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Revelstoke Herald Feb 5, 1902

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''jl "   '       *"     y /        /
Vol    V.  No    106
$2 OO a Year in Advance
Come and See
D Pairs
Boots and Sliocs
Men's, Ladies'and Children's,*
now selling at actual COST.
These goods were all purchased
last season.
Save 4�� Per cent ar"** I"-11)' your
Shirts now.
We are offering a splendid line
of VV. -G. ;&rR. -a.^d'. White.
Shirts* at\" the**a!5o^1s "IJigr"; dis~
count. = All.goods are,of tfie-
Latest Style and Pattern?"
Personal Paragraphs Pertaining to Railway Men Picked up
By the Herald Man on His
Daily Rounds.
Engineer A. McNab has returned
from his visit In his old home in Nova
Geo. Stevens, conk in Supt. Kilpal-
rick's car has been luid up witli grip
this week.
The C.. P. It. liave prepared plans for
the erection at. Fernie of a stone depot
costing $25,000
Tomorrow night in the Selkirk hull,
J. T. Wilson, president of the R. St. T.
of A. will address a public meeting.
Admission ten cents.
The higher wages being paid in
machine shops in thc Unites Slates are
having an al tract ive force on machinists in Western Canada.
Tlie Voice chronicles the death of
Owen Lewis, machinist at Hat Portage
less than .*j>12.j per month are given nn
increase in salary of from i*>5 to $10
and ninny othr>r concessions were
made to the men. The agreement
rovers the entire Union Pacific
Receiver Burton of the California
and Nevada railway, recently ordered
out a ''special" in orrler to make an
inspection tour of the road. "When it
came to getting an engtneit was found
thai, thr nne locomotive owned liy the
C. St N. had been stripped of all
reniovuhle parts and was consequently
useless. Tlie receiver, however, went
over the road on a handcar special and
hy the time he had completed liis tour
ho Jnid a most excellent idea of the
condition of the property under his
control. When tliis famous western
road passed into the hands of tne
receiver it was^stated thut the assets
consisted of a streak of rust, some
right of way and a water tank in
poor repair. It would seem* that for
once a receiver got some facts to start
Air. E. 3. Coyle, Assistant General
P.iss-engci- Agent of the C.P.K , passed
through nn Monday morning for
Winnipeg on the transcontinental
express. While in Winnipeg Mr
Coyle will wed Miss "Isabel   Complin, a
Our bargains  in  Hats are'in
keeping with above discounts.
The stock includes:
(RUSH and .
We have a Beautiful  Line in
Goods at away down figures.
BIG     MONEV,     AS
anil   of  Alex. M. Bnyes of the Ci. P. St.
repair shops at Minnedosa.
"A'narrow guage Shay,engine was in
the yard yesterday from Lima,' Ohio,
on her way In work on the Mt. Sicker
railway on \ ancouvi-r Island.
Suits .aggregating a million dollars
have already heen filed against the
New York "Central for personal
injuries received in the New Yosk
tunnel disaster.
Pat Portapje'division, 15. R. T. of A.,
wus, instituted recently hy Organizer
Stamper. ' The membership is large
as tho organization covers ono of the
most important divisions ou the system. '        ,
Ak Camborne, ' in Cornwall, _ the
centenary was celebrated on Christmas
eve of the first locomotive and first
automobile, Trevelhick's locomotive 01
"Captain ^Dick's'-Pfdrer," as- it wa.s
called. .  '        -
** L. H. Doll has'been appointed time
inspector for the Canadian _- Pacific
railway-"^between . Winnipeg *��� and
Vancouver and' ��� tbe . branch * lines
between - Edmonton* and Macleod.���
XV. - McKenzie, president of the
Canadian Northern, has given out
that his railway will be built within a
hundred miles of Edmonton early next
yoar. An engineering party"' will
start shortly for the Yellowhead pass
to gather information about the
mountain section and intervening
George Holder, who used to keep
a hotel at Can more, met with misfortune' a few days ago. He had
loaded his goods on a ear and was
taking them to Kamloops, where be
intended starting up. While thc car
was sidetracked in tbe mountains fire
broke -out and reduced everything to
ashes. The loss was considerable and
as .there .was no insurance on the goods
niece of-Mr. James Scott.-late of the
Vancouver Mini 'nf Scotl & Kennedy.
Tile night before liu left Mr, Coyle was
tendered a farewell bachelor dinner by
a large number of his friend.**. After
the marriage in the Prairie Cily Mr.
and Mrs..Coyle will journey eastward
to Montreal and all er stopping over iu
tbat city for some lime they will go
south to New Orleans, whence it is.
probable a voyage In Jui k->on ville, on
the coast of Florida will be made. Mr!
Coyle pxperts tn return to Vancouver
with his hi ide ubout llie.cnil of March.
The continent will probably be cruised
via an American railway lo San
cisco and thence home.
- Visit of B.R.T. of A. Officials.-
- Jas. T. Wilson, president of Ihe B.
R. 'J', of A. and lhe lir.si. vice president,
A.' It. Lowe, aie in Kamlonps loil.iy'
and'will c'liine here tomorrow morning.     They,    will ' addn-ss - n    public
i nee'e'i n g-"hei*e"-"ln- "the '"Selkirk ""hall'
tomorrow evening. The other dates
they have made in Canada are .as
follows: (.ridden "ill. Calgary Oth.
Medicine Hat. 10th, S.vifl Cm rent lll.li.
Moosejaw 12th.' Broadview 14ih,
Braiidiin lnih. .Winnipeg 17th, Rat
Pniiatti- lSih,' Fnit William 20ih,
Schreiber 21-.1, White R ver 22xxx\*
Cliapleiiu 23rd. Norlh B.iy 21th, Mn\-
taw.i 2jIIi, Pembroke 26th, Ottawa
27lh, Montreal2Sih.
A Rain of Missiles Falling on the
Staggering, Blinded, Bleeding,
Panic Stricken Mob of Men
and Women.
A New York def-patch gives a
graphie description of the explosion
in the Rapid Transit .subway last
week.    11 say.*,:
The whole ncighborhoood, after the
crash, looked as if a cyclone bad
struck it. The streets foi- blocks were
paved with shattered glass, beams,
rocks from the subway and every
marnei* of debris. In front of tbe
Murray Hill Hold, where the derricks
and hi-avy scaffolding had been, was
a mountain of broken lumber and
machinery, while in the subway floor,
forty feet below the street and nearly
sixty below where tbe powder bouse
had stood, was.a holo in the rock and
sand yards across and several l'eet
deep. One man fell dead from the
shock a'nd there was not a .scratch on
his body.   The explosion  occurred  at
exactly; 12.031 o'clock. .The big clock
on the Grand Central depot, with its
shattered face, boro testimony to the
minute. Like all the other clocks in
the vicinity, it stopped at the shock.
The actual explosion wiis* a terrifying thing. Those who wore about
there snid there was a trembling of
the ground, a" deafening crash, and
then-th'e air was dark with flying
debris. ,- In."another moment .thero
was a .swelling chorus of shrieks,
shouts and screams in direst panic,
a -surging, staggering ' mob ��� of :mbn
and women,.blinded, terror-mod, with
blood on lheir faces, rushing first this
way, then that, not .knowing' what
hud-happened or iir which'-way safeLy
lay, while; all along the^ruin of glass
and othcf-rulibi'shfell, striking peoplo
here 'ana-there -*t6~'rthe. .ground: "and
cutting" afresh the" bleeding, stumbling fugitives.-'The build ings about,'*
window-loss and scarred,'all lookeil
like ruins: the Murray Hill Hotel was
worst of all.' ' Its !ofty cliff of wall
was spattered with mud and 'gashed
by fragments. From its panoless
windows projected spars of wood _and
billets of iron".*  High up in   ono   win
dow Ihere wa.s a momentary gleam
of flre, a band wiis seen to clutch a
blazing fabric, piohahly a curtain,
and cast it out; then the blind was
pulled down. There was at 1< a t one
in that turmoil who retained his
presence of mind.
Thc death of J, Roderick Robertson,
of Nelson, B. C. at the Murray Hill,
wa.s a tragedy laid hare to all the
guustHwbo crowded into tho oflice.
Mr. Rohertjion had been a guest at the
hotel two days. He was a mining
engineer nnd was attending to some
business here. Ho was anxious to
secure Parlor N.. on the ofllco lloor,
and after wailing two days for it lo
bu vacated just moved in yesterday.
He was in his room at the tinia of the
explosion. Parlor N facos on Park
avenue and is almost on a line with
the powder house where thc explosives
were stored. The entire room was
wrecked by the force of tbo explosion
and huge pieces of timber from the
powder houso were sent flying through
tho broken windowpanes of Mr.
Robertson's room. Ho was hurled
against the back wall of the room and
there lay unconscious. He was found
in a dying condition, and  despite   the
No Foreign Intervention Will be
Allowed in South Africa. Lord
Dufferin Sinking. France Hits
Venezuela in the Cocoa Belt.
Cmc.uio, F��b oth.���-The city council
has cancelled all restrictions on lhu
height of fireproof buildings aud
*20,ulA,OCO woilb cf sky scraper* will
hu erecti d in the cily at once.
London, Feb. 5.���Tbe Brilish gor-
eminent biu lepiied lo tlie Dutch note
Lhat if the Boeik iu ilie field want to
negotiate for peace they can do so
in South AfricH. No foreign power
will be allowed to intervene.
Panama, Feb. 5.���The Venezuelan
government has been notified that one
of General Malus' lieutenants is march*
ing from Cucut.i by way of Ocana,
Colombia, with an immense quantity
of war material.
Buffalo, Feb. 5.���The storm, which
has'prevailed in thu cast since Sunday
attention of the physicians expired   in
a few minutes."
Many stories of courageous conduct
on the part of physicians and nurses
are told. Wonderful presence of mind
was exhibited in some of the ollices
affected by the explosion. George
Caroll, a paying teller's clerk, when
the explosion took place was walking
down stairs to tho cashier's window
ofthe Lincoln National Bank, fifty
feet* east of the Murray-Hill Hotel, in
East Forty-second street, carrying a'
tray on which, was $00,000 in ' bills,
gold and silver. Tbe force of the crash
lifted Caroll oft bis feet and'scattered
the , fortune * he ' carried in , every
direction. It tool: over two hours to
collect the scattered currency, $2 of
which could not be found.1 '
'A list of contributors "to the'Father
Pat, memorial fund, of wliich* J. S.
Cliile, mavor of Rossland, is chairman
and J, S. O.* Fraser, manager of the
Bank of 'Montreal. Rossland, is
I reasurer. has" been opened at tb��
Revelsloke. No douht many of Fal her
Pat's friends iu town will be glad
to take Ihe opportunity to pnt in their
mite. The form the memor'al will
take h-is not been decided. Subscriptions are limited to one dollar.
George     is     out     of   luck.���Calgary
While- a freight i train was going
west last Friday week, a broken flange
threw one car off the track', carrying
with it several others. None of tbe
traiti-crow were injured, but two men
beating their way in' a car of coal
Were caught in the wreck. T. Miller
was buried beneath an avalanche of
coal and' smothered to death. His
companion, William Weterhold,
received internal injuries of a serious
nature.���Cranbrook Herald.
Tn 'order I o lessen tho possibility of
accidents the Southern Pacific has
issued n bulletin to (he effect that all
inenihers'of train crews shall he given
copies of all train orders. There is aliso
a bulletin out requiring that conductors on passenger train*, before
reaching a meeting point designated
by train orders, shall by the air valve
which operates a whistle in the engiue
c.��b notify the engineer',hy . two long
and one short blasts. The engineer' is
instructed to reply by a similar signal
from the engine whistle. This is
certainly a wise order on the part of
the railroad company aud, while
accidents 'will happen, still there is
little doubt but what many will be
avoided by .strict adherence to the
above rules.
The adjustment committee of conductors -and trainmen of the Union
Pacific railroad have signed a two
years' agreement with General
Manager Dickinson, of that road,
whereby they receive a substantial
increase in pay and shorter hours in
many' cases. Trainmen will be pai 1
full time for "dead heading"' to their
work and full time while wailing at
terminal stations for their trains
when they are delayed beyond
schedule time. Hereafter passenger
train8 will all carry two brakemen.
All    passenger; conductors   receiving
FEBRUARY seems- to be JUNE in the Whitewear*Section these days.
Tlie idea of Buying Summer Underwear in the Winter time at Winter Prices
has caught on to a much greater-extent llian ever before ancl the daily crowds
certainly..give, the .impression that this .Whitewear .movement _in ..February  is
appreciated. - Advantages of Tliis "Sale are these :���
lankets and Odmfort
Prices'"Greatly fteduced
��� ..��.iin.iujiimjw)-��Ji*v
Ladies' Blouses and Wrappers
Commencing To-day, aiid throughout the entire Month of February, we
promise you a Big Bargain in anything you buy. All Winter Goods must go
this month.     It pays us to slaughter now.     It must surely pay you.
Down They Oo.
Down They Go.
Ladies' and Children's Stylish (Jackets.
Tliis Season's very Latest Styles and Shades���not a great many left, but what
we have must leave the premises before thc Season is over.     If you arc thinking
of buving a  Jacket.     Now   is  your opportunity   as   every   garment will   he
slaughtered, or in other words be sold at about half thc value.
��� ii   i in ������ i ii mi  "'" " wmii���wii���'iw���iiiiiMiii���ii ������ ii mmiiwimimiiinMiii wwinwi n��� i
Broad choosing from these Dainty Fur Prices that Women and Girls love to
possess, Garments that carry comfort as well as elegance and style. These
specials for this monlh at 40 per cent, reduction on our regular close prices.
struck DnlT.do last night with double
fm y. wilh llie thermometer near zero
and the wind blowing a gale, tying
things np generally.
St. Louis. Mo., Feb. 5.���At least six
men \\r\e killed and as many injured
by the 1 nllapie of a burning huilding
occiipi il by tin*. American Tent and
Awning Co. at St. Louis yesterday.
Detroit. Feb. D.���The whole, of
Western Michigan is lieing swept hy a
terrific blizzard, the worst in years.
Bkad.dock, Pa.. Feb. 5.���The boilers
of a towboat blew up early this
morning with ' 10 men aboard.
Witnesses say they saw several
persons blown into the_nir.
���.-���.-i,--..��V'<!--*-.Tabloids.--i-*;-***--'��� ~-
Rev.   Dr.   Andrews.' for  51    years"
p-istor'of the  Piethyterian   church  at
Keene, Out., dropped dead  yesterday.
��� The steamer Empress of China has
arrived at Vancouver.
The. Keeley   Instituta   Laboratory,
hotel   and   several   other buildings in
Dwight. III., havo been   destroyed   by
Hre. * Loss $800,000.
A bad explosion.occurred   yesterday
in   the   Pintoch gas   plant at Ogden.
Utah.   Seveial   persons were injured.
The   International curling bonupiej
opens at Utica, JT. Y., todny.
France refuses to renew diplomatic
relatious wilh Venezuela until M.
Secrestat Jr. is allowed to land to
protect his fathei's property. Unless
this is done France will impose u. duty
on Venezuelan cocoa and cripple tbat
Lord ICiti-heii.ii- reports lhat in the
"week ending Fe); l>t 29 B"i*rs were
killed. 0 wounded, 142 eapiured and 48
Tin: M minis i*f Dnir.-riii i�� growing
Tlio lates-l i>Mii,iiit��-. plat*** ihr lo<*s :p
lhc fin' at Whim linry. Conn., nl
81,500,000. ,
Funeral of Mrs.  Kirby.
.Saturday, nfli-i nimn Hn* nmrtnl
remains of Hi-lcn KmIi.v. wif./ of W.
Kirby. male on tin* C P.R. ��.��. Minto.
were laid to rest in tin* Revflslnka
cemetery. The Ilrst part of the
funeral service was celebrated iu St.
Pul.er's chinch, in Ihi* pifnynce of x.
v��ry large toiiicrcKation, by Uev. C.A.
Procunier and I he "hoii*. The opening
sentences were Ming to Mcrhecke'a
plaiiisong nnd Phiibn 00 to Purcell in
F minor. The hymns Ming were
"Jesus Lives. No Longer Now,"
"When Our Heiid*. are Bowed With
Wop," and "My God, My Father.
While I Stray." Itev. C. A. Procunier
gave a short address on the solemn
themes suggested by the occasion.
The latter part of the service was said
at the gr.iv?. The pnllhearer#, who at
Mr. Kirby's request, were all members
of his own Order the I. O. F., were J.
li. Smith. L. Schnider, C. W. Mitchell.
T. W. Haiti. J. B. Scott, Jas. McLean.
C. V. Sunnier and J. Ringer. The
cofllu was covered with white flowers
among them being beautiful wreaths
from Court Mt. Begbie, I.O.F., and the
nfticers and crew of the s.s. Minto.
Card of Thanks
The Ladies of the Hospital Aid
Society wish to extend their hearty
thanks to everyone, who assisted in
making the Hospital Ball such a
success hy helping in tbe decerations,
contributing to the supper or by
their attendance or in any other wmf.
I ^mbt<il\t "fymH ami ^aito-aa  ^fii's Journal,  f  Published Uy  The Revelstoke Herald Publishing Co.  Limited  Liability.  A. JOHNSON,  Managing Director.  A Semi-Weekly Journal published In the  Interests uf llie railway .men. miniiiK men ami  business men nf the West. Days of I'ublk'ation  Wednesday and Saimday.  JtllVKKllSINQ KATES.  Displav ful*., fl.50 per inch; single column,  J2 per ineh when inserted nn title pn*������t*  Legal ads., lu eents per Ineh (nonpariel) line  for l]r>t insertion; 5 cents for eaeh additional  insertion. I.oeal notices 10 cents per line eaeh  Issue, lilrih, Marriage and Death Notices  free.  arnscitiiTios katks.  Hv mall or carrier, tl per annum; ���������.l.'*-*"' for  >ix uiomlis, strictly in advance.  Ol'K JOB DEPAKTMKXT.  Is one ol the besl equipped printing unices in  the West nml prepared to execute all kinds ol  yrlntini. fu lirslclass stvle at honest prices.  One price to all. No Job too lartte���������none too  Milan���������for us. Mail orders promptly intended  i������.   (live us a trial on your next order.  IO COIIKC-ruNKKMS.  We invite correspondenco on any Mihjecl  of intere-,1 to the iteneral public. In all case.*,  the bono llde name nf llie writer inii.-l uecoiii-  1-anv manuscript, bin mil iicce.-Mirlly for  publication.  A,Mies'* all coiiiiiiiinlciillons to the Manager  province wilh regard to llu* shameless  and infamous despoliation of ISrii:sli  Columbia by llie politicians at Ottawa,  which in going on. Sane day I In*  elvctoiale will recover ils senses ami  limn there will be a day of recknniiif.  At present it is 'slumbering sweetly  on the verge of impending, provincial  bankruptcy, doped with a beautiful  pipe dream of great advantages to be  gained by voting on tliu side of the  parly that is in power.  AN ONTARIO DELUSION.  M'lli.j: 10 l-WIRKM-oM'KNTs.  1.���������All cnrre-poiideiii-e must be lesibly  v. rillcii nu one side of lhe paper only.  ���������2.���������Correspondence containing perianal  limiter inii-t be-iL'iied with the proper name  o< the writer.  r.   K.CKOCAS,  Killlor.  Wkiinksday, Fiir.isii.MiY ���������">,   1!K)2  DOPED AND ROBBED.  Ground Floor Chance to Build a Fortune.  The foundation should be laid by buying Ileal Estate in the new Town of  Smith Curtis has been telling the  people of Eastern Canada a few hi une  Irulhs regarding mining npt'eii'.aliun  in British Cohimhia. iJnwn I here  l.hey are laboring under some kind nf  a pipe'.dream lhat lhey have ln..t  several iiiillions of dollar-*, in uiiniiig in  KiHitenay. The exact .���������iiiniiiut it*.  variouslv est'una ted but. lhey an- dead  suit thr������y have lost the whole nf il  anyhow. The luunihvr fur lb-.-.-.land  has directed llieir attention to the fact  thai whatever lhey may have lo.sl.  was liol Inst* in mining but in speculating in mining sliare.i. which is a  very dilTcrout, thing. Tlirre wus im  doubt a large amount of money  changed bands in Ontario in "DO anil '!)"  over wild cat. mining companies Mip-  p.wed to be operating properties in  Kootenay. l!ut it changed from the  baud of the Ontario sucker into llie  band of the Ontario shyster. The  Kootenay jiiine.*-* were uo nuni-  raspou-iihlc than arc. the farmers of  .Manitoba for a slump in the Chicago  whn.it pit or Ilii-a.ni Walker-fc Co. for  tliu money dropped in a game of black  jack in lhe back room of w. s.-i'iinn.  People, wlm bought bought, as bun  dreds of people in Ontario did buy.  mining shares ab ten cents with llie  sole and single idea of deposing nf  them to somebody else when tliey  tunnelled twenty five, have only llieir  own greed and folly to thank, if they  lost on the, transaction. They did not  know whether their si in res were  invested in property likely lo turn out  a. mine or not, they did not. want to  know. All they l-.ncw or thought  they knew was that it was represented  on the map as being near sonic property like the "Lu Roi, whose shares had  gone up big and that in consequence  they felt it in their hone* lhat theirs  ought to do the 'same. Kootenay is  not to blame because tliey lost on the  gamble. Very little of the money  dropped came this way. This country  on the contrary has suffered .severely  in reputation through the after  elfects of the crazy folly of the  Ontario speculators during tbe boom.  It is in Montreal and Toronto that  these sufferers must go to look for  their millions not in Kootenay,  Situate rio'ht at tlie Doors of nil thu Famous Fish Crees Gold Mines.  lu a pamphlet recently received by  the lii-:iiAU>. entitled the Financial  Crisis in Uriiish Columbia, Jlr. I". -1.  Procter of Vancouver, handles the  very serious quefctioii of the finail'jial  position in this province with considerable breadth and frankness. Tie. shews  lhat our annual average deficit  without including the Kinking Fund  and other accounts not chaiged lo  expenditure, was for the four years  previous to .1 nne 30, 1001)about SII5,fXX).  Au es'iiiiiiiiltiou ol the items of  expenditure shews that it' is almost  impossible that any reduction of  iniportancB can at present he elfected-  litit that rather the expenditure must  increase proportionately with the  growth of the province. The expenditure under the bead of Public Works,  especially under tbe item of roads,  bridges etc is even inadequate right  now to the demands of the province.  To cut it down would mean stagnat ion  and dry np thc very sources from  which an increase of revenue may,  wilh the development of the resources  of the province, ho reasonably anticipated. Wliere,'then, can we look lor a  solution?  The   writer   finds   the    only     way  possible out of the difficulty in a readjustment of the terms of Confederation.     The   figures   given    in     the  recently published report of the visit  of the present provincial government's  delegation    to    Ottawa,    shew    thai  British  fJolumbia has  contributed lo  the Dominion treasury sincejConfeder-  ���������ation over thirteen millions more than  tbe province has received and that-we  are now actually handing ever to   the  Dominion government to be spent in  other parts of Canada   *n   amount,  cf  over two milium dollars annually over  and above the total Federal expenditure in this province under every   and  any conceivable head whatsoever.  These are the  facts   of   the   case   of  15ritish_ Columbia   v.   the   Dominion  government.    It is not only  lhat   lhis  province    has    been     slighted    and  neglected and that   no   special   effort  has been made by the Federal cabinet  io assist iu   lhe   development  of   our  unparallelled resources in   any   shape  or form.  The indictment is far heavier  than Ibis.   They have actually robbed  her for tbe   benefit   of   more   favored  ...          i*     ���������      ,.���������.-������������������ i onlv three days of each   we*k. lpaving  communities   with   a   bigger    voting I       ������������������   .        .;,..,       ,      7  power and nearer home. The present  cabinet is by far tbe worst offender of  any in Ibis respect. Since 1S!)I\ tie  y������*ar lhey came inlo power the Fedei al  revenue derived from British Columbia   ba.--   actually    doubled    but    the  SOME FACTS:   ^ffiffi^  GOLDFIELDS, will take you to tlio mouth ofthe big  5,n0() foot tunnel on tlie Famous Camborne Group, or  on to tlie Goldbug Group.  YOUR OPPORTUNITY is now u. buy nt the  bottom figures and you will get the advantage of the  raise that is sure to come next vear.  Some More Facts SS^iS.  tako you to the Big Goldsmith Group, Scott Group,  Wide West, Beatrice and Trilby groups, and n host of  other properties that wi'l ndveitise the Fifch Creek  Camp, in B. f\  THIRTY minutes   walk   will   take   you   to  the  Fnmous Kva. Impeiial and Oyster Groups.  INVESTIGATE  AND  YOU  WILL  BE  PREPARED  TO.TAKE THE  CHANCE.  224 LOTS NOW SURVEYED AND READY FOR THE MARKET IN  A FEW DAYS.  ��������� ^ ���������    maava     Bn tana  LOCAL AGENT,  REVELSTOKE, B. O.  TIME TABLE  S. S. ARCHER OR S. S. LARDEAU  llniiiiiiiK between ���������Arrowhead, Thomson's  I.iiiulini; nnd Ciimnplix, commencing October  lltli, Will, will s*ail us lollow**, wcnilier permitting:  Leaving Arrowhead for Thomson's Landing  mid Comiii'lix twice daily���������10k. and iCk.  I.emiiiK Coiiu.]i1iy nnd Thomson's Landing  ior Anowhead   ..twice daily���������7-15kand 12:45k  Mukinp, close connections with all C. P. It.  Steamer!) and Trains.  'I lieowners resene the right to change times  oi -ailing- without notice.  Thc Fred Robinson Lumber Co., Limited  NOTICE.  TAKE NOTICi: that CO daji alter date I  intend to apply to the ChielCoamlssioucr  ol I.aiuK and Works Ior permission to cut and  canv awa\ timber Irom the following described land'sil _        --  Cimin-ieuciug nt a post marked Woger F.  I'crrj't, southeast corner post situate about '200  feel from Scott Creek, thence west 40 chains;  thence north ICO chains; thence east 40 dial as;  ihcnce south 160 chains, to the plac������ o������ commencement; containing 6*10 acres.  KOGEKF. PERRY.  Goldfields. B. C, Oct 17i.li.1901.   ,  Nov. G-tf.  NOTICE.  TAKK NOTICE that sixty days alter date I  Intend io apply to the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and vlerks fur permission lo pur  chase a parcol of land described as follows:  Commencliii. at a post marked Alice Perry's  No. I Post; thence wtfst 'JO chains; thenco  North 40 chains; thenee East 20 chains; thence  Soulh 40 chains to point of commencement.  This fraction ol land commences North of R.  F. Perrj's pre-emption following McKen?.ie*s  North-West Line, contaiulns about 80 aereB,  more* or less.  ALICE PERRY.  Goldfields, Nov. 27,1901. Dec 4-lm  Across the Continent in 3 Days.  About thu first of Mny the Canadian  Pacific   will   put   into   service  it new  overland   train, to   carry   exclusively  through  trailic.   which   tho officers of  the company claim  will  be  the most  complste    iu   its ' equipment   of   uny  ti-anscontinental   train   aver   put into  service on anv road.   The cars for this .��������� , .���������...-..-.. - ���������-���������-  .... , ,     ,        ine described lands-.���������Commencing at a post  train will be constructed purposely for} at .h<* south-east corner of Roger F. Perry's  it. new throuRhout. the. work of con-������ ^^^^^^���������"^a^^oiS^"hS\  sirociinK them being now in progress j thence ���������}$g������������^ffih*^���������������*i*������������  as the eompanv s (hops at Montreal. I joilowlng the meandering of Fish Creek ICO  The train w'ill consist exclusively of i Jh.iM wpo.^ of commencement; eoni.ln.n_,  deeping:   cars,   observation ��������� cars _-'\nd j  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby Riven lhat P>0 days after  date I Intend to applv io the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission  to entand carry awav- timbcrfrom the follow*  F.J. GOLDSMITH,  -Thomsons-ljind!2s,-Oc*.obe!jfii|i,JMl.^__i  i*'iii-:k hum mfsets am. tha ins.  fiiist class accommodation.  UEATKO   BY. HOT AIR.  HEAHONABLE  IIA'TES,  Note! Victoria  Brown & Guerin, Props.  ELECTRIC BELLS AND LIGHT IN EVERY ROOM.-  nisfis  gi Laces and Braids  E3 A large range ol I'oint Lace,  S^a Duchess     and     liatteiiburn  tfiSjj) Ilralds,     Stamped    Designs,  S������a Stamped Linens, Embroidery  rey Needles, Hooks, iVc.    .  ���������S&J Berlin and Zephyr Wools, all  ���������Sgl shades, Slipper Soles, Valen-  IjSm sciences Lace, Insertion.  Cnll at the_  SJ3  Sri  8  m  m  I  MADISON  PARLORS.  IRS  e?5  gsj Misses Sheppard & Bell ^  ������S������( MclCcnzie-Avcnue      oc'iS      ������.>���������>  "W&amkWffi  HOUUI.Y  STKEET CAlt  5IEUTS ALL TRAINS.  11A.H  WELL BUPI'LlliD BY TUE CHOICKfiT  * WINKS,   LIQUORS  AND  CIGAR3     .'   H PRIME BEEF.  PORK.     Ms 1 TON.     SAUSAGE.  FISH AND GAME IN SEASON.  1TOTICE-  mail ancl baggage cars.    Tliere will be  no  coaches  for  the  accomodation   of;  local   traffic   for   the   reason   that no;  local   trallie   will   be   handled by this j  train.     -\ltliou_*h the Minninjf time of i. takk .s-OTICi: that oo ^������>'������ ,1Jri,,_li^ti  , .      , in:cn**l to apply to the Chief (.uimnlwmcr Oi  the   pioposed   new   train  has not yet   Lnnds and Works for permission to purcl^e  been annon.ic-p.l il i*. nnol������ri*lly | ^^^l^^t^bA'-K.itr.^m,-  imderstood that, it u-ill iiink,* i\w run -. rftf *"������������������$* $������������$1 ^.."c"^!  from \ ancouver to .Munlreiil in three i ih<-nce north -w chains, thence west -20 ehnins,  ���������lev*'   time.    Tbo   tiiiin    will    be   -.-.n ! ������������������i������ ^ulh 40 Calny. thenco .-as, '.i. chains  CANADIAN  PACIFIC RAILWAY  TRAINS LEAVE REVELSTOKE :  EASTBOUND. . :. . . 8:20  WESTBOUND ..... 1 7:30  SOUTHBOUND    8:io  TOURIST CAR SERVICE  _ ^"tb^STrPAUL  Sundays,  Wednesdays, Fridays.  Montreal and Boston���������    ..FRIDAYS  Toronto��������� ������  ....SUN'DAYS,   and   WKDNF.SDAYS  THE   MINES EXCHANGE  LIMITED  MINES BOUGHT AND SOLD  Wc h wa purchasers for all kinds of metalliferous mines and pros-  ]>32ls, und di'iiro to hear from prospectors and others having property  fof s'llo.  Out- facilities for nuking quick sales are unrivalled.  ' Send u; rspnrta; also samples of ore for exhibition at our Office.   ���������-^THE-MINES-EXGKANGErlilMIT-ED.---���������-���������*  0Box.70i. Neleon, B. O.   1  to nolnt nf Cfiinm<*ni-''meiit.  ' iWdolil-, Jan. J������li. V!.  V.. M0AD.01.  IHI**.    II.    So. IT.  In the Supreme Court of British  Columbia:  I-Vil.-nil expenditure in this province  bnn not t.he\vii tha incrcJic of .1 tl oil Jinn the (iffilie;. of previous* year?.  CJuebei; and New Hruiuwitk hftve  reaped tbe chief b������nelitof the intieai'*d  i-eveiiiii.* which has followed on the  opening up of onr gieat mining  districts. All this province ha.s gotn.it*  ol it as a province i? a finsintial position  not very fur letnovi'd from ImnU-  liiptcv.  Mi*. Procter has marshalled liis fsffs  and presented liis aigninenls clearly  and convincingly. Hut with electois  of the capital hurrahing themselves  hoarse over their recent accomplishment of adding a fifth dummy to swell  the list of lhe straight partisan  supporters of the cabinet width is  robbing this province to pnp feed its  pels on the Atlantic sea board, the  Herar.o does not suppose his pamphlet will be of much avail. The voters  of Victoiia have told the Liurier  government that they, are perfectly  satisfied to have things the way lhey  are and have stultified any complaints  from Hie press or government   of   lhis  oai'b terminal of llif run   on   r-ach   al  twruate   \vn*k   dav.     Tin* -'���������hedti!*** on  which tin* train will run i- now   bi-iiig  prepared.  In the roiiKtrin.-tion of lhu ei|iii)iinrnt.  for   llir   new   serviri'   .1    number    uf  important- improvement- will br made  in the cars.    Onr of the   unM   notable  or thr-* is th.* adoption of a   n<*w  i.lra * . NOTtcr thBl       ;ilallt ,��������� t,.c 0r(,,.r of  in observation rar-, thi* r.ir.i which are i I     Hon.Mr. Ju*<tle<; Slurtln inncl������ln tlie alnve  '       - .... . -in>l. 1'joJ. tln-re will  riiiutfir-i,  BF.T������ KF.S-  f'HAKIrK*1 IIOI.TKN,  nn*l  prank van-da 1.1. .t MH.1.1K ni.ACK.  ii,-;,-it'i>iit-i  sonon thnt  I.Mr. Jll*<tle<;  , , 11 1 I it'eiiiin ������nit clm������-il .l������niiiir>- 'Slxx'l. 190.', tln-re will  under coni-l ruction liu vingeidrKalmost ; ,,e ,,Bcr,.,i for -nle ������ jffBI.IC  aI'CTION bj  entirrlv of gin .*���������*���������. ������iiiiiliir  to   the  glass ' "'"   "    "'"      ""  Jiime������T������j-lor*t the ofllee nf the n.i'l'T������iKneil  hi   Ilevcl-tnte.   II.  C,   on    SAT. It HAY.  the-  Twcnty-5*'e-*on<I fifty ot Kcliniftry. Y.4,2, <xl the  liour"!:Tivoo'clock In thc afternoon.   All anil  -unp'ilnr tlio*"2 rertRln pRrci.-li of luuil sitiiftie  Tl.n    ^..i^    ;..    . lw.fi... ,..,,*������ will fare the ! '��������������� ihe  ''���������>' ni  Revel-doke,   B.C.  ������n'l   more  llie    ne.it.-<    111    tlii'ft.. t.iisiuii "i.e tn������    nnr,���������.���������Ur!J. ,,0.rrifrf.rt ������*- Ixil.- Nunitrtr3 And  s-.o it, will not be neces-   n, liloi-k i������. I'lan Bl'J.  ends irliich are in use in th.* ordinary  observation can now  in   general   tx*������.  in  i-ide* of the ca  sary for the jmssHngers lo turn around  in order fo look out upon the pawing  scenery,    'flic   sleeping   cars   will   Iip  Passengers ticketed 10 all  points  al lowest rates.-  DIRECT STEAMSHIP  SERViCE  l;rom Vancouver to���������  0    -   CHINA  JAPAN,  AUSTRALIA,  ALASKA  II. ri. I'ARSON, President.  M. J. O'BRIEN, Managing Director  Pull Iiifnrinmloii uni  psrtlenlnrn u|" iv  tnNearcdt tl.l'.lt. Acciil.  T^ Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.  M idled Liability.  Carry a full snd complete Hue of  Scotch and Rye Whiskies, Boandies, Rums,  Holland, Old Tom, London Dry and Plymouth Qlns,  Ports, Shories, Olar-sts, Ohampogna, LJquera|  Imported and Domastlc Olffurs.  On   **nl*I   [,roperty   ti  i*ri*--'*:-I  h   (;oo,l  two  storey frame dwelling    c  'Hie said properly will  l.e sol-I -iil.jecl a-i to  ������nld I.nt'Jiotl.e  rii.hw of John A. M*r*, lil������  -     ,        ... 1 ��������� b'*irs or ^'i-in*. ann   subjert   10   the   Ineum-  ���������J    combination    of   tlu:    Wagner  antl 1 hriMlr.,., i-harced   azaliitt the  kn*,i   j,reml*,en  r,f,rilenliir* of v.*bi?*h may Ij** ol*t������Iri<:d from  Frivlerteit Kraier, Y.v\., Iteeeirer aiifiointcd by  -aid Order, or from  IIARVKY, McCABTEK ts. PINKHAM,  Plaintiff*-' .--olIclUirH.  Daled 29tli January, A I>..l!i02.  T. W. Bradshaw,  Ai(C-Iit  Hevelstoke.  Pullman cars in the United Stales,  combining Ihe most ilnnniM* fraturcs  of each anfl including in their construction a number of  new improvement?.  CottnRe, lorner Konrlh Street and Orion  Avenue. For particular* apply to I'* F.  Yoxoorf, Tim Molions Bant. Uec is-tf  In Stock...  A   Warehouse full of  lir.i'-uU*.,  Qutlity   Wheat, Oats,  Short,       Bran,  Hay, Coa'.  Price? away down for Spot (J11.1I1.  J. C. HUTCHISON.  F-,, J. Coyle.  An**!**!. Oen.  passeniter /Kt-nt  Vaiii-ouver.  Mortgage Sale.  UNDEIt AND BV VIRTUKof the power*! contained In a i-ertaln rHorljjane whicli will  hf produced at thc tlmenf title, "here will be  offered bv PUBMO At;. TION by Jamei Taylor,  nt lhc orfico of the undcriisjne'fat I'.evelstokB.  n Cl., on Saturday, the twenty-wefond da*f of  Februarv, A I)., 1902,ai the hour of twoo'clock  in the afternoon, the following property, vl-**:  ��������� l-ortlon of thc North-West tjnarter of section  Ten (ID). Townnliip Twenty-Three (JS), KanK*  Six (fi). West of thc SKtli Meridian, containing  t,y admeasurement IM and fil-loo acres more or  less. Said property Ix-lnK situate near Cralif-  ellaehle, the Dlstriet 01 Vale. H. C. On the  property are one frame building and barn.  Tor term.*, nnd conditions ol sale apply to  HARVKY. Mcf-AKiKK A PINKHAM,  of I'.evi-1-.tokc. H. U.,  .Solicilors Ior Mortjigee.  Dated at I'.evelitoUe, JaQ.2t)tli, U-Oi.  Write for our  iulerestiilK books " Invent-P  )or'������ Help" 1111 I  ������������������ How you are awlndled.'V  [Send usa roused sketch or model of yoiirln-/  [vention nriinprnvemcnl and wr will tell you(  [free our opinion aq to whether It is probably'  {patentable.   Rejected applications haveoflcnJ  [been   successfully  pros-cutcd   by  us.    Wc)  Jcondnct  fully equippcil offices in Montreal)  }*nd WashlnRton ; this rpinlifies us to prompt-)  ly dispatch work and quickly iccure Patents)  as bro-id as the invention. Highest refcrencei/  furnished. 1  Patents procured through Marion & Ma*)  irion recelv* spectnl notice without charfce In )  lover 100 newspapers distributed throughout)  lthe Dominion. *  J   Specialty:���������Patent business of   Manufacturers and Kngineers.  MARION & MARION  ; latent Experts and Solicitors. ;  Inula., -f NeJ*' york Life B'ldV. HontreaH  i^^XA^^i^li*?)^!!^^  REVELSTOKE  Steam Laundry Co.'y*-  A challenge  Wc challenge anyone in  Revelstoke to give substantial reasons for supporting Chinese laundries  In exchange we offer to  give 1 o good reasons why  Chinese laundries should  not be patronized.  BUKER & SAXTON,  Proprietors.  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. W. B. Paget, Prop.  Frompt delivery of parcels, baggage, ete.  to any part of tbe city  Any Kind of Transferring  Undertaken  All orders left at R. M. Sraytbe's Tobaeae-  tore. or by Telephone Ho. 7 trill receive prompt  tten tion.  Jas. I. Woodrow  I^UTCHER  Retail Denier in���������  Beef, Pork,  Mutton, Etc,  Fish and Game in Staaea....  All orders promptly Altai.  "BSlSSa. HBYBi5������0KB,B.fJ.  4  it ?*���������  If  111  h  li  [7  k  Thp Iferth western '"Development Synd seaie  UMtTED  Capital: ?l,OOO,O0O in 1,1100,000 Shnres.   Pur vulue?1.00 eneli.  All Treasury Stock.     No Promoter's and no Preferred-Stock.  Large Veins Free-Milling* Gold Ore  First Allotment.    200.000 Shares now offered for 50c. a share.  ANDREW F. ROSENBERER,  Secretary, P.O. Box"00, Nelson, B.C.  SIBBALD & FIELD,  onielal  Brokers, Revelstoke, B.C.  THE TOWNSITE OF  IS NOW ON THE MARKET.  ' "        *       '"��������� BUY BEFORE YOU SLEEP.; ;    '  CIRCLE CITY is the Terminus   of   the   proposed   Railway   already   surveyed  v_ via the Lardeau  Creek with fork to that point.  .CIRCLE"CITY is beautifully situated at the base of  the Lardeau  Pass,  Galena  and Surprise Creeks.  -CiRCLE CITY is   absolutely   surrounded    by    Mining   Properties   now   under  Development. . . . ... . .  Splesi  pit  Which will be utilized next Season by Concentrating Plants.  SEND- FOR PARTICULARS AT ONCE -  TO THE GENERAL AGENT,  ������BZB&TH0;  Ferguson, B. C.  Is the recognized organ for all the.latest mining news-of North  Kootenay. Particular attention is paid to securing, curly anil reli.-iblis  intelligence from the newly'discovered Free Milling Gold Camps on Fish  River and from the placer and quartz mines of the Big -Bend and district.  in the immediate activity of "Kevelstoke.*'such as lllecillcwuet, Albeit  Canyon, Jordan Pass and Isaac Creek.' Next, season .will witness a big  revival'of certainty thcoughmit-North Kootenay, and mining men aiid  others "desirous of gaining the eai Iiest and most authentic news from thu  -district��������� will���������find^the-coluuiiis���������oLtha_klLliRAIjI'l^thui)-'_bcst_source_v_o.L  information! '   *,---��������� ~   -  ' Railway News is also a Specialty of the HERALD and articles of  opecial interest'to Railway men.will also bo.foimd in its columns.   ".    _  THE'HERALD offers advantages in its total Weekly circulation  and the class of readers,.which itreaches, unparalleled in the district. It  appears twice to any othor-papor's once a week and is found in the homos  of.the wage-earning classes, the backbone'of the business of the district.  Bus/nessmen want their announcements to reach the home people who  have the money to take advantage .of their offers and thc homes and  families which render it necessary for them to spend it. No other class of  ���������iraalation is of any use to them. These"are the kind of people wlio make  Bp a big proportion of our Subscribers, people with homes, families,  employment and interests right at home, the people Revelstoke merchants want to get at. A space in our advertising columns, judiciously :>nd  thoroughly utilized, constitutes a Twice A-Week letter to every home in  Revelstoke, and in thp Railway ai.d Mining points, tributary to Revelstoke business, '  Offi:jOB PRINTING  Is the corapletest in the district for .appliances, material and  Craftsmen. Our work speaks for itself. No other office iii North  Kootenay can touch it, because we not only have the tools to do good  work with, but we know how to use them. Call and'see our Samples and  you will perhaps be surprised to see the artistic and finished class of work  which wa can turn out.    Prices graded down.to suit the times.  LEGAL  JM. SCOTT   B A., I.I..B.  Unrrister,       Solicitor,    Notary  First street, ltevt'lttoke.  Money to lonn.  Public,   Ete.  J^AIIVEY, M-CAKTr.Itt TINKlIAM  Barrister.-". Solicilors, Etc.  Solicitor.*; I������r IinperialcBiink of Canada.  Company fund-, to loan at8 percent.  I-'n-hT -stkekt, KuvclMokeB/C.  CHURCHES  JIETHODIST CIIVRC'II,  IlEVI-LSTOKE.  rrcncluii; service*, at u a. in. and 7:30 p. m  (;ln**s iiieeung hi me close ui the morning  -er\ieu. .-abliiuh .-jchooi and Bible Cla**-, at3:;;o  Meekly Prater .Meeting everv Wcdncday  caning iu 7:3U The public are cordially  invited. aeaisfrcc.  ��������� Kev. C. Ladner, Pastor.  ST.   I'ETEI! S CIIUKCII, ANGLICAN.  Eight a.m., Holy l_ii**iiuri*-l; 11 a.m., ma as,  itiiny ami -.erui-ui (Holy l.ueliarist first Sunday in tlie lm-nlti); '2:'A.. i-undav s hool,' or  -Kiuldrcu's Kerviic;-7::iu Kveiisoiib--(,'!i(iraI) and-  -crinwii. Holy Da>.-���������The Holy Euchari-,1 is"  I'elebratcd at 7 a.m. or S a.m , as announced.  * Holy Baptism alter Simduv Si*hooi 1113:15.  c a. riiocDNiER, Hector.  TRESDYTCRIAX   CHURCH.  Sei vice every .Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:1X1 p.m  to u hicli all arc welcome. Prayer meeting at  S.p. in. every \Vedne.--dm*.  P.ev. w. 0. Calder, Pastor.  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.  Mass   at 10:&j a. in ,  nu   first,   second  and  lourth Sundays lu the month.  REV.   FATHER   THAYER.  SALVATION   ARMY.  Meeting every night ln their Hall un Front  Street.  SOCIETIES.  Gold Range Lodge K. of P.,  !������������K     No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.  Meets everv Wednesday in  Oddfellows' Hall at So'clock  Visitint; Knights invited.  I!. A. Bllow.v,  C. C.    :    :    : ':    :    :  F. B. Liiwis. K. of R. & S.  *' "-  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE,$2 PER YEAR, IN ADVANCE.  LOYAL ORANGE LODGE No. 1658*  Se-jular mec-timr** are held in th<  Oddfellow's Hall on llie Third Friday of ench inorilli, at S ii.in. sharp.  Visiting breihrcn cordially invited  A. J IIXSON, iv. M  W. G. BIRNEY, Rcc.-Sec.  A. H. HOLDICK  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST  *    AND ASSAYER. .  Roval School of Mines, London.    Seven  at 'Morla  Works,  Swansea.     1/   years   ������������������,���������,  Cbemi-*t  to Wifran Coal and Iron Co.,   Eng  Late ihemistand A*-������aycr, Hall Mines, Ltd.  Claims examined and reported upon..  Ferguson. B.C  from the  ���������Printers  ���������of  ���������Fine  ���������Office  ���������Stationery.  Including  LETTER   HEADS  ENVELOPES  STATEMENTS  BILL HEADS  NOTE HEADS  SHIPPING TAGS.  POSTER AND BQSQER  PP..NT5NG   A  SPECIALTY  Hee-aCd Job Office  FRONT STREET.  ���������J-t*l-l-l--l-M-i"l-t.t^.i..l"l..i.4.^i,^.M.._,+*  PELLEW-KARVEY, I  BRYANT & CiLMAN f  Mining Engineers  and Assaycrs,  VANCOUVER, Il.C.      Established 1890  AFRAID ?  ASSAY WORK OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS  '.'���������'. UNDERTAKEN.  Testi made up to 2,000lbs.  ��������� A specli.lty made of checking Smelter  Pulps.  Samples from the Interior by mall or  express promptly attended to.  Corri-spondeiico solicited.]  VANCOUVER, B. C.  '  ���������f*f''T'-f*M**f*M**f*f'V*f-H'^.^*I,^,f.f.^f,j|,^4l  L  9    W.  Successor to D. Jenkins,  ��������� ���������  Manufacturers of-  FINE BOOTS AND SHOES  Ropc.iring of Boots, Shoes  and HnrnBss, a Specialty.  J  Next Door to Guy Barber's  A GOOD  NAME....  Is better than riches   Wc have tho name of making  ��������� the only Stylish Suits in Town  ���������for  durability  aud  quality  they also excel.  ���������������������������  TPY ONE  R.S. WILSON  Next the McC-trty Block.  Wood for Sale.  First Class Dry Wood  ,  delivered in nny length  foi- Cash..  Abl7 furnished with the  Choicest the Market  affords.  BEST WINES, LIQUORS, CIGARS  Large, Light bedrooms.  Rates $1 a day.  Monihly Rate.  J. Albert Stone ���������   Prop.  9S?  (%y -*&- ^4v  APPLY TO  FARWELL   ESTATE.  The  choice  land  north   ol  track,   ���������  ^       between Tapping's and Long's, will  be subdivided Ior sale as  soon as  possible.  G. M. SPROAT,    VICTORIA,   B. C.  P. O. Bos, 125.  Express Delivery  . All orders left at' W. RI.  Lawrence's will be_* promptly  attended to.  H-   Cook.  GO TO , ���������-wt*i  MRS.   XJA-TTZDIEIR,  - I'or your Christina*, Iriiiiund lion linns  ���������Chocolates, 40c. to 60c.  C" nil ies'from 15c.  PANC-'-WSiHin..*..     OiUN'GES.     LEMONS  TOYS AST) FASCV HOODS.  Fear of American Ascendancy  Said to be the Inspiration of  New Stock Issue.  An Ottawa despatch to the World  attaches new significance to the  Addition lo tlie C, P. R.'.s capital stock  of twenty million dollars. It is suggested that C. P. It. stock has heen  bought up hy American Railway  magnates in large quantities and that  tho increase in stock is made to prevent  the road passing under the control of  thu Viuulfi-liills or the Morgans. "I  regard it," said a shrewed railway  pitiinoli'f today, ":is more than a mere  coincidence' lliat siniiiUant'ously wilh  this exhibition of iho New York  CiiiilnJ syndicate's nlisurpiion of the  Canada ALlnntir, the Canadian Pacilic  should Im i-xli-iidiiitr ils itsus nf stock  liy Iwfiiiy millions. Tho diiectors  may have found that the majority of  thn i.'xisling sloi'k has passed into  thu hands nf thsse Ainuricaii mri'Kerv,  and, having mcceeded in nlai-tuing th������  Government .is to thi v....*. ntiaihilitiei  of thu situation, 'lj*.,*.ni;d tha  Government'.* sanction to a new issue*  ! of stock with which to restor* th*  balance of power to ths C. P. H.  Company."  What gives force and cii'cunist*ne������  to this conjecture is the peculiar manner in which the announcement of the  C. P. It. application was made. The  statement as it appeared in the Globe,  the Mail and other friendly organs  was carefully prepiued by an agent  of the C. P. R. and its dissemination  entrusted to one of tlie; O.-.hiiiet Ministers who owes his position today, to  the C.P.R. influence. The ruse of the  Mail in dating its brief from Montreal  is what, gives the thing completely  away. II, was word for word with the  stiiti;iiu.*nt furnished to all the friendly  press tit Ottawa and except in the case  t of   tho   Mail   it   was   dated  from the  I capital.���������Toronto Telegram.  Red nose DcRrce meets second and lourth  Tuesdays ol ench month; White* Rose Decree  meets third Tuesday oleach quarter, in Oddlcl-  lo\*s Hall.   Vlsitini; brethren welcome  G.E. GKOGAS-.  President  HY. EDWARDS,  Hon. Secretary.  BEAUTIFUL-  * Mackenzi; Ave.   Revelstoke, B. C.  Revelstoke Risk (e.;ltd.  Skatiiif? every afternoon und evening from  8 to h and from S 10 10. ,  Thc Tublic arc im-ited to vlsli the Rink; no  cliarK** heiiiK made Ior Spectators.  A charge of 2..i*.**ivill be made Ior skating. In  the nfternoon ladich or children loc.  Season Ticket*! mny be purchased al. the rink.  Ladies 111 SO, Gentlemen .0. children 53.  Good for t-kalint; afternoon and oveninK,'i-.*c-  cepl .special events i,ucli as Carnivals, Hockey  Matches, etc,  Hockey Practices.  SENIORS���������.Mondays,   I'riilavs   and   Palnrilay������  from 10 to 11.    \Vetlncsdnys, from  *      7 to 8.  JUNIOltS���������Ttie.iil-������.slrnm in to 11, and Wed-  '   ncsdajs from 7 to 8.  LADIES���������Tuesdays from 2 lo 3.  Curling every afternoon anil evening.  MOUNTAIN VIEWS  Now ready at my Studio, views '  of Revelstoke and vicinity. Also  telephotn views of all the-peaks  visible from the city. They will  be upon permanent platinotype,  the finest photographic paper procurable and absolutely permanent,  .size 3x*l, Aie, size 4x0, 50c. Send  these to /our relatives aud friends .  for the >'ew Year and they will  have something of a true artistic  value. The Studio will remain  open this evening till 22 o'clock.  yeart  years  Chiel  _  NEW YEAR'S CAKES !  NEW YEAR'S CAKES !  H  EDWARD  TAXIDERMIST.  DEER HEADS, BIRDS, Etc. MOUNTED,  Furs Cleaned and Pe-aired  JUST EAST OF PRESBYTE1UAK CHUBCH  Third Street.  FRUIT, PEEL,  GROCERIES  For people who like"  to   make   their   own  Cakes.  PLENTY OF MILK  FOR EVERYONE  - Why poison your systems  using Condensed Milk, done  up in old rusty .tin cans?  when you can buy pure  SALMON ARM MILK  at REVELSTOKE DAIRY.  INGALLS'   VISITOR  A. N. SMITH  NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT  NOTICE Is HEREBY GIVEN that nenry J.  Ilourne, of RcvelHtol.c, Ilrltlah Columbia, and  l'rank II. Bourne, of Xakusp.lirltlsli Columbia,  carryhiR on business at Kevelstoke, Nakusp  anil New Iienver as General Merchants, under  tlie linn name ol Bourne Ilrotlicrs, have by  deed ilalcil the lOlli (lay ol January, 1902,  assigned all their and ueli ol their real and  personal |irt������ crty which may be seized and  sold undcrcxccution, for the general benefit  of creditors to Frederick Buncombe, ol Haro.  street, Vancouver, Merchant, und Arthur  IVilliam Johnston, of M'aterStrcct, Vancouver,  Merchant.  A meeting of the creditors Is hereby called  for Monday, the 20th day of January, 1902, at  thc hour of 1 p. m. at thc sfflcc of -cssra. S.  Greenshleldii Son & Co., Water Street, Vancouver.  All crcditcrs arc required to file withArthur  William Johnston, one ol thc assignees, full  particulars of their claims and tho nature ol  their securities, il any, held by them, an1  notice Is hereby given that alter the first da-  ol AprlltheAssignccsivill proceed to distribute the assets am ng the creditors, of whose  debts or claims they shall have received  notice, and that they will not -be responsible  for the assets or any part thereof so distributed  to any creditor of whose debt or claim they  shall not thin have received notice.  Dated thii.Hth day of January, A.D., 1902.  _/  *. DAVIST MARSHALL & MACNEII L,  Solicitors ior the Aislgneos.  Lesson in Politeness That Was  Not Appreciated. .  M. E. Ingalls, the railroad magnate  of tlio middle west whose interests ara  more or less allied with the Vanderbilt  system, is no exception to prominent  men of business, inasmuch as he main-,  tains an antc-roon where call era������are..-  required to state their*-errands -before- -  being admitted to the official strong**'  hold. ~"-'  '   '  ��������� * -'  Not long since, however, one individual swept the entire arrangement  aside by stalking past the- outer  secretaries with .in aiivjaf authority  wliich disarmed them; ;He boldly  pushed open the door to the sanctum  ard entered. Taken hy surprise, Mr.  Ingnll3 looked up and beheld su tall  brouzrd pursmiage surveying the  apartment with uti inquiring eye. The  ntw-comoi* demands sharply;  "Is Ingalls here?"  "I am Ingalls," returned   the   magnate laconically.'      -    '       -_ -  ���������-The stranger strod*���������to-ir���������-=de8k-and=���������  throw down'an envelup*.*.  ���������'Letter for you," he'eaid curtly.  Mr. Ingalls read it and frown������d.  "Do you know what is in this letter?"  he demanded.  "Yep. The station agent in my  town said if I'd fetch that to you I'd  git a job."  "Indeed: Do you not think it would  be mora becoming iu you as an  applicant for tinploymept a* least to  knock at the door before entering and  ramovo your hat while in the office?  And further would it iioi bo mora  Bcumly in you to inquire for Mr. Ingalls  rather than for Ingalls?"  Beneath this merited rebuke tha  man moved not u'muscle.  "Give me the letter," he said soberly.  Mr. Ingalls promptly .handed over  the letter and liis visitor went out  closing the door behind him without a  word. Wliile the clerks were still  grinning over the incident there was a  timid knock at the door.' The door  was opened. There stood the same  individual. Ho entered with an  obsequious bow carefully wipe'd his  feet, removed his hat and meekly  said.  '  ' -  ������������������Is Mr. Ingalls her'e?"-  The   magnate   beamed."    "Ah.   my  '  young   friend,"   he   said    graciously, ���������  "that is better. " "What can I do for  you?"  The countryman   drew   himself. up  with a ferocious glare.    "Do for me?" '  he yelled.    "Do for me?" yon can. gov  to Ii , you little bald-headed" dufftM  That's what you kin do for me."  And he withdrew slamming the door  behind him.���������New York Time*,  one  m  oa MISTAKES  May In* iiri.li* in  wearing  Chest Protectors  But yonr gieniest mistake will  Im niitdt. in i.imI,, wearing one.  Tliey are a gieiit pivventittive  of cold anil nobody .should lie  without niu* when lhey can  gel ihem so rlien|i al. llie  CANADA DRUC & BOOK CO. Y.  All Niv.es aiul Prices.  See lliem in our window.  &>  &>  LOWNETS  BORN.  OWK.s.s.���������At lievelstoke on I'Vbiuary  -till, to .Mi. and Mis. P. Owens nf  Salmon Ann, n daughter.  Notes of News.  We have lately imported ||  the choieest varieties of /3������  the aliove in hulk, 'anil $?)  are sellin"' al (j?  ������  ftt. per lb. I  ^mmmtwmmftmmttmwmwmmig  g_*������������������ ���������1&  I The Launch ins: of    1  ���������es- v*^ ^s  I Good s.s. Revelstoke  ��������� I*'re������h bulterat A. N. Smith's.  Mis, Hobinson of fiolden'ii* viniliujf  friends in RvveUti-Ice.  .1,-w. Rei^liley is spending a l'eiv days  At. the St. Leon Hut Spi'in_������.i.  ���������New spring *_;ooils iirriviiifi Jil. lteiil  Si Young'.*..  TlieiK is uu epidemic (if iiie.-is.les  xiiioiik the children in town.  Mrs. Coughl'in is in the city visiting  her daughter Mrs. MeSorley.  Itamrmbvr llie hockey malt'li on  Wednesday I'Ybruary .llh.. Yeriion v.  Havelstokv.  ���������Men's Silk Cashmere Muse, 1 pair  for .M.00 al lteid Ai Young'*.  ���������1. A. Kelson, .tiiiiiiiiKei' of lhe liolel  Hume, at -Xelsrin. can-.e up .from the  an nth lust niglil on it visit, to lown.  ���������-'-A full line of Men's, l.-'urnishiiiKS- at  lteid *fc'Y<iiii_K'������.  .Malcolm ltos������, who has been .sick lor  ������ome month's, has left town for Soulh  Edmonton willi liis brother.'  ���������Remember the Knid.Martin Concert  uu the 2<!t.h. of February .under the  auspice* "f Si. Aiii1i-#w'i. l.udirs  Aid. '    .  ���������Ss������ those new->lio������.*i in ladies and  man'isjnst arrived at Reid  -fc  Young's.  Toinoirow morning; in lhe Council  chamber at 10 o'clock there will be  held tlie annual genual mei-ting nf the  Boaid ������if'Trade for the election of  ���������officers fortin. unsuing vear.  ��������� Fresh ejftjsat A. N. Smith's.  The Jtcvels-toke deli-frat.es to the  Lihernl 'conference nt New Westminster. A. Mi-Rue, It. llowson mid  \V. M. Lawrence, left yesterday fm- lhe  Count.        ',.'���������'  Shows the necessity of providing yourselves with good Rain Coats and Rubbers  11 wa.s very wet (especially coming home),  We   have   excellent    Rain    Coals    and  Rubbers  to  protect you   from   the   slush  and snow.  We offer vou bargains in these lines.  -"SB  -a������  ���������***-3������  ������������������"SB  31  ���������������������  11 it;hest   Awanl  ai the World's  Fair.  ������  Red Cross    Drugstore  ���������������&P0'P&HHWMMI'3*&*P������0*IH*P:**i  NOVELTY PHOTOS  1  I niiike all jitylcs of I'lioto Hutton-,  HriKU'lic**, I'ius, E c. Very .*> ewi-M l'c-  .ilgns.  1 copy uny pliotouraph or tintype.  You should ORll ��������� wlilioni delay nml  sit fur liomcuf ilinse popular  &A���������  Taylor & George  Wish all their Customers and prospective  Customers " A Happy and Prosperous  New Year, 1902." That you will enjoy  the former we are sure. Hut to be assured of prosperity it i.s necessary that you  buy your  DRESS GOODS, MEN'S FURNISHINGS,  BOOTS AND SHOES, &c,  from us. Now is the time to sort up.  We are sorting un our Best selling lines,  and 10- do this properly we offer vou  liargains.  Call and Inspect Our Goods..  -������a9  Taylor & George, 3  Mackenzie Avenue.  =s  7tiUM������UMlU(UilUlUiiiimMiiiMM&  SOP-AMIF  . -II CJIK'llll.lT I  u limited linn*.  IFJiOTOS    *  1 ������111 In* here onlv   ?  THE  NORTHERN  ASSURANCE   CO.  FIEEl!!  OF LONDON. ENGLAND.  G5-E3srEii*iA.rJ ������������������^aiEiLHrA.isrrs.  CALL  AND  INSPECT  THE  NEW CONSIGNMENT OF  LASVSPS  of all   kinds  and  Crockery  just opened up.  A set of  GUPS AND SAUCERS.  from   the   Foley  factory  ln ���������  England, will suit you.  SKATES.   SKATES.    SKATES.  Hockey Skates  STI'IHO:       TAYI.OU  lll.OCk-.  HOWARD   KING,  , llOTOlliAl'lIKll.  -~m&  ���������.Tnst received 100 piece*, of .Muslin  Knibroidr i-ii'K ;it Keid -V Young'*.    .  < Aim, Cmi-iithei'i-i is in possession of a  white fun, il ji-iir of gloves and some  dishes, left in the opera house after  lh������ hospital Imll. Anyone inquiring  ���������lit her residence' can recover their  property."  ���������Man's Overcoats at a liig reduction  al lteid ifc Young's.  At the meeting pf tha* Ladies Aid of  .St. Andrew's 1'reBbyterian church held  yesterday, the advisability of furnishing a w.-ii'd in lhe Cottage hospital wus  under discussion. It is 'more itiiin  likely the society ivill undertake this  highly laudable work.  ���������Just opened up a lui of Ladies  Colored Underskirt* in u)J shades nt  Reid k Young'.*.  Tha Her ai.u regrets to learn that  F. J. Guerin of the Victoria hotel is  very'sick with pneumonia, with which  he wes attacked quite suddenly lust  Friday. His partner, W.M. Brown,  intended lo'leave ;yesierday .with his  niece Mis. Guerin to visit her father,  who is Mr. Brow nV brother, in Oregon  hut Mr. Guerin'.- illness ' has delayed  their departure.'  Lodge lio.va.lty. 2U, S. O. E. B. S.  paraded on Sunday evening lu St.  ���������Peter's��������� church~in~h6noiu'~6f-="ihe-  .���������memory of Queen Victoria, the'day  tieing tha anniversary of her funeral.  Tha vicar, Uev. C A. Procunier, had  selacted hymns ������ui(.ib!e 111 the  occasion, to which he mado consider  xhl* allusinii in his sermon. After  ssi vice, llu** liielhren passed a vote of  thanks iu the lodge lo tha vavsrend  Xtntlenian fur lhe welc-oiii** which had 4  heen axlandcd li> ihem.  Ilia Naiiaiuio. B. C, Kit.'-* Press. A  Musical Trvat. The roncert given in  lha opeia hoiise Ian niglil was pio-  noniictd hy all who hranl it i������ one of  lha b^iit thai had ever ln-en held in  lhis cily. Tin* vocul pun of the  piogramma wnt ������������������* tin* fitst quality.  FaUowes )(au**un. th<* sjreftt haiitous.  wall sus'.-iiiM-il his pJ'l i-i the pro*  ; sraiinii)*. Jli.������ voice pii*������������'*s������fs all that  iiiellown*.-."*; \������hiili .ultls lo lha  alli'3Ciivi*i!e>������ of a liarituna. There  was a I'liiupletr ).i( k of.anyl.hing that  jailed in lii-s p-ira tunes. The Knid.  Miilin 1'out ������������������11. Opr*ia Ilinni*. Kch.  ���������jr.'.li.  Canada Atlantic Merger.  In convarsalion lh* oth������r day Dv.  AVelih .-t.iteil:���������**Thi*< purrlios will  make VM-y little cliunge in the head  unices. 'J'hr. Canada. Atlant.ii: is a \ix\i  ������ud iiMpnilaiit railway, ami I think il  ������������������annul very well do  wilh  fewer   men  "ihan aie. "at preKcnt employed. Ol  course thai 1: would hu no advantage in  consolidating the railways if we continued duplication of the staff*-, hul I  do not think I here will hi* itioi.li  change. The Xi-w Yo:k Cential has  not bought the Canada Atlantic. Il  lias heen bought hy a party of capitalists, of which I am onr, who are  rdentilirrl wilh Ihe Rutland and the  J*Jew York Central.' There is one  large management behind the I hi en  companies. The Canadian Pacific and  tha Naw York Cent ml are very closely  allied in business, and the Canada  Atlantic and the Canadian Pacific will  infuture be allies. There is not the  slightest   intention   of diverting    the  :grain business fioiu-Manti-eal; in fact,  the parties who are behind this thing  are building a railway as fast as they  can between Montreal and Quebec,',  No Stopovers Allowed.  There was a false, alarm last ni^ht.  Two rinks of Nelson curlers en route  to conquer worlds unknown in Winnipeg were reported to he coming up on  the boat train and aiixiiiii*. lo keep  Lheir hands, iu hy trying conclii-inns  with th*1 best champions Kevel.-toke  could produce. .On the arrival of llu*  train. hoiveviM, it, turned -out. thai, il  was not curlers hut* politicians mi  board. The delegates to .the Liberal  convention coming up conceived lhc  idea that, the No. I niighl he late, a  notion which could only enter tin*  heads of people accustomed In long  living on branches and i-iile track.*-.  They expected to hava In put in  several hours in town and lo wile away  the time intended to try conclusion***  with our c.irlers. The No* I i-aini* up nn  lini������j to the minute and w linked lliciu  off to settle tha n.fairs of the nation at  New Westminster, if not sadder ac all  events wiser men.  CAPITAL AND FUNDS $38,365,000.  REVENUE         5.714.000.  DOMINION DEPOSIT        211.700.  --������i$������  ������_b-- .A-GKEItTTS  ^   SIBBALD & FIELD,    -    Revelstoke, B. C.  3|  A Cur, a Can and a Cutter.  What might have heen a very  serious accident happened on Sunday  afternoon. Aid. Taylor was driving  Mrs. Ca.i and a little girl, who is staying with them, over lo Williamson's.  As they were about half way up lhe  hill in the culler, a dog wilh a coal ^oil  can tied to its tail, came rushing frantically down the hill to meet Ihem.  The horse became quile unmanageable  at the unexpected apparition and  hacked the cutter and its occupant:-  over the edge of the road and crashed  down lhe hill below. The cutter hung  up in a tree about forty feet Jiene.ilh.  ~MrsT^iio-anii~tlie-li[[le girl were  thrown out. at once hut fortunately  escaped without serious injury. Aid.  Tnylor hung on to thi; lior.������t'*s head  until the shafts broke and he wa?  dragged over lhe ilashboaid. IFe loo  was uninjured, as was the horse, lhe  (inly serii'ii.** damage done ln-ing 10 llie  cutter.  The Vernon Hockey Match.  The-Vernon hoys, who will-meet the  Senioi; Hockey team in the rink ��������� to  night, arrived this inoriiing. The  Inline team will line up at 8.15 p.m. as  follows:  Millier. goal; Kdwards. Capt., point:  Alliiin, cover point: Graham, centre:  Hews, rover: Carey, right wing;  Douglas, lel'l wing. The Vernon team  ciin-sir-its of the following players:  Sawyer, goal: .H. Jackson, point:  !���������:. Klworthy. Capt., cover point: S. A.*  .St rat ford, right wing; li. Jackson, loft  \ving:T. li. Oroweli.' centre: .1. McLaughlin, rover.  ���������I*'rt:s>h Groceries at A. N.   Smith's.  Public School Report. .  The -.lanilingof   pupils   in  the   cily  foi- January is ns follows:  lllCill SCHOOL CLASS.  Bessie Lawson, Florence FYhspi*.  ."5th   Class.���������F. Palmer,' P. Robinson,  M.Hyatt.  Si*, kh Class.���������W.  .McRury. X.  Mc-  X:ih, D. Morgan.  niv. II.  Jr. llli Class.���������.1. Ainsley, R. Fraser,  I.. Bui get.  Sr.   Srd   Cla.is.-C.   Goidon,    F.dilh  Cooke, IL Guerin.  . . Jr. 3rd Cl.isr.-R. McRury, .A. P.lack-  herg. T. Guerin.  DIV. III.  .Sr. :.ril Class.���������Willie Walling,   Willie Kei-n-ighan, Kphie .Smith.  Jr. .lid Class.���������J.icky  .Sibbald.  Jean  IIvail, Mabel   Hay.  Sr. lind Clasj.���������fidna   Urnce, Maggie  j N'ealon, Clill'oril Uiqiihart.  Curling. J     Jr-   -foi   Class.���������Ralph   .Jl.ll,   Urn-is  ^ ri'Miiii't. Lillie fii-own.  On-Monday evening  in   llie  Cilijaiy t )(|V   ,v  Malting & lirewing  l'n.'������   rou-peiitimi;  Graham 21. beat Rae VI. and   I'inUhaiu'     Si*.    M    Iteadei. ���������IC.     Cuur-ier.  II.     heat   ('.ii nil hei s   S     I.isi    night !*.\v������������������l,Kv. li. .Mt.Malum.  Pinkh.tiii 11. beat I'ror-k 1.  L. O. L.  There will   lie   a   ������pe(i,il   mei ling   of,  LO.I...    UCW.   on   Salmilay   al  S   p.m.]  Iill!>iue^^ of importiiuei*   will   i nine   up;  and   every    member   1-     nqn-'-led   loi     :;i,|  f'la**>.*A.    I,e|i.    C.    I*'ias������r.    C  atli-nd. '' is.oiti,.  ind  CI.is-.-- ('.   I'l-ricmiirr.    .V.   Sim-  l������ey.  Jr.   1-1   Header. -1*  1 C.ildei*. I-'. Turin os**.  2*nl Pi itiirr.��������� I!. WonLt-y. II  . Mi Mahon.  div. v.  C.  Wilkinion.   M.  Pl..vil.  provincial Board of Health  Regrulations for Dealiner With tho Outbreak of Smallpox at tho Town  of Fernie, East Kootenay.  Approved By His Honour the Lieutenant*  Covernor In Council, tho 17 th Day  of January, 1902.  HEALTH ACT,  ON AC(.0l'sT of tlio otiibreak of  small-pox  In tha Town of  Tt-rnie   it  is Hereby iiro-  cl&lnied:���������  ��������� 1.���������That tlie town is in a state ol quarantine  until further notice.  2.���������That no person shall he alloweil to leave  the town under any clrciun*i(ance������ whatsoever  3.���������That all meetings In churches, lodges and  schools anil ot^er public gatherings are herein-  prohibited.  ���������i.*���������That no person shall u*"dor any cireum-  Ktances hold any conversation whatsoever  with any person quarantined, and no person  under quarantine shall attemnt to break same  or communicate with any outsider.  5.���������Any liotcl-kcepcr. lodging-house keeper  or hciiselioldersuspcotlng, knowing:,or having  good reason to believe Ilint anv person residing  -iipon-ur-freinientinif���������his���������premises-ls~ill���������o" "  suffering from a rash of anv description, shall  at once notify thn Medical Health Ollieei*,  giving the nauieand occupation of. and other  particulars necessary io properly identify such  person.  ���������  0.���������Any person having a rash nn his bndv  shall noiiiy the .Meilicnl Ileallh Ollicer on ih'o  lirit appearance of llie same  7 - under authority of llio. "Health Acl," il  is herebydeclarciljual all and every person  not having a certllioute of recent sncees-fiil  v rcination da-nl within one year, and further  not heingabli* to Rive proof of snu:e In tlie  satisfaction of the Medical Ileulth r.llii-i-r,  sha!! be atoiu-n vaccinated.  s.��������� fter a period of seven (7| davs from 1I1N  date any person reftisins; in present to ,uiv  public onirer who may deinniid it, i,rnof (if  vacelimlon, shall be liable to tin- pn-iuriliuil  penalties under the "Ilciilih Act."  I'-naltii*-* uiidi-r llu* "llealih Aot":-  Any peruon>*lio viola Iij-i any nljihe provisions  of lliN I'rorlninaLlon is liable (o 11 flu-! oi -;: ul  and toMlfiix iiioiiih-i' iiii|,rl-oiitiicut.  Hated at Victoria lh Is li'.th dav of .liuiuarv  A. P., l'.-nj.  OII.'.KI.K    .1.  I-AflAV,  ���������'���������'<*ri".iiry ol tke Provincial Hoard of llealll,.  Ity -.'������������������iiininnd,  J. i). I'Kcxrr r.-,  Aclllij^ rrovliieiul h'i-������icUry.  FALL AND WINTER SUITINGS J  'l on will lind in  our Tailor Shop a (������p  very elaborate  variety  of  Fall  antl (fiefo  Winter   Suitings and    you'll   find ^,  workmen who are competent to make up any, of thes |p  Suitings exactly  t.o your liking-.    We do not emplov , (ggS\  cheap tailors, we do not  handle any goods  that   could a|s*  possibly depreciate our excellent reputation.       We can- M!  not compete with sweat'shop ready-made clothes when >S;  price is the sole consideration, but  when style  and   fit @>-  and wear are duly considered, we can and do compete 'lip  with all ready-made goods, and all other tailors. -     ,' <|������>  Ladies' Tailored Suits lo Order. ". (^)  is)  iT-.IB. ^RESSMAIT,-'���������  The  An Tailor,'Mackenzie Ave.  FURX1TURB fiUODS must he sold  at cost  iii   oi-dur  lo ninke  i-nuin   for  - mint hei* liirge t'Hi'ofFui'iiit ure. which  will he hcri! Bhortly,  call  ������nd  see.  if  we. oftii'L itrraugn to supply yon.   Now  o       is your opportunity to furnish cheap.  REVELSTOKE    FURNITURE   CO'Y.  IMirMUls  -i II��������� 1  "*iif| r i-inyly |*]c  Mccormick's  Ctlocolates and (reams  '1 h'* flavor i    nnfiirjin������-(**!.  Tlie -fjiiAlity i>  Hit h'^t.  Tlift [trice th*' r������������tu,l poiniInr������������������  50 CENTS A POUND  n-nns. I., .luliiii ui.  1st Cl.is*-.-- K. Sililiiii.l. T.  Ihu ne,  l)..vl.-.  ii.  X HAVE IT!.  The largest a tock of thc littest WATCHES,  CLOCKS, RINGS, SILVER WARE, CUT  GLASS, FASHIONABLE JEWELRY, Etc/  My many years' experience enables me to buy  goods at the right prices, 'enabling me to  .sell to ihe puhlic nt reasonable prices.  J". ~OrTT-Y7  B^ItBEE..  WATCH RKPAIRIXO  A  SI-EtUALTY.  llippi-d AlnKitlM**- (l*'e  7  .* w  mid  e. |..*r 11*.  Walter Bews, Phm. B.  I������rnj;f;i������t nnrt Stationer.  .  It row ii 'Blocfe.'' '��������� Telephone <S.  3STOTICE1  NOTK'K���������1littt**i.rty iIiijk nla-r ilnli-.  I   iiilcnil  to Kpply  i'i   tlit Clilef   (.'niiiiiils-tlniier   of  ,_,        .      , ,      _,, , I.rihN aii-1 Work.- Ior  p^riiiS.-.-rion  to i,iircliHbt>  St.   Andrews   Chlirch      if ���������'.HInfrusollixoilAlixnlKOix Un; Nortli'-m-l Ann  of Arruv,- I.hIcc*, In tlio lilftrlr-t nl M'eKt .ICnon-  The ni-^ liont'l ol"   iiiiiniigei<<   nf St.   tit.;: li.ii., and ilcHr-rlbeil u> 1oII������h������:  Vniliew'*   (hiu-ili       held     I liric     H1-.1       Cnmiiii.-neiii!{ lrorn .U.\V. corner 11tl.nl  Illl,  .inuiev.       iiuuiii,      neiii     iiiru      nii.|.   lUr.we Srirl(l K.ltnn���������mirHi w chains; tlinico  iiK.'iltbly    in'-eliiijj    i-ii    Mtind^y   niglil,    Uesliii rliiiln*.: thiiiic- Soutli  110  i-liftlii������ n  at   ilie   cull   nf   .1. !.:t**vsnn, t-hiiii in.iii  iW  iW)  I $&l  \m  5IBBALD & FIELD,  A.O-DE3I>TTS   JFOIR,  Real Estate  C. 1*. R. TOWNSITE.  MAKA'.TOWNSITK.  0F.RRAKU TOWNSITE.  CAMRORNK TOWNSITE,  1 Ciuuula l'crmaiipnt A Woslerii  FINANCIAL-^ '   C������naiH MortBa������e CofpbrWllon.  A linuiuiim   {l.(iiiluilile'.'ttTiiies f.oaii ������u<l Iliiliaiiig Ansociatlou.  Insurance  COAT, FOR SALE  J. D. SlltKALI), Notary PublK  HKVKI.STOKE. B.C.  J !^,'?������!il_5)^^)(||^)^)!^)i  ,'iiii|ierlal Flre.      Onledonlaii Flre.   Allan Kire.  Cftimilliui Flre.   Morcanllle Fire.    Northern KIrr ��������� ���������  -'(liiHrilliui Kire.   Mnncbeslcr Flre.   Or������at West Life.  lOrcuii, Aoi'Ulent nnd ilunrnntee.   Confederation Life  ��������� u.'nimiliaii Aoi'lilcm Assiiraiici* Cn.   Connecticut Fire  HOUSES FOR SALE AND RENT.  CONVEYANCINO.  CHAS. M. FIELD.  Tin: elr-cliou uf olticeis for th������ enmiin^  yciir resulted in ilie selection nf Jnlin  .Mil.enu us chiiii'iiiiiii and Mr. Mrxii-e  ,is .*���������(���������.'rel.-iry and 1 i-e.-isurer. The b'xik.i  ;in(l .-lcronnls (if it. M. Doyle*, I h������  relirini; s-eci-j-liii v. witp uudiled l,y  .Mesi������r.������. T. Stffd 'unil (.'.. It. Mi Dnmili'l  .ind found cm rert. in every del.iil. ll  \vu> dt'( ideil hy lhe linm-d to pioeeed  ill. (iiii-i-to rii'K;iniy.*������ m new choir and a  strong t'oinniiller* wns. nppointed to  intend in I lie Maine. Other inn tiers of  vilnl    iiileresl.     to  proximately*     thunrc    I'.f/i    clinliiK    .Noil 11-  Kii-'ierly xj. i**,1:i' i,f (���������ornineiicoiiic-nt.  n:KH. I'OIMXSON.  i'h. :,-xi  C. l!.HKi:SK, All"   I.  l!(f#  Certificate of Improvements.!  3STOTIOE     .  fully iloniM-ed. Om-injc lhe evening  lhc l'ullo������v'ing resolution was unnrii-  inoutlj- aduiilcd: Moved liy \V. (.}.  Uirncy nnd J. MeLeod nnd, **Resolved  that we* the nieinlicis of the hoard of  iiiiiuiigerai uf St. Andrew's church.  Kevelsioke, do hereby pledge om; full  support nud syinput liy to lhe R������v. TV.  C. Unlder durinir his ministry here."  Those present, at lh������ meeting were  J. Lawson. "J. McLeod. It. M. Dovle,  C. R. McDonald, T. Steed, A. Mrtfah  Uenry Hny and \V. G. Birney.  ilnue.   Silver   Um-.-   hikI    i-.|ri*i<     Dlninmi'l  Mineral ClHlmn, ������ tunic In ll,,* l.arilcan JIliiliic  Divinion (tf WoM ..noienay fli.Htriet.  ,, , . ,     WlipreLoeatcil:   Near tin*   llc,i,| of  LcxIiie-  I lie    cliiirili    were . ton Crerk. a trllmtnry nl Klsli (;r*-������k.  TAKK NOTICK thai I. A.I', cummins, as  A front tor the Hon hlo Englo Mining ami De-  velopjnunt Company, Ilinlteil, nf Ferffimnn,  B.C. l*reo Miner'.i llcrllllcnti- No. .11,8*>1.  intend, .il.tty (lays from the date hereof, to  apply to thn MitilnE Pcconlor for a Cortlflrn.c  01 ImprovcnieiitK, for the purpose of obtainiiiK  a Crown Grant nf the alxive claim.  And i urtlicr Take Notice that action, tinilci  Section .17, must he commenceil Iwfore the  iasbance of such Ceriilk-aic of linprovcnient.*:  Pateil this twenty-tlilnl ilayof .lantiary, A.I).  1902.. ..',.. ������������������ .  A.I', CUMMINS,-IM..S.  Feh. 4���������tl  ..     .   .1 ���������     -���������    ��������� !l  WipedOut  That's what the man ,  said who wasn't insured. A small payment every two or  three years would  have enabled him to  say ,  LOSS FULLY COVERED  INSURANCE  Optional with yon. of course, which you want to say, but we  would strongly advise you to carry some insurance. Your card  will bring yon" full informatioiias tocoat.  ������>  LEWIS   BROS.  KEAI.  ESTATE  AND  FINANCIAL AGENTS. NOTARIES  PUBLIC.  J)  n  m  **>I  m  I  t  ���������i^i  ���������v.  i*"i  i  4?f  i  if  ���������f'J  4������  1


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