only hotel in Nolson that has remainod under ono  inaiiogomerit since 1890. <    ���       _ _ '  The bed-rooms aro well furnished and   lighted by  electricity. ,   ���   ,  The dining-room ia not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by tho best domestic and  Imported liqiiors attd cigarfii *. ���   ��� '  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.   ,  MeLEOO    HOTEL  viviir, 6. e.  J. W. SIVUTH, Proprietor.  HVERYTHINaFmSt-Qi-ASS  Largo and woll lighted Heated by hot al  Reasonable rates Samplo rooms  Electric bolls and light tn every room  Renovated and refurnished throughout  HOtaL  VICTORIA  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor  "Troe bus moots all trains RaU_l__n_R   _   _  Hourly street car to station neVBlfnURB,. a, M.  Night Grill Room in connect ion, for the convenience of  guests arriving and departing by night trains.  Prices is the  of the Bay  And I want to be in it. 1 have just received  Fall samples of Suitings and Overcoatings representing a $5O,f)O0 stock lo  choose from made to your order at P ices  never before heard ofin Nelson. All the latest  fads in Fancy .���.Vostings for U'all mid winter.  Steveijs, T(|e Tailor  NOTICE. ~~.  On and arter tho 1st of Oelobor 1SKI, the (irnnd Conli-.-iI  Hotel will bo rim strictly on I lie Kiiriipeiin plnii.  AVe havo Idled up a new dining "hiiii with n .-en I ing  cap.'ieitv for one hundred people which  will be n i  connection with the hotel. All meals I wonly-llvu conls.  payable in the dining room. Will lie pleaded lo fiiinip>li  Miuiil tickultt on application.  KniiuiK In- ihe 'dav. week or muiitli.        .. .   ��� -  Thanking von for your gonoi-oiis patronage in the past,  and Iriisling'lo be favored with a continuance ofsanie hi  the future. -I remain, respect fully yours.   ;  "K.'SIMl'iSON..  id  W)  US)  Appreciation  To dispose of an entire car of high-class iron and  brass beds in a western mining town in less than two  months is certainly a record to be proud of, and one  seldom equalled in the large eastern cities. Yet so  great has been the demand for these goods, we have  found it necessary to wire for another car, which will  reach Nelson this week. We would ask the citizens  of Nelson to continue in showing their appreciation of  our efforts to give them the opportunity of enjoying  the luxurious furnishings of an eastern home in the  midst of the Rockies.  m  m  cArthur & Co.  ���^���^���^���(^���^���^���^���(^���^���f^-t^'f^-c^-t^^^v^T^'r^T^.^  m  #  $  m  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard railways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber; shingles, mouldings, sash, doors,  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to. order.  -.    _.   **W1-rt^^*te4IS!*5S|  THE NELSON SAW & PLANM MILLS, ltd.  OFFICE AND MILLS CORNER, HALL AND FRONT STS.; NELSON.  If*  >:j V5*n   I  =   ii'im  P. Burns cfr Co.  HkA!**   OKI'"ICE   A'P  NfiLSON, 13. G.  Wholesale and Retail   .  .   .   Dealers in Meats  Wholesale Markets at ^elson, Rossland, Sandon and Greenwood.  Retail Markets at��� ISfefeou, rt.fi.slp, pSsvikIoh, Silvorfcoi), New Dcn,vet*y Ymii*, Ti'.-dl, (arrtjid Forks,  .-��� Gascitdoj Greeiiwood, Midway, ilnd tSirdrtr.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded.  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  AU, KIXDB OF  D SALTED MEATS  ,  WIIOL^ALB AND JlKTAIl-  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  . TRAVES, I  ClRDEUS BY MAIL KKCKlVJS CAIlKFUl- AND P^lQMl'*l, ATTKNTION.  JUST ARRIVED A CARLOAD OF  Anheuscr- Busch  er Beer!  Highest class Lager produced.      On sale by the trade in Nelson.  ASK FOR IT  R. P. RITHET 8l CO., Ltd., Victoria, Agents for B. C.  A. B. GRAY, Agent for Kootenay, JJ..kor St., Nelson* Noxt Oddfellows Building  M  Tie Royal Greenhouses  ('oi-nor of W'unl mill Hoover Strocl.".  (;. K. (iKf/.KKl.M'J. K.lt.II.S.. I'KOI'ItlKTOrt  BULBS! BULBS! BULBS!  :7>.li()0 of 11 ic: cliuicii-'t v:iriulK!s foi -falllpjanl iiiK tO;iUTivi:  ina fuwiloys diri.'i:! from tlio Ki'inVei's;in Holliind, con-'  sistiiiKuf IIyiii:inl)i-<. Tuli|w, Diill'iulils Xi.irclssuw,.Soilliiw.  Ulyof tin: Valley, Croons. .Inni|ii.il��,'.tiiiow Drops,- Anc-  iiioncs, llititiiinsnltis, lris-Cliinoiloxiij olc.: Ortlors to Hie  viiluu of two diilliirs and upwards soul by iinvil or ex-  jiross free, ami at less Ihan ejist.t!ni jiriocs.  XJLei        X/t  BLACKSMITH ING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  Wagon 'repairing promptly attended to by a first-blftBa  whcelwrlBht.  Spoolal attontion given to all kinds o�� ropairhig and  oatitonv work from outaldo points.  j 8!\op:   Halt Street, batiKten Bak*r and Veraon, Hsts��< THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON,  B. C, FRIDAY OCTOBER fi,  1899.  DON'T  WASTE  YOUR  MONEY  ON  BOTTLES  WE  CAN  SELL  YOU  PERFUMES  IN BULK  And there are no perfumes in Nelson  equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening up full lines  of Roger & Gallet's and Lcgrand's celebrated French Perfumes, as  of the Crown Perfumery  London. These orders may  either in bulk or in bottles,  sortment of French Toilet Soaps.  well  as those  Company   of  be purchased  See  our as-  F. TEETZEL & CO.  ew  Arrivals  BARBERS'. REGULATION COATS  Vory Nobby  BARTENDERS' REGULATION VESTS  WAITERS' COATS IN SEVERAL STYLES  COOKS' CAPS, APRONS,  Etc.'  ;j. 'A. Giiker  The   L,e��iding   Furnisher  SifiiifSjoy to Both Giver amid Receiver  .Newest Styles.  Standard Quality  Best Finish  THEY'WILL ALWAYS SELL WHEN ANYTHING V/ILL  AND COST NO MORE  THAN THOSE OF DOUBTFUL REPUTATION  A large consignment of Sterling Novelties comprising Manicure Sets with and without Amethyst settings. They are beauties. Cut Glass  in a variety of patterns mounted with Sterling  ;i:Bru$he&  ^JSdmJps*  Whisks  Stoap Boxes  Pu-ff Boxes  Shoe Horns  Mucilage Bottles  Salts Bottles  Powder Bottles  G hate fa ins  Scissors  Button Hooks  Bib Holders  Shaving Sets  Toilet Sets  Baby Sets  ���Embroidery Sets  Desk Sets  Crochet Sets  Pumice  Fine watch repairing a specialty.   AM work guaranteed.  jgu&Mz'���Xi  S***G**J**E*_i!*a?,.  9    m>  3ff*EXi'30**ISr  welter  eo liaoson  For Winter Outfitting  uarters��S^S2ioth^ Good Values in  ONE _ PRTCE _T0_ ALL      Bal^r St^t  Underclothing, Maekinaws,  Gloves and Mitts.  W. P. DICKSON  B. H. H. APFLEWHAITE  J, McFHBE  ootenay Ueetrie Supply and Construetiofl Co.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Complete "Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting* for Minea, Towns  Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Etc.  P. O. Box eod. , Josephine Street, Nelson. B. O.  THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE TOWN  Should be Happy.  Tlio extension of the city sewerage  system tliis year created quite a harvest  for the plumbers of the city. Since April  1st there liave been MO plumbing permits  granted, and a reasonable estimate of the  charges for the work performed is given  at $1'".QUO. During the same period there  have been Dl permits issued for connections to be made with the sewers, the cost  of Avhich to tlie property owners is estimated at $.'i()00. As there is almost as  much work yet remaining to be done,and  winter is but a few weeks oil', the  plumbers of the city should be reasonably happy.  Questions For M. S. Davys to Answer.  M. S. Davys says he did not discriminate against union mon when he was in a  position to hire men, and that he was  one of the lirst members of the Mine  Owners' Association. We know that Mr.  Davys is strongly opposed to labor unions, and has been ever since he came to  Kootenay. Tliat he allowed union men  to work in the Silver King mine when he  was its superintendent was because he  could not help himself. Mr. Davys may  have been a member of the Mine,  Owners' Association, an organization  that died from, inocuons desuetude  some twelve months ago; but is he a  member- oi' the Nelson District Mine  Owners' Association, of which,!. J. Gamp-  bell and H. E. Croasdaile are shining  lights? If so, when did he become a  member, aud why? "       '  13wart <& Carrie have awarded W. G.  Gillette the contract for erecting the  $3000 residenco which W. W. Beer is  building on the northeast corner of Silieia  and Hendryx streets.  James Leronde came before John A.  Turner, stipendiary magistrate yesterday  upon the charge of having in his possession about .$50 worth of merchandise  wliich was stolen from the Hudson's Bay  company's store at Lethbridgc, knowing  the same to have been stolen. The  charge-was laid by special constable J,  M, Lindson of Moyie. ' The prisoner entered a plea of guilty and was sentenced  to four months' imprisonment at hard  labor.  E. Palmquist lias secured the contract  for putting in the basement of the Malono  <fc Trcgillus block. The superstructure of  this, as well as Dr. Hall's block, will bo  put up by day's labor. The fronts of  both buildings will be of white pressed  brick. The architeets, R\.ai't <& Carrie,  say that the building Vill be~i*eatly for  occupancy by. January 1st.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Boy Wan bed���Good, smart boy.   Apply  al, oiu-c.   l-'ruil Irvine & Co., NcKon.  Wanted. -��� Dining - room    girl     and  cliaiiibui-niiiiil ;t! (Jiiucn's llolul, Xol.on.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.  li. Jl, .liunooii, Oiii'Wj- Jilock. linker KLrccL wed .  Owing to a death in the family  of the  owner, tlio follnw'nKi>ni|n*rl.V is. T>(t.i*cil for insmodfnle  p-nlc, iiiiiiiul), Ihu Homo Tciiiiici.-incu Tloiul, lojfclhur  Willi ,-ili (lie fiii-nilui-c. Tlie fji-oilml N.10 l>j 120 foul, al.  Ilic mu'llit'iv*'! t'tnnor of Vurnoii iinil Hull streuis. -Apply  on I lie prunii.-pos.  Offices to rent���Single or in suite.  Heady for ocenpiuiey Xovoiubur lsl. Apply lo Jolin  Houston, Tribune Olliue.  Waitress wanted atonee.    Wages $2**5  n riM'tilli.    IC;i��lo Hotel. Kuslo.  Workikf?  housekeeper  or  djiily  fjovcri!e.��.    KnpjlKli  music, IjiiUn. I-Vendi.   hoiiff nMiiM-icncc.   Pliologr.iphio,  w.irk.   TcsLiiioiiials.   ..\dilre'�� .S, Tribune ollico.  On Friday of last week the citizens of  Ferguson turned out en masse to welcome the return of John" Q. MeKinnon  and his bride, who was a Miss Walker of  Revelstoke. Mr. MeKinnon was one of  the original owners in the famous Enterprise mine, on Ten-mile, Slocan district.  The city is still without a garbage  ground. When the corporation sought  to avail itself of tho site offered by the  Canadian .Pacific raihvay company, to the  west of the city, the conditions imposed  were such that mayor Neelands considered the corporation would not be justified in making the necessary expenditures to secure so short a lease of the  ground.  There was a largely attended meeting  of the Nelson District Mine Owners'  Association yesterday afternoon.  J lev. A. B. Winchester, superintendent  of the Presbyterian Chinese mission,  arrives in Nelson today and 'will preach  on Sunday at the Presbyterian church.  ilcAvill be accompanied by Rev. N. Gee,  a Chinese minister. The latter will hold  services for the Chinese in Nelson.  Robert Hurry has decided to build a  two-story brick upon the site at present  occupied by his" restaurant on Baker  street, but will not commence work until  spring.   .  Archie McDonald, avIio has charge of.  the city work of laying the Kootenay  street sewer, has encountered a ledge of  rock, which will add considerably to tho  estimated cost of the wc/rk.  ,. The remainder of the Nelson Coke ��fc  Gas company's pipe arrived at Spokane  yesterday and will reach Nelson on  Saturday. A large force of men will be  put to work on Monday laying tho pipe.  W. Kelly of Robson, avIio is in jail  awaiting trial upon the charge of stealing .$40 from the person of George Tem-  plenian, a freight conductor on tho Itob-  son-Pen tie ton road, was taken beforo  judge Forin yesterday to elect. He secured an adjournment till Saturday.  OTTZR, gkr:e.a_t  Bliss McDkkmott  Miss Tamiii.yn*  MILLINERY  S-Ap-XjE  Has been a great success and has certainly  exceeded our expectations, which goes to  prove, that the people  of Nelsonknq*w _when  they are getting genuine bargains. We still  have a large stock to  choose from and will  continue to sell until  all is sold.  l^^^tM^H^M\^^^^nA1&^JENi^^^^Q^  HATS^STOCK NEW" AND UP4'0*ATJ"*.  FANCY GOODS.  Lessons In embroipJer? and lace work.  Stamping done.  Orders 'hike)) for cushions, lamp shinies, otc.  Two tloow -west Martin Oltciiiey & Co>.  Novelties in Millinery  \ Mil in rocoip!,,ol' flic luteal; in millinery uikI ���millinery iiBvell'ieK rlii'col. from New Voi'k;  .(.'all und inspfjot.  M:RS. jB. McbAUGHUN  Josephine Sfcfool:, nen'r Baker.  SOME MORE  SAMPLE  PRICES   50cts.  25cts. ���   84.00  .$1.00 yd  ���^^'Sctsr^^^  ALL WOOL SHIRTS  AND DUAWJSUS  CARPKXTElt  APRONS  -...  31KNS' BLUE  HEIIGE SUITS   HW*AV_ BLACK  SATIN  _ART.,.. *    MUSLIN......   AU new goods in our regular  stock are  being marked  down at prices that it  will no longer pay  .  to  send   east  for goods.  w-             .. .. '  _:"" Ss  wk if avis eKCUitED the sow: ac-uncy I'-ou  "HALCYON WATER"  IMITATIONS CAN NOT .NOW' BK S'U'I  TJIK aiAlllvIST.  ON  ^SKKT      THORPE & CO.,  Ltd.  *.. .���   .���'      .   .   S:  KLLIOT BLOCIC. BAKKH STBKKT, NELSON.  rson s  roduce  WHOLESALE  Butter,  Eggs,  Cheese,  Green  Fruits,  Cured  Meats,  Vegetables  Bakor street, between Josephine and  ��� Hall streots. Nelson,  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, DAY QR NIGHT  BAKKRY IN CONNECTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPECIALTY  .  ONLY WHITE HELP EMPLOYED  *B.     *grTT*H.3R"a",     ���g'JRO^'BIiia'JCD'Stp  To Packers and Freighters  21 Pack Mules.  6 Work Mules.  2 Saddle Horses.  SHIPPERS OF THE EARLY  BREAKFAST BRAND OF BACON  A  LI  MM^.0i'!J,i?��iitnII'i1rtk.2,���',ii'iih 0VC7-kin'1.",'' Bpenial n.IinK itn.l jirlnliil  IiciwliiiK.s.. maimfiictured; riglit "hero in  Nclhon, by well-paid workmen, who Hpcnd Uielr eiu-niiiKs in NcIhoh.   Tribuno A8WciiitIon,'Ltoiled, Ycrnpn SC;  Full, stocks carried ;at Nelson iind  ;Rdssland. y -MaiLorders solicited^c;�� ��� -i  IliggiiiK and liarness may be nrr.tngc!l for.   Apply  to  T. GRAHAM, Albert Canyon, B, C.  Special Mm to the People of Kootenay  I am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  ; -y y JACOBy DOVER'S The Jeweler  A  LARGE  CONSIGNMENT  JUST  OPENED  We can supply you will] Cartridges  TO SUIT YOUR RIFLE  Carpenters5 Tools  A   FULL   LINE  SHELF HARDW4  THE  BEST ASSORTED  STOCK  IN THE KOOTENAYS  STOVES AND  KITCHEN UTENSILS  NELSON  KASLO  SANDON  ARE YOU BUR  Because Your Stove or Range Cann,ot be  Regulated to Save Fuel?  IT WILL PAY YOU.  TO EXAMINE  OUR NEW STOCK OF  STOVES AND RANGES  The pa.vi.np- in fuel ell'ectecl will soon equal  the cost of the rango. Jtctin bo so quickly  and easily regulated tliat tliei-o need be no  waste of heat or fuel. New patented improvements offer you more convenience and  comfort than you'll find iu any other range.  TWO CAR LOADS TO SELECT FROM  ROWAREOO.  o  una�� lie s>ooa  Lang's Celelratod Cream Flake  Sodas, 3-lb Cartons   Kirkpatrick <& WSlsomi  GET IT FROM  DesBrisay &  OR NOT AT ALL  BAKER STREET,  NELSON, B. C.  Get the Best Jams  We have just received a large consignment of the  DYSON-GIBSON   COMPANY'S  JAMS  AND   PICKLES  Also a complete assortment of the  TORONTO "BISCUIT COMPANY'S SWEET BISCUITS  Baker Street West, Nelson   John A. Irving c�� Co.  Straatian   J3ro<s.  -_Pr.-p-M-JS-EI.33MS;" *E3*DC?Or  O-JP-EJR-A."I"' jaroXTSlS .BLOCK


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