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 HORSE THIEF AND OTHER CREEK  Claims Showing Up Well.  F. M. Chsul bourn * ore purchaser for the  Hall Mines smelter,  returned   yesterday  from a, bii.sinc.ss trip through East Kootenay iu the interests of the smelter.    He  says that there is considerable movement  and excitement in properties in the AVin-  dermere district.    A great deal of development work is being done and the majority  of  claims  are  showing  good   returns.    The   principal   interest  is   being  taken  in   properties on Toby creek and  its tributaries,  North and  South Forks,  and Horse Thief creek and its tributaries,  anil Boulder and  Law crocks.    Over one  thousand locations have boon recorded at  the   Windermere   office  this  year.    The  mines   are    situated     from    twenty   to  twenty-live   miles  up   Toby  creek  and  Horse Thief creek from Windermere, but  as yet only  small   shipments   have   boon  made   from   the Dclpliinc and Swansea,.  Other claims   have  high-grade  shipping  ore on the dump  and  arc only awaiting  transportation   facilities.    It  is believed  that the  Great Northern   railway   will  build a branch lino over the divide from  Argonta  and   down   Toby  creek, which  will be a great boon to the district.    The  people are also looking to the Canadian  Pacific  to  build a  line3to   Windermere  from Fort Steele.    The  ore  is  a   high-  grade lead carrying   grey   copper.    The  Mackintosh, syndicate   has   bonded   the  lied Lion and Silver Thread  claims,   between   Law  and   McDonald  creeks,   for  $100,000,  which,   judging   from   .surface'  showings, will prove a bonanza.    Tho future for Windermere district was never  so promising.     Four townsiles, Windermere, Athelmar, Petcrboro and Johnston,  have been laid out and lots in all of them  arc selling rapidly.  Mineral Exhibit For Paris.  The preliminary "shipment of mineral  specimens for the Paris exhibition is being prepared, as is attested by the large  boxes now outside the Bank of Montreal  wliich contain the samples donated by  that institution. The specimens collected are being boxed by the Nelson Saw  <fc Planing Mills by the directions'of W.  F. Robertson, provincial mineralogist.  The samples collected in the Nelson and  Goat River mining division aggregate, so  far, iii the neighborhoood of four tons,  but of this the Bank of Montreal collection, wliich includes many Slocan samples,  forms a large part. Handsome exhibits  have been secured from the Hall Mines,  the -Athabasca and the Granite and Royal  >:^.y Jhl} 99  PUBLISHED AT tfH_SdN, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 19,  ]_!)!).  DAILY (BY MAIL) $5 A YEAR;  WEEKLY, $2.  nor of the Northwest Territories, has  formed a new English corporation for the  purpose of carrying on mining, operations  in British Columbia, with a capital of  $20,000,000, and with lord Aberdeen as  its president. If this is true���and every  Canadian has reason to hope that it is ���  it almost justifies the extravagance of  the eulogies of Mr. Mackintosh uttered at  the recent memorable banquet in his  honor at Rossland, where one of the  speakers styled him "the Cecil Rhodes of  the Dominion." If fate had directed Mr.  Mackintosh's footsteps towards South  Africa, instead of western Canada, he, too  ���who knows?���might have been an empire builder. Things being as they .-ire,  he chiefly lacks a Paul Krugor to obstruct  his pathway.  HENDERSON WILL_BE RETURNED  Without Opposition.  Special to Tlie Tribune.  Victoria, August IS.���Reid lias retired  from the field in New Westminster, and  Henderson's election will be unopposed.  Tho reason is that ambitious politicians  of the Royal City believe that tlie collapse of the Semlin government is close  at hand, and none of Henderson's influential enemies will help a rival to secure a  claim on the seat for -which all -will  scramble at the general election.  MacPhcrson of Vancouver wished to  resign his seat and contest Westminster  as champion of Martin's- cause, but the  c uicus -a'"-' Van'-ouvcr dissuaded him in  the ground that the only result of his  success in New Westminster would be the  defeat of the government, while his vote  in the house will secure this in a simpler'-  way. MacPhcrson is 'determined to stand  by Martin in wrecking the government.  Martin announces today that upon the  meeting of the legislature he will formally press his charge against Cotton for  falsifying the records of the0 executive  council.  Semlin .may not meet the house in view  of the certainty of his defeat, but if he  does his executioner .may be Higgins  rather than Martin, and it is not at all  ^ouo|jl?isy.pinit iarge^ HS.-\v^l|i"Kj^:tJ:fOiri"se'lye^"���  -?a;u-9.i't��is";tb -bo i^gr��6ttell��' Aha* dQ'an&hf s  -V^;^;f5#t:f'!iff��-'i&"n��*o:ut? to.n |jsi4��Ui^tfi,^\o^i:i3jiiib.'  b BwT^-eif���Mie:inis.'��jSxsf34!^i^' nlay^eAt^o��.1iite> %iv'  - "46] i&Va-liiJj 'he \y ills p^ababjy ���gO t,i\ Rosslaiid:  ^"t']'li^r%y^inVig>fe 'lo��K lifterrthc! "exhibit"  i "fddih thet-ei -��� ���   ;':���__     , ; ,':��� "������-��'��  ���iKia;es.���B.eirig.Developed; -. ..  "���-" *fV�� GK Pj'OjCtV.reiir^  '- ���i.-i.igvfr.Om^Gra.wJojSd .efeeefc-.iinS the'/JieatL-  : -\y:il,iborBno��_i;ookTtuv,ci,euk'i���   lie-says- th<*it a  i. g-ifoa\,6��irl'eal ot)cle.velb;pinejtt avOi-Iv is being  ;<jo)te, faisclainis Oii Graivfot'd Creekaud its  tributaries.   �� T|ie- LxmtTby Coiisolidated  |'G Cold Mining Company, operating the SlI-  A?er iTiil  and  Indication   properties,   is  (snipfoy|ii,g. tldrtynieu.    Eighteen months  | Of developiuenj^ \york Jias^disclosecLju  "large boTTy' of ore.    Ou the property is a  tiinnel 700 feet long, ajl in good paying  of6, and there are: five other tunnels of  shorter, length, wliich liave all struck the  | lead.    Twenty tons of provisions for tho  winter, all purchased in Nelson, are now  j,'being packed -Vtp to the inine.    The great  I,drawback to the developnieiit Of the dis-  1 trict is the recusal of the govoriniiont to  'construct a wagon road to bring the ore  Jdowii  froni   the.   mines.   The inert  employed at  the  liiine are  paid  $3.50 for  toiglit hotirs underground .and  two hours  [above grounch   Outside laborers are paid  | $3 for a day of ton hours.  JThe Upper Country Reported as Prospering.  J. M. Ivellie of Ilevelsfcoke* who lias re-  [presented   Ivooten;iy   in   tlie provincial  legislature since 1890, is iu Nelson.    He  I reports   the upper   Country prosperous*  land lie has great faith in  tlio future of  It'll�� Trout Lake and Rig Betid sections of  lli-'is district.   Roth are lacking in trans-  [portation facilities, but this will be remold iod, as far its Trout Lake is concerned,  [by the completion of the C. P.R. and G. N.  branches now being built from the head  of Kootenay lake.    For the  Big Bend a  steamboat powerful enough to steam the  stiff current and  rapids is  needed.    On  tho   North   Fork   of  the   Iliecillewiiet,  I twenty-eight miles from Albert  Canyon  station, thirty odd men are at work on  I one of the profiertios of   the  Waverly  [ Mines, Limited.    Mr. Kellie says  he .can  | see no good reason why the mine managers and   mine  workers   in   the   Slocan  [should  not be able  to get together and  I adjust their differences.  Fulsome Rot.  Winnipeg Free Press.  The statement is (made that Charles  ''Mackintosh, formerly lieutenant govern-  4^-Qgeift. ':" Bjfsi'iiCSs, i-iij itheSSwcan J.s* (nilet^,.1  ^������^^rvS^^'V-f^^rWjiflft)friV_V  :(|00te'niity &jnX:j��&jtha$^  ��tem"ik/rafy^fa'I|iil"g":0if Djl"tli;e,gSioea"'fiiliWd&.1  ....sNbw..?3m^'��I>efeJI i'��$4v;ed' that;-Vtfilfian'#;  W^odpnJi^Aviio^^^  rbiirteii"der���;a#^thevPhaji'"hoJ^  ^iciile' i$s)i"^dn-essfh^ B$t/-  levi ie �� hotel?, Spt>k-iri.i(��j ���, ��� by - - tali i i i"g; 'iii qk^:  :phiVie, "Hg'lelt'afjle^tei'^d^ffis^fl; t"o���-5y>  f. McfeWhe, whiclii lioWd'v'er, assigneii A0��  'Pe'StSairfor ' li'iS,;i:-asli iietr :':H.O is ,sng^q|e,ti;  ito,.1r4'V6\^eia��t'iSeso in "Hiliiiiitoiij 'OufelriOs" "",'  Tli6 ;#.0ittigjWfiW'O:f$^$^  Wiil,giye>i>ii jc;e ereajn ''|e5*tiv/l;T>ti^i5vaf',be��r,--,  noon in tlie Public "SBhodl grQnunds> . ��� Tlio  sihelter band will be in titJtehdiwiGe and"  all are invited.  Mrfi. R,. M. MiiedonitKl will give,a picnic  at, Bltlfoiir today1 to a number Of iier  frauds.  Kii^^lvootBiiiWJ^ur^^HaitiilkjjiuByOrs  PICQUART'S EVIDENCE GOES TO  Show Dreyfus' Innocence.  Rkxnrs, August IS.���When the Dreyfus trial was resumed in the lycee at  7:3:5 this morning, colonel Picquart was  called to the witness stand and continued the deposition which was interrupted  yesterday by the adjournment. Speaking of the letters of which M. Bertillon  affirms he saw photographs iu May, 1S00,  and made, a note of them, tho colonel  contended the letters Avere not written  on that date. Tho conflicting testimony  of Picquart and Bertillon on this point  had been used to discredit the former's  evidence. Colonel Picquart continuing  said du Paty de Clam, on seeing the writing, forthwith decided it was that of  Mathieu Dreyfus, the brother of captain  Dreyfus.  The witness  continuing  said;     "You  know he maintained that the bordereau  is the joint work of Alfred and  Mathieu  Dreyfus."    M. Bertillon said:     "That is  the -writing of the  bordereau."    M. Bertillon tried to discover where I had obtained the handwriting, but tlie only information   I  imparted   was   that  it was  current.    At M. Bertillon's request J  loft  the photographs with him.    Whcie he returned them he said  he adhered   fco  his  opinion and earnestly asked  to  sec   the  original, when I saw beyond a doubt that  the handwiiting of the bordereau  was  Esterha/.y's     and      seeing     that     the  ���documents'" mentioned    therein    might  have     been     supplied     by    Estcrha/y  that the words "I am going to the manoeuvres"  could  perfectly well  apply to  Esterhazy; and that Esterhazy had secretaries at his disposal to copy a document  so voluminous as the firing manual, T resolved to consult the secret dossier to see  Avhat part of the treachery might  be ascribed to Dreyfus, and  to assure .myself  whether the dossier contained 0anytiling  indicating  Esterha/.y.    I frankly admit  I was stupefied on reading the secret dossier.    I expected to find matters of gravity therein, and found, in short, nothing  but a'document .which might apply just  as -much to Esterhazy as to  Dreyfus, an  tiTiVnnptoitei^ JJav-  nguoLifand * doauiileiitfwl��e>.��itj�����^eeinod  at once left the room," added the witness.  "That is what occurred. I know my  account of this is disputed, but I positively swear it."  The colonel next described his intentions with regard to Rsterhazy which  generals Gon/. and de Boisdeffre had forbidden him to carry out. !le attached  particular importance to this point as it  contained a Hue to subsequent occurences. Later the witness said that while  du Paty <le Chun evidently acted strongly in disguising himself with n false beard  and blue spectacles, perhaps he was  n.uthori/.ed to do so. In his opinion the  only event of importance in the Dreyfus  affair since tho discovery of the bordereau w;is the Henry forgery perpetrated  October .'31 st. 1 SOfi.  Shortly before Henry perpetrated the  I'ovgcvy, an agent named Guenee, Henry's  right hand man, prepared a report declaring M. Castelin (Republican revisionist deputy for the Laon division of Ais-  ne) was about to play the hand of the  Dreyfus family by unmasking in the  chamber of deputies the accomplices,  thus having the affair reopened. Dealing with the mission to Tunis which Pic-  ncighborhood  of   Belfort,"    replied  tho  witness.   "Finding ourselves on the point  of being discovered,  wo  naturally  took  measures to avoid it.    That  is  why  Ga  lanti was sent to Switzerland."  "Then you wrote letters," said Roget.  "And J add that colonel Henry aviis not  concerned in this affair, he was scut to  Belfort against his will by colonel  Picquart."  The witness acknoAvlcdgcd writing letters but wanted to know their text. lie  said he Avould like to sec them so that he  could be more precise.  "You have seen," he said, "how much  falsehood there has been in this affair."  In replying to further questions Picquart admitted sending documents to  Belfort for the use of the Qucnnilli case,  "but," Picquart added, "they were  handed to the public prosecutor."  OFFERINC THE NORTH STAR MINE  Treasury Stock in Toronto. Q  The treasury stock of the North Star  Mining Company, Limited, the company  organized by Mackenzie <fc Mann to take  over tho North Star group near Fort  Steele, in East Kootenay, is uoav being  floated in Toronto. An extensive prospectus has been issued by the company,  from Avhich it is  learned  that the  com-  ^LUst!y#ip%"e^  iseeonp*.dp���eiuii^fe;&"Lt';was- .^he^'evening.  p.t-lf^tt/iiy^d-iiSjb^ inibCtrh-' ;Ofjfice�� jii "order to  H>xaimn*ev\^ij^ i  >$i,du'g'htj" x^.^xer^dAi^ihg/'the' 'Wight   and  :����K�� d!i^:|#htt^  to:geueiwLde Boisdeifi'e. "= I*- teok- to Ms  COfnVe-t.h<^'se��^ of  b'*h&*l!Woi'_b��rf '*'- -  iVIiiei'prfl 4iap��f��,' ^cauii'ectBd" 4vitli,��ii 1 j  left last A\reek for Yarmouth, Nova Scotia,  wlj-efe- he expects, to bo married Oii the  28rd instant to Miss 1'MorencO Brown.  Easlo residents Avill be sure to give otir  popular townsman a liearty rocoptiou  Avhen he rOtnriis with his bride."  The local opposition party seems to  thiufc a general election is linmiiieiit, foiv  they have already got aij, agent iii the  field getting supporters! oh the voters'  list. " ���  Private advices stace that NelsOn. will  plity Viincouver a rotlirn Jiiatcll at Ijl-  crosso on Monday next,  Escaped From Stony Mountain,  Stony Mountain, Manitoba, August  IS.���Two convicts escaped from vth.o  prison guards -about fiVe o'clock yesterday afternoon Avliile uuloadiug hay at  tlie prison barus. One, a twentj'--yeiir  man, Avas recaptured about seven o'clock  in the prison field. When the guard spot-  tedhim, he was lying on his back exhausted and exclaimed: "I guess my  job is up." The other is still at large. It  is thought lie must have got into tho  bush near town. A diligent search Avill  continue.   A Bicycle Combine.  Toronto, August 18.~-Foiir big bicycle  factories, the Massey-Harris Co., tlie Lo-  zier Co., the Gold Bicycle Co., and the  Welland Vale Bicycle Co., liave amalgamated their interests find will constitute  a neAV concern with a capital of $(i,0{)0,GG0.  Tarte Eecovering.  Toronto, August IS.���A special cable-  grain says that Tarte is making favorable  pz-ogress towards recovery. He is iioav  able to take air in the garden of the hospital and expects to be up eiirly next  week.  the  _  .. ...  ...  ���>y in-  IYestigatioii'of EstMfcfzIy." .livonder now  jif/I had  one  or two. iiiiferVileAvSi but   I  still seo general fdefeoisclellre, a'S he cx-  {iniiued ��� the,. Secrot* dbs^ier witlx ane, stop  lb��3:'bre'hc^^e^ejiga-th"��^^^^^^^'^ me to  go.into the Coitiiti'jjf, 'gi-Ve fin itc^Ount of  tlie��-at%ir:to geijeral GoiiZ"ajjd Ask Jus ad-  ;.v|ep'.! s   Before   s.tiirtihg - to" -see  ;genoral  Gori55   I CiH*|%d a iiote,  four   pa,ges  iu  reiigth, Avhicli I niadeSeiiitember 1st, containing my resume of the Esterhazy .'ifl'air.  tfhen I informed genei-itl Goiiz of all  - wliich had occurred lie  roinarked " so ii  iuistrike has befen miide.'*   AKor__niy  in-  "terview w'iiSla generiil Goiiz f did not  work any longer on my own initiative.  I said nothing more until the return of  general Gouz, September 15th. At that  time Esterha.zy was at the .'great manoeuvres-.  Next the witness dwelt on tho rumors  in September, 189(5 of tlie project of replacing Dreyfus by ii inan-of-straw and  the discovery of tlie forged letter supposed to be connected Avith the same project.  At about the same time the campaign for  and agaihgt Dreyfus was Started by the  ���newspapers;  At this stage colonel Picquart, avIio  had been speaking for four and a half  hours-, was visibly distressed. Ho had  occasional attacks of coughing, but managed to continue,, colonel Jonaust not  shOAving any inclination to suspend the  Session of the court in order to give him  tlie needed rest. The Avitness then  turned to the newspaper--, attacks on  Dreyfus, saying that the information regarding the bordereau contained in them  couA'ineed him that they had been inspired by some one closely connected  with the Dreyfus affair. Thoy could not  be attributed to the Dreyfus family,  Avhile they contained expressions familiar  ito du Paty do Clam, AA'hom it Avould be  interesting to hear on the subject. Referring to his interview Avith general  Gonz on September 1st Picquart said,  "Avhen I asked for permission to continue  the iiiA'estigation, insisting upon the danger of allowing the Dreyfus family to  proceed Avith their investigation alone,  the general replied that it Avas impossible  to reopen the affair. ' if you say nothing  nobody will knOAv.' "  General, I  replied  firmly, "What  you  tell me is  abominable.    I  do  not. know  what I shall do, but, I  won't carry  this j  secret with me.".   (Great sensation.),  "L)  quart said ought to have been   entrusted  to a commissary of police, tho Avitness declared  it  aviis  then that Henry, abandoning his underhand intrigues, began a  campaign   of open   persecution.     Henry  wrote   to the  Avitness   accusing  him  of  communicating information to the press,  disclosing   tho  contents  of secret  documents and Avibh  attempting  to  suborn  officers on connection Avith the petit bleu,  ft AViis then that Picquart learned of  the  existence of forged secret documents directed against him and   foresaw his  own  r  in if the Dreyfus affair was  reopened,  and to safeguard himself ho entrusted to  ii  lawyer friend   a certain   letter  from  general Gonz, at the same time acquainting   the   lawyer   with   what   he   knew  of     Estcrhazy,     and      instructed     the  lawyer     how    he     should     intervene.  "If      the      occasion      demanded      it."  when Picquiirt's furlough was  due,  general Leclerc commanding in  Tunis, was  ordered to send Picquart to the  frontier  of Tripoli. , Leclerc .commented  to the  Avitness on this abnormal order and Picquart confided to the general the reasons  for it and his belief in- the  innocence of  Dreyfus.       - ,        _  1 PiequartOicre created a sensation by  incidentally remarking that the judges in  JS01 Avere shamefully deceived in having  the document containing the Avords  "cctte canaille de D-' communicated to  them. Witness then bitterly recited details of the various  machinations Avith the view of incriminating him and instigated - by Henry.  Esterhazy and Paty de Clam. Colonel  Jonaust. president of tho court, having  asked for explanations on certain points,  Picquart said : " ff I tell you all this, gentlemen, it is to shoAv what must have  been the mental attitude toward me of  ihe members of the court-martial which  tried Esterhazy."  (Murmurs of assent).  The Avitness said he regretted that he  had not been given an opportunity to  contradict his accusers at that court  martial, "f have almost finished my  task," added Picquart, " but I ask permission to refer to the Avay the bordereau  came to the Avar office. I have doubts in  regard to the persons Avho brought the  -bordereau;���T wo-qu i tc���d i H oreiTt"]person's'  could certainly have delivered the bordereau in liSOl. But if an intelligent person had delivered it he Avould certainly  have insisted on the value of the contents." Generals Roget and Morcicr  having intimated a desire to i-peak, colonel Jonaust asked Dreyfus if he had anything to say and the prisoner replied in  the negative.  General lloget then mounted the platform and asked colonel Picquart for explanations regarding the Qucnnilli affair.  Colonel Picquart .--aid Hogct attacked me  this morning in regard to my speech for  the prosecution on tho subject of the  Qucnnilli case.  lie said he was not present/ when the  case aviis in progress. He asked colonel  Picquart if he denied that he wrote captain Mareeha! an order to connect him  with Galanti, that he wrote to the public prosecutor, enclosing documents, and  that he Avrote to the public pi'oseeutor a  second, time, July 15th. " If he denies  this I ask the court to send for Mareehal  and tlie dossier in the Qiiennilli affair."  Colonel Picquai-t replied that there was  no need to threaten to produce the dossier in-order to make hht> reply, lie  added: "1 did not say t Avas absent during the Queunilliafi'air, I said I AA'as absent  part of the time and that painful duties  did not permit mo to participate iu it as  1, Avould otherwise have done.  '���Did yon Avrite these letters?" asked  Jonaust.  "Yes," replied Picquart. "I remember  writing letters in the case though I do  not remember exactly their terms or  dates." - -  Colonel   Jonaust  then said:   "General  Roget asked if you deny you.wrote a fet?  ���tor-sending Galanti. to Switzerland."    :  ;,  "Galanti AA'as sin agent who gave :us in-  forniation about the: Italian forts, in ; the  LAND COMPANY WOULO HOG IT  Over the Reservoir Question.  Special Lo The Tribune.  Victoiua, August 18.���Galliher today  demonstrated that nothing could be done  Avith the Nelson City Land ��fe ImproA-e-  ment Company over the dispute Avith respect to the land expropriated by the  city. E. Crow Baker, the head of the  company, refused to entertain the offer  of the city of Nelson to compromise for  seven hundred and fifty dollars. He refused oA'en to discuss the question upon  this ba��is. It will now depend upon the  status with the city iu the suit whether  the matter goes to arbitration or suit,  in either case the city being safo, as the  offer made is considered more than the  land is worth.  In the matter of the fire limits bylaw  the Traves injunction was continued to  the trial of the action Avhich takes place  at Nelson at the next sitting of the court  of assize. Justice Martin, avIio presided,  said that there was a substantial question  to be tried, and that unless he aviis assured that the bylaw was unassailable in  every respect he Avould be obliged, out of  respect to property rights, to grant a  continuance of the -injunction' until  the trial of the action, Avhich  comes - before a N'olsou,. jury*  some time' in , September. - 'The  certiorari proceedings in connection Avith  Che, llainiicdirPovvder cOmpaily and t'i'ic  Traves matter Avill also come up at the  next sitting of tho assize.  The Nelson boys play Westminster tomorrow. As they are tho champions of  the proVinco the only hope of the boys is  liiat they will put up a good game.  Blackwood will be unable to play, but.  othorAviriu tlie boys will all bo on "dock3.,  ' - '    Rkxwicic.  There's Many a Slip.  IjO.vuo.v,   Ontario,   August    IS.���-Miss  MeGarvey,  of Delaware,   exercised   the  woinatily     prerogative      of     changing  her     mind    Joy     refusing      her     promised   husband  at the altar  yesterday.  John Hargriives  has been  a resident of  London   for over  50    years,    while   his  bride is a handsome woman not yet 30,  ���The     banns    had    been     three     times  published  in   St. Peter's  cathedral,  and  the   church AVas   well  filled  to   Avitness  the ceremony.    When  Rca\ father  Tier-  _nan_p_uL_fche_ino)iieiitou.s -question���to-the-  niiiii   he promptly  answered in the affirmative, but the   bride amazed  the  con-'  gregation by  answering  "No,   1   Avon't,"  when     it     came    her    turn.   to    Uilk.  Ifargravc stood  dumbfounded, the priest  looked dazed, and Miss MeGarvey walked  away from the altar,   while the audience  whispered    wonderingly   as    they    dispersed.      It     AViis      said       the      bride  declined      because     her     loving  spouse  hail      not       completed        the       transfer   of   property   to   her,   as  had   boon  arranged.    Margrave had a   long  conference with his intended, and   finally, after  the   time  fixed,   the  ceremony   was solemnized.  pany is capitalized with $1,500,000 shares  of$l each, of Avhich amount 1,010,000  were given for tho -property and 100;000  placed in the treasury. Of the treasury  stock 200,000 .shares -have ill ready been  taken'-aud 200,000 are iioav offered for  sale to proA'ide working capital for the  company.  The directors of the new company arc :  D. 1). Mann, president; A. A. Thribac-  deau,'Montreal, vice-president; Charles  10. L. Porteous, Montreal, secretary and  treasurer; K. S. Holt, Montreal, and William Mackenzie, Toronto.  From the prospectus of tho company  the following interesting facts in regard  to tho group arc learned :  The company owns the following silver-  lead properties, comprising .the a\'oII-  knoAvn North Stir mine, Avhich includes  the mineral claims North Star, Buckhorn,  Dread naught, O. K., Maverick, and Daffodil!, containing in all about 275 acres,  situated on Huckleberry hill, about  twenty miles from Cranbrook station on  the CroAv's Nest Pass railway, aud about  the.same distance from Fort Steele.  The development of these mines has  been going on steadily for three years,  but until the advent of the Ci-oav's Nest  Piiss railway, the cost of transporting tho  ore to tho smelter was considered too  great a waste of money, and consequently  no attempt has been made to make a  showing of the mines' capability.  Over 7000 tons, hoAvcver, Avere  shipped to the Great Falls smelter, Montana (22 miles by wagon road, 100 miles  by ri\-cr and 480 miles by rail), Avhich,  according, to the smelter returns in possession of the company, yielded an iiA'cr-  age gross A'alue of $(K).  The    lode    Avas  located   iu   1S02,   and  since that time has been  so developed as  to expose one of the largest bodies of silver-bearing galena ore  yet  uncovered iir  the province.  Tho plan sJioavs an ova body having a  length of 450 feet, and .-in extreme Avidth  of 00 feet. Although ore is known to exist outside of these limits, Avith the exception of Avhat is- called " Ncav Discovery," none of'it has entered into the calculations from Avhich -.the amouutof ore' "  in sight is determined.  The   quantity of  ore  blocked .out  in  the,mine" ready   for  extraction amounts  to 23,500 .tons,1 the ave'-age  contents, of  which per touTaro -''JlTf ounces - of 'Silvbr'"  and 52.4 per cent of loiwl.  ' At this rate .the  ore in  sight  has   a  gross  Aralue  of $01.93  per ton, equal, to  ..# 1,158,355; which, after deduction of cost "  of   mining,    transportation,    duty    and  treatment, Avill yield a net profit per ton  of $22.21, or a  grand   total of ~$521,935,  available for dividends.    This will.enable  the company to pay ] per cent per month  on $1,300,000, the present-'issued capital,'  for-a period of ovei- three years from orb    -  in sight alone.  Arrangements have-been made Avith  tjie Canadian Pacific railway to construct a branch line to the mines,avhich  will probably be completed by October.  The company Avill contribute '$50,000  towards the cost; but this- amount will  be refunded by a rebate of 33/. per cent" ^  of all charges on all freight going o\'er  the line until the $50,000 is fully repaid,  Avhen the railway company will own the  branch.  The Old Country Idea.  N^y Denver j.edKC.  It is a noticeable! fact that Ihe mine  managers in this district and in Xelson  who are taking the most active part in  the present effort to cut down the wage  scale for .miners are representatives of  largo English concerns. The cry from  across the Avater to managers here has  over been, "wages too high.." It is but  natural for tho managers to attempt to  carry out the Avishcs of their directors,  but they should remember that the mining region of British Columbia, at. the  present stage of development, sit least, is  a poor field for the inculcation of the old  country idea that money is lord and master over all.  Manitoba Pioneer Dead.  Mudicixh Hat, August 1,8..���There  died at Medicine Hat today Mr. I). Sis-  sons, one of the old pioneers of Manitoba.:  Mr. Sissons settled at'.Port-ago la Prairie  in 18(58, where he remained till 1883,coming, to Medicine . 1 hit"in that year. Ho  went; iii to business with Mr. James Har-  griiv'e, and of late years kept a store at  Carletou, Saskatchewan.  City Gets tho Profits of the Business.  Municipal ownership of public franchises pays the City of Manchester well.  That Mnglish municipality has by the  operation of its own immense gas works  reaped a profit of ��71,052 in respect of  last year's operations, Avhilst producing  and selling good ga.-5 vary cheaply to a  consuming population of over (500,000.  Of this profit. C51,000. or Over $247,000,  have been applied in reduction of city  taxes. Mancheslcr also makes large  yearly profits by owning ami working  its own public markets, electric light ami  wtitor-pouer services, whilst a municipal  Ava tec-works service, which cost over  C 1,000.000. supplies the purest water in  abundance at very low rates, which yet  hiillicc to make the undertaking pay its  way. Manchester also owns and gains a  goodly profit rental out of the local  tramway lines and Avill, shortly acquire  find work its own triinicac .service by  electricity on the trolley system,  the Burglar Was Caught.  OWRX SoiTxo,   Ontario,  August   IS.���  A daring burglary aviis attempted  here  yesterday by  Robert Scott, tinsmith  of  Chars worth.    He effected an- entrance into the house of John   Lemon  through  a  back window.  Mrs. B.-ior of Philadelphia,  Ava.s. visiting the house and   heard  some  ono, apparently a  stranger in the  next  room.     She awakened Mr. and Mrs. Lemon.    The  burglar  closed  the  door from  the inside Avhen he found himself discovered and prevented it from being opened.-  Then after a while he suddenly burst it  (men and threw himself on the  members  of the family outside,fighting desperately,  but was finally beaten doAvn and captured.    On  him Avas   found   Lemon's  gold  watch and pocket book containing $107.  Scott is a member of a very respectable  1 family. r.ME TRITVUNE:  N HI,SON, ]1C.  SATU]}]>AY, A.UCJUST 10,  1890.  IN  WHITEWEAR  ���ar  m            , .  ^ = ========  =  fti\ Notwithstanding-  the  fact that last   season's  trade was  im beyond  our expectations,   we have   still   an   immense  slook   of  M\ Ladies' and  Children's Whitcwcar, which wc will close at prices  Ml heretofore unheard of in  Nelson.     Read  the following:  im Ladies' 75c Drawers for 50c;   Ladies' $2 Drawers for $1.50;  jk\ Ladies'$ 1 Nightgowns for 75c; Ladies'$2 Nightgowns for $1.50;  jm Ladies' !fa Nightgowns for $2.40;   Ladies' Chemise at $1, $1.25,  ip $1.35, and $1.65, a straight cut of 25 cents.  M While Underskirts al  your own  prices.     Our space Avill  not  rX  Ml allow a full list of prices of goods, but. a look will satisfy you that  ($\ our bargains arc  so damp that; even a  Mackintosh av.ms no  nrtiloction.  What will Avipe out the social evil?  The abolition of marriage, and the re  construction of our social system.  Where is Bob ingersoll?  Don't know; ask your family parson.  Hi)  genuine.  8k  ARTIN  O'REILLY &. CO.  BANE  OF  B.C.   BUILDING,  NELSON.  a?E_=a_v_s c_\.s_3:  1$  m  NELSON HARDWARE CO.  Baker Street, Nelson.  ��it�� fetlmne*  Daily EnrrroN   Wkkki.y Edition..    FutST Ykah, N<\ 101     Skvkntii Ykak, No. :-.u  WiriSiV municipalities OAvn public utilities they should be conducted with but  one end in view, that is, the making of a  profit; for it is only: when they are operated profitably that the people can  escape the heavy burdens of direct taxation. A public utility operated at cost  docs   not  decrease taxes; but a   public  v>^iie_la^i^|^'a^^_5b_��^ ^idS!  -*�����$&"'-"�����'�����":"-���u":r','^��p\^"=^":-"''="��"�������� v4** ;. ���.���:s>:*��!i*="\V"��r  ���;sii.tj/lfcy^b4y^^^  that has Sandon for a center. W-itl.iin a  ten-mile radius of Sandon can be found  all the Avorkable mines in Kootenay that  aro uiiAvorked. Were these niines to remain closed forever, business would skill  be good throughout Kootenay. For  every paying mine that is iioav unworked-  in the neighborhood of Sandon another  is being developed in some other section  to take its place. 'The world does not:  come to a standstill evci-y time a few  men refuse to work or to employ workers,  What is money?  It is a medium of exchange avc formerly had in the Slocan.  What is the best sttihibivo for an over-  worked community:'  Might hours. It gives complofe repose  in (>() days.  What is a ,jag?  Don't know.    15nrpiire in Sandon*  What is our latest trouble?  One hundred  and fifty  u-.ndeiToct editors headed this Avay from I.he east.  Do you take melons on subscription?  You bet! We take anything, but.  water. Our tank is full of that gargle  this second past.  Will three, aces beat a Hush?  Not in the Slocan, unless you hold up a  gun as a kicker.  Whore aviis Moses when the lights Avent  out?  Don't know, unless in Sandon.  What's the matter with Nelson?  Its������ merchants are not highly educated  enough. '.Few of them advertise in this  paper. -  Where can one have a good time on  this earth?  In New Denver. TTerc iu this beautiful spot life is ono long span of bliss. No  noise, no disease, no Avar, no trouble, no  money; in fact, nothing that niakes life  weary. AVe have plenty of grub, and  whiskey, mellowed with the dignity of  time; lots of pretty women ami ice cream,  fast horses, trout fishing, football; a line  hospital and a handsome cemetery.- All  this is surrounded by the most poetical  scenery, covered by a sky that is distinctly Italian in countenance. Pilgrims, all  ye that arc weary and heavy laden (with  collateral), come to New Denver, and see  .Avhiit a poem can be made out of life.  Turn away from the wicked Avorld Avith  its noisy clamor and camp with us where  all is quietness and peace. Gome, gentle  pilgrims, come, or else go to Paradise. It  is the only rival to the town in' Avhich  this pa per-, dreams away its life.  ���fc--'���~':^6^f<:'  c:^<-s. ^���.^'���^-'^^������e��''^^  <c  l&  WE ARE GOING OUT OF THE  ^ BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS  A  '*  AND  00  MEN'S SLIPPERS  THE.ABOVE GOODS AT COST  D 3^ VS'  ^iafr^OTtftfJi^^  \ "^J^^gjai|h,ents���\#ll l:iot;5tia^th6":��g^iiM  -���"��� e%X:-,s��p:eajkei':,ii;i:-i,y' tarth-er. ".tfiitpwt. o.#owboy ;  cifii" tiy-otv aljiill by tlie txd\.  ��� . ���  It issurprisiiig  how  nilaniinous  bvisi-  .    hess Jneir-^wliO liave no  direct  deiilbigs   with  hiine  managers���ii^iijn^i^portjlig>J  biisiiie.<3S^oods The truth i^tshati While  business hits fiilleii off in the Sloc4il it  has increased in every otliov section of  tlie country. Times ai'O good in J&ist  Kooteiiiiy 11 ild in ovel'.y part of West  Kooteiiay barring- tliiit pru:C of the Sloean  ?T4||, "Rgsj3l|sitji|; n Mtigh M^V^ Ml&x>;\i<hfii  pfvy^rilg^^IIb ^iiiifiiig; gon^pjiiue^pperAk  piifgsjiii ."iinXl: "."j-iSar Rossland. :,-a.^grfigi,i;'te:;  ^$_d^pjDl^niontilw -Th,e^slj|pjne>i&"6fJ,Wre"'  |rpin;|lie^ .jlniie^  Lni:^i?fcli^;;o|'"D-tthe* ''}ip.pi-o'S:"in,iate   iiail.ne/.'-jofj  "v^vliiO "of gbfie" 'b*re slijViitpd�� -'rtu-d "fclrtj "snAs-  r'^Is'bit^ld.cp^or"'" S^^jkc^ is- ihei-efoi-e ixf-tli^;  ;;ii^|g||baoilioo|Lof �� $#'puo, ,5,ft per'xjenjt���o|��  Sjd'iicli qvhilbe counted as gain: ovev a:ii(.f  ;��{tbofee���^l-i��.expens1js-i ���   Tins w?o,u-ld'. iudfcaie  ^tlia-^-'fhe' ",p"rodSfcii:ig .niin-es -of  llos^laiicj;'  ^Oifld pay   $tn^ffi'OO0' hi dividends 'ififg.1  -yeai', i^ijOS'idcd ihe output is kept up to  ! the 2O,:0DO   tons   a inonth   mark.,   This  Av.otild be 1:0 pd,r .Cent of the capital1 stock  of the Le XJ:o:i,- War Eagle, Center StA-r"  Iron   Siaskj, Golniiibia & Kootenay, find  3yiei.iii.ig^StarJbl.^aniy^uppi;n-ganiu.esJu  the camp.  ',-V''^ V. " ";"'"'"S:"**r:!��./.-�� "���".; " ��      -������"'"���  �����\^}iai;   is" fh4"*��diPeire^iG,e   "Betweep,  tEtLE��'S>EA& sihd-.othei5 ;|ar?io#^  u0ust,n"ih^   same   as.   bietwfeen   the  ftihabaSGa mine !��riel ariy oMe of the,,  ���hMhdfesdsi of wijd.ieats that have been,  ekploitecl  in  the  past years.  Experience has proved the value of  the one.   The others might be good  i   B     nn,.nrtii   _    ��n- -0.1 orf    nIH, n n    nniB   n_  . . ..iuHcT.o,SU;euif.3tfi:^  THe,FUjS��Ply;!ii;ili^lf^Sj*^o ���rwjleaMy1.anft;"exftmiae"l,liis.;stoi%.. ���.=  rafBfi  Ilfcultinarlers for  FIRST-CLASS BUILDING MATERIAL  ANSWEfiS   TO   GOBgESPQEDENTS.  Naw Dcnvtii- Lerl^o.  What is sjlenee?  Don't ktiOAV; this is a silver crtinp.  IIoaV is the Aveather iii Nelson?  Chilly; not its Jf;um(e)id as it has beon.  Is there any trapping in ItoHslanct'?'  Very .seldom,    piie Martin \u\s caught  there this snnnner, but proceedings a\-'ctG  but is it worth your while experimenting when you can get sure returns by investing in the guaranteed  article?  I'Sf.-  T;f ymj���v.cnn���r ft^HMi. r(,Tfocl���,fi|.l4njtc, silif,, mntlo'of .Jily5  .bosfp rf0l;h .cV.tjf j'liiiij'H-.lcd' US ^tilsan; "lOiiVo yoar"t)f-<li:i!  \ViUuiWp..       '   . ..      ,, ',    .!���',' ,-.������  irXx liuiwlre'tV (lolling wnrl.h o�� now ikquh.-: iroW'-AVsuti-  jitg yoiii' iiisifoclMi?   1 gii!j,i;;i:fil.tjo sjvUist'.'tliUoiro^nOitisiltf."  . jMsiJftnss" A'S-n''ni1Ss-0iKS��riAi  suits Ms  'IC.elSoii's liri.j-o-tlriic 'fAiW. ne$i XZ0<il<Sn$y tioffefe Co;  irder of tfi@ fifty  TETLEY'S   is  Tea sold  by  the   ONLY   package  Wo make a specialty of  Sljiplap arid Dot b'e Dressed Material  Good Dry Rustic and Flooring  Shingles an,d lath Kept in Stock .  Ofllco and yard near C.P.R. depot   E. 6. BJ��ER, Agent.  ANNOUNCEMENT  TTavhiK loa��cil I he business of Ihe Nelson Sortn AVrtlcr  K;>otory. 1 un> prepared to supply (lie trade with alt kinds  of mirltnnaUid ami .aerated' waters. Family orders soliei-  te��l.   1'rompt delivery.  Factory on  Hoover street.  M. M, CUMMIHS  The Wall Paper \\ome  OF THE WEST  The (inference between the Judge and tlie  Bishop may be that the Judge van. say "you  ho 'hanged," while the Bishop can say "you  be damned." On the other hand when the  Judge says "you be hanged," you are hanged.  Next to the value offered, the most marked  ___^  peculiarity of Our Wall  Paper is that when the  Judge lias made his  selection and says "you  be hanged," it is  hanged; not even the  cheapest grades giving  trouble. There are papers that are beyond  the jurisdiction of the Judge and come under  that of the Jh'shop. There is an art in avoiding this kind���this art has been our study.  WHAT THE JUDGE  AND  THE BISHW SA.Y  Thomson Stationery Co., L^   ,._sr__i_soi>r, b. o-   ..  West Baker Streets     Telephone 13.  HOT WEATHER liNIS  5 gallons Moot Beer . . 10c  2 gallons Lemonade . . 25c  Effervescing Health Salt 25c  Bromo Seidlitz .... 25c  Bromo Seltzer .... 25c  Lime Fruit Juice, pts . 50c  Lime Fruit Juice, qtits . $1  Abbey's and Eno's Fruit Salt  The Genuine Montserrat  GET THE BEST  Andt waul. toblJ in it. I have jifft't. received  Full pilinpli'Ei of SuitinKK "nil Ovcr-  eo;itiiiM�� i-��Hrc.so.��tiu(j it S.-50,W0 hI.oi k Iri  cliori.si; front iniide In'-yfllfif anlor nt p lues  inn-er botere hcafdof in .Ne-lh-nn, All :t!ie IfittiKt,  fads in  Fiuicy Vostiums for Fall and winten  '. '!S)\M "ia>M,ln.Kor strnGl." feween, .foi;orvlVi��B aftd'���"  ���'  JVa'n���l%bet.B. s .���,.��;.,.,........;.���,.���.,",..". iv,.",/.;?/���,.,,"., m��SQlS&  ,50; by M/llatojrs%^  ^iceetti, qornyn..".,��"...��".'..,,-���"���....,,,..-.,.'."."/.". B ",  25 liy 12(Hvilh iinproYehmnis, south side-ot Vernon  sti-ee-t.��.��� , %,..��.���."<.:....,...���,-..",...:......,.:,. 5dft0  Why, ISO willi, iinpr(i\-i��!i)ojit��.south Side, of A^i-ifon ���  /street.,,"..����������,..-.: .��".-.;...,-.;,�� .���.."...".>.��,.��.i.���{.,.������."f,%.���. GOOO',  2i^Ot��^iUvco.tl^e-vjfeiitgilfaSl-5jibiimnfith,.Vret;orri��� ���-,-  "suBofi.,;, �� ��,��,.��...... v".,.,."..,.,��, v,h.....���,:..;...,r,, .,;|o'6o,  -Jlol^ wjtlieoitSiKcrentr-'d fit ��20 'pWmViitK, ?laiiley  ,   ���  ijtreut,.., i,;.......,,.",, ,.".���.,".;.;..."... .,,'.>.,.,.,:,..,... ,3C0f)'  6 lots in Woek JiI>;;rtIl,ci��Jtirc<:i (tint fefieedAi:. -.��,,. 23Gft  AGKNTg -WW    :  d. & d, TAYLOH SAFEB  __\._B_D BEOS.  -&-K(?piti ���_��'%suV-sa .^inH&y.:�����tiWC:#;l-to/vJJ  aiiiiVs aifd, 'aV^ift(%'"_6  :s ��� ��� Cj&tQni'.sjriiykef,1  ���.' 'Pii'^Ws-^M^wia^Sv"^'  Real Ksljito and Rnnorjil AjTCnts, Baker St., Kelson,  e  mm mimm  and Fancy Dress Goods  Blouses and Rress SMrts  CALL OX  rs.   E   McLaughlin  J08KHH1N1S STUKICT, NJSLSO'N  HAIR GOODS AND HAIR ORNAMENTS  Switches from $2 tip.  MI1S..T. W. KKAllNKYInis openedaXmliesHftil- Dress  iiiK 1'it'lor in room 1. Vieioria uloiik, NelKou, and is pre-  tiiired to fiinifeh cverythini* fit, tho- wny of tinir t;oo<ls  nnd hair tonics.  'Trunltmciit of tho scalp a specialty.  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver, B. C.  :CX, i 'W  ���SSoO Vvill purchase a elioiuc re?idcnce oonmr, 100 by 120  font.  .��2101) will pumluvsa n cenh-iil lot and residejiCR.  S-JU0 will ,��)Hr(j|i:i��5 -two  ittey lots .and ��ilianty, liobson,  sti-i'ei;, lliinio addition.  S*W) will tnuisliiwo f0iu- nice lots and. ��i��iilonco.  ,10;B(J(), l'oolcd Faimioiit. I neulM.  jtljidkt-ock (\'mir( slnircs 20 tjenLs.  aOlJO Ullea at 1) cuius.-  ALEX "     '  Tirmw &�� Rocckh blouk. N(?1moii, II. 0.  SQUIRE'S   RMCM   FOR   SALE  .Containing 320 acres of land within one and a  quarter miles of Nelson.   For lurcher  P-rtlotti_rs apitly to  FRED   J.   SQUIRE,    Nelaon,   B.   C.  _ETO_E_ _B_E_->r,_D  R3ML ESTATE aii GENERAL Afe��  Baker Street. Nelson  FlltS'l' DOOR WlSST BANK U. C BUILDING.  'I'wp lo.|�� with two.story Ii0u.sc on Latinior  sli-eeU i,ie;;ir.l,!w^|iliiiie .'.'$i���'ip  Twi'hjn: Sl'iOiiwisli, balimee oii mortgaKo,"  KiSl-y-aerti'i-ftnoli, hIhq ntil&��.from city oil l��k(s  SluiiTfi , ,... $11)00  One-l��Al:l' easli, baliniee on inorli!��i;e,  . 6i't lnhn coiYrfil iotirf'are lire encupesl. anil host  oirenjd. Von jiuit rejifty at any'time \��W'li"0ini  lonii.s;  A.GEMTS: POE  Bvitigh (:oliiiiiliia i'ei'miihent; Savings & Loan Coinnivny.  Ulohtl SaVitigtf i& l.��en Co., Toronto.  i_sr^-p-_s,_l_sro__  Pti-e, Bile, Accident, and Sickness,  GAMBLE <&0'feeiL,feY-A-gts.  Baiter Slrool West. Nelnon, B. C.  Canada Drug and Book Co.,  a_I_*_:iT__3D  Corner ot Baker aud Stanley Streets, .VcIkok  Uoardinpr and day school for girls will rC-opon on the  Wlh day of AugiiriU Vacaucics for boardcr-s. For terms  and prospeetiiH apply to  ��� MAUKMOISKLLW TCKRNT. Principal  "VsT. _P. _5_0_3I_CsTSO_CsT  (Ex-ShorilF of South Kootenay)  GENERAL AUCTIONEER  Cash advanced on consignments of merchandise.  Post onion Box S72 Nolson, B.C.  MINERS WANTED.  Tho Tangier Mine, Limited, Albert Canyon, on the  main lino of the (!. P. II., 22 iiiilug <;nKt of Itevclstoko, ro-  quirocf nix wood minere.   Wages ��3.50 per day.  ROOMS AND OFFICES  Af'PlA"  J. LAING STOCKS, Secretary  At r.fllec of the Duncan Mines, Limited., Clement &  Hillyer Block.  Vienna Restaurant  Baker street, between .Tosephino aud  Hail streol.fi, Nelson,  MEALS AT ALL HOURS, PAY OR NIGHT  BAKKttY IN CONNKOTION  FAMILY AND PASTRY COOKING A SPRCIALTY  ONLY WHXTIfi HKLP' KMPLOYIOJi  -=t-    srrria-R^r,    _?-^og'3R,X3aa?o-a  Palace   Bakery  Bread delivered to any part of the city.  Cakes, pastry, and confectionery a specialty.  GENERAL.  BROKER.  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT AKD SICKNESS  ..    I_NTSXTIR__._SrC__  REAL ESTATE AND LOANS.  TO LKT���Several houses of different sizes.  FOR SALK���Real estate in all parts of the city.  CRAWFORD BROTHERS  Next lo Itoyal Hotel, Stanley Street, Nelson  L. Pogiie  MANUFACTUKKIt OF  HEAVY TEAM HARNESS  EXPRESS HARNESS, PACK HARNESS  SADDLES, WHIPS, KTC.  -W^jRP      STREE1,,      -Sr__I.30-<r  APPLICATION TO TEANSFER LICENSE.  Thirty days notice is hereby Kiven that I will apply at  the next sitliiif,' of tho Licensing Board of Ihe City of  Nelson, B. C, to lie allowed I o Iran'-for the ret a 1 llqin-r  license now held hy mo for ihe Clarke Hotel, sitna e on  lots numbered eleven and twelve (11 and Vi) in block  nuinlicivd five (5) of the City of NelRnn, British Columbia,  to Frank Campbell and Geoi go VV. lfcuilctt.  K. C.CLARKR.  0ated at Nelson. B. C, tliis 38th day of A��KUst, 1SID. THE  TPJBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, AUGUST 10,  1890.  ANKOF PITBEAL  Capital,  Best,  all paid  up,     ���  $12,000,000  6,000,000  LORD STRATIICONA AND  JIT   ROYAL, Prosldont  Hon. GKO. A. DRUMMOND Vieo-Prosident  10   8. CLOUSTON Gonoral Manager  THE BANK OF  TISH COLUMBIA  NELSON  FULL LINE OF  ISTET-SOKT _3_a___\rcia:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       HKANOIIKH IN       LONDON  (England),   NEW YORK,   CHICAGO  and in the principal cities in Canada.  Huy and sell Sterling ICxchanKO and Cahlo Transfers  QUANT COMMUKMAT. AND TltAVKr.I.KltS' CKKRITS,  available In any part of tho world.  DRAFTS IRHDKD    COT.l.RCTIONS MADK; RTO.  Is qow prepared -to issue Drafts and Letters  of Credit on Sl^aguay, U. S., Atliq, B. C, and  Dawson City, Yul^on; District.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  CURRRNT KATTC OK INTKKKST PAID  GRAVE   AND   GAY   STOBYETTES.  Beeeher mul Ingersoll Avere always  great friends. Mr. Beeehcr had a celestial globe in his study, a present from  sonrn. manufacturer. On it was an excellent representation of the constellations  and stars Avhich compose them. Jnger-  soll was delighted with the globe. lie  examined it closely and turned it round  and round. "It's just what I wanted,"  he said; "who made it?" "Who made it?"  repeated Beecher; "who made this globe?  Oh, nobody, colonel, it just happened!"  C.'S. Batterman, one of the best-known  mining men in the Rocky Mountain  states, was on tlie stand as an expert in  an important mining case iii Nevada, and  was under cross-examination by a rather  young and "smart" attorney. The questions related to the form that the ore was  found in, generally described tis "'kidney  lumps." "Now, Mr. Batterman," said the  attorney, "how large are these lumps���  you say they tire oblong���tiro they as  iong as my head?" "Yes," replied Mr.  Batterman, "but not so thick." The attorney subsided, and even the judge  could not help smiling.  Judge Martin Grover of Troy, New  York, was at one time approached by a  young citizen who wished to be nominated to the state assembly. The shrewd  old judge had certain doubts about him,  which he expressed somewhat freely, and  yet he" was willing to afford him it trial.  He  therefore addressed  the aspirant in  ��� this way: ".Young man.', if you wiil "give  me your word that you'woii!fcsfceal wlieuir  you get torAlbany,  I'll see what kin bo  done about sendin' you there."    "Judge  0rover," replied the young man, drawing  *himself  up with great  dignity/ "I go to  Albany unpledged, or T don't goat all."  An Australian, coming up on a recent  steamer, fell in with two sharpers who  led him into many wagers. They were so  invariably successful that he-became suspicious that they were "fixing" the bets,-  but each new proposition was so tempting that he could not resist it. At last,  as they approached the Golden Gate, he  counted up the remnants of his roll.  "Gentlemen," he said to them, "J find I  have just twenty-two dollars in American money left. Now, 1 will ri��k it all jf  you will lot me name this last bet." The  others were curious, and knowing they  could not lose much, consented, and asked what his proposition was. "Tt is this,"  he said; "I'll bet you twenty-two dollars  that I can yell louder than the ship's  steam whistle. Of course, I'll lose," he  added, "buti by jingo, 1 know the whistle  "latu'rbe^fixgd:"^^  Mr, X)������, of Boston, visiting in one of  tho small' towns of western Massachusetts, was taking a spih shortly after his  arrival, When he was run down (as he  claimed) by a negro and knocked oil' his  bicycle. When he got Oh his feet 'again  he was so tljigry that he picked up ji  stouo and fc'hi:c3\y it With .accurate aiin at  tlie colored 1111111 ami brother. This resulted in his arrest and conviction in tlie  local court of justice. "I will lino you  five dollars,1' sa;fd tlie judge; "have yon  anything fro say?" "Nothing/' i-cplied  D���-���, uumolHficd, "except that T wish I  had killed this fellow." "that remark  will cost you five dollars more," rejoined  his hoijoi-. ft -'S temper was nob improved by tliis fresh dispensation of justice. ''Conversation' seems to conic high  iii this court," ho observed. "Five dollars for contempt," promptly responded  the bench; "have you ahything more to  say?" "I think not," ansAvered the defendant: "you liave the advantage of mo  in repartee." Payment of the fine closed  the case.  The Hon. William Wortliam, long state  treasurer of Texas, was in a New York  jewelry store one day, when lie noticed a  show-case filled with splendid jeweled revolvers with silver and gold grips and  chased barrels, having precious stones set  into the butts. "Lemme see one of those  guns." he said to the clerk. "Which one,  sir?" "The gold one with the big ruby  in tlie handle." The clerk took it from  tlie case. It was marked three hundred  dollars, and it looked worth even more.  The Texan took it tenderly iu both hands  and held it admiringly up to the light..  Then drawing himself up to his full  height, which was six feet and a half, he  rested the revolver-barrel upon hisi'.Jeft  elbow, crooked for the purpose, and looked over the sights down the long store.  Those persons who saw him involuntarily dodged. "Say," said Mr. Worthain,  with quiet but intense enthusiasm, as he  returned the weapon, "if I was to wear  that gun down in my state the people  would be falling down on-their knees  bogging to be killed with it."  "When I was iu Mexico last year," relates a consulting engineer, "I was one of  a party, of foreigners invited to take a  trip at the company's expense over a certain railroad.    The first day of the journey I was sitting smoking on the  rear  platform of the observation-car while we  stopped to take water at a lonely station  Just as the train was pulling out, a��disreputable individual swung on the bumper and started to climb over the railing.  In costume he resembled one of Buffalo  Bill's   'greaser',  cow-punchers,   only   he  looked dirtier and was ragged.    I sized  him up for a Mexican tramp, and I blocked  his  way.    He hung on  the   railing,  swearing in Spanish at me, and, though I  couldn't get get the drift of his remarks,  fused the worst Spanish words'I knew  in addressing him.    The train kept gathering  speed,  and    I  don't  know    what  would have happened if another "man of  the ,party hadn't come out on the platform and asked  what was the trouble.  'I'm keeping this trainp from stealing a  ride,'  I   explained.     'Stealing   .nothing,'.'  said he; 'you're fighting with the brake-  man.'    Nowadays I don't judge a man by  his uniform. ���   . ��� ..��� ���.-  Smoke...  ROYAL SEAL AND  KOOTENAY BELLE  CIGARS   UNION   MADE  Kootenay Cigar Manfg. Co.  NeKon, Rrlti-.li Columbia.  ASK FOR  St. Alice Mineral Water  from the. famous Har-  - rison Hot Springs. . . .  A COOL MEDICINAL BEVERAGE  VICTORIA  VAMOOUVKR  NKliSO.V  Thorpe & Co.,  H. D. Ashcroft  BLACKSMITHING  AND EXPERT  HORSESHOEING  wlieoKvriSrUt.  Special, attention ftfven to all kinds Of ropairing, and  custom work from outside points*  Shop:   H.a'f Street, between. Baker and Vernon, Welspn  _?_!3'3^_3_?,__:,0_!!r_i3-  136  nurliifs the; season wo will deliver iCO 11I. private, rosidoiloon  anil bu-.jif!!fci liouncs daily in any  desired truitntity nt colourable  prices.  WILSON & HARSHAW  R. REISTERER & GO.  I3RKWKRS AND BOTTLERS OF  gev ~,ww_,  and Porter  Prompt anil regular  delivery to tho trade.  Brawery at Nelson,  Nelson Iron Works  MANUH-ACTUKKRS OF  ENGINES. BOILERS. SHAFTING, IRON AND  BRASS CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION  Repairs promptly attended to.       P. O. Box 1W.  LODGE   MEETINGS.  'NIGHTS' OF PYTHIAS���Nolson   Lodge,  No,  %%  hts of Pythias, moots in I. O. O. F.Hall, corner  Kootenay Itreots, every Tuesday evening at  8 o'elor.k^  Visiting Knights cordially invited toattend.  ���"-   Knign  Raker and 1  o'clock.   V       _  T. LTLME, C. C.  R. G. JOY, K. Of R. & S.  NELSON "LODG E, NO. 23, A. F. & A. U. Moots  second Wcdnosday in each month. Sojourning  brethron invited.  NELSON L. O. L., No. Ifi!l2, niocts.in I. 0. O. F. Hall,  i    F.  corner Riiker and ICoolonay streets, 1st nnd 3rd  Friday of each month.   Visiting: brethcrn cordially'invited. ���*''-.  JOHN TOYK, W. M.      F. J. BRADLEY, Reo.Sec.  Fraternal  fourth Wc<  Visiting brethren wcl-  NKLSON   yNRirc,  Number  22,   Fraternal  Order  of  Eaglsc, moots every second and fourth Wednesday in  each month in Fraternity Hull,  come,  J, IRVING.'President.       J. It. Wit AY, Secretory.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and cnusU  Flooring-  local and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If what you want is not in stock wo will make it for you  . CALL AND GKT PRICKS. -  M  W  it)  ii/  \l/  \i/  \l/  \*/  vl<  \$)  id)  ito  it/  it/  to  it/  it/  it/  it/  to  it/  Large assortment just arrived from Scotland, and fall stock is now com-  plele. All new and up-to-date, hence our goods sell at sight and the result is  we have no old stock to sell at cut or sacrifice prices. Call and inspect and  be convinced that our statements are correct.  JVI. Vincent  B_ik;er Street,  IVelson  Merchant Tailbr  J. A. Say ward  HALL-AND LAKR STREETS. NKLSON  CHARLKS niLLYKR,  IMtESIDENT  HARRY HOUSTON,  RKCKKTAIiY  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills,  LIMITED.  MAftUKACTURRRS OF AND  DKAI.KKS IN  Roug"h and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings  Doors and Sash  Fence Posts and Pickets  Office and Store Fittings  KACTOJIY WORK DONB TO OKDKK,  8UC1I AS  ^  ^  ^���__*-^^^^^^^^:^i_l;_.:_li_l'-5:_li_5:^;_S:^:^;_J    &&&&&&&&&&&&&&��>&&&&&&��&  \W  it/  \^)  it/  it/  it/  it/  iki  it/  it/  it/  it/  ii/  it/  ill  it/  M  ito  it/  m  iti  m  _*���������  The TreraoBt Hotel  ���IALQJIE - TREGILLUS  PROPRIKTORS  Headquarters For Miners and Prospectors  GOD SAVE THE QUEEN  SKATING  son  "UP, GUARDS, AND AT "EM!"  RINK  THE BEST BRANDS OF  Scroll Sawing  Band Sawing  Wardrobes and  General Joinery Work  IN 8TOCK  Glass of all Sizes and Kinds  Sawmill on Government wharf.,  jV";.;^. ��- -:%"������" �������* i.*j^  Factory, and ofllec, corner IIeili^trOM*aJSl"G^^r|ajetlc-'  Gontpaetors ail  WILL DO WELL TO:  BOY THEIR|^B^  G. 0. BUCrffiiiMS;'i  Liquors and Cigars  ALWAYS ON HANOI  One of the best and most popular hotels in Nelson;  A,largo stock of flrst-class dry��,ritaterial.;oiuliaud,��filsOi!  a full line of sash, doors, mouldinks,ylur/iedi,���>v6rJi/ct��Js��  FACTORY WORK A^ttftl  trij-iitvs'  UM:  f   VWVMIVIWJJ  AT 3 AND 8 O'CLOCK P. M.  ,.      . . ���'-"���'���-. ".0" .       ���������"���'���'6   :       ���'���'.''-  -   ���"    i '..-������    . '���'������ ������.���' --if.   ���-���       .-  :������   '��� "���-. ���������-'-'���.  Under the sole direction  of Mr. Charles  A.   E.   Harriss  _&ALAI1_I^  LIEUTENANT  DAN  GODFREY AND  British  Dan   Godfrey's   Famous   Nautical A.       ��Sp  ~~s??v .Tuliun's Army Quadrilles. :���/, ' :��� ���.������J-::-r:'.''4  Fantosia, entitled ���Fnglnnd   and J2> ?^iff*$S��$$?&��V&.&-, Lot-criptivo JlatUe  IMeco in Music.���������'���?���',''-.'"$  Aniorici.   IJoscriptive of Lhe visit ^Td^M'f^iwSvSviJf  ���-__'' WlitniT Marh'nl Airs. ���������^V-:-.:;^-:-;>-;:^;1  In the United S ales of a IJriiish ^=55 ^<S-^f^^!p'K(i^w!>-"k ���� Patriotic National Melody as givph':'':''..'''"':.^':'-"-  Heel. ,^b_����,<s:_2-^S^3__J5_a_rf_Jr..-.:       in  Kansas City before lS.IKItrpeov-/: 4:^  A* ifiven in New York.before 10,000 , -,...,-  \    ,:......,   ;. '".";' -;.'people, .'May llOth: -;-: ���':.-::.:;.:.:,..'-:::'... ">J^^r:-%  March 2">th, and patronized by Pr'osident Melvinlej-, tlio governors of Rhode Island,:Now York,^ jrassachiisetta,��::::vA;:?  jMiehigan, ICatisas.-Utali, and Nehraska.;   .  .     ��� ������;..'.���,.,���."������    ������;::���''/;-;';.".:   -: .;-' ..'���:���-������.: ''������^^^'���''i'-r:::''^^\:.-''-'^^:.^v^::^:^-;-''r-iy::^  ���. vA Ctui'iiHOii at)jl.:,eveifitig/"P,i;ieffi"ii;Sl^rcsei'Vcd��.seitte^^^^  \ -.Largfo comfortaBlo" yedropins' and  "srodm."." J3!VnipljB jrfloins for.conyncreial" me,n  '��/" "'"n^fe^#��--~5^ffi'2^"-?'E3"R'-  Ufefeolals-' diiriiig  33__-y  Yard J   Foot of Hcndryx stroet^Olson  Tolephone, 91  John mei.rM<$L%<  Brick  Wholesale Markets at flolson, Rossland, Sandon and Creenwood.  Lime 70 Ceqts per 100 pounds.  Will deliver in ton lots  Brick $12 per thousand,  At yard or oit scows at government >vharf.  The West rvpqtenay Brick & Lime GoM Ltd.  Ti CJ. PBOOTOR, Marjag-er  nakor Street;  GENERAL TEAIVISTEfrS  AGENTS FOR  the Imperial Oil Co.   Standard Oil Co.  Washingiori Brick arid Lirne Co>  The H. W. MeNiel! Co., Ltd,, Canadian Ati%a-  cite Coal (Hard)  Dealers M  S  SHEEIFF'S SALE.  Province   of  Uritisll   Columbia, Nelson, Went   Ivooto"  nay, to-��*i|.:  By virtue of a wiirrant of execution issued out, of tlid  Onunty Gotirt of ICriot nay, liolden at NcNoli. at the suit  of Frank Lavin, I'lIaiulitlVilnd to me dire -led against the  goods an i chatlelsftf the Kooteliay Air Supply Otinriany.  defendant, 1 have soisied and tttlcn in execution all the  right, title, and interest of I he said defendant, the Kootenay Air Sttpply Company, in o/.io ut right steamboiler,  one inachino drill, one bellows, one anvil, oneorc bucket,  two p'ieOus of eonipr/'ssor maeliincry, four joints of pipe,  all now situated on COITce Creek, in the Ainswortli nulling division of West, Kootenay district. I o recover the  sum of two hundred and seventy-six dollars smd eighty-  seven, cents ($270.87), amount; of -said execution besides  Hheriirs poundage, olllcer's fees, costs, and all other legal  and incidental expenses.  All of which I shall expose for sale, or sullleient thereof  to satisfy said judgment, debt and co Is, in front o my  ofllco, next to the Court House, in the city of Nelson, on  the 3rd of August, A. 1). ISilil, at the hour of eleven  o'clock in (lie forenoon.  Notb���Intending purchasers will satisfy thp.m��eIveH.as  to interests and title o! tho said Company, defendants  Dated at Coffee Creek. II. C 28'-h ,lnly. ISIHI.  S. P. TUCK, Shoriit'of SouLh Kootenay.  BAitKU AN�� \S'AltI) STliKKTS, NKI.SON  TUo ortly 1101*1,1" Nelson that Jian remained hiider ope  mniiagciiiOHI. sijiee 1S��. ,..,,,  The bod-1-oOmn aro well fintiilshed and  llffhted by  elOcVicity.  Tho dinillg.foom Is- not, Second to any in Kootenay.  The Mr i�� alwitys stocked by the bfjiSt tlonicttio and  imported liqvtorwfthd oigiirs,        .      .    .  THOMAS JVIADDKN. I>roprlotor.  SMITH,   Proprietor.  ABSOL^UTELY AT COST  No 2Q or 60 Per Cent Diseount$. No Fake Removal Slfei  ,.__...������..-. -  Underwear  Pants  Sweaters  Hats  TAN   SHOES  MfNERSf   SHOES  AND  ALL. KINDS CLOTHING  "Colored Shirts  &dfton top. Sh>rt&  Naf ligee 'Shirts  ft6gnlte�� ShjrfeS    '  Remembar, This General Sale Will En_ crt Saturday, the 19th, at 10 p.m.  feaker Street,  Opposite Postofflee  The above salo is postponed until Thursday, the 10th  day of Auiru.-,t. IS!)".), at t he Same place and hour.  H. P. TUCK, Sheriif of South Kootenay.  The abovo pale is further postponed until Monday, the  21st day of August, 1899, at the uamo pl-ice and hour.   ..  S. i'. Tl'CK. Shoriir of South Kootenay...  EVERYTHiNGFIRST-QLASS  IiarKo and Well lighted Heated by hot ai  Iteasonabie rates Sample rooms  Klectrio bells and light in every room  Uohovatod and refurnished throughout  HOTEL,  VICTORIA  J. V. PKKKS, Proprietor  irroo bus nieotH all trains Rouolchnlo   U   R  HonrlyRt.r^ct ear to station n-tfei-lUHBi  U�� U.  NiBht Grill Room in eonncction, for the convenience of  jjuests arrivinK and departiiiB by night trains.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  NJ'W.SON, II. c.  Cofleo roasters and dealers in Tea and Coffee.  Oiler fresh roasted cofTco of best quality as follows:  Java and Arabian Macha, per pound ?   V\  Java and Mocha Blend, S pounds.   1 00  .Fine Santos, i pounds  J JJI  Santos Rlnnd, 5 pounds -.   ] l��l  Our Special Ulond, 6 pounds   J <W  Our Rio Koaat, 6 pounds ,.  1 00  A trial order solicited.  Salesrooms 2 Doors East  of  Oddfellows  Block..   West  ��� ��� ��� Baker Stseet-���-.-..-.;.-���-���.. :-....  A CAR LOAD OF OUR  PUFAMOUS   LAOER=  WILL ARRIVE IN NELSON IN A FEW DAYS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO  W. P. DIOKSON  AGENTS TO It ICOOTKXAY IMSTIUCT.  B. H. H. APPLEWHAITE1  J. MoPHBB  Kootenay Eleetrie Supply and Constpuetion Go.  ELECTRIC SUPPLIES  Oomplete Electric Bqalp_ta_ts.for Bleotrio Power Tpansmlsalon and Lighting for -Lines, Towns  Electric Fixttu-ea, LAtaps, Bells, Telephones. Aunvinclators. Etc,  , F. O. Box 606. Josophlne Street. Nelson, b. O. THE TRTBUNE:   NELSON, B.C.,  SATURDAY, AUGUST  10,  1800,  Mail Orders Filled Same Bay as Received  STOCKS THE LARGEST IN KOOTENAY  Assayed duplies  CRUCIBLES  SCORIFIERS  CHEMICALS  CHEMICAL GLASSWARE  FLUXES of all. kinds  FURNACES  BALANCES, best  makes  only  Drugs and Drug Sundries  BRUSHES,  every  kind  SPONGES  TURKISH   BATH  TOWELS  PATENT  MEDICINES  PERFUMERY, best manufactured  FACE   POWDERS  MANICURE   REQUISITES  THE 10CAL HEWS OF THE TOWN  J. IT. Laws-on of tlio firm of Hod well &  DuiT, Vict-ishi, who lias boon .sptnulinyliis  holidays in Nolson, tlio guest of 11. S.  Leiiiiie, loffc yesterday for home.  H. E. Heusley, superintendent of the  Canadian Pacific's hi-anohes in ICootcntiy.  l-eturnod yesterday from a trip through  tho Slocan. lie says that business is  very quiet, and that tho.ro is very little  ore coming down .Slocan lake. Tlie Noonday is practically tho only mini! 'making  any "shipments. Tho company is reducing its forces at Sandon anil Silver-  ton owing to tho slackness of business.  A. Ji. Kolhvy visited the Exchequer  yesterday and found that the men driving the crosscut tunnel have cut the  ledge, which looks much better than expected. The hanging wall had not been  reached when he left the mine.  lot  >!; v  block  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets, NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  Summer  Suits  Just a few left of these nice crash suits  Just the thing for this hot weather  Come and get fitted out and do not suffer  with the heat  We also have a nice lineof'crash hats which  we are selling at very low prices  J. A. Gilker  The Furnisher  Remember the Nair\e  EMPOR1U  It will be to your-"advantage -to sec .our' large  and complete stock "or Boots .and "Shoes. .We  carry the_:following--lines:" J. &. TV,.Doll, J.,  J). - .King -" <fc Go.," North" Star Shoo; Co., 'Foots,'  Schiilt_'��_ Co., Stratford Shoo .Co;j Arnos,JbEol-  den ifc Co., and;'other leading makers;       ' .  '  NeeSands' Shoe Emporium  "   _    - 26 AND 28 WEST BAKKR STREET," NKLSON /   \     ' _TT'  Yesterday A. Stewart sold  2:5 and lot I block :J8 to (J. K. Tackabiiry.  G. A. Indcli, manager (if tin; Nelson  branch of the Italian banking house of  JR. Fa-lira <& Cc, Avill close his oi'lue  in a few days anil leave for a six-months'  visit to New York. The office will be reopened on April 1st.  Fire 1-Jall No. 2, on Observatory street,  between Ward and Josephine streets, has  been completed and supplied Avith a reel,  000 feet of hose, ladders and babeocks.  Two men are now sleeping in the hall, and  telephone connection will be made in a  few days with Fire Hall No. 1.  Vancouver News Advertiser: "Captain  Trouj), superintendent of tho Canadian  J'acilie Jlailway Company's steamboat  service, is in the city accompanied by  Mrs. and Miss 'Troup. The captain will,  in a few days, leave for Wrangel, to wind  .up the affairs of the., company, in connection with the Stikine river service. It  will be remembered that during the  .Klondike rush, the Canadian Pacific railway built a licet of river steamers, also a  dock aud warehouse at Wrangel, to facilitate travel by the then projected "All-  Canadian" route, wliich however temporarily fell through. Tlio C. I\ II. has  disposed of most of its river steamers and  captain Troup is going north to further  settle the business."  Six men employed at the Fern mine, on  flail creek, lifteeu miles south of Nelson,  quit Avork yesterday because the superintendent took.on a Chinese cook.  Fart of the plant of T1112 Tiubuni<i's  bookbindcry arrived yesterday, just six  weeks behind the date on which it was  to have been delivered.  The llev. Father Fcrland Avill hold services in the public school tomorrow at 10  a.,in. and at-,7:30 p. m._ - t  j John Fraser of the London & British  Columbia Cold fields' =<��� leaves; this evening =  for Winnipeg.    When he icturns he will  no longer be a bachelor. '     . ,  -The ca.rpenter AA-ork 011, 'the Ilonian  Catholic church will befiiiislfcd about the  middle of next Aveek.'-':  -E. M.; Saudi lands, the,Sandon milling  broker, is paying a-visit tivNelson,  .= Tlie ;committoe aiipoinfced to arrange  for "the enterlainment -of .the Canadian  Press,. Association 'met1 yesterday afternoon aiid discussed.the necessary preliminaries.    .The--guests .-will   probably   be  dined, and taken round to see the smelter,  tho Athabasca mill, Rom 1 ing ton Falls  and other points of interest. Several  sub-committees wore appointed who will  report at the next meeting to be held on  Monday, avIicii the programme Avill be  definitely announced.  Horn in Nelson yesterday to the wife  of C W. Young, a daughter.  Superintendent Ihtiiinielnicyer of the  Emily EditlS', a Silverton mine on which  a good deal of money has boon spent, is  is in Nelson, lie has twelve men on outside work.  The water lias been pumped out of the  shafts of the Last Chance mine, and 11.  C. Cainpbcli-.lnliusto.u made an examination of it on Thursday. Mining operations will be resumed when his report  has boon considered by the London  board.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  To  Lot-Neatly   furnished    rooms   a.f  l.hi! corner of Ward  I Viol 01 ia Mretls.   -Apply In A.  II. (leincnls.  For Rent���Tho residence at the corner  iii* .Victoria mul Wind r-lrcel.--, now occtip id liy W. A.  .\l:ic(l n.-ilil, will lie for rent ufUr the 15l.li instant.  Apply lo A. II. Clements.  Furnished  buiiu ollico.  Furnished rooms to let.    Apply to ..Mrs.  F. M. Jameson, CarneyBlock, linker street west..  room to  rent.    Apply Tri  es  OO  _s  CO  UJ  ��2  _1  r-  yf^-yn-  -A  CO  I���  C2  (_t  i-n  r~  CO  00  CO  o  IT PAYS US to deal squarely with  you and to represent our goods and  methods just as they are.. It pays us  to strive fcr excellence in quality,  price and service���aiming to place in  the hands of our customers the best-  goods at the smallest figures. On  this basis we invite your inspection  of our lines.  IT WILL PAY YOU to carefully examine our line of fine gold jewelry,  diamond mountings, mounted diamonds, stone rings, loose diamonds,  and other precious stones. We owe  it to our customers to give Ihem the  best made and the most stylish goods  we can buy. Our manufacturedgoods  are - of: just, this kind. Our.stock of  small, diamond, rings .is/ especially attractive and prices equally - so, arid  you owe it to 'yourself to. buy goods  for as little, money as possible.. Write,  wire-or'telephone us; we are always  ���at home0to our 'customers.   .      -'..���"  A FEW NEW LINES RECEIVED  THiS WEEK: Table Lamps, Piano.  Lamps, Table-and" Piano Lamp combined, Jardinieres,. Jardiniere Tables,*  Fire Sets,, Umbrella Stands,- Letter  Racks,"Paper-Holders, Photo Frames,  Ash Trays, Bronzes, Vases and Pitchers of all descriptions/Sconces, Mirrors, arid Candelabras; also a large  consignment of Parlor Lamps and  Fancy Globes.7 .  As we only employ the most skilled=  watchmakers, we will guarantee all  work satisfactory.     '     *n*    "  .'"     JACOB DOVER, Jeweler.  TROPICAL FRUIT DEPOT  " dorncf Balfcr and Wni'di Sfffiols..  WftUSrniclorjst, jfch,o Apple**, ant? all Mother- Fruits  iii season received .daily.  Hazlewjobd Ice Cr��arn  Ic_ GJream Soda ana  IVItlls Shakes and" Buttermilk  Swcefc sGrcn.ni received; Tuesdays 11 tid Fridays  Leave your orders.   1'roui.itt; ,dali\'ci��j?  NEAR PORT SHEPPARD RAILWAY DEPOT  ._t_T_E3XJrS02sT  FOR  ICE  CREAM  AND  FRESH  FRUIT  OF ANY KIND.  Come in and try our Ice Cream Soda and  Kefreshing Drinks.  lillAB <fe L0TT  Agents fo  Ijtelowoed too tfream,  Uuncaii Mines, Ltd., Jfelsonj BiC,  . The Duncan llines Uriilffcd ah) ojx.'n, lo rec/'iyo  toil cj-s for tlio coiisti'Uetion ._Ta li'tinio from .Sii'ndy nnd,  JOjiglO cl-oJjkHlo the peiistock.'i.it 1110 head of iiipc llfio of  UicUiiirtitoInill.  Also UieepnsU'uoJibnpf Llicivciistoijk ^-fth flood galo-i  and avci-llowii.  Xslftnft and jsjieiMftcaMoUK of uliflvo caii' be. ;itl^|idctcd ill  t:lie oIllcOS <if Ihe Ctin)|(.-iuy in Jfelxoit, utSd tendow Vi-ill lie  received from Aujf����i' ^isst'to SflJI.li.  Tile a.l>ovo Company are ttlko open to rgecivo tenders  for Did couHruQtioH of a .vt'ngnti road, ftonr the Orani|o  iliilj totlicKoyill .Uitwidlati minoj u .di'^tJtiiuo "f nearly  tM'o iftilel, Turti es wielihiK to (ji'lider for Miff joh dnii  iijspe<Sl, the route and obtain particulars of the work any  day from Ai:t;ii~l, 2l��l, to 2if;h.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY 0F> NELSON  TENDERS FOR LAYING STEEL Plf*E LIRE.  NELSON, B. C.  KASLO, B. C.  SANDON, B. C.  DEALERS  IN  eavy Hardware  V  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Giant Powder  TRUAX  ORB  OARS  Canton Brill Steel  ---    CARRY IN STOCK  Jessop's Steel, Iron, Coal  Pipes, and Fittings  Giant, Caps and Fuse  Tools, Cutlery, Tin  and Woodenware  Stoves, Ranges,  Iron,  Steel,  Sheet  Iron, T-Rails  Paints, Oils, Glass  NELSON STORE AND OFFICE:  Corner Baker and Josephine Sts.  NELSON WAREHOUSE:   Corner Hall Street and City Wharf.  You Going for a Holiday?  Why, yes;  on a fishing excursion and I intend to  huy my tackle from  The Lawrence Hardware Co.  Who keeps the best and cheapest goods in Nelson  WE  STILL HAVE A FEW HAMMOCKS  which we are selling at a snap  LEFT  ALL KINDS OF CAMPING SUPPLIES  The  Lawrence  Hardware  Co.  M  >atf  Telephones 10 and, 41  cfr Wilson  Postofficc Box K & W  14  EAST BAKER STREET  14  WEST BAKER STREET  MANY KBW  . II  The Crrporalion of tlio f'ity of Nolson U prepared to  receive seated tenders at the ollice of tho eit.y clerk up  lo 5 p. in. on f ho 28th day of August, !8!��. for the layin��  of 10.250 lineal feet Of 14-inch steel Conduit pipe line.  I''ttii8, spcciflcatioiis and forms of tender may bo seen  at the oflVoo of tho city engineer.  All tcudcrB to bo marked "Tenders for Conduit J'ipo  Line" '���  Tho lowest or any tender not ilceessaril v accept cd.  J. K. S'WlAOAAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, August lVt,h, 18!lfl.  MI_GEIiLANEOUS.  FOR SALK-ASO-Kuinca jrnn. by Holland & Holland,  and a easo ; also an S-Kii.iiic.-i polo sadiljc. by Crate  of UelRiiive squiire, and one double bridlo.  at The Tribune ollice. Nelson.  512o." Apply  THE   FINEST   PLEASURE   RESORT* IN   KOOTENAY  Next Door t.o  P. IiuriiH&Co.  HUMPHREYS & PinOCK  WANTED���By yomiB man having several years experience in both dry goods and hardwaro linos, a  position as s-iUesman or ollico hand. Can furnish best of  reference.   Address M. M. C. Hall Siding, H. C.   ONJ5 or two unfurnished rooms to rent, in goo-i lion o  . in residential part of Nelson.   Apply by letter (in  llrst, instance) to "Alpha," Tribune Oilieu.  WAKT & CAltKIK-Architects.   Rooms 7 and 8 Ab  erdcen block, Haker street Nelson.  Are adtJe;d to our list each and every month. This montlVhas  been an exceptional one, the number of new custorners far ex--  ceeds any: previous mbhlh, aiid we can safely say we still continue to hold the old ones. This is surely anlpie proof of who  does the leading business, where if is do��e and how the people  not only in Nelson, but surrounding towns, appreciate the manner in which we serve them. Our stock of fancy g^oods is by far  the most cornp!et_ in Nelson.  ���&  DeaBriaay   &   Co,  R0IT JARS!    FRUIT JARS I  Direct  from the manufacturer in pints, quarts,  and  half gallons,  Lake of the Woods Flour iri stock.  JOHN A. IRVING & COMPANY  Baker Street West, Nelson, B. C.  Strachan   Bros  -PHrrivaijsEiss, ___?o.  o_?_i;_s__. .__:o*_rs3_3 block.  ^.rtir^Jift)^^!*^-^^���*^^^'^*^*-,  .'^^-_JJ_a^TA.'jfllnwKJ,!-*^.


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