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Mining Review May 14, 1898

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 -I- ./  *Vi  ^v^yt^r?9^^  ���������OSi  VOL. 1.    NO. 49.  SANDON, B.C., SATURDAY, MAY M, 1898.  PRICE FIVE CENTS.  I  Visitor's  Impressions  Kootenay.  I.  of  to depths ranging from three to twelve   ination for the sake of the many   from  I  (By W. MY Brewer, M. E., late   of  the  Alabama State Geological Survey.)  During the recent flying trip which  I made through tlie Slocan and West  Kootenay districts I was very strongly  impressed with the magnitude of the  superficial area which is known to be  mineral-bearing in the Province, of  British Columbia. I use the expression ''known to be," although large  portions of the province are to-day  comparatively ������unexplored, because  when the main rivers which drain the  entire territory west of Calgary are today producing placer gold in paying  quantities, after having been, many of  them, mined for upwards' of thirty  yeats, it is a very safe conclusion te  arrive at, that with in the confines oi  this territory occur the source from  whence all this placer gold has come.  The magnitude is also determined by  the fact that, nearly every range of  mountains which has receivedthe attention of prospectors, mineral-bearing  ore ha* been foHnd, - both in paying  quantity and grade.  Another feature with regard to the  mineral resources of the province  . which cannot fail to create a most  profound impression on the mind of a  visitor who gives the question serious  thought, is the fact that such a large  area of the province is practically unknown to any except the Indians. Not  onlv does this apply to districts remote  from railroad transportation, but it is  true of localities in the immediate  vicinity of many of the railroad towns,  nnd especially, also of the richest mining camps.  \ WEAK TOIHT'lN THB MfHEKAI, ACT.  I do not mean by this that around  the mineral camps the ground has not  been covered by prospectors, but that  even these prospectors who have staked  locations themselves know practically  little with regard to occurrence, extent  or permanancy of the ore in the claims  they have recorded. That such a condition exists is the only weak point in  my opinion of the mining laws of the  - province,-beca.use.prior-to recording a"  . claim no definite work, even to show  the "rock in place" is required of the  discoverer. And by this omission the  custom has resulted notenly of staking  nnd recording claims without previously buying determined the actual occurrence of ore->"--'rock in plac-j"���������beyond  lhe finding of a few surface out-crop-  pings or float which may have been  c.irried for miles, but also of relocating  year after year these same claims  through collusion with friends:  The answer of one piominentmining  man to my criticism on this subject a  few days since was:���������"You see we have  so many brokers who are engaged in  floating mining companies and who  nee perfectly willing to pay a prospector a few hundred dollars merely for  the acreage of- the location, caring  nothing at all whether there is any  value attached to it beyond that. By  these promoters the prospector is urged  to stake claims and rush through the  country from one district to another  with only one aim or ambition ahead  of him ; that of recording as many locations during the year as possible to  turn in to the promoter at the price of  one, two or three hundred dollars  apiece."  Of course many locations mu.de in  this manner are eventually developed  to a more or less extent, but usually  not until the broker /had transferred  tlie "location" to some corporation,  .capitalized at six or seven figures, the  shareholders of which are rarely local  lesidents. According to the old maxim  "All is woll that end/* well," it would  make but very little difference if all of  the locations were developed or thoroughly exploited, whether the work  was done by prospectors themselves or  by corporation, but only a very small  proportion of such locations up to the  present time have received any atten-  JLipn further than the recording and  the relocating.  To'remedy such a condition of things  js pojb b,o .easy but your provincial min-  (fralpgigt, Mr. Carlyle, has offered a suggestion which I find mining men in the  pountryi.endorse. Thjs is the passage  of a law compelling the performance of  a certain amount of work within ninety days after recording the claim.  Of course it may be urged that a  stranger has little right to criticize the  Jaw or regulations under which the  people of the provinee have lived and  prospered for many years, but in this  mid the articles to follow I propose to  comply with the request of the editor  ofthe Record arid relate my firs', impressions of the mineral producing districts ofthe province exactly as they  occurred to jriyself during my travels.  Of course the fact of snotf being on  (he ground in all of the mining camps  eouth of the Canadian Pacific railroad  or fifteen feet reduced my opportunities of observation to a minimum so  far as the surface indications were  concerned. But through the courtesy of  West' several of the superintendents of mining companies in the districts I was  enabled to take advantage of other  men's experience by seeing several  mines which had been developed quite  extensively through their underground  workings,���������many of them dividend  payers.  THE TREMATUKE PAYMENT OF DIVIDENDS.  The policy of paying dividends is certainly a most praiseworthy one,but the  idea occurs to me that sometimes - the  greed for dividends is satisfied at the  expense of the mine, and really  event-  tually to the   cost  or  sorrow   of  the  shareholders    themselves.      Because  when the ore is in sight it   is   mined,  and treated from hand to mouth  as  it  were, instead of development work being carried ahead so that at all   times  there is blocked out in the underground  workings sufficient ore to guarantee   a  steady output for months or even years  to come; some contingency  may   arise  at any moment through '"faulting"   or  some freak of nature  wnich causes   a  cessation of shipm. nts, and   not   only  are dividends then out of the question,  but by want of funds  the   mine   operations themselves step.     It occurs   to  mc that all  shareholders   in   British  Columbia  companies   .Yould   in    tho  future be very much better satisfied if  a policy were adopted which compelled  the directors   o not only   keep   at   all  times a proportion of the   laborers   in  the mines engaged in   proaLecting   or  development work for future   sloping,  but also a   certain   percentage of   the  earnings in the treasury as surplus   to  be used in case of such a   contingency  as I have mentioned occurring.  NATURE'S HIGHWAYS.  Tlie botint3r of Nature in providing  the highways which the waterways of  the province really constitute, is another feature which cappot fail to impress the naiiid of the observant visitor.  The system of lakes renchingsoutherly  from the Canadian Pacific main line;  has afforded a m'ans of ingrei-s and  egress to the Slocan , and ��������� Kootenay  districts, without which their development would have been impracticable  because of the enormous investment  which would have been necessary in  the construction of railroads  Although the outside' world has  heard of the Kootenay mines since  their discovery, yet but comparatively  few of the people residing beyond the  boundarv have any intelligent idea of  the routes by which these mining districts are reached. And even those  few who know through information  gathered from reports and maps the  best route by which to travel have no  conception of the grandeur and pio-  turesqueness of the trip Irom Victoria  by the C. P. R. I doubt if the beauty  of the scenery even can be equalled  any win re else iii the world. 0. course  there are manj grand and beautiful  spots which stand unsurpassed for  beauty and granduor, such as Royal  George, of the Arkansas river,in Colorado, spots in the Yellowstone park in  Wvoming, to say nothing of scenes in  the Alps and mountainous sections in  other foreign countries. But by the  route I have mentioned, one is travel*  ling through scenery which for the entire, distance keeps one's attention absorbed.  The mining districts can now be conveniently reached from the north or the  south, because from Revelstoke, on the  Canadian Pacific, there is being operated a direct system which connects  the main line with the various camps,  the trip being made partly hy rail and  partly by water. From the south the  mines can be reached by.railroad from  Spokane Falls, in the State of Washington.  The trip by Canadian Pacific system  is divided as follows ; Rail from Revelstoke to Arrow Head, distance 27 miles  down the Columbia'river.     Here   the  head of the Hike known as  the   Upper  Arrow is reached, and  thence   to   Nakusp, at, the foot of the lake, the traveller is transported by steamer.     From  Nakusp to Sandon, in the heart of   the  Slocan, the,railway is   used;   but  between Sandon and Nelson Slocan   lake  is   traversed   its   entire   distance   by  steamer, and at Sleoan City one again  takes to the cars.   This branch of   the  railway follows   for   a   long   distance  down the Slocan river, then  crosses   a  narrpw divide to the   j������ootcn*y   rives,  along the south bank of which   it   asr  pends to the southern extremity of the  west arm of the Kootenay lake, whioh  it crosses almost within the city limits  of Nelson.   Jn the return trip it is not  even necessary to travel over the same  route, but instead, the   cars   a.re   used  from Nelson to Rpbson, where: transfer  is made to  steamer, and   the   entire  length qf both the Lower  and   Upper  Arrow lakes, as well a������ the portion of  the Columbia which   connects   jihem,  is traversed, the only poptjon   of  the  round trip   which   is  necessarily   re?  peated is that from Nakusp to  Revelstoke,   1 have volunteered this infor������  the States and elsewhere who now pro  pose visiting this section.  THE  QUEEN  BESS.  Sandon was the first mining camp I  visited.   Owing to the extreme   depth  ofsnowitwas   impossible   to   obtain  any information from   observation   as  to the surface outcroppings  here,  but  through  the   courtesy   of   Mr.   Rath-  hone, superintendent   of  the   "Queen  Bess,"which is located about four miles  west of the town, I was nflbrJed an opportunity to see the underground workings in this mine. The systun of working by tunnel,  which  is   alni.ist   universally adopted throughout the Slocnn  and Kootenay districts, has   been   followed at the Queen Bess.    Of | lie   advantages of mining by  this system   I  will refer to later. Tho ore body in the  Queen Bess is found   usually   in   the  metamorphosed argillites, but at some  points the   vein   has   cut   across   tlie  eruptive phorphyrites, which as dykes  are intrusions and   have   cut   off   the  slates.   The trend of the argillites,   is  northwesterly, while^the strike of  the  vein is north-easterly.   Some   idea   of  the complicated structure can   readily  be conceived when these facts are considered, as well as that of the ore body  in some places is exposed at  the   contact between these different rocks, and  at others 15 or 20 feet distant from lhe  contact and the orupthe.     But   with  all this irregularity, which    would   be  very puzzling to a man not thoroughly  acquainted with formations in the district, yet the experienced miner   finds  a certain regularity hiis  been   demonstrated when he   thoroughly   exploits  the underground working*.     In   these  it has   been   demonstrated   that   the  highest grade ore and  largest  pockets  are found in the argillites, rather than  the eruptive rock, which evidently   resisted fracture with  a   much   greater  force than in the case of [he slates.  The thickness of th" ore body varies  from a few inches to abo.it lour feet.  At the points where it is thickest tlie  mineral occurs as solid galena, carrying silver and lead, or as carbonates.  The proportion of the matter mined  up to the present time is probably 25  per cent, of the entire product of thp  mine. There shows in the workings a  smaller vein parallel with the main ore  body to which J have.been referring.  Five drifts at different levels have  been run, which have developed, the  main ore body to a vertical dcp������ h of  about 400 feet, and two have been run  on the smaller vein. In the aggrwgate  the length ofthe various openings, including cross-cutting, is about 8,000  feet, But comparativfly little stoplng  has been done. In fact, nt tlie time of  my visit, only one man was employed  at that work, because no effort was being made to ship ore in greater quantities than sufficient to meet current expenses. The purpose of the management is to thoroughly develop the  mine, and determine the quantity of  ore "in sight'" and the probable per-  manency ofthe veins.  (Continued next week.)  L  This Time A Land Slide Occurring  in the Star Gulch.  A smashing, crashing noise, and the  gradual subsidnnce of the electric  lights Saturday evening at 8.30 assured  the people that something unusual had  happened, but it was some little time  before many knew what. it was. It  was soon told, however, that a land  slide had occurred up the gulch toward  the Star mine and that it had broken  one of the pipes feeding the electric  light system.  A visit to the spot shows that some  250 feet up the side of the south hill  just above the large stable of the Star  company, tlie earth gave way through  the action of the water in the soil and  came tumbling down, taking trees  nearly three feet through, logs, rocks  everything else on the side hill in the  locality. The avalanche completely  rilled the valle\ the entire width and  for a length of over 200 feet. Some oi  the larger of the trees were broken like  pipe-stems in the crnsh.    ������������������    '' '  Two or three wagons and other effects around the stable were s.nashed  to atoms. One log some two feet in  diameter rah endways into the stable,  but fortunately no injury befell either  man or animal, though the Lafavor  family and others close .by had too  close a call to feel , very comfortable  ever since. Had anyone been on the  road in the way of the slide at the  time, he would have met instant death  as escape, on account of the uneven-  ness of the ground and the width taken  up by the debris, was impossible.  To make the road passable again  means considerable work for m.iny  men for some days.  The Elec ric Light company, however, got their repajrs'made in a very  short time.  A few days before another glide  carpe down-fiom the opposite side ol"  the hill and vented its furry on  Squire -Lovatt'p stable, shifting it several feet off Us foundation, breaking a  wagon and so blocking the road that  it took several days to clear it.  lake to lake, that is it takes in Slocan  City, Silverton, New Denver, Sandon,  Kaslo, the Duncan River section and all  intermediate points. The representative  should be the choice of the people of  this whole district, and not alone of any  one section of it. To secure such a. man  the whole district should be consulted.  The only way to do it, is to select delegates from each town and district in proportion to the voting power of such district and have all meet at some central  point, and there is   none   more   central  fl  than Sandon, and there by a majority  vote select the man. If all parti'is can  agree on an independent man arte there  is no reason why they should notas tliere  are no party politics in the Local   House  The World's Next Mining Bush Will  Be to Kootenay.  English   Prejudice   Disappearing���������Operators   Becoming   Interested.  *J*  The council met Monday evening,  Present the mayor and Aid, Cunning,  Switjjer and Hunter,  A communication was received from  O.G.Dennis, Assistant Cummisioner  of Lands and works waiitiii^ to know  how much the clearing of Cody creek  would cost.  The clerk was authorized to reply  saying $600 would clear Carpenter  creek.   '  The following accounts were paid :  D.J. Robertson.gaol furniture... $23.75  G. Lloyd, lumbe-r.     13.25  Salaries  319.50  Telegrams, etc......      2.49  D.J. McLaughlan..;.:    25.50  Total / $384.55  The formal reports of Police Magistrate, Chief of Police and Chief of Fire  Brigade were for the past month presented.  Hewspaper Hen earning.  The members of the Wisconsin Sta^e  Press Association have received inti?  tations. from the Canadian government  and the Canadian Pacific railway  company to make their annual excursion this year over Canada's great  highway and visit the cities and mining districts of British Columbia. The  excursion will leave. St. Paul on July  21, and after visiting the Rainy rirer  and Lake of the Woods mining districts, will come west to have a look ������������������*"t  the mines and cities of Kootenay.  Although general business at this  town is not the very briskest, considerable is turned over in the course of  the year. Several boats call there and  transhipment as a consequence is very  considerable. There used to be loud  complaints against the lack of hotel  accommodations, but there is no  y round for it now as the Leland and  the Grand are quite fit for a place of  many thousand inhabitants  The saw mills hsre are amongst the'  largest in  the whole country  and certainly the most extensive in the whole  of West   Kootenay,   and   their shipments cover the entire country.   As  they have a large field from which to  draw logs���������the entire lake system and  up the Columbia river���������they get the  best timber to be had in the interior.  With the two large boilers  they have  in use and the  third   which  is being  put in, they have immense power, and  they require it.   As much boat building and repairing are done here they  have   to produce some of the largest  timber  on   the shortest notice,   and  they are always equal to any and every  emergency.     For   the best   of house  material such as.nooring and finishing  lumber, they adopted a new course���������  they kiln dry all their lumber  in the  rough  before   planing   and   dressing.  This enables them to produce all pieces  true, and entirely free of warps.   In a  word they have machinery of the most  improved patterns for doing all kinds  of work in their line including   turning, scroll sawing,  brackets, etc., etc.,  for   making   everything required .in  finishing a costly building from beginning to end,  a complete institution.  The managers say they have not lumber equal lo  the best on the coast, as  the logs are not to be had, but they  approach them as closely  as possible  and are always pleased to make prices  and terms to meet their customers as  far as possible,   They do an extensive  business and are making every preparation to keep   fully abreast of all requirements.  so much better. If, however,' it is  thought advisable to bring out government, opposition and oven independent  candidates, each one of the three should  be chosen in this way, and if so, in the  final clioico by the electors, the choice  of the greatest number regardless of section will'be obtained. While as a matter  of fact, each section has more or less  sectional interests, that will have their  influence, most of the questions affecting  this whole constituency have matters in  common, so thaf any fair-minded, level-,  headed, capable liberal man could easily  represent the whole division without  aiding or encouraging the clashing of  sections,  As we see matters no   msn    unreser-  vedly committed to  either   government  or opposition, could, represent  this   district with justice  to  all  interests.      As  the  constituency   will  be   looking   for  many a day for absolute justice   in   governmental recognition, which some   call  favors, but which is not such   in reality,  the representative ought'to ba   at   least  friendly and  on   workable   terms   with  whoever, may be in power,   and   at   the  same time at liberty to oppose ill advised  drains on the treasury, favoritism nepotism, extravagance, etc., in  any administration.   The representative should be a  man of experience ,grasp  and foresight,  three elements  in   which   the   present  House seems woefully lacking.   It is not  at all necessary that he Bhould be a talking  maohine,   as   there   appear   to   be  plenty of these in   the   House   already,  but with judgemeut,   experience,   foresight, and grasp he should have language  enough to express himself forcibly, clearly and. to the purpose.     If   with   these  essentials he has what is  equally  necessary, principle, he should well represent  the Slocan division.    Our only desire  is  to see the whole constituency properly  represented in making the choice of such  a candidate, and if   it   is   the   man   so  chosen, will have our warmest   support.  If he is the choice of a section only,   or  is in any way forced on the  division   by  unworthy influences be cannot  properly  represent the division or secure the support of the electorate.'  Vancouver to Have a Smelter.  The Vancouver city council has accepted the offer made by the Anglo-  Continental Public Works company of  London, Eng., and that city is to have  a smelter. Tne proposition in brief  was as follows: It is stipulated that  the city shall give the company a  bonus of 50 cents per ton on the ore  treated not exceeding 30,000 tons in  any one year in return for which the  company shall give the eity $50,000 in  preference ' 10 per cent shares. The  promoters said the works would yield  a profit of ������39,000 a year, paying all  interest on debentures and preference  shares, and leaving ������31,000 for the  shareholders. The city f?tfsH get ������&,-���������  000 interest more, than the bonus it  would pay. The' capacity of the  smelter would be 350 tons a day.  HALIFAX HAPPENINGS.  Every sufferer from Sick Headiiche  and ConHipation should know that  Laxa-Liver Pills are a perfect cure.  Margaret Brennan. 5 Granville Street,  Halifax, N. S., says;���������"I have used  Laxa-Liver Pills for Constipation and  Sick Headaohe and found them excellent."  .'  Refused the Office of Mineralogist.  TO CURE COLD IN ONE DAY-  Take LaxativeBromo Quinine Tablets.  All druggists refund the money if it  fails to cure.   25 cents.  tfl  As the Provincial eleotlons are to take  place in July, it is none too early for the  electors to be making up their minds as  to the future representative of this constituency. If we are to believe reports  Kaslo. has already two candidates in tke  field, one eaoh for and against the government and possibly a third, an inde-  pendont.This constituency extends from  Upon the retirement of W. A. Carlyle, provincial mineralogist, the position was offered to R. G. McConnell, of  the Dominion Geological Survey. Mr.  McConnell has, however, declined the  office, preferring to remain with the  Federal government. He and J. B.  Tyrell have left for the Yukon and will  spend the entire season in that district.  "Six months ago English mining operators would scarcely so much as listen to  a proposition including a British Columbia property, but now  they aro anxious  to get   a hold of any  meritorious Kootenay mining interest."     This   concise  epitome of   the    English   market    was  given yesterday by   G. F. Whiteman, of  the late firm of Smith & Whiteman, who  returned  Sunday   night   from a stay of  nine months in Great Britain  on mining  business.   Mr. Whiteman, by  the  way,  was seriously ill while in the old country  but is now all  right again, and will remain in the country all summer directing work on his properties,  although ho  expects   to    return   to   England   next  winter to avoid the cold weather.  , "When I arrived in England lust August,"   continued   Mr. Whiteman,   "the  mining market   was   practically   dead.  The   collapses   in  West Australia   and  South Africa had completely taken away  the appetite  of the   public   for investments in even the" most widely known  mines, and as   for properties in British  Columbia,  which to a   large part of the  public was hardly even  a name,  it was  impossible  to get  so much as a hearing  when thoy were to be presented.  " vVith  the Klondyke boom,  however,  all  this was changed.    The tales of the  phenoininal strikes  on   the Yukon  attracted the attention of the entire world  to Western Canada,  and people who before   couldn't   have   told you   whether  British Columbia was in South Africa or  next to British Guina,  suddenly began  turning their attention this way with the  result  that their   eyes   were   suddenly  opened to  the vast mineral resources of  the province.    The Klondyke boom   is  deader than a salt mackerel in London,  but the   big operators   are looking to  Kootenay   as the scene of the world's  next great  mining exaitement.     They  do not expect, however,   that the boom  will.come this year.    Confidence jnjrtin-  ing is not yet "fully restored, and it  will  take'time'for  it   to  recover from   the  shock received  in the  West Australian  failures, but 1899  should see the- attention of the whole English mining market  focussed on this district,  and when-the  market does take up the Kootenay-s, all  the money now accumulating in the safe  deposit vaults for lack of field for investment will be   thrown   into the  mining  interests in the district.  "The English operators who are now  taking hold in Trail Creek want at least  partially developed properties with  some ore in sight. Unopened prospects  are useless, and it is impossible to place  them. As it was undeveloped properties that I took over with me, I did not  succeed in placing them, but I am here  now to open them this summer, and next  winter I shall offer them again in England, with, I hope, better success.  "On Sullivan creek, I shall work the  Washington and Marydale, but I shall  spend most of my time in operating the  Imperial and Porcupine fraction, on  Porcupine creek, near Ymir, where I  shall have four men at work."  "What about the affect of the Hisp-  ano-American war on local mining interests?"    Mr. Whiteman was asked.  "While the war will undoubtedly  make money tighter, yet I think that it  will help Kootenay by diverting hither  English money, which would otherwise  be spent in American industrial stocks."  ���������Rossland' Miner.  best that can ne prociued for the  guests of the establishments so far as  bar and tables are concerned.  As   we stated   at the   outset,   the  formal opening   was introduced by a  grand   ball  attended   by   about   fifty  couples of the "youth and beauty" of  the city  and surroundings, several being present from a distance, under invitations.   The music by the Sandon  orchestra was, as usual,  <]uite up to  the standard.     Dancing  Commenced  shortly after 9 o'clock and was continued  until   12   when   supper  was announced.   The spacious dining hall of ���������'  hotel seated nearly   the entire assembly at the first table.   The spread  was  choice, tastily gotten up and attended  by most courteous and attentive waiters, wnich left nothing to be desired in  this line.    After supper dancing was  resuming by the   younger portion  of  the assembly and continued till nearly  3 a.m.   All present vote the entertainment in all respects a decided hit, ahd  conclude'that Mr. Harris,   the proprietor, and Mr. McDonagh, ihe manager,  are to be congratulated on   the equipment of this palatial hostelry, and the  completness of every detail of the arrangements   for its   formal   opening,  which gave' so much entoyment to all  who   attended   the  social   entertainment.  MINING RECORDS.  THE REGO OPE  Recorded  at New Den-ver.  LOCATIONS.  May 3���������Rlpon, Carpenter. Franlt A Wells.  May 4���������Creole, opp Mountain Chief, Walter  Bruge and Frank Radcliffe.  May C���������Lemolo, Fennol creek.BrunThomas  Dayman, same. C M Larsen,  Gezina, same, Bruno Thomas.  Tena, same, C M Larsen.  Delmonte, same. B Thomas.  JSmile, same. C M Larsen.  Trlsta, sumo, same.  Lilllmos.same, B Thomas.  Selma Fractional, same. C M LaJsen.  . Baby Jean, Four Mile. J AMcKlanon.  Bills. Three Forks, P W Ellis. .  May 7���������Keno.Carpenter, Malcolw B Merrltt  Mny 9��������� Acnes, Cody creek, J A I^iae.  Arthur. Slocaa Lake. Near Ne-ff Denver,  Nelsjxrohn. ;  Dewery. New Denver. Geo Craifford.  Hidden Treasure. Wilson creek, w' Smith.  Jumbo. Three Forks, John Dookitcader.  May 10-.Toaquin. Wilson, A J Snalth.  Harvest Queen, Three Forks, G ECMuirhead  andEHStlen. ' ���������   _  Fenchwlck Fraction, New Deitver, M K  Bragdon, Thos Aviiion, Henry Stoerrln and  Herman Clever.  ASSESSMENTS.  MayS���������Sliver Star  May 4���������Prince Alexander, May Qtleen.Llna-  than^ Abigail.  May t>���������Willlnni. Mammoth.  Mny 7���������Northern .Pacific,  Soho,  Bed. Cross,  Thistle, Republican. _,  May 9���������Sliver Crown,. Callcopa, Clar������nce,  Silver Blossom, Apex, Kaslo, AfroaNo 2,Ore.-  MaylO���������Dora. '  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVES!EHTS.  ,  May7���������Elkhorn,Humboldt,    -���������-='���������'"  ,   ;       TRANSFERS. -    , "  May 4���������Denmark. S Glntzburger ta Peter A  McDouttall, May 27, T7. ������������������n������������  Same {, P A McDougall to AlbeiOIaller.Oet  IS.'37.   '      _ .        * ������     ii  _Baltlc 1, RobtNellson to David A*oot,Aprll  Jilaj' O-Hartney i. D D McGilllvr*y to Edward Shannon, April 25. ._,,.,'  ,     ���������  Bessie *, Herbert H Knox to P W Ellis April  19  May 7���������Viola i, Wm H Todd to CbM P Mo-  Cluskey, Sep 10. ,_      ,',  Viola i, same to John W Swltzer.Sep lb  May 7���������Falrhavon }'N F McNauhr-to Joseph  Brandon, March 1 _        .     ..  Corncracker J, F H Bartlett to sa*n������, April  25  May 9���������Sandovr and LonoStar No S, Shire  Mines, Ltd. to The British Columbia Gold  Trust, Ltd, Feb 11. ���������,t      '   ...  Boss ol the Mountain I, Henry Flt?ger������ld to  II DBretzins,"April 11 _      ���������    Jl  RAM, John Carraher and HD Bretzlns to  John McRobble, May 2. $100  Hartney }, Ed Shannon to John ^Goettsohe,  May 0, $74 ���������_   ,,,    .  Lorna Doon Fraction, Francis J 0*Reilly fa>  M R W Rathborne and Frank Culvef.Aprll 30  Lady Jane and Derb c, Jas M Dunn im Arthur  H Buchanan, March 22  Adirondack l-9,HushNlvon toWm Hunter  April 1.  Recorded at Slocan City-  LOCATIONS.  H  M-ij-5���������Violet, Henry Salt; Carydon, J  Cary; Cuba Libre, Isadore Beaupre  May 15���������Edith, Harry Atchcson  ASSESSMENTS.  April 20���������Panther  Aprl 1 :TO���������North Star  May 2���������Lucky George, Innlslall, Betvver, Co-  lumhiaXoTAda. QB  Mny3���������WhiteSpnrraw, Crealo, Canadian  Star, Red Wing, Round O, Missing Link  TRANSFERS. .', :  Jipril 29���������Medina Fraction and BrtJhton.M  C Hlllery to Elmer J Felt, $1,000  .   April 30���������Bolssevaini.JnoOTodd to Edward  Shannon < .'���������������������������'  Frederick and CopperCliffi.StephenPowers  to Harry Lowe  May 4���������Rothar Fraction, E Parrls to Wm  Harris  A Decided  Success  Time.  and a  Merry  CRICK IJN THE BACK.  | JDoan's Kidney Pills will take it out  quicker than anything you know of.  Mr. George Durand, Hamilton, Ont.,  says :���������"Doan's Kidney Pills have  made me stronger, removed the tired  feeling and cured my weak kidneys  and aching back."  As was a nounced the formal opening ofthe Hotel Reco took place on  Thursday evening by a Ball in the Virginia hall and a supper at the'hotel.  The.building was lormerly a large  structure, large enough many think for  a place two or three times fie size of  Sandon, and lately it has added to it a  kitchen and belongings large enough  for an ordinary hotel in themselves.  The entire structure has recently  been repointed, painted inside and out  and fitted up internally with all the  latest designs in furniture and other  fittings until the whole presents a  most imposing appearance. On ac  count of the size of all the rooms and  all apartments there is an air of cheerfulness and healthiness about the place  that command the admiration of all  guests, and nothing is being left undone by Mr. McDonagh the new manager, a gentleman of most extensive  experience,   to have   everything  the  TEETHING  TIME  Is hard on the babies. There're apt  to have Diarrhoea, and mother* know  how dangerous that is. Mrs. Chas.  Bott, Harlow, Ont., says:���������"t can  highly recommend Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry. It cured  my baby of Diarrhoea after all other  means failed."  GREAT MUSIC OFFER  Send us the names and addr������sses of  three or more performers on the piano  or organ, together with ten c<ents in  silver or postage, and we will mail you  five pieces full sheet music sise, consisting of popular songs, waltzes,,  marches, etc., arranged for the piano  and organ.   Address,        ;  ' ��������� ���������   . Chicago Book a News Co., .  215-221 Wabash Ave.,    Chicago, 111.  Sandon Ore Shipments.  The following is a list of, or<a shipments over the K. & S. from Sandon  for the week ending May 13:  MINE. 50H8  Slocan Star ! -.    20  '"f  < !|  f  Si  *?*V  ri"v-'jj" *j  Total..  35  it*  *���������_ .,n-.T-^.T-.T-r_,_���������t^-j��������� ���������������������������-.,- ...w i,rT.^r^-^. ���������   - ^. .-���������~-j..,   ..���������,-, i ���������,���������������������������,��������� .,���������.,���������������������������v  ������������������������ ������������������iiiT'T-nrr���������g", ��������� v I ������ ���������������������������' ��������� i���������-r-r-nrvi i-tmt-������- -���������������������������- ������������������ '*��������������������������������������������������� ��������� <-��������� i r"���������T^"T^I^^"^^^��������� Jn. - ���������'���������*���������"*yr"*; "'���������" iTy."-*'"'" v --f"-i"������r"������-������-T������ir7T-7'" "���������"������������������"'l"������-*i "-1 '"y -���������!���������PT7.--T���������- ������������������>-"-������������������ ������rrr" ��������� ������ -i"'-.;* 1 n������-",i!' ��������� ���������; -���������  ��������� ���������     i i ���������    'i.     t ���������*'     '-   t\ ���������'  ' -l ..    ������ ��������������� . " i������ .    .- v"'  ��������������� !!*���������������"* ��������� i   *J J*  ; ^     i-������ -        -    ,i    * *.' '     tir.      ii,  > v '   ;   r       /        !'���������*"������ ��������� . ." ��������� .��������� * k ���������- ���������.. .���������'������������������>��������� .L ' '     .V        -j       -       /     l*   ���������'. i ��������������� ,     l"    i      ���������     i'iijii i i-1  j,      '*'..,      ���������!, V '    *     1 ���������**   ���������*     ���������,'  r      -j     * ���������  iC',';  '���������*        .r THE MINING REVIEW.  SATURDAY,   MAY U, 1898.  ftbefllMninolRevievv  SANDON, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY MAY 14, ISO.?.  Subsckiptio.n ������2.00 Pi:n Yi:ut  Stkictlv is Advkaci:.  MINES AND MINING.  In  our last issue   we gave   the   ore  shipments of this district  as   10,160,  realising for the owners  a gross value  ' 'i  of well on to one and a quarter million dollars, and this from properties  that a few' years ago cost less than a  quarter of a million dollars altogether.  As mining goes in this section, about  one-third of this gross value, or say  $.|oo,ooo should go in wages to  miners and other employees, who in  the- ordinary course of things spend  the most of their earnings in ihe city,  a third more goes in mining requisites  and the remaining one third in dividends ; that is in the lirst four months  of this year the owners of the shipping mines in this district icceive  more than their properties cost them  altogether at the outset. There is  nothing of the speculative in this  statement, nothing of what the properties will do by and by, but all of  what they have done and are doing  right along.  It is true, as some will assert, that it  would take a sum of money beyond  the reach of the ordinary business  man to purchase a substantial interest  in most of these properties ; but for  equally profitable investments they  need not do it, though even small investment, in any ol them on the share  or stock principle bring in larger  1 profits than can be made in most commercial enterprises, and larger investments accordingly.  What we desire here, however, more  particularly to impress upon those in  'search of investments is, that the limit  here is in no way exhausted, if indeed  it is fairly begun. From the very  nature of things the reasonable inference is that there are scores of properties here on which some development lias been done, and scores of  ��������� others yet undiscovered that are likely  to turn out as profitable under a moderate expenditure on development, as  the best of those that are now yielding  such handsome returns to their owners. This is what we would like all  to fully -understand.  The money to make these purchases  and extend development on the "properties when purchased is not to he  had in these parts���������it must come from  elsewhere, and one great pity is that  a little of what has been. ..foolishly  squandered on the Klondyke had not  been expended in development here,  where the chances are reduced to a  minimum. We say "chances" because  minining in all ages and in all countries has been attended by more' or  less, chances. Every surface indication of minera's'is not always a guarantee of a certain, profitable mine ;  but so far as human experience goes  the chances here, we repeat, are re-  ' duced to a minimum.  After the prospector locates what  he believes to he a vein of ore it costs  less in this district .to'.prosecute' work  ��������� until assurances, one way or the other,  are reilized���������until it is ascertained  \ that the vein is either prentable or  profitless���������-than it costs in any other  portion of any mining country ever  yet heard of, taking travelling, living  expenses, etc. into . full consideration,  which is the only basis,on which to  make calculations.  Of course men with large means  can buy any properties, in any condition of development and can do as they  like with them ; but a very satisfactory  way is for a few men who have a little  means among them and are willing to  work,, to locate or purchase the whole  or part interests in properties already  located and unitedly push work until  a proper conclusion can be reached.  IJvery such eflort cannot, of course, be  successful in exposing a valuable disco yery ; but the chances of failure  here are less than they are, as we have  said above, in any other district of  the mining world.  THE     OPPOSITION    FLOUNDERING,!.  It is much to be regtetted that the  finances of this province are not in a  more, satisfactory shape, and the opposition appears to be much responsible for their undesirable condition,  in that their policy appears to be  more of the carping than grappling  with subjects of moment and magnitude. We have a bonded debt now  ���������of about seven millions with a yearly  revenue the envy of all the other provinces of Confederation, and it is proposed to pile some four or five millions  more on the back of these, to please a  few speculators. Here is where art  opposition should show its usefulness  instead of carping at the cost of a 6 d  inkstand., \  In all well-regulated oppositions the,  members arc classified for attack, the  leaders  never speaking   except   when  the most important matters are .before  the House.    The   smaller matters, of  criticism;ari, always left to tire smaller  men. , In the   B. G. House, however,  everything seem- at.;- heads and tails,  no1 system . being    followed   beyond  bodily fault Tinting with every govern  ment measure as it conies up.'     Now  as a ma:ter of fact 'there   can be, no  government so bad or so corrupt as to  have all of its measures worthy of,.unlimited censure. ;���������' ."  "���������' We are convinced that   an  opposition oh'the suggestive plan   could accomplish more   for  the country than  one ground id   i.i   indiscriminate   demolition.    The government deserved  unqualified condemnation for expend:  ing   as much money' as they spent'on  parliament,buildings,   so far,'removed  from   the centre of the province,   but  that act is passed, and that question is  removed from the areaa of to-day.    It  is also-  hlamtble   for   advancing   as  much money   as it   has advanced   on  irrigation, railway  and similar- enterprises without,   at. least, absolute sc-1  curity  'for'repayment!/which- in many  advances it has not got; 'but the present proposition 'to bonus railways, because of its  magnitude,   is one of. the  most faulty yet advanced.     No monies'  of a government or corporation should  ever be voted on the "log-rolling" system,, that is,   "you help me to get this  and I'll help you to get that," and the  late railway proposition appears to be  built  on   that altogether.      If a provincial demand   for aid   cannot stand  on.its own merits without being tacked  on to   some   other kind of support, it  ought .to   be-:discarded,   altogether.  The government should have matured,  ere this some  well defined scheme for  railway aid,  and adhere" to this   altogether.    This principle   in the   B. C.  House appears to. be entirely wanting,  and mortgaging our resources   for all  time appears to be the  unqualified result.-     Y  ' fl8P*' ^  Hhon 6aA tar; worn hiH trousers onV  *  Thoy piios to brother Jolm. ���������  Thtthmotlirji* trims tiicm round nbout.  And William puts them oh.  When William's legs too Ion:; have grown.  Tlio trousers fail to hide 'em.  60 Walter claims them for his own   .  And stow.s,,himself insido 'em.  Next Sam's fat legs they close invest.  And, when they won't stretch tighter,  They're    turned   and shortened, , washec*  and pressed,  And fired on me���������the writer.  Ha works them into rugs mid enpa  When I have hurst the stitches.  At doomsday wo shall see (perhaps)  The lust of dad's old 'breouiios.  ���������New York Weekly  SUSPICIONS.  Rossland is not satisfied with the  redistribution lately given by the.government: Nothing short of three  members .or the city,- two of'them cabinet ministers and one of the latter  the premier will be at all in line with,  the importance and ambition of Rossland. ���������-"������������������"',  A MOUNTAIN  TRAGEDY.  The   Skeleton    of.   an    Unknown.   Man  Found on Revelstoke Mountain.  Lust week a prospector named Ed.  White informed the police at Revelstoke that he had found on the' mountain hack of the town and about a mile  i'rom tho Rev'-'Istoke hotel, the-'sleek  otons of a maii mil a.dojr. A party  consisting ol"'Coroner McLean, Constable McRae and about a dozen citizens was., at once organized and went  out to look up' the skeleton. When  found-'the skull was'missing and the  weight Of (he snows had crushed and  disconnected tlie frame until it lay: flat  and nroki;ii on the ground. "Examination proved that it was dressed in a,  coat once block, and near by were  found part of a hat, boots and a'big  ,pen knife. The skeleton i3 supposed  to be that of a Chinaman who disappeared from the town about twj years  a.������o, but the affair is.wrapped in inyst?  "ry, which in all probability will never  be unravelled.  N EVV3 FRO VI PORT HOPE. :  Word has been rocieved. from Port  Hope, pnt., that Mr. W. A. Carson, the  well-known grocer, has been cured of  .Shortness of Breath, Nervousness,  Dizziness and Debility by Milburn's  Heart and Nerve Pills. Mr. Carson  recommends this remedy to all troubled  with heart or nerve weakness.  THE  NEW  YORK  WORLD,  THRICE-A-WEEK EDITION.  IS and Sometimes 24 Pages a Week���������  156 Papers a Year���������Published  every Alternate Day ex-.  cept   Sunday.  The Thrice-a-Week Edition of The  New York. World is lirst among-all  ''weekly papers in size, frequency of  publication, and the freshness, accuracy and variety of its contents. It has  all the merits of a great $6 daily at the  price of a dollar weekly. Its political  news is prompt, complete, uccurate  and impartial ins all its readers will  testify. It is against'the monopolies  and for the people.  It prints the news, of all ,the world,  having special correspondence from  all important news points on the globe.  It has brilliant illustrations, stories by  great authors, a capital--humor-page,  complete markets, departments for the  household, and wo.nen's work and  other special departments olYuntisu >1  interest.  We offer this uneqiialed newspaper  and The M ining Review together one  year for $3.00.  . The train . from', ..jSamur'. lumbered  heavily into the station at Melreux' ami  wakened into momentary life its sleepy  stagnation.' About haif a dozen passengers alighted, among whom was atall,'  bronzed Englishman. His searching,,  glance warmed, into a smile of pleasure  as he strode hastily toward a��������������������������� Belgian  .gentleman who rushed ;.to greet, him  with outstretched arms.., With a string  Dl' questions the Belgian .led the way  into the station yard, where an English  dogcart was availing. They got in and  away they dashed in a cloud of white  rliist toward the little village of Dur-  liiiy. After half ah hpiir'slirisk'r'uu'they"  'rattled noisily through tho villago and  drew up before, a pair of massive  wrought iron gates. Tho house lay at  tho farther end of a short avenue of  alms, along -which they drove smartly.  As the Belgian alighted a clock'chihied  musically. '.'  .   '  "A quarter to  12," said  ho.    "You  will just have  time  to get rid of your ,  travel stains before lunch."  ''Yes, JVf. Barvaux, I should like to  make myself rather more presentable  before .meeting the ladies," rujiliud'his ;  friend, Jack Hague. In less than ten  minutes he was oiice more spick and,  span, and as he went down stairs -"he.  found..'At... Barvaux awaiting h'ini. ,-As  they entered themorning roomin which  l'uncb was tn be,served they weregreeted by 'a couple:,; of -ladies,, whom Ah  Barvanx iutrodnccd.as his wife and-hc.  niece,' Mile. Bichert.; -���������'"'��������� '.-.'���������.-������������������ ���������-''.: ���������'1  ,,   The. charming   manner' of,,his   bos',  soon made'.Jack perfectly at.home. '.M.  Barvanx-spvko English quite   fluently,  and was rather pror.d of -'his'nccoinulish- ���������  ment, but --Jack was nit her'shy with his -  .French at lirst,' although  the  kind way.  ��������� iu which the giil   helped hi::i over his.  difficulties  enabled   hiui   to' get akn.','  ..'smoothly chough." But ho found it mutli..  luci'e'p.'tiisniit to lihteniliu'u to talk,- wv.<\ ���������  who-i   .Mile. RicheM' -begun- to reiikaJi:  hc-r leve ' lev tho .'..ac:;us.'.i he   L...rautly  became all eyes and cars,  , , It was quite c .icily, littlo luhehc.cn--.  party, but aniid-ihe plcarniituess thero.  was something which .hick could hot  ..iiiidu'staiid. Evi'r aud'a'nbn (he girl appeared''' ab'stractctV and:��������� seemed ��������� to lib  watching Al. Barvaux wii ha lock of  deep anxiety, and once when his v,-iio>  placed her arm round tlicgirl'S'iieuk affectionately .Ti;;k tueught ho pci'ccivat.'.  an expression of mingled hateand frr.r  on   the face,of   the Belgian as he^'in-xil  ��������� under his, heavy eyebiows-..'at thu gi'.l.  ���������At .first Jack put it down  as merely, his  fancy, but further pbser.va't iqii conyi need ���������  him that th(-,;'eYwas toiiiethiug wrong. .  The days sped by all too quickly.  Fishing in the Onrthe, which ran close  by, or'long i-ambles in the woods, gathering! bilberries, occupied- the hours of '  daylight, anc] in the eveningii Jack sat  asYthough under a gpel} while AUlo,  Richort sang dainty old French love  songs or extemporized dreamy melodies  on the piano.  ���������;���������';.  But still the, jarring note which had  struck Jack disturbed the pleasant bar- '  niouy.and as day followed   day his first  suspicions were confirmed  and intensified.  However, ho could discover no intelligible explanation of the numberless  trivial'incidents which, had not his attention been roused, would have entirely .escaped him. All he could be certain  ahou.t was that  his host unmistakably'  manifested a strange antipathy toward  his niece.   This, however, did not pro-  vent Jack and the girl from becoming  close friends, and it seemed, at leasf 'to.  Al. Barvaux, that  their friendship was .  rapidly ripening  into  a much stronger  feeling. Jack felt that his host .was displeased at  the  turn of affairs, and he  was' therefore not very much surprised  when  AL Barvaux,  seizing  a  suitable  opportunity,'  asked   him   point' blan'  wl.ut: were  .his* feelings, "toward   the  yuung  lady.    He  replied-with perfect,  frankness  that'he was over head and,  ears in love-with her.  "Ah, my friend," replied M. Barvaux, "I am. very sorry for you. I  should havffwamed you earlier." Sinking his voice to a hoarse whisper he  continued, "She is a murderess."  Jack stared at him in amazement.  Had he suddenly taken leavo of his  souses? No, he seemed perfectly rational, although very agitated. In an excited voice he went on to describo how the  girl was trying to poison him. Jack  came to the conclusion that his friend  was tho victim of a hallucination aiiiX  resolved to hunior him.  "But she is so duvoted to your wife,"  said he.  "Yes, and that is why T daio not;  speak. My wife thinks Angelinc is an  angel, and I am afraid to say anything."  On the next evening, the last one of  Jack's stay, he was sitting in an easy  chair.among the window curtains when  suddenly ho heard the soft sweep of a  woman's dress in the room. Ho turned  and saw a figure in whito.  "Angoliue," was on his lips, and he  was about to spring to his feet when ho  saw something which turned him to  stone. She was standing at the sideboard with a thick green glass vial, tho  contents of which she was pouring into  the decanter of wine specially reserved  for M. Barvaux.  His host's suspicions were, then, correct.   Oh, thj horror of it I   The girl he  loved a poisoner! He could scarcely believe his senses, but after what M. Bar-  mux  had  told  him   doubt  seemed no  longer possible," Tho girl left the room :  as (jirietly  as  she, had/entered, closing  the door as though afraid of being heard..  Jack   rushed   to the sideboard.    He un-:  stoppered the decanter.   Yes, there was ,  certainly  a' strange  smell, which was  not that of wine.  What should he do���������  call' Angelina and accuse  her  on the  spot? He,could not.    Should ho tell his  host? Should he pour away the poisoned,  wine? Should he��������� But before he could  make up his mind M. Barvaux, looking  rather pale and disturbed, walked . in  from the garden, and as ho did so hia  wife and Angelina entered the room,  and dinner was served.' The girl was  dressed in whito, and a couple of glorious red roses gleamed in her black hair.  Never before had she seemed so'beauti  fnl to Jack. He asked himself if it were  possible that so divine a creature could  iJQi'se thoughts of murder in .her soul.  But he could not forget what he had  just witnessed, and ho resolved to be on  his guard and prevent Al. Barvaux  drinking tho wine.  Supposing, after'���������:, all, ho'were to be  wrong, how could he face tho girl ha  loved al'ter'accusing her of such a foul  aud unnatural deed? He was too'agitated to eat, and he observed that both M.  Larvaux and Angelina seemed also preoccupied and ill at ease. At length he  'managed to make his, host' understand  tli.il ho was not to touch the wine. The  Belgian smiled wi '1 an almoat^sardonic  expression und ej cd Augeline curiously Presentjy he r;.. ,ed the decanter and  loaned over the t.ible, looking at hor  the while with his deep set black eyes.  "Allow 1110, Ang'jlino," ho said, "to  pour y'611 out a glass of wino."  "2so���������no thank you," stammered the  girl in an agitated .nannor.  '���������Come���������-I insist. I will take' no refusal," he cried, springing to his feet  and filling her glass:' Tho girl turned  pule as death and seciiied to losoh'or  power of self will. Half "mechanically  .-.he took tho.glass of wine and raised it  "j her lips. Shoempticd it'at 0110 gulp,  and then sank back in her chair, where  sho lay still aud w..ite. With a cry of  ten v Afme. Barva.ix rushed to her assistance, but her husband commanded  hi r not to touch th- girl. Jack was on  Ilia teen in an in: mt, but was too bewildered to know -now to act. ��������� With a  sickening si'iiso of tho confirmation of  his worst suspicions he concluded that  tho girl was poisomd, and off he,rushed  for tho doctor. By good fortune he ran  across the very pi. son ho was seeking.  In a few words he told him ��������� his errand  and '.implored, him to return with him  at all haste.  "It is a mutter of life and death," he  cried. '"Let us run."  "Certainly, if you wish it, "'replied  the doctor, "alth-ugh I may tell you  matters aro not so serious as you im--  agine."  "But"���������  "Permit me to explain, monsieur.  The young lady is not poisoned at all,  as yon will see. '- ho wine sho drank  was intended for Al. Barvaux, was it  not?"  "Yes, I believe so. "   , '   ,  "Well, you must know that he is  subject to period al fits of homicidal  madness, and win. . theso attacks ato'  coming on it becomes necessary to ad-'  minister powerful opiates to bun without his, knowledge. Tho paroxysm passed, ho is 01100 more tho culm, and cul-  turi d gentleman y. u know, but at times  he is very daugci jus, and but for my  treatment it would probably become  necessary to put him under restraint. ,1  was just about to pay my customary  visit tonight when .you met me, fori  was expecting an outbreak." .  Jack was lelicvcd beyond measure on  hearing tho doctor's story, but the  thought that ho had left the girl ho  loved .with a man'subject to homicidal  mania moderated his feelings of satis-  luetiou, and, anxious to got back to assure himself of her safety, he tore away  from tlie doctor, for he-ielt th.it, if an'  attack suddenly nianifested itself iu Al.  Barvaux, Augeline, as being iho person  who had raised his suspicions, ��������� would  probably bo tho first victim of his mad  rage  Indeed ho' arrived noyo too soon,  Al'1110. Barvaux was crouching in an  agony of terror at tho ieet of lhe unconscious girl, while her husband was  standing over them ..gesticulating Wildly. Jack speedily o erpowcrcd him. a:nl_  : few minutes afterward tho doctor ar-  X'Jved, whoso presence had.a won'dorf;-..1-  ly; soothing effect ou tho unfortunate  gentleman;- Under the doetci^s care Augeline soon recovered, but both sho aud  Alnie. Barvaux were very much upset  and were glad when Jack decided to  .stay a few days longer! They were days  of infinite' happiness for both him and  Augeline, and when at length his stay.,  came tq its'- end the Brussels express  bore -away a reluctant \>ut very happy  man, to w'hosoears the rhythmic rumble of the wheels'seemed to ,say, "An-  geliuo, Aiig.:line, Augeline!"���������-Loudon  Sun.'-'.    :������������������������������������''    --���������.'.'..'' ,'. . !  A Miniflter'fl Inventloq,   ,  The Yery.Rov. Dean H. Alartyn Hart  of St. John's cathedral, Denver, }s said  to have perfeoted an invention which, is.  calculated to revolutionize the rubber  trade. Napier Ford discovered a method  of oxidizing oils, and. when he died iu  London two years ago he handed his  invention to Charles Griest,, who made:  some improvements in it and then turn--  ed it over to Dean Hart. The dean; who.  is an expert chemist, wbrkod on it for :  months, aud finally made it valuable  commercially. The business end,of the  process was turned .over to Dr. John  Gower, who went to Loudon aiid organized a company for its manufacture..  The new substance is called perchoid.,  ft will cost only about' 5 or 6 cents a  pound. Dean Hard will go to Washington to see about tho patents.���������-Exchange.  A Pitradox.  "Her entire fortune was spent educating hor."  "Yes?"   ^ . ' .  ' <  "Yes, she cost so much that she was  finally worth nothing, you see."���������Detroit Journal.  Cleau Mistaken.  "This watch"���������began tho man,  "Yes," interrupted the watchmaker.  . gt'-;iiig it and rapidly opening It. ���������'"! soe,  It \ ,'iiilii thorough clean lug, and"��������� ���������  "V.'liy,". roared  the  man,  "that's, the  now watch my w.ifu bought here yesterday,  and J want  to  ex'chango  it  for  a larger-  Eizc!" ...-     .; ���������  ,  "Oh���������ah���������urn���������yes.; Certainly, sir,.",  muniblod the watchmaker.���������London Fun.  1 ��������� ��������� ;", ���������t-.���������:���������.''. ���������' ��������� :. :���������   .   "���������       '   ' t  Utilizing tlie Pigs. ...   j  A coasting" steamer was wrecked near  Sydney. Tho captain tied lit'olinostosoine  pigs whiiih formed part of the'cargo.  These, on being thrown overboard, quickly  g.waiti iishqro,: taking the lines, with thew.,  (jGiiiiiiiihication being thus established,  every purson on board wns_ rescued.  Not Up to Date/  . -.- ,  '   "What   is   little    Dick Y'be'iidwixig  about?"        ' ' ' '"'"��������� ���������';',-:  "Well, his grandpa gave him a gingerbread horse, and he is mad because  it isn't a gingerbread wheeL"���������Detroit  Free Press. v  A LITTLE'LIGHT  livery young . woman.-''needs' % little  light upon the subject of health. There  is far too much 'iiew-  fashioned prudery  among mothers. E'  ery young woman  should have explained to her the  sui3renie necessity o'f keeping  herself pure and  wholesome , and  free from weakness and disease  in a womanly way.  Her geneial health, her future happiness,  her pood looks, her physical strength,.her  capability as a .wife and -mother, and the  health and .strength of generations to'come  are dependent upon thi<.  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":���������:���������-.-..:���������.; I     ���������..'-.���������. -    - ���������   ���������-��������� ���������  ������������������'-- -  ' - ���������'���������--���������-���������  ������������������-���������������������������  ;  ���������   ; --| .    wwfew  _1^;���������__ ,j-_~���������,���������T.������������������TT, ,.,��������� -^^T^r- ,^.,7._^_r_,���������-jt������������������- t-^���������j���������^7-i.-v7?~Ti.-=3T~iP":"vr'���������n"TJ1 *��������� -r Tj"! ���������;.'/ T-.r���������----p-n-��������� -w-^. ? .v.������, ������������������^���������^���������^���������T~-?���������*7*F7ri7^^*"yZ7^J /Tr"-r-r^-r"Y'^rr*���������,7"'r^  L     -t'\i\i ���������.;.. :*-    -- \'^ %-rti. "'���������������������������XiV-,.* "v ���������.-,'. -���������>*. ,.- '-���������>���������,  ��������� , . ������.-.* --*^.",.J... >���������*'"*.   :���������*���������/���������' :w .j.-* vs.;,1' ���������_*,-! j r-'*''   \.-*v''    ������������������   "-,..���������'   '���������.'.''..   ;-..������������������...*���������, r '- ������ v^,.....r SATURDAY. MAY 14, 1898.  THE MINING REVIEW.  Forgotten Cuban History..  The Spanish government is making  great pretensions as te its purpose   to  hold on to Cuba and i6  rejecting  with  apparent scorn   every   proposal  that  looks to the sale of the islan ', says the  Philadelphia Press.   It might   be   inferred from this that Spain   never entertained any proposition that   would  alienate   Cuba.       History,   however,  speaks otherwise.   About GO years ago  when Maria Christina of   Naples   was  Queen Regent of Spain she  offered   to  sell not only Cuba, but Porto Rico and  the Phillipine Islands   also   to   Louis  Phillipe, who then .=nt on   tlie   throne  France.'  Senor  Campuzano   was   the  Spanish diplomat delegated to conduct  the negotiations for the sale,   while   a  Spanish banker residing in   Paris,   by  the name of Augado, was to look aftei  the financial part.   The price   agreed  was 30,000,000 Spanish reals for Cuba,  a-jd 10,000,000 reals for Porto Rico and  the Phillipines.   This would have been  equal to a total of about $2,000,000   at  the present time, a sum   which   looks  ridiculously small when the  value   of  these islands is considered.     The bar  gain was made on this basis, however,  and the papers relating to Cuba   wore  signed, notwithstanding sotn     controversy over the manner and method   of  piyiug the nionoy.   But when the negotiations reached Porto Rico and  the  Phillipines, Louis  Phillipe   began   to  . haggle about the price.    He could not  gorget that he win? a tradesman  before  he was a king, and his   propensity   to  "beat, down"    assorted    itself.       He  claimed that 10,000,000  reals   was   an  ample sum to   pay   for   them.     This  amount he declared was all he   would  pay for the islands, and   said   that   if  not acceptable "the contracts must be  thrown into the   fire."     The   Spanish  diplomat, angered by what he   considered royal meanness, suiting his actions  to Louis Phillips's words, seized both  the Cuban and   Porto   Rico-Phillipine  contracts and threw them into the fire,  and ended  the   negociations.      What  the subsequent  fate   of   Cuba   might  have been had this bargain  bee   ��������� car-  red out, it is useless to conjecture. But  (he transaction shows that   the   value  Spain set upon  Cuba   was   once   only  nominal and that the claim   that   the  ''ever faithful isle" will never  be   surrendered is of recent growth.'  ?     50C. 50C.     \  'GOLD WATCHj  FREE. I  These watches are solid 1-1-carat i  gold, and our usual list price for ^  them here in England is ������5 (?'^5) <  each, but lo introduce our enormous Catalogue, we will send you  this watch free if you take advantage of our marvellous offer. If  you ,'ant one, write us without  del <y. With your letter send us  50 cents International Money  Order, for winch we will send you  a solid silver brooch,worth SI, md  our offer. After you receive the  beautiful watch, we shall exnect'  you to show it to your friends,  and call their attention to thia  ?. advertisement. This watch is  i sent free on registered post on  S your complying,, with our ndver-  ������ tisement and our offer, and is war-  >   ranted for live years.    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Tails how sho was cured of Heart and  Nerve Troubles.  The onerous duties that fall to the lot of  a nurao, tho worry, oare, loss of sleep,  irregularity of moalg soon tell on the  nervous system and undermine tha health.  Mrs. H. L. Henzici, a professional nurse  living at the Corner of Wellington and  King Streets, Brantford, Ont., states her  THE ONLY ROUTE to TRAIL GREEK  and the mineral districts of the Colviile Reservation, Nelson, Kn<ilo. Kootenay  Lake and Slocna points.  DAILY KXCEPT SUNDAY,    HETWEEX  SPOKaNE.KOSSLAND AND NELSON  LEAVE AU1MVE'  10.00 a.m Rosalaixl     3.10 p.m.  8.10 a-m .Nelson (lull p.m.  8.00 a.m Spokane .'.li.lXJ p.m.  '*^. t&. fit* . 00. ja?  Proctor & McMillan Bros.  OF BALFOUR  Manufacture a first-class article in Pressed Brick; they are selling at low figures. Any sized order attended to promptly. Full  particulars from any of our agents.  4*  Kaslo  H. BYKRS.  Sandon  E. M. SANDILANDS.  Nelson  E. TRAVIS.  COAST LUMBER.    COAST LUMBER.  Flooring, Siding, Ceiling, Mouldings,  Laths, Shingles, Doors and Windows,  Glass. .       Store and Office Fixtures.  No change of cars between ^pol;,-  Jlosslainl.  ne nnd  The Deepest  Mine.  The deepest mining shaft in the  world is what is known as the Red  Jacket, Michigan. It is 4.900 feet  clpcp, but 3S0 feet less .than a statute  mile. Compared with it tho deep silver mines��������� of the Comstock lode in  .Nevada, or the wonderful mines of  Austria, worked for many centuries  past, are but shallow pits. At the bot-  tonr'of this shaft the temperture is  87 0 10 degrees Fah. Tho miners are  Mipplied with compressed air, which  has a wonderful cooling effect on expansion. The water leeching through  the, copper rock acquires an acid tone.  Miners must protect themselves, ai  this water on reaching the skin pro  duces ulcers, which in time eat to the  hone: The shaft elevator* ascend and  descend at the rate ol" .ibuut ci^ht  miles an hour when carrying passengers, but when lifting ore tho speed is  increased to 25 and as high as 80 niilcs  per hour. This great speed is never'  used when hoisting human freight, as  liesh and blood could scarcely stand  the Btrain oi" such rapid transit perpendicularly.  oase as follows: "For the past three years  I have suffered from weakness, shortness of  'breath and palpitation of the heart.  The least excitement would make my heart  flutter, and at night I even found it cliffioult  to sloep. After I got Milburn's Ujurt and  Nerve Pills I experienced great relief,  and on continuing their use the improvement has been marked until now all the old  Bymptoms are gone and I am completely  cured."  Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills cure  Anaemia, Nervousness, "Weakness, Sleeplessness, Palpitation, Throbbing, Faint  Spells, Dizziness or anv condition arising  from. Impoverished filood, Disordered  Nerves or Weak Heart.  Laxa-Liver Pillsclaan Coated. Toogua.  EDUCATION.  "Vfotice is hereby given that the an-  .���������"-V nual examination of candidates  for certificates of qualification to teach  in tho Public Schools of the Province  will be held as follows, commencing on  Monday, July 4tli,lS9S, at 8.45 a. m :���������  Victoria..-../..In South Park School  Building.-',.  Vancouver......In High School Building.  Kamlpops; In Public School Building.  .               ���������  Each applicant must forward a no  tice, thirty days before the examination, stating the class and grade of certificate for Which he will be a  ���������;andidate, the optional subjects  selected, and at which of the above-  n'amecL places he will attend.  Every notice of intention to be an  applicant, must be accompairicd with  Fiitisfactbry testimonial of moral character.  Candidates are notified that all of  the above requirements must be fulfilled'before their applications can be  filed.       ;  All candidates for Erst Class,. Grade  A, Certificates,, including Graduates,  must attend in'Victoria to take the  finbjets prescribed for July 13th and  ]4th instants, and to undergo required  oral examination.   ,Y  ��������� "' . . s.d. pope; ,  Superintendent of Education.  Education Office,  Victoria, May 4th, 1S9S. myf>.  SYRUP.  THE MOST PROfMPT,  Pleaoant and Perfect Cure  for Coughs, Colds, Asthma,  Bronchitis, Hoarseness,  Sore Throat, Croup, Whooping Cough, Quinsy, Pain in  the Chest and all Throat,  Bronchial and Lung Diseases.  The healing anti-consumptive virtues  of the Norway Fine are combined  in this medicine with Wild Cherry  and other pectoral Herbs and Balsams to make a true specific for all  forms of disease originating from colds.  Price   -   25c. and 50c.  Close connections nt No Kim willi uii-jmium-  lor Kaslo and all Kootenay Ink? im-ini-.  Passengers lor Kettle r'ver   .iel  linuiiilnry  creek connect at Marcus with -iiiae ilnily.  fjanadian Pacific  ^  Railway And Soo Pacific Line.  THE FAST AND SUPEKlOll IIOUTK  10 EASTERN AND -EUROPEAN POINTS.  TO PAGIFICrCOASr AND FAR EAST,POINTS.  TO RICH 'GOLDFIELDS OF KLONDYDE, YUKON.  TOURIST CAR SERVICE dully to St. Paul.  Daily except Tuesday to Hiistcrn. Cnmidlun  and U. S. point*.  BaRgHge checked to destination  and Hi rough  - tickets Issuer.1.  DAILY CONNECTION to the main lino  points, excepting Sunday���������to and Horn  Nelson.  Train leaves Sandon daily at 7.1o p. in.  Train arrives Sandon dally at l.fwp. in.  Ascertain presentreduced niKf ami lull inlor-  mallon by addressing neare-t local nc'iit  or  A. C. J1������ARTIIUI������. Agent, Sandon  '   W. F. Ander.son.Trav. Pass. Agt.,.\'elM>u  1!.J. Coyle, Dist. Puss. Agt , Vancouver.  BE   SURE   YOUR   TICKET  '   VTA C. P. 1;.  .Kaslo and  Slogan  Railway.  TINE CARD.  Tjeave 8.00 a.m.        JCnsl"       Airlve  S.3I! " South Knlk       "  "      9.30 " Spoul.-         "      :  "      0.51 " White\v:iti.T  "     10.03 " Bcnrliiiki-       "  "     10.18 " McGulsriin  10.3S " Codv Junciii'ii  O., J. MeLachlan,  FACTOKY AND YAltDJNEXT TO ELECTRIC POWER-HOUSE,      SANDON.  \r*r$r*t^*r^ ������^'������������*^������������^������������^/'  gfe JJvJJS.Jp. JJV   JJV   Jp. j^j  Arrivel0.50  Sandon       I.favu I.ihi  Subject to change without  nollnn.  Trains run on Pacilic Siirnrlard Tlino.  ROBEltT IRVING,  G. F. & P. A.  Gi:o.  V  COI'Kr.ANI),  Supci'lnl. nileiit.  For cheap Railroad nnd Strmrishiri  Tickets to nnd from nil points, apply to  S. Campbell, Agt-nt. Sandon, B.C.  WORMS CAN'T STAY  When Dr. Low's Tlensant Worm  Syrup is used. It's death to the  ���������worms, easy on the system and nice to  take. Contains sufficient laxative so  t hat there is no need of giving castor  oil or calomel afterwards.  The LIGHT thfe WORLD  OR, OUR SAVIOUR IN ART.  ���������"-     GREAT MUSIC OFFER.  Send us the names and addresses of  three or more performers on the piano  or organ, together with ten cents in  silver or,postage, and we will mail you  five pieces full sheet music size, consisting of ponulnr songs, waltzes,  marches, etc., arranged for the piano  and organ.   Address,  Chicago Book a News Co., .  215-221 Wabash Ave.,   ;Chicftgo, 111.  Cost over ������100,000 to publish.  Nearly 200 fnll-pago Masterpieces of  Our Saviour and. the Mother, by 'Great  Masters.  '-'A perusalof this superb -w irk is like  taking a."-tour through aJ! the Art gal-  laries of Europe.,' Y  A glance  .at'-these  m'atchjes?, thrill-1  ing pictures brings tears to the eyes of  everyone. - ���������;������������������ |  Christian men and women paying  for loin es are tnkingfrom three to ten  orders daily here in Chicago and everywhere.  Sells itself���������so beautiful when people see it tliey want it.  Selling rapidly all. the way from the  Klondyke 10 Rio Janeiro. Never sold  in this territory. ���������   , .  Published a year and, in its twentieth  edition. :  Presses running day and night; call  and see it. -.,-.  Get sole management of large field  and 100 agents and you have a fortune.  Salary ������000 to man or worn 11 in good  church standing to act as manager and  correspondent here.  Call or address A. P. T. Elder, Manager Subscription Department, 3S9  Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 111  When Going  Use a tlrst-class line In travelling between  Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago, and the  principal towns In Central Wisconsin.  '   Pullman Palace Sleeping  and Chair Cars  in sorvlcu. .  The Dining Curs are operated in the interest  of its patrons, the most olegant service ever  inaugurated.   .Meals are served a la Carte.     .  To obtain -first-class service your ticket  should read via.  THE WISCONSIN CENTRAL LINES  Direct connection at Chicago ann ^Milwaukee for Eastern points.  For lull intoi'mation call ou your nearest  ticket agent, or write  J as. Pond, or J as. A. Clock,  Gen. Pas. Agt., General Agent,  Milwaukee, Wis. 2t0Sl.ark St.,  Portland, Or.  50   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyono Rondlnu a sketch and description may  qalckly ascertain our opinion free -whether an  Invention Is probnbly patentable. Communications strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents  sent free. Oldest npency for securincpatenta.  Patents takea -through' Munn & Co. receive  special notice, without charge, in the  A handsomely lllnstrntod weekly.  dilation of any scientific Journal.     .  year; four months, $1.  Sold by all newsdealers.  &Co136,Broadway' New York  "Branch OtHco, &3 F St,, Washington, D. C.  I.nrpest cir-  Tcrms. (S n  The many advantages enjoyed by Rosebery put  before   the   public,     CLAIMED     WITHOUT  '     OPPOSITION.    .  Its Advantages as a  Distributing  Center.  *  Rosebery is the only town in  Kootenay having-  both railroad and steamboat connection that can  ship goods daily to ten different towns, whereby the  shipper can sec- his wares leave his hands and that    .  they will be received by the consignee within'two  hours.  Its Advantages as a Railroad Center,  Rosebery enjoys the position of king of the  funncll as it were, for the railroad business of the  whole of the Kootenays. All ore and matter for  shipment from Nelson, Trail Creek and'the Slocan  . must, and is now passing out this way to, the main  line of the C. P. R., as well as all goods coming  in from Revelstoke to the  Kootenay country.  NOTE. To substantiate this: The C. P. R.  are now putting in track weigh scales at Rosebery,  the first and only scales that has been put in on any  of the C. P.. R. branches in Kootenay���������which  goes to show the importance of |this point by the  Canadian Pacific Railway Company's actions.  Its Advantages as a Steamboat Point.  Rosebery claims, without opposition,   of being  the only junction on the lake, unlike Slocan City, '  where you can step off the steamer to a waiting       *   '  train and continue  your journey.    You  can take  either a north or south train at this terminus j. consequently Rosebery/is the best transient town  in  the' race.    Nervertheless   we  claim  Slocan  City  second in importance,  and  would   say watch the ..  head and foot of Slocan Lake, viz.���������  Its Advantages as a Manufacturing  Center.  As a manufacturing center Rosebery claims to  have demonstrated the fact that after the careful  observation of the Denver (Colorado) Ore Coy's  manager, as the natural advantages of all points in  Kootenay forJ:the treatment of ores the cheapest,  Rosebery was selected, and they now are erecting  works, with a capacity of 250 tons per day, which,  will be in operation within 90 days; and it is their,  intention to pay out monthly in the vicinity of  $100,000. [ might also add Rosebery has the ������������������  largest water power from Wilson river flowing into  Slocan Lake.  AS TO CLIMATE.  Rosebery claims the mildest climate on  Slocan  Lake, from its admirable southern exposure and    "  absolute   shelter   from   the   north : snow   always  leaves the place about the 15th of March.  AS A TOWNS/TE.  As a town site, Rosebery is without a peer.    It  is possessed of all   the flat land available  at the  '.'      mouth of the Wilson river  leading to the ' valley��������� '' s  mining region���������consequently there is 110 danger of    .  any contagion-    The. title is' a Crown Giant-and  is perfect.    All purchasers of lots are safe in'this-'  respect..   The only safe speculative townsite in. the    '. '  Slocan is Rosebery. . - -.    ^  ,   Why should I say the.only safe speculative town-'-Y-  site iu the  Slocan?    Because . Rosebery business'...''  lots to-day are only $150  to $200  each   and are-  bound ��������� to   increase rapidly  this summer.     These  - figures can.   and will,   double, before long.    The-  time to  buy is now.     Don't waittill they are from'.  -. $700 to $1,000, as you did in Slocan City last May;  go in on-the ground floor and make a few dollars  in speculation ; if you want to invest go to Van-  ���������  Couver or Winnipeg ; if you want to speculate and  and clean up money go quick to Rosebery before  . lots are out of sight. .-.-.-'  What's Wanted in Rosebery.  We want a restaurant.-.  We want a good hotel right away.-.-���������  We want a first-class .general store. :  We want a butcher .shop.    \ ,,..;,   '  . '���������'    ���������   i -  Anyone   looking for an- opening-spy   out this  place.at once. . j '���������*.������������������ X  Maps and price-lists on application; prices run  from $75 to $200.. ''*'���������.  I       TERMS:    One-third   cash,  balance  3 ��������� and 6  months.     -For actual builders special terms, can be  ,   arranged lor a few lots by applying to ���������    '';  ��������� ������������������     ���������*. r ,-; .  A. M. BEATTIE, General Agent, Rosebery,  ^S������3K������������^C������fc|Cfla^C������������^a ������3|C������ t^Cs <t|Ca ������^������ n^������ ������^������^(^Ca*jK������������^s5^  ���������<x  Ste.  W  ^iiiA  W������  ",v.:  $y THE MINING REVIEW,  SATURDAY, MAY 14, 1898.  MOUNTAIN   ECHOES.  Miners' time checks at Clifle's bookstore.  The vags of the city are growing  beautifully less every day.  Mr. C. M. Wilson is fixing up the  grounds around his residence tastily.  The Mollie Hughes mine, near New  Denver, is making wonderful promisee  under development.  We   hear of a   number   of mining  , prospects    around    changing   hands,  which looks like business.  Every train now takes out a number  of people with heavy packs to do development work or skirmish lor prospects.  Dewey stands in the front rank of  successful generals, in that he won his  victory without the loss of a single lite  on bis side.  The hotel people say travel is increasing which means that the worst  of tl-e hard times is ovrr, and that the  revival has set in.  Mr. Hutchison, ofthe Fruit Growers  Association of New Westminster, was  in the city Wednesday working' up  business for his firm.   ,  Gardening to some small extent is  rrosecuted this spring in town for the  first. We suppose tree planting will  follow next year and later.  By the way Mr. Bostock. what about  that, Custom's office Sandon was to  have this coining summer. It is time  something was heard of it.  Stop that Cough ! Take warning. _It  mav lead to consumption. A 25c.  bottle of Shiloh's Cure may save your  life.   Sold at McQueen's Drug Store.  In the absence of the pastor, at Conference, Mr. G W.' Grimrnett ' will occupy the pulpit of the Methodist  church to-morrow at the usual hours,  11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.  Catarrh cured. A clear head^ and  sweet breath secured with Shiloh's  Catarrh Remedy. We sell six bottles  for $3 and guarantee an absolute cure.  Sold at McQueen's Drug Store.  E. Hammond returned the other day  from a. western trip with a band of  mules h s firm had wintering out  there. The animals are required for  packing ore, which work'will shortly  begin.  For Constipation take Karl's Clover  Root Tea, the great Blood Purifier.  Cures Headache, Nervousness, Eruptions.on the skin, and makes the head  clear as a bell. Sold at McQueen's  Drug Store.  The LeRoi mine has at length been  sold to the British American company,  the price being i3,000,000. With the  exception of the War Eagle, that  company owns nearly every thing in  and around Rossland.  The Mayor has called a public meeting for Tuesday evening next_ at 8  o'clock, to consider the advisability of  holding some public holiday in town.  If one is decided ou to name is and  the proceedings to be adopted.  _  Mike Ryan and a comrade, equally  under the influence of bad benzine,  created no end ot ructions on the C. P.  R. train coming in on Tuesday evening. The conductor came within an  ace of putting both oft" at Three Forks.  There is more joy in a printing office  over one subscriber who pays in advance and abuses the editor on every  occasion than over ninety and nine  who borrow the paper and sing its  praises without contributing a solitary  cent to keep it out of the poor house.  Mr. G. M. Spencer, who went to the  alleged miners' paradise where everything is booming, writes home that  republic is very dull���������plenty of men,  but nothing doing. He intended to  start in business there but is l'kely to  try some other point where busi-.ess is  better.  On Monday morning two men who  wanted a bit of exercise had a eet to  on the west end of Reco ave., and when  they got through one could hardly  recognize the face of either. It i������  hard work to account for the workings  of whiskey under any and all circumstances.  Frank Cameron and Albert McDou-  gall. two section men on the K. and S.  at Kaslo arc in trouble over an old  grudge. Cameron struck McDougiill  on the head with a crowbar, while the  latter was at a disadvantage. The latter will recover, but he had a close  call. Cameron is now in tho hands of  the law.  The Kaslo lire brigade threaten annihilation to all visitors on the 24th,  but they may not annihilate for all  that.  The grain elevator at Chicago of the  Chicago <fc Burlington road was destroyed by fire yesterday, at a loss of  ������1,200,000.  D'Alton McCarthy, the great Independent 'lea Ivr died in Toronto,  Thursday, from ihe effects of a fall  from a carringe.  The farmers of Manitoba will have  no cause to complain of the high price  of binding twino the coming summer,  because .-nanilla h;ib fallen.  Karl's CIoV'T Root Tea, for constipation its the ln������t, ami if after using it  you don't say so. return the package  and get vottr money. Sold at McQueen's Drug ?tnrc.  H. D. McK.y, Dim. and P. L. S., C.  E., has survi-yed fur the purpose of obtaining a Croivii Gr.uit to the following  mineral claims:���������Sohn, Red Cross and  Northern Pacific, situated in the Best  basin.  Shiloh's Cuiiaii'iiiptiuu Cure cures  where others fail. It is the leading  Cough Ctir-\' and im borne should be  without it. Pleasant to take and goes  right to, the spot. 8old.it McQueen's  Drug Store.  Is a pure concentrated food ; a delicious strength-giving specific  for the invalid or the victim of a weak stomach, and a refreshing  and invigorating beverage to the healthy. Like other preparations possessing genuine merit, it is followed by  Numerous Inferior Imitations.  All of which are dependent for their sale mainly upon  Pilfering Its Merits and Reputation.  '   Do not be deceived when you purchase prepared condensed '  foods, either animal or vegetable, but take only those prepared by  PERSONAL   MENTION.  Mrs. Ilibh tt ha.-, returned after a  pleasant vibit of s< viral weeks in Spokane.  '-,  The Misses Hammond, of Slocan  City, were visitors in the city this  week.  Aid. Cunning and A. E. Cameron  left on Tuesday for Harrison Springs  to be absent aome days.  The Rey. A. M. Sanford loft Monday  morning for the ��������� Methodist conference  at Victoria. He will be away nearly  two weeks.  Mr. Henry McDonald, who had resided here for the past year and lately  worked at the Payne, left on Tuesday  with his wife for Seattle, their former  home, tc reside their in the future.  Mrs. Crandall and family left for  San Francisco Thursday, where they  will join Mr Crandall. and reside in  the future. Mr. C. saw the elephant  as far north sis Skagway and farther,  and decided there was nothing that  way for him.  30 FARRINGDON STREtT.  27 ST. PETER STREET,  HONTREiiL, mm.  This company can claiin many years of experience in the preparation of condensed foods, having supplied such for nearly ali'  THE dKCTIC EXPLORATION EXPEDITIONS  of the past ten years,   and for   the   campaigns  of  the   British  Army in Africa and A*-ia during the same period.  The Blu2-Noses  Heard  From.  The following excerpt with accompanying note was handed in, which will  no   doubt speak for itself:  For your Eister dinner call on Thos.  Meagher. His show of Easter beef  has never been surpassed in Pictou,  and consists of two choice young steers  purchased in Prince Edward Island.  Call and see the b������n-f, and you will  certainly want ''a rut." lie iilsn has  excellent mutton, lamb nnd other  meats.���������t. f.  Mk. Cliff,���������The attached -"J. wis  clipped from the I'ictou Advocate (N.  S.). Please print it in ordivr to inform  the Nova Scotians in town that they  are getting quite civilized in Nova  Scotia.and are beginning to understand  that beef is good to eat.  Found $100.  More or less, picked up in front of  my office. Owner can get same by  proving ownership and pay for this advertisement.���������J. M.  HARRIS.  I. 0. 0. P.  Silver City Lodge. No. 39. meets every Friday evening.at 7.311 o'cloek.in Crawford's hall.  F. C. SKWEUj, N. G.  51. L. GRIMMKTT, V. G. Grand.  G. W. WAITE, Rec. Sec.  All sojourning brothers  cordially invited  to attend.  To .Wfiom It May Concern,  W. FTTRN1YAL  "The" Mercantile Auctioneer, is now  prepared to handle all kinds of merchan-^  dise, mining stocks, &c.  Parties wishing ro consult him.plcase  address W. FURNIVAL, P. O. Box 117,  Sandon, B. C.  Licensed Auctioneer for the province.  ;*h./t.#s<n.rh.M.,������k,'i.,������i,������'t.'lu'i.|.k4'i.f'i,*t.fn*M.iH,'t.''!''������.'*  j        THE  |  I Q00DEN0UQH !  SANDON, B. C  American'  r  Plan,  $3.50  per  day  European  [Tan,  $2.00  per  day  For Sale Cheap.  Parties wishing to purchase a high  fjrade bicycle cheap can do so by communicating with this office: Reasons  forselling is that it cannot be used in  Sandon.  AT THE   HOTELS.  Sandcn���������G. B. Dean, Spokane: J. E.  Allan, Wnite.watur ; E. Watts, Silver-  ton'; D. H. Donaldson, J. M. Fairbourn,  E. H. lleppeto. Kaslo; G. L. Mattick,  Qu'Appelle; C. Dillman, Milwaukee.  Balmoral���������J. C. Blandy, Balfour; C.  H.Yates, VV. J.Snooks, D. Dorsev, New  Denver; D. Carlquist, Elkhorn ,r W.J.  Twiss, Kaslo; A.C. McDotmaJl, San  Francisco.  Hotel Reco���������J. D. Brock, P. C. Jones,  W. W. Armstrong. Toronto; A. W.  Wright, Rossland ; L. G. Henderson,  Victoria ; A. M. Beattie, Rosebery ; F.  J. Cumin, E. A. Ferguson, Nelson; R.  J. Hamilton, Kaslo ; \V. G Pennington,  Montreal ; S. VVurson, Hamilton ; E.  Hutchison, Ladner; A.W.Simpson,  Nakusp ; S. Singer, Spokane.  Goodenough���������A. R. Tufts, Vancouver ; G. Tilford, Kaslo; H. T. Cooper.  R. H. Ciirley. G. 0. Tunstall, Nelson ;  J. M. Price, L. W. Hows, London, Eng.;  W. Sutherland, Republic; Misses  Hammond, Slocan City ; H. J. Scott,  W. \V. Brewer,'YVicto' ia.; J. E Jackson,  Spokane; G. K McDonald, Cody; Mr.  and Mrs T. C. Maisard, S. Vineburg,  Montreal; W. Binkeniore, Crow's Nest  Pass; R, Jaflray, P.'E. McMillan, Toronto ; F. T. Fiwnicune, A. Sproat. New  Denver; C.J. Lawson, Three Forks.  Fat is absolutely necessary as an article of diet.  If it is not of the right kind  it may not be digested. Then  the body will not get enough  of it. In this event there  is fat-starvation.  Scott's Emulsion supplies  this needed fat, of the right  kind, in the right quantity,  and in the form already  partly digested.  As a result all the organs  and tissues take on activity.  !,oc. and v ;.oi\ .ill druggists.  SCOTT ������ li'���������\Vi.E,    L'licmUts, Toronto,  Notice.  The Sandon Transfer Company has  dissolved the partnership heretofore  existing between A. H. Stirritt and E  A.Cameron, A. II. Stirritt retiring  from the business and E. A. Cameron  continuing the transfer business in his  own name. SI. A. Cameron will collect  all outstanding accounts of the Company, and pay off its liabilities.  ERYSIPELAS CURED.  "I wish to state that I use Burdock  Blood Bitters for Erysipelas in my face  and a general run down state of health.  The-use-of.il. few.bottles cured me complete! v." ..'-���������;  Y MRS. CHAS:COOK,  -   .".-���������       Bolleiile.Ont.     ,  Office   of the  Travelling Pass.   Agent of  the C. P. R.   West  of  Superior.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Randon Mineral Claim situate in the Slocan"  Mining Division ol West Kootenny DIs-  tric. Where located: Joining tho east  side line of thu Jllueblrd Claim on Cur-  pen tor creek.  Take notice that I, Charles A. Stoess, ol  Kaslo, B. C, acting as agent tor James L.  Montgomer- F. M. O, No. 1051) A. and Daniel  O. Corbin, F. M. C. Xo. 1101A. and George D.  Potter, F. M. C. No. -1750 A, Free Miner's Certificate, Intend, sixty days irom the date hereof  to apply to the Mining Recorder l������r a Certificate of Improvements, tor the purpose of  obtaining a Crown CI rant ofthe above claim.  And lurlhor take notice that action, under  section ;!7,'must be commenced before the  Issuance of .such Ourlif|catoof Improvements.  Dated thi.s.'IOlh day of April, 1808.  CHAKLUS A. STOKSS.  Strictly First-class.  MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.  I't.ntiM./'t^.eif'i.iNf'Wt^urtiMWk^l.rnM.^iM.ru'Wi  WANTED  UJlWrnnn By Old Established House���������High  II nui Liu Grade Man or Woman, of good  church standing, to act as Manager here and  do oflice work and correspondence at their  home. Business already built up and established here. Salary $(100. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope far our terms t* A.  P. T. Klder, General Manager, 189 Mich. ave..  Chicago, 111. '  The Miner says that over 100,000  tons of ore have been shipped from the  Ronsland camp since the 1st of January, 1897. Only about 33,000 tons, or  one third of the amouNt have been  shipped from Sandon in that time, and  yet the profits to the Sandon mini-  owners are in the aggregate much  greater than those of the Rossland  people. Sandon ships ore; it never  ships rock.  Sandon cannot boast of being "prettily situated on the lake" as nome  places; but, nevertheless, in time it  will not be witho.it many pleasing  features, as it now has its superior  mineral surroundings. Tho rapid  stream running through the centre of  the place, at probably 15 miles an  hour, affords all the facilities necessary for effectual drainage from the  hillsides. The side hills, residential  lots in turn, if laid out by a competent  engineer might be made very regular,  and the Irontage built up by stone  terraces would leave sufficient soil for  the growth of small fruits, ornamental  trees and flowering shrubs, which with  our copious supply of the best water on  earth would grow luxuriantly: When  the people of the place ������>et down to  permanency they will find but little  difficulty in making suitable residence  grounds, and enjoy a health that the  people of many so called beautiful  places might easily envy.  To the Editor of The .Mining Review:.  UKSUMING OB" SERVICE  ON ARGENTA LINE.  Commencing   to-day,   the   Steamer  "Kokanee"   leaves Kaslo  at 9.15 p.m.  for round trip  to Lardo and Argenta,  and-will continue making regular trips  on such route, Tuesdays and Fridays  of each week until further advised.  Yours truly,   '   ,  W. Anderson,.  Travelling Passenger Agent.  Nelson, B. G., May Oth, 1898.  FOR OVKR FIFTY YKAKB.  Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been  used by millions ������f mothers for their children  while teething. If disturbed at night and  broken of your rest by a sick child, suffering  and crying with pain ������f cutting teeth. Send  at once and get a bottle <-t "Mrs. Winslow's  Soothing Syrap" for chlldreu teething. It  will relieve the poor little sufferer;immediat-  ly. Depend upon It, mothers, tliere is no  inlstakeaboutlt. It cures diarrhoea, regulates  the stomach aud bowels, cures Wind Colic,  soltens the gums and reduces Inflammation,  and gives tone and energy to the system.  "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup" for children  teething is pleasant to the taste and is the  prescription ol one of the oldest and best  lemale physicians and nurses In the United  States. Price twenty-five cents a bottle.  S������ld by all druggists throughout the world.  Hesureand ask lor "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing  Syrup."  Mrs. Thos. McCann, Mooresvills,  Ont., writes : '.'." I was troubled with  biliousness, headache, and lost appetite. I could not rest at night,  and was very weak, but after using'  three bottles of B.B.B. my appetite  has returned, and I am better than  I have been for years. I would not  be without Burdock Blood Bitters.  It is such a safe and good remedy  that I am giving it to my children."  $100 Reward.  ' One Hundred Dollars will be cheerfully and promptly paid lor any case  of prunkenness (the Liquor Habit) or  Tobacco Habit that "Ryan's- Alcholie  and Tobicoo Cure" will not cure in  two weeks. The .same remedy cures  both the liquor habit and Tobacco  Habit at the same time. Send to-day;  you either get cured or m ike one hundred dollars. St-nt by mail postage  paid to any part of th ��������� world for One  Dollar.    Address all orders to  It. Ryan, R.A.C.   ,  Gower Point, Ont.  ft Hotel l/noitr  Strictly First-class.  PORTMANN BROS.&CO.. Props.  The  Good  Sample Rooms.  Good Table.  best Brands of Liquors and  Cigars.  RECJO A VEX UK. SANDON.  BOTE  a man desires to  fill a steady, paying position and earn good wages ! If  you are at present employed that need  not prevent you from sending us a postal-card to learn what we can do for you'.  We have thelargest, most "complete  and thoroughly up-to-date nurseries in  the Dominien. There is a largely increasing demand for Home-grown Nursery Stock.  ALL SUPPLIES SENT FREE.  TRE TRIAL COSTS YOU NOTHING  YOU GET YOUR PAY EVERY  SATURDAY.  If you cannot give full time to our  interests we oan arrange liberal terms  with you for part time. We grow a full  line of Fruit Trees, Berry Bushes;  Flowering Shrubs, Ornamental Trees,  Hi-dying, Bulbs, Roses and'Seed Potatoes All our, stock guaranteed and  warranted to live.  Write and tell us you are open for an  offer and we will make you a proposition you will want to accent.  E. P. BLACKFORD & CO.,  Toronto, Ont.  At Lowest Living Prices,  ,   Cleaning Watch $1.50.  Mainspring $1.50.   .  *���������> No one can give satisfactory work at lower rates  and guarantee the same. What does a guarantee  mean ? It means that when I clean a watch it runs ,  12 months. Should dirt be the cause of stoppage,  I clean it again free of charge. Should a mainspring break inside of 12'months, a new one will be  put in ; your watch kept with a mainspring during  that time. All other repairs guaranteed in the,  same way. '  Orders by mail promptly attended to. -  Q. W. QRinriETT,  JEWELER AND OPTICIAN.  Bruce White. N. J. Cavanaugh.  WHITE'& CAYANAUGH  ', Manufacturers of and dealers  in Roughand Dressed Lumber a specialty.  Estimates furnished.  Contractors and Builders.  OFFICE AND MILL. CODY, B. C-  M. L. Grimrnett, l.l.b.  Barrister,    Solicitor,    Notary  Public, Etc.  Sandon,    B. C.  fc  We want a number of families to do  work lor us nt home, whole or spare  time. The work we send our workers  is quickly and easily done, anil returned by parcel poit as finished. Good  money made at home. Kor particulars  ready to commence send namo and  address. THE STANDARD SUPPLY  CO., Dept. B., London, Ont.  gj  1  I  AND OTHER INVESTMENTS.  Every Representation Guaranteed.  SANDON, B. C.  Or. Milloy,  DENTIST.  VIRGINIA BLOCK, SANDON.  All work promptly executed.  WHEN IN SflNbON STOP ffX THE  p. p.  SANDON, B. C.  Headquarters for Mining  and Commercial Men.  Rates $2.50 to $4.00 per day.  ���������*##  R. CUNNING, "Proprietor.  AGENTS.���������"The best Life of Her Majesty I  have seen," writes Lord Lome about "Queen  Victoria." Attents make flvo dollars daily.  Outfit free. BEADLKY-GAItniQTSON CO.,  Limited, Toronto.  WLTAT Dr. A. E. SALTER SAYS.  Buffalo, N. Y��������� Gents .���������From my  personal knowledge, gained in observing the effect of your Shiloh's Cure in  cases of advanced consumption, I am  prepared to say it is the most reliable  remedy that has ever been brought to  my nttentention. It has certainly  saved many Irom consumption. Sold  at McQueen's Drug Store,  AGENTS.���������Book business is better than for  years past j also have belter nnd faster selling books. Agents clearing from $10,000 to  510,000 weekly. A few leaders are: "Queen  Victoria," "Life of Mr.-Gladstone," 'My  Mother's Bible Stories," "Progressive Speaker," "Klondyke Gold Fields," "Woman,"  "Glimpses ofthe Unseen," Breakfast, Dinner  and Supper," "Canada: an Kncyclopedia."  Hooks on time. Outfits free to canvassers.  THE niiADLEY-GAMUETSON CO.. Limited,  Toronto. ���������  My little book 'Three Classes of Men,'  sent sealed free, upon request.    It tells of my  thirty years' practice and  success in  treating  Drains, Losses, Impotency, Varico-r  Cele and   Undevelopment   by   nature's  own gift toman���������Electricity.    My Electric  Belt, with Supporting Supensory is known and used the world  over.    Drop in and consult me free of charge or write for book  to-day.     Address, ;  DR, R. SANDEN, 106 St. James Street, Montreal^ Que.  Notice.  By virtue ot a writ of Fieri Facia Issued out  ol tho Supreme Court of British Columbia, at  Nelf-on.in thesuitolE. G. Schmidt., plaintiff  against the Phoenix Consolidated Mining  Company. Limited Liability, delcndatits for  the mi in oi $50195 and $3.50 cost*. I have seized  lhe property of the aloresaid company, sltuat-  mI on thu North Fork of Carpenter Creelc, 3}  miles irom Tlnre KorU->. Slocan district,West  Kt'Otenny, and recorded in the Recorder's  books at New D'-iiver, ronsistlns ot ihree  mineral claims, respectively named Phoenix,  Liuby It. aim Aihambrn, together with build-  lujjw iliereon nnd overytblni; belonging therein, andsliall on Saturduy.thel4t.h day oi May,  I8U8. at the hourof II olclock a. in., at the  Court House, Nelson,1 sell the same by Public  Auction, or so much thereof as to cover the  alorsald sums together with the sheriffs fees,  poundage and all expenses attending thereto,  unless the said sum be sooner paid to me.  S. REDGRAVE. Shcriffol Kootenay.  Snndon. B. C., April 23rd, 1808.  Purchasers must satisfy themselves as  title.  Full Prices. Correct Selrctibn  Ropes & Tags Furnished Free  TdLLOW, QIN5ENQ, SENECA.  S������g~ Write for Circular giving liateat Market Prices.  Immediate Aemittances.  No Commission Charged.  200 FIEST AVE.. NORTH,  nmmm  it Sandon, Rossland, Nelson, Kaslo, Pilot Bay and Three Forks.  Sandon. Slocas City.   ,  Everything Up-to-date  Agents for the Bonjinjop Piano arid Organ Co.  WHEN YOU ARE AT BEAR LAKE STOP AT THE  FIRST-CLASS HOTEL.  RATES���������$2,00 PER DAY; $10.50 PER WEEK.  EL L McDonald, Proprietor*  -1  i  i  i  1  >1  h  Yi  ?'  0i  St  A  in our line.   A fine selection of Worut-  eds, Tweeds and Fancy Vestinga.  .*   \.  -v.-b-.Tj-'  ?v;  .1"    * ���������  T  (  r &  -It-  r,wr  . J     "I ���������      ������   I  -   -rr~;r U"V" nr ��������������� ���������i������ir-   "������r," * ������ ������ -���������t;     "'ar,XT\Z.'n'"~"'"*' T������ '.���������'"���������% '���������     =~Z5    ~T���������"7" 7i\   ) ",?. r~  IE i  ���������%*��������� ������  ,   i t  t  .....:i..X'..\'-  .    ,'   '5.


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