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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Oct 26, 1912

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 B*��'W1V ���'"  'towi.  r-n���if it' iniiiiii' ffirirrrrWlHTHfi  M��is&iw'&*3^^  iS* ili^jSSIff^w^ZEZr^ f*��<^  - ..J'SJ, j^ J A,j,*^ iff,**   ? ' s,;  mwn.'lri  "nSBS**affi^  i-. ?'  ���'������'/?'  :���, wii  #'>ui*  * A  m  M  **    *  "Vi'i  The largest copper mint's in  the Dominion are situated  at Phoenix. The Granby  Co. employs '500 men, and  has a monthly pay roll of  over ,$50,000, while the Kaw-  hido pay roll is $18,000.  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District  municipal"  altitude, .4,800 ft.   The chiy ���  has a population of 1,500,  and    possesses    first-class'  hotels, opera house, schools *  FOURTEENTH YEAR  PHOENIX,  B.C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26,  1912  Conservatives Elect Officers  An   enthusiastic general  meeting  of the Phoenix Conservative association   was' held  on Monday evening,  for the  purpose of electing  officers  foi* the   new   term.    The   secretary,  R. K. McCammon, read a communication from A. S.   Hood,   in   which  that  g-entleman,   who  has   severed  his   connection   with   Phoenix,   tendered his  resignation  as  president.  The  resignation   was accepted and  P. J. Cook was unanimously chosen  to fill   the  vacancy.     With   the  exception   of    a   few   slight   changes  the   entire   personel   of   tbe   active  staff  were   re-elected.      A   vote   of  confidence   in   the  Dominion  member, Hon. Martin   Burrell,   and  the  Provincial    representative,     Ernest  Miller, was also part of the business  transacted.    The "following are the  names   of  the   officers for   the new  term: Pres., P. J. Cook; vice-pres.,  Wm.    Prendergast;   sec-treasurer,  R. K. -McCammon;  executive council, Messrs. Jas. Marshall, W. Humphreys,  John   Robinson,   Jos.   Dar-  raugh, John Pierce, Geo. Mattocks,  Geo. Vichary,   Tony Turano,   Martin Zucco,   Fred.   C. Graham,   Gordon Thompson and  A.   Gustaffson.  Another meeting will be  called during course of the coming month.  Phoenix Ski Club  The   Phoenix   Ski   club   has   not  lost much time in getting  into  harness, and for several clays have been  out practicing on   their  course  near  the Central  hotel.-   On  Sunday the  club made the  initial run of the-season going   as far as   Hartford junction.     Although   there   has been, no  meeting* as yet,   we understand that  most, if not all, of the older experts  .are still in the camp, and until other,  arrangements    are     completed   the  club will carry out  their training on  on   the   above mentioned  slope and  on  the  regular   ski   course   outside  the town.  Pythians' Entertain  The  members of Phoenix Lodge,  Knights   of   Phythias,   held one   of  their newly-instituted   monthly "at  homes"   on   Monday  evening,   and  once more  confirmed  their old-time  reputation   for social hospitality  in  Phoenix.       The   affair  commenced  with a whist drive, which was keenly   contested,   the judges  awarding  the trophies* to   Mrs.   Geo.   Barnes  and    Mr.   P.   Welkins, while   Miss  Stein, a visitor  from   Montana, and  A. B. Cook,   were  the  recipients of  consolation prizes.      Dancing occupied the attention for the rest of the  evening, being interrupted  at  midnight  by   the  call   to   supper, after  which the dance was  lesumed until  1 30  a.m.,   when    the   proceedings  were  brought to a   reluctant close.  F. Werner officiated  at the piano,  his excellent  music  being strongly  supported by Chas.   McKay, whose  ability as a violin executant has few  superiors  among  the many fine orchestras    of southern   and   central  British   Columbia.      The   members  are   also   indebted   to   Mrs.  W.   S.  Cook for her services at  the piano  at intervals during the evening.  EARLY HISTORY OF THE  BOUNDARY MINING DISTRICT  Discovery of Copper-Gold Ore Bodies at Rossland Directly Re-  sponsible for Opening of Boundary Mines���Early Phoenix  Prospectors Greatly Discouraged.  The   following   short   history    of I     During the early years considcra-  ���lintr   in   thl*   Krlnnrhirir   tini.0   II.    I.,        u|_   . .. _r.    ... ...i.            ��� .      .  Number 15  Boundary Ore Tonnages  Following are the returns of the  output of the Granby mines and  smelters for the week ending Oct.  20th, and the B.C. Copper company  for the week ending Oct. 13th, and  year to date:  Granby -..,-. ..26,104    993,205  Mother Lode.;.";..'. .   7,980    380,621  Rawhide .     6,172     196,189  Napoleon."........       523 9,254  -Belcher        223 ,      1,331  Others ,        11,129  SMEL*TER TONNAGES  .Granby ...,.'.".' 261605. 1*000,805  B. C. Copper Co... 15,079    534,237  Jos. SLriitwl was aiiiony tho passengers on Kriduy's train bound for  Spokane.  B. C. Copper Treatment  The   B. C.   .Columbia   company's  smelter   treated   15,079 tons of ore  mining in the Boundary since its inception in 1862, appears in Memoir  21, "The Geology and Ore Deposits  of Phoenix," by O. E. LeRoy of the  Canadian Department of Mines":  The earliest known mining operations in the   Boundary district  were  conducted in 1862 when  portions of  the   bed   of   Boundary   creek    were  worked  for  placer  gold.     Between  1862   and   1891-little   interest   was  taken in this district and few claims-  were   staked.      In    1890   the   discoveries of gold-copper   ore   bodies  at   Rossland   stimulated   propecting  over   extensive   areas    in    southern  British Columbia, and in 1891 prospecting was   actively   carried  on   in  Greenwood,    at    which    time    the  Mother   Lode,   Crown    Silver   and  Sunset   were   staked.      During' the  summer of that year the prospectors  crossed to the present siLe of  Phoenix,   and   the   first   discovery    was  made by Henry While   who   staked  the Knob Hill claim  on  July 15, on  an ore-cropping near the south end  of the present "glory hole" on  that  claim.  White's partner, Matthew Hotter,  located Old Ironsides, which adjoins  Knob Hill, and named both   claims,  the former after   a   gun   boat which  figured ,in   the   Civil   "War    of  United States, and   the - latter, after  Nob  Hill, a   residential   quarter   of  San   Francisco.  During 'iHe'season "6fT89T," fn'osf  of the ground which has been found  to contain valuable ore bodies was  located. The Stemwinder was  staked by James Attwood and James  Schoileld   about  July   25,   and   the  ble surface work was done in trench  ing and sinking shallow   pits on the  outcrops of  the several ore   bodies.  The    prospectors,    however,     were  much   discouraged    when     it   was  found that the values in'gold, silver  and copper were so   low, and owing  to this,   many   claims   were allowed  to lapse   which  were afterwards relocated by. others'.     A renewed   activity was the outcome   of the discovery that the ores were practically  self-fluxing,   which   combined   with  the apparently enormous size of the  deposits', began   to attract the capi. |  tal   necessary   for   proper    development.      It   was   recognized    at   an  early\period   that   it  was   no poor  man's, camp,    and     that     a    large  amount of. time and capital must be  expended-    in    developing    the    ore  bodies, ai/d  in the building of smelters, before  the properties could be  placed on a paying basis.  In 1896 the Miner-Graves syndicate commenced development work  on the Old Ironsides-Knob hill ore  body; and preparations 'were made  later on for, the building  of a smelt-  sis   that   the   result   was   brought  about by solutions which   traversed  the limestone in   lateral and lateral  descending   directions.      Although  the  district  generally has in times  past   received    attention    from   the  geologist,    the  recent  contribution  of Mr. Le   Roy, dealing   as  it does  with this  particular part, is  one  of  special interest   and  no doubt   will  be    an   immense   assistance   when  other   deposits   similar   to   Phoenix  shall   engage   the   attention  of  the  mining operator.    The author lays  considerable  emphasis on the work  accomplished  by the diamond  drill,  and   evidently considers  its   intelligent use essential for the successful  exploitation of Boundary ore bodies  The    topographical    work    was   in  charge   of W.   H.   Boyd, while  the  geological   work,    both   areal   and  economic,   was    in   charge   of  Mr.  Le Roy,   assisted  by C.   W. Drys-  dale.  eiry   at Grand   Forks.   ' By purchase  arjd consolidation the-ori  ore. The freight charge on a ton of  bullion from Grand Forks to the refinery in New Jersey is $14, and  from Hidden Creek only $12. It is  figured, therefore, that Hidden ,i  Creek copper output will not cost  more than eight to eight and a half .  cents a pound.  There  i.s  good  reason to expect'  that Granby will gradually build up  a very large and profitable   custom  smelting business at Hidden Creek. '.  The managements of several mines  in   the    vicinity   have   approached  Granby  officials   on   this matter already.    Granby   has   made a  conspicuous success in this department,  its expenses per ton of ore   smelted  at Grand Forks being approximately  the lowest maintained  anywhere  in  the world.  Undoubtedly millions of tons more  ore will be developed in its property  at Phoenix; but there is no occasion  for extensive exploratory work there,  at present, there being seven or  eight year's ore supply blocked out  now. Viewed from every standpoint, therefore, Granby is in a very  strong position, and its future outlook is most promising. It is not  surprising that its stock is advancing steadily. I figure that it is  worth   at   least   twice   its   present  price.   -m.   Basket Ball  The Granby Consolidated  Granby is not being conducted as  a mining company simply, in the  older acceptance of the term, says  Geo. L. Walker, in the Boston Commercial. It is rather a mining and  smelting enterprise. From $50,000  to $150,000 annually is expended by  the company on exploratory work  with a 200-mile radius of its smelter.  If   a   promising   property   is   found  which can be had on favorable terms I'    A   meeting   was   held   this   week  it is optioned and diamond drilled or 1 with the "object of ascertaining "trie.  other   exploratory   work   done.     In I sentiment of the town.towards add-  __iginii com-rthe carryin'S'ou^ -of   thxs,   P*?Ucy theliog the game  of basket, ball "tothe ,    ;  ���\1:_0 ^-..'-i. *'  .i..'  r~ ^     Consoli_lcompany may purchase other mining!list   of   tbe carhp's^Wioter^pastimesir"*  *ua I r-��^.-oJ.V   ^,v.w.u;,,i%h~  ���,���-* :.�� I *Vd^"'rnake'Granbyfa permahentbusi-lso favorable "that/iV;was;dec\d'edf;to^V  the   t-ompany, , controlling-tne  most ��n- \      ,.. - _'_;-!     -jf J. .. j-  ..-;__ ���      r    <��� ..-      '*-J"  ..i-_ *�����' ";C     �����.!'  Ip'any(��� bpcame^. the  Granby  dated fining-,* Smelting  at  and   P.iivprlProperty **** altnost any  time; and  it hThe feeling ,towards^tbe,pvb)Cgct.was;-t >*\  portant"group of mines at Phoenix,  with a smeltery and converting  plant at Grand Forks. The first  "sliipinent of ore was "made in July,  1900, and; the first furnace blown  in on August 21 of that year. Other  consolidations and purchases of the  remaining valuable properties at  Phoenix were made   by the Consoli  ness enterprise, iii  contradistinction I call  a meeting  in   the- Granby office'  to one that is digging out and gradually exhausting  a   single   body   of  ore.  It is figured that the cost of treating a ton of Hidden  Creek   ore  will  , ~}..-; !*'- ���V-&&SM  v- ''-r* (- ���****"���'���&'�� *nl  for ��� Saturday evening, when all  those interested are requested to at-  ,tejid for_ the election of officers and  committees. Five players constitute   a team,   and   as   there   are al-  this week, as follows: Mother Lode, I fraction    between   it   and   Old   Iron-/dated   Mining and  Smelting Co. of  7,962;   Rawhide,   6,466;   Napoleon, j sides,  554;  Belcher, 97; others,  ....  be about 75 cents less than   it   is at/ready a   number of practised expon-  Phoenix and   Grand   Forks.     There Jents in   the camp, the prospects are  will be a saving- of 22 or 23  cents a j good for a  star line-up   to meet the  ton on   ore   transportation   between Iteams of the adjoining towns.  SOME SNAPS m THE  GROCERY DEPARTMENT  H  St. George Cream, large cans, 10c,  Pink Salmon, 2 Tins for 25c,  Australian Mutton, per tin, 15c.  Corn Beef, per tin, 15c.  Kelowna Tomatoes, 2 tins for 25c.  Additional Reductions  Fancy Dry Onions, 8 lbs, for 25c.  Fancy Apples, 5 cents per lb.  Gold Coin Butter, 40c, per lb,  101b. boxes Macaroni, 85c.  Icing Sugar, 2 lbs. for 25c.  This is the only store in Southern British Columbia which is constantly making reductions in price,  this is clue to the fact that we buy in large quantities,  and deal direct with the Manufacturers.  two   days   later, by   Edmond/Canada    and    the    New    Dominion  Lefebvre.      It    was   known    as    the I Copper company.      The above three  Silver King", and after being* allowed / companies, therefore   control all the  to   lapse   was   relocated   by   Robert lore   deposits   of economic   value in  Deng-Ier as the Phoenix from   which (the   area   of  the   Phoenix  map, de-  the city was named. tailed descriptions   of which   will be  The next discovery was   made   by   found in   another part  of this report  VI, p. 71).       The camp was  mine nnd smelter, and   only   half as I  much coke will be required to smeltf      There   should   be   a   limit  to   the  a given    tonnage   of   Hidden   Creek I titled landowner in   the west.  Joseph Taylor and Stephen Mangott  who located the Brooklyn on July  31. A few days later Robert Deng-  ler and William Douglas located the  North Star (now the Idaho), and  about the same time George Rum-'  berger discovered the ground at  present covered by the Snowshoe,  Rawhide and Monarch. He, with  Taylor and Mangott, staked three  claims (600 x 1,500), on which considerable surface work was done,  but the assessments were never recorded and the claims were allowed  to lapse. The War Eagle was located by Dengler and Douglas during the latter part of August.  In 1891, when the first locations  were made, the Mining Act of British  Columbia permitted the size of a  claim to be 600 by 1,500 feet, with  extra lateral rights. In 1892 this  Act was repealed and the size of the  claims changed to 1,500 by 1,500  feet with vertical side lines*. At this  time the base of supplies was Marcus, in the" State of Washington,  about 75 miles distant. The pack  trail followed the valley of the Kettle  river, connecting with the Dewdney  trail at Grand Forks, from which a  branch trail i.s built into Phoenix.  In 1893, Thomas Humphrey and  James Keightlylocated the Monarch;  Robert Dengler, D. Mclnnes and  William Gibbs the Rawhide; Dengler and Gibbs the, Snowshoe; and  Joseph Metu the Gold Drop.  In 1894, the North Star was relocated by John Meyer and George  Rumberger as the Idaho, and the  Red Cloud was relocated as the  Standard fraction by Thomas Johnston. The Victoria was staked on  August 1 by John Stephens and the  Aetna on August 25 by George  Rumberger.  (Chap.  known as the Greenwood camp until 1S98, when* the first postoffice  was established in Phoenix; the latter name, has had a partial recognition since 1895. It was incorporated as a city in 1900. The C.P.R.  extended its line into Phoenix in  1898,   and   the   Great  Northern   in  1904.'   ��,   Geology, Ore Deposits of Phoenix  A memoir on the geology and ore  deposits of Phoenix reached us some  time ago. Accompanying* the report, which is the result of some  months' field work by O. E. LeRoy  of the geological branch of the  Dominion Department of Mines,  are a couple of topographical and  geological maps of the camp, while  the copy contains, besides photographic views, a number of drawings descriptive of the rocks of this  particular locality, a feature of the  memoir of considerable value to the  student aud mining engineer, and  possibly, the prospector. The compiler acknowledges his indebtedness  to the management of local mines for  generous assistance, and especially  mentions A. B. VV. Hodges, O. B.  Smith, lun., and C. M. Campbell  for their helpful criticism during the  progress of the field work.  A particularly interesting feature  of tbe notes is a short and concise  history of Boundary mining, with  the names of early locators nnd even  the origin of the names of claims,  which in those days were little  thought of, but are now regarded  as among the world's chief suurcas  of copper supply. On page 21,  Mr. Le Roy outlines his theory as  to the origin of the deposition of  local ore, and advances the hypothe-1  A Fall Suit  Should not only  be attractive in  design,   but   it  should   Fit  per  fectly   and    be  made faultlessly.  OUR  Stylish Clothes  For men are built right in every way. There^isj more  real snap, style and value in our Suits and Overcoats than you will find in most garments that  sell at even higher prices. You can always expect a saving of a few dollars when you buy here.  Great variety of Goods to Choose From  �� BtEati  THE   PIONEER,    PHOENIX,    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  FAMOUS DOCTOR'S  l       ,l'v  1*5^ .y,  111   W -v-i   1  1'?      .M  TV*'  ^  o*-1  ^  j- i  *���}  in.  i .  ^i '-*  .-' f-t  o  ^  l.jiM'ii. "t   ���<���>  &>** *  ni /-.i -  r*.^-; -*  . > <>v  ���*v - '/  Concentrates  I:-/1  An unsuccessful attempt was recently made to hold up two ladies  in Fernie.  Application for Twenty-six new  schools were made to the provincial  department of education in Sept.  Because he wanted to go into  business, the Rev. Merton* Smith of  Knox Congregational church, Vancouver, has resigned.  The number of persons wintering  in northern Alaska this year will be  smaller than last. All the new camps  Have yielded well.  Militia orders issued yesterday  announce the establishment of a  provisional school of' instruction  at' Kamloops, for a period of six  weeks.  The. Imperial Veterans Brigade  have recently donated a fully-  equipped ambulance to Fernie. The  vehicle will cost the brigade about  $1200.  Defamatory libejs are being  scribbled on the sidewalks and  buildings of Princeton. < A reward  of $500 is offered for the conviction  of the guilty party.  The president-of the White Pass  railroad states that his company are  'Meets'every  Monday  Evening  at  to erect a   $30,000  hotel  in   Atlin.  Miners' Hall. .Visiting brethren cor-j The hotel will  be  ready in time for  King Edward Lodge  No., 36, A.F. and A.M. ,'  Regular communication at 8  p.m.' Second Thursday of  '"       '     each month.  Emergent meetings as called; Masonic  Half, McHale Block.  W.' J. Pbkndebgast  J. T. Hawthorn, W.M.i  ...   .   Se��y-  :xxx)oooooc>oooc^^  j WH6'S WHO ��  3 IN CANADA ��  : OCOOOpCK30000CXXX3C*<XKX)C)000  W .J. TAILOR  oi*�� spnperniftn and Sportsman  I\Tr.     W      J.    Taylor,     th<��     well  r.own     newspaperman,     was   _ born  t     Napanee,    Ontario,     and   ' edu-  ixetl "at    the    public    school,   and  "JollcBlatc    Institute   of    that   town.  VI*(*n quite a >oung man W. J. Taylor  vrchased   the  printing   plant   of   a  ��� ee'tly  newspaper,  the Tweed News,  -f Tweed. Ontaiio. where he learned  ho mechanical eul of the publishing  bujiness    At the time he took control  f   the   paper   It   was   probably. the  ���mllest   and   most   obscure, of',the'  Sale of Crown-Granted Mineral Claims for Delinquent Taxes in the Rossland  Assessment District.  I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that, on Monday, the 4th day of November, A. D., 1912, at th*r,ho",;��"wfrC),,^T^k>fj^  afternoon at the Court House, in the City of Rossland, I shall offer for sale at public auction, the Crown-granted mineral  claims SrefnaSr Mt out, of the persons In said list hereinafter set out for the delinquent .taxes unpaid by ������ wrans on  the 30thday of June, A. D., 1912, and for costs and expenses, including the costs of advertising said sale, if the total amount  due is not sooner paid.  I. O. O. F.  SnowshoeiLoda-re  No. 46  dially invited.      '  -,    David Tyson, Noble Grand.  Dan PafersonI(,Fin. Secy.  - A'. L.'McKinnon, Rec. Secy!  Daughters of Rebekah  Phoenix Lodge No. 17  ft., ^     j  Meets'in   the  Miners'   Union  Lodge  Hall First and Third Wednesdays.  Mrs. Rossic Bush, Noble Grand.  , Mrs.jEffle Marshall, Secretary.  \  L  FRATERNAL ORDER  ,;,OF EAGLES  *jkj ,fijs ^ A'   a >, -���  $?*;���*("'*'/'  irt5 \'i  f-V  ?y��  i  *.c;a^'.  ���JV r     '      J*)    *f %",  r   t  > ,,  -y t^��cr��Wlx-Aerie'No; 1B8-  '/ Meets'in Union'Hall^-Friday Evenings.  ���  Visiting<broth.erstare,always welcome.  '\/m'-    /;'��:     QuraMAN-WORB^t W.'P.   ,  ���   " i,' S->j ' , T. B.-^bosGROVE, PW. Secy.  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 23  Phoenix,  B.C. r  Carter, K. of R. S. |  I n  J. E,  A. F. Geddes, C. C.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  vu Meets in .Pythian Hall, i/ower Town  > r First and Third Thursdays.  Mn>. MaylAInistroni'  ,      M.t!.C.   '       '  Mrs. AfD. McKenzie  M.B.O.  V" *-  *Q -  W ��� ;v  _ 4-*r v .j  i#'-,!  m  art- *  ki!"     ,  IO*f>  the tourist season, next year.  An automobile collision in Calgary has resulted in the deaths of  Dr. Quirk and William Guy. The  driver of a city team has been  arrested and charged with manslaughter. '  The    captain     of    the   steamer,  Okanagan,   was   the recipient of a  handsome  gift  from   the   Duke   of  i #  Connaught, consisting of a scarf-  pin with the Duke's monogram surmounted by a coronet set in rubies  and emeralds.  , Attached .to, a fast train, which  'recently left Seattle was an express  car occupied entirely by a number  'of crated blue foxes-from the Aleu-  '     .��       ii  tian Islands, and their owner, who  lis taking them to St. Johns, N.B.,  foe the purpose of establishing a  fur farm.   . ^  , British Columbia's "representa  tive"  in   the  Imperial   House,  Joe  MbetsTTJESDfAY Evening at 7.30. | Martin' sa>'s "thesCanadian munici-  Sojourning' brothers' cordially wel-lpalities are borrowing too much  corned. | money.      One    would    think    that  i money grew on the trees to read the  ���reports in the English newspapers."  Of course it does, Joe, look at our  apple trees and the revenue from  our forests. Joe also has a good  word for our government and says  the Borden administration has so  far done very welL  A sensation was. created recently  at Portsmouth, England, by the announcement of a hurry-up order to  proceed with the immediate construction of a^ new super-dread-  naught. Considerable significance  is also attached to-the action of the  Admiralty in ordering the dread-  naught Inflexible to join the fleet in  the Mediterranean.  '���It is my firm conviction," says  Hon. Price Ellison, "that if agriculture is to be properly developed in  this orovince, some  means must be  a. *  found of supplying farmers with  cheap money. The province has  several million dollars on hand and  I cannot see why it should not be  loaned to the faimers at a low rate  of interest instead of being loaned  to the banks."  Premier Asquith, David Lloyd-  George, Sir Rufus Isaacs and Postmaster-General Samuel are being  openly charged-with graft in connection with a contract with the  Marconi Wireless company. It is  claimed that prior to tlie time when  the announcement was made that a  deal had been agreed upon, Marconi  stock took a phenomenal jump from  $3.75 to $45 a share.  The Provincial Police, in pursuit  of the murderer, McLaughlin, we  are informed, have all been armed  with the .33 Winchester carbine.  This is a grave mistake on the part  of those responsible, as the cartridge  designed foi that weapon is wholly  unsuitable for quick work by reason of its well known propensity to  jam, due to its pronounced bottle  shape. The .303 Ross carbine is  infinitely superior find has the advantage of a heavier projectile with  LIST ABOVE MENTIONED���GRAND FORKS MINING DIVISION.  W. J. TATL0E  village papers of the Province but ai  the end of seven years when he left  to accept a position on a 'Montreal  paper it had reached much larger  proportions and was pro-bably the  most widely circulated and influential  paper of its class in Ontario.  Mr. Taylor also founded Rod and  Gun in Canada magazine and developed it to. a considerable extent.  In 1903 he purchased the Woodstock  Pentinel-Reyiew and moved to Woodstock, at the same time removing*the  office of publication of Rod and; Gun  in Canada to Woodstock. Notwithstanding the fact that at the time he  took.it oyer the Sentinel-Review; was  considered one of the strongest papers  of its class in Canadi, during the  past eight years it has doupled its  earning power and increased its circulation sixty percent The,business  has been entirely reorganized'during  his term of proprietorship *and the  nlant is considered to beVone-'of the  Vest equipped and best arranged west  of Toronto, while its t turn over * of  business is probable ' one 'of the  largest of'its-'cless in Canada.  During the pact eight years Rod  md Gun has so developed��that today  its circulation'-exceeds 20,000 copies  Der month and it is circulated  rhroughout the length and breadth of  Canada. '  Some three ;years ago Mr. Taylor  nnrchased Motor Magazine of Canada  which has also"becn largely developed  ;ad   is noA*   the premier,- automobile   T��e Majestic G. M. Co. .Ltd  Owner Name of Cnaim  * Lot No.  Covert, S. R.; Lequine, Bernard  \ Aiax      1029 S  Whiteside, D., and Kerby, F. M / /*           " 0o_ _  Kerby, F. M��� and Christiansen, C Ax        -���-.     Tr��i  Farrell, John J  - Bay Horse Fraction -     tB7d  Porter, W. J. and Farrell, J. J. -  Beaver. :      \f%  Rathmullen Con. MandDCo. Ltd. ��� Ben Hur No. 1     \Md  Magee, Chas. J -��� gem               g*  House, Geo, W  Black Tail :.���    2284  Bonanza Mt G. M. Co Bonanza       ,     fW��  McCallum, Neil, and Clark, Ella   Bunker Hill..'..-     1CW    ���  Tammany Gold Mines, Ltd., N.P.L. Burnt Basin -     \\f\  Tammany Gold Mines, Ltd., N.P.L Burnt Basin Fraction      1141  Clark-Seattle G. M. Co., L.L  Butte ���-    WiO  Farrell, John Joseph Buttercup ���    J4IJ0  The Majestic Gold Mining Co., Ltd?.. City of Denver       nbi  The Majestic Gold Mining Co., Ltd City of Montreal     ^��*  The City of Paris G. M. Co., Ltd  City of Paris -���      ��i2  Cornwall, Mary A., and Turner, J. A - City of London     l��W  Bonanza Mt G. M. Co., Ltd....  Colorado        2009  Chisholm, Archie ��� Columbia _ -..-      "58 b  Wolford, L. D., and Kerby, F. M Connection        954 S  Wolford, L. D., and Kerby, F. M Cresent...:   --    3383  Lynch, James...  Crown     201o  B. C. (Phoenix) Syndicate, Ltd  Daisy -  1805  B. C. (Phoenix) Syndicate, Ltd ._.' Daisy,Fraction   1808  Bertha Con. G. M. Co., Ltd., N.P.L Derby __���  ���...:.. 2233  NcNicol, J., and McAulay, T  Duplicate ���       863  Rogers, Alex; Wolford Lake D and Kerby,! E-     gt .      91S S  < _t Forbes, M   J b  Chisholm, Archie; Maginnis,  P. and Mathe-\ Florence .., ,...        956 S  Son, Donald, William //-.-,   * 4.1.   r>   ��� j " -iasu  Porter, W. J. and Farrell, J. J Girl of **e Period  148S  Naden,. G.   R.;  McBorin, James and  Mc-1 Hard Cash   1062  Arthur, Mary   /  The Rathmullan Con. M. and D. Co. Ltd Helen Ray, No. 1  ..' 1501  Magee, Chas. J.  Hesperus Fraction   , 3057  Wolford, L. D. and Kerby, F. M  Homestake Fraction   3107  Hardy, Neil; Shaw, C. A., and Cayley, H. S. Humming Bird Fraction  1247  Cheer, John W   Idaho Trinket.  .... 2211  The Rathmullen Con. M. and D. Co., Ltd lone.    1505  The Tammany G. M. Ltd., N.P.L Jim Blaine   1137  The Tammany G. M. Ltd., N.P.L Jim Blaine Fraction   1140  John Bull Mines, Ltd John Bull    20ir,  Winter, T. A. and McDougall, A  Kufman   2285  Magee, Chas. J Lancaster   3070  Tammany Gold Mines, Ltd., N.P.L  Last Chance Fraction   2597  The Majestic G. M. Co., Ltd Lexington         645  The City of Paris, G. M. Co., Ltd Lincoln          021  The Bertha Con. G. M. Co., Ltd  Little Bertha       959  The B. C. (Phoenix) Syndicate, Ltd Lizzie L  1804  "       "       "       "       "       " Lizzie L. Fraction ��� 1807  Clark, Ella, and Hay, Charles Loyal Canadian    1608  The Rathmullen Con M. and D. Co., Ltd Malta, No 1..   1500  Morrow, Thos. R   Mammie ��� '-. : J246  The Rathmullen Con. M. andD. Co. Ltd Maple Leaf   1502  John Bull Mines, Ltd Marinette. .:.... 2052  B. C. (Phoenix) Syndicate Ltd Martha May  1806  Macdonald, Jas. A May Flower _   1734  Averill, F. A.; Avenll, C. W.; Traunweiser, A Minnie  ,  - 1006  Schiefele, L., and Lyons, P.  Mountain View  1  1533  Lequime, Bernard; Kerby, F M. and White-\ -ftiunster _ 923 S  side, David /           ���"  Smith, A. E; McCallum, John A.; Henderson, \  R. A., and Atwood, C. A. S  /  West, Jas., and Chisholm, Archie Nakusp        960 S  Lillooet, Fraser R. & CaribooGold Fields, Ltd. Neta          990  Rathmullen Con. M. and D. Co. Ltd North Star Fraction  1504  Clark, Ella and Hay, Chas ���  North Seattle Fraction  3017  The City of Paris G. M. Co. Ltd. Number 4        791  Spence, J. D. and Folger, M. F.    OntarioJ3oy ���        596  ���M.S.  S  577 S  Oregon Fraction .     1162  iblication  of Canada.  Nearly 3000 Greeks, all apparently wildly excited about going to the  war, sailed from New York last  Saturday. A small riot broke out  on the pier as some of the Greeks  were boarding the steamer, a number of Italians having taunted the  greeks over their army, with the  result*that numerous fist fights took  place.. The authorities called out  the police reserves to quell the disturbance. Large numbers of Greek  reserves are also reported to be  preparing to leave Canada.  A LIGHT  PALE BEER  Is Splendid for Family Use  That is the kind we have for YOU.  Are You Run Down in Health ?  ' Order a Case or two, and  see  how rapidly you  will  improve.  'PHONE 23  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  LIMITED  Is Interested snd should know  about the wonderful  MARVEL Whirling Spray  The new Vaginal Syringe    Beit  ���Most convenient.  It cleanses  Instantly.      Ask jour  I drufrs'st focjt���a_  if he cannot supply tha  MAKVEL, accept no other,  but Mod stamp for Jlliuirsted  boott���sealed. It Eire* full partft-  uLusahd directions Invaluable to ladles.  ! WINDSOR SUPPLY CO.,  t��iOt��sf>�� Odt. 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IV, FIRST STREET AND KNOB HILL AVENUE  The European Crisis  For the 'steenth   time the  eyes of  the   world   are  turned  on   what the  late Mr. Gladstone  described as the  "sick -man" of-Europe.    He's pretty  sick   this   time,   too,   but  there are  knowing ones   in   Europe who sted-  fastly   assert   that   his   condition   is  not. a bit worse; ill an the state of bis  heal.lh   in   1877, when  he astounded  the'world   by  almost,  upsetting the  Russian   bear.     True,   some  of his  exploits were engineered by British,  and   on one memorable .'occasion,.a  Canadian 'general, and   who  knows  but what  some such  daring spirits  will again bestir  themselves and repeat some of the" tactics which have  up to the present given the Turk his  Counterfeit Notes Circulated  The Dominion finance jdepart-  ment has been advised of considerable increase in the, circulation of  bogus notes. The bad money has  been coining into the possession of  banks and business houses all over  Canada.' They are not goo'd counterfeits, but seem to- have ' been  widely circulated.  Dominion ones and twos and  Bank of Nova Scotia and .Bank of  Montreal fives have been: most  numerous.' The Dominion ones in  some cases are1 (lie same -on both  sides. The police and "secret men  all over Canada are'at work endeavoring'- to locate the whereabouts  of the,counterfeiters.  These October  days say���u  an .Over  ^oat  wear-  <<-  Style and value say���"\yeu.r  a Fit-Reform Overcoat/?  We   have   the   lightweights  that are the right weights."  it,  ������'*!  650  All the new models-  splendid variety of  effects.  -m a-,  nor/.  Always glad to show C.  to you.  last, foothold, in Europe.   .We, may  ���en see once again the spectacle of-j iV .      .   r    , ���   i -.    r-<  .      .    .. 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Under these circumstances,  "unspeak- j  able"   as   the   .Turk   has   been,    no j  wonder   need' ' be     expressed     if  a'  fleet  of Albion   once   more   threads;  its   way     through   the   Dardenelles  and   clears  for. action   in   the Black j  Sea.     The  dream  of Russian diplo- j  mats ever since the days of Catherine,   has   been   that   of  seeing   the  double-headed   eagle   floating   from  the minarets of Stamboul, and once  she made  an open   move  to accomplish   this   end.      Who   knows   but  <what the   old   policy is  again being  tried and   Bulgaria  the  catspaw for  securing-   the   toothsome   chesnut���  an outlet on the Mediterannean  and  a  Muscovite  governor in the  Holy  City.  Oregon. Engineers are making the. survey, on  an   appropriation   of $36,000  made  ���i,-''       ' v* '������'���.'���.'.'  by the Federal government.for the  purpose. 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VVe keep a  Tobacco, Pipes asid Smokers' Supplies  Stationery, Books, Toys, Brushes, etc.  See our new line of Post Cards.  KNOB HILL AVENUE  A Hazardous Profession  The dangers incidental   to mining  and other so-called hazardous vocations   are as   nothing   compared   to  the risks that are run by some ministers  of   the   gospel,   especially   revivalists, and   in view   of what hap- ;  pened   only    recently     to  a   certain j  Mr.      Simpson,    somewhere    down !  south,   it certainly   looks   as   if  the|  time had   arrived  for the   big  insurance  companies to make a revision j  of their   mortality tables,   and place j  the revivalists under the category of;  "hazardous occupations."    Accord-1  ing to   the   press   reports   of the oc-.J  eurrencc,   the   minister   in question, i  had   just   terminated   a  particularly;  forceful discourse, in   which   he had I  laid   bare  the   shortcomings   of  his j  hearers and pointed out the penally. I  What   happened    after    that   must!  have been worth   seeing, for we are I  told   that   the   whole    congregation j  struck a   bee line  for the  pulpit and j  commenced    to    violently   hug   the  reverend gentleman, exclaiming that |  lie had   arrived   in  the nick   of time I  I  and had saved them from their sins. '  This might have been quite satisfactory, but unfortunately some of  the ladies and gentlemen were so  far gone in their think tanks that  they put   a  little   more   power than  TO TWO  iPAUAGl?  S treatment for  coughs, col 'is,  | bronchitis,  joiid all lung, ,  idlest an-ltjjfi,  )throat trou- -n>���t  hies. Pep.��.u,RM  contain highly 'medicinal  essences and  pine* extracts  conudonsotl  into tablet  form. Y o u  put a Fop on  your tongue,  a iid rvH it  ulnwly d i a -  solves, those  volatile os-  turn  ^���'"5"'^S'VS'3  .     _*,TQMACm\  ences     turn      *        ���  into  v-ipor.  You BREATHE  tho remedy   to your  <-oro cili'ii,' !mig3 dire't���not swallow it  lom.-icli,   wlikh is not ailing.  MOVING MACHINERY OUR SPECIALTY  j  vour  ['(St-o {lia^riiin.)  ling fumes, thu3  liruu'iieiJ. (!'i\vn, b-u'r.e. the delicate, in-  :'i;ii'.i��:il mom Issues of your breathing-  tuhc3 a . I ,iass right on to tho tiny pass-  a-.-cs of tliu lungs���n. course no liquid or  ;o':d medicine could possibly tr.ko.  tVps funics are healing and unti-  Kuj.lii-. They heal sore tissue nnd kill  ��� iiucaso genua. Peps bring pine-foreet  I'miica to your homo, insto&.d of you going  to tho pino forest!  For   that  cold,   that  night   cough,  th it touch of bronchitis, don't dose your  stomach !     Tho   trouble   lies   in   your  ii      lungs.      Peps go   to   the   lungs  $JL.   direct and will euro you.  Al 1 drugi;i��ts and steros 50o. box.  Write for free   sample  to Pops  Go.,   Toronto,  or 52 Princess  St.,   Winnipeg.    Send  If Tired of Wood, try Princeton Coal  We are   now   handling. Mince  Meat   made  from   the. Choice  Fruits of Kootenay district, and the slock is very fine.  7 Pound Pails, $1.15  Try our Weinerwurst, Bologna,  Pickled Pi&s Feet, Spring Chicken,  Fresh Dressed Fowl, "Empress" and  "Cascade" Butter,  Choice Ontario Esgs, Ham and Bacon.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOEN8X. B.C.       PHONE 2  We have a new selection of CUFF LINKS, THA PINS,  etc.     Yerv Nice Designs.  CUFF L3NKS,  throuirh  made specially for Soft Cuffs, will not pull  S1.50 to $3.50 per pair  TIE   P8NS to.match signet; and other styles.  $1.00 and up.  Entrraved free  SEE OUR WINDOW.  j Sfw<''  i,.'.  ^w^tS  M��   PIONEER,    PHOENIX,    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  9, ,  Jl'g"W'��'HI  asaa  .0  Seam-in-front  stockings  -would seem absurd!  Then  why any seam  You have kept on wearing stockings  with a seam up the back���shapeless,  uncomfortable things I because you probably didn't realize the perfection reached  'k  FuU-Fashioned  Seamless  m  s  Those are hose without the atgn of a seam���look for the sign of the  trade-mark. As they are being knit they are shaped lastingly to  the curves of the foot and leg. They fit���they wear better���  and the utter absence of any seam at all makes them  ever so much more comfortable,     No difference  in cost���but much in quality, in economy  and in comfort. - 65  MaWa of  Underwear  Sweatera  ���ad  ' 'Hosiery  HOSIERY  Mad* by  Penmans Limited  Paris, Canada  \;  y,-<-  Great Northern Railway  GLACIER NATIONAL PARK ROUTE  4 .!�����>, J i .'      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa^  *  Train leaves Phoenix'daily,,except Sunday at 9 a.m., connecting at Grand Forks with ti.iins for Nelson, Rossland, Coal-  mont and intermediate points.  s ' At Spokane, with three Eastbound and Westbound coast  trains daily���The,Oriental ^Limited Spokane through to Chicago  without change; The Oregonian through to St. Paul, both trains  .making connections'for all Middle West and Eastern points.  The" South Eastern Express,, Spokane through to Kansas  City-wUhout change,'making connections for Denver, St.1 Louis,  Omaha, etc.  -These three .trains all Electric  Lighted throughout, Standard  -f .and Tourist berth's, dining cars with best,of service,  GO-CARTS  r^\We have just" a few Carts left  which   we will sell on the  following terms:  With' every Cart purchased we  will give  a- Pair of  Runners to fit.  RUNNERS, Per Pair     -    -     SI.OO  We have also in stock a few Two-Wheel  Push  Carts, at reasonable prices. Call and See Them.  GET   YOUR   CART   WHEELS    RE-TIRED  mWamaWmWmmsaaMmmWamm^mJmmmwWmmamamWaMB^^  We have a machine  for Re-tiring- Rubber Wheels, and  are now in a position to do that work  on  short notice*  j CB F, Edwards The Furniture Dealer  Greenwood ^t3,|2��C  JL*1116  Leave Phoenix, upper town, 8.45 a.m. -^  " "        lower town,   9.00 a.m. [Standard Time  Leave Greenwood 3.00 p.m. J  PROMPT  ATTENTION  TO  EXPRESS AND  FREIGHT  LA1NG, Proprietor  <���>  mess our  The product of the local dairies is good, but ours is the best.  Cleanliness is our watchword, and no germ can pass our sentries.  Our poultry department has increased its supply of eggs. Let us  accommodate you. PHONE F 32  The Phoenix Dairy w-A-Mc��*yPSe8t^  Local and General  NTING  is our business and we.are  here to please you. The  next time that' you  want  ��wfc��illheaxis' Letterheads^,Envelopes, Statements, Circulars,  lllSlt -Dodgers���in fact, anything* in PRINTING, phone 14  and we will  ^sh^o^vly o u  s^iiHples:: :  Another mormon departedlforithe  south, last week.  Miss Esther Vand returned on Tuesday from a few.days'.visit to Spokane.  Mrs.  Cook, of^Granby, Quebec, arrived in town on, ISaturday^ast on a  visit ta her son, P. J. Cook.  Sid. Oliver, of Greenwood, provincial fire warden for this district, was a  visitor it* camp on Friday. '  Miss M.' McDonald has removed her  dressmajking parlor to the rooms above  Morrin, Thompson's stoie.  Mrs. Theo. Biner, accompunied by  her daughter, Julia, came up from the  Forks for a few days recently.  Found���A pair of lady's rubbers that  were left in the opera house. Owner  can have same by applying to secretary and defraying cost of advertising.  The rector and wardens of St. John's  church wish to express their thanks  to Percy Clark of Grand Forks for the  gift of fruit, etc., for their harvest  thanksgiving.  Bob Jones returned from Spokane  last Saturday. As a result of hib  treutment by a specialist, his hearing  which had become detective, has been  completely restored.  A. G. Tho'usiii, of Nauaimo, arrived  in town, this_\\ eek, foi a visit of a few  days to his daughter, Mrs. Charles  Lackio. Mr. Thomson, who has been  a resident of the island eoal town for  years, says he is of the opinion that a  boom is about to strike the town in  consequence of the discovery of new  coal seams.  E. Spraggelt, provincial 'road supt.  for this riding, came up fiom���the  Forks during the week. The recent  phenomenally early arrival of Snow  has brought to un^abrupt termination  tho excellent work already accomplished by tlie gangs under his. charge  and engaged in the construction of the  new interprovincial automobile highway. '  The members of Snowshoe Lodge,  I.O.O.F., have issued invitations for  their annual ball, which on this occasion is to' be held on Tuesday next,  Thanksgiving day. The music for the  dance is to be supplied by the Ironsides orchestra, which combined with  the usual,perfect arrangements by*the  Oddfellows, assures a most enjoyable  evening's* entertainment for those fortunate enough" tp be on the list.     <  A meeting of the. Camera Club is  called focj"Wednesday next in the club  yooins, adjacent to the Pioneersoftice,  at 8 30 p.m. V-A full attendance of the  members,, is requested.   The work in  connection with^tihe fitting 'up 'of the  rooms, such as the laying on of water,  papering, etc. is ��� about finished, and it  is confidently expected that^the club  will  be in   full   commission  by next  Saturday.     The   club   is indebted  to  Ralph  Pope,    Chas.    McKay and   V.  Lanpheai\for services rendered.  Mrs. Langhaui, President of the lie-  bekah Assembly, arrived in Phoenix  on Thursday, for the puipose of visiting the local lodge of the Daughters  of Kebekab. Unfortunately, owing to  borne misunderstanding in 'dates, it  became necessary to convene a special  meeting of the niembeis in the afternoon in order to-allow the president  the time necessary to call on the  Gieenwood daughters. She was accompanied to Greenwood by a delegation consisting of 'Mrs. Jas. Marshall,  Mrs. Jos. Carter, Mrs. W. S. Cook and  J. F. McDougal. ���*     '  On Sunday last the Very Rev. Atch-  deacon Beer, of Kaslo, vibited Phoenix  and preached at both morning and  evening services at St. John's church.  The occasion was the annual harvest  thanksgiving, the altar being decoi-  ated with fruit and vegetables, the  gift of Percy Clark of Grand Forks.  The visit of the archdeacon" was also  made the occasion for dedicating the  church's new bell, the special prayers  used on such occasions being road by  the visiting minister at the evening  service, during which thehynm "Hang  It Gently in the Steeple," was heartily  sung by the congregation, who weie  present in considerable nutubeib.  The Missouri   Girl  ptoved   a   most  popular attraction  to Phoenix   play-  goeib,   the    company    playing   to  a  oiowded house on Tuesday last.    The  actors evidently weie on their mettle  and exerted eveiy effort to rilease an  audience which has the reputation of  being the most critical  in tho Boundary.   Comment  is  unnecessary, the  audience frequently  expressing  their  approval at intervals tlnoughouL the  evening.    Perhaps the most natural of  those in the caste was  Herbert Han is  in the character of Col. bwotitniau, in  contradistinction to G. G. Wright in  the role of the perfidious sou of the  colonel,    who,   unfortunately,  rather  .overdone the part, while the impossible characters'of Mr. and Mrs. Grubb,  Zeke and Daisy provoked considerable  amusement.    The motion pictures of  Messrs.  Wetherell, aud   McAstocker,  introduced as a curtain raiser and also  between the acts was a decidedly novel  innovation and contributed much towards   the   success   of the evening's  Needless to say there, was  for a refund' of the ad-  tionally good feature, the violin work  of Mr. Dyer being especially pleasing  to the many lovers of that prince  among instruments.  G. G. Rowe, who has been visiting  his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. McKeown, for bome days, returned to  Calgary on Wednesday.  The Iionsides orchestra gave another  of their dances on Thursday, in tho  rooms of the Scandinavian society. Tho  dance, as on previous occasions, was  oxtreniely well patronized, the music  being well up to tho excellent standard  set by this newest of our musical  aggregations.  A largo paity of surveyors invaded  the Boundary this week and commenced tho work of surveying tho  Greenwood and Phoenix district in  connection with tho preparation by  the Dominion government of a revised  map of Western Canada, including  Manitoba, Sask., Alta. and British  Columbia. Sonio hundreds are engaged on the task.  Tho first party over given at Anyox,  took place on Oct. 11, when Mrs. P.  J. Tinnotti, formerly of Phoenix, entertained a number of the pioneer residents of that now camp to an "at  homo" in honor of her birthday. Included in the list of invitations wore  Messrs. W. X. McDonald and T. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. D. Mclnnis, JVIr.  und Mrs. li. Paterson, Mr. and Mrs.  F. Lind, Mr. and jtfrs. R. Bennett and  daughter, Mr. and Mrs. O. Newton,  Mrs. Pipe, Mrs. C. Swanson, Mrs. Gif-  ford and daughter.  Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Miller and  daughter returned to town the latter  part of last week from Storm Lake,  Iowa, where they have, been paying a  short visit to the relatives of Mr. Miller. On the return journey they included among their effects a diminutive Shetland pony, which was crated  and cairied, in the express car. The  little fellow, who is just about eight  month's old, measures no more than  thirty inches high, and possibly weighs  ubout 150 pounds.  Nyalls' Blood Purifier  Boils, Sores, Pimples, Skin Diseases and  rough Skin indicate Impure thin Blood  NYALLS' BLOOD PURIFIER  Purifies and enriches the blood, driving out the poisonous substance that produce such disagreeable symptoms. It i.s for the  same class of diseases as those treated at Hot Springs.  VVe recommend it because we know what is  in  il;   iry it,  and he convinced.     PRICE, $1.00.  Phoenix Drug Company  SUCCESSORS TO JOHN LOVE  ���Phone 16. T. S. Quancc, Manager  Church Services  To Fight White Plague  To fight the white plague with the  polltax is a proposal which the delegates at the Revelstoke convention  of the B. C. Union of Municipalities  discussed on Monday last. Rather  than see the polltax revenue of  $300,000 per year disappear altogether, it is the idea of those behind  the suggested change to have it  directed towards providing health  protection throughout the province.  Overlooked $250,000 in Gold  Nearly $250,000  in   gold  in  the  Wells   Fargo   Express  Company's  office   at   Skagway,    Alaska,    was  missed by a robber who sandbagged  agent Herbert Taylor last Saturday  night.    The robber took a package  containing   $1,200.     When   Taylor  went into a rear room for a bucket  of coal   the   robber, who   had   been  concealed   in   a   closet,  struck  him  over the head.    Taylor lay   unconscious until morning.  Methodist Church���Sunday school  and Bible class, 2.30 p.m.; evening service, 7.:-W p.m. Prayer mooting, Thursday evening, 7.45 p.in- Subject of sermon oh Sunday evening: ���''Thu World's  Need." You are heartily invited to  conio. " ��� ..  "������ The Services on Sunday in St. ���John's  Church are: Holy Communion-at'7.30.  a.m., Morning Prayer at 1Q.30, Holy  Communion at 11 a.m., Sunday School  at 2.30 p.m., Evening Prayer at 7.30.  Rev. L. B. Leo, Rector.  Tho stated services in the Catholic  church are as follows: First and third  Sundays in tho month. Mass at 10  a.m., Sunday School at 2.30 pin.;  Evening Service at 7.30 p.m. Rev.  Father Choinel. pastor.  Thanksgiving service will bo held on  Sunday evening, October 26, at 7 30  p.m. in tho Presbyterian church. A  cordial welcome to all. Rev. J. II.  Munro, pastor.  Shoes that Fit!  ��������      , We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes;-good fit, nice-shape, and  nothing but the best of stock used  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Ave. Phoenix, B.C.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan mid Alberta,' the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the  Province'of'British Columbia, ''may. be  leased for a term or twenty-one years  at an annual rental of $1 an nine. Not  more than 2,500 acres will lie leased to  one applicant.  Application for u lease, must be made  by the applicant in person Lo the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situated.  Tn surveyed territory the Innd must  bo described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-  veyed territory the tract applied for  shall bo staked out by tho applicant  himself.  Each application must be. accompanied by a fee. of $5 which'will bo refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rale of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the. coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furiiislied at least once  a year.  Thu lease will include the. coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for tho working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  ���For full information application  should bo made to the Secretary of tho  Department of the. Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of D<>-  luinion Lands.  W. \V. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior;  N.B.���Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not be'puid I'm.  moTnj&JD't  my  D��OLA  !��'��� the CLEANEST. SIMPLEST, and BEST HOME  I I1VE, one can buy���Why you don't even havo to  know what KIND of Cloth your Cooda are made  of ���So Mistakes are Impossible.  Send for Free Color Card, Story Booklet, and  Booklet giving resulta of Dyeing over other colon.  The JOHNSON-RICHARDSON CO.. Limited,  Montieal. Canada.  BOOKS  AND  STATIONERY  Fancy Goods, Dolls and Toys, Kodak Films and  Supplies, Musical Instruments and Supplies, Newspapers, Magazines and Periodicals���School Sundries.  Wallpaper and Decorative Pictures  Sundries  Toilet Articles.  Citrars, Tobacco and Smokers'  Patent Medicines.  AL. ALMSTROM  All the Latest Newspapers, Magazines  WOOD  First-class Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $5.50 per cord  Pine Wood,  $5.00 per cord.  Extra Municipal Wholesale  Liquor Licence.  PUBLIC NOTICE.  TAKE NOTICE that I intend to  apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police lor a renewal of the  Liquor License held by mo for the  Haitford Hotel, Hartford Junction.  Dated at Phoenix, this 1st day of  October, 1912.  (Signed)     J. J. BASSETT.  Fir and Tamarac, double cut,  per cord, $7.00.  NOTICE.  WOOD  DELIVERED  NOTICE.  ON   SHORT  'Phone B32  Gust Johnson  Business Snaps  enjoyment,  no demand  mission fee.  Thejrnusie was an excep-  . Jy^ ��� **  The piopeity known as the Biner  block; best location in town; four suites  ot thieo looms each; well furnished for  housekeeping; all rented. Lower floor  can be used tor any kind of business;  very cheap, part cash, rest terms; no  encumbrance; clear title; a nioney-  niuking chance to right party. See  owner on premises.  Ranch for Sale���320 acres at $35 per  acre. Included in the. sale are the  following effects: 1 mower, 1 rake,  ploughs, drag harrows, 1 team, harness and wagon, 1 set sleighs, household goods, 1 barn and a five-roomed  house. Four springs on property; running water the year round; between  forty and fifty acres cultivated, mostly in hay; fifty acres easily cleared and  eighty acres fenced. Terms, half cash,  balance on reasonable terms; discount,  for cash. (  RECO STEAM LAUNDRY  Don't worry about your washing,  just send your clothes to the  Laundry. We will wash, starch,  and iron them, and return them  ready for use.  LADIES'   AND   ENTS'   SUITS  CLEANED AND PRESSED.  NOTICK 18 HEREBY GIVEN, that  on the 20th day of November next application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for the  grant of an. Extra Municipal Wholesale Licence for the sale of liquor in  and upon the premises known as the  Phoenix Browing Co., Ltd., Phoenix,  B.C.  Dated this 20(11 day of Oct. 1012.  ALBERT BINER,  Phoenix Brewing Co., Ltd.  Pure Blooi  WilK.V.Vi':  lUiivfM  ^wM^w^y'yy-yy'y^y;  A Trial Solicited.  Phone 50.   Dominion Ave.  Dr. de Van's Female Pills  A MiHable French rcigulator; never fails. These  pills are exceedingly powerful in regrulattag the  generative portion of (he female system. Refuse  all cheap imitatione. ttr. ��8e Tso'o are sold at  S6 a box, or ihree for $10. Mailed to any address  Xh��i"Boat>9u Drue ft


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