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 _��t-_3_l  Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and Hundreds of Properties that can be Made,  Dividend Paying Mines.  FIFTH   Y"EAR,-lNT0.  1.7.  :^0  am  KOOTENAY  Has  '>J?'&%Srnelters  in   Successful  Operation,  &--��f%oueh  Ore   in Sight to   Run  .<"_��� ���  /d^& ������$���>'��  .������w-vi'HftT:  Several   More.  'NELSON,  BRITISH  COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY, MARCH 2o,  1897.  TWO  HILARS  A YEAR.  THE   GOLD   COMMISSIONERSHIP.  Although   no .Vacancy,  Several  are. Working  I'or the Position.  Advices   from   Victoria  regaiding  the  mold  commissionership  of   tho   southern  portion ol- West   lvootenay district are as  amusing as   they   arc   conflicting.     The  present   gold   commissioner  is Napoleon  Fitzstubbs, wlin was  invalided  about six  weeks  ago, and who is  now  in Victoria.  It i.s reported that the  government is disposed to  shelve  Mr. Fitzstubbs, but he its  unwilling to be shelved unless he is given  an office oi' equal importance.    At present  no such office i.s vacant.  Notwithstanding  ���the office is not vacant, several gentlemen  arc  after the job.    The  more prominent  , names mentioned are captain  Clive Phillips-Wolley of Victoria and Harold Selous  of Selson.    The former is provincial sanitary inspector, and it is claimed that the  record he has  made while  in  office  indicates what he could do if given a position  requiring   business   capacity,  .judgment,  and backbone.   The latter has been a resident of Nelson   for seven  years and  is  backed by the friendship of Gilbert Malcolm Sproatand A. S. Farwell. Both may  have qualification:7  for the office, but the  people of'the district are not hankering  after either of them.    Ln fact, were either  to be apprinted the government would be  roundly  damned, not only  by the opposition, but by its supporter-. It i.s claimed  that sanitary inspector Wolley has  lhe  best of Mr. Scions, now that ho has " kissed  and   made  up"  with W. A. Jowett.   As  that gentleman i.s editor and owner of the  only government organ in lvootenay, the  Nelson Miner, he i.s not without influence.  ��� As he is in  Victoria, it  would   not  be a  surprise if he managed to shelve captain  Fitzstubbs and have installed in his place  captain.'Wolley.' This would be amusing  to those who were present in  the courtroom at Nelson last fall during the celebrated case, -Jowett against  Wolley, for  assault.  If the government cares aught for the  interests of the district and for the opinions of the who live within its boundaries  it will pigeon-hole the applications of both  these aspirants and appoint- W. A. Goepel  to the position, should captain Fitzstubbs  be retired. Mr. Goepel has every qualification: has acted as gold commissioner  twice when captain Fitzstubbs has been  invalided : and his appointment would  give satisfaction to. nine.ty-uine out of, a  hundred of the people who have business  to tran.-act at the government office.  MINERAL   EXPORTS   GROW   STEADILY.  that the mining fever is still spreading in  the north, with every indication that the  rush to Klondyke will this year put in the  shade the Yukon pilgrimage or'any former  year. Men are going into Juneau, Sitka,  and other Alaskan towns daily in order  to pack back provisions. Supplies promise to be scarce until tlie spring boats .'ire  able to ascend the river. From $1 to $10  a pan is the average on .Bonanza creek.  The Tread well and Mexicana are putting  1100 tons a day through the stamps-- their  last report was S2.-10 to the ton.  NO CHINESE NEED APPLY.  AFTER HEINZE FOR DAMAGES.  The Month of March   Will  Show Exports Valued at Over $800,000.  The entries of ore and matte for export  during the.first three weeks of the present'mouth, indicate that .March will be  tlie. heaviest shipping month in the history  of West Lvootenay. During the past week  there was entered for export at the port  of Nelson ore and .matte to the value of  $172,278, which, added 'to the exports of  the first two weeks, gives a total exported  through the port of Nelson, of $.i():l,0.'3l.  to this amount may be added $1:1,702,  whicli represents the value of the Slocan  ore exported through tlie outport of  Revelstoke during the first: seventeen days,  of the present month. The exports for  the past week bring the grand tolal for  l.S')7. to.$2,022,:*)!}., The shipments for the  past week were:  BUU.rOX   AN71)   MATTE.  .Pounds.  Hull Miim!-smeller. Nelson, iniitlc lXi.lIU  OHIO.                      Approximate  Tons.  Value.  0 IC mini;. KiissJand. couociilriilos         Hi  Giant miiK'. lios.sliuul               _l  Payne mini*. Slooun ;      :i(l(i  Kootenay Ore Company, l_n>:lo...  ...     _(il  Noble Kive mines. Sloean   ..     .     Ill"  ���Surprise mine, ."locaii    ...'      IS  Tiirill7 inin_, Ainsworlli        11  Tolal for week    l.lilH  SI75.-78  Total so far for j\Iai'oli   .....  -l.oSS  ?;"i!i'i.(!5l  Si)lL'���S.i:i  Sl!75.n0!i  Total tin ll-velstoke, .Ian and Feb.   I.S07  $112,ftft\  J'.'otul via UevolsLolcu lo.JMarcli 17.      .'loo  ss-i.-i.-ya  $-,0-_,:);V.I  Cuthbert Gets the Howard Fraction.  The Howard Fraction group of five  claims, on Springer creek, has been bonded  for $50,000, 10 per cent of which wa.s paid  down, $17,000 to be paid October 1st. The  property is owned bv A.'iM'.-JM. Benednm,  A. E. Feter, V. C. Ratclilfe, H. L. Curtiss,  W. L. Price and ('). Lorenson. Herbert  Cuthbert made the deal for the buyers,  the British Canadian Gold Fields Explor-  ation conipany, of British Columbia. The  Aoward Fraction group is looked upon as  one of the best properties on Springer  creek. Jt shipped last year A0 tons of ore,  running 200 ounces silver and $20 gold per  ton.   Ore Struck on the Sovereign at Trail.  ��� A strike is reported from the Sovereign  on Lookout mountain at Trail. The crosscut in the tunnel at the 00-foot station has  opened up <l u'ie ore body, the full size of  which is not yet known. Assays from  stringers encountered in the tunnel ran  $���15, but no asf-nys have been secured from  the new strike. The tunnel was run in  country rock parallel to the foot-wall, and  on crosscut! ing at iJO feet ore was at once  encountered.   The Gold Fields of Klondyke.  Captains Carroll, Goodal) and Malone}',  who have just returned to Victoria from  Alaska, certify to the truth of the report  Ore Shipments via. Revelstoke.  The following are the shipments of ore  through Revelstoke since the first:  Sloean Star  .  ..  Idaho      Knlerpriso .;.:..  .Mountain Chief  Monitor   Knby   Tons  Value  . aw  S 1-.2U9  .   KID  ll.S/ili  .    SI  HUM  .   ai  1.8(1)  .   in  ���1,780  .   l.'i  1,71(5  The Route of the Crow's Nest.  If the Crow's Nest Pass road is constructed along the route favored by the  surveyors and engineers who have been  over the ground, it will not touch either  Lethbridge, McLeod, Pincher Creek or  Fort Steele. It would leave the Lethbridge branch at Woodpecker, cross the  Calgary and Edmonton railway at Leavings, pass close by the Porcupine hills  antl then make straight for the Crow's  Nest Pass. West of the mountains it  would turn north along the river, and before reaching Steele would bend straight  still again twist northward, following the  south again along the Moyea lakes, and  lake shore and river to Nelson.  The Rambler's Second Dividend.  The directors of the Rambler-Cariboo  Gold ��fc Silver Mining conipany held a  meeting ou Friday and declared a dividend of 2 cpnts per share, or $20,000, payable April 15th. This is the second dividend declared by this company, the first-  being for a like amount.  The Alien Labor Bill Passes Its Second Reading- in the Legislature.  The alien labor bill, introduced by Adams, of Cariboo, which prohibits the employment of Chinese, was given its second  reading in the legislature on Thursday.  The decision upon the second reading  shows that the majority of the members  of the legislature are alive to the necessity for passing anti-Chinese legislation.  The house should follow up its alien labor  bill with an amendment to the mineral  and placer mining acts, taking away all  privileges which Chinese may at present  enjoy under them. The Adams bill, which  received its second reading upon a division of 21 to S, reads:  1. This Act may'be cited as the "Alien  Labour Act. 1S07."  2. In case of any Act hereafter passed  giving, granting, or confirming to any  person or body corporate the right of  erecting a bridge, making a- railway,  tramway, turnpike road, telegraph or  telephone line, the construction or improvement of a harbour, canal, loch, dam,  slide, or other like, work, the right of  ferry, the right,of carrying on any trade,  business, occupation or calling, the giving, granting, or confirming lo such person or body corporate any property,  rights, or privileges whatsoever, or for  tlie amendment to a former Act of a like  nature which has not already similar provisions, no Chinese shall be employed iu  connection with or in relation to any of  lhe works, rights, trade, business, occupation, or property given, granted, confirmed, authorized, or affected by tho  Act. In the event of any Chinese being  so employed, the person by whom die  same sliall be employed shall be liable,  upon summary conviction before any two  justices of the peace, or functionary having the powerof-two justices of the peace,  upon tlie oath or affirmation of one or  more credible witness or witnesses, to a  penalty not exceeding twenty-five dollars,  nor less than ten dollars, for every Chinese  employed; and in default of immediate  payment of the penalty, the same may be  levied by distress and the sale of the goods  and chattels of the person; and in the  event of any Chinese being employed by  .any contractor or sub-contractor contrary  to the provisions of this Act, then any  such contractor or sub-contractor shall be  1,able, on summary conviction a.s afore-  siiul. to a penalty not exceeding tweuty-  fi ve dollars, nor less than ten dollars, for  every Chinese employed; and in case of  default in immediate payment of such  last-mentioned penalty, the same may be  recovered by distress and sale of the goods  and chattels of the offender; and in default of sufficient distress, the offender  ���may be committed to any gaol or place of  confinement situate within the territorial  jurisdiction of the convicting justices, aud  there imprisoned for any term not exceeding thirty days; and any member, manager,director, oflicer or agent of a corporation who causes or procures any Chinese  to be employed,.contrary to the provisions  of this Act, or permits or connives atsueli  employment, shall be lhible, upon summary conviction as aforesaid, to the like  penalties as hereinbefore in this section  provided, recoverable in manner secondly  hereinbefore mentioned.  ���'J. The offender shall be liable to separate and successive penalties for each and  every day during which any Chinese.--ha.il  be; employed.  I. The term "Chinese," wherever used  in this Act, shall mean any native of the  Chinese Empire or its dependencies not  born of British parents, and shall include  any -person of the Chuiese race.  A Tangle Which will'Doubtless Use Up Thou'  sands in Litigation.  ��� One of the  biggest  mining  suits  ever  filed in Silver Bow county, Montana, was  commenced last week in tho United States  district   court.   The Boston  & Montana  Consolidated Copper   and Silver Mining  Company is theplaintilT in  the case, and  F.  Aug.  Heinze, A.   P.   Heinze and  the  Montana Ore  Purchasing Company   are  defendants.   The sum  of half a million  dollars is asked for as damages for ore alleged to have been taken by defendants  from the Pennsylvania mine.    Tlie basis  of the suit is that the Hams, Johnstone  aiul Little Ida claims have been so located  that they have,no end lines at all, contrary to the   United States statutes in  such cases.   ���  The Rams. Little Ida aud Johnstone  claims adjoin the Pennsylvania on the  north, the first mentioned three claims  overlapping each other. The defendants,  it is alleged, claim the right to enter and  work the Pennsylvania on account of the  fact that certain veins have their apexes  on the claims owned by them, aud they  claim the right to follow ' those veins  down on an angle even though they entered the side lines of the Pennsylvania,  which it is said the veins did enter.  J t is alleged by the Boston & Montana  people that the veins followed by Heinze  are not continuous or such veins that  could be ��� properly followed inside the  Pennsylvania. The veins, it is alleged by  the plaintiff, are broken and intersected  by faults in such a way as to break up  the veins, and it is also alleged that there  are several veins which the defendants  claim the right to follow beyond the side  . lines and into the property of the plaintiff/but that neither of the said veins in  their courses 'depart'from the end lines.  It is alleged that the claims owned by the  defendants are so located that they have  no'end lines whatever, and the failure on  the part of the locators to mark the same  with end lines or to locate the same along  the defendants" veins, but on thecontrary  having located the same across the veins,  the defendants are left without extra  lateral rights and are not entitled to follow the lines into the plaint-ill's ground.  A suit in equity was also liled asking  that defendants be enjoined from moving  any ore from the Pennsylvania until the  hearing of the application. .   _  SHORT   BITS   OF   NEWS   FROM   KASLO.  ��� WATER   COURSES   ACT.  There was a meeting of' the lvootenay  Mining Protective Association last Saturday evening, at which 11. E. Croasdaile of  the Hall Mines, was chosen president:  George. Alexander and Scott McDonald,  vice-presidents of the Ainsworth mining  division; John MeGuigan and W. E. Mann,  for the Slocan mining division; T. G.  Proctor for the Goat River division, and  Frank Fletcher for the Nelson division.  The election of officers was not completed,  As it was deemed especially desirable that  the Trail Creek division should be represented in the association as well as the  other divisions of the district. Messrs.  Croasdaile, Proctor and Mann were named  as a committee to visit Rossland, Trail  and other mining centers in the interest  of the association and its objects. The  names selected by a committee appointed  by the chair to nominate a. committee of  management -were Bruce White, G. \V.  Hughes. J. C. Eaton, J. M. Harris, A. A.  Whittier, E. A. Mathews. A. F. Cutler, II.  Selous, A. Fletcher, H. F. Green, H. Byers,  T. J. Lendrum, J. L. Retallack, Alexander  Smith and H. Giegerich.. An earnest effort will be'made to unite the mining men  of the district for the protection of mining interests. John Keen wa.s appointed  secretary, and his enthusiasm will doubtless give much life to the management.  A dividend of two and a half per cent  will be declared on March A!st by the  Two Friends mine.  Cameron Brothers will no longer be connected with the transportation business  after the beginning of next month. They  have sold their entire outfit to Alexander  and Johnson Lucas, the one of Calgary  and the other of Toronto. The new firm  will add materially to the extensive plant  whicli they acquire from the Camerons.  Few residents of Kaslo are better known  than the Camerons, and none are more  popular. It is satisfactory to know, therefore, that while disposing of their transportation business, they have no intention  of leaving the town.  At the meeting of the city council on  Thursday evening a letter was read from  H. Giegerich, complaining of the Hooding  of his cellar by water from the city's  mains, carelessly turned on from a hydrant by one of the city's officials.  There are constant visitors to the city  in search of mining and other investments.  One of the latest was F. W. Godsal, of  Pincher Creek, who is already: a large  stockholder in tie Ibex Mining 6c Development company of Slocan.  On Monday the police-magistrate had  before him a prisoner charged with the  theft of money from the trunk of one of  Ihe waiting girls at the Adams Mouse.  He was caught in the room aud shortly  afterward the money was missed. But  the evidence was hardly sufficient to bring  the theft home to him and he was discharged with a caution, lie was penniless  when arrested, and said he was looking  i'or work a.s a machinist. Thecity is Idled  with wandering characters who are destitute and solicit aid upon the streets.  The Government Docides to Collect a Revenue  From the Users of Water Power.  Attorney-General Eborfcs made a very  good move ou Friday, when he introduced  the Water Clauses Consolidation Act of  1S!)7 in the legislature.    The act, if it becomes law, will have an  important bearing upon the mining industry of this district.    Jtwill no doubt tend  to,simplify  the acquisition, oi water by bona-fide mining companies, and  should obviate the  necessity of their having'to..apply, to the,  legislature i'or special   acts   in order to  secure water i'or the running of concentrators.   It  may also   be expected   that  the   users  .of   water   in   future   will   be  required to pay a loll for the use of such  water.   There can be no injustice iu this..  There is no reason why the crown should  not treat the water courses of the province in the same manner as it does the  timber.    In sections where water power  is uot available and companies are obliged  to use steam, the government charges a  tax upon the cord wood consumed, despite  the fact that the use of steam is much  more expensive than   the use of  waiter  power.   The cord wood once used is lost to  the crowu, but the power in water courses  is a permanent asset.   Men using  water  i'or power purposes have no more right to  expect the free use of the same than have  men using steam to expect free cord wood.  Heretofore the provincial government has  overlooked  a  very  important   source of  revenue,  and   now   that   an   attempt  is  made to correct an oversight, the government should be commended.  According to the preamble the act is  comprehensive in its scope, confirming to  the crowu all unrecorded and unappropriated water and water power iir the  province, consolidating and amending the  law relating to the acquiiing of water'  rights and privileges i'or ordinary, domestic, mining, aud agricultural purposes,  aud making adequate provision for municipal water supply, and for the application of water power to industrial and  mechanical purposes. The act if passed  will come into force on June 1st, J SOT. icie-  peals the different sections in the mining  aud land acts and water privileges act  dealing with witter power, but-such appeals shall uot affect any rights acquired  or any liabilities or penalties incurred, or  act done under the acts affected by such  v-nit-als. .   ,. ���  All unrecorded water is declared- to bo  vested iu the crown, and save in the exercise of any legal right existing at the time  of such diversion or appropriation, no  person shall divert or appropriate any  water from any river, water course, lake  or stream,-excepting under the provisions  of. this act, or except in the exercise of  tlie general right of all persons to use  water for domestic and stock supply from  any river, lake or ��� stream vested in the  crown, aud to which there is access by a  public road or reserve. No right to the  permanent diversion or the exclusive use  of water shall be acquired by any riparian  owner or any other person, by length of  use or otherwise than as the same may be  acquired or conferred under the provisions  of this act, or some other existing or  future act of parliament.  The lieutenant-governor in council may  from time to time impose and reserve to  the crown, in the right of the province,  such rents, royalties, tolls and charges in  respect of the waters, or of the hinds of  the crown and of the powers, rights and  privileges, which are conferred by this  act, as by the lieutenant-governor in council shall be deemed to be just and proper,  and may likewise make and pass such  regulations and rules as may be deemed  necessary and advisable for the collection  and enforcement of such rents, royalties,  tolls and charges, or any of them: 'Provided, that where by order iu council  such rents, royalties, tolls and charges are  fixed in respect of any power, right or  privilege,' the same shall be permanent  for the space.of five years nextsucceeding  the passing of such order iu council fixing  the same, and thereafter shall be subject  to quinquennial adjustment, increase or  decrease.  The second part of the act deals with  tlie acquisition of water by record for  ordinary, domestic, agricultural and mining purposes. Every owner of land may  secure the right .to-divert unrecorded  water for agricultural or for mechanical  or industrial purposes to any amount  reasonably necessary therefor upon obtaining a record in tho manner'provided  by the act. Every owner of a mine may  secure similar rights for tiny mining purpose whatsoever upon obtaining a record.  The holders of such records are given the  right of entry on and through the mines  and lands of others for carrying water,  but they must male; full compensation  for any loss or damage which may be  caused by reason of such entry. Every  holder of a record shall take all leasonable  means for utilizing the water granted to  him; and if he wilfully waste any water,  or take a quantity in excess of his actual  requirements, the commissioner, or gold  commissioner, may. upon notice, cancel  or reduce the record or impose all necessary conditions.     .  Provisions are made to appeal from the  decisions of the chief commi.-sioner.  The third part makes -provision for the  supplying of water by water works systems to cities, towns and unincorporated  localities. Any municipality may, from  time to'lime, obtain one or more records  of the unrecorded water in any slrcamsor  lakes as a source or source of supply for a  projected water works system, or a branch  of a system, or to augment any existing  system, or branch of such system, iu manner hereinafter provided! Any municipality  shall, from   time to Lime, where a  sufficient supply of unrecorded water is  not available within reasonable limits of  distance and expenditure, have, subject  to the approval of the lieutenant-governor  in council, tho rightof expropriation over  recorded water and all works in connection therewith to the extend deemed necessary by the municipality to obtain a  proper and sufficient source of water supply for ordinary household purposes.  Any company incorporated under the  Companies Act, ISD7, shall, under certain  conditions named, have all the rights,  powers and privileges conferred upon municipalities, and shall, subject to the conditions, if any, upon which the consent of  the municipality is given, have exclusive  rights in this behalf within the municipality.  If in any year during the operation  within a- municipality of a system of  water works by a company, under and by  virtue of the provisions of the two next  preceding sections of this Act, the net  profits earned by and divided from the  said water works system shall exceed  twenty per centum per annum on the  paid up stock of the company, the rates  charged by the company for water shall,  when required by the municipality by  notice in writing, and within thirty days  after service of such notice on the company, be reduced so that the said profits  shall not exceed the aforesaid rate of  twenty per centum per annum on the  paid up stock of the company.  ��� The bill has received its'second reading,  Dr. Walkem alone voting against it. It  is .expected that some amendments will be  made in 'committee.  LADY   ABERDEEN'S   SCHEME   FAILS.  SHORT   BITS   OF   NEWS   FROM   KASLO.  Judge Forin has authority after all to  try the case of city clerk Chipman, who  is charged by alderman Buchanan with  an offense against the city by-laws. The  supreme court has so decided in the argument for a writ of prohibition. The case  will now doubtless be heard upon its  merits, as the alderman seems determined''  to push the complaint to a finish. He is  also after the city solicitor for appearing  on behalf of the clerk, but the council  does not appear to second him in his  undertaking, having laid both charge and  answer on the table at a recent meeting.  The city has had a number of social  entertainments during the. week which  have been unusually successful. The  fancy dress carnival on Monday evening,  was well attended and some very pretty  costumes wero exhibited, and characters  well represented. The tug of war with  the contestants on skates afforded no end  of amusement to the spectators.  On Wednesday evening the members of  the society of Sons of Erin, gave their  first concert, ball and supper. It was attended by a large crowd and afforded an  opportunity for enjoyment rarely..had.  There were about fifty couples on the  floor. Tlie concert, with which the eveu-  ing's entertainment opened, was the occasion for some good singing.  The big fight on 'Wednesday, between  the notorious sluggers at Carson City,  seemed to create a great deal of excitement in Kaslo, and crowds were at both  places of resort which had private wires  run into their establishments.  There is a new phase in the trouble  which has rent the Church of England  congregation in this city 'for some time.  The bishop of New Westminster has had  an injunction served upon, John Keen, restraining him from ���interfering with any.  of his. clergymen, or with the holding of  services in the church until May next.  The bishop has also sent the Rev. Mr.  Vates, a newly ��� ordained deacon, who in  connection with Mr. Akehurst, will hold  weekly services. ,It .remains to be seen  whether he will be successful in re-uniting the .congregation. It will require a  good deal of skillful diplomacy and noend  of good, sound "horse sense."  C. L. Webb and If. McMicken of Seattle,  who are largely interested in the Montezuma mine on the south fork of Kaslo  creek, were in the city on Sunday and  Monday, and after visiting the mine, took  into consideration the construction of a  concentrator for the property. There  will also be a tramway to convey the ore  to the south fork, upon wliich stream the  mill will be erected.  Angus Campbell, formerly of the steamer  Hed Star, not long ago bought two finely  situated lots on Front street. It is now  said he will utilize them by building a  large hotel upon them. He has been negotiating for suitable plans for the  sti licture.  F. C. Gamble, the resident engineer for  the public work department, .was in the  city on Tuesday, and on Wednesday he  went to the Lardo to make an inspection  of the work \vhich is being done there and  give directions fur its further prosecution.  He was accompanied irom Kaslo by alder-  ma)! Buchanan. They went tip on the  Angerona, of Mr. Husk's fleet. All i.s not  harmonious amongst the local Liberals,  and there- is .in some .quarters complaint  over the dispensation of the small modicum of patronage whicli has come this  way. There is a murmured annoyance because the ohler war -horses of the party  whose entire manhood has been devoted  to its interests throughout thelong period  of adversity are passed over, and pap and  patronage arc given   to the younger fry  whose connection with Liberalism is as of  yesterday compared with the life, long devotion of the neglected ones. There are  other chai ges about the discharge of previous incurred obligations made by these  non-contents, which suggest the title of  the old drama, in whicli sir Giles Overreach is a principal character.  The Ladies of Kaslo Show  Their Good  Sense  By Receiving It Coolly.  The committee of ladies appointed  to,,  canvass Kaslo.on behalf of the Countess  of Aberdeen's projected  Victorian  order  of home helpers was instructed to report  at a meeting to be held last Sunday afternoon.    But at  the appointed  time  only  one lady put in an appearance, and   her  story was  briefly  told.    The  ladies  had  solicited subscriptions with considerable  success, but they had failed  to awaken '  any great enthusiasm of the ladies themselves sufficient to induce them  to forego  the pleasure of a Sunday afternoon's chat  with   husbands,   or   gentlemen    friends.  They will be given another opportunity  to report the result of their efforts.  Speaking of this scheme of Lady Aberdeen's the Toronto Telegram says:    "Tlie  Royal   Victoria  Home    Helpers   scheme  which'  proposes   to   scatter  'ministering  angels' throughout the northwest, is  being sized up by-the press of the Dominion.  The^ impression, seems   to   be   that   the  scheme is impracticable, in fact unworkable.   All those interested in the management of the leading hospitals of Toronto  are opposed to the scheme and in eastern  and western cities a like opinion obtains.  The scheme has many weak points in  it,  and not one strong one.    it would materially   interfere'  with  the   work of   the  trained nurses that are turned out every  year by the great hospitals of Toronto,  Hamilton, Montreal and .other, cities, and  would be the means of flooding the country  with a  regiment  of useless  women,  whose imperfect knowledge would do a  lot of harm.    The medical men to whom  the scheme has been submitted, aud who  have approved of it, seem  to  have  been  hasty in forming an opinion.    No medical  man   who reviews  the scheme, and   who  has the slightest knowledge of 'hospital  work, could  endorse  it,  for, as a correspondent of the Hamilton Spectator puts  the case, 'it would be a refuge for"u-eless  women and old maids, or a resort i'or ambitions' girls, who, once a spattering  of  midwifery was obtained, would hang out  their shingles and display their certificates in  every hamlet in  the country, a  rival of the village doctor and a menace  to human life.'    No, tlie scheme should be  withdrawn;   The  public  will  stand  the  floating of a great many fads,  but  this  home helper scheme is  unwise, and  has  not a single good point to commend it."  SLOCAN   MINING . NEWS.  The owners of the Goodenough and  Grey Copper/mineral claims have organized a joint stock 'company to take over  their properties. Tne -incorporators of  the new company are J. A. Whittier. J.  II. Thompson. J. M. Martin. A. Good-  enough, and D. W. Moore. The capital  stock is $S00,000, divided into as many  shares of the par value of $1 each. The  treasury stock will, consist of 200.000  shares. The officers of the company, provisionally/are:' J. A. Whittier, president  and manager; J'. II. Thompson, vice-president, and D. W. -Moore, secretary-treasurer. The ollicial name of the conipany  is "The Goodenough Mines."  Peter Hall Deschant has sold his undivided one-half'interest in the Nansen  mineral claim, situated in the Whitewater basin, to .'Henry Alexander.Bart on,  agent for' the Gresham Gold Exploring  Syndicate of London. The consideration  was $750.  The Echo Mining Conipany, recently  organized, is sending out a force of men  to begin development work at once. The  claims are situated in Jackson basin, and  are said to be promising. Henry Cody  will have charge at the mine.  A deal has been made on the Bolander,  situated on. Cody creek, adjoining the  Noonday. A company has been incorporated under the laws of Washington, to  stock and work the property. The promoters of the deal are all mouied men of  Findley," Ohio, Who are intent upon investing their capital in Slocan properties.  John Savage fell down a 20-foot stope  at the Noble Five mine,'splintering one of  the small bones of the leg. lie was removed to the hospital.at New Denver for  treatment.  J. M. McGallum. who has been acting as  clerk at the Motel Sandon, left last .Monday for Slocan City.-where he will establish a branch butcher shop for P: Burns  A: Co.. of Nelson.  EAST   KOOTENAY   DEALS.  J. 0. Durick and A. Doyle of Fort Steele,  have bonded the Alberta mineral claim to  captain F. P. Armstrong'of Golden, for  $10,000. The Alberta is situate on Perry  creek, and is a gold proposition. Very  little work has been done on the claim.  E. C. Smith, J. Cleaver and O. S. Frizzell  of Fort Steele, have bonded the Gem and  Stoney mineral claims to Messrs. Smith.  Harris and Williams of Spokane, for  $20,000. ��� The (Jem is the northern extension of the Hamlet, one of the famous  Sullivan group, and the Stoney lies north  of the (.'Jem. The claims are silver-lead  propositions, and are considered good  properties.  The East Kootenay Miningand Developing Conipany has acquired by bond and  purchase, several valuable properties on  Perry creek. Bull and Elk rivers. D.W.  Jackson, representing the conipany, is  preparing to commence work as soon as  possible on the Perry creek properties.  mm  m    tf*ifyf-<i-'*u.1 TUT) TRin'nFI.;   NKI-SON,   IJ. n., SATURDAY, 'MAIU'MI 20,   I8H7  .-��-.��^-_-__i__.-_*77=s:_*irij_ir:-*--^ro-<.^<'<  PUBLISHERS' NOTICE.  T'lK TUTI-CNB   i< published  on  .--'ntni-day--, hy Tin-:  'I'lMUCXK PUHI.lSHiNK Uo.M )��� \ XV, :i Hit Will   lie  mailed  to sui-sci-ibcr.-, on payment ut' Two Poi.i.w.sa year.  No su h-cript'ton takMii for !���*-- i hai: a year. .  KKUUL.Yl- AUVKirn.SK.MK-N'TS jirinU-tl ut the lol-  lo-viiig rates: Oiio ini'ii, i;:'i! it your; two inches,  $60 it vear; throe iiioiio- ssi a your; lour inches,  Si'i! a voir: live inches, -*10.j u year; .-is niche- and  over, al tho i-.ito of SI.ad '���'-'���> inch per moiilP.  TilAXSII-'NT AIA"i-:i;TI.S!-::vIKNTS 20 cents :i lino for  first insertion and 10 cents a lino for each additional  i-i-.urti'-ii.   J'irth,  marriage, and iloiilh  not ices free.  LOCAL Oil KKAIM-N'U _lATTi.it XOTICKS 2ft ccnU a  lino ouch insertion.  JOB PRINTING at fair rales. All accounts for job  prinlii'.S and advertising payable on the H-.-.1. ot  overv month; .���.ubsoripl.ion, in advance.  ADDKJiSS all commililieatioiiK lo,  THK TIUBUXH, Nelson, U. C.  PP.OFHiSSIONAL,   CAH.D3.  DIjvBAU, M.D.���Physician and Surgeon.   Rooms H  ���   and I Higclow blook, Xelson.   Telephone.12.   Otlioo  hour.-- from 1 to 2:'M p. in. and <i::so Lo 8 p. in.   G~JI. 11. .SVMOXOS. "M-l)., 0.:M.,-Physician and Sur-  ���    goon.   Ollice in I'lio Bealey building, We.-a Baker  street, Xelson.  J  F. HITCH IE, Provincial Land Surveyor.    Ollice in  Ritchie building. Hossland, Ii. ('.    \~TT   J. H. IIOIj.MIW. C. '���:.���Provincial Land Surveyor.  1'. 0. box 82, lCn.-1'j, U. 0.  T C. G Wlf-UM, H.A.Fc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A-Sc.  O . ���Mining .'engineers and Analytical (licinisls,  Slocan Cily, ii. C.   LODCrB   MilSTINGS.  NKLSON LODGE, XO. 23, A. V. & A. "\L "Meets  second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning  brethren-invited.  Ask. Your Shoe  Dealer for the  Famous  ��he ��ribitrte*  SATURDAY "MORNING,  ..MARCH 20, 1S!)7  Attorni.v-Gicnural Ubiokts brought  down last week the return asked for by  J. Fred liu rue, showing the number of  land transfers in AVest lvootenay during  the year 1800, and the amount of fees collected on such transfers. The return submitted to the house showed that OSS  transfers were made, upon which $3.7.jS.M3  were collected in fees. It is therefore apparent that a land registry office for AVest  Kootenay would be self-supporting. liven  if it were not, tlie people of the district  have-a right to demand a district registry  ollice, as the present system of doing West  Kootenay's business through the Victoria  office is behind the times. The government cannot establish a land registry.  office in Nelson a day too soon.  Tun men who compose the cabinet of  premier Turner have done many foolish  things in their attempts to administer the  affairs of the province of British Columbia. Several of them have been members  of three successive governments, and in  each have contributed to the making discreditable history. Under one cover or  another ihey have permitted all kinds of  jobbing, but it may well be questioned if  any British Columbian legislature ever  .made'so gigantic a mistake as -was made  by the Ontario legislature when ib gave  the African General Development Syndicate the exclusive right for three .'years  to prospect over 0-1,000 acres of tlie Rainy  liiver section. The only condition which  tlie Ontario legislature exacts from this  syndicate is that it shall spend $30,000 the  first year of the lease, $-10,000 during the  ��� :- second year, and $50,000 during the last  year.. In return for this, the government  witli a view to encouraging the development of the mineral resources of the province, locks up about 100 square miles of  country from all save the servants of the  corporation.  .'The railway committee of the Toronto  board-of  trade  has  prepared  its report  upon the subject of the Crow's Nest railway, aud the same has been accepted  by  the board.   As the finding of the Toronto  'board of trade  upon this matter will no  doubt carry considerable weight thrciiuli-  out eastern Canada, the first two clauses  of the committee's report .may willi  propriety be called to  the attention of the  provincial   government.     They   are   appended:    "(1.)   That if assistance isgran-  '" ted  by   the  government of C.iuada  to  " the building of such a railway, or if the  li government undertake the construction  7i of such a railway, to a point at or near  "' Nelson, the province of British Columbia  "should be asked  to make an enuitablc  "contribution from its treasury. (2) That  "as the irnmen.se and rich deposits of coal  '��� in the vicinity of the Crow's Nest. Pass  '" arc the legitimate heritage of the peo-  , " pie, the..government' should, consistent  " with the protection of capital, takesuch  " steps a.s shall .make the construction of  " the (.'row's 'Nest Pass rail way dependent;  77 upon the retention of theseco:il deposits  " from all monopoly, thiissccuring I'or the  " people  of the   Northwest and  British  " Columbia cheap fuel supplies, and  thus  " aiding in tlie development of the inin-  77 eral   resources   of  that section  of  the  " Dominion."    So far as  the province of  British  Columbia  is  concerned, it is generally known that it has already pledged  a   fabulous amount   in  provincial  assets  to secure the building of the road.   The  trouble has been that the aid has gono to  charter speculators  and   not to railroad  builders.    Jt'  the province is  now called  upon to pay a proportion of the cost of  the road it will be paying twice over i'or  the work. This is the fruit oi a policy  which, has characterized the provincial  government for many years. Under the  pretence of opening up the 'province,  private individuals have been granted  valuable concessions without the slightest  consideration as to their ability to carry  out the work for which the concessions  were presumably granted. What was  , done in the case of the British Columbia  Southern railway will be done ,again in  the'ease of the British Pacific railway if  the IJiLhet faction of the government  party can intimidate the cabinet into  granting the demands of the new batch  of speculators. Premier Turner on -don-  day announced that he. would present the  government's railway policy during the  present week. In. view of tho Crow's Nest  developments, it will bo interesting to  note what changes will be made in the  government's'railway policy.  Tin-: new la rill bill was in I rod need in  tho United States congress on Monday,  fixing the duty upon the lead contents of  oro at one cent per pound. The duties  are to be estimated at ports of entry,  bonds being required in double the  amount', and the duties will bo liquidated  after government assay.  It is reported that Harold Selous i.s a  likely candidate for the office of gold commissioner and government agent for AArest  lvootenay. That he will be appointed to  the office does not follow. If the people  of West Kootenay were consulted, he  would not stand the slightest chance. In  the opinion of most people, Harold Selous  may have the ability requisite i'or the  office, but it is difficult to understand why  the government would consent to make  so unpopular an appointment. A feature  of the contemplated vacancy iu this oflice  is the number of undesirable men who  have appeared as candidates. Napoleon  Fitzstubbs, with all his shortcomings, is  preferable to any of tlie known applicants  for the office.  Jt is reported that the Laurier government will withhold the writ for the Cham-  plain election iu Quebec until the meeting  of parliament, when a bill will be introduced-making it a crime for any priest or  clergyman to interfere with the i'ree expression of tlie will of the people, at the  the polls. This action is deemed necessary by reason of the spiritual terrorism  which the Roman Catholic, bishops are  practising against supporters of the  Laurier government. It is time that the  political bishops of Quebec were checked.  For over one hundred years they have  bulldo/.ed the members of their congregations and have dictated their politics.  Their latest attempt -it coercion throughout the province of Quebec, is one of the  most disgraceful events in the history of  the Dominion, aud something which no  self-respecting government could ignore.  In any measures which Wilfred- Laurier  may take to check the influence of the  church oi' Rome in Dominion politics,he  should receive the unanimous support of  patriotic Canadians.  In an article on the Corliss bill the Boston Transcript is frank enough to say  this: "It was conceived in the folly that  however hostile, our attitude toward our  neighbors might be, they would play the  spaniel's "part and cringe before our kicks  and insults. But the Canadiaus are not  that kind of people."  -  That Kaslo Squabble in Victoria.  In Buchanan vs. Chipman a motion for  prohibition   was  made to justice  Drake  Monday morning atVictoria.   During the  municipal   election   in1 Kaslo,   alderman  Buchanan alleges that Mr. Chipman, who  is  city clerk, and also police magistrate  of Kaslo, used obscene aud blasphemous  language  concerning him, aud he wrote  ihe city council, requesting the city to  institute proceedings against their clerk.  This   they   refused   to 'do,  and  he  then  laid an information against Chipman  before justice of the peace Stone and had  the   summons   made   returnable   before  judge   Form   in   his capacity as stipendiary     magistrate.     Police    .magistrate  Chipman   then,  as   is   provided   by   the  municipal  net,  offered  Buchanan   to  request  two justices of  Kaslo to  try  the  case, but Buchanan wanted the  trial before judge Forin, as otherwise the accused  would be enabled to choose his own judges  before whom  he would  be tried.    Judge  Forin adjourned   the  hearing over eight  days to allow the  present .application to  bo  disposed  of, and Mr.  Belyea, who appears for Buchanan, takes the preliminary  objection that the information i.s already  dead, having  been  adjourned   for eight  (lays, being longer than the time allowed  for a remand and   that  therefore the motion i'or prohibition must fail.   .Judgment  was  reserved.    H.. Cassidy   appeared   in  support of the motion.  Ho May be Innocent.  It is announced in diplomatic .circles  that a collective 'inquiry has been made  ���at all the inilitary^bureaus of the powers,  the result being an opinion that conviction in the case of captain Alfred Dreyfus,  who was sentenced to transportation for  life-for treason in.lNOI, wa.s one of the  most terrible judicial errors in modern  history.  The  influence  of tiie  pope  is believed:  to   lie   the   main   spring of  the  present  agitation. J'eLitions have been considered  by  the czar,  the   German  emperor and  Leo  Nil J'.,  not  only   f'riehd-  bufc from  Austrian archduchesses. Even King  George of Greece, though sufficiently  absorbed by the present crisis in his  own. affairs, joins in the expressed  affirmation that Dreyfus i.s innocent.  Jt will be remembered that captain Dreyfus was found guilty by a military tribunal after a secret trial. The specific  charge was that he sold to Germany for  ."���(���0,000 francs information regarding the  French army. The proof offered was a  letter, without rla'te or signature, and said  to be in the handwriting of the accused,  containing a list of five other documents  relating lo secret details'of the French  service, and said to have been sent with it.  The letter was alleged to have been found  in a waste basketat the German embassy,  torn in four pieces. Of live experts in  chirography, only two would swear absolutely that the writing was that of captain Dreyfus. One reason why doubt of  captain Dreyi'us's guilt is so widespread  lies in the fact that no military bureau,  German or otherwise, has any such sum  as .300,000 frtuics unaccounted i'or.  LAURIER'S   GREAT   MISTAKE.  How   Ho  Could  Have   Handled  the  Railway  Question with Safety.  Toronto Telegram: Delay in building  the'Crow's Nest Pass railway is not as  good either for the country or I'or the  Liberal party as the haste wliich could  have offered to build the road without  the risk of loss to the public treasury or  cost to the taxpayers of the Dominion.  The Laurier government would have been  on the safe side if it had introduced a bill  offering to take over the land grants of  the British Columbia Southern, and to  build and operate the road made out in  its charter. Not content with misrepresenting the motives of advocates of government construction, the Globe has  wholly ignored the truth that no one has  seriously proposed that the Dominion  government should build and operate the  road unless the Dominion government acquired the coal and oil lands of British  Columbia just as the British Columbia  Southern would have acquired these  valuable properties.  It i.s true that, even with these coal and  oil lands granted by their charter, the  British Columbia Southern has so far  been unable to raise money for the railway. Its efforts were made when British  Columbia was in the experimental stage.  BriLi.h Columbia is rapidly going beyond  the experimental stage, and it would be  an absolutely safe venture for lhe Dominion government to advance money to  build the railway, and take the coal and  oil lands whicli "would probably pay the  ���whole cost of building a road which would  be a paying enterprise from the start, ft  would have paid the Laurier government  to bring in a bill pledging the country to  build the road, il the country got the  land, which will more than pay for the  road if any private corporation builds it.  Jc would have been a safe offer, for Llie-  country could not have lost a cent by its  acceptance, and the government would  have gained prestige through the senate's  interference with its efforts to serve the  nation. The Canadian Pacific railway  has strength enough in the Dominion senate to balk the -.government's efforts to  serve the country, at the expense of its  privilege*. But it would have been good  politics for the Laurier government to  make the attempt, and then let the conn try  realize exactly what sort of an institution  the Dominion senate is.  Goldwin Smith's Liberalism.  .Goldwin Smith in a recent issue of ihe  Toronto Weekly Sun sums up his political  views. He is a Liberal of the old school,  he��� say's, "believing in liberty and justice;  trusting human nature and wishing to  give it fair play," looking i'or the main  sources of prosperity not to the action  of government but to individual industry  and frugality; having faith in'the gradual improvement of society, but not in its .  sudden transformation. He is ready to  put everything into the hands of the  state as soon as he can be made to see that  the state is anything but the government,  and that the government is anything but  a set of fallible and peccable, sometimes  highly fallible and highly peccable, mortals. To the extension of the functions  of government in its present sphere,  wherever common action is bet: er  than individual, he has no' objection  on principal, and if people, choose to  call government ownership of railways or  municipal ownership of streetcars socialistic, he may lay claim to the title of  a socialist. That which lie regards with  misgiving is the proposal to extend the  sphere of government beyond its present  sphere to industrial, commercial, social,  or even domestic life. Mr. Bellamy has  laid it down that children are not to be  dependent upon their parents, but on the  state for means of support. To this, as it  would apparently cast upon governments  the duty of holding the pap-boat, the bystander* is compelled at present to demur.  Against any scheme of confiscation or of  public plunder of any kind he, as a believer.in justice, frankly protests; and as  judicial ���murder is the worst murder, so he  holds that of all robbery, legislative robbery is the worst.  The War Scare in the East.  C.-vxka, March I".���The admirals of the  combined fleet in Cretan waters today  made a formal resolution of the intention  of tiie powers to confer -upon the island  an autonomous government under the  suzerainty of the sultan. The situation  at Canea is daily becoming more serious.  Owing to the influx of thousands of penniless refugees, the local government is  unable to supply each with a couple of  rounds of bread daily. A similar deplorable condition i.s beginning to exist in He-  timo and Candia. During six hours" fighting outside the latter town yesterday, six  Turkish soldiers were killed and twenty-  five wounded.  Constantinople, March   17. lu imperial  circles here the opinion 'prevails that the  blockade of Crete by the fleets of the for-  **J7T ���"777?J^ft>-*y v- gw^  To ma.kc sp>ice for new snoods we will sell all o-oods now in stock .'it cost for spot cash,  beginnino'  Monday,   March   15th  and  eliding Wednesday,   March 31.sC.  Toilet Soaps, Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, Sponges, Mirrors, Rubber Goods, Toilet Preparations, Purses, Spectacles, Playing Cards, "Office Supplie, Note Paper, J-.nvelopes,  School -Supplies, Memorandum 'Books,  I-_tc.  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Oh, no:  Willi an odor of -tent  And a smile of cmiluiil.  Kncli maid will appear like n small c.ircu- lent,  Where's an old beau lu t.eaeh;  Filing him here. I beseech.  To explain liowyou waltz with a gill you can't reach.  Jly Caroline  In crinoline'  Oil. no!  Tho Kate of Interest in Montreal. ���  There was a time when Xelson had a  private bank which discounted the American gold paid in by its depositors. This  was considered a hardship, but the people  of Nelson were fortunate that they did  not have to deal with Montreal-'moneychangers.'": On Thursday of last week a  remarkable case came up before judge  Gill in Montreal. On November -0th, IS!)I,  .!. L. M.iehaud signed a note/payable in a  month and a half from the date for !?7_;10,  and in default of payment at maturity,  interest was to be charged at the rate of  ~) percent per day. The note was made  to the order of Ambroise La fortune. It  was not paid at maturity, but July 7th,  IS9(i, $100 was paid on account, and February ,2().h last, theholder of the note took  action, claiming $150 w-ith interest as  stipulated. Principal and interest now  amount to an enormous sum. Judgment,  for that amount was given for plaintiff  by judge McGill.  An Example Set by Cleveland,  it is charged that president Cleveland,  though poor on entering politics, retires  owning more than $1,000,000. The amount  could not have beeu saved from salary,  and must be regarded as among the rays7.  tei'ies now so common as to awaken little  or no interest. Unlike the usual run of  such cases, he has set the republic an example worth more than the entire surplus.  The Slocan's Outlook.  The Ledge: The Slocan is filling up  with hobos, tramps, chair warmers, grafters, sure thing gamblers and other members of. the human leech family. They  are evidently welcome, as the government  has not yet'���provided any police protection for the Slocan lake country.  A Very Womanly Woman,  The  most  disgraceful   performance  at  the great prize-fight in Carson  City on  Wednesday,   was  that of Mrs.   Fit/.sim-  mons,   wile   of   the   victorious   pugilist.  This is how the press dispatches describe  her conduct at the ring-side: "As the  battle went on. she became more and  more demonstrative, sometimes breaking  forth with exclamations which bordered  on the profane. At every blow which her  lanky spouse received from his antagonist  her eyes blazed, and with her listclenched  she screamed. 'The hound." 'The, pt-ppy.'  'Punch him. Hob.'    'Kill liiin." "  Tlie Crow's Nest  Pass Bailway an  Tlie Sloean Biver  Will   start  about   March    151I1  with   about  double   its   former  capacity    in    all    departments  7,000,000   feet o  contract  for earlv delivery  log's   under  ailwa  arc to be built during* the year  1897. Construction work has  'already commenced on the last  named. These two roads with  the two already having" terminals at Nelson will make Nelson  the railway center of Southern  British Columbia. Real estate  in rai 1 \yay centers rapidIy 'in-  creases in value���-often-'more  rapidly than stocks in undeveloped mines���and Nelson '.will  be no exception. The. following7 described property is choice  and the prices such as to insure  purchasers   against   making'  a  The Planing Mill  and Factory  Is now riiimiitij lull lime muter tliu iimiinguiiiont.  of (;. E. I'oiy. a -Oniiictcnl dnuiKlit.-niiin and  incvliiinic who will funii*-li sjiocinl (IniwniK- fiuo  ol' clun-yo.  New Designs  In hoiit-o interiors, otll-ti and Moru lixmri1.-', dado  work, ni'iiitl-.-*. brac-kiits. mouldings, book cftsc**.  .furniture, t.urniiijj's, carving. Ki'ill work, and band  sawing. Order-? for all such work executed in an  arlistic manner.  One Car Glass  Direct from Belgium expected this inonlli. Hough  and dressed lumber, laths, etc., always in block.  Two Cars Sash  and Doors  Yard and branch ollice foot of  Ilendryx Street  N*��"g. 0. BUCHANAN  losing:  NELSON   PROPERTY  :ilixl2ii feet on   Maker street,  with   --'-story  ollice building.   Terms ....     ..'...!  oUxl-0 feet on  Vernon street, with 2-stoiy  business block.   Terms......   2.")Xl2iJ feet on Vernon street (a corner) with  .'improvement.'*.   Tonus-   ...  1(10x120 feet on Vernon street (a corner) with  improvements.   Terms  :   iiOxl-M feet at corner of Ward, and Hoover  streets, with Id-room dwelling house.   All  modern conveniences.   Terms   MX 120 feet on Victoria street, with 2-story  dwelling.    Terms     ������   112.1 x 120 feet on Victoria street, with cottage  ���Terms        ��� ���   2.1x120   feet corner  Victoria and   Ilendryx  streets.   Term ���     ���    ��� ��� ���    ���  ��� ���  ���ice  ,2.10  ,0.0  ,000  �� �� �� ��  The business centre for the rich-  mines on Springer Creek and  Slocan Lake. This is one of  the richest districts.in British  Columbia.  F^NK FLETCfjEH, Trustee.  Parties having iots in Sil-  verton, and wishing to  seii may find a buyer by  addressing or calling on  OUTSIDE   PROPERTY  I'rice  An undivided one-third interest in flic town-  site of Silverton, on Slocan lake.   Terms..? 1,000  An undivided one-fourth interest in Trout  Lake Citv townsite, in Lard can district.  Terms   2,000  Oflice:   Corner Vernon and  Ward streets, N'elson. ]>. f'.  Cor. Vernon and Ward Sts., Nelson.  Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of  Improvements.  Kloriau Kractionul Mineral (Maim, sitiialo in the Tlleeille-  wai.-f Alining Division of West. I-OOten.iy District, and  located about, three and a i|inirtor miles cast, of Ille-  eilhiwael, Sliitinn. and immediately east of Muir's tunnel on the Canadian I'aeilie liailway.  Take notice that I, Ki-ank Stiilman  Barna'-d, actiue on  behalf  of the   Ulloncf   l-Ya-cr  liiver A.   Cariboo Gold  Fields. Limited. I'ree miner's certiiion.le Nn. S1I.0IS. issued  nl. Now Westminster on Oclober ifl.-f. ISllli. intend sixty  days from  the date hereof, to apply fo Iho mining recorder I'nr a ccrl.ilicn.tenf improvements'fur Hie purpose  <jf olitiiiuiii_r a crown !,*ranf of  tlie  above claim.   And  .  further take notice that, action, under section .'</. must be  '  commenced before tlie issuance of sucli certilicnte ot lin-  j   provements.       I r\ S. BAHNAIll).  Daled. this 12th day of January. 1897. [.Ian. 2,ird|  Kiln-dried and other Lumber  can now be obtained at the  yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base  and Corner Blocks, Brackets,  Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,  Etc.,  at loAvest prices.  "sItuatioFwanted  Hv nn   experienced   housekeeper,   (food   manager and  willing worker.    Hotel preferred.   Address.  .MRS. MYKIK HILL, Nelson. B.C.  m o  THI^T-RLBUVNE:    NHLSoX,  H.C,  SATURDAY,  UA.RC H ��� '20,   mi  i)  o  Capital,a  Best,  all paid  up,     ���  $12,000,000  8,000,000  Sir DONALD A.  SMITH   Hon. CEO. A.  DRUMMOXIJ,  10. S. CLOUSTON    ' President  ..'. .Vice-President  .General "Manager  _sr__]i_so_sr _3_-..A."Nro_3:  N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.       lllt.l.VCIIKS  IN       LONDON   (England), - NEW YORK,   CHICAGO,  and in Hie principal eilie_ in Canada.  Buy and sell Slerling Kxchango and Cable Transfers  UHA.NT CO.MSIKltCIAI. AMI TIIAVKJ.T..KHS' CKKDITS,  available iu any part of tho world.  llKAFTS  ItSSUI'I)    COI.I.ECTIOXS MADE;  KTC.  SAVINGS BANK BRANCH.  RATE OK IXTKBlvST (at present) 3 Per Cent.  M'CONNJ-Iil/S   OPINION    OP   TRAIL   CREEK  And Some of the - Leads in the Vicinity of  Nelson.  The report of _*Ir. lAIcOounel] upon tlie  mineral foniuitiou of tlie Nelson and Trail  Creek districts appears in tiie summary  report of tlie geological survey department for the year Itt'.Hi, just issued. From  it the following extracts are taken:  "The classification of  the Trail  Creek-  ore bodies, and the sulphide deposits generally of the igneous rocks of the district,  is a difficult  problem and  one which has  given  rise  to  considerable differences of  opinion.    They may.be original  segregations from a cooling magma, like tiie Sudbury  pyrrotite ore*-', secondary segregations from   the  basic  rocks which inclose  them,   replacement   veins along  lines of  Insuring, or, as the majority of miners are  inclined   to   believe,    true  fissure   veins.  Isolated examples  might lie cited hi support ol any of these views, but taking the  deposits as a whole, the theory which fits  in best with  the prevailing conditions i.s  undoubtedly tho third.    The blunt-, irregular outlines of some of  the ore bodies,  aud their fisMtre-liko regularity in others,  the presence in most cases of a single wall  wliich is often  meaningless as a confining  lino, and tlie occasional lack of any wall,  the gradual  blending'of  the ore with the  country rock, and tho presence of the latter as the principal gangue, are all   characters consistent-   with   tlie deposition of  the  ore  from  ascending   heated   waters,  which  have eaten  away portions of  the  country  rock  along   lines of  fracturing,,  and replaced   it.  by the   minerals   held in  solatium Tho definite and approximately  parallel direction and dip of the majority  of  the K.osshincl lead-, tho sili.eoiiH character of many of the ores and the presence  of calcspar iti seams and irregular pockets.  tellagain.it  Lhe theory of original segregation, which   litis uf  iale  ye;ir.--been rip-  plied to somewhat similar deposits iu different parts of the world, while 'the ord i-  n-iry ear-marks of fissure veins, as usually  understood, are seldom observable.  "The miners of the district are generally prejudiced in -favor of, fissure, veins,  tinder tiie belief that they tire the only  ones whicli are apt to be coiithiuous in  depth. There is no reason, however, why;  replacement veins following' lines of-Us-,  suiiug, and filled with material derived  from below, though subject to greater  ���variation'iu volume, should not be equally  ipermaueut.  ���'Besides'the pyrrhotite and associated  rsulphide ores characteristic of the basic  volcanics, an important system of siliceous ore-bearing fissure veins has a'wide  ��� distribution in the. district. The quart7'.  leads are not confined to one formation,  -but occur indiscriminately iu all. The O.  ,K. occurs in an altered aud partly serpen-  tinized basic volcanic rock, the Fern in massive porphyrite, tthe Poorman. Maud S.  -and Clearwater in granite, the Exchequer  in schistose eruptives. the Klise iu slates,  and the Cold Hill and Helen in eruptive  rocks later than the granite. The quartz  leads vary greatly in size, but seldom exceed six to eight feet in width, and usually  average less. They contain free gold,  auriferous pyrites, chalcopyrite and  galena. Stamp mills have been erected at  the Poorman, O. K. and Fern, and a number of the other leads are being prospected.  "A-third class of gold leads includes the  Starlight, Golden King and others in the  vicinity of Toad mountain, and consists  of pyritiz-ed belts, often a hundred feet  and more iu width, traversing the schistose eruptives. These leads tire simply  more or less mineralized portions of the  schistose country rock, carrying occasional ribs and stringers of quart/.. They  are low grade, the Starlight, which has  been prospected during the past summer  by Mr. Francis for an .English company,  averaging about .$���') in gold per ton, but  owing to the practically unlimited  amount of material available, they may  possibly in some instances be profitably  worked.  "Mining has made satisfactory ad vances  on all sides iu West Kootenay during the  past season. Prospectors, the pioneers of  the industry, swarmed over the country  making numberless locations everywhere.  A fair percentage of the prospects of previous years on wliich development work  has been done, promise to become mines,  and the older mines show no signs of deterioration as developed.  To Wear Helmets.  The New York fire department recently  tested, with pronounced success, a smoke-  proof helmet, and an electric lantern. In  a smoke-filled building, tlie smoke-proof  masks were found exceedingly useful.  They are made of leather, and have openings for the eyes, mouth and nostrils.  The fireman wearing the mask can hear  plainly and can-see distinctly, the aper-  atr.re'f'or the eyes being covered with  mica. Previous to I lie adjustment of the  mask to the head of the wearer, a sponge  saturated with  some  exhilarating liquid  Canada's Strong: Suit.  In the matter of liquor licenses Canada  compares well with the neighboring  states. Enlightened Massachusetts gives  one license to every #iS of its population;  Michigan gives one to every ���239; Iowa,  that a few years ago was prohibition,  gives one to every 2.S1.): Ohio one to 203;  Minnesota one to 301; Illinois one to 183;  New York one to 131. In Ontario the proportion is one to every 032, and in Quebec  one to 035. The figures for the other  provinces are not at hand, but they are  certainly not doing less than Ontario and  Quebec.   The Cost ot Keeping Armies.  It costs Cireat Britain rt,SS,500,0t!0 a year  to maintain her army: France.' spends  $101.(!0(),0{)()'on liers. and Cermany $I1S.-  320,000 on hers: while the United States  pays out $1-1-1,000,000 in pensions on account of a war that ended thirty-two  years ago, and her present military establishments costs $.")"),000,000 a year. The  l.-nited States expends at the rate of $2000  Herman under arms; (ireat Britain, $010  pei- man; (ierniany, $10.1 per man, and  Franco $170, not including pensions in  either ease.  is fixed firmly in the opening for the  mouth and nostrils, thus permitting the  wearer to breathe freely, yet excluding  the smoke. The lantern does not differ in  appearance from the lanterns which have  heretofore been iu use. ft contains, however, a powerful incandescent lamp, which  is operated by a small but powerful storage battery in the base of the lantern.  Tlie helmet is made of aluminum, and,  while exceedingly light is very durable.  Only One Creak at Monte Carlo.  Sixty-five new graves were filled in the  Suicides' Cemetery at Monaco last winter.  The cemetery is in barren, uncultivated  hind, and within it are buiried any who  have taken their lives through losses at  the Casino.' Four blank walls enclose the  i-quare of earth: at the head of tho grave  of each unfortunate there is only a plain,  unpainted piece of wood, with a number  on it. Under several of these mounds is  theoiiginal of "'tlie man who broke the  bank at Monte Carlo." Nobody ever did,  of course, "break tho bank." Each table  starts wilh a certain amount of money,  and when that is exhausted the play is  stopped only until a fresh supply can be  taken from the strong room. The actual  reserve of the bank, ready for emergency,  is one and a half million dollars. Hecenlly  Monte Carlo obtained a new lease, one  which will insure it the gambling privilege until 1013. Monaco is a small principality under the rule of Albert Charles  ITonore, sovereign prince of Monaco, and  he it is who lets out tlie privilege of running a gambling house at Monte Carlo,  lie charges five hundred thousand dollars  a year for that privilege.  May Rush the Work "Without Subsidies.  The Montreal (In/.ette: Things are  pretty lively just now in the chief engineer's department of the Canadian  Pacific laihvay. and, as men,.ai'e-being  sent west, and other preparations for the  summer's work in the Crow's Nest  Pass, it looks as if sir William Van  Home's suggestion to go ahead with  the work, and look out for the subsidy  later on, was being carried out. The  rumored purchased of sixty-five thousand  tons of steel rails from the Carnegie  company by the Canadian , Pacific is  confirmed, and, although the sum paid  for these rails reaches a little over  $1,000,000. the price is looked upon by  railway men as exceedingly reasonable  and about $2 per ton less than the present rate. These rails are said to be 72  pound-- to the yard, anrl will steel fiom  ;10() to 000 iniles ot road, A00 miles being no  doubt for the Crow's Nest Pass, as it is  understood that the Canadian Pacific will,  with their usual energy, put on a number  of men and complete the line right  thiough to Nelson within eighteen months.  Circle City's First Beefsteak.  The first beefsteak that ever reached  Circle City, Alaska, sold for $ IS per pound  a few weeks ago. The steak consisted of.  a ten pound piece of beef slaughtered at  ���10-Mile creek, packed and shipped 2.*>0  mile.-- to Circle City by Thomas O'Brien.  When -O'Brien reached camp, the miners  turned out in a body' to see the steak. It  was placed on exhibition and attracted as  much attention as an eight-legged calf.  -Everybody,wanted a piece of fresh meat,  and the prices offered were such they  would have caused a mining camp quarrel  or bloodshed, if it had not been decided io  .raffle the steak off for the .benefit; of the  ���hospital, which B. II. Howe is trying lo  establish for miners of Circle City. At  first.$.") a pound was offered for a slice of  of steak, but the bidding became brisker  and-as the'meat was sliced as high a_"$35  per pound was offered. Finally, in order  to avoid complications, it was decided to  sell tickets at from 50 cents to $2.nO for  the privilege of drawing for a-.slice. After  $.180 worth of tickets were sold the drawing began.      L ...'..  British Columbia Stock Raisers Suffer.  The stock raisers of the upper country  will have good cause to remember the  winter of 1S00O7. If a thaw does not set  in quickly fully 50 per cent of of the cattle  on the ranges will be dead from starvation. Hardly a rancher has a ton of feed  left owing to the exceptionally long spell  ;of cold weather aud heavy snowfall. Reports justify the statement that many of  the small stock raisers will be ruined, and  even the big ranchers and cattle companies will be"lieavily hit. Abundance of  cheap hay is required at once if the stockmen are to save a small proportion of  their cattle. The Canadian Pacific railway has come to the assistance of the  stockmen with an offer of reduced rates  on hay shipments from the coast and the  Northwest. A rate of $70 a car is offered  from Northwest Territory points, and of  $10 a car from the .coast.  JAPAN   AFFECTS   THE   MARKET.  Silver Goes Down to 62 Cents in New York  This Week.  Considerable weakness has been apparent iu the silver market recently on heavy  liquidations. Bar' silver declined I per  cent, to (52 cents on Tuesday, on reports  that the London market was disorganized,  owing to the sentimental effects of the  elforts made by the Japanese government  to adopt the gold standard. Buyers have  withdrawn temporarily from the market,  and in the absence of support prices  sagged sharply. London quotations  touched 28,3d. Considerable apprehension  is felt as to the effect on the market in  the event of the Japanese bid becoming a  law, as the government has immense  stores of silver which may be thrown ou  the market. The bill introduced is a ministerial measure, and has already passed  the lower house and is now in the upper  house, or house of lords.  The bill now before the Japanese parliament embodies the finding of a commission appointed by the emperor to investigate the followingquestions: (1) The  cause and effects of the recent change of  ratio between gold and silver. (2) The  effects of the change upon Japan. (3)  Whether such change necessitated a reform of our present current system, and  if so, to determine what new standard of  currency shall be adopted, and how it  s'lall be done.  Concerning the work of this commission  the Salt Lake Tribune says: A special  committee was appointed to investigate  the lirst two question'-. They finished  tlieir work in 189.1 They agreed generally to the statements contained iu chapters I and 2 affixed thereto, but could not  could not come to an understanding upon  the questions covered by section 3. Hence  there was a majority and a minority report submitted. Then the full commission  met and endorsed chapters I and 2. It,  however, divided on chapter 3, aud at  last, after a lengthy discussion, reported  the chapter by a majority of 10 against 5.  Fxcepting one member, the commission  was of the opinion that the change of the  ratio between gold and silver was so far  beneficial to Japan, and that therefore  there is i'or the present no necessity to  change the currency system. They differed on the point of whether in the  future necessity for such change would  arise; eight took the affirmative, seven  the negative. Then six out of tho eight  agreed that if the change was to be made  it should be to gold. They differed about  the method of going to work. Some urged  au immediate change, while others preferred t.o make only necessary preparations for the future. Some proposed to  wait .'in international arrangement, while  others wished tn establish ljiui_t.-illi.-m in  dependently of other nations.  Certificate  of the Incorporation of a.   Foreign  Company. -  COMI'AXIKS   A-T''   P.'.MT   IV.   .\NI>    A.MENUI.S'C    ACTS.  Illi: l,-|:l.SII.\M   UOLII   |..M'l.l'KIN<i   M',''l'l.'A-||:. I.'lll.,  Miniqg Laws of B, C,  up to  1897 edition '   Map of Slocan, Thomlinson's.  Map of Kootenay, Fletcher's .  IViap of kootenay, Perry's . . .  Map of Slocan, Keith~F(eid's .  Map af Wild Horse Creek...  date  $ .25  1.00  . 1.00  . 1.00  .1.00  .   1.50  MAiLED FREE 'ON 'RECEIPT OF PRICE  Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd.  NELSON, B. O.  Arc llie meals and lunches served at the  Vienna Bakery and Restaurant. Chicken.  Baked Ham, Boston Baked Beans, Cakes,  Pies, Rolls, and all kinds of Soft Drinks  constantly on hand. Picnic Lunches nut  up to order. A variety of Cigars and  Candies always on hand.  John Humer, Prop.  ^_TTREfflONT"  _TELSO_T  "UALONTC & TllKGILLUS, Proprietors.  Is one of the best hotels in Toad( Mountain district, and  is the headquarters for prospectors and miners.  QRAND: VIEW HOTEL"  __1__._3_D_��l_-.I0'X'O_Sr  TOAD MOUNTAIN7  I). T. MOIUCE, Proprietor.  Excellent acconiniodalion furnished the traveling public  Prospector's and miner's supplies kept on hand.  Tlie undersigned beg to announce flint Ihey have opened  a bakery at the corner of Josephine and Latimer  streets, and will be pleased to ecu re a portion of the  patronage of the people of Nelson:    .SUTTER & JOV.  ugene  GRADUATE OPTICIAN  If you luive lrouble with your eyes, or your glasses  don't" .-nil you perfectly, t-ull upon hini. No cases too  dillicult.    Kxiiiuinalioii free.  NeNon ollice in .IiicoIj Dover's jewelery store.  Kaslo ollice, Kronl street.  MUSIC  LESSONS  Mrs.    Mo Hey  receive pupils  is    prepared    lo  tor piano, violin  or ory.in  ror icnns  Apply to Thomson .Stationery Co., Ltd,, Nolsou  Registered the I lib day of January. 1S!��7.  T HEREUY Oi-'liTII'V. That I have this day registered  -1-    the "(iresliain Cold Exploring Syndicate.  Limited."  (Foreign.) under llie "'('oinpinies AcLP.ui I V. "ijcgi-itr.i-  liou of Foreign Companies" and Amending Act.-..  The head oflice of Ihe sai.l company i-> siluate at III  and 11, Abchureh Lane, in the City of London, England.  The objects for which llie company is e.-lablisbed are:  (a.l   To acquire option-! for I ho purchase or acquisition  of mine?, and to sell, di-po-e of, or deal with such property, and for any of the above purpo-'es, or otherwise  to exercise any of the hereinafior, mentioned  powers  and objecti of the Coiiip.-my, which power.-* and objects  may be exercised independently of the primary onject  slated in this clause:  (b.l   To search for, examine, pro-peel and explore farm**,  lands, mines, mineral--, ores, mining r ghls nnd claims  in Western Australia and other part.* of llie world: to  search for and obtain iiiformuiiou us to mines, mining  fli-tricls. mining and   waler  claims,  waler and a  y  oilier rights, claims rind property: to examine, investigate, and secure the titl��_s to farm-", lands, mines, minerals, ore.-., and mining and other rights or claims in  Western Australia, and any other part of the world; to  employ and send to Western Australia, or elsewhere,  and to pay the fees, costs, charges and expenses of  agents, including persons and corporations, mining ex-  perls, legal counsel, and all persons useful or supposed  lo be useful in examining, invest igaiing, and exploring  fiirnis, lauds, mines, minerals, mining and other rights  and claims in Western Australia or elsewhere, or in  , examining, investigating, and securing the  lilies lo  farms, lands, mines, minerals,  mining or other rights  and claims in  Western  Australia and elsewhere: to  print, publish, advertise, and circulate reports, maps,  plans, prospectuses, and dooumonlsof every kind whatsoever, directly or indirectly  relating, or supposed  lo  relate,  lo farms. lands,   mines,  miimriils. mining  or  other rights, concessions and claims in- Western aiis-  tralia'and elsewhere, io the title thereto, or to the organisation, operations, and objects of this Company or  any oilier company:  (c.)   To acquire from time lo time, by purchase or otherwise,   concessions,   grant.s.   freeholds,   leases,   rights,  claims, and interest,- iu lands or other properties' of  every description, whether in  Western  Australia or  elsewhere, including  mines,   works,   railways,   tramways, lands, wharves, docks, canals, waler rights and  ways, pits, ijuiirries. forests, mills, buildings, machinery, slock, plant and  tilings, upon  such  terms and in  such manner as may be deemed advisable:  (d.)   To develop the resources of said lands by  building,  planting, clearing, mining, and otherwise dealing \\ ith  the same:  (e.)   To sell, improve, manage, develop, lease, mortgage,  dispose of, or otherwise deal with all or any part of Lhe  property of the Company:  If.)   To work or carry on all or any mines, works and  properties from time to time in  the possession of the  Company, in such manner as may be determined; to  erect all  necessary ini'ls, workshops, dwelling-houses-,  and   other  buildings; construct,  maintain, and alter  canals, i ail ways, watei-courses, telegraph wire.-, reservoirs, wells, aqueducts and water-works, and supply  . electric power and other works of every nature and description,  purchase,   rent,   hire,   or  charter  engines,  wagons, etc.: '���  (g.)   To enter into and carrry out such contracts and  arrangements us may bo deemed necessary lo enable  the Company to carry on its business, and tor the general conduct, and management of its a Hairs, and the  doing of all such other things as may be found incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of I he  Company, whclheriu Western Australia, (.ireat Britain,  or elsewhere:  (h.)   To ileal in, purchase, make merchantable, sell, and  dispose'bf ores, minerals, goods, and merchandise generally in  Western Australia,  Cireat, Hrilain, or elsewhere:  (i.i   To carry on tlie business  of  a   mining, .smelling,  lrailing, and metallurgical Company in nil us brandies  in Woscoru Australia. Grout lintain, or elsewhere:  (j.)   To acquire by grant,  purchase, or otherwise, eon-  ' cessions of any property or privileges from any government, BriLi-.li, colonial or foreign, and perform and fnl-  1111 the terms and conditions thereof, and to obtain any  Act of Parliament, or law or order, of any colonial or  foreign government, to enable  the Company to carry  any of its objects inlo eiTect :  (k I   To sell, exchange,  mortgage.  lease,  or  otherwise  deal in the properly or undertaking of the Company, or  any pari, thereof, for sii.'li  consideration as the Com-  paiiy may think lit, and in particular for shares, debea-  i ores or securities of any oilier com puny having objects  alLogcLher or in part similar lo tho.-e of this Company ;  and lo distribute any of the properly of lhe Company  among the members in specie, but so that no distribution amounting lo a red net ion of en pi Lai be made without the sanction of the court where necessary :  (1.1   To promote, organize and  register, and  to aid nnd  ass'-t    m   ttic  promotion,   organization,   regis!ralinn.  operations and objects of any company or companies,  either iu ("ireat. Britain. Ireland, or elsewhere, for the  purpose of acquiring any of the properly of tlji- Company or any other., purpose, ami to incur and pay any  costs and expenses .which may be expedient or useful,  or supposed to be expedient or useful, in and about the  promotion, organization, registration, -operations, aud  carrying into ell'ect the objects, or supposed objects, of  any company or companies, and  to remunerate any  person or corporation   for   promoting, organizing, or  registering any company, or for introducing business  to I his Company, or for obtaining subscriptions to, or  guaranteeing tlie subscription of, or placiiigorassisting  in  placing the shares or securities of  any company  promoted by this Company, or in which it is interested,  or otherwise assisting or. rendering services-to this  Company; ;  (m.)   'I'o borrow and raise money by lhe issue of debentures, debenture  stock, or  other  obligations, or   by  mortgage or charge over all or any pari of the property  of tlie Company, including its. capital, as may seem  expedient:  (n.i   To establish and maintain agencies of the Company  iu any colony or foreign slate, and to procure the Company to be registered, or incorporated, or recognized  in uny colony or foreign state: :  to.I   To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.  The capital stock of lhe said company is .fcoU.OU), divided  into .00.000 shares, of one pound each.  Given under my hand and seal of olll.ee at Victoria,  province of British Columbia, this llth day of January.  18)7. -..--.    S. V. WOOTTON.  ��� ' Registrar of Joint Slock Companies.  Certificate  of the   Registration   of a   Foreign  ,  ' ' Company.  "IVMI'.WI.'-s'   Ait."   I'AliT   IV..   AM)    A.Mi:N*l>I.\(!   AlTs-ft  "mai.1. i:xi'i.i)i:.\Tin.v  fit-*  nun-is  (i-<mi:i.;.vi  u r'.i.t'.MiiiA, i.i.M!'i-i:u  Notice   of   Applieation   for   Certificate   of  . Improvements.  SI'AI! Ol.' TIIK K.'.ST AND SiTAIi OK 'rill* WKST MI.VI'I'.AI.  CLAIMS, SlTl-ATK IN* TIIK .VEI.SOX Ml NINO DIVISION  OI-* WKST KOOTKNAY DlSTItK'T. AND I.OOATK!-! AIIOI'T  Tlll'.KK  Mtl.KS SOl'TII   OK NKI.-U.N*.  Take notice that 1, A. S. Farwell, agent for Thomas  A. Brassey, free miner's certificate No. 80.101, intend,  sixty days from the date hercof.lo apply to the mining  recorder for ccrtilicales of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims. And  further take notice that action, under section '.il. must he  taken before the issuance of such certificates of improvements. A. ��. FA I! WELL.  Dated..this lib day of February. IS!)".- [Feb. _nih.|  Notice  of  Applieation   for   Certificate   of  ( Improvements.  KlUKKA. CIIIC-OliA. AND IIIDDK.N - TI'EASI'KH .MINKItAI.  CLAIMS, SITl'ATK I.V THK NKLSON MININO DIVISION OK  WEST KOOTKNAV DLS'I'UUT, AND LOCATED ON HALL  CliKKK*.  Take notice that I. Frank Fletcher. I'ree miner's certilicatc No. 1H.021, on behalf of myself and other owners,  intend lit) days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for ccrtlficat.es-of improvements for the  purpose of obtaining crown grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under section :I7.  must he commenced before the issuance of such cerlill-  cal.es of improvements.- FLANK   FLEI't 'II Kit;  hated, this _(ilh dav of February,' IS07. |.Mar. (ith |  Private Bill Notice.  Notice is hereby given that application will be made  to the Legislative Assembly of the iirovince of Hrilish  Columbia at its next session for an act to amend the  Consumers iNeison) Water Works Act. ISO:!, by increasing the borrowing powers of Ihe Company and by amend- ���  ing the taritr of charges authorized by seel ion 11 of the  said act, fo enable tho company to charge consumers a  rate' proportionate to the nature of the bii-iness of the  consumers and the purpose for which such water is consumed, and to enforce payment of such rates.  _IcPIIILI.IPS, WOOTTON. .<:  HALNAKI).  -solicitors for the Applicants.  Dated ibis ���.-."���th day of January, IS07. IJan. :��']  Notice   of  Applieation   for   Certificate   of  Improvements.  Anne Mineral Claim, situate in the lllecillewaet Mining  Division of West lvootenay District, ami Located  about three ami a half miles cast of lllecillewaet. and  about, I.Vifeet from the railway track north.  Take notice that. I. Frank Slillman Harnaivl. acting on  behalf of the Lillooet. Eraser liiver \' Cariboo Oold  Fields, Limited, free miner's i-crlillcalc No. Wi.ill.S, issued at New Wesl minster on October .'list, IS'.||*. intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder for a ccrlilleale of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant, of the above claim. And  further take notice Ihril.acliiui, under section :17, must be  commenced before the issuance ol' such certificate ol improvements. F. S. LAUNAIMi  Daled. this L'th duy of January, 1HI7. |Jiin. -<r.I|  Application  for Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given tbaf Ibe undfi-.-igiied will, at the  expiration of thirlv days, apply to ! lie stipendiary magistral!- of We.-I Ivoolclinv district, fur a license to sell  liquor by retail al. his hot'el on lot, 1.1. block C, of Ihe town-  site of h-'almo. iu tin: taiil district of West Konteiiiiy.  ALKX Mclv'AY.  Dated this Ililli day of March. 1MI7. (March ���.lull]  li.gisteivd the ���jHrd day of January, IS07,  J HEREBY CERTIFY that i have this day registered  -1-    the "Jlull Exploration of Briti-h Columbia, Limited,  (Foreign), under the -'Companies Aet. Pari I V.." "Kcgis-  tr.nioii of Foreign Companies, and Amending Acts,"  The Head Ollice of the said  Company is situated  in  England.  The  objects for which  the   Company  is established  are:  (ii)   To institute, enter into, carry on. as-ist  or participate in  linancial, commercial,  mercnutile, industrial,  manulacliiring, mining, and other businesses,  works,  ��� contracts, and undcrlahings: and llnaneiul operations'  of all kinds in British Columbia or elsewhere.,  (hi   To undertake aud carry on any business transaction  or operation commonly undertaken or curried on by  ilnanciers,  promoters of  companies,  bankers, undei-  writcr.s, concession-'ires, contractors   for  public aud  other works, capitalists or merchants, and to carry on  uny other business  which  may seem to the Company  capable of being conveniently can led on in connection  wilh any of the objects of iho Company, or which may  be thought calculated directly or indirectly to enhance  l.ho value of or render piolitable any i f ihe Company's  property or rights:  (el   To promote, acquire, construct, equip, maintain, improve, work, manage, or control, or aid in or subscribe  towards    the   promotion,   acquis]7! ion.    construction,  equipment, m-iinteiiance, improvement, working, management or control of works, undertakings and opera-  tionsol' all kinds, both public and private,and in particular roads, tramway.-, railways, telegraphs, telephones,  cables, ships, lighters,   harbors, piers,  iLcks,   quay-,,  wharves,  warehouses,  bridges,   viaducts, acqucdiicls.  reservoirs, embankments, waterworks. waLer-cour-.es.,  canals, flumes,  irrigations, drainage,  sawmills, crushing-mills,  smelting works, iron. sUel.  ordnance, eugi-.  neoring and  implement, works,  hydraulic works, gas  , and electric lighting, electric.il works,  power supply,  quarries, collieries,   coke  ovens, foundries,  furnaces,  lactones, carrying undertakings by  land ami  water,  fortifications,  markets,  exchanges, minis, public and  private buildings, newspapers and  publication establishments, breweries, winciies. distilleries, hotels, resi-  i     deuces, stores, shops, and places of amusement, recreation or instruction, whetherfor the pin pose of the Company, or for sale or hire tu. or in ret urn for any consideration Irom. any other companies or persons:  (ill   To search I'or, prospect, examine ami  explore mines  and ground supposed to contain  minerals or precious  stones, and to search for and obtain  infoi mat ion with  regard,  to mines, mining claims, mining districts and  localities:   Lo purchase,  take  on  lease or concession,  or otherwise acquire, for any interest   therein, and  to  hold. sell, dispose of and deal  with lands or hereditaments of-any tenure, gold,  silver, copper, lead,  tin,  quicksilver, iron, stone, coal, or other mines, mining,  water,  timber, and other rights, and   generally and  properly supposed   to  contain   mineral-  or   precious  stones of any kind, and  undertakings connected there-  with; to explore, work, exercise, develop, linance, and  turn  lo account the same: to search for, win. quurrv.  assay, crush, wash, dress, reduce, amalgamate, smufl.  redne, and prepare for imukei. metalliferous quart-'.and  ore, and other mineral and metal substances and precious stones, and fur this purpose lo buy. or otherwise  acquire,  buildings, plant, machinery,  implements, appliances, and tools; to buy, sell, manipulate, export, urd  deal  iu ores,  minerals, and  metals of all kinds, antl  precious stones: and generally to institute, enter into,  carry on. assist, or participate in any mining, and met-  .   allurgical    operations   ami    undertakings   connected  therewith:  (e) To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, exchange, turn to account,, dispo.se of and deal in real and  personal properly of all kinds, and in particular lands,  buildings, hereditaments, business eoncernsnnil undertakings, mortgages, charges, annuities, patents, patent  rights, copyrights, licenses, securities, grants, charters,  coiiccs-ions. leases, conLracls, options, policies, hook  debts and claims, and any inlere.-l in real or personal  property, and any claims against, such properly, or  against any per.-ons or company, and to linance and  carry on any business concern or undertaking so acquired:  (fl To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, manipulate, exchange, turn lo account, dispose of and deal in  agricultural, plantation, forcslal, lishing. and trading  rights; and in all or any product---of farms, plantations,  forests, fisheries, and the earth, including animals,  grain, provisions, fruits, wines, spirits, cotton, wool,  silk, libres. tobacco, coll'ee, lea, sugar, timber, rubber,  , -i'.-reliemicals. explosives, drugs, dye--lulls, nil rates.  XMICU-oleum. bullion, copper, lead, tin, quicksilver, iron,  coal, stone, and merchandise and commodities of all  kinds, cither for immediate or future deliveiy, anil  whether in a crude slate or manufactured, or'parllv  maiiuiaetiiri-d or otherwise: and lo ad vance mnne- a"i  interest upon the security of all or any such products,  merchandise-and commodities: and to carry on business ns merchants importers and exporters;  tgl To transact and carry on all kinds of agency and  commission business, and in particular to collect  moneys, royalties, roionue, interest, rentsand debts: to  negotiate loans:-tn' Ilnrl investments; and to issue and  -place shares, stocks, bonds, debentures,, debenture  stocks or seeurilies: ' .  (hi   To subscribe   for.  purchase or otherwise  acquire,  hold, sell, exchange, di-pose of and deal in   shares.  ���    slock,  bonds, debentures, debenture stock or obligations of any company, whether British, colonial, or foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local or  ���   otherwise:  (il   To guarantee the payment c f -money secured  bv or  payable under or in  respect of bonds, debentures', debenture stock,'contracts,  mortgages, charges, obligations and securities of any company, whether British,  colonial, or foreign, orof any authority, supreme, municipal, local, orolherwise. or of any porsons whomsoever,  whether corporate or uniucoiporate:  I.i)   To guarantee the title to or quiet 'enjoyment of property either absolutely or subject to any qualifications or  1   conditions, and to guarantee companies or persons interested or about lo become interested in any property  against, any loss, actions,  proceedings, claims,' or demands in respect of any insulliciency or imperfection or  delieieney of title, or in  respect of.'any incumbrances,  -���'burdens, or outstanding rights:  (k)   To furnish and provide deposits and guarantee funds  required in relation ,lo any tender -or application for any  contract, concession, decree, enactment,  property or  privilege, or in relation to the carrying out of any con:  tract, concession.decree, or enactment:  il)   I'cnorally to carry on  and  transact every kind of  guarantee business, and to undertake obligations of  every kind and description, and  also to undertake and  execute trusts of all kinds:  (m)   To receive moneys, securities and valuables of al!  kinds on deposit, at interest or otherwise, or for safe  ������custody, and generally to carry on  the  business of, a  .Safe Deposit Company:  (n) To lend money to such parlies and on sucli terms,  with or without security, as may seem expedient, and  in particular to customers of ami persons having dealings with the Company: and toguarantoe the performance of contracts by members of. or companies or persons having dealings with, the Conipany -. and to draw,  accept, endorse, discount, issue, buy, sell and deal iu  bills of exchange, promissory notes, draits, bills of  lading, eupons. warrants and other-negotiable instruments', and buy. sell, and deal iu bullion, specie and  coin: ,  (ol To borrow or raise money for ihe .purposes of .the'.  Company'in such manner and upon such terms as mav  seem expedient am! to secure the repayment thereof by  redeemable or irredeemable bonds, debentures, or debenture stock, (such bonds, debentures and debenture  stock being made payable lo bearer or otherwise, ami  issuable or payable either at par or ata premium or  discount), or by. mortgages, scrip certificates, bills of  exchange or promissory notes, or by any other instrument or in such ol her manner as may be determined, anil  for any such purposes to charge all or any part of the  the properly of the Company, both present and future,  including its uncalled capital: and to allot tlie .Shares  of the Company, credited as fully or partly paid up,  or hoods, debentures, or debenture stuck issued by the  Company, as the whole or pari, of the purchase price  I'or any property piirchu.'cd by the Company, or I'or any  valuable consideration.     , ,"'--._  (pi To make donations to sucli persons and in such cises,  nnil either of cash or other assets, as may lie thought  directly or indirectly'conducive to any "of the Company's objects, or oi herwi-e expedient : anil lo subscribe or guarantee innin-y for charitable or benevolent  objects, or for any exhibition, or any public, general or  oilier object :  iql To enter into anyarrangcmenl with any government  or.authorities Asiipi-cmc. municipal, local or otherwise,  anil to obtain from any such government or. authority  any lights, concessions, charters, and privileges whicli  may be thought conducive lo the'Company's objects,  or any of I hem :  (ri To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all  or any part of the business, property or goodwill and  liabilities ol" any company, corporalion. society, partnership or persons carrying on,'or about lo carry on.  any business which Ihi's Conipany is authorized to  carry on. or which is in any re-pect similar lo the objects ..I' I iii- Conipany. or which is capable of being  conducted so as directly in- indirectly to hwictl! this  Company, or pos-cssed of properly deemed suitable for  the purpose.-of I his Company, and lo enter into partnership or into any arrangement wilh re-pccl. to the  , sharing i.f priillls. union of interest- or iimalgamiit Inn.  ,'j reciprocal concession or co-operation, oil hor in whole  or ,;'v. |iiul. wilh any -ii'-li company, corporation,  siK'iely. inn I ucr.-liip or pi-r-uiis:  (sl 'i'o dispose ol' by -nle. lease, underlease, cxehauge.  surrender, miirlgau'i'. or ol hem l>e. absolutely, conditional ly. or I'm- iiuy limited i in cM-si.,-ill in-any p;'|-| of the  undertaking, properly, rights, ur |.rivi|cgo-'o|' Iho company as a troin^ concern, or otherwise, ii. uny public  body, ei.iiipaii-. sueiciy, or iis-oeinlii>ii. ,,y \,, ;'.uy p,.r.  son or persons, for -ucli consideration a- i In- Company  may lliinl: III : and in particular for any stuck, shares,  debenl iiri-s. scciirii ii--. or other prop.ri> oi any other  company :  (tl To promote or lorn -assisi in tin-proinotion or formal ion of any oilier company or companies, either I'or  ihe purpose of acquiring, working, or otherwise dealing  with all or any of the property, rights, and liabilities of  (his Company, or any property in which this Com  pany is interested, or for any other purpose, with power  to as-.ist such company or companies; Iiy paving or contributing towards the preliminary expenses, or pro\ id-  ing the whole or part of (lie capital I hereof, or by taking  oi- subscribing for shares, preferred, ordinary or deferred, therein, or by lending money thereto upon debentures, securities, property or otherwise ; and further to  pay out of the funds of the Company all expenses of  anil incident lothe formation, registration, advertising,  and establishment of this or any other company; and io  lhe issue and subscript ion of the -dmrc or loan capital,  including brokerage and commissions for obtaining applications for. or placing or guaranteeing ihe placing of  thi' sintrcn or any debenl ores, debenture stock, orother  securities, of this or any other com-iany; und also all  expenscsul tending r he issue of any circular or not Ice. or  the print ing. stamping and circulating of proxies informs io be illled up by lhe members of this, orcomieci-  eil with tin's or any other company: anil to undertake  the management and secrelarial or other work, diitie.-.  and business of any conipany on such lenn.s a.mnav be  determined " ',       '  (u) To obtain, or in any, way assist in obtaining, anv  provisional order, oraet of parliament, or other necessary authority for c-iiahling this or anv other .-oiiipanv  lo carry any of it-- objects into '���licet, or for effecting  any moflilieation of this or any other company's con~,li-  I in inn; lo procure this ..r any other company to be  legalized, rcgi-.iorcd. or incorporated, if necessary, in  accordance with the laws of any country or state iu  whicli it may. or may propose lo carry on'opcr.itli'iin;  lo open anil keep a colonial or foreign register, or registers, of this or any other company iu any Mritish colony  or dependency, or in any foreign country, ami to allocate any number of shares, in tin's m- any other company  lo such regis!er or regi-tei-s.  (vi   'I'o disiribiiio any of the  property or asscis of the  Compiiny among ihe members in specie or otherwise;  (w|   To do all oi-uiiy of the above things in any part of  lhe globe, id!her as   principals,   agents,  contractors,  trustees, or otherwise, and either alone, or in coiijunc-  lion wilh other.-, ianil either b.v or through ngciib*7 .subcontractors, ti-iinti-i-s. or otherwise: with power lo up--  point   a   trustee  or trustees, personal  or corporate, to  hold any property on behalf of lhe conipany. anil Io  allow  any   property   lo  icmniii  outstanding' iu .-ueh  trustee or trustees,  (x)   'I'o do all such other things a-; fire iiiciiliiil.il or nisi v  bc though!  conducive to  the attainment of Ihe allow:  obtccls or any of  thein. anil -o thai  the word ���'Company" in lhis .Memorandum, when applied  otherwise  than to this Company shall   be  deemed lo include any  partnership or other bod v of persons, whet her corporate  or imincorporate, and whei her domiciled in the L'uitcd  Kingdom or elsewhere, and the objects specified iu each  of the paragraphs of thi*.Memorandum shall he regariled .'is independent   objects mid accordingly shall he iu  no wise limited or restricted  (except  where oiherwiso  expressed iu such paragraph)  hy reference to the objects indicated iu any oilier paragraph, or the name uf  the Company, bin. may be carried  out   iu as full and  amnio a maimer, ami const rued in as wide a sense as if  each of lhe said paragraphs dclined tin-objects of u separate, distinct., anil independent company.  The   capital   slock   of the  said   Company   is   {M.Hi.Ouu  divided into 150.000shares of one. pound each.  Given under my hand and se��l of oflice, at Victoria,"  Province of Hrilish Columbia, this _''rd day of January.  iSOl. S. Y.,\\'OOTI'ON.   "  Uegislrar of Joint Stock Companies.  The I iinc of Ibe existence of the. Company is unlimited.  The registered ollice of the Company in hrilish Columbia i.s iu the town of Nelson, H. ('.. which town i.s also the  principal  place of business of the Company in the pro-  \ ince. r  Spokane Falls & Noptlici-n,  Nelson & Fort Sheppard,  Red Mountain Railways.  Trje only all rail route without change of cars  between Nelson ai\d Rossland, an,d  Spokarje an,d Ross!an,d.  DAILY EXCEFT SUNDAYS.  Leave  7:00 a. in ..  10:30 a. in  ikOOn.m..  ...SPOKANK...  .. IiOHSI-ANl)..  ....NKLSON'....  Arrive  .7:00 p. m.  .:'::J5 p. in.  . a'"JO p.m.  Passengers for Ivettle liiver and Boundary Creek connect nt Marcus with slage daily.  Columbia & Kootenay Branch  CANADIAN   PACIFIC   RAILWAY.  No. .'! I No. I STATIONS- No. 2 j No. 1  17:00  17:1a  17:.'10  ll:ftft  IS: 15  !>:�������� Leave Nelson  Arrive 11:1.1  9:1.1     i.         Kootenay      ,,    11:00  10:00     i. .������..forty-nine Creek..    .,    13:1,1  10:i!5     <���       Slocan ,    13:02  11:15Arrive ..... Hobson Leave 12:30  21-1.1  21:io  20:15  20:20  19:30  Trains Nos. I, 2. 3," aud I run Tuodays, Thursdays, nnd  Saturdays.  No. I e"oiiiiccts with steamer for Trail Creek.  No. 3 connects with steamer for Arrowhead.  No. 2 awaits arrival of steamer from Arrowhead.  No. I awaits arrival of steamers from Trail Creel;.  Close connection at Nelson with steamers to and from  lake points.  J. HAMILTON, Trainmaster and Agent.  Kaslo & Slocan Railway.  Leave S:00n. iii..  ... -.''{tin. in..  i. 9:.'��i a. m..  .. 9:51 a. m..  ,. 10:03 a. m ;  ii. 10:18a. m..  .. 10:30a. in..  ., 10:39 a. in..  Arrive 10:50 a. m..  DAILV SKUVIC'K.   K.-islo    South Fork   ... ..Sproule's ...  .   Whitewater   ; Hear Lake   ... ���. McGuigan   ...... Bailey's   ...... Junction    Sandon...   \n ve3:50 p. m.  .1 .'{.-1.1 p. in.  ��� 2:15 j). m.    2:00 p. in.  ,, 1:18 p. in.  ...     ,. 1:33 p. m.  ..     ,. 1:21 p. m.  i, 1:12 )>. in.  ... Lea\c 1:00 p. in.  li. XV. Bit VAN. Superintendent.  ROBKKT HIVING, Trallie Manager.  International Navigation & Ming Co.,  i.i.MiTi-:r>,  STEAMERS INTERNATIONAL AND ALBERTA  it.\*   KlIOTKNWV   I.AKK  ASH   IMVr.lt  Time Card  in  effect   February   1st.  I.**7.    D.iily except  Sunday.   Subject to change without notice.  Leave Ivaslo foi Nelson. Ainsworth. Pilot   Hay.  Balfour and way points     5:30 a.m.  Leave Nelson for Ivaslo, l'ilot Bay. Balfour and  way points   .' 1:1" p.m.  Close connection at Five-mile Point witli all passenger  trains of the N. & F. S. It. It. to and from Nortbpoit.  Hosslund and Spokane.  ���Throuuh   tickets   sold  at  lowest   rates   ami  b.iggage  checked to all I'niteil Stares points.  C-KOIiCK ALICXANIJKli. Ccneral Manager.  Ivaslo, January ��'it.h. ISW7.      Head Oflice at Kaslo, H.C.  W. J. G. DICKSON  EEAL   ESTATE  _____sT_d co_v__v_:issio_sr j^-O-tbustt  _vii_sri_-sr<_-- BEOKEE  BFALF.Y BLOCK, BAKKR STKKICT. NKLSON.  FOR SALE ~  Several valuable business sites on Baker St.  Business block���two stores���Baker street.  Business  block���three stores all rented���on  two 30-foot lots, with offices above.  , Residence lots, 50 teet frontage, Vernon St.  Apply to W. J. G.  DICKSON.  NOTICE.  Having appointed XV. J. tl. Dickson local agent for  Addition A to lhe townsite of Nebon. intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or  price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.  I-VO. 1NNF..S.  VICTORIA ASSAY OFFICE  2S Broad s'trccl. Victoria. B. C.     .��I no ,' Cold nnd Silver ..        I no i Lend nnd Silver..      I nn i. Co).per, Silver, (to!      2 i;U ;  .'a  (.'old   Silver    Lead   Cupper    Oilier metals on application. All samples to he -int  carriage paid and clearly marked, and lo be advised by  letter enclosing charges.  Imiv:*. .  __ *  P .���_*_' ..  0M  --UfllV^.f!  {ii ;.���-���$,  ita-f 'v- :.'i'  _��� "���?���__  -y^d  >.- ������. faBa_7_Y'-i-___fl  HIT-  TRIBUNE:   NELSON,'.B. C, SATURDAY,  "MATKHI 20,   180']  was  The  the  rail nc-ai1 tho Forth Fork, and  jvus .stnif  by the snow jilnw of the locomotive.    II"  ,wa.s tossed in the air antl in   falling. IVae-  tm:ed his..skull.    The.coroner's jury f'ottn.i  a   verdie.  of accidental  cl ���-*.���> th,  tind   1.11 - - --  body was buried on Tlini'.-day.  Silver has been on the mend since Tuesday's drop.' Jfc advanced one-eighth on  Wt-dnesday anrl made a similar advance  on Thursday. \>steiday tho Sew York  (|iiotation was (i2i.'. with loud at $A.A0.  How the Powers Love Peace.  C'anka, Mareli   IS. ���The Austrian  /?un-  botit Ztibenicfi, fired upon and sunk* near  C.india  a  (!reel<  vessel  loaded with  provisions and   munition.,   intended   for   the  (.'reek   forces   in   Crete.     The   Zebonico, !  while watching the (.'reek ships, was fired j  upon by insurgents.   The Austrian  war- !  ship replied by sinking the Greek craft, j  and   driving   off   the   insurgents.     It  is j  feared this news will greatly irritate the I  populace, at Athens,;! nd  have the influence of precipilati.ig the ct isi.s the powers  are striving in every way possible toa vert.  i -  ~ ���  ���������-.-���-;��� To Widen the Gauge.  The Great Falls 6c Canada railway,  which extends from I.etlibi idge. N. W.  T.. to Great I'Vl-, Montana, i.s to be  widened to .--t mdard gatt^e during the  coming summer. The bed of the Canadian portion of the lim* has already been  prep ired to widen the gauge. For the  ] ast two years the road has been working  to lhis ultimate end. and during lhe past  summer about concluded the work. Culverts nnd bridges are till read7/ to receive  the broad gauge rails, nnd by those who  are in a position to know, it i.s said the  woi k of widening llie trauge will be begun as -*oon as the weather permits.  LOCAL   NEWS   AND   GOSSIP.  1?. [. Ivifkwoocl, one of the locators of  the I-titorpri-sft on Ten-mile, is on hi.s iv;iy  back to New Denver, lie ret urned from  the east by way of .San I'Ynncisco and  Victoria.  The question of custodianship of the  .1 hi una children a t Trail, was before the  full court at Victoria, last week. An tip-'  peal was tttken from au order of judge  Bole, who gave the lather the custody of  the three eldest- children, and the mother  the three yotinoest. The full court ordered vacated-tho order appealed from,  and ordered thttt the children must not  be removed out of the jurisdiction without the leave of the court. The whole  mutter will be heard before a supreme  court judge tit lhe Xelson .sittings on  March AOih.  Captain Armstrong, of Kast lvootenay,  and James-l'1. Wardner have'just completed ihe organization of the International Transportation company, which is  to operate-a line of steamers ^between  Fort Steele and Jennings on the lvootenay  river. A steamer will be run every day  between Fort Steele and Jennings, ;>1id  will have a capacity of 100 tons.  To the wife of A. E. Lott there was born  , a son, on Tuesday.  Ou   Saturday   the organization  of  the  lvootenay miners' union  was perfected at  Ivaslo.  If. 10. Croasdaile of the Jlall Mines  was made president of the union with the  following  vice-presidents:   George Alexander and   Scott McDonald for the Aim-  worth mining division: John G. McGuigan  and  \V. E. Mann, for  the Slocan   mining  '��� division; T. G. Procter, for the Goat river  division, and Frank   Fletcher for the Nelson division; J. H. Robertson of Nelson,  treasurer, aud John Keen, secretary.  The option held by the Loudon Gold  Fields syndicate of." Nelson on tlie Jumbo  mine tit J-ossland expires tit tho end of  the present month. The option calls for  $o00,00- for the property. The property  has been favorably reported upon and  there appears to be every chance of the  deal going through.  The British Columbia Association of  Mining Engineers at its meeting in Vancouver on Saturday, elected the following  officers: President, S. M. Rubins: vice-  president, A. IT. Holdich; council, Messrs.  .Howard, A. H. S. M., of Sew Denver: A.  J. Colfpihotin, M. !_.; R. C. Campbell-  Johnston, manager of the .Bondholder: J.  F. Bledsoe, J. B. Hobson, and J. F. Warner of Cariboo: W. A. C.'irlyle, provincial  mineralogist; and W. McGregor, Nanaimo;  treasurer, colonel Tracy. M. A. E.:' secretary, G. F. Monckton, F. G. S. The next  meeting of the association will be held in  New Denver during the first week in June.  The J__ho Mining and Milling company  has let a contract to Henry Cody to run  200 feet of tunnel upon its property at  the head of Jackson basin, and he has forwarded ti crew with tools and provisions  to begin the work. -Ho will join them in  a few days.  The Nelson hockey team   will  play the  Sandon team in Sandon this evening. The  Sandon   team   were  the  winners   in  the  Kaslo-Itossland-Sandon  tournament, but  . the Nelson boys think they can best them.  George Johnstone, collector for the port  of Nelson, has moved into his new quarters on the corner of Stanley and Victoria  streets. The new offices tire a great improvement over the old and will no doubt  fill the bill until the federal government  puis up a building of itsown.     '  There is considerable uneasiness felt in  Pilot Bay concerning the fate of Henry  Rose, an old time prospector of thttt  place. Rose and his partner, Stephen  Brook, went ou a trip to the St. Mary's  country last November. Brook did not  stay very loner and returned to Pilot Bay.  Since he left llose nothing has been heard  concerning him. On the fourth instant a  dog wliich accompanied Rose returned to  Pilot Bay and fears are entertained that  Hose has met with some accident. There  was plenty of food in the cabin at which  Rfi.se was stopping..  Ira \V. Black has sold his Sandon hotel,  together with the furnishings, for $_0,-'  000. The purchaser-was G. li. Leslie, of  Toronto. The deal calls for $10,000 cash,  with the balance in six, nine and twelve  months.  William Bryan, a prospector,  killed by the incoming train on the  l'\ S. railwa.y Wednesday evening,  m.'i n   wa.s  lying with  his feet it cross  O.   lEJ-  DOTT  KASLO,    _3.C.  Views of nil parts of Iv'ootonav,        ���������� t   i ,'  I'll... ognipli- in. lie laics, styles       Mi'S.   dOliuSOIl.  Ouaraulce .-nti-laclion  coititi-;?PONi)i':x<.:K S0MfiTi.:n.  Write for  Samples  |�� �� �� ��  iring an  First arrival of Spring Goods, including  Dress Goods, Prints, Laces, Hoisery and  Ribbons, Lace Curtains, Curtain Muslin,  both Spot and Fancy. Oilcloths, both for  table and floor, Carpets, and Blankets and  a nice assortment of Ladies' Muslin Underwear, ready made Top Skirts, and  appers and Blouses.  "Whole Codfish       Quail on Toast  Labrador Herrings       Kippered Herrings  Salt Salmon      Salt Mackerel       Oolachans  A complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries  We also carry a full line of Shelf and Heavy  Hardware, Miners' Supplies.     We make  a specialty of Tea and Coffee.   Agents  for the Giant Powder Company  CORNER BAKER AND JOSEPHINE STREETS, NELSON.  Gloves and.  Ribbons  'red Irvine & Co., Nelson  Write for  fc ample  The terminus of the Slocan River Railway,  the business center for Springer and Lemon  creek mines, which are already shipping ore.  Lots in this the most promising and beautifully   situated   town   in   West   Kootenay.  SLOGAN CITY  ROSSLAND  TORONTO  25   OEN"TS   _E3_B_R   _BO__X  .0 linker _l. West  Telephone, 2\  JUST   ARRIVED  We are now prepared to fill all orders for Miners' Builders' EIack;sn|kl|s'and  General Hardware.    Prices quoted on application.    Prompt  Attention to letter orders.  Nothing" succeeds like success;  but success cannot be had  unless the people  in the town help each other.  Those who  were in   business  in Nelson in' the  Years 1893 and 1894  and escaped a debtors' prison,  deserve success  It mig-ht be well  to add that  of late "drummers"  for eastern clothing" firms  have g"iven this  section of Kootenay the go-by  No better evidence  could,be wanting that  we are giving" our patrons the  best of satisfaction  Office:   Bealey Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  Town property for sale in Slocan City, New Denver, Helsor]  A fine line of Ladies' Whitewear in the latest designs just opened.  Print Wrappers and Blouses in choice patterns.  \j  ���>a  Our new Dress Goods comprises a fine assortment of the choicest goods to be found  in the eastern markets exclusive designs and only one dress, length in each  pattern.   A full range, of Brussels and .Tapestry Carpets in stock.  S - SL  Between cheap Underwear and Underwear cheap. The former  is false economy���the latter true. The motto of some stores is  "Not how cheap but how good."' The motto of some others is  "Not how good but how'cheap." Our motto i.s "Good and  cheap." Canadian made Underwear, like Canadian made Whisky,  are admittedly the best in  the world.     We handle notning else.  Williamson, the Clothier   Ea^lss0tni:eet'  FOOT OF 1IALI, STRF.F.T, XF.I.SOX.  T.  W.   GRAY,  Proprietor.  eeler & Wilson,    New Raymond  ew Williams and Zenith  Doors,   Sash,   Band Sawing,  Turned Work,  and Office-Fittings.    Just  arrived and in .stock,  a carload of Chance's English  Rolled  Glass; all sizes up to 4 by 6 feet.  Cars of Bedroom  Suits and Dining  Room Furniture  Gar of ftflattresses  and UPHOLSTERED  a  s<  THESE G00GS WILL BE OFFERED AT ADVANTAGEOUS PRICES FOR CASH  SPECIAL RATES TO HOTELS  LARGE CONSIGNMENT OF WALL PAPERS . . .  . . . KEPT IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES  D. McARTHUR & CO.  ���>  1  BRANCH MARKETS   .   .   .    .    .  i ���  ' Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District  Three Forks and Sandon, in Slocan District  Kaslo in Ainsworth District  Prepared to supply consumers with everything in the way of fresh and cured meats.  Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded,  I  f 1 ii  4  1 i��ij  ������ is  ; IE  '/1


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