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Mining Review Jul 5, 1902

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 VOL. 6.���������NO.'3.  SANDON, B.C., SATURDAY, JULY 5, 1902.  $2.00 PER YEAR.  Town Jottings.  Geo. B. Knowles has opened upia  jewellery store at Fernie.  Mr. J. E. Lovering left on Monday to  spend vacation at his home near  Toronto.   ,  Born���������In New Denver, on June 28th,  to the wife of Geo. F. Ransom, a  daughter.  ���������    '  , It is evident considerable coronation  whiskey was drunk on Friday laBt, even  if the crowning of the king didnot take  place.  A bench warrant has been issued for  the arrest of McAdams,'and it is reported he has engaged the notorious  Joe Martin to defend,him,   *  Dr. Hendryx, W. A. Stimson and  Mr.1 Wilson, directors of the' Last  Chance mine, will arrive in the city  next week and visit the mine.  Geo. B. McDonald was summoned to  Victoria as a witness, but not in the  "contempt of court" case. At the last  moment, however, he learned his case  was postponed.  Miss Dalby left for Victoria Wednesday morning. Mrs. Cliffe and children  went with her as far as Halcyon Springs.  While here Miss Dalby visited Mrs.  Fallows at New Denver.  James Jallance spent the 35th anniversary of the birth of this fair dominion blasting the hopes of some  large cedar stumps standing in the way  of a back entrance to his residence.  If our name is harsh will the Kootenaian kindly tell the the public what it  would call a man that is continually  attacking the characters of public men,  to please the worst sentiment of the  country, and never attempts to prove  any of its accusations?  Slocaii's   Celebration.  Halcyon Springs.  The value of the Halcyon Hot Springs  to the people of Canada is yet but very  imperfectly known.   It is a great pity  it ie not better advertised.   Thousands  of dollars are spentannually in booming  patent medicines that may or may not  have some, curative  properties; while  but little is known of these springs that  if properly   appreciated    would bring  lasting health to thousands.   The Banff  Springe  are  good.   Harrison   Springs  are very helpful;    but the writer knows  of  several   who  have  been   cured   of  rheumatic    complaints,    upon   which  many of the best doctors  have  tried  their skill, at the Halcyon Springs, who,  have spent terms at both of the other  institutions.     The  waters  appear   to 1  possess such properties as at once prove  effectual  in  many   diseases.    Besides  this the  attention at the hotel in all  its appointments is of the  very  best;  everything clean and orderly, and is just  such a residence as one would desire to  ta^e up, for rest, recreation and,pleasure  at any time.   Charges foi accommodations are very moderate.  Slocan City's'celebration.was greeted  with .fair sized crowds 'from��������� Sandon  and lake points. ��������� Although the weather  was not perfect, the day's proceedings  were brought to a successful termination. One'noticeable feature throughout the day was the prompt manner, in  which the various events were pulled  off.  Jack'Gusty of thiscity leads the list  in carrying of the greatest number of  contests, in all winning five firat'prizes;  100 yard da9h, putting the 16 pound  shot, standing broad jump, hop, step  and jump and tossing tho caber.  "Rustie" Crawford "was also a successful participant, taking second money in  both the 100 yard dash and pole vaulting.   ' Largest Silver Nugget.  ��������� Probably the largest nugget or mass  of silver ever mined was a piece weigh-  1340 pounds, which was taken from the  Smuggler mine, Aspen, Co.,in 1894. In  regard to this nugget, S. I.   Hallet,  of  Colorado wrote at the time:   "Thenugget in qustion formed part of a consignment,of 15,031   pounds  of ore,   which  with silver at 58 cents or  thereabouts,  netted us free and clear  of  expenses,  close .to $82,000.. This particular nugget  was gotten out by itself, and seemed   to  be extremely pure. It was impossible to  assay in the ordinary acceptation of the  word, and it was put directly into crucibles   and the crucible returns given to  us by the company.   This streak of silver occurred as a core in some rich ore,  averaging 1,000 ounces a ton.   At times.  it would be 1-2 inch in   thickness,   and  then widen out to 2 or 2 1.2  feet.     It  was a little purer than a   silver  dollar  and almost as bright.   We were obliged  to mine by tho side of it, allowing it 'to  hang down into the stopo until we   had  reached a natural crack or  thin   place,  where we could break   it  off.     It   extended along the stope 20 or 30  feet  in  height, was 3 or 4 feet in length,   width  as given.   As to just how it was madeit  is hard to give a theory.   It was sometimes found crystallized in  connection  with argentite, which might lead one to  think that it had simply been argentite,  and   that by   tho   enormous   pressure  exerted on it the sulphur had been expelled.   Again   were   found  pieces  in  which the outer   surface  was  a  thisk  mass of silver wire practically  welded  together, which would,   of  course,   account for it in a different way."  Hotel Reeo Arrivals.  H, Giegericb, A. R. Heyland, A. B.  Anderson, Kaslo; G. W. Hughes, Ala-  ino; MarriettaLaDell.ToreeaFlanigan,  J. M. Fahey, Toronto; M, R. W. Rath-  borne, Silverton ; VV. L. McKay, Halifax; T. E. Ormitstead, Spokane; J. G.  Billings, Nakusp; P. S. Mac Nuts and  wife, St. John; H.Hatheaon, Chatham;  W. W. Beer and wife, H. Mclntyre,  Nelson; J. M. McGregor, Slocan; R. T.  Lowery, New Denver.  Mines arid Mining.  The Sunset is working from 14 to 16  men at present,  John Corey reports a very encourgin'g  strike on the Silverite.  , The Whitewater mine shipped 297>������  tons of ore for last month.  The Wakefield and Hewett at Silver-  ton have each shipped a car of ore this  week.   , ;  . The Speculator and Ottawa on Ten  Mile are working with staffs of nine and  10 men. The Iron Horse debts have  been settled.  The orO shipments from McGuigan  this week amounted to 176)^ tons. ��������� The  Rambler shipped 134, Slocan Boy 21)-h,  Washington 20.'  The Payne has its new tram and new  cars running full swing, they are working like a charm. The mill is grinding  out concentrates steadily" handling 150  tons a day.  In a very short time the Ruth people  will have a very large property. The  Ruth and the Hope are now large  shippers, and it is supposed the Lone  Star has the Silversmith lead and'will  also soon be a large shipper.  H. L., Lindsay, of Kaslo, made an  attempt to reach the Alcce and Zuni in  Jackson basin last Friday, which claims  he intends to work "again, and was stopped on ��������� account of the great depth of  snow.   He went up again Wednesday,  L. C. Davenport and Thoa. Thwaite,  of Spokane, who visited Sandon some  three weeks ago,' for the purpose of  looking over the American Boy mine,  have since .-secured an option on ,a  majority of the capital, stock of the  American Boy Mining Company at 12  cents a share. They will leave for New-  York shortly where they expect to place  the stock. It is understood that a total  of 701,000 shares of the stock has been  placed in the Exchange National bank  at Spokane.  Excursion Rates.  Excursion rates to Nelson on the 12th  of July willbe:  From Sandon ' $3 35  From Three Forks 3 20  From New Denver 2 70  From Silverton 2 55  From Slocan City ' 1 80  Good'to return that day or following  days.  Sandon Ore Shipments.  The following aro the ore shipments  from Sandon for the week:  Mine. Tons.  Ruth .'  80  Slocan Star  21  Payne  20  Total.  121  , '���������   Good health depends  mostly  upon  the food we  eat.  We can't be healthy if we take alum  or other poison daily in our food.  When outfitting for camp always take  Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder for  good health and good food. It makes  the finest   flapjacks, biscuits and bread.  Price Baking powder Co.,  Chicago.  Never go into the woods away from a  doctor with a cheap alum baking powder  in the outfit. You want the best baking  powder in the world���������and it is most  economical in the end. THE) MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, July 5, 1902.  Tie. Mining Review.  SATURDAY, JULY 5,   1902.  EUGENE V. DEBS.  This apostle of Socialism addressed a  very large meeting here on Friday night  week in the interest of Socialism.   If all  the public speakers of   the  continent  were arranged in five classes, he would  probably take third rank.   But for the  drawl in his speech/-:and defective pronunciation,   he would rank higher.   He  is what might be called a forcible . and  expressive   speaker,   certainly  not an  orator.     He  disclaimed   appealing to  sympathies, but withal that   was his  aim, as he dealt in all  the extremes of  his   subject;   but    fortunately  is  not  anarchistic in his positions.   This paper  has   always  been   a   believer   in   the  principles of true Socialism, and is yet  convinced  that  it will yet   rule   this  earth; but it will not come ini our day.  This generation is bound to be governed  by the profit system, and the only thing  to be-done is to observe its virtues and  curtail  its  greatest evils.   In dealing  with this system Mr. Debs is not fair,  ��������� nor is any enthusiast in any new theory  ever fair to the old���������he deals altogether  "in extremes.   Mr.   Debs   directed   the  . greater portion of his address to showing the hardships of the working people  in the industries in the older countries  and over populated districts, which no  man can defend;   but, of course, it has  no .bearing whatever on the conditions  of this country.   Mr. Debs' professes to  be the arch opponent of trusts, and at  the same time he is one of������������������ their greatest  living  champions.       The   money  trusts are combinations of capitalists.to  make profits for themselves, by crushing  out small dealers and small industries.  Tins he says is very wrong; but in the  same breath he advises labor to organize to force up M'ages, and as a consequence crowd out the employment of  old and infirm men who are unable to  earn the wages demanded.   Is not this  a labor trust advocated and  defended  on the lines that Rockefeller defends  'his steel trust?   Mr. Debs enthusiasm,  however, often drives him into positions  that are not alone illogical, but often  ludicrous.     He  says   the  competitive  system is fast disappearing, and in the  same breath he declares that 50 years  ago the operative got 00 per cent of his  earning, and today he gets but 17 per  cent with the tendency to greater  reduction.   If this statement is true, and  without going into the necessary calculation to proveit, we will admit thatit at  least has some truth in it, which proves  competition is on the increase instead of  on the decline, ushering in its co-operative sucessor, that Debs appears to hear  knocking at the world's door.  For local effect Mr. Debs asked the  miners of his audience how many of  them had $5,000 in the bank?    Why  NOW IS THE TIME;  Seasons change. We can't  change them. We can't- prevent the coming of cold and  damp airs.  But we can prevent the sore  throats, the coughs, colds and  lung troubles by taking Scott's  Emulsion; Nothing does more  to make the tender throat  tough. Nothing gives such  strength to weak lungs.  Don't take risks���������when it's  easy to be safe. Now is the  season for taking Scott's  Emulsion in season.l'  We'll send you a little to try, if you like.  SCOTT   &   BOWNE,      Chemists,  Toronto.  did he not ask tho mine owners how  many of them would have mines if they  had lived the lives many of the miners  live? There are plenty of miners in this  country that are worth $5,000 and even  double and treble that, and there are  many more who can truthfully say that  if they are not worth it, it is their own  fault; they earned it and could have it  if they had taken care of it. Can a man  who spends his monthly wages as he  earns them in saloons, gambling, or in  any such way, hope to have it? Does he  hope that if Socialism was in full swing,  he would have it had he lived as he now  Who escapes from jail is by no means  free. He is under the ban of the law  and punishment is written over against  his name. Soon or  late he will be  caught again and*,  bear added punishment for his short  -escape from his cell.  Those who by the  use   of  palliative  powders and tablets  escape  for a  time  from the sufferings  of dyspepsia are in  the same condition  as the escaped prisoner.   Soon or late _Jk i  they will go back to  the   old   cond/tion  and pay an added    r  penalty for tempor-    i  ary release. ~ T~  Dr. Pierce's Gold- A_  en Medical Discovery cures dyspepsia  and other diseases  of the stomach.and  organs of digestion  and nutrition. Its  cures are lasting.  ������ For about two years  I suffered from a very obstinate case of dyspepsia," -writes R. E. Secord, Esq., of 13 Eastern  Ave., Toronto, Ontario. ������I tried a great num-  ber-of remedies without successi I finally lost  faith in them all. I was so far gone that I could  not bear any solid food on my stomach for a long  time; felt melancholy and depressed.- Could not  Bleep or follow my occupation (tinsmith). Some  four months ago a friend recommended your  ' Golden Medical Discovery.' After a week's  treatment I had derived so much benefit that I  continued the medicine. I have taken, three  bottles and am convinced it has in my case accomplished a permanent cure. I can conscientiously recommend it to the thousands of dyspeptics throughout the land."    ........'  Accept no substitute for "Golden Medical Discovery." There is nothing "just  as good" for diseases of the stomach,  blood and lungs.  Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets stimulate  the liver  lives? If he does, he must have the  faith of a horse. There are scores of  such men in B, C. who spend,their lives  in this way, and attribute the fact lhat  they are not well off,to the greed and  the grasp of the mine owner or the  capitalist. Socialism in its true meaning never aims at placing men who  spend their lives this way on an equality  with their thrifty fellow beings. Mr.  Debs could have done much by advising  such men to reform their liyes for the  reward it might bring; but that would  not have served his purpose���������it would  not have sufficiently embittered indolence against capital and'thrift.  There Is one thing he did say, however,'  and   which   was  cheered by the  lips of many, but repudiated by some of  the  listeners   in . practice.     He  ;'said  adhere to your convictions   and' principles   if  you stand   alone   against   the  world.   This paper,   for instance, has  never published an article on the labor  question   during   the   last three years  that we did not and do not conscientiously believe was and is best for the  country, and for the men themselves;  and many of these who   cheered  Mr.  Debs' utterances have boycotted  us for  our expressed opinions.   We have had  many,   even miners,   in the past   two  years tell us our position was sound and  our expressions right, but they  were  not politic���������the majority was the other  way, and it should rule.   Mr. Debs says  every reformer had to fight majorities,  and all changes for the betterment of  the  world   had   to    fight   their  way  through the strifes of the majorities.  Why then are not men consistent and  willing to concede where they are ever  aggressive in demand?  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby' given tliat 30 days  from date I intend to-apply to the  Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands  and Works, Victoria, B. C, for a special  license to cut and carry away timber  from the following described lands: 1st,  commencing at a post marked J. H.  Lavelley's north-west corner post, situated near the mouth of the West Fork of  Wilson Creek, thence "east SO chains,  thence south 80 chains, thence west'80  chains, thence north' 80 chains to  place of beginning, containing 640 acres.  Dated this 14th clay of May, 1902.  J. H. LAVELLEY.  2nd.   Commencing at a post marked  J.   II.   Lavelley's    north-west  corner '  post,      situated       on       the     north  side    of the    west    fork    of   Wilson  Creek, about four miles from the forks,  thence east 80 chains,  thence south 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains to place of beginning,  containing 640 acres.  Dated this 14th day of May, 1902.  J. H. LAVELLEY.  McAdams or presumably some one at  his dictation has wired the Nelson  News he has the sympathy, of the Sanr  don public inhis present predicament.  Ahem! For the past half year Or;: more  McAdams has been vilifying the  characters of public men right and  left, knowing he was lying at every  step, for the purpose of gratifying a few  anarchists of the country that relish  that kind of thing, and immortatising  himself, and now he has the public  sympathy! What sort of chumps does  he desire tho world, to suppose the  Sandon people aro any way? Ho  intimates that if he is sent to gaol, ho  will be banqueted on his release as  Ellis of St. Johns was. Ellis, in the  heat of an election, intimated a judge,  who had been a strong partisan, while a  lawyer, in a decision was influenced by  politics. No one, of course, but the  judge could prove or disprove this.  McAdams imputes corruption, to a court./  that can be proved, if true, independent  of the judges/and he makes no attempt  at proof. Of couree, anarchists will  banquet the like of that, and it remains  to be seen who they are.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 30 days  from date   I   intend   to   apply   to the  Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands  and  Works, at Victoria,  B.  C.,fora  special license   to cut and  carry away  timber  from  the   following   described  lands: lst,comuiencingata postmarked  Thos.   Chew's north-east  corner   post,  situated on the north side of the WeBt  Fork   of Wilson   Creek,  near A.   Mc-  Pherson's north-west post,  of second  notice of application, thence south   40  chains, thence west 1G0 chains, thence  north 40 chains, thence east 160 chains  to    place    of    beginning,. containing  640 acres.  Dated this 16th day of May 1902.  THOS. CHEW.  2nd. Commencing at a post marked  Thos. Chew's north-east post, situated  on the north side of the West Fork of  Wilson Creek, about 12 miles from the  forks, thence south 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains to place of  beginning, containing 640 acres.  Dated this 16th day of May, 1902-  THOS. CPIEW,  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 30 days  from date I intend to apply to the  Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands .  and Works, at Victoria, B. C, for a  special license to cut and carry away  timber from the following described  lands: 1st, commencing at a post  marked A. McPher6on's north-east po t,  situated near J.H. Lavelley's north-west  post, of application No. 2, thence south  40 chains, thence west 160 chains/thence  north 40 chains, thence east 160 chains  to place of beginning, containing  640 acres.  Dated this 15th day of May,. 1902.  A. McPHERSON.  2nd. Commencing at a post marked  A. McPherson's north-west post, situated on the north side of the West Fork  of Wilson Creek, about eight miles from  the forks, thence east 80 chains, thence  south 80 chains, thence west SO chains,  thence north 80 chains to place of  beginning, containing 640 acres.  Dated this 15th day of May, 1902.  A. McPHERSON.  NOTICE.    ���������  Notice is hereby given that 30 days  from date I intend to apply to the  HonorableChief Commissioner of Lands  and Works, at Victoria, B. C, for a  special license to cut and carry away  timber from the following described  lands: let, commencingata post marked Geo. Chew's south-east post, situated-  on the south side of the west branch of  Wilson Creek, about 14 miles from the  forks, thence weBt 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence east '80 chains,  thence south 80 chains to place of  beginning, containing640 acres.  Dated this 19th day of May, 1902.  GEO. CHEW. THE- MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, July 5, 1903.  Tlie Canadian Northwest  REGULATIONS.  Any even numbered section of Dominion Lands in' Manitoba or Northwest Territories, ��������� excepting 8 and 26,  which has not been homcsteaded, reserved to'provide w;ood lots for settlers, or  for other purpo.es, may behomesteaded  upon by any person who is the sole head  of a family, of any male over 18 years,  to the extent of one quarter section ofj  160 acres, more or less;  ENTRY,  Entry may be made personally at the  local land office for the district in which  the land to be taken is situate, or if the  homesteader desires, he may, on application to. the Minister of the Interior,Ot-  tawa, the Commissioneroflmmigration,  Winnipeg, or the Local Agent for 'the  district in which the land is situate, receive authority for some one to make  entry for him. A fee of $10 is charged  for ordinary homestead entry.  HOMESTEAD DUTIES.  Under the present law homestead  duties must be formed in one of the following ways, namely:  (1) By at least six months, residence  .upon and cultivation of the land in each  year during the term of three years;  (2j If the father or the mother (if the  father is deceased) or any person who is  eligible to make a homestead entry, resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the  land entered for by such person as a  homestead, the requirements of the law  as to residence prior to obtaining patent  may be satisfied by such person residing  with the father or mother.  (3) If a settler has obtained a patent  for his iirst homestead, on a certificate  for the issue of such patent countersigned in the manner prescribed in the  Dominion Lands Act, and has obtained  entry for a second homestead, the requirements of this Act as to residence  prior to obtaining patent may be satisfied by residence on the firsthomestead.  (4) If the settler has his permanent  residence upon farming land owned by  him in the vicinity of his homestead,  tho requirements of the law as to residence may be satisfied by residence upon tho said land.  APPLICATION FOR PATENTS.  Should be made at the end of three  years, before the Local Agent, Sub-  Agent or the Homstead Inspector. Before making application for the patent  the settler must give six month's notice  in writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of his intention  to do so.  INFORMATION.  New-arrived immigrants will receive  at tho,Immigration Oflice at Winnipeg,  or at any Dominion Lands Office in  Manitoba or the Northwest Territories  information as to the lands that are  open for entry, and fiom the officers in  charge, free of expenee, advice and assistance in securing lands to suit them ;  and full information .respecting the  land, timber, coal and mineral laws, as  well as respecting Dominion Lands in  tho Railway Belt in British Columbia  may be obtained upon application to  the Secretary at the Department of the  Interior, Ottawa; the Commissioner of  Immigration, Winnipeg, Manitoba; or  to any of the Dominion' Lands Agentsin  Manitoba or the Northwest Territories.  JAMES A. SMART, .   ",  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N. B.���������In addition to Free Grant  Lands to which the Regulations above  stated refer, thousands of acres, of most  desirable lands are available for lease or  purchase from railroad or any other cor-  poratiods and private firms in Western  Canada.  The fifth annual meeting of the shareholders of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal  Company was held in. Toronto on  March 7th.  The net profit of the year after paying  all operation expenses and-all charge of  every kind amounted to $207,848.39.  After paying a dividend at the rate of 10 ,  per cent per annum, a balance of $28.'-  142.89 was carried forward tothe credit :  of profit and loss.       '  This company's assets are, their coal  mines and the townsite of Fernie. Four '  years ago this company had no transportation facilities, and their stock sold  as low as 11 cents per share. Today  their etock is selling at $90.  The Similkameen Valley  Coal  Company,  Limited, assets are coal mines,  timber,  water power, agricultural andv-  horticultural  land,   city  water works,  ���������electric light plant,  and the townsite of  Ashnola, surrounded  by the following  resources:���������Gold, copper,  silver,   lead,  iron,  lime,  fireclay,  platinum,  and_a'  fine stock raising country, and it is the-  smeltercen'treof the Sirn.ilkamecn' valley  with a climate all  that could be asked.  Today you can secure an option on thia  company's stock by paying 10 cents per  share down  and 10 cents  per  month  until  fully  paid,    with   non-forfeiture'  clause.      This   price is   subject   to   a  25-cent advance without notice, aa soon  as transportation is assured. The present  price is  $1.10 per share.   Do not wait  until it is too late, but get in on the  ground   floor   and   make   a- handsome  profit.   A purchaser of 100 shares now,  may gain a   profit   of  $8,990.   Crow's  Nest shares as an example.   This would    ���������  be a fair profit on an investment of $10  per month  for 11  months.   We'invite  the fullest inspection of the company's  affairs  by  intending   purchasers. ' For  further information apply to the Similkameen Vallev Coal Company, Limited,  Head Office Nelson, B. C.;   Room "A,"  K.W.C. block. Baker st., Nelson, B.C.  Your Clothes  ���������+���������*  Then why not get. the best to be had in the  country for the money. An immense stock  of the best goods and latest patterns now on  hand.    You will be convinced by calling on  Sandon, The Leading Merchant  Tailor in the Kootenay Country  NOTICE.  To John H. Gray and to any and all  others to whom he may .have transferred  his interest in the,Pansy and Violet  mineral claims situated on Payne mountain, in the' Slocan Mining Division of  West Kootenay District, British Columbia.  Take notice that'I, D.VE- Sprague, a co-  owner in each of the said Pansy and  Violet mineral claims, have expended  $102.50 in doing and having recorded the  annual, assessment work on the said  Pansy mineial claim for the year ending  July 29th, 1901, as required by section  24 of the Mineral Act, and $102.50 in ���������  doing and having recorded the annual  assessment work on the said Violet  mineral' claim for the year ending  August 9th, 1901, as required by section  24 of the Mineral Ace, and that if within  ninety days from the date of the first  publication of this, notice you fail or  refuse to contribute your proportion of '  the said expenditure, being one-eighth  of,the amount expended in respect of  each of the said mineral claims, amount- .  ing to $12.80 in respect of each' of said,  claims', together with all costs of advertising, your interest in the said claims  will become vested in me the undersigned, under the provisions of section  4 of the. "Mineral .Act, Amendment  Act, 1900." .  The address for payment of the said  moneys to me the said D. E. Spragufi is,  care of McAnn & Mackay,, Barristers,  Kaslo, B. C.  Dated the 11th day of March,'1902.  D. E. SPRAGUE.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  IRELAND Mineral Claim, situate in the Sloean  Mining Division ol West Kootenay District.  Where located: On Tributary ereek, adjoining  Minnie 11a ria, above Sandon.  Take notice that I, A. R. Ileyland, of Kaslo,  B; C, as agent for George Kydd, of Nelson, B.  C, Free Miner's Certificate No. 50150, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section-37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 7th day of May, 1902.  A. R. HEYLAXD.  M. L: GRIMMETT, LL. B.  Barrister, Solicitor, Notary  Public, Etc.  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In explanation of the strength of  , American Smelting stocks, with steady  investment in demand of the preferred  Bhares, it, was said that the bettered  silver situation was probably one of the  factors influencing the buying.' Some  days ago the price of silver advanced %  cent an ounce, and a much better demand for it was reported. This is  caused, it is said, by large shipments of  silver now being made by the Smelting  Company to Mexico to supply that  country with sufficient coinage to meet  its commercial demand.  According to an authoritative statement the company has arranged to ship  to Mexico 5,000,000 ounces within the  next ten weeks, or at the rate of 500,-.  000 ounces a week, which is as much as  the Mexican government can now coin  each week at its mints. It is, however,  increasing its minting facilities, and  will"be able before long to turn out a  large coinage. The Smelting Company  is arranging to sbip in addition to the  5,000.000 ounces already contracted for  about 20,000,000 ounces more, as fast as  the mining facilities can coin the same.  FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS.  Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used  by millions of mothers for their children when  teething. If disturbed at nitrht and broken in  your restbv a sick child, suffering and crying  witfl pain o'f cutting teeth. Send at once and  get a bottle of "Mrs.Winslow's Soothing Syrup"  for children teething. It will relieve the poor,  little sufferer immediately. Depend upon it,  mothers, there is no mistake about it. It cured  diarrhoea, regulates the stomach and bowels,  cures Wind Colic, softens *ne gums and reduced  Inflammation, and gives tone and energy to the  svstem "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup" for  children teething is pleasant to the taste and is  the prescription of one of the oldest and best  female physicians and nurses in the United  States. Price 25c. a bottle. 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Take notice that the Selkirk Mining and  Milling   company,   Limited   Liability,   Free  Miner's r-ertiflcate No. B 5233fi, intend, sixtv  days from tho date hereof,  to  apply  to  the  Mining Recorder for a Ceri'licateof Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of each of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section Ii7, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2Gth day of May, A. D. 1U02.  A. R. HEYLAND,  ENGINEER,  AND PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR.  SANDON, B.C.  FOR SALE!  The Choicest Lots in Blocks  One and Two, Sandon First Addition,  for $50 each,    -Apply to  J. M.'HARRIS..  Alta Lodge, No. 29.  A. F. AND A. M.  Regular Communication of the lodge.  Meets first Thursday in each month at 8 p. m  ViiHlng brethren cordially invited.  i     ' JAMES M. BARTON, Sec'y.  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A good story was told of one of the  men canvassing for stock in the Miners'  union hall, when it was about to be  erected. He called on a mine manager  and said you had better take stock as it  will pay you 20 per cent. "What?"  said the manager, "20percent!" "Yes,  sir," said the canvasser, "We havo a  - dead cinch on 20 percent." "Well,  but," said the manager, "You accuse ns  of robbing the miners, if we get 10 per  cent out of our mines, and you ask me  to do 'the thing that .will rob them  twice over, and of which you heartily  approve. ��������� Plow istliis?" Tlie canvasser  did not ask again for money in that  quarter.  The mistake in dismissing the second  school teacher here is now- apparent to  all. Fuel ancl janitor are no less than  last year,' and the teacher is now costing $S5 a month instead of $120 for botli  last year���������a gain of only !fo5 a month.  To offset this, all pupils who passed the  high school examination, six in number  so far, have either leit' the city for  education elsewhere, .or quit school  altogether, knowing that with but one  teacher thoy could get but little attention. This gives? us a loss of about $12  a month in government money. We  save some $22 a month and ruin the  school for advanced pupils, as no  'one teacher, no matter how capable he  may be, can do all justice.  Mr. Debs said "the more contempt of  court we have, the sooner will Socialism  prevail." That is anarchy. Many people have a better opinion of the dawn  of Socialism than that. The proper  thing is to abolish bad legislation and  substitute something better until the  great end is achieved���������repudiate and  violate no law while it is on the statutes.  Being used to Americanisms, however,  Mr. Debs may not be aware there are  different varieties of contempt in this'  country. If a man fails to meet a  judgment debt it is contempt, but not  punishable because he may not be able  to help it. If, howevar,. he says high  officials are purchasable simply to  please the appetites of the woist classes  of the community, and without making  the slighest attempt to prove it, his  contempt, even Mr. Debs should be  honest enough to admit, ia justly  punishable. No man, in Canada, .; at  least, can say his fellow men are thieves,  robbers or purchasable parasites, merely because a despicable anarchistic  nature prompts him to say so.  PRINTING PUNT  FOI SALE  On account of amalgamating  three printing offices, we have  for sale a 23 inch Paragon paper,  cutter; a dexter folder; a one-  quarter medium foot press; and  a quantity of type,, column'  rules, &c, &c,"almost enough  to fit out a small country paper  and job office. It will be sold  together or in lots to suit purchasers. 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A free miner's certificate is granted for one  ormorevears, not exceeding five, upon ppy,-  ment in advance of ?10.00 per annum for an  individual, and from $50.00 to 5100.00 per annum for a company, according to capital.  - A iree miner having discovered mineral in  place mav locate a claim 150 x 1000 feet by  marking "out, the same with two legal posts,  bearing location notices, one at each end ou  the line of the lode or vein. ���������  The claim shall be recorded within fifteen  davs davs if located within ten miles ot a  mining'recorder's oflice,. one additional day  allowed for every additional ten miles or  fraction. The fee for recording a claim is  ?5.00.  At least ������100 00 must'be expended on thc  claim each yearorpaid to tho mining recorder  in lieu thereof. 'When S500.U0 has been expended or paid ihe locator may, upon having  a survev made and upon complying with other  requirements, purchase the land at $1.00 per  acre. .''������������������ '..     7,7: v^' . >r. ". ,  Permission mav be granted by the Minister  of the Interior to locate claims containing iron  and mica, also coppcr,;in the Yukon-Territory  of an area not exceeding 100 acres-  The patent for a mining location shall provide for the payment of royalty ou tho sales  notexL-ceding'five percent.  PLACER   MINING,   MANITOBA,   AND. THE  N.  XV. T.,  EXCEPTING  THE,  YUKON TERRITORY.    .  Tlacer mining claims generally are 100 feet  square; entrv fee ?5.00 renewable yearly. On  the North Saskatchewan river claims ate  either bar or bench, the former being .100 feet  lung and extending between; high , and mow  water mark. The latter includes bar du/gins,  but extends back to the base of the hill or  bank, but not exceeding 1,000 -.fe'n.-i-W hero  steam power is used, claims _00 feet wide may  be obtained.  DKEDUING IN THE RIVERS OF MANITOBA  AND TIIE N. W. T., EXCEPTING THE  YUKON TERRITORY.   .  A free miner mav obtain only two lenses of  live miles each for a term of twenty years, renewable in ihe discretion of the Minister of thc  Interior. .'.���������', ���������,   ,'..'-.'    ,  The lessee's light is conhned-to the submerged bed or bars of the river below low water  mark, and subject to the rights of all persons  who have, or who may receive entries for bar  diggings or bench claims, except on the Saskatchewan river, where the lessee may dredge  to high water mark on each alternate leasehold. ������������������ ���������    '    .  Tho lessee shall have a dredge in operation  within one season from the dale of the leai-e for  each five miles, but where a person or company has obtained more than one lease one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient. Rental $10 00 per annum for cne.li mile  of river leased. Rovalty at the rate of two and  a half percentcolleetedon the output after it  exceeds $10,000.00.  DREDGING IN THE YUKON TERRITORY.  Six leases of five miles each may bo granted  to a free miner for 11 torm of twenty years, also  renewable.  ��������� " '.     , ���������      ���������      , .   ,.     ' V  The lepsee's rlpht is confined lo the submerged bed or bars in the river below low water  mark, that boundary to bo fixed by ils position  on'������ho 1st day of August in tho' vear of the dale  of tho louse. '    ��������� .7  Thc lesseo shall have one dredge in operation  within two years from thedateof the lc.ase,and  one dredge for each five miles within six years  from such date. Rental, $100.00 per mile lor  first year, and $10.00 per mile for each subsequent vear. Rovalty, ten per ccntou tho output in'excess of $15,000.00.  PLACER MINING IN TIIE YUKON TERM  TORY.  Creek, gulch, river and hill claims shall not  exceed 2.'0 feet in length, me-isured on the base  line or general direction of tho creek or gulch,  tho width being from 1,000 to 2,000 feet. All  other placer claims shall be 250 feet .square:  Claims ore marked by two legal posts, one at  each end, bearing notices. Entry must be obtained within ten davs it the Claim is within  ten miles of mining recorder's oflice. One extra day allowed for each 'additional ten miles  or fraction. , . ,  .       ��������� '  The person or compauy staking a claim, njul  each person in his or its employment, except  house servants, must, hold a free minor's certi-  The'discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a  claim 1J0OO feet in length/and if the party consist of two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the output  of which no royalty shall be charged, the rest  of the party ordinary claims only.  Entry fee is $15.00. Royalty at the rate of five  per cent charged on the gross output of the  claim, with the exception of an annual oxemp  tion of $5,000.00.  anv number of claims by purchase, and freo  minors, not exceeding ten in number, may  \vork their claims in partnership, by filing notice and paying fee of $2.00. ��������� A claim may he  abandoned and another obtained on the same  creek, gulch or river, by giving notice and paying fee.  Work must be done on a claim each year t,o  the value of at least $z00.00, or iu lieu of work  pavment maybe made to the mining recorder  each vear ffrthe first three years of $200.00 and  after "that $100.00 for each year;   ���������;  A certificate that work has'been done or feo  paid must be obtained each year; if not, tho  claim shall be deemed to be abandoned,' and  open to occupation and. entry by afreeminei.  The boundaries of a claim may be'defined  absolutely by having a; survey made, and publishing notices iii the Yukon. Official Gazette.  HYDRAULIC MINING, YUKON TERRITORY.  Locations suitable for hydraulic mining.hnv-  ing a frontage of from one to; five miles,' and a  depth of one mile or more may be leased for  twenty years, providing the ground has been  prospectedby.the' applicant, or his agent; is,  fouud to be unsuitable for placer mining:' and  does not include within its boundaries any  mining claims already granted. A rental of  $150.00 for each mile of frontage,, and a royalty  of five per cent on the gross output/less an, annual, coemption of $25,UU0, are charged: Operations must be commenced within one year  from the date of the lease, and not less than  $5,000.00 must be expended annually. The lease  excludes all base metals, quartz nud coal, and  provides for the withdrawal of unoperated laud  for agricultural nr building nurposes:  PETROLEUM.  Al unappropriated Dominion lands shall,  after the first of July, 1901, be open to prospecting for petroleum. Should.the prospector discover oil in paying quantities he may acquire  G10 of available land, including aud surrounding his discovery, at the rate of $1.00 an acre,  subject to royalty at such rate as may be specified by order iu council.  JAMES A. SMART.  Deputy to the Minister of the Interior  Ottawa, Dec. 25th, 1001.  LIMITED.  OPERATING  kn Railway,  International Navigation & Tr&dine Go.  Shortest and quickest route to thc east and  all points 'on the 0. N. & R. and Northern  Pacific Railways in Washington, Oregon and  Southern States.  TIME CARD EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1st,   1901.  KASLO & SLOCAN RAILWAY CO.  8:30 a.m. leave Kaslo arrive  4:60p.m.  10:55 a.m. arrive Sandon leave 1:45 p.m.  INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION &  TRADING CO., LTD.  KASLO-NELSON ROUTE. /  5:20 p.m. leave Nelson arrive 11:00 a.m.  9:10 p.m. arrive Kaslo Icav6     7:00 a.m.  ������������������ Connecting at Five Mile Point with Nelson &.  Fort Shcnpard Railway both to and from Kossland, Spokane, Etc.  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London, Ont.  Saving's Bank Free  SEND YOUR ADDRESS TO THE  Pacific Newspaper Union, 927 Market;  St., San. Francisco, and secure free, a  beautiful Saving's bank,also fall particulars regarding the new Three Volume  1902 "International Encyclopaedic  DiCtlonery which ia now bein'gfurnished  to readers of this paper for only Five  Cents a Day. THE MINING REVIEW-Saturday, July 5, 1902,  Monterey Group Deal.  , Geo. McLean and A. Stuart, of Milwaukee, visited Ten Mile district  ast week and secured an  option to . purchase the Monterey  group of three claims from N. F. Mc-  Naught, Leo Doeron and Eobt. Melloy.  The claims are located on Springer slope  of the Ten Mile divide and close to the  Hampton. It is stated the sum involved is $40,000, and that the property  ���������will be worked with eight or 10 men  during the summer.  The claims in the group are the Monterey, Bancroft and Oregon and are but  year old locations.   Last year while doing assessment, the owners uncovered a  very rich shoot of ore,  the discovery of  ���������which led to the deal.   The discovery  ���������was made in an open cut and consisted  of a six foot ledge,   carrying  two   well  defined paystreaks,  one of four inches  wide and the other eight.   The ore is a  sulphide and carries copper values as  "well.   Ore from the  smaller   paystreak  gave 410 and 500 ounces in silver,  while  the larger streak carried values of 80  ounces.   From the balance of the ledge  an   average  assay  of 40  ounces   was  obtained.  After the discovery a number of other  open cuts were made exposing the ore  shoot for 300 feet, and tiie the ledge has  been exploited across the three claims.  Will Purchase Canadian Rights Ior  the Elmore Oil Process.  The Canadian Ore Concentration Co.,  Ltd., is the title of a company whidh  will come before the public next week.  It has been formed to acquire the Canadian rights of what is known as the  "Elmore Oil Process,"fortheconcentra-  tion of ores. The process is based on  the discovery that certain heav3r oils, if  brought into contact with pulverized  ore and water, will take up the metallic  constituents, leaving the rocky residue  to pass away with the water. For some  time past samples of ore from different  Canadian mines have been tested in  London by this process with apparently  entirely satisfactory results.  Ths prospectus contains a very valuable testimonial from J. D. Kendall,  who has accepted the position as consulting engineer, and who,' writing a  few weeks ago, states that he is "fully  assured of the success of the process,  and there is a large field for its operation in Canada." The reputation of  this engineer as a reliable and cautious  expert stands deservedly highland the  lact he so strongly endorses the process  will recommend this issue to  investors.  WasKiix?  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Always a choice supply on hand of all kinds of;  Fresh and Smoked Meats,  Fresh and Salt Fish,  Hams, Bacon aud Lard,  Fresh Sausage of all kinds daily,  Oysters and Game in season.  Cook's Cotton Boot Compound  Is successfully used monthly bj over  '10,000 Ladles. Safe, effectual. Ladies asfc  _ your druggist for Cook's Cotton Root Compound. Take no other, as all Mixtures, pills and  Imitations are dangerous. Price, No. 1, $1 per  box; No. 3,10 degrees stronger,$8 per box. No.  1 or 2, mailed on receipt of price and two S-cent  Stamps. Tho Cook Company Windsor, On*.  KT"Nos. I and 2 sold and recommended by all  responsible Druggists in Canada,  No. 1 nnd No. 2 are sold in Sandon by E. F.  McQueen and F. J. Donaldson, Druggists.  NOTICE.  . Notice is hereby given that thirty days from  date I intend to" apply to the Honorable the  < hief i ommissioner of Laiids and Works at  Victoria, BO., for a special license to cut and  carry-'away timber from the following described lands: 1st, commencing at a post  marked J. Si. Tudthope's north-east post, situated near the head of a lake, at the head of  the West Fork of Wilson Creek, thence south  80 chains, thence west 80 chains, theuce north  80 chains, thence east 80 chains to the place of  beginning, containing 040 acres. ,  Dated this 9th day of May, J.P02.  J. B. TUDTIIOPE.  No 2. Commencing at a post marked J. B.  Tudthope's south-cast post, situated about one  mile from the head of a lake, at the head of  West Fork of Wilson Creek, thence west 80  chains, thence north 80 chains, thence east 80  chains, thence south 80 chains to the place of  beginning, containing 040 acres.  Dated this 9th day of May, 1������H)2'  J. B. TUDTIIOPE.  ������  e  e  0  ���������  a  a  ������  o  e  ������  &  0  0  0  ���������  0  .���������  0  0  0  o  e  0  e  0  0  '     ���������.   0  _& (S_ ���������& ���������  SANDON, B. C.  HEAD OFFICE���������NELSON, B. C.  MARKETS AT ROSSLAND, NELSON, KASLO, TRAIL, REVELSTOKE,  GRAND FORKS.' PHOENIX,   FERNIE,   CRANBROOK,   FORT STEEL.  NEW YORK BREWE  SANDON  Towgood & Bruder  Brewers of Lager Beer.  Give our Bottled Beer a trial���������satisfaction guaranteed.  Telephone 24���������Silverton and New Denver.  ERECT FORH AND STRAIGHT FRONT  CORSETS  Are taking the place of all others.   Women  who dress with the mode must wear this model.  Try Our i$1.50 Corset.  ������������V('������^������������.("ll<������(.<-W������M,K������l.������"lJ'WW������������l"l^<.<S������������l.������>K������t,(,l<>l.('l<'<.("������('W"k<'W>(M.r ^(./���������wM./%,n.(>ki������.f*U'  THE HUNTER-KENDRICK CO. LTD,  090900096 006000 0 00 90 0000 999 89 600909900000000000000000  HI0H'prompt^remittances*  CkFL&UL-r ASSORTMENT  (:pyj?XEpUS;TREAT!iENr  'ESTABLlStie^A.OUAKi,   - _  Ms MlLLANTTUR^ WQDUGo  hu,.. 200-212  Fi5ST-iAVE-NW-'-J ...  i  fill  iw������.nwmBHumnMtmiiniiiJHgmi


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