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The Peninsula Times Sep 27, 1978

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 -JA^z..,.y.^  j y-  JM'  �����?   p '_ ^i"7. ( ' ,.7'_  - - ^ . '^.A < - - - ��� j ������ >���  ; ��� .   KWM^s^s^:wawg^  'I won't sleep easy until that bear is killed  &  Terrifying confrontation  As -winter approaches and the area's  wild berry crop fades, the peninsula's'  bears have lately been making bolder and ,  more frequent forays into populated areas  in search of food.  Local,RCMP have received a greatly  increased number of ,bear reports^ including one from a Gower Point resident  who had five bears foraging around his  home at once.  Times columnist Vern Giesbrecht interviewed the participants in a particularly frightening encounter . with a  black bear which occurred in Gibsons last  week. -  By VERN GIESBRECHT  A three-year-old nanny goat that has  been petted and admired by dozens of  school children was severly mauled by a  black bear on the front lawn of a Gibsons  residence Monday, September 18, and had  to be destroyed. ' '      *  ' The young, but almost full-grown bear,  cattte out of the bush near Bob and Joy  Graham's hobby farm at the northern  outskirts of Gibsons, chased the goat  through the yard and around the house  before pinning it to the.ground at the.  corner of the house, about 3GLmetres from  the highway. \  The bear jvas described by RCMP and  the conservation officer as being unusually  bold and aggressive. It was frightened off  by a Jeep while in the act of killing the  goa|. It returned and was scared away a  second time by two police rifle shots.  RCMP, who passed up a chance to shoot  the bear from about 75 feet, and the conservation officer, who was unavailable on  the day of the attack, say the bear will be;  killed if it is spotted again.  No one was injured in the incident but  Joy Graham, who was home alone when  the bear came out of the bush about 2:30  p.m., slipped as she ran out of the' bear's  path and might have been in danger if the  bear had noticed her as it pursued the goat  through the yard.  The bear's weight was estimated at 200  pounds and its age was thought to be  between 2%/and three years. ';  The incident led toa call for prompter  Serving thg, Sunshine Coast   (Howe SouncJ fo Jervis Inlet)   including Port Mellon   Hopkins Landing   Granthams"Landing   Gibsons   RobertsCreek  W)lson Creek. Selma Park   Sechelt   Halfmoon,Bay   Secret Cove _Pender Hrb . Madeiro Pork   Garden Bay   Irvines Landing   Earls Cove   Egmont  2nd Class Mail  Registration No.  1 TM2  Phone  885-3231  .LARGEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST.  Union <i��ii$stf��r<> Label  16 Pages ��� 20c Copy  Volume 16 ��� No. 43  7��|  *CNA  Wednesday, Sept. 27,1978  and more effective action when dangerous. it in sight until the RCMP came," Norrig    to compensate for the difference. There  bears are seen.  Joy SafcUshe was on the lawn playing  the tune, 'Lull Me So Gently on hert  recorder when she heard a noise.   .  said. "It was just sitting there, waiting for  nje to leave so it could finish the goat.  There was something wrong with that  bear.lt was a rogue bear; deranged or  something; it was just too brave."  Joy comforted Yum-Yum, who was  breathing shallowly, and soon two RCMP  officers arrived, Sgt. Ron Nicholas and  Cpl. Qarry Story.  Alined with .308 rifles; they went after  "I looked up and saw Farrier, out eight-  year-old nanny goat, running towards me.  She stopped and looked at me with scared,'  anxious eyes before heading off to the.  > barn. She and her three-year-old daughter,  Yum-Yum, our milking goat, had been"-     .A     ���A . . . -.   ...    .    _  - tethered in the bush, at the back of the ;���" theibear, accompanied, by Norris.. The  neighbor's property. I recognized that look ^gpagaaHjMHgggBgjg^HBMaHBaaa|  and knew why she'd pulled up her stake. '  Bears...' -       ?,  Joy shut Farrier in the barnyard,!  picked up two garbage can lids to frighten [  the bear and went to look for Yum-Yum. ,  "I remembered that I was alone ahd  there was no one within yelling distance so  I walked hesitantly about 30 paces from  the house, almostto the edge of the bush,'  holding the lids ready to clatter. r  -^My-^uneasiness���turned���to���instant-^]  terror when I saw Yum-Yum running at;:  high speed toward me, closely pursued by;  a very mobile black bear."  As "~she~rarr~from~ their~path,~Joy~  sprawled on the grass and got up to s,ee J  Yum-Yum run to the back corner of the  house. The bear gained on the goat when'  its tether caught on a drainpipe and caught,  the terrified animal at the left front corner  of the building. '  Joy ran into the house, phoned the  RCMP and the nearby Gibsons Animal  Clinic, then watched in horror from the  open kitchen window (the f rrmes had been  removed earlier that day for painting) as  the bear tore at the bleating goat's neck  and face with its teeth.  "I didn't know if I should try to distract  the bear, or what I should throw at him,  but I was fearful for my own safety���so I  piled some chairs into the empty kitchen  window, which was about 12 paces from  the slaughter. It was terrible hearing  Yum-Yum groan for help."  were five feet between the bear aiid the.  bush; if a bullet hit a twig and richotted or  something, then you could have real  problems. With these rifles, if you don't hit  them in a vital spot, they might not drop,  and a wounded bear is a terrible thing."  Another RCMP member later brought  a shotgun, which would have been more  effective in shooting the.bear, but by then  ttie bear had vanished. A patrol on Park  Road and a number of searches in the bush  area behind the Graham property turned  up a few bear tracks but nothing else.  Sgt. Nicholas said if he gets another call  about the same bear, "I'll shoot it, good.  "This bear was different. If I was three  feet from the goat, I .had the feeling it  Following the incident Stephen set a  bear trap a. couple of blocks from the  Graham home and caught a female bear  Saturday.  * ��� tei -   He s&id he thought there was about a 50-  50 chance the captured bear ��� which was  removed from the area ��� was the one that  killed the Graham's goat.  "It was consistent with the description," he said. "The only real disparity  was that it was a sow and had two cubs.  From its behaviour, (the Graham's bear)  appears to me to be a boar.-1 don't think a  sow with two cubs would pull a stunt like  that. But it might."  Speaking of bear problems generally,  Stephen reiterated som��� of the points he  wouldn't have made anydifferencfer-PVe^4113*16^-3 column in_th_e_PenLnsdaJHmes_  never seen a beartakeon a^xaX^cs-Xx^m^isP^^^ --  (Yum-Yum weighed about 160 pounds.) Trapping or killing the bears that  Joy asked the policeman to Jrill Yum- people complain about is only a temporary  Yum, who was too badly hurt'to survive; solutionpfor as long- as there is easily  and when Bob Graham rushed home from accessible food to attract bears, others will  his job at Elphinstone Secondary, ���tfie venture intolnfiaBitated~areas:  Grahams decided to also dispose of "I could exterminate all ttie visible  Farrier, realizing she would be lonely and bears at the dump tomorrow but there are  __frightened and might also be attacked by a many more bears on Elphinstone Moun-  bear. Veterinarian Di^Dennis-Bailey^ave-Hainrbehind-the^  Farrier a lethal dose of anaesthetic and by   come down and replace the ones I shot  YUM-YUM .J . /Tve never seen a  bear attack'*a^oat that size," said  police Sgt iUiiNicholas.  While the bear was mauling the goat,. Road,  bear lumbered off into the bush, but within  15 minutes, it returned, .with blood on its  , muzzle, and lay against a pile of logs, near  the cornfield.  "There was blood on its face and obviously its mind was on goat," Sgt.  Nicholas said.  When the bear got up and moved in  front of a fir tree, Joy and Norris urged the  police to kill the bear but they hesitated,  fearing that a stray or richochetting shot  might strike someone in the nearby bush.  They eventually fired two warning shots as  the bear moved off in the direction of Reed  Bud Norris of Twin Creek Building Sup-,.      "She (Joy) wanted that bear shot right  plies dashed across the lawn in his Jeep, -, now, but I thought the best thing to do was  forcing the bear to retreat. vK to scare it off," Sgt. Nicholas said. "I've _   .  Jforris,���who���helped the  Fish-and^^ne^4ot-^-huntmg-and-IVe-shot-b  the time-theGraham-childrenrShani7-l{  and eight-year-old twins Mark and Robert,  came home from their after-school drama  club at Gibsons Elementary, both goats  had been taken away.  "Shani cried that night," Joy said.  "The children had all just recently learned  to milk Yum-Yum and they had bottle fed  her when she was a baby. Almost every  child in the lower grades at Gibsons  Elementary had been here to see the goats  on field trips and has watched me milk  them."  Joy said she was awake all night'after  the bear incident. "I won't sleep easy until  that bear is killed."  Conservation officer Jamie Stephen,  who searched the bush northeast and east  of the Graham property the day after the  bear attack, said if he gets a call saying a  bear matching its description has been  sighted, he'll attempt to kill it.  "If it's demonstrated aggression, it  Wildlife Branch with beatcontroUast^ear- before, but when you don't know the layout"  SHARRI GRAHAM with Farrier,  who escaped the marauding bear.  This photograph was taken at the  Graham's residence about three  years ago.  but was not armed on this occasion, "had  been notified by Sheila Kitson of the  Animal clinic.  "I got out and walked to within 20 feet of  the bear, keeping my distance but keeping  and you don't know who's in the bush; you  have to be very careful.  "The rifles we had were set for 100  yards or more and we were at a much  closer range, maybe 75 feet, so we'd have  The bear was .probably a "habitual  scrounger" that grew up near the garbage  dump (about Vk miles from the Graham  farm) and wandered off to find food  nearby, when the garbage was covered  over with dirt.  ^eftmi^m^t^ffee^lumpsjs good  ��� I have no complaint with that ^ but I  think we should have an incinerator and  fencing aroundihe~area~to keep~the bears  from scrounging for food there."  The bear that attacked the goat was not  the first one to visit the Graham farm; A  cub nibbled the toes off several rabbits and  rummaged through a compost heap in  May of this year and an adult bear tried to  climb over a fence to get at some sheep  last spring, before being scared off by fhe  RCMP. But the most recent, and most -  serious, incident, hasupset the family, Joy  Gralfam in particular.  She feels there should be more than one  conservation officer to cover the Sechelt  Peninsula, that the government should  train volunteers to back-up the conservation pfficej; ui__case__of emergency,.,  that expert "trackers" should be available  for special duty (provincial predator  control officer Jack Lay has retired and  ns^js^ently^hasjirotrl^^  * that RCMP should be equipped with  proper bear-hunting guns, especially in the  spring And iall.  "Does one of my children have to be  killed before we get some quick action?"  ������. she asked. ��� :~���~-'<         -:~-"  ......... *...  ��.���..-.>..-.-.-���..  ���.���������...���.........���.���.���.���...���.���������.  �����:���:�����:-��  >:���:���:���:���:���:���:���:���  SWftWSSW:  ��*:���:*:*:*:���  $8&��^^  B.C. Jpydro announced last week that a  corridor-proposal for the entire Cheekye to  pujispiuir 500 KV transmission line i$  expected to be made public "about the endv  of October." ,.  The proposal will be made as an addendum to the second volume of a consultant's environmental and route location,  study, which also will be released at that  time.  In addition to tti^ above reports,  prepared by Beak Consultants of Vancouver, Hydro will relcjase a report it has  prepared on the future power need of  Vancouver Island and the various supply  alternatives studied, i ,  The latter study was ordered by the  .B.C. Energy Comnjilssion, one of two  provincial agencies which must approve  the Cheekye project.       ,  son gives  justice a helping hand  |\ u  ,��'�����'  You might say that tho father is the  stick and tho son is the carrot.  Judge J.S.P. Johnson, tho father, might  not say it that way. Nor perhaps would Stu  Johnson, the son.  Rut when tho judge has finished  dispensing justice, lt often falls to tho son  to:wtfttat.it:l��tomj^^  Stu Johnson Is working under the court  probation officers ln Sechelt and Powell  River, supervising community work  projects ordered by Judge Johnson.   i:  The proyinclally funded program is  designed to help relieve tho probation  officers' workload, but Stu sees ttie job as  someUiing more than.work supervision.  "Tho kids especially often need  somebody to talk to. They can't talk to the  police; they can't talk /to tho probation  officer because usually thoy see him as  anothor kind of cop, and a lot of times tho  way their family situations are they can't  tajk to,thcirspnrente cither.  "It really helps them sometimes Just  sitting down and having a cup of coffee and  talking for ii while after you've worked for  an hour or two.",  The grant for the program expires thla  spring, but Stu says that It has been proven  /mfflclently valuable thnt he expects It to  y^nthe meantlmr^h^  WiNuking for BOTttti "Volunteer afislstynco.  His work schedule allows him to bo in tho  Sechelt area only oho week a month, and  volunteer supervisors aro needed par-  The second volume of the Beak report  involves the portion of the transmission  line between Cape Cockburn, on Nelson  Island at the north end of the Sechelt  Peninsula, and Dunsmuir Substation near  Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island.  The first volume, of the study, dealing  with the mainland portion of the proposed  corridor from Cheekye Substation, near  Squamish to Cape Cockburn, was released  last November.  The Hydro announcement confirms a  September 6 Times story In which company spokesman Dave Robertson  predicted that the report would bo  released "In a couple of months."  Robertson also said at that time It was  his understanding that "tho ultimate route  Is not going to be the one shown In the  report." Tho Hydro announcement makes  no reference to any such conflict with the  cpnsulta,nta�� recommendation.  Nor docs U)o announcement state  ���See Pngc A-3  Peninsula mail  STUJOHNSON  tlcularly to work the Juveniles for a few  hours a week.  He's also looking for suggestions for  , Wprttiwh'iejpnMnunlty.work -."anything,  from yardwork to cutting wood to cleaning  up beaches." The main prerequisite for  such projects Is that they, should bo  beneficial to the community. He stresses  that they aro not Intended to be a source of  free labor for prlvato businesses.  *:^ ai?  supmlaors-nlwho liavo suggestions for  work projects may contact: Stu Johnson  through tho probation offlco ln Secholt,  885-3274.! ��� i  moving despite  postal strikes  It's "business as usual" regarding mall  service on the peninsula, despite a series  of Canada-wide rotating strikes, according  to Secholt Postmaster Gordon Sangster.  Tho strikes by Uio 10,000-membor  Utter Carriers Union of Canada continued  this week aa settlement talks resumed.  Sangster said, however, that peninsula  postal workers belong to tho Canadian  .Postmasters'and Assistants Association  and wiU be "taking; no job actlorj agaln&t  XCUC strikes."  "There aro five unions ln the post office, but the CPAA will not be honoring the  LCUC walkouts," he said. "CUPW  (Canadian Union of Postal Workers) will  honor tho strike ,w  " - "Actuallr we're *thlnk|n(?"of r%m\tia  another ono called HELP," Joked  gangster.   -.- ,,  Although local matt will move as usual,  ���rSeo Page A-3  NKXl' MONDAY is ttibod Donor4 Day' President* fillllo "sVeel6^^15horlotto "support^bTo oho^a^ drive between tho  in Sechelt, sponsored by St. Mary's   Raines, president of tho  Roberts   hours of 3 p.m. and fl p.m,' Tim  Hospital and the arcing hospital ,-Crook  Auxiliary,   urged  evoryono, particularly aro interested In ,M  .auxiliaries.    Socholt    Auxiliary   between tho ages of 18 and 05 to   trading young donors this your.        ,  -i* "i  SM��ts>��"i(^-ie��is ����������  ��-, It  (��*��%!iy��Wfiil  ��� ��"*^��*  V  a��% ints-iw��� *p*p*ii"'>-��*��**  hi-Wo   -s��l SiKi-. >t* ir��wM��*i!��  ift$^ii��!ta'p��i*��?W��^^  ^*">*"  I '  i, ., I   '
/     'I
— ■1 : -J
Page A-2
The Peninsula Times
Wednesday, Sept. 27,1978
Dennis Fitzgerald, Editor
A free pm$ is fhe unsleeping guardian of
.  every other right that free men prize."
,   , — Winston Churchill
Rcterefffioii facts
Another meeting? Not another
With the schools, volunteer groups,
clubs and sports organizations
reviving from the summer doldrums,'
there hardly ever seems to be an
unhurried dinner these days. Time to
go \. I'll do the-dishes later.-
But bestir yourself for one more
gathering. The public recreation
discussion at the Sechelt Senior
Citizens Hall at 7:30 p.m.,tonight —
and the subsequent ones planned for
Gibsons and Madeira Park — offer
the best opportunity for you to get the
facts and figures on the pending
referendum directly from the folks
who know.
Too many people have written off
the proposal for emotional reasons
without taking a close look at the
individual proposals and at the
alternatives if the referendum is
rejected; It may be that the package,
which was designed to have
something for everybody, doesn't
have enough for most of us.
But a lot of time and energy has
gone into assembling the proposal and
for about $15 a year, the average
property owner will be supporting
some worthy undertakings.
Make up your own mind, but take
the time to find out what you're voting
on. Plan ta, attend one of the three
discussion meetings on the recreation
At the risk of belaboring the. issue, I
want to comment on two aspects of ttie.
"bear problem'HJiat were brought into
focus by last Monday's incident in Gibsons*
A brazen black bear comes out of the
bush, chases a goat around a house and
attacks it on the front lawn, a couple of
yards from the house. The RCMP are
summoned and try to reach the conservation officer but he's not available so
two members grab their rifles and answer
the call for help. When they arrive, the
bear has been driven off by a jeep but it's
still in the area.-They follow it into the
bush, retreat, and a short while later, the
bear returns, blood on its face, obviously
hoping to finish the kill.
After lolling on a pile of lumber, the
bear gets up and stands in front of a fir
tree. To the woman whosje-'goat was attacked, and to the man wljojg^e the bear
away initially "with his truck, xfie bear
seems to offer a perfect target. They urge
the policemen to shoot
on money
Editor, The Times:
One or two-comments on money. Mr.
Bennett tells us there will be rate cuts by
Hydro, because he is giving Hydro $60
million. Sounds good, but let me point out
that Hydro is in debt to that amount on
 busing., ^Therefore, _the  government is
Ibne cent to turn back/in rate cuts.    -
It all depends which side of the mouth
the words come out; we are left or he is
right. I believe we are left as we have been
for three years. Time to gain.
The other item is the dollar exchange.
The American dollar is around 85 cents,
and the Canadian dollar is around 85 cents
to the American dollar, not to 100. Our
value truly, but never mentioned is 85 per
cent of 85 cents which equals .7225. When
you stop thinking that our dollar is 85 per
1 cent' of 100 and realize it is only 72.25 percent it, gives one a real jolt. It's high time
we got some folks in Ottawa that will do
some thinking about it. I would call it an all
time low. ^
Keith Comyn
'    Halfmoon Bay.
Can't support
Editor, The Times?"" * *~" '
Once again "recreation" for the Sunshine Coast has been brought to the
forefront  with  the'recent  proposal
By Vem Giesbrecht
servation 'department  on  the  Sechelt
Peninsula. Obviously, he can't be on duty
" around the clock, nor can he sit in his office
all day waiting for the phone to ring.
"If I'm on my day off and I'm behind
Thormanby Island, say, and no one knows
where I am, obviously I can't be contacted," he says.
"Even if he had been in his office in
Sechelt, it would be 20 minutes before he
could get to the scene, and by then the bear
might have been gone," Sgt. Nicholas
Some people feel he should wear a
"beeper" wherever he" goes, thereby
putting himself continuously, on call,"
"Stephen won't say that he's overworked or _
that his one-man department is understaffed but this seems to be the case. ,
When he isn't able to deal with matters
under his jurisdiction, "the police are
pretty helpful in providing back-up," he
says." -      --"-"  -- ---■
It's no secret that bears abound on the'
Sunshine„ Coast  and  that  human, en-
AFTER ONLY a two-week orien- arrived in Gibsons September 23 and December 10 for a similar cultural
tation ^ession on Saltspring Island, were welcomed to the community by emersion program.  Saturday,   the
the Canadian and Indonesian par- Aid. Ted Hume and Chamber of -young people met their billets and
ticipants of Canada World Youth have Commerce President Jon McRae. celebrated the birthday of one of the
established friendships that transcend The young people will live and work participants; singing happy birthday
cultural barriers. The group of seven within the community for 10 weeks in twoianguages.
Canadians and seven  Indonesians before   heading   for   Indonesia
Beachcombers series is economic
■but will it continue?
—The Beachcombers-have .folded their
tents and dispersed for another year.
  Actually it wasn't directly as a result of the
«)»•****» MMWMMIiMII
kill or shoot to frighten away? Whatif the
bullets ricochet into the bush and hit
someone? What if the bear is wounded but
not brought down? Are there children's
voices coming from the bush? s-'
They want to be very sure before ttiey
shoot. A shotgun would be a better weapon
in this situation. The man in the jeep, an
experienced hunter, offers to get his 20
guage shotgun, to lend it to the police or to
shoot the bear himself. At one point there's
talk of him taking one of the policeman's
guns and firing at the bear.
The policemen decide eventually to fire
two warning shots. Later, a shotgun is
"broughttoihemrbut -by-thaB'ime the'-bear-
is1 gone. Searches that day and the next
turn up a few bear tracics but no bear.
I'm not a huiiter, I didn't see the bear
and I'm not about to second guess the
people who were faced with the decision.
The point is, the dilemma they faced will
probably arise again and again as bears
'grovf accustomed to humans and move
into inhabited areas in search of food.
"It's a touchy issue, all right," says
Sgt. Roil Nicholas, who decided td fire
warning shots instead of aiming to kill the
bear. "You're' damned If you do (shoot
bears) and you're damned If you don't."
He says the RCMP "have authority to
shoot but if we don't exercise due
caution...we have the liability, too."
"If there was fl criminal ouf there who
was endangering human lives,
Justification (for shooting) would not be an
Issue, but with bears, It's different."
Bear complaints are common ln the
Gibsons area, he says, and most of them
can bo handled without shooting.
Bud Norris, the man in tho jeep,
probably would havo shot tho bear if he
liad been armed but ho says, "I'm not
criticizing tho pollco; lt wns a professional
Judgment on their part."
If the bear had been wounded, Norris
dog Shllo, a wolf-husky cross, treed the
bear and "killed It before It harmed a kid."
Tho RCMP became Involved In the boar
Incident In tlio first place because tho
conservation officer could not bo reached,
nnd that brings up tho second aspect of tho
"bear problem."
 Jumlo Stephen ...runs., a. one-man con-
Published Wednesdays nl Seehell
on U.d.'^Sunshlnc Coitsl
,   The PonliiMiln Times
nt Secholt, ll.C. *
1 Box ^10 — Scclivll, B.C.
'    'VON M0
.'     Phono H8&323I,
creatures are common. When as many as
17 bears are spotted at one time''at a
garbage dump a few miles from the
Gibsons business district, it's obvious that
we're going to keep running into bears.
So far, the bears have refrained from
attacking humans, but I wonder how long
We'll continue to, be so fortunate, and
whether we're prepared to deal with these
attacks, if they occur,
reduced by a month, because of preemptions CBC had a number of shows in
hand arid so arranged to use the crew on
some shows being filmed in Vancouver
starting in September. That these shows
did not in fact materialize has little to do
with the price of eggs — though it does
explain why freelancers generally ask a
higher price for their skills to coyer the
insecurity of employment in the industry.
Trustees are committed to
Following is a copy of a letter sent to
Mrs. Tina Meyer, Madeira Park.
Dear Mrs. Meyer:
Thank you for your letter of September
13,1978 and,the interest you display Jn.the
hiring practices of the Board of trustees of
the Society, ,        , .
Working within a very limited budget, the
Board of Trustees are charged with the
responsibility of providing the best
possible medical service for the community.   ■ .;.  ■
The Board of Trustees are«committed
to this goal
Thoy are determined to mako our clinic
the best of its kind in British Columbia.;
To accomplish this the Board of
Trustees must hire the most qualified and
experienced staff that their budget will
To permit other considerations to Influence tholr decision in this respect would
bo to abandon their responsibility.
Our medical receptionist nbt only must
bo qualified in typing, record keeping and
general* office routine but also must liavo
an intimate knowledge; of the proper
handling of medical file's. She must have,
an understanding of laboratory techniques
and to assist in them where required. She:
must have experience in '.collating...the.
material from laboratory and other tests
with other information contained in the
medical file.
The medical file is the centre of the
system. ,
The medical staff depend upon it to give
proper treatment to the patient.
Our medical receptionist is extremely
well trained and has a wide experience in
this work.
To suggest that this knowledge can be
picked up within a short time Is not true.
Thank you again for your interest, we
will be looking forward to your joining the
Society and actively assisting us in
providing a first class clinic for the peoplo
of tho Pender Harbour and Egmont
J.H. Tyner, President,
Pendor Harbour and District;
Health Centre Society.:
Ratepayers oppose Cooper's
Green road transferal
Ollko Iu>urst#t30fl.rrn
, ' lo 5 »*ni,vTii'iJfc?Siu^:^*M.„
« .       •,' - *■■•    „ "-'■''"*»v.i.' f*iirt;,.,
Silbu'ilpiloii toiler (In iuIviidcu)
.l.ooiil, .17 peivyuur. Ueyonii.15 miles, $H
U.S.A., $10, OvcrscasSl I.    ' A
Editor, flie Times:
Following. Is n copy of n letter went to
Alex V. Fraser, Minister of Highways nnd
Public Works, Victoria.,
Dear Mr, Fraser,   i
Rood' Allowance nt Cooper's Groon,
* At tho annual gonorul meeting of this
association hold on September 18, thoro
. W«s tHflSMMl wi about. the road, allowance
on tho south sldo of Cooper's Groon.
Though this was part of Uio original road
through Redrooffs nnd had been n rightof
way for many years, it was closed by a
Gazette notice dated Juno 15 this youivgur
Our meeting '."'unanimously passed a
resolution that you be requested to re-open
this rond, hnd wo would earnestly urgo you
to glvo this matter your careful consideration.      , .    ,  /*
The launching ramp ut Cooper's beach
However there is no doubt that the Beachcombers haying pulled out a month early
has been noticed by the merchants in the
Spencer Phillips, the location manager,
and Bob Akester, Unit Manager to get a
breakdown of the actual amount CBC
brings into the community while Beachcombers are filming, because it would
have been too time consuming to separate
the figures out. Bob, who handles the day
to day expenditures and who is especially
interested in accounting procedures, has a
number of-ideas for-organizing the data in
a-computer so that specific information
can be retrieved for comparison and other
purposes. • "
In the meantime, a ballpark figure can
be estimated. The Beachcomber crew W
...not counting theactors^consists-of.some:.
27 people, most of whom rent accomodation for the six month season or
have bought property here and all of whom
receive a living allowance. Most shows
require out of town extras and a director
Who are commissioned for a particular
episode and who stay overnight or for
several nights in motel rooms and of
course everyone eats. Then there are the
materials needed for-props, anything from
a boat or car to a pair of socks, sometimes
rented often bought; their transportation,
by boat or plane, servicing of vehicles and
equipment, gasoline, families which move
up for tho summer, and always a number
of Jobs for local people, traffic control,
stand-ins, extras etc. AH In all It probably
amounts to something In excess of $20,000
per week.
Inevitably It seems when governments
make wholesale cutbacks In spending, lt is
t|ie little guy who feels -the pinch.
Hopefully because the Beachcombers is a
popular jprogrammo In many countries
around the world, presently being seen ln
Austria, Wost Germany; Britain,
Australia, Nqw Zealand, Malaysia, Japan
und Jamaica, Its overseas sales making lt
f self supporting, It* will not be a victim of
next So^dite'progrl^
Hugh Sponcer-Phllllps, known usually
os HSP, not to bo confused with Executive
Producer Hugh Board, or more simply as
"hyphen", ls responsible for the smooth
running of tho day to doy activities. If
there Is a major hold up for someun-
forsoon reason, It's Hugh who will bo
trying to salvage time and therefore
money, roorgiyilzlng tho schedule to make
the most efficient uso of personnel and
equipment. .
Tho final film script is then divided Into
Its smallest  components,   episode  by
presented for referendum in November.
This proposal seems.to be off to a very
negative start judging from last week's
referendum failure' and perhaps it should
There are many reasons why this
referendum may fail other than those
mentioned by the Recreation Chairman
and these" reasons probably vary according to where you live. We'd like to
support the Gibsons Pool in Area F but not
at the expense of jeopardizing present and
future recreation. If this referendum were
to pass we would be tieing ourselves down
for 12 years recreationwise. All that is
offered the people of Area F is the 28-acrie
Soames HUI which we- "are present
paying slightly more than Vi mill for now,
far less than this referendum will be.
It is a known fact that neither pools or
arenas can break even on operating costs
which is why most communities operate
these facilities througMaxationv^PorthSIf
facilities-to-be'considered a 'detriment to
the public' is ludicrous. Pools and arenas
can be assets to a community for several
reasons.and not the least to be considered
is healthful recreation.
why do we need another hall at Roberts
Creek when the local schools are being
altered to allow joint use of school
facilities at a present cost to the taxpayers
of approximately Vi mill? Arelibraries noi
being supported by the'Regional District
now? Are not some of the other projects so
narrow in scope that they only meet ttie
needs of a very small minority?
Why should we at. one end of the
peninsula support a facility at the other
end and vice-versa? Curling rinks' are
usually self-supporting and pur Gibsons
Curling Club is a prime example, so why
should we subsidize curling at Sechelt?
It's more like creatingan_edif ice frorrra"
pack of cards thanputtihg a jigsaw puzzle
together, because if one piece comes
unstuck for any number of perfectly
Jegitimate_reasons,-such~as-a-change. in _
weather conditions, a missed ferry connection or an unscheduled gravel barge
unloading at the wharf, the whole structure may be in jeopardy.
While one might expect filming to be
developed around Bruno Gerussi, the star
of the show, as the_storiesJare, it is the
other way around. Bruno lives up here and
has a season contract for the series. The
people whom Hugh cannot^afford to have
standing around or coming back for
another day's shooting are the visiting
actors who are called in for a day or two of
Concentrated work. It's better to have the
traffic crew on deck an hour early than
•have.ahold up^vhich might-result in-those--;Why-should-an.extension-berdon0.at-the
visiting actors having to stay over an extra   Sechelt Arena when this facility will never
There are some challenging situations
in August when the Vancouver actor
Jackson Davies who plays an RCMP officer in the Beachcombers had also to be '
on stage each night at the Playhouse when
the play "Same Time Next Year" was held"
over. " -":" .,,
■ \
Because time Is such a vital factor in
budgeting for a series such as the Beachcombers, the simpler scripts using a
minimum of actors are filmed early In the
season so that hopefully by the last month
a surplus has been carefully hoarded and
the more complex and challenging scripts
can be done. Scripts which for example
require a small zoo as well as extra
characters as In the case of the stolen
be fully utilized by the residents of the
Sunshine Coast due to its location?
I, who have wholeheartedly supported
recreation in the past, cannot support this
proposal, I urge the Regional Board to stop
this referendum now and save the taxpayers time and money. The most logical
step forward in my estimation would be for
the Regional Board to allow 'specific area'
referendums in which each area would
support the project of their choice. Several
areas could combine forces on a larger
project, and with that in mind perhaps it
would make sense to turn over the present
Sechelt arena to the curlers and hold a
'specific area* vote for an arena facility
and playing fields at Roberts Creek whoro
we wanted them In the first place!
v.,;        ~    ~~ (Mrs. Nancy L. Douglas
Is tho only ono avallablo to ttMTwbUc^^'-^l^i§tf]ini^i.TJf wook Moro work
'Halfmoon Bay area and accoss to It is  """"    "   "   ' ''
becoming Over moro difficult with tho
steady growth of population and tho In-
creased number of boot owners. Tlio only
other rpqd giving access to the boat
launching romp Is steep arid extremely
dangerous for the typo of two-wuy traffic It
starts, IfugliTugglos those units. Each is
written on a strip of hoavy paper about ono
inchwlde by.19 inches long with tho details
of nctors, oqulpmont, props, locution, time
of day, Udo requirements If it's on the
water, otc, Thoso breakdown sheets fit Into
u caso coiled tho strip .board and are
"rKanlzcd^shufflcd anf reshuffledJailt
Is nt present having to curry, nnd the re-
„,„     ,  — , -ffl...      .opening of tho' roud Jn question would ease i# the sw filming days to nuiko tho most _
trnnflforQnhls section of rood to any In-   traffic system, \ frame, avoiding"tlio'iraSbS^ty-'ro'lMiikQ■ttri ^--"^'-■■r:''-*"^^
dividual because wo consldor It Vital to tho Area 'B' Ratepayers' AssocluUon, oxtra trip out to Hermit, Island or hrtve L
|doVolopmont of Rodroofs as n park and     ,-       " X\"       ' , "'     Mary Tinkley; expensive extras standing  around  or     , M
Secretary staying another night. '^
tourist aroa,
■ Urn. ,   1  I  '1
flfl    " «TV "    V*
I   '   ,
» *
iciUDlVtlf       W ittW-    ft*
B»»f*Wi*!''>>l # *>"» #*».»»!«'
,       /    1
»>      -/
R'J«SiaHH3F*^pS»1l1^»NM«'»   I
N#".M*H»l4-*     m,    a-1 ■**•#<** *»    f f
"-""■■' v
1 1
, 1      nt X..  \  ^<A  mj&  p^OR&'!ABOUTi.;;^:;i  :7-0*��ti^^  'iSa^^terl'S^^/lwa1 ::^flces:;phaye;v;po||  c^bibver io^iiiS^iii^^^^i^^^lii^  M ���iwS!vi^!^tsp:(iJcess; it;^;hc(said.#||  'k"^^n^^:sa.ysyf^ p;:s^eS:shouW|^Veg  s^thit!ttie store does all its brderiri-�� by  computer. "All it will mean is that I won't  have to pay my bills as soon," said  Hagedorn, .;      .       \   '  -_ ;Shop-Easy owner Dick Clayton said the  story also does off-peninsula ordering by  computer o^t>y telephone. "It's not going  to have much of an affect on us at all."  A spokesman from Sears in Sechelt said  that store will modify its ordering policy  for the duration of the strikes'. "We've  been told not to put any orders in the mail  - they might get stuck somwehere," she  said.  Orders will be given to the freight truck  drivers when they are on the peninsula  delivering merchandise. Payments for  Sears accounts can be dropped^ all local  outlets to be put on the truck.  "Things may take longer, but it's not  really going to bother us," said the  spokesman.  The LCUC is striking over a demand for  an additional 19-cent salary increase "as  part of the cost-of-living formula, over and  above 46 cents already agreed to by the  government. *}��  The government has taken ttie position  that it cannot afford the additional money  because of spending restraints':  Wednesday, Sept. 27,1978  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3  >.���  i.  *<A'"XX.  NOW  50 months  warranty  mt��mm^ii,utiimmmri><'i��  THE LADIES Auxiliary to the Royal took an oath pledging assistance to  Canadian Legion Br. 219 received the men of Br. 219 in their work of  mmm-     ���                       _j.   their charter from Zone Represent- helping veterans and their families m  Cheekye repOti   ����^��l^tav^ ademocraticmannerandwithoutthe  1  MORE ABOUT  STONEWORK-  Stone facing - Fireplace  & Chimney Repairs  call ANDY 886-2821  -Ji'rom Page A-l  whether further public discussions of the  proposed route will be called. Earlier this  month, Robertson told the Times the  public would be given a chance to "provide  input" following release of the report, but  added, "I don't know exactly what form  -that-wili take." -  Copies of the Beak report and the  . Vancouver Island power study' will be sent  to local and regional officials,, libraries  and interest groups,  Meanwhile, Beak will begin site-  specific, second-stage studies of the  project, including detailed investigation of  potential environmental and social impacts identified in-the first-stage of the  "_studyrThefirmwiil-also-submitproposals_  for mitigating adverse impacts.  The CheekyenDunsmuir line will consist  ~of~two-5(^li^ircuitsreaeh-with-a-total���|  length of about 160 kilometres (99 miles),  including submarine cable sections.  ceremony September 16. The women   interference of political affiliations.  KV^SW-***-^*'��**�����*��*�����*' >  { ������*r.-rrf*#afMl,     -   yv   n-ww   ..-.-.���   -.���      -   -~ - ���  TOSHIBA  Toshiba's most popular  14" TV. Features  new reliable chassis, ABC, AET, and ��ATV  ' ionnector, with a quick warm-up cathode  that brings picture'and sound in seconds.  /The sleek sculptron  swivel  base allows  viewing from any angle.-In ivory, red or  harvest gold. ,_ ^_  Reg. $569.00  Now  *499  REWARD  -1  For informe#ion leading to conviction of the perspn or persons  responsible for wilful damage at our Gray Creek Dry-Land sorting  ground^ on the Sept. 2nd-4th, 1978 Labour Day weekend.  JACKSON BROS! LOGGING CO. LTD.  885-2228  ��,))  J&C ELECTRONICS  r  Radio Hiaek  authorized Sales Centre  CowrieSt., Sechelt, B.C.    Box 1208  885-2568  We Service What We Sell  1*H  MMIII11IM  ���-���JTfcijjfaft, *J***v  ^^���yyXX^y  \' ' V'/>.,,..w rri  ' -���';^vr'-^^%��r;p^  "***<^^^  ^~��^^-^  THAT'S RIGHT  From October 2nd-7th  Aqua Rest Waterbeds will be  in the Sunnycrest Mall with a  beautiful display of some of  the finest waterbeds available.  A qualified representative -r-  will be on hand to provide  you with sales service and  information.  TxrTMmm^  ">m^WMmm  '���>v?!fi-Tw$fm  DE  HOURS OF DISPLAY  --October 2nd-7th 78  Mon.-Thurs., 0 anvG pm  Friday, 9 am-9 pm  Saturday; B'mm#im~  chargex  VISA  f  mnstor ohnrgo  0^O IVI3FII1�� -mmWm     iW^J  (across from Dave Buck Ford)  \ -,  I  -^  ���p-^-  I 1  V  i^M^mtmm^W<^^n-i^^i^4��^^imi^ %(u  "'  -��<     ** *  .<   4  ^Sftfflfc *  V.i  I"   ' J  _ I  Page A-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, Septr27r1978  Sechelt notes  Red letter-day-  _ , biy Peggy Connor, 885:9347  Happenings~arovnd-Jh& harbour- ^  Anderson Creek  By Doris Edwardson, 883-2308. tf JtX_\_\  v*3g&  &-  50 i^je  ' The Department of Fisheries is going to  improve the Anderson Creek spawning  area for Coho and Chum salmon starting  approximately September 25. In addition  to this, spawning area there will be a  wildlife park built around it for the use of  the general public where they will be able  to observe/the spawning cycle of the  salmon. The land for this project has been  donated by Wilf Harper.  BIRTHDAYS  - There are a lot of people in the Harbour  born under, the sign of Libra. Violet Evans  and Dave Pritchard, Madeira Park, were  . both born on the same day and are the  same age. September 23 is their day. Ann  Frie'san, Earls Cove, and Marilyn Clayton,  Garden Bay, also celebrated September  -23. Frank Parker and Marie Cadenhead,  September 25 and Wilf Harper, September  t26t"��� '"'"  PENDER  -BAND  HARBOtJR   COMMUNITY  The PH Community Band starts Sep-  , tember 28 at 7:30 p.m. at the Elementary-  __ School in Madeira Park. Anyone wishing  to join, please come. Bring your in-.  struments. Phone 883-9211.  PENDER   HARBOUR   COMMUNITY  CHOIR  The Pender Harbour Community Choir  starts October 3 at 7:30 p.m. at the  Elementary School. Anyone wishing to  ^oinJs-weleome?=Phone-aB3-92lHoF=more=  information.  THANKSGIVING BINGO  The PH Community Club will be having  a Thanksgiving Bingo on Thursday, October 5. Doors open at 7 p.m. Cards $5 for  three and extra ones are $1 each. Jackpot  $500 plus a turkey. Games $10 plus a $15  turkey voucher. Four door prizes.-  HEALTH CLINIC AUXILIARY  The^Bender Harbour Health Clinic  Auxiliary will hold a meeting qn Sep-  dance. Robbi.and her'troupe received  hearty applause.  During the evening a Texps Mickey was  raffled and won by Gall Ralston. The  proceeds from this raffle went to the  dancers. Jane McOuat, Garden Bay, is the  only PHV Firefighter, so she was given the  honor of drawing the winning ticket. It was  Ethel Plante's sixth time as door lady at  these dinner dances.'  One of the PHV firemen is retiring as he  -is being transferred to Caldwell Island. He  is Dan Iwasiuk, a government scaler. The  PHV firemen presented him with, a tiny  gold fire hat with No. 1 on it. As he and his  wife will be the only ones "on Caldwell  Island,, this will make him No. 1 fire chief  there. Tom Spooner of the Gibsons  Forestry crew said he will move him there  on some unsealed logs as they can't afford  _aJbarge.J?looiL prizes jwereLsa|et^_Ughtj_  automatic coffee maker and a smoke  detector. The Whiskey Jacks played their  usual lively music and kept everyone up  dancing. The proceeds from this dance*go  to the PHF display on Halloween night for  the children.  LIONS CLUB  The PH Lions Club Oktoberfest will be  held on Saturday, October 7, with music by  the Tuxedo Function, the band that was at  lasf yclar's Oktoberfest and New Year's  Dance. Doors will open at 8 p.m., tickets  $7.50 eacLThe band is happy to play here  ���~a^!Bi^^y13re^ipe"&gaiBiHiWf^r  Tickets available from Lions Club  members.  ,BAZAAR AT LEGION HALL  The LA to Br. 112 of the RC Legion are  having a bazaar Saturday, September 30,  at 2 p.m. in the Legion HaU. There will he  home baking, sewing, white elephant  sales, plants and flowers. A grocery  hamper will be raffled and there are two  good prizes for the main raffle, an  automatic 12-cup coffer maker and a hair  Mark October 2, Monday, on your  calendar as the day you may give blood.  The Red Cross Blood Donors Clinic  .sponsored by-the Auxiliaries to St. Mary's  Hospital will start at 3 p.m. and end at 8  p.m. at the Hospital.  ��� ���  START OFF) PARTY  Friday, September 29, at 7:30  start off party for the Sechelt At  mdrry-go-round bridge tournament.  Everybody welcome. Phone 885-2840 for  info.  MOSSMAN NOW 102  Looking half his years, Gerald  Mossman enjoyed the beautiful birthday  cake provided in his honor by the Roberts  Creek Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital.  The actual xlate is September 29 when  his 102nd year is official. At such time  family members will make that a special  day for him..  The party was held, Friday, September  22 at the cafeteria. In St. Mary's. The  musical prpgram consisted of Walter  James singing four solos, plus a duet with  Alice Horsman who also sang two  delightful solos both accompanied by  Bunny Shupe on the piano. Bunny had  brought along some community song  sheets and the room rang with *the old  favorites, "Clementine", "Pack up your  Troubles" and'many more.   Auxih^..members.sharing jn the fun  were Bunny Shupe, Bill and Pauline Lamb"  and Madeline Grose.    MAYNARD DUBOIS  ,-  Maynard Dubois was a pioneer in the  Collingwood district of Vancouver but a  -large part-of-hislife -was-spent in the  Pender Harbour,  Halfmoon  Bay  and  "Sechelt area. He passed away last week-,  returning to his' last resting place at  -Pender Harbour.  JEMS BRYNELSEN  ��� Jens-was-so happy to be living in  Sechelt having just moved there a few  months ago. Then a month ago, almost to  the day he suffered a heart seizure, he  passed away in St. Mary's Hospital at 81.  He had much to tell of the early days  from 1914, when he first came to the  7 Peninsula from his native Norway. A  beautiful person, good and kind.  LADY LIONS AND CNIB \  This is the 60th anniversary for-the  Lady Lions organization, and in  recognition.of the occasion they're trying  to make it a bigger and better year for  others. ���&   October 16-21^ they will be canvassing  for the Canadian National Institute for the  Blind. Carrifen McKinney is the chairman  for the drive. There will be a related poster  contest for school stujdents from October 2  Ito 11 with judging by members of the  Sunshine Coast Arts Council.  Pastor Joshua Kamya  "THE UGANDA STORY"  Sunday, October 8th  .   , 11:00 a.m. & 7:00 p.m.  GLAD TIDINGS TABERNACLE  Use Times' Adbriefs"id Sell, Rent Buy, Swap etc.  KX3W30tXX363WXX3t����X>CXK300t30Q  ALL FORMER BROWNIES, GUIDES, RANGERS,  LEADERS AND LA MEMBERS  GUIDING REUNION  SEPTEMBER 30,1978-2-8 P.M.  CAMP OLAVE, I0DE HALL  ^   Come and join In tho fun I BRING A PICNIC LUNCH  For more information call  883-2597, 886-9379,885-3657  .._ Lillian Peters, activity aide, had had  the cafeteria decorated in a- festive  manner and had helped the patients to get*'  decked out in their best-party clothes.  Patient Lou Pierce looking especially  fetching. - "    '   '  Gerald drew his first breath in  Yorkshire, England, in 1876 coming to  Canada in 1906. What a life time of living  this man has experienced.  ^JOBS,DAUGHIERS =  Pitch-loTT  Keep  Dfili/h Columbia  Beautiful-���.y  Sdchelt Barber Shop  UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT  asof Oct. 1st, 1978  MAC & SUNNI'S HAIR BOUTIQUE  New Hours: Monday-Thursday & Saturday, 9 am-6 pm  Fridays only: 9 am>9 pm  Specializing in Regular Cuts & Shags & Modern Styles for Men & Women  ;���   ALL WELCOME "-���������.    '-'-       . LOCATED NEXT TO COAST CABLE VISION IN SECHELT  tember26at7i30p.mratthe clii^^^^  Lowe will be showing slides, of Mexico. > wfll be serV��* with a tea pnze also to be  Ladies and gentlemen^ wishing to join the  Auxiliary are very welcome. ,    .,"   ;   '  HOSPITAL  _.rJ_tr.y^.}J.,  >*>  Bev Divall is in Shaughnessey Hospital  in Vancouver and is in.Satisfactory condition, after having arf^tfus kidney stone  Operation. April Edwardson was in St.  Mary's Hospital where she had her tonsils  removed.  ���,' '������%���%��� . XA'k-  BEARS ARE COMING CLOSER  Heard that the Headwater Marina in  Pender Harbour has been plagued by  bears knocking over boxes and garbage  cans.        ._;__;_'  ANNIVERSARY  Sarah and Bill Silvey of Egmont  celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary  on September 23. Congratulations 1  DINNER & DANCE  TO REMEMBER  The PH Volunteer Firemen's Ball was a  tremendous succesg. Many hours of work  had been spettf*3w^ratlng the hall. The  ceiling was a show piece with streamers of  every color extending from wall to wall.  The blue lights which shone through this  made them look like rainbows. A delicious  dinner of salad, baron of beef and dessert  was served. The firemen cooked the dinner  and their wives had mbde about seven  different kinds of pies.  Later there was a dance display floor  show by Robbi Peters Arobi Dance  Troupe. Dancers were: Shirley Vader,  Wendy Skapski, Elsa Mercer and^Julie  Klatchcn. The first dance was the  "Firemen's Special" with the girls  dressed as firemen. Two other dances  were the Charleston and their Harem  drawn.  OUR GOOD OLD  >BUT(DHER;-BQY- ���    ... ;,v r^  rWeUT^olksrif^ou-wEmt-the-goqd^otd-  The Jobs Daughters planned a fashion  Show for Oct. 2, but have had to change the  date to November" 6'in order to bring you  the very latest in fashions. The very up to  date fashions in clothing will be provided  by Campbells and will be presented in the  Trail Bay Mall 8 p.m. Monday, November  6. Watch for the tickets when they come on  sale, as there is a keen interest already  being shown. Besides the fashions, other  entertainment is on the program.  The Jobs Daughters aid many wor-  thwhile-charities~sucft~as���Cancer-  Research Centre, leukemia in children,  Sunny Hill the Childrens- Hospital. The  Grand, Guardian special money raiser is  yrwedtbfa  ^mEftGATO  ���-  A GOOD INVESTMENT  COMPANY  J.W. (Jim) BUDD  885-3397 _'.  Specializing ,  ���Retirement-  in   Annuities   and  -Income-P-lannihg-  Maclntosh  APPLES  39  Cello  Medium  POTATOES  $119  ONIONS  10 lbs.  US No. 1  No. 1  11  HOLIDAY MARKET  Madeira Park  AT  883-2524  meat you used to eat and maybe a steak or  two, yeu will have to go to Winfield, B.C.  That's where Heather and Ken Urquhart  live now, on Wood Lake. Ken is in charge  of the meat dept. in the IGA store there. It  seems Heather has turned farmer as they  have chickens and a big garden with more  pumpkins than they know what to do with.  JTREWOOD  Leon Cooleyhas firewood available and  Is taking orders how.       '  Our new "Cups "and Saucers;- Coffee  Mugs and Beakers are now on display.  Corne in and make your .choice now. Don't  wait too long! ��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt.'  'JMi ;''goi^^wanfeffieMulhulland!*heel chair,  J"ilFcHair that grows vnttnheuserT  It is a wonderful training girls 11-18  receive in Job's Daughters, learning the  responsibilites���of���being��� young - adults,-  running their own meetings according to  Roberts Rules. Information on their work  may be obtained from Honored Queen Kim  bryson or Mrs. Lori Bryson, Bethel  Giiartdian at 885-3638,  RECREATION 1MEETING  To answer, your questions oh the  Recreation for the Regional Districts1  referendum coming up November r18,-a-  public meeting is being held tonight,,  Wednesday, September 27, Senior Citizens  Hall, Sechelt 7:30 p.m.  .>.&'���  for November 30th Occupancy  LOCATION: Wharf Street,  Sechelt���Across from the  Sechelt Legion  - (.0-0 ���  I  <f(- 48- 0"-5>  Corporation of the Village of Sechelt  \  ���s(tt(^)lt��##��^�����*WfiW)-h��  On September 30th at 10:00 A.M. In the Municipal Hall, the following  properties will be offered for sale, if the delinquent taxes plus Interest  are not paid. 7...        /  \ x   . i  p . .,  (1) Lot 25, of Block 9r District Lot 304, Plan 12056,  on Osprey Street;  (2) Lot 7, of Block A, District Ut 1509, Plan 15276,   on Lookout Avenue;        - -   (3) Lot 3, District Lot 1509, Plan 14072,  on  PAVED  PARKING  -FULLY  LANDSCAPED  -ARCHITECT  DESIGNED  by Kevin Ryan  -FULLSPAN  TRUSS  CONSTRUCTION  LU ���  5*5  m  <���r-*-r-HI ��. '  r,-T"  to  V-v  I  X,  GROUND FLOOR  ���Kanteh  '). i',  & Prime Off ice Space  of Any Size  :i.  for  Information  885-9979  (days)  \MU,W��,'WM '-taw iv^fn^mm^m^m.jm.^ ,   ,  Village Clerk  ifj'ti 'J  ���  _ttw,ttf}i?��v*i^^  ' - - iyy*~m*..*y''-.' )t ," p.wii i.mi  ., ^r.��^S!:^iu^.i,r\>'r,'.r:y^ '.r.v'y'':;':-���Hi'"^kfi^lTAC- ���. W*  ���^ivsftjsp-t-n.^-B  pp- I -��v;  ,'t     . .   ,       "'   ...,   '     "      ''  ��ff.;.-U"T"'^'')<��)IW^ .  *M'p#>%t��Ai#^  fmtla,*.,. ���UMLfMl  �����1>-��J.,    .t,   iatK'\     ,   i  ���yt*Wt-*'f":i"''  Sft^pts^t^Hfi-^T^r^^Ki&ft^W^tteBMlF     *^T1 BM  ^a-e>>2��    **w��m,if ���HH-^cvr.**  -its f j��*r  M  (* Wi"*-*** C*i-i"'*^ltu    -t��*�� ��!���*'*-��  ��- f i��prfn��w��W"f�� �����* *��� -B"5  m nt,&    mfrp- Ei-FM-a  -  y*I IT1" ���|<i��*^,*^*'M��-*"l^Tf  -,,��#-wiMr;N��|i,'*v*"M (v*tV^<C-*'  !��� h    ir^'iii^  ���<* Sufi    Str  Bl,W^-pp*a*B*��V* m  1 ll » \
Wednesday, Sept. 27.1978  PaeeA-5
Women's Centre
may close
recently landed in his chicken yard
Pallant exariiines an ,-eagle which—and-beeame entangled in the wire.
help comes soon
A meeting to decide the fate or future of
the Women's Centre in Roberts Creek will
be held Monday, October 2, at 7:30 p.m.
The drop-in centre is presently closed
due to a lack bf volunteers. The Women's
Centre exists as a comfortable meeting
space. It has a large collection of^in-^
formation and alternatives on file and has
' about 200 womeh's books -"in the'lending -
library. >-./', ^
Unless more volunteers are found, the *
centre may be closed permanently. Any
women who are interested in becoming
involved or who have ideas to share are .
invited to the centre Monday night.
The Creek runoff
Writer featured
By Annie Dempster, 885-3326
The Vancouver Sun's, leisure section
will be presenting a feature article on local
author and poet, Hubert Evans in one of
the upcoming issues. Hubert has been a
resident "of the Creek for some 50 years
having built the house he lives in, in 1927.
He and his wife raised their family here.
He made his living as a fiction writer for
^forty or-fifty yearsr-You'lH ind^some-of—Make's" one Tvisl
Roberts Creek Elementary will have the
outstanding opportunity to visit the King
Tut Exhibition on October 23, in Seattle.
On the same trip; they will take a ride on
the monorail, visit the Seattle Science
Centre, tour the underground city-and tour
the Boeing 747 Centre. ~~~~~"~~
What a fantastic field trip this will be.
Half moon Bay happenings -       _
Feathered intruder
By Mary Tinkley, 885-9479
but one of its names Tyill certainly be a
Tahitian one, because nine months ago,
Dennis and Jane were spending Christmas
in Tahiti.
On Saturday, September 30^ Jack
-Temple -Jr.' will'wed his'COUSifiTKelly'
Anderson, in a family wedding at New
Westminster. Kelly's bridesmaid will be
her sister, Pam Anderson, and best man
-will-be Dgve Jones^	
-A;reminderihat-tomorrow(Thursday) Jack-and- Dorothy -Temple -were-ih
An eagle landed in Bill Pallant's
chicken yard at Halfmoon Bay. recently
and became entangled in the wife netting.
One of the Pallant's neighbours, wearing a
pair of heavy ,work gloves, managed to
disentangle the bird which was quite
unharmedrand Bill held it aloft so that it-
could try its wings, an excellent opportunity to get the picture which appears
iSTtKs~]page: ^"
at the Welcome Beach Hall at 7:30 p.m. the
first film show of the sea'son will be on
British Columbia and will include a film
depicting the Sunshine Coast.
The first whist night of the season will
be Saturday, September 30, instead of
-October 7, due to Thanksgiving weekend.
Following whist nights will be the first
Saturday of each month.
On September 20, Peggy Connor was
hostess at a tea in honour of the birthday of
her mother, Mrs. Mary Walker. Though
Mary lives right next door to the Connors
,and looks in to see her daughter quite
frequently, she had no idea of wfiat was
being cooked up for her. When the guests
started to arrive, she was taken completely by surprise and only a wizard like
Peggy could have produced a beautiful
birthday cake as well as a number of other
goodies without her actions being
discovered^ "
»_ Granddaughter Margaret Connor
hurried home from school in time to light
the candles and help cut the cake.
Squamish last week to attend a shower for
Kelly at the home of her parents, Doug and.
Esther Anderson. Kelly was completely,
surprised for she thought she and Jack Jr.
were on their way to Squamish for the
weekend to give her Dad a hand with a
building project. She received many lovely
gifts. Among the guests were her two
sisters, Pam and Cindy. All the members
of the Anderson family are well known in
Redrooffs for they have spent*their
summer vacations at the Temple home for
many years^
^Rflby Warne was accompanied by Ed
Edmunds when she spent two weeks in
Nanaimo visiting her sister, Micky Hills.
Upon their return, Ed slipped on a rock at
the back of his house and had a bad fall,
fracturing his skull. He is now resting
comfortably in St.,Mary's Hospital,
making a good recovery.
Most of us have a horror of telephone-
calls during the small hours of the night,
 but Richard and Lillian Birk pf Southwood
were bubbling with excitement when their
telephone awoke them from a deep sleep at
1:30 a.m. last Friday. It was their son
Dennis in Seattle, breaking the news that
they were grandparents. His wife Jahe had
given birth to a seven pound four dunce
baby just after midnight. Dennis and Jane
only recently returned from three years
cruising the Pacific in their Tahiti ketch
'Takuli'. They have not yet decided upon a
name for the new member of the family,
"  Ralph^Mahar and Pat Murphy who
were, appo&tgjl to represent, tlaUii^oon
Bay in preparing an official settlement
_plan-.:for'Area _"B'V:called a meeting of"
Halfmoon Bay residents at the Fire Hall on
September 22 to find out what they wanted
for the future of their community. There
was a good attendance, a gratifying,
amount of interest and plenty of lively
discussion. For the benefit of residents
who had not attended the public meeting
on September 3, the two representatives
outlined the plan and its major objectives.
- Discussion was directed under four
/headings, Social, Economic, Environmental and Land Use, and the
following were some of the suggestons put
forward by individuals,
"Our "Beef" this week comes from
outside the Halfmoon Bay area, but we are
certainly sympathetic because it concerns .-
a subject about which we were doing some
beefing a few months ago.
Ed and Joan Marion of Sandy Hook
complain bitterly that though cablevision
extends from coast to coast across Canada
".and even serves the far north, they who
live within a few miles of Sechelt cannot
enjoy the service. The residents of
Tuwanek and Sandy Hook, being
surrounded by mountains, are in a particularly poor reception area fortelevision
and can get no channel worth watching.
That one or two areas be set aside for
playgrounds, that camp grounds be made
- available for tourists-andthat-moreboat-
mooring and boat launching facilities be
provided. One suggestion was that the
" wharf should be operated and mamtajned
by the Regional District and that a charge
be made for parking:
That the tourist trade be encouraged by
more picnic sites, better parking facilities
and by stressing the importance of fishing.
That commercial zones be limited.
That no access be allowed to water
sheds ahd that sani-dumps be provided for
campers. One resident suggested that an
area be set aside for a bird sanctuary and
that erosion be controlled where possible
by judicious use of culverts^and ditching.
That lots be a minimum of half an acre
and that specific areas be set aside for
— green - belts v There - was - considerable -
discussion about parking alongside the
roads and a suggestion was made that
accesS'joads, where possible,-should have
parking areas to facilitate access for the
his poems in the book,' "Remembering
Roberts Creek." Although time has robbed
Hubert of most of his eyesight, it has not
taken his ability to write. He's still very
busy at his typewriter.
The Regional Board is once again
sponsoring a recreation and fitness service
here on the Peninsula. Donna and Gary
Koop from Roberts Creek-are part of the"
group putting this service together. Donna
is to be commended for her method of
finding out what people would like to have
as part of this service. She has personally
contacted more -than- 50 people by
telephone—-      ——^--:—~r——--— ,
The service will kick off with blood tests
and fitne'ss testing on Wednesday, Sep1--
tember 27, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the
Pender Harbour Medical Clinic. On
Thursday, September 28, they will set up in ,
the Sechelt Mall from 10 a:m. to 4 p.m.
Friday, 'September 29, they will be. at the
Gibsons Mall from 10 a.m. to" 4 p.m'. ~
Everyone' is asked to participate in this
important sgrvfce.'--- "
, Donna is trying to get a ladies'soccer
club organized, so if1 you-are-interested
^^eBw'acall"at885:5226rAlso in theplanT"
is a jogging group that would work
towards keeping your weight in check. It
-wouldn't necessarily mean that you would
need to jog with the group, but it might
give you the incentive to get out there and
participate if you have thought about
jogging but just never got around to it. It's
much more fun to do these things with
other people who have the same goais in
mind. . .
i Gary Koop is trying to get a Polar Bear
Club started. If-you are brave enough to
participate in this venture, meet at the
Roberts Creek Wharf on Saturday, September 30 at 11 a.m.
If you have an idea you would like to see
as part of the service, give Donna or Gary
a call. They will be delighted to hear from
you. These programs can be successful
only if there"is enough interest shown in
The grade six and seven students from
child once
again. Bet there will be no problems
getting people to go along_to_s_upervise.
■ * " m "^*i*>*rii*i*imrifinfi. ,m
St. Bartholomew's
Anglican Church [Gibsons]
'October 1st, 1978,5:30 pm
$3.50 Adults ■
$1.50 Children under 12 yrs.
Parents & Children - Family Unit
Maximum $10.00
for information
Sunshine Coast Regional District'.
Court of Revision
Take notice that the Sunshine Coast Regional District Court of
Revision will sit on the following date in the Board Room of the
Disrict Office, Wharf Street. Sechelt(B,C:
Monday, October 2,1978 — 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
to hear any complaints and correct and revise the 1978 S.C.R.D.
Electoral List.   -      .       . 7 t
Copies of the J 978 List*of Electors covering Electoral Area "A", "B",
"C", "D", "E", and "F" of the Sunshine Coast Regional District will be
posted upon the Public Notice Board in the Regional District Office
and at all post offices and community halls on September 20, 1978.
(Mrs.) A.G. Pressley
In discussing the need for public roads
to be upgraded, Frank Jorgensen
suggested that public roads should be 66
feet wide, not necessarily all to . be
blacktopped but to give ample room for the
installation of'utilities such as water and
power. Another suggestion was that the
upper highway, from Brooks Road to
Trout Lake Road might be rezoned
commercial for future development.
The representatives plan to call
another meeting later when they hope
Director Ed Nicholson and Planner Robyn
Addison will be on hand.
During the current interruption of postal sorvlcos, spoclal procedures are in
effect for the distribution'of unemployment insuranco cheques and the
collection of claimant's bi-weekly report cards.
Starting on MONDAY, OCT. 2, UI claimants living In the communities and
postal districts listed bolow will pick up their unemployment Insurance!
cheques and deposit their report cards at the CANADA EMPLOYMENT CENTRE,
Ploaso road the following Instructions carefully and RETAIN THIS ADVERTISEMENT for future reforonce. Following those procedure* will make a
ma|or contribution to orderly cheque distribution.
wi*ti Ww imMtf** h i-n J (.' U&t >& -^
• You MUST present your social Insurance card PLUS one othor Item
of personal Identification to pick up your cheque.
• Pooplo picking up cheques for claimant* on sickness or maternity
benefit MUST have a lottor of authorization signed and dated by the
claimant. The lottor MUST Include the claimant's SIN numbor. The
person picking up the cheque must have periQnal identification. *..
• The SECHELT Canada Employment Contre will bo opon from 8:30
a.m. to 4j30 p.m, Monday to Friday for the distribution of cheques.
• Tho day claimants will pick up their cheques is determined by the
last digit In tho Social Insurance (SIN) Numbor.
i / i . ■
.... i
"Tltf*tf&h-6Mr$INW^^  """*
Those whose SIN onds In "2" or "3" will pick up cheques Tuesday,
"Thoso whoso SIN onds In "4" or "9" will pick up.cheques Wednesday.
Thoso whoso SIN onds In "6" or "7!' will pick up cheques Thursday.
Tho*a whoso SIN onds In "8" or "9" will pick up choquos Friday.
*  ■» I.    11-   hi      I'     It-'
• Oo not mall claimant* bl-wkly rmport card.. Dmllvmr thmm to th* SKCHKLT Canada
pioyment Centra.    ." - ■ ■■■^■-  ■•-'	
;lt   .-.fc'V^'.f      «,;,,«>«*-■ I". *,f»mi,',
' ' ' I        \"       '   '
■ ', '«<K
I     "
Grading & Gravel Curbs
• Soil Cement •Drainage Roads
• Industrial Sites •Parking Areas
Tennis Courts •Driveways
'Tor Free Estimates Call Jack Kerr"
^ North Vancouver Office — Zenith 2628
B.C. Road
the introduction of the
products to our store by passing on
Super Yarn
4 oz. ball
$^ AO
0 oz, ball     \J w**r s
on Cone Wools Elastic
Flannelette & Cord Remnants    \
W'(.'(..| 0(J(i  (Jy-f   lOf'. t..,t1h.
M.'V/ilU-l   Ot.tiis   H,    (Milk     '
Gall Supplies H X.
Mot <> V.Vff'itfd
oil   I   2 ni ico
^^1 *   immS ^mmi ^^T J^4     il
Ml,      * m -
Sunnycrest Mali,
■»-■-.••"• *-*»('..y...
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' t^^r'-'iK "
i   mq-*, -a ftlswf » ~v™*™w-.
ua^wmiei-t** t5»«*j**ii«(»j-Bi9B> *j«*r**
OW nftfMMllrfiWtfM-- **#« #•
f  • '  ■
•     .     I
I    1     : I
'I     * I
1 f ������ .*���  -X-  .1.7  " /  r'r.  ��� i  ZL1  *%HJ.W��=*^<^-**W(J)��!��VI(WAfr-i [i  Page A-6       "   The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, Sept. 27,1978  On the rocks  ��� by Pat Edwards  That season is here again, and if the  response to the skating dance is any indication, the Gibsons Winter Club is off to a  fine start.  The curling season opens on October 14 ���  Garden Comer  By Guy Symonds  The last "Corner" discussed an article  borrowed from a publication called._i3fee_  Handbook of Gardening^, published by the  Brooklyn-Botanic-Garden; deding-with  planning a garden.  V(ith a green bonspiel on Saturday evening  and league curling begins oh October 16  Beginners are especially welcome. Rinks  in the green 'spiel musl have at least one,    gardener s reasons. First, work  bufrpreferably two peopterwhirhave never ,. land^^owtfl^owiraswserthi  provide privacy, but it should also provide  afeeling of spaciousness. It should be part  of the house plan with its own "windows"  and-^rooms"���Begintlie planting atftie-  boundaries of the property, making quite  Aj*obbery^  in Sechelt  Sechelt RCMP report that a jrobbery  wfth violence occurred at a Sechelt Indian  Reserve residence September .16. Three  persons stole $50 in cash from Ed Jeffries  Sr. No charges-hav&-as-y_et_been laid and  police are still investigating the incident.  -Vandals-nsnrashed-ihe-windows, of a  /pick-up truck parked on the powerline  e-subject was choseirfornrcouplerof���sw^-^here-is^^ewrtorpreservritrlf���nearTfall "Ave. September!?;   on the   there is no view try to make one. ^-vith a       Randy Smith of Gibsons left the vehicle-  ita that-ieads���fee^e-to-something   aTthe powerline after being involved jna_  curled, so come out and enjoy the. fun.  Instruction will be.offered on Saturday  afternoon before the 'spiel for those who  haven't been bitten by the curling bug, and  old-timers are invited to come out tr.  limber up.  Skps are' reminded ^of-the important  meeting on October 3 to discuss new, rules  and club rules. It is important that skips  attend or have their thirds represent them.  Skaters are currently" enjoying the use  of the club, and skating will continue until  September 30. Phone Gus at the rink, 886-  7512, if you would like to rent the ice for a  private skating party.  If you haven't registered yet, please do  so this week. Drawmaster Larry Boyd is  anxious to get the rinks lined up as soon as  "possible. Extra registration forms are  available at the rink, so drive up on that  nice new blacktop and pick yours up today! And don't forget the early bird draw  for those who pay their fees in full before  October 3L     - : ._.  ;     . ;������,  And here's a word from Bernip and the  Senior Curlers: ���7    \  Frojn the interest shown already, it  looks like a great year for the seniors.  ^There=will-be-a-meeting-oii-TuesdayrOc--  tober 3, at 1:30p.m. at the club to talk-over  plans ahd make up rinks for the coming  season. All past, present and future senior  curlers are welcome to meet in the lounge.  iEor-further_information_call-Bernie  laying down a carpet to preserve as much '  as possible the good things in the earth and  the land in good heart for the next Spring  pleasing if only a picturesquely branched  tree.    _ ,     '  Lines and forms can either please or  miracle. So there is time to plan. The 'other   annoy. A single globe-shaped shrub is  reason is that planning lifts the heart with  the contemplation of the perpetuating life  cycle of which the f armei%nd the gardner  are of all people^thrrrflSrconscious.  We advised ��� simplicity as the  prerequisite to any planting. The  . recommendation was to mpke one picture  at a time and we go on from there to the  necessity to look to the future in the'growth  pattern of, the 'plants and shrubs we  propose to use. Here the advice is to ignore  the-"bargains" in .favour of selective^  buying for a purpose bearing in mind the  years ahead. Just as kittens inevitably  grow into cats, so the appealing young  trees grow into big ones with all that  means in the way of demands on the  usually a disturbing factor and so isj a row  of pyramidal conifers though one of these  allowed to develop naturally is an  exaltation. If the area is large enough a  group or grove of these has an even  greater inspiring effect.  Certainly a garden is the individual's  -business designed for .personal pleasure  and enjoyment, - and the principle of  "chacun a son gout" is the deciding verdict. It leads sometimes, to what some  others might regard as weird. An example  comes to mind when a couple of years ago  this gardener visited once more the  Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.  As always the beauty of the place was  almost overwhelming. It was while  Parker at 886-9664 or the Winter Club and.  speak to Gus. Talk it up among your  friends and get everybody out pn October  3.  OPEN for LUNCH   11:30 am-2 pm      '  Best Hamburgers on tho Sunshine Coast  CHINESE SMORGASBORD  EVERY EVENING  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  GIBSONS  886-S015  available light, air and water. As the man   standing aw.estnjck.in front of a huge  ...m-        ��� planting'of flowering shrubs that a fellow  visitor called excitedly to her friend to.  come-and look.- When she did, the-lady,  apparently oblivious to the effect of the  massed colour so beautifully blended,  pointed ~ delightedly to a concrete  mushroom set inconspicuously: among the  shrubs with the exclamation���isn'UhaUhe  cutest thing you ever saw?"  There was nothing wrong with,having  that little.mushroom in that particular  place, it was quite effective if only as a foil  to the"colour"arourid itrBut tosingleitour  for comment, which was her privilege,,  certainly emphasized the difference in,  temperament that a - garden can  accommodate. Generally speaking, the  littering of a garden ��� particularly a.  small one ��� with assorted ducks, gnomes,  windmills ��� and mushrooms ��� tends to  destroy the peace that is the garden's  greatest gift.  Plan, so as to eliminate as much  drudgery or even work as possible. Some  people are simply slaves to the garden  which can become a burden instead of a  pleasure. Generally speaking, better a  charming patio than a dishevelled estate.  It might be born in mind that shrubs take-  JheTeasLamQuntof attention and annuals  says there is no sense in planting a vine or  some such because it is cheap or was a  gift, if it turns out that it hides and spoils  something attractive in the way of'architecture.  Part of the function of the garden is to \  Christian Science  "The wisdom that is from above is first  pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to  be intreatecLiull of-mercy and good fruits,  without     partiality,     and    without  ' hypocrisy." (James 3:17).  The problems facing the world today  make great demands on .wisdoifirpatience  and understanding.  "The notion that animal natures can  possibly, give force to character is too  absurd for consideration, when we  remember that "through spiritual  ascendency our Lord and Master healed  the sick, raised the dead, and commanded  even the winds and waves to obey him.  Grace and Truth are potent beyond all  other means and methods." (Science and  Health with Key to the Scriptures, by  Mary Baker Eddy).  minor accident.. He returned from  reporting the accident to Sechelt RCMP to  find that his truck had been vandalized.  Police report the attempted arson of the  .community hall on the Sechelt Indian  Reserve; The fire department was called  on September 21 and the blaze was extinguished before any damage was done.  Radial snow tires were stolen from a  shed on Rendez-vous Rd. in Madeira Park  September 18. The tires were valued at  $245.    ��� X     ���     .  'A battery was stolen from a boat in  Madeira Park also on September 18. The  battery'is worth $65.  Police report a break-in at a home  under construction in Sechelt. Nothing is.  reported missing.  The Garden Bay Hotel was broken into  September 22. Police say entry was gained  through a back window and that a quantity  of liquor was stolen.  Sechelt RCMP remind motorists that  the speed limit oh Highway 101 near Davis  Bay- has. been changed from 50- to- 60  kilometres per hour for the off season.  .GIBSONS  _,    _r.   _  A break and entry was reported September 21 at a Soames Point residence. It  asTindetermined-whetheranything-had-  been stolen.  On the same day, three other break,  entry and thefts, were reported.  __ A small silver jewelry box and contents  of uSdeterminedT value were taken from a  Redd Road residence.  Charges were pending against a  juvenile for a break and entry of a home at  Crucil and Highway 101.  A liquid air regulator system and  cutting torch valued"at $350 weres stolen  from a residence on Stewart Road.  Also on September 21, two cars parked  at the Gibsons Legion were broken into  and $75 worth of fishing equipment stolen  from one.  A .308 Savage 99E rifle with 4X power  scope and two boxes of .30-.30 shells. Were  reported stolen September 20 from a motor  vehicle on Highwa^ 101 in the Gibsons  area..  Modern, 5 storeyl first class motor hotel. Good location��� 1 block from  J'jeach.JEngIish_Bay_and-Stanlev-Parkrnear-downtoSmT"sh"oppinjrwithiq]2_  blocks. 125 attractively appointed air-conditioned rooms, studios, efficiency'"  units and suites ��� each with private bath, color TV and phone. Dining  Room and Coffee Shop. Lounge with entertainment. Sample and Meeting  Rooms. Drive-in lobby and free parking.  ^       '   ~l7b5 Davie Street, Vancouver V61�� IWb. Rhone: h04^682-1831 cuUect-  Telex: 04-51161  Y  This Top  30 Record  Survey Is  Brought  To You  Each Week  SOUND  Sunnycrest Centre.  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Carol Burnett  News  ���Bioflic   Woman  Sanford tt  News -  Son  -Emergency-  One  News  Cont'd.  -Price-is ���  Right  Hollywood  Wins day  -Sesame-Street-  - Mr. Rogers  Cont'd,  Electric Co.  _Super_-Stars   Leave to Beaver  I Love Lucy  Part.  Family    "  jnorama-  Gilligan's   Island  My 3 Sons  I" Love 'Lucy"  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Northwest  World   Anim  jpattle Planets __  Part.  Family  Petti. Junction  Hollywood  Stjs.  ���8:00  .8:30-  9:00  9:30  Montreal  at  Philadelphia  Cont'd,  Cont'd,  8 is Enough  Cont'd.  Charlie';  ont'd.    i  :trartte*s-t-���  jigels - /V^  Cont'd. ;  Confd.  "Seattle -  Evergreen Ex.  Cont'd. Cont'd. News Zoom  Cont'd. Mary T.  Moore     Cont'd. Over Easy  -Frce-Cbtmtrj���'������Nuwlywed-Qume���Wav?���Wonders News������  ^     _ ���  Baseball: Joker's  Wild Donna Fargo Life Around Us Bob Newhart  Brady Bunch         Andy  Griffith       Carol Burnett  My 3  Sons            Gong Show Bob Newhart  ���Ho gan's���Heroes���JokerteMVlld- .Vancamgec-  Wives of Pat.  Cont'd.  10:00  10:30  11:00  11:30  Cont'd.  Week in B. Ball  National News  Night Final  _Angels  Vega$  ' Cont'd.  'News  Police Woman;  Dick  Clark .       ' Montreal  at Rich Man, 8  is  Enough  Cont'd.      ,      '     Philadelphia Poor Man     Cont'.d.-- ��� -  rMovta ; Cont'd; ��� Movie:���* Ghariie^s-  Zuma   Beach  Cont'd.  3 Days of  Angels  Performance  Cont'd.  -Making  T.V. Dance  Guinness   Book  -xtf-Records  Mysteries   of  Ancient   Egypt  Newlywed Game  Merv Griffin-   _  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Movie:  79 Park Ave.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Tonight Show  . Cont'd.  Week In  News  Cont'd.  B'ball  ihe Condor  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  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Sept. 29  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL *  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8"  isi  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  There was a good turnout of members  -for-the_annuaLgeneraljneeting_of_Area-  "B" Ratepayers' Association at the  Welcome Beach Hall on September 18.  Retiring president John Parsons in his  report said that the pastyear-had seenthe  Inauguration of the fjre department, work  on the extension of fthe water lineWnd the  promise of cablevision vyithin the near  future. While the question of a proposed  marina at Sargeantx Bay had apparently  been-dropped, hesaid^thejnor^unportant  questions of beach- access and boat  launching facilities at Cooper's Green  were far from dormant.  connections were made. They were ad-  _vised-to_attend-theJ?ublic-Utilftieseom-  mittee meeting at the Regional Board  office ori'SeptemBer 27".""  Good news for water_users-in4he-lov  pressure areas is that the Regional Board  has now approved an equitable- rate  throughout the area. Members; were also'  assured that damage done to the Redrooffs  Road during construction of the water line  wou|d be straightened out after all water  connections-had been completedr���-���  12:00  Switzer  All My Children  Hollywood Sqs.  News  ��� News  News  Music  News  Price is Right.  All My Children  12:30  Search for Tom.  Cont'd.  Days of  Ida  Clarkson  . As World  Movie: ^  - -t  Art   Starts:  Adam-12  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  1:00  Bob   McLean  One Life  Our Lives  Marcus, Welby  Turns  Restless  Movie:  Movie:  All in  Family  Vancouver  1:30  Coht'd.  to Live  ���  The Doctors  Cont'd.  . Guiding Light  Breed  Destiny  of  Bugles,, in  the  Dr. ln House-  Cont'd.  2:00  Edge of Night  General   ���   ��� ',���  Another  Adam-12   -  Cont'd.  Another  World  a Spy  Cont'd.  Afternodh  M.A.S.H.  Cont'd.  2:30  High  Hopes  Hospital  World  High  Hopes   ���  M.A.S.H.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Dating . Game  Cont'd.  3:00  Take 30 ...  Edge of Night  Movie:  Take 30  Dinah  Alan Hamel  Over Easy  Pbpeye  Match  Game  News  3:30-  Celebrity Cooks-  Treehouse     ,  Warning Shot  Celebrity Cooks  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Speakout   .__.-.'  ' Banana   Splits  Jeannie  .Scooby's Stars  . 4:00  Just  William  $6,000,000 Man  Cont'd.  BiOnic Woman  Emergency       ,  Price  is  Right  Sesame Street  . Super Stars  Funorama      Battle Planets  4:30  Kids Only  Cont'd.  ���.'..���'  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  One  Cont'd.   -���'���  Cont'd.  Leave to Beaver  GilUgan's   Island  Parti Family  &:00  Goodies  News           *       -  Carol   Burnett  Sanford & Son  News  ;" $6,000,000  Mr. Rogers .  I Love Lucy  My 3 Sons  Petti.   Junction  5:30  All In Family  Cont'd.          p,i  .News ;  .  News  Cont'd.  Man  Electric  Co.  Part. Family  I, Love -Lucy  Hollywood  Sqs.  6:00  News    ���  Cont'd.  Cont'd. .  Cont'd.  Conttd.  News. ...'.y.  .- Growing  Years,  Brady; Bunch  Andy Griffith  Carol. Burnett ���  6:30  ,Cont'd.  Cont'd.'  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Mary T.. Moore  Cont'd.  Over Easy  My 3 Sons  Gong Show  Bob Newhart  7:00  Mary T. Moore  Northwest  -Seattle  Incredible-  ��� ���  Newlywed Game  Another Day  ���News  Hogan's  Heroes  Joker's Wild  Vancouver  7:30 -  2's  a  Crowd  Muppet  Show  Hollywood- Sqs.  Hulk  Joker's. Wild  Circus  Gardening  ���Bob Newhart    .��  Dr.  on the Go  Coht'd.  8:00'  All  in  Family  Donny &  -  Wav.   Wonders  HbllywQod  Wonder  Donny  &  Wn. Review  Dating Game  Newlywed Game  Cont'd.  8:30  Challenge  Marie  .Watching Kids  Rockford     ���  Challange  Woman  Marie  Wall Street  Step  Beyond .  Merv Griffin  Cont'd.  9:00  Tommy   Hunter  G.E.  All-Star  Tommy  Incredible'  Hulk  -'.  Rockford  Theatre  Hot   City/Disco  Cont'd.  G.E.  All Star  9:30  Cont'd.            -.,...  Anniversary  - Files'.    '     .,,.,  Hunter  Files'  .'   Cont'd  Cont'd;   .  Cont'd.  Anniversary   ,  10:00  Pacific  Cont'd.  Eddie Capra  American  Flying High  Sword of  Leonard   . '  News  Britain's       ���    y  Cont'd.  10:30  Report  Cont'd.  Mysteries  Girls  Cont'd.  Justice  Bernstein  Love-Experts  Finest   Hours  Cont'd.    - -    ,  11:00  National News  News  News  News  News ,     , y.:'  News        ���  ���  Dick Cavett  Odd Couple  Love -Experts .  Sports Page  11:30  NighOrinal  Baretta  Tonight Show  Cont'd.  Late Mc^vie  Cont'd.  Life Around Us  Gong  Show  Avengers  Cont'd.  Saturday, Sept. 3Q  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00 Horse Show Am.  Bandstand Baseball:    ~^ Football:   '             Space  Academy    McGowan & Co.   Survival Skills      Movie: ��� Space  Academy    100 Huntley St.  12:30 Cont'd: F Troop Teams TBA. Teams T.B.A.         Fat  Albert         ; Flbtver  Spot         Cinematic Eye       Truth About Fat Albert             Sports  1:00 Rugby Game vof Week Cont'd. Cont'd.            .5 Weeks in   '   .. War  Years '���-.-.   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Movie:  Tarzan's  -Savage���Fury  -Gontrd.     i-i   ���  700 Club  Cont'd.  -eonfdr   Wacky Races.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  -News���  ��� Wrestling ��� -������  ng' Line  Cont'd.  Evening  a;t Pops  Voyage to  Bottom Sea  Twilight Zone  Cont'd,  Funorama  Our Gang  Monkees  Honeymooners  Cont'd.  Bugs Bunny  Cont'd.  Inside  Track  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:30  News .  Bonkers'  ��� Paper  Chace  Cont'd.  ^Cont'd.  News  . Lawrence  Welk  News  Animal World  Wild Kingdom  Gong Show  News  Cont'd.  Chips  Cont'cL  Cont'd.  The  Beginning  $1.98  Show  Family Feud  News .    -  ;Confd.  Carter   Country-  Apple Pie  French  Chef  Once Upon  James  Michener  Star Trek  Cont'd.  Hee Haw  Cont'd.  Weekend    i  Cont'd.  Gong Show  Movie:  Sounds Good  2nd City  T.V.  At the Forum  Cont'd.  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  Tyler  Carter   Country  Apple Pie  Love Boat  Cont'd.  Chips  Cont'd.  ���Movie:  The Missouri  10:00  10:30  11:00  11:30  Cont'd.   v  Cont'd..  National News  NiRht Final  Fantasy,  Island  News  Cont'd.  Breaks  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Irving Berlin  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Rhodi   . *  Mary T. Moore  The Am,  ;Girls  Movie:  Burnt ���.:,���'���  Offerings  Cont'd.  Mov}e:  Rocking Horse  Winner   ...  Rosenberg- ������  Hee Haw Honey  Nashville  Music  Country N.W.  Lassie's  Greatest  Adventure  Movie:  Bob Newhart  1 Day at a Time  Love Boat  Cont'd.  Hetfiankedthe members and the board  for their support and paid tribute to the  secretary and the retiring directors. He  was sorry to note that Gerry Harrington  had been obliged to submit his resignation  as his change of duties made it impossible  for him to attend meetings. He had performed valuable services in getting the  fire department organized and equipped.  SETTLEMENT PLAN  Regional Board Director for Area "B",  Ed Nicholson,. reported^nJhe_Settlement  "Plan and said he"hoped to hold his first  meeting with the Representatives of the  various communities in October. As soon  as a rough plan had been formulated,, he  said, the idea would be to send a notice by  mail to all residents of Area "B" calling a  public meeting to consider the draft plan.  COOPER'S GREEN ROAD ALLOWANCE  "-Grave.-concern was expressed concerning the road allowance on, the south  side of Cooper's Green which had been  closed by a, gazette notice dated Junfe 15,  Nicholson assured members that no  transfer of this road had been made to any  individual and thirty days' public notice  must be- given before such a transfer is  iitiade. Harold Ives' motion that a letter be  sent to Victoria asking for the road to be  re-opened was carried unanimously.  ROADS AND ^ATER  Residents of Halfmoon Bay expressed  dissatisfaction that the water line had still  nojjaeen extended to Halfmoon Bay which  ^the'area most in need of a water supply.  They considered that the extension should  have been completed before individual  Complaints came from Maria Mahar  concerning, the dangerous condition of the  Redrooffs Trail betweenjhgbridjgeJLDd-the  "BTanffJtlStSre. Jerry Williams complained  that the ditch outside his property at   '  Seacrest was not being maintained despite  complaints over a long period. The water  from the ditch washed onto his land and; ���  was   causing   serious   erosion   to   his   ;  property.  RECREATION REFERENDUM  There was heated discussion about the  recreation referendum which obviously  had its critics as well as its ardent sup-  partersv-AftercarefulTesearch^ihto the  cost  of the facilities covered  by  the.,  referendum, John Parsons had come to-the���  conclusion that if it passfed it would cc��t  some people $22 a lean in .ex^a. taxes. /  Nicholson later expressed the view that  this would apply onjy to properties in the  $80,000 ranger-He^said-the-cost-of- the  project would be approximately two mills,  which would mean an extra tax of $9-12 for  the average taxpayer. Some members  resented the fact:that they would be ex-,  ,pected to pay for a | community hall in  -RobeitsUifielLi^d=Sffiimm^^  Gibsons arid Pender Harbour while in  Halfmoon Bay they had built their own hall  at no .cost to the taxpayer.  Four directors elected at the meeting  were George JVIurray, Clarence French  and Aubrey Shellshear for three-year  terms and Al Lawson for a- one-year term  to complete the unfinished term of Gerry  Harrington. At a meeting of the board  which followed the general meeting, officers elected were Ralph Mahar,  president; George Murray, vice-  president; Mary Tinkley, Secretary and  ,Jim Nygard, Treasurer. |  SUNSHINE COAST TV  -     " SALES-* SERVICE  IN THE  885-9816  Ask about our  "Package" deals.  OF SECHELT  /idmi rat  3S> Mark of Quality  APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  Cont'd., Dallas Fantasy  Cont'd. Cont'd. Island  News Movie: Diary of News  Late Movie Mad  Housewife Cont'd.  Sobell  Case  Cont'd.  2 Ronnies  Sign Off  Movie:  Elmer, Gantry  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  10 Rlllington  Place  Cont'd.  Late  Movie:  At the Forum  Cont'd.  Sports  Cont'd.  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Lions  7:00  Beachcomber  Hardy Boys  Cont'd,  World of  Beachcombors  00  Minutes  Hardy  Boys  ContU  Outer Limits  60  Minutes  Western Front  7:30  Naturo Things  Disney  ' Naturo  Things  Cont'd.  Anclont Egypt  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  8:00  i:30  Mary  Cont'd,  < Battloator ,  Movio:  Lawronco  Mary  Cont'd.  Battlestar.  "Opium  Sjlieakout  Blosslnnfl  Movie: T.B.A.  Gametics  Contennlat  Wolk  Galactlpa  Cont'd.  00  M.P.H.  Name Tune  Cont'd.  9:00 ^JiMofitreot  'Movlo:  Cont'd.  Sldostreot  All In Family  Kas  Thoatro  Probo  ,��� Movlo;  Cont'd.  mJsT  " Cont'd,  The Users  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Alice  Cont'd,  Cont'd.   ���  Contact  2-Way Stretch  Cont'd,   *���  "ToToo  Marketplace  Cont'd,  Cont'dX  Marketplace  Kaz  W-5  Powor  Kroozo Bros,  oont'd.  At tho Forum  10:30  Ombudsman  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Ombudsman  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  700 Club  Cont'd.  Cont'd,    ,  11:00  National Nows  Cont'd.  News  Nows  Nows  Nows  Sign Off  Sign Off  r    ���  Cont'd.  Movlo:  Valloy  Sporta Pago  11:30  Night Final  Lnto Movlo  Late Movlo  Cap,  Comment  Lato Movie  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  of  DocUlon  Cont'd.  Monday, October 2  f, ���  CHANNEL 3  CHANNBL4  CHANNBL 9  |    CHANNBL m  CHANNBL 7  1   CHANNBL B   <  CHANNBL 9  CHANNBL 11  CHANNBL 12  CHANNBL 13  12:00  Swltzor ,  AU My Children  Cont'd,  Hollywoo-J H'ia.  ,iNows  HoWfl  Nows  Kxplorcra  Nows  l'rico la  All My Chlldton  Cont'd,  , ,  12:30  Search for Tom.  Days of  Ida Clarknon  As World  Movlo:  Mualo Placo  Adam-12  Right  1:00  Bob MoLonn  Ono Llfo  Our Ltvo��  Tlio Doctora  Marous  Wolby  Turns  Qnblo &  Book, Look, Lis.  Movlo:  Cronawlts  Voncouvor  1:30  Cont'd,  to Llvo  Cont'd. .  Guiding  Lombard Pt.  1  Mensuro  Up  Cosnr &  M.A.S.H,  Cont'd.  2:00  JCdgo of Nigijt  General  Another  Adam-12  Light              ,  i  Another          ,l-  cbvo'r to Cover  Rosalie  Dating Oniric  Tlo Tac  Dough  Party Oanio  2:30  High Hopes  Tako ,10  Honpltnl  I-Wo of Night  World  High  Hopes  Tako 30  M.A.S.H.  World  Froostylo  Ovor Baay  Survival Kit  floiiamq Stroot  Cont'd,  Going l'lncofl  3:00  Movloi  Dinah  Alan Hamel  Popoyo  Match Gamo  Nows  3:30  Celebrity Cooks  Just"Wminm"  Boomerang  PVoooTooTMan  Oont'��l. ,  Cinderella  Celebrity Cooks  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Prico la  Banana  Splits ���*  Joannlo  All  Star  4:00  Liberty  niohid Woman  Kvoryitay  T.B.A,  Super Stars  Loavo to Heaver  Funorama  Battle Planotn  4)30  Catch Up  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Right  $0,000,000 ,  Man  Cont'd,  Mr, Rogers  GlUlgann  Island  My 3  Bona  I Lovo Luoy  AndFOriffith  Part. Famtly  Pottl,   Junction  fliOO  ClOOlllON  Nows     !  Carol Burnott  Sanford & Son  Nowa  I Lovo Luoy  Part,  Family  Brady lliinoh  ,..My-3-pfloni"'��<p-i-i'-'.-  5)30  All In Family  Cont'd.  Nowa.  Nows  Cont'd.  Eloctrio Co,  Hollywood Bqp,  6:00  Nmwii               i  Cont'd.  Cont'd.-.,.,,.    ,w,  Foolballi  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Nowa  Growing   Yoars  ICarol Burnott  Bob Nowhart -���  H'tt-  Mary T, Monro  ..Cont'd..,.,,., ���...,,..���   Cont'd...,, ,���.,,.,,,.���>  Mary T. Mooro  i Nowlywod (lama   Cont'd...,-...,..���..,��-  �� Dlok- Cavott     -  ��� Gong -Show ������������.��-  Soattlo  >  Chopper  Squnu  Little  Ilou.u  Grand  Country  Nows  Hog��n'�� Horoos  Bob Nowhart  Joker'a Wild  Vancouver  7l30  Roaoh  for  Ton  W.IOOV  M.A.fl.kl.  Super -Special  Cont'd,  Nowi Mag,  ��� Dnllnn nt  Washington  Hollywood Hf)".  Llttlo  Hoiiao  Jokora Wild  In  (Jinoliinati  Tho  Waltons  Cont'd,  Newsworld  2's Company  Cont'd.  1:66  Opium     ��� ��  Movt��:  Nowlywod 'Qamo  Cont'd.  0)30  Cont'd,  on iho Prairlo  on tho Prairlo  Pooplo  ppor,  l'oltlooat  Movloi  \ Cont'd,  Moon la Blue  Morv Orlffln  Cont'd,  VlOO  Cont'd,  Movioi            '  Wayno A  fichiutflr  mXs.h.  1 Dial Lino 0  Cont'd,  Cont'd,            \  Movioi T.B.A.  ��:30  Cont'd.  Bonkers   .  Llttlo Woman  1 Do^ at n Tlmo  Carrlo  ConlM,  Cont'd.       i  Nowi  Cont'd,  Contfd.  TFiOO  10130  bj��w�� Mag.  tbu drint    s  Cont'd,  Movlo-.  Tunon  Britain's  Cont'd,  Man Alivo  Hollywood  , Cont'd,  Man Alivo  Cont'd,  Cont'd,  of Glory  Lovo Kxports  Finest Hours   '  Cont'd.  moo  National Nowa  Nows ���  ,  Nows  Now��  Nowa  Nowa  T,B,A,  Odd Couple  Lovo Imports  Rockford   Files  Sporta, Pago  11130  Night Final  Lata Movlo  Tonight Hhow  Cont'd.  Lato Movlo  Cont'd.  T.B.A.  Oong Bhow  Conl'd.  Attend  the Church  your choice  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service and Sunday School each Sunday  at 11:30 a.m. (except last Sunday in  month   at    12:30    p,m.)   Wednesday  Evenings, 7:30.  All in St. John's United Church,  Davis Bay  Phone 885-3157,  886-7882,  P.O.  Box  1514  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  Rev. T. Nicholson, Pastor  TIMES OF SUNDAY MASS  8:00 p.m. Sat.'eve at St. Mary's, Gibsons  8:30 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdes, on the  Sechelt Indian,Reserve  10:00 a.m. nt The Holy Family Church in  ' Sechelt!  12 noon at St. Mary's Church in Gibsons  1  UNITED CHURCH  ' Rev, Annette M. Reinhardt  886-2333  9:30 a.m.���St. lohn's, Wilson Creek  111:15 a.m.���Gibsons  )  Date Pad  Tuesday, October 3  Txffi"  13130  1100'  '!30_J  "2ib6'  3130  3100  , 3130  ���~1M~  '4130  SI00  5130  IToo���  6130  Jl30'  8130  *|30  CHANNBL ��  tiwltirer  ftcaroh for Tom,  BOD McLean  Cor)t'd.  High  Hopes  Tako 30  Colobrlty Cooka  CHANNBL 4  yfn  am  "TOTWrni  l'anoll Box  Ooodloi >���'  All In. FamUj^  All My, Children  Cont'cf.  Ono Llfo  to Llvo   'qonornl  Honpltnl  Vtika at NlHlit ,  10,000,000  CHANNBl. 8  lloliywooii 8qa,  Day* of  Our L'lvpt  CHANNBL,|t  Nawa  Tho Dootort  ���S  fo��rl  Movi  Hot  r  Ida Clarkaon  Marcua  an  Nowa  Am, Loainio  Champ, Oamo  ovloi  MilllMH   Adam-la  Hlgll Hopos  I'aKe "  CHANNBL 7  Newa  a tho  /orld Tumi  Hiding Llftht  CHANNBL >  CHANNHL t  11  t  J  owl  ^nt'd,  aryT, Moora  Lao ft  Mo  Ti5TW  10130  moo  11130  Bono fllmard  Cont'd.  Cont'd  np.  omiTC  Cont'd  Carol Burnatl  hjowa  Tako 80  Blonlo  Woman  Sanford &  Nawa  y Cooka  Cont'd.  M.A.an,  Dinah  Son  ���ny���  ato  Bayonet floftion  Natlokial Now*  N khOFlnal  mWWVi   Oonl'd,  Cont'd.  Soattlo  Namo Tuna  "WranTOT  Lift.,  COS'S.  Cpnt'd.  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CHANNHL 13  CHANNBL II  Super Stars  Loavo to Beaver  1 Love Luoy  Vart. yamlty  Price la  BlHht  Croaawlta  .M^SJIIt    ���  *i)Btin��"Qame  Tlo /no Pouiih  Match. Oama  JM8&��$k7L  All My Children  Cont'd.  Vancouver  Cont'd.  ,VVn.  mlnu  fer ������'���������.  9W^i, ,  :.,f,  ���"ttplum"  >f _m"M^miJMtntir)Hvl"Vmm _-_f*-*-ii:j*-i*i  Sohooa or fillvor  jj nonnloa  "dfiiema" ;  6howp����o'  cont'd.  Boaft Beat  iirady liunoh  My 3 Bona  lloflan'a Ileroei  MVTOMl, ,   ninorama,  OiniHan'N laland  1 v?y*bi��'*oy]  jnvitatlon .Jo��  a duntlMhter  Cont'd,  "Newa,,  Love Kx porta  Odd Couple  Qong Show  "AndrarffiriTh "  am  On the nil  mm  Newiyweil flame  Merv Orlffln  Cont'd  . Pj��nJ'!'  "IjirffaTi?*  rineAt Hours  Love Experts  Late Movie  hii'li' iiiiiii   ��  II iiiiini  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Nowa  All. Star   /  "BltlTlo i'TifKTr  Bart, family  ]>��tu, Junction  J*2!i-ywoi>d'.,Jj<ia,  "Carol liiiVaoit 7  Boh Newhart"  Vancouver  Mil  XL  ConVir.  Laverne^ghlr,  Movioi T.B.A,  Coht'J  rlej��  ^0n  Con.   .  Sporta  Cont'd,  Page   ji.U  J*  Sopt, 27 ��� Pondor Harbour Modlcal Clinic Auxiliary Mooting, Clinic, 7:30  pm,  S��p��, 87~Pro-��chpol Library & Sfary Hour, VVHson Crook CotTlmtinlty Hall,  Ili30 am-1 pm,  Sopt, 27 ��� Sunihlno Coaat Power Squadron Boat CI at*, Pondor Harbour  School, 7:30 pm,  Sopt, 20 ��� Alcoholics Anonymous Mooting, Wilson Crook Community Hall,  0:30 pm. For Info call 885-2896 or 683-3394,  ' Sopt. 20 ��� Fall Film Program, Wolcomo Boach Community Hall, 7i30 pm.  Films of tho Sunshlno Coast, Vancouver, Q,C,  Sop), 30-- Minor Hockey Registration, Socholt Gym, 10am-4 pm.  Oct, V\~S��. Bartholomew'* Anglican Church HarvoslThankiglvIng Dinner,  Chufch Hall, 3:30 pm.  Oct. 2 -Carpot Bowling, Sr, Cltlzon'e Hall, Socholi, 1130 pm.  Oct, 2 -*. Blood Donor Clinic, St, Mary'a Hospital, 3-B pm.  Oct, 2 ��� Plant Salo sponaorod by SumhlnoiCoast Art�� Council,.Wilson  Crook Community Hall, 10 a.m. ,  Oct, 7 ��� Gigantic Plant Salo sponsored by Sunshlno Coast Arts Council,  Wllion Crook Community Hall, 10 am.  Oct, 0 ��� Uganda Story to|d by Paitpr Joihua Kayrpa, Olad Tiding*  Tabornaclo, Olbsqns, 11 am,a 7 pm, .'.-'���,  Oct, 14 ��� Port Mollon Hospital Auxiliary Sllonl Auction, Kon'�� Lucky Dollar  ,  ...,"ql!.(uP,.!?l-T,,)i.1i.!JP,p.ml.AdnilMlon.9Q<;pr.ial��Qbl*itoni. .,  Oct, 16 ��� Roberta Crook Hospital Auxiliary Mooting, St. Aldnn'i Hall, 11  EVERY SATURDAY Do you havo ox'lra'froih vogotahfos, homo.Ciaklng or  prosorvos that you would Ilka to soil? Wo would llko to contribute our  outMdo aroa ovory Saturday, ploaso talk to Nancy or Patsy at Pon-  *p'*ahBl07"*��thottr*Ws3ffTB;~"^^  ..,>���..-..*..���.  USE THIS SPACE TO PROMOTE YOUR/ORGANIZATION'S EVENTS  ...,.' >T'S FREB, CA& 883-3231.  iiiijiii^W  �� .,.;...jp��'f"'  'fK,  ..*���,. ��i���'f��^".'A.:.'.  ,'��-"-"'���"    ����i..i��J *��-"''  ...iJ-V.-.'.T.*  ,,.,TO.|,|..,.,.|.,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,  ���VM'|!:i:'!-f'!-i','!';'i'!'.''i'.''!'!'  iiillllt  'lilJlijWl^CM'WWA'W-I.M  ii,iiHiiH,ii>:i.��ii.i'i,iiU.u,i,,;.iJ  <Vir��. ���  ��<��� **"*Ipti': Vr-f "i--''"****11'*' "'  ,*..,.t.,Hm.*mi *���  '���'f*!M^,ui .  fmmm.tll.-J>4*m'i  f^| ��S#*%*��i0Wfl!Bi,,lSi  ?W��-MWsi'��tWteiW^wV!tss**^  ,'*-*s^i^^***^a^^'��Wi,li'^'*WS����H^^  ^-^^^B'fn��^��'����o^ntnw*^��*^J'W *l  ���      i.  W i^siBBsiWg^W.S-iSflsM'.iSfl^^  miW&ii<)i&^M>%f^^iw*.'t!f/i^^  ���W��^^*lft9��W,*-WiMl^a  sWfp*��^H*ii*��iftWiH; [WB^wSiKilKSrir^K^^*****^  '    i =!=  ��� ir  ���\ "���"'���  Sechelt aux. members  hold first fall meeting  i.  The regular meeting of the Sechelt  Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital was held  on September 14 in St. Hilda's Hall at 2  p.m.*-  President Billie Steele opened  meeting and welcomed the members back  after the summer recess. She also thanked  all those members who worked so hard  hosting the Annual Luncheon in June and_  who worked to make the raffle such  a success.  Ada Dawe; MajX-J*edman. and  Margare^EsplejMlrewrtiie^ckets for the  three prizeNvfiiners. These are: Grbcery  Hamper:  Lynne Wilson, Picture:  Mel  on September 29 at 7:30 p,m. in St. Hilda's  Hall. All bridge players are welcome.  Volunteers were received to'assist"at~  the Blood Donor Clinic.  Seven members will be attending the  Area Conference on Oct., 11 in the Van  Dusen Gardens. ~ - -~-~ ���  Mark^r^=Mystery==Prizi  Rumour has it that a Christmas Hamper  full of SesiSpnal goodies, will be raffled.  Peggy Connor and Marie Hoffer jrf-1  convene the annual luncheon on December  14. Mark the date on your calendar now.  Also, why not mark the second Thursday  of each month to remind you to come to our  monthly meetings?  There is always a heed for recent  erbaeks  soon.  Ada:��awe read letters from two former  and the present Bursary winners. They are  all doing well in their chosen profession.  Ruth Steele reported that a total of 520  hours had been spent in hospital service  during the summer.  the opening bridge party will be held  for the Hospital library cart andJor the  shelves in the lounges. Please put any you  can spare, into a bag or carton, mark it  library, and leaye.it'at the gift shop in the-  main lobby, or at the door of the Ladies  Auxiliary Room which is on the right of I  present main entrance.  Next meeting will be held on Ocif 12 at 2  p.m. in St. Hilda's HaU. See^rou^then. ���.  Kay Purdy.  5 attend St. Mary's  25th annual meeting  Thirty-five people attended the 25th  annual meeting of the St. Mary's Hospital  Society h'elcTSeptember 20, at the Senior  Citizens Hall, SecheltS ������  Totalmembership stands.at 61, with.12  new members and ning life.  President Gordon Hall said that Phase I  construction to the hospital is a reality.  They have  received three-year��� accreditation,  having  passed  with  high  fund. The following purchases have been  made out Of that fund: foam pads f orX-ray  tables, ice chip maker,_two infra-red_  lamps, three blood pressure��� cuffs, one  sigmoidoscope, three small'radios and a  planter for the Extended Care Unit/  The BbSrd Of Trustees will commence a  study with regard to the Thrift  -property���T^us^proper^Mvas^onated-tc  Mary's Hospital Society by Mr. Phillip^'  and the Auxiliaries make excellent use of  commendation. This achievement is due  mainly to the excellent co-operation and  working relationships" of all the hospital  and medical staff. |  Administrator Nick Vucurevich said: _______  25x<3BiilpS=of?Brstatisfics^^  the old house. Any change would certainly  be an improvement welcomed by the  auxilians.  Isabel Gooldrup, government appointee  Don't forget we have  many fine pre-owned  vehicles.  885-5111  /  ABRA by Joan Barfoot, McGraw-Hill  Ryerson C1978, 199 pages, $9.95. A NEW  4JF&-K*ANi���A��� GUIDE -FOR���THE  DIVORCED WOMAN by Louiscr Montague, Doubleday Dolphin paperback  C1978, 252 pages, index( $4.75. .  What Abra did is vtnat so many women  fantasize about, but seldom do. Escaping  housework drudgery j dull social commitments and a rparriage that took a  before,   she   became   a  detour  years  runaway.  Using an  purchased a  7  eritance, she secretly  e farm, banked the  remainder to live On arid took off. Her note  was brief. It Void the family that she was  leaving and ^ne wouldn't be back. She said  that their dinner was in the refrigerator  and that sty4 couldn't offer any reasons ���  there weren't any.        '  , Author Barfoot, in a style very unlike  her journalistic writing, describes in  dreamy, rambling language just how Abra  comes to terms with her decision. In a  state of mind which can only be explained  as a kind of catatonic nervous breakdown  that has her Involved with moment-to-  moment activities, we follow hpr thoughts  to a conclusion that does allow her to explore her reasons for leaving.  She is forced to consider the fact when  her daughter, now a grown woman herself,  seeks her mother and wants to know why  she left tho family. Abra ls offended by the  upset in her Thoreau-like> life and finds  that sho is again being pulled by force  against her will but almost Irresistible.  How tho books ends loaves tho reader  T��k�� a step In the rlfllit  direction. Tnk�� a few.  pafmc/pacmmi  l-'lincmt, In jimr brurt yw fcmm- ll'n rlnlii.  with a sense of satisfaction and not a little  longing to also "opt outV of routintftife.  -Thetaleis-told-inrichi;enns"which'again���  pute Canadian women in the forefront of  novel writing. It is a book that can stand  proudly beside those of Atwood and Engel  in this country.  Not all women are financially able to  follow Abra's course. Often the decision  to live alone is not entirely their pwn  either. Divorce is a fact of life now and one  that touches a good many people.  ' A NEW LIFE PLAN is one of the most  practical books that I have seen. For a  mere $5 it offers ideas, moral support and  a plan to follow after the trauma of  divorced Montague doesn't paint the life of  a "gay" divorcee as one to envy. She  writes about how to cope with being left  with the kids on a limited budget and at the  same time trying to pick up life and start  over. It is not an easy task for the average  women who does not have job skills and  must compete with younger, freer women.  And then there is the question of dealing  with other men. The author is quite plain  about her directions in this area. She  doesn't go for "living in" arrangements  and advises those thinking of marrying  again to do it with eyes open and pretty  sound, independent economics, She  believes In second-time-arounders keeping  not only'their own names buti their own-  bank account property. Once bitten, twice  shy tactics.  Along with the hard facts, she encourages woifleh to develop all their  feminine abilities both intellectual and  bodily. Gain education and lose weight is  her advice. Psych yourself up and let your  inhibitions down.  Montague's bottom lino Is ono everyone  can remember. "When unhappy moments  try to mako you a prisoner of gloom, look  up, You and the sun arc sisters. If she can  shino -��� ull by herself! ��� so can you."  These are the best  prices you will ever  see on these.cars. If you can  beat our deal we recommend that you look no further.  OoriqeTwthsj  SALES/SERVICE  Don't buy  a compact car!  Until you have driven the  new "Horizon'V  s     The roomiest.  peppiest  /:  and  smartest  of the new  compacts.  The Grub JBaq  Budget savers  By Ann  indicate that the St. Mary's Hospital had  an average year with growth patterns in  most departments. The only significant  change was noted in the operating room,  which experienced more than a 25 per cent  increase in workload." .'. ?  Jim Earle, chairman of the Building,  Expansion and Property Committee,  reported on the expansion of the support  services which includes additions ,and  modifications to .satisfy the growing  demands of diagnostic and treatment  "f��ciIitieTin "theTibspital. The expansion  includes changes and additions to such  departments as radiology, laboratory,  operating, emergency and/administration  and in fact most areas of the service side of  the hospital. ~  Onyx Construction Ltd; started in May  1978 and is expected to be completed early  1979. ������������'������'.'-.  ! Dr. Stan Lubin, chief of staff, told the  _sbciety~that~hospitai equipment is rcotiX  tinually    being   up-graded.    Recent  acquisitions include a new cardiac monitor  and a new operating table.  the quality and range of the equipment  available at St. Mary's is extremely good,  very much- better than the average  hospital of this size. This is in a large part  due to the continuing and energetic work  on the part of the hospital auxiliaries, he  said.  Chris  Ward;   chairman  of  the  coordinating, council  of  the  Auxiliaries,  stated the membership as of December  1977 as being 315 with four.life members,  , 307 active women members and four men.  The Thift Shop is the jnajor source of  revenue, seconded by the various money-  making schemes of each auxiliary.  Volunteers worked in excess of 9,000  hours and could still put in more hours  with added volunteers.  Besides the major purchases by the  auxiliaries, each auxiliary has a memorial  board members. Pre-elected were: D.  Macklam, J.  Logan, Jane Sorko and���  Patrick Murphy, for three years and for  two years, Bill Nielsen. >  Gordon Hall thanked the three retiring  trustees, Ian Morrow, Ed Burritt and Bill  Fraser for the excellent work they did for  the society.  Eric Nicol play  at the Twilight  The Driftwood Players will pit themselves against Eric Nicol's play "the  Fourth Monkey" this week in Gibsons. The  play is a sophisticated comment on life and  love on the Gulf Islands.  Ably directed.by George Matthews.^the  players ar�� Richard Abrams, Frances  "Bourassa, Victor . Kalve, Mary Doray,  Dennis Bailey, John Burnside, John  McHue, Debbie Ashby and Pamela  Ryan. Original sets designed by Mark  Trevis and Olga Retsof. The players are as  light hearted as this charming play, so  why not knock off the slavery of preparing  for winner for an afternoon or evening to  relax and enjoy your local talent. The  dates are September 27 and 28 at 9 p.m.  and October 1 at 2 p.m. at the Twilight  Theatre. ' ,..    ' ,   .  A very good assortment of glasses with  special designs ��� Zodiak Signs, Spanish  Main, Curling Motifs ��� some singles and  some in sets of six; all good gift ideas. ���  Miss Bee's, Sechelt,  J. CHOQUER& SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR���INDUSTRIAL & MARINE  "O" 1235 EAST PORPOISE DAY ROAD Du., 805-9244  R.it 860-2606  Spch.lt, B.C. VON 3A0  MOREL'S FRAMING &  CONSTRUCTION LTD.  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Carefully fold  Into sulmoh mixture, Pour Into a greased  IV. quart casserole and bake it for 50-55  mln. at 325 degrees F ��� or until well-  browned, Servo Immediately. ,���  TUNA RING       v  Tlio lemon Juicotwd onlortjadd spunk,  the cracker crumbs and beate-ff egg white  give a pleasant flufflness.  2 - GMi or 7 ounce cans of tuna (2 cups)  drained and flaked  1 can condensed cream of celery soup  3 slightly beaten egg yolks  1 cup flno cracker crumbs  3 tnblesp finely chopped onion  2 tabloap chopped parsley  2 tuMcapJtccd, pimento  .,.,,,.   1 tablesp lemon juice  dash of pepper , > y  3 stiffly, beaten, egg whites  Thoroughly combine all  except egg whites, Fold In  whites. Turn Into a vqry well greased 5 cup  ring mold. Bako at 350 degrees f for 30  minutes. loosen tho edges carefully nnd  invert Into a warm platter, If desired the  center can be filled with hot creamed peas.  fgfWM  ��  No. 1 IN COLOR TV  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  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'     I  45 ��� xy  X I:  ,^...,...,4~  V  j��*  Arr  7  AS;  f   "     ���  Ayy';^  Sill  llliiiiiif  t 'mxx: yxxyy wxAwyyAAmy^x  lilll  ^'fS^tiwtBSf^Hp  $$$��^^  fxkAAAkTPs^i&Tj  House ransacker gets  a suspended sentence  Are you playing with  f��|Have;;^  chimney cleaned  A  \  ROBERT ALLEN, right, received the  -Lions-Club^s 400-pereenfr-President-s-  Award from Zone Commander Fred  Court news  Crosby during a ceremony  Seventeen-year-old" Preston Saul was  awarded an 18-month suspended sentence  September 20 after being found guilty of r  ransacking a Gibsons home last March.  '  The Gibsons youth wascharged*witk  break, enter and commit mischief after,'  along with two friends, Saul destroyed the^  furnishings of a summer home on South  Fletcher Rd. with a sledge hammer.  Const. Edward Tycrib of the Gibsops  RCMP testified that he was called to the  McCulley home March 16 to investigate  what appeared to be a break-in.  Tycrib said he arrived at the home to  find the door and latch kicked in, broken  dishes and pieces of the cupboard and food1  all over the kitchen floor and a sledge  hammer lying on the broken cupboard.  Upon further investigation he found the  entire house to be in a similar state. "I  could hardly see anything that hadn't been  turned over or broken in the house," said  Tycrib.  Tycrib testified that he then called the^  owners of the home in Vancouver and  police officers today are "too  knowledgeable of accused rights" to act in  -thejnanoer_j)utlined byJSatil  FOR ALL CHIMNEYS & OIL STOVES ���  cau LEE CHRISTIAN ���883-9171  ANYTIME  -Homestead- -Restaurant-  day,  last--Thurs-!-notified them.oLtheJncident.  Andrew McCulley, whose wife Yvonne  owns the house, told the court that he had  last been in the cottage in the fall of 1977. ,  and he left it boarded up and padlocked.  -^It^vas-all-neat-and-tidy^s^e^sually���  '*I don't find it reasonable that a police  officer would open his conversation with a  threat that would destroy his whole  statement,*' he said. "He (Saul) dreamed  ~up these words for the simple purpose of  not having them admissible."  Statements "or "conversations between  accused persons and police officers cannot  be admitted as evidence in a trial unless it  is first-determined that the statement were  made voluntarily and th|t no threats or  inducements were used by the officers to  obtain the statement."  Johnson also ordered Saul to do 24  hours community work service and to  report to the probation officer during the  18 month probation period. Saul will also  pay $730.33 restitution to the court for  damages done at the McCulley residence.  "If you behave yoursehUhere will be no  further sentence against you," said  Johnson. "But this is a very serious of-  ��� fence and it's onlj.b��cause_you-are-a-very  young man and it's a first offence that you  are being treated so lightly."  To avoid a record  don't commit a crime  A government employee who asked for  a conditional discharge after pleading  guilty September 20 to possession of  marijuana was told by Provincial Court  Judge J.S.P. Johnson that ttie best way to  avoid a criminal record, is to avoid committing crimes.  James Peter McDonald, a 24-year-old  CBC stagehand, told the judge that a  criminal record would affect his job.  ''^BTtlie^twayto avoid it is not to  commit it;" : said Johnson, fining the  Gibsons man $50.  A 17-year-old Gibsons youth was fined  $100 after pleading guilty to being a minor,  in possession of -alcohol. Lee George  Harris was caughfJuly 30 by police in his  car oh the Gibsons wharf.   -  "Police found a bottle and a half of  Bacardi and two bottles of beer in the car.  X&nek jiidge^rdered confiscation1 and  ^testructiQ^oiJhe^alcohol.-���   "I'm sorry it happened and I'll make  sure it doesn't happen again," Harris told  ���the,judge.':..;v' .:���'.,./.'������. ""n.:.  Victor Thomas Terry of Gibsons  pleaded guilty to impaired driving and was  fined $500. Terry was stopped August 13 in  Gibsons when police clocked him going 130  in an 80 kilometres per hour zone. The 23-  year-old unemployed logger blev^J2 back  at the Gibsons detachment. .   ^*%  On September 21 in provincial court,  presiding Judge Ian Walker found James  Murray Doane of Burnaby guilty of  driving whife over .08.       "  , Doane, 49, was stopped by Sechelt  Const. Bob Dolhan May 6 after the officer  observed his car weaving on Highway 101  near Maskell Rd. In Roberts Creek.  Dolhan said Doane, the manager of a  food manufacturing firm, fumbled with his,  ID and failed two sobriety tests, so he took  him to the Gibsons detachment for a  breath test,  Doane blew .16 and told the officers at  the station that he had drunk a bottle of  wine at the Casa Martinez,  Doane, however, testified in, court that  he had drankjortly a half.a bottle of wine  that night with his girlfriend, Josephine  Bastaja, at tho restaurant.  Bastaja testified that she was  "positive" that Dpane had drunlwmly half  of the 26-ounce bottle of ChMntPRuffino  thoy had ordered with their meaK  When   Crown   Prosecutor   David  MacLeod asked Bastaja if It was possible  that Doano had,drunk,even slightly morev  than she, she answered: "Mr. Doane ls a  gentlemen,"  'tf introduced  Mr.  Doan   to  wino  drinking," she said. "JHe knows I enjoy a  glass of wine ��� If anything, I had tlio lion's  share."  1     Donne's lawyer James Hogan, basing  his calculations on half a bottle of wine,  submitted that Doane's alcohol reading  could not be as high as the breath test  showed.  Walker, however, said he rejected the  testimony . of the defendant and his  girlfriend because of Doane's conflicting  evidence and the high breath test.  Walker remanded passing of sentence  to January 8, 1978 in order to allow the  Crown time to produce evidence of two  previous drinking-driving. convictions.  Neil Hudson of Sechelt" was found guilty  of driving without due care ahd attention  after his "rundown Pontiac" hit a Jaguar  at the intersection of North jRd. and Highway 101 in Gibsons.  Lindsay Thompson, the driver of the  Jaguar, testified that he was travelling  south bound on North Rd. when he turned  into the yield, lane to turn right.-The  Kitimat-man-said hesaw-a-sports car-  travelling west on the highway and  stopped to give it the right of way. At that  point Hudson's Pontiac hit him, he said.  "I admit causing the accident,'' said  Hudson, "but what I'm disputing is the  paiyihg undue care and attention."  Hudson .said that he was paying at:  tentiori to tlfe traffic on the highway and  only hit the Jaguar at about five miles an  hour..'1 >   / ,..  "But you must p&y sufficient attention  to the car in front of you," said Vifalker.  Hudson said the accident looked much,  worse on paper than it did in fact because  of a high bill for body work on his car.  Hudson said that the car was so rundown it  was "held together with rust and body  putty."  "I'm Satisfied that you weren't driving'  dangerously," said Walker, "and I'll agree  that a lot of ttie damage was a result of the  decrepit condition of your car body, but  I'm also satisfied the offence did take  place,"  Weather report  leave if for the winter," said McCulley  However, when McCulley viewed the  house after the incident he was shocked to  find that the interior had been "totally  destroyed." "Everything was smashed  and dumped all over the floor," he said.  ^Iflwl^iikeWei^^  place was broken."  McCulley  told [the   court  that   he  estimated damages" ttiHte $2,19i.  l^*-^ Tycrib said he approached Saul about  the matter after receiving a statement  from a "juvenile also involved in the in- -  cident. -  Saul told Tycrib that he and his friends  entered the house at about 2:30 a.m.  through an open door and stayed approximately half an hour. He said Glen  Bjiwes, Vho has been convincted  -previously of similar charges, began -  destroying the interior of the cottage.  "Glen started beating the place in ��� I .  dropped the dishes," Saul said in his  statement. -  Judge J.S.P.  Johnson  ruled  the  statement admissible as evidence in the  trial after it was determined that it was .  made voluntarily.      , M      v4sjJ,,   Saul_gave_ evidenceJhat Jie_ had- given  Tycrib the statement only because the  officer had threatened to keep him in jail if  some kind of statement was not forthcoming.  "He made a threat," said Saul. "He  said if I didn't want to make my statement  he'd put me in jail until I went to court."  ���'_ Tycrib denied that he had threatened  ���Saul with incarceration and said he had  warned the youth prior to making his  statement that he was not obliged to do so  biit that it could be iised as evidence  against him in dourt.     .  Prosecutor David MacLeod told the  court that "no such threat was ever made  except in the fantasy of the accused."  The judge dismissed the threat saying  Weather September 16-22  1    '���  IjO  Hi Prec.  cm  September 16    .7.5  14.0    0.28  September 17 '.   .6.5  15.5     nil  September 18,.,.,,,  ,,,...6.0  17.0     nil  September 19     9.0  15.5    0.20  September20 ......   11.5  14.0    0,20  September 21 ..,,:.   10.0  13.0    0.58  September22 ,,,,.,   9.0  14;0    0.39  Week's rainfall -  -1.71 cms.  September  to date ��� 8.79 cms.  1978 to date - 90.18  cms.  September 16-22, 1077 ��� 5,30 cms,  September 1-22, 1977 ��� 8.59 cms. Jnn.-  Septomboir 22,1977 - 60,94 cms.  REGISTRATION  at FIRST MEETING  St. Hilda's Hall  Sechelt Cubs  Monday, S��pt. 25th, 6:30 pm  Sechelt Beavers  Wednesday,.����pt, 27tb, 3i 15 pm  Sechelt Scouts  & Ventures , , *'  Thursday, S��pt, 2��Th, 7:00 pm  -PAMNT*MU$IM.:    '  ��� REGISTER THHR^KSVS >r;-��*���  1 YEAR TERM DEPOSIT  , *  .,tii-p  t��  ��� REDEEMABLE AT A REDUCED RATE BEFORE MATURITY  J::l  Sunshine Coast Credit Union  BOX 375, CpWRIE STREET, SECHELT, B.C. VON 3^6  TELEPMONr885^25r"���^ "'.'..  .yyi���  :,.    .   ':'���">;'���"  ,      -J...   '"        ,, ,A'X"- "Xk "..'. ���.-'" W'���,V�� *'  '!^,7i*:X>f---l^'^'A>''^^'AAA-i''  I"*   fciM^.^ t.  i*. i\-iA ,(��� ,^-V*   ���*" ���'���������"��� i    *.     r - ( ,'',,,(���. ,i i     (i,   '.,,". 11,1     ' 'I l -,  ���Xk, \k'-y,"��  r"T  t/:i'7.,i im'i " 'i!1   ' '.V.' ''   ''< "V-"^  \  ll;   ,  faattHtH**-  (*.��i1*jfl.>��V!?r"'"��ifl  -W-   %   ' t  ,..T... ���  ,, . ',.  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Then give us a call:  JEEERLES&.  Modern 2 bdrm home  Pratt Rd. Gibsons  Fireplace, large lot  with duck pond, garden  etc. $300 per month.  2 bdrm suite overlooking  ocean on Marine__Drive���Gib-_  sons;  Suitable for couple & small  child. $235 p.m.  2,bdrm^uite on\Grandview &  Chaster. Large LR with FP.  Kitchen includes appliances  with laundry rm attached.  W-W throughout. Share  carport with lower suite.  Only $325 p.m. Light  & heatlncluded. Avail.  Oct. 1,1978.  2 bdrm suite on  Marine Dr. Gibsons! W-W-.  throughout,  Small sundeck. Stove &  fridge included.  $230 p.m. Pay own -     0 "v: "--  light & heat.  Avail. Oct. 1, 1978.  CENTURY WEST  REAL ESTATE  (1978) LTD. .  885-3271  . 494644  BACHELOR accommodation,  Wilson Ck. New, furnished,  quiet. $150.885-3949.     4796-44  - DONATIONS to The Canadian  Cancer      Society      are  gratefully acknowledged and  will  be   devoted   solely   to  cancer research.  Donations  TREE SERVICES LTD.  .885-2109  758-tfn  PRATT ROAD, large  lot,  76'x 125'  cleared  and  in  fruit trees, $12,500.886-2155.  "  4364-tfn  ESTATE SALE - Out of town  vendor (widow) must^sell  this approx. 27,000 ft. shopping  center. Situated on approx.  1V4 acres in the Powell River  area, asking $225,000 full  price, $125,000 dn. payment or  offejrs as to full price plus  down payment. Phone .owner  direct 277-2068. 6801-tf  v TUWANEK. .Lot overlooking  Uambs Bay. Serviced with  water & power. By owner. 112-  226-5019. 4381-tfn  BY OWNER  WESTSECHELT  3 bdrm non-bsmt home on  almost Vz acre, full garage &  utility room. Excellent buy at  . $39,800.  885-39B5  4916-46  4 BDRM split-level in Lower  Gibsons.   1%   bath,  FP,  ,,-finished- rec.   room.  Newly  decorated, lgflot, $49,500 eves.  ���885-5736.  ' 4933-46  LOT ON Chaster Rd., 67 x 123,  ���2 BDRM wft home, Selma       cleared, ready for building,:  4te*r46M0BM��ySr��lWM^^  Cars and Trucks  '64 PONTIACKParisienne  Custom Sport 2 dr htpi  bucket seats, console, ps, pb,  needs mtr work, $125. 885-9955'  aft. 5. 4799-44  '75 DODGE wdw van, _wiU  take car as part pay't. 886-  9050. 480844  Boats and Engines  26 FT. REINELL sailboat. 3  sails,    trailer, -  15    hp  - Evinrude. $9,900. 886-9984  4967-tfn  30' TROLLER, 'B' licence, 5  ton.886-2060. 4801-44  Boats and.Engines       For Sale  HEADWATER MARINA LTD  Good winter moorage  , 1.25 per foot-  20 ton marine ways  ���-DRYLAND STORAGE'    -  Down Narrows Rd.  -���- Madeira Park -  883-2406 24 hrs.  .   -\      ���  4900-tfn   s -  Machinery  TD 9 International track  loader, 10G grapples and  two yard bucket, good condition, $6,900. Phone 374-1506  or 372-5642 days, Kamloops.\  ,   4926-44  20", TABLE LOOM, best offer.  883-2456. 4800-44  ALMOST new oil heater, $75.  885-3329. .   480344  HOT__TUBS .bjr  manufacturer,'  Cooperage. Local  Lands, 885-3818.,  the best  "California  agent Ed  "    484544  ,MAPLE  LEAF 48,  comp.    Motorcycles  equip'd    liveaboard    or  sailing vessel. All comforts of ���  home, incl. TV etc.. Serious  enquiries only. Ph. 883-9391 or  883-9459. 480544  eves.  "481744   -FP$10,500.886-9984.      494944  ���CLAPP CONCRETE  Placing  and Finishing.  All  SINGING_LESSONS.j)X-ex---.--should^be_addressed=to-3Tie^types^of=Concrete=Wor-k^=  Canadian Cancer Society, c-o Patios, Floors, Foundations.  Mrs. A.J. Hateher, Madeira  Park. Card^re sent to the  bereaved -'aid receipts for  income tax purposes are sent  to the donors. 493544  2  BDRM  APT.,   semi-wf,  sweeping   view.   Bright,  newly decorated garden, $235.  886-7223 aft. 6. 493244  perienced teacher, Roberts  Creek. Correct production  taught. Royal Conservatory of  Toronto exams if desired. 885-  3310. .    ,^   493846  TEACHER OF piano will give  lessons to children  and  adults. 885-3310. 493946  Obituary  BRYNELSON: Passed away  September 21, 1978, Jens  Kristian Brynelson, late of  Sechelt. Survived by brother  Karl of Vancouver, daughter-'  -in-law Corra, 3 grandchildren  James, Barbara and Gerald,  all of Chilliwack and a sister in  Ontario. Funeral service Was  held Monday, September 25jat  Devlin Funeral Home, Gibsons, -Reverend E.J. Dinsley  officiated. Cremation.. 493444  ���DUBOISi���Passed���away���  September 18, 1978,  Maynard Z.' Dubois, late of  Langley and formerly of  Pender Harbour in his 89th  year.,Survived by three sorts  Leonard, Oliver and Ben and .  five daughters Leona, Laura;  Violet, May and Doris; 20  grandchildren and 18 great  grandchildren. Funeral  service was held Friday,  September  22   at   Pender  __ Harbour. Legion HaJkRev^jL..  " Paetkau officiated, intermetit  Kleindale  Cemetery. Devlin  Funeral Home, directors.  491844  Help Wanted  AVON  To Buy or Sell Call  885-2183 or886-.9166  464244  COST ACCOUNTANT ���  Logging operation experience and computer exposure preferred. "Contractor  payments, forecasting,  oversee computerized  production system, cost  analysis. Intermediate. RIA-  CGA. Good salary and top  benefits. Resume and salary  .expectations to: Industrial  Relations Manager, Canadian  Cellulose Company Ltd.,  Nakusp, B.C. VOG1R0. 493144  Driveways,- Custom Work.  Concrete leakage problems.  Seepage or high pressure  leaks.  Phone Wayne Clapp  for free estimates  885-2125  after 7 p.m.  Box 1341 Sechelt '  4437-tfn  JOURNEYMAN Shipwright  seeks work. Exp. in all  aspects boatbuilding; house  carpentry & cabinet work.  Reliable worker, reas. rates.  For free est. & professional  job, call Allan May, 885-5765.  4578-tf  HOME ALTERATIONS",  general" carpentry,- gardening, clean-up. Hourly or  contract, 1 ton truck  available. Hourryor contract  n^ruce "885-3752. ."       "479744"  SECHELT  Three bdrm home (4th in full  bsmt) Available mid-Oclj.  Refs. $375.  SELMAPARK  Two bdrm, non-bsmt. Refs.  $275. Available now.  GORDON AGENCIES  885-2013  Eves. 885-9365  494544  WHY RENT? No down  payment, 197112 x 48, nice  cond., 2 bdrm, $96.50 per mo.  plus pad fee. 1974 12x68 3  bdrm, $122 per mo. 926-1024.  4936-tfn  3 BDRM HOME, $300 per mo.  Avail. Oct. 1, Crucil Rd. W-  w, fridge, stove, view. 886-7556  aft. 6. 494046  BEAUTIFUL   view,   o*ter��  Georgia Straits.  New  3  bdrm home on large lot, quiet  street,    Gower    Pt,    full  -basement,- carport,-ensuite,-  sundeck,   ,many     extras..  $53,000.886-9270.   -       481446  tf    Business Opportunities  V7T(1A2  492244  Personal  PHOTOGRAPHSjjublished in  The Peninsula Times can be  ordered for your own use at  The Times office.       1473-tfn  WANTED - rugs and com--  fortable chairs for Robts Ck  library. Call Donna, 885-3782.  484244  EXPERIENCED    legal  secretary   required   for  Gibsons law of fice. Please call  886-9055. -       *9tt44  !!HELP GREENPEACE  Help!! Sellers urgently  needed for the Greenpeace  'Go Anywhere' lottery/Make  money L-Save.. life! ���X!Imr._  portant Notice!! During the  mail strike Greenpeace 'Go  Anywhere' lottery tickets will  be distributed by Greenpeace  volunteers. The number to call  in this area is: 898-5851 or  Greenpeace Vancouver. 736-  0321, , 492ffifti  !!HELP Greenpeace Help!!  Sellers urgently needed for  the Greenpeace 'Go Anywhere  Lottery, Make money! save  life! 2108 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver V6K1N6.736-0321.  483044  PAINTING  RENOVATING  885-5087  , .'     '.:'��������� . ���..'��� ' ,    -.'.."  485745  YEAR   ROUND.   2   bdrm  ���Panabodej-fully-furnrrw-fr-forBud:-  Halfmoon Bay. 885-9496   <wns-    L-  46  MACHINE SHqP equipment  - for sale, building for lease.  1,800 square feet; or all can be  for lease. WnteBox 107, Burns  Lake, B.G VOJ" 1E0. Phone  692-3213pi 692-3736 after 6. Ask  - -   ���         - 492344-  4905-  r----.---.---.-.--.��.���-.������--,--.��-.�� ^-.^  ULTRA DECK  ByTrodan  ' 'The ultimate in fibreglass  '���;''������.. sundecks"  - ,'_?.  ,886-2953������_-_��� ���   .;:.   4487-tf  For Rent  FOR RENT:   Wilson Creek  Community Hall.. Contact  Bonnie Wigard at885-9403.  3691-tf  GARDEN BAY - V. duplex \yj  rent - furnished; fpr July-  Sept. 30. $225 per mo. Light &  fuel incl. 883-9676.       ,,4900-tf  FOUR BDRM mpbil? home.  Set   up   in   West   Sechelt  Trailer Park./Ref. required.  '��� j*  "/'  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  3 lines for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  ���l'f Inl,your ci<l In Ihit ��quorw��� .Ho turb lo loavo o blank ipmu altar ooclr  word, ' /'  Ihroo llnoi |�� $2il 5p.^ncl, uddllional lino In 60c,  Tnka advantage ol our i|i��clnl lavlngt,  y Run your od tvnlc* ���. th* third llm�� I* FREf,  * If you pay lor yr <ir ad tha Saturday balort publication you q*t a  .diicount ��� StScfor I lni��rllon-- 50clor 3.  Mall ui your ad, or drop II old  It) S.dl��lt at th* P��nln��ula Tlm���� Olflc*  In Olhioni nt th* /Vrbutui Xi:  The Peninsula times Classifieds  Box 310 Secholt, B.C.  VON 3A0  ��� 1  Ph. 885-2600./  /*  tfn  1   BDRM   W-F  cottage, ppi  immed. 883-9098.  Hy  furn.  Avail.  4737-tfn  WF   BROWNING   RD.   2  - bdrms, fp, furn'd, $225 per  mo. 005-3902 or J12434-3777.  4850,-4<r  1  BDRM   houso,   Langdalo,  near   ferry,   view.   Scpt.-  Juno. No pets, $170. 980-2154  eves. 4818-44  I��)\VER GIBSONS, 3 bdrms  viow, duplox, qulot st, near  all faciUties. $200, Spacious  . lowor furn'd 2 bdrm,' $225.  |���iChrlss800-2277. .; �� -404144-  I  MODERN 2 bdrm home on  (eves),273-7611 (d^ys).- 4913-  46  MODERN 2 bdrm home.-Auto;  heat. Redrooffs area; Gd.  view, jmmed. poss. 885-9007.    ���>  /. 494146'  ..19-ACRES Middlepoint. Free  rent to '79 for'work on cabin.  Long  term/rental.   Gordon  Agencies, >885-2013 eves,' 885-.'  9365.      / 494444  WF X&BSONS. Lg. 3 bdrm  jjUite,  1,200 sq.  ft.,  w-w,  ?tove, fridge, fantastic view,  )nly $300 per mo. 886-8035.  ���   4943-44  1 BDRM furn. apt. central  Gibsons. 886-2597 or 886-7490. <  4948-46  DUPLEX Davis Bay. 1 blk.;  from school, 2 bdrm, no  appliances. .Avail, immed,;  $200.885-9719. 4951-tfn  3   BDRM   DUPLEX,   Davis ,  Bay. Call 435-2328 .pfter'O  p.m.;,; - 4858-45  TUWANEK,  Prlvato  room;  share , facilities and living  area with owner. Suit single'.  , working  person  with  transportation. $100 por month.  805-9098 after 0 and weekends.  '    ,'  4885-45  COMPLETE  prlvacyTwi'  seml-furn,2 bdrm, l'n bath,  2 FP.'Oct, 1-Julyl, $275, 080-  7049,     . 4670-45  bile  Homes  i  Wanted to Re��it  j_  CLASSIFICATION  w~~m  s  "' ���  $2��  60��  60*  MODERN 2'bdrm Sulto, fp, w-  " w carpet, $250 mo. Util.  cablevision Incl, 000-2707.4020- ���  44    NEW   HOUSE,   RcdroofS,  Immediate occupancy, $325  por mo, Vancouver, 691-0287.    -v.- ... 4825-44  MADEIRA PARK: 1 bdrm  furn'd houso, w-w carpet,  fp, 083-2250, 10-10 pm, or 112-  032-3111, Uicr] 001 offlco hrs,  4013-44  2 I^DRM APT\ GiTwonHToieo.  < ��hoat�� w-Wr$22B nor-mo, 920-  OOOp or 020-4400.' 4015-44  WANT SIplL ? fedrm homo    Travel  on aetoago In 880 or 085 !  oxchaifeo. 886-8003.      4009-44  Nam* ,,  /Vddrmi  Po��lnl Cod*  y,:yXtelNo<.  The Peninsula  Classifieds  FOR WORKWOMEN. I-argo  prlvato furn'd. wltli cooking  facllltlos, Roborw Creek, $138  Inclusive, 005-3295 days. V  000-2542 oves. 47M-45  WANTED TO rent, Furnished  wntorfront hbmo,  Pendor  'Harbour area. Phono 731-9355.  4882-45  FAM.ILY of four requires nice  homo ln Sechelt nren. Good  sWblo Jobs, refs. avail. 085-  5700 after 0 or wkcntK 4900-40  COUPLE WITH infant, small  dog,  cnt  to  rent  and-or;  enretake (mln,) 2 bdrm houso,  Roberts Crk,  to  Halfmoon  Bay, Mln. 1 yr. Prepared toJ JVJ  lease, excel, refs, Exp'd. in   [5  carpentry, gardening, 086-37&2. H  or 085-3050.        .-        4947-44  ,,*���.m���m.*<m m. -,.* p.ii���..-,|pi...p..w ���f-mammt  Real (Estate  7'2 HARLEY DAVIDSON.  ��� Fully dressed. Gd. cond.  Must sell. $3,000.885-5676.  4871-45  WELL BUILT 30' diesel  cruiser, fg-wood construction. Teak int. Recent  survey available. $32,500. 885-  9680. "     4806-44  .      GARDEN BAY  MARINE SERVICES LTD.  Sinclair Bay Rd.  Immediate Repair Service  7 days a week,  _151_6!i_l!Sidewing^-HouKton-  Glascraft (new) $3,000  42' SaUboat "Sea Falcon"  (unrigged ferro-cement)   $35,000  18' Sabrecraft, 140 Merc. $4,900  17' K &C Thermoglass, 115 hp  Evinrude?.- _....���_���_.=..$2800=,_  ' 883-2722  or nights 883-2602  479041'  Equipment  1974 CASE 780 rubber tired  loader backhoe; 944 Cat  rubber tired loader ROPS GP  bucket; 1975 GMC tandem cab  and chassis 427.13 .speed air.  Phone 442-3003."     "    4874-43  Livestock  PORT HARDY vital corner  Convenience Store. Pumps.  Expand, improve, with^room  for second business such as  Auto Dealership. Aldergrove -  20 acre farm, 2 bdrm home, V  barn, four large greenhouses \  operating successful plant  growing business. Be in  Business immediately. FP  $180,000. Syd Heal, 9224244  Canada Permanent,/Park  Royal South, West Vancouver  22' ALUM. BOAT, log salvage  or crewboat. IV2 yr old, 170  HP Volvo IB-OB, 400 hrs ort  motor. $12,500 or offers. B86-  9741 aft. 5, or 886-2201.   4822-44  REGAL MARINE  4493 MARINE AVENUE  485-6397  OBILE HOME space, near  Sandy Beach on full lot. $85  permo.926-1024aft.6.   4264-tf  12 x 48 2 bdrm Moduline,  $7,800 no dp; 12 �� 68 3 bdrm  Gendall, $10,400, no dp. 926-  1024. 4786-tfn  SECHEr.T''2"pbarm"'inodular  home, 22 x 36, w&d, f&s, w-  w carpet, sundeck, shed, lg.  fenced yard. $26,000:885-3947,  4854-45  12' x64' MODERN mobile  home, 3 bdrm, oil heat, furn.  or unfurn. Occupied for 2 mths  only. Immac. cond. Price'  negotiable. Aft 6 p.m., 885-  5301, 4865-45  NEVER BEFORE! savings  like .this! -New mobile  homes, 2 dr 3 bdrm, $13,995.  Call colleet 596-1111. Westlawn  Homes Ltd., 10099 Fraser  Highway, Surrey, B.C. 4930-47  , '74 BENDIX LEADER,  12' x cpvset up in park close  to Madeira Park. 4 appliances,';, new carpet &  drqpcs, ;ort wheels. Offers to  $12,900.883-9287. 4902-40  12x04 3 bdrm mobile homo  for sale. $7,500.086-9035.   -  4950^10  Campers and Trailers  '70 CUSTOM built 8%' cab-  over camper. Hydr. jacks. 2  water systems, 12V - 110V  olec. stovo & Icebox, Exc,  cond. 005-2000. 4745-tfn  NEW BOATS  1978 Cal Glass '25' C-B, 255  Volvo, Bennett tabs, stand  up head, galley $21,500.  1978 17%' Campion O-B, 70 hp  ,  Evinrude    &    Controls,  Camper Top,  1800" EZ  Loader Trailer, 15 gal. built-  ingastank. $6,400.  ,1978 16' Campion O-B, 55 hp-  ���: Evinrude, 1400" EZ Loader  ,_Trailer,iulLiop. $5,250,���  USED BOATS  26' Campion, C-B - 1976. 235  OMC, Stand-up camper,  swim grid, Propane, Depth  Sounder, Compass, Bennett  tabs.,.............. $17,500.  24' Fiberform, C-B - 1976. 235  OMC, Stand-Up Camper,  ��� Swim Grid, Bennett Ta'bs,  Stand-up Head, Propane,  Fresh Water Cooling fish  boxes,   bulkhead   doorsi   "depth"s6uhder,'cbm-""   "     ���  pass.."::".",:,.'...;. ,,.$14,900.  24* Cruiser H.T. -1973. 235 hp .  OMC. Stand-up caimper top,  stand-up    head,    depth  sounder, compass, fridge,  swim grid, trim tabs $10,500.  ,22%' Fiberform H.T. - 1974.  225 hp OMC, bulkhead  doors, depth sounder,  compass, trim tabs, stand-  up camper top.' ;..'.. .$7,900.  21' Campion, S-TOP -1975.190  hp OMC, trim tabs,  galley. $7,600  19' Campion HT - 1974'. 170  OMC, compass, depth  sounder, propane, trim,  tabs, stand-up camper, EZ  leader trailer $9,900.  23' Sangster HT -.1970.108 hp  Merc,   depth   sounder,  compass, Bennett tabs, twin -  stations :,,.. .$11,500.  NO REASONABLE OFFER  REFUSED ON YEAR-END  CLEARANCE OF  NEW&USED  BOATS & TRAILERS ,  .   ,' 7152-46  CERTIFIED Farrier, Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  3751. , 994-tfn  Lost  3 COMPLETE fishing outfits  left on beach at Wakefield  Inn Aug.  28.  Reward.  Ph.  coUect (112) 433-0682.   474643  GOLDEN Retriever. Answers  to name of "Sky". Pis. call  886-9883. 485543  Wanted to Buy  THE SUNSHINE Coast Lions  ��� Club - is- looking for a  moveable stucture suitable for  renovation into a clubhouse.  Please contact Olaf Wallander  at 885-2853. 494244  -PEACH TREE Enterprises,  ear   piercing  .available.  Manicures    &    pedicures  available sooni 885-3813.  4824-  44 "  ..  FOUR 45 gal. oil drums w-2  stands, nr new; 12 gal. hot  water heater, glass liner. 885-  2677.      482644  SPLIT ALDER-delivered on^  '   wkends. $30 pickup load.  883-2536. 481144  Fall Vacations  THE UNHASSLED WAY  Rent-A-Camper  Fully equipped & heated  Fully insured  Winter rates -  $70 per week  885-2600   _ -4744-tfn-  PHILIPPINES. Deluxe 10 day  leisure tour, all Inclusive  escorted, including 2 nights in  Hong Kong. $1,735 (Can.) per  person, doublo occupancy,  Aztec Travol Ltd., Maplo  Ridge Square, Maplo Rltlgo,  B.C. V2X7X7,Phone 487-1151,  ���    ���}.��� ' 492744  Cars and Trucksl *r  __��� u  3 FEMALE kittens,  0Q35.  Found  ' ,',*i����.,.  MADEIRA PARK wft, 2 bdrm  cottflfjb Mth, \)oh\k houso,  Minimum rent to rellnblo  coupla; 'no-children. Refs  required. Write to Bo* 310B.  ,   |" , 408045  YEAR-OLD .3 bdrm 1,000  -4quar��.-p,rfoot-���>hom0*'-'ln��  Y  Chlfllwack. Will accept, trade  ttcroogo pflr recreational  vehicle for..,, .wrjjy, approximately $10,000. Box 400.  Vcddcr Groaning, B,C, VOX'  1Z0. Phono 868.7425.     492444  -5  '74, BUICK Lo Sabro J air  condlMpn, ps. radio, radial  tires, In excellent condition, ���  1.(3,000.1070 GMC \. ton, auto,  s, radio, good tires, $2,300,  bone 374-1590,. ..    492H1  ���72 AMBASSAPOR. Ps, pb,,  elec. ign, Rndlflls, EZ lift  hitch, Ex. cond,, $2,000. 085-  3003. 4901^44  ^m���.,m���-mm.,,���m.��� mmmamm.m.m.am ..i-wi-.,....,,...!!.. .ummmmmm *M.^".i- ���  *7�� OMC ^rton*wittrcnmpefr  ,:885-05<?4.      401O40  (72  -DATSUN    1200;- J-n\y  fi^llcnKo, vciy economical to  , $1000 oho. 880-9021,  ' 493244  ��Fu��l Ltd!T~i  Wood ��lov��i by Pl��h��r,  LahoWdod, Sodoro Valloy,  Comlorl and Pln'dlay,  DI��trlhuior* t In Woilorn  Cnnoda of lha Korr Scoliman  and Korr Tllon wood ���llro��  hollor, Doalort Inquliloi In-  *rim>4r*m*rtbmrnr.iAmmi\tomr-mnmK ���  _Shawiv Zofo>_ii-i>__C|��-_fl��an,0f,(|,.  WflodZoll liirnqcoi, Iniulalut)  JV..\    . ....    '.Ihffr  ���     110   Fall   Av�����  ��� North  VoiKouvtr  987.0011    '  m*  For Sale  FISHER woodburning stove  with the 10 year guarantee  can be seen at, Radio Shack, J  &C Electronics. "4855-tfn  'l7ADlES7TVrens~Ch"ildirensr  Maternity Clothing, 'New &  Nearly" New'. Encore  Boutique, 2445 Marine Dr., W.  Vancouver, 922-2020, Mon-Sat.  10-5. 4457-tf  'XA'. ' -SALE: V7;"'-. '; :���.  To introduced new ,  lineof  GREETING CARDS  ..':.���   20pct.Off   ..~~y- Also 10 pet. off.  -    -  ALL CHILDREN'S BOOKS  SECHELT OFFICE  SERVICE  Cowrie Stv Sechelt  885-3258  ���    495344  PLYWOOD & aluminum  canopy w-wdws & vent, for  import long box, $50. Also 2  165-13 studded radial snow  tires, $40.885-3949.        479544  VENDING MACHINES: lhot  food, 1 candy*, 1 ice cream.  Complete  with   coin   mecs.  $750.885-3400.- 489945  SEMI-ELEC. Raven guitar &  70 watt amp. Excel, cond'n.  $300,885-9764. 479344  WHITE   ENAMEL   garbage  burner,  300  gal.  oval  oil  tank, cast iron hot water rads.  "885-9007. 488345  Sewing Machine  Repairs  - Overhaul  - Tune-ups  - Chemical Waslk  - Parts for alTmal&s  All Work Guaranteed  21 Years Experience  l_��hpjne_Ste_ve   <r*  885-2691  4510-tf  3 CHROMOLUX  1,000     watt  heaters, 885-2871.  240 volt AC  baseboard  . 490444  17' DOUBLE E��Kle, 2 motors.  many extras, For info, call  085-2590. 409545  1       J     ���  12 J FT BOAT & trailer, 1978  * Johnson 20r 50 ^rsr on  engine. FuU; controls.. $1,200  firm. 880-2008. 491746  . Come and Get It  free. 005-  490144  NEW CRAFTSMAN skill saw,  2 hp, $75. Black & Decker  sender, $15.885-3663.    490944  ROOF ANTENNA for FM or  TV with chimney mount arid  lots of line, $45. 880-9^08.  491244  OC3 OLIVER Cat for parts,  cash or swap, or what-nave-  you, 886-2401. 491444  TV IN good cond., $45, floor  model; glass cabinet, $70; 2  bookshelves, $12 each; small  washcinlryer, needs repair,  $25; lumber, odd pieces, $20.  000-24-19. 492044 /  4-BURNER oloctrlc range,  good cond. 885-3397. 4919-tfn  NEW 14" Admiral color TV,  $399.  885-9016.  Sunshine  Coast TV, Sechelt.       495444  DOORS I Bfc.'s lowest prices!  f Pre-hung Intorior $14.90;  pro-hung Exterior $32; fancy  doors $39. Hugo stock I  Walker's. Phone 2M-72U, 1366  S.W. Marino Drive, Vancouver V0P5Z9, 477244  2x4 ECONO  Random Length  12c per ...ft.  2x4 ECONO  8'  '"""'"'^���79cea.   2x4-6'  1 left.  FUEL  Presto Logs 9/$2.00  40 Ib. Coal $3.29  ~*.  v;  ���J >'nmnm��iiiiiiwiiw.J  GIBSONS1  ALL-NIGHTER  airtight cuts  heating costs  *1 lb wood oqual 6000,btu  ���all hoavy stofll construction  *burnB 10-14 hr6 on 1 lood  lllro brick llnod  ���hot wator colls rt or loft  hand on roquost '  ���[argo cooking surlaco  'custom    built     to     suit  hauBo'tiinal!:, 20" wood   ���  *mod|unv, 24" wood  GIBSONS  BUILDING  SUPPLIES  886-8141  <t     \;      :'ii  , \  ^      X-  BLACK CAT with whlto flea  collar, fount! In Lowor Rd:  area, Roborts Creek. 000-9500.  409743  DRESS  MAKING  i'    i>  by  EXPERIENCED  SEAMSTRESS  Call  after 5:00 p.m.  **?  -n  ".If IvH  r  *".  P����W#*W��f^���� J^SIWA!'^.   nwf  M    "M   o|H��|.|^f  iWjl'fC.M    *1    ''f  ������ I*   tUtttrttH    '    r  ^MM^M-WMWlt^Wt-MMH^^i^Julp,�� A m*-n MM  ���MAtU 1t#jt*i**  .:,r  #  -       m,     ��-��.4f''  1WJ1tp-'!n*��-   1  tummut  ^iS^WS^ilSIW^Mi,*^**!**!^*^  ���* -■**.-■■
/ '
- •   r>   - -----,
..- ;
__   . '    r "
:'-•-'   .
■   - \   ..
'.'.''   ':  .'  '
...»'.                                          -
■  . •    " —
*   • ■   V    *.
■    f- ■
° i
■t ■
Wednesd^r;"Sept^27; 1978
The Peninsula Times
profession is currently being -
forced to reassess and renew
Itself-1-to^'qiieet^'. dramatically
changing demands of society
and the economy, according to
W. Donald Baldwin of Win-
riipegrPresident of the Royal^
Architectural Institute of
He says conditions are
radically different now than
anything encountered before.
-InOhe 1950's and 1960's architects and engineers were
faced with only one main
challenge—to efficiently plan
the enourmous growth that
took plaice in Canada in those
decades. - But today »the
profession is faced with such
diverse developments as
consumerism and increasing
government involvement in
construction, as well as a
-much—lower "volume   of
building than in previous eras.
The 3,100 member national
organization of architects is
- presently-laiiching a number-
of programs designed to bring
architectural practices into,
line with trends in''modern
society. In the political realm,
for, instance, RAIC is
establishing a "parlimentary
liaison" program in hopes of
opening lines' of communication between ar-
chitetcs and federal MPs. One
architect living .in each
federal constituency has been
selected to call on the local
MP to initiate 'one to one'
discussions in all constituencies, which will introduce architects to the
political process and conversely, parlimentarians to
the practice of architecture.
Architect-MP discussions will
also centre on such topics as
architectural fees and services, energy conservation,
research, land use, housing,
construction statistics, international development
programs and Heritage
RAIC also intends to
scrutinize current educational
programs being , offered by
schools of architecture ut
various Canadian universities
to establish where the schools
really aro comparative.
Presently most Canadian
architectural firms havo a
"modest work load", according to Mr. Baldwin, but
his prediction for the future Is
optimistic, He feels many
projects of the future will be of
a ^smaller,,sw!<?'LJkut .will,
Increnso in number, there
tflll be less need for downtown
shy scrapers In tho coming
yenrs, ho said, but an acceleration of the trend to
renovate and refurbish older
Member of Multiple Listing Service
.   ,. , '.I,.. ,U »' I
sales staff of our company in Gibsons.
Anne has 7 years experience in Real Estate Sales of which 4
years are In the Gibsons area.-      r
Anne will take pleasure in continuing to be of service to all
her acquaintances and customers for Real Estate on the
Sunshine Coast, and can be contacted at 886-2277.
Cowrie St.
886-2013 Sechelt
1528 sq ft of luxurious comfort In this easy care two bdrm non-
basement home on naturally landscaped waterfront acreage.
Some outstanding features are double windows, sauna, Jenn-alr'
range; and others. IT HAS TO BE SEEN. Guest house and
workshop also on this sweeping view property. FP $89,000.
Please phone Lynn Wilson for details. 885-5755,
Watch the boats go by from this prime wqterfront property. The
four year old 2 bdrm home has everything you want Including a
third bedroom and a third bathroom In the full basement. Oil
and electric heat, garage. Exclusive with Lynn Wilson, phone
885-5755 for appointments.
Stucco two bdrm family home on 1/3 acre, The ground level
basement has two bdrms and lots of space for llvlnffr-Vfcry
realistically prlcod at $39,500, John Wilson, 885-9365.
"""     I
PRIVACY, Gowor Point Rd. 1,18 acres, Stroam.
LYNN, 885-8705
JOHN, 888-9365
Pender Harbour Realty Ltd.
ONE ACRE LOTS — On Francis Peninsula. Privacy
plus value in thlr most desirable area, Just"2*loft *o don't
delay ,, , $15,000 each.
BOATERS — Older type, 5 bdrm home with deep moorage
In Pendor Harbour, FP $55,000,      ,
Rotlro on the beautiful
coast of Plandor Harbour. Wo have 6 Mobile
Homo SI tot loft,
Single Wldos
or Doublo Wldoi
Located at Garden Bay
100% Bank Tormt OPFG
'   call collect
Ed Zack, 591-5105
OWES " *?
*'"   ■      I j
 ' ' Ar
EXCELLENT  -building lot, Front Road, Madolra Park, Fully
BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT-™ And a roal bargain, It Ii
with clean boach, free mooroge, clams A oysters |us1 slops
away.Prlco |usl $12,000,
SECRET COVE AREA -•»■ 10,6 acros with 100' boach,
wotor ft powor nvnllnhlo,' food In.'P.P. $125,000,
« I w
WATERFRONT LOT ~ Deep and protected moorage
In  Egmont. Has trailer  pad,  seniles,   water  nnd'power.,
$35,000. ^_     '
7 ACRES   - on Highway 101 close to Madeira Pork,
Portly clqctred and on a westerly slope, Asking $35,000,
FRANCIS PENINSULA - Extra large (650' deep)
PHON? 883-^94 ~
883*978. 8832745
-Bfr cedar hpme,;jjuiHT975.yyiew and
many extras: $lp5,p6C|. y'r tyX
■ MADEIRA PARK -^.nice 2 tyl home with
\f If epl aceir 'full- basement. "Closed to:
stores etc; $42,500.   : ■■'. "X'
GULFVIEW .ROAD .— Madeira Park,
fantastic-view-from this new home - 3-
hew  appliances, -'fireplace.  $95,000!.:
home',.■ yrlfh" 3 bathrooms, partially
finishedrecrp'om, hot water heating, 5
qpipliances. Built 1976. $84,p0O>
view   home,   architect   designed. J5-
major oppliarices77$77;000;^-■■X--A    ■■'"
new. Now reduced to $33,000.
- 3 BR home, hear
FftANCIS -PENlNStfLAf -^" 2"
panabode, full basement, large lot.
G^QEN^AY,^ 1176 scjjt. 2 BR view
'"Tiom e 7" f ul I" basemen t*c "sii ndeck?"lBu i I f':
1975. $56,000,'..'   v
Glendale mobile home with 430 sq ft
addition. On 2/3+ acre lot. $28,500.
SILVER SANDS — 1.8± acres, Gulf
vjew, 10 x 50' furnished mobile home,
small cabin. $45,000.
-SILVER SANDS '— 1.6± acres. Gulf
view, furnished 1 2 x 60 mobile home.
Adjoins above,property. $45,000. -
EARLS COVE — furnished 12 x 44'
Skyline Mobile Home on semi-
waterfront lot. $20,000.
MADEIRA PARK — one BR concrete
block cottage, fireplace. $23,000.
WARNOCK ROAD — furnished 2 BR
mobile home,. 12 x 60', on large, level
landscaped lot. $28,500.
fireplace, sundeck, 3/4 acre lot on Hwy
101. $37,500.
GARDEN BAY — 4 BR home on 2
-levels. Electric heat. Landscaped. Close
to stores 8 tnarinas. $50,000.
BR view home, full basement, built
1975. Close to marina. $88,000.
*5± acres. Fruit trees,
over lake. $77,500.
3 BR home oni
garden. View
IRVINES LANDING — 3 BR view home,
stone fireplace, ensuite, 6 appliances.
- Close to marina. $75,000'. One car taxi
business available with above for
additional $10,000.
acres, treed-island. $60,000.... :".-...
11,6 ACRE ISLANp — 3 BR furnished
panabode, float. Water & hydro.
NARROWS INLET — socludod Ofcroago •
trood, low bank, 5 to 14 acro parcels,
Wator accoss, $24,500 to $09,500.
1. 100± ft W/F, driveway in, serviced.
2. 78 ft. W/F lot. septic tank & drain
fieldjn & approved,.driveway in, bldg
site in, southerly exposure. $39,500.
1. 132 ft W/F In Pender-Harbour, ,1.8,
acres, deep* mqorage. $50,000,
2. 83 ft W/F ad|oining above 1.22±
acres, $36,500.
3, 70' bluff waterfront, view over
Bargain Harbour. $21,500.
4, 220±   "ft" }ow~ba"nR""sherfefed"'
waterfront. 1.24 treed acres. $48,000.
BROOKS  COVE , —   194'   waterfront,
access by trail (1000' from parking),
septic In, hydro & water. $25,000,
ST. VINCENT BAY — 365± ft waterfront, 6.71 acres, water access,
EARLS COVE — 5,57 acres, 450£  ft
sholtorod watorfront adjoining forry
tormlnal, $125,000.
WESTMERE    BAY    —    1,400±    ft
watorlront on  4.0 Iroed acres,  Nlco
boach and rocky point, Water accoss
only. $47,500,
NELSON ISLAND — 40 acros, 1500' on
Westmero Bay, 225± on West Lako. 3
BR homo, 2 cottages, road to lako,
floats. Water access. $160,000,
1. MADEIRA PARK — serviced "lots.
2. FRANCIS PENINSULA - serviced lots.
, $9,000-$24,000,
r'3. GARDEN BAY AREA — view lots!
4. SANDY   HObK   —   view   lot
Porpoise Drive. $10,500.
Sinclair Bay Road. Serviced lots, most
with viow, three with lakefront. Priced
from $10,000 to $37,500.    ' *
6. MOBILE-HOME LOTS — seven lots,
serviced with hydro & water, on
Cochrane Road, Francis Peninsula.
7, BARGAIN HARBOUR — 1.5 acres,
treed, serviced. $25,000. ,'•■■;
8. DAVIS BAY --. Treed, view lot on
•■•■'"■  Greer Rpad. $16,500.
-   9. SELMA PARK — lot with beautiful
view, close to beach. $22,000.
building lots at corner of Cochrane and
Cameron Roads. $11,000-$ 13,000.
"" "sW^cedl6t;idw"pr(ce';''$8,'00"0r"'"
1. IRVINE'S   LANDING  —   2.87   acre
view lot; level. $35,000.
2. NEAR RUBY LAKE — 8.39 acres on
Hwy 101. $25,000. I  '
3. KLEINDALE — 5± acres on Hwy 101,
4. NEAR MADEIRA P/VRK '— 15 acres,'
'2150± ft on Hwy 10*1. $44,000.
5. KLEINDALE — 23.7 acres, some
merchantable timber, Lots of trees for
building a log house, $50,000.
6. FRANCIS PENINSULA— 1.8± acres,
corner of Warnock & Francis Peninsula
Roads. $17,500.
SAKINAW LAKE — 1300db ft lakofront,
24db acres, 4 BR furnished panabode,
float. $105,000.,
RUBY LAKE — 5± treod acros, close to
public lake, access. $19,000.
SAKINAW LAKE ~- 375± ft choice
low bank lakefront, 6.65 acres,
road access, $54,000.
RUBY LAKE — 95±  acres oxcollont
,land,.wlth.400±...fl, lakefront, and.
2600-i; ft on lagoon, $100,000,
D.L. 3250 •— between Sakinaw A Ruby
Lakes, I500:h ft on Sakinaw Lake,
creok, Hallowoll Rd onds at proporty,
RUBY LAKE — 400* fl lokefrontago,
5± treed acros, road access. $49,500,
basement, 6 appllancos, flreplaco, 133'
waterfront, ramp & float, $81,000.
full bosomont, 1997 sq ft on main floor.
Built 1976, Soparato 700 sq ft
workshop, On 122* cholco watorfront
lot with ramp & float, $100,000.
CARTERS LANDING ~~ Sakinaw Lake,
24,8± acros, 1350* ft lakofronl, road
access, houte, creek, $-135,000,-
EGMONT — 4 BR home, partial
basement, sundeck', on 3,3 acres,
270* fl choice watorfront. $95,000,
Hr%   fc, PH^W «^^^^^W"fl|W   ■■■■■in   ni»»" y^Mfc
HOSPITAL BAY — 2 BR home on 50* ft
beach lot, $57,000,
HASSANS STORl'.™ Francis Peninsula,
General store, 3 BR residence, rental
houievOn 1,15*. a<jres vylth 168± ft
plus cosh Ior;»l<Kk.
i !*«,*,«>- i»«nie-tmimwati
MADEIRA PARK - vacant storo bldg,
ad|o|nlng living quarters, One  acre r.FaoAnn bav
wllh 104' frontage on Madeira Park Rd, . \" ,4    B^Y
fmwtt«*xr*!ti,im: -*^———
7     ,
2003: fl W/f, 2.4   * JRANCIS PENINSULA*— large  3 BR
.. - ,, -.-^-^ h**w»^«i^4c«W'-*-«»   ^■m<mw^fm0'"^w}^w(Mmmr^mt^'Wv^
cottage, dock « float, $150,000. waterfront lot.,.$°3,OQ0,      «     „.
—-aKajgE-^ajisj-fflrL-j-a-ta-saLja^aaa^ tr.a.-!:^ -^j-_-f-> - n- ■*r7rmmr:rw-m-iitr'-r-- r.yt7Vt7 rr^smimz:
Ew^acsaw *^i3ap3axiiOi»^KKuw3iaKSto-s^^ .»,ETaLjasr.t.i
DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149
OLLI or JEAN SLADEY, 883-2233
/ '
j.iy»i.NiMj ^™,«t n«*»rei   fts# i^t«Cy^«"» «i**K
ItKslM^sBl't&WiBfl lJ« *-u-* *Mx.i:ri. 0»4 - • i flffl t   ■i^"*n»IH-it MIK fa
I   *
« i»**WS-rp"*"fasl * wfefWi-jflu^   *-™--a,"4
... I
**w»* i ma*#-mh H*<f *<>*<* <w«Njyi^>w^w^
' i
'■    \
i i
.   )
,i i -..              ���������  ' t  ;.. .���   ...  .A" \..;   ���  ������;       ���      '&���-���          .        ,            ,  ������.���'"���'  J           -  \  ���] ' "  ���---���-.���  ; y.  kf'  .   ��� '���        : ���   '  . .     ,  ..  .              , ... .      -   - ; j-  ���   -  "     "'      }'  -':���-  4       ���  /  - ��� .    ���  ^  ��� V      . ���                h   j  \  ���'                                                     '.                      -                                 V  ,  p. /     .  "'     ���-  V  V  f            ���  a'  V  J  '��� ��� y  ���,   ". x     ��� ~:      ���  \  I                             '        ./  /      r . ���  *   V          '.  V    '  )            ���."        k  1  sly  1  '\~  s  1  ��� - -  -- "  t  =--   -:.'     '  /' \  -���-   :"]- -'  V '"!  -*WT~T -'-  �����T  1  PageB-4 The Peninsula Times      Sept. 27,1978  ^>  A word to home buyers  ���"N  This could be the exciting  year when. you've finally  reached your goal of home  ownership. Unless yoti are-  trained in construction,.,  plumbing, design and  financing ... you will  probably need some help in  making a decision on the, right  property for, you and your  family. You can have a friend  or relative help you' look...  or, you - can choose a >  professionally trained and  iicensedreal estate agent-who-  give you the advice and  assistance to make your  purchase as exciting as the  idea of ownership. Remember  - home'purchase or home sale  does NOT require a real estate  agent... but over 90 per cent  ofpeople-who are- buying or -  selling find that the services of  a real- estate agency are  desirable and,��� downright  necessary. Let your local real  estate agent give you the  benefit of his market  knowledge, his residential  -expertisey-and-his-contacts-in--  the financial communtiy to  find ttie right honie in the right  neighborhood^ aiid at the right  -price���tt^^o-your���home-  ownership starts on the right  foot. This is a public service  features of the' Real Estate  Board of Greater Vancouver.  ���       .   '  '.'��/������  "*  . 2   .  gfflftV"  -**"  Iv%  d  i  o  ��� ���  '  ll  ja  ,  *. *  Ijf^OJ  ,       A  \           m*  .^^^ffrrflP  feg^��w~  <Ir  x                            ���>  mm^^^^^m%li  jflUal^  vfooaeecj-x            ���  Bfe  Th<e role of the real estate profession  �����*-JT^_ > o  Much has been said about  "excessive fees .in the real  estate business, but few  people consider the work and  pxpense-in-the-role-oRhereal  estate sales person.--,..   , When you list your home  with an agent it is for a  specific period, and you pay  none of the extensive .costs of  advertising, arranging for  .prospect yiewings, or the car  , and office expenses incurred  7\vliile-this"is~g6ingVon: X-~  If the house does not sell,  >ou pay nothing for "the service at all, the agent and  salesman must absorb this  expense.  Only r when your  home sells  do you  pay a*  commission   agreed   upon  before hand.  -. the  job-'of���selling^ real-  estate j.s  a_ difficult  and  demanding one,  having  in-"  curred a high study price, long  hours,     requiring     much  initiative and determination  so. that your- property can  chango hands. - - -  The irony of the real estate  -fee argument is that most  people uho complain about  them earn considerably more  per hour and work considerably less ���  The energy7 ciisii  Your energy bills in*  creased last year... and tiiey  are bound to increase again.  The energy crisis has hit home  owners... but there is a way  to beat the.ipeter, if you use  the upcoming summer months  to prepare for savings. Insulation is- the key ... and  B.C. Hydro has announced a  special energy savings and  finance plan that can help you  borrow up to $500 at Tan interest rate of 10 per cent,  repayableover 24 months with  your regular utility bills, if  you use .it to insulate your  existing home. You can use  other energy saving measures  ���too ... turn ' downpour  thermostat below 7b degrees  and save up to three per cent  on heating. Make sure all  appliances are in top working  condition and don't use_ap-r  pliances you don't need. A'  dripping faucet can waste six  hundred fifty gallons of water  each year, and plenty of  energy and money too, if it's a  hot water tap. This summer ���  take this tip from the Real  Estate "Board:.."meet'the"  energy crisis and save money  by taking the time to prepare  for winter.      ,   .:" ��� - -  George Townsend, 885-3345  Dourloyce7885^2701  Bob Bull, 885-2503  -Vancouver-Toll Free 684-8016   &  REALTY LTD  885-3211  Frank Lewis, 886-9997  Jack Anderson, 885-2053  Stan Anderson, ��85-2385  -Post-Office-Box-1219rSe<Ielt   RECEPTION  PT.  REDROOFF-RANCH INC. Phase I subdivision, is located on Redrooffs Road approximately 5*s miles west of Sechelt  Village. Hydro, telephone and regional water' serves the subdivision. The lots are wooded and level to  gently sloping. Particulars of the subd.ivisionare included_jLn the prospectus - ask for your free copy.  PRICE SCHEDULE.  Lot 31 - $11,900  Lot 32 -  SOLD  Lot 33 - $11,000  ^��,t 34 .r_J.lii.609  "Lot 35 - $11,600  Lpt 36 --$11,900  Lot 37 - $12,750  Lot 38 - $11,900  Lot JL?...-~?ii/.<>00,  Lot 40 "- $11,600  AU TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  GiBsons  8.86-2607  Lot 41 - $12,700  Lot 42 - $15,500  . Lot 4 3 - $12,900  ,Lot 44 - $11;150  Lot" 45 - $11,150  Dimensions are given.-in both   "���feet-and-itieters -- ���  r  ftfr    fr'tftf     >   SS    7,    !.'��'.      $____m ^7^ /"  \*  Lot  46  -  SOLD  -Lot  47  - '  SOLD  Lot  48  -  SOLD  Lot 49. j-. $10,750  Lot 50 - $10,800  ******  y  30  t4*r tr t* cm  o #1  T-~ ^  iP^-  -V--^  FOR COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE: REAL ESTATE ��� INSURANCE ��� MORTGAGES  MEMBER BROKER  fcaefi1'.  x  ���  K'*WlUe\  , ^M^.t^tHnm_\  886-2481  Sunnycrest Shopplng Centre   VON 1VO  HOMES  DAVIS & SHAW ROAD $57,000  Gold Medallion tri-level home., Four  bedrooms, two fireplaces, two bathrooms',  workshop. Close to shopping centre, Call  Joy Visser.       ��� - '  CHAMBERLIN ROAD , $97,600  Executive Hobby Farm. 4,38 acres, mostly  cleared with front yard completely landscaped. Over 2100 sq ft bf Jiving area In  this trl.-lovel, three year young hom��.  Owner-built quality Includes two  fireplace*, shake roof, double attached  carport, double glazed windows, the Hit  goes on and on, Call Dave,Roberts,  2 BDRM SPLIT LEVELS ' $53,000  Located on'Pratt Road on approx \ acro of  good gardop soil, Roomy 12x16 kitchen,  Soparato dining room. Larg9 carporl-and  12x20 workshop, Call Jay Visser,  HILLCREST DUPLEX ,'' i\ $37,S00  Good1 Invostmont, good > assumablo  mortgage of $22,000, Revenue $360, Call  George Copper,  LANGDALE VIEW $49,500  3 bodroom, A tbrrlllc vlow of Howe Sound  and No(th Shoro mountains, 16 x 30' living  room wllh granite flroplaco,  SOUTH PLITCHIR RD ^* - $37,000  .3 bodroom, basement home on view lot.  Jay Visser.  - PAIRVIIW ~���  ~  , $8B,��00  Largo charming homo, 3 bedrooms could  bo 4. On 1/2 acro, Place for horjo,  chickens and hobbles,  COACH RD   ", $48,000  Charming,_,2, bdrpi h,oiri�� Jn included  subdivision', Hlah-celllnQod living room  with acorn fireplace, Large lot, Call  Goorgo Cooper,  *  REID ROAD $05,000  6,7 dovajoped acres, Twelve hundred sqft, 3 bdrms, excellent family horn*. Barn,  Graxlng land, Ona of the finest small  farms \t\ our area, This fenced property  features an excellent garden wllh  ������ihrubbtfy���oround^hQm*i��..Th��-.rMrql.��.atv.  moiphoro.at Its bast.  HOMES  SEAVIEW RD $27,500  2 bedroom older home with sundeck.and  carport. Groat viow. Call Jay Visser,  HOPKINS'LANDING $52,000  Pt Rd homo with lots of living space! Great  viow, beach access, across street, ,  CRUCIL ROAD $56,000  Lovoly family homo, 2, flroplacos, 3  bodrooms up and 1 down, Vlow of  mountains, Koats Island and Shoal  Channel, Call Georgo Cooper.  SELMA PARK ���    ' $23,000  Immaculate 2 bdrm homo on lovel lot, Lots  of extras for-this low prlco. Call Jay Vlssor.  WATERFRONT * $55,000  Gibsons Bay area. On sandy beach, Well  kopt homo, 3 bdrms, don, large living-  dining aroa. Stono fireplace. Call George  " Coopor.  LOTS  SPECIAL  GLASSFORD RD, 63 x 160' cloarod lot. Fill  In, Wator & sowor connected, $10,000,'  Call Jay Vlssor.  WATERFRONT LOT $25,500  90' osplanado watorfront and 00' on Galo  Road, 225' averqgo depth located In the  Village of Seehalt close to the arena, 5af��  moorage In front,  GRANTHAMS  Nice vlow lot, 50 M 110,  $10,000  912,500  CHASTER ROAD ^       '  Lor-oo lot naar schools,  DUPLEX ZONED view lot In village $17,500  BLUFF      , $13,500  Vlow lof only 150 foal from sower, Vlow  ol Bay A Village,  FIRCREST LOTS $9,700  Tako your cholco, Slqns on-, 61 x 131',  Call Davo Roborls,  JOHNSON m FORBES , ' $11,750  Cleared lot, for this low prlco, Call Jay  Vlssor.  TUWANEK $6,250  .R��cr��atlonlpl,,.60xl20,,iCloia to public,  boach. Coll Oeorga Coopar.  Van. Direct  687-6445  LOTS  HOPKINS LOT $10,500  Has good vlow, locatod across from good,  beach access, Call Dave Roberts.  ������''-',' ���     'i       1     '    :  PARKS, REED ROAD $56,000  Excollont family, home on largo landscapod lot, Fruit trees, This home features  3 good sliod"bedrooms, living room with ...  'fii.i<jpj|aco, dining area, largo kitchen.  Finished rumpus room with F.P., and Inlaw sulto In basement 36 x 13 garage,  Call Jay Vlssor  YMCA ,. $10,500  163,25 x 87.07 In aroa of attractive  homos. 2 to choose from,  THOMPSON RD $63,900  New home. Vary attractive, 3 bdrms,  ensuite plbg, large sundeck. Full  basement. Jay Vlssor. ,  WATERFRONT  ROBERTS CREEK V\ M5.0Q0  Accoss oasemont>s��A��|Jcont  lot,  This  type of prime Qmprofit Is raro"on the  markot. Call GWgo Cooper.  SECRET COVE AREA $35,000  51' x 161' Sorvlcod lot.ofi Trueman rd,  iSAROlENTSBAY   00' Wit Lot, -     $32,000  250' deep1 and covered with salal  and  ^'tirbtiturfrMtf'fdaallocaflb^  qulot street In Wast Socholt, Powor and  wator to lot,  GAMBIER ISLAND   , $12,000  "Sbihi-'uaterfrbnt'lot at Th'ornbbro Bay,  Call Goorgo Coopor,  HALFMOON BAY Low Bank Wft, $35,000  Beautiful lot with southern exposure, This  , Is low bank wntorfront, but does not tiave  a boach, Salal bushos and Arbutus traas  aro tho natural landicapo, Sowor, water A  power avail,'  EASTBOURNE KEATS IStAND $46,500  Very attraetlvo 2 bdrm Gothic Arch with  , 625i sq ft  sundock, SE exposure,  Call  OobPgo Coopar,  ACREAGE  NORTH ROAD 1        $27,000  3,4 acros, trood and parkllko, No windfalls  - or undorbrush, Access from side road-lor .  privacy, Call Jay Vlssor,  '  M  wiwwiiiwii  86S-3300  GIBSONS OFFICE SALESjarAFF  khiiii.ii^h.whii 1 ^i 111,.., ,11,  ��� ,ituiiiaiiiiflMiiiiii>iafciiiiiir.'i.i7.tfpi��Ti'.i ���1.1 i  ���86*2164  ' W-��*tWf)*t;iWFlH-fW>i(B.��!^ ^^ti��s*fi��estts;^aiii^(i  DOIISUTHEItUffDrftro^r^  885-9362  WVEHOBERTr  GWWGEtOOTEr  886.93M  2 Off ices to Serve YOU  885  Van. Direct  ..681-7931  HOMES  GIBSONS $38,500  Beautiful uninterrupted view from this  older three bedroom family home. Largo  llvlng.room and kitchen. Partial basement  w|th Workshop area, Separate garage off  lano. Must be seen to bo appreciated; For  moro Information oh'thls woll priced home  contact Suzanne Dunkerton. 92GV  WEST SECHELT $61,500  Magnificent ocean view from this  sparkling clean two bodroom home, Well  built and Insulated with double pano  windows, Extra guost suite for your  weekend visitors. Call Terri Hanson for  more Interesting dotalls.  SELMA PARK $53,000  Quality throo bodroom homo, Attraetlvo  flroplaco for thoso cozy wlntor evenings.,  -Lovoly vlow of Trail Islands with gardon  and nlcoly landscapod, yard. Basomont  tastefully completed for your oxtra noods,  Call Terri Hanson or Ann Ibbitson for  viewing. B0SP  IN THE VILLAGE $36,900  An opon plan homo with tho kltchon and  living room combined, This home has a  sunkon tub and outsldo barbocuo, two  bodrooms, Iwo washrooms and a  flroplaqo, Groat for a slartor horno/ Call  p'on Sutherland for moro'lnformatlon.  HOME* ACREAGE $115,000  Stop If you'ro looking lor a Hobby Farm ���  you've found II ~~ flvo acros of cloarod and  foncod land, lorgo throo bodroom qualify  family home wllh feature fireplace,  sovoral outbuildings, vory largo wprkshop  and socond rosldonce, Call Suzanno  Dunkorlon for moro Info,  PAIRVIEW $27,900  <;1974 Na6n��x trallor attractlvoly sot up on  landscaped lot,  LANODALB $90,000  Fantastic prlco for a fantastic homol  Locatod on Langdalo Rldgo looking down  on tho walor A forry tormlnal, Tho 1000 sq  ft homo Is lully doVolopod on Iwo lovols  and has fepturos galoro, Circular concroto  drlvoway, spiral stairs oil tho foyor, fully  filled kltchon, largo mastor bodroom wltli  walk-lii closot, A truly quality home, Call  fcDon Sfjfhtiflorid foroppblnimbnf fb vlow,  63LD  Box 979, next to Gulf Station, Sechelt VON 3AO  HOMES  GIBSONS   ( $66,500  Here is a 3 bdrm home, built with quality  and care. Heatilator fireplace In living  room set against a feature cedar wall, Full  ensuite off a largo master, bedroom.  Finished rec room with a Schroador airtight. Workshop and utility area with on  entrance from the carport. Please call  Suzanne Dunkerton for viewing.  REDROOFFS  This Immaculate 2 bdrm home nestles on-  over an acre, Trail down to sandy boach  and smooth rocks. Plenty of room for 2nd  residence or subdivide off a lot, Ann Ibbitson, Don Sutherland.  LANGDALE WATERFRONT  Waterfront, secluded, -ovorlooklng  Gambler Island and beautiful Howo  Sound. Features of this quality 3 bedroom  homo, includes 5 piece bath, flroplaco,  plush wall to wall, ensuite and a super  largo sundock,' also a potential suite In  basomont, Prlcod at $89,500, Call Torrl  Hanson for more details.  DAVIS BAY VIEW , $54,000  Spacious throe bedroom panoramic view  hofno on popular Groor Road. Open plan  living and dining room with flroplaco,  Oood kltchon, opening onto 24 foot  sundock. Double plumbing. Large roc  room, carport. Immedlafa possession. Call  .,Corry,.Ross,..~,<.r~��,,M-.....^..���,��-...,,.*..-. .-. .-������*  DAVIS BAY  1536 sq ft of finished rosldonce. Only 4  yoars old with 2 fireplaces, drapes, Intercom, thormo wlndowi. A truly line  home. Call Ann Ibbitson or Don  Sutherland.  SELMA PARK $12,300  Largo building lot In developed area.  Some lovely trees. Build at back and retain  your privacy In the front, Call Suzanne,  WATERFRONT  DAVIS BAY $85,000  Boautlful tall ovorgreons aro tho setting  for this two bodroom 1097+ square foot  older typo' liomo featuring' a spacldus  living and dining roorti', with stono  hoatllator flroplaco, A largo sundock  overlooks tho grounds which run down to  approx 90' of watorfronl. Thoro is also a  well-built combination <0uest cottage,and  workshop and a separate garage, Call  Corry Ross.  WATERFRONT  NEW ON MARKET  2 sloping lots, easy to build on. Moor a  boat,and swim in charming little bay,,  Realistically priced af $20,500 each. Ann  Ibbitson.  ROBERTSCREEK $85,000  For easy transition from city to country  living, this Immaculate two b^room  home has much to offor, The largo  secluded watorlront lot is absolutely lovol '  to the houso which Is |ust above boacl).  lovol, If you are looking for a comfortable  homo In a tranquil sotting, ploaso call  Corry Ross,       "     (  LOTS & ACREAGES  TUWANEK [   .    \ .  Vlow lot closo to beach. Vondor will carry.  ' Phono Terri Hanson. Prlcod at $10,000,  90TK  GRANDVIEW ROAD $13,500  Lovoly building lot In Gibsons, Gowor'Pt,  In'aroa  of  now   homos,   closo   to  all  amonltlos. Call Suzanno Dunkorton,  SANDY HOOK $10,sbo  Beautifully unlmpodod vlow up Socholi  Inlot on this lorgo building lot, Suzanno  Dunkorlon,  ROBERTSCREEK $13,000  Half acro lat with somo lovoly troos, In tho  hoar.t    of    Roborts    Crook.    Suzanno  "Dunkorton^^"���"���"���'"''���"*"���"���"'*"" ->������"----������' --  WEST SECHELT  ,Vlow lot, approxlmatoly 90 x 150',  Selective clearing dono. Phono torrl  Hanson for moro'dbTnUv* 02WS  WEST SECHELT LOTS ' $23,500  Two lots sldo by sldo on Norwest Bay  Road.   Ono lat wllh Iwo frontages,    Idoal  for    InvoMor    or    builder,    Call    Don  .Sutherland, , B3WS  REDROOFFS ROAD  Large lot wllh gontlo slopo. Good building  slto, Potontlal vlow, prlcod at $12,200 for  a quick salo, Phono Torrl Hanson lor more  dotalls. ��� BIRD'  INDUSTRIAL  SRCHELTVILUOI  ���  $147,000  Attention Investors I This woll locatod 7 yr  old, concrete block 2400+ sq ft building Is  zoned Industrial, Approx 169 feet frontage, . ample . parking - plus dependable  tenants, For .Income Information etc.  ��legse_coH_Don^Sutherland.       y  SECHELT OFFICE SALES STAFF  ttflimniiniKEinwr^^  m-m*mim*^#dH^%ft'M^* *^'*\imiimmm^_*<���m^>&**>L '"'"* .'"ft**?" **PP*lkim*"-wt' "T'>"'��rf<m*��VW^-f:**iF***':i^##*Vl"l"i��  ���W��&(^��-��>Kt��n��-^^  :��&Stft'  tsf^rc:  ,-wj*;  *p^f*<^��"  y'k  J.  OVER 800 OFFICES AND GROWING FAST  ���v  ���*N* 'A   f'i^k  imr,:" ��"r;r trt-t.  %  * m ">v *��   'i (��*  t    M ��   *-=.��    jAn*I(H|^[/*W J"A^- -t  ��� 1 ������* ,- -. w*%,':,x-t-��  "f'">  *'  teWl��'!l-|9'M*'S|fi-t��rfit'����S,1'l'l1*i!J-��  ���" \  ���r  <a  ���j*        _-  ~_K_  George Townsend 885-3345  Doug Joyce 885-2761  Bob Bull 885-2503  Frank Lewis  Jack Anderson  Stan Anderson  886-9997  885-2053  885-2385  REALTY LTD.  Lt^ e"~  IN THE VILLAGE.: 3 bedroom exec home,  1650 sq ft all on one level. Features large  kitchen with  eating  area.  Formal dining  - roomr- living���roonv den--with���bathroom  adjoining on a 5' crawlspace. Lot is com-  -pLetely landscaped &jeady to enjoy. This is  a medallion hom'e\witlT_l5inlt-i"rr^acuum'  cleaning system. Reduced $3,000 for im-.  mediate sale at $53,500.  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: 2 bdrm  attractive home on almost 2 acres  level Hiway frontage easy access.  ���vGood lorge shop with HD wiring for  bench tools. Home completely  remodelled. Shake roof, rancher  alum siding. Several outbldgs.  Secluded   landscaped   property.   FP,  885-3211  EE-REAL-ESTATE CATAL  Post Office Box 1219, Sochelt  Vancouver Toll Freo:-684-8016,  $69,500.  ��� WEST SECHELT: 9.5 acres of good farm land.  Has new 4 bdrm ranch style home. 2 ponds  " supplied by spring water "with "approx "4~  -acres cleared, balance has some timber. All  service? on_payedjiL12_miles-fronrrSechelr  property has many  potential  HELT VlUfAGE -'3 bdrm modular  ome, 864 sq ft. Near new on clear  garden lot. Walk to shops. Price  includes stove and fridge, washer  and dryor, drapes. Must be sold. FP  $33,900.  ���Q  Z!  irVT>r/l  dr REAL ESTATE  APPRAISAIS  NOTARY PUBifc  Wednesday; Sept. 27,1978 The Peninsula Times  IIHHHHHHUHHJk   -. . *~~ J0k>  PpfeB-5  DENTAL BLK.,  %>.  GIBSONS *V  PHONE 886-2277 ^  *NDraND-DEVECOPMENTTTO     TOTL FREE 682-1 51 3   ^  SECHELT  VILLAGE   -   Brand   new   2  bdrm custom-bu[lt_basement__home.  ~Sunny bright kitchen. Extra insulation  . in the ceiling, twin seal windows and  heatilator fireplace. FP-��56-,500."-  GIBSONS: Attractive two bedroom  home with part basement on large  sewered Jot 98x148'. Magnificent  view property. Cozy living room with "  brick fireplace and w/w. Modern  kitchen withTw/w, new cabinets S  view windows in eating area. Smart  vanity bathroom. Auto oil heating.  Excellent buy at FP $36,500.   .,.,   _  Xv^M^y^'  VIEW HOME.- DAVIS BAY: 3  bedrooms, large living room and a  fantastic landscaping job. Garage in  part basement. Lot is 60 x 150,  blacktop driveway, 1 block to level  beach. Asking $48,900.  BEAUTIFUL DAVI. BAY: Immaculate"  3 bedroom home in this most  desirable area. Features are:  ensuite, acorn fireplace, electric  forced air heating and a most attractive view!  FP $55,000.      _.  HIGHWAY 101 SOLNlKs One acre  with���two���bedroom���house,_Oently_  Sloping land in grass with creek at  one side.. Shed at rear could be used  for horse barn. Under proposed  bylaw No. 96.27 it would allow home  industry. $39,900.  SELMA PARK: Fantastic view!  Near  new  family  home  on  large  treed  -garden-property .-Large-living-coom  separate dining room. Rec room is  - finished plus extra bedroom ground  level. 12x26' sundeck. Double  carport. Landscaped, rock wall,  shrubs & shade trees. Excellent  value. FP_$57,500. Price is firm.  CHARMING -FAMIlY^TWO STOREY  HOME in Sechelt's newest residential  area. Short walk in to the Village.  Home is two stories and 3 bedrooms.  Large lot and double carport. Paved  dead end road. FP $52,250.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Ideal location  close to boat launch. 1096 sq ft \kith  fireplace, plus patio &f workshop.  Large treed lot. FP^$43,500. Terms!  LEVEL BEACHFRONT: Retirement  investment. Close to Sechelt Village.  2 bdrm home, plus guest cottage.  Home in excellent condition, has  heatilator fireplace, kitchen, living  room & dining room facing the beach.  Large ,cement patio for��� outdoor  living./ Cement breakwater, large  laundry & storage. Workshop &  stora'ge bldg. Property has 81'  frontage, clean pebble beach 650' in  length; .120' at rear. Can be sub-  . divided. $92,500 FP.  ROBERTS CREEK: Charming one  bedroom cottage on 1.4 acres of  beautifully treed property! Approx 1  acre cleared with barn and corral. FP  $37,000.  CREEKSIDE HOME: on 6/10 acre with  parklike setting,  towering  tree* &  spacious,   easy   to   maintain   level  I' lownsp/One -"year   new   expansive  ,'-SejSprpte-entrajice-hall-<leadsj-to~-a_  large living room with fireplace that  Invites gracious entertaining. A 23' x  28' attached garage could be converted to an extra bedroom & family  room. An added plus is a 440'  workshop with 3 pee plumbing. Close  to the best sandy beach in area. FP  $68,500.  WATERFRONT HOME: MocfeFft  designed, on rare to find flat, level  waterfront. Features channel cedar  interior, 3 bedrooms, lots of windows  with all living areas having a view.  Lot is 75x350' (1/2 ac plus). Many  trees & good privacy. FP $99,500.  , WEST SECHELT: New 4 bedroom with  ^'"-finished1 batfdrjfent in "area' of 'new^  7^f?om&$. Features'*! indude'',iorge''Vit-*  chen-&���nook��� ffreplace^-basement-  flue' for stove, finished rec room in  basement, carport, sundeck and a  level easy to landscape yard. Priced  right at $53,900   -  WEST SECHELT: 900 sq ft 2 bdrm  homeonyb lot that Is 62x205'. Needs  some minor repairs and landscaping,  priced Mo sell Immediately at  $33,900.., '  WATERFRONT BROWNING" ROAD:  One of a kind ��� 75' pebble beach  and a level lot, Quiet area away from  the highway in a secluded location. 3  bedroom home with fireplace, 2,  .bathrooms, carport, ' large dining  room & living room'. Everything you  heed for rellFemenrilvln^Vlummer"  or permanent home. 1400 sq ft offered at a reduced price of $85,900.  WEST SECHELT: 2 bedroom (possible  third In. grade lovel bsmt), well  appointed homo on large level  garden lot. A double carport, sauna  and othor features too numerous t-M  mention. Priced for Immediate sale  at $53,900.  BAYVIEW EXECUTIVE HOME: Situated on a 1.25 i acre lot. This now  large 3bedrdom home has 1700 sqft on the main floor and 1300 jq  ft on the lower level. Features Include shake roof, expensive  carpots, two fireplaces on the main floor, solid oak cupboards,  beams and high ceilings In living aroa, forced air heating, 3 pco  ensuite, redwood dbl pane windows, large deck plus a fantastic  view of Sargeant's Bayi Prlcod at $89,500,  AO0ERTS CREEK: A fine building lot 72 x 105' close to boach access,  Proporty Is sloping to the south. Paved road, Asking $15,000.  REDROOFFS AREA: wildwood-Rd,  build on. Beautiful evergreens  $11,000.  \Wr$m%  6+ ACRES ON REID ROAD: Mostly  cleared, some fruit trees & yr found  creek, Property mostly fenced, front  yard Is landscaped & In lawn. House  Is very large 2300 sq ft, 2 fireplaces,  several sets of plumbing. Kitchen &  living, room have been completely  remodelled. South slope, all usable  land. FP $85,000, .  WEST SECHELT: 1/2 acro trood view lot In a qulot residential subdivision off Mason Rd. This will be the finest rosldontlal area on the  coast, Tho lot has all facllltlos Including sewor. Lots of topsoll, FP  $15,500.  FRANCIS AVENUE: Rodrooffs ��� 2 bedroom cottago on 1.54 acres of  land with fruit troes and a good gardon. Almost 1/2 cleared, Cottago Is vory cojty with hoatllator flroplaco and a carport, FP $47,500.  Jon McRae  885-3670  Lorrie Girard  886-7760  Chris Kankainen  885-3545  Arne T. Pettersen  886-9793  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES  New Gibionc Village has lots.for single wide, double wide and conventional homes, all on  sewer,, water, hydro and all within 3' blocks of the Shopping Centre, Schools and Medical  Clinic.  Come In and discuss a unit and a Lot as a package deal with approved Bank Financing.  Lots priced between $10,900, to $13,900 depending on view and sixe.  1402 ALDERSPRING ROAD: Two store> ���-  .home on quiet cul de sac with view  overlooking' Gibsons Harbour. Three  bedrooms on main floor. Fully furnished suite on ground floor, currently  rented at $250 per month. Total living  area 1850 sq ft. Completely fenced and  in lawn. Large sundeck. Close to park,  tennis courts and shopping. $47,50.0.  DAVIDSON RD:   Large three bedroom home  -on 1/2 acretreed-lot-on.l.angdale'Ridge-of-.  fering view and property. 'Lots  of.cabinet  space in well thought out kitchen. Fireplace  upstairs. Full basement. $54,900  HOMES  TAYLOR La��NE: Lovely new three "bedroom  home overlooking Gibsons Harbour. 16xlV~  sundeck- Large eating area and "kitchen  combo. Two fireplaces. Master bedroom has  ensuite and his and her full double closets.  Full basements. $67,500.  es. ___��� ���  MALAVIEW   ROAD:   Quality   built   three  bedroom ranch style home on treed land-  sea pedjot inj^Qii_q^nBV______omos..J.ocptes^  quiet cul de sac providing safety for children  and pets. The home is in immaculate condition and features separate dining/room,  wgll   to   wnll   cqrpeting,   spacious -kitchen,-  NORTHXFLETCHER/ROAD:' Three bedroom  home on completely landggaped view  property in Gibsons. Lawn in front and back  of home with small garden. House is very well  kept with separate suite in basement. in-  =cl uded' are_f ridge,j��tove, .wpsjiera nd dryer.  -utility room and double windovys. Easy walk  to elementary school. ,- $46,500  CRUCIL ROAD: Bright and spacious three  bedroofo family home in excellent condition  located within easy walking distance to  .schools and shops. Large kitchen with built-in  dishwasher ana' indirect lighting. Two  fireplaces, huge recreation. room, . lots of  extra space/jjgrdayli-Jjht basement for den or  extra bredr6om and workshop. For-Jthe price .of  $62,500 you also get a beautiful view for your  constant enjoyment.  ^GLASSFORD SGOWEkPtRD: Country Estate;  In theihiBartpf the Village. You must see this  traditionally Styled four bedroom, full  basement home with ��� finished rec room-  Fireplaces up and down. Large garage with.  | *Tj[4"'f,-p^i-nii."LT.viii!iiii'"J/  E,.-���-������ ������'������*���>  $64,500  SOUTH FLETCHER: A beautiful view of Gibsons Harbour is only one of the many features  df this four bedroom home. Others include a  feature wall fireplace, hardwood floors,  lovely large kitchen and for the handyman a  16 x 18 workshop. $37',900  , r   SHAW RD: Incredible Potential! Ranch style 2  bedroom home completely remodelled.  16x12' master bedroom, fireplace, beautifully  landscaped.and fenced grounds. Evergreen  hedges add to the seclusion*and pr-ivacy-of  this hobby farm with 3 outbuildings. But that's  not all! The property is 5 acres with spec-  " tacular view from over half the property.  .Fronts on Shaw Road with Stewart Road  dedicated on the view face. Zoned Rl, in the  village of Gibsons,  COMMERCIAL  GROCERY STORE & PROPERTY: The only Store  tn the ared with a good volume of business  and, growing steadllyV.AjOdeal set-up for a,  fami^ operation jrfvesferaihours-orBJO-a.m^  to 6:30 p.m. seven days a week. If you like to  be independent and run your own business  this could be your opportunity. The price  Without stock is $89,000.  APARTMENT BLOCK: Nine suite apartment  block cenfrally located in the Village pf  Gibsons. The block shows a good return and  the vacancy rate has been nil during tho last  year, ideal investment for owner-manager.  Ask us for more Information about this!  project. $160,000.  CHERYL ANNE PARK ROAD: Roberts Creek.  Excellent two bedroom starter or retirement  home in quiet subdivision only 4 miles to  "G1l��wsrHoTnFls=w~a^lcel^ra"nds^%'d=lo1  and only one block to level beach. Some view.  Can be purchased for under $2,000 down and  with such low payments there is no reason to  rent. -$39,900.  FAIRVIEW ROAD: Lovely full basement home  on quiet street. Two bedrooms upstairs and  one not quite completed downstairs. Wall to  wall carpeting throughout. Heatilator  fireplace and thermopane windows for  heating ecdnomy. House is situated ona 1/2  acre lot with some water view. $49,500  GRANTHAMS LANDING: WcdJ kept two  bedroom family home with full basement.  Basement has rec room workshop and  laundry room. New shake roof. Home  features thermopane windows, hot water  heating and low taxes. Grounds are  beautifully landscaped. Large sundeck to  enjoy a lovely waterview of Keats Island'and  the Gap. $42,900.  _,  FIRCREST PL: Three bedroom home jiv-Q_quiet  rural   subdivision   surrounded   by- ALR  properties on all sizes, One'mile from schoolsi  and shopping. Large'open ifvlng room with'  workshop under., All this nestled privately.on  two lots. Year round creek goes through eg  property. Beautifully landscaped with many m  fruit trees. Plus a guest cottage* presently B  rented for $165 per month. Home could be an S  excellent revenue property as the basement JJ  cs=::��mvpl��te=kitehen=^nd=^^  facilities.   AJJ   within   a. stone's   throw   of H  shopping and post office. $67,500,  125 x 200' lovol lot, very oasy to  Priced   for  Immediate  salo  ot  SECHELT VILLAGE; Pobblo Crotcont. Largo city lot cloarod, roady for  building, Prlcod at $13,000.  .... ��.....���.������ W,��� ..��� mmm .mm���, ��� ���- -,�� -*-"*�������������f" " " ���������-*-������"���  SARGEANTS BAY: 1 acro watorfront lot, fully sorvlcod, Beautifully  freed with arbutus and evergreens, Panoramic southerly vlow,-  Many oxcollont building silos, Woll known fishing spot. FP $30,000.  SECHELT VILLAGE LOT: Already clearod, roady to build. Sloping lot  with possible view, Close to shopping, schools, Asking $13,000,  ACREAGE; Wost Secholt .21 acres of predominantly lovel land. Half  Is cloarod, foncod, drained and In pasture, Remainder Is wooded,  Yoar round crook traverses proporly. No buildings, FP $55,000,  CLEARED LEVEL LOTi Sochelt Vlllago . 62.5 x 120'.-Ready for  building. Owner will trlido as part down payment on home, Value  $11,500. '  REDROOFFS AREA": Approx'ono troed acro. 99' ofl%|drooffs Rd.  Closo to boach and boat launch. Fully sorvlcod, Full prlco only  $11,500: *" -��*������--i^'��---p----"----p��-----'~-----p-'-��-'-. ��� ���������  DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME: 860 sq ft 2,bdrm home with appliances. All  wall la vvcdl.sarpel.^Oityfli Inexpensive to hoat,..Concrete driveway,  and parking slab, Fir Road location. FP $43,500, torms,  SECHELT VILLAGE WATERFRONT: 150' of treed gently sloping easy  to build o|i waterfront, All servlcosllncludlng sowor lator this year.  Sorlpus waterfront buyers should see this ono. FP $30,000,  DAVIS BAY VIEW LOT: Easy torms -^ 20% down 8, tho balanco ovor  easy payments on this southern exposure view lot, Excavation and  cloarlng       �������� been done, FP $13,900,  SOUTHWOOD ROADi Closo jo 1/2 acro, Lovol building lot, Hydro  and regional water pt road. Check & compare. Attractively priced at  $9,450,. ,       -  NUMBER 19 TSAWCOME: A coxy, near now 79Tsq fT 2 bedroom  home close to the beach at Chapman Creek, No stairs, electric heat,  doublo glailng. Government prepaid lease has 19 years to run, FP  $32,000.   ���  SECHELT VILLAGE: 5 acres measuring 330k660', Will eventually  have a view. Close to the arena. Try your oiler to $35,000.  SELMA PARK VIEW LOTi Extra large 90x179' lot, corner location,  easy access, excellent view of Trail Island, FP $13,500,     '  GIBSONS HOME WITH ACREAOE: Lfyge 3 bdrm home on 7 ocros  with Chnstor Crook bordering 1 side of fenced properly, Homo  needs some repair but hq�� been parllally renovated. Lond I* cleared  R In grass. A nlco situation. FP $09,500,  UPPER ROBERTS, CREEK: 10 acres of land with 3 bdrm near-new  horfio of 2376 iqff,dnd 0 4000 i<Vfi aiumihUrri clod, full/ imoiated  building. Building Is all wired for 220 power A could have many  uses, Concrete floor, dear span. fP $89,900,  LOWER ROAD, ROBERTS CREEK: Over 3 acres of gently sloping  proporty with southern exposure, 900x300', Year-round troek flows  throng* corner ftf*pro(SIf^^^ " "  '/ ���    in        fj,       ,4    tftMm^mrmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmm'bm*^^ - yumum ^,5^ *  I WATERFRONT"*;i3PK!N3 LANDING:������������tf^J^.Or,.,-*~m*.UU*,?.'Z7:,'  I   e6ch 50x200', Older type 3 bdrm bungalow on one lot, Could be  I   festered, Lots |eve|fwlth safe moorage In front, Excellent buy at FP  I   $75,000, ;'',.'���  , ^mmmmmmmmmmmmWmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  DAVIS BAY WATERFRONT: 3 bedroom single level home on 03 ft o(  the best waterfront we con offer. Large sundeck on the view side,  westerly outlook. Large kitchen family room combination, Living  room Is 18x21 1/2' and has a full brick wall fireplace. The property  also supporls a workshop, a panabode playhouse and a boat house  on the beach. FP $79,900.  APPROXIMATELY 6 ACRE$i>Treed, gentle southerly slope, 2<|0'  highway fronlage. Some merchantable limber, Handy location,  dose to Joe Rood. FP $31,000.  WILSON CREEKi On Browning Rd, a 73x1 SB' view lot only 300' from'  beach, road access. This lot Is partially cleared and fenced,'reody to  build on, A quiet strfet close to all facilities. One of a kind a)  $16,900,   , r ,  - .,       -.-'���� ��,v i��.v'.mmiKm>Mmmmm0mmmmMm*miiiiftm>mmi>t^^  J*c.,;��?Orf!,"J'< P bedroonr-r* V;.-'-.'iii,?.-V/'1'rt��#^f, InnH  *  100x662 ft, A road at the back of the lot could lead to future subdivision, Home has an open plan wllh heatilator fireplace, Carport  and storage shed.; fP $47,500, '  SHAW ROAD: Gibsons. If you like space here  Is a big one for you, with 1560 square feet on  ���he main, floor ' plus full undeveloped  basement for your hobby or recreational  needs. Large country style kitchen. Three  bedroom with master bedroom featuring full  ensuite plumbing and walk-in closet, Huge  wrap-around sundeck. Level landscaped  property. Only a-short walk to shops and  schools. $61,500  ROBERTS CREEK; This could be the home with  acreage ypu have been looking for. Situated  well back from the street to give you all the  privacy you want. This rustic home Is, In Immaculate condition and has 1050 square feet  of ||vlng spaco. The partially cleared property  Is |ust over five acres and could be developed  Into a nice hobby farm. The zoning allows  subdivision Into half acre lots and there Is-o^'  .dedicated road along one side. A good buy  and an excellent Investment. $65,500  PARK ROADi Three bedroom home on fl.acr^s  In Gibsons, Property on both sides are also  for sale making a total of 13 acres available  for future development, A good holding  property. , $79,500  "fireplace. The full basement has a finished  fireplace for your rec room ideas.       $49,900  COACH RD (Off Leek Road): Three year old  three bedroom home situated in a quiet  subdivision In Roberts Creek, only 2 miles  from Gibsons. Large kitchen with an eating  nook, Yard Is "nicely landscaped, yours to  enjoy from the split level sundeck. Extras  include a wired and plumbed darkroom and a  7*8'storage shed.. $44,900  -BROWNING ROADi^lson-X^eek^Rufrtlc-and-  cpiy A-frame home tucked avyay on a  beautifully treed lot. The house-is approximately 3/4 finished and an enterprising  couple should have a good time finishing it off  to suit their oWn taste. The asking price for,  this hide-away pro|ect Is ,     $34,900  LOOKOUT AVENUE ��� Noar now three  bedroom homo in good condition on largo  viow lot In new subdivision just past tho  Sunshine Coast Arena In Socholt,vBoatlng  facilities close by. Ownor Is transferred and  you can havo Immodiato possession. $52,500  HOMES ON ACREAGES  BOYLE ROAD: 5.05 acres partially cleared  and electrically -fenced, Includes cow,  chickens and ducks. Rentable trailer pad with  own septic, Partially finished home, all new  construction, approximately 1/2 completed,  White onyx fireplace, varnished cedac/elllng,.  thermopane windows, and large combination  furnaco, Please make appointment first to  view. $68,000  HANBURY ROAD: Panabodo homW>aturlng  stain, glass windows, skylights, 'ancJv shake  roof sltuatod on 12 acres In Roborls Creek,  Flume Creek runs through middle of property  which Includos A-frame guest cottage and 16  x 16 workshop with 220 wiring, Partially  cleared and fenced with vegetable garden.  ,    $67,500  REVENUE  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY: Triplex locatec  in Gibsons Village. One two bedroom suite  and two three bedroom suites. Good holding  property for future development. Close tc  schools and shopping mall. $52,500.  WINN ROAD: Fourplex. Positive cash flow  with eleven thousand dollars /evenue per  year! Top units contain five bedrooms with  one and a half bathrooms: Lower suitefeare  large two bedroom units. Low maintenance  and good return make this an excellent investment value. Close to all amenities.  Financing available. $89,900.  FAIRVIEW RD: Revenue. Duplex on a 1/2 acre  lot represents the ideal Investment property.  There are 1232 square feet in both of these  side by side suites. Features are post and  beam construction with feature wall fireplace  iind,*(mdecks. There is appeal to separate  rental' markets with a two  and  a  three  bedroom suite. Assumption of present  mortgage makes purchase very easy and a  yearly Income of over $7,000 makes this  property hard to beat. $75,000.  FIRCREST RD: Brand new quality-built home.  The cathedral entrance with wood feature  wall leads you into the large living room with ,  feature wall fireplace. This 3 bedroom home  has a largefa'mily-slzedbathroom and lots of  storage area. The basement awaits your  finishing touches, The lot Is nicely terraced  -Titia-TeaWtor^ffiTdscap^gr-Clcrter-to-schools---  and shopping. , . W;900  UPPER CHERYL ANNE PARK RD: Architect  designed tudor home oh cul de sac with some  ocear* view. This large 1278 sq ft 3 bedroom  home must be seen, 2 finished fireplaces,  finished roc room, onsulto plumbing, 2  sundecks and tho list keeps on going,  Situated amongst other quality homes. Front  yard landscaped, large lot with many  evergreens. Don't buy before seeing this  home, $64,900  SEAVIEW LANE: Approximately 2 acres of  forested WATERFRONT Property. In West  Sechelt. 1758 square feet three bedroom'  home. Sauna and beach house combo on  beach, En|oy tho view from the glass enclosed  patio of tho Trajl Islands, $148,500  GRANDyiEW RD, OFF PINE: This lovely Ranch  Style Home Is sltuatod on a fully landscapod  ���1/2 pcre of land, This 3 bedroom home  combines ocean view and acreage privacy.  Huge carport allows for the easy addition of a  family room and still leaves a 2 stall carport,  Master bodroom and living room access onto  the large partially covered sundeck. Floor to  celling cut rock heatilator flroplaco, thermopane windows and many extras,    $63,500  ���N  B  :  B  B  ���  LOTS  A  f pfJ.AR LANEl Beautiful flat building lot with  view of North Shore Mountains. Located on  the end of a aulet cul de sac, only 1 block to  Suunycrest Mail Shopping Centre and schools.  All services Including eewe'r. Ad|acent to  grass playing field, $14,900,  BURNS ROADi Good building lot, 63 x 130', on  flat land In Olbsons VHlog*. Four blocks from  Post Office, stores and transportation. Uflhtly  treed. Three blocks from oceqn- All services  available. $11,000.  SECHELT INLET ESTATES: Four bJlldfrig lots on  Sandy Hook Rd, Water, hydro ond telephone  to each lol. These lots nave a spectacular  view of Porpoise Bay and are only 4 1 /2 miles  from Sechelt, One priced at $8,900 the other  ~1hree at $10,000,  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT: With waterfront   SKYLINE DRi This 70x59x131x122 foot  lot  asTicarce  di It   Is* Ihls' double "use   lof iiitir Av^niiui -ilniu nftho Rav oroo* and  represents real value, $33,000,  YMCA ROADi Langdale. Cleared, level  building lot measuring 01x173 suitable for a  variety of house pthns, Located within easy  walking distance to school and a few minutes  |ob to the ferry terminal. Make dn offer on the  asking prtlce of $12,900,      , ^  ABBS ROADi View of Bay area and Georgia  Strait Is yours from ilhli beautiful |pt In area of  elaborate new homes, Two block* to schools  and shopping. $18,900. /'  McClJLLOUGH RDi Wilson Creek, Close to one  acre   treed   property   with   subdivision,  paislblllHes. $22,500,  wlHf expensive vlow of tho Bay aroa* dnd;  Gibsons Vlllago is very well priced, $11,500  SARGENTROAD:'Build your dream home oni  this outstanding property In Gibsons most  popular residential area, Fabulous view of'  the harbor and Georgia Strait, Over 63' street  frontage, Easy walking distance to schools  and shops. $17,900.  UPLANDS RDi Tuwanek; IdeoJ f ecreafloft lot j  In beautifully woocled and parklike setting.  Zoned for trailers. This lot overlooks Sechelt {  Inlet and the Lamb Island.,$0,900,  j>v j   WAKEFIELb RD; Oood building lot on" water I  and power overlooking Georgia Strait \and  the Trail Islands. This Is a corner lot In a newly j  built-up area, $12,300,  ^___  HILLCREST RD; Only $3,000 down I Balance by  Agreement for Sale will purchase one of  these beautlfu) view lots at the end ol-a quiet  cul de sac, All underground services so there  l�� nothing to mar the view. These lots are  ' -ir-w-/���:���?-��� --���:-'--��� ----tc...��� /.jtrueilM Prlf��d_y_iiis^oo^sr4 *16,300. -^^;\^;t������������������,-im^-.���-,}'��� ^ny-.-r.' ���:',.  LANGDALE R|DOE SUBDIVISIONi>ttntastlc  view lots. An area'of new and varied hom/>s,  These lots offer themselves to many different  SCHOOL & WYNOAERT ROADS; Only 3 of  these Duplex lots left, Beautiful view  prppertles overlooking  the Bay.  Close to  U..  p^ftMv  r*f  .,, -^Kfer ��, ��������.,���)!��>#��'���'  ',"������  DROP IN OR PHONE FOR OUR FREE PROPERTY BROCHURE  !�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  aws^silwswiMsiMi'flSf^wsfc^^       j^MiWi^nf ^  \ MvWfn ~*  ir/Ha- -wc-Bf-Kii* j  ^W^tH^W^^w^i^^^^WSW*^^  ls^iMs^*ifti!>>,^jitWi9,iS^^ r- -:'\' -7:!  i.   i  PageB-6  The Peninsula Times      Sept. 27,1978  Operattonr  fifednlc  Lifestyle  is a personal a- One area of confusion in  Jvanaiess.-ofl-good-Jhealth the_BuMV��_mind_is__the-  habits,   itYfollowing them    'meaning ot the real estate  .      .     /- .       A, references to? TERM   and  or choosmg to ignore them.     aMOrtizaT10N in a mor-  Protecting a  terms philosophy  &  /  RENTING  Executive House  Apartments  ��� Overlooking Gibsons Harbour  ��� 37 Deluxe 1 & 2 Bdrm Suites  i  j  Featuring:  Controlled Front Entrance  Colored Appliances  CableVision  Panoramic View  Extra-Soundproof Suites  Drapes  W/WXarpets /  Rents from $230.00  Inquire at  886-2465  -tgage.   The-word-TE-RM-refer��r-to:  the length of time of the loan.  A five-year term simply  means the borrower has the  use of the^money for five  =yearsr   The   word   Amortization,  simply described, is a series  _oP payments  calculated   to  retire the debt.       *.'  .. .Usually it is used to refer to  equalized monthly payments  of principal .and interest.  Amortization schedules can  range up to forty years.  Obviously, the expiry date  of the term precedes the  amortization schedule. At the  end of the term the unpaid  balance of the mortgate  becomes due and payable to  the mortgagee. .  General  practice   is  to  renew  or  renegotiate  the  mbftgage for a further term,  _at  the prevailing mortgage  interest rate.  Your . neighbourhood  Realtor has a free pamphlet  called MORTGAGE  FINANCING, What you  should know before moving  ahead.  The world HABITAT  -cbnfe-renee-in-Vancouver-last"  year proved philosophies and  priorities long accepted by  developed countries are not-  shared by the majority of  -nations.-- ���   Ask him for a copy so you  can understand the complexities eof mortgaging.  Even in our own country,  private     _ and        public  philosophies are changing. A  -switchrfrom"private'to_public  "ownership of land cannot  happen overnight,  but with  astronomical   population  growth and increased social  pressures  on  all   levels  of  government, the concept of  free enterprise and  private  ,land   ownership    will    be  challenged  more  and  more  strongly  during   the   next  decade.  It is up to responsible  citizens and responsible  businessmen' to equip  themselves with logical  arguments and alternatives to  the growing demands of  socially conscious com--  munities. Putting our heads in  -the-sand-.vail- not make the  pressures disappear.  What can stay the tide is  for exponents of our historical  philosophy to develop alter-  _natiy-es-that satisfy-the-socia 1-  needs and protect the private  property of the entire'.community.  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE (1978) LTD.  Box 1490, R.R. 1  Wharf Road, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AQ  885-3271  own  We're the Neighborhood Professionals.  ATTENTION:  Future Home Ownei  Having trouble finding a home just right  for you?   ..*���"'.-���>'.  Consider this:  is now offering a complete home  planning  and. building service.  Some Features in your new home would-Include:  ��� 1200sq. ft., 2 or 3 bdrm, full basement  -Floor plan of your choice  -Brick fireplace and chimney  -Thermal Pane windows  -Ready for occupancy in 2 short months  '"And many other attractive features,  A quality home at an affordable price  Further inquiries Please call  _^       GREG LEMKY at 886-27J&     ���HOPKINS LANDING,  STARTER HOME... $2000  down. Dandy 2 bedroom home  with half "basement. "Large"  kitchen with cupboards. Stove  and fridge included. Asking  $34,000. Chuck Dowman^8fl5-  9374.      -  GIBSONS  ��� SARGENT ROAD $13,900  Magnificent ocean view lot, fully serviced, on sewer. 65 x 110',  close to all amenities. Builders terms available. Larry Reardon;  .'885-9320.  GARDEN DELIGHT $43,000  Spotless home with workshop and carport. Easy walk to beach  and shops. Cement patio and fish pond in private rear yard.  Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  ROBERTSCREEK  UP & DOWN DUPLEX $49,506!  Large 3 bedroom with ex-  .   cedent revenue potential.  Located on 1 _acre neat  " .Rqberts   Creek   on   Highway  101^_ Vendor   will    consider  offersTXhuck Dowman. 885-  9374.  WILSON CREEK  COMMERCIAL HIGHWAY 101 RIPE FOR DEVELOPMENT  3.66 acres, 408 ft of highway f rbntage, by.3?6ft:deep;Ori ^ijpprt.  Road. Presexit��evenue-of-S5700 par-fmniim^^wr7KliiT?5n<lri5^  terms. Ken H. Wells, 886-7223.  x    DAVIS BAY  STARTER OR RETIREMENT $35,000   IecdficJLbedroonu6lder-home-with^reel^tchen1-Uirge-4lv4rig^  room and stone fireplace. Go6d high part basement and 1 block  to beach. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374. .  ,   .  SANDY HOOK  1/3RDOFANACRE $1,500 DN  m   WateVls on this beautifully treed lot, fronting on two roads.  =^Erce1leifPwvi^61emiB^  885-9374.  WATERFRONT LOT /VIEW LOT $15,500 48,500  At Sandy Hook we have this 100'+ waterfront lot, close to rodd  and adjoining witii an excellent view lot that1 lies .next to B.T.  Larry Reardon. 885-9320. ' .  TUWANEK  PRIVACY GALORE $15,000  Third of an acre with storage sheds and great* building site.  Already cleared. Chuck Dowmpn, 885-9374.  SECHELT  VILLAGE CONTEMPORARY $42-500  ,Near new 3 bedroom-house with vaulted ceilings, dandy kitchen, fireplace and thermo windows. Lot is level and fenced.  Easy walk to shops and schools. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  SECHELT VILLAGE $59,500  New deluxe 3 bedroom, full basement home of 1320 sq ft,  completed approx 30 days. Large LR, DR area with FP, kitchen is  a housewive's dream with built-in bar-b-que. Full, double plbg,.  "All"features"must be seen to be appreciated. Chuck -Dowman,-'  885-9374;     . :     i/  /  ~ ���WEST SECHELT  EXCEPTIONAL      VALUE,  $59,900. From the landscaped  ground_s _qnd_   cathedral   en-  trance:to the 1 bdrm suite, this  almost .1500',    3    bdrm,    2  fireplaces,    large   rec   room-  beauty truly represents value.  Situated in W. Sechelt, it is our  pleasure to show this home.  i Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  $18,500  1.17-acres. Nicely treed, gentle slope to SW, will have a good  view when some trees come down. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  $2r500PERACRE-  Complete privacy yet only 10 minutes from Sechelt, 25 acres,  mostly level with gentle slope. Road & hydro to property. Chuck  Dowman, 885-9374.  $56,500  Attractive Spanish type 3bedroom bungalow, approx 3 yrs built.  Large LR 20 x 20 with fireplace, open beam ceilings, DR, family  kitchen. All bdrms large, master ensuite w/w throughout. Large  workshop at rear. Floor area 1584 sq ft. Chuck Dowman, 885-  9374.  REDROOFFS / HACFMOOFTBTAYTOJEA-  1/2 ACRE VIEW _.^__ $15,500  Nicely semi-cleared lot with gentle slope to south. Nice view  over Sargeant Bay. Chuck Dowmafi, 885-937'4.  WELCOME WOODS" . $9,500 & $9,750  . Two extra large lots 125x200'. Larry Reardon, B8S$32Q,1sy^  ,,$13,500  Beautiful T/2 acre lot, loaded with trees orC blacktop road, with  "water and hydro. Larry Reardon, 885-9,320.     .  HALf-ACRELOT $15,000  Large treed lot at the corner of Redrooffs Road and thp rond tn  Sargeant Bay. Serviced with hydro and water. Larry Reardon  885-9320.  1 ���*��� $12,500  ��� Nor Wes,f Bay Rd wooded lot, 150 x 70. Zoned R2. Traitors  allowed. Sign on. Chuck Dowman, 885-9.37*.*  ENDER HARBOUR ARE/  GARDEN BAY ROAD-  - $22,500  Rock bluff building'site on this 3.5 acre wooded property, would  provide terrific.view over pasture land. All year stream. Easy  terms available. ChudT Dowman, 885-9374. .  BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT $22,500  Semi-waterfront property, just across the .Narrows Bridge and  facing Bargain Harbour. Treed and good for building on, with  just the. road between you and the water. Larry Reardon 885-  9320. ��� .     XX^     .    ���  MADEIRA PARK RANCH $125,000  22-bcre working ranch, .all fenced arid cross-fenced. Good large  ba.rh, good pasture and some fruit trees. All year.round water  suBRl.y, and for the lady of the house - it has a modern 2'  bedroom home. Has facilities for horse shows and rodeos. Larry  Reardon; 885-9320.       0 '  GAMBIER ISLAND  $65,000  It's gbing to be.ed^y to fall in love with this charming log home  :th'at is ���completely remodelled inside. Nestled on 8 acres of  beauty that includes lge trees, fruit trees, flowers and garden.  -This-2-bdriTi-home.Js.5-lmTnfrom-pev^;Bright^_wfTarf!1 Larry���  Reardon, 885-932*0.  THE NUMBER  TO REMEMBER  885-2235M -mjl  Vane. 689-5838 (24 hrs.)  Box 128  AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt  We Are As Close As Your Phone  Coast to Coast  : ' ���< ' ���  : ' ���  ���Real Estate Service     -  W  Call now for our FREE Real Estate Catalogue  C3T3  PRICE REDUCTION  A SUPER VIEW #3996  1320 sq ft on each of 2 levels, 4 bedroom electric  Medallion home,, Kitchen living room A, dining  room plut hugo sundeck overlooks Trail Island, Fp  $62,500. AnothorMLS listing thru, BOB KENT, 885-  9461 ovos, I   ���  bo too lato I Asking $117,000,  -1^:7 "; ���  FAMILY HOME #3999  This homo on 3/4 atro cloarod land Is made for fondly living.  Three bedrooms, .living room, kltchon -with nook, don,  rocroatlon room plus Inside garage, Asking $51,900 but all  offers, contldorod, DON LOCK, 003-2526 ovos,  INVEST IN SECHELT ' #3960  Opportunity could bo on your doorstop, that's right I Right  horo In downtown Socholt, Locotod on Torodo Strottt, prlirio  commercial property, 4 lots, almost 1/2 acro of vqluabio  land. Don't dolay, or you wl" ' ......  JIM WOOD, "803-2371 OVOS  WELDINQSHOP *#3941  Good small buslnoss opportunity, Oood scope foryoxpanslon,  Woll oqulppod and vondor Will h*lp Iho now owner settle,  Priced at $39,000. RUtH MOORE, 883-9213 evos,  WEST SECHELT #3653  Largo 1/3 acre lot has south slopo with potential Gulf vlow as  area dovolops, Hydro, walor, phono and cablo TV on pavod  road, FP $11,000, DON HADDEN, 885-9504 ovos,  QUIET HOME  ,, #3963  This '2 bodroom homo sllij on 3/10tbs acro of lovol landscaped ground, Aron Is qulot, on dead ond stroot in rural  area near Olbsons, and else noar Oowor Point boachos. Eloc  heat, plus flroplaco, also corport, workshop and gardon  sr^od, A lovoly garden, ontlro propbrfy^n apple ple^ordor. All  for $44,900, PETER SMITH, 003-9463 ovos,  BEAUTIFULLY TREED.. !        #3951  Largo Irregularly shapod lot, short dlstanco from marina,  Limited view Of Sechelt Inlet, FP only $0,000 for this easy to  build on lot, Quallflbs for a trailer,        "  GARDENERS NOTE #3907  ^ Sound,'older 2 bedroom home on basement ot 141 T Sechlet  Inlet Road offers convenient location. Reasonable privacy  and a large lovol lot In which the vendors have maintained a  fine garden. See this one and mako your offer on the $39,750  asking price, Terms If you wish. BERT,WALKER, 885-3746  oves. ������'   ���  SECHELT INLET WATERFRONT #3987/88  Lambs Day1 socludod waterfront lots, The"; lot? yvlth approximately 50' waterfrontage only $22,000 each or $42,000  for both, DON LOCK, 885-2526 evos.  GIBSONS HARBOUR VIEW #3966  Locatod on tho cornor of Wyngaert and Martin Rds duplox  zonod, on sewer, could have good potential, Clote to stores  and marina, Think about thisV Vancouver prlco would bo  $V$00, Glbions price a bargain, $12,900, JIM WOOD, 885-  25lCf~ivos,  CHOICE BUILDING SITE #4002  Locatod In Davis Bay, groat spot for a now homo, Just ono  block to boach, closo to storo, (school, playground. This lot  can be yours now for |ust $13,500, RUTH MOORE, 085'9213  ovos.  \\ \  .  WlKm^mm%m{^mmWm\wmVm  ft ���II  ;V  mTi  .. SjECtyEIJSPECIAL,        ��,   *  s#3925  Boautlful n��w2 bodroom "homo, Locatod on 1/3 acro In a  "friendly neighborhood, This quality homo has  flroplaco,  ��� thormopWie windows, good Insulation, Quality cabinet! with,  dlshwashor, Supor1 storago priced at $44,900, Ownor will  consider offors. RUTH MOORE, 003-9213 ovos,  :\,i  fM M^^^fesiWfcauMd Blftu.wie,.  f,��<w��WJWf<[iW ^^^H-'**>iW*i*V��Ht��'!*ifJ**  Ruth Moore  885-9213  **> MilIl^-4LWl*lll1Wf**Utr..f  V>  j  SECHELT LOT #3856  . Level lot...Nice Inlet view, near marina and ice arena. All  local services, All new homes In area. Slzo 7Q x 125', FP  $12,000. DON HADDEN, 885-9504 ovos.  SECHELT LOT        �� ' #3856  Lovol lot. Nlco Inlot view, near marina and Ico arona. All  local, sorvlcos, All new homes In aroa. Slzo 70 x 12$',FP  $12,000, DON HADDEN, 885-9504 ovos.  It  SECHELT LOT #3856  Lovol lot. Nlco Inlet view, near marina and Ico arena, All  local sorvlcos. All new homes In aroa, Size 70 x 125', FP  $12,000, DON HADDEN, 885-9504 eves,  WEST SECHELT LOT #3958  Flno lovol lot, 80 x 140', |ust'oqst of Mason Rd, Excollont spot  for your.homo and still retain troos for privacy. Water, hydro,  phono 8, cable at roadsldo. FP $12,000. PETER SMITH, 885-  9463 ovos. ,���.,,,.,,,,   SECHELT INLET #3985  Good vlow lots side by sldo, Only aldor scrub to cloar, $0,500  oach, Hydrcj, phono and wator at road, Sandy Ho��k.> JACK  WARN, 006-2601 ovos, (  VIEW W|TH TERMS    ,,., .,^,,,���, ,   #3911  Flno 2 bedroom home with 000 sq It on uppor floor nnd 200  sq ft on ground floor both levels have a view of Secholt Inlot,  Wall Insulatod for yoar round comfort and economy, Ideally  located noar boach accoss, Vondor will tako $12,300 doWn  with remainder by Agreement for Sale., FP1 $34,500. BERT  WALKER, 005-3746 ovos,  HOTEL LAKE ACREAGE #4011  Exceptional "Invostmont proporty of 6 'acros ovorlooklng  Hofol Lake, Try your low down payment, DON LOCK, 803-  2626 eves for details,  REDROOFFS ACREAGE . #3939  Oentlo slopod 1 1/2 acros, 100 x 660' of woll treod proporty  on blacktop road, Power A water at property line, ideal for,  that country rosldonco, Buy now and subdivide later. Asking  $19,900, JIM WOOD, 005-2571 oves,  INLET VIEW #3910  There Is a splondld vlow of 8eeln��!t Inlet from fhls excellent  building slto In aroa of all now homes, Sorvlcos along pavod  road, Close to arena and marina, Lef us sltow you this good  valuo ot $13,300, DON HADDEN, 089.9304 evos,  J^">*u^f'u^^^^IHf'**'**A,^*fl*P  ^���t?E$ifl (tli p^-|'.*^^^^^-^-^JImTW^  *88S#4fc3   ^      885-9504 885-2573  p:Z..p,pp..p^B��S^iker  8854746,  f   n    ���   ,l�� ^m-ifmmmmfm^mm^  Hick Warn  8862681  BUILD ON THIS ,     #3824  In Roberts Croek off Cheryl Annfark Rd With all  local services, this nicely tread/nearly level lot  offers qulot socluslon���yot Is clOKe to tho beach and  bus routo. See' It before you docldo, Asking  $13,000. BERT WALKER, 885-3746 evos,  WEST SECHELT LOT C #3958  Fine lovol lot 80 x 140', |ust oast of Mason Rd, Excellent spot  for your home and still rotaln trees for privacy; Water, hydro, ���  phone & cablo a; roadside, FP $12,000. P,ETER SMITH, 805-  9463 evos.   ;   X     . /'";  ������    - ���'/ lv '��� (.'-       '      p      ������    ��� I '������'')  -������  SECHELT VILLAGE BUILDING LOT /I3817  Low prlco $11,900. Low down paymont too for this qulot  unusual lot., 152' on sldo stroot, 109! on roar lano, Closo, to  storos, yet vory qulot aroa of Vlllago, PETER SMITH, 883-9463;  OVOS, ,'Vp        ,    .  GRANTHAMS VIEW #3979  Panoramic vlow Irom this 3 bedroom, full height basomont  homo, Ploasant garden with tall hedge for privacy, $35,000  SUPERB HOME AND VIEW #3981  Boautlful vlow from both floors with 3 bdeffobms arid hath on"  uppor floor. Spacious living aroa on lowor floor. Living room  ovor 22 x 17' wllh excellent flroplaco and douhlo windows  |  right across tho frqnl with vlow to water. Hot wator hooting  for bost In cornfort, Carport and workshop ad|acent and  lovoly gardon, Asking $69,800. PETER SMITH, OOS-9463 ovos.  FAMILY HOME #3975  Ljjtsbf oxtras In this 4 bodroom (2 opsult^s), full basomont  home, Interesting vlow of Olbsons Harbour, from view  window In mastor bodroom, Acorn flroplaco also In mastor  bodrooms, Swirl pool, sauna and dark room In basement,  Small groonhouse and spring fed pool In gardon, FP $49,000,  JACK WARN, 006-2601 eves,  HIGHWAY ACREAGE ON WATERFRONT  #4014/15  100' of good usable bead) fronts this stoop but well (rood  acreago. Excolldnt property fcjr summor hortm on beach or  permanent rosldonce with unexcelled vlow of Morry Island  with added waterfrontage^ Regional board watrir, electricity  and phono at.road, DON LOC��, 0D3-S526 ovos for cl^nlls,  M    . , .���  Bob Kent  885-9461  John R. Goodwin  885-2456  \  *  ,, ,..��������<-< *  .ai"  �����*'����� pf"  ifymimtfcfiad^^^imt^m  irfKi. fr, ���*< krt"W 1-rtWts-iJ *  * -rtfc.    f, ii* Mit,ii^mti  i  I       !,  ���>*   .  f    A~VpJRH'ff-��-.1I!l*'lHl'    1  \        t        .. ^SC"  : ������>  <r-  -**y  "yv ���Jf,i<-'  ~Sporfs br/e/is   -  Figur^jskat  ing classes  ^By-RickXrbsBy^  Wednesday, Sept. 27,197S  The Peninsula Times  PageB-T  '   ��  Minor hockey sign-up  continues on Saturday  Figure Skating classes will-start  Wednesday, October 4. Registration days  are Wednesday, September 27, to Satur-  The Sechelt Minor Hock.ey Association  would like to offer an invitation to any boy  who has never played hockeyjo come out  and give us a try! Whether you are 6 years  old or 16 years old, you are not too old to  join the association. This year, we are sure  -we-will-have~just4he-league-for-you,-as-a���will-not conflict-withuother^activities  beginner, to join in and have a ball and  learn our great game of hockey.  As you know, we are expecting to try a  new format of two levels of hockey...a  house level in each division, as well as a  rep. team for those players who maybe  have advanced a little quicker in their  developmental skills. It is not important if  ~yoirlrave_rrotT)Taye_d~previously!   For your information, it is mandatory  to .equip your chiid with a face protector,  as well as papts, shinguards, cup, elbow  pads and gloves. Sweaters will be provided  by the Association.  Registration be^an this past weekend  at Gibsons and Pender Harbour and will  continue-this weekend at the Sechelt  Elementary Gym, Saturday, September  30, beginning at 10 a.m! to 4 p.m. Also, we  will hold'another final registration at the  Gibsons Mall from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. this  same Saturday. Don't folrget the equipment swap at Sechelt, bring your old gear,  price it reasonable, and hopefully trade for  your new equipment.  re=teen4irteuelrwil$Fttie=PG2  on the Lower Mainland, and the early  indication is that our association may  become an associate member. This would  mean we would be able to play games with  . clubs from Burnaby W.C., Hollyburn^ West-  Van., North Shore, Surrey, just to name a  few, at all levels. We will attempt to get  our house teams as- well-as-our' "rep"  teams home and away exhibitions with  these other communities ori a once or twice  monthly basis. This is what the kids like,  and I think the parents really enjoy seeing  how our own' teams stack up against  others-.      -     ~ ���  Hopefully our scheduling committee  will be able to come up with ice time which ���  We-  have already been in touch with the  Sechelt Minor Soccer people, and we will  do our utmost to schedule the games  around these other designated times. We  don'.t want the kids to miss hockey,  because they are playing soccer...believe  me when I say, they can play both sports,  and be better for it too.  Againrive-are~l6okiMg���f<Jr~willing~  persons or businesses to build' our-  association into a strong one. With your  assistance, games with Lower Mainland  teams will be a reality. Inquiries to:  SMHA, fcox 352, Sechelt, B.C." VON 3A0. "  Don't forget our coaching' and  refereeing clinics coming up October 14  ahd 15. We'll keep you posted.  "Rep" team try-outs begin October 10  through October 15.  day, September 30, at Gibsons and-Sechelt-  Malls.  Registration times are from 11-,30 - 2.  On September 29, there will be an ad-  ditional-tiifie-of-6-8-p.m.���   ' On Saturday there will be a Skate and  Dress Sale in conjunction with-theJMLinqr^  Hockey Sale at Sechelt Eleirientary  School, 10 a.m. to noon. "   v  For further information on the Skate  and Dress Sale, call Bonnie Wigard, 885-  9403." For further information concerning  registration phone Nora Robinson, 885-2984  _in Sechelt' or Bonnie Bennett, 886-7581 in '  Gibsons.  LADIES GOLF -^^__^  A Back to School tournament was~  played on September 12, the winner was  Adeline Clark apd second was Helen  Millburn.  The Three Ball Best Ball tournament  was played, on September 19, and the  winners were Betfy'TurnbuHrMardi-Scottr  ahd Wilma Sim. Second place was Audrey  Jost, Jean Todd, Glenna Salahub and  . JesseePritchard. The 9 Hole Play was won'  by HazeT-Wright* JSlsie Cupit, Vivan  Woodworth and Bell Cottel.    capilano   ,  CQIiSyg    presents^ a series of  6. CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOPS    >  CURLING  The first curling,meeting of the season  was on September 12 at the Arena with  President Larry Paradon in the chair. The.  season will get under way on October 19  and 20 with free ice time.  ���Efforts_are^ being made to provide a  clinic with instructors-from, the Pacific  Coast Curling Association to teacli~the~  proper delivery on sweeping. There will be  no charge.  An opening bonspiel will be held on  Saturday, October 21, and Sunday, October 22. A dance will be held on Saturday,  evening, the 21st. Registration information  -is availableby phoning Larry at 885-9088 or  Ed at 885-2067  Brooms are available from Bell Clark���I  885-9086. Regular league curling begins on  Monday, October 23, at 7 p.m.  ^ All curlers interested in the upcoming  -recreation referendumare-askedtocome-  out on September 27, at 7:30 p.m. in the  Sechelt Senior Citizens Hall.  Learn to write creatively and for pleasure or as q profession. The  instructor, Carolyn Zonailo, is actively writing and publishing  poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous Canadian magazines  and three West Coast Anthologies.  WORKSHOP 1: Findirig yourself through journal writing'��� October  5 __ . ,   "r  |���WORKSHOP 2: How to write a short story ��� October 12  WORKSHOP 3: Contemporary Poetry Writing Workshop ��� October  19       ,      ^._;     ;,; .   ^  WORKSHOP 4: How to0write an essay-^Octbb^r 26l  WORKSHOP 5: How to get your work published ��� November 2  WORKSHOP  6:   Creative-writing^joyrndlrsm   (with   guest   Peter  Trower) ��� Noyerriber7^        :~ y~���1������~.  Classes wnrfe^hBld-o+^hinslej^ecpndary School, Room 110,  starting October 5,"6?30-9:30 pj^FeMFt^^Or-PteaseH^gi^tAr^  with 885-3512, Continuing Ed., (9 a.m.-4 p.m,)_         '    '      . k  y ~~y  "  Pitch-ln*70  Keep  Bflli/h Columbia  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL  Standings  SUNSHINE COAST SENIOR  MEN'S SOCCER LEAGUE  W L T GF GA  Redskins 2 7     3  Chiefs '...    2 9     5  Stompers'. .'.AA\A.'"f' 1 ~"6>   5  ���pJJnitaWw-i: c^L'sii ���: ��� ��� ~������yly-i^&r-f-ti-  Raiders. .7...... /.T.V..    ���* 1' 1 i    ~5  Bananas >     ���  2���3     6  Teams collect two points for a win and  one point for a tie.  Sund&y game scores: Sechelt Redskins  2, Pender Harbour Bananas 1; Sechelt  Chiefs 5, Wakefield Stompers 2; Wakefield  United 1, Gibsons Raiders 1.  \ j We offer a  1./ Complete Pest  Control Service  \_ For confidential advice  and estimate call  883-2531  SAW FILING SERVICE  CARBIDE TIP  HAND SAWS  CIRCULAR SAWS  & ALL SMALL TOOLS  Wharf Rd. corner of  Porpoise'Bay Rd., Sechelt  (Bernie)  885-5485  DANCING  LIVE MUSIC  Fri., Sept. 29th &  Sat., Sept. 30th  t  'til 1 a.m  *9  50  Dinner Special  PRIME RIB DINNER ��� Including salad, garlic toast, baked potato &  vegetables  Sechelt  New Hours���Effective October 1st  11 a.m.-11 p.m., 7 days a week  885-9769  AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE  , >      JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  '        Parts * Sales * Sorvlco  * Rotor Lather Sorvlco for Disc Brakes  and Drum Brakos  '   " Valvo and Soat Grinding  * All Makes Serviced ��� Datsun Specialists  Gibsons  Phone 886-7919  ECONOMY AUTO PARTS LTD.  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" "" ' ' ;  TREE TOPPING  PEERLESS TREE SERVICE   p-; Complfte'Tree "Service"- - -  Prompt, Guaranteed, Insured Work  Prices You CttasTru��t  Phone J, Rlshey,  885-2109  lf-��^^^#��S*oS^>WW.,if��t**'���i^  fl '  T~  \l ^7  -���  \''.'  n   '  - , e  -A;.  Page B-8, The Peninsula Times  _   --Wednesday, Sept. Z1, 1978 ���  Squaringly yours  By MAURICE HEMSTREET  No. 69 Seniors first  ' " "is  meeting of the season  Hello fellow square dancers. Last  Friday evening was another great square  dance with various unexpected events,  with myself on deck to guide these great  dancers through an evening o�� fun on the  floor.  I rushed up to the hall, set up my  ^guipjnent_ind_handed caller;;Harry;  Robertson the microphone and said I will  be back shortly, his mouth dropped open  as I left and was still open when I got back  and only in square dancing will you find  such co-operation. -      -  At coffee time a birthday cake was  brought in and put onto the table and  everyone sang happy birthday to the  square dancers whose birthdays were in  September and they were Bev Brandon,  ..George Flacky Lome Lovell, Hilda  Jamieson, "Cathy~Berry, and Mabel  Dooley. The odd part of this ceremony was  that none of the September birthday  dancers "were on hand, but in square  "dancingnothing is ever a loss. Boy oh boy  that cake was good.  ,. I don't know who or what it's all about,  but there~se~ems~To-beHalu"fe"ud-giwng=6ri-  between Syd Conroy and Matt Campbell as  to who is the best fisherman. Matt said he  caught a fish at least nine inches long and  L-Sy.djjajdjjhat's nothing, the fish I caught  was six.inchesandtfiat's betweenlhe eyes."1"  " Sbmething sounds a little fishy to me.  Well, as the Sunshine..Coast Country  Stars square dance club grows largejr, the  Sunshine Coast Golf Club clubhcmsVlias  grown too small to accommodate our  By ROBERTFOXALL  . Although it was an extremely wet afternoon we enjoyed a most excellent attendance for the first monthly meeting of  the  fall   season.   Welcomed   back   by  President Bill Scott, the seniors paid  respect t<^ a departed member, and after honoring the birthdays and an-  jiivirsaries^ibat had been" celebrated  during the recess we "welcomed hew  members, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Ruby  Breadner and Vic Crosby.  Plans have been made for many events  in thenext months starting with a fourth  Thursday hour of bingo and then a period  for various games on September 28. No  doubt these afternoons will maintain the  popularity they were having before the  recess, and will continue to grow.   <  Carpet bowling will continue every  Monday, starting at 1:30. p.m. With the  numbers, who have, been coming all  through the summer, it is anticipated that  we will have to use three carpets during  the winter. So you newcomers, come and  try it. The game is not overly strenuous but  still helps to hold that waist line down.  -Dancing- will���get- -underway__every_  Reno Trip for October 15 is sold out, said if  members might like to think of going along  they should phone him and have their  names put on the stand-by list in case of  .cancellations. Dave also advised that the-  :/T-  need. At this time all of our square  dancers would like to thank all of the  members of the Golf .Club for the use of  their hall. Last Friday evening as we left,  we looked around and said cheerio to.the  square dance home we have known for the  past fewyearsrOnce again, we thank you  all.  - This coming Friday, September 29, we  square up at the Roberts Creek  Elementary School Gym on Hall Road in  Roberts Creek. All square dancers  welcome. Let's start out with a full hall  with caller Harry Robertson on stage.  E-gad, I'm long winded today so will be  on my way for now. Have a good day and  don't forget���a new square dance location  this coming Friday, 7:30 p.m. Ten Four.  NES project  is under way  By STEPHANIE READ  and MKE FRANKLAND  for the NES Program IV  Tfie~Native  Environmental  Studies  program is just getting underway up in  Deserted Bay. There are 20 students,  '   which consists of 10 girls and 10 boys. The  . camp staff is two teachers and a maintenance man, John Peterson, and one  cook, Joan Marshall, and Jamie Dixon  "\whQ skippers the Price and also teaches  students Indian culture. The animals are a  -^og-named-QbLKenobLand���aj3earJhaL  keeps coming around to get into the compost.  This has been the first week that we  liave been at Deserted Bay. A few, of our  projects for the future are: carved planters, log lodges (so we can get rid of the  pre-fabs), lawns and maybe a pool. One of  the major jobs is landscaping, because the  camp is one big mud puddle.       ��  On Tuesday, the group went up and  looked at some Indian paintings on the  rocks along the Inlet walls. On Wednesday  we went-up to Malibu and Chatterbox falls  in Princess Louisa Inlet,  ��� When we arrived'at Malibu camp we  were given a tour, and told that in 20 or 30  years, Deserted Bay could look similar to  Malibu. But to make the place look like we  want, we will all have to pull together and  l*et the various projects we have planned  .started,        N  We arc- slowly coming along and every  , bit of help we get ls well appreciate^  Many thanks to all those who have helppd  us get so far.       ��� \a  ���i   i   ���        -     i   , -    (      ���  Plant sale Oct. 7  The Sunshlno Const Arts Council will  hold a plant sale October 7 at the Wilson  Creek Hull to raise funds for tho new, arts  centre.  Those witty plants to donate mny call  085-0062 or D8&-3100 for pick-up service,��  Donations can , bo mailed to: Arts  Centre Trust Fund, Box 1753, Secholt.  Wednesday, again starting at 1:30 p.m.  Here are. two dates to mark on your  calendars, September 30 is the date fo the  Fall Plant j^dWhite ElephanU^e^The,  "Fall Bazaar and tea "will take place October 28 at 1:30 p.m. Members wUl be' busy  preparing articles for the various tables  and at that time the quilt, which the Ways  and Means Committee made will beJ raf-  Jled. : : ^ :  photo contest had been postponed to the  October meeting. You still have time to get  some good pictures on the theme "Happiness is".__  .   .   .  Jack Busshell was appointed chairman  of the nominating committee to prepare a  slate for the election of officers to be held  at a later date.  Edie Hoover who has taken over from  Dave Hayward, conducted the draw for  Shop-Easy vouchers with the following  result. Present: Jean Hunter, Marguerite  Foxall and Francis Southwood. r Absentees: May Godin and Irene Duff. --  Elisabeth Derby gave a well-prepared  report for the Ways and Means Committee, most of which ^incorporated in  the above programs. As well, plans are  being made to hold a tea in November to  honor^charter members.  We then heard a most interesting and  .j^lkptepaKdJallLiroinJlQrdQriJHaU*-^  -longatimeJrustee for St. Mary's Hospital  xsottacooujs-9^*9'^--  CryO-Vac 1/2 lb.  *1.69  $1.99  UPIV   PIFC Schneider's *Boef Steak *Beef "Chicken *Pork"7QC  ApDI CC B-c Mcintosh  and now chairman of the newlyTermed"  Sechelt Intermediate Care Society. I will  not  attempt   to  go   into   the   many  -jramificatioDS..(tf..tiie_s_ubjert1.knoi^��tiwt  PEARS BC'Bartlett  Canada Commercial  lb.  ' Canada Domestic   Ih.  BRUSSEL SPROUTS  UNIUN^    Medium, Canada #1 ..  California '  Canada #1 lb.  39  39c  49c  2,.29c  ICE CREAM Fomi* *"'  4 litre pack  '2.69  By the way, the plant sale will commence at 11 a.ni., there will be refreshments available but no door charge. If you  have surplus vegetables from your garden  bring them to the plant sale where there  will also be a vegetable tableT  I know it is a little early, but our  committees are so well on their toes, that  they are keeping prbgrams up-to-date. The  Christmas dinner will take place  December 14 and will cost the members  $2.50. The membership lists will be closed  prior to that date.  Dave Hayward, while he stated that the  there will be other meetings which will be  reported by professionals, but No.69 was  so wellimpressedthatrMrrHall was given -  .very hearty assurances of our support.  Senior Curling Club members are  -advised-that-there-wiU-be-an-organization_  ' meeting at the Gibsons Winter Club at 1:30  p.m. on October 3. Old members will be  telephoned by last years Skips but  newcomers are asked to accept this as an  invitation to attend the meeting and get  things under way for8 another winter of  good.sport and fellowship.  Next meeting will be October 19 with  Provincial President Evelyn Olsen as the  guest speaker.  Campbell's, _   tg__mt��  TURKEY SOUPXlZ*?'n /C��  2/69  tide  DETERGENT  2.4kg   199  Joy  LIQUID DETERGENT  $189  1.5 I  Kleenex  FACIAL TISSUE 2oo;  ��J  Walk  it to mel  J3r-  Kleenex  PAPER TOWELS tw.,, p.*  09  Dow  BATHROOM CLEANER  16  oz.  VACANCIES  SEA CADETS Boys & Girls 13-19 yrs.  Meet every WEDNESDAY at 7:00 pm. Above KEN'S LUCKY  DOLLAR STORE  WRENETTES Girls 9-13 yrs.  NAVY LEAGUE Boys 9-13 yrs.  Kraft  ORANGE JUICE 32 ���OI  Foremost  SOUR CREAM 5oom,  FrozorCholcer-  HPERS  Frozen  2��69  Pacific Evaporated  MILK is oi   2/89  Upton's *Chicken Noodle  S0l|P 301g, 5 pack  Meet every THURSDAY at 7:00 pm.' Above KEN'S LUCKY  DOLLAR STORE.  MEET & MAKE NEW FRIENDS!  SAILING ���FIRST-AID ���MAP READING  SURVIVAL TRAININGS MUCH MORE  jorjnformation^ Gibsons���Mrs. Bensjon, 886-2053  Sechelt-Mr. Fitzgerald, 885-2970  Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Gold Seal, Chunk, Light  TUNA 6 1/4oz   Austral  FRUIT COCKTAIL,,,.  Libby's  TOMATO JUICE ������  oz.  Kraft  CHEEZWHIZ.6  69  oz.  .,,-.  PUBLIC MEETING SCHEDULE  Red Rose  TEA BAGS Paper 1203  39  J^TVSept. 27 --  f^_        Sopt. 27 ���  REGIONAL BOARD  Public Utilities Committee Meeting, 7:30  pm, SCRD Board Room.   'Parks & Recreation & Puhfic \W6~frna\]^f\~  Meeting,    7:30,    Senior    Citizens'    Hall,  Sechelt.  Robin Hood, All Purpose  FLOUR io kg  $069  Chipits  CHOCOUTE CHIPS ,*.,  Delta, Long Grain  RICElfIbs77Tp  19  Husky  DOG FOOD 25 oz.  Tuffy's  DOG MEAL 18 kg  |79  Kra,t ��4 Aq  MAYONNAISE /soil*  Stz. Sopt. 28 -  Hospital/Regular Board Meeting, 7:30 pm, -   --=  SCRD'Board Room. ' ���  Sept. 28th  Oct, 12th  SCHOOL BOARD  Rogular School Board Meeting, 7:00 pm,  S.B, Office, s  Regular School Board Meeting, 7:30 pm,  S.B. Office.  oil  ATTENTION  *  INDUSTRIAL HOCKEY  LEAGUE MEMBERS  MEETING  I  THURSDAY, OCT. 5  I ��ttD 1*111 *  ARENA  Bring YourSkntes!  , n  ,. ��   ��.�����" -    A "it tt.riamqf. ;���....������v,  ^,,,.  pWMMMNMMM^^  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  Oct. 3rd ���   Council Meeting, 7:00 |im, Municipal Hall,  Gibsons.  Oct. 17th ������ Council Mooting, 7:00 png, Municipal Hal),  " .    Gibsons.  %  PINK SALMON  Gold Seal  7 3/4 oz. .,,  0  *  ���  ���   ���   *  *  ��  ��  p  I  ' 1 <  ���^m m 4%������������I4% ���%������ M B-%4^  Austral, trom  ��� LAvHfc3) Of * fcAlf*)- miu*.u*.ra.  VILLAGE OF SECHELT  SS���"  Oct. 4th ���     Council Meeting, 7:30 pm, Municipal Hall:  , Socholt  Oct. 10th --   Council Mooting, 7:30 pm, Municipal Hall,   ���"-���Sochelt.��� ������ p  �����, .....  ��ssr  LEMON BUTTERHORNS  BUTTERMILK SCONES.  DDpilft   Nature Plus-  PUP Rj Wm. %WmwW''W. WmW *|0*l||      t    I    I    I    I    1 I    (    I    I I  3/55��  6/55��  # ��� ��� i i i i i * i ��� i i * i i i i i i > i i i  BnncnY  SPECIALS  Courtesy of  7fo*9a*kt'6 yUmt Wem  m%\^...     fr%mmmmmmm��wn-mm  Cowrie St OO9-US40 SecNelt  TTHv'irr*^  rwjw  ������,���f.tlc:o! Effoctlyet^  Fri, Sept. 29,  ! Sat, S6pt. 30  Phono 005-2025  *885��98l2*MeatD0ptr  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT  TO LIMfr QUANTITIES  \|  -/v..  "d  . \ .  ... ..,.���   ���.^'���^.p^  wmipm  mmMm^0mm^,im.^��,mmM,H^^ws&mati^b-m*&m*&*Mw,pi.  i k   '       ���     :'  ���^���s��r����*t&!i!#p#*^W^p~'��Wi?pi^  ^���i'ffi'W��W'W^JiiiStfi^*'rt*^^  'V^^^^^^rf^^^awfe^^ ��� ^ ti<*��Jr-   "mr* **  I      i I


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