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The Ledge Aug 23, 1900

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 "X-MS.Vt'W'w   J- X
Volume VII.    No   47.
NEW DENVER, IS. O., AUGUST 2:\. 1900.
Price, $2.00'Year ,nv^0E.
Camp Gossip Concentrated for the .Benefit of the  fpj
r^i Paici-Up Subscriber. r^
The lake water has been impure this
week—for drinking".
Twenty Ions of ore went out from the
Enterprise last week.
The Miners' Union of Whitewater
will give a ball to-night.
A. B. Horsey, of Port Angeles, Wash ,
is spending a. lew days   in New Denver.
A trial .shipment-of five tons is being'
made, from the Peoria, near McGuigan.
Mrs. Ada Brown, of Spokane, is visiting" \"';r mother,. Mrs. Bolancler, of the
Service will he held in the Presby-.
terian church on Sunday al 11 a. m.
All cordially invited.
The Nelson base ball team won two
games from the Eagles of Spokane last
Saturday and Sunday.
Work was commenced this week on a
• 300-foot tunnel to be run on the Eureka,
in the Blue Ridge camp.
Services will be held in the Methodist
church next Sunday, both mornino- and
evening.    A. E. Roberts, pastor.
C. Browning", of Slocan City, is acting
provincial police constable and mining-
recorder for Slocan during- the absence
on leave of H. P. Christie
The Noble Five mill is working". It
will be kept busy a few weeks running"
throug-h the ore that has accumulated
from the development work.
The Payne shipped 210 tons last
week,  the Star 50 tons,   Ruth   L0  tons.
American Bov 2L tons.  Trade Dollar 21
('• ■
tons, and the Whitewater 318  tons  for
the present month.
The Emily Edith is now; employing a
large force of men. Manager Rammel-
meyer has large bodies of ore blocked
out and is .getting" thing's in shape for
the. erection of a concentrator.
E. E. Chipinan, of Kaslo, has been
appointed mining" recorder for Ains-
worth. assessor and collector, collector
of revenue tax for Slocan, registrar for
Kootenay county, vice D. C. Kurtz.
E. P. Breinner, Dominion Labor commissioner for B. C, who so successfully settled the Eraser river fishermen's
strike, was in New Denver Tuesday,
en route to other fields of prospective
Development work at the Bosun is
being" pushed ahead rapidly. The property is sustaining" its weekly .shipments
and has a record for regularity in this
respect that few properties in the Slocan can boast of.
The best ore that was ever found in
the Star is being' taken out of the
weinze, recently started to open up the
ledge.down to where it will be tapped
by tlie projected long- tunnel. A force
of 55 men are. employed,
The final payment was made this
week on the Violet mineral claim by
the Warner-Miller people. The property adjoins the Lvilo g'roup and was
bonded some months ag'o for iflU.Ooo.
P.. Robertson. F. Hick and ,L Tattersall
fare the sellers.
W. C. E. Koch, of Xew   Denver,   will
fbuild the new ore bins  and   chutes   for
he Arlington mine at Slocan City.   Mr.
iKoch has also secured the   contract   for
'as>-   lii-ii'osrr   of."
Moth of July.    An inquest was held, but
no evidence was adduced   showing  the
cause of death.
The. colleciion   for   the-   India   relief
fund taken  up   by  the   Sunday  school j ore body extends under the Lake' to  its
deepest -point. 125 feet below water
level. This lake can be drained by a
short funne!.    The company   estimates
The Ak'.aifia Cmiira! Co, is shipping'
ii:-. first cargoes of iron ore from its
ll"Ien lniiie, i'2r> 'nib's norih ol' Sault
Sic. Marie.'('nt. The Helen mine is an
outcrop lying- between characteristic
rocks of the Lake Superior irOn-beariiit:
region. Ft is I,! utiles from and t;ui feel
above, the lake at Michipicotcn Harbor,
and. tlie exposed portion of the deposit
is about I'M feet wide and Too feet long'.
In Ibis distance it rises !2o feet. At
the foot of the. bluff, tunnels have been
driven into the bluff 2-10 feet, reaching
file counter rock.    At the west end  the
Missonr.1 "S   zix»"   mkcohits.
!■ ruin a paper read before the Applied ; £>-
icifiicc "-'ocioty  of   McGiil   University,!./^
I'mUoU'III..' i   'A*
by ,F. W-. Draper,
extract is taken :
"The great  lead
the ' iolFowintr i
i i   •    * <**
and  zinc-producing j rv?
last Sunday amounted to -SI. 15.
The Xeepawa deal with the Warner-
Miller people was declared off on Monday, they failing to take up the  option.
C'O-.'ornntciit agents are to be appointed with offices at Kaslo and Xew
Denver. Alex. Sprout is favorably
spoken of for the ollice here He
faithfully performed the duties of the
ollice under tlie Turner administration.
Nelson is growing- more Metropolitan
every day. Saturday evening' it narrowly escaped inunedation, a la the
famous Johnstown, by the g'iving' way
of the electric h'g-ht dam. As it was
many residences were damaged by the
Hood and several persons barely escaped
TheC'P.R. engineering- department
has awarded the contract for the Sandon and New Denver depots to D. ,1.
Maegregor, of Kaslo. The building" at
Sandon will accommodate passengers
and freig'ht, and is to cost 82,500. The
Xew Denver station is for passengers
only, and will cost §500
It is not probable that more than a
month will elapse before work is in full
swing'on the Silver Mountain road. It
should beg-in at once, for the ro,td is
greatly needed. At the Hartney mine
live or six carloads of ore is sacked and
waiting shipment; at tlie Marion also
several carloads await shipment.
The town of Columbia had a narrow
escape, from being wiped out by lire, last
week. As it was, Fscall's hotel and
half a dozen other building's were destroyed. The timely use of dynamite
in blowing; up the Presbyterian church
alone saved the situation. The. loss
will exceed j?25,000, insurance onlv
Now in   Full   Control.
that it has 15,000,nun  tons   in   sight   by
measurements and   diamond  drill   boring's, with 2ow feet of ore below the lake
level, and when   boring's   were  discontinued, tlie coves  were  still   ore.    The
full extent of  the  deposit  is  therefore
unknown.    Its width   of '100  ft-et does
not; include a strip nearly half as  wide
o; a lower grade of soft hematite, economically'valuable only when transportation coats are not .great.    The company
expects to utilize this  at  its  works  at
Sault   Ste.   Marie     The   Helen   mine,
being an open  quarry  on  a  side,  hill,
with an earth  covering"  varying-  from
nothing" to a (ti\v   feet,   will   be  at  first
worked cheaply.    The company has installed a No. S Gates' crusher,  capable
of breaking- at least 5,000 tons tier day,
and will at. once erect a duplicate plant
The crushers will be fed by Lidgerwood
cableways from  the  mine  laces.   The
company    has    received   two   2200-ton
English built ore skips and  will   install
two more, at   once.    If   will   build   four
more of 3.0(H) tons each   next  year.    It
is   receiving"    a   heavy    equipment   of
locomotives and   cars  and   dumped  its
first 50-ton cars into its dock July   I-!.—
Canadian Engineer.
(HtdAMzni)   IiAikm;   notes,
The Great Northern Railway Co. now
actually instead of nominally, owns the
Kootenay Railway and Navigation Co.
it has acquired the majority of the
shares of the company, and, in the
words of a circular recently issued, it
"has, in consideration of such acquisition, and the benefit which will accrue
to it by reason of the maintenance raid
operation of such continuous line of
communication from Bonner's Ferry to
Sandon, agreed to guarantee the payment" of both principal and interest of
the. existing" debenture bonds of the
Kootenay Railway & Navig-afion Co.,
and of such additional debenture bonds
as may lawfully be issued subject to
ihe consent of the Great Xoithern Co.
ICxiuiilniii^' I lie AVakcflcld.
.1. D Ivendall, upon whose report the
lailorprise mine was sold to English
capital, and whose success in dealing'
with Slocan milling properties has won
for him the conlidence of all classes
here and in ICnglaixl. went no lo the i
Wakelield on Moinlav to  examine   that;
The Coifed States department of
labor estimated that there were, l.,80is,800
organized wage earners in that country
on May 1st.
Japanese laborers on the sug-ar plantations in Hawaii aie giving- the authorities considerable trouble in reg-ard to
their strikes and demands for increased
It is proposed to make street railway
strikes impossible in Chicag'o, 111., by
inserting-a clause in all railway, franchises providing' for compulsory arbitration.
According- to Bradstreet's report,
wag-es have advanced from 12 to 15 per
cent, in the I'nited State? luring' the
last two years, while the cost of living-
has increased from 25 to 33 per cent.
The Milnien's union of San Francisco,
backed by the building- trades council,
has beg'uti in earnest its fig-lit for an
eight-hour day. A strike has been
ordered, and the strength ol the movement will soon be known. The union
men ask- for the name, pay for eight
hours as they arc now given for nine
hours work .
chax<;k   in   i:i'S!m:ss,
State, and extends across into south
eastern Kansas. The, bulk of the mining- has been done up to the present
time in a comparatively small area,
probably 15 to 5C miles in length from
east; to west, and 20 to 25 miles in
width. In, this district the towns, of
Joplin. Aurora and Granby,in Missouri,
and Galena, in Kansas, are the centres
of the milling' industry. In tin's 'com-!
paratively small area are found the
greatest, zinc blende deposits known to
exist in the world. While both zinc
blende and galena are found, the production of blende is far in excess of that
of g'alena.
"The distribution of blende is not
uniform over this whole area, but deposits of some value may be reasonably
expected at any point. From the
nature of the deposits, as will be shown,
the distribution is necessarily very uneven.
"Rocks belonging to the lower carboniferous series form the bulk of the
area under consideration; limestone,
cherts, shales and sandstones are all
represented, but limestones are by far
the most abundant. And it is in the
limestones that the ore deposits are
found The cherts are important only
because the ore is almost invariably
found in connection with them. The
shales are important as a source of
natural gas for use in the smelting' industry.
"The country is a great undulating
prairie with no marked eminences.
The strata are nearly horizontal,having
only a slight dip toward the west. The
ore occurs in great bodies of irregular
shape, g-enerally lenticular masses,
sometimes as pipes and ag'ain as sheets.
The width and thickness vary widely
within distances of a few meters. Previous to the discovery of minerals of
value, in 1ST0-TJ, it was an excellent
farming" country, being well suited for
raising' fruit and grains.
"The deposits almost invariably occur in irregular masses of chert. The
chert is in form of angular fragments
with' zinc blende and g'alena in the
spaces between the fragments, and
crystalized on their faces. In some
places the amount of chert is so small
that the deposits assume the form of a
solid mass of ore In other places the
chert is packed in such a manner as to
leave very small spaces for the ores.
At times stringers of ore are found extending  out   into  limestone,   which  is
district of south-west Missouri occupies j ^ Mr. Green Holds   Up   Hie   End in'the House and
the extreme south-western part of that   -J5 . Forces  this  Division   tO   the   FrOIlt.
We understand t lial   the linns of
Millan .V Hamilton, of   Vancouver.
John Chohlitch   X   Co..   of Nelson,
consisting' of W. J. McMillan. I,'. J
Millau. R. I. Hamilton and   .John !
iifc'i. have dissolved pari m-r.'diip.
property.    Mis report will decide   what j two former, under  rhe   style   of   W
action will be taken   by   (he   Wakelield   McMillan   x   Co.,   will   continue   lo- do j silicate is abundant,
company,    whether   the   mine   will   be   business ,-if the nal stand in Vancouver.! the   SuiirhsoniW
'doing'all the hauling-for the mine  and
is erecting stables there for the  accoiu-
fnodation of his stock.
With the building- of the wag-on roads
ni Silver MotuO-On and   Red .Mountain
1 r
his  htll,   and   the   increasing-   of  the
Jorces at, the  mines,   together with the
pening"  up  of new  properties,  there
'ill   be  employment   for   every   able-
'iodied working- man in the Slocan.
Tin; body of X. Gerrish, a Russian
J'ole, was found in the Slocan river last.
[Wednesday in an advanced state of
J.ecomposition. The deceased was well
J;nown in the Slocan, and especially in
i'Jocan City, where he made his residence-    He was last seen   alive   on   the.
free from chert, but a careful inspection
failed to bring- to my notice more, than
a few such cases, and it is quite certain
that they are limited in number. The
ore is found at depths varying- from
grass roots to IT5 feet, and although
the diamond drill has shown ore in
paying' quantities at''depths below this
very little systematic prospecting- has
been done. This is undoubtedly (\\\a to
I he lar.g-e amounts of ore yoi remaining"
in I he shallower deposits.
"At the. surface much oxidized ore L
f.i".;id, but as depth is gained,   the   ~'u!-
phide a ppea rs. and it   is   Mem
const if lit es  the   v/i'eai    pari    of
produced.    The galena isfoiiod  uio>ii\
nearer Ihe   surface,   and   then   only   in
certain deposifs.    in theeasii ru end of
the field   the   oxidized   ore--,   are   much
More     persistent.      Thus    ;
abandoned,   as   suggested   recently   by
Manager Patterson, or will be reopened j ^ Go
and work continued.
;     \-er\-
while t iie two latter,   as John Chohlitch j found.     The
will continue to   .|o   all   in   I heir ' zinc ores is '
local    term
dllcate."    Tl
Ni-w  0>iii]>;uiy ()i'<-;inizi'il.
a I A iirnra |
a! C ran by
ci nmnon ly
>r oxidized
term .-•dry-
j power to supply t i;e needs in their par- j bone." which is Used in the Wisconsin
I ti ci liar line of t he Root en ays. both east j !'ald to de.signnie zinc carbonate, is used
■ and west. i here for cerrussite. G'bCir,      This latter
j mineral is not of   vm-v   coiiinion   ncetir-
| ioiico.    Associated with the ores of zinc
Victoria. Aug-. IS.—-The mining divisions  of tin.'  interior  certainly   cannot
complain that their necessities and  importance, have  not  been   broug'ht: pro
minently   before   the attention  of  the
house and the.Government  this  week.
The   consideration    of    the    estimates
furnished a pretext for the member  for
Rossland to emphasize what he  termed
the neglect of the  milling" districts  in
general and of West Kootenay  in  particular.    He had  fortified his   position
by an   exhaustive  examination  of the
public accounts and.from these he made
the deduction that   the interior  of the
province was discriminated ag-ainst  in
the   matter   of expenditure on roads,
trails   and   bridges.     Taking-   up   the
riding's of the province one by  one,  he
pointed   out   that  the expenditure on
island   and   lower   mainland constituencies  amounted  in  almost every instance to two-thirds that derived from
these   same, districts  in   revenue.   In
comparison with this liberal  treatment
he drew attention  to the very small
appropriations   made   for   the   mining-
riding's, notwithstanding" the enormous
sum which they furnished yearly to the
provincial    exchequer.      So   far    the
member for Rossland was fully supported   by   the   representatives   of   other
mining'   constituencies,   but   when   he
undertook   to   say   that  the Rossland
camp   had  accomplished  more  in  the
way   of   advertising   the   mineral   resources of the  country than  all  other
districts   combined   he  was met  with
interruptions of dissent from those who
to that time  had approved  his  representations.   Needless to say Mr. Green
did not1 allow these statements  to g-o
■unchallenged.    Following Mr. Curtis in
a brief speech he insisted that  the  riding" of Nelson primarily and afterwards
of the Slocan had arrested the attention
ol" investors before the .Rossland  camp
became  known.    In   this  he  was  supported by Mayor  Houston,  of Nelson,
although  both gentlemen  assented to
the general   argument    advanced   by
their colleague from Rossland.
The Minister of Finance, while regretting that large)- appropriations had
not been possible for all the districts,
disputed the contention that Rossland
had not had its due. The large sums
expended for railways for that district
and the 830,000 item for a new court
house for the Gold City lie considered a
suflicient argument: to dispute Mr.Curtis'
Mr. Green, the  member  for Slocan,
has been the recipient of numerous congratulations upon the liberal sum which
lie   has  secured   for   his district.    The
fact th-tt he and Mr    Ellision,   who  are
ainong-st   the   least    frequently    heard
statesmen   of   the   house,   managed   to!
secure   the   premier   appropriations,   is;
not without its lesson to those members!
who reg-ard il as their du'.v to air   their.!
views on every subject   which   engages,'
•   which j ii|o attention   of   tin-   legislature.     The i
'he   (-re ■ meiii hers aforesaid are   old
a rial is and have-'iuii^' since learneO lot
keep I heir Weig'hlicsl arglinioiils I'm!
the private ear of the Minister. j
( hhorwise i he passage of I he est ima! es j
j was attended   by   little   that   was   note- |
j worthy.    Mr. Martin did im; even grace j
i * .
I the house wii h   .his   presence   upon   the;
! delivery of i he budget,   speech   and   iiiej
j remainder of the < ippositimi made little!
! object ion.     Mr. Midlines  delivered   one i
i of   his   sensational   speeches,   but.   it    is;
'doubtful   if   he himself desiirned ii to be;
enjoys the respect of every   member  of
the legislature. .
Tlie suppliiiientary estimates will
almost certainly contain a sum for the
erection of the now Government House. '
The general satisfaction with the appropriations and the personal popularitv
of Sir Henri Joly combine to disarm
opposition to this proposal, and some of
the interior members have expressed
their hearty approval of it.
Another measure which met with '
general approval was the bill presented
by the Minister of Mines to relieve the
miners in the British Columbia contingent in South Africa from assessment
duties and similar obligations under the "
Mineral Act. On the suggestion of Mr.
Helmcken, the Minister promised to go
even farther and to entertain favorably
a proposal to issue ci own grants to these
volunteers free of charge or fees.
A despatch from Victoria to the Nelson Tribune says:—J. Roderick Robert
son and the federal board of trade
delegates are here doing everything
possible to have the eight-hour law
agitation reopened. To-day petitions
signed by the companies included in
the mine owners' association were presented in the House praying that a
commission be appointed to inquire
into the working of all the laws now in
force relatingto mining. The members
from the mining districts are free in
denouncing this attempt to keep alive a
question that is practically dead.
A petition was read in the house on
Monday, signed by the. mine owners of
West Kootenay, reciting the fact that
by Dominion Commissioner Clute's report at least S30,000,00u was invested in
West Kootenay mines, and the petitioners pointed out that recent legislation
had interfered with the successful working of the mines, and had been responsible for disturbing the harmony between capital and labor, as well as
proving in general detrimental to the
mining interests. The petitioners.
asked that under the circumstances a
special investigation should be made
by a committee to remove all grievances and place the mining laws in a
satisfactory condition. The petition
was objected to by Joseph Martin, but
the speaker ruled it in order and it was
An amendment to the license law
provides that pack trains of six or more
animals shall pay a license of So cverv
six months, and under six animals half
that amount.
A bill was brought in on Monday to
amend the Mineral Act. it provides a
penalty of .?25 for mining- without a
licenae, provides for issuing- crown
grants to the adiuiiiislrator of a deceased claim   owner,   raises   the   crown
: irrant fee from •■?In to .-"J5, and. as ad-
parlianient-1 ' •     ,   ,       .,
! v iseil by the committee, makes provision for a man to a Ivertise a delinquent co-owner mil of his claim, instead
of proceeding throug-h the court.
M i n i n tr   A nii'iid mciil i.
The report ol  ihe   mining-   couiniinee
< il'llil ill*'    ''ill- I* l-i !'!'    Sll I I
Bourne   Bros,   have   prepared   a   Im
"The Cornier Claims, Ltd.," is the!
title of the now company registered in 1
London, July loth, which   will   operate!
the; Condor group of  claims   owned   by ■ cut-price sale for Saturday   next,   Aug.;
the Xorthwest Mining Svndicate,   situ-1 25, in such lines as these:   Ladies' shirt
ated on Four Mile creek, and   of  which   waists, print v. rappers, skirts,   silk am'
Mr. Sandiford, ji
out rat her I ban h
ins taken the management. The capital of the com pain-
is £2o,000. in i'l. shares, and its objects
are -"to acquire any lauds, mines and
rights, and to carry on the business of
miners and workers of copper and other
linen handkerchiefs, lace, collars, under-!
wear, night gowns, etc. The goods
will be slacked in the centre of the
store, where Ihey can be, inspected at
pleasure. Prices will be low enough to
clean out the stock. Nothing reserved.
Evervthinir must u'o.
and lead are other   minerals,   the
abundant     being    caleiie.     inarca-il e.
I dolomite   and   bitumen.     The   deposits
are characterized by   magnificerii   crys-!
ials of the   various   minerals.    The  ar-1
r.'iiigenient of the crystalline ag-gregates
has. raised very interesting quest ions as
to the  deposition   of  ihe   various  mill- j
erals.      Thus    some    specimens    show ■
crystals of blende, on galena, and again j
pvrite or mareasite on the blende.  Then, j
iii other but rarer instances blende  has
been found crvstallized on   mareasite." '
I taken sei ioi.is.ly.     Even   tiie   Opposition
'• members admit that the appropriations
, ,    ,        ,        | inured to be
are   as   iair  as can no expected under a '  '
system of party ^'uveriuneiii. t
Opposite the item for liie ollice of
audit general in London the sum of
•■Slo.nijii has been placed. Mr. Turner
feels that he has the best claim oil the
party for this sincure and there will be
little opposition should he he. appointed
to ihe post. While his policy has been
frequently criticized, his personal pro- W,\xn-:u.
bitv has never been questioned, and  he   hospital.
was liiadc to tlie House )a-,t week This
advocated, ainoiig-sf other I Line's, the
aliowine ol the costs of -iirvev at whatever date made fn go on the. value of
the assessment work, also that dolin-
uiig-ht- be advertised
I he   action   now   re-
quent   co-owner:
• rough! in i lie law court.-
nn;   s.u.i;.
Grand square piano, -?15o, American
make—Vale £ Co.. Xew York. Slightly
used. Just the instrument for public
hall or music teacher. Better than any
lleintzinaii. J mi. V. DkfiAN'kv.
Xew Denver.
at  the  Slocan
^j^mr^J^^^ THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., AUGUST 23,  1900.
Seventh Yeap.
Since the United .States took the
islands from Spain it has cost that
country many millions to hold
them and many more millions will
yet be spent to keep them pacified.
Uncle Sam has taken up '"the
white man's burden.'"
Mr. Green. M.P.P.. has redeemed himself. He has done himself
and the Slocan proud in securing
such good appropriations for public work in this division. The
Slocan is pleased with Mr. Green
and the Government.
NOT    SO    KASY.
r- m yen i' in advnin-.-.       Wjjen  not  so   paid   it, is SL'.:>n fo part ic> wurt liy of credit.       To   liiii'Iinriiois ca.-t  oi Lake
,1'ual ;ul vrrri.-ini; In .'cuts a non_.._ariel liictiivi in-ert ion. a n.l :, rents a line each subsequent insertion.     Reading
'   " ' -'- ''■' "' •■■•'■■•■. ii.-i'.ii'iliiii' in i'ii'1-iini-.tniici.-s.
Ah. my boy, I forgot that in a.
history called the New Testament,
we read of a. young ruler who '"was
very rich" and had every material
i'r works forVlu;''trnril ' ^i^MW.H'      toWilt'd      rightCOUSnCSS.
Tin-; I.Ki.i;i. i - t '.v.. iioll
Superior it  i - Mu year, i.cgai an vert i.-jiih i" > em n <•  ■i,,nI,.-1,., .. . :•■ - -        ;■■■  ■
not iecs -."i c'.-iii--. ;i 'liiie. a'ii'1 I'oiniiuM'i'ia! Hdver;siiig graded ni prices according r.i eiictimMuiiee
FEJ.LOW  l'I I .MR I.MS:    TilK l.KPdK i-, locate. I it t New Denver, li. ('.. inn! ciin he traced to many parts of tin- earth,
every 'Hears, he. aiel Im - ni'Ver l.eeii raided l.y t lie she: rill'. >now.-didc(l Ii.y cheap sil ver, or i-nhdued by 1 lie fear of man. itwiirnsioriinuniii i
blazer n- well a - : he Im v-w indo wed and ..-liaiii t »u k>i I'-iia vored capita iist. It aims to be on.The,right side of everything a ud believes thai hell i (",.,,-,,,1 ti- c«Vl-i"ii>»l oo i-„- l,» ,.-,.11 ,a,,-li
should In- n.tiiiiiii-terc. I to ihe wicked in large dor-cs. It lia-sto(,.< t he test of time, ami an over-increasing paystron k is proof that it i. j ll"'Ilu " ' " ««»■• »» -ls l<>- 'H W <- 11 UlgU
hettet to tell I he t rulli. e\ en if t li" heavens .lo oecii-ionally lot our r,niokeSlii.'U.       A .clinic .itjob vvork'is worked oceasioinilly lor t In- l.ein-lii ■• '•■ ■ ' i .;r  ti.t.
oi humanity and l lie mm i icier. Conic in and sec us. hut do nor pat the hull dog on the c ran iron, or eluise l lie Muck' cow .from our water
barrel: ' oi'ie i.-, -a vugc and the ot her a victim of rliir«,t. One of I he no Ide-1 -works of ereul ion is the man who always pays the primer: he i-
siirc of a Im nk in paradi-c. with r hornless roses for a pillow l.v i right . ami uol hiug la it gold to look at hy day.
R. T. LOWEUY. Editor and Finuncier.
^VVofK   bv      -^ow that the gov-   rea.ching_.so firm and imimpressi
J   eminent has  given | ai,]e it has become the mainsta.y
LOntraCt ^.()00forthebuild-:tiie]H.op](>; the life of the  camp-
ing of the Silver Mountain trunk
road, the cry is heard that the road
should be built by day labor. It
is impossible to state at this time
what position the government will
take on the question'as to how the
road shall be built, but it is probable the question will be left open
as was that of the road to Three
Forks, and the matter left entirely
the one thing needful to surmount
the .disappointing obstacles that
obstruct the way of life, and  make
ambition had no part. He was a
tinker and traveled, about the country mending umbrellas, sharpening!
razors, etc. The income of the
elder Huntington was far too meagre to supply the wants of his large
men light hearted and contented in j family, and when Collis was ten
the face of sorrows that would send j years old his parents seperated.
a fainter hearted race to the grave j Mrs. Huntington going to make
yard or fill the insane asylums.        j her  home   with   friends   and   tlie
in the hands of the officials  whose g00C]   dose  of  the  latter.     Guard
duty it is to pay out the money
granted by the government. If
such is to be the case, then New
Denver should have a voice as to
how the money7 is to be expended,
and there should be no quibbling
a.bout it. if the road is to be built
by day labor, as was the Three
Forks road and the Lemon creek
road, then a good trail should be
built instead. There should be no
more "day labor." business in connection with the building of these
roads, unless they are built under
the direct supervision of the government. The Three Forks road
is an example of how thousands of
dollars can be wasted under the
'"'day labor" system, whereas a
road that could be used permanently might have been made for
the same money under the contract
system. The road.up Si 1 vcr Moun-
tain should be one that can be used.
Cheap work will not do. Whoever
does the building of tlie road should
be bound by contract, and the government should sec that the contract is lived up to in every detail.
Three thousand dollars may lie
.sufficient for the purpose, and it
may not. - Hut if a, good road cannot be built for this amount, then
let the sum be increased a thousand
or so before the work begins. Let
the people know before the work
starts what kind of ;t road they are
going to get for the money and.
then, see that they get it.
Human selfishness -is found in
every quarter of-rhe globe—in the
mining camps of P.C the prairie
homes, the city homes, in business.
social and religious life, it was
never better illustrated than in the
following story of a- little boy :
Some rich plum pudding of which
the children were very fond was
upon the iuncb table.and the mother
divided it- between Willie and his
sister Klsio. Willie looked ar his
piece with hungry eyes and thenar
his mother's empty plate. ".Mti-in-
in.'i." s.'iid lie h'l-lingly. ""I eau'l
enjoy my pudding when you haven't
anv.     Take Klsie's."
Work   gives new  life  and
It is well that it is  so
contentment.     Therefore
against worry as you would a contagious disease. It wears upon
the brain as dropping water wears
away a stone. Ada C. Sweet, in
Woman's Home Companion, says
the habit must be killed by eternal
vigilance, resolution and good
sense. Worry, like bad air or an
obnoxious person, must be driven
out, and the best way to drive
either out is by the introduction of
the good. You can fill your mind
with comforting, calming thoughts,
leaving no room for the harrassing
ones. You can flood out the enemy,
just as by pouring a stream of clear
water into a tumbler filled with
discolored liquid you can soon force
out the muddy contents of the
glass and leave it filled with liquid
crystal. Don't let events depress
.you. Maintain your equilibrium,
and let mind rule matter and good
sense judge events. The emotional
nature   is  always   watching   for aj
children being placed with different
families. Collis made his home
with the family of Orza Earbier.
Mrs. Earbier was an unusually intelligent woman, and to her training, as Mr. Huntington in tne days
of his success always admitted, was
due the fire of ambition which was
early kindled in his breast.
Should be    ™?; 7th:*
capacity tor 40
Segregated' pupils." and an
actual daily7 attendance of 45 to'oO,
the school accommodations of New
Denver are anything but complimentary. Under the able tuition
of Mr. Irwin the school has been
brought forward in a remarkable,
measure and could be made to rank
first in AVest Kootenay. if the accommodations were provided for
the proper care and teaching of the
children. But under existing conditions neither the teacher nor
pupils can do themselves justice.
The school room is crowded, the
boys and girls are thrown together
promiscuously; all grades, all sizes
.impossible to be as good as "Little
Mary Ann." and the only thing
under the heavens that hindered
him was the wealth that you and
I. my boy-, sometimes wish we had.
We would do so .■much good with
it. for other people, after we had
used the most of it. all that; we
could, upon ourselves. Ah, son. it
isn't a bit easy to be good, all the
I wa.y. There are lions on the road,
find until we know they are chained
they frighten us just as fearfully
as though they were loose and
rampant. It's hard to be "good"
when all the rest of the crowd, fellows of your own age and social
class are being the jolliest kind of
bad; seeing it all: looking at the
"seamy side." just to see how the
world is made; whooping it up with
rollicking choruses, watching things
mix themselves aright and helping
(to mix them; ordering champagne
as common men might call up beer:
swearing eternal friendships that
don't outlast the sparkles in the
glass; piling the chips up till the
stack reaches the ceiling, and just
as hilariously happy7 to lose as to
win—every fellow for himself, luck
for us all. and the devil take the
hindmost—my boy. when   you   set
Saturday, A ug. 25th
i-ha,iK'Ct,o exploit  itself.    Keep itj!1-mla" dispositions.    Thi'iv. is no
! chance for either the little   ones or
in reserve, ready for every touch
of human feeling, responsive to
goodness, honor, cheerfulness and
all healthy feeling, but do not allow j
it to tinge your understanding or
in any* way affect your sane view
of business or the affairs of life.
Check   expression   when   bitter  or
those farther advanced to give the
attention that is necessary to their
proper advancement. The hubbub
that must a.risc in the teaching of
this number of children, of all si/.es
and grades, crowded into one
Ismail room,   would   drive   anyone
somber feeling has the best of vou. j bul; im a,»iable dispositioned "-hool
To sav how sad or perplexed vou teacher crazy. The school should
feel when vour heart sinks for the I be eut m tw0. il -^l>*'"'*<- ™<>™ 1»'<>
moment deepens your inward i vi(led t'01' the Junior class0H- am] im
troubles, and at the same tilne i assistant teacher given for the little
spreads it to outside people. You i ones' So long a-s the present a-c-
would not spread  disease:   do   nol j ™nimodations   are   not   improved
the   school   children   must   suffer.
On this' date we will throw open our store
at sunrise and close at the usual Saturday
night hour. Throughout the day and
evening we expect to keep 'things humming. If we do not it will not be our fault
for we are preparing-a. stack of goods in
the centre of our store room that will be
sold at prices way below, any tiling ever
heard of in the mountains. The sale will
embrace such lines as these—Ladies' Shirt
Waists—Print 'Wrappers—all kinds and
styles of Skirts—Silk and Linen Handkerchiefs—Lace Collars—Underwear—Night-
o-owns—and numerous other articles of this
character. Nothing shoddy in the stack.
The goods are of the best makes and materials, and are taken from our counters to
make room for our Fall shipments. This
is your chance: the goods MUST be sold;
we will not carry any of the stock over;
if you are looking for bargains you can
get them here; we reserve nothing in the
stack; everything from the ceiling to the
floor goes:  remember: ONE LAY ONLY.
BOURNE BROS., New Denver, B. C:
morality. Well, you try it some
time, when the current sets the
other way. And the next time
some fellow who has learned a. few
swimming tricks shows you what
he can do in the way of fancy diving and paddling in a steam-heated
natatorimn. your lip will curl at
his puerile prowess as you remein
- I ber  the time  you   swam   against
out to be just plain, quiet, ordinary-     r n '       ..    .        ,
J       l V , Hell-gate current with the tide set-
ting dead against you and running
against   such   a. j
heart,  and good  companionship—i    ,    , .,        .  ,.,..., ,    .,
* ' .      .2     what it cost "• Little Mary Ann    to
bow   m   its
maelstrom current of good   icow-, ^ a m[]]niC(l     Try it   ho11<  jnst
■which is another sort ot good ; ^^ ^ ^..j, ^ in {t ^ ](m„
-good   humor,   good  spirit,   good ; ^ ^ ^^     And you'll know then
and it is all thai., my
way; the best hearts on earth get
into it—a.h. when you set out to be
"good" against all that, you have
such a. task cut out for you as
Dewey met in Manila. Hay. The
" Little Mary i-V-nn" kind of goodness is usually rated as a weak.
effeminate, milk-and-water sort of
i be "good." And you will apprec-
I iate Riley's little by inn, "..lust to
j be good." 'Tisn't easy to be good,
j sou. I hi I; it's glorious. And it's
! worth all it costs. — Robert ..I. I!ur-
! tletf.
i STKl'l'ISd    SIOMIS    TO    IIAI'iMN KSS.
IllWilVS    Wl'll—il!
morally, educationally and physic
spread mental distress. Your desponding words, bursting impulsively from a- full heart in the
presence of a.   friend,   add   to   the
burdens of another human  being—j this   paper?     How
one.     perhaps,
down by cares
Say. pardner. do you appreciate
do   vou   show
already     weighed j y0ur appreciation ?
tntl   anxieties.
Let Mind
Kuie Matter
thai l!i<
camps of 1 he
rav van's of t In
Worry   kills.
! f is  a  surprising lliin.u   t hen.
Slocan  are so
f   the   1 iconic
I oi
! so speak is to allow yourself to be'
| overborne by ••things" ruled by
'the natural course of the world.
i Vou cannot rule the world, if is
: true, but you have the power to
; rule your part of it—that is. yoiir-
! self. Don't bate find don't worry.
j This is the advice given by a- hale
- and beneliceiit old man to those
j who asked him for the secret of
I length of days. lie might have
! added.  Don't u'et angrv.
We lind that-many jackleg editors
while they profess to run news--
papers are raising whiskers or hair
on the side, and the really
cant tiling they do is raisin*,
ers or hair, or hot li.
An eminent-authority litis said:
••if we fulfil faithfully all the little
duties that be near us we may feel
confident that our lives will be a
success." This is the main thing)
in life, though some people   appear.
is to!
There is nothing like  keeping a
quiet heart within our breasts,   for
with that, no matter how the world
a.bout us rages tind storms, we shall
I always lie at peace.
'' f/ Q \  if   '! CD     !      If a-person   does   vou   a-   wrong.
A       <_ '  .   1   i   /  ^--        ' ' •
' try'and discover some noble trait-
in his character, and if you can
find it. forget and forgive the wrong-
in him. not less for your own sake
tiian for his.
Do not worry  about,   to-morrow,
for when it is here  it will   be only
another to-day.    -.Look up and you
\?\l   %'-'.\\$>$i\    \    j A |;\^Q   will   have   strength   given   you   to
OUniM   VV iL.L.8MiVHO|omiim:   whatever    it   may    bring.
! (hid never intended that we should
! carry to-morrow's  burdens to-dav.
! It is never all darkness, for when
' the sun goes down we have the
I stars. And so in life, if we will
j look beyond the clouds of disappointment and trial, we shall see
: the stars of hope and promise shin-
i >i!V Rfiviiri'.ii
IJiH'in i- iili.'.l with a
ell.lie.' I'ulk'i'tiiiii i >f
I'lint'iirni.ili.s. wliivliiiri      .
works of uri .-Hid ram,";    '
fail r.i iiit..'1-i'.''! you.    Carbo. «; l''.ni:-|i<!i
Plaiiii.ityii.'s. ihniiii".',. lOi.nin.'l.'.i sepias,
anil  lei'ti'd l'liiiiosJi'.-ijilis ciiVit nm- nails.
AnU,fR«A^     M'^l'i'"> Anisric
A^s t'om-aits.
1'J', Columbia Avc.Km.si.   Kossland. Ii. ('
Firs', stairway ctsi nf Lincoln St.
When grippe or other epidemic*-are
prevailing wear a little crude sulphur
in vour boots or shoes.
Williams has a line of fruit   that  cannot, he surpassed in the Slocan.
NOWLKOGli isn't wisdom, but wiili-
out- knowledge ii would bo difliriilt
tn make a man wise    If we would
ni'i wisely in iinvtbiii;.
we must  Mrs I. gain   the
nei wisei.v in iiii.viniii^ we must nrsi. gain the
knowledge to know how to act and then wiili
wisdom put our knowledge into iirnetical use.
When a man is easting about,, looking for a
location where he can make his home with the
assurance thai, if be "attends to bis knitting''
and lionestlv strives to make tin? best, of bis opportunities, 1 its eftorts will be crowned with success, he wants to know the. merits and demerits
of the locality and the conditions existing, so
as to act with wisdom.
It is b
It is because men act without wisdoi.. on very
little knowledge thai so many make failure.* of
iile. They are led by impulse and llirf wit.l
Dame [''online like a giddy school girl. 'I'll.
I'i'Siil-. is always the same. Thev fail; and whei
thev i_'o down thev take some Imilv with them
.....i   .1., ,.,.,,,,.i...  ...   i — ■-
Dealer in
rirtO, <S'..V-".
Van Uanip Lunch (roods,   Confection
cry and Fruit.
  - v. .■   -n    bnilv with them,
and I In* i'o"Miiiinily al large suiters in some
measure wit h every lailure. Ii is not failure's,
bur successes, (hat g;' to build up a eoininiiuitv.
( ice si rung, em i-iretic, successful'man in a I own.
who has woii lliroiigh sheer "stick-lo-it,ive:ie--."'
and merit, is worth a do/.en hangors-ou. who,
without wisdom ..r worth, alieuipt to win input luck.
II: is ihe former class lliat are wanted in ibis
pari nf Hrilisb Columbia. If any such are seeking an opening, ihey can come ibis way. There
n 'V open ings for every one. Success will be
I heir's as sure ,is ihey work for ii. Xew Dciiv.r
makes the tirst bid for this elsss of men. We
have sonic ber.' but, there is room for more The
iii.lueeir.eiits i.ll'ereil are many. We u ill slate a,
few. as brictl.v a., possible:
Xew I i."i v.'i-'s I,,cai ion, on a plateau -loping to
ihe shore ol'-Sloean In kc. makes il an ideal spot
for a residential coin re. which it is fast being
made, "lis homes a re far a hove the average found
in ino-i milling camps, and its public lia lis and
buildings aici eusliiess blocks are commodious,
sulisiaiit ial, and built with a view |o pernian-
ene.v T!:ei''.. is nolliing shoddy about thcin.
Like the men who Luilf. them. Ihey are here lo
I'l is bid natural lha; ibis feeling of conlideucc
in New Denver's stability should prevail. Aside
f: .in the advantages thai the lown has as.a rcsi-
liential centre, il is last becoming the headquarters for soinc of the si rmigesi mining cimi-
paiii.""- operating in Ihe Slocuni The Silver
iui,u nl a i n . float moii ii lain _ and Kidelil y-I losim
carryim: !'i^ .'."old. silver and lead v.dues.
are   rapidly   developing   into   heavy
Their payrolls at present will not aggregate more
I ban Pin i oen. but Mii.> number will be more than
tripled in a slio-,'1 time. ,
New Denver is the banking and commercial
centre, as well as ihe residential town on tile
beautiful Slocan lake. The business done by the
Hank of .Montreal is .-.urprisingly large and ever
increasing. .All ihe local miiies and those of
four Mile .Ten Mile and Springer and Lemon
creeks jia\  through the iocal bank.
New Denver's School facilities arc good: its
churches are neat, well-constructed and well
attended, lis streets are sidewalked in all direc
lines. The lown is not J'dd out with one street
and a buck yard, bill covers fully a mile square
and is without doubt Ihe prettiest'spot for a home
in the mining sect ion of Uritish (''oiumbia.
New Denver'.-, eiiiz.-ns a re the pioneers of the
-l-r-.ii I'hey have ina.de money in the camp,
.ind re-in vested it Tli.-y own ll'ioir homes and
arc continually improving ,bem. c.ontident thai
thev will be 'imply repaid for the expenditure in
ihe eoiufort and enjoyment "I them.
■ in New Denv.-r for Several
■a 11
line of Im-iii.
\"ew Denver's-.cenic beauty ■ is iniparallcd in
N lib Ani-rie.-i: p.- . I i; 11: > • < • is I einpei'ale. and
i he li.-al111 of i i s cil i/.en - lual'velouslv good - sickle s.- f.-. ui lo.- a 1 im ii.- <.s is seldom experienced
to be
II 111
Collis   P.   ITiintiiio'toii.   the   rail-   attend to   the
road   liiaonare   of   California,   and : allowino- thcdi
eye that the oreat
business   of   others,
own   to   o-o   by   <le-
■vei'V   eomnanv
thai pi to make up the   population ! president ol aboui .... 	
of this  hivMi-cd-liv-naliiiv-biit-dain-! opcra-l ino- in that stale, passed awiiy !      Free from the annual expense of
ned-bv-iiiai,    mineral,   belt,     wen-1 hist week.     11 nut in-ton's   ad vancc j s 1 no.uoo.f MlO which if was   costing
made    up    with    faint    hearts   and ! from poverty to oillueiiee
th"' to
yveak hope-, the  cemeteries   wouh
UOt   be    l.-|P_ge    e|p)l|_j'll    to    hold     !
dc'id.      1 Jut such   is   noi    i he   c;i-c
Itli result of his personal ambition am
Spa. in
1,(,1,1    .he; quick    business    perception.
JJritisli < 'olumbians. as a   rule
lon_4'on all things bill   worry.      h's-
;o   in   the   niiiiinji
pcciaily is   thi
camp,  where life   is   one   emit iuua! j dated house in the ■• Poverty
round of disap})oinlnn']it and   Mow-; district.     His mother was  a
cry hope.     It  ma.y be hope  a.o/n'nsl
i'alc. but. it is -<> deep seated, so fai
retain    the    Philipine    Islands.
:)i"ospci'in_4'.     The   govern--
incut aslcs for a loan  of   SL'lMl.(')()().-
000. and the   Spanish   people   subscribe sii0O.O00.ooo.    New factories
are being built, even   electric cable
dilapi-: works:   electric   traction   is   being
Hill"   introduced   in   the   Spanish   cities.
hard-; and at Madrid, such is the increased
.(irking Christian woman, but   the I activity in business and I ravel, two ;
ather was a man in whose makeup' me    new   hotels   are   to   be   built. |
boyhood days were spent in Ilar-
winion. Litchfield county. Conn.,
where he was born October 'J 2.
lN'Jl. in   an   ohi-fashioiied
1 ing still,   and   renicnioer   mat
Xewmai'ke: Block. New Denver   night will not always last. 	
•—-" ">wrf Eff K
!:st!il>lislu'd   1S17.
Capital (till paid u]>) $tL\LXJ0.0uj.i,0
iveserved lund : : 7,000,(XK).(.:(.>
tbidivided I'folits :    :  1,102,T.<-2. r2
HKAIJ    O 1'" KI C10,    MONTIMOAT..
Kt. Hon. Lot-.!) Strathcoxa aad M<;unt Roval, U.C.M.(].  President.
llox. (.;. A. Diujmmoxd, Vice President,
!•]. S. Cloustox, Genera 1 Manager,
Pd'anches in   all parts ol Canada, Newfoundland. Great Britain,  and
"he United States.
New Denver branch
I, <K©L ,|      J*BL        VI IMP , Seventh Year.  THE LEDUE, NEW DENVER, B.C., AUGUST 23   1900.  A NARROW  ESCAPE.  Enrqwp��r M��n Carae Near Going ta  Heaven by the Dynamite Route.  "Talking about narrow escapes," said  Campbell Hardy, who has experienced the  nps and downs of 12 years of newspaper  lli��, to a Galveston News man, "reminds  me of an experience I underwent while  running a little country newspaper up in  Illinois, chasing the festive advertisement  and the elusive news item. My office and  plant, where I molded public opinion and  told a limited number of subscribers what  to do In order to be saved, was located in  a harness shop. One bright spring morning, while engaged in writing an editorial  I was interrupted in my intellectual reverie  by the sound of scurrying feet below, and  the next instant by a terrific explosion,  which shook the building.  "All was a blank for the next minute,  when I found myself lying up against a  broken sash. Gathering myself together,  after wondering whether it was the falling  of a brick wall or the kick of an energotio  mule that had struck me. I surveyed the  ruins. There was a hole in the floor beside  me and ono in the roof abuvo, through  which you could have driven a government ox team, and a 'pied' and wrecked  newspuper ollice. It appears that the occupant below had sprung the combination of his safe, and, being desirous of recovering the princely sum of $1.70, along  with some valuable papers, had in a moment of temporary insanity engaged a  party to blow open tlie safo door with  dynamite. The safo was placed on its back,  charged with the explosive and the fuse  touched off.  "The  bright,   intellectual   engineer  of  the job  neglected   to   notify me when the  services  began, and   the  results   wero  as  above stated.    It was a miracle that 1 was  not blown   to  pieces, but, as  luck would  have it, 1 was just outside of the dead line,  for had I met the safe in its upward flight  the chances are my friends would   be still  looking   for    my  remains  with   a  rake  Though I was somewhat bruised and dis  figured, I am   pleased   to   note  that   1 re  mained in   the ring.    Gentlemen, 1   have  been  jumbled  up in a railroad  accident,  mingled with the tail of a Dakota bli/./.-in!.  been wrbeked at sea and storm tossed   ..i i  this was my narrowest escape from s,n.,.en  death that 1 have to chronicle     It w;;.- de  oidedly a case of   being blown up. biirimi  out.   I am destined to die a n.-ittirnl <\ ���-. .".  otherwise 1 would  have crossed   the;, i-.e. a  dlyide long ago, for I've been on the bi mii  several times.    Like the tonsorial   artist.  I aland ready to cry, 'Next)' "  than the well.   So it is with all super- j up ten tor sure, with as many more  etitious devotees���they see nothing but I doubtful.  their own narrow faith. j     "Let's look in the Bible," somebody  The washerman has a large warehouse 16ugge��.ted_ and the  Good  Book ��� was  with all its purses full of clotheB-but | overhaaled   in   vajn;    Then  an  en-  they do not belong to him.    When they  are   ready   washed,    the   purses   are  cyclopedia was appealed to,   but it  ..,',,       ,   ',    ,_    ���  _.,'������._._. ; was not entirely satisfactory,  for it  emptied.    Men who have no  tnou^nts i. ��� J' ,  Cabins or Homes EYES me WORKERS  Residence lots in  NEW    DENVER  of their own are like this washerman.  included Thomas and Andrew in the  After a man had practiced penance j list, and the Justice of the Supreme  for fourteen years in a lonely forest, he i Court and two of the Senators were  succeeded at length in acquiring- the positive   that   Andrew   was  not an  power of walking on water. Beside  himself with joy, he hastened to his  teacher and related his wonderful feat.  The teacher answereu : "My poor boy, j  what you acquired, by tlie strenuous j  and continuous labor of fourteen years  ordinary men accomplish when they  pay the ferryman a penny."���Minneapolis Journal.  apostle. All of which teaches the  great usefulness and need of Sunday  schools.-���Chicago Record.  from$15 to $200  KiJADY    FQK    KXPAXSIOX.  COULDN'T XA5IK AM, TIIKAPOSThKS  At a dinner party in Washington,  composed of prominent men, one of  them remarked that he once sat in j \]iic\ three buttonholes at intervals of  A little girl on Madison street had  just finished a new house dress and  called in one of her friends to admire  it, as is customary even among girls  of a larger growth.  By way of explanation to her friends  she pointed  out that the waistband  Outlying Blocks   suitable  .  for small Homesteads  from $200 fo $500  Apply, to���  WM.  THOMLINSON,  New Denver, B. C.  TVo Women In Thin Cum.  T<>?re are two brothers in Detroit  who now look the other way when they  j���;-..-�� i,y This is all the more to be no-  n:-c(i because two boys more affectionate  u...',. d each other never 'grew up to-  ���.'L-ihei-. It is not very long since there  w:is a double wedding in which tbey  participated as principals. They did not  L.l.e ihe same, wedding trip and did not  sf.*.. iiKicii of each other till each vtu  .-:tl'f '2 rr.nlev his own vine and fig tree.  "Prince," said Charley when they  made their first visit as benedicts, "1  lei...: utuhite you with all my heart  Y'...; have a charming little wife."  ' "1".wit's right, old man. Same to you.  I'r: :���. '.-rent luck, getting the sweetest,  ji;-:;ii>u, smartest woman in the  world."  "I'll acknowledge that she's a good  second in the race, Prince, a splendid  t-i ce;::l, hut the superlatives you have  ���:.'C(1 belong to my wife. She ie a  ijiide or two the best of any other wo-  a;:.n on earth. "  ".Ail right. You keep right on think-  i;\v. ili::i \v;;y, but in figure, feature,  mind and all the graces of her sex I  married the nonpareil. I'm not trying  ro o:.i;el any of your delusions, bul  fuel>:;'-.��� fuels."  "Von lm.ke nie weary. I know a  ."'TV:' (��� f YU"!;ic;i that will compare very  .',������.���-������ ������;:iiiy -v, .;li your wife, and I'll give  y ���<��� '���.:���'��� v.liC'lc: hun.au family in which  <-:< V   .1 'iie like mine."  "i (.cut care to find ono like hen.  b'(ii':i;i';'.ve!y for ine I have the pick of  tlie le.i i: .'jiav. .v.uine men have no sense,  ;;.'.". how. win re (here is a woman cou-  "irm.i."  Then the argument descended into  tlie ciilliii" of names, the saying of  much ti;ore than was meant and a final  a;-i.'-.-..-', nt that they were eternully  done wiili each other. After awhile the  wives will co'-'O out of the clouds and  s.;ake ir up.���jJeiroit Free Press.  the Union League Club at New York  with Roscoe Conkling, Chester A,  Arthur and several other distinguished gentlemen who had been carefully  educated in religious families, and  that none of them was able to name  the twelve apostles.  "That's easy," said a Senator,  brashly, beginning, "Matthew, Mark, ] Memphis Scimetar  Luke and John, bless the bed that I  lie on, Paul, the two Jameses, Jude,  B rnabas���" And there he stopped,  with some embarrassment.  "Timothy,'' suggested a major-  general, who is a vestry-man in an  Episcopal church.  "Nonsense," answered a Senator.  "Timothy was a disciple of Paul's.  He wasn't one of the twelve apostles.'  "Nicodemus," suggested one of the  company.  "Jeremiah," suggested the third.  "Judas was one of the apostles,"  meekly came from a voice in  the  corner.  "Til be blamed if he was. Hi was  a disciple," came the curt reply.  "Weren't the disciples and the  apostles the same thing?" inquired  the meek voice, getting a little  bolder.  Bartholomew was suggested and  accepted by several.  "What's the matter with Peter?'1  exclaimed a modest young member  of the diplomatic corps, who had  hith'-rto been silent.  "How many does that make?"  somebody asked,   and they counted  about an inch, so that the skirt could  be let out or taken up at pleasure.  "What on earth is that for?" asked  her friend.  "The first hole is to be used in the  morning, the second after dinner,and  the third after watermelons," promptly replied the owner of the dress.���  The. Chinese are, rapidly leaving'  Greenwood. This is the result of the  combined action of the business men  and labor unions. No violence has  been offered the Chinks, but they are  being- simply starved out.  If you want something that is juicy  and refreshing, get a slice of Williams'  watermelons.  Williams   is    handling   Empire   tobaccos.  O.M.ROSENDAL  ("mXSI-LT.IXi; XIETALLPRGJST  XIIXIXO  KXOIXKER  . O. Ho.\ 'KM.  Portland. Ort'j,'(iii  Advises mi :, lilies,  ni in in.'-' properties ; 111. i tlieii  workings, Claim'-.     Prospects,    and  X! in.���������: stocked.'   (("imili.'iiiks ui'jj-.'in-  izeil.     (''.'i|iit.'il   furnished.  CRKAT JiKMAXO KOR PKOMISIXG SlLX'KK |  I,HAD    ITML'KKTTKS. I  To Builders:  If you    want   Dimension  Lumber, Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Coast and Kootenay  Ceiling and Flooring, Double  and   Dressed   Coast   Cedar,  Rustic,    JShiplap,    Stepping.  Door Jambs, Pine and Cedar  Casings,      Window     Stiles,  Turned     Work,     Brackets,  j Newel   Posts,    Band-sawing,  I Turned Veranda Posts, Store  Fronts,   Doors, Windows  or  Glass, write to���  Kelson Saw  & Planing  Hills, Limited  Nelson, B. C.  J. E. Angrignon  The Leading  W. L. Jeffery  & Son  Workers in Tin,  Copper'and  Sheet iron.  Air Piping and Mining  Work a Specialty  Headquarters,  New Denver  HEWER & CROFT,  Sight   is   the  only  special sense which  we   use   constantly  except during sleep.  Perfect    eyes    see  without effort.    The  imperfect ones are constantly  under muscular strain.     Is  it any wonder eye strain is  so hurtful?    lam the  first  optician   in   the   Kootenay.  My reputation  is known in  every Kootenay town.   Eyes  tested night or'day   (}.   W.   GRIMMETT.  Graduate Optician.  SANDON, B. ('.  Hill Bros.  Manufacturers of  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  THUKSDAV I'liACTJONAI. Mineral Claim  Situate in Tin- slocan Mining Liivision of West  ; Kootenay district. Where located: North  '        of tlie Payne mine.  i'PAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T. TwiVtr,  . 1 asairentfor the Payne Consolidated Mining  i Company. Limited, Free Miner's Certiiicate No.  ; li 3%!<7. intend, sixty days from the (late hereof, to  . apply to the Mining Recorder J'or a Certificate of  Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining- a  ' Crown Gram oi the above elaiin.  And farther take notice that action, under see-  i tic -ii 37.imistbe' commenced before the issuance  : of such Certificates of Improvement.*!.  iJated this 23d dav of August. VMn  HEIlBEKT T.TWIOG. A'-reut.  JVIO V N T AIX CHIEF XII.  .'{, and SAIJNIA  Mine, a] Claim*.  Situate   in   the    Slocan    Minii)*.'  Division   of  West   Kootenay District.     When-   located:  About four miles  up  Four  Mile creek, and  adjoiniiiir the Essex and Ottawa.  'PAKE NOTICE That I. D.  A.  McDonnell, F.  1    M. C. ."WS: actiue; for myself and n- airent  for Alfred Hill, F.   M. C. :W)i7i;  .Joseph Sturnon .  F. ,\I. O. Httete.Hart Florence  L.i wrcnce Mclnnes.  F. Xl.C 3S!��M. intend, ii'i days from 11n* dati' hereof  to apply to T Iii- Minim.'' Recorder for a Certiiicate  of Improvements, for Ihe  purpose of .ibtainin;,' a  Crown (Irani of each of tin- above claims  And furrlicr liikr notice thai action, under section M7. must he conimciicei!   before the issuance  of Mich Certificate of improvements.  J lilted this 1'nd day of Almost. ]!��in. s-!i  SINKISK    Mineral Claim.  and  Shingles  Orders   shipped  to all  parts of the  Country.      -Anil  at  head of  ��� Slocan Lake. ���  Situate in tlie Shu-a n .Minim,* Jiivi.Moii of West  Kootenay District. Where located: On  West side of CInmix Mineral Claim, north of  Carpenter Creek.  TAKK NOTICE That I. F. S. Clemcnls of Xel-  1 son. H. (.'.. acting us aj-rcnt for .Johanna Erp.  Hrockli:ins'']i. F. M. C. Xo. B. Jl\iH>, and Sidney  IT. Xichols. P. XI. C. No. H. Siii'lC intend, .sixty  days frniii ihe date hereof to airily to ��� the  Miniiif.' Recorder for a eertiticute "of im-  lirovciuenis f:,r fhc purpisc of obtainiiisr a C!rb\vn  iiTiint. of the above claim.  And further lake notice  that, action under section :;7 iiinsi he commenced  before, the issuance  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this iSnd day of June. A   I).. I'.kki.        7-5  SAXIIOW iiiid  I.OXK  STAK,   No. :{,   Mineral Claims.  Postof'lice address, Rose be ."y  Hauling and Packing to Mines,  and general local business.  WOOD    AMD    COAL  AUSTRALIAN  LAMBS'      WOOL  FXDRRWEAR  F��)R GENTLEMEN.  J. K. CLARK  MINES  and MINING  Reports, Examinations and Manage-;  ment.  Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of  West Koote.iay , District. Where located:  On Silver Mountain, 14 miles southwest of  New Denver. B. C.  fAKE NOTICE- tlitit-1. Charles S. Rashdnil, of  1 Xew Denver. B. C. iictiniras.if,rent for Robert  B. Skinner, F. M. C. Xo. B 17!J7.S. and Dalx.iel  Oiordnn Smith. F.M.C XTo. B -isoia, intend, (JOdays  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of  the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under sec  tion'37. must bo commenced before the issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated thi.s -?��th dav of June. A. D. mix).  7-5 CHARLES S. RASHDALL  UUCK    FRACTION    Mineral   Claim.  XECK WEAR  A   SPECIALTY   AT  D, McLachlan's  New Denver.  RELIABLE  ASSAYS  Gold...  Lead...  NEW DENVER  B. C  Situate in the Sloc.-ut Miiiin-r Division of West  Kootenay District. Whore located: About  M\\i miles east of Silvenon, adjoininfr the  Silverton Boy.  'PAKE NOTICE That I. E. Rimmichueyer, ,'ree  i    miller's certiMcntc No.   B  .-lss*; i.   actinfr as  af-'ent for Mary  E.  Kamtnelmeyer. free miner's  .   ,__,,, ceriificate No. B 3SS5H. intend.' sixty days  from  .-_('   jJol( and Silver..* .75 | the  date  hereof,   to  apjily   to  the Miniiif,'-Re-  .-���ii I Orold.sil v r. eoiip'r 1.5o ������ corder for a Certificate of I>n provements. for the  i purpose of obtaining: a Crown Grant, of the above  ! claim.  !     And  further take  notice   that action,  under  | section 37, must be commenced before the issu-  i since of such certificate of Iinprovenn>.nr��.  j     Daled this 5th day of July, A. ID., liiOo.  Samples by mail receive prompt attention  Rich Ores and Bullion Bought  l-ltf) Kith St., Denver. Colo.  STOUMOUNT Mineral Claim.  THE WM. HAMILTON MANUFACTURING CO., LIMITED  The Secret of Success.  "I havo novcr forgot.ten," said Mr. Nog-  gleby, "tho wisoreinnrk tliata young mini  onco uintlo tonic, yours ago It was this.  'One thing leads to another. This was  apropos of a furtlmr advantage liiaO 1 hai  brought into view by a- step I had just  taken. Tho moral of this is���it lias I icon  set forth often (1 may have nior.iiniH'd it  myself), but it will bear endless repetition  ��� that if wo would sueeoed wo must keep  stirring I"���New York Sun.  ancy  Staple and  OCERIES  . ��� *>: r" ���** r% r- p~i.  PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO,  CANADA.  ] Situate in the SI ���<:�����n  Mii'intr Division of West  Kootemiy   District.     Where  located:     Ten  j        miles east of Slocan Luke  and about one and  I        one-half   miles  east of  Sea ton   Creek, and  bum;; a northerly extension of the Washington.  : 'r.AKK X( (TICK That I Chas. .Moore, acting  : I nsfi-jent for S. K. Green. F. XL C.Xo. B.Wi&XG  i and W. A, Joweit. K. XI. C. Xo. 77H (special)  ] intend illi day-; from i he da to hereof to ajiplv to the  ' .Mining Recunlcr for a ccrtificale ol imjirove-  ; mollis for Ihe pnrpuse of obtainiiiK a (^i'mwii uraiit  ; nl tlieabove claim.  And further ial;e notice that action under see-  iioii .'17 must be commenced before the issuanecof  , .-.ucli cei'titicate nf improvements.  1 iidoi! this lot h 'lav of June, llino.  '���--'l " CHAS. XIOdKE.  I!()SK    XIAKIK    .Mineral    Claim.  H.  WALKER & SON'S  Canadian Whiskies  Bortlcrs of KILMARNOCK : |V\ k k' j  Scotch Whiskey  K   Cn  .OO-  Affcnt for  IWIN   CAUDLES  GIANT POWDER  JUis  Decifiioii.  A Miasoni'l jnsticc of the penco at the  close of a case, announced with great dignity, "I will hold this ease under advisement until next .Monday morning, at  which time i will render judgment for tho  .n.luij'til't'. "���Case and Comment.  \Y!\<:->    OF    itA A!.'.ivr:)'-.f|NA.  :; a M<',-, mviiI'iJ i*  I'i'i ilnSoplll-r S    Sl'ilK  .������eld and.  in  Mil  lOlIi'h'.'ll       Willi      III!  ii    is  I linn.''!   in'i  i il :viaiiis its lnnui'i' i  -!i:iji(.'. it can no loniic;- ;!ii  hui'i   lo   an;  'i'.:i'.    It :> sJu* saiui'   wl'li   a   11>;si���   wlio|  :;;!.- loiiciifii   die.   f. ml   (>!'   Hit*   alinig'iit v '  i im!: outwardly iic is in no way I'liniiL"-''!  I'llr lie al'fcrwin-d does no more cx\\  .'-;ii iono- as a man coiifinues to siioul  a'ciid. "Oil, (ox!! oh. Cm]'." ihoiiinMy-  ">r rely on if that ho lias not found ( mkI.  He who has found God   remains  siloiit.  A woman who lias a kin:; Cor a lover  will not care, for fin; lioinao'e of a streel  be.��'i;'ai". S.S is it with the soul which  lias once found rhe. Godhead ; it has no  1'urrhe.i" need of the miserable, thing's of  this world.  duly a sa<_>'�� can recoo'iiixe a sag-e. It  is only a cotton yarn merchant who can  say of what number and of what quality  any particular yarn is.  Be not like the frog who sits in the  well. The, frog there does not know  anything-   greater   or more important  Bosun Block,  New Denver, B.C.  Ksfiiblisbed J Sua.  . Sandilands  Sandon, B. C.  Public  nsurance& Mining Broker  Sandon  C>Wholesale Dealers in Wines, Liquors ana cigars^  Sit mi t.e in ; he  Sl.'i-;, ���>   .Minim;   ! livisjou <,; West  .Ko'.U'iiii'   lli.-in'ct.      Winre located:   South  Xl'iwich eliiihi. Carpenter ("reek.  XoTK'K Thar 1. Herbert T. Tivi���;���.-;���,  lit fur J.iiiii'- li. Moi"in. Free Minor's  ' ("ertiticiiti'\-.. .r.7!':l-'. and Charles \V. Greenlee.  K. A'. C.Xn -���;-:-hi. iiiiend. si.\i_\ i\,iy^ iromtlie  dare iien-.i!'. ! ��� a _np!\- '<. tie- ."\ i i i: i m ���_���- ii'i-crder tor  ���I e.-riiiierite .,!' improveni' ..is. for the i-nrposc of  ��� 11���!.-1i11i11,U'   ;<   cr.iivu   *_���-j-.-\lit *���!' ihe aiiovo ci.iini.  And liii'liier lidd- ei't;ee ihiir a c; i"ii under See,  ���'17 >nu-; he c- -in men cod be:'oi'e '. he Lsicnieo ..;' such  ������"!'! i-a-aie i.j'  hnproveiiieiils.  1 ''.-���'.������d lliis 7lb due ,,f ,| nn,., I'll 1(1.  HKRIJKIiT T. TWfi.C.  Il.VVTOV XO. '.', ALTOONA, HON KN  (IT  KKUHKX, iiiid  TAXVAXr>A  Alii:.-r.-il ('laim s  '.'itJ'i   r-  j   y...  ie  ton mouse,  isa��������������������e������������������������  W. BALMAsN  CIVIL ENGINEER,  ARCHITECT, F.TC.  SAXD.iX. !f. c.  1 Denver  iransDortation  i Light Co..  l'ALXIA  .AXCK'HIXOX,   PROrniKT< IK.  ;1 is .-in ipli  ;"iid iiiry,   an  Sam;i!e I  '.'.iiiuiioil;.::..... - I ������  ��� '���    Ihe   flinim;   I,'.  for I 'onini.���!'(���,' ���  sandon.  .--"-ne .ir.- laru-  Situate ill the SI..can .Mining .Divisii.n .'.f West  K'l.iteiii v Iiisti'icl. Where lo-atci: Qn  Payne Xtuiiniaiii. about I.1, miles lioin the  town of Sandoi:. ii. c.  'PAKI-: XOTK'K ' Tin. i I. Alexand. r -s. milt.  I ntz-eiit l.-ii' the S;1.1111 <��� 11 .Minii;;;- am! Al lihiir  Company. Limited. Fvvf Miner'- ('.-rl iiiea le  X". 1 ll'.iil. intend, -liXiy liay.- i-mi: liic date  boron!', 'ti.i ni'i'iy '.o -he Xliuin.1;- le-c'irder for  ('.-rri'a-ai.-- of J ii i], ro vein .-nl-. for Hie :n: rpoSe of  ��� ���l.i.linili': a   CP'.Wl:    l.l'.ail-  of   e...'h    i >t' * .Tl.- rill. .VI:  (.���l.i in i =  A'::'   'lll'tller   'al;e     i-it'e.'   Miat   .leliini.    lliilii.f  .-eC-  ��� ! -ii ������'��� . mu.-: in- .-.in;me��� ;'-i d li-f- in- the i-a-uance  -,���;' such i 'i'i'ii;:c.-.ie ��� ������; luipr.'Veuicii!-.  ! ia' -il tlii- ::-~i ii dav nf' \ :rii. A . I '.  :;-���'.  ���1-7 Al.i'LV  -d T.MAT.  John Buckley, Prop.,  mfc'^v  ^M  <^-<J$  ��_.  ^0���  Niitfu'vVi  66  sir  fCaa  m  Smoke our  ; General Dray ing": Mining' Sup-  I plies and Heavy Transport-  i        ation a Specialty.  mj*<:" imperial  itiltwliMiltlilu  /  A  A .*,' t��, ��i^-  J?  >vv  NEW fjKNV'J-:!,',    H. '.'.  rrovidt's nii))'le find plcas.-uit accoinmodaiimi for the it.-ive!iii<_'- pid'iic.  TelegT-iins   ;'m!'  rooms  ]T'oiiip;ly nt.fiiiided   to.  ���:XliV .S'.ri-:(.I0, ..... ,"rop-,.p.i* i-.  ifc    I'll'    the    yi.Tii  u-ili !>(- (-(iinmcncci  I0TH.  Liniirci  JUNE  p  Onr liJi'TiU'tiiro wairons  meet,  dav tniins.  Mlil-  TheV  ib  UNION   MADE  re  in.-oie  iii   your  midst.   ,,;   the   lim  ���ma T'nliacc", Where '.-nod Cigars  arc s,]d ihey can be bon.u-hr.  SMOKE  ^EIiOM/|\!  i(M.C'  OfSAi  *m  1��  Nelson  Saddle Horses and Pack Animals.  ;'        I'\.'ed iStublos at; Xew Derive!-.  'ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TICKETS.  To and from Kuropc.iu   jioints via. Canadian |  ,-ind American lines.      Apply    l-.r  Miilini;   d;i t<  rales, tickels and   full   inforiiiation    ;,.  any ('.  I'iy i'lrent or���  r.i. I-:. c.Ai.'h'KTT,  C P. U. Aecni. Xew Uenver.  W   P. ]���'. Cuminine-;, 'A. S. S. Ant,, AX'imiipeir '  .v LO .Props  city ('oiiitni'tal)lc  ruonis ���lifir  replete   wir.li the best of  1 lie    '"I !!i|d'i"ial  rakesy<ni across  ('rmtiiicnr    in    four  "A'iflidin     I'iianii'c.  is   a   so]id   \'(.-siil;nli'<]  in.  luxuriously oouiji-  ; will)   oA'ci'V  possible  iie comloit  ii'C    (,|   J.;|s;.  Ask    your  'invo   rrav-  arldivss  <ln\  It  ti'a  \H,(  ossciinal lor  and ('<.ui\'oi;i(.  S(']lo'(jps,  friends  who  elled on it. o  f.i.jiirirs and Ci^'ar:  nest sei'Viee tln'oui'TToii'.  <*. 11. I,.A Pl.'KTT.  A.',���.  \V. K.   Andcr-'.ni.   Tray    1 'as-.  K. T.Cnyle. A   O. P   .\.::..  '.���,���,  I Ne-.y Pi.-nver.  A'-'.,  Xclsoii.  ��� av.T THK LEDGE. 'NE\Vr .DJrJJ'iS'VKK. B.(J.. AUGUST 23.  1900.  Seventh Year -  THK      KAMII.V   .-ISIOKIJA!*]-!  a'.j-oi.: laughed at him.    'The tiling" is pre-    - posterous,"   they  said,   after  careful  A new art is being practiced at the | examination.    But still the   man   in-  oflices of the American Mutoscope and j sjsred   th.a  t]iey  were  %yn-nsr,   and  Biograph Company.    The dull,   star-! .vorke(] himself into a condition  ing, unconvincing single photograph I cier_no-.  AI J I) WAYS    SMEhTKll.  l-'iie Midway AilvaiK-e has the following  to   say   relating  ro   the   propose,  smelter to lie   erected   there:   "Andrew  ' ���' '   Laidlaw, general nianajzer of tlie Stand-  n nervous prostration. Finally  :,ni (;,,,.;���..- ( ....   ���,.���(���, impanied   hv  his  he   went  to ' the  young  surgeon   in . solicitor. A. VI. Whiteside, drove dnwi  A   series of; ,jUest.ion, who at once decided upon a. , ou Wednesday o!" last, week to h>ok oyer  has. say the enthusiasts in  this new  direction, had its dax  likenesses,    ISiJU   of   which   can   1je : j,lan 0f action.      'I'll fix you all right _ '.he site for the smeller which is shoti \y j .&_.  taken in a minute, and every   one 0^'-in a jilfy."   he  said.    Then he went;'"  he  constructed  between  Boundaryj  which    represents   the  subject  in   a ; int0 an antei.oom; snipped a couple of' Falls :U!l1 -Midway.   The site which Ims |  different   attitude-for   there   is   np:,1Jlirs  1Vum   his   ���.,,;.,,,.   ;uld   ft,,tened i been selected is on  Ken-V ranch.    Itisj^  "posing" in the new   photography-'. th(im t0   the   end  oi   an   U^.mmcnt.   ^ l<\���\ ]<���\��>�� '/"; a ^m-hcr and   i���  has come to take its place. . ; Keturnin, t0 the patient, he  inserted ! ^ l;avU��� *. "\mi��n " lJ,e "U'f svm"  t     .i-m       v-, i.-i,,^,-   1 si m ���,- Ur f ,���. , : ."dde location to be iour.d   anv   nlace  hi  in tins .New l ork stud in 1<>U0 photo- .--.i,., instrument down the man s throat, '  ,      ,- -,-, .    ,     ;.   ,  ' , t-nc UlsLl uuie.H -n.n-vii lia. nidi. .. mnu-w,    r|l(,  |j1?n.Ict_      | |itf   ,_._,,,,_-.,;   ,,j   t]M.   __.,_,n.  grap is ot t-iie subiect will tie made at; ,,.,_,Tfl ,, i; f < i rJ   -,-.-> i.   ,,ui   i.i-iii.,,i   it   <-nt i ���    -���-,,.-,,,,,. ti i  r*     i ..... i Ad -t! fl in-iac   |'*o   ami   pan..w   n.   ouu ��� p-my is: soon.O'.id. assessed>ie to par,   and  To my Friends in the  z��A  every sitting instead of a single one  as hcretoiore.  ne  ; exposures will bej  again.  ere were the   hairs,   sure ; t  he registered ofiice  enou:.:h.    It. was a stroke  of  genius, . at Ore  ot   tin'  company is  "i wooo.  A   h  ays  a;  ���'0  the  of a minute duration, thirty, distinct j SU1.(. enough, lor the man with an! coinpnny -paid .). i1. liudan and - Dr.  photographs being taken of the poser j i,na��-inary complaint at once re- ' McMai'iin, Xew York, s; i.,-2;,o, the linai  each second, and 3<>q'feet of film used! sume(p his normal condition, and the : l��i>'"'<-��t on the Marguerite The order  in the process. In these 1800 photo- j V0U|)? sargeon ��� Was i"ewarded with aM',"',h'' l)>'r!ric ^"'"Iting plant was on  graphs every movement of the body, : fal- fee._Kansas City Journal.  everv twitch of the  eve,   everv  ex-!  ,.    ,       /. ��� '���',,  ,       /    .  ', /   ,, WIIKKK    THK   MALAYS   fiJtOW.  pression.of the. face, will be faithfully  reproduced. . \  [twill be   the   bioffraph   ^   '"^ i collstitDtlon states tha5   all   men   are j capacity and , he bnildin, will be erect  scope    process   applied    to   ordmarv ,-         ,           nmnv fa8,liomlble rcstaurJ ed for a foo-,o��� sinelter-  As a result  of much;    '      '.- ��� ���   ���  Kl  (r\'-i  ''���HOT  ft  ^ ������  ) ^':-  ii iMm h '/4# J  v^J^^m MIL!  tlu  As I have just returned from a Purchasing Trip in 01 ie East, I  ym ]>rei.iared to sliow you. all the latest Up-to-Dute goods.  Qua!ityand,1 Vices guaranteed ho be right, and  Cheaper, than   any place  in Canada.  June '21 plac��d wdtli the Denver En-j  gineering Works. The plant lias a '  o'lia'i'-anteed capacity of "Ji'in  tons  daily.!    ; out   .Mr.   Laidlaw   has   made  aiTange.-'  In spite of the fact that the Federal j meats for a power plant of double  that ;  hotography  , , ���      i ants of Washington, D. C,   refuse  to  experimenting   devices   have    been ��� ���-.,',  V.       ,   ,'     ,.,.���, ���        ,.; entertain colored lieop  perlected   bv   which   the   series   of '  'MI.;    USTIMATKS.  \U the Latsst Diamond  Jewelery  The Kin ie his ICAUX i'JAXCi Thi* ��� STlOAIt.VS Mii^VCIjl*:-; The ICAVMOXIl  SKWIX.l ��� MACI1IXK Tin- DnMRSTIO. WHrrK. S'I'AXDA iii.), ami WIl.KKLKli  &  WICS IX Sl'-.WIXi;   XlACiilXKS. Ui-cmicIk-s,   K.'irin.u ���,   Urnie'lets.   CuiV  Link-;, W.ifclie-;, CliiiOis, Xcc.klcts, So.arf Pins, iMiijjs. Patesj Sterling  Silver X .velii-'.-i. Urnshc-:. Cun'is. Xliri'iir.-i. Xfn nieine s!e;s. 'I'aid' |-:,,| i ],,-;, l'.,',vder  Muxes, sh ,.. If, ,]-,!���. Ihe ...ii il 1 .ks, Diirniii.-r Balls. 10f.  We are he,; (jil.e'l.'i-s I'or MiM'iilen silver Chile. Ware, and Ko-er's "is.|7" J,"|.at  Ware. W" also carrv a full linen!' I'in no and 'I'uh'.e I,.aiii;.s. Brass (i.iods, Fire-|ilac.'  lixtures. Bar Sireili..,. .inii l.i h. r tliiims t o 1 niuiiei'iii; to.m,:iili')ii. Call and insnecl  mv stock.      *vi iroiilile i-i show-r mdsnt ,  JACOB DOVER'S,  .1z;'.\V in ail -n'devs r.-eiv" proiiipl and "THE JEWELER," Nelson, li. C.  earc.ui.i' eii'.ioii.       A II w i fli reoairiiu.' ���,'iiara ntec.1.  TheColum-  ])hotogra]ih.s may -be mounted on reels  and revolved within handy cabinets  which will be ornaments in any  parlor. Bv looking into the cabinet  the subject will appear to be animated, just like the familiar moving  pictures t'irown on. screens by- the  biograph. !  Think of a kicking, squirming}  baby being photographed as he plays!  with his toes; then, when he becomes!  a man, looking upon himseif exactly}  as he was in those babyhood days.     !  A photograph of tlie wedding cere- i  mony itself might be made, for these  cameras can be taken  anywhere.���  New York World,  LION     IX    KAIiaVAY    CAKKIAGK.  bus Despatch tells this amusing story  in this connection:  '''he suniinarv in the estimates for the!   fcsCIJW )o*L_jss{ fe<_;. _>*: Wl__><! >b��C__>��< te��C_J>a(   W:.  A light colored  mulatto wandered'!  " . 1 iiit'iircs:  c-tirrent fiscal year, brought  down   last  1 week in the; house, shows the foliowdn"'  into one of the restaurants the other  Pubiic debt, ���?:!72,79i>.:> 1; Civil'govern  day, and when a waiter intimated to j im;ilt (snjai.i(,s)i S228.815:   Adininistra  him in the gentlest way that he could  not be served there, this conversation  ensued:  "Wha' can't Ih be surved heali?"  "It is against the rules."  "Guess you tek me foh a colored  man."  "Aren't you?"  "Me   colored?   No,   sun,   I'se  uh  The full story of the remarkable adventure; in which Mr. Ryall, a well-  known district superintendent of police,  was killed by a lion in a railway carriage while journeying in East Africa,  is told in the. East African and Uganda  Mail, by a fellow passenger.  The train had come from Mombasa  to Kima. Here Mr. Ryall was told  there was a lion within "200 yards, and  lie, therefore-, detached Ids corridor  carriage, walked up tlie train to another compartment, in which were Mr.  Heubner, Mr. Parenti, and the narrator  of tlie story, and suggested a search for  the beast.  The three men joined Ryall, but the  hunt was unsuccessful. As, however,  the station-master told them two lions  prowled about the station every night.  Parenti, Heubner and Ryall decided to  remain on watch in the detached carriage, which was shunted on to a siding  About midnight Parenti went to sleep  on the floor, while fleubiier occupied a  bed above, and Myall sat on his seat  and kept first watch.  At .1 ::-�����-> Parenti woke with a start  and found a lion treading on him. He  saw the beast's fore, paws on Ryall's  body, and heard Ryall utter a cry. He  tried to reach his gun, but failed, and  then he managed to crawl through a  window. He ran for the station-master, and on returning they found Heubner in tho'kitchen at tlie back of the  carriage  "Ryall! Ryall !" they called.but there  was no answer. Then the station-master and his men went back with burning brands to the. carriage.  They found it drenched wdth blood,  but empty.    Ryall could not be seen.  Day dawned, and outside they   found  more, blood and many   footmarks,   both  of a lion and a lion's cubs.  Ryall they never found  HOW    TO     IliaXK     MILK.  "Malay, eh. Let's see; where do  the Malays come from ?"  "Why, uh, from Malaria, ob  course."  Let the Kusl- Have Sonic.  Many who complain that they cannot use milk would be able to do so  if they would drink it in tlie proper  way.    An exchange says:  "Do not. swallow milk fast and in  big gulps. Sip it sloxvlv. Take four  minute.- at least to iinish a glassful  and doind; take more than a. good  teaspooiilul at niio sip When milk  goes into the .-Pdnaeh ;! is i; stan'ly  curdled. If a la re. c. puinl ity isdrunk  at once ii is curdled in one big mass,  on l he .lUt.sido . d which only the juices  ol the stomach enn work. Il we  drink it in little sips each little sip is;  curdled up by ilsel!. and the- whole:  gia-sm! finally iind.- :' e!*' in a loose  luiim made upof 'it1'" iumps through,  Eastern Canadians think British Columbia has no grievance against the  Chinese or Japanese. They love the  poor heathen, they would take them to  their hearths and hearts: teach them  the way of civilization and to give up  their brass gods. Well, let the eastern-  ���".rs have them, suggests the Industrial  World. We have more than we want  of the slant-eyed devils and can spare a  few. It is proposed to ship a few of  them east. The World will give a few  dollars to the scheme. Dump a few  thousand of them in Toronto, fill Montreal with them, turn ten thousand of  them loose in the. timber regions of  North Ontario, ready and willing to  work for S1.0 a month; man the railways  with them, shut out the xvhites in every  avenue of industry or compel them to  work for and subsist on Chinese wages.  Wouldn't there be a howl floating up to  heaven ?  lialcyon  Hot Springs   Siiiiitiii'iiim.  The most complete health resort on  the continent of North America, situated midst scenery unrivalled for  grandeur. Boating, fishing and excursions. Resident physician and  nurse. In telegraphic communication  with all parts of the world. Two mails  arrive and depart every day. Terms,  ��15 to SLS per week, according to residence in hotel or villas. Its baths cure  all nervous and muscular diseases: its  waters heal all kidney,liver and stomach  ailments. The price of a round ticket  between New Denver and Halcyon,  obtainable all the year round, and good  for 30 days, is .?:-i..3h.  The working-men of Manitoba are  agitated over a report that, 1,000 Japs  will be sent there to assist in harvesting  the crops. It looks as if this plague of  Oriental labor will spread itself adl over  Canada before, our legislators will have  foresight enough to put a stop to it.  -tion of justice (salaries), $1.18,870; Legislation, iff-7,350: Public, institutions,  (maintenance) Si 18.7i.io; Hospitals and  charities. $70,i>r>0: Administration of  justice (other than salaries), SI. lo.'iOO;  Education, S-52(i.-!-70; Transport. $1.0,000:  Revenue, service, Sl:-!,uoo; Public works,  $0(;o,32H; Miscellaneous, xll0,3"20. Total,  i?2,"220,:-,.88.?d.  The mineral tax is,to be increased to  two per cent, on all mines whose .output amounts fo more than two carloads  a month.  The estimated receipts and expenditures for the year are: Revenue, SI,759,-  280, an increase of a quarter of a million; Expenditure, S2,220,3SS, also a  large increase. Among the votes are  $17,400 for schools in East Koinenay,  and ��48,700 for schools in   West  Koote-  I1I1V.  CONDENSED ADS.  [Co'iileiised iiilver'.iseinenis, such us For S.ale,  Wanle.l, Lost..Strayed. StoliMi, Births. Deaths,  Marrire'es. I'ersornil, Ilolels. Le-al. Medical .etc,.  I're inserted when not exeeodme- -io words lor  ���.';���> cunts each insertion. Ividi live words or less  over io words a'-e. live cenls adilitCii.'il.j  p'lECYrsioi.A.isr.  _)IUVATI. IIOSIMTAL KOK I.ADIKS.  3 Hi'Si oi' care. Dr. Bei'tlui Wiirdnnn. No.-'  Brown Si.; I'lione, Norlh 771: Spokane, Wash.  surveyors:   T Al. M'OI.'ICCOK, b\ A. Si'.. I'rovineiiil Lund  <>} ��� Surveyor and Aliiiin-r Ivi-dnecr. Slocan,  B.C.   Correspondcnci' solicited.  IC  HEY LAND,  Enjniii'oi'nnd I'roviiii'iid  l       IC  HEYLAND,   Enpiu'or  /V.    Land Surveyor.    Sandon.  DR/CJG-S.  \\r     K.   TK'kI'ZKL   &  CO.,   Nelson,   B.C.,  VV .    Dealers in all Drugs and  Assaycrs'Sup-  Miineral   Waters.  ��QQQ&OQ&@9Q9Q&9Q99QQ&Q&Q&Q  Silverware  If you want something really  good in silver it will pay you  to examine our stock. We  !_! have none of the cheap, trashy  plated ware, which so soon  wears out. We have several  beautiful pieces in STERLING  SILVER.*  L  "li'KST-CT.ASS  JL     Thorn  Water. Nel  V10 HA T K O     W A T Mi HS.  fhorpe & Co., Ltd., sole agents for Hiilcvon  son  TAILORS.  Brewers of Vmo. Lager Beer and Porter���the best in the land.    Correspondence solicited.    Address--  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.  3!   n .'---_*  :s?  m  HEAVY   A.^D    SHELF  oj .    ciolhiiifi' toonier;   and solicits  patrona^-e  from all classes. -  F-riaits 3s Confectionery.  J   A.  McDOXA'liI),  Mnddeii Block. Nelson;  .    Fruits. Ice Creani. O. B. Clux'olates,   Hif-li  Mrade Cont'ectionery.  in Kooteniiy.  Finest Ice Cream l'lirlor  BOOTS 3s SHOES.  rlLU'K    I5KOS.,  Xelson,   are ever in   the  j    front, with the lie.-l. line of goods obtainable  in their line of business.  "Wnolesale    Merchants.  NELSON, B.C.  Coal, Iron,  Steel, Blowers,  Water Motors,  Truax Ore Cars,  Ore Buckets,  Rails, Belting,  Packing,  Wire Rope.  Tfn and Sheet  Iron Workers  KASLO, B.C. SANDON, IS. C.  j    V.   GUI  r" .    ivhoiesa  meals, butter ami cliics.  le    dealers    in    provisions,   cured  'JU'HXIii;,     liKKTOX    &    CO.,   Wholesale  \     .Merclinntti-and l.mporiers;   Li(]iiors. Cigars  and Dry Goods.    Nelson.   Vancouver,   Victoria,  and London. Fiiij-  TOKX CMOMirrCIl * CO., Nelson.  tf Imiiorters, Wholesale Grocers and Provision  Me re h: i ni.s.  T. H. BROWN,  NELSON, B. C. |  _ $  Aycnt for  Stanley's t'ianos.  The  ILiEO-AXj.  1^     L.   CBlUHSrii:, L. L. !!  1  .    licitor.   Noiary I'ublic.  Every Friday at Silverto.i.  .,  Barrisler.  So-  Sandou.   Ii.   C,  tf  l!n  I,. GUI 517(1 KTT, L. L. Ii., BxiTister,  . Solicitor. Nolarv I'ublic. Sandon, B. C.  ich Ollice at New Denver every Saturday  HOTELS.  Aie household words in Kootenay. They have  retail shops in nearly every camp of Boundary  and Kootenay, and wholesale shops at Nelson,  Rossland, Vancouver and other favorable points.  They are now showing at their many "shops the  iinest line of steaks and other meat productions  ever exhibited in this land of mountains, By  buyino' from them you will always have food  that will api)ease your "astronomical desires  and rendei" unto your physical anatomy the  strength so necessasy to keep in the front  wherever force and power are essential.  j   Aylwin  This hotel is near the Enterprise, mi Ten Miie creek, and  convenient to travelers to  and from Camp Manslield  and Smu/riiler mine.  G-eorgo Aylwin.  l',,V>   K%   ifV  )hU0  ���iiiri-: i.EiiASi) itousj-:,   Nakusp,  B. C.  1     provides f^ood accommodations-for travelers.  Al its. iMcDoUGAf.n.  'jiHK  AIH;iN(i'I'OX  TIOTIJL,   Slocan City,  i     is hejuliiuarters for Miniii',' and Comniercial  Men.   (iBTiuwi &. Mkxukkhos.  FOK,   SjA.I_iE.  DWIil.MN'd  AND TWO  LOTS in New  Denver.    Apply at Tiik Lkikik Office.    If  ���pill':    'l'AYSTKKAK'     I5UILOIXG    .vnd  ��.    lot in Sandon.   Address, Tiik   Liomcic, 7<e\v  Denver.  ���^i liVKUAr, TMOUSAX!) old newspapers, at  i*   'Pin-: Lkikik.  FK^INTIISrO-.  X(\ MNVKLOIMOS, wilh your nanie niidad-  (���.)'./ dress printed lliereou. sent tn any address  or 3d cents. ' Thk LuitriK. New Denver.  California  Wine Co.,  ��� -NELSON, B.C.  Wholesale dealers in  Choice Wines  and Fragrant  Cigars  Write for prices  Kootenay.  Our stock is tlie largest in  ASLO HOTEL  l-umily & Commercial.  arge  And  Comfortable  Rooms  NOTICE TO  Fitted with  every modern  convenience.   Special protection against (ire.   Rates $2.50  |    i win now sen jand S3 pei" day.  ���    Solio.        Films. '-  American price,.   Seud'foMirices on I COCKLE   &   PAP WORTH,  iinvlhnii'- vou want.  ('. S'I'KATIIKAK'N. Kaslo. li. C   !  I'roprietoi'K.  ,7 c  m  :; :i il T;c <��� J m riutf   .JcU'chTS  Ulin     S -Mii Til V<l'v.  \Ve   are   prepared  <y<:<; niaKi.:  i,  m  iie  i*l,  W  siicii  up anything- in  ne ';l' Jewelery,  as    rin^s.  )')1 MS.   l{$  s.   I<;"kets.   scal:-  S(-!i(i us vour ol��  ft/ ena  >((i  etc  jc.wclcry.   and wo will  !W  '(  remodei or maKc  in new and  styles.      \Yo   i,u\  r.-.und ;-u;d iiiiKiny"'.vliich ihcstoniiiclrs' }hj   o'okl and. silvei  jnici's    | .(-rcuhii".    ,'iiiii    iliss'iivc   tiir?  wlinii; -i.i-icdiK' Miid  siiimltauc'iu^Iv  ���I'L  Sl'('l'i'>-I''i'  ", [; i: \c.ii i;\! .  i ft 1 Li��ilU;j'iu u\\\s  One of Pliilatlr-li'iiia'.- i'l'iylit ymino'  surgeons i"i:i."'.-nt]y ilcni'iLstraicil in a  rather ridlculiais. niMinicr t-lic fact  that, imainnatinii ]il;iy-> an impoi'tant.  jiart, in lidtli ailment and ..Mire, '["he  resident   i>!   a    linanc'al    institutiiiir  la I Hiring  hair   was  Ii-   visi'i'il  iiiC.     a. I  y NELS(,X.  M. C.  B.  i  had f'rii' "me 'iine ��� '*'C.it  under ihe delusion t.iial  growing in i - i!ir>a'. I  iloc'.'.'i"   af'.i'i'   d.x:!"!'.    aiid  MEM  3ENVER  YARI'  PHOTOGRAPHERS $>  p..��mii��.��iii'J    r��*i  VANCOUVER and  '.vEL^Or-',   i3.C. &  \\\\G\\ in NELSON sec our  UKICK  l'V>K    SALK.  lolIX    OuKTTSCHF,  NKW   l.'K.W Kli.  Wliy .send Y.:\<\ for your Dry  (ionds when   yon   can juiirliase from n.-and have them by next day'? mail, at  prices  AS   LOW,   IF   NOT   \J. iWKI-!,   than   the   l>epart.iiieiital   Stores of the Ivist'.' We have one of the  largest storks in all   departments   in   the   West ���lmtt'ons,   Sheetings. Linens.  Dress (ioods^Silks,  While-1  wear. Corsets,   tdoves,    Wendy-made   Shirts.   tYistnmcs.   Carpets.    Floor   Oilcloths,  Linoleums, Curtains.  Window Shades.  Ktc.        Write for Samples and Our Prices.  E. SKINNEH, T.-ulor  Fred. J. Squire,  .Manager.  SULK AC KNTS  FOK  IU'TTKIMCK   I'ATKIINS.  TIIK ON'IiV d Fid A I'd ..K.  &  irvme &  NELSON, B. C.  MFN'S  'h'NdSIIINOS  A Sl'FCIAI/rv.


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