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The Tribune May 28, 1898

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 Has Mines that arc  Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties thai can  be Made  Dividend  Paying Mines.  SIXTH   Y"EAR---NO. 20.  A  ^  '*s  ���1\  NELSON,  BRITISH   COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY,   MAY   28, 1.898.  '   'KOOTENAY  Has   a    Mineral   Ou!put    of   Upv/nrc's   of  Million     Dollars    Every    MoMh  In  The   Year  TWO   DOLLARS A YEAR.  Cr  CITY   COUNCIL   MEETING-.  <S> ���-  Money By-Laws will be Submitted to Ratepayers on June 9th.  At the meeting ol' the city council held  Monday afternoon a communication was  read from A. 11. Buchanan, president of  tho Nelson floating Club, and others, asking the council to make a cut through the  small hill at the loot of .'Josephine street,  so that an1 approach may be had to the  club's (loat at the foot of that street. The  communication was referred tothe public  works committee with power to look into  the question of water front rights.  A. Ferland and other property owners  had a petition before the council asking  for a three-foot sidewalk from lot f> in.  block Si) to lot 12 in block S(\ on Carbonate  street. Jt went to the public works committee.  The four money by-laws, Waterworks  Extension, Cemetery, Electric Light and  Sewerage Extension were put through  their final stages, and will be submitted  to the ratepayers for their approval or rejection on Thursday, .June Dtli. .Copies of  these by-laws may be seen on the third  page ot this issue.  On motion of alderman Hillyer, seconded  by alderman Malone, the council recommended George Luther Lennox as district  registrar lor the land registry office to be  opened in this city.  The city clerk was appointed returning  officer and J. Keith tt.eid deputy returning officer for the voting upon the four  money by-laws on Thursday, June 9th.  The ratepayers in the east wa.rd will vote  at the city hall, and those of the west  ward at the office of J. Keith Keid.  The following accounts were passed :  work on Mruc'lf   ask the attendants o. the hospital to wait  on such a patient as Smith. The result of  this was that the city council was obliged  to take some steps for the relief of Smith.  When Dr. G. A. B. [[all, medical superintendent, was seen upon the matter he  disclaimed any sympathy with the position taken by .treasurer Clements. He  said that it had been decided between  himself and the president of the society  to admit Smith, and that the patient  would have been admitted had not the  friends of Smith, rebuffed by' the reply of the treasurer, made other arrangements.  The statement of Dr. Hall may absolve  the management of the hospital from  blame in the matter, but it docs not help  the case of treasurer Clements. The hospital society is supported by grants from  the provincial revenue and by public subscriptions. It-should therefore be open to  the public, and it is not for any director  to draw the color line with respect to patients. The director who lays down the  proposition that no colored man shall be  admitted into a iiospital supported by  public funds should be fired.  KELLIE'S   TRUCK   ACT.  Hi'tlforil Tlioinpsoti. work on MriiC'L.-. ?      I ia  I). 10. _Mcl'_.u_l.en.        "               "         lo Hi)  ���Steve Hawkins            "              "         Ill if>  Aliclniel Stiinlon          "               "         150  H. Managan                  "               "        '��� ' -���>  WiUtur Wy.iU               "                "          13 75  A. W. .Maxwell          '"                "           Hi A5  John Munro, ivurk on sowers  HI .'IS  C. Jiurtou   ���      "               "        8 DO  .Mm lOHis,          "               "        .158  .1. Kerr,            work on reservoir  II 25  A. Wiliuoi-ost   "                 "            10 (IU  .lolin Miles, ikhuuI  20(10  .1. ,1. ^lalone, refund for rakes  i 00  Lawrence 1 lard ware (Jo., water connect ions  'Jo 98  Krai ,1. Squire, nolice'uniform  3100  Xelson Planing Mills, lumber       317 73  !_>  Alderman Hillyer drew the attention of  the council to the fact that admittance to  the Kootenay Lake hospital had been refused to William Smith, and the council  authorized the acting mayor to care for  Smith.  On motion of alderman Hillyer the city  clerk was instructed to correspond with  t'io ��sp.ve!,>i.',.h<'cip'(p<1c and secure a rate per  week for the care of at least ten patients  during a period of twelve months.  The council authorized tho acting  mayor to .purchase a railway ticket to  Calgary for a man namedI."itman who  was in destitute circumstances.  The Opposition's Railway Policy.  The members of the opposition  made a  great record  in  railway  legislation this  session.' .They made a  fairly successful  fight   against   tlie   Turner government's  policy of granting purely speculative  railway charters, by which different sections of the province were placed at the  mercy of hungry charter speculators. As  the result of their fight they cut down  the time limit in all railway charters to  something like a reasonable time for the  construction of the roads, and in each  aud every instance inserted a security  clause, in the charters for the performance  of a certain amonut of work at once, as a  guarantee of good faith on the part of the  charterers. They also caused the anti-  Ohinese and Japanese clause to be inserted into all railway charters, and forced  the government to insert a similar clause  into the $5,000,000 railway loan act, by  which any company receiving financial  aid from the government shall be debarred from employing Chinese or Japanese upon their construction work. Is  there an elector who will not say that  this is a change for thebetter?  Tlie Troubles of Pi'ovincial Officials.  Police magistrate Crease spent the  greater part of Wednesday afternoon in  endeavoring to ascertain whether W. P.  Robinson, deputy sheriff, was guilty of  swearing at E. T. H. Simpkins, deputy  registrar. The evidence of E. T. H. Simp-  kins, deputy registrar, was that the  deputy sheriff bad called him a damned  little swindler and other objectionable  names with a profane emphasis. This  evidence was supported to a certain  extent by one credible witness. The accused admitted that he said that the  deputy registrar was swindling people,  but he denied having made use of the profane emphasis complained of. and also of  calling the other objectionable names.  John Miles, the official dog-catcher, also  gave evidence to the effect that the deputy sheriff had made use of no .profane  language. For the privilege-of haying  eased his mind, by expressing his opinion  of the deputy registrar publicly, the  magistrate assessed the deputy sheriff  $10. It is said that the ease will be  appealed. .    The Case of "Boss" Smith.  The refusal of A. H. Clements to admit  old Boss Smith into the Kootenay Lake  General Hospital lias created considerable  stir among the subscribers to the funds of  the hospital society. When alderman  Hillyer heard of the helpless condition of  old man Smith he interviewed treasurer  Clements upon the subject of his admission to the hospital. Clements is reported  to have said that he would not consent to  the admission of Smith on account of his  being a colored num.    That he would not  Chinese Martin's Troubles,  lion. G. B. Martin is having no end of  trouble in attempting to deny the remarkable Chinese speech which he made in the  legislature during the recent session.  Since Martin has been in the legislature  he has consistently opposed all attempts  made by members of the opposition to  legislate against the employment of Chinese and Japanese. This session he went  further and announced that he had employed all kinds of men on his ranch, including men from Ontario, and that the  be.-t ituui he ever had  was a  Chinaman  for  il")  per  month.    Since  who worked  making this ill-advised speech, Martin  has been writing1 letters to all parts of  the province in the endeavor to make the  electors believe that he never made it. In  the legislature Martin was given the lie  direct by Mr. Kellie, who "said he had  heard the commissioner make the remarks  attributed to him, and on top of this Air.  Semlin has since taken an affidavit that  he also heard the commissioner make the  remarks. There is therefore no escape  for Martin. __  The Tax on Working- Miners.  Just how the Turner government  stands upon the question of imposing a  tax upon the men who work in the metalliferous mines for wages is shown by the  vote recorded in the legislature on March  17th. Mr. Cotton moved the following  resolution: '"That in the opinion of this  house, l.ioorers in mines snouiu noi., as  such, be required to take out free miners'  licenses." This resolution was negatived  upon the following division: \~eas���  Sword, Kennedy, Hume, Forster, McPher-  son, Veddeiy Semlin, Cotton, Graham,  Kellie and Higgins���-11. , Nays���Huff j'  Smith, Mutter, Turner, Martin, Rithetj  Adams, Stoddart, Walkem, Pooles%  Eberts, Bryden, Rogers, 'Hunter,' Braden  and McGregor���.1.0. The excuse offered by  the government for imposing this tax is  that the miners like, to pay it. The  miners will have a chance to be heard  from when they get their ballot papers.  . Bock' Drilling' Contest at Rossland.  Burns and Tallon .won the rock drilling  contest at Rossland on the 24th, driving  '88i- inches. Their competitors, Stephen-  sou and Ericson, drilled 3-l�� inches. Burns  was the first hammersman, and drilled  for a straight minute, after, which he and  Tallon changed every half minute. . Tallon proved an adept at changing drills,  and his work in that direction could  hardly be surpassed. Not a single stroke  was lost while he exchanged steel, and  his drills never froze far an instant.  Canadian Parliament to Prorogue.  In the house of commons on Wednesday, sir Wilfrid Laurier stated that there  would be no new bills of any consequence  introduced, and consequently prorogation  may be looked for about the end of next  This,may be taken to mean that the government will pay Mackenzie 6c Mauu an  indemnity instead of trying to put a new  bill through the house. It is said that  the indemnity which the railway contractors may claim runs from $''00,000 to  $500,000..   McQueen Declines With Thanks.  The government supporters in Richmond are having a difficulty in securing a  candidate to contest that riding with  Thomas Kidd, the present member. They  thought they had James McQ,ueen slated  for the position, but he has declined. This  may be taken to mean that James McQueen, of Vancouver, does not consider  that a government candidate has any  chance of success in Richmond riding. In  this James McQueen's head is no doubt  level. '���  Lead Bonus was Never Paid.  In the house of commons on Wednesday  sir Richard Cartright, in reply to a question, stated that it was not the intention  to amend the regulations framed under  the act of I89;j for the encouragement of  lead smelting as no change would make  them more effective. No money had been  paid out under the regulations because  required returns had not been received  from tlie several smelters.  Lawyer Howell Palled to Appear.  H. C. Howell, Q. C, of Winnipeg, summoned to appear before the committee of  the Commons in connection with the  Manitoba election prosecutions, was called  three times on Wednesday, and no reply  being given, Sir Ilibbert Tupper asked to  have him reported to the House.  More Canadian Knights.  The royal birthday honors are characterized by innumerable military rewards for service in the campaign against  the rebellious Afridis ou the Indian frontier. No fewer than six Victoria Crosses  are awarded. Several honors are bestowed upon distinguished Canadians.  The Hon. Chas. Alphonse P. Pelletier,  speaker of the senate of Canada, the Hon.  Jas. David Edgar, speaker of the Canadian house of commous, and Mr. John  George Bourinot, clerk of the house, are  made Knight Commanders of the order of  the order of St. Michael and St. George.  Light  . Delayed i'or Another Month.  . The West Kootenay Power &  Company is proceeding with the erection  of its poles and lines from the transforming station by the Virginia to the Wat-  Eagle and also to the British Columbia  Bullion Ext-acting ��� Company's 'plant at  Silica, near .he O. K., on Little Sheep  creek. Owing to delays in some electrical  machinery, it will probably be a month  beforethecompanycommenc.es to transmit 'power.  '  Killed at the Silver King Mine.  ���Stephen Jeffrey, a miner employed at  the Silver-King.mine, was killed Wednesday afternoon by falling down the shaft  from the No. 4 tunnel. It is supposed  that the deceased thought that he was  stepping into the cage and instead stepped  into the open shaft. A coroner's jury returned a verdict of accidental death and  exonerated the mine management from  any blame. The Nelson 'Undertaking  Company will ship the remains to Ne-  gannee, Michigan, i'or burial.  Convention Failed to Nominate.  The opposition delegates from the several divisions of the Rossland riding  failed to_ nominate a candidate on Wednesday, in the convention which met at  Rossland. It is reported that1 there was  some feeling that the Boundary Creek  section of the district was not accorded a  sufficient number of delegates to the convention. Another convention will beheld  in Rossland on June Nth. James Martin,  of Rossland, i.s the strongest candidate in  some half-dozen aspirants.  The Family of Martins.  The circumstance that there arc three  Martins mentioned as candidates in the  approaching elections is leading to some  confusion. The Martins may be classified  as follows: Joseph Martin, whom the people of 'Vancouver want; James Martin,  whom the people of I'osslnnd riding  want; and Chinese Martin, whom nobody  wants, save the Chinese.  If the Miners want it Enforced they Should  Return Opposition Candidates.  It will be the duty of the minors who  desire to see Kellie's Truck Act enforced'  to return opposition members to the next  legislature. The Turner government is at  heart hostile to any such legislation,  which, in its protection .to the working  miners, cuts off possible profits to the  wealthy companies employing them.  That the Turner government was opposed to the passage of the Truck Act  was evidenced by the action of the attorney-general on April IHth in moving that  the order for the second reading of the  bill be discharged, and that the bill bo referred to a committee of five members, in  which committee it could be conveniently  strangled without any record of tho same  appearing upon the journals of the house.  It is worthy of note that this amendment  of the attorney-general's was supported  only by the members of the cabinet, and  by six of the most subservient of tlie government's supporters in the house. No  less than four government supporters  voted with the opposition in defeating  this scheme to defeat the bill.  The object of this truck act i.s to require  the full payment of workmen's' wages in  money, and thus protect them from being  cinched through being compelled to board  in company boarding houses, or through  being obliged to make purchases of goods  iir their employer's stores. The main  clauses of the act apply to workmen employed in any iucoporated city or within  three miles thereof.  The vote upon attorney-general Ebert's  motion to refer the bill to a committee  was supported by Messrs. Huff, Smith,  Baker, Turner, Martin, Adams, AValkem,  Pooley. Eberts, Bryden and Rogers.  If the miners of Kootenay wish to see  this act enforced they must return candidates who are friendly to the miners,  rather than those who are friendly to the  Turner government. It is safe to say  that under another Turner ad ministration the act would become a dead letter,  and the interests of the miners wotdd be  sacrificed to increase the profits of the  employing companies, whose representatives pay frequent visits to the capital  and extend theglad hand to the ministers.  That Economical Administration.  The supplementary estimates of the  federal government bring the total national expenditure provided for the current year up to $40,")6!),<i01. This expenditure is the largest in the history of the  Dnniiuion. Lf-st year's expend'.rpr? v.:.������=,  about $2,500,000 less, aud the country's  heaviest annual bill previous to this year  was only $30,011,012-and that was in JSSO,  wi:,en the expense of the Northwest rebellion had to be provided for. For the year  ending June 30th, 1890, the last year of  Tory rule, the expenditure was $30.049.112  ���aud Liberal economists then ..'"railed'  against Tory extravagance.  TROUBLE   FOR   SOMEONE!.  -./    /--  Prosecutions for Perjury Will Probably Result  From that Investigation.  If one can believe the press dispatches  the Turner government has struck asnag  in the investigation into the manner in  which the lands and works department is  run in Victoria. It will.be remembered  that the Times, of Victoria, intimated  that in order to get the officials of the  lands and works department to facilitate  public business they had to be ti piled.  Justice Walkem was appointed  a commissioner to investigate the  matter during  the last days of the session, and on  Wednesday he completed  the  taking of  evidence.    From the government's point  of  view  the   investigation  ran  along as  nicely as could  be desired.   The  officials  of the lands and works department were  .examined from the top to the bottom, and  none of them had  ever heard  of anyone  receiving a tip.    ft was different when R.  F. Tolmie, of Nelson, started to  give evidence.    This is  what'the  press dispatch  says concerning his evidence: "The government employe, R. F. Tolmie, of Nelson,  was   severely   cross-examined,    and   admitted    the    correspondence     regarding  crown grants having  been  issued   for an  improper   consideration.     The   evidence  .will be submitted to the government and  prosecutions for  perjury   will   probably  "result."'  '" of taxing  mortgages  i.s  an   injustice."  The  man  who  led  the fight against the  passage of this resolution was Hon. G.  K.  Pooley.    ITe said  that although  the borrower of money under a mortgage might  pay taxes upon the full  value of his property,   and   additional   taxes   upon   the  mortgaged indebtedness of the same property tliat'.such was not double taxation.  And the government, which at present is  so  very much  interested in the farmers  negatived the Cotton resolution by carrying the following amendment: " To strike  '" out all the words after ' house' and   in-  " the  following:    'The   personal  tax'on  " moneys   included   in     mortgages    and  " taxed to the  mortgagee is  not double  " taxation." "   The government members  who thus killed Cotton's resolution were:  Messrs. I ruff, Smith, Mutter, Baker, Turner, Martin, Rithet, Adams, Booth, Stoddart,   Pooley,   Eberts.   Bryden,   Rogers,  Hunter and McGregor���10.   Tt  is safe to  say that Pooley's definition of  the legal  mean in go, of   double   taxation    will   not  satisfy tho farmers who  are nosv paying  taxes  on  what they own and  on   what  they owe.  CHINESE TO MOVE OFF   VERNON STREET.  Prize Winners at Kaslo.  ���   The Nelson boys succeeded  in  carrying  off a considerable number of the;  prizes  offered at Kaslo on Tuesday.    In the hose  team race Nelson  made a tie with Kaslo,.  and   divided   the   $!"50 purse.   The   ball  game  between   the   Nelson and   Sandon  teams was called at the end  of the sixth  inning, the score standing 1 i to 0 in favor  of the Sandon team.    The winners in the  Caledonian sports were: Fifty yard boot,  race, won by Fred Spiers, Gus Miller, sqc^,  ond ; One hundred yard race for boys-fin^*  dor lit, won by Louis Turk,  Clair Mabee,  second; seventy-five yard egg and spoon  race,   won   by Clair Mabee,   Louis Turk,  second:    seventy-five   yard   three-legged  race, won by. Dill and Keith, Smith and  Houston, of Nelson, second : One hundred  yard open footrace, won by Dill, Thompson, of Nelson, second ; two hundred and  twenty   yard   open    footrace,    won    by  Thompson,  of Nelson, Dill second : four  hundred  and forty yard  open footrace,  won   by Jeffs,  Stutter   second,   both   of  Nelson.;   running   broad   jump,   won   by  Campbell, 19 feet, S  inches ; Dill, second,  JS j'eet.   1  inch :   running  hop,  step and  jump, won by Geo. Mi-LoodTdl Sandon,'���"  feet,   !  inches;   Kennedy, of Nelson, second, 39 feet, 2 inches ; running high jump,  won by A. C. McKinnon, it feet, '!.j inches;  Kenuedy,   of  Nelson,   second,  5   feet,   2  inches ; standing high jump, won by A. C.  McKinnon, 4 feet, S inches ; Dill second, 4  feet 2 inches.  Some Puzzling Questions Settled.  Judgment was given by the imperial  privy council on Thursday, on the questions submitted by the Dominion and  provincial governments of Canada. The  judgment is considered there as being in  favor of the provinces. The case was argued July 28, 1S!J7. The following is a decision on the points submitted:, I. That  the beds of rivers and lakes are the property of the provinces. 2. That tlie public  harbors are vested in the Dominion, but  in respect of harbors generally it is dependent on'facts whether or not the harbors become Dominion property. 3. Fishing regulations seem to be divided among  the provinces, and the Dominion has  power to make "regulations regarding  open and closed seasons, the size of meshes  in nets, etc., but the ownership of the  fishing privileges rests in the provinces.  The Dominion has the power to issue  licenses to parties acquiring fishing rights  from the provinces, but cannot grant  monopolies. 4. The right of the Dominion  to prevent or permit the erection of works  in navigable waters is confirmed.  A New Tax for Slaughter Sales.  While the Municipal Clauses Amending  Bill was before tlie legislature last week  Mr. Hume secured an amendment to the  act which will be welcomed by the bona  iide merchants of Nelson. Mr. Hume inserted a new clause in section 171, giving  municipalities the power to collect from  any transient trader or other person who  occupies premises in the municipality for  temporary periods, iind who may offer  goods or merchandise of any description  for sale by auction, or in any other manner, conducted by himself or' a licensed,  auctioneer, or otherwise, in addition to  any other license before mentioned,.a sum  not exceeding one hundred dollars for  every six niontlis or part thereof.  The Government's Mortgage Tax Problem.  The political campaign has opened in  earnest on Vancouver Island, and Hon.  C. E. Pooley is now endeavoring to explain his position on the mortgage tax to  the farmers in Esquimalt district. The  members of tho opposition have for years  been lighting to secure an amendment to  ���the assessment act by which this tax  upon a man's poverty would be removed.  However, like the tax upon men working  in the metalliferous mine--, tho mortgage  tax yielded considerable revenue, and the  government refused to abolish it, no matter how unjust it might be. A resolution  came before the legislature on February  2S, dealing with this question. If was  moved by Mr. Cotton, and read: "That  " iu tlie opinion af 'Ids house the double  " taxation involved in (he present system  Decision in Rubenstein Case.  The appeal in the case of Merryweather  vs. Aspiuwall was argued, before the full  court at  Victoria' last  week,   when   the  plaintiff's contention at the trial was sustained and  the defendant's  appeal   dismissed.   This case was an  adverse claim  action,   in   which   the   plaintiff,   Merry-  weather, as the owner of the Rubenstein,  a prior location, ad versed the Lofty claim,  owned by Phil Aspinwall.    The ground iu  dispute adjoins the 0.   K.  at Rossland.  The case was tried before Justice McColl.  The plaintiff's contention was that as the  Rubenstein was the prior  location, all he  had to do to establish his location  was to  put in his recordf and that the defendant  had to show that the plaintiff's location  was bad, the defendant holding  the subsequent record.    In   the   opinion  of   the  "trial judge the Rubenstein was a valid location, and the defendant failed to show  that   it   was   not.   .-   This   opinion    was  affirmed  by  the full court.   John Elliot  appeared for the plaintill', Merryweather,  and Hamilton, of Rossland, for the defendant.    Tax on Lawyers Remains.  It does not matter how lawyers differ  politically, they can' always be counted  upon sticking together whenever the interests of the profession are at stake. In  the legislature last week Hon. C. E.  Pooley moved that the clause in the Municipal Clauses 'Act, giving tho municipali-  - t"ec ��YY!v'v.-"0 "\rmose a tax of $25, per au-  nurn upon the'lawyers bo struck out. He  then went on to say the tax was one that  had never been collected, and he did not  think it ever would. He pointed out already that the members of the bar each  paid $20 a year towards the keeping up of  law libraries throughout the province,  and these libraries vy&re not only for the  benefit of the 'bar&but of the public as  well. But there are other places than  Victoria, and the members of the house  are not all lawyers, and the result was  that the amendment of Mr. Pooley was  defeated. ���   '.-'.���..  The Government's Plight in Cariboo.  Mr. Adams, one of the Turner government's supporters from Caribo, has decided that he will not seek re-election.  The electors of Cariboo will attend to the  case of his colleague, Mr. Rogers. _ It is  said that the government will be forced  to accept Joseph Hunter as one of its Cariboo' candidates, as no one else has the  slightest chance of winning as a'government candidate. Hunter is the government supporter who denounced the $5,-  000.000 land bill's Yukon railway clause as  an attempt to swindle the province out of  $1,000,000.    Good candidate.  They Keep Dropping Out.  Arthur Wellington Smith has, it is announced, decided to quit politics. Mr.  Smith has sat in the legislature for several years, representing one of the Lil-  ooets. He was a faithful supporter of the  Turner government. He is said to have  voted for the Turner government's $.">.-  000.000 railway loan bill against hi.s own  inclinations, and it may be that the pressure which was put upon all government  members to induce them to support this  bill has had the effect of driving'Mr.  Smith out of politics.-.  Nest Egg Company Got Damages.  Justice Walkem has given judgment, in  Nest Egg vs. Canadian Hand Drill Co. for  plaintill'in accordance with the findings  of the jury 'for $1011.41, reimbursement  for the.machinery removed and $3*>0(J (.endamages. In this case the [{and Drill Co.  removed certain machinery from tho Nest  Egg property, which had been purchased  by "the mining company from the defendant company. Tho mining, company had  marie certain payments upon the. machinery, and were not in default when the  machinery was removed..  Sons of England Incorporation.  When the Sons of   England   Incorporation  Bill  came  up   in   the  commons   on  Wednesday it was opposed   by  of  tlie   government  into  committee  on  ..'he  it  was  members  motion   to  go  carried  vote of Si> to I I. a  a I.s voting for it.  arge unmoor  o  ��f  by a  Liber-  Graen will Accept.  The friends of Robert Green,  of  say that they h^ive persuaded him  cept their nomination  Kaslo,  to ileus ti candidate for  the Slocan riding in opposition to  Retallaek, who is said to be in per  cord with t he Turner cabinet.  101  foe  ic-  The Canadian Pacific will Lease them Lami  ' In the Flat on Lake Street.  Acting mayor Teetzel had a conference  on Friday with L. A Hamilton, C. P. Li.  land commissioner, respecting several  matters at issue between the city of Nel--  son and the railway company's land department.  The Chinese  matter  was  speedily disposed  of.    The   trouble   in   this  instance  was caused by the railway company leasing a number of lots to the  Chinese on  Vernon street in the vicinity of the soda  water works.   The effect of this would be  to  make a   regular   Chinese   quarter of  what is at present a very desirable  resi:  deuce portion  of the city.   To  meet the  views of the city in this respect the commissioner agreed to lease the Chinese land  on Lake street in blocks 01 and 71.    These  blocks lie in the flat and  the presence of  the   Chinese   would   not   interfere   with  anyone.  With   respect  to  the  purchase of the  cemetery     site,   the    railway    company  agreed to sell a, choice  of two pieces of  land  for  cemetery   pin-poses at $20 per  acre.    The land picked out by the city in  the first instance adjoins the lnnes addition, but this land  the railway company  considered too valuable for cemetery purposes in view of its proximity to the city.  The railway company's  proposition  was  that the city should go  back about  1000  feet from the limits of the lnnes addition  before taking up its cemetery hind..  This  land would be distant from the lake front  about l.j miles.   The other land offered by  the railway company was a section on the  1 bill'Mines   road,   near   McLeod's   milk  ranch, which the company is  willing  to  sell at about the same figure.   This  land  is about one  mile from   the  town.   The  members of the council will look over the  two pieces of lanrl and probably make a  selection.  Some difficulty was experienced in securing a new location for the residents of  East Baker street. It was thought that  they could be located close to the new  Chiuese section to be started in the (hits,  but the railway company was opposed to  this. With rcspectto the other portions  of the flat the company said that the de-  maud for warehouse accommodation was  so great that it would take all the available space along the water front. AVhen  it was hinted that a -piece of the park reserve at the head of Victoria street should  be divided into lots and sold i'or this purpose, Frank Fletcher, the company's resident agent, said that there was an understanding between the railway company  and the provincial government^ that, in  tne event ol cue parK'roservVueClig suLau- *  viderl into lots, that the railway company  should have one-half of it. In the end no  decision was arrived at. :  Upon the subject of giving the entitles to the lots upon which 'the city  buildings stand, and the lots devoted to  recreation .purposes,, the railway officials  replied that the government had not  deeded to the company the property  which it was to receive in exchange, and  that as soon as the government gave the  company- its lots the matter would be  fixed up..       ���-.'.-'     ,.������'-'-  ���Why the Mining Inspector is not Appointed.  Three mining fatalities were recorded  during the past week. It is immaterial  whether the coroner's jury exonerates the  mine management or not, these accidents  emphasize' the necessity for the immediate appointment of a mining inspector.  The spectacle which is presented to the  miners is this: The Turner government  recognizes the necessity of the appointment of an inspector.' it has a very capable man picked out for the job, The  appointment is not filled because the government requires the political influence of  James McGregor in Nanaimo. That noble  and humane government at Victoria holds  a slight political advantage of more consequence than the lives of the men working   in    the    precious   metal   .mines    of  Kootenay.     ; ;���__'-.    '  The Chain Gang for Hoboes.  For the past week the "city." has been so  infested with able-bodied beggars that  thecity authorities'have decided, to run  them out of town. The police have received instructions to arrest all men  caught begging on the streets, .and the  citi/.ens are requested to report all such  cases. When two or three of these able-  bodied loafers are arrested it-is the purpose of the city council to organize a  chain gang and put litem to work on the  streets. The police have reason to believe  that the city has become the.dumping  ground for professional hoboes from Spokane. _     '      '    _       _ ���  The Deal Will Go Through.  Colonel Rid path, with Senator Turner, .  is opposed to the sale of the lie Roi, and  has worker! hard to secure, a negative  vote in the board of directors, but a remark that ho marie to a friend i.n Spokane  on Thursday indicates that he has very  little hope of being'able to prevent the  sale. He tolrl his friend that he would  vote against the sale, lint that he did not  think there we're votes enough to prevent  the s;ile. Three million dollars looked too  big to a majority of the stockholders.  It Happened After the Dinner.  Sir Adolphe Cnron was-.c-riou-.ly injured  in New Vork city early Wednesday morn-  ingiby falling against an iron spiked railing on West 27th street. One of tho  spikes cut a great gash in his left cheek  nnd ran from the chin'to the ear. He was  on his way to the Gerlach hotel, after  having attended the Canadian Society's  dinner.  9#$  .?."ar."  issais^  TLTS":" .'"I'a"  Al,.J !���������',./���    ������__,'  :^r:- THE  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,  B.C.   SATURDAY,  MAY. :'s,   isttH.  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  TflK Till HUNK   i-  |>iii>_i��iii..i    .m ,s.n::i-'i:ij -���,  tiy Tiik  Tl'.IHUNK I'l.'I.I.IMil.V.. CO.MI'.WV, illl.-l will 111' Jllilill-d  Id .-snhncriijur-- or. |.;iy..H'iil 01' T'.S'n i I'U.i, \lto ;i } our.  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SAT URJUY   UORSLSG .\l A V 2S. 1SHS  crease the representation of southwest  ivootenay. These are the facts. The determined fight of the opposition had the  effect of improving a bill which the government said, when it was introduced,  was as good as could be expected under  the circumstances. The Kootenaian is  acting as the apologist for a government  which sought to-deprive the electors of  Slocan of their proper voice in the councils of the province. Jts readers can probably guess the why.  Mu. Wii.i.ia.ms, of Vancouver, has decided to drop out of piovincial politics.  This action on his part will no doubt  simplify the situation in the opposition  party in Vancouver. There are now three  prospective candidates in the fielrl with a  fourth one to bo named. .Messrs. Cotton,  .Martin and .Macpherson should bo able  to pull the fourth, man iu anil make a  solid opposition from the terminal city.  It is  announced  that  premier Turner  and attorney-general  Eberts  will hold a  political    meeting    in     Nelson    shortly.  Should they do so they will havea chance  of explaining to the people of southwest  Kootenay   why  they sought  to  disfranchise the electors of this  district.    They  will  be  afforded  an  opportunity  of explaining   why  they considered   that 200  prospective voLers in Cassiar, should have  two representatives in the next legislature   while   19(50   prospective    voters   in  southwest Kootenay should have butone.  The people have a right to know why the  premier of the.  province considered that  one   elector   in    Cassiar   should   have  a  greater voice in the management of the  affairs of this province than ten electors  in Kootenay.    It would interest the people of the old riding of southwest Ivootenay to know why premier Turner formed  his redistribution bill so that 200 prospective voters in Cassiar. should  be able to_  negative the votes of Sii22 voters in southwest  Kootenay   and    Rossland    ridings.  Premier   Turner    and    attorney-general  liberts   had"-! these   figures   before  them  when they so framed their redistribution  bill, and when they-submitted such a bill  they said it was the best which could be  expected under the circumstances.  What  were those circumstances?    Was Kootenay denied its proper representation because Kootenay could not be depended  upon  to return government supporters?  Has politics so blunted the sensibilities of  premier Turner that he could not see the  rank injustice of such a measure?   Is  the  franchise a thing which can be extended  to the electors or withheld at the will of  the party in power?   Is the right of the  subject to participate in the. government  of this province to be determined by his  willingness or unwillingnes to  vote  for  government candidates?   These are a few  questions   which   may  fairly be   put to  premier Turner.  W. O. Wki.i.s has been nominated as  the opposition candidate for the' north  riding of Kast Kootenay.  It is now definitely announced that  Joseph Martin will make the race in Vancouver as an opposition candidate! The  Province of Vancouver has been instrumental in bringing Martin out, and it announces that any attempt to introduce  federal politics into the campaign will be  discouraged. There is some talk in Victoria of an understanding having been arrived at between Martin aud premier  Turner, but this is stoutly denied by  Martin's friends. Martin may be marked  down as the next attorney-general of  British Columbia.  Tin-: council of the city of Niagara Falls,  N. Y., declared a public holiday on Tuesday in honor of the queen's birthday, and  the city officials spent the day in assisting the Cauadians to celebrate on the  Canadian side of the line. One-half of  the tolls taken on both bridges across the  river were devoted to the fund raised for  the support of the families of the American soldiers who left last week for the  seat of war. The compliment paid by the  Americans to their Canadian neighbors  was in the nature of a return for one paid  by the Canadians during the previous  week. When the company of volunteers  left Niagara, N. V'., for the front, four  Canadian fire companies went across the  river headed by the Union Jack and a  brass band and joined in wishing the  Yanks C'od speed and victory  f  mon responsibility with the other eler>  tors of the province in the general policy  of the government. When the elections  come around every elector is called upon  to record his opinion as to whether the  Turner government has wisely administered the affairs of this province or  whether it has not. Jf ah elector is ot the  opinion that the Turner government has  not administered the affairs of this province in the interests of the people of the  province, it is his duty to record his vote  against the government's candidate. 17  this course is not adopted the province of  ���British Columbia can never hope to secure  the advantages of good government.  That the Turner government is ashamed  of its own policy is attested by the fact  that iu many constituencies the govern-  ment'is afraid to put up straight government candidates. In districts where .the  government's policy upon local issues is  in disfavor, the scheme of the government  party is to put up independents, who announce that they agree with the general  policy of the government, but who condemn it upon certain local matters  which affect their own particular district.  If this trick were tolerated the electors  could never bring an incapable administration to book. The first duty of the  electors is to dismiss men who have been  unable to satisfactorily administer the  affairs of the province. The only way to  do this is to refuse support to all candidates who will not pledge themselves to  oppose the Turner government.  -i-p-nerai  'V.  If,  c  J  EL��n il  Capitai 81,500,000.    Head Offices Toronto, Ontario.  All types of electrically operated mining' and power apparatus  Sole agent's for complete Victor Blasting- Machines  We also sell the genuine Bell Telephones  British Columbia Branch Offices  fir.'iiM'illu'.Slf(!(jL--VAXCOi;Vl>;U  Koolenay ln'sii-id��� XKI.SON  _F"aR.^."ISr_K:   XD-A._R,H,in-NTC3-,    Kofilcimy AkciiI'  .\<;.:nt i'iiii uikk ..hit. ami (ii:m:i;\i, .\.,..'ii..\i:_. v  n  BRANCH MARKETS   .....  Rossland and Trail, iii Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan  District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Ordors by mail enrofiillv lilleri and oromntly forwarded.  SPANISH   GOVERNMENT   IN   CUBA.  Thi__ government supporters around  Revelstoke will go into convention for  the purpose of nominating a candidate  the approaching elections. The opposition candidate may be said to be in the  field already in the person of J. M. Kellie.  He put up a great fight in the house this  session and should win in a walk.  I). M. Cahi,icv', has. got a government  job in Victoria. He is 'making labels for  the government candidates. This is what  he has designed for the government's  Slocan sacrifice: ".John L. Retallaek is  spoken of as the government candidate in  the Slocan riding. Mr. I'etallack stands  well in liis own city and would lie a tower  of strength to the Turner government."  "Tnio Xelson Tkiiu'xk's statement that  " the   opposition   forced   the  redistribti-  " tion bill, as it finally passed,. upon the  " government, is quite too ridiculous to  " be considered  seriously."    The above is  from   the   Kootenaian.   The  files of  the  Victoria    Colonist    and   the   Vancouver  World will show that  the  government's  redistribution bill, as it passed, its second  sending, gave southwest Kootenay  with  I!'('() prospective voters one member, .and  Cassiar   with   200  voters  two   members.  And tlie members of the government assured the legislature that the bill  was as  could expected  under the circumstances.  When   the   bill   reached  the   committee  stage   the   members   of    the    opposition  fought for twenty-three consecutive hours  to   secure  additional   representation   for  southwest Ivootenay, and finally quit the  house in a body as a protest against  the  'unfair manner in which  the government  allowed the debate to be conducted.   And  after this fight the government members  held a caucus and   it was decided to in-  Tiikkk will   be  more  railway construction carried on in British Columbia during  the  present and  ensuing year than, has  been attempted since the construction of  the  main   line of   the  Canadian  Pacific  Railway Company'through'.the province.  The  construction  of these  railways will  cost the  province and   Dominion several  millions  of dollars, and  when they are  completed the people of British Columbia  will be more, hopelessly at the mercy of  the  railway  monopoly of the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company than ever before.    While other countries are reaping  the  benefits of state  ownership of railways, the politicians of British Columbia  are  virtually  building  railways for the  Canadian   Pacific   Company   out  of   the  funds of the province.    The province receives no direct return, and the people in  the districts served are called upon to pay  the maximum charges for transportation.  This is the railway policy which the premier of "my government" asks the electors of this  province to endorse.    He has  no idea of a policy of state ownership of  railways which does not include the purchase of the Canadian  Pacific Company's  lines throughout the province.'-, He will  confidently assert  that   the  province- is  not in a position  to carry out a policy of  state  ownership of railways, and  in the  same session of the legislature he will obligate  tho  province  to   pay  $5,000,000 in  bonuses :to the railway projects of shrewd  promoters, in return for which the people  of the province have the privilege of paying   fares over  railways built  with  their  money.   The case of the Nakusp it Slocan  railway is a case  in  point,    ft was out of  the question for the government to build  this as a  government road.    Instead the  government chartered  a  company  company,com posed of its intimate friends, and  they built, the road, and   the government  merely guaranteed  the 'capital   amount  required  to build the road and   the interest upon the same for  twenty-five years.  And   premier. Turner and  his colleagues  never tire of telling how their wonderful  railway  policy has opened up   Kootenay  and made it the district that it is.  IX'nixr; the recent session premier Turner paid considerable attention to some of  the comments which appeared in the Victoria Times concerning  his  government.  There was. however, one set of interrogations which the editor of the Times put to  the government which were ignored   by  the lirst minister.   The Times man desired  to know whether premier Turner kept his  mechanical majority in the house bj' promises of  public offices  when  the session  was   over.       The   question    was   asked  whether   the   government   received   the  support of three members who had promises of public offices.   The cases cited  were: that of James McGregor, the member for Nanaimo, who was reported  to be  the government's nominee for the position  of   inspector   of   mines ;   that   of   Major  Mutter,   one   of   the    Cowichan-Albcrni  members, who, it was said, was slated for  gold commissionership or some such office ;  and that of Mr. Huff, the other Cowichau-  Alberni  member  who,  it   was reported,  was to be made a stipendiary magistrate.  Is the government's silence in this matter  to be tak.enjis meaning that it dared not  call  for an investigation as was done in  another case ?   It looks that way.  Sixck J.SS0  the press of Kootenay has  been urging the Turner government and  its predecessors to repeal the tax which it  collects from  every man  who earns his  living by working in or around the metalliferous mines of Kootenay.    There is no  reason why the working miners should be  thus singled out   for   exceptional  treatment, in  being obliged  to.pay what is  practically a trade tax.   The government  cannot justify such a.tax, but it lias persistently refused to repeal it.    Year after  year it offers some different excuse for its  retention.    The latest  which was offered  was   that   it  was   retained  because   the  miners liked to pay it.   How many electors are there in Kootenay who will say  'that  the Turner government was honest  in making such an assertion ?   Will it not  be  apparent  to   them   that   the   tax   is  retained simply because it produced a certain amount of revenue?    What, confidence   can  they   have  in a government  which, after  nine years urging, persists  in refusing to do a plain act of justice ?  Thic policy advocated by some newspapers in Jvootenay is that the electors of  this district should support certain independent candidates, who in return for  their support of the Turner government  shall exact liberal appropriations for the  district. Such a policy would be dishonest. If it were successfully carried out it  would create in Kootenay the same condition of things -which obtains in the government's Docket lj|oroughs on Vancouver  Island. The electors of Kootenay have a  duty to perforin to the province as a  whole as well as to their own district.  Thoy have a common   interest and a coiu-  Skxator Tj2M.p_u__.man' tind Hewitt Bos-  toclc have left Ottawa to stand their trial  at  the approaching  assises  at   Victoria  upon  the charge  of criminally libelling  the   honorable   J.'H.   Turner   and    the  equally honorable C. M Pooley.    The suit  i.s the result of a criticism upon  the connection of Turner,  Pooley  6c Co.,   with  speculative Klondyke mining companies.  The outcome of the action will be awaited  with   considerable interest.    The general  opinion   is   that   the    proceedings    were  started  for the sole purpose of checking  any  discussion   in   the legislature of the  unique connection; of  the ministers with  the company.'   In this respect the ministers  were successful,   and   the   province  witnessed   the spectacle  of a legislature  being muzzled so that it could not discuss  the actions of the ministers of the crown,  in what, was  generally  regarded  by the  members of the opposition as an abuse of  their official titles.  Tiik Province in a recent issue suggested that votes in the legislature be by  ballot instead of in the open manner as at  present, which admits of a record being  taken of every member's vote. Had such  a policy been in vogue in the case of the  governments railway loan bill there  would have been at least three votes less  recorded in favor of the measure. It  takes considerable strength for a man to  denounce his party's measure and vote  against it as dirl Joseph Hunter upon  that occasion.  It Left the Cubans Nothing   but a Choice Between  Rebellion or Starvation.  Those who condemn the government of  the United States i'or its interference with  the Spanish   administration  of Cuba are  evidently not acquainted with  the hardships .which have been imposed  upon  the  natives of that island.'  Spanish cruelties  in Cuba are not new to Lhe Cubans.   The  butcheries which have . attended   the  revolt of the Cubans are but an incident iu  tho long reign of Spanish misrule.    To arrive at an idea of the injustice  to'which  the Cubans have been subji-cterl. one has  to consider how the Spaniards   managed  the aflaii's of the people of Cuba.    AVhat  would the people of British Columbia say  were they burdened with a debt of $IS0,-  000,000,   and  were   called   upon   to  raise  $.',000,000 per annum for interest charges  alone.     Such   is   the   case   in  Cuba,  and  the Cubans have no voice in t he incurring  of this, debt..    How would  the  people of  any Canadian  province  like  to be calied  upon  to  raise #2-1,000,000  per annum   for  provincial   purposes,    hi   ISOO-l   the  estimated   revenue of Cuba   was just under  $2."),700,000, and the estimated expenditure  a. little short of Llii-s amount.    In   \S(.)'2-S  tlie revenue was nor. quire 21,!).")(_,000 pe>os  ---the peso being equal lo about i)S cent'-'.  Of this sum 10,").")0,000 pe.->os came from the  customs, the imports being   worth ilO.OOO.-  000 pesos, of which IS,500,00() polos'  worth  came from Spain, and wore nearly all duty  free; direct' and   indirect   taxes   reali/.eii  over ."U'OO.OOO pesos, or, about throe and a  quarter dollars per head.    A state lottery  brought ino,500,000 peso*, stumps (anothe'r  form of indirect taxation) 1,0:30,000 pesos,  and government property 2:30,000 pesos.  Jn lSU'3-1. the   revenue was estimated at  2.''.'M0,0OO  pesos and   the expenditure at a  1'ew thousands short of 20,000,000 pesos.  The .sums raised   by this monstrous burden of taxation were apportioned in ISUS-  ���I as follows:    Debt, over  12,300,000 pesos;  military, "...00.000 pesos; interior, -1.000,000  pesos;    marine,    1,000,000   pesos.     In   the  year previous the general  debt absorber I  10,300,000  pesos, the army ;3,.'300,OpO pesos,  the interior ':!, 100,000 .pesos,  the   marine  1,000,000 pesos, justice and worship 715,000  pesos,   financial   purposes   308,000   pesos,  and the construction and maintenance of  public works the magnificent sum of .109,-  ,000 pesos.    How would  the  people of any  ^province like budgets  like that', supplied  'by taxes raised  from them and expended  by men imported  from another country.  The item of military purposes 'deserves  attention.    The   island   was  required   to  support in  peacetime an  army of 20,000  men, backet) by a militia of 03,000.    Then,  in addition, there was the further burden  of municipal  taxation  of   $10,000,000   or  $11,000,000 a year.   All  this  great  public  revenue was handled by Spaniards.   Native-born Cubans were not allowed access  to   posts   of   emolument.     All   accounts  unite in describing the administration.by  these Spanish officials as  corrupt in the  extreme.    Then, this taxation was levied  upon a country whose commercial interests were not  in  a flourishing 'condition.  The decline in the price of sugar hit Cuba  very   hard.     The   Spanish   government,  without consulting  the  Cubans, refused  to renew the reciprocity treaty,with the  United  States and  thus added to the depression   by helping, to  close  to  Cuba a  natural market of great importance. Then  Spain  imposed  .in "her  own  ..ports high  duties upon sugar, alcohol,   coffee, cacao  and   tobacco,  while   nearly   all   Spanish  goods entered the island free. The Cubans  assert that no less a sum than $330,000,000  was taken  from   the  island  between IS71.)  and 1S03 for the benefit of Spain.  The  Bankers and Ballet Girls.  By.the war tax bill of tho I'nited States  bankers are expecterl to contribute $2,300,-  000 in special taxation, and  theatres and  other exhibitions $1,820,000. It is quite  apparent that the banker has more friends  at Washington than the ballet girl. Congress seems to be following the example  of the Sultan who, when his grand vizier  toirl him that the money chest was empty,  asked: "How do'you tax the people?"  "Hy, the head, Light of I_"arth,'' replied  the vi/.ier. ' "Then tax them by the lingers," said the Sultan.  Changes in Britain's Navy.  Several changes in the Esquimalt squadron are about to take place. The second-  class twin-screw battleship Temperiare is  shortly to letive Portsmouth for Esquimalt. She will be the first battleship ever  stationed on the coast, and is a vessel of  S310 tons and 0300 I. II. P.. N. \X Another  vessel reported to be under way to L-qui-  tnalfis the Arethusa, a second-class cruiser of -1300 tons and 3000 J. II. P., N. i).  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Received Daily from Spokane at the  'rilK (HIKAI'KST I'LACK IK TIIK CITV l-'Olt Kill;ITS OK AM, ICIN'll.S.  MILLS & LOTT, Cor. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson.  "Jl  ������!���  >..-.!  fS  :*.-  ._.___!���______������ ���"*!���" --.  .���Or   mT'-i'\.j'' 'J "     ���  "WTJ���'*r  wFzr  rV\ .���"���_.  sjT'TvW!  ���z%tf-:i~.  ���t--i ,v.. ' :�����- . -.v .*���-,��� .'-iii. �����������������������-."���    ���  till    II  ���..�����!��� �����*���  TVTJT.T-jiTS"  -KT-^fP-^  ��������}.���-' I*.  ���'.('��� ,������  ���^���FTT  ViMi.-lT.-  .'���������'      .Till      D    '���   '���    ii'll   l"i     '.  r��. _���,' r,  "  1".  ,.   I . TL-iliJ TRIBUNE:   NELSON, B. 0, SATURDA V, MAY  ���>*. ISUs;  3  all paid  up.  312,000,000  6,000,000  ).oi;i> sti:  'Inn. oico.  ATIICONA and  A.  IHtUMMONI).  ait.  k s.v.Lousros.  K'OYAL, President   Vice-President  .. .General ^Iiiiiiik^i'  HALIFAX  CAPITAL,  SURPLUS,  $1,500,000  $1,175,000  N  asr_nix.1so'jNr braitch:  W. Cor. Baker and Stanley Streets.        I.K.VXUMKS  IN       LONDON   (Kngland),   MW  YORK,   CHICAGO  and in I In; principal cities in Canada.  ,niil  vull  .Si.i.rlitiK  KxcIiiuikc and   Cable TrrtiisCei-K  kVNV OO.M.MI-.HCIAI, AMI TJtAVKI.r.KKS' aitl'UMTS,  available iii 11113- part of tlie world.  Ill.-.W'TK  ISSUKD . (.OI.l.KCTIO.VS' -MAIJK;  K'l'C.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  ItATK OK INTIORKST (at pru.-ent) 3 Per Cent.  THAT   PRINTERS'  SUGG-BSTIOK.  Watson 6c AVilson, printers and publishers, were very much in need of a man.  There was the new tux list, just awarded  them by the populist county commissioners they had helped to elect, and they did  not know a thing about the insanity-  breeding problem of rule and figure work.  They "had learned the trade" like many  another man in the country, and could set  straight composition with anybody.  Watson, indeed, had developed a talent  for display lines, and could satisfy all the  demands of Watertown merchants for  envelopes and letter heads, and. by following the urennral form of ancient, wall-  borne specimens, could "do'" .sale bills to  your heart's delight.  But who shoulel save them from the pitfall of rules and figures.  As they stood at the button) of the  stairway thinking of these things, they  saw a stranger on the street--Watertown  always looked twice at a stranger. This  man was of medium height', slender, with  the appearance of one who had flourished  in cities, catching the style and the garments that are unusual in the country.  Mis hands were slender, and there was  something about the right thumb and  forefinger which proclaimed his craft at  once.  " lie's a, printer," said Watson,  "lie's seen the sign and is coming over."  said Wilson.  The new man paused at the entrance  way, read the cardboard office signs on  the stairway, looked at the two men critically, and inquired :  " Any chance for work ?"  " How did you know we were  the  publishers'1" asked Watson.  '���' How did you know I wasa printer?"  asked the man.  hi the afternoon he took charge of the  delinquent list, and iu half an hour they  knew they were secure. He was a craftsman. He knew everything from bending  rule to casting rollers. But he would not  pull the hand press, and he would not  work Saturday afternoon. They labored  with him on these "points ; but he laughed  aud said he was past it. ;  He was given to jesting; aud one of his  happiest thoughts was to shoot a spray of  water into the eye of an inquisitive citizen who wanted to see purple stars in a  galley ol'-dead type, wetted for distribii-  tiori. He .taught Watson������&���.Wilson how  to double their income: from foreign advertisers by taking twice as much business as the paper could, carry, and stop  the press in time to lift out one line, and  set in the other. It troubled their consciences���attributes which, he assured  them, the foreign advertisers did not  possess.  In a. good many ways he enjoyed himself. It was clear to everyone that he  held the town and all its belongings in  something like contempt; but he was so  amiable about it, so suave in his treatment  of people .that punishment wasnnthought  of and antipathy was disarmed.  When Watsou 6c Wilson began advertising for the Fourth of July celebration,  the printer was ready to move. He had  worked three mouths in one town, and  was hungry for the city. They wanted  him to stay. They sat down one day in  ���June, when the " paper was off," and  tried to argue it. He told them he must  make a confession. There was a young  woman in the town, sweetheart���affianced  he feared���of a man whom he regarded as  his friend ; and she had smiled upon him.  She was very fair, and he feared lie might  forget himself, prove disloyal and court a  girl to his friend's undoing. . They applauded the chivn.lric sentiment and went  away���-Watson assured it was Wilson's  young lady ; Wilson convinced it was  Watson's girl.  The Fourth of July had come. Wilson  was master of ceremonies. Watson was  leader of the band. People came in delegations i'rom the couutry. There was a  cannon on the blulf, and a float on the  river. Wilson wanted something with  which to load that 20-pouuder. Cramming down wet paper was good in its way,  but it didn't, make noise enough. The  printer suggested old roller composition.  There were loads of it in the big box on  the landing.  The country delegations were formed at  the south of town, and must march  through to the north���a pageant to delight the natives, and fill all rival towns  with envy.  "Ram down that roller composition,"  said the printer, "and they will hear your  old cannon for fourteen counties every  time )��he speaks."  Wilson diil as directed. Watson came  by with the band. Wilson pulled a very  long rod of iron from the fire, ran across  the open space and whipped the red-hot  torch upon the powder-sprinkled touch-  hole of the twenty-pounder.  The powder flamed into a, geyser of lire;  A SAVINGS RANK DEPARTMENT  has beon established in connection with tho Nelson  Branch of this Bank. t.  DEPOSITS OF SI AND UPWARDS  received, and current rate of interest allowod (at present 3  per cent, per  annum).  GEORGE KYDD, Manager.  there was a flash, a pause���-and then a  shock which stopped the current of the  river. The roller composition had clung  to the gun's interior, refusing ejectment,  and the camion \va* shattered in a hundred pieces.  The noi^e was teiribb\ The. concussion  shot Watson I'rom hisfeetand hurled half  of the Inn.I in a nili. above him. It lifter!  the ambitions Watson, and *<-t him down  in the leadinu' wagon of a pn.s-.itig delegation. How the crowd escaped unharmed  was a marvel no man could solve.,  Watson excused himself while the  crowd was making inquiries, and started  up town for the printer.  Wilson climbed outof the countryman's  wagon and joined his partner in ' the  search.  , A messenger boy ���from the telegraph  office met .them at tlie bottom of the  stairs, with the regulation yellow envelope.  Watson opened it, and Wilson read  over his shoulder. The date was in a  county seat twenty miles away.  "I heard your cannon."  THE IB-A-HT  ��<  03  NELSON  Are now prepared to issue  Drafts and Letters of Credit on  Dawson City, Yukon District.  the i-iiiii .lobciilurc-. Ivy a. i.ilo Millii-ioiii.  liiei-ef n- on  ;ill  the rnlimbic hied in i lir: t~.iill iniiuicipnlc ,'..  1. It ���Ii-ill be lawful for tin; -aid iiitink-_;...! council to  iv-pp.ri li,!-.' any of the ...lid del) .-uture.- upon such H'l'llH  us in.i1' l>" agreed up 'ii -.villi !he I'xii) holder or holder-,  llinri'i-f, ni-iiny linn hereof, j-��� ��� her i| :!_,��� li-m- of ah- or  any -;i-i- -i: -ic-', I linn-ii.- ,iii:i--, .i.itl ;tll ilc.i.jilt lire- ������> !������ ���  purrlm-ed slnill I'm-ilm ilh bo cam ellod and dc-iroyed.  mid no n--i���-in. of doln.nl ures. so ru-pui-chuM-ii -hull be  m.ulo in eon.seijiicncc of Mich rc-piirrhn-io.  N. This liy-l-.w -hall take C'il'cct on or ,-i ft or the (ilieenth  day ol .I ship, A. I) . ISDN.  !l.   Tin-by-law may be ciicd  for'nil  "('ilv of NcImmi i-'c'wer.iice  Kxtcn-ion  ISIS."  , Peat! lir-'l linic .Milv !',  ISHS.  Hi-mi second lini'- May !l, IKSIS.  Head Ihinl linn- May L'.'lnl, IMS.  elson  an in &  (��4 1 ^   '  Pl||-jlfl-.0s  H\-l i\v.  the  .Ti.  T.  FOOT OF  HALL STUKKT. NKL.SON.  W.   GRAY,   Proprietor.  general Miles loaded ihe head of tho confederacy. The general, it- is said, lias  stated that he did so in obedience to  orders from 'Washington, but everyone  acquits Lincoln of .advising so signal an  insult'to tho fallen foe.  CORPORATION OF  THE CITY OF  NELSON  ."e-_2--I-.-A.-W-   .ETC  34-  WHAT   CUBA   COST   BRITAIN.  The Climate, Claimed More, Victims than the  Spanish Arms.  The island of Cuba was once in the possession of England. The great Drake tried  to storm Havana, but was repulsed. Two  hundred years'later George Kepnel, earl  of Albermarle, won Cuba from Spain  after a terrible struggle. This dearly  won victory, in which thousands of British lives were sacrificed, was afterwards  thrown away by a weak home government under lord Bute. c  In the spring of 17(52 a fleet left Falmouth I'or tho West Indies. George,  third earl of Albermarle. commanded the  expedition, while under him served his  two brothers. On June (ith, 1702, the fleet  cast anchor before Havana harbor with  an army of I l.OOO men on board.  At daybreak on the 7th the siege commenced.  The art of waging war in hot climates  is to choose I hi' cool season; of. the year.  Unfortunately for the ffljfi&ffji&ijJDnbti was  extremely hot and unhe&g&Sraipue month  of June, a'/)d it. was tli^PraroE^f the very  worst season that the siege o'f Havana  could have been attempted. After Havana  had fallen, the oarl of Albermarle wrote  home to the secretary of state: "We are  now better, acquainted with the climate  than we were when the. present expedition was undertaken, and it.is certain  that the only season iu the year for troops  to act in is from the beginning of November to the latter end of March."  The Morro.lJ'o.'t was the chief point of  resistance; it guarded the entrance to  Havana harbor. Supporting the guns of"  the fort were eleven Spanish men-of-war.^  Six of these carried seventy guns, one  carried ninety-four, and the remainder  were sixty-gun ships. It took three weeks  to get the siege guns landed and in position. The Spaniards fought bravely, and  did great damage to the attacking fleet.  By the middle of July the defence was  practically at an end. On August 12th  articles of capitulation were signed, and  the victors proudly set up the British  flag in Havana, nfter a splendid tight for  the richest city in the Indies.  At the assault'of Morro 706 Spaniards  were killed, wounded and taken prisoners. The Spanish loss altogether was not  less than 5000 men, The British lost  itiiO during the light, and by the end of  October (the men had been dying off like  flies from sickness owing to the climate)  the death roll rose to the enormous number of-I70S. '���'.-���  Although Albermarle sent oil' a lot of  the survivors to New York to recruit  their health, the mortality was very great  there, and he eventually found himself in  command of 2000 men. It is interesting  to note that in passing that his estimate  of the force necessary to hold Cuba was  (5000 men. Spain today has more than  80.000 men in Cuba. ���  Thus was won Cuba, one of the fairest  islands in the world, an island which  under British rule would have been one  of its'.most treasured possessions.  ft seems almost incredible that, after a  most costly war, Cuba should bave been  given up for the asking. On February  10th, 17(53. the treaty of Paris was concluded between England, France and  Spain. And thus Cuba passed again under Spanish rule.  Why the South Dislikes Miles.  General Miles, who will have charge of  the United States army of invasion in  Cuba, is not in high favor iu the south.  General Miles was in command of the  troops to whom Jefferson Davis surrendered, and the great secessionist and apostle of state rights was by his command put  in irons. This was in striking contrast to  the treatment extended by general Grant  to Ltobert E. Lee, who was surely as big a  rebel as Jeff Davis. Lee, as is well known,  great soldier though he was, never wore a  sword, and the army was so destitute of  everything that a pocket handkerchief  had to be employed as the emblem of  truce , aud the sword of one of the staff  was the weapon passed from conquered  to conqueror as a token of submission. It  was sufficient to secure from the great  federal captain the treatment that one  generous foe extends to another. This is  contrasted   with the chains  with   which  Whcrcis u petition lins licc-n pn-.s-ciit.ed lo lhe municipal  council of Ihe corpnralion of the Oily of Xelson,  .signed hy the owners of nt leas!, one-tenlh of the  value of the real properly in lhe snid city, as shown  hy (lie hist revised assc���nieiit roll, runiio.-ling lhe  said council lo introduce a by-law in raise the sum of  forty thousand dollars (SIO.OUOj. for l.he purpose of  purchasing- and faking over (lie plant, and franchise  of lhe Xelson Klc-clric .Lijjht Conipany. Limited.  And whereas it is deemed expedient on  huhn.ll.  of the  said municipal council lo  purchase and  take over  (he said plant and franchise.  And whereas for the purposes aforesaid it will ho  neces-  snrv to borrow the sum of  fortv thousand  dollars  (>:io,u(.0).  And whereas the whole amount of tlio rateable land of  the said city, according to the last revised assessment,  roll, is oiKht hundred and six thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars (��S()(i,87()j.  And whereas it will he requisite I o raise annually hy rate  the sum of three thousand four hundred and forty  dollars ($1110) I'or paying tlie said debt and interest.  Now, therefore, the municipal council of the corporation  of the Cily of Xelson enacts as follows:  1. II. shall and may be lawful for the mayor of the  corporation of the Cily of Xelson to borrow, upon the  credit of the said corporal ion, by way of the debentures  hereinafter mentioned from any person or pci-oons, body  or bodies corporate, who may he willing to advance Ihe  same as a loan, a sum of money nol. exceeding in the  whole, Ihe sum of.torty thousand, dollars (��I0,0UU). and to  cause all such Minis so raised or received to ho paid into  the hands of the treasurer of the said corporation, for the  purpose and with the object hereinbefore recited.  i. It shall be lawful for the mayor of the said corporation to cause any number of debentures lo be made, executed and issued for such sum or sums as may be required for tho purpose and object, aforesaid, not exceeding, however, Ihe sum of forty thousand dollars (^in.hllO).  oaoh of the snid debentures- boing'W the denomination of  one thousand dollars (��1110(1), and all such debentures  shall be .sealed with the seal of tin- corporation and  signed by the mayor thereof.  :i. The said debentures shall bear date the first day of  August, .A. I). ISDS, and shall be made payable iu twenty  years from the said dale, in lawful money of Canada, at  the ollico of lhe iianlc of _\lonli-oal in Xelson aforesaid,  which said place of payment slnill be designated by the  said debenture3, and shall have attached to them coupons  for the payment of interest, ami tho signatures to lhe interest coupons may be either written, stamped, printed,  or lithographed.  J. The said debentures shall bear interest a!, the rate  of live per centum per annum from the dale thereof,  which interest shall be payable .semi-annually al said  ollice of the Hank of _Monlroul in Nelson aforesaid, in  lawful money of t'aiiadn, on the first day of August and  first day of Kebruai-y rospeclively. in each year  during lhe currency thereof; and it .shall he expressed  in saiil debentures and coupons to be so payable.  .). It shall be lawful for the mayor of said corporation  lo negotiate and sell the said dchent tires or any of ihom  for less Lhan par. but in no case shall the said debentures or any of them he negotiated or sold I'or lo_>s^  than ninety-live per centum of llieir face value, iiiclud--'  ing- thocost of licg'ili-.il-iii? iu:>l- sale- brokf.age nncL-ii.."  other incidental expenses. C.*  (i. There shall be raided and levied in each year during  lhe currency of said debentures the sum of I wo thousand  dollars (Si'DIKI), for the pay men l of inloivst, and Ihe sum  of fourteen hundred and forty dollars i.jl 110) for I lie payment of the said debentures hy a rale Mifliciont therefor on all the rateable land in lhe said munieipnliiy.  7. It shall ho lawful I'or the said municipal council to  repurchase any of the said debentures upon such terms  as may bo agreed, upon with the legal holder or holders  thereof, or any part thereof either at I he time of sale or  any subsequent time or times, and all debcnl arcs so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled and destroyed  and no re-issue of debentures so re-purchased shall be  made in consequence of such re-purchase.  S. This by-law shall take ell'ect on or after the lif-  teenth day of June, A. D. 1S3S.  !).   This bv-law mav be cited I'or all purposes as  the  "City of Nelson Electric Light. Loan By-law. No. HI. 1S..S."  Iteact lirst time May nth. 1.S9S.  Kead second lime May nth. 1SIIS.  Read third time May _!3rd, 1S0S.  NOT I OK.  Tnl.i- notice that l,'.io above is a Iruo copy of the pro-  po-cd liy-l,-iw upon which the vole of the municipality  will he taken fur KAST U'AKI) of the City at theCITV  OI-TIOK.S. for WKST W.MII) at the olllcc of .1. K'KITII  t'KII), on lhe .SOL'TII S1DK OK- HAICKIl S'I'IIKKT. between Stanley and Koolenay streets, on TIlUiltiDA V.  'I'm-. NINTH HAY OK .awl-. NKNT. between the  liour.s nf S o'clock, a. ni., and I o'clock, p. in.  .1.  K. .STHAOIIAX, Citv Clerk.  CORPORATION ~0F" THTcITY~0F NELSON"  :B-2r-:iL..A.-w nsro.  32.  . NOTICK. ���"   . '   '  Take notice that the above is a true copy of the proposed, by-law upon which the vote of the .municipality  will be taken for BAST WARD of the city iit the CITV  OK KICKS, for WKST WARD at the ollice of .1. ICKITH  REID, on tho SOUTH SIDK OK BAICKR STIIKET, between Stanley, and Ivootenay streets, on 'I'lIL'USDAY,  THE NINTH' DAV Ot<" JUNK NKXT, between the  hours of .S o'clock a. in. and 1 p. 111.  J. K. STRACITAN. City Clerk.  Whereas a petition has been presented to the municipal  council of the Corporation of the Ci_,y of Nel.-on,  signed by the owners of at least one-tenth of the  value of the real properly in the saifl oily (as shown  by lhe last assessment roll), requesting the said  council to iuLroducu a by-law to rni��u the sum of  ten thousand dollars (.?l(_,(i(j(j), for tho purpose of extending the water works system of (ho said city.  And whereas it is doomed necessary and expedient lo  o.vlend the waterworks system of I he Cily of Nelson  for Ihe convenience of Ihe citizens and for fire protection.  And whereas iL is expedient to borrow the said sum of  ten thousand dollars (SKJ.OIIO) for the purposes aforesaid.  And whereas the whole amount, of the rateable land of  Ihe said city, according lo the last revised assessment roll, is eight, hundred and six thousand eight  hundred and .seventy dollars (SS0(!,S70).   q  And whereas it will be requisi'tc to raise annually by  rate Ihe sum of eight hundred and sixty dollars (SSliO)  for p.iying the said debt and interest.  Now, therefore, the municipal council of the corporal ion  o( the City of Nelson enacts n�� follows: ,  I. It shall,and may bo lawful for the mayor of the  corporation'of lhe Cily of Nelson lo borrow, 11 p'on the  credit of the said corporation, by way of the debentures  hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, body  or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the  same as a loan, a sum of money nol exceeding in iho  whole lhe siiui of ten thousand dollars (Slo fit)!)), and to  cause all such sums so raised or received 10 be paid into  the hands of the treasurer of the said corporation, for  the purposes and wilh the objects hereinbefore recited.  __. It shall be lawful for the mayor of the said corporation to cause any number of debentures to be made, exe- .  oulod and issued I'or such sum or sums as may he required I'or the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, Ihe sum of ten thousand dollars (-510,0011),  oach of the said debentures being of the denomination of  one thousand dollars (51000), and all such debentures shall  be scaled with the seal of tho corporation and signed by  the mayor thereof.  :i. The said dehcnliircs shall bear date th" 1st day of  August, A. I). 181JS, and shall be made payable iu twenty  year-s from the said date, iu lawful money of Canada, at  the ollice of the Hank of ^Montreal in Xelson aforesaid,  which said place of payment shall be designated by the  said debentures, and shall haveattached to them coupons  for the payment of interest and Lhe signatures tothein-  teri-sl coupons may be either written, stumped, printed,  or lithographed.  ���I The said debentures shall bear interest al the rate  of five per centum per annum I'rom tlie date thereof,  which interest shall Ik: payable semi-annually at said  ofliee of lhe Hank of Montreal in Xelson aforesaid, in  lawful money of Canada, on the lirst day of Kcbrunry  and the lir.st day of August respectively, in each year  during tlie currency thereof, and it shall he expressed iu  sa d debentures and coupon- lo he so payable.  a. II -hall ho lawful for t he mayor of said corporal ion  10 negotiale and sell the saio debenture- or any of (bom  tor les-, than par: hut in noc.-iseshall the said debentures  or any of them he negotiated or sold for h-ss than ninety,-  tive p'ercemnm of their face value, including the cost of  uuiroliiiting and sale, brokerage and all other incidental  ox; fuses.  "_�� There .shall bu raised and levied in each year during  I lie currency of said deben turns the sum of live Ii nnd rid  dollar.-; (5.500) for tho payment of interest and the sum of  three hundred and sitty dollars (.5:1110) for the paj iiieul of  the said debentures: by a ralcsullicicnt thoreforon all the  rateable laud iu the said municipality.  7. It slnill be lawful for the said municipal council to  repurchase any of the said debentures upon -ni-h tonus  as may bo agreed upon with the legal holder or holders  thereof, or any part thereof either at the lime of sale or  any subsequent lime or times, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled anil destroyed,  and no re-issue of debentures so ro-piirchused shall be  made in consequence of such re-purchase.  S. This by-law shall take ell'ect on orafloi- the lifteenth  day of June, A. I). 1S0S.  !). This by-law may bo cited for all purposes' as the  "Waterworks Kxtension liv-law. No. .'12. 180.S."  Read first time May '.Ith. ISOS.  Read second time May !lth,-lS!IH.  Read third time May-.'.'ji-d. IS1.6. .  CORPORATION OF-THE' CITY-. OF  NELSON.  B"5T-IJ^."V7'     "INTO.  Whereas a petition signed by the owners of al least one-  l.onth ot the value of the real property in  the City of  Nelson (as shown by the last revised assessment roll),  ' has been presented lo tlio  municipal council  of the  corporation of I ho City of Xelson, requesting the said  council to introduce a by-law to raise the sum of ten  thousand dollars (.510.000). for the purpose of extending and completing the sewerage system of the said  City:  And whereas it is deemed expedient to  borrow the said  sum of ten thousand dollars (:?|(i,0o(l) for the purposes  aforesaid:  And whereas the whole amount of the ratable land of  the said City, according to the last revised assessment  roll, is eight hundred and  sjx  thousand eight   hundred and seventy dollars (.SS0li..S70l :  And whereas il will  be  necessary  to  raise annually hy  rale the sum of eight hundred and sixty dollars (?fSl!0l  for paying lhe said debt and interest:  Now, therefore, the municipal council of the corpora! ion  of the City of Nelson enacts as follows :  1.    II, shall and may be lawful for the mayor of the corporation of tho City of Nelson to borrow, upon the credit  of I he said corporation, by way of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any  person  or  persons,  body or  bodies corporate,'who may  be  willing to advance lhe  sanicasa loan, a sum of money  not exceeding, in Hie  whole, the sum of Ion thousand dollars (j'ln.uoii), and to  cause all such sums so raised or received to he  paid into  the  hands of the  treasurer of the said corporation, for  tlie purpose and with the object hereinbefore recited.  i. It shall he lawful for the mayor of the said corpora,  tion to cause any number of debentures to be nmile. executed and issued for such sum or sums as may be  required for lhe purpose and object aforesaid, not  exceeding, however, the sum of ten thousand dollars  (510,000) : each of the said debentures being of I In- denomination of one thousand dollars (.51,000). and all such debentures shall be scaled with Ihe seal of the corporation  and signed by the mayor thereof.  '.I. 'i'he said debentures shall bear date the Mrs: day-of  August. A. D. 1SL.S. and shall he made payable in twenty  years from the snid dale, in lawful money 01' Canada, at  the ollice of Ihe Rank of Montreal in Xel-on aforesaid,  which said place of payment shall be designated hy the  said debentures, anil shall hnvo.-iUachod to ! hem coupons  for the payment of mlcre.-t, and I.he signatures lo the interest coupons may bo cither written, stamped, piinled  or lilhoprnphcd.  I. The said debentures shall bear interest at Ihcraic  of live per centum per annum I'rom the ihtti- 1 hereof,  which interest, sha 11 be payable semi-annually at said ollice  of the Hank of Montreal in Xelson aforesaid, in lawful  money of Canada on the Mr.,! day of .August and (Irsl. day  of Kehruary. respectively, in each year during the currency thereof, nnd il .-liiill be expressed in sMji| ildicu.  lures and coupons to be so payable.  ij. II. shall be lawful I'or the mayor of said corpora I ion  lo negotiate and sell I in-said i lube mures or any of I hem for  less man par: hill in no ca-'c shall Iho said debentures or  any of theni he negotiated or .-old I'or les.-. t hau ninety-  live per centum of their face value, including lhe cost of  ncgot ial ing and sale, brokerage and all oilier incidental  expenses.  II. There shall be raised and levied iu each year during  the curruiicy of said debcnl urc- the sum of live hundred  dollars (&V1IKI) I'or lhe payment of interest and lhe sum of  three hundred and sixty dollars (tfili'i) I'or Ihe pavinenL of  NOTICK..  Take notice that, the above is a true  posed by-law upon which  the vote of  will ho taken for KAST WARD of the  OKKIOES, for WKST WARD at the ollice of.I.  REID on the SOUTH SIDK  OK  lUKKIt  STI  tween Stanley and  Ivootenay streets, on  THE  NINTH   DAY   OK  JUNE   XKKT  hours of 8 o'clock a. in. and I o'clock p. in.  J. 1C. STRACIIAN'  copy  of tho profile  municipality  ���ityat the  CITV-  ICE ITH  KKTbe-'  THURSDAY,  between  the  City Clerk.  CORPORATION-OF THE CITY OF   NELSON.  -LA"W .JSTCt.   33.  annuallv lull,liars isi:toi  eni-porat ion  Whereas a petition signed by the owners of al. least ono-  lonth of the value of the real property iu the City of  Xelson (as shown by the last revised assessment roll)  has been -presented to the municipal enuncil of the  corporation of the City of Xelson. requesting the said  council to introduce a by-law to raise the sum of live  thousand dollars (Sa.OOO) for the pnriiosc of acquiring  and holding lands cilher within or without ihe niuni-  ���oipulify of the said City of Xelson, ami laying out the  same as and I'or a cemetery for the burial of the  dead : ,  And whereas it is deemed expcdienl to borrow;.lho said  sum of live thousand dollars 155.00-1) for the purposes  aforesaid :  And whereas the whole amount of tin; ratable land of  the said City, according to the last, re-, i-ed as-cs.snicnl  roll, is eight hundred and six thousand, eight hundred  and seventy dollars !5sn(;,S7ii. :  And whereas il will he necessary lo rnisi  rale the sum of four hundred and thirty  for paying the said debt and hiten-l :  Now therefore the municipal council of ih  of the Oily of Nelson chads as follows :  I. It shall and may ho lawful for the mayor of Ihe  corporation of ihe City .of Xel-on to borrow, upon the  credit of the said corporal ion. by w.iy of I In- debentures  hereinafter mentioned, I'rom any person or per-ons. body  or bodies corporale, who may be willing lo advance the  -aiiic as a loan, a sum of money nol e.v-eeditig in the  \vh'.��le. the sum of live I hoiisand dollars i.-.-o.Oi'O). and to  cause.all such sums so riii-i-d'or received lobe paid into  l.lic hands of I.he treasurer of lie; -aid corpora:ion. for  tin: purpose ami with the object hereinbefore recited.  i. It shall be lawful for the mayor of the snid corpora-  I ion to cause any number of deben I tire- in he n nub-, executed aud issue d for sir-li sum or -unis ;i . may be required  I'or the purpose and objee! aforesaid, no!. "xc< eding. however, lhe sum of live thousand dollars i.?."i,'Kmi : ca--.li of  the said debentures hciiiLT of the deiiomin ���; imi of one  thousand dollars is'l.oiini. and all sqeh deben: imis -hall be  sealed wilh the seal of I he ���corporation e ml -igncd by I hi:  mayor thereof.  '.I. The said debentures .-hall bear dale the lir<=l day. of  August. A. I).. 18!),-:. and shall be mad" payable in twenty  years from the said dale, in lawful money of Canada, at  iho oilier 01' the Hank of Montreal iu N"I--iii. aforesaid,  which said place of payment shall he di-'ignolod by lhe  slid 1lcbe11l.il res. ami shall havonttuehed In I hem eon pons  for t he payment, of iulero-'t. and the signatures to the interest coupon.--may bo cither written, .stamped, printed  or lil hograplieil.  i. The .-aid debentures shall hoar int<To-l. a! I.he rate  of live per eenl. per annum from I li" dal e Ib'-n-of. which  int.ere-l shall be payable semi-annually al .-aid olllcc of  the Hank of .Montreal in N'el.-on a fore-aid. in lawful  money of Canada, on the tirsi day of ,\ngu-t and lirst  day o'f Kebi-nary respectively in e.icli year during tin-  currency Iher.-of. and il shall b<- i-\pre--cd in -aid ib-lien-  I tires and coupons lo be -o payable.  .').     It shall he lawful for the mayor of  -aid  corpora! ion  lo negotiate nnd --ell the snid debenture-nf  any of Ihein  for   less  than   par:   but   in   no ca-  I ures or any of t hem be ucgutial'-il  iiinety-livo'pcr cent, (if   llieir  fa.ee  eo-l   of  negotiating and   sale, hm  illi i'b-ntal   expenses,  I).    There ..halt ho raised and levi  I lie currency of snid debenture- I In  and lifly dollars l.s-.'.'.O) for  the   payment  <  the sum of one hundred and eighty dollar  : shall tin- -..-iii] deben-  or sold   for   le-- than  value,   including the  iei-age  ami   all   ol her  ed in <  ��� sum  neb year during  ���(  I wo hundred  nf  interest, and  1.51-0.   for lhe  Doors,   Sash,   Band Sawing-;  Turned  Work,  and  Office   Fitlinys.     Just  arrived and  in stock, a carload of Chance's  Hno-lish  Rolled  Glass;  all  sizes up to 4  by 6 - feet  The Kootenay Lake Sawmill  C. 0. BUCHANAN, Proprietor1, Kaslo, 8. C.  Yard and office foot of Hendryx Street,  .Nelson.    John Beli Agent.  Everything in the building line.on  or made at short notice  nan  d  HERALDO,  MONOGRAM,  SCHILLAR  Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.       UNION MADE CIGARS  SOLE AGENT,  , NELSON, B. C.  Qmm km British Colombia goldfields5  HEAD   OFFICE,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.  All  communications relating   to   British   Columbia   business  to be addressed   to  P. O.  Drawer  505,  Nelson, British Columbia  J.  RODERICK  ROBERTSON, Genera!  Manager 1  S. S FOWLER,  E.M.,  Mining Engineer \  NELSON,  B.C.  VICTORIA,  B. C.  Headquarters for miners and mining  men from  KOOTENAY  MAHONEY  & TAYLOR,  Proprietors  TY  Applications will  chase of the assets of  consisting'    of    MILL  LIMITS and BOOK  The applications  may  be   considered   by  the undersigned  the   Nelson   Sawmill   Comoany,  in  M A C HIN L R V,    B UI L DI N G S,  DEBTS.  for the   pur-  liquidation,  TIM BLR  be for entire property or any  portion.  H.   R.   Ca.mi-:ko\,   Liquidator.  IJiLVinunt ot tho snid dehenturcs hy 11 nitc sullicicnl  Lhcrcfor on nil I In: rulnhlc hind in the said iinmicip.ility.  7.   It. slnill be lawful Cor the said  iniinici]inl  c icil 10  rc-ptirebate any nf the .-aid debenture.'-. ��]����" .Mich terms  Hi- inny be .i.y. c..;l ilfj.jri witli the 1l'k;i! liulder or h-.iilurs  thereof, or any purl 1 hereof eilher at. tho time of naif or  anv Mihsc(|iicnL time or Limes: and all debonUiro-< ^n re-  lin'rcha-.oil s--lni.Il forthwith he cancelled and dc-trnycil and  no re-i-^Mic of (lelienl lire-no rc-piirrhn-od r-hst.ll he made  in coii^eiiuencc of Midi re-|mrc.h.t.-e.  S.   This bv-law shall ial;c. clle'-l on or after the til'lccnth  day of.I lino. A. I��. I .SHS.  !).   This by-law may becited   I'or all  pur|io-,es a- the  "City of Xelson Cemetery liy-l.aw. So. XI. lS'.IS."  , Uead lirst time. Slay !l, ISIIS.  Read .second time. Mav It, ISM.  Read third time, .May i'inl. ISIIS.  NOTICK.  Take notice that, the above is u true copy of ihe proposed by-law upon which the vole of the municipality  will be taken for KAWT U'AKI) of the city at the CITV  OFFICES, for WKST W'A III) at the olliee of J. KKITII  ItlOIU, on the SOUTH SIDK OK J'J A Iv Kit STKKKT. between Stanley and Kootenay streets. 011 'I'll UUSIJAY.  TIIK XIN'Tli DAV III' .Jl.WK NEXT, between the  hours of S o'clock, a.m.. and I o'clock, p.m.  ;:..'.'���.I. K. STUACIIAN. Cily Clerk.  On and after Monday, May 16th,  the rates of this hatel will be reduced to $1.50 per day for transients, and to $.7'"and $8 per week  for regular boarders according to  room.     Table board $6 per week"  sheroft &_MeClel.!and  BL4CKSMITHINC jp  EXPERT HORSESHOEING  Wagon   Repairing  Promptly Attended  to  by a First-Class Wheelwright  Special attention given to all Idnds of repairing  aqd custom worl; from outside points  SHOP:    Cor, Baker aqd Hall Sts. Jielson.  Spokane Falls.;& Northern,''  Nelson & Port Slieppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Tl]e only all rail route, without change of cars  between Nelson arjd Rossland, ai\d  Spokan_e an,d Rosslaqd.  iVirs. E. 0. Clarke  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS.  Leave  (..���Jim. 111 NKLSON'   l-\n.-.;_. in  ...'..; KO.S.SLAN'li   S.:iO it. in  S1 -O Iv A N i-:....... .   ...  A  li:io  :i:in  ���rive  p.m.  .. m.  p. m.  l'li.-iMMiKCrsi for Keith; River ant!   Motiml.irx  nect at .Miirons with.^tuKc daily.  'reck  con-  BAKER STREET  MitviiiK Mi-iirrd the more cumtnoilioti- and <  lenient qmirier.-- nf lhe above hold, Mr-. I-;.  Clarke   lake*  Ibis  oppnrl.nnil v of  l.h.mtinK  fni-nie.r pal run-,  piilroiiiiu'c in II  I inuaii'-c of I he  nf lln  e pa.-t.  -.-line.  <'l:irk>-  nnd   fo'i  Hold   for  -olicilinf; :  C.  her  (heir  Rates $2 per Day ���  rs, E. G. Clarke, Proprietor  J HE  :F  u  'jsr.'Hjji.so.'sr  .MALONK & TKI'-'GILU.-.S.  Proprietors.  Is one of the be.-t hotels in  i-- t.hi; licadqnarler.-   or  Tom! Mountain district, and  prospector.- and miner...  BAKE OVEN FOR SALE.  One portable Steel Bake Oven t'ov  sale. Fop particulars address P. O.  Box 49   Nelson.  rjGTEt   BUSINESS   FOR,  SALE.  Home Work for Families  U'e wjint a number of  fninilies to do \v  al home, whole or--pare i inn-.    Tli  our workers: i- o/iiekh  and   <-a-ily  I iiriii.'d hy parcel o-i-t   us  lini-linl  made  iiicnci  at  home.  . -end mini  or -pnrti'  tnd uddr  nhil-s  e-.-��.  .    (I  I'd  rk for u-  irk we -end  ic. iind re-  nod   money  l\     111    COIIi-  The Standard Supply Co., Dopt. D., Lo.-.don, Ont.  CORPORATION  OF THF.  GUT OF  NELSON  to owxkus.  l-os.-l.s.-oies,  ,\M  Kvi-ry 'person residing' will.in  Nel-on owninL', po,--e-,-in;_;. or li'i  under bv-l.i w So. ."> of I he ( il v  iiai;i<oi::.|{s ��r imc is  I lie limits nf  (j,e ( hy t)f  rboriim a dnif i- required  -on ;���) lake mil. ;iml  e:.-c for '-aeh ilu^-.  year may be oblniuc  pay 1 he -.inn of two dollars for �� lie  Lieen-e- and tile's for lhe ci.rreul  from (lie cily pound keeper.  All persons o-Aiiiiiu'. pos.sc.--iii(r, or iinrhoi-im; i|oi;s aixl  nc;_;lci-tiui_r to tak" ont iiren-cs thcrcl'or. nfler lhe publication of tlii-ii'iiicc will he pro-eeiiicd under, the provisions of lie-said bv-law.    Mv order of council.  .1.  K. ^TI.ACIIA.W ('ilv Clerk.  Nelson, l.f. C, May ISth. IS.i.s.  Notice of Dissolution ol'  Co-partnersliip.  nice i- hereby f.'ivei. that lhe partnership heretofore  ��� i-tiu;; between u-, the iinder-ii;ned. as )iart uer- in  hotel bu-ine-- known us (he ���'���(.lucen's Hole!, 'has  1 this dn\ di--olvei_ bv mill mil con-etit.  .���'l.'Kiil-.i.K'l-:  I.ICMAI.Ii.SnN.  WILLIAM PI-.I.IM'K.  if April. A. I). I,si's.  N  -11b  H'itiic-s :  P. S.  Lk.nmi  Hated this __;th  iln\  All di-hls owinV; I'  lo William Perdue,  apiin.-t I lo- -nil! par  said William Ivrdin  if found eorreci.  NOTICK.  -aid part ner-hi  nrt- to he paid  11 Nil-mi. afore s-iid, and all claims  iier-'uipan lo be pi-i-.-eiilcd to tie-  . le,   whom the -ami- ..ill   he settled.  ki_;:i> i.'Iciiai:I).-ui\.  NOTICE  X   c  Tweiil .V-.  pail ienlar.-  is   v.  app:  ���ll   lurni-heil, well   liable  ,   ill  Clarke Hotel,  N'el-.oli.  I   ro,  11. C  for  llo-lu  ��� ���iiv -en vemri-r  liu-inc-- on   .M  hii-inc:.-- of Mall  i-Taction lo all wh  I v  ��� y is  ill  :. h  .- Ni  ha1, ill ;  ���inrl   ;  a vim.:  ���I-011.      1  !i   lo   p-  di-.ol\  .'    i III i e  oii_;hl  tt ill !r  ' r'ini/e  pnrliicr-hip as  den1   -'i.-avciijccr  tin- -cmvender  ' i;ive cut ire >at-  Yoiir- trulv.  '.  L. CIIA.--I-:.'  ^  _&.  mm  *5*?i  ��&8  ���r'<  ��*,.  ���I     1-   4  *f m. ".r*  * ���"  '���,��-'  *     r>  fi  : I,*-  >��� j'  ' �����  J1    -   r  .   "���*  i_! t-'i *  ��� 1  -     t.  ^v _���  v-I      t  11' ' * THE  TRIBUNE:   ML'SON, B.C.   SATURDAY, MAY &S,  L89lJ.  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MENS' NEW NECKWARE  COLLARS Ap CUFFS  See our special linos of read  ing.     Write for .samples. ���  ell(  ('(.���ts in  -made cloth  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  Gold commissioner Dennis this week received ti requisition from the residents of  Kuskonook asking for an investigation'  into the conduct of provincial constable  Forrester. Last week a squib appeared  in the Ivuskonook paper at which the constable took offence,'and in connection  with this he is accused of assaulting and  beating .li. M. NLsbofc, the editor. There  are also other charges made against the  constable.  The meeting of the board of trade on  Thursday evening was devoted to a consideration of the by-laws of the board.  The new by-laws will be printed so that  every member can be armed with them.  The board passed a resolution asking the  provincial government to make an appropriation for the Kokanee. creek wagon  road.    .  Frank Tambiyn has secured a stock of  desirable house plants, which he is offering for sale at the office of the Nelson  Wine Company, ou Baker street. -A considerable demand for house plants has  sprung up in Nelson, aud Air. Tambiyn is  endeavoring to meet all requirements of  the trade.  Mrs. hi C. Clarke entertained a large  number of the patrons of the Clarke  I-fouse and Queen's Hotel together with  their friends at the Queen's last evening.  Dancing was indulged in till an early hour  this morning, and all thoroughly enjoyed  themselves. The occasion partook of the  nature of an opening of the Queen's Hotel  under Mrs. Clarke's management.  A man named William McKinnon is reported to have been drowned in the rapids  of Telegraph Creek, near Glenorn. It is  believed by some' that the unfortunate  was William Mcliinnon, one of the Slocan  . pioneers, and a former partner of William  Hunter, the pioneer steamboat man of  Slocan lake.  J. J. Keller arrived in town this week  from the St. Mary's river section known  as Petty's camp. He says that there is so  much snow iu the neighborhood that  nothing will be done until the middle of  June. He reports eight feet of snow on  the range between St. Mary's and Kootenay lake.  George Luther Lennox delivered a patriotic address at the Ymir celebration on  May 24th, and the school kids in their best  frocks sang ,.themselves hoarse on "The  Maple Leaf" and "God Save tlie Queen."  A.u excellent program of sports marked  the day's celebration.  The bodies of Napoleon Morris and  Joiiu Dohlman, the victims of the Ymir,  explosion, were buried iu Nelson on Monday, the services being conducted by Rev.  Robert Frew. Mori-is and Dohlman were  employed at the Wren mine on the south  fork of Wild Horse creek. They were  killed by the unexpected explosion of a  shot which had missed fire.  Ashed will be erected at the city pound  for the retention of dogs upon which the  city taxes have n6t been paid. Dogs that  are not claimed by owners and taxes paid  will be'destroyed.     '  .Alderman Hillyer has received the contract for the erection on Baker street of a  three-story brick building for the Lawrence Hardware Company. The entire  building will be used by the hardware  company. It will be the first three-story  brick on Baker street, and will serve as a  good fire wall for the frame buildings ou  either side of it.  ' F. W.' Swannell entered upon his duties  this week as1 deputy collector of inland  revenue for the Nelson district. Swan-  nell's appointment will be satisfactory to  everyone in Nelson save those who were  after the job themselves.  "Bob" McLeod made an easy winning  in the pole vaulting contest at Silverton  on Tuesday. He glided over the stick at  8 feet as easily as at five. His nearest  competitors fell out at 7g feet.   .  The body of Charles K. Burritt was recovered from the waters of Kootenay  river Friday afternoon about nine miles  below Nelson. The body was discovered  by George Manhart, bridge foreman for  the Canadian Pacific railway. Burritt  was drowned on'April II tli while out fishing with W. McMorris, of the Miner staff.  The funeral will take place Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, .J. W. Thompson, chief  of the fire department, of which Burritt  was a member, having charge of the  arrangements.  Rev. George Morden will preach his  farewell sermon in the Methodist church  tomorrow evening, when he will close a  four year's pastorate. Mr. .Morden has  been assigned to the Rossland congregation. ,, >  Chief .Justice Bigelow had the Nesbitt  vs. Forrester assault case before him at  Kuskonook this week, and enlarged it for  one week.  A meeting of the citi/.ens of Nelson will  be held in the lire hall Monday evening at  reiiare  me and Beady Mixed Paints  OIL WOOD STAINS, Etc.  Full line now in stock of White Lead,  Boiled and Raw Linseed Oil, Varnishes, Etc.  Paint and Varnish Brushes.  au/re^ei  ON' AND' AKTKIt  ll'iN'DW, AI'IIIU I Ith,  1SSIS. MKAI.S WILL UK HKIIVKI) AT  COIIXKR STANLEY AND SILICA STHKKTS  General Rates, $1 per day.     Schooner Beer 10c.  S o'clock, for the purpose of making arrangements for the celebration of dominion day. Jt is desirable that everyone  should take an interest in this matter and  attend Monday evening's meeting. Nelson will have the field pretty much to  itselfon dominion day, and an effort should  be made to arrange such a celebration as  will be remembered by every visitor.  A Frenchman named Louis Bogart, was  brought to Nelson on Friday by constable  Forrester. Bogart is supposed to be iu-  sane. In his possession was a letter from  a Paris attorney, informing him that he  had fallen heir to some $17,000.  A change has been made iu the running  time ol. the Kaslo & Slocan railway trains.  The train now leaves Kaslo at 8 a. m. and  arrives in Sandon at I0.;"30 o'clock. Returning train leaves vSandou at 1 o'clock,  and arrives at Kaslo at S.iiO p.m.  On Tuesday, .June ')fch, the votes of the  ratepayers of the city will be taken upon  four money by-laws. The people will  make no mistake iu recording their approval of all four by-laws. In the east ward  the voting will take place in the city hall,  and in the west ward at the office of J.  Keith Re id, on Baker street.  "Billy" Perdue will make another trip  to Dawson City. It is presumed /that he  has another meat deal on hand in connection with P. Burns & Co., of this cit3r.  Rev. Robert Frew will preach upon the  subject of War in the Presbyterian  church tomorrow evening.  C. P. R. Traffic Receipts.  Montreal, May 2i>.���The Canadian Pacific railway company's traffic receipts for  the week ending May 21st were $511,000.  For the same week ot last year they were  $-109,000.    Conditional.  As Molly pedalled her (lyintf bike,  While l,he breezes licr trusses blew,  She turned to Dolly and .slid:   "I like  A drooping imistuchc, don't you!"  I'-fiir Dolly emitted a lonying sigh,  And hei- wheel gave a tremulous swiiy.  Ah she straight proceeded to make reply:  " Ves, indeed ; if it droops my way."  Dewey.  Oh. Dewey was tiie morning  Upon the first of Aluy :  And Dewey was ihe admiral  Down in Manila bay:  And Dewey were the regent's eye.-.  Them orbs of royal blue;  And Dewey feel discouraged .'  1 Dew not think wo Dew.  WANTICD���-A woman lo take caro of a two months'  old baby. Kcfcrcnces required.   Apply Box 77, postollice.  The Corporation of the City of Nelson.  NOTICE  When Gladstone's Tongue Failed Him.  A good story is told in the Life and Correspondence of the late archbishop Megee.  Father Ilealey was once breakfasting  with Mr. Gladstone, when the latter, ever  ready for the usual argument, broke out  with: "Father Healey, I went into a  church in Rome once, and was offered a  plenary indulgence for fifty francs. On  what principle does your church grant  such things?" But Father Healey was  not to be drawn. He replied: "Well,  Mr. Gladstone, 1 don't want to go into  theology with you, but all 1 can say is  that if any church offered you plenary indulgence for fifty francs she let you off  very cheaply."  Tho Canadian Pacific Flyers.  If the proposed now C. P. li. time table  goes into effect on the main line, some of  the " flyers " on the U.S. roads will not  be in it with the Pacific and Atlantic expresses. The C. P. li. will have transcontinental "flyers" which williuake a flight  from ocean to ocean, ft i.s proposed to  reduce the time across the continent to  about 100 hours, a fraction over four days.  The adoption of the new time table is  contingent upon the settlementof certain  questions now at issue between the C. P.R.  and other roads.  The Rail-way Pass Trouble.  The Toronto World draws attention to  the fact that while the sum of $11,000 is  appropriated by parliament for the mileage of members, all but a few hundred  dollars of this sum will stay in the  pockets of the members, nearly all of  whom travel on railway passes. Members  may somehow manage to square this  state of tilings with their consciences, but  on the surface it seems to be very little  better than obtaining public money by  false pretences.  Brlgham's Son i.s Broke.  In the bankruptcy court in London on  Thursday a receiving order was issued  against .1. \V. Voting, son of the late  Brigham Young. ITis liabilities are  $l,(i(KI,IIO.  iter works    Extension  of Nelson   Cemetery  o  f N  elson Llecfcric  Public notice is-hereby given that the votes  of the electors of the 'municipality on the following by-laws of the City of Nelson, will he  taken on Thursday,'the 9th day of June, A.  'D. 1S98, between the 'hours of S o'clock a. in.  and  1 o'clock ..-p. in., -viz:  Bv-law   No.   32,. "\Y  By-law."  By-law No. SS, "City-  By-law." :.  By-law No.  34,   "City  Light Loan By-law."  By-law No. 35, "City  of Nelson  .Sewerage  Extension Bv-liiw.''"  The votes in the East -Ward will he -taken  at the city offices, and votes in West Ward at  the ofliee of J. K. Ileid, on south side of Baker  street, between .Stanley and Ivootenay streets.  Any male or female being of the full age of  twenty-one years who is the assessed owner of  land or of real property within the municipality, shall have a vote either confirming.or  negativing the said by-laws'in each ward in  which he or she may he assessed for land or  real property.  (liven tinder niv hand at the Citv of Nelson,  I!. C, this 27th day of Mav, A. ii. 1898.  .1. Iv. STIIACHAN,  Returning Ollicer.  a friend fop advice  a woman fop sympathy  strangers fop charity,  but fop  Good Boots  Go to  WAI.'D STI.KKT  The general business hereto carried on under the firm name of John A. Turner & Company, and ���' owned solely by the undersigned, has been discontinued. I have sold the  Hardware stock to Mr. H. Byers, who will continue in the old stand with Hardware  only. I have sold the Grocery and Glassware stock to Messrs. Kirkpatrick & Wilson,  and bespeak, for the above named firms the same liberal patronage that we have enjoyed.  All accounts due the said John A.' Turner & Co. are payable to me at my office, room 8,  Turner & Boeckh Block, corner Baker and Ward Streets. All overdue accounts not paid  on the 1st of June next will be placed with my solicitor for collection.  Al~s��*  BE.  Our stock of these is large and varied  Pepscpiptions Carefully Compounded      Balcer Stpeet, Nelson  When you 'require a Stylish Suit  of Clothes call and examine my  stock of Worsteds and Sepg-s.  West Baker Street, Nelson  Ciearin  For the next  6  thirty days only we will  Ready-made Clothing* at  e  Clothing  offer the whole of our  ���greatly reduced  prices.  large stock of  Men's Tweed Suits, former price $ 8,, reduced to $ 6  10, reduced to      7  12, reduced to      8  12  Children's  "���eiiuino clearing  Men's Tweed Suits,  Men's Tweed Suits,  Men's   Serge   Suits,        '  Clothing nt corresponding reductions.  side 'find bat-trains equal to these  16, reduced  to  to  to  have never before  been offered in Nelson.  Baker Street  Are offering special bargains in  Fine Furniture, Carpets, Linoleurns  iadies an  side gombs _^_isr:D ihi^t jpiists  WK WOULD   MICK TO MKX  TION TIIK J-'ACT THAT  WK AliK TIIK  GIOT YOUK MONEY HACK  KVKRYTHTMG IS NOT  AS KKPUKSKNTICD  iisr towit,  bae iNronsriE  Kepi.ii-ii.;,' of all kinds ilotic.  < >ni" price.-! arc right..  V  A Glanee at our Rang*e and Prices will do no Harm  WK CI.OSK AT SIX P.M. KVKRY KVKXIXG  KXCKPT SAI'I rilDA Y  18 and 20 ��  BAKER   STREET U.  km  m  1'- -jib"  &;���*&*"  ��&���-,.'������'  fcrt'.   i W  ��'&"������*���  __���_. !__.���__._"A!  tfi "V*  ft'.*


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