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 f&  MR. POPKISS ENLIGHTENS THE  **---4-^y  British Shareholders.  The directors of the  London & British  Columbia Goldfields feel they  can  justly  congratulate the .shareholders  upon   the  prospects of the company  and  the welfare of its subsidiary companies, when  the company has, as pointed out  by  Mr.  Popkiss, been so singularly fortunate  in  its staff, and in its acquisition of properties, and it is most satisfactory  to   learn  that  tin*  business   recently acquired in  the Enterprise and Cascade Water Powei  Companies bids fair to  continue  the record of success. In view of the continued  .success of the company's operations since  its reconstruction,   the  directors  of the  London   &  British  Columbia   Goldfields  might  have announced   tlie payment of  an interim dividend, but   having   regard  to the fact that its   funds  are  being  so  profitably employed,  they  tire satisfied  that it would not be to   the  interests  of  tho .shareholders to do so at the moment.  When the returns from the Yukon-Avash-  11 p  .and   other  sources are   received,  an  early distribution may be anticipated.  Regarding the Ruth mines, Mr. Pop-  kiss reports tliat this property is not at  the present time in so satisfactory a condition as he should wish, as owing to  some geological disturbance/the vein has  been cut off in its continuation into the  hill. "This circumstance is considered to  be quite phemcnal, and contrary to all  experience, "whether local or otherwise,  but other veins undoubtedly do exist on  the property. Tliis mine lias produced  large profits from its shipments of clean.,  ore, for which a complete concentrating  mill, capable of treating sixty tons of ore  daily, was being erected and equipped at  the time of iny visit, which should be in  Avorking order in the course of about  two months.  Other veins are said to, and undoubtedly do, exist on the property, but covered  as the whole surface is witli forest* and  -earth' it is quite impossible for nie to  form'any idea of Avhat they are likely  to be.  The Ruth mines aro surrounded by  important properties, which, until the  strike occurred, were being satisfactorily  worked, thus leading me to believe tliat  other important veins do exist upon the  property, and''will be found as time  goes on."  Reference is made to the 'company's  interest in the Norfolk claims and Boundary Creek district. A raihvay, 100 miles  in lengthen the course of construction by  the  G. P. R.,  approaches '.within" six  or  ilSi^G-ntS^^  si$  SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 30, 1890.  PUBLISHKD AT NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR; WEEKLY, $2.  reason to believe that this property will  prove one of great value; the lock-out  prevented the work at tho mine from being carried on, but as this can only cause  a temporary set-back of operations, the  high value of the property is in no way  affected thereby.  Kicthener May Have Trouble.  London, September 29.���General lord  Kitchener, after a somewhat prolonged  and mysterious expedition to tlie remote  regions of the Soudan, is back again at  Kliartoom, and is understood to be., devising a great scheme of capturing the  fugitive Khalifa. General Kitchener sits  at the telegraph wire and nothing is allowed to get out of the country in the  way of news which he does not approve,  but the information has reached England  in private communications from British  officers, which'indicate that things are  not going so well as Kitchener would like.  The Khalifa has largely increased his following and has been able to suppress  several small risings of chiefs personally  hostile to liim, and he is certainly getting  arms and ammunition by way of Abyssinia. The latter fact goes .far to explain  general Kitchener's anxiety. His great  desire is to capture the Khalifa and consolidate the Soudan with the assistance  of the British troops or even the Egyptian troops beyond those now in his com-:  maud.  General Kitchener's chief anxiety is believed to be the dubious attitude of the  Abyssinians, in connection with which he  sent to Loudon reports which the government would scarcely like to have  published. King Menelek has the bulk of  his big army mobilized, and is concentrating troops at points in a manner perfectly aimless unless lie entertains the  design of interfering with Kitchener's  plans. If it had Hot been for the Anglo-  Egyptian conquest of the Soudan Menelek  would have extended his frontiers to the  Nile. He bitterly resented being warned  off, and still claims an outlet of that  great river. Hence his coquetting with  tlie Khalifa, of which Kitchener has  ample proof, and. his "benevolent neutrality," which enables tho dervishes to���gpt  SHOULD NOT ENTER INTO A HARD  And Fast Agreement.  In dealing with the Hall Minos, Limited,  for a water supply for its  smelter,  tho  city council should not make a hard and  fast agreement, nor should it demand an  unreasonable rate for tho water supplied.  Tho Hall Mines smelter is the largest industrial enterprise in the town, and  its  operation has been a factor in giving tho  town that permanency which has placed  it in the front rank of the solid towns of  the province.    Many towns  would   willingly bonus such an enterprise.    Nelson  is    a    growing    place   and    its    water  supply     should    be    carefully    looked  after.        At    present    there     is     probably  an  ample   supply   for   both   the  uses of the city and the smelter ; but-experience shows that tliere is  a wide difference in the available supply at different times during a year.    While there  is   ample    Avater   now   to   supply   the  smelter %vitli one hundred inches  (about  its requirements), there might be a shortage in mid-Avinter.    Until  such  time  as  the city has a supply that can be depended on at all times, ifc  Avould   not be  wise  to make an agreement to   supply   one  hundred  inches,,or any other  quantity,  for  a  stated  period.    The rate charged  for the  Avater  that is  supplied  should  not be more than the cost of maintaining  the Avater flumes in good repair.  SHORT   BITS   OF   "NELSON   NEWS.  -���j^'ccui'^^  �� i-viifig-^ '.sys'^nBy^ie;  ^^y^Sr^tiolis'y'.V;ly:;'Zr'':-iy ..''���..-;';i>;.vyC-''%';���������.  -y ,?%Vj@i: -AVlieiif * c^^d^n:tgiilfe'=tlj^y "iiege^lat'yj'  ^'Virtjiifoli^ f'ejlu'i _ fieiV' if w ;tIiPy'iCSniL ���  ;" .'v^nei-iGijiii^tJof :^h^ inM'tCr:-  :"-'''"ttjte'''!0i"oin^tn!ESsi5: pJ^'-tfi'e Board: is vfjp be  ..:.. .^iinn^mded^ .for^^'-'Bhe^iia^  .,. ������"'���; Tit-punt^ *.i jq :L.>vi vto i? ��� ��� aytfail-.  ',tiM,��'"io'i'';pp\yeiy-tfe' pbYiotfsly isf-the: place'  '���'".- for the inti'pdw^^sn of��� a^iII*l.'^Ble(jtric-  :    {lit ppwei"���plaiiijf;Oi:* the? siippj^ of : inotive  y pcftyei* tp -:j)ii#. mines-a^  ���TliC circular issued bythe'New Zealand  MineralsrC&iupany," and TVhiCh deals ex-  chisi}yeiy "with the Whitewater ahd  Eijterprise niines, is necessarily a repeti-  _j^U4fji|igj"^^  *r_uuitn:u*y pf the points may be given.  Bi'ietiyi Mr. Popkiss states that the  Whitewater has a large quantity of rich  pre already opened up, Avhich Can be increased to an ���unknown, extent by the  continuation" of deA'elppmeiitj the value  of this ore is con fir Wed by that already  mined and milled; the loss Avhich has  occurred in the tailings is irrefiovei'fible ���  tlie crux of the Avhole position appeal's to  bo in tlie Saving af the silver contents of  tho ore; considerable improvements will  result probably from the modifications  Which will in future bei ciirwed out in the  niining apd milling ; owing to tlie flatness  of its dip Jind the clayey nature of the  walls of the vein, the timbering of this  nil no is relatively yei'y expensive, which,  together with the i'e-tlniberiug of the  old workings, having been necessary, has  naturally very much reduced past profits;;  considering the large amount of ore to be  handled, 30,000 tons annually, the position  Of the company Avill be improved Avith  the cheaper mining under a new system,  and the higher 'extraction anticipated by  the mill improvements; the margin to  Avork upon is important as every dollar  per ton of ore saved means an additional  ��8000 annual profit.  The Enterprise is described as not an  isolated property, being connected Avitli  the Enterprise landing ou the Slocan  lake, at Avhich steamers call, by a good  cart-road eight "miles long; opened up as  the vein is, there can be no doubt (Mr.  Popkiss thinks) but that the purchase of  this property Avas a very satisfactory  one, and that as it stands now Avithout  further'development, no risk attaches to  the purchase notwithstanding the large  amount-of cash paid for it, with so much  ore in sight, and that of a simple character, and with every prospect of the vein  continuing into the hill, there is every  ^--tfW.,w:*,-.',,-s^"��^^,'-"^*o'L:.--^,no..'^^;^DP.. ^.-;- ,^.j:S,,-,-^r-Ty'i|,--n-^i;-ri-n^-^o  ���iKiDeheneirsta.rl:s;OUtagainst.the Khalifaibe  ������yWith;;h.i^  .'"'limife ywjfitld^^  ffeng&g^ Kif^'fTyipiii^^;!.^-^  ''Me':Oy^^e^0^&-0^^;ZZZy. '...y ��� "';. -"^''y'r  'H&$^  aty $[ef��|lek^ Lpi^-  ^|piiiv y $$�� ilia's- .s-b^}iyJin|tKud|^y---'tpy ���'spiindj  ���the'; killg.;waii^ iSoiH  ��s|3'S"^a*5fciJc5_fei_ ipf ^Ji^yyi^vs^ ':;3Men<eiMlc': isV a��  :pi^]dy-Cus'fe^  .ihi^^h^'ihliilfe.i^-"'.'itrd;fiifflii#;^Sri.. -j^i'-s^an,  'as:;I0feh^riCj^  ���lild troubles In Sqri&Af^  Mene'leljv.Ay|Ilfp,f,cib^ /chaTagp. ^  "tliC";j|]*"^ and*  liis eouii'try.' ���BeSjplte, deni^iisr .Kitcii^iigi*'  has really ha$"a tleal' of luoiptent inutihy"  aniong t#p: SlbudaneSe:^^re@bnents yin >July"  ih "tlie iieighborhopd of^ ��mduri^u^ yGpiie  regiineuts AVere npt ileW.fevlegj but "tyere  CQi-tippsed of iiien avIio helpecl to siuasli  the Khalifa last yeaiv riPlieir' grieyanoes  Aveise excessive clriljing and undue iiitPr-  ferencG with theuiiniber of woinen allows-  At a meeting of Nelson school trustees  yesterday afternoon it; AAras decided to  petition the educational department for  the unexpended balance of the $2000  AA'hich Avas appropriated by the department for the completion and furnishing  of the additional school rooms. The balance amounts ���to something like $500,  AArhich the trustees desire, for the completion and furnishing of tAvo smaller  rooms.  The steam-launch Vidette, Avhich was  built by George Hale for hiihself and W.  R. McLean, Avill be giAren her trial run  today.    Something veryy speedy 'is, pro?  sKen^ie^tp-tAA^Qweai'Si.iimpriSPnment;;^^^^  =eirt1Til^^t"tiroiie7lli6~e;ieh regiment. Soine  of the men were shot and others sentenced to Avork with the chain gangs.  The Divinity of an Emperor.  BEliKi-sfj September 29.���A socialist  Member of the lleiclistag, Herr Schinidt,  has been sentenced by the Magdeburg  cotii't to three years' imprisonment for  lese nnyeste in publishing a fairy tale reflecting on tlie emperor and tlie prin-  eessi lie Aroluntarily i'elinqvii��hed  Ills imm.it n'l ty      from      arrest     lis  a .uieuiber of the reichstag and stoPd  his trial because Mueller, editor of the  socialist Voltnsiimnej inlioqently con fleeted with the same offense, is now undergoing it four years sell ten co.  Survivors From the Scotsman.  Special to tlio Tribune,  Victoria, Septeniber 29.���Lieutenant  Gerald Pike and Avife, the hitter's daughter, and E. M. Johnson of Victoria were  among the passengers of the Scotsman  and have wired their escape. Ex-pi'emier  Turner Avas believed to have sailed  on  the same steamer but a cabled inquiry  brings news  that he has  not yet  left  London.        _________^__  Liberal-Conservatives Meet.  Victoria, B. C., September 29.���The  Liberal-Conservative meeting here tonight elected delegates to the provincial  convention in Westminster and instructed them not to engage in provincial  politics.   International Oricket Match,  Philadelphia,. September 29.���In the  international match between Ranjitsinji's  English team and the gentlemen bf Philadelphia, the latter inade 150 runs in their  first innings. The Englishmen had made  seventy for one .wicket when stumps  Avere drawn for the day.  ingyfe;:^poka^e1��"^^ ^a'Miye^l'i'ejie*  ^ttig^l^^i'^:'-:^- yiyy<y:.y.'. Ctrl ":y$  *��� ';.|j!vS'^ icijel /Mitr-  laiild^.,: ^as,^in*gseh;fed5:;#ith ��� a^hs^ds-g'.ine.  ���gcVJcijwatfih:^^ **-b*^%^-^H-a^���*5iiu:ei?'.:  ,6rtij3lp^es.y; ���Mi:sv,li^*y^'fi'^s|^^'2e^^  jfa^iio^yl^^ '.$(&$(;  ��an||*ylli|i^O��M'':yr ��� ��h^;:;|ir:ti^s-/A^fcey  '���p^rG'iilte^frpni'J^'cd^ '-^"?y  Ari^ig��iheii^s>j|rei'l^in  the city "au^^^^  'CPmpou'y - fPi;f.a,oi^ 'gai'b^g&giptihd^ " !The*.  .;groitn<J:.yayf;3 ^reseii't ��� ���^niedy-ei^lii|��!Si;Spmj3r  thing iiff:tbe;.ywii,y* of ay ttu|sancie, and, tlie  ?'Gohipany 110*8 Siiggested a ^onple; Sf sites  albng the lake front1 $o tijie ^easfc of vtliei  city, Thesfe sites,"wiil be exaiTnined bJ"  th"^ city authprfties,-ahcl if there is no  objection to thein, the present difficulty  will be overeoine for the present.  E. Eergiisou rekirnect frPm the Laido  district, yesterday^ AyhereJi:ejyasj;iistliug=  business fpr H. J, Eyans.M C_. Ije reports business in that section as rathef  quiets the merchants generally being inclined to AVithhold oi'ders until tlie Garia-  dian Pacific bi-iinch line is into Duncan  City from Lardo; The road is expected  to reach Duncan City inside of a moutii,  AVhen business is expected to considerably improve.  The city engineer is complaining of tile  dittieulty in finding laborers for the ti&sv  sewer construction. . Those Aylio are asking fbr a fail" Wage for it day's Work  should apply at the city offices fortlm-ifeh.  The infant child of Mr, and Mrs. Wnl-  laek of Nelson died yesterday. The funeral will take place today.  At the morning service; in the Presbyterian, church on Sunday first the sacrament of the Lord's supper will be  celebrated.  In the evening Mr. Frew .vill preach  the last sermon of the present course, subject "Cheerful Men."  The infant son of II. E. Can- of Tmit-  died yesterday. This makes the third  death of children at Ymir in three Aveeks,  in each case the death occurred on Friday.  Judge Ward Spinks arrived iu Nelson  yesterday from Vernon.  It is understood that Mr. justice Wal-  kem Avill shortly retire from the bench.  Already there is the usual scuffle of office  seekers forth�� coming vacancy.  W. H. Dowsing sold lots 4 and 12 in  subdivision 158 to J. H. Love yesterday.  The price aa .is $250.  It has been suggested that Dewey, the  hero Avho slugged a feAv pJd.AVOoden tubs  at a conveniently safe distance, should  have some sort of a recognition in Nelson..  Spine of the boys think that T. G. Procter,  as being a nautical man, would be the  best person to arrange the show.  THE SHIPWRECKED PASSENGERS  Of the Scotsman Reach Montreal.  Montkral, September 29.���Two hundred and fifty scantily clad, baggage  bereft men, Avomen and children Avere on  board of an intercolonial special which  steamed into Bonaventure depot this  evening. They comprised the greater  number of those Avho sailed from Liverpool on September 14th on board the  Scotsman, bound for Montreal, and Avere  Avrecked on the shoals in the Straits of  Belle Isle at half-past two on the morning of the 21st. It was not only a tale of  shipwreck they had to tell, but one of  death, suffering and pillage, for fifteen at  .least of the Scotsman's passengers  perished. All suffered terribly fVom cold  and privation, and almost the Avorst horror of all, the men avIio were supposed to  succor and assist those committed to  their care, in the hour of need, turned on  the helpless passengers and Avith loaded  guns and l'cvolvers, compelled them to  ���part with tlieir valuables saved. Captain  Skrimshire aud his officers Avere exceptions. The passengers ascribe to them  the role of heroes.  For the honor of the British merchant-  marine, the crime may not be ascribed to  the men engaged in it, but to a gang of  wharf rats and hangers-on picked up on  the docks at Liverpool to replace the  usual creAV of the Scotsman, Avhich joined  the seamen's strike on the other side.  The list of thpse who perished is : First-  class passengers���Miss Street, Montreal,  companion to Miss Duncan ; Mrs. Childs,  wife of the stage manager of the Sign of  the Cross Company; Mrs. Dickson; Mrs.  Roberts and infant ; Mrs. M. Scott; Mrs.  Robiuson, Avifeof the manager of the Sun  Life Company' of Toronto; Mrs. Robinson,Avife of a former editor of the Toronto Globe. Second-class passengers���Mrs.  M. Seott, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Talbot,- Mrs.  Tuthill, Mrs. Skeltou, Mrs. Eliza Watkins,  aud Miss B. Weavers. It will be noticed  that all avIio perished Avere women. This  is accounted for* by the fact that they  Avere the occupants of the first y boat  iwh.iGbil&ftSthe'iSt^  ?��� audavlucli���jAvasj&Wain.jiecli^biisfoije^tiCOuIa..  yEhe, ^eptsmanasailedaf roni-Livei-poofcpn;  ptsmfcerSsHfch.^  a^rai'ts^r"^  ,] r-J^l-i *=vlD,.rt��-��i>Vi-\-m-i     rt^i/^.irirTJ' i'*���_''_.4-'I'_ n ������:'n't-''rti!li-s*i HI^'VtjH iV- - I *-��f^ Ai\'���*-j n?-i  ||p^bed:|Bi|t}^Ssle,.'��|(ie^  l^uiifib^Hind^lier^^  'i^i^iysti'iwtsf'&fvft  this, tho bad condition of food and Avater  brought on much sickness. Many, of the  passengers suffered from the exposure.  After much difficulty, some overcoats and  shaAvls Avere secured for the wotneti,  nearly everyone of Avhom had left the  ship in her night clothes. The passengers Avere obliged to climb up a rocky  cliff nearly 390 feet high before they  could find a place largo enough to  rest. Here    tliey    stayed     on     the  bare rock for fou��� days and nights.  The first night they had absolutely no  shelter, but on Saturday the captain sent  up some tarpaulin and blankets. These  were very acceptable as it had rained  hard all night antl was most bitterly cold.  A number of passengers attempted to  reach the lighthouse, Avhich Avas about  eight miles aAvay, as the crow flics. To  do this it Avas necessary to climb about  1200 feet higher, before a practicable  path could be reached; and there the  difficulties had only begun. The 'path"  Avas rocky .and uneven and Avas crossed  by huge clefts and gullies, Avhich Avere  very deep; altogether the distance by  land must have been over eight miles  and one gentleman took eleven hours to  reach it, and rested only half an hour on  the Avay. It Avas not until the 2Gth that  the Montford came along and Avas signalled by the Belle Isle light house.  Rover Creek. ;y  A district of great possibilities is the  tract of laud lying between Bird and  Rcver creek Avhich empties into the  Kootenay river near Slocan Junction.  Rover creek can be reached by rail or by  the old trail from Nelson. Up Bird creek  are a number of claims the principal  of Avhich is the Ophir group now  under option to a Rossland outfit.  The rock from this property is a schist  containing fiue iron pyrites which run  high in gold. The lead is of varying  thickness and at present it is difficult to  judge of its depth as not sufficient development   Avork  has   been    done   yet.  Branching off from the Nelson trail  near the ferry is the White\Arater trail,  leading   to   the  Whitewater  mine,  the  SvndJQthers,;ri:s5nqAVfcbonded.,: Cousiderabiei  *^fe*W!S$f_^  Mr caiitiSi^tsilll jtuffi  '.p|^^i^ris^i^dfei|t^ .l^idjijpK  ���|lil^��i|fiJ: 'ivas ''^ed;lli^^::and "������ 'Ihe^^it; ~^0-  "W^'^Uy.' ���';" ..Ait^ B^loSJ^-thei'^'-'AN.^ ,  'uhii^i^atli"^  fOAVed ��� yyfy<oiiptheyr,��and" a^cf&eri   Tlie  yga'ssgngers-:^e^e/;r*^i^p^  "j'a^'dlj.1^  3tl^jV^:^ietl|nc.k:ban Pitt- tlie.  " sign't- 'of'"s'hoi^f-Pa^en^e^s.:;iM  l^iitlier^ %\\i:'"e%^mW-'^^3^-\^ and his:  ^olficers: A^n|;aiiip;ngv thfiitf* calming their  feij-rs. A sii^j^fi^cjfiii exaniimifeioii of the  ship: told the ea]fjtain that she would be a  total wrpckaud^thatsiie iiiust be abau-  dpiied at oiiaei A "fioi't life boat Avas  lowered, and in this many Pf theyAVOnie_n_  aTilllihildreu Ayereipiacecl. Hardly AVas it  clear of the ship Avhen it capsized, throwing its occupants' into the Avater. Those  who pei'ished Avere in this boat. Some  Avere saved, fpr "tlie ship had listed to  port, anel several ladies Avei'e AVashed back  on to the deck. One lady clung, to a rope  for two hours before being rescued, the  s!kin being torn fi'ani her tends. Mean-  Ayhile clisgi'a^ef id scenes Avere being enacted on board, Hardly liad the vessel  sti'udk before nieh from tlie stoke4K>Io  ruslted to tlie cabips, and slitting open  valises and bags Avitli their knives, -took  all the valuables they could Jay hands on.  Sevei*al pf fchgin Hred shotguns and tried  to force men to leave their ,cubin.-3..  It is said that some of the steer.age  passengers found the firemen looting the  baggage of the first class passengers- and  in more than on�� instance lings Avere tPrtt  from the fingers of fainting and dying  Avomen. Captain Skriinshire and his  officers, busy in caring for the safety of  the passengers, had no time to interfere  with the ruffians. When morning came,  it. was found that the ScPtsman lay close  in shore alongside a cliff fully a thousand'  feet high. A second boat-load of women  and children, Avhicli had been sent off,  were carried back and the passengers  transhipped to the rocks alongside the  ship. j ���  Until 6:30 the officers and some of the  creAV of tlie Scotsman Avorked unceasingly in getting the passengers ashore, and  when darkness and a heavy fog set in all  were safe on the rocks. But hero neAV  dangers of starvation faced them. Tlie  lower decks of the ship Avere  entirely under water. A quantity  of biscuit Avas carried ashore,  and on tliis, -with a very little  corned beef and wild berries over 200  people existed for four days. . Some  natural springs were found, but despite  'iiCipaHpAVuei's-���"���Pfcthe _��Blend^whiGlvtas  ano.tliei^;vpi<omisn.ig!?"4pi"ppea;t^-^.ea"c4 the:;  ::;W?h:i'teAV%tj|.r;y5  icreei^*sy!|jle1v^Spl^Cau5"^  sujtable-foryaiSmalkroAynsitef"^,;^  , '?"������������'!'.'"���.������.���,���:���-_��*���?-.,*���'"������������.��� .i-'i'S:"--..1:"'1.1't���-��"�� W'--ir.';.'&-"?**���?"-���'���"'*'���"'"*;���������'  iPQwer.s��tQ>^e,Aobtaniea;firoin:: tlieci'ivei'.  ^there'!is^ enoriuousf ��� and. *��ome5propbets��  c^actnKng:"3iifiej^^  ^iie^T.i|i*t&'i'f;s;.-t>'^|o'-j,.'l^  ��ei^S./%a'y^-vv't  ;tjief ������ nianufaetUre     ;or -. y-aluniunmni,,  -ipan/pp-pbtanied^'tlieKejajElcefeici  jnjeCe|sai*y ���adj,in"ijg"|)^br; ��� ���tllii*i.pui*i^(^ey.'4u^  ;they|B^#,;;-:lpji'^ :thC" ;i^al*n''i;:c^^'a^'^ ;  .:pb!lSiiIedy|i'^u:"61ie'fl  Ci:*a|?���\eppper-. jSrppe^ties^���;'in>Vthei-"Reality  i.;tkpi||^-b||feiliititi& Hycn^fe ���iffl's  bef&dbiic���/'(>{%tbeiUi -':. Ainiiiing ej:igi|iecr,  Wfh.0- i'CGgi|tly'visited; 1$iC'Whjt^W4it<|r:aiid  ad|ipij|iii^:pi*cperti^ :tli|;p|tSiiliat the diV  tlieiyil'-pt'prPmisnigmetallifei'ous PUearid  Avell Ayoi'thy 0f niorc attcniion.  MORE WARLIKE PREPARATIONS  Continue in England and the Transvaal  Capktoavn, September 29.���A despatch  from Glencoe, Natal, says : " Telegi-aphic  communication betAveen here and the  Transvaal is temporarily interrupted. It  is supposed to haA'e been caused by a  thunder storm. The camp is free from  sickness and patrols are regular,  especially in the direction of De  Jager's drift on the Buffalo river,  Avhere the Boers aro reported to be  laagered. The greatest enthusiasm prevails. The second movement of troops  from Ladysmith to Dundee Avas carefully  concealed and expeditiously carried out.  Tho townspeople only know of the  mannmver by the presence of troops. It  is stated that tho burghers have requested  permission to either return to their farms  or raid Natal. A telegram from thoA'olks-  raad says it is reported that the Boers  intend to taken]) a position at Schinons  Negte, falling back on Laings Neck if  forced to do so.'"**      '  '  r  London, Sejjtember 29.���It was said  this evening that the batch of. South  African telegrams receiAred at the ''colon-'  ial office this ;morning did not contain  president Kruger's reply as supposed, but  referred to other matters. The cabinet  therefore was unable to discuss the reply.  Significance is attached to the fact that.:  Mr. A. J. Balfour Avas in conference with  lord Rothschild at Downing street at 11  o'clock. ���  The CapetoAvn correspondent of the  Times cables:���"A free-state proclamation has been issued prohibiting the export of live stock, grain and provisions.  Coliberge and other places in Cape Colony  near the Free State are taken to be extremely disaffected. The English are  daily threatened and some of them are  going cpjistAvard for safety. I 'haA'e accumulated evidence that it is not mere  street talk, but there is a belief among  the Dutch that the Boers can beat England. A prominent member of the  Free State says : "We are sorry for your  soldiers, our burghers Avill AA'alk over  them like sheep over the veldt." Another V  said: "Y"ou may haA'e an even chance  Avith us if you send 100,000 men, not less."  A Dutch lady of the southwest portion  of the colony, Avrites to a friend: "When  Paul Kruger lias beaten theEnglish andy*  taken the Colony, I Avonder Avill lie, conquer England top?"; '������;"'���> Z  Indications this evening lend to thc��be-  lief that, in view of the cabinet meeting,y  i^'Cprps.left .fpi'y-the^^QiiJt!^  ^aii|t^d':^-!  wBig^Strike-of-Ore^ejiir-Rbss  Btoas-LAN%'Septeinber 29.;---A most re--  iniii-kable series of strikes on prp|')erties  of the British Colnmbia C<?.p;pe*t'' 'Company  at DeadwPod cainp liere, following up a  Strike of thirty-seven feet of solid  chaeopyi'ite ore on the Primrose claim by  the raihvay cutting the same, has been  inade. Ninety feet of rich ore, in tlie  iioi'tli drift of the. Mother Ikide, the big  iniueof: the camp;, was struck: and five  feet of solid ore encountered on the  earjier of itheinain shaft, at a dcptli Pf  2�� fcet.going 30 per Cent in copper. The  Brititsh Columbian Cbpper Company is  mainly OAviied by New STork caintulists^  Paul .fohnsOn, foi'meriy sliperintendont  of the liall Mines smelter, is  siiperiutoudeut and vouches for the  above facts. Two other strikes are reported today, one in tlie Winnipeg mine,  Wellington camp, of six feet of solid  pyt'i'hotite ore in tlio cross cut from the  shaft of the three hniidred foot level, the  other on tlie Surface of the Golden 'Grown  25 feet wide, identical in character Avith  tliat of the Winnipeg which averages  form $60 to $70 in gold,  to Aid the Mother Country.  M'SLitouRNK, Victoria, September 29.���  A conference of the military commandants of all the colonies, except NeAV  Zealand, is sitting here to discuss the  equipment and despatch of an Australian  force to South Africa. Volunteers are  coining forAvai'd largely from all the  colonies. About 11.00 Victorians have  already volunteered.   Heavy Failure in London. .  London, September 29.���Reginald Barker, a stock jobber of this, city, failed today. He had a large account in Kaffirs  which lie had been holding for a rise. It  is reported his liabilities are <��25,000  sterling. /  ���are.^fei^raW.'.^  '3?i*etoi"ia#6^<Ce;:^  ;, _ ^Opniin^ndaiil:';. ^0^i^:fjfhi^j^^y^^e0^^  Jd'iify- addressed''* '"��y,Af4^^-':m,SM^^i^^s^^  ������tiic..Pi*elpi'*ia?'S''feiiyn^:'---'l|!^  :lustaiy'ciice:i*cd,yy3ThgiMM^  ���;niU;  ���ciptii squat;�� .^:''''^^^i^^Mi:  president KiiiTgei^. .y . 'Ty.;':''^\~ ������_ ������,uu>.  ���:   ij)\vi'fig"to the^'feti^  : thercare- vtirrous'storfe/'tbissey^iiili^  ��� 'is assorted wiM mm^^hp^>'0p-:Mijt^  ^th{tt=^ii^de.'^3iv'fecti^=^i^^^  further cttinlihuuca-tipn Avith .fe.''^.'tSi'"''^,'^  iMHiner, and the reassenlblag>5 of thp cate: ^yy:j|^|  inet next Tuesday. beforP i)he U^W p'ripi  posals of the British government can,, b^i  definitely settled.   Officers at ^v^ooliWicfi  this evening believe that an aitm-y jqpj_is-  will be sfcat'ted for South AfficA ab^ijt  October   7th, Avitli |>enepal sir Jleclver^  Bullei'.   There appeal's" to l>c uhnsual ck-  citemeitt    In    the    aduiji'alty    departs  in elite,     ..'George  J.   Goselicn,   first  lord'  of   the   admhstiilty    ^vtis    busily    iefe.  gaged tlieee foie bjm greater part pf;tlu*May-;'j  In a few worrls, thp-ppsitiiPn as loft by>  yestei'day's cabinet council is that president Ivruger lias beCn giyen nt(otheis  bJ'Cabiting Bpncti and tliat'aivother eoiineil  will be allied npxt Aveek, probably Tiles'-  day, to give final consent to tlie dispatcli  wliich lord Salisbury and Mr, Cliaiuber-  lain are engaged iu dj,safting and Avliieh  Will foi'inulate the Biitisli deniaitds.  The oflicial statement that no infprui*  ation will be given respecting military  movements, is interpreted to mean i in *  portiint movements only. The government is actively cbartefiug transports in  every direction. The exigencies of the  transport service are likely to necessitate  the continued piecemeal embarkation of  the troops.  A London friend of president Kruger  has cabled advising him to accept the  British proposals, as there is no desire on  the part of England to take aAvay Boot'  independence, and a failure to comply  with Avill. mean Avar.  To this president Kruger replied: "It is  impossible to act on the lines desired  without loosing independence."  Tlie special correspondent of the Morning Post in Dundee, Natal, says; "The**  Boers are surprised at the rapid advance  of the British troops over rocky ground.  I. haA'e inspected Dagai'as and Landman's  drift.     They aro quito dry. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B.C.   SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER. 30,  1899.  t  .<== VSS _Sp ���-��! ��� *>i\ C-m -^ vK\ v���� 0?=> ^j; .."^> -JSi-j ��� *s* _2>. �����,'ig> ;5"*> ig- ,S> ���,  <&��<? u^^T^-'^':l3':��Z'-'e=5-cS'r& ���&-~Z3'~&':i3't=)'~&''=''^-C-'-''CJ'  ok  I B. & B. Corsets at 50 cents, 75 cents, $1  $ and $1.50 per pair. D. & D. Corsets at $1  j|| $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2, and up to $5 per pair.  $ Thompson's Glove Fitting, always a favorite  with well dressed women at $2.50,  $3, and $3.50 per pair. Children's  Waists from 35 cents to 75 cents  per pair. Special values in Hair  Roll  Bustles,   Blouse Extenders,  etc.  -. ��� Sa rS3> -.Si _5-> .s vS!;,��� Si.__,  y&��&s)  h'/~>*<-'~-^.//��'  tltr  s  *  .'::|g;"y  'Mm  ywiy  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  1%  BANK  OF  B. O.   BUILDING,   NELSON.  o'-E-R-iyns C-A.&53.  W  i\Arf  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Overalls and Smocks  We keep on hand the "Levi Strauss," "Boss of the Road,"  and other well made garments at reasonable prices.  MEN'S OUTFITTER  Sign ot the RED  HAT, Baker St., Nelson  J. F. WEIR  Pait.t Edition First Year, No. S30  AVkkkly Edition Seventh Year, No. 30  THE   DEADLY   PARALLEL.  Scitt-  ICn>lo    Koolcuuinn  cnjliui' ���Sitli,  There Ji^ more devclop-  moiil. work liuilif? r.-u l-icil on  nmv in 'L'ie KaMo-KltKiin  uomili. 1 Iiii.li at any linn)  since i is iIJp-CMjvoiy.tisulK'pO'l  Die Ixjtlius.iiu Ijoinif iinuov-  eiod in uvoiy canij). There  are many mon in (lie hilN'  and when Ihe snow falls  und (hoy lit'Kin to return  11 oni <loiiiKiisM;s,sii!ent�� orlc  a Kroat uuniberof sales can  be p-ululy counted on.  N'clwn     "Minor.   , SojiLcm-  liei- -jsiUi.  Hay by day Hie industrial  Mutation in 1\ih>I unity tiro nw  worse.    Tin; inaniiHei- and  ' llie miner* koi no nearer to-  gufher;   in  luul,  tliey are  lurjliui-   itpiul.      And the  . uU'culp is Ilinl. every bi.uicb  of l)ii.sijie.ih ih s'u During.   I'  Joeli .some time Iti have I lie  full iiiflueneo of Ihuuight-  lioiii'lawfell.,ljullatlei'lyitih  " coming home to all of us.  Mining development is not  wholly hiis])cii��lc(l. it is true,  ,   but it has been alarmingly  eui tailed.    <  ' The Nelson Miuer is the subsidized  organ of the Nelson District Mine Owners'  Association, find its utterances voice the  views of tlie members of the association.  The Kaslo Kooten.uan is also controlled  by men who, as individuals, are opposed  to the eight-hour law. The JBLootenaian  makes a statement of fact, while the  statement of tho Miner is wholly, untrue.  The Joining industry, taken as a whole,  "was never on a better footing than it is  today.' It is true, some of the Slocan  mines and one mine at Ymir are not  working full forces because of the refusal  - of��� their-managers���to recognize_miners  as business men who have something to  sell; but it is also true that hundreds of  men that were formerly employed in  these mines are  now  engaged  in  doing  PETER GENELLE & CO.  work that is developing properties into  productive mines. A visit to Rossland,  Avhich, wo believe, is in Kootenay, would  convince even the most skeptic that mining was not wholly suspended. A visit  to the IlalllMines smelter at Nelson would  have a like result. A visit, to the little  town of Moyie, in lOast Kootenay, would  convince even the editor of the Nelson  Miner that the industrial situation there  is not at all gloomy. A trip to Ainswortli  would prove tliat the oldest camp in Kootenay is a hive of industry. Over in Boundary district, hundreds of men aredevclop-  ingiuincsaiid buildingsmeltcrs. Kootenay  is all right, and the little friction that  exists "between a few pompous mine'  managers and tlio. mine workers would  disappear within thirty days wore only  such newspapers as the Nelson Miner  muzzled for a time.  Vancouvkii is moie or less agitated  over a propos.il that in the suggested  amendments to the city charter, which  are to bo municipally recommended to  the favorable consideration of the provincial, government and legislature next  session, there be included a clause  making it  lawful  for the council, in lp_t__  then prevailing in the town ($2.50 per  day), and as all contractors were re-  i|iiired to put up a certified check for  one-fourth of the amount of tlieir contracts, there was no successful attempt  nia.de to evade the clause, and Nelson  has had little trouble with either contractors or laborers. It is true, contractors did not like the clause, but they  had either to accept it or not bid. It has  worked well in Nelson, where there is no  organized Trades and Labor Council. If  such a clause will not hold in law,  then the legislature should make it law.  Such a clause and the requirement'  that the contractors shall in all cases put  up a cash bond ensures a city good workmen and good work.  TiiKRi'" would be no professional   temperance   agitation   against    the    liquor  traffic, were it not for the fact that  one  per cent of those who drink do so   to excess; these extreme cases  furnishing almost the entire stock in trade of the professional  temperance  agitators.      Were  all the men engaged in the traffic  to refuse to sell liquor to habitual drunkards,  or to men intoxicated, the  traffic  would  not be held in such ill repute as it is, aud  the men who  so   refused  would  not be  made to suffer for the sins of those wlio are  willing     to     sell     liquor     to     anyone  having    the    money    to     pay    for    it.  So   with    gambling.      It     is     an    evil  that     cannot     be     suppressed.       Men  will gamble ; but were those who gamble  protected from the professional tricksters  that are allowed to frequent premises, in  which gambling is carried on, little would  be  heard  of the  effects  of  the   "evil."  But too many of those  who  allow  gambling on their premises arc  not  satisfied  with a reasonable rake-olf, and the result  is that those  that  are  fair  are  classed  with those that are unfair���and gambling  is suppressed.    The fanatical temperance  advocate   would   close up  all  places in  which liquor  is  sold  every  day in the  week, simply because a few  of the  men  avIio sell liquor  are  lacking  in  common  sense     and     common    decency.       The  suppressor      of      the      gambling     evil  Avould        do        likcAvise        Avith        all  places     at      AA'hich     men      meet      to  play  a  game  of   " sluff" or a  game  of  " draA\y" simply because a few prefer" to  rob those Avho frequent their resorts.    In  both instances, the innocent 'arc  always  made  to suffer AA'ith   the   guilty when  the civic authorities are lacking in moral  courage.  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  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The city council of Nelson, in 1S97, caused  a clause to be inserted in all contracts  that the minimum rate of Avages paid to  laborers should not be less than the rate  Headquarters lor  HBSI-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  Wo make a spocialty of  Sljiplap aqd Double Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles aqd Lath Kept in Stock  Ollice and yard noar C.P.R. dopot  38. G. BEER, Agent.  Special Notice to tlie People of Kootenay  l am now prepared to test the eyes  of the people, as I have in my department a first-class optician. I have a  large selection of gold frames and the  very best of lenses. Call and get your  eyes examined at  JACOB DOVER'S The Jeweler  That room of yours needs  (tfreshening up " for the winter months.  You  can give us the size (length,  breadth, and height of ceiling)  of the room, or rooms,  will do the rest.   In price,  beauty of design and quality  Our Wall Paper  bargains will surprise you.  Canada Drug and Book Co..  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Buy and soil Sterling ICxchnngo and Cahlo Transfers  fllUNT COMMKHCIAt. ANI) TKAVKM'.KIt.S' OltKDITR,  avallahlo iii any part of tho world.  RKAKTfl 1HSUICD    COT.I.KCTIONB MADK; KTO.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRKNT RATK OK INTI0RKST PAID  Do They Like Each Other?  Do tlio Americans and tlio J.njgliah like  each  ofchor?   That  is  a question which  Mr. William Archor considers in tho Pall  Mall Magazine.    "Most  Englishmen," ho  remarks, "are still guilty of a thoughtless  captiousness toward Americans, wliich is  none the less galling because it manifests  itself in   thp  most   trifling  matters.'    A  friend  of my own returned  a few years  ago  from  a-short tour   in   tlie United  States, declaring that he heartily disliked  the  country, and  would   never go back  again.    Inquiry as to the grounds of liis  dissatisfaction elicited no more definite or  damning charge than tluit 'they'  (a collective   pronoun presumed  to  cover the  whole   American  -people)   hung   up   his  trousers instead ol folding them���or vice  versa, for I am heathen enough not to remember  which .is.'the orthodox process.  Doubtless  he  liad   other,   and   possibly  weightier,  causes of complaint; but this  was  the  head   and front of   America's  offending.    Another Englishman  of education and position, being asked why he  had  never crossed the  Atlantic, gravely  replied that he could not endure to travel  in  a  country where  you  liad  to  black  your  own boots!    Such  instances of ig-  liorance and pettiness may seem absurdly  trivial, but they are quite sufficient to  act as grits in the machinery of social intercourse.    Americans are very fond of  citing as an example of English manners  the  legend of a  groat lady  who, at  an  American breakfast, saw lier-husband cle-  .  dining a dish which was offered to him,  NOTICE.  Notice is heioby given (liiH in thirty days. I intend lo  "apply to I lie chief ooiuinissianei- uf lands and work*, for  -ponilissinn to cu t n ml cut. away timber oil" (ho below  riuwiibud lands:  Commencing nMliciiorl!iciu>t. corner of II. 11. JIoDei'-  mid's limber chiiin, on l.iifr,iiiCu crock, on south nnn of  Koofon.iv Lake, thence enM forty chains; thenee south  ten chains, Ihence east ninety chains', liienco north ten  chain-,; thence o'asl forlj-llvc chains. Iticncc soutli liny  chains, thenco we.-l live cliains; I hence .--on I h Ion chain--;  thence we^l .seventeen chain-*;-: thence south tun chaiiw;  thenee west eighteen chains, thenco north Ion chain-_  thence west, foi ty chains, I hence south ten chains, ���hence  west forty chain's: (hencehoiilh ten chains; thenee west,  * forty-lii c chains, thence iiorlli oighly chains to place of  Coiimioncunioiil- ' (JliO. tillAV,  Nelson, H, C, Se])loiiiber22nd, IS!)!),  ���NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given (lint, iu thirty dnjs, T intend lo  apply to the ciiict commissionei' of lands and works, lor  permission to cut and carry pi way timber oil" the below  described lands:  Conilnoueiugat a post about twoanda half miles np  Lafrnnco creek, on (he sou I h" ami of Kootenay lake, tiini-  monoing at the norlliuost corner; I hence e.isHiveclniins:  Ihence north forty chains; thence oast twenty chains:  (hence north ten chains: Ihcnco east nine chains; thence  north (enchains: thenee cast live chains; thence north  ten cliains; thence oust ten chains; thence mil Hi ton  cliains; tlience cast, ien chains; Ihence north ten  cliains; (hence casl twelve chaius; Ihence north the  cliains; thence east thirty-eight chains; (hence north  twenty chains: tlience east fourteen chains; thence  kouIIi Iwcnly chains; thence west eighteen, chains;  (hence south six chains: Ihence west twenty chains:  (hence south twoiit.v-(i\o chains; Ihence west (enchains;  liienco south twenty chaius; (hence wesl (wenly chains;  llieiice_Kmith_lifleen chains; (honco_w-esl_tc'u_cbains;-  -Iheiioo south twenty-live chains: thence west eight,  chains; thence soulh twenty live Chains; llicnce west  seventeen chains; ihence south eleven chains; thence  west twentv chains; thence north thirty-two clnins to  (ho place of"ooinmenoeniont. 11. I). MrDKKMID.  Nelson, 11. (.'., August 2(11 h, IS!)!).  .     NOTICE. *  ii   Notiec is liereby jiiven that in, thirty days, I intend to  applv to the chief oommissionei' of lauds iiinlvvovks,  i'0r iferjjpission lo outftud c^rrya\vny timber oil* the below  I described lands: .        ,,  [ ,- Cbmhioiiciiig. atn'postalic'n.il; five miles u(i **��.'Oil! cj-eete  jfliitihe1 west iiirni of Kooienay lake;' thaiico north' eighty  chains;   thence west "ten oJiiiiny;  thenco  north  sixty  Chains;   thence west ten chains;   thence north   I'oi'ty  ; elinins.;   Ihence west -ten chains j   fliOnoe. north   forty  chains;  tlience west ten  chatiis;. Ihence  north tGifty  (Shitins/: thence "West ten chaiim; thence wii-tli. forty  cliainsj thenee west toil 'Chains;  tlieiifio north tV\-t),ii|;y  . chains; (hence west.forty clijiias: thence soutli twenty  ��� cliaiii'*;   tlience  east, ieji chains;   thence south  forty  .chains: thenee wist loir cliains;- thenee 'South forty  .chains', thenee  oust  ten. chains;   thenee south   forty  i ehaiiw;, Uieu.ee. 'oust   ten  chains; thence soutli forty  chains'; thenee  east,  ten  chains;   liienco  soutli  Hl.vt.j-  chaina: thence oast ten chains; thence south  eighty  eliilliis; thenee east, forty cliuinsto the plnoc of omii-  ineneenioiit, GHAKLKS lULLYKR.  Nelson, B. 0��� Atigxst IStli, ISIItf.  intend to  works for  the below  "    '   NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given (hat in thirty days, I  j apply to the chief commissioner of lands and  ' permission to-cut ami carry away timber oil*  1 described lands: ���        C'diilntenoiiiK at a post, abouttwoanda half miles up  from the mouth of a ('.reck, running into Crawford Kay,  on Kootonav lake, and known us Gray creek, marked  northwest coi-iier; ihence etet forty chains; thenee north  ton chains; thence east twenty chains; thenco north  ten chains: tlience east tliirt;y-f!vc chains; thenee south  two chains; thenco east seventeen, cliains; thence soutli  sixty chains; thenee .vest fifteen chains; thenco north  ton cliains: thence west twenty-live chains; thenco  south ten chains; tluinee west sixteen chains; thence  south ten chains; thenco west sixteen chains; thence  north ton chains; thenee west; forty cliains; thence north  forty-two chains to the place of commencement.  HARItY HOUSTON.  Nelson, B. C, September Oth, IS!)!'.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby Kiven that in thirty days I intend to  apply to the chief commiHsioiier of lands and works for  permission to cut and carry away timber oil* the below  described lands: ,  Commencing at a post, ten chainssoutli of H. Houston s  northeast corner post, on Gray creek, running into Crawford Bay, on Kootenay lake, and thence east forty chains;  thence south eighty chains: thenco west ten chains;  thence smith eighty chains; thence east, ten chains.;  thence south forty chains; thence west, forty chains;,  thenco north fifty chains: tlience west ten chains; tlience  noi'iih Oiio hundred chains; therlce east ten "chaius;  theiice north fifty chains: to the place of 'commencement.  ."���:-.������������..".   ...���.'.   THOMAS SPHOAT.   -  Nelson,:B. t".,Septejiib'ei'!)Ili..' :  aud  called across the table,  'Take some,  my dear���it  isn't   half as  nasty  as  it  looks.'      Three    different   people    havo  vouched to me for the truth of this anecdote, each   naming tlio heroine and each  giving   her a.   different   iranie.    True   or  false, it is held in America to bo typical;  and it would scarcely be so popular as it  is unless jpeoplo had suffered a good deal  from the   tactlessness which   it exemplifies.    The same vice, in a more insidious  form, appears in a remark made to me  the other day by an Englishman of very  high   intelligence, who made a long tour  in America, 'and  was,   in  the main,  far  from  unsympathetic.    'What I folb,' he  said, 'was thesuburbanism of everything.  It jjwas all Clapham or CamberwoII on a  gigantic scale.'    Some justice of observation may possibly have lain  behind this  remark,    though  I   certainly   failed   to  recognize-it.    But in the form of its expression   it exemplified that   illusion of  metropolitanism which is to my mind the  veriest cockneyism in disguise, and which  cannot-but  strike Americans as either  ridiculous or offensive."  A Successful Detective.  I suppose the joke is on me, said the  detective, and if it wasn't for the fact  that others are telling the story I would  s.ay nothing about it. I was called into  the chief's office the other day and given  a burglary ease to look up. The only  possible clue that existed was a description of a suspicious character who was  seen near the house where the burglary  was committed, shortly before it happened.    The party who had seen the suspic-  FOR SALE  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  PKOPERTY <��� .   '.  30 by  120, Maker  Ward streets   street, between Josephine and  SSOOO  ions  character liad beeu able to give a  good description of him, and I was instructed by  the chief to visit the shady  spots in the .city and see if I couldn't run  him down and make him give an account  of himself.    I   have tackled worse cases  than  that, and  I  started out with the  idea that I would have the man wauted  behind the bars before the day was out.  But it wiis not as easy as I had anticipated.    The  description did not fit any old  crook that  I knew, and I Avas  i>o.sitive  that I was on the trail of a new and dangerous num.    I spent the day making the  rounds of the low joints and dives where  the thieves gathered, but without finding  any one that answered to the description  given  mo.    Along about  night, when   J  was tired and discouraged, I chanced to  catch a glimpse of my own reflection in a  mirror behind the bar, and 1 was thunderstruck to see that my own reflection  answered to the description of the party  that I was looking for.    Liko a flash it  dawned   upon me  that I had passed the  house  whore   the   burglary   liad  taken  place shortly before it happened.    With  a     horrible     suspicion    of   the    truth  of the   matter   I  looked    up  the    party who had furnished the description and  wtis readily identified as the man he had  seen.    I had been chasing about town all  day in  a  vain  attempt  to  run  myself  down.    But then I succeeded, and that is  some satisfaction.   Millionaire Troubles.  The troubles of a millionaire are illustrated by a story told of Williiim Rockefeller by one of his attorneys.    The old  FULL LINE OF  50 by 120, 13aker street, between Josephine and Hall  streets, cornor.   25 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  stroot    50 by 120 with improvements, south side of Vernon  street   2} lots with cottage ren tod at Slo por mou th, Victoria  street ..:  , ,   2 lots with cottage rented at S20 per month, Stanley  btrcet  L., '   5000  0000  3500,  3000  0 lots in block 11D, all cleared and foneed in  2500  ���"    AGKNTS FOR ' '  J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  "W"_A.E3D BEOS.  Real Estato and General Agents, Baker St., Nelflon  Tlie Nelson Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.  LOTS FOR SALE  ON EASY TERMS  Jjiircfo number of choice building lols- adjacent, lo the  line of their tramway. For price and terms of wile apply  to the odtce of (he company, Macdonald block, cornel1 of  Josephine and Vernon i>trco!s.  T. C. J>UNCAN, Secretary.  Charles  D.  J.  Christie  GENERAL BROKER.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  "Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wo will mako it for you  CALL AND GET PE1CKS.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS. NiSLSON  Contpactops and Builders  x*_q*sxr-Rje_*isro"E:  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  FOB. SALW   i-Itoom House    $1300 |  ���J-Koom House..  50-Foot Corner.,.   S'XjO  .$300  Charles A. Waterman & Co.  CUSTOMS BROKERS  AUCTIONEERS  WILL DO WELL TO  BUY THEIR LUMBER  AT  G. 0. BUCHANAN'S  A large stock of flrst-class dry material on hand, also  a full line of sa-sh, doors, mouldings, turned work, etc.   FACTORY WORKASPEGIALTY  Yard:   Foot of Hondryx street. Nelson  Telephone, 9i   John Rae, Agent  mm mm m mmm*.mm  Baker Street, Nelson  FIRST DOOR WEST BANK; B. C. BUILDlNGI.  Notice to Investors and Builders  We give the very Best Tkums to those  ���wishing, to borrow money on improved real  estate.  Tho only company in theprovince that gives  you the privilege of paying off your whole  Loan at Anv Tlaie without a Bonus on giving a CO day notice of your intention was so.  GAMBLE dfe O'REII^I-Y. Agts  British Columbia Permanent Savings & Loan Company.  Globe Savings & Loan Co., Toronto.  Lots for Sale  ��550 will purchaso a choice residenco corner, 100 by 120  feet.  82100 will purchase a central lot and residence.  $100 will  purchase  two nice lots and shanty, liobson  street. Hume addition.  ��3000 will purchase four nice lota and residence.  10,000 Pooled Fairmont i cents.  Blackcock .(Ymir) shares 20 cents.   '=.'*���       :.  5000 Utica at li cents.  ALEX STEWART  Turner & Boc'ckh block, Nelson, B.C.  JUtfliEfc THE AUSPICES. Otf  Tbe Koyal Agricultural and Industrial Society  of British Columbia, j  Winr,  HE HEI.D AT  es  ON  OCTOBER 3rd, 4th, 5tfi and Mi.  $15,000 IN PRIZES $15>000  OPEN   TO   THE   WOELD  A Round of Pleasure for Four Whole Days  HOItSK HACKS       niOYCLE ItACKS       AQUATICS  CHAMI'IONSffU"* I.AGROSSK NAVAf. AND  "MII.ITAltY SPOUTS 'GYMKHANA  BASK BALL.    KOOT UAIJj    BAND  TOUHNAMKNT.  MAGNIFICENT ILLUMINATIONS !  Grand concert every ovening.  Special attraction at the Now Wcstm instcr opera house.  Monster excursions from all points, at trrcutly reduced  For special features sec small hand bills.  No entrance fee elinrged for exhibits. ,   ���  KXKC'UTI VK���IIis worship mayor Ovens, T. ,T. Tnipp,  W. J. Mathers, Geo. I);Bi-ynuier, It P. Anderson, Aid. J.  P.Scott,'Aid. M. Sincliiir.-'V;: ���-,.-.  Por prize lists, entry forms "and full parlibulars, write  10  T. J. TRAPP,      ��� ':  AHT_tUU;MAI.INS.  Prcpiidenl. ���'������;������.-:.-;;-";v.:Sceretary.-  tv. i�� ��� kbauy,. coimnissipHci'.. y y vy/- ^.yyy y?y  niiignato  bought n huge tract of land in  the Adirondack.-"*, which ho uses as a game  preserve and forest home.    A small country paper announced that Mr. Rockefeller  intended  to  buy   half  the Adirondacks  and make them into a park.    The article  wtis widely quoted, and soon letters  began to pour in.    The letters tvere  soon  followed by brokers, fanners, real estate  agents and speculators.    Mr. Rockefeller  at first denied the report, but this had no  effect.     His  secretary   answered   every  letter in the negative, but this proved ineffective.    His clerks were instructed to  tell all callers that their employer did not  want any Adirondack land, but even this  wtis futile.    Not long ago Mr. Hockefeller  was driving, according  to the  Philadelphia Post, anil stopped to rest his horses,  when a man  suddenly  walked out from  behind  the trees and asked  for a match.  Mr. Rockefeller went through his pockets  aud handed the man three or four.    The  man  struck  a match and  said :    "I am  very much obliged to you, sir; I wanted  a match  very badly, and you  came just  in the nick of time.    By the way, I believe  you .are Mr. William  Rockefeller,  and you want to buy some land in  this  neighborhood.   Now I "  The sentence was not finished. TJie unhappy capitalist threw tlie box of matches  to the man aud drove off in a gallop.  The Tremont Hotel  iti)  Wool Carpets  S YOU  IVIAL0J.E & TREGILLUS  PROPRIETORS  Headquarters for Minors and Prospectors  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HANDI  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Heated with Hot Air and  Lighted by Electricity  L<argo comfortable bedrooms and   Ilrst-class  dining  room.   Sample rooms for commercial mon.  BATES  S2   IPEl-R  X>^.-&-  Mrs.  E. C.   CLARKE, Prop.  Late of tho Royal Hotel, Calgary,  Tlio finest, hotel id the interior;  L.arg8 sample robins,. Steam: Ivost.atid, electric light;  CORNER OF WARD! AND V*"!RNON_S5*S.._N*KLSGN.  BAKER AND WARD STREETS; NRIjSON  Tho only hotel in. Nolson that has remained under ono  mniiageinont since 1890*"  Tho bedrooms aro well furnMied and  Ugh tod by  electricity.  Tho dining.room is not second to any in Kootenay.  The bar is always stocked by the best domestic and  Imported liquors and citrai-M;  THOAlAS MADDEN. Proprtetor.  YMIR,   B.   C  J, W, SMITH,  Proprietor-,  EVEftYTHiNG FffiST-GLASS  Largo and Well lighted Heated by hot at  Reasonable rates Sample rooms  Electric bolls and light in every rOom  Renovated and refurnished throughout-  HOTEL  VICTORIA  J. V. PBRKS, Proprietor  Free bus meets all trains Ravol&i-nka   R ft  Hourly street oar to station nwHl'SlUKBi O. is.  Night Grill Room in connection, for the con vonioneo of  guests arriving and departing by niglit trains.  NOTICE.  'On and aftor the 1st of October 1899, the Gi'niid Cent Jul  Hotel will be run KtricUy on the Iftkropean pfim.  Wo have fitted up a now dining room with a scaling  capacity for one hundred people which will bo run In  connection with the hotel. All meals Lwonty-flve cents,  payable in the dining room. Will he pleased to fin'i-mli  meal tickets on applic.tt ion.  I looms by the day. week or month.  Thanking yon for your generous patronage in the past,  and trusting to- be favored with a continunncu of same in  the future. J remain, respectfully yours.  K. SIMPSON.  Notice to Contra,etors.  Scaled tenders will be received by the undersigned for  this construction of the Madden Block from the foundation ui��.  Plans and specifications can be seen at, the architect's,  ollice.  Tenders to be in by noon .Saturday,.'mth Septomb'U'. law.-  Tho.IovvcHt or any.tender not neoossarily'aceopMHl. :,-,..  '������"^"���.���������y   yy.v,;'^AJtTHUJl:'JC'::HOJl<JlNS -,-Architect .:.-������:  iti)  iti)  iti)-  W  W  W  W  W  iti)  CAN   MAKE   NO MISTAKE IN BUY-  ��� ing a 3-Ply Wool  Carpet or Wool Art  Square. We have a large Assortment of each. A  Few Sets of DINING CHAIRS received yesterday.  They are polished and in oak.   Do you want one.  -B  Don't forget we have a $20,OOOStock to choose from  D. McArthur & Co.  #  0  THE MM SAW & PLANM MILLS, Ltd.  We have a stock of one and a half million  feet of logs at our mill and are prepared to cut  all kinds of dimension timber and ship to all points  on Kootenay Lake by scows or steamers, also by  rail to all points on the Canadian Pacific or Nelson  and Fort Sheppard crailways. In stock rough and  dressed lumber, shingles, mouldings, sash, doors^  newels, turned verandah posts. Glass of all sizes.  Factory work of all kinds done to order.   ,  tf��'"MS  THE NELSON SAW & PLAII1 IILLUtd,  '      o'jf.- ������ -.v^vp11'" ���n:'*' 'Eb':'n *B^  OrFIOE AND MILLS COENER HALL AND FRONT STS., NELSON,^W^M  P. Burns &Co;  Kicao Officio at  NJSIjSON, B.  G.  Wholesale and JRetaiffISM  .   .   Dealers in -MlSiiS  K^fi^a^s}b^...m  1 era;".-    ,D-D    ";���-'���  ]-"--t"'DL*Un,^-;3-i3j'l  Wholesale Marl^ts at ^elsonj Rpsslandj Sahdon an#G|egn*#iid|,v. ..,.y���;y^i  Jictoil ,B:Dii-feets .tt Nelsen, IC'isIo,, >S'.in(.lorS| .Sfh*ut^on> Now DeiWer, YoiiiY 1'ivtii) G-fstiici E"Ot*i<.%j  On.seu.do, Groeiiwootl, MifhV��j> and SirdliF.   M&ti Orders Promptfy Forw&rded*  AM. KINI>3 OK  FRESH AHQ SALTED MEATS  WirOLKSALK AND lUOTAIi.  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEiAS��^  ORDKUS BY MAI1. ItECKlVK CAIilSFUl  TIAIES  I  AJ?D I'llOHl^ AT^l'^TION.  (.'  Corner of. Ward and Hoover Sti'eo(>-.  K. iini'/M'-AAAu, 1-M1.II..S., I'KOl'lUK'J'On  B*aLBS|   BULBS!   BULBS!  ;V),��tOof the clioicesf varieties foi fall tilnnlin-f tOaiTire  ina fow days direct fi-<nii tlio growers in Holland, con-  sislhiK of liyacilttlis, Tirlins, DtiilbdilH, Xnrcissiin. ScilliiK,  l.IIy of tlie Valley, Croons. .Toni|iiils. Snow Drops, Anemones, ItaiiiincnlilH, Iris Cliinodoxn, etc. Ordcru to tlie  value of ttvo ilollars and njivvai'ds sent, by mail or express free, and at less than eastern prices.  THE GRANVILLE  1175 Hard' Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Hoarding and day school for girls will ro-open on tho  loth day of August. Vacancies for boarders. For terms  and prospectus apply to  MAIIKMOISKLLK KKKN, Principal  ONE DOLLAR A LOAD  Tho undersigned has a large quantity of fir, cedar, and  tftmarnc slabs, in Ki-inch and 1-foot leriKths, suitable for  Htovcwood, which will be sold for ?1 a lwwl at tho mill  * - ' NKLSON SAW & I^LANINa. MILLS, Umllod.  ;yiNplso.D, AuKustl9Ui,-lS99.:yyr^y'->  H. B. Asheroft  BLAOKSMITHING  AMD EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  "VVaicon repairing promptly "attended to by a first-Clasa  wh col writfht.  Special attention gi^cn to all kinds of repairing and  custom work from outeido points.  St-op:   Ha(l Street, between Baker and Vernon, Nelson  Bulbs  for   Fall  Planting"  30,000 Holland Iltilbs to arrive in ScDtembor; flOOOJapau  Lilies to arrive in October; ISOO Rhododendrons, Azaleas,  Alapnolias, Hoses, etc. to arrive in October. Thousands  of ttoser-. Camelios, Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Shrubs,  etc., Krowing on my own grounds for the fall trade.  Catalogue) free.    .  M. J. Henpy  Vaneouvei'*, B.C.  SQUIRE'S   RANCH   FOR   SALE  Containing 120 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Kelson. For farther  particulars apply to  FRED  J.  SQUIRE,   Nelson, fi.  C. THE TRIBUNE:  KELSON,  B.C., SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 1899.
olLiJ 11 i
And there are no perfumes in Nelson
equal to those which we have just received. We are now opening- up full lines
of Roger & Gallet's and Legra'nd's celebrated French Perfumes, as well as those
of the Crown Perfumery Company of
London. These orders may be purchased
either in bulk or in bottles. See our assortment  of French Toilet Soaps.
~Vcry Nobby
A. Gilkier
The  JUeadang:   Furnisher
Remember the Nairje
■ .«:!:*"
Neelands'Shoe Emporium
T_ will bo to your advantage to see our large
and complete stock of Eoots and Shoes. We
carry the following lines: 'J. &,. T. Bell, J.
D. Xing & Co., North Star Shoe Co.,.Foots,
Schultz tfe Co., Stratford Shoe Co., Ames, Hoi-,
den & Co., and other leading makers.
.'"£*, TPiJ"i?"*''n°,M__-^"
American Watches
Have been a part of our business to which
we have devoted years of unceasing energy
and a great deal of capital. It is an accepted fact that we know the wants of ihe
trade and carry a stock adopted to the present demands. We have the leading staples
in endless variety—all that can be shown by
anyone, and many goods not to be had anywhere else.
Gold Cases, 14 and 18 Karat
We handle, and in this line show exclusive
styles, which commend themselves to customers who are particular  as to  the class  of
Blaiiionds and all Preelotis Stoixes
is strongly
have all
setting riow as never
partmeut of our business
mended to four distention,
and gimltities and at prices that are r\
In mounted pieces we tmue a comprehensive
Ime from small diamond juwelry up to the
costliest rings and brooches.
lectrie Si
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and Lighting for Mines, Tovfas
Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, Btc.
P. O. Boa: 606. Josephine Street, Nelson, B. 0.
A Coramou-Senso View.
City solicitor Galliher has Riven an
opinion with respect to the application of
Thomas Madden for iiennission to have
an area to his brick block on Ward
street. The city solicitor takes the view-
that it will not be necessary to passu bylaw in order to grant the request, in that
the bylaw regulating the city streets
jjives the mayor power to grant the request for nn area should he consider such
n course desirable.
ew  Arrivals
Horn, in Nelson yesterday, to the wife
of George .Johnstone, collector of customs,
ii son.
The Lawrence Hardware Company, received ;i carload of mixed hardware yesterday over the Crow's Nest branch of
the Canadian Pacific.
1'Yoin information which was received
in Nelson yesterday, it is evident that
the attorney-general's department will
make a fight against the certiorari proceedings which have been taken to quash
the convictions of police magistrate
Crease, by which the Hamilton Powder
Company was fined $200 for breach of
the provincial statute respecting the
storing of powder on Magazine point.
The case -will be tried at the approaching
Alfred Andrews, mayor 'of Winnipeg,
arrived in Nelson yesterday. Ib is generally understood that -mayor Andrews
has interested himself in tho case of the
young man Parker, who." has got into
difficulties with the Parsons Produce
Company, and that his visit to Nolson is
in connection with this case.
The question as to the accrued interest
on the city debentures of 1S99 has' not
yet been settled. The question involves
the payment of some $300 odd being the
amount of the accrued interest upon the
debentures, from the time.that they
were issued till the money for their purchase was paid into the bank to the credit
of the city. The city lias offered to divide the pot Avith the purchaser of the
debentures, as the greater part of the delay Avas occasioned by the purchasers'
solicitors in Toronto, and. it is thought
likely that this offer AA'ill be accepted.
Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to Mrs.
L. M. Jameson, Carney Jllock, linker streot >vos(.
Owing to a death in the family  of the
owner, Ihe following property is oll'ei'vil for iininciliiilo
sale, iiiiinely, Ihe Home Temperance Hotel, lordlier
Willi all Hie tiirniliirc. The ground is -M by I'JH feel, ;il
the northeast comer of Vernon and JIall .streets. Apply
on'the promises-. '■-       '
Wanted—A * good     general'  servant.
Must, be a (food all-round worker, and aiw.ajs willinw lo
lend a hand in earing for a baby. Apply to.Sirs. II..).
K\ .Hi's, noitlieast corner JIall and Carbonalc streets,
OlTices  to   rent—Single    or   in   suite.
Heady for occupancy November 1st. Apply to' John
Houston. Tribune Ollice.
Since the fii-sfc d.iy of April last, all
new advertisement*-. apj>earinj>r in Tun Tkih.nk have
been rh.it{?ud for al the lale'ol' $1 an inch per month.
All ads'crtisemenl.s are inserted in both the daily and
weekly editions.
Owing  to  difficulty in   securing boys
who will deliver Tun TiHUCNia regularly to snlis-criliei-s.
Hie cily circulation of .Tim-: Tuiiii;n'h will be sold to a re-
sponsiblo person on u s)iot cash basis. Applj at, ollice on
Vonioii .struct.
EWART & CAItltlE—Architects!   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab
ordcen block. Haker street, Nelpon.
TONIGHTS OF PVTHIAS-Nelson Lodge, No, 25,
xi- Knights of Pythias, meets in J. 0. O. V. Hall, corner
Haker and ICootenay streets, every Tuesday evening at
8 o'clock. Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.
T. LILMK, C. C. Jt. G. JOAr, IC. ot li. & S.
NKLSON LODGK, NO. 23, A. V. & A. M. Moots
second AVedncsday in oach month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
■JSTICLSON L. O. J,., No. K*!I2. meets in I. O. O. K. Hall,
■*■' corner linker and Kootenay streets, 1st and ;trd
I'Yiday of each month. Visiting brelhorn cordially invited.
JOHN TOYE, \V. M.      I . J. Hl.ADJ.KY. Kcc. Sec.
•VTICLSON   AiMK,   Number  22,   Fraternal  Order  of
-*-^    Katies, meelsovery.second and fourth Wednesday in
each month in Fraternity Hall.   VisitiiiK brethren welcome.
_J .JJllVINO. Presidrji|„ _j. U. AVUAV. Stinrotnry.
*M KI..SO.\"-\II\KI{S' UNION "NO.* !«i. W. I-*. of JI.—
*■* Meets in K. I1, niiiins, Krulernlly Hall, the lirst and
third .Saturday evenings in each niontli at .S o'clock.
Visit itiKiiieuiliers welcome.
J.AJIK.S WILKS, .Sei.y.       ('HAS. A. JIcICA V. I'l'es.
We can supply you witf] Cartridges
Has been a great success and has certainly
exceeded our expectations, which goes to
prove that the people
of Nelson know when
they are getting genuine bargains. We still
have a large stock to
choose from and will
continue to sell until
all is sold.
Carpenters' Tools
Because Your Stove or Range Cannot be
Regulated to Save Fuel?
"MHNpS" Jlf.UK
SM.liK SUITS   	
S.V'JJ.V .     ..
....... 50cts.
.. 25cts.
..$1.00 yd
.,. 8cts.
Miss McDermott
Miss T^Mitr.vir
All new/gpods in our regular
stock' are   being marked
" down at prices, that* it
will no longer pay
.to   send   east
for goods.
The savin;* in fuel effected will soon equal
the cost of tlio range.- it can be so'quickly-
and easily regulated tluit there need be no
Avasfce of heat or fuel. Ncav patented improvements oll'er you more convenience and
comfort .than you'll find in any other range.
A. Ferland & Co.
The "Wonder"
"Lessons iii cm broidery nnd luce work.. Stamping done.
Orders Uikon for cushions, limp shade-!, etc.
Two doors vest Martin O'Kciltey & Co'*.
For Mitt full sen*oti, our stock tit Tiiillliiorj' antl
iiUlIi|Scry ihovclUbSis tlio most CQinjilelts.mill '
t-xtensfve we lihyo yet bton itblo to i-liow
in Nelson; nnd our oiJc'ltiiig on AVcdilufidlty
wna it liioSb sOccesrful 6nc. ATKs Ilfty of Few
York IlaSclmrgC ol tho tnliii)J)iiii(j dqjiHrtinelit.
jQSe|)litne Street, nWir iliikcr.
To Packers and Freighters
■FOR  £5-A.L*E3.
21 Pack Mules.
6 Work Mules.
2 Saddle Horses.
IliBgiiiffnnd Iiiiriic^-iinay be ttrraiij?od for.   .Apply  lo
T. GJlAirAM, Albert Cnnyon, R, C.
A SmaiD) ta Soda
Lang's Oelelrated Cream Flake
Sodas, 3-lb Cartons	
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
WIS }IA VB SKCUlfUli Titti.SOJJ"* 4\6EN"KV V0H
VKrtNoy pS'rifKK'i'
Ni-M-sOx, It. C.
.11 pr im
S|iCcinl rales for onrlojul Ipts -for oiiftido --aliils.
5s Meat Pass Goal!
Telephone 93^
Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and
Refreshing Drinks.
Orders may be left with G. W. West
& Co., or with.
Ofllco on Biikar street, two doors from Bnnk of U. O.
Have just received a consignment of Harris home
aiiido tweeds from Talbot Harris, Scotland.
FEED J. SQUIBS, Baker St. Msod
Next Door to
P. Burns & Co.
The Bnpply la limited, so call early and examine this stock.
A^kvum.^i'w,^ kjodofspfnalruliiiK mid j,i*..l«i  hcmliiiKS. inaiiiifiictiired 7i(?lit liero in
■a-   AeKoii, bi well p.u.l workmen, wfio sp.-i.il tlicn c.irnii»Ks in NcUn.   Tribune Association, Limited,Vernon St.
No ico is hereby given that J will, at tho expiration of
■ihiri/ cloys from the date of this notice, apply at the noxt
hi„.,.ng of the Licensing-Hoard of the (Jity of Nelson
British Coliunhin, to.be allowed to.transfer (lie i-ct^iil
liquor license now held by uio for the Kxclicqucr Saloon
situate on Lot 1 Ulock 12, in the City of Nelson. llrUish
Coluniljin, Io JmncH Neelands.        A. IL <!LKMKNTS.
JJiil-ed ut Nelson, 11. C„ Se-Jtenihcr lnt, law.
ncK aqa u
Lime 70 Cer.ts per 100 pounds.
Will deli vor in ton lota
Brick $12 per thousand.
At yard or on scows at government Wharf.
Get the Best Jams
We have just received a large consignment ofthe
Also a complete assortment of the
Baker Street West, Nolson
The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd.
Baker Street.       T. O. PBO0TOB. Manager
 John A. Irving & Co.
Strachan   Bros.
•PL-CraviB-EJ-B©, ETC.
O'PEj-ra. _p:orr*s*E! blocs:
ii*«y*«* a,**i¥,v.   vrr


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