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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Oct 29, 1904

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Bouflda-ry *Mincs-Pfo-
diioe|f$JO,0OO,OOO in
vateiwithtii four years
Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining: District.
- too*   -^^j&hoenixis the- Centre
fA     c   • an<^  heading M^ng1
iJ^^^^T^xiA. of Boundary. *f
Vol. V
No. 51
' *"':,'
To Think
That.'otir'system' of retailing,biirigsiAihe;VS(">urces
., ."f pr'uiii.'tmn close in ti-e con.sumei-s;!-andVyeliiniifates.''
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letding 'ei
*'.va v75iVvri!ue;' for 50c* per lb.    We have'for years been
trying to purchase a tea that'would . give  satisfaction
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discovered It", and in-order to'he'ahle"'ton retail  it  at
.■:.Lyi*:il"'!.i!ll.'?r. Pi'.'if:.e„.-:*,r.!5Qc. per. 'lb...-...-.!
C| / i We ]t"ave';|)urcHasej 5b cKests,U»-itli'-6oMl)s to the
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TO, .f ...s. ..1,   -,—     .A.        ^     ., 'v -'■.    "■  ■"'   **   ;"   ''"■"--,jm '-•     '■:■   "-• "-•■■
Remember a 75a Tea for 50c.
[Railway   Grading   in .,.,.Last
Stages of Completion.
Chief Engineer Hogeland, of the
Great Northernat St. rPaul, accqm-
danicd by the head contractors for the
extension of 26 miles from Grand
'.Forks to .Phoenix, Peter Seims and L.
E. Shields, together with Chief. En -
ginecr James II. Iennedy, of the V.'V.
& E., and Patrick Welch, who has
charge of the work for J. NV. Stewart,
the immediate contractor, were all
visitor-* here Monday and Tuesday
noting, the progress being made on
the new line lo this camp.
The officials were one and all gratified at the advanced state of the work
all along the line, it being evident that
another month will see the grading in
the last stages of completion. Anticipating the,early .snowfall, generally
prevalent . here, no effort is being
spared to crowd the work as fast' as
possible at all points where if is yet in
complete. With the Granby smelter
spur^finished, there .is,.still a_ force of
nearly ,i,600 .men employed on this
extension.   ". ,'''.' ■"      ."   •'   ' '"'■''    ,;'"'
Tlie work of hauling timbers to the
site of/the.long and ^ high fDeadman's
trestle, over Deadman's gulch, about
two miles above Phoenix, but several
miles distant by the grade, is now going on, the material being delivered at
Summit crossing by the C. P. R., and
thence hauled on the grade, which is
completed at that point. This is
done in order not to delay the track
laying gang any more than it is absolutely, needful when the bridge is
reached by the steel gang.
The same thing will be done in tlie
city of Phoenix, where th's company
will build a bridge over School street,
one of the .main thoroughfares, that is.
crossed'by three tracks; and-whererthe
In Mines of Montreal & Boston Co.
What a Receat Visiteratlhe Compiar's Prop
ertlet Saw, aaa* Watt He Said Akaut
Tbemoa Petaralat to Boston.
ciibbini' crew is now at work.
: Wc are unloading this week a car each
of Hay and Oats and from now on we
will carry a full stock of these lines as
well as
Iii keeping.with the policy of this .store
these goods will be sold .it the lowest "price
consistent with quality.
.'■" Haye Yptif (rot
Stove Yet?
.If;jibt let'usi|5gure with  you.;  We put
■ *- t'H:   ;',:■ ;' f   ■■;;,.":■,-,'        ,-   .". ■ - •  ■
Free of Charge.
all  Stoves up
Remember Our Grocery Dept.
Cms' Daily.Paper Siits it Up Politically la a
! Nutshell.
fThe editor of the-- Victoria,. Colonist
isjevidently familiar with the political
situation in the.Boundary; Here is
tlie way he piits-itf.i'i "r ' ''& ''■'-'■ \
;'M)uncan Ross is having an up hill
fight in the llouhdary country, 'wherei
he lives. Thos Hardy, ex-Mayor of
Greenwood, «-Alderiiian Sutherlahd
arid other old-time Liberals up there
are opposing ;shim, strongly,-;altho«gh
they as stronglj' opposed HdnSC. H.
Mackintosh, the Liberal-Conservative
candidate in RdStenay, when'ihe ran
before for the Provincial House in
1900. He has, antagonized the Labor
element and the Socialists. The latter
he referred to in his paper,' Ihe Times,
as "a dangerous element,'-and accused
the Conservatives of pandering to it.
! ''Mr. Martin Burrell, his oponent, is
popular with all classes, and especially
wiih the labor element';, in whom they
recei^nze^a'-p'-actical mart and a worker like themselves. Mr. Burrell is a
nursery man and. farmer at Grand
Forks, and iri.addition to his popularity, he is a very strong and forcible
Speaker, and is particularly well informed on political matters. Mr. Ross,
if elected, will go to Ottawa to support
the^elenients, there already too strong,
who dominate by virtue of the money
power in politics—men who carried
through such a measure as the Grand
Trunk Pacific, by which the.expendi
ture of millions of money, will take place
in Quebec, andout of which huge construction profits -'will'- be made and
many millionaires will be created."
I^ast night the Eagles entertained
their friends at a social dance at Miners' Union hall. .
"A Happy Exchange" and "Tact
and Contact" will be the topics tomorrow in the Presbyterian church.
J. B. Boyle has let the contract for
putting on a twenty-foot addition to
his building on Knob Hill avenue, two
storiesiiigh Alex  Strachan   will do
the work.
Jay P. Graves, general  manager of
the Granby Col, who has  been  under
the physician's care for a time in Phil
adelphia, was : expected  to reach: his
home in Spokane this week.
If anything disconnected appears
about this week's issue of the Pioneer
it i.s the fault of the Great noihern railway graders. The members of the art
presentative of all arts in this establishment now spend a goodly share of
their time in dodging blasts in the deep
cut at the reai ,of. the Pioneer block.
Three broken windows: is the worst
damage thus far.. ..
W. F. Bartholomew, a representative
of the Boston News Bureau, who lately
visited the properties of the Montreal &
Boston Consolidated in this camp, with
a number of directors of the company
and their friends; had the following
to say in the weekly he represents on
his return to the Athens of America.
"The Montreal & Boston Co. is being operated as a" business proposition
and appears to be facing a prosperous
career. It has very large ore supplies,
principally obtained through the acr
quisition of the properties of the Dominion Copper C^o. from McKenzie
and Mann, of Toronto, an up-to-date
smelter, and an aggressive and eco
nomical management
y"The Boundarydistrict of British
Columbia has practically unlimited ore
supplies, but the; ore is of low grade
and profits are only derived through
economical, management and treatment
of a large tonnrge.'l .Wages are high,
$3.50 per day for eight hours, but this
adverse factor' is;, counter - balanced
through the excellent transportation
facilities. Ore in sight and blocked
out is conservatively,; estimated at over
2,000,000 tons. Its ore in most cases
litis near the surface, which permits of
quarrying—the cheapest system of mining; costs should not exceed $1 per ton
on the cars.
"Its ore averages from i]4% to 2%
copper or 30 lbs. to 40 lbs. to the ton
and $2 gold and silver. Some of its ore
contains less than }4 of r% and are
only valuable for fluxing purposes, by
reason of an excess of iron, but it has
one' property—the Athlestan, a quarry-
.ing^proposition, the ore of which runs
$4'to $12 per ton in gold and no copper, but owing to difficulty of fluxing,
only 100 tons of this ore can be treated daily with three furnaces, while
there are; 100,000 tons of ore lilock-
Five Acres ...of Ore.
1 It has another property in the Dominion group, the Rawhide, which has
five acres of ore in sight 80 feet thick
from the surface—one solid ore zone,
which can be mined with steam shovels
at a cost of less than 75cents per ton.
This ore runs 2% copper and $2 to $6
iii gold. Another claim of the Dominion group, the Brooklyn, has a
shaft down 380 feet and a mile of underground op:nings. It has 400,000
tons of ore blocked out, running 1^%
to 2% copper and $2 in gold. This is
a shaft proposition, and the mining
cost is about $1 per ton..-.
"Its mines are principally located at
Phoenix, B. C, twenty-two miles from
its smelter. The properties are all
well equipped for the economical extraction of ore. Supt. Collins says
that in 30 days he can deliver to the
smelter i,ooj tons of ore per day to
supply three furnaces. About one
hundred and sixty men are now employed at the mines and smelter, but
this force will be immediately increased. The maximum freight on this
ore from mines to smelter is 30 cents
per ton, minimum 15 cents.
"The smelter owned by the Montreal & Boston Co. is well equipped.
It is located at Boundary Falls, B. C.
One furnace is now blown in, a second
will, be within a few weeks and a third
is being constructed and will be blown
in as soon as the mines are able to
furnish the tonnage. Each furnace
can handle from 300 10 350 tons of
ore per day. A 45% matte is produced
which will be temporarily converted by
the Granby smelter at Grand Forks.
Power facilities are already installed
sufficient for the operation of four
furnaces. The cost of installation of a
furnace is about $20,000. Coke at
Boundary Falls costs $6.50 per ton,
delivered from Fernie, B. C, and the
smelter now has a.supply of 1,200 tons
It is proposed to build a ce^nverter immediately.
Business on Lart'e'Scile.'*-'-'---'-;:-';'-'*,::.,J"
"The Montreal & Bosioh Co. is preparing to do business upon a large
scale. Its properties surround the
Granby properties and General Superintendent He-dues of the Granby Co.
tells me that there is no reason why it
should not be as good a property as
the Granby, when it is'as well developed. The Granby Co. is now
treating 2,000 tons of ore per day at
its smelte,r but it has been five years
developing its properties. If the
Montreal & Boston can treat j,ooo
tons of ore per day, it should do pro-
poitionately as well as the Granby
The Montreal & Boston has an up-to-
date smelter, and an unlimited ore
supply and it only., remains for the
management to get the result.".
PAID $14800
Fine Year's Record of Provi*
dence Mine.
Boundary Mining Notes
Two FacltoM Barlea" lie Hatchet aaa* Elected
New Officers Uaaaimouly — Mlac It la
,     Spleaa*'** Shape.
Conservative    Candidate
Speak to Phoenicians.
Martin   Burrell,  Conservative   candidate in this constituency, is expected
to'return shortly from his  tour  in the
upper part  of the constituency,  which
has been very successful, and arrangements are nOw being made for him  to
address the electors of Phoenix on the
issues   of  the   campaign at  Miners
Union hall next Wednesday evening.
Tuesday   evening   he .will  speak  in
Grand Forks.
, Last week "Wednesday he -was scheduled to speak in Kamloops,   Thursday
in .Vancouver and   last night in. New
So far the campaign in the Boundary has been quiet, as the three candidates were all. in remote parts of
this constituency, but from now on, it
will doubtless be more lively.
■':•'•■■■ Hull'can'«f pythiaas. :■■;"'' ~y
A. H. Ferguson, grand chancellor
of the Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias
for British Columbia, arrived in the city
Monday, and the next evening a reception was tendered him by Phoenix
Lodge No. 28. It was also in the
nature of a roll call of the lodge, and
many were-present, letters being read
from absent members, one from China.
After the exercises the floorwas cleared
and dancing was enjoyed, as well as refreshments.
Mr. Ferguson whose home is in
New Westminster, visited Greenwod
lodge Wednesday night and Grand
Forks lodge Thursday evening. He
has been absent two weeks from home
on this tour of the 31 lodges in the
province, and it will take another two
weeks before he has finished the trip.
He reports the lodges generally, so far
visited, in a flourishing condition, and
growing in a gratifying condition.
Returning Here to   Play   tbe   Funny  Farce,
"Brown's In Town."
When "Brown's in Town," Mark E.
Swan's clever comedy of comical complications, was given in New York the
critics declared it a funnier piece than
"What Happened to Junes" and all
the other comedies of recent years.
The public seemed to share this view,
too, for the run of "Brown's in Town"
was phenomenally successful. New
Yoak laughing over it for an entire
This funny farce we are to see here
on Monday, October 31 "*t, the company presenting it being that well balanced organization known as Walker's
Comedians. For this new production
Mr. C. P. Walker has specially engaged several players who have not
yet been seen in Western Canada,
among them Mr. George Berry, v who
was a member of the "Brown's in
Town" cast when it was played in the
metropolitan centres. Mr. Walker assures us of the best comedy .performance ever seen here and with knowledge of the play and the players it is
safe to promise an evening of heartiest
At the annual meeting of the Providence Mining Co., Ltd., held this week
Wednesday at Greenwood, the olive
branch was there, the tomahawk was
buried many fathms deep, and articles
of peace practically signed, sealed and
delivered., And this rich Boundary
high grade, producer will continue to
do business at the old stand, and will
doubtless distribute dividends fie-
quently in the future, as in the past.
For some months litigation between
shareholders, in an effort to secure the
control of this mine, has been before
the courts, sometimes one side gaining
a point, and again the other side doing likewise. The harmonious outcome is a good thing for the mine and
its shareholders and a good thing for
the Boundary. After a truce had
been agreed upon the following officers
and directors were chosen without a
dissenting vote:
President, Mark F. Madden, of Chicago; vice-president, NV. A. Macdon-
ald, K.C., of Nelson; secretary-treasurer, H. V. Fuller, of Greenwood; other directors, D. E. Scully, John B.
Heeney, H. J. Fitzgerald and Frank
Rudolph, of Chicago, W. S. Macy of
Phoenix, and J. H. Peet, of Spokane.
-In resigning as managing direr*tor
and superintendent, Duncan Mcintosh
consented to keep charge of operations
at the mine until a new superintendent
was appointed, and presented the annual report for the year ending September 30, 1904, from which the following data is taken:
Ore shipped, net , $68,424
Mine costs, direct   and  indirect..     42,35s
Net  profit, year's operations, $26,066
Balance from last year     28,432
Dividends,   1903-4,   $14,800
Written off, disc, on
shares account..     16,437
Cr. profit and loss account.. $23,261
Providence mine	
Dimond fractional claim...
Development ,	
Plant and machinery, less
Surface improvements., etc.,
less depreciation	
Due from smelters and government bounty	
Sundry items	
Cash in bank	
S. S. Fowler, Edward Hooper and
Wm. Anderson, of the Cascade power
company, were here Wednesday. Mr.
Fowler declined to confirm the rumor
of a sale of the power company's assets to the C. P. R.
Local Odd Fellows received word
this week that Lindsay Stevenson, formerly a resilient of Phoenix, had died
in a Vancouver hospital of typhoid
fever, being a member of Snowshoe
Lodge No. 46.
Latest Prices in Metals.
New York—Copper, plw.trolytic, $13.-
W4@nS.?*7\ hike, tflS.HTJi® 13.50
liar Silver, 58 l^
Lead, ?4.80.
Capital stock, 31,700 shares
subscribed and paid at $5 $158,500
Payroll, balance September        2,193
Sundry creditors  1,716
Excess of assets over liabilities : ,      23,261
Total   $185,671
Hugh McGuire is doing   develop^
merit on his Babe claim,'   on   Haidy
W. T. Smith is again developing the
Republic group, near Boundary Falls,
with a small force of "men.
Shipments   from ' the   Stemwinder
dnmp are to be started next week, the
scaffolding now being put  up for • the*
Coke from the International Coal
& Coke Co., at Coleman, Alberta, is
now being used at the Granby smelter,
as well as coke from Fernie.
The syndicate of  Greenwood  and^
Phoenix people owning the Gold Bug
are considering the stocking of that"
well known high grade property.
With the new ten-ton steel ore cars,
the small locomotive at the No. 2
level of the Granby mines readily
hadles 100 tons of ore at a time.
Matte is now being treated at the
B. C. Copper Co.'s converting works
at Greenwood, for the Montreal & Boston Consolidated smelter at Boundary Falls, and for the Trail smelter.
. Prof. Brock,-who arrived to sample,
the Snowshoe mine for Rossland -parties, was away .two' 'or.three days this
week, doubtless while the mine was
being unwatered.   -        ' '
Development woik on the Skylark,
in Skylark camp, is proving to be most
satisfactory to the Phoenix syndicate
that recently took the mine under bond.
In addition to the operations in the
old deep workings, ore is being taken
out from surface cuts."
Since the week of the annual meeting of the Granby Co., the fore part of
this month, the shares of this concern
have appreciated considerably^on. the
Boston stock exchange. ■ The - price
has risen,to $4, and in one week over
57,000 shares changed hands.' *
The, Senator, which was recently
bonded to the Granby Co. by Chris.
Tobiasson and Henry Hoffman, is being worked under John Rogers, and is
making regular shipments to the Granby smelter. ■> The contents,of the ore
are said to be largely iron, with some
Bank Offers Silver Medal
Principal Thornber, of the public
school has received the official notice
that the Eastern Townships Bank, will
offer a silver medal as a prize, .to the
students of the local school. It is
practically decided that the medal will
be awarded to the student who stands
highest in high school exams, and will
be given each year. A similar medal
is to be given to the. public . school -in
Grand Forks ajso. The preliminary
announcement a short time since has
created no small amount of interest
among the scholars.
Plaster of Paris Co.
On November "7th and Sth "Mr.
Plaster of Paris" will appear at Miners'
Union hall. The Olds, Alberta,
Gazette says of this company:
"Tuesday evening Ernest Willis and
his company presented a very laughable comedy 'Mr. Plaster of Paris,' in
the opera house here. Shows have
been coming very thick tor the past
week, no less than throe having visited
Olds. Bui in .spite of this fact, a fair
audience turned out and the show was
greatly enjoyed. Mr. Willis has one
e>f the best companies that has ever
visited Olds."
No city council
No ([uoruin.
meeting this week.
, V .
—-r^-TTrnr—1'; 'ii>
1I<  kl-   *    1 -J   •
t ■-■;?■■     1     -:.'*:     "   -.    llV*^*.1'    -HV     »i--i   11.1   ■'-     "-1      \ '■.■»'.■-.!■     ■'■.!.*
vi-J-i■..■.- * ,.■*■■ ....
i.'Hj?   v\" 1,
■-S.-A ( - i-t ;-  : -: -\y��&'y-  '������-fife  !</ *%3*S!iir*i"  '.. ���HfSflBi.r-  ?*��� "ti-  $lta��  'if  �����&*  $;*���������  s��  *1  I  i>m  II  If  lit  ^liEPHdEi^rxPtokEEk  -��%.  ���uuai  MMhnen  *?'  SOME TEAS  are good at.first... Blue .Ribbon .Tea is always good,  Which are you going-to have? -  The Phoenix Pioneer  And Boundary Mining Journal.  IUDID OK BATUKDA1S BV TH*  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  iTrHOKHIX.B.C.  W. B. WILLCOX. MANAMA.  -r.i>nh����.. 1 BuiioeM office No, 14.  Telephonu J H,MRer., rcii<jeiice. No. 15.  aoascainzews in advancb.  rerYear '. M.co  ���ix Months - .. 1.15  If you are not a mibacriber to thla paper, this  li an invitation to vou to become one,  AdveitUiag ralea lurnuhed on application,  legal notices 10 aud 5 ceuti per Hoe.  Four weekly insertions conitllute one month's  tdrerttilnt".  vince.of Quebec; or;that of Ontario,  stand such a state of things? The  average voter knows that it would not  be tolerated many years, before some  sort of pressure had !>een, brought to  equalize matters.  At the last moment, after the election .dote had been settled, the Laurier  government has given it out that the  matter will be looked into. Is this  what one might term a death-bed repentance?  Political parties aside, British Columbia has not had fair treatment in  thi." matter, and no amount of sophistry can hide this plain fact. It remains  to be seen whether the electorate of  this province is satisfied with such a  state of affairs.  1904  OCT.  1904  3aa. Mm.  Tasi. Wed. Tk��. Fri.  Sit.  2  3  4 5  6  7  1  8  9 to  11 12 13 14  IS  16 17  18 19 20 21  22  23 24  25 26 27 28  29  3��  CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES. .  The following candidates for election to the House of Commons are in  the field with the approval and endor-  sation of the Conservative party.  Va'le-Caribae���MARTIN BURREIL  Kooteasy-C. H. MACKINTOSH.  Vaacemrer���R. B. EUIS.  * Westminster���J. D. TAYLOR.  Vletoris-E. G. PRIOR.  . NantiBO���CUVE PMUIPS-WOOUV.  The Toronto capitalists who built  the Kettle Valley railway from Grand  Forks to Republic and incidentally  made a permanent investment of a  cool million dollars���are again talking  of extending the line to Spokane.' Is  this another "Hot Air" story?  MINING* PHILOSOPHY.  Printers ink is a mighty good assistant in mining, as in all other kinds  of business.  Men's luck is merely another name  for pluck and good sense in locating a  vein.  Wonder If Candidate Ross is telling  the farmers of the Okanagan how the  Laurier government refused to give  Phoenix,' the chief mining town in the  province, a custom house. It is pretty  safe to' say that he will keep quiet  about it all over the constituency.  The man who' thinks that any one  .party has a mortgage on all the good-  ness'or wickedness extant, needs to  take another think. Neither the Grits  nor Tories are as black as they are  painted,'but' nevertheless,' there is a  choice of evils, and for our' part, give  us the least.   ��� '   --  REASONABLENESS OP DEMAND FOR  TER TERMS.  BET-  In the province of British Columbia  one question looms up above all others  in the present political campaign, and  that is the treatment of this province  by the "Dominion government. For  years past British Columbia has been  paying in to the Dominion treasury  from one to two million dollars annually more than it has received in  benefits of all kinds. It has indeed  been a milch cow, that has stood up  patiently for the milking process year  after year.  If seemed to  make no difference  what the case was presented at Ottawa  for consideration, little or no attention  was paid to  it.    Even if government  supporters in this province brought the  matter up, it was shelved.    While the  refusal to do anything the last year or  two   may   have been   on    political  grounds,  because "the 'demand    was  made through the provincial government,   which happened to  be Conservative, the same flimsy excuse cannot be given for previous requests of a  similar nature, for the local government then was practically non-partisan.  ,    But to show exactly how the matter  stands, let us quote a few figures taken  irom the report of the auditor-general,  which makes the injustice complained  (Of stand out in the clearest light.  The  following figures are for the last three  fiscal   years  for  which reports have  been' published, and are worthy of  study by everyone interested in the  welfare of the province:  If there should happen to be a surprise next Thursday for "the Liberals,  and'the'result oftheV general ��� vote all  over the Dominion he close, we may  look for one of the' hottest campaigns  in Kootenay and Yale-Cariboo that  has ever been witnessed in the west.  All efforts will then be' centered on  these constituencies, and orators and  money will not be lacking.  In the sentence of depth passed upon Joshua Bell, the Phoenix murderer,  last week by Chief Justice Gordon  Hunter, we have another illustration  of the swiftness and.sureness of British  justice. In Uncle Sam's land, shrewd  lawyers would have probably succeeded in postponing the trial for many  months, if, indeed, the prisoner did not  succeed in escaping the scaffold entirely.   1  Phoenix is five miles from Greenwood, and there is a daily stage connection between the two places, and  has been for years. Postmaster-General  Mulock points with pride to the' large  surplus in his department this year.  And yet it requires two days, eithet  way, for mail to be transmitted between the two busy cities. It is up to  Hon. Mr. Mulock, Bill Galliher, and  Editor-Candidate Ross, to tell us why  this is thus. And Ross's own town  would get part of the benefit, too.  A district may be ever so good, but  it is of no practical value unless intelligently developed.  Air drills and dynamite have worked  wonders in mining. But the good gold  must be there first.  "Spend money if you would make  money" is as true of mining as of any  other kind of business.  No good prospeet has ever gone  begging if its finder has not been too  selfish to let-others know about it.  Big, broad veins of moderate values  always pay more in the long run  than small streaks ol even virgin  gold.  Don't expect millions to pop out of  your mine. No wealth ever came  with out good, hard, intelligent work.  Belief that the "biggest mine of all"  has never been found still spurs prospectors on, as it has for thousands of  years.  Nature makes all mineral veins  clearly. The trouble with prospectors  is often that they go about as blind as  bats.  The"secrets of the eternal hills" have  not all been solved, though men have  been working on them now for thousands of years.  Legitimate mining is as honorable a  business' as anything in the'world.  Stock jobbing on barren holes is' as  scurvy a job as highway robbery.  Find a good vein that assays' well  and you will never have any trouble in  developing it if you don't try to hide  your luck from the world.  You nearly always hear about the  big strikes. But you seldom stop to  figure up the thousands who have  profited by the steady little producers.  There is no "royal road to success"  in mining. The good old pick and  shovel, drill and jiowder are just as  necessary now as they were centuries  ag0- ....  Smelting and concentrating plants  are of inestimable valve to a district if  they be kept well employed. They  are worse than useless if not treated  fairly.  Because a district has a quiet spell  does not mean that the district is either  worked out or no good. The biggest  booms follow the dullest weeks.���Ex.  "BROWN'S lN'TOWN:";;  Walker's Comedians Retarolog l�� Introduce  ,.,HitBtoUs, " x "**'  If you're fond of clean comedy and  an evening of hearty laughter���and  even the wisest 'of lis ielibh a little non-  sense now and then���you'll surely get  just, what you like when Walker's  Comedians return, to. us on Monday,  Oct. 31. This time the organization  will present the particularly funny and  remarkably successful comedy, "Brown's  in Town," a farce which made famous  its autnor, Mark.L\ Swan.* s Mr, Walker, for this new production, has  strengthened; hif*' company ^very materially; refaining.allof- his most capable people, but adding several clever  players. Among these acquisitions is  Mr. George Btrry, a talented actor,  who played with "Brown's in Town"in  all the large cities of Ametica. Wtth  a strong company and a great comedy  it i.s not taking any risk to predict  an evening of. unrestrained merriment.  Air Compressors  THE CANADIAN RAND DRILL CO.  Head Office aud Works.  SHERBROOKE, QUE.  Branch Offices and Warehouses:  ROSSLAND, uREUNWOOD-AND  VANCOUVER, B.C.  Election Prophecy of Canada.  ���New Brunswick  Nova ScOtia  Onta/fio  Prince EdwarZ) Island  Quebec  Manitoba  SaskaTchewan  Athabasca  AlbErta  Keerl/atin  Assin/boiu.  UA/gava  Yukotf  Mackenzie  J37?itish Columbia  A pencil murk hi-re f_  is a reinindi r tlialvoursul'-  acriptlun to this pup r in  now post duo, and the publisher will appreciate your  prompt attention.  I'ools Vie Waiket aad Sanfla.  Thinking perhaps they will cure  Catarrh,���but no one ever heard of a  genuine cure fallowing such senseless  treatments. There is just one prompt  and thorough cure for Catarrh and it  is fragrant.healing Catarrhozone, which  goes right to the seat of the trouble.  It destroys the germs, heals the inflamed membranes and cures any  case no matter how obstinate or long  standing. "I experimented for years  with Catarrh remedies but found  Catarrhozone the most rational and  satisfactory," writes W. J. MacEastern  of Watervilie. "It cured me for all  time." For a sure cure use only  Catarrhozone. Complete outfit, $1.00:  trial size 25c.  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Sloan   Nanaimo    Ralph Smith.... Glive Phillips-Wolley...J.Pritchard, (Ind)  Victoria     Geo. Riley Hon. E. G. Prior J. C. Watters  Vancouver R.G.Macpherson R. B. Ellis J. T. Mortimer  Kootenay    W. H. Galliher.".C. H. Mackintosh .. . .James A. Baker  Yale-Cariboo ....   Duncan Ross... M. Burrell E. Mills  New Westminster.. J. B.Kennedy... J. D. Taylor    PROVINCIAL.  Expended by      Paid by Prov.  .���^��� .     pom. in B.C.        to Dom.  W $1,811,394       $3,363,867  1901-2 2,281.774 3,466 303  1002-3 1,082,883 3,851689   O  Fernie city received $1909 from the  provincial, government as a .rebate on  taxes. . .     r   *  The' Great" Noiihem expects - to  open its line into Fernie shortly after  November 1st.  ' At Marysville Saturday the mill of  the Laurier Lumber Co. was destroyed  by fire. Loss, $5,000, insurance,  $2,500.  British Columbia fruit has taken the  highest British award in London, the  gold medal of the Royal Horticultural  Society.  W. F. Thompson, the founder of  the Trail Creek News, now publisher  of a paper in Dawson city, has - been  arrested on a charge of criminal libel,  at the instance of Governor Congdon,'  of Yukon territory.  Corns Grow Between ibe Tots  But can be cured without pain in one  Poeornenla is Filling tbe Hspltsls.  Everyday we hear of someone being  taken   with   pneumonia. ( The   only  preventative is to get strorig'and  keep  your body healthy.    Take Ferrozone,  which  makes the  rich  red  kind   of  blood  that nourishes and- stimulates  the entire system.    "I  was   all  run  down and an apt subject  for  pneumonia, "writes A. B. Charters  of Burlington, "when  I  tried   Ferrozone.   I  didn't believe it was possible for Ferrozone to build me up so quickly.     In a  few days my appetite improved,  color  came into my cheeks and I felt stronger.  I gained tight pounds and regained  my old time vigor through using Ferro-  ������one." Try Ferrozone, it assures health.  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'  If you have confidence in your owrl  goods do not hesitate to exploit it with  printers ink���the cheapest method yet,  discovered for the purpose.  To catch the interest, to hold the  attention of convince, an intelligent atf  tack through the local newspapers,  from fresh view points, will accomplish  wonders.  the entire Boundary shipped 680,000 tons of ore,  'nearly every tonof which/was. reduced by..   - ...  Phoenix;.camp...alone.shipiwdjjo.opo tons of pre  last year.  The Pioneer is published every Saturday and  and is sent to any part of'Canada'/or the. United  States for -   ...  S2iOO  per year���or the rest of the world for $3.00  per  y/Sir.    It gives the     ^>%y&.r   '  f  Reliable News  of Boundary Mines and Smelters,  and independent, and aims to he  It is fearless  'DOWNTO DAT^  Your subscription'can begiti at'any'tfiiie  Address with check  PIONEER PUBLISHING C0S  PHOENIX, B. C  <><><XK>-*O0-O"<KHH>"0"^^  '���#*.7*t*Ji;-r\f--t.  e��e��ee(iaee��oo��aeee(oea����aoeeeec��aes9��o$*o��se��'i����<��"  TO  '��  |��HOEI*JlX *  MARKET.   J  0  farmers, Elechanics, Sportsmanl       1  ,:      Toieal and kiAcu tie skin nnd remsvegrease!  . <j  oil and rust irtaiim, palut nnd end earth, etc., use  IJJ'e   "Matter   Meclimlc'a"  Tar Soap.    Albert  11 ToUet Soap Co. Mfrs I  Between Phoenix and Greenwood.  HEAD OFFICE FQRiBOUNDARY/q^^ ���  HEADQUAIU'ERsf NEt'SON^'i*. C.  Mm. Mi fell fei fetali  ���Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocan'^City,'  ;Silverton, New Denver, Ymir, Salmo, Rossland, Trail, Cascade,  ��� Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Eholt and Phoenix.-,  FISH, OY^ER&-MiT"  All orders receive prompt attention.  O��(toaeae*ee*oe��0����e����ie��e>oo6oooo��eeeo9e(aiesoa0oa00oe*0  Leave Phoenix at 10 a,  Arrive       "  DAILY.    -  m.   ���' Arrive Greenwood al. 11 a.  111.  ��J&<J$d&  4.30 p. un.  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D. 11)04. at the hour of twelve o'clock .mo,.  at the Court Hotme In tho City of Uomilaml, 1 8hi.ll Hull al public miction tho Crown   Grunted  Mliien-I  Clnl.i.s  licr,-  iniiflcr Hot out or the -ict-HOim in si.ld, lint liorelniilW. set  out,  fur the.-dellnjiueiil tnxra t.ni.aiu by s.iid pc-rHo.iH ..:.  tho 30th of Juno, 11W<, und for the ��K>.st8 uii.1  t-xiienHCH,  ine-liidln-,-  the-  cost  of   mlv.-iHHi���K .. HaIJ    sale,   i'   tile   totnl  uinemnt duo Is not sooner -mid.  List Above Mentioned.  TRAIL CREEK MINING DIVISION.  Kama of .Owner,  et al..  et al.  Ltd..  Suckling, G. H.   Bnt'lish Canadian Co. Ltd   Pnvo Con. Mines, Ltd....   Stout Thomas'......   Alkl Gold Mining: Co. Ltd....  Rammclmcyer, Mi E., et al...  Umatilla Gold Mining Co. Ltd  Tetley,  Charles .'.   British Lion.M. & M. Co. Ltd,  Johnston,  G.  D., et al..   Ritchie,  W. A...........   Glims, Chester...       De Beck,  C. H.......... ,.  Umatilla Gold Mining Co. Ltd  Chile, J.  S.. Jr.....;   Frnser, ��� J.  S.  C:....   Major,  C.  J.......'......   MeKenzIe, A. B., et al!   Stress!, Adella,....;./;...   "Dockerlil, W. P..........   WIer,; John..........   Wtor,' JohnV'.....'....:.;   Tracey, T. H..   Kuhn,; John........   ..........;,  Northey, It. "VV.  McArthur, J, B.  Buffalo Gala Mining Co......  Davidson,  J.,  et al.....   Wickenden,   C.  O ,  Columbia   Kpotenay  Mining Co.  Harris, W. J   ............ .,  Smith, H. B.......   ..........  Umatlllii Gold Mining Co. Ltd..........  McArthur, J. B., et al... ;..........  New Gold Fields of B. C.   Pnvo Con. Mines Ltd...   Topping, E. S.............................  Rochester Gold Min'hg Co.   English Canadian Co. Ltd..   Hennger, J. J., ot al...   Clnte, J.   S.  Jr.   Barborn, Steve, et al...   Monte Chrlsto Con. M. A D. Co...   Lynch, Alex.,  et al....�� .,   Klllam, G. R   Virginia CJoId Mining e*\>   Alrey, Edward...    ,..;   Cascade Gold Mining Co......]".!".!.  Tetley, Charles  ;  Ritchie, "W. A ���....;  Summit Gold Copper Mining Co   Monarch  Gold Mining Co., jjoretgn....  McDermid, D., et al   English Canadian Co., Ltd   CnBcade Gold Mining Co.   Kraft", John, et al....   C B. & Q. Minim? Co., Ltd.....   Rosslnnd  Star Gold Mining Co.:......  Jeclcson,   Angnst!.............  ���...!'������....  Forster. H. E.. et al   Caldwell, O. F., etai   Northey, R. **"v"., et al .......!!  McDonald,   D.   K   Kootenay London Mining Co.;,   Caldwell, G. F.��� et al. .'.   Ccmmnnder Mining- & s. Co............  Hoaf, J. R....   ..,,   Leland, F.  A   Waneta & Trail Ck. G. M. Co; Ltd!---  "Wanotn & Trail Ck. Of. M. Co. Ltd....  Wnnetn & Trail Ck. G.  Copper Queen  M. &��� D.  Lincham, J., et al   Merryweather, \V. G   McDonell, C, et al !  Graves, M. A., et al.   KrafT, J.,  et at   Earl, J., otal ..  Daniels, R. T., et nl....   Curtis, s.. et nl. ......;..  BnllHo,  Edward   Comlskoy,  Patrick,  et al.   Deer Park Gold Mlnlnrr Co   Delacola Gold Mining Co....   Delaware Mining & Milling Co   Drumliellor. J. L., eta!   Clute, J.  S., Jr   Detroit Con. G.  M. Co., Ltd   Lnpslie,  Thomas   Hope. C. E.,  qt at...........   Druinheller, J. L��� etai   Pokorney, F. H��� et al..   Campbell. F. Mclvor Mclvor   Enst St.  Louis O.  M. Co   Enellsh Canadian Co. Ltd   Bealey, R.  J.,  Pt al.   Ene-llsh Canadian  Co. Ltd   Robinson,  Alfred...   Argonnut  G-nld   Mining  Co...........  Pavo Con. .Mines Ltd   Pavo Con.  Mines Ltd.....   Waller, Jnsenli 13..... ....  Bctliime, J. T.. et al ! ,  Campbell, f. McTvor McTvor   Campbell, F. McTvor Mclvor...   Eric Gold  Mining Co   Eduar G. M. & S. Co   Blue. Louis, et al.....   Pnvo Con. Mines Ltd   Pnvo Con. Mines Ltd   Cnmpbel, C. D   Tetlej-,   Charles .!!..!.!,.!...  Old   Flag G.  M.  Co   Murphy.  William   Keller, H. ���'��,. A., et al...   Fairview  G"ld   Minlne  Co   Fnsfern  star  Gold  Mining Co   Heisner, J.  W.   Dunn, Ida  May,  et al   Happp,  Cyrus   Snitzee Gold Mines Ltd.   Tetley, Charles   Haley," T. E..  et al   Haley, T.  E���  et nl   J-Veehrim Gold Mining Co.  L ty....  Cnmnbi-Il.   c.   D  .  Giant Mining Co.,  Ltd   Dundee,   Charles       ���Railton.  A.   B   Simpson, M., .fit al ���  McBride,  a  W.   La Frnn!-. G. F  .; ',".'. .7  Power.  R.  A   Gold  Hill  Mining  Co   Gold  Queen  M.  & R. Co   Ourtin.   C.  P..  et al   Gold  Star Mining Co. Ltd   Goldle Rene Mining Co   English Canadian Co.: Ltd   Name of Claim.  M. Co. Ltd..  Co. Ltd   Abbttcornu Fraction..  A. It. C   ...  Ada  L   Albany  ".;.   Alkl Fraction.'.-......  Almuden..   Amen.'.;...:....   Ahnlo No. 2.'.........,  Aniiie li..............  April Fool......   Argentine.............  Australia..   BannocK '.....   ...  Bunhock ,   Beaver No. 3..   Belcher    ..  Bell...........   Bellevieiw...!   Beluiont..   .  Belvidere Fraction...  Ben Bolt.......   Big Casino..,.   ......  Big Clnei   .no. 2......  Big Elephunt,   Big-  Four......   Big Four../.....   Big Trout   Black Bull......   .....  Black Diamond   Black Eagle   :.   Black Horse.   .  Blackberry..   .... :  Biackfoot........   Blaylock  ..'."   Blue Bell...'   Blue Bell No. 1.......  Blue Chip.....   Blue Elephant. ...  Bobolink   Bolder..........      Bon Accord   Bonanza No. 2   Buckeye :.      Buckeye   Buffalo No. *"   Butte..  ,.',  Bradford   California....    ....  Campbell   Cnmpblrd.....   Canada.    ......  Cariboo'..'..'...'..:.-..'-'.   .  Cariboo;.... ;:.~>..'...  Carpenter....   Cascade   Cashier.......    .  c. b. & q.....:   Centre Star No. 2.....  Charleston....   Colchester   Columbia  View...   Columbia  View.   Comet.... ....   .....  Comet No. 2.   Commander   Commander...    .  Comstock......   Consolation.   Copper   Copper Bell  ���  Copper Glance   Copper Queen..   Copper  Glance   Copper Giant    .  Crazy Horse   Cruiser.....   Cumberland   Curlew   Daddy Lode   Daly   Daylight   Dendwnod   Deer  Park..   Delnoolrt... ���..'.   ...  Delnwai-e No.  1   Delta   Denmark ��� .  Detroit Fraction   Hew  Drop Fraction....  Dewdney   Diamond   Dubrovtiik ......   ...  Diiphitnnle   East St. Louis   Early Morn   Eden   Edna   Ego..   Elnnore..   Elk No. 1..;   Elk  No. 1  Fraction   Eninin  Weber   Empress   Emu... '.   Emu  Fraction   Eric    Esmeralda Fraction....  Esquimau Fraction...  Ethel...A.'.'...:.-..'.:.":....'.  Ethel No. 1   Ethel   Mary   Ettie   Eureka No  1 ...  E.   V.   Debbs   Falrford ,....  Fairview   F|nlu   Fandango   Florence   Flossie L   Fool Hen    ...  Four Hundred   j Frankle  H    Fred   B   Frecbtirn     .  Gertrude Emily   Giant   Gigantic   Gladiator   Gladstone..   Gold   Bar   C-nltl Bug No. 2   Gold Dollar No. 1   Gold   Hill   Cold Queen   Golden Queen..   Gold Star   Goldle   Gopher  Frnctlon   Lot. No. Taxes Due     Costs    Total due  1RG0  ITii  iJ.lti  l(i.li  -.'Sal  ���*ii7!J.  -24U  llMti  1457  ma  1507  2('S2  '4128  41-45  1HTZ  1951  18G0  1137  1431  4629  4256  4257  1:84  5428  3716  17S6  1276  3081  3125  1��!I9  1059  1C37  4243  1788  ���5206  4318  1698  lf-80  4012  1631  1878 '  718  534  U17  3235  2?95  1791  5001  1621  1283  4358  1205  1639  4013  5000  3S60  1188  1346  975  3442  3443  3717  1516  1C32  3444  960  5S64  1282  2184  2785  2183  1210  1496  1631  1958  3780  3861  1220  1765  4077  l'J63  1291  932  1502  1225  4076  1873  1192  1647  3017  1046  5436  2116  1641  1776  1127  1770  1S23  951  4314  4324  3219  991  2115  2121  1277  29SO  5208  4?25  4315  2S77  1C22  1136  2673  1223  1G58  1350  3128  1254  1301  3?H7  1F3S  1762  3203  957  2878  997  5429  2490  3076  lf.52  1154  2981  640  1362  994  1191  1V69  4008  * 2.0J  4I.UJ  24.00  53.7u  1.50  4.00  24.75  21.75  21.00  7.5t)  50.70 ',  43.7i  40.00  37.50  8.75  8.50  2.50  82.25  13.50  28.50  6.23  9.00  23.00  17.00  25,00  21.00  21.50  6.25  12.00  41.25  5.25  50.00  39.00  65.00  12.75  26.00  85.75  26.00  2S.00  47.50  13.00  12.25  30.C0  78.00  ...'���41.00  ,50  57.50  32.25  47.25  30.00  18.50  11.75  61.25  17.00  20.00  19.00  12.75  38.50  6.50  29.00  62.50  21.75  68.25  46.25  ������' 58.75  13.00  11.75  58.75  61.50  78.00  63.00  1.25  67.50  52.00  1.25  39.00  25.50  S.75  57.75  32.00  51.00  26.00  26.00  38.50  26.00  9.25  7.75  3J.75  6.C0  28.75  .25  12.50  13.50  16.50  52.00  46.50  19.00  10.0*  12.00  21.00  3.50'  30.00  70.00  76.50  22.50  77.00  4.00  .   18.00  2.50  26.00  24.00  S7.50  91.00  36.00  24.00  66.50  87.50  65.00  26.00  19.25  S.00  78.00  65.00  7.50  13.00  23.50  10.50  26.00  26.00  13.00  12.75  27.00  73.50  104.00  S4.00  19.50  12.50  50.75  2.00  $2.0 J  2.uJ  2.0U  2.1/0  2.00  2.00  .2.00.  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00 ���  2.0J  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.C0  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  '    2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ;  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.03  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.C0  2.00  2.C0  2.00  2.C0  2.C0  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.C0  2.9'1  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.09  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  4'J..0f  2li.OO  55.7u  3.50  6.00  66.75  26.7  2J.00  9.5,  52.70  45.7i.  42.10  .   39.5*  '; io.7o  10.50  4.6,  8 .2*  15.50  20.50  8.2���  11.00  25.0u  19.00  27.0o  23.00  23.50  8.25  14.00  4X2'  7.25  52.00  41.C0  67.00  14.75  28.00  87.75  28.0  20.0 j  49.50  15.00  14.25  32.00  S0.00  43.00  2.50  59.5"  31.25  49.25  32.00  20.50  13.75  63.25  19.00  22.00  21.00  14.75  40.50  '"'" 8.50  31.C0  64.50  23.75  70.25  48.25  60.75  15.00  13.75  60.75  63.50  80.05  65.00  3.25  G9.50  54.0D  3.25  41.00  27.50  10.75  59.75  34.00  o?.00  28.00  2S.01,  40.00  28.00  11.25  Keller, II. L. A., et al   lirowii. It.......................   ......  Mackenzie,' A, B,   Topping, E. t*......   A!erryweather, W. G .........i...  Kiilum,  G.   R...   Kapli,'W. L..   Green Mountain Con. Mining Co....'  Peteraon,  G. W., et al...............  Caldwell, G. P., 'efai.,..........'..���.'.*.���.'  Hope, O. E., et al. .....,:....'.  Hattie Breiwu Gold Mining Co.......  Lupulle, Tliomas...... ...y'.'.'.  Wakefield. W..J..C....'/.".���..........;.  Sciiiidlu Mining & Tunnel Co.....   Williams, S. JU, et al.................  EiKlish Canadian Co...........   iron Hope M.��� cVMlff. Co......:......:  Campbell, F. Mclvor Mclvor   Suckllhu, J. H...:. .;.....:.......  Ibex Mining Co.  Ltd......   Schmidt, C, et. al................ ......  Schuiiilt, C, ot al......���............  Independent Mining Co. Ltd...   Ki-aff, John, et al......   Druinheller, J. L., et al..   Bogle, D. B., etai......................  McGlyun, Xtose, et at   Pavo Con. Mine.s.Ltd..   Detroit Con. Cold Mining.Co...........  Nioiiilmo Hosslaiul Mining Co........  Adams,  J.   11   English Canadian Co       English Canadian Co    Uieen Mountain Con. G. M. Co........  Tracey,  T.   11...   Lookout - Mountain  Mining Co,  Ltd..  Josie Mac Mining Co....   McGlynn, Hose, et al..................  Keller, H. L. A ....  Wakefield,  W. J.C ........   ..:......  Kossland Kootenay Mining Co........  Campbell, F, Mclvor Mclvor,.A......  llossland La Belle M. & D. Co........  Klrkpatrlck,  Wm!,  et al....   Ityuii, John, et al......   Clute, J.'S., Jr., et al....' ���������������������  La Heginii  G. Mining Co....   Edmondson. T. M.   Harris,   W.   J...,.    Glass,   David...    Snow,..A. J. ltuaseil   Little Jim G. M.-& M. Co..............  Topping, K: S   Clarkson, E. It. C...   Argonaut G. M. Co   English Canadian Co   Forster, H.  E., et, al............'......  Nanaimo Rossland Mining Ce>,.....'.  Gioyn, John.       Johnston, D. F...........   rimssi,  John R   Kearns, J. J., et al..   Schmidt, C  ' ���   Big Three. G. M. Co., Foreign '.'  English Canadian Co.....   Clute,  J. S., Jr.   Marsh,  It.,   et  al...   Graves, J. P., et al   McKinnon, Sidney F....:   Ste. St. Marie G. M. Co. Ltd:....   'Owens, May Annie,... ���  Genelle   &   Poupdre   Johnston, D. F. ..������'  Edgar G. M. Co..............   Delaware M. & Mlg. Co.,   Monday   Mine   Ltd .....;........,  Monte Christo G.  M. Co    English   Canadian   Co.   Sclilmdt, C, etai....   Ste.  St.  Marie G. M.  Co   British Columbia S. & R. Co..........  Daniel, R. T., et al....................  EngeJskjen, K. T., et al...   Clute,  J.  S., Jr., etai................  English Canadian Co..................  Co.....;...   Name of Claim.  35.75  S.00  30.75  2.2.'.  14.50  15.50  18.50  ���11.00  4S.50  21.00  12.00  14.00  23.00  5.50  32.00  72.00  7S.50  24.50  79.00  G.00  20.00  4.50  28.00  20.00  80.50  93.00  3S.00  26.00  GS.50  S9.50  67.00  28.00  21.25  10.00  81.00  67.00  9.50  15.00  25.50  12.50  28.00  2S.00  15.00  11.75  29.0*  75.50  106.00  SG.C0  21.50  14.50  52.75  ��.U0  English Canadian  Tetley,   Chas..    .......;  Druinheller, J. L., et al   Nest  Egg Mining  Co.  Ltd ,  Barbora,  Steve,  et  al   Ste. St. Marie Gold Mining Co   Ste. St. Marie Gold Mining Co   Alonnier,  Victor    Rossland Star Gold Alining Co   Case, W. F.. et al.........................  Bruce Gold  Alining Co.......   Tetley, Charles........    ..........  Walter,���'��� Joseph  E........:......���'!,".';...  Gi-ifliths,  W.   M., et al   Mayflower Gold Alining Co. Ltd......  Delaware M. & M. Co..   Dempsey, E.,  et al   Klllam, 'G../R   Wickenden; C. O.......:'....   Montreal & B.'C. P.'and P. Co   Wakefield, W. J. C   Osier, A. E   Ctantrell, J.   B   Nelson, Chas., et al   English Canadian Co..........   Wakefield,   W.   J.   C. .'...,  Lookout Mountain M. C. Ltd   Stussi, J. R., etui   Drum heller, J. L. et al   Quilliam, J.,  et al   Ryan,  John,  et al   McAi-thur, J.  B   AlcRae, W. S., etai   Oliver. W. T., el al   McArthur,  J.  B., et al   Randolph  Gold  Alining Co   Coakley,  D.   C,  et al .....  Forster,  H.   E.,  et al   Red Eagle Gold Mining Co   Hamilton, C.  R   Red   Point  Gold   Mining  Co   Goldle Rene Alining Co   Morryweatlu-r,   W.   G   Rhoderick   Dim   G.   Al.   Co   Richardson, G.  W., etai   Clemence, V. F., et al    English   Canadian  Co   lemon,  Geu.,  etai..;   Raynier,    Walter   J...   Cascade  Gold  Mining Co   Sault Sle. Marie G. M. Co   Leo,  John  N   .McArthur, J.  li., et al   Umatilla  Gold  Mining  Co.,   Ltd   Balfour,   E.  J   English Canadian Co..   English  Canadian Co   Keller,   H.   L.   A.,   el  al   Airey,   Edward   Airey,   Edward   Irwin,   A.  B   Clute,   J.   S.,   Jr   'English'Canadian Co   Clute,  J.   S��� Jr   Clotty,   H.  S   Big   Three   Gold   Alining  Co   Wilson,  A., ot al   Eig Three Gold  Mining Co   Tetley,   Chas   Bogle, D. B., et al   Drumheller,   J.  L.,  et al   Schmidt,  Chns. ,et al   Monnier,  Victor   Daniel,   R.  T.(   et  al ���   AIcArthur,  J.   B., et al   Topping,   E.   S.,   et   al   McArthur, J. B., et al   St. Louis Mines, Ltd   McArthur, J.  B., et al   St.  Paul Gold  Mining Co.,  Ltd   Fraser,  J. S.  C.   Chantrell, J. B., et al   Raymer, H. J., et al   Kennedy, Ernest   Kennedy, Graham   Warren, C. S   Lapslle,  Thomas   Summit G. & C. Alining Co., Ltd   Kraff, John, etai   Pavo Con. Mines. Ltd   Harris,  W. J   Dunn, Ida May, et al   Williams, S. L., etai   Beaver Gold Mining Co. For   Ritchie, W. A   Umatilla Gold Mining Co., Ltd   Morris, Michael, et al   Ostrander, R. B   English   Canadian Co.,  Ltd     " "(Trail Creek  Goulali    ........  Grand Prtise.....'.....''   Grand..   Gray  Cliff....;.. '"..  Gray  Copper!..!..   Great Britain....   Green  Crown... ���.'...  Green  Mountain.... ,.  O. R. Sovereign............  Hall    Hard Bargain.. '..�����.  Hattie Brown...   Haverhill    Helen No. 2...;   Helena No. 2..... .....  Highland...'...'....;.   .......  Homestake    ...  Hope No. 2.........    ...  Hotstuph. ���   Hugle     Ibex ,    lCu...:..   ........  .....  Ida  Fraction   Independent....    ....  Iron Chief   Iron Clad. ,  Iron  Hill    ...  Iron King No. 2............  Iron Ki.ng No.  4...........  Iron  Queen No, 1   Isabella No. 2...   ,  Ivunhoe No. 3   J. and J....!   Jennie    ..  Jersey   .  Ji'unna   ,  Jiker   Jesle Mac. ,  Kid   Kiwi   Knight Templar..'   Kootenay Fraction   Kurrajong..   Lit  Bells.    ....  Lander   Last  Chunce..   Last  Chance,    ...  Lu Regina....   Lightfoot       X-ny Aiay    .  JL/IUCOIU    XNO.    2..      ,  l^lllle   BeoS   j-,iuie  Jim   iviilie Joe ���,.   .,'   (Livingston   i^oilauiiuvi-ry    Louuon  Belle..:    Lose   Cinef.....        LUUISc  ,'.���������      .......  iwo^gie     ........  ikiane    Ai'ary  u ...'..   .  jUary   .p-aney'!    ...  Aiai-y jiay.    ....  juasco....... .,  iiiaytiower    ........,  Mayuower.... .;....,  Aiiagec.   Aiinnie "...   .  aiuimiie Aioore No. 1........  .Mineral   Hill..'. ,  Minnetonka   ..  Aiispictel  .,  Mooting Bird....   AJodena.   luogul..    ,.  Monday...,.    ..........  Alonte Chrlsto.   Monterey .;    ........  Moiui-eai    Morning  Star.. ;>  .......  Morning Slur No. l..........  Mother  Lode!,    ...  Aiountain Bell...       Mountain Chiet   Aiountain Lion     ,  ���Mountain Lion Fraction....,  Nancy Hanks....   Nenie  Gray.!   Nesc   Egg......*  :.,  New  Bonanza.    ...  Newton   Will   ^lew   Deadwood   Northern   North  Star  No.  3   Norway   Norway   N.   P..'.'   Oakland ,  Olive   ejllu  Podrida   Olympia    Ontario   Ontario   Oplnr   No.   1   Oriental...   Orizaba   Ottawa No..1   Oxiorel ;,..  PenobsiJUis...;       Philadelphia   Puoenix   (Revised;   Pink   Pittsburg   Pittsburg        Poor   Property   Prince   of   Wales   Princess   Louise i...  Putnam     ....  Queen's  Own;   Queen   Lili        Randolph   Kainping   Lion     ..  Rambler   Red   Eagle...     ....  Red Oak   Red  Point   Rene    Reubenstein   Rhoderick   Dhu   Richmond    Road   View   Roman Eagle   Rossland  Fraction   Royal   George   Royal   Kangaroo   Rutland.  Sadie.  Sailor Boy.  Sailor Boy.  Sampson.  S. C.  8.   C.   Fraction.  Scarabaeus.  Sea   Bird.  Seal.  Seneca Fraction   Shandon Bell   Sidney   Skiligoolee    .  Cnowblrd   ���Snowshoe   South   Bend ,  Southern   Belle   Sound Money   Southern Cross   ���Spokane   Spotted   Tail   St.  Bernard   St.  Charles   Bt.   Clair   St.   Croix   St. Luke Frac ,  St. Louis   St. Mark   St. Paul   St. Paul   St. Thomas ,  Standard   Stemwinder   Stock Exchange   Sultana       Sunbeam Frac   Swan   Teller   Tenderfoot   Timber   Tramway   Trenton '   .  Trilby No. 2   Tuesday   Umatilla   Union ���  U. S. No. ��;..'.   Vancouveir.   ���Lot No.,vTaxea J>ae.,..,, Coats,   Totaidue  Mining  Division   continued   on   next  1452  933  5009  2470  1632-  '4065'  1232  638  1226  3964  1129  1047  4353.  1151  1V90  1C49.  4C10.  4605  2120  3C75  1618 ,  989  990  1275  3859  4073  3781  1142  4317  1504  1355  1629  1773  IPSO  640  1690  1230  1143  14.50  1155  1198  2117  729  1962  4111  1875 '  1128  3387  K52  297a**  3716  2685  1695  1J00 .  .952  1969 .  ii440  1642  4662 '  1518  1514  1702  1492  1344  4011  1876  4396  1610"  1791  3020;  5217  1761  1766.  1694  1789  995  802-  1769  3013  3023  2976  1764  4023  2393  1777  4018  1787  4071  1048  5717  2022  3019  1783  1345  1501  1628  2671  3220  4926  779 '  1783  1057'  4064  3120  1701  1153  1193  1935  2530  1778  1152  2915  1150  4075  1273  1985  2677  4917  1616.  1783  1279  1S59  3441  1615  il62  1200  1520  1130  1493  1508  3783  1767  4667  1199  5002  3021  1393  1784  4244  4C74  1771  4009  1451  1936  1937  2403  1S77  1775  1871  4608  1347  1635  1348  2672  964  .4072  988  3223  1689  1789  4703  1785  935  1787  1208  1760  1933  4240  1498  1609  1494  5008  4357  4600  4313  2684  1826  1361  1207  1278  4242  944  1964  4014  page.)  70.00  22!60  34.50  70.00  37.00  34.00  3.60  21.00  10.75'  50.00  54.25  35.00  . 26.25  ,55.00  25.60  25.50  18.00  15.00  15.75 ,  7.76  !. 26.25.  9.50  6.50  31.50  23.00  10.25  3.50  16.50  24.50  47.50  78.75  70.00  23.00  6.00  53.75  21.00  4.50  9.00  35.25  6s.r>  65!o6'  .75  40.50  2.50 '  41.25  5.60  8.50  10.00  4.50  3.00  . 38.75  8.75  2.00  19.50  2.50  8.50  40.00  61.00  73.50  38.00  ���;'��� 78.1,0  58.50  49.00  26.00  11.00  17.00  5.25  12.110 :  41.25 '  12.50  2.75  9.25  52.50'  63.00  3.50...  73.50  39.00  4.25  28.00  1.50  3.75  22.50  52.50  13.00  39.00  44.00  24.00  18.00  11.75  23.00  8.00  8.50  12.50  34.00  47.25  91.00  44.00  75.00  57.50  11.00  17.50  91.00  37.50  35.0q  19.00  19.00  53.75  55.00  2.25  36.00  40.00 .  26.25  8.00  84.00  10.50  76.56  6.60  37.50  4.50  25.00  22.50  9.00  5S.75  45.00  17.25  50.00  91.00  39.00  11.26  77.00  31.00  52.00  42.00  6.50  8.50  36.00  ��.75  26.25  17.50  27.00  26.25  43.00  2.08  47.25  46.25  53.75  .50  5.50  49.00  12.50  52.00  11.60  45.00  7.50  36.00  10.25  9.25  19.00  51.00  9.00  24.00  50.75  .50  13.00  18.50  10.00  8.00  58.75  13.00  46.50  35.00  78.00  8.25  17.60  8.00  25.50  3.25  40.25  12.75  100.00  49.50  20.25  Z6.0O  62.B0  28.00  2.00,  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.oo;  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00.  2.00  2.C0  2.00  2.06  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00   .  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2,00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00'  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ..   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C. ���  ������ ��� , ���  Phoenix Shoe Shop..  All Work Guaranteed.  Impt-rted Goods.  F.I   E.ltdiil* A^ll sitpi-s  .MALIK   IO OKUKK.  HKAC1IIZAI.    MINKKb' AND, I^HOS  PKCnOJ-y SHOES  A .SPECIALTY.,  shop   on   Meniiiiiitin Aveniii-,  ��� ������������������������������������������������������������������������ft  '...���  .      '    . 'Til .  Olefl Tana (olfie Kewis  ' > t      i V  THE   HOME OF  High-Class  COLLIES  We make a specialty oi hieedim;Jthe  best working strains fur shet-j>nien  and sell Jt reasonable prices. Our  Collies give satisfae tion to floe-kmatters  syerywheie.    Wiite us your waiit's.".  Thos. S. Cfriflatli,  P. O. Box 1907. SrKikane, Wai-h.  ��� ������������������������������������������������������������'���������^�����  The  .'*?*��� pi-iV}*,  of a  BATH,  # Hot Water io 50 Jccofli  IN   REACH  OF   EVERYONE.  See the womlerful YOHO VVA'I'ER  HEATER, the latest invention, at'  Htfiiter-Kendrick Co., Ltd.  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Vor KliminatiiiK nil MctaUi��l*ot.**jti�� from the  Syeteni  The |;iHndcur of tlie scenery u uiinvaled,  Mouiitattis. miom peaks. furei*t.<t, iMaieM.walcrlalli  'Kjatm^, yuchtttig, bulling-;. ;<lioutiiiu, excursion  ten it<*.     It** urintri . cliinutc is  uti��m t��j��it**iJ ,t�� r  If You're Interested  - IN  THE -  of the  Boundary  Vou should read the  Plioenix  Aad Boundary Mining Jonrnal,  Replete with the Latest and  Freshest  News of  Boundary's  Mines  and Smelters.  $2.00 per year.  $1.25 six months.  ADDRESS:  Pioneer Publishing Co.,  PHOElklX, B. c.  ii^iimwuflfUJJiHWJJ^mS  E��1��W^^ mm  11  H  ill'  lis* -  ��'������  TH^PaOBNTX PIONEER  TRAIL CREEK MINING DIVISION���Continued.  Name of. Owner.  -al.  ���4*.  Giifflths, W. M��� et.  Yullt, S. B;, et al.  Cameron,  T. A-.,  et  Oloyn, John......  Virginia Gold Mining Co..'.   Little Joe Con. Alining Co   Nunalino & Rossland Mining- Co.."  Campbell, F��� Mclvor, Mclvor   lronHope M. & M. Co   Columbia Proprietary, Ltd   Thompson,'Ross, et al   McDonnell, C, et al   Johnston,. Douglas F   AIcAtee, JU J   "Bogle, D., et al   Yale Goid Copper- Mining-: Co., Ltd.  Perdue, W.. etai   Name of Claim.  Victor   Victoria   Viking   Violet   Virginia   Western Spy   White Elephant.  Whiroo   "White Iron   Whoopup   Wide AVest   Wide West No. 2  Winnipeg   . Wisconsin   j Wolverine   Lot. No. Taxes Due    Costs    Total due  .. J Yale  Zllor.  4927  25-85  4916  4663  681  1696  1357  21 If  4604  3324  1287  1953  1519  1692  927  533  1051  10.50  25.00  11.75  11.00  4.75  4.50,  75.25  27.00  23.25  13.00  28.50  13.00  63.00  75.25  12.75  42.00  3.25  2.0u  2.00  2.00  2.00  2,00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  12.50  27.00  U.75  13.00  C.75  6.50  77.25  29.00  25.25  15.00  30.50  15.00  65.00  77.25  14.75  44.00  5.25  Name of Owner.  GRAND FORKS MINING DIVISION.  Name of Owner.  Co...  lclrhn, R., et ul   Contact Con. Uoid Mines, Ltd...  contact  Con.  Gold  Minos,  Ltd..  'lowusvnU,   \V.   B   McMulleu, J. J   Van Ness 1. Estate et al   l'orter, W. J., et al *  Lavalley, Eli, et al   Drew, Geo. E., et al   McCallum, Neil, et ai   Plewman,  K., et al   McKenzie, A   Porter. W. J., et al   Matheaon, C   Stack, T. W., et al   Bonanza Mountain G. M. Co   McCallum, Nell, el al  Bcnetu Gold Mining  Citric, Ella   Clark Seattle Gold Mining Co   Oppenheimer, M., et al   Daniel, R. T., et al   Rumberger, G. W., et al   B.C Truat���>Co., Ltd..-.   Fu*ucane, F. J., et al ,  Largley,,S.''! Thorn ton   McCallum, N., etai .' '   Hallett, I. H., et al..!   Gold Coin Mining Co   Bonanza Mountain G. M. Co., Ltd...  McMynn, W. G.   Oppenheimer, Marcus   Contact Con. Gold Mines, Ltd   Curtis, Smith, ��t al   Covert,  "W. H ���'   Contact Con.-Gold Mines, .Ltd.   Bumrnit Gold Copper Co., Ltd   Mammoth & Diamond Hitch Con. G.  {*>    it.  Co., Ltd   "Hartford Gold Mining Co., Ltd   'Earthquake"Con;"G.--M. Co., Ltd   Plewman, R.; et al   Plewman, R., etai   Curtis, Smith.'et al ' *   ��� Delshelmer, S., et al   Brown,'R. A   .   Porter. W. J., et a! .....  ��� Contact Con. Gold Mines, Ltd   Jordan, Arthur   Hartford Gold Mining Co., Ltd   Gold Dollar Mines, Ltd   McCallum, N.,:et al   Van Ness I.' et al   Jordan, Arthur   Guess, G. A....V.   Naden, G. R., et al   Harlford  Gold Mining Co   'Hartford Gold Mining-Co.:...:   Blockberger; F. R.. et al   B." C. Trust Co., Ltd   '-' For. J. H ,.������������  "FUrnberf-er, .O. ,"W. ���/���-���������  Jordan, Arthur -..'...:..  John Bnll Mlnei, Ltd   Bower.. W., et al   Rntnbers-er, G. W. .".,'   Frank.��� Charles, et ��! '....'...'.:...  Belt, .-*v*rV' H. G   Townsend, W. B   Ltttle Bertha Go'd Mining C:'.   MeGnire. Hugh, et al *.'...:   OTPoole. J. M   Townsend.  Tim ;.'..:.v...'..  Clark. Elln. et a! ......!..*   Summit Gold Copper Mining Co   Mammoth & Diamond Hitch Con G. M.  <;,CO.  Ltd..'.,...' '.   CosgrifT, C.,'et al   John Bull Mines, Ltd   Jnnls, Dugald   McCallum, Neil, et al   Mnllhran. John   Averlll, F. A., et al   Plewman, R., et al   ������McGuire, -Hugh ,   Rnmberger,* G.' IW.:..."1 -.   COBRI-Iff,  C 0...  White,  Milton  D   Contact,Con. Gold Mines, Ltd   Contact Con. Gold Mines, Ltd   Drew, G. E.,.'et al   Rendell, 43-.  A.'l -...  Bonani-a.MorjntnhY'G,: M-.Co. Ltd!!  - Contact,Cob.>Gold"Mines, Ltd.."...!..  "' Cd"ntaet"Con.]Goli3 Mines, Ltd   Hnrtford Gold Mlnlnc Co. Ltd   McCallum, Nell, ct al   Mntlicson,'Clias !!'.  Bonanr.a Mountain G. M. Co. Ltd!!!!  - . Ei>r,'��i/>uake Con. G. M. Co. Ltd   ������ixMcKen-!(e1.lA   .Lcckie, R. J. E., etai..!.!!.!!..!!!!!."  Hflilett. I.' H��� et al   ; Drew, G. ,E., et al !!...!!!!!!!!!!!!  Shaw, Wm ...  Spence, J. D��� et al..............!!!.!!  Summit Gold Copper Mining Co.!!  ��� ��� Ci.nenlieimer, M., et al   !". Quebec Boundary Mining CaLtd!!  ��� .  Rumberger, G. W.   Van Ness. I.   Eatateet'al.'!!   Enrthquake Con. G. M. Co. Ltd   . "  Plewman, R. et al       "   "  i    Cosfrrlff, C, et a! '..'..'.".".',   L-Kartford-Gold Mining Co. Ltd.!!!!!*'  Van Nesa, I., Estate..........  MeGnire, F ....'.'    "  "'������  Clerk Seattle G.M."co."Ltei!!!!""  Brown, R, A..........   B. C. Trust Co. Ltd.......   Rnmbereer, G. W.( et. al../.'..*!!*"''  Ross, Hector..'..'... 'J .'...;.',,,,'\\ \\' V \'  Quebec Boundary Mlnlri? Coyi'.ui. "  HrmcTerson,   J.   B   Summit Gold Copper Mining Co.!!!  Townsend, TV. B   Oppenheimer, M.....! .'...V.  .........  Summit Gfold Copper'Mining Co!!!!!'  Henderson, J.  B   Clark Seattle Gold Mining Co.!!..!!!!  Brown, R. A !  Finucane, F. J, et al...............  Drew. G. E., etai.,  !.'.!..'!"  Rumberger, G, w. etai .-   . !."'*  Singlehutst.rS.1A., et.al......-.'...!..."  Finucane, F. J., et al ,  "  Name of Claim.  !!l  Accident   Ajax   Ajax Jfruetiou...  Aiaeen   Ammle   ii..U."Mo. 2   lleuver   lieach   belie of Otiuwu.  Best   Uiilhday   ���Jihinarck   Black Bess   Blue Bird   l*iuc Bell   Bonanza.   Boi.unza   Lot. No. Taxes Due    Costs    Total due  Boneui.   Boys   i Butte   Butte.   Caledonia   California.   Calumet   Cnrlotte   Christina.   Cltcpatra   Climax   Coin   Colorado   Colorado   Columbia   Contact   Corydon   Crown   Daly   Delta Fraction..  Diamond Hitch   Double   Eagle  Fraction.  Eiu'thQuake   Eeilion   Electric   Eirr.ore   Erwin   Fantantine   Girl of the Period   Glergarry. ��� ���"   Golden Age Fraction���  Golden Crown Fn   Gold Drop   Grand  Forks' Belle   Grey Eagle   Halifax   Haihfa't   Hard Cash   Hartford   Hartford Frac   Hastings   Hecla.   Highland Chief   Iron Clad   Jennie Lind Fraction....  If-hn Bull   J. S. Fraction   Keystone   Keystone   Ke.vwcst   Kittle   Little Bertha   Little Babe   Llvlncston.   London   Loynl Canadian   Main   Mammoth   Mammie   Marinette   Ma tabele Fraction   "Mayflower   Midnight   Minnie   Monckton    Monte Carlo.'   Montana   Mono   Moonlight.   Mother Lode.   Mother Lode Fraction  Mountain Monarch   Mountain View.   Mountain  View   Mountain  View   Mountain View Fraction..  NnlinV Frar-tlon.   NTano'eon Bonaparte   Nevada   Nevada.   New "Last Chance   No. 1   Norfolk.   Norton   O.'K   Ontario   Ontario Boy   O. P.   Ophir   Orften Boy   Oro '.   Palmetto '.'.'  Phllln Sheridan   Pietoii   Qneen of the Hills  .'.  Hanger      Rattler.......... '//  Richmond.;.... ,.  Seattle......   ahieksliock....���,......   ..'..!'  Sissy............  St. Lords...., '.'.  fetandnrd  No.  2...........'  Strawberry.....     ...!!!  Thirty Seven.....!!. ���!.'!,!  Toledo Fraction   .'"  Tunnel!. ;.���...   Vancouver    ,!'..'.'.'  Vanguard.........;       !"  Victor     ..."  '  Virginia City....7.7.7.'.7.'..  Volcano........   ...  Wake.   War Eagle..'..........''.'...."  Wellington Fraction....'.'.''  Wonderful..   Young George............'  v4  ul  ill J  !.',(  jut. i  ns7  iV44  1W  1616  1134  llUO  168'J  1363  2136  2(08  1617  716  C51  1610  1067  97:;  2222  ,:-:i4  .'94o  izto  1615  211**  950  1-0!'  2236  1157  1421  971  2015  1510  1744  11*84  1329  1339  1132  1049  972  1691  1477  1488  2594  3644  1C5S  1762  161?  720  304J-  146$  106S ,  1057  1061  2053  859  2016  1489  3043  2C15  1675  1155  12729  11768  1748  959  964  1563  2234  1608  1745  1683  915  2052  2114  1619  1809  1096  1048  721  1318  2205  1623  1508-  1511  1344  1533  2011  2592  2593  1063  1614  1365  2010  1341  1362  2734  1569  1478  861  ' 596  1354  1066  1766  1167  1353  1340  1047  2203  1060  792  2232  652  992  1068  605  1364  1765  1335  1743,  1750  1156  1746  1336  1606  1476  2107  1345  1315  1736  2942  1J.OJ  iV.-il  t.al)  30.10  li.W  1..00  7.75'  53.7 j  13.00  10.00  13.00  52.00  4.00  41.00  12.25  26.00  4.25  51.00  26.00  13.00  13.00  20.00  13.00  10.25  26.00  28.00  11.00  11.75  78.C0  26.00  13.00  13.00  9.00  42.00  6.50  9.25  9.75.  23.00  1.00  13.00  13.00  12.75  35.00  9.75  9.75  13.00  4.00  8.00  .50  '  28.50  9.50  64.50  8.50  25.00  7.25  12.25  9.50  13.00  10.00  32.25  13.00  5.09  18.50  10.09  5.25  13.00  12.25  26 25  19.00  15.50  44.00  11.75  33.CO  4.00  10.00  7.c0  26.00  1.25  9.00  11.60  18.00  13.00  24.50  5.50  11.50  13.00  13.00  .50  6.00  7.00  26.00  12.1*0  9.75  2.75  11.00  61.25  26.00  11.75  43.75  13.00  7.75.  9.25  25.50  11.00  9.75  13.00  11.50  11.25  19.50  8.25  13 60  9.75  11.00  19.00  36.75  13.00  26.00  10.75  13.00  45.00  13.00  26iOO  11.00  '27.75  11.25  9.50  26.00  25.50  13.00  23.50  9.00  7.75'  31.50  26.00.  2.U)  2,w  2.t0  ���i.W  2x0  2.o0  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.C0  2.C0  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ��.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.C0  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.10  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ��� 2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.ro  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  200  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.09  . 2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.C0  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00 ���'.  2.00  200  2.oo : ' ,  2.00 '  2.00 .'���'  2.00  2.00  . 2.00  2.00  2.00  GREENWOOD MINING DIVJ[jsibN.  Name of Owner.  8p->;---;v- ������������. -. ,    m:'iy-''y- ������:���������"' ������������������ r  M^y-yy :':,:'yy: .y. ���  ^���;:,v-.^..v-',.-':^: .���/ J  "    -, **     - sift.it?.,i "      t  ~-*\.        "^  ���&rt  i Barton, David S.r et al   Mardon, C. N., et al   Oliver, W. T   Enterprise & Anchor Mine's,  Rumhersrer, G. W��� et al...'  McDonell, Chris, et al....!.  Guess, G.  A. 7  Moody,; John A  .'.'.'  Cnulfield, J. J., et al   Steele, J., et al   Guess, G. A   Hallett, L H.r et al   Hallett, T. H.. et al   Johnson,   S.   M.   Re��ed. Hugh, et al   Kirby. F.  M., ��t air   Finucane." ig"/j...-   Mulligan, John, ct al..   Bamberger, G. w��� ot al..,.  Name of Claim.  Ltd.  Aberdeen..  Alta   I Anaconda.  Anchor   14.5o  12.Z.)  4.60  32. tU  14.00  19.00  9.75  55.75  15.00  12.00  16.00  54.00  6.00  43.00  14.25  28.00  6.25  53.00  28.00  15.00  15.C0  22.00  15.00  12.25  28.00  30.00  13.00  13.75  80.00  28.00  15.00  15,00  11,00  44.00  8,50  11.25  11.75  Bieleuberg, E. A., Estate of   Wiekwire, E. T.. et al   Oliver, W. T    ....  Combination M.  &  M. Co   Douglas,   John   Mulligan, John      Rumberger, G. W., et al   Johnson, S. M   Naden, G. R.. et al ������   Pringle, Clive   Johnson, S. M.t et al ���-���  Enterprise & Anchor Mines, L'd...  McDonell, C, et al   Boundary Creek M. & M. Co.....  Rumberger, G. W., et al......   McDonell, C.  et al ���   Holbrook,  D. **"��*.     .  Dunn,  J.,   et al   Ashcroft,  A.  E.,  et al   Harris, W. J.   Guess, G. A., et al   Johnson, S. M., et al ���������  Reed, Hugh, et al '..  Sliver King Mining Co  ....  Guess,  G.  A    ..  McMynn, W.  G   Dillier. Otto '���  Rumberger, /G. W., et al   Desroislers, J. B   Rumberger, G.'*W.,.'et al......   Oliver,  W.  T.   Rendell,  G.  A   Green,  8. "K.. et al /...' ���  McDonell.  Chris,  et al ���  Dunn, John, et al   Douglas. John   Moran, John   Porter. W. J    MeMnhon. M. H��� et al   Me-traw.  Alnsley;  el  nl...............  Rinntierger. G. W.. et al............  Naden. G. R.,.'et al ;. ....  Rumberger, ,G. W. et al   Rendell,  G.  A., et al   Wiekwire, E. T. et al   Cosgrlff,  Con., et al   Johnson,  S. M., et al   Name of Claim.  25.00  3.00  15.00  16.00  14.75  37.00  11.75  11.75  15.00  6.00  10.00  2.50  30.50  11.50  66.50  10.50  27.00  9.25  14.25  11.50  15.00  12.00  34.25  15.00  7.00  20.50  12.00  7.25  1*J.00  14 25  28.2-i  21.0)  17.59  46.00  13.75  35.00  6.00  12.00  '9.50  28.00  3.25  11.00  13.50  15.C0  15.00  26.50  7.50  13.50  15.00  11.00  2.50  8.00  9.00  28.00  1400  11.75  4.75  13.00  63.25  28.00  13.75  45.75  15 00  9.75  11.25  27.50  13.00  11.75  15.00  13.50  13.25  21.50  10.25  15.00  U.75  13.00  21.00  38.75  15.00  28.00  12.75  15.00  47.00  15.00  28.00  13.00'i  29.75  13.25  11.50  28.00  27.50  .15.00  25.50  11.00  .  9.75  33.50  28.00  Dunn, J., etai   Sands.'Mark.   ���������������  Robertson, J.  R   Wiekwire, E. T��� et al   ......  Pringle,  Clive    ������  London & B. C. (Sold Fields, Ltd..  McAuley, J. B.  ������  .DouglaB, John    ���������������  Dunn. J., et a)   Mortimer, E. ��., et al   Hogg, ,W.  L.,  et al   Naden,   G.   R.-,  et  at   Keffer, F.. et ��� al   Johnson, S.  M.; et al ;.......  McMynn,  W.  G., et al   Markln, R ;   ....  Hogg, W. L. etai ......  Warren, J. J. ..!....  Finucane, F. J   Boundary Creek. M. & M. Co ...  Nelson,  J.  W���  et al .:���.  Silver Kinf Gold Mining Co.........  Mack, John   McDonell, Chris., et al   ...  Rumberger, G.. W., et al .;���'  Crane,  G.  T. .......'.'  Deadwood  Gold Mining Co..........  Rnmberger. G. W.,  et al    ...  McMynn, W. G    ...  McMullan,  J. J��� et  al   Kydd, George, et al ,.  Collins. C. N.   McArthur, P. C.   Haas, Jacob C i  ......  Lee, R. W   Irving, v J    ..........  Harris, W. J.   lHarris, ,W. J.   Harris, W.;J .....!.  "Rumberger, G. W.; et al   Naden, G. R., et at ......!;.  ftumberger, G. W.   City View..... >   Clipper Fraction ���  .���  Columbia ������   ���  Coiublnatlon.. ���  Cornucopia.....    ������ ������  Copper  ejueen   Cracker Jack.............   .���������/������  Dandy....    !   Don't Know '..   Dominion.... ���������������    ���������������  Emerald....... ,   Knterprise.   jj'eee  Coinage....... ���������������  U.  A. li.....    .'���������' ���  Gartleld..   Gold Bug  No. 2 ..���������������  Gold Bug.....   Grand, Central ��� ���������  ��iackla.    ........  ..������������>  jtiamilton...   Hidden Treasure ������������  Houiestuke   H. li... ���   iron Cap    iion. Top.       iron Pyrites   Joliaunisburg.   JoKer       Jolluitb  Fraction. ���...   .......  iveysione ....  Kooteiiiiy   Lancaster Fracl.un.   ..asc Omnee   J.egal 'IVuder   L.,1111   ^..ufi........   .Uiit'iKJlia   Maple Leaf ���       Miiylleld  Fraction   Maze....   Missing Link    ....  Missing Link No.   2  Fraction..  Moscow   Mountain (.View......   Mountain View.......   Mullen    Myrtle.    ���Ma pa   Nellie Cotton    ......   ...  New  York......   ���.   J'Nightingale.   NNo. 2    Norfolk...     ,  Orinoco.,  '..  Oro !   Paragon....'..,. .'.'   ,  Peacock    ... ...........   .  Pioneer...;    ....!..........  Pinliook.. '..       Pluto    ...........  Queen Sabe   .............  Queen of Sheba.....   ........  Red   Warrior ,.   .............  Revenue ;...  'Rob Roy    .....,..,.  ...  Scranton Fraction    S.   F.  Fraction.    [-'Silver Cloud........   Silver King....    .......  Silver Tip.........   Silver Star...'.."    'Smuggler..........    ........    .....  St.  Genevieve........   ........   ...  St.  Lawrence......   Stafford Fraction ......   .......  Sunnyside......   Sunset......   .'.' ,  Tarn O'Shanter   .!.........,  Texas     .. ..  Timer  Fraction....;.....   Tip Top. '.'.'   Twin  Sisters................      Vancouver..........    .......  Wellington.....0...   ........   .......  Wellington,   No. " 1..... ......:.  Wellington No. 2 ."..'   Wlllamena Fraction...;.       World's   Fair  Fraction............  Yukon Fraction........   ... .  ..  Lot No. Taxes Due    Costa    Total due  1565  1102  1933  1458  608  1949  1195  1259  2374  2587  1263  1022  1552  852  1264  1718  890  1842  2847  1106  1266  1892  1033  .1574  1109  1390  20"2  1692  1885  1698  1932  18C8  584  1551  1584  609  1851  1484  2010  1818  979  1474  1694  1405  1100  1850  1654  1583  1460  610  1101  2588  985  1196  614  1582  1243  1637 '  1469  2393  1267  790 .  S84  1636  1556  1279  832  1218  1097  1154  1550  1697  139?  1263  1703  1646  2068  2405  2067  1705  1229  1432  344  1214  1215  1216  1693  8146  1193  13.00  5.00  41.00'  13.00  10.50  11.25  12.75  11.25  26.00  26.00  16.50  3.25  8.75  ; 26.00  10.76  13.00  20.00  33.75 ,  12.25  13.00  13.00  ''��� 25.00 ���  12.75  4.50  13.00  13.00  18.00  2.00  12.00  8.75  52.00  11.75  52.50  8.25  28.50  4.00  8.75  10.75  15.50  12.75  2.00  5.00  10.00  9.00  15.00  13.00  24.00  36.00  13.00  3.75  16.00  19.00  11.76  11.76  4.25  20.25  12.25  62.00  16.50  8.25  23.60  14.50  11.50  52.00  13.00  2.50  20.00  7.25  7.50  13.00  11.25  12.75  26.00  8.75  .60  52.00  12.50  20.00  26.00 .  S.00  8.75  7.75  28.50  7.75  10.75  4.50  2.00  .75  10.00  2.00  2.00  2.#0  2.00  2.00-  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  . 2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ;    2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  3.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  3.00  2.00  2.00  2.0J  2,00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  - 2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00 ,  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.C0  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00     ,  2.00    .''  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  16.00  7.00  43.00  15.00  12.50  13.25  14.75  13.25  28.00  28.00  18.50  5.25  10.75  28.00  12.75  15.00  22.00  35.76  14.25  15.00  15.00  27.00  14.75  6.50  15.00  15.00  20.00  4.00  14.00  10.75  64.00  13.75  54.50  10.25  30.50  6.00  10.75  12.75  17.60  14.75  4.00  7.00  12.00  11.00  17.00  15.00  26.00  38.00  16.00  5.75  18.00  2L00  13.75  13.76  6.25  22.25  14.26  64.00  18.50  10.25  25.50  16.50  13.50  ' 54:00  15.00  4.50  22.00  9.25  9.60  15.00  13.25  14.75  28.00  10.75  2.50  54.00  14.50  22.00  28.00  7.00  U.75  9.75  30.50  9.75  13.75  6.50  4.00  2.75  12.00  D. J. MATHESON,  INSURANCE AGENT,  FIRE, LIKE, ACCIDENT.  Coiiii.ilshiouer for Inking Affidavit,.  ; Phoenix, B.:  R. B. KERR,  HARRISTER   AND  S0Mci-I  NOTARY PUBLIC.  PHOENIX, B.c.  :itok,  GEORGE GIBSOIN  ;     SHAVING PARLORS  and BATHKOOM.  Grnvca-Wllliains Block,cor.  FimtaiUOIdlroilsldcKAve. IlIOKKIX, il CJ  KingEdward Lodi|c,No.36  A.-F.aiiel A. M.  'X��l!iil��rcuiiiiiuiiic��iloiiSi. ���,     ,  �� . o��<l TliurmUy orencli nioiith  \    u'oi'/m" "!���*"��''"'������11^*'m���  \      Hall, Morrlnou.AH.kr.oii H|��"  O.W.KUMUKKIiKlt. . W.O-.KKA8Fg  Btvmitv, '*  "A.51,  I'iioenix Aim,  NO. 158.  ���������������"���!�� oil 1'iid,,  ��;��-joi'.iii., jiiuci'i  Uuloii Hall.  VinilliiK   l���ci|���t,;  ccitllally iuvluil.  ~li'M .I'l.l'MING. Srcy  I. O. O. F.  SNOWSIIOl'I.ODGIv'NO.it  Meelii every Monday.Kvc'-iiiinr i,t  Hardy Hall  Visiti'tig t)rclheru cordially invited.  Alex, Milkie.'N. li.  Oko R. Mkaii, Rtc.Stc'y.  ���������������������������   Wm. Uelahay, Per. Hiu.Secy.  ^OREGON  Sho^tLine  a��d union Pacific  ONLY LINK EAST  VIA  Salt Lake and Denver.  Two '1'rains Daii.v.  Steaiii8hii> tickets to Europe anil other  foreign countries.  I.ctivei  Dally  Spokane Time Sclicdiile.   ...Klrcctlye Nov. �� 190J  Arrire:  Daily  ROSSLAND, B. C, Oct.  1S04.  John Kirkup,  Assessor and G)Uector Rossland Assessment District.  "That's Our Business"  The Job Department of the  Phoenix  Pioneer  is fully equipped to turn out  the  Best Quality of  Stationery   for any  kind   of  business,  attention paid to work for Mines.    Stock,  quality, the highest grade.  ' ADDRESS,  Special  the best;  The Phoenix Pioneer,  PIONEER W.OCK,  THONK Ni��. 14.  PHOENIX, B. O.  THE MILWAUKEE  A familiar name for the Chicago, Milwaukee it.St. Paul Railway, known all  over the Union as the Great Railway  running the "Pioneer Limited" trains  every clay and night between St. Paul  and .'Chicago, ami Ornnlia and Chicago,  "The only perfect trains in the world."  Understand: Connection* are made  with All Transcontinental Lines, assuring to passengers the liest service known.  Luxurious couches, electric lights, steam  heat, of a verity equaled hy no other  line.  See that your ticket reads via "The  Milwaukee" when going to any point in  the United States or Canada. All ticket  agents sell them.  For rates, pamphlets or other information, address,  7,jj b, m. FAST MAIL-VTo mid from  . Cocnrd'Alcuc district, farm.  ; iiigton Garfield t'oliux, Pull-  man,   *Moscoiv;  ���Ponicroy,  Waitsbiiijj; Uayton, Walls       -.  Walla, Pen J eton, Baker City  am! all point* Host _ 6.00  4:30 p. tu. KXPRKSS-Hor Varmliigton  Garfield, Colfax, Pullman,  Moscow, I.ewislon, Portland  Sau Francisco, Maker City  and all point* KAST.  KXPRESS ��� Froin all points  Kast, Baker City, Sail Kran-  cinco, Portland, Colfax, Garfield and Parmliigtoii 11.4aa.1n.  ���Kxcept Sunday.  SHORT LINK TO CALIFORNIA.  Sim Francisco-Portland Route.  Steamer* nail from Ainsworlli iloc*. Portland,  at 8 p, in. and from Spear Street wharf, SanKran-  ci��co, at 10 a. m. every five days.  Tickets on sale at all S. V. Ik N. Stations.  For further iiiformatioii as to rates, time ol  traliig,ei|iiipment, etc., address  GKO. J. MOHI.KW.Genernl Audit,  Riverside Ave.. Spokane, Wash  R. L. Kord,  Trav. Paa*. Agt.,  8POKANK, W.V.  H.S  Rowe,  General Af eu ,  PORTLASD,OK  :::::!:;!  Lot No. Taxes Dtie    Cost��    Total due  lApex... ',.   .....  ^Arizona   "Arlington Practloh'.  Baltimore..........  Barrow....,   Biff Four .'.'  .  Blue Bell.   Black Diamond..'..,  Bolton Fraction   Boston   Brookllne. ."  Bullion...;....., "  Burns Fraction...'.'.  Chancellor.   Clmeron......  2295  1394  i 1931  11021  11698  1194  1110  2381  1290  1581  1108  2275  1706  1645  1032  865  1281  1235'  m  9.00  '.:.:������ M0  9.25  2.00  41.00  .   .2.00  18.09  *2.C4>  7.00   2.00  13.00  2.00  3.50  2.00  22.50  2.00  18.00  -- S.00  37.50  s.00  12.00  2.00  8.50  2.00  7.00  2.00  11.25  2.00  1L60  ;2.00  10.B0  2.00  5.50  ��.00  18.00  ?.oo  JK.85  JlOO  11.00  11.25-  43.00  15.00  9.00  15.00  5.50  24.50  18.00  39.50  14.00  11.50  9.00  13.25  18.50  12.50  7.60  15.00  1425  C��uu of Lockjaw.  Lockjaw, or.tetanus, is caused by a  bacillus or germ which exists plentifully  in street dirt. It is inactive so lonj- as  exposed to the air. but when carried  'beneath the skin, as in the wounds  caused by percussion caps or by rusty  nails, and when the air is excluded the  germ.is aroused tp activity and produces the most virulent poison known.  There germs may be destroyed and all  danger of lockjaw avoided by applying  Chamberlain's Pain Balm freely as  soon as the injury is received  MINERAL ACT.  CEKTIFICATK OC IMPROVP.MK.VTK  Grand forks,  Phoenix  and Greenwood  STAGE   LINE.  Spokane Falls  &  Not them Ry.  The only all rail route Imtwce-n points  east, west and eolith lo Rossliiml, Xel-  son, Grand Forks and Repulilir.  Bullet cars run between Spokane and  Ntirthport.  KFPHCTIVKIUNF.U. looj.  Leave. ,'.rri��r  8H5a.m Spokane... 6:15 p. ra  lo^oa. m  Kosi,Iaiid ; 4:35 p.m.  7'Joa. in.. Nelson 7.20 p. in-  10:35a. in ....Grand Forks i:oo p. u,.  "-.toa. 111 Keputdic 6:15 p. '�����  Save   Time all the time  BY USING  J.F.KOVKK.      t  Proprieloi,  Summit.  NOTICK.  Mayllowe-,  ^r&&^mtfw&%^t*<��  "onnl  Mineral elalim, situate in the, rrJ��,f'  wood Mining Division bA'ale l)l,trlct     m"'  Miner's Cortlilcate No B80SS ^Z Vh���''J^e'  Roderick Free Miner's ctVrHHrite ko k��SS"  Inland, sixty days trom the 1 a e here" I t^?n'  Ply to the Minims Kecortler "oJ'cVrtff rates ft  Iniprovementd, for the nuruira ntniS '  .' 'rown ei.ants h>r ihe above clllL ohtaU>in��  ceti.4.S-e'^^^o,,. under  Ke|{iiiiiliie Inue 1st, leave ('rectiwood at 6 a.m.  and Plioeiilzat7:]oa,ni ; arrive at Grand Horkr  lo.'ioa.iii.,leave Grand Forks 3:4$ p. m.,arriviiip  at Phoenix 7 p. 111., and Greenwood al8,.p.in  Connects both ways with Great Northern train'  wc^ot. Northern Telegraph office.   In Pho..  S'-Norther^0-' *����"���"���   I" "rand l/orkt,  Balm is an antiseptic and causes such l8n?^S^  injuries to heal without maturation and h day ��f **^��*"- a- ��  in one third the time required  by the  usual treatment.     It is for sale by all  druggists.  S���'i"L", ���?.'J.n,i8* ?e coiiiraeiiced 1�� fore th'e"iseu.  lof Improvciiients.  seiiteuibeir, A. D. 1994  I. H. HALLETT.  -6���  To Seattle, Tacoma,  AND ALL PACIFIC COAST  POINTS.  St. Paul, Chicago,  AND ALL POINTS LAST.  Palace and Tourist Sleeperi*, Uufli'1  Library Cms, Modern day Coaclics, l.)iu*  ing Cai-8,-Mcnls a La Carte.  Best Meals on Wheels,  CITYSCAVENGER  Leave Orders at City  Clerk's Office.  #&&       PHOENIX, BG.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of ImproyeRients.  Notice.  And further take notice that act nn ��^^��� :���  Dated tblo :jth day of August, e'soj,  AtBijar ��;, 11,1; 1).�� T< Pi ^  We do the kind you want,  but which you rarely see ������  the kind that is Neat, Clean,  Original and Effective.  This the only completely  equipped Printing establishment in the Boundary occupying its own building.  Can we print for you ?  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.,  Phoenix B. C.  2 Fast Trains Daily 2  ���   ���   ��� KAST AND Wl'SI*.  ��� Special Excursion Rales to  WORLD'S FAIR, ST. LOUIS.  Your choice of route.  . For rates and folders and full info'"1'''  tion regaidinit trips call on or ailurt'Si  any agent of the H. F, & N. Railway or  H,  A. J/CKSON,  G. F. & P. A.,  Spokane.  ��� Wash.  IL J"ii,\xi)-r,  C. P. etT. A.,  70! W. ltivereule.  Spokane. Wil  li Will be to Your Interest  SI.  If you contemplate visitini! In0 .  Louis Exposition, to secure rcliuhli' in"  formation an lo railroad service, Ihe '0,v"  est rates and liest routes. Alco ns ,0  local conditions in .St Louis, liolely"''  If voii will write the iinden-it-nt";  stating what information you desire', Ui'-  some will ho promptly fnrnlBlieil. ;' fL  do not have it on hand, will seeure it wr  you if posfliblp, and without any i.-xi"11181-  to you.   Address  B.H. TRUMBULL,  Coinnimercial Agent.  142 Third Ht.,Portlund,0rt.  ��� j  t       ���   r   '   ���- >��L .   r    t "V  ��KS  tpi��i  ?9ESSS3lEB5affli?mt^^ m  i  '<i  t  -4  r  i  5  Congressman ileelcison 5iifiK^ ^i^ Catarrh���Read  ���   _ ",    His Endorsesiierit of P^rii=na.  SITS ? I TitTTTTTYTTTtyTTTTT-rp  A  1  >* CONGRESSMAN MEEKISON, OF OHIO.  Hon. David Meokison'isvrell known, not only in his own Stato but throughout  America. He. began his political career by serving' four consecutive terms as  Mayor ji>f the towh'ih-which ho lives, duriug*wliich time ho became widely known  as tho lounder of* tho Meekison Bank of Napoleon, Ohio, lie was elected, to tho  Fifty-fifth Congross.by a v,cry.largO;majority, and is the acknowledged leader or  his party in his section of the fetaio.' . ''\'..'.....:.:'.'���  .Only oho flaw marred the otherwise complete success of this rising statesman :  Catarrhv^ith'its'lnsldlous approaeih and;tenacious grasp, was his only uncon  fjuered foe.   I"or thirty years he waged unsuccessful warfare against this'perspna  enemy.   At last peruuii,came to the rescue, and he*dictated the following letti ;  lo Dr. Hartmanfast lie result::';  '_''     "-;        .,...���.������' ���> V-;";  l/..v"~ v      y f'  \  "I have used several bottles of Peruna and 1 feel greatly,  benefited thereby front my catarrh of the head. I feci encouraged to believe, tlizt if I use it a short time longer I will be fully  able to eradicate the disesse of thirty, years' standing."--^David  Meckison, ex-Mttubzr of Congress. ���������������*:     ���%:  >    Over flf'y mci-i!v.;r>-c:f Congress endorse Peruna as a catarrhal tonic.  Vo'iiliivnco I'b'i world over praise I*ertiaa.  Men of  "A TONIC Is a medicine that gives  -t\. tone to tome part of tho system.  'ifJieroaro.e*irrereut l-'ixls of tonics, but  liio tonic-most bt-cdctl ia tills country,  *tf3icro" catarrh'Is go prevalent, is"a tonio  U::.t operates on tho mucous membranes.  jf;i'oruna is a tonic to the mucous metn-  brr-aes of tho whole body. Itglvea tono  to tho capillary circulation which, constitutes thesa del icato membrane!:.  rvPoruna is a BpcciQc.ia. 1(3 operation  uponvjtlic mucous membrane; f-JXs ii,: a  tonio that strl'cc��*UHlio<root:'of?all'catarrhal nfTectlons. It gives tono to tho  minuto blood vessels and tho terminal  nerve fibres. Catarrh cannot exist long  -.vhro Pc-runr. Is used intelligently.  IVru-ia ix-cha out catarrh in all the hid-  ek-ii parts of tho body.  A. II. Ilicnl, aa employe of the C. II.  ��V* (;. P.. It., Y/est Burlington, la., wri tcs:  ���'Iliad catarrh of the stomach a::d  j.imall iiitcctlries for a number of years.  ' 1 went to n number of doctors and got  no relief.   "Hna'ly ,ono of my doctors  ix'iitmo to Chicago aud I met the same  fat j.. They said they could do nothing  for mo, that I had cancer of the stomach  and (hero *,ya3 no cure. I almost thought  the same, lor my breath was something  awful.   1  CjuM hardly stand it, it was  so ofi'cnsivj.  I could not eat anything  without fjreat misery, and 1 gradually  Src*,7 vorso. ��� '���'/->..  'Tiaally I got ono of your books, and  concluded I would try Peruna, and thank  Grid, I founil a relief and a cure for that  dreadful disua^o. I took five bottles ol  Pcrii::aand two of jManalin, and I now  feci \.'.:o aney,* man. There is nothing  better than Peruna, and 1 keep a bottlo  in.my honso all the- time."���A.M.lkcrd.  Catarrh of tho idomach 13 usually  called dyspepsia. Catarrhal dyspepsia  cannot be cured by pepsin powders or  any oilier temporary relief.   The or.!y  %fiffif��&h frfin^^orniucStis -mc'ttf jn-afiic  Congressman Botkin, of Kansas   w  nred of catarrh of tho stomach ol massy  years' standing. Hundreds of otl.oi  cases have been reported to u= thruitj-1.  unsolicited testimonials.* Peruna is ;'���(: ,c  only' internal systemic remedy for catarrh yet devised. Every one ai*f!icU.-c'  with catarrh in,the sl'shtcst degree  ourlit to tafeoa courseof Peruna.  If you dp not derive prompt and satis  factory results from the use of I*oru.-;-t  write'atonco to Dr.Hartman, giving .".  full statement of your case and h, v 111  bo pleaseel to give you his valuable a.!-  vice gratis.,-   ... ..-;���.;.,.,..;.  Address H)r.':*rTartman',' Presldi.-:.: <���>���  Tho Hartman Sanitarium, Caliin.i..Ui.  Ohio;  for concentrators,  looking better  in  to bur Subscribers.  BOTH NEW AND OLD. f  Latest Mining   Stock Quotations,  Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Grlobe (daily) both for One  year .;......1.V  Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  <3*l6be- (weekly);bpth for One  ���.' "year '.l.^...'.['l.........Z^.'Z^..,^''  Phoenix Pioneer and Montreal,.  Daily) Herald;j. both for One  >��� XTPkdf*   /ineliitl.iijp Haiidiioaie l'ortrnUV  y C3��I    ^of King 1-Jdivard, [7x22 inches./ ��� ���   'Phofenix Pioneer and New York  World, Thrice-a week, both  for one year   Phpemx;,Pioneer;and Montreal  Family  Herald and Weekly Star,  ;    both one  year ..:.:!: .-...      ,'���  .';��� SuliacriptionH received to nil MiiKaziueH and Periodicals at publishers lowest rates,.  Send all subscriptions to this office.  PHOENIX  PIONEER,  PHOENIX, B.C.  AuiericanHoy :...   Ken llur ....   nincfc Tail   Canadian eiolil fields   Cariboo, Caui|vMcK (cx-tliv.)   Center Star   Denoro Mines   KairvicM- ; ;   l'islur Maiden ���  tiianl ,....; ;.   (iranby Consolidated   Inter national Co:il.���   "tlorning I'lory  ,   Mountain Lion...;.   Nortli Star, (K K.)   Payne   Qiiilp ..*.,....;......  Kanibler-Carilwo   ;   sau Poii..' ;-;..;..-..';;.....';;;  Sullivnn   Tom Tliunii)   War Kngle Consolidated.,..,   Waterloo (Ass Paid)..'.........: ~  White Hear .'.....���...;..';; ......'....  ASKKI)  *  With more water  etc., prospects are  Rossland.  October's payroll of the Crow's Nest  Coal Co., at tlie three colleries, was  $118,448.35. -    r.- .  British Columbia mineral exhibit at  the St. Louis World's Fair captured  the grand prize.  Additions to the payroll of Rossland  for the winter are expected to equal  that of 200 men.  The Slocan;Star heads the list of  Slocan shippers this year with 2,000  tons of silver-lead ore.  After an unprecedented run of two  years and a half the Payne concentrator closed down last week;  Shipments from Rossland mines for  last week amounted to -5,935 tons,  with a total of 281,420 tons for this  year to date.  Work i�� progressing favorably on the  Rosebery zinc enriching plant which is  expected to be ready . for operation  aboutjthef first oft the year.  Owners of the Province mine up the  South Fork of "Kaslo creek, have been  offered $80,000 for the property. The  offer was refused, the price asked being $ioo,ooo/  , #?.H. Craven, of Rossland, is oper-  kting a'tfooton plant in saving gold on  jthe Columbia river above Trail,,. and  'B'^id'tat^Vniiaking a htuib^pmeSprb-  fit'^^o.percent, gravel. ;  ���'-.^Fourteen mines shipped 4,662,646  pounds of ore to the Trail smelter in  September, the lead coin  262,766 lbs. The  St/Eug��he'and "'North Star led the  list;";'''.';'.',:'. "���  ..; ,The,Sullivan group has a very large  ambunt of Ore which may 'fairly be  classed as "in sight," and which from  ���a -rtiugh' calculation^ may be put down  as from 300,000 to 400,000 tons, assaying capproximately, ��� 30 to 35 per  'cent, lead,' and-15 to 18 oz. silver.  Ndtice of Tax Sale.  I hereby give notice that on the 7th day of November, 1904, at the hour of Ten o'clock in the forenoon at the  Court House, Fairview, I shall offer for sale by public auction, the Mineral Claims of the persons in the list Hereinafter set out, of which Crown grants have been issued, for all unpaid taxes and for the expen��es of advertising  and other charges, if the total amount due Is not sooner paid.  List Above Mentioned.  Owner's Name.  Artindell, C. H   Fairview  Gold .Milling Company   Fairview  Gold -Mining Company.......  Falrvl��w  Gold Mining Company.   Fairview Gold Mining Company.......  Fairview  Gold Mining Company   Dominion Consolidated Mines Company  Dominion Consolidated Mines Company  Dominion Consolidated Mines Company  Fairview Con. Gold Mining Company..  Gold Mining Company..  Gold Mining Company.:  Gold Mining Company..  Gold Mining Company..  Mining Company..;  Mining Company..  Fairview Con. Gold Mining Company..  Fairview Con. Gold Mining Company..  Gold Mining Company..  Gold Mining Company  Gold Mining Company  Gold Mining Company  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con. Gold  Fairview Con. Gold  Name and Description of Claim  |Lotv No. rAmount.of   Costs  ^J ' i 1 ,t Taxes-Due .;., y  Total  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con.  Fairview Con,  Gold  Gold  Gold  Gold  Mining Company.  Mining Company.  Mining Company.  Mining Company  Gold Mining Company  NOTED IN PASSING.  1  .  3  2  *4 25  '5  *< !*  10  0  ,5    '  ',.'��� M  10  lt  io  11  20  ���"Hi  *X  11  9  2  1  12  10  i'A  Oil  '���ri  i     j  Conti-acto* and BmUet*  0000  Jobbing Promptly Attended to,  Full Line of 1' i   Woods.   Shop on Dominion Avenue ..' j  Many Mothers of a Like Opinion.  -Mrs'. Pilmer,-.o.f Cordova, Iowa, says  One of '111 y children was suhjee*t to  croup of a severe type, and the giving  of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy  promptly, always brought relief. Many  others in the neighborhood think the  same as I do about this remedy and  want no other kind for their children.'  For sale by all druggists.  :    Wanted.      .  Men and women in this county and  adjoining territories, to represent and  advertise an old established house of  solid .financial standing. . Salary to  men $21 weekly, to women $1 2 to $18  weekly with expenses advanced each  Monday by check direct froin headquarters. ''-'Horse.and'buggy furnished  when necessary; position permanent.  Address, Blew lire's, it Co., Dept. A,  Monon lildg., Chicago, III.  Hospital Donations  V.A of PmiatiuiiH received Bince Jan.  let, 1001, to tlie Phoenix General Hospital:  C*sli $100 e'leiueut S. Houclilon, Boston  Cash $500 ;-....-.'. A Krlend  Ctwh Ij.co.. ."..���......'....... A Vrlend  V(!��L$.30o;..,.;; ;.. ..........A 1'rend  Ca?li fc 00...:...,-. .��'.> ����J��� J- ������*���'.'���*����]  Vracinie lied and Fnriiitnre.valiie J60...A rrletid  Cash J50 T. Katon & Co., Toronto  Linen  Mrs. I Crawfori  Clmmwii're"!!.,' Misses Crawford  C< 1, $25 Canadian Kami Drill.Co  t:nsli }So Hos|iilal l"t��iT|  Landscape anrilen;...;. Mrs. K. B. Kerr  ���A Crate Strawberries J' "��� I'e'.era  Syrup......-...-;..... Al'riend  Cnsli Js.oo M. Mullin  Cash U 00 A 1-rieiiel  1 doz. lied Spreads A Friend  I'nii Crutches George Chaplain  firanileTea l'ot Morrin, Thompson 8t Co.  Mugnnlnei. i .'....;.,........���.... W. H. Mncy  .Vegetables XU'Z-J- .'.u..,'...Mrii. J. ;lj  Mills  .Crnt��Str��w!)��rites;-.; ���;...^...Mrs \V._S. Vacy  Cash ii.60 per iuouth.....;.V. & N.Telephone Co.  l.'rntctltrawberrlesi.   ......'. Mr. W.S. Mncy  Ca*!i, $6a.oo Hachelors nance  t'nsh.Koo ,,ol>l Horrell  Jar Stratvlwrry Join Mrs Win. Fraser  l Crses Crab Apples ��. s. Macy  CnshJ5.00 .....; AI-riend  Cash 125.....;..;..;. '���*��� Hums 6 e'o  Bedside Tahlcs, ?lo -lnrl- & Billlis  Im-nliit chair Mrs. Hilda Snillli  Wall paper for sittini; room Mrs. J. h. Bovlc  Next Tuesday is nomination day in  this constituency^ and official notice of  Jthe three-cornered fight  will then  be  givenr" ���"-���������'���   ������  ���-' ��� ������������������  The"Grand Tfunk Pacific graft was  too strong for even Hon. A. G. Blair,  so he has resigned from the railway  commission.  It would not be surprising to those  in the "know" if the Granby Co. made  its shareholders a present of a dividend  before Christmas.  If the Russian - bear has not got  itself into all kinds of trouble by killing  British fisherman in the North sea, we  miss outguess entirely.  Editor Ross, of the Greenwood  times, must think the Greenwood  electors are fond of seeing the likeness  of Candidate Duncan Ross, by tlie  number of times it is being printed in  that weekly,  Neuralgic Headache Is Usually  Attended with a blind pain, but relief  comes quickly when Nerviline is applied, for it is the strongest pain reliever in the world. '"I consider Nerviline a most magical remedy for neuralgia. I am subject to violent attacks,"  writes Mrs. E G. Harris of Baltimore,  "but never worry if Nerviline is in the  house. The prompt relief that Nerviline brings makes it priceless to me.  A few applications never yet failed to  kill the pain. I e-an also recommend  Nerviline for stiffness in the joints and  rheumatism." Try Nerviline yourself.  Price 2**e. v  Fairview Con. Gold Mining Company.���  Fairview Con. Gold Mining Company..  Fairview Con. Gold Mining Company..  H. T. Slielton..and'others..'..... ������  H. T. Slielton and e>thers ���������������������  H. T. Slielton and others   P. C. McArthur and A. Woodcraft..-.  P. C. McArthur and Jas. Black.��� ...  P. C. McArthur and D. Black..........  J. Fraser Campbell... ���������  J. Fraser Campbell   .....  William Small........       ..........  A.. Megraw and others   XdamsB. C. Company...,........ ......  Adams B. C. Company............ ���  National Deyelopmeint fJompany," Ltd..  National 'Development Company, Ltd..  National Development Company. Ltd..  M. McMillan,nnd others   Julius  Brethour...    ;... '.  Oro Fino Mines Co; ���  Lemon t3old M. & M. Co........   "Wm.  Edwards (estate) ���  J. C. Fisher    W. L. Nicholl and others ...-���  Beaumont Leather..    Beaumont Leather.    Smuggler Gold M. Co.... .........:  13. Hammond and others........ ........  G. R. Naden and E. B. Webster.......i  G. A. Guess........  ..- ���    ... '.  C. Nelson and B. Cook.- ���  John Irving..    ........   Jno. Douglass and others  .......  Jno. Douglass and others   A. B.  Ashcroft   ..:  Ashcroft ,..      Ashcroft   Ashcroft   Ashcroft...'..'   Ashcroft...   Ashcroft   F. J. Finucane and others   J. E. Farr.      E. Bolng and S. Mangott......   J. T. Bell and others...   D. James and others   Oro Fino Mines Co   V. & Boundary Creek Mining Co .  C   deBlols Green   A. M. Winston   B. H. John and H. Catheart..   DeB.  Green and others   H. Wollaston   T. Bell nnd others   B. Stanhope and J. P. McLeod   T. Bell and J. P. Anderson.........  T.  Bell  nnd  G.  A.  Rendell.........  E. Ashcroft and N. E. Peterson.   E. Peterson and P. A. Llndburg...  Megraw   .  Newman and J. Peterson   W. H. Crnig and W.'W. Craig....   Le Frenz Talt and Rallton   A.  E.  A.  E.  A.  E.  A.  E.  A.  E.  A.  E.  C.  F.  J.  P.  J.  J.  A.  N.  A.  C.  Micawber   Atlas .....  bclmonl   Fraction...  Jilpin Fraction   Daisy....... ..........  Joe Dandy........  '..  A DA...   Fairview..   Dominion....    ���  California.    ..���  Big Horn .'.  womstock   Jubilee Fraction.....  Diamond Fraction..  Elmore....   Kxehange Fraction..  Fanny Morris........  Fortune....   Highland Chief......  Mammoth....   Nightingale..........  Ocean Wave   Orillia........   .......  Black Prince...   Quartz Queen....���  Randolph........  ....  llellance   Tin Horn  ���  White Swan....-..."  Shamrock ...  Eootblack ...  Mayflower............  Occidental..    ���  Alfred  ...  Black .'. ....  Green Mountain   Banner      Granite ������   .->���  Balmoral   Big  Bug   Chickamln..... ,.  Divide    'Excelsior..   Homestake   Golden  Crown........  Homestake...   Islander.J...'.........  Independence    ..  Lemon    ...  North Star..   Nickerson...   Rocky Point........  .  'Robin Hood   Assayer......   ......  Smuggler   Silver,Crown..........  Something Good.......  Susie   St. John.........'.   ...  Vancouver   No. 2   No.  3....:...   ...!....  Tcmcraire Fraction...  LostHorse...   Joe  Dandy..   Old Kentucky   Emma Fraction   Texas Fraction......  Riley....   Rambler Fraction���  Mexico   Gold Hill.   Bell   Powis   Oro Fino   Okanagan..   Achme   Rosle   Victoria   Wcbfoot       White  Knight   Beaver   ^Cornwall   Highlander Fraction..  Highland  Lasa   Hackla   Nickel   Plate ,  Rock Creek   Silver Dollar   Richelieu   Bullion   1075  664  837  S38  665  477  1596  1597  1595  647  726  720  941  943  739  S36  541  940  742  545  855  850  935  S37  549 .  731  P38  I.726-  S50  770  1593  lOS'J .  1E94,  1���03  1602  1C01  1-.86  1E85  1966  923  ' 799  800  1906  1&04  1905  649  1090  1449  750  1587  1903  802  989  991  582  442  1451  1917  803  ; 343  2440  2441  2118  2119  2120  2121  8122  2124  2123  2297  2S67  1916  2343  946  1448  557  11074  J1943  2523  1446  1C81  2342  2571  2344  2341  2E47  2843  2527  2842  942  TS4  $ 9.75  77.25  17.25  14.40  9L0O  31.50  48.CO  65.00  62.00  82.25  91.00  91.00  17.50  1.75  78.75  65.25  91.00.  64.25  ;    91.00  64.50  63.00  . 64.75 '  77.25  ���'������ 80.50  57.75  87.50  84.00  82.25  59.50  56.00  12.75  'v. 4.50  11.00  10.00  11.00  8.25  36.25  65.00  62.50  9.00  ���39.00  39.00  39.00  30.76  33.75  35.00  12.75  63.75  13.00  68.75  52.00  54.50  13.00  9.25   .  117.00  a.25  13.50  13.00  26.00  56.00  17.00  10.50  10.50  .19.00  26.00   ,  26.00  11.50  5.00  19.50  13.00  7.00  26.00  13.00  13.00  63.75  52.50  9.75  8.75  13.09  26.00  25.00  9.75  12.00  5.25  7.00  12.25  7.75  10.50  10.25  13.00  30.85  $2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ,2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ���too  2.00  2.00  2.00  .2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2100  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  100  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  S.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ,2.00  ioo  2.00  2.00  2.00  4.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.09  I1L75  79^o  19^5  16.40  83.00  33.50  50.00  67.00  54.00  84.25  93.00  93.00  19.50  3.75  80.75  67.25  93.00  56.25  93.00  G6.50  65.00  66.75  79.25  82.50  59.75  89.50  86,00  -84.00  61.50  58.00  14.75  6.50  13.00  12.00  13.00  10.25  38.25  67.00  64.50  11.00  41.00  .41.00  41.00  32.75  35.75  37.00  ti.15  65.75  15.00  60.7G  54.'J0  66 50  1&.00  11.25  ' 119.00  7.25*  15.50  15.00  28.00  58.00  19.00  12.50  12.50  21.00  28;00  28.00  13.50  7.00  21.50  15.00  9.00  : .28.01  15.00  15.00  65.75  54.50  11.75  10.75  15.00  28.00  27.00  11.75  14.00  7.25  9.00  14.25  9.75  12.50  12.25  ,15.00  32.25  Co A. R. Lambly,  Assessor Kettle River Assessment District.  FAIRVIEW, B. C, 6th October, 1904.  "Vfhen- you  rejad tne -  **,.^^i^'.%i��idaty':WttBtag' Jotmial, : ������������  You'll have no trouble in keeping l*osted; ��n li uridaryjMihing Matters, ^  ���Simplfsehaa^bHl'fbf^^  Head  About   lo Burnt from Severe   Bullous  Attack.  "I had a severe bilious attack and  felt like my head was about to burst  when I got hold of a free sample of  Chanib'erluih's Stomach and Liver  Tablets. 1 took a dose of them after  supper .and the-next day felt like a new  man'and' hayer been feeling happy ever  since," says Mr. J. W. Smith, of Juliff,  Texas, For .billiousness, stomach  troubles and constipation these Tablets  have no equal. Price 25 cents. For  sale by aH-'drti^iatsf; * '���:' '-^ ��� -" *  A Pew Towns and Cities.  A good city to live in���Simpli-city.  Agood commercial center���Reciprocity.  A dangerous locality���Fero city.  A modern Babel���Loqua-city.  An unreliable town��� Menda-city.  No place lor a liar���Vera-city.  A well informed community���Publicity.  A growing town���Elasticity.  A city of graft���Dupli-city.  A city of easy marks���Plasti-city.  A county village���Rusti-city.  A place of intrigue���Compli-city,  A boom town���Multipli-city.  A manufacturing place���Electri-city.  A shrewd settlement���Perspica-city.  A prelty swift place���Velo-city.  A queer community���Eccentri-city.  A town of bright youths���Preco-city.  IUK DKAN, l'ren.  Phoenix Aerie  NO. 158.  SIcetingH on I'riday  ��;8'3<i|>,in., Mincr'>  Union llnll.  VUitinit   brctlirm  cordially Invited,  WM .l'l.KJIINt;, Secy  If You're Interested  IN  THE  Boundary  JI00 Reward, $100.  The renders ol this i>a]>or will be pleased to  learn thiel there is nt leant one dreaded disease  that science bun been utile to mire In ail Its  stages, and that IsCatarrh. Hall's Cutnrrh Cure  Is the only positive cure now known to the  medical fraternity, catarrh beliiK a iiniistltu-  tlonul illsense, requires a constitutional treatment Hnll's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally,  actlnBdlrec ly unon the blood and mueoiiKsu'r-  faees of tho Hj-stem, thereby ilestroylnK the  foundation of the disease, nnd giving the patient Btrchtrth by building up 'he ('"nstlliillnii  aud assistltiK nature in dolui; Un work. Tlie  proprietors have to much faith In Us curative  powers that thoy offer One Hundred Dollars for  anv case that It falls to cute. Send for list nf  testimonials.  Address: F. J. CHUNKY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.  Bold by druSKislfl, 75c-  Taka Hall's FamUy Pllla for conttipaUon.  You should read the  Plioeriix  Pioneer  And Boundary Mining Journal,  Replete with the latest and   Freshest  News of Boundary's Mines  and Smelters.  $2.00 per year.  $1.25 six months.  The ne-w edition of the COPPKlt HANDBOOK lint" anel descrihes :,,'*U co|/-  p��r mines uml copper ininiiiit companies, in all parta of tlie world, covering the  Klohe, these descriptions ranuing from two lines to 12 panes in lentitli, aceorelinp 10  importance of the mines. The eleseriptioiiHare not paihleel, hut give facts in the  moBt contlensed and (?et-at-able form.  There are ulno fifteen iniBt'elluiieoua chapters, elevotcel to the Hiatory, Uses,  Tci iiiinoleiiiy, Geography, Geolojty, Chemistry, Mineralotry, Metallurgy, Finances  ami Stiitlstics of Copper, reiieleriiit- the volume a veritable encyclopedia of the subject of Copper uml everything pertaining to the metal.  It it the World's Standard Reference Book on Copper.  Every Miner, Prospector, Investor, Banker, and Hroker needs the book. 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McBBIDE, General Agent, 12-1 Third Street, PORTLAND, OREGON.  *���&��  ��-^MuiauwwMyj��iuuMi)MiHuiuwj)tMaw^uaui^^aBni!s *ffi  ���w.  w�� ji**j;^  lIlllISI I" distill  ll:*#it  ��! 5s* 3?P*7*��  ESS* &'?{���  W��sv "  #��*��;  MB  '���ill  fell*  ��Hf��  ��p  �� - *���*������  t|;^*|  1!  r*>  mt-  P'::  lils.."  a?'*'-'.'; ������  n  I' ��� tfsl  THB PHOENIX PIONEER  .Vew and Up-to-date,  Centrally Located,  Good Sample Rooms.  Leading Hotel of Boundary's Leading  ,. Mining Camp.  Hotel Balmoral  Corner Knob HiU Ave., and First St.,  PHOENIX, lt. C.  J. A. McMASTER  L Proprietor.  In and Around Phoenix  BRIEF' TOPIC'S OK  LOCAL AND  GENERAL  INTEREST TO  PHOENICIANS..       \'  Thursday evening Odd Fellows from  Grand Forks and Phoenix wttre guests  of District Deputy Fred B. Holmes at  Greenwood. Each Lodge put on a  degree.and a banquet was given by  ,Mr- Holpies.  **' Wednesday evening spreading rails j  caused one car of a Brooklyn ore  train to jump the track before the  train had gotten off the spur. The  section men put in some extra time  that night as a result.     ���'���'���>������'.  Any subscriber to the Phoenix  Pioneer can get the Montreal Family  Herald and Weekly Star free for rest j  of 1904 hy simply paying up his subscription or paying for a year in advance. This is an offer worth ��� taking  advantage of���getting the best paper  in the Boundary and the best weekly  in the east at a low figure. A $2 bill  will do the trick, and it can come by  either mail, telegram, or; Marconi-J  gram... j  ���'' ; "��� ���:   ...      "'I  Miners' Union  Hall  ONE  JOLLY  NIGHT  Monday, Oct. 31  :inie here of the Cleverest  of Modern Farces.  ii  Jbulbs  Dr, Mathison, dentist.  For International Coal stock see J.  L. Martin.  Duncan Ross is billed to  speak at  Lytton tonight.  R. Dalby Morkill   came   in from  Boise, Idaho, this week.  Robert H.  Karatofsky   is off on a  trip to Rossland and Spokane  Dr.   Simmons,   dentist, McMillan  block, Nov. 13 to 16. <  ��� The Greenwood Times is once more  appearing in eight-page form.  Efforts are being made  to organize  a curling club at Grand Forks.  Born to the wife of L. Fife,   Brooklyn avenue, October 15th, a son.  A. Wright has  staited   the Union  11 1 -  Lost, Strayed or Stolen.  Strawberry   roan   mare,   about   16  hands high,   weight about   1400 lbs.  $25 reward if delivered at Banriernian's  Livery Stable; Greenwood;  LB. Macaulav.  --. ....j,.... ,,03  ouiiicu   me  union  Mrs. Jack Campbell   has   returned | Laundry on lower Dominion  avenue  \m n vicii Ir, Wow. W^,ctm,ticrAr _  -   j;��� -   ������"i   from a visil to New Westminster  Born, to the wife of D. A. McKinnon, Denoro City, October 26th, a  son.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, will be at his  office, Bank block, from Nov 10th  to 14th.  Proprietor J. A. McMaster continues  to make improvements to the Hotel  Balmoral.  J. W. Astley, accompanied by Mrs.  Astley, returned to Rossland last Monday.  G. W. Rumberger and J. L. Martin  returned Saturday night from a trip up  the Main Kettle river.  Contractor-Wilson, who has been  getting out ties for the Great Northern,  was* in the city this week.  c r- u i ��� .   a    .   ex.   I     Traffic on "White Wings," the C. P.  S. CHolroan, superintendent of the R.'s Phoenix branch  pasteUr  train  nfhpr T r\rlA  minn     woe     in     th/.    r-,t\.    I i . ' o l"UJ,l  Mother Lode mine, was   in  the city  'last Sunday.   ���  -Peter Genelle, of the Yale-Columbia  Lumber Co., Ltd., was one of the  week's visitors.  has been pretty heavy of late.  For large returns and good dividends buy International Coal stock of  J. L. Martin, Phoenix, B. C.     '  w������, tit r r   r ���   ���        C,,anges  for advertisements in the  Harry McLaren,  of   Carson   is in  pioneer must reach this office by noon  camp, in connection with sampling at Thursdays to insure insertion  ��� the Snowshoe. . '  _      _    ^ -   There will be four pieces of music  Kev. D. M.   Perley attended   the at the Thanksgiving masquerade ball  Chamberlain's Couth Remedy.  No one who is acquainted with  it's,  good qualities can be surprised at  the  great   popularity    of    Chamberlain's  Cough  Remedy.    It not  only  cures  colds and grip effectually and permanently, but prevents these diseases Ironi  resulting in pneumonia.    It is also a  certain   cure   for   croup.    Whooping  eough  is  not dangeroug  when    this  remedy   is   given.    It   contains    no  opium orother harmful .substamce and  may be given as confidently to a baby  as 10 an adult.    It is also pleasant  to  take. When all of ihe.se facts are taken  into consideration it is  not  surprising  that people in foreis-n lands as well as  at   home,   esteem   this remedy   \ery  highly and very few are willing to lake  any other alter having once  used  it.  For sale by all druggists.  in Town"  Written by Mark E. Swan and  Interpreted by .'  Walker's Comedians  A company  of Metropolitan players  under   the  management of  '���;'',,Mr. C,P. Walker..  Mr. George Berry, Mr. Earle Stirling  Mr. .William ,Vule, Mr. Chas. Del  Vecchio, Mr. II. ]J. Carpenter, Mr.  Chas. Marsion, IMiss Christine Prince,  Miss Leah I.a Force, Miss Martha  Shields, Miss Marie Davidson, Miss  Emily Le Febvre.  Prices/ - $ J .00 and 75c  Resened-Seats at Thos. Brown's.  T  HYACINTHS,  v TULIPS,  FRESIAS,  CROCUSES,  SACRED LILIES, ETC.  BOYLE.  THE DRUGGIST/. J  The BEST. Cheapest  and most satisfactory  Clothing in Phoenix.  ie Bros.! Sit  Clothing I  WHO SAYS SO? Hundreds of satisfied  customers. If you don't believe it come  and examine goods.  A Foil Line of Underwear, Shirts, Slices, Ties etc  just arrived.    All new seasonable goods at old       '  .    and Cheapest prices.  THOMAS BROWN,  Men's Wear Exclusively. mS^W^.  GETTHEBEST  W LB mi: !"���.->  DK  IIUS \h*l  , Methodist church anniversary at Grand  Forks this week.  The Grand Forks   Sun deprecates  , the'wild stories sent   to the   outside  press from that city.  on the evening of November 16th.  Boundary's three candidates for  political honors are still campaigning  in the Okanagan or Similkameen.  ' The old'Wynkoops-Stevens building  .      ,      - ��� -���-- ������ j.-ivwojja-oLcicijsj uuuaini  ���  ��d. Black, the jeweler, will  have a on Old Ironsides avenue, is being par  ' choice line of silverware,  suitable for titioned for housekeeping purposes  ' holiday presents this year. '  - Engineers of the Kettle Valley road  are engaged in cutting out curves a  short distance above Danville.  -      'L f  C H. Turnbull, formerly of Phoenix, has started in the jewelry business  for himself at Nanton, Alberta.  Oxley &'Fleming, ,of the Summit  hotel, have dissolved partnership, Mr.  Oxley continuing the business.  For rent, a suite' of apartments,  suitable for housekeeping or light business.    Biner block, good location.  ��� ,i  . .McRae vs. C.P.R.' before the Supreme Court at Greenwood last week,  for damages, was settled out of court.  The Grand Forks city council" will  enforce the. provincial Jaws governing  the sale of milk, management ol tlairies.  etc. .    .  Williani'S'. Torney, one of Eholt's  leading merchants, was a visitor in  Boundary's mining centre this week.  ��� Tuesday is the- last day on which  the rebate can be saved'in the payment of city taxes for the current  year.  Hugh Reed, Mrs. Reed and the  Messrs. Brazel started up the North  Fork Thursday on a three weeks' hunting trip.  E. VVentworth Monk* Kootenay-  Boundary agent for the Hamilton  Powder Co., was over from Nelson  Wednesday.  I Church Services 1  i -      Tomorrow.        j  St. John's Church of England, Rev.  W.  J.   Wood,   Missionary.    Morning  Prayer, n a.m.* Evening Prayer,  7:30"  p.m.; Everyone cordially invited to attend any and all services.  St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church,  Service tomorrow at n a. m. , and  7:30 p. m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 2:30 p. m. Rev, E. C. W.  MacColI, B. A., pastor. A cordial  welcome to all.  Methodist���Services at u a.m. and  7.30 p. m. at the new church, the  pastor preaching at both services. Sunday School at 2.30 p. m. A hearty in  vitation is extended to all. D. M.  Perley, 13. A., pastor.  INTERNATIONAL  The New and Enlarged  Edition Contains  25,000 New Words  New Gazetteer of tbe World  with more than 25,0U0 titles, based on tbe  latest census returns.  New Biographical Dictionary  containing tbe names of over, 10,000 noted  persons, elate of blrtli, death, etc.  Edited by-^T' HAimiS,Ph.D.,"Ui:D.,  United States Commissionertif Education.  2380 Quarto Page*  Needed InEveryHome  Stationers,  Newsueuiers;  Tobacconists.  ���'.. Special attention is called to our  new line qf Stationery, including,  everything netsriful for corres-  .pondt-ncc or .accounting in the  office or in the home.  You will find it well worth  while to examine our extensive  stock in the several lines.  KNOB HILL AVE..  You Can Get  THE FINEST FRUITS that grow  j and THE FINEST CIGARS and  'TOBACCOS ever smoked at tbe hew  ��� store of   Alex McRae,  Stationery, Newspapers, Magazines, etc,  Hardy Block; -  Dominion Ave.  -���-���^-���"���-���-���-���-���-��-���-���-�� �����������������.���-  1  G. W. Rumberger i  Real Estate  w  and Mines  ; Houses to Rent. City Property for Sale.  ' Shares in all the leading mines bought and  I sold. Infoimatioii about Phoenix and the  ' Boundary country given 011 application.  w  Also Webster'1 Collegiate Dictionary with  iu6Pages. Z40oIHustratioDS.'Size: 7x10x2^*11.  A Special Thin Paper Edition De Luxe  is printed frpin ttmBame-jpuitai u reffalxr edition.   It  luutllinpcmLraaiidroundconierf.  s*txe:5*4Xg?ixl*4 In.  FREE, "ATest In Pronunciation,"Instructive and entertaining.  '...;..:.,.;  Also Illustrated pamphlets.  G. 6  C.  ME,RRIAM  CO.,  Publishers, Sprtn��flald, Maaa.  Cheap Fall  Excursion  Ed. Black,  Watchmaker  and Jeweler,  rillST STREBT���NEXT KNOB Blt,L HOTJCL.  Fine Timepieces and Fine Repairing  of all kinds.  Full stock of Tobaccos and Cigars.  Tnis'horthand Is totally different to others.  It takes weeks to learn in insleml of mouths,or  yearn. It was Iniente.l by-practical reporters  It is reliable, tboroueb, and may be read like  print.- The first three lessons enables you to  lake private notes urn] ihe ninth lesson bring!  you to corresponding style, Ihe A,lb, the final  lemon to reporting. A specimen may he seen  at the I'hnenix Pioneer 011 npplira ion to the  manager, VV II. WIllCOX; Lessons.weight by  mail are ijuite easy.  FromPhoenix.  World's Pair Rates  Last selling dates,   Oct.   27, 28, & 29  St. touis $62.75.        Chicago $67.75  Corresponding reductions from all   ':  Kootenay points.  For full paiticulars apply to local ���.;  agents,  "J. G. Clark,     :������".". E.JiCbvi.k,  ' Agent, A.G.P.Agt. ; :  Phoenix, B.C ".Vancouver'B.C  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.  Nelson, B.C.  D'l-ninimi Ave  Telephone No. 2fi.  ^     Phoenix, B. C.  ��>-���-��� -���- *-���-���-���-���-���-���-���-���-���-���-���-���-  Black's Hotel  .Dominion Avknuk, PHOENIX, 11. C.  Ci.mnitidious Sample Rooms '  ..      First-Class Dining Room in conneciion  Bar \Vtll Stocked with Choicest Goods    -  Most Conveniently Located  When you are thinking of Christmas  presents remember that Ed. Black, the  jeweler, is getting in aifirieJit*je,.o{;silver goods. fr '-\ ;: *.J- s   \.   t  . P0,"!1 worry, ..rGet Mortimer ,to insure you. Life,' Fire, Accident'or Sick':  ���ness.in;the best English and Canadian  Companies.  A wireless message states that the  Great Northern will fjuild'its Phoenix  station between'-Phoenix and Montezuma streets." �� r V^ -- i-  Mrs. Leslie Y. Birnie and daughter  Doris returned Thursday from a six-  weeks' visit with relatives at Seattle  and Waterville, Wash,  Mrs..C. A. Moore, of Minneapolis,  representing a.hotel register-concern,  was doing business with most-of; the  concerns in Phoenix this week.'  If snow comes to stay  this" winter  , widibut. being   preceeded. by'heavy  rains, the  Phoenix   water   famine is  likely to become exceedingly acute.  I    common-school education, that are tired of  A number of Phoenicians attended\^^STtVra^l^\^X  the concert and dance  .given    by  the I Instruction by mail.   Prices low; terms easy; no  Greenwood Citizen's Band Wednesday ,W.2!^-.��  lypcwriling taiiglit by mail.'- We forward you  ,?s.��u '���I"-*1* "-teach you the correct Biigeriiie-'  all the fnifiers tnught oil tip.- blind touch system  Write   saying the uiiiohlne you have, or we can  supply you with a new or second hand one. auv  WAN^TE D.-MEN AND WOMEN WITH | "uum!���'" HU��''5��''   "'"''�� "��* iiire out ,,,n-  Watcfo  ies,  Jewelrya  Telephone No. a6.  GREENWOOD  evening.  Each one is a foot long. What is?  Why those panoramic views ofPhoenix  byG. B. R. Kinney up at Black's  Jewelry store.  _��� Joseph S. Carter, the gonial travelling passenger agent ofjhe C. P. R�� at  Nelson, was in the city Thursday with  Trainmaster. Stevens.  Conductor Ed. Stirling, of the Phoe-  six branch, is now on the Greenwood  run, and Conductor Ogilvie handles  JnVpunch on."White Wings."  ���George E, Breakenridge and granddaughter, Irene" expect to leave shortly  for Phoenix, Arizona, to spend the  winter with Mr. Breakenridge's brother.  R. J. Coup, formerly a resident of  Phoenix, but who has spent the last  two.years. in,Seattle,.l returned to the  chief city of the Boundary this. week.  , Mrs. Patrick Hughes and two children came up from Grand Forks Tues  day, and,proceeded to Mr. Hughes  railway camp, two miles north of the  \chy.   ',���,-.; ;..;.  , . '���������'A.i/-i,;;,;. .;���  Manager Martin of,.the water and  light-company, has had his hands full  this; week, the railway contractors hav-  jng had to break his pipe lines twice  temporarily  ?on saw this ad and which position you want.  KTESNATIONAI.    COEKESPONDENCE   SCHOOLS,  Scranton. Pa.  Terms���Kor sliQrtliaiid'|4'67to completion, payable'by inxtrilmeiitM Typewjiting J25, to completion. Address, The>ecretary, Studios: V��n-  couver: Grniivllle r-t., Kox'801, Vlctoila, over  Imperial Hank, Victoria, f>. O. Hox 176. Othe-  branches throughout Canada will shortly be  opened. -  "���    ""'."   ���"'��� ��� #  firing,  1  Boundary Agents kor  --Pabst's Celebrated Beer-  Fortify yourselves for the warm  weather by drinking  "Iron Brew"  Wholesale   WINES,   LIQUORS  ami CIGARS.  Prompt attention to Telephone  Orders.  Phoenix Livery Stable  Mat&eson & Matheson. Props.  Everything New  We can "Witteh" you nt almost anj 1  iiriee, from the jiex-il, eivryilay timepiece |  to the expensive ail justed* clironcmeter.  Our Jewelry ami Cut Glar-s fteiefc I  will be fomiel jiiHt .what you dedire tc '  make a st'led ion from.  ���   In repiilrlng wearej pre-'pareel te>take  care of anytliinn in this line.  Greenwood, B. C.  JAMES McCREATH,  PROP.  CARRIAGES    AND   OTHER  HORSES AND SADDLES.  Entire Outfi^New-and Up-to-date.    A share of the public  patronage solicited.    'Phone 37.  DOMINION AVE.f COR,- BANNER ST.,  RIGS  PHOENIX, B. C.  r  i  Geo. E. Dey,  '1'he Jeweler  Knob Hill Ave.  Thomas Drug Co.  Boundary Agents for Columbia  - Graphophones.     A  full  line of  musical goods always in   stock.  Try us by phone or mail.  OHi'KNwoob, n. c.  GRANBY  EXCHANGE  { Buys Anything.   ��� Sells Everything,  I I   THE  \  << delivered; to anyjparfot  '���'the city;" ". ''������-������*' '���" ���'������ ���' '  '9  .��  Good pointers are essential in any  busmess._ I wbiild be pleased to give  yoTsb'me"gixia'polnters'on'" "the good  qualities of the Mutual Life of CStnada. j  'W$&^^&$*^W$&^ Evans is prepared to take  ; Oscar Lehmann;  burg^Germanyj  \ '^MiSfci ;^% ;'?%s .sbownlithrough [Xf^kr'ir  . >ij>^g!a;sliareholde?.; 'He'- was|much"  imipssed ynth -the ���; maghiUiae ^blSitbe  ore bodies.  ''it^&fy-P?' pro/Jt-next, these factors  for thirty-four years have "placed ^ the  MutualLife;;of.:Canada as the true  policy-holder's Company to insure in  ^^to^��ilr'ffiyi^gs:a^Je safe and pro-  jH'nMble^-'-'Get'l^ ^  "'figures.'���',...'������:;'',;.,.; '.;.'���' v'    '"������������  "J/P'h Volen Williams left Spokane  >1 uesd^yXPJ.^Jt'rip ������'fo'th'e'old '"cduhtry"  ' .to last^.'t,IH. 'Wxr'Agril, * He v will riot1  only visit his native.' town in"'Cai*hai--  vonshire,,North.Wales, but' will'alio  go to England, Ireiarid, Scotland arid  France, and probably llaly.and Egypt  before hi* recrosses the Atlantic.  . ,    |  ayejnue:  pipi't fool withyour duty to your  family, but see to it at once that your  next policy .will be^ with, the Mutual  LifcfifQr^da, ^ere:you���get 100c.  on the dollar of the profits; - Edf Mortimer, agent. ; '.  .     ^^PI��soIiitlt.n of Farinerablp.  ���v ^'Notleie is ii*rely*:gweri;fjiatltiiie plrt-  nerslnp.heretofore exMug under tlie  style and tit, 0 of Oxley & Fleming, ip "-  hoc  >' Oats, Wheat, Feed, etc.  ..;-.. I-arge stock, , :.  ' ���*��� .y^E^^-^y- .-Wood. ^ "V; *ie ������;������'������'.  MMaMaWalWallWalMMa^WWIaMa-lllllllalallMilllMllllPJllWlMa-illliMalMa-^  McXNTYRE & McDONALD, P*of>s.  Knob HiU Ave.;      ��,<A^l#' !    Phoenix> B. C.  Dominion Ave.; Phoenix, B. C  !fce B,Q Assay m  Chemical Supply Co., Ud  VANCOUVER, B. c.      '  Direct Importers of Assayers' SuMff,,  ^l"..^,S.L,:!P;.c-'!i"'!���� wHI-kn,,',,;  Humx   ��lHM.BndMllJlr,��V6,;;ny ���  SBeclalt,-SII,.r Frea lead a��d llth.r,,'  Co.i,,,lete Amy OutriiH   furuhhuil ",.  Hl.or.... t,ce. ^tiHmctionthiiirunie,."  I  'repare  Ladies' Tailof-made Skirts  fords, Blue and I'lack Cloth-  modes in cut and cloth.  in Tweed mixtures,  Ox-  -a choice line of the prevailing  -0 -ffl-�������-��- ��-��-�������-��-  -��������}���^���@-  priefors of tlio Summit Hotel, tit P  elut*  :-,RV?L��VI,%^ad��ii86Ivea;'''::All..biIl8  ;the firm^f.'O-tley & Fleming will be   ���. ����,^ u. i-icuuilg Will   ue  collected hy-DavidOxley, who will settle  all m-counts anuiiiflt enici iii  ,:     ,: Slgneel,  i~ David Oxlbv.  Made horn the BEST MALT-and PUREST    ;.  SPRING WATER, it is unexcelled for qual-     :  j/>:.   ity.    Ask for PHOENIX^BEER and insist  on having it. ':"'���.,'.""���'..���. .'."'"!:'!...  PHOENIX BREWERY,  ���  J./IOELLE^'ProWiefor^-^^V;::  j-oSTANDAtiD-Ari.*and-Banner St. ':-: PHOENIX- B.C.  9-��-���������������*>-  -��  While Our Stock is  Complete  in Every Line.  ladies Silfc W*ilrfs japanese silk UIouses |n shades of  White, Pink, Sky and Black. Grenadines and Lustres in a  variety^of shades, neatly trimmed. A handsome line of  Black Sateens.  WoWs Neckwear Elegant variety of collars, new designs. Women's and Children's Knit Underwear and all  wool cashmere Hose, Shoes, Rubbers and Felt Slippers.  Hi^lP^HCOATSJ^D^rS^  -MlVy JiyRJS AND UNDERWEAR.  MACKINAW CLOTHING.  HATS AND CAPS.'  f *��  i��� K ��e"'S ?->;,0-d"Ue Shoesia "1" <he latest makes and shapes-  >n heavy and dress shoes-Our prices right.  rniz  "��p,  i9  i.e.  r'M&  e^fsi*  ^''4  -Wtf-  ���*S!V*  it  IS  I  '$S.  trim  fc*  '^pw  f53t3^jrrvTiw7


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