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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Aug 17, 1912

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The largest copper mines in
the Dominion are situated
at Phoenix. Tho Granby
Co. employs 500 men, and
has a monthly pay roll of
over $50,000, while the Rawhide pay roll-is $18,000.
^ttbrarv  AfAL_,____.
Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District
?IONJ_EH,     is
the' highest
altitude, 4,800 ft. The city,
has a population of 1,500,
and possesses first-class
hotels, opera house, schools,
Number 5
: A'Jm
f , fixity.
£. E. Campbell's Itinerary
E.  E.   Campbell,  of  the   mining-
engineer staff of the   Granby Consolidated returned on Thursday from
a tour of inspection of various properties in the Similkameen and Nicola.
While at Coalmont he   visited the
property of the Columbia Coal   and
Coke  company,    of   which   undertaking  he   was   unbounded   in   his
praise,   both   of   its   working   and
future possibilities.     According   to
Mr. Campbell's statement the latter
company  have  opened   up   a   new
seam    of   exceptionally   fine   coal.
Operations   on  a big  scale   will be
somewhat retarded until the raise of
* 500 feet to the surface is completed,
( the latter being  insisted   on  by the
provincial government authorities in
order   to   provide   a   sufficient supply   of air.     When   Mr.   Campbell
left the new coal town, the railroad
contractors   with   their   outfits  had
just  arrived  and work   on  the line
fto Cold water had commenced.
At,Princeton, he learned that the
Great Northern were constructing
' the long deferred spur to the British
Columbia Portland Cement company's plant, making it possible to
ship in the heavy machinery and
facilitate the establishment of a
[.much wanted and highly remunerative industry.
r Mr. Campbell included in his itinerary a visit to the copper showing
put Aspen Grove, a locality which
claimed his attention for about ten
days. Summit City also received a
call. At the latter place he visited
one of the most promising properties in that camp, and where he was
shown a three-feet lead of silver-
lead, two feet of which would average $100 per ton. There was an
almost superabundance of game in
some of the districts" vi.itecI,by~Mr.~
Campbell, deer and grouse being
very plentiful, while bear were by
no means uncommon.
A Bad Actor
Jas. Hutchinson,  one of the bad
and bum actors in the Uncle Tom's
Cabin troupe, fell  foul of the'police
authorities   last week.    James  will
be   remembered  as   the  gentleman
who drove the   rig  containing the
ferocious    man-eating   bloodhound,
when the company "took in" Phoenix.     Mr. Hutchinson was arrested
in Grand Forks by Geo. Stanfield of
the  provincial  police   and  charged
with being in illegal possession of a
coat.     It was learned from the evidence that the accused dropped off
the train when nearing the Forks—
he said he accidentally fell  off—and
entered the house  of a man named
Lamond  where  he  exchanged   his
own   threadbare   garment   for   owe
much   more   superior   in   style  and
finish.      Judge   Cochrane    sternly
frowned on   the  proceeding and released him on a suspended sentence,
whereupon the erring actor indulged
in a  lively sprint for the 49th parallel of latitude.
B.C. Mining
It is reported that the CP.R. has
secured an option on the Great
Northern Nelson and Rossland lines.
Thoughtful Action
The lesson learned of late years,
sometimes at fearful cost, in regard
to defective exits from schools,
theatres and other public buildings,
has evidently been taken to heart by
the British Columbia Department of
Education, with the result that there
are no better equipped buildings in
this respect than the public schools
of this province. Some-time ago
the attention of the authorities was
drawn to the startling fact that all
the doors of the local school building opened inwards, constituting a
grave danger in the event of panic
caused by fire. The defect, how-,
ever, has been remedied, A. S.
Hood having received instructions
tos,see"that the workwas'done,' commissioned J. Beachey, who carried
out his instructions to the letter. The
expense was all defrayed by the
provincial government.
The Standard minei at Silverton,
is shipping concentrates to Oklahoma.
A notice in the B. C. Gazette
says the office of the gold commissioner and mining recorder for the
Queen Charlotte mining division has
been moved from Jed way to Queen
Charlotte City. A deputy mining
recorder's office is continued at Jed-
With some good specimens of
gold quartz from thc Gold Mountain district, below Fort Gibbon, an
old-timer, named Barrett, is recently reported to have returned to Fairbanks. According to statements he
made it would seem as though the
region down the Yukon would some
day come to the front as a quartz
mining country.
A plant, consisting of a twelve-
horse power boiler, hoist and pump,
has been installed on the Grand
Prize, located several milfes north of
Rossland, by Hugh McQuade and
his son, Ernest McQuade. They
intend to work it for the next two
months. A 6x6 feet shaft has been
sunk to a depth of forty feet and
this is to be further deepened, while
crosscutting and drifting from the
shaft will also be a portion of the
work to be done during the present
season. The ledge is r five and a
half feet wide, and the ore is free
milliner.—Trail News.
Mineral Exhibit at Vancouver
The following description of the
B. C. mineral exhibit at the Vancouver exhibition appeared' in the
columns of the Vancouver Sun:
Housed in the enclosed balcony
on the north side of the main building is the largest and best mineral
exhibit ever shown, in British Columbia.
One trouble that Mr. Brown and
his assistants are having is with
sneak thieves, who lake some of the
smaller specimens of the ores. A
bottle of mercury, the product of
Cunnibar mines, was stolen. This
was the only specimen of refined
quicksilver, and its loss is keenly
One of the most interesting exhibits   and   one   that   predicts   great
possibilities for the northern country
is  the   showing   of anthracite   coal
from the Ground-Hog basin, which
lies between the headquarters of the
Skeena   and    Stikeen    rivers.     Dominion    and    provincial   geologists
agree in declaring the supply of coal
in this  part   of  the   province   to be
almost illimitable.   There is in sight,
enough coal to produce 10,000 tons-
daily for one thousand years.
Another exhibit which is attracting much favorable comment is the
specimens of bituminuous coal from
the mines of the Nicola Coal & Coke
Co. at Merritt. As a coking coal
this is superior to any Canadian
coal, and rivals the famous Connells-
ville (Pa.) coke, which is acclaimed
to be the best smelting coal on the
continent.    The coal from Coalmont
Successful Presbyterian Social,
The   lodgeroom    of the   Miners'.
Union hall was comfortably, filled on
Wednesday evening last, on the occasion of the social given in aid of
the  funds    of the   church  by   the
ladies   of the Presbyterian congregation.    There was   a profusion of
flowers  and   a   marked  absence of
conventional stiffness characterized
the   proceedings   throughout.      Ice
cream and cake was served at numerous   small   tables,  and,  be it recorded,  consumed   in large quantities., ;  The  .proceedings   were'en-
liven'ed by speech, song  and recitation, with a violin solo by T. Silas.
The  others who kindly contributed
towards    the   evening's   entertainment were: Mrs. Jas. Stalker, Mrs.
R.   Lindsay,   J.   Hannam   and   the
little   daughters   of  Mr.   and  Mrs.
Alex.:    McDowall,   while   Mrs.    R.
Richards  rendered   the  accompaniments, i
Pays $200,000 for the Property—
$500,000 for Development.
7 \
Distinguished Visitors
On Monday last, a distinguished
representative of the press drove up
to Phoenix in company with another
prominent Greenwood capitalist.
. With faces wreathed in smiles
they were joyously anticipating a
successful raid upon the resources
of Phoenix. But, alas, not being
able to converse in the inspiring
language of Kossuth, Kosiusco and
Karageorgevitch, their golden'anti-'
cipations failed to materialize, and
one at least of the erstwhile happy
pair, departed down the hill mutter
"A deal has recently been concluded, says the Chase Tribune,!
whereby the English syndicate
which owns the Le"Roi No. 2 and
Van Roi mines in Rossland, has acquired for the sum of $200,000,
extensive deposits of copper on the
north fork of Seymour river, twenty
miles from the Seymour arm of the
Shuswap lake.
"The purchasers will proceed at
once to spend $500,000 in developing the property. A concentrator
will be erected and the concentrates
conveyed by aerial tramway to Seymour Arm, where it will be shipped
to railway by water."
The same papet is also responsible for the following particulars regarding the above transaction,
which to say the least are somewhat extraordinary:
"The 'seam' is from 40 to 300
feet wide and extends for a distance
of 13,500 feet. It will average 5
per cent, copper, and gold 2^_ dollars per ton. Large, bodies of the
ore will yield as high as 80 per cent
copper. Beside this copper 'seam'
there is a seam of galena from two
to eleven feet wide and 6000 feet
long. This second vein is parallel
to the first and a short distance below it.      . . . . It would
ing profanity  in  United -States   accents, and  realizing; in~ appearance, I thus appear   that the  body of ore is
is practically the same as the Nicola 1 our idealization  of Macaulay's New! unlimited.
coal.     This district  is   fast  coming! Zealandei\    '• "   '  -      * '• I     The- report   in  the   Chase, News
Next   time  you 'visit' us, brother! says   nothing * whatever   as    to  the
Bob,   come'heeled,   andjger> posted I presence     of brass-'on   trie* claims^
H. Tilton, of the Granny's .melter
office staff, Grand Forks, has been
transferred to Phoenix.
rf"_ i
- •■■'■■.?,
*':., &
The excitement  over  the discovery of gold-bearing float a few miles
to the' east of   this   town,   has subsided, the   fact   of   the  original discoverers not yet   having established I to the fore,
the lead,   putting   a .damper on the I
search;ii-*'-Numeroiis-*-parties,- visited |j.
the .section    where
picked   up,    and ,the
coverers have been
ing for the vein, but  unsuccessfully
so far.    It seems to be the general
opinion,   however,   that  the  hills in
that section are full   of gold-bearing
strata,   and   that   it   will  only   be a
question of time   until   a big vein of
rich ore is discovered.    In the mean-j
time the government is   the greatest/ Creek,     is
g-ainer    from   the   discovery,, havinfi-jsamples of copper-g-o/d and zinc,   A j tion in  the -evening'.      After  deliver-I the principal   attraction, and was as
to   every man J considerable   body-   of   zinc   ore lias / ;n<r lecture; in  Trail and Cranbrook, J usual up to    the   high   standard that
Ob-1 been    located   and    from     the    high I,she /eaves this province  for Sask.it-   has   always   characterised   the   per-
I grade shown by   the   specimens   on / cheivan,    where   she   continues, her I focmances
exhibition, promises to develop into/series of lectures,
be of
body of exposed ore on the coast
The Britannia mines have also a
good showing of copper ore. Seymour Creek district is represented
by a display of ore from Red Mountain, some 27 miles from Vancouver.
Miss E. Macgregor,
missionary of the Canadian Presbyterian Missionary society, gave an
extremely interesting address at the
King-Strutzel Dance
The King and Strutzel orchestra
dance, on Tuesday evening last,
figured prominently among the entertainments   of  the   past   week, -a
Presbyterian service on Sunday last.
She also visited Greenwood, where/large number of local dancers being-
Vancouver, on Lynn!._. addressed the Sabbath school J present, besides those from outside-
found     some    excellent / fr, ,_ite   afternoon   and the cong-regn-jpoints.        The music, of course,  was t
sold a miner's license
in thc community.-
The B. C.  Mining  and
ing Record
men   financing
Collieries,     Limited,
that   Montreal
Pacific   Coast
should   .have
Fancy Peaches, $1.25
1.00 Crate
of   the    above    artistes.
Dancing continued till   early   morn.
a producing mine   which   will
the   utmost   value   to    North   Vancouver.
Let us have Your order for
for Preserving- NOW   ""•H
fy v
; \
r j ■■•?.■
Cantelopes, Watermelons,
Cucumbers, Cauliflower,
Grapes, Egg Plant, Green
Corn, etc., etc., etc.
<'iven out the grossly false statement that the properties of the Pacific Coast Coal Mines, Ltd., which
the new company proposes to take
over, are "estimated to-; contain
200,000,000 tons of bituminous coal
of which 91,000,000 have been
proved." The management of the
mine have never claimed anything
like such gross exaggeration, and
if Montreal financiers have to resort
to such tall lying and misrepresentation to finance their promotions they
had better stay out of mining and
limit their frenzied finance to something else. The resources of the
Pacific Coast Coal Mines, Co., are
good enough on their merits.
The report of progress in mining
in Hediey camp for the year 1911 is
again practically confined to operations at the Nickel Plate and other
claims of the group owned by thc
Hediey Gold Mining company. The
year has proved to be altogether
the best year in the history of tlie
above mine, and has served to demonstrate that all thc mine wanted
was that development work should
go hand-in-hand with ote extraction.
This new policy of keeping development in advance of ore extraction
has now been iu vogue for two
years, but for four years before that
the operations were confined wholly
to ore extraction, but with 40
stamps to be kept supplied, the
drain upon its resources were such
that few mines in the world could
have stood it.—Government report.
Boundary Ore Tonnages
Following are the returns of the
output of the Granby mines and
smelters for the week ending Aug.
11th, and the B.C. Copper company
for the week ending Aug. 4th, and
vear to date:
Granby 24,667    738,964
Mother Lode   8,280    317,570
Rawhide   6,498    140,305
Napoleon      629        5,1 at
Lone Star  2,022
Others       270       8,67a
Granby 24,605   821,131
B. C. Copper Co... 14.5S0   403.752
B. C. Copper Treatment
The B. C. Columbia company's
smelter treated 14,580 tons of ore
this week, as follows: Mother Lode,
6,341; Rawhide, 7,433; Napoleon,
581; others, 225.
is   reported   on   the
b,   at Green   City,    tlie
of  the  Green   City    Gold
The report states
A new find
Copper King,
Mining company
lh.it a ledge ten to twelve feet wide
has bi'.en encountered. Some tine
copper-yold ore is also being taken
from the St. Louis mine
same camp,
Couldn't Stand the Music
Grasshoppers broke up a band
concert at Atchison, Kansas, last
Thursday. They crawled into some
of the instruments and put thorn out
o( tune so badly that the musicians
could not play.
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Grand Forks Fruit Land
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10 Acres, all under cultivation	
First-class Gilt Edge Investment
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Columbia Lots will Soon Double
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The    fishing is excellent around  Creston.  Phoenix has had no visiting pugs  this summer.  Six thousand Indians will parade  in Calgary, next month.  Coalmont is to have a three days  a week train service.  A regiment of fusileers is to be  formed in Victotia.  Canadium is a very rare metal.  So is gold around Phoenix.  The Bon Accord Fish hatchery,  at Port Mann is soon to be closed.  British Columbia wood pulp will  enter the United States free of duty.  Fake twenty-dollar Dominion bills  are reported to be floating around.  The deer are reported to be very  numerous and tame around Edge-  wood.  Vernon has given a four and a  half acre site for an armoury and  drill hall.  The quarantine on all infectious  diseases has been raised in South  Vancouver. ,  Kamloops, which is supposed to  be in the dry belt, got another soaking last week.  Two fish hogs, of Hope, recently  caught 275 trout in one days' fishing  in the Coquihalla.  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On our way out we have held  allthe sittings necessary, transacted  all the outstanding business, of  wlrich there was no small amount,  and now we have finished at Victoria. This means, therefore, that  we can go straight back to Ottawa  and commence the sittings at the  capital, where important matters  await decision. .  "The one I suppose that is  fraught with the greatest amount of  interest to the west, and British  Columbia particularly, in these days  of her coming greatness, is the  freight rates question. There exists  without, doubt, a discrimination in  thc west. The rates per, ton per  mile for hauling goods are higher  than in the east.  "Why is that? The members of  the railway commission aud myself  have been convinced that it is so,  and   accordingly   we   have   notified  thafduring all these years nations  are able to dwell side by. side with  tremendous military establishments  without Being a prey to undue  anxieties* of immediate attack. None  of these considerations applies to  fleets.  "The fleet which,, was assembled  for the recent manoeuvres was fully  capable of going into action as soon  as the ammunition could be brought  up and put by the side of the guns,  and that is true of all theigreat and  highly efficient navies of the world."  A Federal Minister of Mines  It is considered likely, says a despatch; to the coast papers, that an  additional portfolio will be created  and the west will secure a fourth  minister. It is understood that a  strong influence is being brought  to bear by the mining interests to  have a ministry of mines established. Formerly the department of  mines was under the Minister of  Inland Revenue. Last session this  branch was transferred to the Department of the Interior. How  ever, this is one of the heaviest  departments, as the Minister of the  Interior has under him the Immigration, Lands, Indian and Forestry  departments, as well as mines. It  is now felt that under a full-fledged  minister the mining industry could  be given far more encouragement  than it has received in the past.  British Columbia is particularly  anxious to see a minister of mines  appointed. The names suggested  for the position are: Messrs R. B,  Bennett, Calgary; J. D. Taylor,)  New Westminister; Robert Green,'  the new member to succeed A. S.  Goodeve, and who at one time held  the provincial portfolio of mines in  British Columbia. ��� '  Edison on the British Standard  Modesty  is  an admirable virtue,  says  a  contemporary,   which   may  with   advantage   be   cultivated    by  I nations as well as individuals.  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-Class and Up-To-Date  Hotel in Phoenix. New from cellar  to roof. Best Sample Rooms in the  Boundary, Opposite Great Northern  Depot.      v   v      Modern Bathrooms.  STEAM HEATED.  James Marshall, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.C.  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Mcelroy  SOLE GENTS FOR PRINCETON COAL  Dealer in Lumber, Shingles, Lath  and Cedar Poles.     Stull-Laggan. :  .   First-Class Fir & Tamarac'Wood.      -   ,��-"-.,��,'-  MOVING MACHINERY OUR SPECIALTY  hear arguments in this case, and  unless some action is taken the  hoard .will make an order in this respect."  Asked    as    to    general    developments,   Mr.    Goodeve   said   it    was/  may  latest pronouncement. It is not an  invention this time. He declares  that the British���he calls it English���'  standard of business integrity is. the  If Tired of Wood, try Princeton Coal  Thos- Brown  CleanBinessowr  Watchword  The product of the local dairies.is good, but ours is the best.  Cleanliness is our watchword, and no germ can pass our sentries.  Our poultry department has increased its supply of eggs. Let us  accommodate you. PHONE F 32  The Phoenix Dairy  W. A. 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"Therefore the companies in these  cases will have to account for this  difference and explain it, justifying  the extra charges, if they can," said  thc chairman.  8CE CREAM and  -Not any gelatine, no penvder  no  thickener,  ulterants and cheapei  "It's All Cream .   .  no  smoother, none  oi   these act-  ners in our ice cream.    Wc  receive a new supply every day fresh from  the  dairy     We'll send  it to you any time, in  any  quantity, and the price will nol be  higher  than  you would pay for inferior sorts.  Call today.  KNOB HILL AVENUE  The Difference  When thc Rt.. Hon. Winston  Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty, made his statement a few days  ago in the Imperial House of Commons respecting the struggle for  supremacy at sea, he briefly but  graphically depicted the awful suddenness with which naval warfare  reach its decisive phase.   "There  said Mr. Churchill,  can  are two points,  " in regard to navies and naval  war, which differentiate them from  armies and land war. The first is  the awful suddenness with which  naval warfare can reach its decisive  phase. We sec on the continent of  Europe immense military establishments possessed by nations ranged  on opposite sides of political frontier lines, while they dwell, and have  dwelt for whole generations, in  peace and tranquility.  "But between these armies and  any decisive collision there is an unavoidable period of. delay, which  acts as a great buffer, as a great  cushion of security���I mean the vast  process of mobilization.      Thus it is  physical!}', morally and mentally.  These are grateful words. The only doubt left on the subject is Mr.  Edison's neglect to say how they  stand in relation to his own countrymen. The omission cannot be  due to modesty, because he predicts  that the business men of the United  States will some day show the Germans how to hustle in their own  country. It will be a fine sight.   ��� ���   Sixty   thousand dollars   is  not a  sufficient  inducement   to   the  members of thc board to carve the name  of Andrew Carnegie,  on  the slab of  stone over thc entrance  of a library  in  thc city of Edmonton,   Alberta.  Accordingly they adopted  a resolution at their last executive meeting,  declining  the offer   and   conditions.  Carnegie's  original  offer was based  upon a  population  of about half of  what it  is today.     When  informed  that the   city now  has a population  of 53,383, according to a   civic census completed on July 6th, Carnegie  replied   that  he   felt   compelled   to  take   the   figures  compiled   a  year  ago by the  Dominion enumerators,  and  consequently limited  his grant  to $60,000.      The library board has  recommended   to the commissioners  that they   consider  thc  question   of  submitting a bylaw to the ratepayers  for the   purpose of  raising funds to  construct and equip   the first unit of  a municipal public library.  Iron Beds and Brass  We have just  received  a   new  shipment   of  Iron   and   Brass-  Bedsteads, suitable for Hotel or Boarding House, and every thrifty  housekeeper should examine these goods   before purchasing elsewhere.     The   beds  are  strongly   built, and   beautifully designed.  Ostermoor Mattresses  The Ostermoor Mattress is the old reliable and best  known on the market today. When you once try  an Ostermoor you will never accept  any  substitute.  Grass Chairs, Clothes Hampers  and Paper Baskets.  | G. F. Edwards The Furniture Dealer  I     Meat Market Specialties  FRESH  CHURNED  CREAMERY   BUTTER, 40c. per lb.;  2 lbs. 75c; 141b. Box, $4.90.  FRESH RANCH EGGS, 35c. per dozen  SUGAR CURED HAMS, 25c. per lb.  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J*  i''  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  -     ' MINING REGULATIONS,  I *Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  ^'in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and AI-  *.berta, the Yukon Territory, the North-  : west Territories and in a portion of the  ���Province of British Columbia, may be  pleased for a term of twenty-one years  'at au annual rental of $t an acre. Not  _iuore than 2,560 acres will he leased to  one applicant. " '  ;   Application for a lease must be made  ^by   the   applicant  in   person   to   the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the .district iu  '.which thc rights applied for are situated.  i Iu surveyed territory the land must-  ' be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-  veyed territory the tract applied for  shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  >��� Each application im_t be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will he refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  The pei-bon operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  ���royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being opeiated, such returns should be furnished at least once  . a 3*ear.  k The lease will include the coal mining  ,rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-A gent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���Unauthorized   publication   of  this advertisement will not be paid foi*.  - McCoskrie���Murray  The  residence  of,Mr. and  Mrs.  * ' -a t  Wm. Murray,*on Ironsides avenue,  was the scene of a home wedding,  last Tuesday morning, at eight  o'clock, when the marriage of Harold Reed 'McCoskrie and Kathleen  Clemenzie:Murray' was .solemnized  by the Rev.  J. J. Nixon, pastor of  the  Methodist church.-,  The bride,  looking radiant in  a travelling suit  of cream serge,   was  attended  by  her sister-in-law, Miss Etta Murray,  while Chas. McKay was the groom's  best man.    After a quiet  wedding  breakfast the happy couple boarded  I the Great Northern   train for Spok-|���^LeT^lor  ane, en route to  the coast, visiting I     . .    ,,    ,    . ...     T���  ' *> I    A message received last night by Jas.  on    the   way    the   parents  of  both hlcGvegoVt provincial mine inspector,  the bride and bridegroom. j at present m Phoenix, is to the effect  that W.  S.  Cook and   his   partner,  Mrs.  Pritchai A left on Mpnday for  Spokane.  Mr. and Mrs. J. Waters left on Tuesday for the coast.  Harry Lutz departed for Belgrade.  Montana, on Monday.  Dr. Jones, of Greenwood, was a  visitor in town last week.  Joe. Peterson hoarded the train for  the coast on Monday morning.  Ab. McQueen left on Saturday to  visit his relatives in Vancouver.  Born���At Phoenix,- on August 10, to  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hamiani, a son.  Miss llilla Mattinson was the guest  of Miss Mamie Coutts iu Grand Forks,  recently.  Mrs. W. F. Smith and children left  on Thursday morning for a few days'  visit to Spokane.  I_os_-^Ladies' back comb, between  bake shop and Union hall. Howard on  returning same to Pioneer office.  Messrs. T. and J. Madore, with Ans.  White, left on Saturday for Vancouver to take in tho big exhibition.  For salo���Furnished house and lot;  three rooms, fine stable, chicken house  and fine well.   Apply Pioneer office.  Gordon Ross came up on Friday  from the Napoleon mine, at Republic,  whore he has charge of the cyanide  tanks.  Jas. McGregor, inspector of mines,  was in the camp this week in connection with his usual departmental  duties.  A kodak makes the best diary of a  summer vacation. Take one with you.  Almstrom will show you how to take  pictures.  Mrs. Howard Moore, formerly of  Greenwood, and now of Mullan, Idaho,  is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.  T. Richards.  Methodist Church ��� Sunday school  and Bible class, 2.30 p.m.; evening service, 7.30 p.m. Prayer meeting, Thursday evening, 7.45 p,m.  Presbyterian service will be held on  Sunday evening, at 7.30 p.m., in the  lodgerooni, Miners' Union Hall. A cordial welcome.     J. R, Munro, pastor.  J. Williams, who passes himself off  as a first-class cook, has added to his  many shortcomings that of being a  first-class rogue. He left town this  week and dipped his hospital bill.  Mrs. Roy Patterson, who has heen  staying in Phoenix for the past month,  left on Monday to. join her husband at  Hidden creek, where he is engaged on  the diamond drill staff of Boyles Bros.  The stated services in the Catholic  church are as follows: First and third  Sundays in the month. Mass' at 10  a.m., Sunday School at 2.30 pm.;  Evening Service at 7.30 p.m. Rev.  Father Choinel, pastor.  The Services on Sunday in St. John's  Church are: Holy Communion at 7.30  a.m., Morning Prayer at 10.30, Holy  Communion at 11 a.m., Sunday School  at 2.30 p.m.,   Evening Prayer at 7.30,  A Former City Clerk and Agent  M. M.  Stephens,   of the firm of  M.   M.   Stephens and   company of  Prince Rupert, writes  us from that  city.    Mr. Stephens was many years  a resident  of Phoenix   and  filled at  various times the positions of Great  Northern    agent    and   city   clerk.  Since leaving  Phoenix he has been  continuously a resident of the northern metropolis,  to  which place   he  has pinned his faith! and confidently  expects in  the near future will rival  the great seaports of the Atlantic in  importance.      He avers that no city  in  British   Columbia offers such   a  profitable  fieid for investment, and  in reference to. the . impending sale  of government   town    lots,   which  is   to   take  place within   the   next  thirty  days,   he ^invites  correspondence, and places the services of his  firm   as buying, agents at  the disposal of his Phoenix friends.     Particulars and maps will be furnished  on application.  r  Social Evening  The first of the social evenings  to be given monthly by the local  lodge, Knights of Pythias, took  place on Tuesday evening, the regular business of the order preceeding  the entertainment. About fifty of  the knights and Pythian Sisters,  with a few invited guests- were present. The proceedings took ^.the  form of a short musical program,  followed by a dance, which terminated about 12.40 a.m. Mrs. Chas.  Knight furnished an excellent selection of music, while refreshments,  including ice cream, were served  during the interval.  Progress of .Kettle Valley Line  Construction work on the Kettle  Valley railroad is being actively  carried on at Penticton and Merritt;  at the former place the official news  has been received that the contract  for 57 miles of the line north and  east from Penticton has been award  ed to Messrs. Grant-Smith of Spok  ane and operations are to be commenced immediately. Grading will  begin two miles from * Penticton and  will ,be continued to the east of the  town to Hydraulic Summit, near  Kelowna, where it will join the section already in! course of construction.  Steel has already been laid as far  as Carmi from Midway and construction up the North Fork is under way from the Summit, to which  point it is expected the steel will be  laid this fall.  This week .we received a shipment of a new  make of  Digging* Boots,  specially made for quartz miners-  made by the;��� well-known Amherst Boot & Shoe Co.,  ;���. ;ova'.Scotia: ���';���'.;������,,.'}.-;':  Hot Weather Underwear  Style- Craft 1 Semi-Ready  The special satisfaction in buying clothes here is in knowing in  advance that you're going to get good fabrics, authentic styles,  perfect tailoring and a dollar's worth of value for every dollar you  pay. It's principally a matter of try-on here, a front, side and  back view ih the mirror usually settles the question.      Call today.  SUIT CASES. TRUNKS AND VALISES  NEW GOODS ARRIVING EVERY DAY.  Bdois  N. J. Garson & Co.  BOOKS  AND  STATIONERY  ������^���������������MM___M_________________i____________________n____________________________b  Fancy Goods, Dolls and Toys, Kodak Films and  Supplies, Musical Instruments and Supplies, Newspapers, Mag-azines and Periodicals���School  Sundries.  Wallpaper and Decorative Pictures  Cigars, Tobacco and Smokers' Sundries  Patent Medicines. Toilet Articles.  ��  ���II  'i\Wtm  AL. ALMSTROM  Miss Madge Keating returned to  her home in Rossland last Saturday.  Mineral Act.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  , "Atlantic Fiaction No.  2" Minwal Claim,  Hituate in Greenwood Mining Division of Yale  district.  Whei'c located:���Greenwood Cump.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Donald J. Matheson.  agent for Gtiht. John.on, Jb"ree Miner's Certiii-  cate No. B. U!&!M, intend 60 days from tho date  hereof, to apply to tho Mining Hecordor for a  Certificate of Impiovomentp, for thc purpose  of obtaining a Crown Grant of thc abovo claim.  And fuither take notice that action, undei  section 37, must bo commenced before the issuance of such Ceitificate of Improvements.  Dated thin U3lh clay of July, A.D. 1.12.  D. J. MATHESON, Agent.  OVER 65 YEARS  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights Ac   Ictlyc  Bent free. Oldest ngoncytor SemnSgjpatents"  Patents taken tbrouuU Muni. & Co. receive  ipeclal nottte, without ohonte, to tho  A handsomely aiugtrated weekly.    Largest dr-  ailatlon of any  scientific  journal.    Terms  for  M^lti ye"' P��8ta8e Prepald-   S0U- *  MUNN fcCo.^Broa.^fle-flYorR  Branch Orflco. 625 F St, Washington. D. C.  It>  PRINTING  is our business and 'we are  here to please you. The  111 '    " ���'��� " next time that you  want  any Billheads, Letterheads, Envelopes, Statements, Circulars,  Cards, Dodgers���in fact, anything in PRINTING, phone 14  and we will  sho w y o u  samples : : :  who were overcome with powder gas,  in the Bluebird mine, Kossland, were  recovering from the effects.  Walter Murray, ��of    Trail,   passed  I through Phoenix on his way to Greenwood, to attend the funeral of his  aunt, Mrs. Angus Graham, whose  death took place on Tuesday. Walter  was formerly a resident of Phoenix,  and was with the Wm. Hunter company for some years.  Page Boyles, partner in the diamond  drilling firm of Boyles Bros., of Spokane, arrived in town on Tuesday. Mr.  Boyles recently visited Hidden creek,  where they have four drills in operation. He reports the general scheme  of operations to be making fine progress. All the ex-Phoenicians are well.  The property known as. the Biner  block; best location in town; four suits  of thtee rooms each; well furnished for  housekeeping; all rented.   Lower floor  I can be used for any kind of business;  very cheap, part cash, rest terms; no  encumbrance; clear title; a lifetime  opportunity to right party. See owner on premises.  John Kirkup, government agent of  Kossland, paid Phoenix a visit on  Thursday last. In addition to his  ordinary duties a.s government agent,  Mr. Kirkup holds the office of assessor  and collector of provincial taxes and  is counted one of the most trusted  seivants ot the Crown in British Columbia. Last year he was detached  from his ordinary duties and despatched as a hper-iul commissioner to  the newly-opened territory in the  north, where he organized the provincial police, appointed magistrates, and  generally established the machinery of  government. He is also depicted in  Frederic Remington'*, pictures, which  so ably portray typ_>, and scene, of the  rapidly vanishing wild and woolly  west.  Oriental Immigration  "The more  I  visit  the west,   the  more I am  convinced  of the necessity of enacting-   the   most stringent  legislation against oriental immigration," said the editor of the Toronto  News, in an interview with a Colonist reporter.     "I   am  absolutely in  favor   of any   action, even   if it involves total exclusion,   in  order to  keep   this  a white   man's   country.  It may be said that such legislation  might be  fraught with international  difficulties.     For   that   I   care not,  and I am  convinced that if Canada  were   to put  up a  strong   enough  case, the British government would  see our viewpoint and accede to our  wishes.     We must maintain British  standards  of civilization and those  standards will  be impossible if we  allow our coasts to be invaded by a  people   who  do    not,   and   cannot,  live up to them."  All the Latest News- "  papers, Magazines  i.'nip  DENARY  -AT-  A LIGHT  PALE BEER  Is Splendid for Family Use  Reasonable Prices  For the next 30. days I will give a  l'O.Per Cent Discount  on all work if you bring, this'announcement.  DR. L. S. EASTMAN,  3 and 4 Zeigler Block,  N.E. Corner Riverside and Howard1  SPOKANE, WASH.  si'  -  WOOD  That is thc kind we have  for YOU.  Owen Jones Recovering  The recovery of Owen Jones, a  patient undergoing treatment in the  local hospital for ���tubercular meningitis is something for his friends to wonder at. For about two months he has  been an inmate, and three weeks' of  that time he was practically unconscious. Medical skill is to a certain  extent responsible for his reovery, but  his case is one in which the vital issue  of life and death lay not so much in  the latter as it did in the trained and  skilful attention given him by the  nursing staff of this city's haven of  healing.  Are You Run Down in Health ?  Order a Case or two, and  see  how  rapidly you will  improve.  'PHONE 23  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  LIMITED  RECO STEAM LAUNDRY  Don't worry about your washing,  just send your clothes to the  Laundry. We will wash, starch,  and iron them, and return them  ready for use.  LADTES'   AND   GENTS'   SUITS  CLEANED AND PRESSED.  First-class Fir and Tamarac Wood, $5.00 per cord  Pine Wood,  $4.50 per cord.  Fir and Tamarac, double cut,  per cord, $6.50.  WOOD  DELIVERED  NOTICE.  ON   SHORT  'Phone B32  Gust Johnson  The Phoenix Pioneer is the leading Advertising Medium in the  Boundary.    We guarantee results.  Fire, Life and Accident  Insurance.       General Agents.  Issuer of Marriage Licences  Bank Block, Phoenix, B.C.  A Trial Solicited.  Phone 50.   Dominion Ave.  Dr. de Van's Female Pills  A reliable French regulator; never fails. Thc.o  pills are exceedingly powerful in regulating the  generative portion of tho female system. Refuse  all cheap imitations. Dr. deTw'i are sold at  *5 a hox, or three for $10. Mailedi to any address.  Ht**BoobeU Prog Co., St. Catlwrlne., Ont.  DRAYING  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful attention to all orders.      Phone A65  James G. McKeown  ft?  1  Electric Restorer for Men  PhnQnhnnol restores every nerve in the body  _______E_l_____ltp its proper tension; restores  vim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual  weakness  averted at once.    Fbosptaoool will  make you a new man.   Price *8 a box_or_ wo lor  26.   Mailed to any address.  Tt  Co., St. tfatbarlneo. One.  fbe ScoboU Urajf  *H?.  m  ll  I'M  JrW-  M  W  r��'


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